Obama’s Strange Message To Liberals

During a campaign rally in Pittsburgh, former President Barack Obama said that this was not a moment for “sulking and moping” and that this was the moment to go out and vote on Tuesday so that the country does not get backward by 50 years.

Later in the day during a campaign rally in Philadelphia, Obama and President Joe Biden appeared on stage together and campaigned together for the first time since Biden took office.

Pennsylvania’s Senate race between Lt. Gov. John Fetterman and Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz is expected to be a key race for determining which of the two parties is going to have control of the upper chamber of Congress. Currently, Fetterman is leading the polls with 45 percent, compared to Oz’s 42 percent.
Oz has been trying to portray himself as a moderate in an attempt to gain more support. Meanwhile, Fetterman suffered from a stroke recently which greatly impaired his abilities during last month’s debate.

This was because Fetterman has been struggling with auditory processing issues and clear speaking ever since his stroke.

Fetterman said that he would be the 51st vote needed to eliminate the filibuster. This would allow them to increase the minimum wage.

Biden’s speech similarly talked about how a Republican-led Congress would take away abortion rights and access and would eliminate Social Security and Medicare.

Fetterman also said that Oz should be sent back to New Jersey. He also noted that he has lived in Pennsylvania a lot longer than Oz had.

According to a FOX News poll, Democrat gubernatorial candidate Josh Shapiro leads with 53 percent compared to Republican Doug Mastriano’s 37 percent.

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  1. The people of Pa. Cannot believe that the Democratic Party candidates are not telling them the truth of what will happened They were not told the truth in the first 18 months of this administration do the expect it to change if they elect the same party again. It’s time for a change to the Republican party.

    • I hate to say it, Bill, but the fix is already in. As long as they’re using Smartmatic machines and/or Dominion software it’s over. Those machines are connected via internet or Ethernet and can be reprogrammed relatively quick. They can be programmed back to original specs just as quickly in case there is an audit.
      During this election cycle, the dems have been crying ‘conservatives will destroy our democracy!’ This tactic is right out of their playbook, Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. “Always accuse your opponent of exactly what you are doing”
      If they retain the House and gain a majority in the Senate, the U.S. is toast. They will abolish the Constitution and give the middle finger to the Supreme Court. Put Christians and conservatives in internment camps, possibly even gas chambers just like Nazi Germany. Some conservatives will try and fight but not enough to make a difference. The rest will just accept their fate. They will hide behind their religion and denounce violence not realizing that God gave us the Founding Fathers which intern gave us the 2nd Amendment for putting down a tyrannical government. God also gave us ‘free will’ but unfortunately he also gave it to democrats. Evil is their will.
      At some point, they will crown Newsome or Obama dictator. The USA falls and Soros’s New World Order takes over.
      I pray I’m wrong but fear the other.
      God, please help us!

      • And yet the residents of Pennsylvania still does nothing !!! The liberals however always goes out threatening and riot whenever things don’t go their indoctrinated way.

      • The byden is already talking about blocking the 2024 election cycle and just declaring himself as the new ruler over the country

  2. The people of Pennsylvania are really messed up. They will help destroy this country. This is extremely sad that human beings so desperately want to murder innocent babies and actually believe Republicans want to take away social security and Medicare. Astounding sad.

    • The liberal base has been indoctrinated (programmed) since pre-school. They aren’t capable of comprehending what their really doing,while the conservatives are just too lazy and have become weak and timid to unite and TAKE any physical stand In fear of another capital riot hoax senerio created against them.

  3. Wow, you’re really paranoid. Too much Trump punch, I guess? 🤣

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