Oh NOW the Democrats Suddenly Care About Intelligence Leaks

Well, at least now we know where the loyalties of the Democratic Party lie. When American intelligence leaks were harming the U.S. government – i.e. the Trump administration – Democrats had nothing to say about it. When it was revealed that Obama’s national security adviser had unmasked the names of U.S. citizens caught up in foreign surveillance, Democrats said it was just a bunch of conservative-media malarkey.

Oh, but when the Brits got mad? NOW the Democrats suddenly believe that these leaks need to be investigated.

On Thursday, Adam Schiff, the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, took time out from his nightly bashing of Trump on the Rachel Maddow show to finally express outrage over the leaks.

“We must take any steps necessary to remedy this problem immediately,” said Schiff in a stunning turnaround. “The British government has every right to be furious. The United Kingdom is one of our best intelligence partners, and the intel-sharing relationship is critical to our security and theirs. Any break or deviation from that relationship or the profound trust we have in the British and they have in us would be a grave loss for both countries.”

The fresh outrage comes after The New York Times published details of the Manchester terrorist attack that came from British intelligence that had been shared with U.S. officials. Following the leak, the U.K. temporarily suspended that sharing, blasting the U.S. government for damaging the “special relationship” between our two countries.

In Brussels for a NATO summit, President Trump said, “These leaks have been going on for a long time and my administration will get to the bottom of this. The leaks of sensitive information pose a grave threat to our national security.”

Well, at long last it appears he’ll actually get some help in that regard. Democrats, who were happy to celebrate and promote every leak that made Trump look bad, are now finally ready to shore up our national security. Of course, they will undoubtedly try to do so while sparing those who have helped them build their public-opinion case against the president. After all, leaks are just fine if they are used against Republicans – especially Republicans named Trump.

This should be a lesson to the Democrats and the media about what happens when you start playing politics with matter of law.

Somehow, though, we doubt they’ll learn it.

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  1. Find the leakers and prosecute them to the limits of the law. Leaking classified information is a FELONY, so the punishment should include a long prison sentence and a felony conviction following them around the rest of their miserable lives. No pensions, no guns, no voting again, EVER!

    • Make them an example of them to anyone else who might be tempted to leak classified material for political purposes.

    • This is more than a felony, this is unmitigated treason, and the penalty for that is death!

      • And treason is one of the few crimes for which hanging is still the penalty, I suggest it be done in the mecca of the libs TIMES SQUARE,NY.

      • Rev. Walking Turtle

        Fact: Death by hanging IS the Constitutional penalty for treason. Nothing less, nothing else and nothing other than that method and end.

        Fact: Have drop-chart, will travel. Satisfaction unconditionally guaranteed: Out of their body and on to their Reward in the Next Life within five minutes or less. NO writhing nor gasping. No mutilation or prolongation of agony. And not even a single drop of blood EVER spilled!

        FAR less suffering on the part of the condemned than any of THEM have inflicted on all the Rest of Us.

        Just deliver the writ and solicitation of service into Yours Truly’s hands, post-sentencing. Kindly do provide round-trip travel expenses, lodging and a hot meal at point of service. Fee for service: Precisely equivalent to Albert Pierrepoint’s contract wage, adjusted for inflation.

        Now for the love of all that is just and right and good and sustaining of LIFE, let’s have them properly and at LONG LAST be LAWFULLY ARRESTED and CONVICTED on the GENUINE EVIDENCE! Because without that fundamental and vital prerequisite, none of the above is aught but a fancy lynching.

        Shall have none of that! Genuine Lawfulnesss MUST be restored imvho. FORWARD! And that is all. 0{:-|o[

    • You know, this brings up some rather interesting questions: EVIDENCE; NSA has been recording all communication data for years (certainly checked Trump out) so they should have all the raw data necessary to unmask the ‘leakers’. INVESTIGATORS; this is what the FBI is paid to do ! Could it be that Comey was just not interested in apprehending the guilty persons? Were the leaks in the FBI? It this why he was fired? And how about the press — IF they stood innocently by and were ‘given’ this felonious information they can stand behind the Constitution. HOWEVER, if they ACTIVELY solicited felonious data, they have abandoned their protection and are as guilty as the perpetrator/s. IF this ‘special prosecutor’ really does his job, there could be a ‘bunch’ of liberals on the inside looking out (through the bars).

      • I agree. Those knowingly accepting leaked Classified information create a ” market” for the information are just as guilty. They are complicit in the crime. And should be punished accordingly. They should be calling the authorities to report it. Not publish it. It is treason or espionage type acts in my opinion.

    • Sue the media and jail the owners that publishes classified info leaks. Just because they receive them does not mean they need to publish it! Sue them so bad for putting national security at risk where they will become bankrupt.

  2. Well, at least Democrats can plug some leaks.

  3. Fnd them, then put the liberal scum in a federal penetentiary for a long time

    • Prison costs to much money!!! Hang them or shoot them MUCH, much cheaper!!

      • Just like we did back in the days of the wild west

        • AMEN!!
          This is NOT directed at you but to educate “Bleeding Heart LibTURDS”!!
          I don’t have the exact figures anymore but last I knew it cost about, depending on the state, between $35,000 to $50,000 per inmate per year! This figure includes cost and maintenance of the building, Officer salaries and their benefits, medical for the cons, food for them, clothing for them, bedding for them NOT to mention any damages caused by them, ERGO the whole enchilada PER inmate, PER year!
          Imagine how many feet of rope and or bullets we could buy! The rope and brass are reusable to boot!! How many of these A–HOLES are sitting on death row for decades
          ????? Some will die of old age before their sentence is carried out!
          Don’t even go for where’s my compassion!!! Wheres the compassion for the child/ woman they molested or RAPED?? Where’s the compassion for the person they murdered?? Compassion is a 2 way street!!
          I’m VERY sick and tired of the bleeding heart A–Holes saying how hard prison is! It’s NOT SUPPOSED TO BE A FREAKING SPA OR VACATION!! They’re there because they broke established laws and moral codes! They failed to assimilate into productive morally ethical citizens. THIS IS PUNISHMENT NOT A F—ING VACATION!!
          Bring back the “Chain Gangs”, make the Beitches and Ba$tards work for their meals! No more sitting around watching TV or playing cards or chess, starting gangs or riots!!!!!

          If the LibTURDS don’t like it let them house them in “THEIR HOMES”!! The rapist, child molesters, murderers, etc. Let them feed them, cloth them and provide medical aid to them!!
          Like the opening line in the old Baretta show stated; “If you can’t do the time DON’T DO THE CRIME”! To bad, so sad twinky!!!!
          Sorry I vented on you, it wasn’t my intent!

          • old codger, your lack of Christianity is showing but, that is the way of the GOP Hypocrisy.

          • Sit down and STFU!! P.S. the Good Book, the BIBLE says “Thou shalt not KILL” which I’ve been corrected on as according to the original translation states, :Thou shalt not MURDER”!
            Either assimilate or get the F–K out. We have laws for a reason, some carry the DEATH PENALTY!!
            Love it or LEAVE!!

        • John, you have watched way to many western movies. You need to study history and find out the truth about the old west. http://www.cracked.com/article_20372_5-ridiculous-myths-everyone-believes-about-wild-west.html. https://listverse.com/2013/02/18/9-crazy-truths-about-the-wild-west/.

      • I totally agree, also don’t let them hang around for 20 years on appeals. Try them convict them the put them to death. End of Story.

        • Maybe, just maybe one appeal. It would not be the first time an innocent individual has been wrongly convicted. After that it’s off with their heads!!

    • Hang ’em high.

  4. Jesustheonlyway

    Get rid of Obama’s ‘spies’ – the leaks will stop.

    • Many spies His Disgrace were considered Czars, heads of agencies answered to. Also, more than a few of them were Muslims His Disgrace placed in positions of authority and power.

      Exactly as His Disgrace’s Chief-of-Staff Jarret described in her college thesis to overthrow America.

  5. Michael Dennewitz

    Oh yes…. We find out more and more shit every day. And for the most part, the dumbasscrats are responsible… BUT NOTHING WILL EVER BE DONE AND WE KNOW IT. Same with the mooseslimes. They’re EVERYWHERE. We even have them in the VA clinic here in Orlando, AND NO ONE WILL DO A DAMNED THING ABOUT IT. Glad as hell that I’m 73…?☹??

    • Thank you for your service. We, the people, need to demand action be taken.

    • I, too, am glad, for the same reasons as you, that I am 78. We are witnessing the death of the USA, but we won’t have to live very long in the decadent and worthless nation which the left is turning our nation into.

      • Tasine, it will not be Democrats that ruin the United States it will be President Trump and his misfit friends in the government that will.

        • LMAO – hey snowflake, refill your opiod medications before you fall off the left side of everything.

        • Who do you think you are talking to? The Democrats and a few republican politicians have brought our country to the brink of totally collapsing with their two horrid total lack of THINKING, and they have wasted so much of our assets that we are dying on the vine and BANKRUPT. You may not mind this ruin, but I am old enough and intelligent enough to mind it. It was totally unnecessary, but was deliberate. No democrat in government has ever, EVER introduced legislation that would reign in any program that is NOT unconstitutional……and we have a lot of legislation that is totally unconstitutional and primarily introduced and forced through by democrats. YOU may not know that, but I DO know that.

          Everything any demorcrat politician does hinges on
          1)”what’s in it for me?”, on how much more money can I grab?, how much more power can I steal from the ignorant public?
          2)Will this legislation buy ME more votes or fewer votes?
          3)How much more can we dig from the ignorant public?
          4) How many ways can I destroy the republican party?
          5)How much money can I steal from the taxpayers?
          If you can prove otherwise, please do so.

          And I agree with what I know you think: that republicans do it too. Some do, and the longer this crap continues the more of them do it because nothing happens to rulers when rulers say it is O.K. to do.

          You are too naive to even discuss this if you truly believe democrats have not already destroyed our once fine nation. They, with the help of too many republicans, have rendered our nation bankrupt of money, bankrupt of morality, and bankrupt of integrity. And you really believe Trump can compare in any way with those bozos currently and recently ripping our nation to shreds. Trump is no angel…..we don’t want an angel. We want ACTION TO STOP THE ROT, and only two men, Trump and Larry Klayman are up to the job. Democrats will do whatever it takes to continue their onslaught on America and you will be written about in the history books as being cruel, callous, hate filled, and totally destructive. May God help America and Trump an Klayman because otherwise this nation is dead.

    • I agree,but I am sad for my son and grandchildren to have to face the distruction of our once great country

      • Michael Dennewitz

        Well Miss Cathy, our biggest fear should be “WHAT” the educational facilities are actually “feeding” our young Americans. Many of the teachers and professors are actually mooseslimes. This fine government has even hired mooseslime drs and rns at the vet’s clinic here in Orlando. As long as soros, ovomit and the benghazi bitch are allowed to remain on American soil, I lose all hope and am certainly glad I’m 73YO..?

        • I’m close to your age and just as “glad.”

          On behalf of all we patriots, I thank you for your fine, brave service to our country.

  6. They’ll find out the leaks are dummycrats.

  7. And the Democrats are the worst Intelligence Partners in the world, and number One Domestic Enemies of The United States

    • Particularly Blacks. Although somewhat dated, here’s a synopsis

      DNC Calls GOP Racist, Then Historian Reveals Ugly Truth Dems Don’t Want Blacks to Know (which includes Democrat Black elected officials who perpetrate the myth)

      The Ugly History of Democratic Suppression of Blacks

      We’ve all heard many, many times at the Democrat National Convention in Philadelphia this week how
      the Republican agenda is racist, just as we’ve heard it thousands of times before that. It’s sort of like a mystical incantation Democrats chant when the polls aren’t going their way to try to get things back on track.

      However, one historian was sick of it. In a piece for WND, author Bill Federer recounted what the media won’t report: the shameful history of the Democrats when it comes to race relations.

      “In 1857, the Supreme Court, with seven of the nine justices being Democrat, decided that Dred Scott was not a citizen, but property. Chief Justice Roger Taney, appointed by Democrat President Andrew Jackson, referenced in his decision that slaves were ‘so far inferior … that the Negro might justly and
      lawfully be reduced to slavery for their own benefit,’” Federer began.

      “After the Civil War, Republicans pushed through the 13th Amendment, adopted Dec. 6, 1865, officially abolishing slavery in America,” he continued.

      “Once Southern Democrats were forced to free their slaves, they effectively attempted to re-enslave them by passing ‘black codes’ and ‘Jim Crow‘ laws, which required former slaves to be ‘apprenticed’ to ’employers’ and punished those who left.

      “On Nov. 22, 1865, Republicans denounced Mississippi’s Democrat legislature for enacting ‘black codes,’ which institutionalized racial discrimination, even stating: ‘No freedman, Negro, or mulatto shall carry or keep firearms or “ammunition.’”

      And it didn’t end there. While Democrat President Woodrow Wilson segregated the military during World War I, Republican President Theodore Roosevelt declared, “There is but one safe rule … that is, to treat each man, whatever his color, his creed, or his social position, with even-handed justice … Reward or punish the individual on his merits as an individual. Evil will surely come in the end to both races if we substitute for this … Every lynching represents … a loosening of the bands of civilization … No man can take part in the torture of a human being without having his own moral nature permanently
      lowered. Every lynching means just so much moral deterioration in all the children who have any knowledge of it, and therefore just so much additional trouble for the next generation of Americans.”

      Then there was Dwight Eisenhower. As a general, he made the decision to arm African-American troops during World War II. As president, he said during his first inaugural address, “I propose to use whatever authority exists in the office of the president to end segregation in the District of Columbia, including the federal government, and any segregation in the armed forces.”

      When racist Southern Democrats decided to resist desegregation in places like Little Rock, President Eisenhower sent in troops to make sure that those kids could go to school.

      When Republicans introduced the Civil Rights Bill in 1964, Democrat Sen. Robert Byrd, a former member of the Ku Klux Klan, filibustered it for 14 hours and 13 minutes. (One look at Robert Byrd and you would realize that’s actually the most exercise the man got in his life.)

      However, Democrat President Lyndon Johnson eventually embraced the Civil Rights Bill, but not for the reasons you might think. “I’ll have those n*****s voting Democratic for the next 200 years,” he reportedly told two Democrat senators.

      “Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society welfare state proceeded to enroll large numbers of minorities into entitlement programs, leading to a dependency and a strong inclination to vote for the party promising a continuance of those entitlements,” Federer wrote.

      “Lyndon Johnson, with the help of Democrat Sen. Edward Kennedy, also changed immigration quotas to
      bring in more immigrants from poorer countries who would similarly enroll in entitlement programs and thus be inclined to vote for candidates who continued and increased entitlements.”

      He also pointed out that LBJ’s so-called “War on Poverty” was anything but.

      “Prior to LBJ’s ‘War on Poverty,’ less than 2 percent of the federal budget was on welfare spending. Fifty years later, spending has mushroomed to 27 percent of the federal budget, costing $22 trillion a year, three times the cost of all U.S. military wars since the Revolution, yet the percentage of people in poverty has not improved,” Federer wrote.

      “Before LBJ’s ‘War on Poverty,’ less than 5 percent of children were born to unmarried parents. Fifty years later, it had skyrocketed to 40 percent.

      “Before LBJ’s ‘War on Poverty,’ less than 10 percent of U.S. children lived in single-parent households. Fifty years later, that number had exploded to 33 percent, with the poverty rate of single female parent households growing to 37.1 percent.”

      Who’s the racist party? You look at that and you decide.

      • And they are the ones behind destroying history by destroying Confederate monuments and flags, anything that ties them to the KKK and the Confederacy. The Democratic party was big in the South even50 years after the Civil War. Denish DeSusa had a great book on the Democratic Party and what they REALLY were and are.

        • 3CatLady, no one is trying to destroy the Confederate monuments and flags the Confederacy LOST move on. Put all the Confederate history in a museum or a Confederate cemetery where it belongs, not in the view of the public. Definition of Museum: a building or place where works of art, scientific specimens, or other objects of permanent value are kept and displayed. http://www.dictionary.com/browse/museum. 3CatLady, stop being an ignoramus!!

      • Encore, why are siting 1857? That is over one hundred years ago and the parties have changed. The Republican party of today has become the Democratic party of the Civil War. You quote before LBJ, why. Your statement “less than 2 percent of the federal budget was on welfare spending.’ Today 1 percent is spent on welfare and food stamps. “http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2015/aug/17/facebook-posts/pie-chart-federal-spending-circulating-internet-mi/” What does Democrats have to do with children born to unwed mothers? The blame is not the Democrats but, the mother and the father. Again why blame Democrats for children living in single-parent households. Put the blame where the blame is, on the parents. Democrats can not force people to marry or live together if they have children. People need to take responsibility for there actions. What does anything you have posted have to do with race unless your insinuating all the statistics are for blacks, then that makes you a racists. Before you rant on about something make sure you know exactly what you are trying to say.

      • Excellent!

    • I couldn’t agree more, but I cannot leave out our wimpy republican politicians who won’t say “boo” to the traitorous dems. They are domestic enemies as well when they will not do what needs doing.

    • You’re right. But when it comes to the bi-partisan “establishment”, there are far too many ‘democrats’ pretending to be republicans, especially in our very corrupt congress.

  8. One of the great ironies in all this “resistance” claptrap is that the democrat party, for most of a century a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Comintern and Soviet intelligence, riddled with traitors and fellow travelers and never meeting a Russian a** that it did not at once stoop to kiss, is now shocked, SHOCKED about the routine leaking of classified information. Moreover, the party whose standard-bearer sold top-secret information on the internet through an illegal server behind a toilet, allowed her lesbian lover and Muslim Brotherhood controller access to classified material and for reasons not yet disclosed routinely shared national secrets with a pedophile who did not have a security clearance now wants to use leaking by its own operatives in the government as a pretext to reverse the election it lost and seize control of the country. The simplest way to stop leaking is to prosecute leakers for treason, and to execute them when convicted.

    • WOW!! Again “WOW”! Tell us how you really feel Miles!! BTW I TOTALLY AGREE!!!!!

    • Well said! The punishment for treason is death!

    • Rev. Walking Turtle

      Kindly review YT’s response to WVF (above) and evaluate. It’s an open and standing offer of service unto humanity in the interest of preservation, protection and defense of the Constitution for the United States.

      Thought y’might like it… MAGA MAGA yum yum yum! Lather, rinse, repeat at will. And that is all. 0{;-)o[

  9. It’s not hard to find leakers. Simply back-track as is done in any investigation- criminal or civil, pin-pointing suspects; poly them, check their back-grounds per the annual disclosure forms they submit; if needed, i.e., probable cause is developed, get search warrants.
    If found, exact law to the fullest extent. Including indictment, trial, conviction if guilty, incarceration, loss of pension and all benefits.

  10. Thank Obama, Clinton, Schumer, Schiff, Pelosi and the rest of the idiots for all the leaking and criminal behavior. We will probably learn soon enough that the Russian issues we have were caused by the liberals as well. Remember, it was Obama who could hardly wait till he was in power to cozy up to the Russians. The uranium giveaway was Hillary’s nail in our coffin. The MSM cannot tell the truth nor can it report the truth. They bend everything to hurt our executive branch now that the moron is out of office. Get real liberals, Obamacare has failed, not failing, failed. They rave about MAYBE 23 million could lose under the Trumpcare, but we ALL lose under Obamacare. I don’t call it coverage if you have to be rich to go to the doctor’s office. I do not believe their estimates about anyone losing coverage. Perhaps they really mean 23 million will decide not to pay for their fair coverage because they want someone else to pay for their coverage. BS

  11. Freedom Fighter

    The POS BHO made a lot of political appointees have civil service status, and we all know how tough it is to fire civil servants, right? They’re called “burrowers”. Here, have a look on this Google search: https://www.google.com/search?q=obama+political+appointments+civil+service+status&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8

  12. I guess when they REALIZE they are beginning to catch some of “their own” (and the possibility of THEIR OWN name being brought up) their “TRUMP BASHING” will begin to slow down. BE VERY CAREFUL what you ask for (special prosecutor) because it WILL come back to bite you in the butt if this person (doing the “investigating”) is thorough, HONEST and will actually name names of ALL the violators of the Law.

  13. Execute them for treason all of them.

  14. Dems.are commie/trash/traitor/swine.

  15. Don’t get me wrong, but what has been going on for the last 8 years and now with the Trump administration is embarrassing to say the least. But, you have to admit, it is becoming comical to say the least! My question is simple. In the long run, what will be the outcome? We Americans want and deserve justice. All of the political criminals need to pay for their crimes. I guess, in other words the swamp needs to be completely drained. The one point of this final solution that I would like to see is ALL the income these criminal politicians have made or spent while in government service be frozen and then used to pay off much of our national debt!

    • The swamp is the corporate government in TOTO, residing in DC that was set up for them also. It is a foreign corp on our soil, posing as our government, and over a network of corporate franchises .

      • I believe we Americans must agree that most of washington DC is corrupt. We have finally began to realize the extent of the corruption and treason. NOW, we must learn to convict and punish severely, those that have attempted to destroy our nation.

    • ONLY JB1, President Trump has created such a large swamp in his Cabinet the United States might not ever recover.

      • Sorry rich, you’re wrong with your statement. Trump hasn’t even been allowed to complete his appointments. Why? Dealing with the smoke and mirrors of the communist party. Yes, once referred to as the party of the democrats. Trump has been the best thing to happen for this nation in a very long time! He’s a businessman learning to be the POTUS! He also strikes fear in the hearts of the criminal politico. The only people Trump owes is the American people! Dispute the fact that Trump has accomplished more for the American people in a little over 150 days of office, than barry did in 8 friggin years.

  16. I would like to see just how much the Brits have on the democrats and all of there dirty dealings not too mention just who has taken the most money from their Pay to Play games ! ?
    Now is the time that when you find the crooks they go straight too Jail do not pass go and you do not get out !
    obama , clinton , pelosi , reid , schumer , perez , E warren , M waters , E cummings , comey , rice , and too many to name should be the first to be in Guantanamo Bay with the rest to follow for Treason against the Republic of the United States of America ! !

    • Ronald Putnam, the problem with this administration is President Trump himself. He says, text, tweeters things he should not. If he would not have told Russia to look for Clinton’s emails and said other ignorant statements there probably would not be a problem. He is his own worse enemy. He thinks he is running the Country like his own personal business and he can say what he wants and nothing will happen. He need to wake up and think before he speaks. He is the cause of his own problems.

  17. They are DEMONcraft sent to USA by devil ,off cause their mission are destroy AMERICA ,and so far they been susses some of their mission like OBAMACARE ,OPEN-BOARD and on …

  18. Why isn’t Schiff in Congress doing his job instead of spreading his ugly mug all over television The libturds are only bothered by things when it looks like they care about something, anything, but mostly they don’t.

    • Al Ellis, your statement “The libturds are only bothered by things when it looks like they care about something, anything, but mostly they don’t.” goes for the republicans also. Republicans only do anything when there self interest is being jeopardized. That is one thing about politicians, they only care about themselves.

  19. Robert LaBiento

    It is interesting ,to watch the left ,go through selective outrage!

  20. Rep schiff is just one of those despicable birds who flocked together
    with same color as Schumer, Pelosi, Waters and the band of obstructionist,distractionist,distortionist,TV & newspapers news polluters, egg headed bunch of “do nothing but spreader of lies and nonsense gossips and innuendos” wasting taxpayers money and time in congress and senate. When will these Crows fly straight?

  21. These moronic democrats are incapable of learning, because they are afflicted with the Democrat Derangement Syndrome (DDS), which posits those who have this disease are incapable of rational thought or action.

  22. I am not sure the leaks are any worse then the way Trump runs his mouth

    • Leaking classified info is traitorous. The only person authorized to do so without a formal review and reclassification is the President. The Government employees who leak to the news media should be shot as should the reporter who cares more about themselves and their career than they do the security of our country. This is serious stuff and should be beyond politics. The Dems encouraged this behavior and now they are seeing some of the negative consequences.

    • keep it up pretty soon you will have muslims living near you

  23. The leakers ARE dems!!

  24. sorry rich, you did not see anything about President Trump ! what you read was everything about the last 8years of Pathetic no holds bar complete utter bull sh-t of the left trying to completely tear this Great Country of mine down with some of the most MORONIC people that have ever come down the Pike ! Look around , you really want someone else to talk for you ? I Don’t ! I have already fought for it and I hope I don’t do it again !!
    The President can say what he wants ,so can you and so can everyone else ! you don’t have to like it and that is why you are on here !
    No , the A holes that were left over from undemocratic obama and the democratic party plus the people that follow Blindly are President Trumps Biggest interfering Problems ! they started before he was President ! So don’t give me that Sh-t about what he says . so far just about everything he has said he has been right on the Mark !!

  25. vincent deredita


  26. Then they will scream when he fires all of the Obama hold overs.

  27. I think you maybe should re-read my statement. I said “why isn’t Schiff in Washington doing his job instead of being on Rachael Maddow show like the article said.” If he’s on her show, he’s obviously not doing his job he is trying to further his career instead of doing the peoples work.

  28. Get US AG Jeff Sessions on the case and prosecute each and every one the leakers!
    Don’t let any of them get away! No matter which party they are with!
    Make an example of each one and throw them all in PRISON or use GITMO for Political Law breakers!

  29. Maudlean Spires

    I would like to take a leak on all of the liberal lying MSM.

  30. This would not have happened if the fake news had not printed innuendos without looking up the facts. The Dems and some Rinos looking for impeachment have made it worse. Next time you vote make sure you check on their biographies. Otherwise this libel will continue.

  31. Exactly. Find the ‘treasonous’ leakers and send them to jail.
    Don’t get mad…..get even.
    The families of the leakers should be front page news, not how Trump waved to some foreign official.
    Get real Americans, your priorities are to MAGA.

    • Don’t get mad, when proven guilty shoot the Beitch’s and Ba$tards!! If you shoot 2, 3, or 4 guaranteed the rest will clam up ASAP!!

  32. Sadly, I firmly BELIEVE the D party IS the enemy of the USA. Period.
    With VERY few exceptions ALL who are in Congress and state offices and VAST majority of appointees at ALL levels need to be GONE or DEAD. Period.
    And ALL RINOS. Period.
    We have a lot of work to do to “CLEAN UP and OUT” our (faltering) country.
    Start with obola and ALL his minions..

  33. Yeah – because the leaks are NOT in their favor anymore – especially when you find out about the pay offs – slush funds – secret companies – secret deals – cover ups……

  34. Schiff is a maggot! He wouldn’t know the truth if it ran up and bit him. NSA has ALL this information. Why don’t we get the identity of the leaker from them. You know the NSA. They’re the ones who collect information on all “not wittingly”

  35. Typical story from the DemoCRAPtic party! When any leaks show what scumbags they really are then they get upset! When the “fake news” comes out about the GOP they sit back and relish in it!! As far as I am concerned, Schaffer, Schumer, Pelosi, Waters, Frankenstein, etc. should be imprisoned for conspiracy to overthrow the government and/or hung for treason!! The DemoCRAPtic party should be disbanded because they don’t give a rat’s ass about America and Americans!!!

  36. Of course, when the Democrats were the leakers, it would have been “unnacceptable” to them for the British to get angry.

    Can everyone spell hypocrisy??????

  37. YEAH – NOW the leaks are pointing their way – the slush funds – the accidents – the back room deals – elites getting rich – etc…..

  38. Tell pencil neck Schiff to got back to californication and stay out of sight, what a poor excuse for a represenitive >

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