Obama’s 2014 was the Worst Year Ever

As we head into 2015, it’s worth hoping that some force of God or man can lead our president back to the comfy confines of reasonable governance. Perhaps satisfied with having successfully fended off the challenge of Mitt Romney, Barack Obama decided that he would abdicate his constitutional responsibilities in 2014 in favor of golf, scandal, and executive decree. In a presidency that has been filled with missteps, 2014 stands out as the worst yet. The only question is: will the slide continue?

The IRS scandal, the Bowe Bergdahl trade, the Cuban diplomacy, the climate deal with China, and the unfortunate way Obama addressed Ebola were among the lowlights, but nothing came close to matching his disregard for the Constitution.

Hail King Obama

Let’s look at his executive action on immigration. No longer willing to stand by and wait for the (deliberately, by design) slow progress of Congress, Obama decided to make law from the Oval Office. Frustrated by Republicans in the House of Representatives, he declared amnesty by fiat following the (disastrous, for Democrats) midterm elections.

In the form of an executive action, Obama announced a path to legalization for as many as 5 million illegal aliens. Putting aside the detrimental effects of the action – which are many – the biggest problem with the president’s immigration reform was the disregard for the constitutional limits on his power. He got together with a bunch of lawyers, and he found a way to do it so that he couldn’t be thwarted by anything so petty as, say, the law of the land.

In doing so, he opened a dangerous door. Our Constitution wisely diverted the federal government’s power into three separate branches. Each branch has the power to limit the authority of the others. It was a genius move, and it has been largely responsible for the success of the United States. Obama isn’t the first president to exceed his constitutional authority, but he may be the boldest. And if his immigration action is not struck down by either Congress or the Supreme Court, it will set a very unfortunate precedent.

Power has been gradually shifting to the executive branch for nearly the entire history of the U.S. But that’s not a reason to stand by idly and watch it happen. The Republican Congress needs to stand up in 2015 and take their power back. Not just when it comes to immigration, either. Obama has exceeded his executive authority when it comes to healthcare, foreign relations, war, and now immigration. In doing so, he has set the country on a path where we’re vulnerable to tyranny.

History looks favorably upon strong presidents, but there’s a big difference between being a strong leader and crowning yourself king. In 2014, Obama crossed that line. In 2015, our lawmakers need to relieve him of his crown.

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  1. If our “Lawmakers” do not relieve Obama of his “crown”, then WE, the People of the United States of America, must relieve Barrack Hussein Obama of his “crown and dictatorship”!

    • and head—he needs the ISIS treatment

      • James Michael Lukes


      • Even a wish for his due justice won’t happen with all muslims being his 1st support & buddies ..!

      • Tried and FRIED is how I prefer to think of it. It’s not just OBAMA, it’s Michelle, Hillary, Holder, Jarrett, and SOROS who are guilty as well. Time to clean the White House. We help all these OTHER countries get rid of THEIR dictators, and yet we do nothing about our OWN. I am surprised the other countries don’t demand we take action, he’s not only destroying OUR country, but THEIRS also, by sanctions, spying, supplying their enemies with money and weapons etc. By our own Constitution he isn’t eligible to be President, and calling these shots.

        • i thought you had to be a naturalized citizen and over 35 to be president ??? last i heard Obama met both requirements and did i mention foreign policy is always about the world stage??? btw if you project American power … well yes some people will be upset at you.. can’t have the cake and eat it too.. if i remember the saying right .. like Israel and the Arabs in the Middle East…. if you’re helping the Arabs ..Israel isn’t going to be too happy .. support Israel and the Arabs get upset.. it’s always been like that in the Middle East .. or the Iran-Isis issue.. if you ask for help from Iran in fighting ISIS yes.. states like Israel are going to get upset at you .. but no one is perfect and you can’t make everyone happy all the time

          • Naturalized citizens CANNOT be citizens. It’s arguable that my kids could not be president because they were born in Germany, even though both I and my wife are citizens (born in the U.S.) were stationed in Germany while I was in the Army. John McCain had to address this issue because he was born in the Panama Canal Zone. Obama did not have to address it because 1) he’s black and 2) he’s a Democrat.

          • I, too, am a naturalized US citizen. Born in Munich while father was in USAF stationed in Munich. Both parents born in the US. I took my official US citizenship oath at the age of 18. Through school and college and inquiry about becoming US President, the answer was NO. You MUST be born on US soil or US territory. The US military does NOT give you exemptions (information from the US government, during the 60’s and 70’s)!

          • My daughter was born in Colombia. I am a natural born American. I had to file some paperwork, but she has an FS-240 – certificate of overseas birth of an American citizen. Meaning that is a natural born citizen in that, the moment she was born, she was a US citizen. She is dual for now, but that is a different story.

        • Clean out the White House?
          Yes, I would vote for that!
          It should have been done long ago!

      • Techi Reanimator

        ABSOLUTELY! If not the ISIS treatment he needs to put in the slammer in isolation………. because you know he would like prison sex.

    • Arthur L. Trevallee

      Good luck with that!

    • If the republican senate doesn’t do something in January, how about a couple million of us go to d.c. and fire all of them.with a rope.

    • I would just setlte for his head… the rest would be like a stack of dominoes.

    • Could we do so in a way that keeps his head firm ensconced in his crow? Just a thought.

  2. he’s anything BUT POTUS—-he’s more POS (hint: the P stands for “piece”)

    • He has made it very obvious that his treason & dereliction of duty to uphold the POTUS sworn oath is not going to happen & only protects illegal foreign enemies with his criminal & dictated E.O’s of deceit !

      • actually last i checked… upholding the duties of the office you hold is not dereliction of duty ๐Ÿ˜• and i might also add that the oath of office for the presidency requires defending the country from ALL enemies foreign and domestic if i remember right … ๐Ÿ˜• and he’s held up to that even if some polices have been criticized on some issues by some people.. no one is perfect no matter who you are black, white,Hispanic, … it doesn’t matter .. and you can’t make everyone happy all the time .. that’s an impossibility.. and if you could please tell me how lying is illegal??? i’ll give you it’s not always the best thing to do but if people want to there’s no law against it ….

  3. To resident Obama and all 535 voting members of the Legislature:
    It is now Official that the majority of you are CORRUPT politicians:

    All America knows this – WE ARE NOT STUPID !!

    You have FAILED in EVERY “government service” you have shoved down our throats,
    while Overspending our tax dollarsโ€ฆ.

    • I agree with Mac Boy.

      • Hey Mac Boy don’t you mean the US Congress here? The States are the one’s that have Legislatures and the Federal Government has our US Congress so you got it now Jarhead? Semper Fi to you Mac Boy!

        • I have read all your comments and have this conclusion. You are incapable of offering constructive criticism or anything positive. All you write is negative. You sit from the safety of your computer calling names and shoot your mouth off. However, never do you say anything of substance or sense. By the way, I am not Mac Boy. So, you got it now? The purpose of this discussion is for folks to express their views. NOT for you to sit and criticize everything anyone ever wishes to offer to this forum. Leave us alone.

    • try again ๐Ÿ™ better luck next time … and yes there are some corrupt politicians but every government has that .. and you can’t make everyone happy all the time … i might also add that yes there’s some people are never going to be happy and .. i can say that.. while i don’t know you .i do know this we’d be far worse with no system of government or a very corrupt one, and then there’s .. one more issue .. how do you pay soldiers for a standing army if there’s no money going into the government?? i also should remind you of what government does… think limited banking, no post office, no public education, no national electric grid/public water supply, no army/navy/airforce/coastguard, no worker’s comp for those who get injured on the job, no Social Security for seniors/the disabled, no rights/protections for the worker, … imagine a world without it.. i’d say it would set back progress by more than 100 years and make the world a very different and much more dangerous place…but there’s one *small* issue .. governments have to have money to pay for these goods/services so the need for a tax system to raise the money to pay for these things.. and since all use them equally everyone should pay a portion of the cost.. of course it’s for the government to decide about the issue of how the taxes are spread aka is it an income tax or a property tax or a sales tax or a flat tax, or a value added tax, or a tax on health reducing items like tobbacco or alcohol or some combination of those…. ???

  4. There is no “hope” for bo & the only chance for “change” is to remove the wannabe dictator from office with or without congress ..! bo & his crony administration have done everything possible to destroy the fundamental Freedom & Rights of the Patriotic U.S. Citizens ..! bo’s goal is a wannabe dictator and will not rest or R.I.P. till he has created his totalitarian dictatorship of tyranny by foreign illegal control of all U.S. Citizens lives ..! bo must go in 2015 ASAP or sooner & congress now has the power to fulfill their sworn oath to protect U.S. Security… !

    • Ward, I do not think POS is going for a totalitarian regime, but a Radical Muslim State in which the law is Sharia, and the rule is Caliphate, and the Christians, Jews and secular public are beheaded or shot.

      Neither we or our children will survive the dream of fundamental islamic transformation.

      • actually i remember hearing someone as a guest on Fox News channel that under the Quran Jews and Christians are accorded a choice of conversion by the sword..either pay the tax for the upkeep of your local mosque, convert or die… and the secular public has the convert or die choice??? and i’ll give you totalitarian regime maybe .. but i’m not sure how a non-Muslim can create a Muslim theocracy??? โ“

        • According to both the current Egyptian government, a taped discussion with Stephanopolis, in which Barrack admited that John McCain did not make an issue of his muslim fath, and the Indonesianm adoption to Lolo Soetoro, when Stanley Ann married the man, when Barrack was 6 to 10, Barrack is the son of a muslim, was listed in school as a Muslim, and admitted he was a Muslim.

          Barrack knows that if he genuinely converted to Christian, he would be an apostate, and under sentence of death, so he would not be best friends to the Turkish leader, Erdogan, who oppresses Christians in his country.

          Barrack has also admitted his Muslim faith when speaking to Arabic audiences in Arabic.
          He has also said that the US was a Muslim country, and that by 2016, would be under a Muslim rule, in a recent speech.

        • @Chris S. At last someone with intelligence.

  5. What makes you think that Obama made missteps during the year? If you look at the whole picture of the guy — upbringing, education, lifestyle, training, choice of friends and associates, choice of careers, actions to get into politics, actions while in politics — you’ll see that everything he does fits his world view. His only sop to the masses is when he starts talking — sorry, lying — to make them think that he is doing something or something else, and that he cares for them. Obama thinks that what he is doing is what the country needs, either to warp it to some Progressive fantasy, or to punish it for perceived past misdeeds. Stop calling him or thinking him an idiot. Everything that he does is calculated.

    • bo only wants his dictatorship of the U.S. & will eliminate you & your support to satisfy his tyranny greed that is internally destroying the U.S. Freedom & Liberty along with the U.S. Constitution & Bill of Rights..!bo has & is the stench of high treason against U.S. National Security …. !

      • I do not support him, so he can only eliminate me. Thing is, I think that what he’s doing, and this is what scares me about 2016, is he’s setting us up to have his minions/fellow-travelers take over from him. And Elizabeth Warren is the truly scary one, although Hillary is pretty close. Remember when she was running against Obama and said that she was proud to say that she’s not a Democrat, she’s a Progressive. God save us from Progressives and progressivism.

        • and about progressiveism.. would you rather have a modern world or one that’s still stuck in the 1890’s or so economically and otherwise .. ??? did i mention Teddy Roosevelt .. he was a Progressive and he actually improved the country and despite people who would have the country buried in the footnotes of history… there are presidents who.. have made the country Great.. like Kennedy, FDR, etc. and yes most conservatives i know of would erase these presidents and their accomplishments from the history books by trying to rewrite them though there are a few who went against the machine .. like Reagan .. if it weren’t for Kennedy for example had failed we’d still have Soviet missiles in Cuba and had FDR failed we’d have spent far more time in the Great Depression and we’d have no Social Security+ and we won World War II despite Truman’s best efforts to lose it

          • How, pray tell, would we be stuck in the 1890s without the Progressives? The ills of that time were NOT because of an outdated/outmoded Constitution. Just like today, the ills we face are in spite of the Constitution, not because of it. Teddy broke up the the monopolies, the bane of those times. What do we have today? Something similar, the Crony Capitalists (think of all the tax monies going to Obama’s buddies and favored industries). Where do you think the Constitution favors the Government picking winners and losers? I believe it’s arguable that FDR and Kennedy were great. FDR’s policies, like some of those of Hoover before him, actually worsened the Depression. It seems that only WW-II brought us out of it. Kennedy wasn’t around long enough to see what he really would have done, leaving us only with Ted Sorenson’s Camelot fairy tale to judge that non-existent future. According to your assessment, the leadership Kennedy showed during the Cuban Missile Crisis is one of the things that made him great. Well, wouldn’t you agree then that George W. Bush’s actions and leadership after 9/11 (similar to the magnitude of the Pearl Harbor attack for FDR) make him great? As for FDR bringing us Social Security, that started us down the path of accepting a nanny state rather than self-reliance, leading directly to LBJ’s “Great Society” and the associated ills that have destroyed the traditional, stable family structure, particularly among the lower middle class and the poor. Look what that has done to the black family. Poverty has not been reduced, marriage is down, out-of-wedlock births are astronomical, and genocide is being committed in the name of “a woman’s right to choose.”

            Why is it that you guys think that the Constitution is outmoded and needs to be updated? I believe that if you had it your way we’d wind up with a new Constitution, strongly resembling that of the European Union (1,000+ pages!!), rather than the 17 that we have now (not counting amendments). Why don’t you want to use a Constitutional mechanism to change it? Why not just follow Article V (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Article_Five_of_the_United_States_Constitution). Do I think things need to change? Sure I do. I think that judges should stick to the Constitution and not make things up as they go. The Supreme Court, for example, struck down property ownership by granting municipalities the right to declare imminent domain to (hopefully) increase their tax revenues by evicting families in favor of a new mall (that was then never built). I believe that we need a balanced budget amendment to force COngress to live within our means. I believe that we need an amendment placing term limits on Congress and the Senate. And I believe that the 17th Amendment should be repealed to re-establish the balance between the House (representing we the people), the Senate (representing states’ interests) and the Executive. As for the rest, guaranteeing the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” is fine for me. Make sure that there is equal opportunity and accept that that also implies unequal outcomes. BUt I don’t hear any Progressives supporting me.

      • Yup! You stated it perfectly.

    • calculated or no progressive is not a fantasy … did i mention the Europe model??? that being said.. there’s always room for improvement .. and btw no one is perfect nor can you make everyone happy all the time… and yes the country does need improvement especially in domestic affairs though we should also extend the peace.. since we can’t be the world’s police force… that’s not to be confused with fighting no one but why should we fight unless we’re attacked?? the Cuban Missile Crisis and World War II i’ll admit we should have fought because we were clearly attacked.. which is how we got dragged into them .. but wars like Korea/Vietnam … they never attacked us so we shouldn’t have been there is you ask me… like i sais.. Vietnam … started as an uprising against French colonial rule .. so what the heck were we there for!?!??! there was no good reason .. and someone i know who was there…said the war was stupid… i’ll tell you right now.. they’re right it was a revolt against French aka NOT American colonial rule .. therefore we had absolutely NO business in being there… and as for Korea .. North Korea attacked South Korea ..also called NOT the the United Sates.. so we shouldn’t have been there either …

      • Techi Reanimator

        Hey Chris,
        No one is perfect is true, but Obammy is a [email protected]#$%%^ pile of shit who needs to be removed from office ASAP. Do not think the lipstick you are trying to apply to that pig is gonna fly.

  6. I am convinced the Prince ‘bama the Mad, KIng of air castles, has been making efforts to fill his administration, and fill the country with illegal Muslims, and Muslim refugees, because he is certain that unless Islamic conquest occurs, he is toast. Obama has due process against him, as well as the Constitution, many in the public, more in the lower ranks of the military, and most of Congress, and the State Governments.

  7. God willing on the 7th of January there will be an order of Impeachment, removal and imprisonment for this inhuman entity and I would not insult the lowest, most hated insect to compare him to them. what ever he is comes from hell!

  8. If ever we get rid of this Satanic entity I hope we will Ban His name from History or any other usage. I hope his face is banned and any usage of his name or face would put the user behind bars for life.

  9. The worst ever does not even begin to describe the brutal hatred he has shown to this Country I just hope we get to have pay back through imprisonment worse than anyone ever thought of. There should be snakes and rats running freely in his cel and they are his only companions. If I thought he was a human being I would never say such things but I do fervently believe he is from Hell which allows the hatred!

  10. Here’s hoping obama’s 2015 will be MUCH, MUCH worse than 2014!
    I hope the citizens of America will have a better year in 2015!
    I hope and pray obama is OUT of our White House one way
    or the other! The citizens of America have had enough of his CRAP!

  11. There is power in prayer. The Lord listens to and hears all prayers. I pray, daily, for the preservation of the United States of America and God-fearing Americans to persevere and prevail. I pray for the removal of all the corrupt politicians and to get us back on track.

    • God fearing Americans? Where have you been? We’re in a GodLESS society. I pray daily as well but what we have to realize is that God gave us the charge to build His church. Jesus had disciples and they are the ones that he put in charge to do something. What are “Christians” doing? Denomination after denomination is changing the rules on things like gay marriage. How man of you belong to such a denomination? And those of you who do, what have you done?

      God fearing? People don’t fear God because even the Christian communities have gone down the path of ” God is okay with everything, he loves and forgives everyone (which he does), but there comes a time when he’s gonna say enough is enough.

      Corrupt politicians? We have a state rep. that changed his views of on gay marriage. I emailed him and asked him how he could do such a thing considering he’s a so called “Christian.” We met for coffee …. Although he personally doesn’t believe in it, he changed for the overall community.

      IMO, he isn’t a Christian. Nor are ANY of the politicians that vote for abortion rights and gay marriage. Obama “claims” to be a Christian, the only cross he carries is the one he’ll nail Christians to.

      • Well Sir, I do not know where you have been. Our society is not totally Godless. There are, still, many true God fearing Christians in the United States of America. Moreover, not all Christian churches have left the word of God. In my church, we read, believe and accept every word of God in the Bible. This is what we preach and teach. God’s word is how we try to live our lives in our every thought, word, and deed. The Holy Ghost builds up the holy Christian body of believers. We, merely, plant the seeds. We reveal Christlike lives in our daily lives. There is power in prayer. We Christians do something everyday about the world around us in the way we live our lives; by the example we set. No, God is not ok with everything. I will tell you this, my Church disagrees with Gay marriage, homosexuality and anything contrary to God’s word. You Sir are speaking from emotional panic. I read your comments to other folks. You are out of control. Do not send anymore comments to me. You speak non-sense which I care not to entertain anymore.

  12. Wow, I’ve never read comments like these, Obama was elected twice, I wonder if he is aware of how so many Americans feel about where he’s led our country.

    • Yeah he knows, but the proof is in the pudding, he was elected twice. His first term sucked and he was voted in a second term. I have to tell ya, I’m really tired of people pissing and moaning .. I sure as hell didn’t vote for him.

      And if I hear “get him out NOW” one more time, I’m gonna lose it. He’s NOT going anywhere. Move on …… figure out what the recently elected jerks are gonna or not gonna do.

      I’m tired … There is no winning anymore. No matter which party, many are scum bags.

      Who said ‘ I will get to you through your children’s children?”

    • Hi Joanne: That’s part of the problem. President Obama and the members of congress do NOT likely read these viewer posts. My suggestion: Each person involved in these posts should call or e-mail their national senators and representatives individually. I do this quite often and have received some correspondence from them. Be polite, factual, and brief. Lawmakers know that for each actual contact they receive, there are a number of other constituents that have the same views but will never get around to calling or mailing. Flood their phones and e-mails with our messages!!

    • He’s a narcissist AND a Progressive/Liberal/Socialist so he believes it’s for our own good (just like Jonathan Gruber so eloquently put it) so he doesn’t need to pay attention, or care. For him, it’s simply mind over matter — he doesn’t mind (what we think) because it doesn’t matter.

  13. Didn’t they used to behead kings they didn’t like?

  14. How strange and how quickly the whining repub/traitors forget JUST how much Obama got done in 2014, DESPITE the ignorant, childish rantings of the gop. LOLOL! How convenient for you republican morons that you don’t have the brains of an earthworm! LOLOLOL!

    • You support Obama and call republicans morons? Name his accomplishments and stop calling names, it shows your immaturity.

      • Mac, your state of Denial is really humerous.
        Go back to your dung heap with the rest of the traitor/republican earthworms..

        • All you can do is ridicule and not back up your statement with facts. Jonathan Gruber, the ACA architect called democrats low information voters, your party needs you!

          • Ridicule, mac? You bring the ridicule on yourself in your OWN stupidity.
            Blame NO ONE but yourself and your self serving, traitor repulican pals, boy.
            OBAMA has made a TOTAL fool out of your republican idiots and he ISN’T done yet.
            GO OBAMA!
            Make these “Lame Duck” republican’ts KNOW what it is to crawl instead of walk!

          • You support the most failed president in history and call me stupid? Sounds like you support a dictatorship. Cuba and the Castro brothers sound like your cup of tea. You sound really immature and uneducated. Ever hear of Jonathan Gruber? Of course you haven’t, let me explain. He was the architect of the ACA and he called democrats low information voters, you more the qualify. You’re not up for debate, you would be crushed, you’re only capable of ridicule.

          • He hasn’t failed, mac, and ALL of your gop brainwashing ISN’T going to help your
            pathetic whine. As a matter of record, you asshole/triator repubs CANNOT bully THIS president and it galls you! LOL! I hope ALL that Obama dishes out on you traitor repubs hurts you where you hurt most… your foolish, brainwashed pride in following of the failed gop… Your ranks are already divided almost to the breaking point, mac. You aren’t fooling anyone with your pathetic whines.

          • You still ridicule because you can’t debate. We have the lowest worker participation rate since 1978 because of all the bankrupted businesses. He’s more than doubled the poverty rate, and has increased the debt by 70%. 80% of new hires are part time jobs and he’s the first president to have a net jobs loss record, more people lost their jobs than gained them (see workforce participation rate) numbers don’t lie.

          • Nothing to debate, mac. You are a mental midget moron. I don’t debate with morons like you. It’s not worth it to have a exchange of words with a moron like you who is shooting blanks… LOL!

          • That’s all you have, name calling and personal attacks. Couldn’t address my comments? You’re not smart enough to debate me. Toodles!!

          • THAT is ALL you deserve, mac.. Do the world a favor… Since you have NOTHING but your stupidity to offer here, DO Shut Up!

          • You haven’t debated me on one issue that I’ve mentioned, it’s you that have nothing. I call it, the Gruberazation of the democrat party.

          • Mac, you don’t debate. YOU make half assed statements that are spoon fed up your ass by the gop and you swallow the shit hook, line and sinker. DO SHUT THE HELL UP!

          • My numbers from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics are bogus? Did you hear what the CEO of Gallup said recently? The 5.6% unemployment number is bogus. The government uses U3, which doesn’t count the people who have given up looking for work. He said if they were honest, they’d be using the U6, which counts the people who have given up. He says those numbers show unemployment at 11.3%. Those crazy numbers, your thoughts?

            Shut the hell up? Does this mean we’re not friends anymore? Don’t unfriend me, I value your friendship!

          • Trash still and always.

          • This coming from a republican backing moron who, couldn’t see the forest for the trees or the “Truth” when it hits him smack in the face. Nice going, Ray.. You showed all of them silly repubs how to be morons.. LOLOLOL!

          • Trash still and always. Proven again.

  15. Total destruction of the current administration, all of it’s policies(from day one), and anyone in the private sector that was funded through taxpayer dollars, is only the first step at getting back to an effective republic.

  16. So, sad but true, since if Kenyan Wonder,President for Life Glorius Leader Supreme Ruler Barack Hussein Obama can beat Draft Dodger,Mr Swiss Bank Accounts LDS Bishop Willard Mittens Romney that should clearly be more then enough for both the
    GOP/Goofy Old Party Tea Baggers to quickly throw Draft Dodger Bishop Willard Mittens Romney into the dustbin of history and find a Winner for 2016!

  17. President Obama Is Darpa Eye Micro Selling USA Citizen’s Freedom For 2 Million A Year. NWO I am Lee [email protected]
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  18. I was hoping against hope O’bonehead would be in prison. that would have made 2014 worth remembering. to bad.

  19. If our Congress had any gumption, we could make 2015
    even worst for him! Now that would be GREAT!

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