Obama’s New, Frightening Focus on Guns

In a speech Tuesday, President Obama kept the Blame Guns parade going, telling the International Association of the Chiefs of Police that it was time for Congress to step up. “We should require national criminal background checks for anyone who wants to purchase a gun,” Obama said. “We shouldn’t sell military-style assault weapons to civilians. Cops shouldn’t be out-armed by the criminals they pursue.”

Can’t we just skip all of these intermediate steps and make murder illegal? It just stands to reason that if people are compelled to follow the law, the answer to stopping any particular thing you don’t like is to make a law against it. Isn’t that how America ridded itself entirely of heroin and marijuana?

Obama gave this speech in Chicago, where the toughest gun laws in the nation somehow failed to prevent 54 homicides in August.

But you’re not going to get these crafty liberals with that kind of sobering analysis anymore. No, no, they’ve studied the tapes. They know what’s coming. That’s why they are now insisting that local gun laws aren’t enough.

“Chicago is actually a good illustration for why allowing local jurisdictions to put in place these gun safety laws doesn’t work,” White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said when questioned about the apparent contradiction. “Because it’s too easy for those with bad intentions to just cross the city line or cross the county line to go and make a handgun purchase that they are prevented from making in some other jurisdictions.”

But we already have a national background check system…

But Obama promises to give us a better one. One that will somehow catch the mass murderers it missed before. One that will somehow stop inner city gang members from buying guns. How? They don’t talk about that too much, so you’ll just have to trust that they know what they’re doing.

What they are definitely not doing, the president said, was going after law-abiding gun owners. No sirree.

“Some of you are watching certain television stations or listening to certain radio programs, please do not believe this notion that somehow I’m out to take everyone’s guns away,” Obama said. “Nobody’s doing that.”

But there’s a logical disconnect. The street gangs shooting up the city of Chicago are not weaseling their way around the existing background check system. They’re getting their guns off the streets. Does Obama really think these guns are from shows and internet sites? Of course not. And that’s why after this first round of “commonsense” federal gun laws fail, they’ll be back with some more “common sense” gun laws. These will be just a little tougher. And we will rinse and repeat this pattern until the Supreme Court comes out with a landmark ruling against the Second Amendment.

And then…and then they will come to take everyone’s guns away. And if history is any precedent, Americans will cheer as it happens.

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