Obama’s True Legacy Will be Rising Crime Rates

In a few years, once we’ve gotten some distance from the disastrous Obama presidency, it will be interesting to see which aspects of his tenure had the most damaging long-term impact. His weakness on terrorism? His signature health insurance legislation? His nuclear deal with Iran? His efforts to welcome illegal immigrants? Any of those things are potential contenders, but soaring crime rates may turn out to be Obama’s true legacy. When this man came into office, American crime was in the middle of a 20-year downturn. But due to his administration’s take on racial justice, those numbers are on the rise again.

It’s not just Obama, mind you. This is a movement that has infected the whole of the Democratic Party. In the wake of Ferguson, Trayvon Martin, and all the other sensationalized cases, our politicians have decided that it’s time to roll back the strict law enforcement policies and stiff penalties that brought crime rates down to begin with. In New York City and elsewhere, city officials are falling all over themselves in an attempt to decriminalize anything short of murder. And according to a new letter from Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s office, other municipalities are being strongly encouraged to follow their example.

First reported by the New York Post, Lynch’s letter warns judges at every level of the judicial system that their courts could lose federal funds if they continue to fine and arrest indigent minorities for minor crimes:

In lieu of fines and jail time, Lynch urges the nation’s 6,500 municipal courts to provide an avenue for offenders to perform “community service” or take advantage of “amnesty days,” whereby outstanding arrest warrants are cleared for nominal fees.

Failure to comply with these policies could trigger a Ferguson-style discrimination investigation. Already, Lynch says she’s “evaluating discrimination complaints against several court systems.”

Lynch’s argument is the same one we’ve been hearing from the social-justice warriors on the left for years. Because minorities are being arrested and fined at disproportionately higher rates than whites, the numbers themselves are evidence of a hopelessly racist system. Rather than delve into the factors that might explain why minorities are breaking the law more often, these leftists want to solve the problem from the other side of the equation. Too many arrests? Well…stop arresting people! What could go wrong?

It’s bad enough that Democrats won’t take responsibility for the immoral, intellectually-bankrupt policies that keep minorities mired in poverty and susceptible to a criminal lifestyle, but now they want to exacerbate the problem by dismantling the rule of law. If there’s a logical reason to believe that this will turn out well, we’d love to hear it.


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  1. 0-bama’s legacy will be equal to that of Jimmy Carters, mixed in with the lies of Bill Clinton, and the cover ups of Joseph Stalin…..

    • Well, since Carter actually ranks rather well on many opinion polls, your opinion seems be a personal one, not supoorted by actual research.

      • “certain opinion polls” Those polls would be Carters direct family members and you….

        Carter WAS the worst president on record, he just got passed by 0-bama.

        My post probably has more upvotes than your Carter opinion poll.

        • Facts are strange things. Carter ranks right between Ford and Reagan in approval ratings. In fact, as to jov approval, he actually ranks higher than Reagan. (Source: Gallup),
          Next time you might want to engage your brain before your mouth/fingers.

          • However, you do not deal in FACTS, you deal in polls and approval ratings….

            They are not FACTS…. It seems your brain has been altered by your handlers to accept polls as facts.

            Carter was weak, America suffered under his administration, now he is not the worst president, 0-bama is…

          • The only WEAK & WORST president is the muslim dictator that is now occupying OUR White House. He is weak because he thinks like a jihadist muslim. Carter would be a wonderful improvement to what we have now & he loved the USA.

          • Carter would not make a good pimple on Reagans butt period but I did like the 15% I got on my CDS for 5 years IRA !!!!!!

          • Facts ARE strange things. I must’ve read different Gallup polls because “O” and Carter seem to be scraping the bottom of this barrel. Carter just beat our the current regime if you turn the graph upside down.

    • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

      Normally I agree with you MAHB001 but on this I disagree greatly! I’m not an Obama fan at all but…

      Warren G. Harding used the US treasury as his personal gambling fund while his gangster friends stole straight from the US treasury depleting the economy in the most direct fashion ever.

      Andrew Johnson brought Reconstruction nearly to halt and did nothing but battle Congress for his entire term.

      Franklin Pierce was the slaver’s marionette expanding territories for the will of the slavers.

      Grant suspended habeas corpus, pushed the natives onto reservations, and was at the helm of one of the most corrupt “Washingtons” in US history.

      Herbert Hoover is the guy who threw fuel to the fires of the Great Depression with poor and combative politics in a time where action was needed…

      All these guys and several others trump Obama and any president we’ve known in the 30-50 years. We’ve had it pretty easy in spite of some conflicts. There was no Great Depression, Civil War, or Trail of Tears that I am aware of… Not yet at least but we do seem to be trending in those directions.

      Teetering on the edge of the razor blade.

      • Thank you for your Service, and thank you for the compliment….

        Only time will tell if you are correct, and to tell you the truth, I hope you are. Because America has recovered from all those Presidents transgressions, with each generation being better off than the one before, regardless of the Criminals actions when they held the office.

        I fear that because of the Liberal Progressive socialistic corruption these days in our Families, MEDIA, Schools, Unions, Both Political parties, Foreign relations, and even our Churches, that America may not recover from 0-bama’s changes.. .

        0-bama has spent more than all his predecessors combined. His intent was not to fix America it was to spend America into oblivion. 0-bama is a true Alinsky Radical and his intent is to collapse Americas Capitalism and instill some sort of socialism/communism in its place. Perhaps the New World Order, perhaps he has delusions of being an Emperor… At this point what difference does it make.

        If we recover from 0-bamas transgressions, your prediction will be right… I pray we recover.

  2. Should also be war monger and crimes against humanity


    • Why do you embarrass America this way?

      Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

      Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

      • You dumb broad……Can’t you do anything but “COPY & PASTE”? Your mammy dropped you on your head as an infant and you haven’t been intelligent since.

  4. It should be blatantly obvious to all but the most willfully blind that the fundamental, identifying characteristic of liberalism is that of obviating, eliminating, belittling, invalidating or simply disobeying the law. Such attitudes and behaviors have consequences, regardless of whether the law which informs of the offense is changed or eliminated to allow the behavior. It is the consequence which is the problem, not the prejudice or discrimination of those who oppose changing the law to allow the behavior. If God did not care, there would be no natural consequences as punishment. AIDS, for example, did not result because of the law which forbade a behavior. AIDS resulted because of the behavior. Accidents result because of excessive speed or carelessness, a behavior, not because the speed limit is posted as a local law. The law is justified because it protects life and accountability.
    The problems caused by liberalism are natural consequences of attitudes and behaviors or policies, not the reactions which may indicate prejudice and discrimination on the part of those who are opposed to the costs of the consequences of those behaviors. Because of the consequences of behaviors, the law was given to identify the behavior which was unjust or offensive. We know that offensive behaviors will occur regardless of whether government legalizes or declares illegal actions which have natural consequences, especially in terms of cost.

    • Good post jdbixii. Logical and oh so true. Left just want it their way only regardless of consequences.

    • I read an article awhile back on gov./UN depopulation. It said that AIDS was manufactured in labs for depopulation of Africa. There are many other disease’s that have been done on purpose. We know that the globalist think there are too many people on earth and I am sure that abortion is another way to depopulate.

    • Sandy Perlmutter

      What drivel! You were obviously Home Skooled by Christian ignoramuses.

  5. Americans Wake Up

    And he is the criminal in most cases. He violates federal law, the Constitution and oversteps Article 10 and violates states rights.

  6. An the BIGGEST FRAUD to the USA CITIZENS an the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE. an most of that will be proven the truth when his records are finally opened up, to just how deep his FRAUDULENT actions are an with how many that are in it with him,

    • When he had his records sealed, ALL Americans should have at that point, known that he would not be honest, just as I knew. The black people still defend him even though he does not identify with them, unless they are rich and are celebrities.

      • THANK YOU, BLESS YOUR HEART an GOD BLESS, it is a shame they only hold out for the color, an not the merit of the person, I will not stick up for any one even family members if the have done wrong an/or bad, an color sure is not the factor, you done wrong you pay for it, but unfortunately many that do right of all colors, do not get noticed or recognized, for it, to many think begin KIND an RIGHT is a WEAKNESS , You have a GREAT DAY

        • You are right. Peace and good health to your and yours!

        • American bigotry. Is it not beautiful to behold?

          Why do you embarrass America this way?

          Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

          Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          • bigotry has been going on since the beginning of time, those that call out others for bigotry, all usually as guilty of it themselves if not more.

          • And that conclusion is based on what research?
            Oh, just your personal opinion?

          • watch the news, an or read the BIBLE . you can read can you ??? then do your research. an it is my personnel opinion an research, thru watching an reading current events. maybe you should try it, instead of copy an pasting the same quote over an over again. you do what you want, an be sure to practice the 1st amendment, I will not stop you, but I will not attach you for what you say, until you attach me for what I say, an I was answering to the article, not your dribble

          • You are one ignorant moron.

      • ?????????????
        Why do you embarrass America this way?

        Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

        Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

      • All personal records, for all American citizens, are sealed.

        Why do you embarrass America this way?
        Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
        Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

    • ???
      Why do you embarrass America this way?

      Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

      Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

      • maybe you should address to whom you are talking to, I try not to embarrass no one, they can pretty much to all right by them selves , but I sure know a few that do an they are very good at it, an they could not tell the truth is you paid them to, which is what we do, but the continue to lie an repeat an repeat ,

        • Rodger……….pay no attention to the AKL, she is just a loud mouthed witch with a capital “B”. She copies and pastes her idiotic ranting because she does not have a brain to put together competent intelligent conversation.

      • YOU AKL……are the embarrassment to America. Your brains are in your rump & you have been sitting so long on your rump……your brain is flat & stupid. That’s the way it is with you libturds….STUPID.

  7. I stopped listening to Obama speech’s, comments etc. in 2010 when the obvious lying was so evident. Now when Fox played them I did pay attentions and it was the same old same old. He talks and talks in riddles and never answers a question, When he comments he lies, he blames and he is so far off from what the people and many politicians believe. Obama is and has been destructive to our country and has gotten away with it, the Democrats should lose in Nov. just to clean up the smell and dirt that has gathered in the past 7.5 years. It is so sad the youth of the country are so uniformed and vote for someone like him or Hillary. Those who would vote for Bernie Sanders are just uneducated.

    • I agree! You can’t believe anything obama says! I can’t stand to
      look at him! When I see him on TV, I reach for the remote and
      change channels! I will be so glad when IT is gone and out of
      our lives FOREVER! Absolutely the WORST we have ever had!

    • Add the lying supporting rinos to who should lose as well. Good post cathy.

    • A lot of us knew that obamy was a big mouthed liar in 2007. Buying gifts for blacks & lord knows what else to get votes. None of them listened to anything that came out of his mouth or reasoned it out. They just liked that he was going to make their lives perfect.

  8. Frankly, Obama has blatantly disregarded securing our borders and has punished the Border Security guards for trying to follow the rule of law. This has resulted in a striking increase in the number of illegals flowing into our country which has, naturally, pushed the crime rate to levels we haven’t seen in years. One would think, given that radical Islamic jihadists are eager to kill us by the millions, a common sense approach to protecting the people of the U.S. would be to secure the borders properly and have an Immigration policy that works. So that honest, hard working citizens like Kate Steinly, a San Francisco native shot dead by an ILLEGAL who’d been deported from the U.S. five times previously for criminal activity and was being protected by leftist politicians in San Francisco, a city known for its providing sanctuary for criminal ILLEGAL aliens. This is nuts and Obama and his dopey democrat party is directly to blame!

    • Done with intent and no thought of consequences. BO is a sociopath. So is his money bag, Soros. And many of his select supporters.

  9. When LBJ began dismantling the rule of law in the ’60s, my father commented that we had entered Reconstruction #2. “It has to get worse before it can get better.” It has certainly gotten worse. Whether anyone can cleanse the Augean Stables now — whether Americans even care how dirty and corrupt our society has become — remains to be seen.

    • Unfortunately, I see no American Hercules on the horizon.

      • And what rivers would our American Hercules divert? The Potomac is the obvious choice, but accomplished without local help. The Ohio, the Missouri and the Mississippi could play their role in the Herculean drama, and I haven’t given up on the Hudson and the Delaware. The Columbia may be out of reach, but the Red Rivers, both North and South, should lend another two tributaries.

  10. by the time this sorry ass is gone and what he has done to this country is being corrected,,, Jimmy Carter will look like another Ronald Reagan compared to this muslim bastard we have now

    • Jimmy did do one good thing. He gave us the right to turn right on Red. It was a gas saving measure. Nobody I know, including me, obeyed his 55 Mph speed limit on the interstates. We thumbed our noses at that.

  11. Probably the democrats will figure out a way to blame the republicans for this rise in crime and as usual the republicans will say nothing.

  12. Joe Arpaio for attorney general! He’d know how to handle this problem. Mollycoddling minorities will only make things worse.

  13. This is a continued effort by this administration to do everything possible to defame this country. Supporting illegal immigration, putting support of a welfare state at the expense of the taxpayer, ruining our relationships with foreign governments, weakening our military and leaving us in financial debt are all part of his legacy.

    • You are right!!!

    • Over and over again, we read about and share our true opinions about the criminal tyrant in the White House. We know all this. So, the current problem is not about Obama.
      It’seems really about us. How much longer will we tolerate? How much longer before we grow the necessary balls and jerk this jerk from office by his ears? I’m sure he delights in our constant complaining while doing nothing. Even the Mexicans had the balls to ro see each up and throw out a dictator. We, on the other hand, sit on our hands. Obviously, we’ve just not yet lost enough to get us out of there complaint stage.

  14. O’muzzie legacy will be the worse in recorded history, He has promoted Racial Diversity at level not seen since
    the Civil rights movement in the 60, Corruption, Lies and Deceit run rampant in his admistration, He has bowed
    and submitted to the will of Foreign despots over the safety and well being of Americans, Under his time in
    office we have seen Islamic Terrorist run rampant in the Middle east and spread across Eruope and the rest
    of the civilized world. Our economy has been in the crapper since he took office and has only worsened.
    Only thru the “Magic” of dysfunctional accounting is the UNEMPLOYMENT numbers issued by the government
    down, when in reality it is at an all time high of between 18% to 50% in some places. We are being invaded
    daily by CRIMINAL ILLEGAL INVADERS from around the world and no effort is made to stem the tide nor
    to remove these INVADERS from our shores. Now he wants to bring over muslims who do not want to
    assimilate and become productive citizen to our nation and expects us to forgo our American way of life
    to accommodate them and their cult ad dysfunctional lifestyle of incest, rape, murder other deviate acts.
    They do not want to follow American law but expect us to tolerate their legal system. This will not work
    and will only result in the same problem we see in Europe and the rest of the world today.
    Yep his legacy will be the biggest and uglest black stain on American history ever and he will be long
    remembered and the Mau Mau Kenyan who was fostered on American as a wannabe despot and never
    a legal nor lawful American Citizens.

    • Yes, you are right on everything you said!!!

      • What is sad about it Brenda is I have not doubt that even more will come out after he

        has left office, unless Hildabeast get in and then we will be in even worse circumstances.

        • Hildabeast cannot hide her record, we know all about it, but blacks, illegals, Muslims and ignorant women will still vote for her, may God forgive them, for ALL of our children and grand children will pay the price for their ignorance,

    • Brings to mind: Baby Doc of Haiti. He took the money and ran.

  15. Obama’s legacy will be infamy in its purest form. His administration has been criminal itself and BO and all his closest advisors are either moslimes or black racists. Those two ideologies are the worst of the worst for this country made up of mostly whites. We are being ruled by the PC crapola of the left and it is time to take back our country. No more sanctuary cities or states, no more open borders, no more moslime invasions, no more increased visas. US legal citizens first and all illegal alien hordes deported. E-verify enforced, businesses who do not comply will be punished severely and cut of the damn welfare spigot to illegal aliens. The moslimes who will not integrate need to be sent back with the deported illegal aliens. And it is time to redo all treaties starting with NAFTA. The many years since that was enacted have proved the Mexican ruling class has been the only part of that country benefiting from that work. The peons are still the peons, exploited. Their working conditions, wages, benefits, living conditions are exactly as they were if not worse. If their own government will not fix their conditions which was the supposition when this hair brained treaty was driven through our congress then it is time to just end it. Then at least if the populations of our south american neighbors want to immigrate there will be work for all including them if they come here legally. Right now all I see is jobs leaving the US, the wages falling because of illegal hordes, the public welfare systems overloaded supporting the new illiterate hordes BO and DHS have intentionally let in to this country unrestricted. They have NOT enforced our laws and have traitorously undermined our constitution. Traitors and moslimes are in our congress, our federal agencies, our government. And they are doing harm to us intentionally. We do not want or accept the New World Order world!!!!!

  16. The only way to stop this is to separate ourselves from the liberal dem bloodsuckers, we don’t have that much time left before the USA is destroyed.





    In an Easter Sunday Survey of women under thirty who are a cross section of married, single and happy couples. Including nurses, police women and Corporate executives 80% were voting for Trump and the 20% who were supporters of Hillary said they were not voting.

    Be still my heart. I no longer listen, trust or consider the crappy media polls rigged to form the result they wish to achieve.


    One Term per Termite.

    The only lobby is in a Trump Hotel.

    Maximum Champaign Contribution is One Peso.

    The people want all their money back.





    First time I ever heard strangers in a doctors office describe Obama as the president who destroyed the USA,

    Then they all cheered TRUMP. They do not want politicians. They like Trump’s agressiveness and TNS attitude.

    They also believe TRUMP will get the bills paid. All hard working people. They hate Obama care as does the doctor.

    Poll Results 80% Patients And Hospital Staff Are For Trump. No One For Cruz. 20% Are For Hillary But Will Vote Trump If Hillary Goes To Jail.

    Subject: Communist Poll Says 62% Of Americans Won’t Vote For Trump

    Communist Poll Says 62% Of Americans Won’t Vote For Trump

    This Poll Was Taken By The Clinton Foundation For Bigger Bribes. All 62 People Are Voting For Clinton. Did You Know That The Largest Champagne Contributor To Hanoi John Kerry’s Campaign Was Mitt Romneys Bain Capital? Check It Out.

    Have You Noticed That The Media Picks And Chooses The News It Wishes The People To Receive? Why Isn’t The Ambush Murder Of Lavoy Finicum Being Covered Rather Than Being Covered Up. Have You Seen The Two Videos? He Wasn’t Going For A Gun. He Was Going For A Gun Shot Wound. His Arms Were Outstretched Christ Like.. The Video Shows No Gun. Only Peaceful Lavoy Being Gunned Down.He Was Shot In The Back By A Guy Who Could Have Tackled Him. Was He Shot In The Face? Before Or After He Was Dead?

    If He Was A Kid In Chicago Shot By 16 Police Officers Chicago Would Be In Flames Right Now. But A 69 Year Old Cowboy Means Nothing To The Party Of Death And It’s Communist Media.

    Back To The BS Polls. My Polls Are Never Wrong. They Are 100% Accurate. Stashu And Wanda Predict The Turnout Will Set A National Record. El Trumpo Will Get 40% Of The Latino Vote. 30% Of The African American Vote 75% Of The Catholic Vote Now That The Pope Called Obama A Shet Head.100% Of The American Vote.

    Anyone Who Stays Home Regardless Of Who They Support Is A Traitor And Cannot Complain About The Outcome They Caused By Not Voting. The Ballot Is Freedom’s Bullet And We Must Vote To Preserve Individual Freedom For All. Whether You Are Conservative Or Communist You Have A God Given Obligation To Strike A Blow For Freedom.

    If Conservatives Band Together To Stop Trump I Am One Foot Out The Door Already. Once That Becomes Obvious. I Join The Spirit Of America Party. Soap. I Want A Clean Feeling.

    On The Plains Of Hesitation Bleach The Bones Of Countless Millions Who Upon The Threshold Of Victory Sat Down And Waited And Waiting They Died.

    This Country Is Yours To Keep Or Lose. Viva El Trumpo, Viva Christo Rey, Vaya Con Te Fiesta. Soap. More Tea Anybody?



  18. Want more lies, fraud, corruption, destruction of our once great, strong, free, respected country, then keep voting for democrats. Your children and grand children will pay the price for your ignorance.

  19. Communism at it’s (almost) best?


  21. This lady doesn’t have a lawful bone in her body!

  22. soldier for liberty

    He is a communist bent on destroying America the communist have eroded 75% of all values and liberties we must rise up ! Your vote is meaningless the system is rigged.

  23. Just about everything he has done has has a negative on the American way of life. His AG’s are just as bad as he is for going along with him.

  24. W
    rong – very – very – very wrong – – OBAMA’s true legacy will be that Tango he danced while Brussels suffered the death and loss of its people. That Tango should be made his legacy – AND – THE WHOLE WORLD SHOULD SEE TO THAT.

  25. Obama’s legacy will be that he was the guy that made Jimmy Carter look like Winston Churchill when comparing the two.

  26. The Rule of Law was dead in our country long before Obama came along. It’s easy to prosecute some brain dead bank robber or drug addict but try to take out a Citibank CEO or Bank of America high ranking official responsible for tens of millions in losses caused by illegal loan policies. It doesn’t happen. We are about to witness the biggest failure in this regard in our nation’s history when AG Lynch under orders from Obama refuses to prosecute Hillary Clinton. Only the FBI Director falling on his sword and threatening to resign and go public can change this lawless dynamic.

  27. After obama leaves office there will be race riots, protesters, civil unrest and just about any kind of lawlessness that he has encouraged during his reign. It will take a long time to reverse the damage obama has done to our country in every aspect of our life. He will be known as the WORST President and a traitor to the country he represented. I say represented as he is NOT an American citizen. He came to the Mainland from Hawaii as a foreign student and never left which makes him an illegal immigrant. If hillary is handed the election by the GOP establishment, we will just become a communist country like Cuba. If Trump becomes President, there will be riots and protesters who will be continued to be paid for by george soros. It will take a long time to get order restored but if hillary is the President, then we will have more riots and civil unrest from the silent majority. God have mercy on our country and I pray for a true conservative in the White House. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

    • Bring out the water cannons and bean bag bullets. We have put down insurrection before and can do it again. Tag them and bag them.

      • I hope we can do it with bean bag bullets and water cannons but I fear it will take the real thing before its over.

  28. How can it be discrimination when you have a community that is 70% black with a 70% black arrest rate? To me, that would mean that the arrest rate is equal to the population. Yet Ferguson police were investigated for discrimination, Makes no sense to me.

  29. It just came out today, Obama has pardoned more criminals than the total of all past 6 presidents combined! This man is purposely trying to destroy this country. American citizens, you had better wake up. He is condoning communism while in Cuba, releasing criminals, refuses to allow the border patrol to do their jobs and deport illegals (many of whom are violent criminals). He is far worse then Bill C or Jimmy C and has succeeded in many ways
    of “transforming” America just as he promised — but not for the better. He wants to destroy us and the stupid
    GOP Congress is impotent.

  30. Obama should have been behind bars a long time ago

  31. Betrays this country and makes it the laughing stock of the world

    Appease terrorist and law breaking illegals and dams us American citizens

    Runs Americans down in foreign countries

    Always blaming others for his own lying disgusting blunders

    Cannot tell the truth as he’s life is built on lies and nothing but lies

    Keeps his life’s secrets under lock and key as he has much corruption to hide

    Has divided this country every since he’s been in charge

    Unfit to be anywhere near the white house, should be in prison he’s a traitor

    Stays on the golf course, even a serious crisis will not take him away

    Spreads his lying BS ever chance he gets and is quite sickening

    Evil flows through his veins, Satan has nothing on him

    Irresponsible and irrational and has no respect for our laws and constantly breaks them

    Narcissist sissified Muslim BOY who hate America

    Opens our southern border up even more to let in terrorist

    Bankrupting this country as he wants to destroy America

    Anti God, America, our Constitution and our military and Israel

    Most disasterous thing to ever happen to America

    Allegiances is for his murdering islamic muslim brotherhood

  32. Ouça a compania vivo esta esquiando e roubando, informações, e dados meu podem mandar prender esses falcatruas e corruptos que estão, afiliados aos gerentes de bancos e prefeitos, e juntos com os que ja forao mencionados anteriormente estou autorizando. A FBI da U.S. e a INTERPOL da U.S. e o CORRONEL do Japão, podem mandar prender todos, os falcatruas e corruptos das companias, da Vivo agora prisão sem direito a fiança. ASSINADO E DECRETADO GOVERNAMENTAL.GENERATION.NELSON NUNES, DA U.S. E TAMBÉM DA CIA EXECUÇÃO CONFIRMADO DA ORDE AGORA.

  33. Think about it …. toss out the guesses, the fabrications, urban myths, bleeding hearts, radical activist and closed minds, and what have you got. The Truth.

    • What have you got then? …a continent of losers, haters,stupid and fascism …Mexico and Canada would both build walls.


  35. Loretta Lynch’s legacy will be a picture of a woman with her head completely surrounded by clouds. Being a muslim herself, she is but a long arm extension of obama’s inept policies that have been crippling our Nation. Get rid of these two “WORST OFFENDERS OF AMERICA’S TRADITIONS AND MORALITIES” and the U.S. will rebound ! Yes, rebound.

    As long as obama can “dig that muslim blade deeper and deeper” into our American hearts, he will thrust it and twist it until he can do maximum damage to Americans and our Country.

    What he and the rest of his totally clueless minions don’t get, is that America is “more” than a Country, it’s a “SPIRIT” that ties us all together!

    Before bho happened upon the scene, all races lived together and worked toward building better futures for our children and ourselves. Blacks, Whites, Asians, Native Americans, etc. worked to make a better world for “everyone”! We followed the rules, respected Faiths, and reached out to anybody in need, no matter the color of their skin. Then Barack Hussein (muslim name ONLY given to muslim sons) obama came on the scene and the races divided into warring factions and demanding dialogs. What did obama bring to our country that wasn’t there before? “H-A’T-E for everything American!”

    If the GOP doesn’t stand strong against bho’s appointment in our Supreme Court, they will let the fox into the chicken coop and our Supreme Court will be full of radical Liberals (the same ones who have already, through their own inability to see the difference between Right and Wrong, elected a non-citizen of the U.S. to our Presidency) and they WILL CHANGE OUR GREAT COUNTRY INTO A NATION OF TRASH THINKERS AND IMMORALISTS.

    Surprised? That has always been obama’s hidden agenda – destroying the MOST POWERFUL NATION ON THIS EARTH — and he began that decline by bowing to the Saudi Arabian King and kissing his ring, an international action of subjugation. That was the First RED Flag America was not being led by a fellow American citizen!

    And the Liberals acted like fools saying he was being respectful. A strong handshake is the sign of respect between equals. A bow on one knee is showing one is more powerful than another.

    And the Liberals yelled, “obama is our first black president ‘- look what he did — he’s amazing!” If they would have looked in their mirrors, they would have seen bho’s face staring back at them, laughing evily at their tiny ignorant minds. He knew this was going to be easy because those he needed to sway this Nation to a diffetent level loved themselves more than they loved this nation…what a piece of cake this was going to be!

    And then Donald Trump entered the Presidential race and “Depends” sold out throughout the Nation, bought by every liberal who voted for the Fraud King of Kenya. But that’s another story…

  36. His legacy will be the rise of ISIS and the death of thousands in Iraq and Syria.

    • Isis came from our sending troops to Iraq and the president who did that and his cronie buddies killed 3,500 Americans at the Trade Centers to get you to approve of our involvement.

  37. Obama and administration are the criminals in this country. Minorities are more likely to commit crimes because they have shown more disrespect for the laws.

  38. She should be impeached or tried for failure to uphold her oath of office. It will never happen to a black democrat under Obama’s watch just as Holder wasn’t held accountable. If Trump is elected, maybe he’ll prosecute since the statute of limitations will not be run out, but I’m beginning to doubt even that.

  39. O’Bamas Legacy should be the same as what is happening to Confederate Heroes statues, – torn down and forgotten. He is a national disgrace from everything he has done to destroy this country.

  40. Dennis B Anderson

    Hey I have heard of jewish pass over and the letting go of a prisoner at this time but you know what? Hey Obama you muzz black SOB go phuck yourself. Theres alot of people out here that want to turn you into nothing but a bad memory. You have no idea what I would like to do with your skank a$$.

    • Sandy Perlmutter

      Hey I have heard you are off your meds!

      • Dennis B Anderson

        Thats right Sandy Perimudd. I quit drinking alcohol and smoking tobacco some 12 years ago the same day. People like you were the reason I drank. From your photo I can tell youre just another ignorant free cheese eater thats on the dole. How many ignorant black children did you produce for the rest of us to feed.? Ill bet you can barely get the hell out of your own way. Im here to tell you there is no more money no matter who you vote for, and I wont be missing the likes of you.


    • 53% job approval, 47% higher than the other modern presidents at the same point in their term, it will rise factoring in Cuba. We elected him twice, and gave him the key to the front door.

  42. Ok, so which non partisan agency, investigators, or law enforcement looks into the criminal activities of Holder, Lynch, and their team of screwball lawyers? No one right, the same group searching for civil rights criminals are themselves the biggest bunch of criminals to hold law enforcement hostage to obstruction of Justice. There must be investigations into all of the executive branch cabinet agencies to expose what we already know.

  43. The national debt going out of sight too.

  44. According to FBI statistics, the U.S. crime rate has been decreasing steadily since about 1991 (http://www.disastercenter.com/crime/uscrime.htm). That decrease has continued during Obama’s presidency.

  45. Hillary loves the bummer because she knows he will parden her

  46. Is anyone really surprised at this? Obama entered the White House with orders from his puppeteer, George Soros, to destroy our Constitutional Republic. Rising crime and chaos in the streets are merely two tactics in the Obama/Soros strategic agenda.

  47. Garbage piled higher and deeper.

    One must be incredibly stupid to believe this feces.

  48. The negro don’t even belong there. As he was NOT legal in the first place and the ENTIRE Congress committed treason against the United States of America!

    Not only that he was a SODOMITE and we were warned about sodomites in OT with Sodomy and Gonorrhea (I think).

    And the world does not put in Negro leaders (if you notice) but we take care of them here, feed and clothe them and even break our laws to make a negro your leader.

    Negroes resent others because they have lighter skin and it BOTHERS them, and unfortunately, makes them useless in any position of authority. Seen it too many times in my lifetime and why Negoes in authority NEVER work out.

  49. He has turned our nation into a pack of Liars which is what the Koran says Muslims should do to further there cause , The company I worked about all my life for lied so bad about the Money I had put into the stock retirement Teaspe Account and finaly but it is still ignored a women oher last day at work called and told me I had been ona list where they would only talk to you on the Phone and them give you a Lie ,She told me what I had been tring to find out every since May of 2000 , When my stock was Lost til about 2007 , but no name and we have became very Corrupt , My Grand mother had one Saying which was “she would rather have a Thief in the House than a Liar “: and she was so right!

    • So, granny made you leave? Sad story.

      • No we grew up on a farm and she was a great baker and cook she lived till she was past 90 , A better Christian than I have been , I got a surprise on day after Grandad had died i offered to take her out to eat , she said that was some thing they never did because they did not think they were that classy !

  50. whiners …

  51. His Legacy will be the worst enemy this Country has ever had period .

  52. h m,you can kiss my MFing ass.you piss ass.

  53. Just love shopping the ammo stores. GOD BLESS the NRA & the 2nd Amendment. The Constitution was signed by many good MEN. Now a muslim is trying to delete it. There are 3 Million + now carrying. It would be a shame if that muslim got in the way of a stray missile.

  54. Not to worry. I’m sure President Asshat is already at work changing statistical data input so the crime rate will actually have dropped during his regime. It’s what he does.

  55. yeah,,,that good factoring in cuba,,,hay put one in HATI AN ONE IN NORTH KAREER,, then people can leave the USA an go get a job,,,,he has lowered the bar so far look who we got running now


  57. Please, enough of the fantasy, they haven’t been the Democ-rat Party for eons, they are the COMMUNIST PARTY USA – mostly in “drag”!

  58. Nigger shootin time..

  59. Honestly, President Jimmy Carter, performed a very important deportation when the Democrats decided to change the Immigration Laws, to include a clause about nationality exclusions of those persons who
    are associated with an organization which is plotting to overthrow America. In 1979, He had All Iranians students already here check in, and then he deported Seven thousand, who were found in violation of their visas, 15,000 Iranians were forced to leave the United States. Now, America has allowed Sharia Law into Our Country, where a woman Muslim Judge was appointed by Obama, where Sharia is NOT COMPATIBLE with US LAWS and the Constitution-IF the Sharia is out and the Muslims do not find the KORAN, Sharia Law, and Hadith full submission, we can live in peace with the US Constitution and the US Laws. Iran would NOT LET in US Laws, nor our Judicial Judeo Legal System of equal rights, liberty, etc. .into Iran. Or other countries.

  60. Just the facts will speak and we will echo them.

  61. Sandy Perlmutter

    The country was founded by liberals who were fleeing and rebelling against conservatives back in Europe. This kind of phony pretend patriotism is a luxury found in those who have inherited without understanding. The sort of ignorant people who think this is a Christian country and should be under Christian Sharia (that would be Cruz, by the way.)

  62. Future 45th President of the United States of America, Mr. Donald John Trump, Sr. Though all the media in length loves to spend much time pinning Mr. Trump up against the wall trying to make him look bad in some ridiculous way!

    DC Madam Deborah Jeane Palfrey has released her Black Book List and Republican incumbent Runner Texas Senator Ted Cruz is positively in it? Don’t feel bad Mr. Cruz, Lover Boy Bill “The Come Back Kid” Clinton was found in her book of sass too! Just hope wifey Heidi is forgiving as Broomstick Skullary has been to pants down Bill for all your infidelities!

    A Ted Cruz-affiliated Super PAC, Keep the Promise, I donated $500,000 to rival Carly Fiorina’s presidential campaign in July 2015. The Washington Post noted that the donation was “unusual” at the time, but Twitter and the National Enquirer claim to have a key piece of context: Cruz was having an affair with Fiorina staffer Sarah Isgur Flores.

    Since the National Enquirer printed their two page article on Lying Ted Cruz’s Infidelity with five different women there is absolutely no media time at all pinning Ted Cruz up? Instead the media takes Cruz’s side of him saying Mr. Trump is most likely behind the article in which The Donald himself denies having any hand in!

    As of to date, Ted Cruz has not had his legal team file a Defamation of Character law suit? Ted Cruz has already vehemently claimed that the National Enquirer article was with any doubt, untrue and a disgrace! Okay Ted, you are a licensed attorney, where is the lawsuit against the National Enquirer Magazine to put these Devil worshipers in their place and prove to everyone you are the Holy Than Thou person you are always preaching to be?

    Not to mention any of the televised media not pinning Ted against the wall for his biggest endorsement fan, Mitt Romney having his anti Trump PAC inserting a nude G.Q. modeling photo of Mr. Trumps wife out into the social media for all to see. Instead the Media attacks Mr. Trump over and over for tweeting facial pictures of Ted’s wife and his wife next to each other saying, “A picture says a thousand words”! The Media is getting pretty desperate when resorting to opposite spinning seeing the obvious differences!

    Also not mention the unethical robo calls against Mr. Trump’s campaign telling any listening Carolinian to vote for Ted Cruz instead of Donald Trump while running in the South Carolina Primary? Where is the interrogating Media when all this was going on? If The Donald had done this unethical Robo calling scheme, the Media would had extra strength crosses ready made for his Crucifixion!

    Also not to mention Ted Cruz’s Campaign Manager and Staffers committing voters fraud against Republican Incumbent Runner Dr. Ben Carson in the Iowa Primary. Yet, Ted Cruz in an recent televised interview said without any reservation he would fire his own Campaign Manager for what is being spun in the media about Mr. Trumps Campaign Manager incident! But fact checking reveals that Ted Cruz did not fire his Campaign Manager or any Staffer for a proven unethical voters fraud during the Iowa Primary? This is why Cruz is genuinely labeled, LYING TED!

    As far as the whole Abortion issue with Mr. Trump, the televised and Social Media are only doing what they always do, top spin and open fire with bazookas on The Donald to drawl blood hoping somehow he bleeds out! You can’t hurt someone when your artillery is always shooting duds of robotic twists and deceitful lies!

    The Big Cigar puffing, liqueur guzzling liberal media Moguls, GOP elites and Billionaire Socialist Commie George Soros do not want Future 45th President of the United States of America, Mr. Donald John Trump, Sr. to be the Republican Incumbent winner and have ventured in length by political incorrectness of unethical twists in hopes of somehow damaging and crippling The Donald’s Campaign!

    The people will prevail at the polls and make this election about their family wants and strongly rebuke the Liberal Media, Party elites and the Billionaire Socialist Commies like George Soros who have ruled and literally ruin this Nations Patriotic Constitutional entitlements of their Freedoms and Liberties!

    SO BE IT


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