Okay, Time to Panic: Dems Are Praising President Donald Trump

“Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together…mass hysteria!”

So went one of the funniest lines in 1984’s Ghostbusters, and now we can really understand what Bill Murray’s character was talking about. On Wednesday, we saw praise for President Donald Trump come from some of the unlikeliest sources we could ever imagine: Rep. Ilhan Omar and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. If these two anti-Trump Democrats are offering their praise to this president during the coronavirus, things must be even worse than we thought.

In a tweet on Wednesday night, Omar responded to a report from The Intercept, which noted all of the financial decisions Trump is making to stave off economic disaster.

“Trump suspending mortgage foreclosures, demanding cash payments to Americans, now invoking the Defense Production Act to force private firms to produce needed supplies is incredible. Kind of a shell shock for anyone who reported on any economic policies in the Obama years,” wrote the site’s Lee Fang.

Omar said that Trump’s actions were “incredible and the right response in this critical time.”

Continuing with perhaps the first praise she’s ever offered the administration, Omar said, “We should never let politics get in the way of good policy. This is a great start and hope others will be part of a united front to push for good policies that will help us work through the economic anxiety the country is feeling right now.”


And she wasn’t alone, as Fox News noted:

Her praise for the president was matched this week by other Democrats and left-of-center commentators. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, on Tuesday, told reporters, “His team is on it. They’ve been responsive. … I want to say thank you.” And, CNN’s Dana Bash asserted that Trump’s new tone on the coronavirus made him the “kind of leader that people need.”

Now, don’t get too excited. Many, many Democrats and leftists are using the coronavirus epidemic as just one more excuse to bash President Trump and his supporters. And that even includes Omar, who felt the need to snipe at Ivanka Trump for some family photos with some irrelevant nonsense about immigration. It also includes sewer-dwellers like MSNBC pundit Rick Wilson, who publicly wished the disease on Melania Trump. So yeah, we’re not through the looking glass just yet.

Even so, to see a few hardened anti-Trump politicians and analysts actually give the president some props is pretty amazing after all this time. Perhaps this coronavirus has people waking up to the fact that the last three years actually weren’t that bad, after all.

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