Oh, Foolish World – Palestinians Don’t Want Peace

A year before 9/11, Israel made Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat an offer he couldn’t refuse. In an attempt to secure lasting peace, Israel agreed to demolish 60+ settlements, withdraw from Gaza, withdraw from 92 percent of the West Bank, and give the Palestinians a capital in East Jerusalem. To many observers, this was it. After decades of violence and strife, we were going to get peace in the Middle East.

It was not to be. Arafat rejected the offer without cause and without proposing a counter. Instead, he sat idly by (some sources insist he actively authorized it) while the Palestinians rushed into another violent uprising. Over the next five years, more than 4,000 people would die in what came to be known as the Second Intifada. In 2005, new Palestinian leadership agreed to get back on the road to peace and the violence simmered. Nine years later, though, that violence threatens to boil over once again.

World officials were shocked this week when Palestinian shooters launched an attack on a Jerusalem synagogue, killing five Israelis. But more than the murders themselves, it was the Palestinian reaction to them that proved disturbing. Many Palestinians rushed to the streets to dance, celebrate, and wave flags of triumph. Others hurled stones at Israeli police. Hamas praised the attack and urged followers to follow the shooters’ example. Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas condemned the attack, but many – including Benjamin Netanyahu – believe his propaganda is chiefly responsible for the killings in the first place.

We Don’t Negotiate

For as long as any of us have been alive, one of the defining points of U.S. policy can be summed up in one simple sentence: we don’t negotiate with terrorists. However, that is exactly what we’ve been doing in the process of pushing for Palestinian/Israeli peace. It’s not only counter to our philosophy, it’s also counter to common sense. There is no good reason to think that a two-state solution can work. Not with the present borders, not with the 1967 borders, not ever, not in any way. Palestinians will not accept a Jewish state, and until there is a dramatic shift in ideological and religious thought, they never will.

This conflict is only partly about “evil occupiers.” If this was a simple disagreement over land, it would have been solved a long time ago. Palestinians want more than their land back, though. And they certainly want more of it than anyone is proposing to give them. They want the destruction of Israel. Islamic culture has thrived on antisemitism for too long. It boggles the mind how anyone with any sense of history can propose that Palestine and Israel can co-exist, side by side, without war.

As we speak, an Islamic army threatens to take over Iraq and Syria in the most bloodthirsty way possible. They have made no secret of the fact that their ultimate aims include striking Israel and the United States. Obama and the West can try to separate ISIS from Islam as they do every terrorist group, but this army – 200,000 strong by some estimates – is part of the same twisted ideology that supports Hamas. They don’t want peace, and neither do the Palestinians. Why can’t world leaders see what’s in front of their eyes?

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  1. And any moderate Muslim does not dare speak against Hamas. Isis, etc. as they put themselves and their families in danger of being killed. Our leaders especially Obama will not face history or the dangers of religious terrorism.

    • He’s a muslim!!! His family is shiite.

    • And the worst part is the fact that Ovomit supports the terrorists. Many wonder why air strikes haven’t completely destroyed ISIS. The bastard in the white house is one of them and is probably telling them when each air strike is about to commence! And now Mr Hagel is resigning his post. Bet the HNIC replaces him with a brouthah or another mooselum like he did the supreme court vacancies. And to make matters worse: It seems almost like someone was bribed!! Now the GOP says they won’t seek impeachment, that they’ll just sue him! Ovomit gets the last laugh because he knows how long a suit can be drug out! In the meantime, this once blessed country is going to hell in a hand basket and NO ONE GIVES A SHIT !!!


      • First of all, there are many other ways to stop Ovomit other than impeachment. The POTUS WANTS to be impeached because he knows he will be acquitted in the Senate, thus cementing his “legacy” and guaranteeing that the GOP will never win another election.

    • “Peaceful” Muslims are irrelevant, as were “peaceful” Germans, Japanese, Italians in WW2, and the”peaceful” Soviets, Red Chinese, North Koreans, North Vietnamese, Easy Germans, Romanians, etc, etc.

  2. The muzzies have always have one goal and one goal alone, the total destruction
    of Israel and every other group of people on the earth. The concept of living in
    peace with their neighbors is alien to them as trying to put them on Mars. Matter
    of fact it be easier to ship them en mass to Mars than have them live in peace
    with others. The cannot even live at peace with each other much less
    non muzzies.

    • Let’s not contaminate Mars! As Colin Powell said after 911, “This enemy must be destroyed, not defeated.” Any questions?? After we get rid of this asshole obama and his leftists cohorts, we need to instill strong leadership to meet this gang of misfits. We must become vigilant and prepared like the Israelis. THEY understand what they are!!

      • I could not agree with you more we need to make a stand against the Muslims right here in our country we already have one in the White House and look at all the damage he has done and it is getting worse everyday if we do not make a stand there will be more people in the United States being murdered by these Muslim trash we should run them out of our country and and if they don’t go kill them anybody who stands with them should be run out with them or die with them now I know these words might sound hard to some people but just think about what they’re doing in Iraq and Syria and what they would do to us right here in the United States if they had the power to and if we don’t make a stand soon they just might have that power

      • You hit it right on the head William. All I would add is this. When our Nation and Israel get together they need to make sure the people of this Nation understand what total destruction is. I’m afraid if there is a breeding pair left, the war will have to be fought again.

    • You failed to mention that they want to return the world to 8th century oppressive “law,” while still wanting to take advantage of the technological advances that have moved the world into the 21st century.

  3. Here’s how to destroy terrorists. Bomb their crops and all food supplies. Blow up their power grid. Destroy their water supply and watch them die. SIMPLE. Let allah take care of them.

  4. Pork is unclean for them to even touch. Why waste the bombs, just drop the bacon.

  5. Let me be clear. The only thing they want is control of the world. The antichrist is most likely a muslum. Bring them on and we will give them a peace they don’t want.

  6. I stick by my statements that the Palestinians prior to 1948 were maybe 12 sheepherders doing you know what. The area of Palestine was controlled by the British who felt that they should rule, herd around, the Israelis who were arriving from Europe and around the World. The Israelis fought a bitter guerilla war with the British until they were granted real freedom to govern and fend for themselves. Funny how the Palestinians never entered into that war with either side. Nothing was heard of the Palestinians until well after Israel had converted much of that desert into an oasis, in fact Palestinians or pseudo Palestinians have regular jobs in Israel and have had for years. Along comes the PLO and the war starts, terrorist attacks of every type, retaliation, more attacks etc. etc. I remember when the Israelis dropped a smart bomb in the lap of the wheel chair ridden “holy man” who was convincing children to sacrifice themselves to kill Israelis. Can’t remember his name, better forgotten.
    Now, every Muslim piece of shit in the whole middle east hates the Israelis, along with all of the other Muslims who have learned from the Koran that theirs is the only true God and they must kill all of the non-believers. That is why I say that it is not a religion simply a crude code of control of the stupid.

  7. nor does obama and his muslim leadership! remove this pos from our W.H. NOW!

  8. Some thoughts from an Israeli & his point of view:

    “It has taken me some days to write down something coherent… This is what I know right now, today: The ugliness, the venom and sheer, violent hatred you are seeing in Paris, London, Berlin, LA, Boston, Denver, [Chicago]…. this is just the beginning.
    We Jews are the canaries in the coal mine for all of humanity. Today, they are throwing bricks at synagogues and smashing chairs and saying “Kill the Jews.” Tomorrow it will be someone else.
    Does anyone really think this is only about Israel and the disputed territories? Today it is Israel. Tomorrow it
    will be you.

    Seeing these violent protests, hearing the sickening screams for death, we Israelis understand better than ever we must fight for every square inch and with all we have. It matters not how much better our military is, how much more precise our targets can be. It only matters that when the smoke clears that Hamas is disarmed, destroyed, disabled and defeated. Forever. Hamas. NOT the people of Gaza.

    I feel so very sorry for them. Sorry they were misguided and elected these lunatics. Sorry that in their desperation they allowed Hamas to fill the empty bedrooms next to their children’s room with rockets. Sorry that their leaders have mansions and swimming pools and are sitting in air conditioning in another
    city while they are sweating and wondering where the roof over their houses went. (If not their house itself.) Sorry that they have been brought up with no inkling of who Israelis are nor what compromise is.

    Defeating Hamas will be a big problem for the power brokers because shame and honor are all that matter in
    this part of the world … Here in this part of the world – for Hamas, honor comes from getting revenge. For them revenge is everything. For them revenge is the only thing.

    There is another Gaza underneath Gaza. Hamas could have built hundreds of schools, paved thousands of roads, built hundreds of kindergartens with the cement and iron they have used to build these underground bunkers and tunnels (and you wondered why Israel put a blockade on bringing building supplies into
    the Gaza strip?). These tunnels to hell are filled with ammunition. And no women or children, not a single elderly person is brought to safety there. They want them on the street – on the roof, standing right behind – nice and close to the terrorist firing the rocket.

    Hamas has refused to let journalists out of Gaza. Why? They need them to take pictures and record the carefully staged piles of bloody children and women. If the journalists leave they have lost the vehicle for distributing their bloody ad campaign.

    Hamas asked for a cease-fire. And they broke it. They break every single one. Israel is setting up a massive field hospital to treat our enemies. From 8 pm on tonight there will be a working maternity ward, an operating theater…a working hospital. For… our enemies.

    We are going to lose more boys. Last night we lost 13. With each day we are going to lose more. But everyone here now understands this is a fight to the death. It is them or us. They cannot compromise and they don’t want peace or to share or to negotiate. They want revenge even if it means killing their own people. So we have to go in there and do things none of us want to do, but we have to. So this is why we are all so sad.

    Israelis want peace so badly. But we also desperately want to live. We love life and we are not about to let anyone, let alone a bunch of deranged thugs take it away from us. So yes, this is a fight to the death for both sides. Remember, if they win, you are next. If we win, those symbols of civilization that everyone takes so for granted will remain standing and everyone will criticize and complain about disproportionate responses and war crimes and all kinds of other irrelevant nonsense, but secretly I think everyone will be heaving a sigh of relief.”

    • Amen and god bless you and yours the things you said could not be more correct, it is Hamas and the palestinians that hide behind women and children they are the ones that are sacrificing innocent lives. I have said this before along with a lot of other people you don’t mess with God’s chosen people because you will not win

  9. Where ever the pa

  10. They want death and funerals…………..let’s give it to ’em………………….send over a couple of FAT BOYS like the ones we sent to Japan in WWII. That ,stopped ’em DEAD in their tracks, and hey they are docile today!

  11. Are there any people who remember WHY Palestinians are mad about Israel?? They want their land back; which was stolen after WW2, by none other than the three (3) big BULLIES — BRITAIN, RUSSIA, [YOU GUESSED IT] UNITED STATES of AMERICA!!! Anyone who thinks and says that is morally OK and right are just as corrupt as our government and the Mafias around the world: Just continue thinking like that; after all that is what we did to the American Indians; which we couldn’t beat until we killed their families and children; and, IF, you have brains enough leftover, investigate what the Gestapo Nazis did to everyone including their TOP generals all the way down to the general or common people!

    • Palestinians practice Islam. Islam has NEVER co-existed with ANY other society or faith.Any brief reading of the Q’uran will demonstrate that it’s their way or death. Period. Islam’s goal is to rule the world.

    • you sir are you whining socialist liberal piece of trash

    • It’s not about the land. It’s never been about the land. History shows that the Palestinians have rejected every offer of Peace. They do not want peace. They want the destruction of Jews. They want the destruction of non-muslims. Israel is the first step. Once they wipe Israel off the face of the earth, they will then call for the destruction of all Western nations to include the US and Great Britain. Iran supports Hamas. Iran wants to make nuclear weapons in order to destroy Israel. If it was about the land, why would they nuke it? Why not just send in their armies to take it over? Most of us have the brains to figure out that it has nothing to do with “wanting their land back” but apparently some people haven’t quite figured that out.

  12. Hey, Muslim SCUM what DEATH. I say give them what they WANT!

  13. Israeli’s don’t want peace because they keep taking land from the Palestinians to build their illegal settlements.

    • Son of liberty and truth

      You are extremely mistaken sir. The land that the Israeli’s owned and have was theirs in the first place centuries way before even 10 B.C. All the land that the Palestinians own is due to being given to them by the Israeli’s to stop the wars. Even now, the Palestinians demand more and more which shows their greed and they are still wanting more,,,,even to the extinction of Israel’s very lives. I suggest doing some more research on your part to get your facts straight instead of what the Palestinian’s are claiming. They were the one’s that started the feud and wars against Israel because they wanted what Israel had created out of nothing and are still trying to take it away.

  14. Step 1. rid ourselves of Obama and ALL his goons, by any means necessary….
    Step 2. NUKE the middle east. period. problem solved.
    Step 3. elect real leadership to fix our relations with Israel.

  15. In what f—n comic books are you finding this s–t about the Isreali’s GIVING the Palestinian’s land? After WWII the JEWS HAD NO LAND!


  17. They don’t want peace, they cannot handle peace. Their entertainment is to kill, see how they rejoice, dance and hand out candies. They are bunch of lunatic and blood thirsty animals who worship death.

  18. The “Palestinians” do not want “their” land “back”. The land isn’t theirs. It never was theirs. If the land had belonged to Jordan in 1948, then why did Jordan attack Israel? Israel certainly hadn’t taken the land from Jordan. And “Palestinians” didn’t exist till 1964. Jordan attacked Israel in order to take *all* of Israel, but Jordan got only half of it and renamed that half “the West Bank”. Then in 1967 Jordan invaded again and tried to take the other half, but managed only to lose the half it had stolen 19 years before. It was Israel who got *her* land *back*.

    It is very telling that the name the “Palestinians” chose for themselves is “Invaders”. Yes, the word “Palestinians”, like the word “Philistines”, from which it is derived, means “invaders”, and is from the Hebrew. No people has ever called itself “Palestinians” before. The Philistines had their own name for themselves. Choosing that name is the only honest thing the “Palestinians” have ever done or will do. They are indeed invaders.

    • Son of liberty and truth

      Thank you Rukhama for your input! It is great to know there are those that have read their history instead of what is manufactured by “Invaders”. The Israeli’s borders went down south as far as the northern tip of the Gulf of Aqaba, city of Eilat, west to the borders of the Suez Canal and the Mediterranean Sea and then north just above Damascus. They had really strange borders but still it was all Israel’s.

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