Obama’s Legacy: A More Vulnerable America

This month, President Obama once again opened the gates of Gitmo, setting free another 15 radical Islamic terrorists and making the world a slightly more dangerous place than it was the day before. Those extremists will join the nearly-700 former detainees in Omar or whatever halfway-civilized Middle Eastern kingdom we’ve pressured into absorbing them. Maybe they’ll join the majority and cause no further trouble in the name of their deranged beliefs. Or, maybe they’ll be among the 200+ Gitmo guests who have returned to the holy battlefield, more profoundly dedicated to killing Americans than ever before. And why wouldn’t they? What, other than divine intervention, could possibly explain their release? The enemy’s commander-in-chief just…let you go? Praise Allah, indeed!

With only a few short months left in his presidency (speaking of praising Allah), Obama is unlikely to make good on his 2008 promise to shut Guantanamo Bay down for good. But this release – the administration’s largest to date – shows that he is going to go as far as he possibly can to fulfill that old promise, stick it to Republicans, and secure his legacy. For those goals, he is just fine with putting American lives at risk.

When you take a look back at this president’s record over the last eight years, you’ll find a minefield of catastrophic decisions, none worse than his premature withdrawal from Iraq. He is personally responsible for turning Libya and Syria into nasty hotbeds of Islamic extremism, his negligence allowed a minor cell of Al Qaeda to grow into the most dangerous terror organization in history, and his appetite for Muslim refugees will have vile consequences sooner than later. In that context, emptying Gitmo is just another tire on the dumpster fire that has been the Obama presidency.

Really, though, Obama’s rhetoric has been far more harmful than his foreign policy – and that’s saying something. Since he took office, he has used the White House propaganda machine to send Americans a non-stop message about the Bush years. There’s no more War on Terror. There’s no such thing as radical Islam. All that rah-rah America stuff after 9/11 was silly and embarrassing. Be ashamed of your country, not proud. Islam is love. Christianity is hate. No, no, it was about a video on YouTube. No, no, it was because of our gun laws. No, no, it was workplace violence. Terrorism? No, no, you guys have been watching too much cable news. Everything is fine.

Calling this propaganda “political correctness” understates how dangerous it really is. It’s a mindset that has left this country more vulnerable, and it appears to be relatively impervious to medium-sized atrocities. Sure, the spell is broken for a couple of weeks, but then it slowly starts seeping back in.

Obama’s greatest success was bringing Osama Bin Laden to justice.

It’s been overshadowed by his greatest failure: Getting the American public to forget Bin Laden ever existed at all.


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