Obama’s Strange Take on Political Polarization

President Obama hasn’t had much to say about the 2016 election, but he used his time in front of the United Nations last week to take some thinly-veiled shots at the Republicans. “We see greater polarization, more frequent gridlock; movements on the far right, and sometimes the left, that insist on stopping the trade that binds our fates to other nations, calling for the building of walls to keep out immigrants,” he said.

Sometimes the left? This is Obama’s weak attempt to make it sound like he’s not up there delivering a political stump speech, but you can’t find too many Democrats calling for a wall at the Mexican border. In fact, you could even make the case that Obama was taking a direct shot at Republican frontrunner Donald Trump, the only candidate who has built his campaign around said wall.

Obama wasn’t finished, though. Apparently having already forgotten his admonition on polarization, he launched into a broad attack on conservatives. “Most ominously,” he said, “we see the fears of ordinary people being exploited through appeals to sectarianism, or tribalism, or racism, or anti-Semitism; appeals to a glorious past before the body politic was infected by those who look different, or worship God differently; a politics of us versus them.”

All right. Let’s think about this exploitation of fear. If you live in a community infested with grizzly bears, are you giving in to bearphobia if you build a fence around your property? If a country threatens to destroy you, are you xenophobic for taking economic and military precautions? If a religion is based on principles that are inherently violent, antisemitic, and backwards, are you a bad person for pointing this out?

This isn’t the first time Republicans have been accused of exploiting fear for votes, and it’s as hollow now as it ever has been. There are some fears worth having, and there are troubling issues facing the United States that need to be addressed. The liberal answer to all of this is to simply pretend that these issues don’t exist. To tell the world that a daily influx of illegal immigrants and Muslim refugees is a good thing for America. And that anyone who believes otherwise – regardless of the facts – is a racist.

This approach to politics would be bad enough on its own, but when the president then has the gall to lament the state of polarization in America…it’s just too much to take. What do you think is going to happen when you accuse half the population of holding backwards, racist views without any evidence to support your assertion? Of course it’s going to lead to polarization. If you’re so concerned about it, be the change you want to see, Mr. Obama. Address ideas you don’t agree with using substance and logic rather than emotion and name-calling.

But no, he doesn’t do that. Why? Because obviously – as disgusting as it is – this strategy works. And when you have 95% of the media parroting your liberal talking points, it’s a lot easier to convince voters that you’re right.

But things are changing. Americans are getting their news from a variety of sources, not all of which have been tainted with obvious liberal bias. We have the hard numbers that show us how much illegal immigration is costing the country. We see the violent stories the mainstream media chooses not to cover. We know the true history of Islam and how it teaches a philosophy utterly incompatible with American values.

Call us what you want, Mr. President. Our resolve comes from being right.

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  1. 0bama’s actions are the modern day definition of political polarization.

    Nobody is more divisive than 0bama and his liberal cronies.

  2. A natural born American

    Sounds to me like obama was describing himself to a ‘T’ with all that divisive ‘fear mongering’ gibberish.

  3. this dude is getting stranger by the day , watching this guy reading like 2 nd grader, / no teleprompter ,/is not a pretty picture , man is totally incompetent , remove him , before he starts WORLD WAR III

  4. Obama has always been focused on bringing America down. He has done a pretty good job i’d say. With half the nation being ignorant to what is going on , mainly because they don’t even care. The failure of Congress to stop anything Obama has done and is doing we will soon become more like a third world country. By the way he is selling us out to become part of a one world government.

    • Agree on the “one world order” of which he must envision himself as the almighty leader of such. Obama has run to the UN on every issue that has been opposed by Congress and the American people. What we do as a country is none of the UN’s business but poor weak Obama acts like a spoiled little brat when he does not get his way. Pitiful!

      • Great comment. I’ve been saying the same things about obama being a spoiled brat and that is exactly what he is. I don’t believe anyone has ever said no to him in his life.

        • he found that out in his first few weeks.

        • 1PierreMontagne1

          Actually Alan West has called Obama a spoiled brat and a pathological liar, on more than one occasion.
          Obama took special notice to ensure West was not re-elected.

          • He is absolutely correct. I’ve been calling obama a smug, arrogant, gay muslim, communist and sociopath for a long time and he is all those things.

      • There is no reason why the UN is on US soil except that the UN was Eleanor Roosevelt’s idea It needs to move to another country

      • It is strange that more people don’t understand that the ‘American Way’ is what has made our country the place others run to. They don’t realize (and especially Obama) that changing the USA will just reduce it to the other places they are all running from!

    • That was the change he campaigned on, but nobody was really listening.

      • You’re right. Everything he says has a double meaning so you really have to listen to what he is saying. I can’t stand to listen to him or look at him anymore so I just ignore him as much as possible.

        • I never could stand him from the start. As a military brat, when you move around a lot, you learn to pick up signals from people as to who you could trust or not. He was one of those that I didn’t trust on anything he said.

          • I had the same feeling about him. It’s like seeing a beautiful poinsonous snake but you know it’s dangerous so you steer clear of it. That is my description of obama. He’s not what he claims to be but just the opposite and our worst enemy.

          • According to the Muslims, he is going to bring the fall of Christianity.

          • He sure is trying very hard to stamp out Christianity. Schools are now teaching islam but of course God cannot be mentioned. I would rather be dead than be a muslim.

          • That’s what I’ve said. The ACLU bans anything to do with Christians. We all have to say enough is enough, and stand up for ourselves.

          • It is time to stand up and take our country back. Time to lock and load.

          • I’m with you on that one!!!!

        • Not double meaning….he quotes Alinsky and Marx in every speech

          • Yes he does but most people don’t pay attention to that part and we will all suffer for that.

          • The only people who refute that fact are those who are ignorant of the writings of Marx and Alinsky and those who choose to be ignorant. Hillbillery does the same thing with quoting her hero (and subject of her thesis) Alinsky

          • Yes, I understand that was her thesis in college. So she has always been a socialist in sheeps clothing. She is not a very subtle person and has no personality. And obama is the one who sicced the FBI on her about her emails. They are two of a kind and both should spend the rest of their lives in Leavenworth for their traitorous acts.

    • “We can’t drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times,” he said.” Then he boarded Air Force One to jet off to his next golf game.

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      • Don’t forget moochie’s 3,000 cal. lunches and living in lux in the WH including a personal chef. AF 1, the chopper, the “beast”suv and moochie’s world tours on AF1….and enough electricity to waste lighting up the WH in rainbow colors

    • We can thank congress mostly for that. Vote the traitors out.

    • I would like to add to your post, but you pretty much covered it all…

    • Both parties are now under the same control that 0bama is under. Congress is now complacent to the new agenda which means this government is no longer, of the people and for the people.

      The government is now for the CONTROL of the people,

      • The facts are that Obama isn’t being controlled by the government. If that were true we would not have open boarders or deals being made with Iran or deals being made with the UN. His arrogance with the help of executive orders trumps anything the governent has offered or tried to pass. I will agree the goverment is not working for the people. In fact the government ,except for spendinng billions is doing nothing for the people. Oh well I guess they are helping the LGBT and Muslim movement. Can’t niss that.

        • agreed, 0bama is not being controlled by the government… More important, the government is no longer controlled by the people,

          whomever it is that 0bama bows down to is now in control of both political parties, the media, schools, unions, courts, and more.

          The enemy is within….

          We were a nation of laws, 0bama no longer follows the laws.

          • I believe there is big money controlling an agenda that isn’t about bringing America back to somthing we can be proud of. The rumours are out there but kept as a very big secret. I also think in the end it will destroy us as a sovereign nation. Myself, I am a conservative Christian with the hope of better things a comin. God bless you ny friend.

          • God bless you my friend.

            The moral majority can no longer sit on the sidelines. Keep spreading the word, and sanity will prevail..

            always the optimist…

    • An exposure our friend unreality chick doesn’t seem to understand or at least won’t admit.

  5. This is the fear that most of our Founding Fathers harbored. Giving the vote to the populace would lead to “gimme” voters, ignorant fools voting for anyone who would promise more.
    The Founding Fathers limited voting (and I’m NOT advocating limiting by race, etc.) to those who should “care” – the “landed” as they were termed – because this could be a reachable goal by anyone, not limited to just a few.
    They also wisely set up the election of the Presidency to not be a popularity contest, but by a board of electors (not sure if right nomenclature), of which we’ve literally made a mess of, twisting it in many ways.
    3rdly, it’s been a VERY recent Amendment that changed electing Senators to the general populace. They were to be elected by the States’ legislatures. Check it out. The reason was that the Senators were to be “for the States” – above the general populace – while the House was direct representation.
    Now throw in 18 year olds voting.
    Changes for the better?

  6. We are past the place where we can coexist with the liberal dem bloodsuckers.
    We must effect partition of the USA and physically separate ourselves from these ersatz life forms, it is the only way to prevent civil war

  7. Cherie Lynn Davis

    I wonder how all those who voted for “O” the first time around feel after finding out that he wasn’t going to pay their mortgages and buy their gas as he promised? He did give away a lot of freebies but they were mostly crumbs to satisfy them for the nonce. Just enough for survival and nowhere near enough to compensate for what they gave up for selling their souls. The loss of pride, self-respect and hope will leave them floundering in a sea of despair for decades and some will never escape the plantation. The modern-day bondage being imposed upon them by Progressives is cleverly veiled in false benevolence and deceit. They would do well to listen to Dr. Carson’s message in this regard.

    • Francisco Machado

      Progressivism is a religion promising a future utopia, and utopia exists only in a promise – never a present reality. There exists a broad polarization in people not content with their present condition: the “builders” who work to improve circumstances for themselves and those who work with them and those who work to compel the builders, at their expense, to improve it for those who neither build nor help. The Progressives find it convenient to recruit the support of those, maintain their dependent status – indeed, even to increase the ranks of those dependent upon them by making hiring more complex and expensive, by piling regulations on startup businesses. Denial of the incontestable law, that you get more of what you reward and less of what you punish, permits them to deny the inevitable result. It is essential to their success, and acquisition of totalitarian power is that success. It is born of the very failure that insures its existence.

      • Cherie Lynn Davis

        A cruel religion that literally sucks the life from those who can be easily misled and a very effective hindrance to those who are trying to get around their warped thought processes and their quest for power.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Wait until the little halfbreed bastard is finished with the VA! At one time, as a disabled Vietnam vet, I was getting $1379.00 monthly. Now…..(and this is not a joke people), I receive $1.33 each month!! Doesn’t that rock your world? The government needs it to house, feed and train all those refugees coming, the “private army” of his for when he declares martial law!! LAUGH NOW, SUFFER LATER !!!

      • Not surprising, he is robbing the VA to support and care for illegal aliens and this other bunch of muslim refugees. So sorry to actually hear how ugly this is for you and your fellow disabled soldiers. This is beyond horrible, it is traitorous and yet the McCain, Flakey, Graham, Rubio, etc rinos sit and let this happen. Of course McCain claims to care but whose watch is this injustice happening on? Vote all the SOBs out. If no conservative will run against McCain then we may as well give his seat to the dem running for it. It would not be worse, since this fake republican has voted and approved everything BO has rammed through the senate. There it is, get a conservative to challenge him, or you have lost the seat anyway for the GOP. What difference between a rino or a dem? I believe in term limits anyway. Turn em all out regularly.

        • I am sorry to say that in 2008, I held my nose and brought a puke bag with me, just in case, and voted for the Cain/Palin ticket be cause I had a sneaking suspicion that Mr Obama’s resume was lacking in any real leadership

        • Like I have posted before, we need to make it where congress stays in for a six year one time term(@ minimum wage, of course), cut their lavish healthcare back and make them have obummacare as their insurance. As for obummer, fire him, cut his security and great taxpayer benefits that he is GOING to receive and be the hell done with it already.

      • Your comment begs answers to certain questions, but this is not the forum for that type of discussion. I don’t know if a) why your benefits check was reduced? b) you appealed the reduction?, and c) are you represented?. I would suggest that you contact one of the service organization, VFW, American Legion, or Disabled American Veterans for representation to deal with the VA. The is a free service. The reason I recommend this service is that they know how to deal with the paper work b.s. of the VA and what to say an what not to say on the forms you submit.

      • Cherie Lynn Davis

        Don’t worry, Michael. No one is laughing and I honestly don’t know how he is getting away with defunding the VA to pay for his illegal onslaught. I personally want to thank you for your service. Everyone owes our Vets so much and they should be the first in line for appreciation and benefits. It is a disgusting display of disrespect that “O” is showing to our veterans, whether they be disabled or otherwise!!

    • Michael Dennewitz

      And I hope the little halfbreed faggot shove it up their asses really well too!!

  8. Was he looking in a mirror when he made these statements? He just described himself perfectly!

  9. I wouldn’t expect anything less than this from Mr Obama.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      It’s disgusting that you or anyone would refer to the little halfbreed bastard as a “Mr.” Damned the little faggot!!!

      • Thar’s a good question you ask about the “Change for better?” Much to my chagrin he was elected twice and therefore is the duly elected President. To bring in race or sexual orientation is totally out of line and to suggest assassination puts you on thin ice and is way over the top. If you are that unhappy with him then use the legal not lethal methods to have him removed from office.

        I refer to him as Mr Obama it is a title he receives by virtue of being duly elected to the Presidency of the U. S.. The upside is he will be gone on January 20th, 2017.
        I would suggest that you tone down your rhetoric about him and at least be respectful of the office he holds but not necessarily the individual, which that is your choice. You may also consider leaving out any reference to his wife since she has no official capacity, I offer these suggestions as food for thought for you, for as the old adage goes you attract more bees with honey than with vinegar.

        • Not in this case, Marine Mike, it’s gone far beyond any “respect” for his “duly elected” office;
          he and his union thugs stole both elections in the big cities of the blue states, and anyone with a functioning brain knows this. He should have been arrested for treason in his 1st term, or surely his 2nd.

          • True Dat…he should be watching the building of the MILLION DOLLAR PRISONER SOCCER FIELD IN GITMO…..awaiting his neck-tie-party.

      • Here’s a quote that is most applicable to our current situation in the US.

        “The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a
        citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the presidency. It will be
        easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the
        necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to
        have such a man for their president.

        The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere
        symptom of what ails us. Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind
        anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince.

        The republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It
        is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their

        ~Author Unknown~



        • Cherie Lynn Davis

          The problem started with our schools, A large contingent of Progressives gradually ensconced themselves into most of our teaching institutions and quickly turned their agenda into textbooks filled with indoctrination. Most of those who were indoctrinated, voted for Obama because the history of our Country had been eliminated in public schools, and sadly, they couldn’t differentiate between freedom and socialism. These kids have no knowledge of the importance of the Constitution or what was sacrificed to obtain it and that is just the way Progressives want it. Good little boys and girls who are so brainwashed they haven’t a clue regarding anything but what they have been taught in schools across the Country. Until this trend is disbanded and our kids are informed of our Nation’s history, none of it is going to change. It started in our schools and will have to end there as well. The future of our Nation lies with our youth and we’d all better get a grip on the problem and teach them ourselves, if necessary.

  10. Francisco Machado

    Polarity only exists when there are opposing poles. Those Progressives accusing others of it should stand before a mirror when they do their finger pointing. Almost without exception it is they who have introduced the issue over which the polarization was created. The recent confederate flag issue is an example – building a fire under an issue over which a rather low key non-combatant disagreement already existed. The tactic is an old and effective one: Keep your potential opponents at each other and they won’t attack you, may even ally themselves with you against the created opponent.

  11. Barack Obama defines the term “hypocrisy.”

  12. “or anti-Semitism”….Are you kidding me? The hypocrisy is astounding, especially after the Nuke deal, and the U.N.’s history of voting down Israel.

  13. Michael Dennewitz

    Wish a good sniper would take that little queer nigger out !!!

  14. Michael Dennewitz

    It makes me want to PUKE every time someone refers to that asshole as president! It and its husband moosechelle are two faggots occupying OUR white house !!!

  15. Figures he would say this in the UN. He is such a traitor. Anyone got the days left countdown?

  16. the whole lot of them are s**t….. if just a little meteor zoomed through the capital dome on a full session we’d be saved from our enemies.of course the other problem is the imbeciles who are voting these anti american radicals in over and over like the feinstein’s,pelosi,jackson,waters,McCain on and on .. bloated over fed,schemers who enrich themselves instantly,their pay and medical are better than the Royals ffs, it is so out of hand now that nobody gives 2 flying turds it seems.. well im Red WHITE and Blue,so **** them

  17. This is only more proof of his Muslim/Marxist agenda to bring the US into the 3rd world or corruption and tyranny under the commie-related UN umbrella. He should have been impeached or arrested 5 or 6 years ago, but for the spineless complicity of the GOP Congress! Vote Trump-Cruz in 2016 and return the nation to its former status as a world leader and beacon of freedom!

  18. I thought the other two arms of the government were to hold el presidente in check, as each is equal to the other. Then if that is indeed the case, why isn’t obamalinsky being stopped?

    • Note skin color…..and good ole Affirmative Action.

      • Right! … I forgot. A most dangerous choice for our politicians … they are endangering the whole of the American people, a lot of those are colored too! And screw affirmative action! That’s been a dangerous program as well.

    • Duh.
      Because he isn’t doing anything that needs stopping.

      this “article” all about making you voters upset about something that is not real.
      Then your going to say the GOP are Obama puppets.

      of course then you have no facts to support that.
      The GOP controlled House has passed NOTHING since 2010.
      they have set new records for inactivity in the House.

      • You’re such an f’n nutjob. Why don’t you do a little research about the Russians and the N. Koreans and the Iranian bastidges getting ready to explode an EMP over America which will send us back to the stone ages. You idiot, do you ever question that muslim in the WH? You think so much of the jackass, why don’t you ask him AND hellory WHY THEY REFUSED TO UPDATE OUR ELECTRICAL GRID? Huh? Ask them … or research it. Moron. You’d kiss obamalinsky’s backsides until hell froze over just so you could be an obamabot.

        • But posting a link was to intellectual for you ?
          why do they refuse to update the Grid?

          because the GOP block infrastructure bills, DUH

          • Duh! You really are an ignoid, aren’t you? If I were to post all of the links to articles by really intelligent insiders that I’ve read, I would be doing nothing but posting. Try looking this stuff up for yourself. It’s all over the place about the Russians flying 50 miles off our coastlines – what do you suppose they’re doing?

            There’s more on the net about the EMP … Russia, N. Korea and China ALL are capable. Now, thanks to obamalinsky, Iran won’t be far behind. SO, SMARTASS, how do YOU think they’re going to beat us? IT WON’T BE BY MILITARY! It’s going to be so easy to put us in the dark for years! Can you understand what that will do to the American citizens? If everything is shut down how do you expect us to defend ourselves, let alone take care of ourselves and our families and keep them safe?

            You’re an idiot; you’ll be one of those maniacs trying to beat somebody else’s door down so you can get water and food, IF you survive the riots..

        • “You’d kiss obamalinsky’s backsides until hell froze over just so you could be an obamabot.”

          you fools really need to get over this shit.
          Obama has plenty of issues. he is no where near liberal enough.

          you low info humans seem obsessed with “leader worship”
          I really didn’t care which Dem wins the WH.

          you don’t seem to understand the political system.

          • I “don’t seem to understand the political system.:”? That’s an ignorant, stupid and assinine statement, but I wouldn’t expect anything else from the likes of you. Your problem is that I understand very well the political system. it’s a bunch of rich elites that want to rule the world and will do anything to make it happen. BUT, FIRST THEY HAVE TO DESTROY AMERICA AND ISRAEL because we are the only two countries that stand for freedom and democracy! Your “leader” is foot and mouth in league with them. He was groomed for this presidency; if the American public had been told the truth about him instead of a pack of lies, he would NEVER have been president.

            If you were smart enough to figure that out, you wouldn’t be a lefty liberal lunatic lugnut that swallows everything your pied piper pukes out.

  19. Would you expect anything else from the Muslim-Marxist jihadist? If he had the same vitriol towards our enemies as he shows towards the Republicans then we would be much safer but then I have forgotten that the Republicans are his only enemies along with the Tea Party! If you really want to discover this communist’s rearing along with a plethora of other communists in this regime as well in the senate and congress then I suggest you do the following to realize how many communists we have or have had in high positions of this regime! Leon Penneta was just one identified!
    I recommend that you listen to the three radio programs below, LoudonClear on the TK Radio Network ! I listened to the Sept 26 show and wasn’t the least bit surprised to hear about all the communist ties that this current regime is linked! I have been shouting this to one and all but I know most of you disregard my assertions; well, here is your chance to hear how my claim that a communist takeover has taken place! I surmise that most of you will not have enough interest to devote the three hours of time to discover the truth! I plan on listening to the other two at different times. You need to have quite and pay attention as there is so much damning, dastardly detailed information that should alarm you to say the least! The tragedy is that if all of the country were to be informed on this information then we would be able to save the country but most people have become sheeple and that is why the communist takeover was a success. You can be sure that a life of misery, squalor and servitude awaits “US” in the very near future unless these Godless communist bastards are not stopped!

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  21. Hey! Google star job, stick it where the sun doesn’t shine and where your job hurts the most.

  22. It is so patently obvious that the Manchurian President is grasping for some “emergency” pretext to remain in office, and for some excuse to disarm the people so that he do so. The regime may very well be behind these shootings, and the speed with which, as after the shootings on television by the gay black assailant (with whom the Oregon shooter appears to be connected), his Democrat campaign speech was delivered, a packaged campaign was begun on the cooperative media and families of shooting victims who just happened to be down-the-line Obama supporters were trotted out to blame the Republicans for the tragedy suggests that there is a plan for such things within the bowels of the regime.

    • “It is so patently obvious that the Manchurian President is grasping for some “emergency” pretext to remain in office,”

      It is so patently obvious that you are an out of touch conspiracy NUT.

      Has ANYTHING you silly cons have predicted, EVER come true?

  23. The high gun sales under its presidency make it quite clear that the polarization may NOT be just political. Semper Fi!

  24. …..

  25. Dennis B Anderson

    Illegals should be qualified for Obama Care? Oh really whos going to pay for it? You are and I just had my medicare taken away from me. I have a hearing on the 15th of October I never knew I wasnt covered until I tried to use medicare for lasar surgery.
    We have laws on the books just because Obama is responsible for everything thats happened the last 6 years and not firing a bullet. Hes started a war within the USA and its a race war he hopes all the peoples of the world that are colored will join in.
    Has your questions about the FEMA camps been answered? Why hasnt the muslim camps been dismantled? You know what they did on Ruby Ridge, David Karesh? What do you think is going to happen next? Everytime a shooting happens this igger president we have in the white house is all over it wanting to take your guns because of someone elses actions. Its amazing give you people a light and you will follow it anywhere. What are you going to do when they cut off food stamps because its going to happen if you dont jail this muslim terrorist thats running our country into the ground.

  26. America has no no real President for seven years now, just the worst fool to ever enter the doors of the white house and cause the worst destruction to America there has ever been.

  27. America, you elected the enemy to live in our White House and lead the nation into the ground-congrats to all the ignorant morons, which encompasses about 52% of the voting public. Enjoy your new life in the 3rd World of misery, corruption, crime, disease, poverty, and hopelessness-you deserve it!

  28. “I believe we have a deficit of moral courage in the United States Congress. We have many learned individuals who know what is right but have not the courage to stand against the moral corruption that is now attempting to undermine our republic.”

    —Dr. Tom Coburn, Republican candidate for Oklahoma’s Senate seat

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