Ohio Rep: Democrats Lost Due to Southern Racists

An Ohio congresswoman is joining a chorus that includes Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu in blaming racism for the defeats of the Democratic Party. Marcia Fudge, who serves as chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus told the Cleveland Plain Dealer Democrats lost “because of ideological differences within the Democratic Party and with our administration. We lost because our party has, to some extent, lost white Southerners due in part to the race of our president.”

It’s one thing to hear this kind of rhetoric from an Alec Baldwin, but it pains me to hear it from elected representatives. I want to shake them and say, “where’s your evidence?” Why are these statements allowed to pass without any serious condemnation? Why didn’t you hear Republicans lamenting they lost 2012 because of the reverse-racism among Southern blacks? Could it be because they know they would be run out of Washington if they dared say such a thing?

Landrieu, who faces an almost impossible runoff election next month with Bill Cassidy, said before the midterms that “the South has not always been the friendliest place for African-Americans. It’s been a difficult time for the president to present himself in a very positive light as a leader.” While I certainly won’t dispute the second notion, I very much dispute the reason. It is Obama’s policies, not his skin color, that have doomed him as a president. It is his ideology, not his race, that has turned away white Democrats in the South. It is his industry-crushing support of environmental regulations, not his background, that has turned Democrats into persona non grata in places like West Virginia.

The Left’s Invisible Racism

Maybe instead of constantly defending ourselves against these baseless accusations of racism, it’s time to go on the offensive. Maybe it’s time to highlight – in a mass-media, mainstream kind of way – just how racist the left really is. Because while they’re fighting for more welfare, more PC phrases, and more hiring quotas, what are they really saying? They’re saying that minorities can’t do it themselves. They’re saying blacks, Hispanics, and women simply aren’t smart enough or competent enough to succeed on their own. They must be given a handicap.

Last week, a video went viral showing a black hotel maid rifling through a guest’s belongings. She didn’t steal anything, but the privacy invasion was enough. At least one liberal didn’t think so, though. Writing for (who else?) Gawker, Jordan Sargent defended her actions. Because she is a woman, a minority, and makes little money, Sargent felt that her snooping was justified. In the process, he tries to make readers feel guilty about even questioning such a conclusion.

And that’s about the state of things today. Minorities, according to the left, have little responsibility for their actions. If a low-paid maid wants to break into your computer, you have to let her. If a woman drinks too much and has a sexual encounter she regrets, she was raped. If a Mexican sneaks across the border, he should be welcomed into the community and given welfare.

To me, this racism of lowered expectations is just as bad as the overt kind. But perhaps it explains why people like Landrieu and Fudge defend Obama using the kind of language they use. For them, the fact that a black man can be president at all is enough. They can’t understand why the rest of us expected that he might actually do something worthy of the office.


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