Oh No! Students Wore Face Paint to a Football Game!

Why are liberals so afraid of “offending” someone? The answer, of course, is that they aren’t. They just pretend to be so that they can push through more rules and regulations intended to change American speech into something that dovetails with their larger agenda.

The latest example of political correctness run amok comes out of Arizona State University. Last month, several students put black paint on their faces for the purposes of a “blackout” football game at the school’s stadium. This was enough to make the ASU athletic department ask students not to wear face paint of any kind to future sporting events. Furthermore, the student council is proposing a bill that will ban black face paint from any future campus events.

Though the students who caused the controversy have insisted they meant no offense, the university’s Black and African Coalition contends that they demonstrated “racial insensitivity.” In the school’s newspaper, the group’s president said, “The historical context of blackface is that it is demeaning to the African-American culture. It doesn’t show school spirit.”

Well, doesn’t it show whatever the students intended it to show? Why are we dragging up the historical context without considering the actual context? It’s the same idiocy that condemned Julianne Hough when she painted her face black to complete her “Orange is the New Black” Halloween costume. At least in that scenario, the paint was meant to represent a black person. The school’s hysteria over this incident is like calling someone racist because they wouldn’t eat a black banana.

The Frightening Implications of Political Correctness

It’s the Redskins debate all over again. Reasonable people on one side, morons on the other. When was the last time someone produced a minstrel show in America? Is there even anyone still alive today from that era? Certainly, the students from ASU weren’t. The same question for the supposed slur of “Redskins.” When was the last time you heard someone refer to American Indians with that term?

While the push to ban the Redskins name is frustrating and annoying, though, the ASU story is actually a little frightening. It proves that liberals have been immensely successful in brainwashing the youth into believing the hype. No, it’s not frightening that we may not be allowed to paint our faces black in the future without considerable backlash; it’s frightening because political correctness is a tool. It’s a systematic destruction of language and culture meant not to protect minorities but to chill free speech.

It’s been an easy war for the left to win. While conservatives talk a good game, too many are afraid to stand up to political correctness. After all, who wants to be the last “racist” left standing? But this isn’t about racism, sexism, or any of the other -isms liberals like to accuse us of embracing. It’s about erasing our national identity and promoting multiculturalism. It’s about changing the way we look, act, feel, and think. It’s about promoting groupthink, which is the left’s best tool against the individual values of conservatism.

And it should be opposed wherever it pops up.


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