Of Desertion and Dangerous Precedents

Army officials announced Wednesday they would charge Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl with desertion and misbehaving before the enemy, charges the could land the controversial figure with life imprisonment. Surprise greeted the announcement; both the military and the Obama administration have been largely silent as it pertains to Bergdahl’s ultimate fate. Many critics thought political pressure would keep Bergdahl safe; President Obama’s decision to trade five Taliban detainees for the soldier was met with considerable opposition. To now confirm that he did so on behalf of a solider who went AWOL will only cast more doubt on the wisdom of that trade.

An independent review of the situation by the Government Accountability Office found that President Obama not only violated the tenets of sound leadership by making the trade, but that he actually broke the law. The GAO said that he should have consulted with lawmakers in Congress before authorizing the exchange. Then again, this is Obama we’re talking about. He doesn’t recognize American law when it conflicts with his political goals. In this case, he and his supporters have argued that it was incumbent upon him to bring a captured soldier home using any means at his disposal.

“We ask that all Americans continue to withhold judgment until the facts of the case emerge,” said Bergdahl’s attorneys in a statement. “We also ask that government officials refrain from leaking information or engaging in other conduct that endangers our client’s right to a fair trial.”

But while Bergdahl’s lawyers fight to keep this case from being tried in the court of public opinion, they simultaneously released details of his five-year captivity in Afghanistan in the hopes of garnering sympathy for their client. According to Bergdahl, he was kept in complete isolation, exposed to periods of constant light and constant darkness, and chained to a bed for much of his imprisonment.

Harsh though his conditions may have been, most U.S. troops and military veterans do not believe his captivity should excuse him from further punishment. They insist that by deserting his post, he endangered the lives of his fellow troops.

Bergdahl is hardly the first American solider to walk away from his army. What becomes of him now is largely inconsequential as it pertains to the integrity of our military. On the other hand, Obama’s decision to unilaterally negotiate with the terrorists who held him sets a dangerous precedent. When it comes down to it, Obama is the real deserter here; he has deserted the honorable office of the presidency and he has taken leave of his responsibilities as commander-in-chief of the armed forces. Whether the released Taliban terrorists ever return to the battlefield or not is immaterial. That he even created the possibility is inexcusable, incompetent, and un-American.

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  1. That is what you get when you have someone as CNC of the armed Forces who has never served a day in his life defending this country! His everyday actions warrant an immediate call from congress to address the MANY lawless things that he has done against the Constitution and hold him accountable! What does it take to get these morons to do something and quit TALKING their everyday jive talk! If they cannot do it, get them OUT and put someone in who will represent the PEOPLE of the USA!!

    • Exactly!

      • A very loud Amen and yes it is time for these moronic idiots shut the hell up, follow the Constitution and the law.

    • And this bumpkin Kenyan impostor in the white house cares nothing about America because he’s not an American citizen. He’s a pupil of Saul Alinsky’s
      evil teachings and supports everything that is anti-America and anti-US Constitution. And we have derelict winos, cemetery dwellers and the low informed freeloaders who voted for the Muslim Kenyan.

  2. If the POS hadn’t walked away from his unit he wouldn’t have been captured by the enemy and done 5 years in captivity in the 1st place. Hang his azz and put him in prison where he belongs and while we’re at it put the POS in the WH in a cell right next to him.

  3. I heard that Bergdahl was kicked out of the National Guard because they said he was nuts. If this is true what is the regular army doing signing him up and putting him on the front lines. They are responsible for him because he should be considered a vulnerable adult if this is the case. I know the Republicans want to crucify him before he has had a fair trial but we should wait until he is tried before we judge this guy. If this is true I would guess he was harassed by bunch of bullies that made him do what he did. You know he would be harassed for being different or saying different things out of the normal. He should be considered innocent until proven guilty like the rest of us would expect to be.

    • That’s true but it doesn’t excuse the lawlessness of the president!

      • You mean ” Surely if that is true”. Don’t you? As I feel a lot of doubt in the “facts for sympathy” here.

    • Wayne what you heard is more than likely false the army wouldn’t have taken the deserter if he was considered mentally incapable of serving, he left his post leaving his fellow troops in danger this also makes him a coward and it’s not the republicans that want him to be tried it’s patriotic Americans who honor and respect our service men and women who put their lives on the line everyday, he has also been proven guilty it’s not the first time he left his post.

      • Don’t even try to express any conservative views to Wayne. He gets a tingle up and down his leg when any personal or God given rights are expressed. The cowboy hat is a front to look Texan. I don’t think he has a right to wear it; it offends me!

      • If it is true that he was kicked out of the National Guards because he was mentally challenged and the Army accepted him and put him on the front lines aren’t they responsible. You far right Republicans keep dancing around this and don’t seam to care if it is true or not. I don’t know if it is true but if it is. The Army is going to be in trouble.

    • As a combat vet I can tell you. He had his trial when he left his post. His actions before he left proves he had no intention of staying at his post. No one sends all their personal gear home unless they are planning on leaving.

      • You are a good example of a far right Republican. You want crucify someone before he is even tried. It is people like you that is the reason we have laws against lynching’s

        • Sometimes a good rope needs to be used, if you think for a minute that this man deserves anything but death, then you’re wrong!

        • Michael Dennewitz

          And YOU’RE the best example of an Ovomitite. Go join your seadaddy in DC…

        • Thorson = L O S E R !!!!

        • Deserting your post during war is a firing squad or hanging offense – he convicted himself when he deserted.

        • Wayne, again, you have not been keeping up with all that is known about Bergdahl. He had left his post before and then returned. Wake up and quit putting people down. You sound like a stupid, uninformed lib.

          • You don’t think the Army that enlisted Bergdahl is in any way responsible because they wanted fill their quotas when they signed him up. They should have given him a background check just like they did me when I signed up. They signed up a soldier that was kicked out of the Coastguard because he was mentally handicapped and put him on the front lines. Find fault with my message and leave the messenger alone. If you don’t think he suffered for 5 years in that POW camp I will tell you he did. All these macho type bullies on this blog think they know something the rest of us don’t. I threw this out for people to think about before they crucified him in the media. But look at the people on this blog that are so blood thirsty and so full of hate that one tries to say something worse than the other.

        • Michael Dennewitz


        • You are a good example of a brain dead progressive obamabot. It’s society’s fault that he deserted his post, eh? It is people like you that have made America a third world nation. It is people like you that want Big Brother to control everyone and everything.

        • So you don’t believe the soldiers that served with him…You believe that maybe they just don’t like Tirdale…He told his parents he hated the U.S and military and he was out of there…Soldiers who fight together protect each other…When one deserts and then six die trying to find him you take his side…You should stand beside him in a firing line…But you just can’t fix STUPID…

        • There’s no excuse for deserting.

    • Heck the US Navy will read you the enlistment papers if you can’t read English. DUH !

      • Am I right again or am I right again. Look at all the far right Republicans crucifying Bergdahl before he has had a fair hearing. Not only that they are crucifying Obama for bringing him home. We not housing those 5 Iraq soldiers anymore. We have 50 more I would guess if we can find some excuse to send them back so we can stop paying for their board and room and medical and all their needs. You far right Republicans should really understand that. I know you won’t because all you want to do is blast Obama for anything he attempts to do.

        • Yeah, now those 5 taliban GENERALS are ready to return to the battle on May 1st when they are released from Qatar! You are not right, you are an IDIOT!

        • Michael Dennewitz

          Dude, YOU SUCK!!

        • Is that Gene Autry’s hat you’re wearing?????

          FAKE COWBOY

          • Bet that isn’t all thats fake on this village idiot. Semper Fi.

          • If you were ever in the Marine Corp you would never be siding with that idiot Thorson, besides if you check the Marine Corp history you will find that they started as riflemen in the Navy. Another name is sea going bellhop for Naval Officers.

        • Brilliant idea wayne….send the 50 cowardly terrorists MuSLIME home so we have room in Gitmo Prison for the IslamoNazi’s and PC Liberal-Retards currently in Washington, District of Corruption. And every one else thinks your a idiot….well you showed ’em baby….. keep earning those troll bucks so you can afford better grades of Crack & Meth.

        • You are not right. You have proved nothing except that you are a progressive loser that is disrupting this forum. You would support someone who broke the law and broke his oath. (both obozo and bergdal.) You lied when you claimed to be ex military, so why should anybody believe anything you say?

          • I am retired military. You have my name. Look me up. I get a healthy check every month for my retirement. Look at all the bully type remarks on this blog. You don’t even care that he was kicked out of the Coastguard because he was mentally challenged. That means he was a vulnerable adult. The Army accepted his enlistment and put him on the front lines with a bunch of smart aleck young bullies like you. They drove him even nuttier than he was which made him desert his post. If this doesn’t sink into your head than you are as big a bully as those in his outfit that droe him to do it. You are no doubt a bully no matter if this is what happened or not. All these people on this blog that have 0 sympathy for what he might have put up with are all guilty.. I know you can’t be part of Christian Right you have be part of the far right T-party bunch.

          • Wrong. You’re not listening,,,,,where is the proof he was kicked out of the Coast Guard for being crazy? Even if it were the Army’s fault for hiring him why couldn’t he go through the correct channels to voice his grievances? Why should he, who caused the deaths of at least 6 team mates, be given special treatment? What is the punishment for aiding and abetting the enemy in time of war? What is the punishment for joining the enemy in time of war? What is the punishment for deserting your post?
            Some retired military you are who doesn’t know how to be a soldier. YOU DON’T DESERT YOUR TEAM MATES, NO MATTER WHAT!

          • You have obviously never been picked on or bullied. You have no idea what it is like. Especially in the service when you are picked on by your team mates. You don’t want to tell your superiors about it because you are ashamed of it. You would be admitting that you are the unpopular one. This is something no one wants to admit. You only hope that another person will come into the team that is a lesser personality than you so they will pick on them. I doubt if you will understand this or even care. It takes a certain type of person that is full of hate to do this to another person and nobody wants to stick up for the person that is being picked on because they are afraid they will turn on them. I have made myself feel like a hero many times by coming to their defense and have received many painful wounds doing it. I would like some one else on this blog to step in and do this. I figure someone will eventually.

          • Reading some of your posts tells me why you were picked on. Poor baby.

          • Okay I give up. WHY?

          • Because they knew you were an idiot!

          • Don’t have a reasonable answer eh.

          • <strong""I am retired military"" —–
            – BFD – Pushing a desk around the barracks for 30 years doesn't qualify as "duty"

        • He should not be tried in a civilian court the military court martial is the place for him . You bleeding hearts belong in a civilian court in the country of Iraq

    • Vernon Cunningham

      The military isn’t the boy couts. he had the same training and took the same oath that others did. If he had problems it should have been takin it up with his commanders. To walk off is desertion. We don’t need to wait.The case is clear. He deserted. He should be shot. More than his life was at stake here, and some died because of his actions. Where is their Justice? USMC 1960-1964.

      • If he is a vulnerable adult he is not responsible for his actions. The army that enlisted him should be responsible for his actions if this is true. Why don’t you address this? U.S.MILITARY 1960-1990 RETIRED.

        • Vernon Cunningham

          he had the forsight to send his personal belongings home. That looks more like a plan than an instant loss of ability to think and plan. regardless of his mental state, what he did was desertion, and endangerment to other soldiers. I have no sympathy for him. Thank you for 30 years of service.

          • Do you a agree or disagree that if he was kicked out of the National Guard for being mentally challenged that the Army had no business recruiting him? Try and address this question instead of dancing around it.

          • TRY COASTGUARD, not National Guard! Facts ARE stubborn!

          • Thanks for the correction. Now verify his release from the COASTGUARD.

          • – You rode the SHORT bus to school, eh, Thorson ??

          • It’s up to you to prove anything, dingleberry.

          • The Only “dancing” around here is you FAKE Democrats dancing around the TRUTH ….. you can’t handle it ……

          • Vernon Cunningham

            he should have not been recruited. However, if he passed a Psyche evaluation, there would be no cause to reject him. I will give you the points on this one. Just be glad he wasn’t accepted by the Marines. And please observe wayne, that I give you the best answer I can in this discussion. In the end, it will be the decision of a military court, and we have to abide by that. Our opinions are all personal and motivated by our own experiences. Marines are just a bit more harsh over desertion and cowardice.

          • It’s not a question. Prove it happened , then it’s a question, dingleberry.

        • Hang up your 0bamaphone, LIB….
          The “voices” are getting to you …

          USMC 1957-1984

        • Michael Dennewitz

          STOP smokin that shit boy!!
          Vietnam vet 62-68 onboard ship…

        • Prove it or STFU!

        • This pos volunteered to protect us I volunteered to protect my country. Bergdahl is nothing but a coward he put his hand up b y himself an then the heros killed if he wanted out he could have gotten out with a ..B.C.D. but he betrayed his country and his penalty is death.

          • A vulnerable adult is not responsible for their actions. He was kicked out of the Coastguard because he was nuts. That makes him a vulnerable adult. I know you far right Republican bullies have no sympathy for other people that weren’t blessed like you were with average common sense and intelligence. He wasn’t responsible for his actions if this is all true and you don’t care either as long as you can vent your hate and bitterness off on this blog.

    • It was the CoastGuard that booted his ass out, and the Army snatched him up! KRAZY!

    • Michael Dennewitz

      BULLSHIT!! No trial. Just hang his worthless, traitor ass!!

      • You just proved my point. A far right Republican such as yourself doesn’t believe someone is innocent until proven guilty. I hope you never are on trial for anything. If I hear about it you will be guilty automatically because of your attitude.

        • STFU… then FOAD Thorson ……..

        • It does not matter whether we are republican or democrat, whatever, he did it to himself not us. He knew when he walked away from his post (during WAR) what would happen to him, I do not feel sorry for him. You are still crazy.

          • I bet you know a lot about what it is like to be on the front lines. He was kicked out of the Coastguard because he was mentally challenged. The Army took him in and put him on the front lines. I would put my money on those 6 members of his platoon were six that picked and bullied him to make him desert. After all he was different then anyone else and bullies love to pick on people that are different. He was different in the Coastguard to. That’s why they discharged him. It’s hard for someone like to believe all these people on this blog that have no sympathy for him. It was no picnic he was at for those 5 years he spent in that POW camp. He has been punished enough for whatever he has done wrong.

          • You feel sorry for that coward? I cannot believe you would say that about those soldiers that where killed trying to find him. You are a disgrace and very un-American. He is a worthless piece of crap and is waste of space and you the same. I am through discussing this with you. Whether I was in a war or not when I took my oath I stood by it and I still live by it. I am locked and loaded and not afraid to fight and die for this country.

          • If you are a church going person you should live by the Bible. The Bible says hate the sin but love the sinner. Do you believe you are living by the Bible?

        • Michael Dennewitz


        • Michael Dennewitz

          And by the way asshole, I’M NEITHER DEMONCRAP OR REPUKLICAN.. Now shove it up yer ass!! :-))

          • You are a liar. You are definitely a Republican. Your attitude is Republican. The way you express your self shows you are a Republican. You call people names like a Republican and then you claim to belong to the Religious Right like a Republican.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Sorry, Mr Cowboy Wannabe, I voted strictly INDEPENDENT last time around…:-))

          • I would bet 10 to1 if you took a lie detector test you would fail it if you claim you didn’t vote Republican in the last election. They are the only ones that would jump in with a bunch of bullies and pick on one person like me on this blog. Non of them give my message any credit but boy do they attack the messenger. I can’t believe there are so many non thinking idiots. Most of them use alias’s so no one will see what big fools they are.

    • You “heard” ?? – Is that the best you LIBS can do? …. Repeat your made-up B>S> ???

      • Looks like Vern & Wayne don’t understand what DESERTION means AND/OR some fruitcake handler is telling them what to write. My expert opinion is they are both drug addicted and need the TROLL income. USMC 1945-1951

        • We gain nothing by attacking Vern and Wayne personally. They judge facts, they have opinions, they disagree with many, if not a majority looking at the same information. Whether it is lack of critical thinking or political correctness or what, they see things different. Men have died so they can be free to voice their opinions.
          The General who conducted the investigation has about the best view and he has presented most of the facts he gathered. He recommends trial under UCMJ. Under UCMJ, Bergdahl’s maltreatment by the Taliban is not material to the actual trial, but only as mitigating circumstances presented during the sentencing phase after determination of guilt or innocence. A Courts Marshall under UCMJ operates differently than regular courts and tears and weeping don’t generally sway the jury towards guilt determination. These same individuals are likely not to be moved much by his POW maltreatment story either. Consider John McCain who bears the real scars of torture and maltreatment and who refused early release from POW status because his father was a highly placed Naval Officer. This resulted in even more torture. Bergdahl had it easy in comparison and emerged the coward.

    • Wayne – You are using hearsay to back up your story. Why are you trying to defend the defenseless?

    • It’s always someone else’s fault isn’t it? It was HIS FAULT not some bully’s. Nobody is responsible EXCEPT HIM. Got that? At least six good AMERICAN soldiers died trying to find his sorry butt and you don’t think he’s responsible?

  4. The ROPE , or FIRING SQUAD . Period

  5. He need. to face a firings squad_

  6. He wast capture by the Taliban .he left is post to go find them.he planned this he shipped all his shit home a week before.he is guilty as shit I don’t need to wait. His lawyers don’t want anything leak out but they leak out his poor treatment according to him we have no way to confirm that just that traitors word. Yea I’m going to believe any shit out of his sorry ass !

    • I don’t believe he was mistreated by the Taliban, he arrived saying “I am here to help you and will tell you all I know”. When he was in the truck waiting for the helicopter, he looked like he did not want to leave, very friendly with the one standing by the truck.

  7. Hopefully Obola learned his lesson about Undo Command Influence with
    the rape trial that he got involved in and caused it to be thrown out with
    his comments. The precedent that he sets with this trial if he interferes
    will be one that will further weaken the Military and the UCMJ.
    However that is Obola’s ultimate goal.

    • Bull!

      • How’d that Hope & Change Work out for Ya???

        0bama is the Poster Boy for the “Peter Principle” –

        The Peter Principle is a proposition that states that the members of an organization where promotion is based on achievement, success, and merit … will eventually be promoted Beyond their level of ability, resulting in FAILURE – (Like we have Now, in D.C.)

        • They got the hope and taxpayers got stuck with the change.

        • Feeling like I have to stick up for obamao, Peter Principle was complete when he was in Illinois Congress. US Senate, (AND Presidency) were FAR beyond his competence and the tenets of Peter.

      • You should change Your moniker to headupyourass

  8. Vernon Cunningham

    waling away is desertion. How he spent his 5 years away from his unit is irrevalent. He should face the ultimate penalty.

  9. His Lawyers make up their stories to save his worthless backside, and his fellow soldiers “who were there with him”, tell the truth down too the man! Who you going to believe, lawyers and deserters, or brave AMERICAN soldiers who actually risked their lives to keep us free? The answer is obvious, by the time this is all over I hope AMERICANS here at home hear three things at the conclusion of the coward and traitors tale, “Ready, Aim, FIRE!

  10. Michael Dennewitz

    Should have been the CIC (communist in charge) that was chained to a bed. Where the hell are all the expert snipers when you really need one??

  11. right d66cmorris, and the other soldiers may not be DEAD…speaking of POS…biggest POS is BHO…

  12. What else is new about Obama – he has and always be an un-American because he is not considered eligible to be President. He hates us and our country.

  13. Why is death penalty not on the table? What could the reason be? Nothing is as it seems under this administration/abomination.

  14. And maybe he was not a prisoner. Maybe it was all just a ploy of some sort. He and his dad are Muslims I believe. If he is found to be guilty then he won’t like The USDB at Ft. Leavenworth. They might be prisoners but they are still pretty much all Americans.

  15. Another comment by obama on a different subject. If true it puts him under a worse light that that of Berghdahl.


  16. Michael Dennewitz

    This weekend would have been the perfect time for “hunting!” Ovomit is off on the golf course in Ft Pierce..Startin to hate living here in Florida.. LOL

  17. I’d like to know if they will take back his promotion and pay for the 5 years, both which he has already received if my memory serves me well.

  18. He deserted his post and 6 people died trying to resume the POS. To me, that is 6 counts of unintentional murder 3rd degree?).

    Have fun in the brig.

  19. Just one more tragedy of a war that should never have been. When will it be Dick Cheney’s and his helper, G.W. Bush’s time to go before the bar of justice for their war crimes?

  20. I say this guy is a deserter. He should be punished for his actions.
    0bama should suffer the same punishment for aiding and abetting this traitor.

  21. Again, How can someone be captured and held in captivity by people he deserted for. He left his pose seeking the Taliban. He is said to have aided them. If you believe for one minute about his fairy tales of torture, I bet I can find some ocean front property in Arizona I can sell you.

  22. I have only one point and that is six soldiers dead and one paralyized looking for his sorry ass. An eye for an eye: execution would be fine with me.

  23. If Obuttma thinks so much of that muslime turncoat let him stand in front of him when the firing squad starts up.

  24. Things like this have to be dealt with in a very serious fashion or we will send a message that you can get away with this and further jeopardize our military which deserves the utmost protection we can give it!

  25. Eddi Slovik was the first American Soldier to be executed for desertion since the War between the States so it’s about time for another one.

  26. You should be more SHOCKED you have not arrested the Nerogro and hanged Bergdahl. Hang them together to save money.

  27. Sharon Jeanguenat

    Back in the OLD days, before all the PC junk, he would’ve been shot. He deserted in a time of war, & as far as I’m concerned, should face a firing squad. Gen. Patton would’ve drawn & quartered him. So would have Eisenhower.

    • Ike had Willy Slovack shot because he did not want to leave his fox hole & advance against the enemy. So what the hell with this crap?

  28. Sharon Jeanguenat

    I forgot to say that he sure didn’t look like he’d been mistreated any.

  29. its_that_guy_again

    it’s slight of hand to distract people from Hillary’s crime of destroying federally protected emails she was required by law to save and distract people from the lawsuit that names Bill Clinton in a sex slave ring.

  30. no matter why he left. he left and that is desertion and he should rot in prison.

  31. The worst thing bergdahl did was to desert his post IN A BATTLE ZONE. Then he actually went looking for the Taliban and joined them. If he had been their prisoner for five years he would have been dead. He worked with them and gave them information. He looked very healthy and well taken care of when he was traded. In fact, I saw one video where one of the Taliban members was taking with him, smiling, rubbing his arm and patted him gently on the shoulder. If he had been just their prisoner, no Taliban member would have treated him that well. He is not only a deserter but a traitor and obama has been trying to sweep it under the rug. I still think he will use his influence to get a short sentence or somehow interfere with his court martial so no punishment will be given. Shows what kind of lousy commander in chief he is, or should I say isn’t.

  32. This yellow coward should face a firing squad for desertion and high treason!

  33. those were good leaders that got set free. gotta let them all go home to do their jobs right

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