Obesity and The Death of Personal Responsibility

Watching American waistlines expand beyond the point of insanity, experts are desperate to find an answer. As such, we’ve seen just about every “reason” under the sun thrown out to explain the epidemic. Too many video games. Too much television. Unhealthy school lunches. Eating vegetables costs too much money. The FDA food pyramid is messed up. Cereal commercials are too enticing. People are working too many hours. Soda sizes are too large. Restaurants aren’t giving people the nutrition information they need to make good choices. And on and on.

Now there’s a new “reason” proposed to explain America’s widening girth. According to a new study, big discount stores like Wal-Mart are partially responsible for obesity by making it so cheap to buy a lot of junk food. “Variables related to calorie intake,” say the study’s authors, “and particularly restaurant and supercenter/warehouse club densities, are the primary drivers of the results.” In other words, cheap junk food is driving the rise in obesity.

And maybe that’s true. Maybe there is an inextricable link between stores like Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, Costco, and higher BMI rates. And if that’s true, bully for the study’s authors in uncovering that link. I’m sure it will be a feather in their career cap. The question is: so what?

Are we going to start seeing politicians advocate for banning these stores? Will they start pressuring Wal-Mart to stop selling Dorito bags that could feed a family of four for six weeks? Will Michelle Obama make her husband declare school zones a Costco-free environment?

America’s soft bellies are a direct result of America’s soft resolve. We’ve abdicated personal responsibility, taken it out behind the woodshed, and put a bullet in its head. If there is something or someone else to blame, we focus our attention on that. We do it at the national level, but more insidiously, we do it on a personal level.

Not where you want to be in life? Oh, it’s those damn Democrats.

Wasted the last five years behind bars on a drug charge? It’s those damn racist Republicans.

Your kids are too fat? It’s those damn school lunches.

You’re too fat? Well, it’s those damn irresistible bargains on Oreos.

Come on. You don’t like where you are in life? There are more educational resources available now than at any point in human history. Don’t want to go to jail for smoking crack? Don’t smoke crack. Want to get your kids in shape? Teach them about proper nutrition, send them to school with a decent lunch, and make sure they are getting enough exercise. Want to turn the scale back for yourself? You don’t need an expensive gym membership, an expensive track suit, a personal trainer, or a ban on junk food. You need to get off the couch, say no to yourself once in a while, and do the hard work that being in shape requires.

Living a life that matters requires discipline and sacrifice. If being rich was easy, everyone would be rich. If being thin was easy, everyone would be thin. We need to stop looking for excuses at both the micro and the macro level. We need to embrace the hard stuff. Our nation was founded on the hard stuff. This myth that life should be easy is killing us in more ways than one. And one political party is riding that myth all the way to the ballot box.

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  1. I’m sorry but personal responsibility is all but extinct in the youth and uneducated and has been eradicated entirely among the demoncrat base, the Free Sh*t people. Among those who actually pay their taxes who are ineligible for all the vote buying deductions administered by the IRS, obesity is an occupational hazard due to worked through or severely shortened irregular mealtimes.

  2. Everyone needs to get a grip on themselves and check their own habits. Getting a grip on habits, wants, desires includes the politicians who want to run everything and everybody. If everyone would work on their own problems instead of trying to figure out what would be good for someone else we could be at peace with one another. Stop critizing each other, hating each other, stop scrambling to be on top or have the most money. Can’t believe how so many act like children. It’s mine, it’s mine, I want it, give it to me is the greedy childish attitude that is going on. Grow up! Be the first to stop this foolishness.
    One day soon all of this will pass away. What then will be your grip on life? What can you say to your maker who will demand an answer for your actions?

    • I am tired of the liberal democrats deciding what is “my” best course of action. If we do not like their opinions then we are terrible people because they know what is best for us. That my friends is B.S. and it stinks

  3. I am a ‘short fat old white woman’. Yes I am. I’m losing it the way I gained it – about 20 lbs. a year. I figure by the time I die I’ll be a great looking corpse. Look, I take responsibility for my girth. I’m also paying for years of yo-yo dieting with a lovely disease called diabetes mellitus 2. I get tired of folks who blame everyone but themselves. I like to eat and detest exercise (i.e. aerobics classes, running, jogging). Walking dogs is fun – not exercise to me. I also take cinnamon capsules, which seems to tamp down my appetite and help regulate blood sugar. Also, it isn’t a crime (yet) to be fat. I’m just so tired of the blame game. Get over yourselves, accept responsibility and DO something. And don’t let anyone else judge you on how fast or far or whatever you are doing. I’m doing what I can in my own time. It’s my business. I wish you all well. BTW, the photo of me is 60 lbs. ago, just FYI. But I do it now because I just feel better, not due to any pressure other than my own. Besides, I kinda like saying “I’m a short old fat white woman”.

  4. Good article, and the last paragraph says it all. Obama was elected because he’s a winer, coward and a lazy slouch. America was built by doers, and we have allowed ourselves to get soft. Limit the sugary drinks, carbs & junk food and get active. Take responsibility for your looks & health, and we’ll all be better for it.

    • Not everybody is the same. Thinness is a many layered effect for normal people. the problem with all the hyperbole is that careful buying and reexamining habits has gone out the window.

  5. Today most americans I see are WEAK in any self control…I have seen a profound change in American culture of toughness, ingenuity, hardwork and industrialness…….to self serving, self absorbed, consumption based rather than production based, etc, etc..To which I have labeled bloated..thats why people like Obama, Pelosi, and all the Marxists have gained traction because these Marxists cater to the same lifestyle for these bloated morons and their lazy lifestyle….Wanna know how to change things. It has to come from the elimination of such mindsets and culture that has made these bloated toads…..I came from the UK in mid 1980’s became a US citizen in 1991. I was very proud that day…today I see the US and I am disgusted and ashamed of what has happened…….

  6. I believe that obesity is caused by the BS that a person has to ingest everyday.

  7. It really makes me mad when people who don’t have a weight problem think all people with a weight problem aren’t trying. Even those that manage to lose some weight start in on those who can’t. My weight came on when I was forced to take a steroid after surgery. (If you don’t take it you won’t heal) I put on over forty pounds in less than 3 months and people, my calorie intake was at 1800. No fast foods, no sodas, no cookies, no candy, just fruits, veggies, and low fat dairy or powders for protein.
    I have tried every diet on the market and every pill Dr. Oz hocked. I live in a bi-level meaning I’m up and down stairs all day. I also own two dogs that keep me even busier. I fish in streams, which means a lot of walking, too. I have penty of friends in the same boat that are trying just as hard as I am. The only ones that aren’t trying are those that have everything handed to them and have their hands still out for more. I have never met a thin person on food stamps.

    • I agree with much of your post but I know thin folks on food stamps.

      • The only ones that I have seen that might be called of average build, were rather elderly. They were still being led around by someome who wasn’t. The kickers are those that are obese that use the electric shopping carts and than pay with the access card. I need two total knee replacements from sports (being bone on bone), don’t have a handicap card or plate on my car(where some should not), but I still walk pushing the cart. I remain active despite them.

  8. Look people, it is a common canard that if you want to lose weight, you just need to put down the sammich, and walk away, or exercize enough, or whatever,

    The insults are as varied as the snark of the thinnies, but there is something no one seems to want to ask.

    Why is it that in the forties and fifties, when people ate as much or more, did they stay thin, and why were fat people so rare that they had fat ladies at freak shows?

    Why, in the twenties, did people eat like horses, but look like they just got out of a concentration camp?

    I have seen the pictures. I remember the fifties myself. People did not diet, and the level of work was about the same. What was the difference?

    Fake food. In the fifties and earlly sixties, the introductions of fake food began. Margerine instead of butter. Crisco vegetable oil instead of animal fat lard. Corn syrup instead of maple sap syrup. Soy meat substitute instead of meat meat.

    Has it occured to anyone that humans are designed to eat real food, and fake or plastic food has no place to go, except being sequestered in fat tissue, like a toxin, because the body cannot use it as food, or expell it, as it lodges in the body in fat as a toxic substance like poison.

    Science fact- Body fat stores reserve calories in fat cells, but also sequesters poison so you do not die of it.

    If we are eating a high level of pseudo food that cannot be digested, or expelled as watse, then it builds up in our tissue like poison. We blow up, bulge out, and no diet clears this stuff.

    Notice the immigrants. Those from third world places, where they have no access to modern food, are small, bony, and thin.

    They work and eat the same amounts as us, but stay small. The kids, who move here, increase in height, weight, and fat, and soon look like us. What is the difference? Fake food.

    My sister has cats, that have active lifestyles, and are fed normal portions, but have taken on the look and size of small bobctas, with round large bodies.

    Third world kids who have lived here for years dwarf their parents and grand parents.

    Humans have to eat real food, and avoid this fake food, or we will be huge, even if we work out like atheletes, and diet like Jenny Craig fanatics.

    • The FDA lies about what is good for you so big food and big pharma can make you fat and sick with all kinds of new disorders they just happen to have the drug to treat, not cure. Corruption so deep it’s sickening. People willing to kill you so they can be rich. Nothing matters to these people but their greed.

    • Beg to differ on a couple of points: 1. Third world citizens do Not eat or exercise the same as Americans…….they eat significantly less & are significantly more active as their life situation demands it. 2. My experience has been that, having grown up with junk food available, no-one put a gun to my head and forced me to eat it. And, as a technician working on tractors trailers and forklifts for 18 years, I was active physically; I ate most anything I wanted and stayed within 10 pounds of what I weighed in high school ( approx 175lbs.). Stay active & work with your hands at something at work or at home, don’t just call or ask someone else to do it.

      • Look Dan I give you the grand golf clap for your fantastic work ethic and awesome self control, but your insistence that we all need to work more and eat less does not fly.

        Those third world people you brag on, when they immigrate here, work just as hard, and eat just as little, but they get bigger as do their kids.

        The US citizens you like to dump on, since we are just old lazy Us Citizens, often work 16 hour days, and many have very little to eat.

        The difference is, unlike many third world and past diets, the food available is often indigestable, and fat is not just for calorie storage, but brown fat mostly stores calories, and white fat sequesters toxins and undigestable items, like glycosate, DDT, margarine, ingested soap, and dyes, additives, and benzene that the body cannot digest or pass out and excrete.

        Simply put, Mr Guilt, a good amount of fat accumulation is not happening because of inactivity and gluttony, but because the people do not have the genetioc ability to purge the toxins like you do, Perfecto Man.

        The variation of thin and fat in America can be striking, in that new immigrants are often crazy thin, as are people who can cope with toxins and purghe them, while other people balloon up while eating nothing but diet food,and living at the gym.

        It is facile and easy to judge people from your experience and assume all people are the same, but how in the hades do you explain babies that weight over a hundred pounds, but are still feeding on baby formula? Are they being fed gallons of the stuff, or just normal amounts, but having toxin accululations like tumors.

        But just go on judging people and being the troll and schill you want to be, and insult those lesser than you. You have a job and you do it well, and you give the fatties hell.

  9. I’ve heard that the plus side of being obese is Social Security Disability and Medicaid! Those are great incentives to eat as much of the fattening foods as possible and never have to worry about getting a job.

    • Sorry, Lorraine, but I do not buy it. Obese people do not want to be obese, because it hurts a lot. No one picks out fattening food on purpose, and generally the true fattening food is not fat, but processed sugar that accululates in the body, because the cells do not digest it, and it just stays in the fat cells or colon. There are so called fat people that have impacted feces that weighs as much as fifty pounds.

      The other problem is that much of the so called fat is not fat but yeast accumulation, because the diet we eat now grows yeast that, by cell weight, can weigh more than all the human cells. There have been studies of benign tumors that look like white fat, but are giant masses of yeast cells that live like parasites in our body.

  10. I am short and fat. I have an insulin resistance problem and low thyroid. There are other reason people put on weight. I hate being over weight and I have tried everything. nothing works. So all you feeble minded block heads. there are other reason for being fat, and besides eating.

    • princess unless the air or water has a lot of calories the only reason you can get fat is eating more calories than you use up so stop with the excuses. All people that get lost in the wilderness loose a lot of weight and if you watch naked and afraid in 21 days people that aren’t even overweight loose 20 to 30 pounds. I understand society has given fat people all the excuses they need rather than telling them to do something about their weight.

  11. Isn’t it great that today we have excuses for almost everything we either do wrong or too lazy to do anything about. Today we have even have a tremendous amount of reasons for killing other people that are not the fault of the killer.

  12. Exactly!

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