Ohio Videographer Refuses Same-Sex Wedding

Here we go again.

In the small Columbus suburb of Bexley, Ohio, lesbian couple Jenna Moffitt and Jerra Kincely were told by a wedding videographer that they did not provide services for same-sex weddings. The couple, naturally, is fit to be tied. They have reached out to CNN, the Bexley Chamber of Commerce, and even the town’s mayor to try and get satisfaction.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Moffitt told CNN. “It is a small business, and I thought this was a tight knit community. We wanted to support local commerce and to get that kind of response was astounding.”

The videography business in question, Next Door Stories, has yet to comment publicly on the matter.

Strangely enough, Ohio is one of 13 remaining states with a ban on same-sex marriage, though that ban is unlikely to last past this spring when the Supreme Court finally addresses the constitutionality of these bans. CNN did not choose to explore how Moffitt and Kincely were to be married in a state where such a marriage is illegal. Nor did they point out how odd it would be for a business to participate in an illegal wedding.

Instead, the focus is on the outpouring of support the couple has experienced from the community. On social media, LGBT activists, the Chamber of Commerce, and even the mayor have come out to denounce the discrimination. Though most of them admit there’s little they can do to force Next Door Stories to change their policy.

But if this case turns out anything like similar ones we’ve seen, that will change. City and state prosecutors have found extraordinary ways to bend anti-discrimination laws in an attempt to force businesses to provide services for gay weddings. And while several states have drawn up religious freedom laws protecting the right of business owners to claim protection for their conscientious beliefs, Ohio is not one of them.

It has yet to be satisfactorily explained how refusing to provide service to a gay wedding is discrimination. Even if we concede that sexual preference is not a choice and even if we concede that gay people should be protected from discrimination, it’s a significant leap to say that business owners are practicing discrimination when they refuse gay weddings. Especially when gay weddings are not even legal!

As it stands, though, Moffitt and Kincely are within their rights to bring public pressure against Next Door Stories. I have no problem with that, besides the fact that I happen to disagree. If the majority of Bexley residents decide they want nothing to do with “bigotry,” they can choose to take their business elsewhere. Problem solved. We don’t need more laws. Let people make their own decisions. Let business owners deal with the free market consequences of their choices. That’s the way it should be. They get to hold true to their beliefs and the community gets to hold true to theirs. That’s what capitalism and democracy are all about.

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  1. another set up to push the perv agenda

  2. They are right to refuse that service.

  3. Hey QUEERS, your rights DO NOT begin where EVERYONE else’s rights END, <2% of the population CONSTANTLY rubbing their sex in everyones face gets VERY TIRESOME, go find a Queer photographer to do your weird wedding! Then take your sex into the bedroom like us NORMAL people do! Got IT?

    • Amen, Frank, amen!

    • It is estimated that about 3 percent of the population is gay not 2 percent. You sound homophobic and maybe could use some psychological help with that!


        Vernon, take a video camera and go record the gay couple’s marriage.


        • Any business that decides not to service same sex anything, is obeying a HIGHER AUTHORITY>>… GOD! And you are a pastor….?????

          • Don’t assume he is a “Pastor” just because he uses the self appointed title. Try and remember these titles are not likely the real personal identification of the person using it. At best, you should regard them as little more than somebody’s self appointed code.

            This is not much reason to assume the person using that identification has much, if anything, to do with the idea he wants to project with the title. Here is an example of what I’m talking about;

            Honest Johns Used Cars.
            UFO Airlines
            Fantasy Franks Reality Shop

            Anyway, You get the point, I’m sure. I’ll tell you, what I tell everyone, and you can surely keep in mind that free advice is worth what you paid for it. Here goes:

            When someone tells you something, or says anything, it is always good “self protection” to ask yourself just “WHY DO THEY WANT ME TO BELIEVE THAT?”
            Remember, we live in the twentieth century, which is all set to be the century of extraordinary liars; boasting everything from settled science on issues of simple phenomena to the obama government with “You can keep your doctor, to what difference does it make, and the fatal list goes on and on with no apparent ending..

          • Thank you Ben.
            You are correct.
            Mostly I take a person as represented, unless or until shown otherwise.
            I think if a person has to story about who they are, maybe …….
            Again.. Thank you.
            Enjoy a Blessed day.

        • A shepherd is responsible &
          held to account where he leads his flock.
          You might want to check your Bible again before giving that advice.

          • Emma, pardon me for this, but as you have expressed concerns about “pretenders” (not unlike a moslem that claims to be from the religion of peace while committing savage uncivilized murder), I have just posted a suggestion for another person, which is just above the post you made here. Rather than cut and paste, I would like you to regard it as my reply to your concerns, as expressed by James G Brown. Please check out what was expressed in more detail to “Helen Hvasta”. Thank’s and have a good day.

            Remember; America Bless God comes before God Bless America. Let no one get the cart before the horse (for the same reason as neither would work properly).

          • True. If the cart is ahead of the horse we won’t get far will we.?
            I do my best to be a blessing to God in all that I say & do. Sometimes I don’t do as well as we would both like, but HE loves me none the less.
            Thank you for the reminder

      • Homophobic is NORMAL—Being Gay is not Normal–Its unnaturaL!!!!!!

        • and un-healthy …… hence expensive (higher taxes) for the straight working man/woman….

        • ladyofperpetulmotion .

          It’s not natural and yet it’s flaunted and say anything about it and you’re made to be the unnatural ones. I’m sick of political correctness! I don’t flaunt my sex life, please stop flaunting yours!

        • The homosexuals have re-branded their perversion “gay” because of the stigma properly attached to the sin of homosexuality. So, no need for the normal world to cooperate with this re-brand con-job. Remember, they are not gay, as that word has no legitimate application to homosexuality. As a culture, lets get back to seeking the truth, and that should start with keeping our language from adulteration by homosexuals ashamed of their sin who think it necessary to find a new word to use in the effort to normalize wickedness. And, to the homosexual word for normal people (homophobic) I say who cares what they call us. I know who I am, and from where I’m at, they are hetero-phobic. Almost everything they do proves that.

          I did not say any of this in a condescending way, as I fully understand the message I think you were communicating. If I did understand you, Normal is the right way to be, and homosexual is the wrong way to be (both physically and mentally).

          • Ben, Personally, I like to see these people “Get Saved”, but I must Say that to Love them by speaking the Truth—and never promoting their agenda–That only empowers their Sin.

          • I don’t understand how it can empower their sin by not promoting their agenda, or not reaching out to them with God’s Truth. What is it that you are saying?

          • As a Messianic Jew–You can not support their agenda; To support their agenda would empower them to believe what there doing is acceptable–which is not!! ” it can empower their sin by promoting their agenda” Take the word ‘not’ out—Gods’ people do not promote or support sin–We confess our sins and pray for one another to be forgiven; The Gays-do not see this when they try to call their lifestyle “not sin”—Which is a LIE!!

          • I think we are in agreement here. Did I say something that would suggest otherwise? If so, by all means, let me know. I stand against the Satanist, and for The Creator God.

            I don’t think “Messianic Jew” is a proper title for me. There are Jewish People who accept Jesus Christ (Jews for Jesus and the publisher of F.L.A.M.E. are examples). I was by Physical Birth a gentile mix of which French and American Indian (Blackfoot) are the biggest percentage. Spiritually adopted by Jesus Christ into the Kingdom of God. God created Adam and Eve (our most remote ancestors). The Tower of Babel event dispersed the language groups with the effect of also creating strong genetic traits in the various groups (divided by language). Those races and languages not part of the Jewish tribes when established by God, are Gentiles. Being a gentile is not the same as being a sinner (as far as I’m concerned). Jews can be saved, or sinner just as Gentiles can be. I know some Christians who say all Christians are Messianic Jew as a result, but I can not agree with that perspective.

            I agree that neither Messianic Jew’s nor Christians can affiliate or abide Homosexuality, because of the Great Offense it is to our God.

            I think the homosexual does recognize the perversion as a sin, and that is the reason they “reach out” to normal people trying to force normal people accept the homosexual choice as equal to the normal persons Religion. They reach out through intimidation and courtroom battles to crush any Christian Business they find. The moslem will not accept anybody in their culture except other moslems, so they kill and destroy non-moslems, and non-moslem art representing any other culture, to essentially rid the world of any voice not in perfect alignment with them. The homosexual, while employing different devices, is trying to rid the American Culture of all Christian Influences by pushing Christians out of the Business Arena. When their campaign is finished, they would have nothing but homosexual friendly business left in the economy here. Then, they can look around themselves (like in Sodom and Gomorrah) and clam they are normal by evidence of social acceptance. Until then any identified Christian is evidence to them, of their sin (on the power of the the fact such Christian represents the message that homosexuality is a sin “So Say’s God”.

            Well, I think all this germinated out of a question about whether or not you are a Messianic Jew, or do you title all Christians as such? It’s not important for you to answer, but if you do I will respectfully read what you have to say. Thanks.

          • I go to Beth Hillel in Margate, Florida—The congregation recognizes anyone who wants to serve is welcome—A Messianic Jew is any Jew who believe in Yashua as Son of God;(Yahweh–the Father)–The calling is from Yahweh blessing Abraham and his seed; All people are children of God; Obedient and Disobedient; The Jews disobedience ushered in the Gentiles as in Romans 11; God uses the Jews (obedient ones as Light to the world) to help lead them to salvation. Messianic Jews Respect the Torah as Holy and should lead people to Yahshua for salvation(Jesus). Torah does not save you—but exposes sin—otherwise how would anyone know what sin is? or how to repent—Yahshua said –“Not one dot or Title shall be removed from Torah till the very end”– Torah is Yahweh’s Holy Word–and is not to be ignored;Yahshua (Jesus) fulfilled the Torah; Shalom and Selah; I believe we are in agreement;

          • Thank you Sir. God Bless Israel. Again, thank you for this return comment you’ve sent. You have my most heartfelt and deepest respect.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Face it folks, Garrett is a FAG! A SHIT PACKER!!

          • ladyofperpetulmotion .

            He’s evil !

          • ladyofperpetulmotion .

            Ever notice how gay people “got God” ? As if God approves of what they’re doing? Not only should gays not be able to marry, they should not be allowed to adopt and bring children up to think anything goes-because it doesn’t. It’s getting to be another “Soddom and Gomorra” and we know what God did to them for their sick, perverted ways.

          • People should realize that this Nation is UNDER GOD as in the Pledge of Allegiance and that means also GOD over the CONSTITUTON–Gods Authority extends to the FINAL JUDGEMENT on the ‘Great White Thrown’ I would be more concerned with YAHWEH’s LAWS—613 Commands over any Man Made law–Especially any that contradicts Gods’ Laws—Civil Disobedience is the only answer to POLITICAL CORRECTNESS!! Watch the movie “Great Debaters” with Denzel Washington;


          • YOU ARE A EVIL PERSON.

          • ladyofperpetulmotion .

            I take it you are “gay”?

          • Michael Dennewitz

            People should realize that the word “gay” prevailed back in the late 1800s, as in the “gay 90s,” because it was a happy time. The QUEERS stole the word, thinking that their fellow man would accept them more, rather than hear what they really are.. QUEER

          • ladyofperpetulmotion .


        • I would totally up-vote you as far as normalcy or lack thereof is concerned, except that I am not a bit AFRAID of them and their unnatural state – I just plain don’t like it; it’s sinful and abhorrent to me. It really bugs the heck out of me that this group has decided to tack “phobic” onto their group’s life “choices” (sin) in order to try and negate our perfectly NORMAL feelings. Ditto for their highjacking of “gay” and the rainbow, a sign of God’s promise to man. What I AM afraid of is how satan has gotten such a grip on society today and how our once great country is dissolving before our very eyes. sigh.

          • When a nation turns there back on GOD, God sends the nations enemies to destroy that nation—Only repentance from sin(wickedness) can change that; A good Guideline are the Be-attitudes.

          • ladyofperpetulmotion .

            And no wonder “because Satan keeps transforming himself into an angel of light”.

        • Michael Dennewitz

          Will ya’ll quit calling them gay. Gay means “happy,” and that they might be, but they’re SHIT PACKING QUEERS!!!


          • Michael Dennewitz

            You see Garrett, people like you resort to name calling and suggesting bullshit that just isn’t factual! I stated facts! Homos are technically QUEERS that stole the word “gay,” just to cushion the opinions of the GP. Yes, I’m as STRAIGHT as it gets, and no, since you don’t know me, I refrain from any of the things you accuse me of. I take it from your reply that you’re a QUEER!? Your right to be, but as a straight person, I still say that any dude that packs it in another dude’s ass is QUEER!
            Ramble on, as you might feel you must, but I’ll not reply to you again, no matter how you may insult me to make it sound like QUEERS are normal….:-))


          • Michael Dennewitz

            No asshole, to be ANY of those is ODD, and that’s exactly what the word QUEER means, ODD! So in my opinion, THEY WILL REMAIN BE REFERRED TO AS Q U E E R S !! :-))

        • There you go again, injecting truth, reason and logic into the discussion. Thanks 🙂

        • Tom the queers we have to thank for aids & it got to the straight community from the bisexuals, now there is something to be proud of you want to get off & it doesn’t matter to you who it is or rather what it is


          • ladyofperpetulmotion .

            I take it you have aids from screwing monkeys?

      • I don’t care to see gay OR straight kissing in public. So call me straightphobic & homophobic. If you want me to get psychological counseling, please give me your insurance card or your money because I can’t afford it.

        • You are American? If so, you have a Constitution and Bill of Rights which allow you to express your ideas regardless of how they are received. Even if no one agreed with you, it would only be bad if you were not allowed to express your view point. I’m not alone in this thinking; consider this quotation:

          “What concerns all, should be considered by all; and individuals may injure a whole society, by not declaring their sentiments. It is therefore not only their right, but their duty, to declare them.” –John Dickinson, Letters of Fabius, 1788

        • ladyofperpetulmotion .


      • It seems that anyone who disagrees is homophobic..? Not very tolerant. are you ???

      • Michael Dennewitz

        Asswipe Vern… Homosexuals are not gay. They stole that word to try and soften the shock that they are shit packing QUEERS! Queer means ODD! And yes, it is terribly odd to see a couple of shit packing QUEERS going at it!!!

      • Yeah, the Best help would be if the Queers take their sex back to the bedroom “like us NORMAL people do”!

        • I’d rather they take it back to EUROPE, where it’s accepted as “NORMAL”.


          • Michael Dennewitz

            You should have watched the entire episode Garrett. You would have discovered that it’s lots more fun with someone of the opposite sex! ROFL

      • Sure everyone else is screwed up, because they don’t think like you eh ?

      • You’re not “devine”, you just think you are. “Depraved”, more likely..

      • Vernon Devine – seems you need some “normal” medical help. 98.3% of the population in America are homophobic. You are abnormal.
        The Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law, a sexual orientation law think tank, released a study in April 2011[30] estimating based on its research that 1.7 percent of American adults identify as gay or lesbian, while another 1.8 percent identify as bisexual

      • Gays are normaphobic.

      • Homosexuality is the only mental illness that was thrown out of the books in 1973 by a vote and group pressure not by any scientific proof. Even today it still have the characteristics that made it a mental illness according to the pre 1973 definition. There is no gay DNA, nor a third gender. That we dont support your agenda does not mean we are bigots. Bigots are those who go and sue a business disrespecting the religious views of others, while trying to impose your own gay “religion”. You better get a dictionary and learn some definitions.

      • Keep fudging the numbers. It’s really less than 1%

      • Sasquatch Militia

        Vernon you sound Hetrophobic.


      • Michael Dennewitz

        Vernon’s a shit packing faggot Ben, or couldn’t you tell??


          • Michael Dennewitz

            That’s one of my better ones dude. Usually I retaliate with GO FUCK YOURSELF ! :-))

          • do you smile with your blackened rotten one tooth in your head and spit out your chawin’ tobacco when you say that.. did you even graduate 4th grade?

          • Michael Dennewitz

            No John boy, I have all my teeth and never tried chewing that SHIT!
            No, usually I flip someone the middle finger when I tell them to GO FUCK THEMSELVES!! :-))

      • homophobic means that they are afraid of them, I don’t know anyone that is actually afraid of them. It comes down to the fact that they seem to be exabitionists to the extreme especially when there are events that is open to them like “gay pride parades”


    • We’re straight, we’re great, better get used to it mudpackers.

    • I wish your understanding was the correct interpretation; However, if that were the case, they would gladly support a like minded homosexual business. They seek out heterosexual business owners for the purpose of driving them from the market place, and not, as they pretend, to just get the service that business offers.

      It has zero to do with what the homosexual will characterize as its rights, and everything about using the force and violence of government to wage war and cultural hostility toward any person or business that may simply have a different moral code. You can expect this to continue for as long as there are people who hold heterosexual viewpoints, in the same way you can expect moslem terrorism to continue until they have destroyed everything and anything that is non moslem.

      I fully agree with your sentiments, and only comment to make sure you consider their motivation. Simply put, their motivation is from some other quadrant of the universe than what most Americans consider the rightful application of our Constitutional protections. In fact, they (the Faggots) are in solid lock armed warfare against our Constitution with the very government agencies they employ in their “Sherman’s march” across our old Republic.

      • We should fight fire with fire! Hire a homo to do STRAIGHT weddings, then have EVERY straight person start making out when their cameras start rolling. Shove it down THEIR throats too! Start having “STRAIGHT AN. PROUD” marches in the streets! YEE HAW! 😀

        • I follow a different pathway. I do not buy Pepsi Products or McDonald’s, Because both companies Board of Directors have given major financial support to the homosexual agenda. The homosexuals use the Board Rooms to loot stockholders money (dividends) by giving Corporation money to the major Homosexual organizations, furthering that agenda. I will still not buy a Ford, though I used their products almost exclusively in the mid twentieth century. At the dawn of the 21st Century, the board room at Ford had been taken over by the Homosexuals, and the looting of company money (grants and gifts to homosexual programs) nearly bankrupted Ford, so that by 2005, market advisers were saying Ford would be the next American Automobile Company to go “Defunct”. By 2007, Ford stockholders (in desperation) Fired the Faggot’s on the Board of Directors, to put in a “NORMAL” person. As a result, Ford investors began to see some value return to their stock; but that is not my fault.

          Let me encourage you to avoid doing business with homosexual businesses. Why put money in their pockets. The idea is encapsulated in the slogan “buy American”, and to that end, I would say DO NOT BUY FROM HOMOSEXUALS!

          On that note, I must add that if you buy from Japanese or Chinese companies, you can be sure none of your money ends up in the hands of the homosexual movement. This does not mean that your money will not support homosexuality if you buy from an American Company having their products manufactured off shore.

          The homosexuals are raising enough hell with our country now, without putting even more money into their “war chest”.


          • Thank you for your opinion. The mirror is no problem, and not even relevant to your hostility to my “freedom of choice”. As long as you despise an Americans “Freedom of Choice”, I will be proud for you to regard me as one you hate. Personally, I see nothing hateful about my choice. Perhaps the real problem is you.

          • Here is one for the books, in Ca. a lawyer want to put forward a bill that makes killing homos legal. Fat chance of that happening, I mean after all this is Ca. home of the queers galore & that is also a little radical. I have an Arizona plan for them myself it involves sending them all to Arizona see what they can do with that state besides there are lots of them there already a few million more will not make much difference anyhow

          • I read about that not so long ago. As far as Arizona is concerned, the high desert is a very remote place. I was there in 1976 (Fort Huachuca), and realized very quickly a body could disappear for years out there; Perhaps never to be found.

            IT NEVER STOPS

          • Have you seen a doctor about your condition yet? Perhaps there is something they can give you that will calm you down. In any respect, I do acknowledge your self control thus far, in preventing your diseased brain from negatively animating your body.

            Still, I suggest you get some help; OK?


          • Your fascination (or obsession) with capital letters suggest you are very emphatic with your opinion. I had no trouble understanding the tone of contempt for other peoples belief systems. You’re especially harsh on Christians, and I would remind you that our best schools and hospitals were established by Christians; and Christians have done tremendous humanitarian work’s all over the world. Yet, you come across as very intolerant of Christians and while composing a long list of charges, no real specifications were given (such as references to specific events). Charges are worthless without specification. Consider this, as an example: John Doe is a Bank Robber. That is the charge. The specification would be (for example) He robbed the Main Street Bank, in our Town, at noon on the first day of February this year.

            You make charges without specification. According to you, Christians are just a special brand of evil that needs no proof, as it should just be accepted. I require more evidence than you do, before dismissing or closing the case on them.

            Go get some help. PERHAPS I SHOULD BE EMPHATIC ALSO, AND SAY GO GET SOME HELP. But, I don’t care that much; it’s your life, and nervous system. I respect your right to do as you want as long as you harm no one else (we can agree on that, I think).

          • The spy agencies do not use homos for a reason, it is easy to figure that one out

          • Security risk are measured and reduced by several methods. This is not all inclusive to the many various operations, and I’m using a frame of reference that is as old as the Carter Administration. In some circles, a person married to a Foreign National was not able to get a Security Clearance above Confidential, in the general sense. Security risk beyond that were identified by the acronym M.I.C.E. (any one or more could be used to compromise the victim). They only worked where the Social Taboo would make the subject fearful of discovery. Greed was also a way to compromise someone. Here is how it breaks into category’s:
            M= Money. A gambler in debt will sell his Country for money. Howard Hughes once said every man has his price, but few are worth it.
            I= Ideology. Here is where you will find the moslem Americans who turn against our Country. They love the Mohammedans and will stand with them every time (just as obama has declared that he would. He is motivated by ideology.).
            C= Compromise. Corrupt politicians who get caught with their hand in the cookie jar can be blackmailed by the skeletons you know about in their closet.
            E= Embarrassment. This was typically the downfall of the homosexual who had some State Secrets. He would sell his Nation out, to keep his dirty little secret. It would also work on a married man who indulged in extramarital affairs. The risk of loosing face could make this person do what you wanted, even if there were attendant risk.

            With that said, you must realize everyone is different, and you would have to discover their weakness to exploit it. Money worked best on Americans, so when Aims was busted (Walker Family likewise), both served the USSR for “money”. How well one thing works on a person depends entirely upon that person though. Any homosexual who is leading a secret lifestyle is venerable to embarrassment (m.i.c.”E”).

          • This is a homophobic rant that is totally rediculous

          • ladyofperpetulmotion .

            I wouldn’t go that far.

        • I have yet to ever go to a “gay pride” parade nothing that I want to see, the thoughts of 2 guys making out just seems queer to me among other things I feel, like disgust to name one

          • I’m confident you know that “gay pride” is a bogus re-branding of the homosexual as a result of some Madison Avenue campaign (with Hollywood) to normalize deviant behavior.

      • Don’t these idiots realize they can’t get pregnant on spit, so somewhere along the line straights are needed if only as sperm donors that is unless they want to use sperm from some queer & that would probably guarantee that that the child would also be queer so I guess we straights are not needed. Yeah I know its called invitro fertilization. Nothing quite as good as 2 hetero’s doing it if god made anything better than that he kept it for himself or where can people of opposite sex be any closer?

        • Homosexuality is a choice. I do not agree that it is biological (or in any DNA string). Sperm is just material, and does not predispose anybody to prevision. Never let them sell you that crock.
          As it is, they try and convince society it is a berth defect in order to be granted “super citizen” status for the choice they made. No one would give you some special social status for being a Republican. They would not do it even for those among us who are Democrats. The simple reason is because your choice is your own personal business, and you should not have power over your fellow man because of it. However, the homosexuals want power over our society, for the personal choicer they made. The perverted reasons for that choice is irrelevant; it is still nothing more than a personal choice.

  4. boy those lezzies on the supremo courto will have a coniption fit….

  5. An evil and immoral act is not condoned by righteous people. God bless straight people!

  6. SO! WHAT! Who cares?

  7. These little pokes at so-called “gay rights” are getting to be a big pain in the ass! The couple should go elsewhere, and this piece of sht information is not newsworthy fer crissakes!

  8. Why are these people in business? I am in business to make money not make political statements. Then run afoul of public accommodation laws is just stupid.

    • TeaParty Patriot

      Are you in business to make money at all costs (regardless of ethics) or are you in business to give the best service you can?

      Unethical people out to make a fast buck can be selling you tainted lettuce, GMO foods, old, old eggs ie dumpster diving reprocessed “food” as wholesome products.

      • One does not last lone in a competitive field with shoddy merchandise. Unfortunately there are those who do have only a fast buck on their minds.

    • Roy Austin Smith

      keep up the good work> you are showing your stupidity.

    • In business to make a profit…………..higher price equals more profit OR Heavens to Betsy the client crawls away back to his/he/it roach pit?

    • I have two problems with your statement. First, a videographer is an artist. For many artists, they have to feel a connection to the subject to do a good job. If an artist feels that he or she cannot provide a certain service well, she NEEDS to decline. It is the ethical thing to do.

      Secondly….listen carefully here…..where I live it is getting to a point where people are facing discrimination complaints for refusing to create works containing anti-gay slurs (Google Azucar Bakery). I just learned that I am the second person in my area who turned down a job creating an anti-gay video. I am fairly sure the person was asking for religious reasons and I can probably be fined for that.

      Yes, I turned that job down to make a political statement: bullying is wrong. It would be wrong for me to make a YouTube video shaming gay people and telling them that they are mentally ill. It is wrong to shame Christian artists into providing services for a group of people.

      You want liberty? You want freedom ? Let other people have theirs, too. Forcing the government to tell artists which clients they can take is tantamount to tyranny.

      Perhaps it is time for a ballot initiative allowing artists to pick and choose the clients they take? This is getting frustrating. It really is.

      • There is very good reason for public accommodations. Think of the mess if all the 300 + different Christian sects all decided that they would only serve like people? That is why the law is in place to keep chaos at bay. Personal beliefs are important to the person ,however,we all live in this world. If we would all go our separate ways we would still be hunter-gatherers.

        A bakery open to the public come under different rules that an artistic endeavor as that is individual and client not the public per se. That has centuries of precedents. Baker is not considered artist unless the person is not open to the public. The phrase open to the public is the key.
        About bullying. Yes, I agree that the political groups have gone too far. I blame Political Correctness. Political Correctness ideology allows and encourages bullying as long as the target has offended the official defined attitudes. It is also used to silence criticism.
        The Azucar Bakery is a political move. But there is a section of law called public policy. Bakeries in other state have upheld public policy over the objection of the client. There was a similar case in New Jersey where the birthday cafe for Adolf Hitler was refused.
        There are differing rulings so the courts will have to sort this one out.

  9. Not a good idea to force someone to do something they don’t want to do. With taking photos there are so many ways to make that momentous occasion into something that you don’t want & since it will only happen once it may be better for them to find someone that will do it willingly. Like the baker that refused & the queers took her to court, all she had to do was make a cake that tasted so bad no one could eat it. Just saying as I am someone that you wouldn’t want to make me do some thing I don’t want to do, because you would never forget what I did & I would have an “excuse for why it turned out bad for you & there is nothing that can be done because you know shit happens all the time

    • TeaParty Patriot

      Do You mean like the photographer catching the minute flu and barfing on the bride?

      • That would work & take loads of pictures so they don’t forget

      • He could take blurred photos, with a little high-tech help! LOL

        • TeaParty Patriot

          All video is being recorded on memory cards at present. Photograph the entire pornographic scene, Show it to the “brides” to prove you did it then give place it on a powerful magnet to erase the data and hand the “proven video” to the brides. Problem solved. No video and no lawsuit.

    • sounds like the couple just asked the photographer and then were surprised by the response. but, even tho it sounds like the couple is not pushing (but those who seen an opening may be) as you say, i would never push someone to do something for me against their will… there’s no telling how badly they may intentionally do it. especially with something like photography… slight adjustments here or there… slight compositional maneuvers and you can make a complete mockery of the wedding. come to think of it… i would LOVE to be that photographer… would be the best gig i could imagine.

      • I would say, I am booked, sorry,

        • okay… i admit that is a far more mature response and likely one that allows you to keep your job. good point.

      • the couple is not pushing hard? running to cnn, those scumbags will keep this in the news for weeks, also the mayor, who turns out to be an idiot or a atheist, and of course the lgbt people who just love for this to be spread all over the news, because they know the half wits that run this country will do the exact opposite of what the majority wants. that way they are politically correct and can count on the lgbt vote next time they are up for re-election.

        • can’t tell from the mere fact that they felt the story newsworthy. they may have been mellow about it and in classic CNN fashion the ran wild with it. they mayor may champion a personal individual’s rights to not be discriminated against over a company’s rights to discriminate. can’t tell if he/she is an atheist, and idiot, a strict constitutionalist or trolling for votes or two or more of the above. just can’t tell from the story here. these stories, let’s face it, are written to provoke a strong response… they are not written to drive a balanced discussion of the underlying nuances and subtleties. that’s why so many of the responses to all these stories read as variations on a single (usually) theme.

    • Although I agree with you, she would still get Sued in Court for “Intentionally Sabotaging” the Event and be awarded an even larger Court Award, most likely in the Tens of Millions of dollars. I personally find the Gays/Life Style to be disgusting.

      • I find their attitude even more disgusting.

      • Well you can’t be obvious about it, give it some thought lots of ways just pull the film out or set the exposure or speed wrong, just for two ways. Another way is forget to load the film thereby missing those precious moments you just have to be subtle about it. A little harder with the digital cameras of today but it can be done. Also helps to look innocent at all times

        • Do not comply!!!!!
          Just do not do it. Period

        • I reserve the right to refuse service to gays/lezzes any time, any way, in my ??? business! So sue me-LOL

        • Not anymore, as more and more of the Generation X types keep getting ii in our Public Schools that it’s not only acceptable, it’s also part of the School Curriculum. It’s about Money, just about everything boils down to Money.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Actually, she should have baked the cake for them and added about 6 boxes of laxative to the mix.. LOL

  10. TeaParty Patriot


    Whatever happened to the idea that a proprietor could refuse service to ANYONE with no repercussions.

    Ill bet Jenna and Jerra would be all pushed out of shape if the photographer got sick at the event and barfed all over the “brides”


  11. It is not anyone’s “right” to receive service from any business. Any business owner should have the right to refuse anyone service, and deal with whatever business consequence that has. As the article states, “Ohio is one of 13 remaining states with a ban on same-sex marriage”. That alone should stand as a reason for this business not to participate. With all the ridiculous PC bs these days, I could see someone wanting to prosecute the business for participating in an illegal event. Enough of the poor me victim sheet

  12. They talk about discrimination, but what about the business owners first amendment rights?

    • Hello Dan, and yea what about the owners right to be free of unreasonable attacks on their religious beliefs.

      • Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.[71]

        • Your a smart guy, I’m surprised you didn’t get my joke in our first interaction, hope were all good, sure seems like we think alike. Although you didn’t know that I never pass up an opportunity to crack a JOKE! or be Sarcastic, all in the name of a good time. Never Vulgar or Insulting, only Ridiculous.

          • No, I have seen some of your other posts, we have similar outlooks. I can appreciate anyone that stands up for our constitutional rights. I just wish that there were more like us. Everything is good.

    • Yah, how about instead of forcing the business to video tape LEGGO, WEKNEE, wedding, how about the government forces them to have a straight wedding! Let’s see how they like it!

  13. Americans Wake Up

    As I was growing up most stores had signs up that expressed their right to refuse service to whomever they chose. And it should be their right. They are the ones refusing business and revenue. If the LGBTXYZUVKLMRT agenda doesn’t like the fact they were refused to be served at one business take it another that will serve you. I think they are singling out those businesses they know will refuse them to take their perversion to a whole new level of acceptance.

  14. This does not speak well of your ethics and your judgment since deliberately screwing up your work would be a terrible business decision and a poor reflection on you as a person.

    • Free country and have that right, just like the queers have that right to be queer, and can go to a queer business, yes they are out there.

  15. For gays and lesbians to force a business to do something against their religious beliefs is a perversion which would makes the owners of the business ‘perverts’. Why would we force a Christian to become a pervert? And what part of Liberty, Freedom, and God given Rights do those who are trying to force their beliefs upon others entail?
    If I were to have God standing before me and the LBGT present, to whom should I give preference and obey?
    Well, I do have Christ within me and I will NOT obey those who violate my love for God.

  16. Johnnyattheharbor Lowlife

    Why make a big deal out of it?? Move on and find someone that will do the work…

  17. I reserve the right to refuse service to anybody for any reason! and won’t contribute to any immoral
    activity, and I decide that not the country.

  18. “We don’t need more laws. Let people make their own decisions. Let business owners deal with the free market consequences of their choices. That’s the way it should be. They get to hold true to their beliefs and the community gets to hold true to theirs. That’s what capitalism and democracy are all about.” I just love this old tried and true idea.

  19. We must stand behind the folks who are being challenged for their faith. It’s time for the homosexual agenda to be stood down and exposed for its hypocrisy. They like to demand that everyone get on board with their lifestyle, yet demand that others give up their own beliefs.

  20. I would do it and set everything up at ISIS Mosque . It will piss the Muslims off so much the would have a Homosexual Barbecue .

  21. Since are so many lesbians and gay guys popping up everywhere why don’t they open up their own floral shops, become videographers and open their own bakeries? Then they have their own clientele to which they can cater and they would not need cater to the heterosexuals. Silly me, if they had their own businesses they would not have reason to institute a lawsuit, to harass, and put the people out of business who are trying to make a living for themselves and for their children.

    • fact is you are correct Jackie- they DO have their own business’s-this is being done nationwide by the LBGT agenda pushers to make it an issue-kinda like the disgusting race-baiting obozao & his minions (Holder) are doing in NY and Ferguson. This is ON PURPOSE.

  22. Oh boy these Queers would have hard time living where i do.. No shirt No shoes No service is on lot bussines doors

  23. This man has all the rights in the world to refuse anyone’s business. These folks should have just gone somewhere else. Obviously there goal, because of their hatred and intolerance for Christian beliefs,is to create problems. The intolerance and hateful remarks seldom come from these owners. They are generally very respectful but firm on their refusal to do business with them and the gay or lesbian couples should respect their beliefs. That’s not the way it works though. You tell me who the hateful and intolerant ones are. It is not the Christian business owners.

  24. Hopefully those two queers will disappear never to be heard from again! Businesses should all have the right to decline

  25. The head queer must have sent them. Ya’ll know who the head queer is I presume!

  26. Good Job OHIO. Love when people stand up for whats right! Hope my home state keeps standing against that Garbage. Weird people are everywhere!

  27. This is the problem with the “Internet Age”; one day the refusal to participate in a LGBTQ wedding issue is in a small town in Ohio and a few hours later it is around the world where several hundred LGBTQ activist’s plan to disparage the business that refused to do business with a LGBTQ wedding. The flip side is that the business is not permitted to factually refute the attacks by the LGBTQ organizations because the world of liberal LGBTQism has redefined the meaning of “discrimination”. Discrimination is now defined as the one sided refusal to associate with homosexuality and not an attack by LGBTQs against the First Amendment right of freedom of religious frame of reference to refuse the association with LGBTQs.

  28. There are many businesses who will be more than happy to do the photographs. We have everyone from Obama on down pushing the Homosexual agenda, so stop infringing on Christians’ first amendment rights to free speech and freedom to practice their religion. Pick out another photographer, perhaps pick a Muslim one, if you can find one. I am sure they would accommodate you, right? Perhaps that is why you single out Christian businesses, because you are afraid to target muslims but not Christians because they don’t cut people’s heads off they don’t agree with. They love you but hate the sin. Leave them alone. To the business trying to be forced to bend to less than 2% of the population according to their own reporting, contact the Center for Law and Justice in Virginia Beach Va., if they sue, they will represent you for free.

  29. If forced to accommodate a HOMOSEXUAL ‘wedding’ then list on the receipt:
    ‘Homosexual event’.
    Nothing gay or joyous about it as far as I am

  30. Freaks don’t get rights in my world…but watch the SCOTUS say it’s ok…damn the queers…fool speed to hells fire for all of them…

  31. God Bless the the owner/s of Next Door Stories. They, as all citizens and businesses, should always have the right to provide services to objectionable and perverted customers. Just has a business establishment has the right to refuse service to a customer who is not wearing a shirt or shoes, Next Door Stories should not be forced to provide videographer services for this illegal wedding. Further, should the SOTUS decide to allow this sin against man and God, Next Door Stories should never go against their moral and religious beliefs.


    Here we go, again.
    Another private business under attack for not providing a service to a gay wedding.
    Solution, the queer couple can go get a gay videographer or a pro-gay marrriage videographer for their wedding, problem solved!

  33. Businesses that don’t want to accommodate perverse practices should draft a release document which essentially excuses them from any measure of performance. Then they can accept the business without risk.

    In this case, I would suspect that a “wedding” video which never depicted both brides within any single frame would surely disqualify the videographer
    videographer from any future engagements by the LGBT community. Nor could they be sued for sub-par results.

  34. People should not have to jump through hoops to prevent them from having to preform duties they do not believe in. it is the owners loss. If it were me I would simply say I busy with a religious function.Even if you just prayed for those sinners it would be a religious function. No paper signed of any release is worth the paper it is written on. Just like the people can choose who they want to do their wedding the people who do the photography should have the right to choose who they provide services for. Gays have no special rights. They have rights as individuals not as a couple. They are sinners and living in sin and will die in sin unless they repent.
    I would not want someone to do work for me that did not want to do it.

  35. Another case of causing problems where they don’t exist. Queer marriages are illegal in Ohio but we don’t care we’re going to get married anyhow. Let’s see now how many lawsuits can we create? Bakery, check; florist, check;:3

  36. The Republican majority in the Ohio legislature should get to work providing conscience protections, as this is likely to be another index case in the accelerating legal drive to suppress Christianity. Organized homosexuality has for some reason taken the point in the campaign for radical social transformation of the country, not just permitting acts and practices formerly prohibited but exalting them to the new normal and replacing traditional social views and mores with them, on pain of prosecution and ruination by the tyrannical administrative state.

  37. Isn’t it time conservatives learn from the liberals and start protesting at all these perverted sex ceremonies? The very idea that the iron fist of the law is forcing immorality on people of conscious is a great milestone toward giving up all semblance of freedom.


  39. Gerald A. Reason

    To go against one’s religious convictions use to be considered hypocrisy. Today, there are those who claim it is their right to force you to do so. Our founding fathers established the 1st Amendment to protect people from being forced to take part in religious practices which violated their conscience. In England, during our colonial days, the government (Crown) collected taxes which went to the Church of England. These taxes, along with British law, at the time, supported programs which were objected to, on religious grounds, by several groups. The answer from the Crown was simple — Accept it or go to jail. There was one state determined way to worship and that was it. What ever the State Church said was doctrine, was doctrine, regardless of what the Bible said. If the state said you do this; and the “this” conflicted with the Bible, you did what the state said. To avoid this type of state interference with what one’s conscience dictated, our founders incorporated the two “freedom of religion” clauses in the First Amendment. The government was not to establish a national religion and was not to infringe the right of any person from exercising their religious beliefs — as long as they did not prevent someone else from exercising theirs. [The refusing to provide a service to an activity which violates your religious right does NOT prevent anyone from taking part in such an activity. It only says, “get someone else to do what you want me to do since I believe God’s Word says I am not to participate.”]
    Today, there are those in government which believe that the right of one to force someone else to take part in something that violates their religious freedom is more important than that person’s right to freely exercise their religion. Unfortunately, this is just what was predicted would be the case in the “latter days.” Men would be “lovers of themselves”, not God..–(2 Tim 3:2) and we are warned that we should avoid calling evil good and good evil (Isaiah 2:20). Today we are seeing these two things taking place on a large scale.

  40. So the truth comes out the so called gays want this man to break the law to perform a fake wedding. Thanks for stand up for Ohio law.

  41. They should charge $25,0000, and show up in prophylactic bio hazard suits with gas masks to do the shoot. Then they could have another videographer cover it for YouTube, and finally, donate the money to a pro family, anti homosexual activist group. .

  42. I would have thought that the elephant in the room, is that they cannot be legally married in this state, anyway ??
    So, what is with all the hoo haa, about a refusal ?
    Anyone, care to answer ?

  43. Seems to me that if photographers, bakers, florists, planners, rentals, etc, that sometimes do business with weddings could just have a detailed application form to be filled out by those requersitng services. Then review the application and if there is any problemm inform the applicants that you have a scheduling conflict and won’t be able to take the job. Then schedule something for that day if nothing else comes up. Either that or find another business owner in the same business and subcontract to them. Don’t even mention any objections based on religion, morals, personal preferances, etc.

  44. How do two women have sex ????

  45. In this case the author is dead wrong that the couple is within their rights to pressure the owner to do anything. The owner should be suing the couple for soliciting him to perform an act outside the law, thus trying to defame his character and ask for a jugement against them, they discrimminated against him, not the other way around!

    It’s judgement time in his favor!

    I think bringing back public flogging in the square would be appropriate punishment in addition to a judgement.

    • Until it’s your turn to be flogged.

      • Its not about taking turns, these people are asking others to commit illegal acts, do not trample anyone’s rights when you are wrong.

        • My statement was a generalization outlining the social norm of crying out for something to be done to others, without realizing that you’re putting yourself at risk with the same breath. It’s fantastic that we live in a society where we can disagree on an issue such as homosexuality. What is terrifying is the other side of that coin: that disagreement can lead to the very erosion of liberty you’re all speaking about simply because people aren’t aware of how interconnected politics and the law actually are.

          • My whole point here had absolutely nothing to do with life style arrangements, it has everything to do with a very vocal politically active group sticking to a business by asking them to do something which is clearly not within the law and then trying to make them out to be the bad guy in the media; that is amoral and illegal under any ones code.

          • I think most of the folks making comments on this site missed the point that what was asked of this business was impossible in OH so had to be politically motivated, and to then publicize it to make the business look bad is actually slander/defamation since it is not legal for them to do participate in a wedding of this sort. I could care less about their lifestyle choice, my concern was the ethics and legality of their actions, which were clearly wrong and placed this guy’s business in jeopardy. My suggestion was meant to be as bizarre as they were, punishment fitting the crime.

          • I didn’t go dig up the CNN story to find out, but it’s entirely possible the couple was pLanning a wedding for after the SCOTUS releases it’s brief. Leaving out such a detail in the article above of course makes for sensation, because then they are trying to force someone to be a party to what is an illegal act, which is likely a huge stretch in and of itself. It’s all nonsense regardless, as the business doesn’t have to justify its refusal to provide services to anyone.

          • The original story does not mention the date for the wedding, but uses the word “upcoming”. As I said though, if it was planned for June or the winter, then it isn’t so sensational. We all know the supreme court is going to evoke the 14th, and side with the constitution; which means that a date after the brief won’t be illegal.

  46. Maybe these idiots should go to a Muslim owned bakery, florists, photographers and see what kind of warm and loving re action they would get there. Would love to see that and then let us talk about their so called equal rights.

  47. The hatred Christians use for others and the speech you use to dismiss other brothers and sisters with is profound and very revealing about your hearts. I suggest listening closer to Christ and the Holy Spirit to help you know when your ego is talking and when your beautiful love and peace that surpasses all understanding is talking. It is disheartening to see people practice hate in the name of Christ. It only separates those who really need Christ from Christ.

    • In this case you are wrong, they are asking someone to comit an illegal act, and are trying to bring hardship to these folks. That is pure evil and deserves retribution which is what they are receiving.

    • Go finish your Kool-aid and change your tinfoil ………. LIB Licker !!

  48. Michael Dennewitz

    And all the little FAGGOTS said, waaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Hey America, they’re QUEERS, not gays…..

  49. Why do we straight, non gays have to participate in something we are against? Refusing to validitify something that is against our beliefs, just because we have a gay, illegal President, is wrong. If you want to be gay, be gay, but leave the rest of us alone. There are plenty of people who don’t mind working with gays, but for the majority, your queer ways are disgusting. Go back in the closets.

  50. Business’ have been posting signs forever that say who won’t get service-remember “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service”!! I don’t recall hearing any media buzz about that ever. It was just accepted you needed a shirt, and shoes to get into the business. This is the same thing. I believe Hobby Lobby won the first Supreme Court case to this same issue. Business owners have the RIGHT (by our Constitution) to dictate who they service, period.

  51. Kweers – Begone !!!!!!!

  52. It always amazes me why these pervs can’t just find another business. I truly believe they hone in on certain businesses just so they can make a big show of refusal.

    I would think since Ohio has a ban on gay marriage, the business owner would be protected by not being involved in a criminal activity.

  53. I’m not even going to waste my time addressing the religious platitudes expressed herein. I am curious why this is news worthy though. A business refuses a client, which they are well within their rights to do, and we need cameras and coverage? I think IHOP told a customer they couldn’t be seated for being barefooted, someone call the media!

    I personally am for “same-sex-marriage”, primarily because I’ve read the constitution, but this is a waste of time and brain cells. How about we talk about Iraq, Iran, China and Japan, or anything with some material consequences. Who cares that someone didn’t get to have their wee lil pictures take? Anyone?

    • That is not the issue.
      The issue is being forced to go against ones’ own beliefs because the govt says so.
      Further erroding of our rights as free human beings.
      I will not go against my own core moral values for any reason, least of all because the govt says so.
      THAT is the issue

      • The government ordered the owner to perform the requested services? It appears at this point there is social pressure being applied to the business, which is fairly common these days. We are a society that likes to publicly shame anyone we don’t agree with.

  54. Even if the Top Court decides in their favor this spring still doesn’t make it right in people’s minds! My2cents

  55. Congratulations to all those who refuse to participate in perversity! Enough with the LGBT’s fascist agenda!

  56. what ever happened to the, we reserve the right to serve anyone? those signs used to be in every business open to the public. my sympathy goes out to the photographer, his business is done. with the bullshit political correctness crowd gets through with him he wont be able to take baby pictures. its already been done to a bakery that was forced out because they wouldnt bake a cake for a couple perverts. then there was the farm that had been having weddings on their farm for a lot of years, but when they sited religious beliefs, didnt matter, had to close down. i dont understand why these lgbt types just cant take no for an answer. if someone tell me they cant do the job, big deal, find someone else. these minority groups usually with only a few hundred members can raise such a stink, that they ruin people lives and businesses. and why the masses put up with this is beyond belief. california valley, one of the biggest and best producing crops, is denied water to save a smelt. an insignificant minnow. lumber businesses ruined for a bird, i think it was a bird but not sure.

  57. This has never been about the services the businesses offer. Its about their sick homosexual movement to sabotage the businesses that still support straight and moral behavior. The fact that homosexual marriage isnt even legal in Ohio proves that. Every time they can bring down a business that doesnt support their cause and can get themselves back in the news is a win for them.

  58. It is their private business so they have the right to decide whether they want to take on or refuse ANY client for ANY reason – end of story! Every day proves out my belief: REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION or we are all going to be serfs for the NWO elite while living a life of misery and squalor! mInr, NSA!

  59. Charles David Bunner

    I find it strange that restaurants can post signs like ” No

    Shirt, Nos shoes = No service.) The business should have told them “I am busy that day and can not accommodate you. If they would insist then I would tell them the price is $10,000.00 for your time and professionalism.

  60. Give that videographer the Medal of Freedom! Fxxk the gays, let them find someone else to do it! He has a right to refuse service to anyone, for any (or no) reason!

  61. I would bet all you bigots think that any business owner has the right to refuse service to anyone they don’t like. Say a colored person for example?

    • Wayne, you are the bigot! Businesses should be able to sell to whomever they wish or refuse service. Consumers are welcome to go elsewhere for service. It is only when people of Gestapo mind such as yourself want to foist your preferences on others that our land becomes less free.

      • So if black person wants to marry a white person and they come to your shop and want you to furnish flowers for their wedding and you think you should able to refuse to do so because you are against mixed weddings. Is that what you are saying? Try it and you will have a lawsuit against you. If you refuse to rent to black person because of their color you would be sued. I suppose you can’t see the relevance of this.

        • Yes, you are the perfect example of a fascist neo-American! You are what is wrong with this country!

          • We are not talking about me. We are talking about people that are bigots that would deny service to a mixed marriage. Stop and smell the roses.

          • No we are talking about someone who welcomes a coercive big government meddling in peoples lives and livelihoods with the threat of financial ruin. If it were happening to you, you would be the first to be howling about it. It is truly sad that you cannot understand that people like you are giving our freedoms away daily.

          • If I owned a flower shop and a gay couple or a couple when one is black and one is white we are talking about do I have a right to refuse service to either of them. Now answer my question. Don’t change the subject.

          • If it is your business, you should have the right to refuse to serve anybody you wish. It may hurt your business both financially and or reputation-ally but it is done at the store owners risk. Customers have the right to take their business elsewhere as well. When the government gets in the business of telling businesses who they have to serve…they can also get into the business of telling businesses who shouldn’t be served. This is not what America is all about. Freedom means we get to choose who we associate with without the coercion of the government forcing us to associate with those we do not wish too… regardless of the reason. Today, the government actively works to bankrupt business that are not politically correct. This has particularly happened with homosexuals filing lawsuits against businesses that do not want to participate in the promotion of homosexual perversion. If it were your business that you had worked all your life to nurture and sustain and the government were to come in and say do something that goes against your conscience.. how would your react!

          • You obviously feel that if a black person and a white person came into your shop and wanted you to furnish flowers for their wedding that you feel you have the right to refuse to do it because you were against mixed marriages. You feel you would have that right. Now don’t dance around the question. Give me an answer.

          • I want to open a bar that caters to smokers only. The government says I can’t. Do you think I have this right? Now answer the question and don’t dance around it. I just want associate with fellow smokers.

          • Book and smoke shops still have smoker’s lounges for fine cigars.
            I know because I enjoy Ashton and Davidoff.

  62. AIDS: Nature’s way of controlling the gay population; it began in Africa, and has spread all over the world, same as the Black Plague centuries ago.

  63. F’n queers, if you don’t like business’ that do not want to provide you with their service, take your schette to another state….Like Chicago where our queer president came from……Being queer is not normal, it’s a sickness.
    Go get professional help….
    Semper Fi

  64. These gay people know which businesses don’t want to do same-sex marriages or anything to do with any service connected to it and they purposely request them to

    provide a service knowing it’s against their belief. It is a set up for these businesses to provide for the same-sex couples or get sued and possibly lose their business. It is a shame and it really doesn’t serve their cause at all.

  65. There
    are bakeries, photographers and some churches that will do gay weddings. Stop
    bothering people who could care less what you do.

  66. Videograph it?

    I couldn’t stand to even WATCH IT!!! It is ABOMINATION you are recording for all posterity.

  67. Well that’s just to GD bad. Go find someone who will take pictures. NOT everyone is on board with gay MARRIAGES. Nor should they be forced to do so.



    • Why would you think such a thing?
      The simple fact is , it is mot right.
      Marriage is between one man & one woman.
      This is how I explain it to my grand children.
      Take two identical lamps.
      Now, if you take the plug end of each lamp & touch them together, what do you get? Nothing. No power. Nothing. They are the same..
      But… if you take those same lamps &put the lamp plug into an outlet,.. you have a complete circuit. You have a proper & complete connection.
      Same with people.
      If ne chooses to live that lifestyle that is their business as long as they keep it their business.
      When it becomes an issue is when it is declared that I do not have the right to my own moral convictions about the matter.
      The govt cannot legislate morality.
      Do as you wish with your life, but I do not want to see it, hear it or know about it & I certainly do not condone it.
      I hope this clears up the nazi, isis &kkk thing.

    • What a hateful thing to say! Try not hating…it is healthier for you!

  70. I am not opposed to gay marriage, but I am vehemently opposed to gays forcing others to accept it. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” invalidates any law regarding marriage, either for or against it.

    They want to hire the videographer to make use of his artistic skills. If I were a videographer forced to work in a situation to which I was opposed, I would exercise my artistic talent in the way I found “most artistic” and I assure you those forcing me to work would be able to see my emotions in the results.

  71. So the author of this article has no problem forcing a business to cater to deviant behavior. How about we demand that they be required to house a rapist. Is that okay?

    • Sounds like a good idea to me. However, the author might like the idea. Note that he did not give his/her name!

  72. All business have the right to refuse service to anyone!

    • I posted the exact same thing on a different article.It would seem that a lot of people have forgotten that.

  73. I read a few of these posts and I need to say, Moslems are not Muslims. Moslems, from India, are not beheading anyone, as far as we know. It is the ISIS branch of the Islamic religion/cult. Personally, I believe marriage is one man and one woman. I want to vomit when I see two people of the same sex, kissing on the mouth. But I also believe some seem to be locked into the wrong body. I also know that some people are born with vaginas, as well as penises. I feel sorry for those people. Do you really think they wanted to be born that way?

    • Moslem is just another spelling of Muslim. They are the same thing! No one is locked in the wrong body. Using your logic, anyone can do anything anti-social or perverted and use the excuse that I was born that way. It is perverted lust that they act out! Homosexuality was considered a mental disorder by the American Psychiatric Society until a new homosexual president removed it from a list of mental disorders in the seventies!

      One man placing one’s penis into the diseased fecal exit of another man is by definition perverted!

  74. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone! It’s a law, always has been and always will be if everyone will just stick to it and tell ’em all to piss off! Damn queers have tried every trick in the book to get their perversion accepted. They even went so far as to sneak Obama’s partner, (Michael) into the WhiteHouse. Did any of you hear him say that? I watched a video last night when he slipped up and called Michelle by HIS real name. I don’t remember what benefit it was for but he was trying to say, “Michelle and I ” and he actually said, “Michael and I” have always supported,,, whatever it was for. No matter what they try it will NEVER be accepted by the masses. Not just here but globally, If you can’t procreate your species, you have no species. Pack that in your fudgetube friggin’ homos!!

  75. To ALL you gays and lesbians out there. Keep Bitching. Because when all is said and done you make our case for us and just make us stronger, because we are so tired of being told what we can and can’t do because of your deviant behavior. Your marriages don’t last. I find it ironic that we are supposed to do, like and agree with everything you do but you don’t have to do the same. People are really getting tired of it. Soon it will just divide us more and the only reason you get away with it is because of Obama. Well Karma is a Bitch and it will come back to haunt you.

  76. Thats right!!! Also anyone threatened with a bogus lawsuit over that stuff, You can COUNTER SUE!!! It’s time to fight fire with fire. As long as the constitution still stands which may not be for long, It backs the believer more that the perverts.
    Repent while you have the chance or burn in hell for all eternity!!!

  77. GOOD FOR HIM! Somebody with some BALLS finally sayin’ “GO FUCK YOURSELVES, FAGGOTS!” ‘Bout TIME somebody. stepped up to the plate! 😀

  78. Michael Dennewitz

    This may not be a Marxist country yet, but if shit keeps up, we aren’t far from it.. Won’t be long before you won’t have the right to your own beliefs.. QUEERS ARE QUEERS, and if I was having a backyard barbecue, I’d STILL have the right to refuse admittance to a QUEER! Isn’t there some way we could ship all the QUEERS N LEZZIES to another country????

  79. Asking a company to participate in an illegal act is completely stupid. Same sex marriage is banned why not try and wait for the case to be reviewed in the supreme court then ask again if the ban gets lifted or ask a company where it is legal

  80. Too bad im in Texas id have next door stories do my wedding

  81. Margaret Longoria

    Find a different videographer. Good Grief! Stop being such pouting babies and expecting the rest of the world to bow down to you. The rest of the world does not want to be involved in your bedroom behaviors and we do not want your behaviors forced upon us.

  82. Deviants always want others to participate in their deviancy! This is the only way they can delude themselves into believing that their behavior is normal! With only 2% of the population participating in their perversion (biblical abomination), their behavior is by nature deviant! Per a recent report, Columbus, Ohio is said to have the 15th largest population of these deviants in the country. These perverts can certainly find other perverts to do the gig. Instead, like so many other places in the land of the free, they have decided to target this business for not being compliant with the Gay Gestapo! Make no mistake, the lawsuits filed in similar situations throughout our country are coordinated by these fascists. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet! Perversion by any other name be it gay or homosexual, is just as vile!

  83. They COULD have taken the initiative to go ahead and photograph the wedding of a same-sex couple, even if it IS against the law. The solution is simple: Do such a crappy job at the filming and photography as to RUIN the memories of their “special” moment. Then make the excuse that if the couple weren’t happy about the photos or video(s), they would get a full refund. Then go home, and laugh their asses off … after all, they DID comply, didn’t they? They wouldn’t get in trouble if they didn’t refuse service… and a full refund would still be inadmissible in a court of law if they can prove that they didn’t discriminate against a same-sex marriage.

  84. Photographers should be allowed to choose who they want to photograph. A wedding photographer spends a lot of time with the couple, in intimate settings, and takes pictures that reflect a lot of feeling and emotion. We are all still allowed to use our brains and think freely, and have our own personal religious choices. If we feel uncomfortable or do not agree with same sex marriage, we shouldn’t have to do business with a gay couple. Besides, why would you want a photographer who isn’t excited about your “wedding”? There are plenty of photographers in Columbus, just go find one who supports gay marriage and leave the rest of us alone.

  85. Why don’t those two fruitcakes just go back to lunch at the Y and leave honest business people who can’t stand them alone. Look at me, look at me I am LGBT, look at me! They are sickening!!!!!

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