Ocasio-Cortez: “Puzzling” That Anyone Would Ask How I’ll Pay for Agenda

The really hilarious thing about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her complete inability to explain, much less justify, her socialist agenda, is that she’s rarely faced any real oppositional journalism. Quite the contrary, she is the darling of the left-wing media, and she has enjoyed their support from the moment she pulled off her upset victory in New York. But time and again, whether it’s in front of a friendly face at PBS or a friendly face on CNN, she just can’t bring it together. Even in front of Stephen Colbert – a friendly comedic face! – she couldn’t help but make herself look like a moron.

This week, Ocasio-Cortez did an interview with perhaps the most softball journalist she could find – Univision’s Jorge Ramos. And yet…

The interview started to get a little wonky when Ramos asked her to define her ideology, which she describes as democratic socialism.

“In a modern, moral and wealthy society, no person should be too poor to live,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “We should treat healthcare, housing, and education as rights. I believe we should guarantee a basic level of human dignity in America.”

Ramos then naturally asked about the cost. “Medicare for all,” he said. “Is it too expensive?”

“No,” she said. “People often say, like, how are you going to pay for it? And I find the question so puzzling because, how do you pay for something that’s more affordable. How do you pay for cheaper rent? You just pay for it. We’re paying more now.”

As you might have noticed, she didn’t answer the question. As for what she said, it’s a Sanders/Ocasio-Cortez fantasy based on faulty assumptions about what will happen with the insurance industry. The fact is that Sanders’ signature medical plan would cost approximately $30 TRILLION dollars over the next ten years if it were implemented in the United States. That’s a figure that demands to be answered with facts and figures, not dismissive answers and blowhard propaganda.

Ocasio-Cortez, sadly, is not capable of that level of analysis. This was made clear in the next question, when Ramos asked her how the U.S. would come up with the money to make all college tuition free of charge.

“We already pay for tuition-free K thru 12 and in the same way that we made a decision as a country to say ‘We need to educate people to a 12th grade level,’ our economy has evolved and that means we need to make the decision to educate people to a trade school or collegiate level,” she said.

Well gee, we already pay for public transportation in many cities, so why not just make the decision to have a bus waiting on every single working American outside their house each morning?

The higher Ocasio-Cortez’s profile becomes, the closer we get to the country seeing through neo-socialism as the nation-destroying scam that it is.

We hope, anyway.

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