Oh No! Students Wore Face Paint to a Football Game!

Why are liberals so afraid of “offending” someone? The answer, of course, is that they aren’t. They just pretend to be so that they can push through more rules and regulations intended to change American speech into something that dovetails with their larger agenda.

The latest example of political correctness run amok comes out of Arizona State University. Last month, several students put black paint on their faces for the purposes of a “blackout” football game at the school’s stadium. This was enough to make the ASU athletic department ask students not to wear face paint of any kind to future sporting events. Furthermore, the student council is proposing a bill that will ban black face paint from any future campus events.

Though the students who caused the controversy have insisted they meant no offense, the university’s Black and African Coalition contends that they demonstrated “racial insensitivity.” In the school’s newspaper, the group’s president said, “The historical context of blackface is that it is demeaning to the African-American culture. It doesn’t show school spirit.”

Well, doesn’t it show whatever the students intended it to show? Why are we dragging up the historical context without considering the actual context? It’s the same idiocy that condemned Julianne Hough when she painted her face black to complete her “Orange is the New Black” Halloween costume. At least in that scenario, the paint was meant to represent a black person. The school’s hysteria over this incident is like calling someone racist because they wouldn’t eat a black banana.

The Frightening Implications of Political Correctness

It’s the Redskins debate all over again. Reasonable people on one side, morons on the other. When was the last time someone produced a minstrel show in America? Is there even anyone still alive today from that era? Certainly, the students from ASU weren’t. The same question for the supposed slur of “Redskins.” When was the last time you heard someone refer to American Indians with that term?

While the push to ban the Redskins name is frustrating and annoying, though, the ASU story is actually a little frightening. It proves that liberals have been immensely successful in brainwashing the youth into believing the hype. No, it’s not frightening that we may not be allowed to paint our faces black in the future without considerable backlash; it’s frightening because political correctness is a tool. It’s a systematic destruction of language and culture meant not to protect minorities but to chill free speech.

It’s been an easy war for the left to win. While conservatives talk a good game, too many are afraid to stand up to political correctness. After all, who wants to be the last “racist” left standing? But this isn’t about racism, sexism, or any of the other -isms liberals like to accuse us of embracing. It’s about erasing our national identity and promoting multiculturalism. It’s about changing the way we look, act, feel, and think. It’s about promoting groupthink, which is the left’s best tool against the individual values of conservatism.

And it should be opposed wherever it pops up.


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  1. mmmm i say we should all worship moon beams and drink latte.

  2. What do they want? A country with no spirit, no pride, no emotion, no feelings just robotic motions, PC is BS. They are trying to make us all follow the same agenda, no independent thinking. Is everyone going to cry if someone insults them?? No games where you choose sides for your team, because someones feeling will get hurt. You have to be tough to make it in this world, are the Arab and other cultures pushing PC, NO.

    • Just look at the children in the Middle East who are armed and fighting in the battles. I don’t hear a peep from Obama over that yet our kids can’t even play cowboys and Indians.

    • no feelings or pride in accomplishment taken away by “educators” so no feelings are hurt is the reason kids take to playing video games online .. it gives them the need for accomplishing something. when every kid on a sports team gets a trophy and no score is kept they know why. they’re not stupid. they can count. if you don’t want the kids to keep score don’t teach em to count.

    • Ban burkas and any face coverings, it’s insulting me as a woman.

      • I think all women should take up that cause because what the Muslims do to women is insulting, I don’t think they should wear head and face coverings when going through the airports eithe or taking pictures for drivers license.

      • And anti-American to me as a man. Note how even the Muslim male hoodlums wear face covering in these anti-Israeli and anti-civilization attacks. Cowards! Prehistoric mentality.

      • me, too. I have never in my life seen such hatred as I have seen as a woman shopping in the local Wally World and encountering a burkqa clad woman.

    • No, they just want to kill us.

  3. P.C….This Will Be The End Of “MAN KIND”………….<(')

    • Hell that what they want now. then it would be homos and what ever running
      the world. Oh wait, we already have that in Washington Dumb Cluck,

      with chicken little running the white house.

  4. PC Is what happens when the wimps and ugly chicks take control!

    • I think your on to something… πŸ™‚

    • That is not so correct CBRILL, I agree with the Wimps part, but God loves the human race, indiviually, it is them, one by one who do not accept what Jesus has done for each and every single person, including you CRBI11….

      • So let me get this straight … if I make fun of wimps, I’m OK, but if I make fun of ugly chicks, I’m going to Hell???? So you don’t consider wimps part of the human race? You’re statement is hypocritical, at best. BTW: you don’t have to be visually challenged in appearance to be UGLY – I know many women AND men who are beautiful, 10+++’s ……. and have an ugly SOUL!

        • Very good answer! Juan is picking and choosing what God likes. Perhaps, he did not mean for his comment to sound like it did to others. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt on this one.

          • Juan.is michelle Obama defending herself……

          • Typical of his type, Juan is hiding behind religion to battle for ‘him’.

          • It makes me glad that God does not reason as men do, otherwise I’d be toast.

          • We have become too politically and socially correct. I’m a firm believer that Love is of God. Filthy street attitudes have replaced Godlike relationships. St Paul wrote to his assistants to give all the brethren a holy kiss. Love one another. Those recommendations do not imply socially inappropriate relationships. With me both genders are equal. Having a loving attitude to another of my same gender does not mean I want to be a bed partner with him. Nor does hugging him mean I want to get “married” to him. I hope one day soon we can clear out all the filthy, warped viewpoints of human relations and literally love one another without juvenile “gay” comments and eye rolling.

          • Amen. When they start accusing KINDERGARTNERS of Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment for doing what little kids do, we are going down hill.

            Hint: It is already happening.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Exactly Krazee! Remember the Coppertone ad – dog nabbed the baby’s bottom cover and was pulling on it? Nice wholesome ad and Coppertone has made millions on it. If my memory serves me right, a mother published one similar, but with another child doing the pulling. You’d never believe how ridiculed and shamed and shunned she was for doing it. This is what has happened to our priorities. Kick and crack on something totally innocent while the rest of the country is on a fast track to hell!!

          • Absolutely. And the little girl in that picture from Coppertone was none other than Brooke Shields, and she is “remarkably” untraumatized.

            Remember this:

            “No person is your friend who demands your silence and denies your right to grow.”

            — Alice Walker

          • Good for you Dan. I think he means well.

        • Michael Dennewitz

          CBR – I’m not QUEER, but I love ya man! LOL Couldn’t have said it better myself!!

          • No worries, you can rest easy – I’m a proud and true American Conservative WOMAN!

          • It is a sad commentary on society when loving another person takes on a “color” of being out of step with healthy human relationships. Healthy minds have the capacity to love others without that attitude being entangled with sexual activity. We need to rise above the street level mentality. You are OK Michael. Keep up your healthy attitude.

          • I was born and raised (almost) in Nebraska before we moved to California. Have been called a “dumb country hick” most of my life. Managed to escape from California before I was completely corrupted.

            People need to put their big boy and girl panties on and develop a sense of something.

            I, for one, am sick and tired of having to worry about whether or not what I say or do is “Politically Correct.”

          • Michael Dennewitz

            YOU SAID IT!! A lot of people think I’m a jerk of sorts (I am to an extent) but by God, I die defending my freedom of speech and beliefs!!!

          • You better believe it. I did NOT put on a uniform and serve my country overseas, and I did NOT raise my child to ALSO put on a uniform and deploy overseas to watch this country go down the tubes.

            I will fight to the death, but I can GUARANTEE you that I will take several with me when I go!!

          • Thank you.

        • Hope lightning doesn’t strike me for posting this but——seems such a waste for a beautiful body, male or female, to be inhabited by the Devil. ….now let me head for cover under a well-grounded copper coated roof.

        • My brother never said it better:

          Beauty’s only skin deep, but UGLY is to the bone.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      If it gets to be a finable offense to fart in public, my sorry ass is going up for life!!!

    • Now you’re talking about Washington and outlying federal bureaucracies. And on the state level consider the recent attempts by Mayor of Austin Texas to control the Christian clergy. Speaking of hypocrisy! The same mindset goes ballistic over the Ten Commandments being displayed on government property. They are for “separation of church and state” when it suits their agenda–not when the glove is on the other hand. The philosophy of Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Alinsky and Castro at work. True Americans wake up and vote this garbage out of office in November.

      • That was Houston, where the mayor is a “married” gay woman.

        The mayor of Austin is black and determined to take every gun off the street and out of people’s homes.

        • Michael Dennewitz

          THIS WILL NEVER be a gun free country! Who do the sicko liberals think they’re foolin’?

          • You betcha.

            Admiral Yamamoto refused to attack or invade our mainland during WWII for ONE reason and ONE reason only, as follows:

            “There will be a gun pointed at us behind every blade of grass.”

          • How long does it take the police to get to you when you call them? Around fifteen to thirty minutes. How fast does a bullet travel? MUCH FASTER!

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Wait a minute now.. Depends on where you’re at. Here in Orlando, if you happen to have an accident anywhere near DunkenDonuts, you’ll have at least 4, maybe 5 there within seconds… :-))

          • And all around where I live it’s also true near Dunkin Donuts and also the same near the Krispy Kreme outlets. And a distinguishing characteristic is many of them, not all, have bulging bellies–they look pregnant.

        • Oops! My error. Typed the wrong city name but just corrected it to Houston. Thanks for notifying me of that. The “color” of Austin’s mayor is not an issue but confiscating guns is a serious issue unless the act is limited to taking guns away from persons who have criminal records and/or from people not licensed to carry them. Anyone licensed to
          carry a weapon and who is not causing a problem therewith should not be harassed or detained by law enforcement personnel. Does Austin’s mayor support the Democrat Party? If yes, then she/he supports socialism and socialists view private ownership of guns to be a threat to a government’s power to control the citizenry. Tyrants abhor any kind of threat to their control of people. That’s why Josef Stalin and Adolf Hitler confiscated guns. And too, where it is believed there are no guns robbers and thieves will enter and steal without fear of being shot. Very simple logic.

        • whoselineisitanyway

          I visited Austin in the early 70s. Visited again in 2007. Austin is now a cesspool. Thanks to all the libtards.

  5. These school admins are just brain dead any more…. I would wear dark brown face paint to the next game… πŸ˜‰ Will they ban red next? or yellow? or tan? or maybe every color???

    • they did ban all face paint according to the article. education administrators are political cowards with tenure but the school boards are elected by the people. it’s time to unelect a lot of school board members. like all progressive/socialist/liberals they should be voted out any time they are up for reelection.

  6. I think the word blackout is offensive. How about a whiteout.

  7. voted against carter

    PC is about CONTROL of language. PERIOD.

    IF you control HOW something is defined, you ALSO control ANY dialogue ABOUT it.

    Which I, and I am sure MOST conservative find OFFENSIVE.

    Time to call the PC police what they are; language NAZI’s.

    • It’s not offensive, it’s insulting that words are being destroyed because of political correctness and now colors. Ridiculous.

  8. My son’s school should be on PC lockdown after last weeks football game according to these morons. Our school “The Warriors” wanted a “blackout” but had to settle for red faces because their opponent whose colors are black/maroon were already doing their own “blackout”. All good fun and this President has convinced all these black youngsters that it’s racist. What a bunch of bull.

  9. soo is white out of the idea too??? i mean wouldnt that be racist?????

  10. PCism must be repealed little by little.


    NO DEMS!
    NO RINO’s !!

    and…NO Pantsuits !!!

    andβ€” in California –
    “If it’s BROWN..

    Flush Him Down !”

  12. What’s next? A law banning prejudice against ugliness?

  13. so why aren’t these same boneheaded racists parading around condemning the movie “white chicks” by the Wayans brothers. 2 black guys in white face just trying to be funny. the whining protestors and the school officials are totally hypocritical.

  14. NoMoreMarxistsInDC

    Maybe they should have painted the American flag on their faces. That would have gotten them kicked out of school. They could then sue for First Amendment violations and get their tuitions paid in full.

  15. 2 simple words. BS!

  16. Individually, we just outlaw all “Political Correctness” in our daily lives, insensitivity is human nature. Get over it, “It will make you stronger”: however, whining Liberals, can only dish it out, then blame others……………sweethearts.

  17. OldHighlandGuyOne

    I know, I know, I have said this a couple hundred times already…..”Welcome to the U. S. S. A. comrade. You will love gulag 13.<–for you liberals, a gulag is a prison camp.
    That is where you liberals would like to see all of use ultra-conservative old white guys isn't it?

  18. Really????!!!! Arizona????…….. Please, get a grip. I’m truly beginning to think that being Liberal is an illness, and we need the CDC to do research in finding a cure. How about we quarantine the Lib’s so this disease doesn’t spread any further…. lol Oops…, too late…… πŸ™

  19. Jackie Sutherland Walker

    So if my granddaughter dresses as a ghost for holloween & paints her face & hands white, oops I forgot, white would be ok just not black.

  20. OMG! Their feelings were hurt! Call Jesse Jackson! Call Al Sharpton!
    Then call Al Jolson!

  21. disqus_gXyBBnf8ky

    This is all about socialism/facism. That’s the way it works. Take GOD out of the picture, teach the kids in the school what you want them to believe, and look out! This is where we are going if we don’t wake up.

  22. Contact you legislators, urge them to pass laws allowing parents to use the amount of school taxes, to be used to help pay tuition on private schools. With in 10 years, the liberal;s will be cut in half.

  23. disqus_gXyBBnf8ky

    We have got to get socialism/communism/fascists out of the schools or we are going to lose freedom. Constitutional Republic is what we are and it is being taught out of the school.
    What ever happened to the Pledge of Allegiance?
    Wake up people or prepare for the gulag!

  24. black artists also performed in blackface. Frederick Douglass maintained: “It is something to be gained when the colored man in any form can appear before a white audience

  25. The time is coming when we will all have to wear burkas so we all look alike. We will all have to put a piece of duct tape over our mouth in order to not offend the PC police. For Michael who commented on the comment before this one, you are going to have to put a piece of Duct tape on your a– to prevent those gases from escaping and creating a stampede. We need to elect people who still have a brain and some common sense.

  26. I bet no one dare to complain rainbow face.

  27. Students and their parents should boycott the games for the rest of the year, that is football, basketball, etc.. See how fast they become less pc. Colleges can not afford to lose sponsers and alumni for their sports department, if students and their parents stop watching they lose sponsers at the TV stations. Fight back the way they have been beating others.

  28. pansies. they were protesting. deal with it.

  29. Really?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  30. Well I guess the end of the color black is coming. Perhaps brown too because all people of color are not black but some brown. And we will have to get rid of tan, some people are tan. And yellow ,because some people used the term yellow to describe a people once. And of course Red, because that is the color used to describe natives once. And purple because heaven help purple people eaters get offended. And I’m not white enough so white has to go. And green must go. Little green men from mars you know. And women putting all those colors on their face, well enough! now I have to draw the line. Nothing sweater than a lovely girl puttin on her red lipstick and eye color. Sounds like a natural thing to do to me. Gets my attention. I guess if you had any sense at all you would see that color on the face is sometimes just a thing. We don’t have to pull out the race card every chance we get, do we? Or are we so pampered we don’t have anything more important to do than stand around crying like little baby’s cause someones wearing pink and its a boy or wearing blue and its a girl.

  31. Liberals are offensive to me.

  32. Here’s a thought…why don’t we eliminate the color black in the color crayon box, black clothing, black cars, black furniture, black hair color, black Friday, and every other inanimate object that’s black?

  33. For once, I actually agree with the admin on something.

  34. Liberals are just plain stupid! And, as we all know, “You can’t fix stupid.”

  35. Liberals expose themselves as mentally disordered once again! To be concerned with face paint at a football game with everything that’s wrong with what they’ve done with the leadership of this country, it’s obvious they have lost their minds!!!
    It is an insult our intelligence considering the lives lost (BENGHAZI) and the assault on us by our government (IRS,NSA etc..) while on these peoples watch!

  36. I’m not sure what to think. My son is a Senior in HS and is being wooed by many colleges but we are poor white people and conservatives to boot. He excels at Math/Science and wanted to start out as an EMT while he worked at becoming a Sports Trainer. ASU has bombarded us with literature and e-mails as has Montana State U. He really wants to go there and was looking at scholarships. They give in to this PC crap and Tulane is his next choice. We live in CO and he refuses to go to Liberal Utopia Denver/Boulder. Maybe Utah or Montana State U. Whose the biggest woos state. We won’t go there.

  37. get a grip you sad ass people

  38. Black people shy away from white face makeup because it bring back bad memories of Michael Jackson. Oh how bad he wanted to be white.

  39. Hmmmm? they are the Sun Devils. What do you expect? Face Paint? What kind of Face Paint? Oh, I guess it wasn’t politically correct face paint. What kind of face paint is politically correct? Oh my you can’t wear that Halloween Costume you might offend the undead or the zombies or the Demoncrats. Or go like a prostitute and pimp, Bill and Hillary Clinton or as homos like Barry and Michael.

  40. James Benjamin Wales

    I’ve long believed that ne of the things wrong with society is that what something’s perceived to be is considered more important than what it’s intended to be

  41. Oh Gawd dont paint your feet black(blackfoot).

  42. How about banning muslim women’s garb as in their face disguises because we are insulted, not offended, insulted.

  43. PC people must have something to be insulted about it. It is just that simple.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and get sharp.

  44. ah, the blacks checked in with the “racial insensitivity” card. The counter is FO

  45. They get up in arms when a student paints there face black at a sports event, but it is OK for a Muslim women, or man maybe, walking into a gun store or bank or movie theater, covered in black clothing from head to toe.

  46. People are too thin skinned for me. Blacks appear and I say appears, to get their feelings hurt if you say something not to their liking…. They are only WORDS… can a word Each-cha….? No…. Does it make ya HEAVE, no…. Does it give ya a rash? no… then why did ya get all bent outta shape for? Oh I see.. it was to HACK whitie!!!

  47. Who, pray tell, is supposed to be offended by the other colors that are being banned? Or is an “equality” thing, that the blacks will be offended if that’s the only color not permitted?

  48. I farted in AIT at Ft. Sill OK in my classroom and i was the last one to file out of the class, I was all the way in the back when i let it go. I walked right pass my Drill Sargent and I was standing outside talking to my friends and the DOUBLE doors opened up really fast and hard they both hit the walls on both sides. The DS I saw him jump off of the porch and put his hands on his knees GASPING for breathe. I LAUGHED my ass off so hard hehehehehehe it still makes me laugh today

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