Of Course Conservative Commencement Speeches Are Better!

Writing as though he had uncovered a secret so illogical that it would shock Washington Post readers to their core, Carlos Lozada penned an op-ed this week in support of conservative commencement speeches. Against all odds, he said, conservatives were better than liberals when it came to delivering that final address to graduating classes.

Among the strengths of conservative speeches, he wrote, were that they tended to address graduates as individuals, they told better stories, and they gave actionable advice as opposed to broad platitudes. Lozada (begrudgingly?) praised speakers such as Ben Carson, Roger Ailes, and Bill O’Reilly for their direct, effective way of speaking to students ready to go off and make their way in the world. He said that liberals tended to speak in terms of generations, groups, and grand ideals, likely losing their audiences with their overlong speeches.

What’s puzzling is that anyone would be surprised by this disparity. Of course conservatives give better commencement speeches, especially if those speeches are judged by the measures set forth by Lozada. But why stop at speeches? The strength of these messages form the backbone of conservatism as a philosophy. The weaknesses inherent in liberal speeches are the same weaknesses present in liberal politicians and policies.

For some reason, Lozada fails to make the connection. It’s probably for the same reason that critics are baffled by the success of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Fox News, and other conservative media giants. They simply can’t understand that people like to feel empowered. They can’t comprehend how a philosophy centered in hard work, family, and a do-it-yourself spirit might be more appealing to Americans than a philosophy that is based on blaming others. They see conservatism as the refuge for the entitled and the privileged, demonstrating how completely backwards they see the world.

Put plainly, conservatism built this country from the ground up. Without men who were willing to risk it all to fight for liberty, independence, and glory, the United States would not exist. We would still be a British colony today, and the world would be a much different place. A better place, if you ask today’s progressives, but there’s not much evidence to support that hypothesis. If liberals had been in charge of this country from the beginning, one wonders if phrases like “the land of opportunity” and “the American dream” would have ever entered the lexicon.

Our First Amendment makes room for liberals to dream of a United States more suited to their preferences. But over the last three or four decades, those preferences have moved so far away from fundamental American values that they have become an active threat to the nation. That’s not to suggest they should be silenced, of course; censorship is a wholly liberal response to disagreeable speech. But we should be wary about giving our country over to academics and wealthy socialists who believe the collective is to be favored over the individual. Their ideas don’t just make for boring commencement speeches.

They make for tyrannical governments.



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  1. davesnrakleberger

    Excellent article!!!

  2. Michelle Obama’s Commencement speech and Barack’s push for the media to persuade the people to condemn the GOP are outrageous. When people voting for these liberal’s see the country they are creating they will blame the Republicans. What possess’ them to do this to the greatest country ever. Revenge destroys as does jealousy and envy.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Come on now! Moosechelle is not really a bad looking GUY ! ROFLMAO

    • And when it comes back to bite them in the as@ they will be crying for strong conservative values to save them.. Too late then I say…

  3. From now on all my friends are gonna’ be strangers. I still don’t like spiders and snakes. ….. and I could care less about all those guys who love guys and gals who love gals and Pelosi and Reid and some of the RINOs like speakers of the House and Senate. I will survive; will you?

    • I kind like the guy in the picture. Please do not blame RINOs like speakers of the House and Senate. These are born again Christians. They have now seen benefits of implementing Obama’s polices. Remember when Obama took office – unemployment was 8.9%. Now it is 5.4%. Gas prices are $2.00 a gal; People are working and eating outside their homes. We are safer from terrorists from abroad: Bin Laden, Yemen and Benghazi guys are decommissioned. We have Obamacare benefiting all people as opposed to Ryancare which was designed to kill all seniors. Thanks God Paul Ryan is not running for the WH. By other way do you know TP Governor Walker is trying to get rid of 4-year and beyond colleges? Walker wants to import professionals from Russia; Israel, Kenya, Mexico and European countries. He will pay them far less than home trained professionals. Walker does not know a country run by foreigners is in danger of self-destruction. Remember why Roman Empire died.

      • Did you know, if you turn off your ObamaPhone, and quit drinking
        the Kool-Aid, your headaches will stop – and the “voices” will go away?

        • Read what I wrote about your TP Governor Walker. He hates people with degrees. Now you want Walker as president of USA. The whole world will laugh at us.

      • Something I’ve always wanted to ask one of you folks. You claim in your post that the unemployment rate is 5.4%. Well, if that’s true, then doesn’t it follow that the ’employment’ rate would be 94.6%? So, according to you, we have 94.6% of our work force in this country currently working. My oh my!! We should be dancing in the streets, shouldn’t we???

        • If you come to WI, employers are bidding for employees. That is why we need immigrants from neighboring countries.

          • Of course. We currently have a labor participation rate at its lowest in the nation’s history, [I think the last time I saw a number, it was something like 62%], and you’re telling me we have to import more immigrants??? So let me tell you a little anecdote pertaining to this issue. I live in a small town of about 600 population. After the hurricane in Louisiana, a couple of local boys went down there to see about making a few bucks and helping get the rebuilding going, since there’s not a lot of construction going on here at times. So, they had no problem getting hired, they went to work in practically no time.They worked exactly four days and were told their services would no longer be required as the Mexicans had arrived. So, back to your point…Hell Yeah…..BRING ON THE IMMIGRANTS!!! Eventually, they’ll put us all out of work! But that’s alright, we’ll just tax the rich to pay our unemployment and welfare!! See?? There’s always a solution, right??

          • carlenefrazierwendel

            you must be one of the illegals..

          • I see you’re a woman -an old lady. You’re lucky because Walker has overruled that women cannot have a right to their bodies. I do not care if I am an illegal or hired illegals. I once hired 60 people, the next two months only 30 were still working for me. So I hired illegals; and they work without asking for entitlements.

        • carlenefrazierwendel

          That poll does not include all the unemployed that quit looking for jobs.. only the ones collecting unemployment pay, and that run out after awhile.. Polls do not tell the truth, Kind of like odumbo and his party..

          • Yes, I realize that. It’s what makes the unemployment statistic so bogus. I was trying to get pmbalele to confront the issue and admit that using bogus stats like that is misleading and lying to the public. The people deserve better than that, and we’re not getting it from either side of the political spectrum. I hate resorting to sarcasm the way I did in my posts, but sometimes that’s the only thing these libs understand. I must admit that I have had little success arguing with them.

          • You’re so right. It’s more like 12% or higher, just for the reasons you stated.

      • I wasn’t there when the Roman Empire fell. I presume all the good things you attribute to ommama and group are “tongue in cheek responses”? Or either you watch major network news? Don’t believe figures given out by the Dems or the WH; they are proven liars and manipulators.

  4. Liberals just plain suck…. Guess this article proves it.

  5. Michael Dennewitz

    Liberals are ALL drinking that new “stupid juice” that the WH has on the market!!

  6. Now people can also understand why our college and all school systems are failing. The governmet run educational system is controlled by Liberals. We will continue to fall in quality as long as this situation continues. What’ll it take to wake people up? There is only one thing and one person. That will be the second coming of Jesus Christ.

    • Did you say-people can also understand why our colleges and all school systems are failing? Come to Wisconsin and see what your TEA Party
      governor is doing. Governor Walker is trying to do away with 4-year and beyond degrees and replace them with 2-year technical colleges. That means no doctors, nurses; engineers; space scientists; bio-professionals and other professional will be trained at Wisconsin universities. Only kids of the rich will attend colleges –out of Wisconsin. This is because there won’t be any universities in Wisconsin -given Walker’s budget proposals. Walker is mad he was kicked out of university -because of his bad behavior. Now it’s his time for revenge. And here you’re trying to tell us liberals are destroying colleges. Call your friend Walker and ask him why he is doing so.

      • carlenefrazierwendel

        And you say this is true, because???????

        • Please google any Wisconsin newspaper and the first thing you will see is budget cuts at universities. About 600 professors, 1,200 employees will be cut. Good luck with your Walker.

  7. Francisco Machado

    To condense the issue: Would you rather listen to a rational speaker address a relevant issue or a proselytizing ideologue (who clearly doesn’t consider those whom he addresses even nearly his equal) expound upon the bane of inequality – when you’ve just spent a fortune and four grueling years or more in the attempt to climb that ladder of opportunity and to achieve a level of comfort and security they believe should be bestowed upon everyone without regard either to the effort they haven’t expended to achieve it or to their value to society? A speech on vote buying and chicanery would be much more interesting and probably closer to their field of expertise.

  8. typical consevative ideology speak one thing while lifting their wallet and stealing their future

  9. Liberalism, progressivism, socialism, Marxism, call it what you want; it’s a failure and has proven so. IMHO it’s a mental illness based on self-delusion, utopian ideals, and a disconnect from reality. It also harbors a need to control the behavior of others, in itself a mental disease.

    • Do you want us back to Reaganomics and Bushnomics which caused the 2008 meltdown? Reagan thought if we give all our money to the rich, they will invest and eventually create jobs for the poor. The rich did not – instead they shipped jobs to Russia; Mexico, Malaysia; Japan; China. This is where the rich met their mistresses. And here you’re – blaming liberals. Do not take me wrong- I hate socialism and communism for these encourage laziness and
      drunks. But I hate unmonitored capitalism.

      • Go finish your Kool-Aid, …Lib Licker !

        • Are you going to hang yourself when Hillary takes over from Obama? I am sorry for you.

        • Why don’t you & Dimwitz go get a room together. A little booze, a lot of sex. Think of all the kinky shit you could do with each other. Let me know when you announce your engagement & wedding plans. 2 peas in a pod or should I say 2 gay peas in a pod. LOL!!!

      • no they to stupid to realize they are selling themselves into slavery when we become an oligarchy. and the corporations rule.


  11. Jacqueline huesing

    THE PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL DEMOCRATS wear feelings on their sleeves. They cry poor mouth over everything. It’s like an illness. The politicians tell the poor you can’t have this, that, OR anything or everything else. The truly poor whom I’ve encountered are thankful to the non-profits who assist them. The non-profits feed the poor, shelter the homeless, provide health care. Our country could rise up & OUT OF POVERTY IF THE GOVERNMENT GAVE THE $$$$$ to the non-profits. Many in poverty have “mental & other illnesses” that prevent them from getting out of their poor situation. The government have MANY NON-EXPERTS. MANY WOULD CRY ‘POOR ME” EVEN IF THEY HAD GOD IN THEIR POCKETS. They want lifetime government jobs, while lining their own pockets & building up personal fortunes. That’s what poor & unfair is. Poor us citizens, it’s hard to get rid of political leeches, They ruined the honest vote for cheating. The battle isn’t over until the end of the war. GOD IS THE VICTOR & NOT, s…a…t…a…n.

  12. As opposed to telling graduates they have no chance to succeed without government. Just keep sending your payments.

  13. Dave, Glad you agree, too bad a larger majority doesn’t Smile something Democrats resist

  14. Michele Obama likes talk about Racism when she speaks at Colleges. Obama likes to talk Racism no matter the situataion. It is right up there with his Love for his Selfie’s.

  15. You know why, conservatives speak of hope for the young people, jobs for them to get on graduation, hope that they can do better than their parents. Telling them that it will take hard work to make it, but they can if they try.
    The liberals tell them that they are victims and do not have a chance to make it because the country is against them. If you are a young person which speech would you like to hear? Remember young people when it comes time to vote. Hillary is not your friend and never will be she is only out for herself. We need some one to become president who has integrity knows the difference between the truth and a lie. But most of all believes in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. meh .

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