Obama’s School Lunch Program is Backfiring Badly

Americans don’t like to be told what to do. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the mindset of a teenager, that age bracket most known for the rebellious spirit that often accompanies puberty. But while teen rebellion usually settles down once the hormones do, the truth is that this country was founded on a rebellious spirit. Rebellion led the first pilgrims to seek out better opportunities across the ocean, and it led their descendants to declare independence from the strong arm of Great Britain. That rebellious spirit may not be as strong in today’s America, but there is still plenty of it left.

And that’s why Michelle Obama’s school lunch initiative was doomed to fail from the beginning. The federal government is going to sweep in and tell teenagers what they have to eat? Okay. Good luck with that. The arrogance and naivety behind such a movement betrays the fact that Sasha and Malia were raised in a pampered environment that bears little resemblance to real America. And it misses the fact that Americans, even all these years after the Revolution, still don’t like being told what to do.

The latest story against the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act comes out of upstate New York, where schools are starting to realize just how much food is going to waste. “We throw away a ton of food,” said Ella Mae Fenlong, the director of Canton Central School Food Service. “If we cut up 20 pounds of cucumbers, we guess that 17 pounds get thrown away.”

Her concerns are echoed by other New York school districts that have seen their school lunch participation rates decline while purchase costs grow or remain the same. And their experiences match those of schools across the country, where more food is winding up in the dumpsters than in the bellies of the students.

And it’s a shame, for more than one reason. The truth is that we have a serious issue with obesity in this country, and Michelle Obama is right on target when she points at children as the most logical starting point. But by turning it into a political issue, using it to give the federal government a bigger stake in local education, and by attempting to force kids into a healthier style of eating, she may have single-handedly pushed the obesity fight back two decades.

Americans don’t need the federal government to mandate healthier lifestyle choices. It’s contrary to the spirit of freedom, and it rankles those Americans who want to see Washington’s influence shrink away from the states. We are descended from the men who stood up to British rule, fought against ethnic cleansing and power-mad dictatorships, and transformed a nation from humble beginnings into the most powerful force on Earth in record time. And the president’s wife is going to tell our children what they have to eat?

Sorry, but any student of history could have seen this failure coming from a mile away. That it even made it this far, though, is a sign that we are slowly losing our country to the evils of liberalism.




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  1. That’s not backfire… that’s 0bama and his Man-Wife letting farts again ……..

    • Why does that hermaphrodite think it can tell schools what to feed their kids ‘there should be a rule written in to law stating the FIRST lady [hahaha that’s funny ] has no say in what the american people can and cannot do ‘it;s bad enough we have to listen to her husbands lies why do we have to put up with her shit too.

      • In reality she doesn’t, she is as arrogant as he is, even asked for a Pay check because she puts in time on these affairs. Well she wasn’t elected and if she doesn’t want to do all this butting into the lives of us “common ” people , she can Be my guest and quit, the whole country would be better off, and the school districts would save a lot of money, just going back to what it was.

    • And then they blame the dog for the odor.


    • Excuse me Old Ga Dawg, but, you spelled butt with one “T”. Only reason I bring this up is, You cannot use only one T for Meeshall’s butt. You need at least ten because of it’s size. Get me?? Yes, both of the “RACIST” people should GO. NOW. They are the “WORST” thing to EVER happen to OUR country. PERIOD. I hope it never happens again. I like Ben Carson for President but I am afraid to vote for him and it’s because he is black. Love the guy, just worried. Obama has done this to me. He is the worst thing that has happened to blacks also. The smart ones and there are many of them, know this. I didn’t vote for Obama but it wasn’t because he is black. Ben Carson is a billion times better person, I won’t say man because I don’t feel Obama is a man, better person than Obama. So, that’s what happened because of Barry Soetoro Hussen being such a Punk ASS Bitch and LOOSER.

  3. Surprise! Surprise! Another Obozo program backfires like all their others.

  4. Time to get these two charlatans out of the country. Obamacare passed because the idiots who voted for it have no idea what it contains. AND what are those 2 Obama kids eating for lunch??? Surely not the crap mommy advocates for others…………..

    • Perhaps now that the Senate and House are controlled by the republicans if they grow balls they can flush Obamacare. I did not think any president could be worse than Jimmy Carter but Obama proved me wrong.
      If you folks think Obama is horrid now, see what he has up his sleeves for the next two years.
      I hope it gets so bad that those iditiots that voted for him will realize the mistake they made.

  5. What you learned in the jungles of Chicago might not provide the credentials to being a self-proclaimed (or is it annointed) public school lunch room nutritionist. I understand she has already employed (with our tax money) a lunch room menu tzar to help her pull her feet out of her big mouth.

  6. Obama is the ENEMY of We the People loyal to the United States Constitution. A FACT of LIFE.


      • After reading all I could obtain on Obama and those supporting him it is my opinion Obama is a radical communist Kenyan born Muslim who HATES We the People loyal to the United States Constitution. Obama has been caught on an open mic saying Americans are SCUM.

        The same Brotherhood of Darkness that placed Adolph Hitler into power in Germany are supporting Obama today. Obama is repeating Hitler’s tactics right here in America. Read the history of 1930s Germany compare it to America today.

  7. What Chewbacca has not taken into consideration is that perhaps the largest contributor to obesity in this country is the TV, computers, and video games. Our children don’t get out and exercise the way earlier generations did – and it shows. Additionally, they live in a 2-dimensional world – it’s them and a screen. I think it’s even harming their social skills. Maybe that’s why we are all at each other’s throats more than we ever have been in my lifetime!

  8. Someone needs to make her eat that slop. She thinks she’s Mz High and Mighty, with an attitude problem.
    “You’ll do as I say, and like it or else!.” Well, the more she tries to force her crap on these kids, the more they are going to rebel and eventually they are going to get enough and Food Fight!! Hope it’s while she’s visiting. It wouldn’t be so bad if she’d eat the same slop that she’s forcing our kids to eat, but NOOOO! she’s such a hypocrite. Pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs, fries, Mexican food, ice cream, cakes, pies, candy, soda’s by the gallon, oh, she feeds her fat face and makes fun of those around her. Her two pampered spoiled brats, yes I said brats, are doing exactly what their mother is doing, snubbing the lower class. They look down on others and think these unfortunate poor are peasants low life, while these two think they’re better and they are becoming snobs just like their parents.

  9. Mooshell, or should I say, Michael, the first queen has no place telling Americans what to feed their children. They have a hard enough time knowing what lie they told last and how to cover it up when exposed. When they finally leave the White House, it will take months to get the stink out of there so a true American can occupy the place.
    Obutthole needs to be removed now!!!

  10. Parents are responsible for their children till they are 18 years old. If a child has been eating junk food since two years old and is a fat slob just like his parents giving the fat ass fruit and vegitables and 75% of the slop Obama dictates a hog would not eat. She (Michelle) dines on lobster, caviar, $65.00 lb Kobi Beef and $200.00 bottles of french wine on the tax payers dime. She needs to keep her biscuit ass in the (White House?). All of the Obama’s are a glaring example of affarmitive actions failure. Obama is a living example of why half-witted people should not vote. I’de rather have a Morman in the White House than a half breed Muslim.

  11. Arthur L. Trevallee

    Most of the kids I see around here are either normal weight or on the skinny side. There are more kids that are underweight than overweight.

  12. WELL WELL: The people especially the children are telling the MOOCH to go to hell and take her garbage School lunches with her. MICHELLE and her PAMPERED GIRLS SASHA AND MALIA should be forced to eat the garbage two meals a day for six months and see how they like it.!!

  13. Why do any of the Obama’s care? They both hate this country and have demonstrated that fact! I hope that once we’re free of Obama, both will be so miserable that they will self deport to some third world cesspool of their liking! The real truth is, Obama will be a pain in our ass as long as he lives. That’s what he lives for!

  14. Why do any of the Obama’s care? They both hate this country and have demonstrated that fact! I hope that once we’re free of Obama, both will be so miserable that they will self deport to some third world cesspool of their liking! The real truth is, Obama will be a pain in our ass as long as he lives. That’s what he lives for!

  15. Our American School Children will not eat Kenya food.

  16. ….. Dear Mrs. 0bama – We are tired of Melon & Grits & Bananas….
    (signed) The kids in PS43 …………………

  17. Meeshall, the BEASTY ONE should try a little less breakfast, lunch, in between and dinner eating. The “TRIPLE-WIDE BEAST” should not be doing anything at all when it comes to policy. GO AWAY and take your PUNK ASS BITCH husband, the EVIL ONE with you. Two years more of this Bastard is gonna be horrible. Too bad he will be protected from a good ole ASS-KICKING for the rest of his miserable life. I will be seventy in July and IF, it was not going to place me in jail, I would take the PUNK on anytime. Why? I DESPISE him and he is a PUNK. PERIOD

  18. disqus_CeZmTpgh9W

    One wonders if Moochele’s kids would eat the school lunches she want’s to foist on everyone else’s kids?

  19. The Obama’s are losers nothing they say has any vitatly to it. they just think they have convinced people they are smart. what a joke they are. just 2 more educated idiots setting in the white house.DISGRACING OUR COUNTRY. What a waste of human flesh.

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