Ohio Rep: Democrats Lost Due to Southern Racists

An Ohio congresswoman is joining a chorus that includes Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu in blaming racism for the defeats of the Democratic Party. Marcia Fudge, who serves as chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus told the Cleveland Plain Dealer Democrats lost “because of ideological differences within the Democratic Party and with our administration. We lost because our party has, to some extent, lost white Southerners due in part to the race of our president.”

It’s one thing to hear this kind of rhetoric from an Alec Baldwin, but it pains me to hear it from elected representatives. I want to shake them and say, “where’s your evidence?” Why are these statements allowed to pass without any serious condemnation? Why didn’t you hear Republicans lamenting they lost 2012 because of the reverse-racism among Southern blacks? Could it be because they know they would be run out of Washington if they dared say such a thing?

Landrieu, who faces an almost impossible runoff election next month with Bill Cassidy, said before the midterms that “the South has not always been the friendliest place for African-Americans. It’s been a difficult time for the president to present himself in a very positive light as a leader.” While I certainly won’t dispute the second notion, I very much dispute the reason. It is Obama’s policies, not his skin color, that have doomed him as a president. It is his ideology, not his race, that has turned away white Democrats in the South. It is his industry-crushing support of environmental regulations, not his background, that has turned Democrats into persona non grata in places like West Virginia.

The Left’s Invisible Racism

Maybe instead of constantly defending ourselves against these baseless accusations of racism, it’s time to go on the offensive. Maybe it’s time to highlight – in a mass-media, mainstream kind of way – just how racist the left really is. Because while they’re fighting for more welfare, more PC phrases, and more hiring quotas, what are they really saying? They’re saying that minorities can’t do it themselves. They’re saying blacks, Hispanics, and women simply aren’t smart enough or competent enough to succeed on their own. They must be given a handicap.

Last week, a video went viral showing a black hotel maid rifling through a guest’s belongings. She didn’t steal anything, but the privacy invasion was enough. At least one liberal didn’t think so, though. Writing for (who else?) Gawker, Jordan Sargent defended her actions. Because she is a woman, a minority, and makes little money, Sargent felt that her snooping was justified. In the process, he tries to make readers feel guilty about even questioning such a conclusion.

And that’s about the state of things today. Minorities, according to the left, have little responsibility for their actions. If a low-paid maid wants to break into your computer, you have to let her. If a woman drinks too much and has a sexual encounter she regrets, she was raped. If a Mexican sneaks across the border, he should be welcomed into the community and given welfare.

To me, this racism of lowered expectations is just as bad as the overt kind. But perhaps it explains why people like Landrieu and Fudge defend Obama using the kind of language they use. For them, the fact that a black man can be president at all is enough. They can’t understand why the rest of us expected that he might actually do something worthy of the office.


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  1. You are soooo right on in this article. Thank you for putting it in such clear language.
    I’m in total agreement with you.

  2. Everyone in Ohio knows that this one is a special needs legislator who requires a gerrymandered minority district and is even then an embarrassing hack and place-holder. Almost no one disdains him because he is black (actually, of course, a mulatto) but the majority now dislike him because he is a fraud and a sociopathic liar and the people are becoming afraid of him because he is attempting to rule as a dictator.

    • Well, everyone so far has sat on their fat asses and watched it all happen – and from what I can see, no one will muster the balls to change that. Now they’re even allowing the mooselums to have prayers in the cathedral there in DC. Another one bights the dust. Blowjob or payoff ??

      • Yes Michael we have too many testicle-less officeholders who I wish would drink some of that famous Kool Aid…final “solution” for the deadbeats in Congress.

    • The evidence is coming forth that the Kenyan impostor is exactly THAT—he’s a fraud. Some people judge books only by their covers, not by what’s printed inside.
      The Kenyan sported a cover with the title “Change is coming.” Nobody looked inside. And inside was essentially a communist manifesto. Then we had one of Pharaoh’s concubines to say about a piece of legislation, “Let’s hurry up and pass it so we can see what’s inside.” Yeah, hurry up and buy that used car so we can see if it runs.

  3. The South shall rise again.

  4. They lost due to a communists agenda. America has had enough of the liberal dogshit!!

  5. Revolution is comming….Flush DC!

  6. they dont get there way it must be racism ! So sick of this worn out crap card!

  7. This is crazy. Why are you people always playing the race card? Yeah, I’m white, and fro the south, and I voted conservative all the way down. I’ve never cared what his color was. That never bothered me, but it sure seems to bother you liberals, cause you all keep bringing it up. I voted conservative because I am pro-life, I don’t vote liberal because I cannot vote for any side that supports abortion. So…yeah, I’m hanging onto my bible, if you want to say that, and I voted the Bible. I have my rights to vote the way I see fit, same as you liberals do.

    • That Democrat Rep from Ohio doesn’t need any proof. Just like Muslims have Taqqiya that lets them lie to help Islam, Democrats have their President that encourages them to lie to help Democrats and Socialism. When I read the heading to that article, I visualized busloads of rednecks touring to Ohio to vote against Democrats. It should work both ways.

      • Democrats have been selling the lie since the 60s. If you watch Ronald Reagan’s epic televised speech wherein he states, “It’s not that our liberal friends don’t know anything, it’s just that so much of what they know isn’t true”, you’d think he was prophesizing about today’s Democrats. But he was actually trying to help get Barry Goldwater elected in 1964. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

    • No one stopping you from voting anyway you like Cathy. It sure was hardly worth the mention here.

    • i feel the same way

  8. Why doesn’t this bitch find a tree to hang from?

  9. Marcia Fudge, you keep bringing up the race issue only because YOU do not have any logic explanation of why the Democrats lost. Let me refer you to the 60’s civil rights leader, Martin Luther King (Republican), “…not by the color of the skin, rather by the content of the character…”. Barrack Hussein Obama’s character is WRONG for the United States of America. If Condoleeza Rice would run for President, I would vote for her!

    • Kinda Sleazy Rice. I know a couple that gave breifings and said she was the biggest sack of shit he ever met

      • Te only reason burt banford does not like Dr Rice is that she is more intelligent than him. He, like most lieberals, only likes black people who less intelligent than him. Liberal privilege fer sure.

        • ole burty be prejudiced agin Republicans and adults….likes the parasites and the intellectual types such as max headwaters out there in communist crapafornia…

        • I do not dislike any one just hate most. Have you met her? thought not!Answer the question? Are you a lib leg? How you could call an Army E-8 Special Forces Op sgt a leg I have not a clue

          • burt hanford you have already exposed enough of your mental quality by your preoccupation with that particular part of the anatomy. You now have no lower extremity to stand on.

          • You do not know of what I speak so you are not a vet should not be able to vote or run for office

        • Well stated Camotim.

      • Yeah, right. She is from a poor black family in the South, educated at Notre Dame University — among others, and pulled herself up literally by bootstraps — she is ALSO an accomplished Concert Pianist.

        She is an expert on foreign policy — you just can’t handle it because she is smarter and more accomplished than you.

        • Smarter? My IQ is over 150. Accomplished I have a Masters in Bio and a SF Medic. not a bulshit degree Expert in foreign policy. So is Hillbillary and Kerry so piss off leg

          • So is mine, because I study continually. Not trying to insult a fellow veteran, sir. Hillary is an expert in foreign policy like I am black, (I’m not), and Kerry is a damn traitor and a disgrace to this country. He is a political hack who sold out our Vietnam veterans, so don’t even get me started — one of my friends DIED in that illegal war, and Kerry should have been arrested and prosecuted for treason, IMHO.

            And, please explain to me what the “leg” issue is — if it is an insult, get over yourself. I am a totally disabled veteran, and my son is a soldier on his third deployment. At least she is against sending our troops back into another bloodbath.

            And she IS very well educated and HAS dedicated her life to national security.

          • A leg is a non Airborne qualified person. sort of an insult depends on why it is said. Sir I salute you. I was an E-8 Army Special Forces Ops SGT. Have you read the book Starship Troopers not the movie(god was that bad) by Robert Heinlein. Only vets can vote or run for office.. He has really good reasons for that. It is required reading in Special Forces. I did 35yr sir

          • I’m a ma’am. Made SSgt in 3 years, multiple award winning technical training instructor after time in the field, and had an 85% retention record. I got out of the USAF because of disability, but planned to make it a career before it happened. Eleven years later, I was severely injured and called in as a fatality by State Troopers when I was hit by a drunk driver on my way home from the VA. Since that time, I have had 13 corrective orthopedic surgeries and am waiting for a 14th.

            Graduated in 1993 — Summa Cum Laude — Phi Theta Kappa; 1996, Cum Laude, National Honor Society, Alpha Zeta, etc.

            Haven’t ever jumped out of a plane, but wanted to when I turned 60 — too much surgery and cannot do it without hurting myself.

            No, I have not read Starship Troopers, and I have great respect for you, sir. I agree the movie was AWFUL.

            I was reading Condoleeza Rice’s education history and work history and it is absolutely unbelievable — just because a person is not a good public speaker doesn’t make them a bad person.

            I wish only vets could vote or run for office, but it doesn’t work that way here. I also believe that military service should be compulsory for every citizen of his country. If you want to come here to be free, that means you respect our Constitution, and LEARN ENGLISH.

            And, after I close on my home, I plan to spend the rest of my life training service animals for our wounded warriors with PTSD and TBI (a disorder that killed my husband before anyone even recognized what it did to a person).

          • MULTIPLE technical traning awards My awards were earned the hard way. 35yr Army Special Forces. E-8 ops Sgt

          • You know, you can disrespect my service as much as you want because I really don’t give a rat’s ass what anyone thinks. The awards I earned were AS an instructor — NOT as a student!!!

            The FACT is that I worked my ass off both in the field and to send qualified technicians TO the field as an instructor, I was NOT a fricking “turnaround instructor” who didn’t know jack shit, and I didn’t take any crap off of people who outranked me and tried to pull rank on me when they came to my classroom. They were IN my classroom to LEARN and I damn sure was GOING to make sure they learned it or got the hell out.

            And the people I SENT to the field HELPED you do YOUR JOB!!!

            I also learned what it means to protect my country, and the fact that I am not a combat vet because I happen to be a woman is COMPLETELY irrelevant.

            I also KNOW how to use a weapon and will NOT hesitate to do so if I have to.

          • Don’t worry the brain washing will wear off soon.

          • What brain washing? Are you looking in the mirror? Are you a vet?

          • You are to be honored. I cannot imagine what you experienced, and mine is miniscule compared to yours.

            However, I will tell you that my Oath of Enlistment was FOR LIFE and, if it ever comes right down to defending this country with my life, I will be right out there with my brothers in arms.

          • KKerry is a dual citizenJew who’s last name is KOHN rather appropriate i’d say.

          • HE IS NOT!!! You are so wrong your comment is almost funny.

            And, what the hell difference does it make whether or not he is Catholic or Jewish???

          • I accept your apology since I’m sure you must have checked it out by now.

          • I DID check it out, found NO evidence that Kerry is a Jew with “dual citizenship,” and I will NOT apologize for your bigotry against Jews.

          • You didn’t look too hard. It’s all there on the web.

          • Then send me a VERIFIABLE link.

          • Brother its like you guys don’t know how to find stuff!!!!!!!!
            go to John Kerry Dual citizenship

          • I went to EXACTLY that address and found one page that SPECULATES he MIGHT have dual citizenship with FRANCE.

            Do you believe everything you read on the Internet, because I DON’T.

            Send me a verifiable link.

            For the record, I cannot stand him. But I will not slander him or believe that which is false.

          • Oh for petes sake find someone who knows how to use a computer.

          • Go away. I DO know how to use a computer. Like I said, if you found it so easily, sending me a verifiable link should be NO problem.

            Since you are either unable or unwilling to do that, you are obviously a lying bigot.

          • OK I”LL give you a hand GO TOO John Kerry {kohn] several sites take your choice

          • Oh, please. That is an Anti-Semitic and racist organization who wouldn’t print the truth if they knew what to do with it.

            Further, it is NORMAL for our soldiers to be protected via a Status of Forces agreement, which Ovomit screwed up in Iraq and which also led to the ISIL problem in Iraq today.

            It mentions NOTHING about the horrendous WAR CRIMES the Taliban and al-Qaeda engaged in against OUR troops.

            Further, John Kerry is NOT the ONLY president who belongs to the Skull and Bones society at Harvard.

            Go away.

          • I see youve found one of the many sites we arn’t supposed to look at.

          • I looked up “List of Politicians with Dual Citizenship” and found nothing. He isn’t on the list.

          • The best crooked politians are the smart ones. Brains does not equate to honesty and doing whats best for the people of the nation.

          • I call it prisoner mentality. They get out and come back in learning NOTHING!!! except how to be sneakier. Nothing going for them in their lives and never will.

          • anyone can say or be anything on the internet…Condoleeza Rice has accomplished all she has done without a “pseudonym” on some comment page…you can claim an IQ of 150 (nice even number there, btw) and can lay claim to a MS in Biology and be an SF Medic…i can have an IQ of 149 (at last count, they do change, just as an aside), i can claim i have a BS in CIT, i can claim that i worked with race horses, that i worked in construction, that i planted trees, that i worked in a fire camp, that i worked at Boeing when they were building the 747…i can claim a lot of things

          • Grad from OSU Casewestern 1978Ms Bio,Grad Benning in 1967 SF in1968 Are you a leg.

          • Educated does not automaticaaly mean informed. The dithces are full of educated people.

          • You would tkink someone with an IQ of OVER 150 would not be so brass with their language and would be able to express their opinion without all the vulgarity. you sir are no college graduate but a liar you have no masters degree you have no accomplishments except for the fact that you

          • I Grd in 75 from The OSU Master s from Casewestern I will ask are you a leg? sure sounds like it. Have you evere been covered with your friends blood as he lies there dying> You tend to answer questions a little bit bluntly. Of course you would not probally never in the military

        • She,s an expert in towing the govnments bullsh#t

      • Seems more correct to say “he” is the box of fecaliths.

    • I was born and raised in Ohio, lived most of my life in Tallmadge, Cuyahoga Falls and Akron. I KNOW who this bitch is. She has always been the first to start shit about anything in general.. And I DON’T say anything because of her color, she’s just plainly a DUMB BITCH!

    • If Conoleeza Rice would run she would be the next President of the United States and our country would be strong again she would see to that and all these people that are crying racism would have to take a good long look in the mirror then they would see what a true racist looks like. is there racism in the United States yes there is but it all comes from our government keeping us fighting among ourselves while they put their communist agenda to work and taking over our country

      • Rice, Powell, West, Carson. ALL good patriotic AMERICANS.

        • Colin Powell is a Democrat.

          • Thank you Krezeehors. Frosty33 needs to be awakened. We will replace him with Herman Cain.

          • No problem.

          • I am awakened! He is replaced.

          • He didn’t use to be. but ran amuck with Bush., Powell is still a great American patriot.

          • I could care less. He abandoned his conservative roots, supported Barack Ovomit, and I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw a cotton ball.

          • true, but he already had caused problems with his “recommendations” to president Bush..

          • no he screwed things up asking GWB to hold up a little longer….and GWB did what he recommended..you do not tell your intended target that you are coming for them repeatedly and then go on hold for 16 months…they did precisely what any one with smarts would do..they made provisions for what they knew would be a military presence and hid weapons and “dismantled” units so that they could become guerrilla groups…

          • Are you kidding. He’s an old slut that would sell you down the river for a dime.

          • Yep. Ever since the president turned black, Colin has been on board. sad because I thought at one time he was a man of charactor, not another afrikanner.

        • And I will add Herman Cain who was assaulted with false accusations by false witnesses who were sluts. Notice they came out of the greasy woodwork ONLY when Herman was a candidate for the high office. If those acts DID OCCUR, why didn’t these women speak up about it the next day. Because they were trailer trash sluts. Where are they now? Back in their red light district no doubt.

      • Condaleeza was too close to the old guard for my liking.

    • William, don’t forget Allen West, and Ben Carson, two other very pro American people.

  10. they lost because of their bad politics, socialism, communism, liberalism, anti-american crap

  11. That’s funny considering all of the Latino votes that went Republican due to opposition to abortion.

    The thing these people fail to realize is that most people don’t think about race when they go to the polls, they think about their family and their paycheck.

    Colorado threw out Udall because Obamacare caused 300,000 Colorado Tax Payers to have their Health Plans canceled or Cadillac Taxed when the 2014 ACA rules took effect(me among them).

    Whites voted for Gardner because of Obamacare, Latinos voted for Gardner because they are mostly Catholic and hate abortion.

    Not racism..

    • Let’s hope we have a clean start out of that dirty laundry and wind up with clothes of all colors bright and fresh. Go America! …you’ve been sidetracked for six years.

  12. they lost cause they suck,all about not working to make america strong,democrates are an arm of the unions who run their show by their money .the cry babies need to know we the people run america.

  13. FRIST OF ALL. ( HE IS NOT ALL BOACK) Remember his mom is WHITE so we still don’t have a black president as of yet but if West runs he sure does have my VOTE

  14. No, the Democrats did not lose to racism. They lost due to their failed policies.

    • Many of which were racist.

      • a fine example is the current bunch of crapola that kenyan boyo and his buddy al sharpyton are foamenting in Ferguson….time to shoot the visiting rioters…

        • In theory yes. But in reality you’d be flying directly into the spiders’ traps. They love to stir up malcontent and disruption.

          • you are spot on, however, sometimes the direct approach is the best. The take down of the riots is way over due and what we are viewing is a direct result of the african clown’s intervention in “domestic” affairs…he has become the nation’s most notorious racist…..in addition to being a rag loving communist…..

        • Sharrptongue is a prize isn’t he?

    • Exactly! Democrats are the most racist faction in America. They invent social programs to keep blacks down so they can therewith control them. I wish to heck black America would wake up to reality; work with true Americans who support free enterprise which provides jobs and creates wealth. Yes, we know, the Marxists and followers of Saul Alinsky will try to brainwash you into socialism and communism which the Russians and inFidel Castro have proved do not work for the betterment of humanity. The fruit is on the tree. = The facts are in plain sight.

  15. What state got him reelected this time around does FLORIDA sound right and isn’t florsia in the deepest south on the eastern sea board.

    • Hey Tom, that’s only because most of those ugly, filthy Haitians have arrived here in Florida. You can’t even find a white taxi driver here in Orlando any more. We’re being over run with Velcro heads, and they’re ALL sucking up freebies like you won’t believe. Yep, there’s going to be a rebellion. Mine are loaded, cocked and ready….

  16. The only whine the democrats have left in their bag of tricks. In Goober like fashion, sorry, in Gruber like fashion they blame racism for all their failures. When in reality all democrat failures are the result of liberal thinking and actions.

  17. What a bunch of horsecrap!! They lost because of Obama’s policies & Fascist Tyrant behavior!!! He is killing America, violating the Constitution, endangering our national security, & demolishing our sovereignty!!! THAT is why all the Democrats lost!! PERIOD.

  18. Go to he ll, Fudge. You’ve got as much sense as a box of rocks you racist beotch.

    • Well, with a last name like “fudge” how can anyone take anything she sais seriously?? hehehe that ole sayin…”if it looks like fudge…or is it something else?

      • I don’t know if you read any of the Harry Potter books, but there is a Professor Fudge that this idiot Fudge reminds me of:

        In order to consolidate his own power, Fudge encourages the Daily Prophet to begin an ugly smear campaign against Harry and Professor Dumbledore so no one takes them seriously any more. He also holds a hearing regarding Harry’s use of the Patronus charm in Little Whinging, a Muggle part of Surrey. He appoints vicious Professor Umbridge to Hogwarts to monitor Professor Dumbledore’s actions. And when Professor Umbridge uncovers Harry’s actions with the D.A., Fudge is on hand to attempt to expel Harry from school. When Professor Dumbledore takes the fall for Harry, Fudge tries to have his old mentor arrested.

        Fudge’s turn from vaguely amusing inefficiency to outright self-serving corruption is definite proof of the old saying that all power corrupts. As Remus comments:

        Deep down, Fudge knows Dumbledore’s much cleverer than he is, a much more powerful wizard, and in the early days of his Ministry he was forever asking Dumbledore for help and advice […] But it seems he’s become fond of power, and much more confident. He loves being Minister for Magic and he’s managed to convince himself that he’s the clever one and Dumledore’s simply stirring up trouble for the sake of it. (5.184)

        Fudge is a terrific example of what happens when a foolish, ineffectual person is given too much power: he is not on Voldemort’s side at all, but he is so competitive and jealous of Dumbledore that he does almost as much damage to the good side as Voldemort does in Book 5. Fudge’s denial gives Voldemort a chance to build up power without fear of Ministry interference for almost a full year – so Fudge really has a lot to answer for.

  19. Give me a break, DemocRATS, or DemocRACISTS!!! They are guilty of all the charges of racism they levy against the rest of us. Do WE have a Congressional White Caucus??? We rest our case.

    • …or a NAAWP? We don’t need one. We work together with everyone to make things better IN SPITE OF THE RADICALS WHO ARE TRYING TO DESTROY THE GREAT USA; radical Muslims and Black Panthers to name a few.

  20. Just how stupid can a person we send to Washington to represent us be?

  21. Let’s rearrange the picture here on the so called Black racist Caucus. I will challenge you hands down to the real reason why your so upset, wa, wa, wa! The Conservative Black citizens are weed eating your racist britches off. Thank GOD, they are getting the word out under the leadership of Star Parker and many more in D.C. I would say, they are the TANK and you are the mud. They are just telling the truth to Black Americans and you can’t stand it and it’s eating your craw, GOOD!!!!
    Those are the real HEROES of Black America and I applaud their courage and all those who follow their led, as well as the strength to stand up to the devils cronies.

  22. the voter said no more to liberal oralists .
    Besides the faux prez is a white boy

  23. Anyone part of an exclusive club designated for one particular color (CBC) and any group of people who voted at a 98% clip for someone simply because of the color of their skin (twice) have lost all privileges in regard to playing the race card.

  24. Rep Fudge Is Just Another Negro Out Of Step Of Time And Over Her Head Like The Trash That Defiles The Office Of President. People Like That Doesn’t Deserve To Hold Any Sort Of Public Office Instead Should Be Serving Prison Time.

  25. The makeup of the Democratic party did change because of racism, but that occurred in 1964 with the passage of the Voting Rights Act. The White Southern Democrats left the party in droves, mainly because they were racists. This isn’t news

  26. How about the FACT that he is a TRAITOR, INCOMPETENT, a LAW BREAKER, a DICTATOR WANNABE, and has turned this country into the LAUGHINGSTOCK of the entire world?

    He wouldn’t know how to run a foreign policy if his life depended upon it;

    He refuses to protect our military;

    He — through his inaction — blatantly supports Islam;

    He — with lots of help — has completely destroyed our health care system;

    He has spent MILLIONS on vacations;

    He cannot stay off the golf course;

    He thinks his job is to party;

    Let’s see — I could come up with about a thousand more, but you get my drift.

  27. Democrats and PC are the poison that is sickening our country. It’s time we all get off our butts and take a trip to D.C., and oust these arrogant fools that think they are indispensable and permanent!!

  28. Why won’t any body answer this question?… If Obama is 50% white (his mother was white) and 34% Arab, leaving him with only 16% black DNA, why is everybody calling him our “black president. Bill Clinton also claimed to be our first black president when the closest he came to being black was when he raped a black teenager.
    Will anybody step up and answer

  29. I will vote for any black man that isn’t a Muslim leftist

  30. Oh Fudge! Poor whiners. It is truly a thing of beauty to see all the red on the United States map now. Apparently Southerners have extended to a lot more territory in America if it is all their fault that Democrats are loosing their seats because of “Southern white racism .” Face it Fudge , It isn’t racism and it isn’t due to white Southerners. It is because Democrats are phony like this current Poser in chief.

  31. That is what costs the demoncraps and the blacks everything in this country today. They still think everything in this country revolves round RACE, race doesn’t mean shit to many of us, but the demoncraps want the blacks to continue to think that it is all got to do with race. We can’t stand this jackass because of what he has done in this country and to the country in the last 6 1/2 years. He is a terrorist and a liar to the American people and the blacks, that is why so many have walked out on his speeches lately.
    The demorats have been out of touch with the American people and their needs since this asshole took office. They don’t give a crap what the people want, it is all about what they want and the hell with the people who put them in that office to represent them. They have gotten greedy for the power and the money that goes with it. They think they have become gods, and they aren’t shit under my boots. Maybe someday of they come down off that high horse they think they are on, and listen to the people again and do what they say they are going to do when they get to Washington, just maybe then the people will listen to them again, but I won’t hold my breath waiting for that to happen anytime soon.

  32. I prefer to think of the south as realists that know the limits of some people to make good decisions. So they practice discernment, not racism. And their choices reflect the capabilities of the person running for office. So a black person with good sense and moral fiber can win just as easily as a ,man of any race. And there are southern blacks that are elected and respected.


  34. The black people are turning against her because they were made promises yet she has done nothing for them in 4 terms in office. Southerners are no more racists than Northerners who lost for whatever reason. We think they lost because everyone is getting more wise to their lies and anti American legislation and Obama their grand leader.

  35. The Demoturd Motto when you have Zero credibility Use the race card or blame George Bush

  36. I’m a minority that was born here in the USA of LEGAL immigrant parents. I’ve seen racism by all colors including blacks. Not everyone is a racist but each ethnic group has their own extreme racist. Not just the whites can claim that title but also the hispanics, asians and blacks that I’ve come across in my lifetime. I expect that from normal or (not so normal) people. I DO NOT EXPECT THAT FROM AN ELECT OFFICIAL TO OUR GOVERNMENT when it doesn’t go their way. The only thing Marcia Fudge showed me is that SHE HERSELF IS A RACIST for the comments she made. Did she not believe or even think that maybe the reason why the south disliked the obama was NOT BECAUSE OF HIS SKIN COLOR but because HIS POLICIES IS NOT REMOTELY FRIENDLY OR BENEFICIAL TO THE AMERICAN CITIZEN? It also tells me that the people who elected her are also either short sighted or down right ignorant to believe this person is intelligent enough to represent them.

  37. There is only one reason DEMOCRATs lost in November.
    The have pissed the American People off with there
    stupid position on everything from Religion to Taxes, to

  38. Maybe they lost because of the stupid pople who voted for Obama but couldn’t get a ride to the polling place this time.

  39. Is she kin to Hank Johnson? Maybe she has been hitting on his Helium. It’s not about race it’s about the truth and people are tired of Demoncrats lies and deception. Those who cry race are the racist.

  40. I am so sick and tired of hearing the racism BS!! It is never going to get through these idiots heads that they lost because the American people are sick and tired of the lies coming out of the president’s mouth and all the whining and blaming others that liberals do because they are clueless on how to take responsibility for their own actions. They lost because they have a boss who thinks he can rule like a King, has not anything beneficial for the American people, and the liberals still back him and his ideologies! You lost. Get over it, stop using non-existent excuses. Get back to work and help to get America back on track by stopping Obama from destroying our country further!

  41. The DEMOCRAT Party: The Party of Slavery, The KKK, Jim Crow, Poll Taxes, Separate-but-Equal,
    Lynching, The Black Panthers, Welfare, Oppressive Taxes, Oppressive Regulations, Lies, Fraud,
    Sodomy, Bribery, and Abortion…
    And now in the hands of Mullah B. Hussein Obama – our Marxist Muslim President from
    Kenya – and his cohort of White House advisers all of whom are either communists, jihadists, socialists, terrorists, union goons, or all of the above.

  42. CONTENT OF CHARACTER is not RACIST! The democ-RATS have none. Keep up the race baiting you might actually believe it yourself you fraud.

  43. The only racisit in this is the loud mouth from Ohio who made the claim. A RACE BAITING, RACIST BITCH!

  44. God knows it couldn’t possibly be O’s Fast and Furious, Benghazi, Illegal southern border invasion, Ebola policy, Iran, the destruction of the military, the rise in welfare, the rise if food stamps, the failed Obamadoesn’tcare…..we simply don’t like him because he is part black. It isn’t the democrats we are against in force, it is the democrats reluctance to reign in the terrorist sitting in the white house. The fool funding terrorist who in turn shoot our military. The fool who issued pink slips to our nations finest on the front lines fighting and advertised here for illegals to go into the military and take their places to get automatic citizenship thereby doubling our costs for military as we now have to train these newcomers to replace trained AMERICAN personnel, who will serve one stint to get citizenship and again have to be replaced and trained again. No, it doesn’t have anything to do with this, it is strictly the color of his politics, oh wait I meant skin.

  45. As a white southerner, what these left wing cretins say doesn’t bother me in the least. They’ve been attacking us since Appomattox. The saddest day in this country’s history was when our ancestors lost their bid at independence against Lincoln’s hordes.

  46. The demoncrats lost because they didn’t turn on their Vote Fabricating Machines. Even in the North the black Americans refused to vote for a ni**er.

  47. HEY MARCIA !!!!! Breaking News…… People of ALL colors voted and they did not like the POLICIES of this Administration. With the exception of a very small handful of crazies, the folks here in the South are not racists, just like not all young black men are members of the Black Panther Party, just a few. There IS an overwhelming number of Democraps in office who are stupid enough to believe your line of crap.

  48. Talk about incitement. This bitch is as racist as the people she pretends to despise. Grasping at straws or just refusing to accept reality?

  49. These democrats are the biggest racists of them all. They are so full of it, that it is coming out of their mouth.

  50. UMMMM, I had to stop reading this when I read Macia’s last name…..tee hee…..
    actually…..ROFLMAO! ( I know I’m being child like but can’t help it….) Fudge…buawhahahahahaa!

  51. Point blank the dems lost due to their evil ways, defrauding Americans, voiding God and the constitution. They have no one to blame but themselves, [maybe Bush] lol. Evil never wins. NEVER and NEVER will!!!! Pray people PRAY!!!!

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