Obamacare is Coming Apart at the Seams

President Trump and Republicans in Congress have sent mixed messages about their repeal and replacement plan for Obamacare. Trump suggested this weekend that Americans could have to wait until 2018 to see a plan hit the floor of Congress. That’s all well and good, but if the latest enrollment figures are anything to go by, the GOP may not have much time to get this law off the books. Whether they do anything about the ACA or not, the market is going to collapse sooner than later.

Some are blaming the Trump administration for the decrease in enrollments; they decided to yank advertisements promoting the marketplace in the waning days before the deadline. But even if you take that into consideration, the 9.2 million individuals who signed up for an Obamacare plan this year is well below government projections.

Those aren’t the final figures – states that run their own exchanges won’t have their numbers in until March – but they are a far cry from the 13.8 million figure we heard from an optimistic Obama administration. Who knows? Maybe those 11 states will surprise us next month with some gangbuster numbers. But if things don’t turn up sharply, some of the biggest participants in the market are going to be leaving for greener pastures.

Once the nation’s largest insurance companies start pulling out of the marketplace, Obamacare is finished. Unfortunately, if this happens before Republicans have a chance to replace it with something better, we are looking at a chaotic period where millions of people will be stranded without health insurance. No one – not the GOP, not Trump, and certainly not the Democrats – wants to see that happen. But that’s what will happen if we don’t hurry this along.

Some media reports indicate that Republicans are now interested in merely tweaking the Affordable Care Act rather than repealing it altogether. That’s a dangerous path. But they have talked themselves into a corner by promising that pre-existing conditions will be covered and by simultaneously promising that the individual mandate will be history.

In an interview with Meet the Press last weekend, House Speaker Paul Ryan said that Republicans were still committed to full repeal.

“If you’re going to repair the American health care system, and fix its problems, you have to repeal Obamacare and replace it with something better: Patient-centered health care,” Ryan said. “Somewhere along the line there was confusion that we were going to take the Obamacare architecture and, you know, tinker at the margins and repair it. You can’t. It is a collapsing law.”

That’s an encouraging sign.

But if Republicans wait this out too much longer, “collapsing” is going to turn into “collapse.”

And guess which party is going to get blamed for it?

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  1. So why are we blaming the Conservative when NP made it abundantly clear that congress must pass the bill to know what is in it! How’s that really working for you NP??? You ignore you know what! This does not even rest on President Trump, it belongs to you and minion dolts without question.

    • NP? National Press? No,, Nothing Pelosi…. That makes sense…

      The National Press will never hold a liberal progressive like nothing pelosi accountable for her actions. It really belongs to the national press for misleading and lying to America.

      Fight the nothing press at http://www.madashellboycott.com

      • Speaking of nothing pelosi, I watched a video of a mother whose son was brutally murdered by an illegal in the Houston area ask plastic pelosi which of her grandchildren she would tell was expendable to allow an illegal to remain in her city illegally. Plastic pelosi told this woman that none of the illegals in the sanctuary cities were criminals because they don’t allow the criminals to stay. My thought while watching was, “how would plastic face know if they are criminals when they have no idea who is or isn’t taking residence in these cities? For her to imply that they know the intentions, the backgrounds or anything about these people is the most ridiculous thing to say to someone who lost their son to one of these pieces of sh it that broke the law the second they stepped foot in the US.” That woman needs to retire. She’s as loony as the people that keep voting her in!

      • N.P.: Nancy Pelosi.

  2. 0bamacare was sold on a pack of lies. Why would anyone believe the governments projects on sign up growth? Why should we believe anything coming out of the press for that matter?

    Republicans are damned if they do, and damned if they don’t, and have tried the don’t for the last eight years.

    Time to do something, repeal 0bamacare, and f–k, sorry ignore, what the Press says….

    • All the politicians that voted for it should have a large cash withdraw from their salary and put aside for the new plan. They owe it to us

      • Yes, that would be a step in the right direction, and since the ONLY politicians that voted for Obamacare were DEMOCRATS, I’m sure they will have no problem taking that step! After all, they are the party of the people, aren’t they?

        • Diane Ross Eslinger

          yep….remember when they were trying to push it through……Nancy Pelosi said……”Well, we have to pass it before we know what’s in it? When the heck do you sign anything without reading it first…..sounds pretty fishy to me

          • Nancy & Barry should be cell mates.

          • Also my with Hillary and Schumer . Throw in Reid and Brennan. Lynch and Huma. Oh yeah how about Holder and Rice. Just put that whole administration in jail. All were complicent. One huge pink underwear party with Joe in charge. Our favorite sheriff, Joe.

          • Gitmo has some vacancies, let’s use ’em up.

          • Gitmo is a country club for terrorists. Need a new prayer rug, or Koran? We’ll get it right away. Don’t forget to let us know about your favorite back-home meals. Check the menu and make any corrections necessary. Price is no object.

          • THAT’S why Pelosi is not a businesswoman: Absolutely NO business sense. A complete moron.

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          • you don’t buy a car without looking at it at all, so we bought this 800 billion dollar lemon program, why? KICKBACKS.

          • She could have referred to the Romney Health Care Program for Massachusetts, as that is what the model is for ACA. No doubt there had to be a lot of extras added due to the immense coverage made. Bills for government laws have to be worded in a particular way which makes what is written much longer than for just reading. I would hate to have been proof reader on that one.

          • “Fishy” or just plain stupid?!

          • She made a very STUPID statement – Read first then dcide whether to sign or not

      • I really like that idea.

      • That would be only Democrats (nary a Republican voted for it) who were around in ’09, and that’s a rapidly dwindling number — in spite of Soros’ infusion of cash into their campaign war chests.

      • The politicians knew from the start Osama care was a pathetic plan doomed to fail from day 1, why do you think they themselves opted out.

        Those on Medicare like myself that the rumours that have been floating around that the Republicans are in the process of eliminating Social Security/Disability and possibly Medicare are only rumours being spread by the Demoncommiecrats and their mind controlled supporters.

        As for those covered under ACA not like they have been without healthcare coverage before, WI still has Badger/Forward Healthcare coverage that despite the fact that the Demoncommiecrat WI legislature during the recall back in 2010 I believe said Governor Walker was going to do away with the Badger/Forward Healthcare coverage.

        As for voter ID, someone informed me through 1 of the many online magazines or newspaper blog/forums that while James Doyle was still governor of WI his administration had 1,000s of counterfeit DLs made to provide to illegals, that man should have never been governor of WI, typical Demoncommiecrat.

        • Craig Vandertie, hat off to you sir for the perfect Word of the Millennia…Demoncommiecrats…LOVE IT!!! I’ve heard every variation on the Party of Pricks, but you have nailed them to the wall!!???

          • I just took the 2 I most often hear and combined them, no brilliance needed for that, but thanks for the compliment.

          • Apparently that .000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 wit Eric Pearson does not agree.

        • At the time it was being voted on, I had a bunch of co-workers that were saying how great it was going to be. They bought into all the law es, it would be cheaper, it would be better, everyone would be insured, you would be able to keep your plan if you liked it and the best, you would be able to keep your doctor. I tried to tell them it was not possible to ensure everyone and it get cheaper. I told them that insurance companies are in the business to make money, if they have to insure everyone, it won’t get cheaper. No one believed my. I guess they all failed basic math.

          Voter ID. It is all a crock of cow dung. Fake ids are readily available. Many of them State aided. If you vote in this country, you should be literate in the language. No more ballots printed in Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese or any other foreign language.in order to become a citizen you must speak the language. You should also be able to read well enough to read names on a ballot and what position they are running for. There must be a way to register citizens to eliminate fraud. Maybe a picture Voter ID card with you address on it. I order to get one you have to show a passport or birth certificate. That process would eliminate a lot of the fraud. Then maybe initiate that if caught voting and you aren’t a citizen it is immediate expulsion from the country after a short tribunal hearing. They expelled the Russian diplomats without any kind of hearing or proof that any of them had any part in the hacking of the DNC e-mails.

          • Diane Ross Eslinger

            MEC…here’s a suggestion to “combat” all this wide spread voter fraud…when you register to vote. you get a voter ID card with your fingerprint on it…….when you go to vote, they scan your card and you also “stick” your finger into a slot, kinda like they do at Disney for entering the parks……once your finger & card are scanned, it shows up on a main frame that you have already voted….now since the machine has already scanned your fingerprint, if lets say you show up at another polling place with a different ID card…they scan the card, they have you “stick” your finger in the slot and a klaxon go off, loud speaker comes on and EVERYONE in the polling place hears “VOTER FRAUD, VOTER FRAUD THIS PERSON HAS ALREADY VOTED IN THIS ELECTION” would embarrass the heck out of the person because everyone will be looking to see who the fool is who is trying to vote a 2nd time….that would solve all the problems of voter fraud

          • That is a good idea. But you are forgetting that we are no longer allowed to embarrass anyone or make them feel guilty. So instead of causing them embarrassment by loud bells and announcements, just have a sharp blade come down and chop off the finger. That way we don’t have to ever worry about that person committing voter fraud again. ???

          • You mean like what is expected by the Yakuza when 1 of their members fail to get a task that was assigned to them done.

            Before long you will have an awful lot of people with the nickname stubby.

            They are programmed to cheat and lie to promote the interests of Globalists.

          • Well if the print they need to vote with was the right pinky finger, they just wouldn’t be able to try and cheat but 1 time. No more pinky, no more voting. And we aren’t talking about taking out the garbage you simpleton. We are talking about voter fraud. That, in my book is a very serious crime. It robs every legitimate voter regardless of which side you are on. If you were on Hillary’s side it robs you of an honest victory (but maybe an honest victory means nothing to her voters) if you are on Trumps side it robs you of an decisive victory. Both sides loose.

            Had there been no issue of voter fraud, Trump could have and probably would have taken the popular vote. Losing a pinky finer for cheating every legal voter in the unites states is a very small (and short) price to pay.

            And by the way your comparison is as dim witted as you must be.

        • For someone on Medicare to have such a dark view of the very people who want to save and strengthen the program, you sir, are a total, freaking moron. And your juvenile attempt to bastardize the word ‘democrat’ is just additional evidence of your blatant stupidity. Another example: federally elected politicians get government health care as part of the job. They did not “opt out” of anything.
          You were not “informed” of anything. Believing propaganda is not being informed.

          • The only feeble-minded fool is you.

          • Six billion dollars was taken out of Medicare funding to support the bankrupt Obamacare. At least five billion is owed to the Treasury as of last year – and not being paid. The Risk Corridor, purportedly to reimburse insurance company losses, pays mere pennies on the dollar. And the ACA law specified that members of Congress and their staffs would be insured under Obamacare – but they’re calling Congress a “Small business” to dodge that.

          • You are wrong about the politicians people wanting to ‘save and strengthen’ Medicare. They want to put all of the citizenry on medicaid. Very different. People on Medicare are retired folks. We paid in advance for the coverage and continue to pay for it. My fee is $112. A month for me. Then there are co pays and many of the drugs prescribed are not covered. Including drugs that help older folks breath.

            What these people want is to expand Medicaid so we are so dependent on the government to live that we become subjugated. If you depend on the government to survive you will comply to survive.

        • It was designed to fail so the government could ride in on their white horse and save the day….to bad for them the fat, old, lying, corrupt, criminal, ugly, sickly, hag lost and could not finish the job eh Craig? Thank God that is….. fake news and paid protesters is all they have “left” craig…..soon that will be gone when Sessions and the boys start legally rounding them up and putting them in jail where they belong. Voter ID would solve the illegals voting problem, thus the reason the left fights it and calls anyone opposed racist. You have to show ID for anything as minor as tobacco so why not have to for the privilege of voting? How about every state pays for the ID? They have no legitimate argument against it Craig and they know it. Great post.

      • maybe all these politicians should HAVE to sign up for obamacare too? We would see a much higher sense of urgency wouldn’t we John? Funny how they vote to feed us garbage but they get to keep their steak and lobster……

        • I have often said that congress should not be exempt from any law that they pass effecting the citizens. That is to include SS. We, the citizens, should vote on raises and retirement conditions. We have allowed that monster to grow, and now we have to (in a political sense) kill it.

          • In reply to your comment if OUR Gov. members were to follow the Constitution as they say they follow, they would be on same programs as their constituents. Not certain as to which Article but is stated within.

          • Well they have figured out a way to disregard that article. Drain the swamp and set term limits

          • I agree term limits sound good but that is what election are limiting lobbists and donations are better. Even term limits are corruptible (build a better mousetrap and so) someone will better mouse) just sayin

          • Conservative Life

            That iOS a good idea as well. They,the party, should have a limit in the amount they collect. Then all donations have to dedicated to a specific candidate. That would prevent the SOROS and f the world from handing out money to others to donate. I’m not sure if will work but we must do something.

          • Quite frankly I am most concerned with the judges. Most are left wing ideologues and the left will go through the courts to stop Trump from governing. This travel ban is prime example. Trump is both constitutionally and staturorially in compliance and these left wing judges are totally outside their legal limits when it comes to the president having the power to pause any immigrants for safety reasons. These justices are setting a very dangerous opinion. . One judge has no authority to issue a blanket stay over while country. As these left wing ideologues permit this travesty of our constitution , thousands more refugees get here to harm us. What a sorry sac of black robe rubes. God bless Trump and America.

          • they wont be harmed due to the paid protection squads assigned to keep them safe from us, CITIZENS, and others.
            WHat trump needs to do is come clean with all the intel with the threats of this country. Just come clean, All the threats, not just the ones that has happened. The bombs that are discovered daily on the railroads, subways, in cars, and transportation.
            This is why we need to do this, this is National Security. We need to just stop and take a pause.

          • Can you prove those allegations against the National Security, FBI and local police and sheriff’s dept? If what you say is true then we need either more law enforcement or the military to clean up. I have not heard of any of these problems. If anyone would have problems with terrorists it likely would be the petroleum, chemical industries which could easily be accessed and demolished. There are people who guard them, but it isn’t enough when you look at the damage that could be done.

          • The supreme court is predominately right wing conservatives. That is why Trump picked the guy he did the other day. However, the Judges for the most part have the constitution and have to use the laws to determine decisions that are questioned. Trump is NOT King although he behaves as if he thinks he is. His knowledge of laws are limited it seems. I wish he were more knowledgeable of the laws. Most of the time he just states something will be one way of the other. I have never seen so much chaos created by one person in my life. I did not think much of “W.” but I would rather GWBush than Trump any day. And for me, that is major.

          • Progressive Republican

            Never that that da shrub would be out-buffooned by another President.


          • That’s because GW BUSH coward down to the leftwing media and Trump won’t. The more he piss’s them off, the better we like him.

          • Are you kidding? The media and the comedians love Trump. He is a show that is on going and without pause to reflect. He just keeps everyone occupied with what will he do next. No kidding…….he provides hours of entertainment for everyone.

          • That’s Great! They laughed him all the way in to the White House. If they keep laughing there’s no telling what he could do. We Love this man! GO “PRESIDENT” TRUMP.

          • Your admiration and love for Trump tells me what kind of person you are. Enough said.

          • Do you really expect anything else from these left wing pieces of s**t?

          • Damn right MEC- I also think we should be able to vote for their term limits along with their salaries, retirement, healthcare..I guess we are incorrect in assuming that they work for us…… You and I both know if the people decided all the aforementioned items, a lot of these leaches would not even want to run for congress. For too long a part time public service job has turned into a long term career and being treated like and/or acting like royalty. IF -and the big IF was used on purpose- these people knew they only had two or three terms to get their jobs done there would be little or no gridlock and maybe congress would actually work together. The Rinos and Liberal losers that have been there for decades have no fear of losing their positions of power. You know, the McCains, Grahams, Schumers, Pelosi’s, all in districts where they will never lose and can “serve” as long as they wish.

        • Great post. It is always that way. They feel they are above the law and entitled to everything they can steal. Give handouts to the lazy so even the lazy won’t complain.

        • should be direct conflict with their oath of office by enforcing all laws and observing all law, not the ones they want to, plus don’t they always preach equality……lobster and steak vs. hamburger helper that’s been helped a few times.

          • Good point. Your name should be “pray paul” as in pray for the left to go away and die. Maybe a bit to harsh- how about get really sick?

        • Matlonc, it is their job to pass laws for us, not them. They are exempt from the laws they pass, because that might mean there would be a conflict of interest.

          • Their entire existence is a conflict of interest….they can insider trade, vote their own raises, healthcare, and pensions. All this and stay in office in perpetuity…..we need term limits or the gridlock will NEVER end, and I mean NEVER WVF. Whatever the problem is you can bet congress is to blame. only the media has a lower approval rating and that is saying something.

          • I concur. The truth is the words “career” and “politician” are antithetical. The Founders of this great Republic never envisioned that politicians would make a career out of government. Not only should all politicians be term limited, but so should every judgeship, including the Supreme Court. No one should have a right to a job for life! The “circus” court of the 9th district has just proved that point by increasing levels of danger in the American public. All three of those anti-Americans should be impeached. If we had a real Congress that would happen, but we don’t.

          • 60% rate of decisions being overturned- aka failure rate. Try that kind of percentage in any other business in the country and see how long you last. Judges are NOT supposed to be political hacks but as we both know that is what most if not all the left wing judges are WVF…….

          • One important correction, Matlonc. The 9th “circus” Court has an 80% overturn rate!

          • I was just told by someone on another web site it is actually 89%. how does that justify their existence? what a joke, and these are the very people the left looks at to determine federal immigration laws and not the president who actually has the constitutional authority?

          • One thing for sure, regardless of the exact percentage, these are obviously dangerous and stupid people. If we had a real Congress, these creeps could be impeached, but since the Congress is comprised of a bunch of eunuchs, nothing will ever be done about them. Aren’t these incompetent judges lucky, they have a lifetime appointment!

          • If the people wake up in two years and glut the congress with constituent lands supportive congressmen, we can empeach these anti-constitutionalist judges.

          • That’s why they put the central government in to current location. It literally was a swamp. They figures the politicians would get the job done and get t because it was such a discussing, hot smelly place. Boy would they be surprised to see it now. Now the smell comes from the congress and all the lobbyists.

          • Yes, the Congress wreaks of swamp rot!

      • R.I.C.O. and a firing squad.

    • You morons have been tricked. Trump is going to expand Obamacare to insure every American – rich or poor. There is no out of pocket premium or deductions. Expanded Obamacare will be funded at point of sale check-outs. I have suggested that we add .01 tax for every item you purchase except food to fund expanded Obamacare. I will ask Trump to hire me to prepare how the Obamacare-expanded will be implemented. The poor people will not feel the tax. But the rich will – because they will purchase expensive items such as private jets, cruise, boats, heavy machinery, expensive cars and clothing etc. I like Trump for this promise. I hope he calls me as his consultant.

      • Donkeys rear end spews its usual load of Donkey turds from a head full; Too bad its mother donated its brain to planned baby killers BEFORE it was born.
        When will you learn to tell the truth and how to think moron?

        • We know you’re one of those now whining about Trump’s policies. But you, Republican and TPs Evangelical Christians are members of KKK and therefore killers of especially Black people. You heard Trump siding with Putin. Trump has held there are Evangelical Christians killers too in this Country. That has made Repubs and TPs Evangelical Christians such as McCain, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Bill O’rielly, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh really angry with Trump. Well, you and I elected Trump; so you and I have to put up with anything he is doing. After all Republicans and TPs Evangelical Christians are the ones that sided with his foreign policies during the campaign. He is now implementing them, you and other supporters are whining. Trump should put you and all Christians in prison.

          • Oops, another idiot. I’m republican. I’m not a clan member. I have never killed a black person, or any person for that matter. I’m not whining about Trumps policies, that is the few he has been able to implement In the first few weeks of his presidency with out a cabinet and fighting and scratching to pass any policies. If there is any whinning it is about the obstructionist liberal progressive left that don’t want to give him a chance to do anything for fear it may be good thing for the country and they may have to admit it. If he fails fine, but the way Gus are going any failure at this point will land on the door steps of the liberal progressive left. The voters will oust the rest of them at the next election, I hope.

      • “I will ask Trump to hire me to prepare how the Obamacare-expanded will be implemented.”

        Jonathan Gruber…Is that You?

        {“Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage. Call it the stupidity of the American Voter or whatever, but basically, that was really, really critical for the thing to pass”} Jonathan Gruber

        • Did you hear Evangelicals are whining now about Trump policies. I agree these Republican and TPs Evangelical Christians are mostly members of KKK and therefore killers of especially Black people. Defending his friendship with Putin, Trump has held there are Evangelical Christians killers too in this Country. That has made Repubs and TPs Evangelical Christians such as McCain, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Bill O’rielly, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh really angry with Trump. Well, we elected Trump; so we have to put up with anything he is doing. After all Republican and TPs Evangelical Christians are the ones that sided with his foreign policies during the campaign. He is now implementing them, the same people are whining. They should shut-up. If they do not, I will ask Trump to put them all in prison.

          • {“Did you hear Evangelicals are whining now about Trump policies”}

            Show proof of the Evangelical Christians are mostly members of the KKK.

            That’s typical Liberal nonsense and is like me saying all Democrats are “Pro-Death” and advocate mass murder and practice genocide of all races with wanting abortions to be paid for around the world with US Tax Payer Dollars.

            Nice try deflecting the issue on me calling you out on your wanting to have Trump hire you as a consultant to prepare an Obamacare-expansion.

            You just can’t accept reality that your party lost “Bigly”.


          • It could be that these Trump supporters are seeing the light. No, we do not have to put up with his insane behavior. Give this on-going chaos in Washington enough time and Trump isn’t going to look so good. Think about the following:
            A person

          • “I have been a Christian who follows the teachings of Jesus the Christ”

            Then perhaps you failed the Teachings of: Do not judge lest you be judged. For in the way you judge, you will be judged; and by your standard of measure, it will be measured to you. — Matthew 7:1-2

            Jesus wasn’t confused in His teaching. He didn’t mean we should never make a judgment about right and wrong. As He explained, He meant we shouldn’t make a judgement hypocritically. The verses that follow make this patently clear (Matthew 7:3-5).

            Your statement of “Past years, men of power in the south did not march with the hoods, but rather gave money and instructions controlling the activites of the KKK.”

            You do know those were the Democrats?

          • #1. Judgment? Are you speaking of the “KKK” in the south? If so, of course they were Democrats. So what? Being either Demo or Repub makes no one either perfect nor bad. You did not know that? I consider what I said as history.
            #2.Were you speaking of the list of information regarding behavior of a person that isn’t sane? You can figure that out if it fits. This is a summation of a psychological profile. I am judging behavior at most. WE have to know what we are seeing. Nice try. You obviously have an opinion of me. Ms voice of reason I wish you well.

            Looks like you are judging me, make it good!

      • Trump goes to great lengths to avoid hiring morons so don’t wait up expecting him to call you.

        • Please do not have heart attack if Trump call me to develop the insurance program. Then you will know you are the moron.

        • That was a good one. You hit the nail on the head.

        • Yes Trump’s cabinet is smart, but they are all in opposition to the function that their job calls for. So that means the goof who put them there does not have the best of the nation in his mind.

          • At least he is not filling his cabinet with ‘yes men’ like his predecessor. That is how you end up with Obamacare. No one had a pair big enough to tell him it was a bad idea.

          • Obama care or ACA, was initiated by legislation from the house and the senate in committee first. The cabinet did not write nor vote on the health care bill. Obama’s cabinet were people where he could depend upon to carry out the functions of their cabinet assignments. He did not get an anti-environment person to run the EPA. Check out Trump’s cabinet members and their various previous jobs and see if they are not in opposition in some cases. That is crazy, that is chaos. Chaos is the name of the Trump game. All one has to do is watch and see what happens.

            When a president likes to hang up on people of great importance and make enemies of nations well established as friends, I get nervous. His business experience and business methods are not something that one should consider as relevant attributes for the POTUS.

          • I’m quite sure that Obama will go down as the greatest president of all time in his own mind. Just ask him, he will tell you so. The cabinet is supposed to advise the president. His Cabinet is supposed to advise him. Provide information. I never even suggested that the cabinet wrote or initiated the legislation. I can only guess that the reason they didn’t tell him it was a lousy idea was because they were yes men. I am aware that legislation starts with bills initiated by congressmen and in committees. If obama does not want to take credit for devising or initiating his name sake albatross I can’t blame him. It has put a financial burden on almost every American. And the lies he sold the people just proved how naive the American population really is. For the most part people believed him. They thought their insurance premiums would go down, they thought they would be able to keep their insurance, they believed him when he told them they would be able to keep their doctor. All lies. He knew it and so did his dimocratic congress. So you can continue to live with your staryeyed view of obama, the legend in his own mind.

      • Where did you get your information? What is it with you people always wanting the rich to support the poor. If the choose to that is one thing, but the government just taking money from one group to give it to another is socialism. And you forget, the government, our elite elected officials, opt out of anything that doesn’t line their pockets.

      • We were tricked? That has yet to be proven…

        You morons were lied to, and did nothing to hold your elected officials accountable.

        Trump will be held accountable.

    • Would you care to provide a list of the “pack of lies”?
      The ACA is the only reason I have health insurance. Can I safely assume that you don’t care if it’s taken away.

      • 1. You can keep your Dr. PERIOD.
        2. You can keep your Health Care PERIOD.
        3. A family of four will save $2,500 per year.

        All were known lies created by Democrats to sell 0bamacare.

        I am sorry about your health insurance issues, and I pray you find a solution.

        • 1. I still have the same Dr. I had before I went on the ACA. PERIOD.
          2. I still have the same Health Care. PERIIOD.
          3. My monthly premiums are $81 a month. PERIOD.

          I never heard a lie come from the lips of President Obama. NOT ONE.
          Trump only lies when he’s awake.

          Thanks for the prayers, but I’d prefer to keep my ‘Obama Care’, if you don’t mind.

          • You must be absolutely totally delusional. Obummer would not know the truth if it bit him in the ass; this thing (he’s not a person in my book) has so deeply damaged this country it is unreal. This inveterate liar is the WORST president ever. Thanks to UNAFFORDABLE CARE ACT my wife & I have NO insurance. Our income is TOO LOW for subsidiaries; 12K a year premium with 12K deductible, really? Absolutely mind boggling that if you are UNDER an arbitrary $ amount you get NO help. Now if we were some so called refugee from one of his favorite countries we would get everything free. Hard to imagine that someone who really needs help, born Americans, would be handed a shovel full of crap, but not with this pile.

          • How much does [email protected]$$ pay you to paste B.S.!

          • C’mon, old codger, are you now picking on Eric?
            I’m with Eric on this one for counts 1 & 2. My #3 is $42 per month and has dropped over the last 5 years!

          • YOU, YOU and YOU….

            YOU are a selfish spoiled brat who does not appreciate the sacrifices others have made for you. A vast MAJORITY of Americans can not claim what you claim.

            If as you previously stated, “0bamacare is the ONLY reason” you have insurance, you found a way to pay for your Dr. before 0bamacare, so you could keep your Dr….
            You either lied about NOT having health insurance before 0bamacare or you had health insurance before 0bamacare so you could make your claim that you kept your health care…. So which lie would you have us believe?

            AND your monthly premiums are now $81 a month? Look on the form, check out what subsidies you are receiving… THAT is the true COST of your 0bamacare….. The VAST majority of the true costs of your insurance is being paid by others….

            YOU were not born with the entitlement of health insurance… I for one, do not want to pay for it…. You had a way to pay for your health issues before 0bama bought your vote, you should stand up and be responsible for your health issues on your own..

            YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED…. Others suffer for you…

          • MAH: How does Eric cause someone else to suffer for him? That is nuts.

          • All suffer under 0bamacare. For every story like Eric’s there is a 100,000 stories of people that are not entitled like him. Those are the ones that suffer.

            Liberals push for 0bamacare at all costs to those that have to support it… The American People are paying the price for our Governments lies…

            The thing is, that 0bamacare might be a way that you can feel good about yourself, via the fake charitable thing… BUT, to the Elites in charge all it is is another form of people control….

            Lets put it this way, 0bama doesn’t care about you, me, or Eric. 0bama cares about pushing socialism/communism on Americans.. And he lied to do just that.

            ‘Socialized medicine is the keystone to the arch of the Socialized State.’

          • Trumps lies should make the people he works with crazy. I honestly wish he would save his speeches for once a week. I keep wondering why and upon what basis other than an imagined one, that some people call Obama a liar. He did pretty darn good when you think of the battles he had to fight to get any thing accomplished. I am proud of his record when I realize how the Republicans disrespected him as President.

    • MAHB001: Hi again. Obamacare is patterned after the Romney Health Plan used in Massachusetts. This is the only one the Republicans would allow to pass. Remember they were a majority. The Republicans would not accept anything presented by the Democrats. Finally the Romney plan was presented by the Republicans and passed in order for them not to look so bad by turning down a health plan. The Republicans never did present a plan of their own, so in order not to be a failure, and look so bad, they took the one mentioned above.
      It isn’t what the “Press says”, it is what the Republicans do or refuse to do. That is the obvious. Seems as if they are doing just as they did before. Bitching about Obamacare (ACA), and offering no solutions. That is because either they don’t know any, or they are just too belligerent to do some different. Personally, I believe the press more than I believe our current President. I feel like saying “so called” President. He is a chump. I am waiting to see what he has to offer regarding health care. He may come up with something “real”. He said he would have a plan that would be the best. He may redeem himself if he can have a decent plan.
      Just remember that ACA is copied fom the Romney Health Plan of a few years ago.

      Now for what you’d asked me to do. I began reading the speech you sent. Two lines down and I knew who and what it was. I had heard it when it was given. What I think is that Trump did himself glory, and cut down other Presidents from the past. That is “HIS” way of making himself look to be the best. His usual statements were included. I think that he knows how to charm people with saying what they like to hear. Can he do what he says……he may, or he may not. What is expedient is that when he does what he says he will do, what will the final analysis be. What will the actual results be. He is learning a bit by bit about the governing of a nation. But it is the things on the surface. One cannot just jump into a job with absolutely no experience and do it. Giving edits doesn’t seem to be his best work. There are no mandates. His cabinet is really going to be a major concern for the nation, as well as for those in Congress. I think that the Republicans are only hoping to hang on by voting Trumps wishes. Republicans are a majority, they are experienced in law, they should have abilities for good judgment. So Whatever happens will belong to the majority and the President.
      All one needs to do is listen only to the statements of Trump. What is he really saying? How often does it change. How often does he blame others for his errors? How often does he denigrate someone? Last but not least how often does he lie and what about?
      MAH, being a Republican is not a sin, nor is being a Democrat the same as a socialist which is not the same as a communist.. We are Americans and we need to forget the party lines and think like Americans. We are in this stew together.

      • Hi socialsavvy,

        I do not know where you got your information, but you need to start questioning them.
        1. 0bamacare is NOT Romney care. The two documents are different. The origin has no bearing on the end product.
        2. 0bamacare was passed by ALL Democrats while Democrats held the majority. Republicans had ZERO input into it, and ZERO republicans supported it.
        3. 0bamacare is NOT a bi-partisan law. ZERO republicans have worked on it, ZERO input from the Republicans was accepted.
        4. Romney care was passed in MA by a Democrat Majority held legislature, and was specific to a State, not the entire Country.
        5. The Democrats Did not consider any input from Republicans, so why would you expect a Republican to submit one.

        As for Trump, he has not lived up to the lefts fears. But has lived up to his word so far.

        And, Elite Democrats = Elite Republicans = Elite MEDIA = Communists. The Elites have turned our Government from of the people, by the people and for the people to of the elites, by the elites, and for the Elites… That is a form of Communism….

        And finally, ALL attempts at socialism have fallen to communism… The Communists know that, and they use socialists as useful idiots… Their words, not mine…

        “The goal of socialism is communism.”

    • What -Obamacare is Coming Apart at the Seams! The article was written by right wing morons to lie to gullible people. People should have listened to Trump campaign promises. Trump said he would expand Obamacare to insure all people in this country regardless of race or income. That means his ex-wives will pay nothing. Funding for universal insurance would come from check- out the counter. All goods and services, except food, will add 0.01 tax. This will be premium tax payment. You will not feel the pain. Those rich morons will pay more and we the poor will pay little or nothing. So you rich morons who will purchase expensive cars and SUV, boats, cruises, heavy machinery, private jets will pay premiums for us. Long live Trump for expanding Obamacare. Please remember what I told you before.

      • Pmbalele,

        You are absolutely incapable of accepting anything that goes against your ideology, and you call us gullible?????

        0bamacare had come apart at the seams before Trump took office. The only reason you couldn’t see it is because you are absolutely incapable of accepting anything that goes against your ideology…..

  3. Good. Get rid of Obama Care permanently. Who the fuck needs it. I know I don’t. And this year I’m being taxed for my health coverage. Why ? Is it because of Obama Care ?

    • As a ret USAF Vet I am, sadly, stuck under Obama Care with no options.
      If I was financially able to change my health insurance I still would be
      SOL and stuck under Obama Care as are the rest of the retired and
      disabled Vets who rely on the VA for treatment. If we were fortunate
      enough to retire with minimal disability we have a snowball chance of
      surviving the VA health care system. If we used Civilian Doctors we
      are still in the same boat as are our families and limited health care.

      • Thank you for your service and dedication to Freedom James! Trump has released one vital part of his intended Health Plan…the guarantee that our Vets will be able to choose Civilian healthcare rather than VA screw ups. Finally a POTUS who recognizes the desperate straits Veterans face everyday!!

      • Thank you for your service. You deserve better than that as does all veterans. Many years ago when our family doctor went to work for the VA Hospital (due to having been in an accident) he told my mom that he could work around the clock to give the kind of care that is actually needed to help get the service men healed. He was a dedicated doctor and excellent diagnostic. That was during the Vietnam war. So if workers and money for the agency was limited then, sounds like it has gone on far too long. The government could issue medical cards where veterans could go to private doctors and be paid just as medicare. Also different states have an input about veteran affairs, is my understanding,. There has been for several years an effort by the local government, (state Representatives and local Mayor to get a Veteran’ clinic in our town. The ground breaking took place last fall. Also, about 35 miles east is a Veteran’s Retirement or nursing home. We have visited friends there and it is really a nice place, and according to others whose family members receive care there say that excellent care is given. That is why I believe that the state government has an influence. We have a reat Governor now. John Bel Edwards.

  4. Get rid of that POS wealth redistribution system the elephant eared moron crammed down our throats. It was nothing but a bunch of lies that he knew further damage the middle class while giving MORE to the welfare class. I’m not against coverage for all but I am against taking it out of my pocket to pay for those who refuse to get jobs because the government gives them everything including section 8 housing.

  5. Barry Obama and his band of brothers own this truckload of fly-flecked horse manure lock, stock, and barrel. Not a single republican in either Chamber of Congress voted for it.

  6. They need to stop calling it the affordable care act and call it what it is “OBAMACARE”. Because, when it decends back into the bowels of hell from whence it came, we will all remember who’s to blame for it’s inevitable failure.

    • Wha? ObamaCare and the ACA are the same thing? Naw…..

      • I hope your post is drooling/ dripping with SARCASM!

        • 35% of Americans think ObamaCare and Affordable Health Care are two different things. Not sarcasm. Stupid Americans. SAD.

          • Francisco Machado

            It’s a wholly justified belief, particularly for those who have found that under Obamacare they can no longer afford health care, given the annual double digit increase in their insurance premiums and the towering deductibles that insure Obamacare will never have to pay for any of their health care.

          • Gee, I’m one of the lucky ones. My rates have dropped while maintains the same deductibles!

          • I now know your blowing smoke! Everyone’s including mine have INCREASED and so did the DEDUCTIBLES!! Yours dropped?? Bull F:{%$)@#*%^&) shiit!
            First year alone $20,000 out of pocket and that DID NOT include the premiums!!
            Tell it to some @$$HOLE that MAY (?) believe you!!

          • The Righteous Truth: my premium has decreased 15% over 5 years. I did move from UHC to Humana and an HMO – by choice. Quit cursing me! Thank you. (Besides, cursing makes you look like a fool and a bully.)

          • You’re still full of SHIIT! Have a nice day NOT!! Liar!!

          • I realize, old codger, that you are deeply invested in perpetuating the illusion that ObamaCare has been a total, unmitigated failure. It could be that your experience with health insurance BEFORE Obamacare was excellent, but as soon as the ACA became the law of the land your insurance costs shot through the roof. ($20K+ in a year IS a disaster for sure.)
            ALL I can tell you is MY experience is what I have honestly reported. ObamaCare has NOT been a TOTAL disaster.
            I am not a liar. Please stop cursing. You really don’t have to use that language to make your point.
            Are you a Christian? Born-again? Do you go to church every Sunday?

          • Righteous, although I have my insurance (secondary) with my retirement, its cost went down and the medicine is covered really good, and filling in where medicare ends has been great. I am more than happy with both medicare and the secondary insurance. Had major surgery last spring and several hospitalizations afterward and many dr.s visits and thank God, a major part of the bills were paid.
            I get cursed out on a regular basis, because I am supposed to be a liberal, demo-rat, socialist, communist. and Muslim at one time. It has been a real burden being all these things at once, believe me. Again, I get raked over the iron grates a lot and by “Christians”. I do not understand why the general public are so against insurance programs such as the single payer. Basically, payment is taken from pay checks while working just like it would be if the company one is working for has to pay into the insurance if they want it. Having been a civil servant, I can assure you we worked with more accuracy and produced more work for less wages than the insurance companies whose CEO get big bonuses for handling medical insurance. I look at the government as being a servant for the people. I have NOT felt as if I am NOT free. I just don’t think like a lot of people. Having worked for many years for and with people who are disadvantaged, and disabled, or economically down for a period of time, gives me insight to a lot of things that other people call “sorry A– low lifes” Well, excuse me, but to our knowledge, and until told different these are God’s children and what ever can be done to improve their lives or their children lives there are those of us who were gifted for doing it.

          • “These people are God’s Children….” Well said, socialsavvy, well said. Thank you for your insights and comments. It is so refreshing to read things on here that are filled with Love, not Hate.
            There are plenty of things that I disagree with the Conservatives and whatever Mr. Trump is, but the thing I find most alarming is the outright HATRED that has permeated the social fabric of the country. I mean, there has been 8 years of hate spewed at the Obamas, and while that still continues, it has spread greatly (or, should I say BIGLY?). Even Mr. Trump is one of God’s Children, and I feel sorry for him. You sound like you had a career in social services. My guess is that you see some alarming behaviors in our 45th President. I hope he seeks help.

          • Thank you for your encouragement that there are people left in this nation who do see the hate that happens when people are followers of men. (or women). I have seen some things in Trumps behavior that are most alarming. I think a lot of people do but refuse to let it bother them rather accept it in that he was an actor. One gets out of character when they leave the set, hopefully. Regardless, there were several things that bother a lot of people who study human behavior. We will survive because we must. I don’t actually feel sorry for Trump, as I doubt he has an inkling that he is not following the norm, yet he does try to be different in so many ways. His life seems to have never been fulfilling. That is his cover up to brag so much. In that aspect, yes I feel compassion for anyone who is reared with the goal of getting and being rich is the most important thing in their lives. I think that is possibly where D. Trump was left out. As a kid, a youth we most want love and approval of family., then friends. We all may not have exactly what we want as kids, but those of us who have parents, and who have parents who show love and acceptance and offer security in that aspect, give their children gold that they can bank on as strength for their lives.

            I am very concerned (on some days) about what will happen with so many cabinet members who are up for approval, who are have been in opposition to the assignment they are to be given. Also the Wall St. group may be in excess. All in all, if we can ever have a week without chaos in the news, that will be nice too.

            The Obama’s lived explanatory lives. I think the smut gossip, was just an effort to make Obama’s look unfit for their place at the White House. B.O. did quite good for the opposition he had to deal with. I wish people would give up hating them, or anyone.

            Yes, I was a social worker. I loved the work I could do and did do. The rewards did not come in the form of a big salary, nor did I hear thanks too much. Those were not the things that mattered. It was reaching the goal of helping in an emergency, helping and leading clients to a better place in life, to be able to get training, and employment, to see kids grow up and have education after high school. What too many people do not understand is that there are people of so many levels of accomplishment, because of many factors. I do know that God wants us to love one another. He did not mention whether to love only one race, or one kind of people. When we love others, we show our love for Christ in our hearts. Sometimes it is a big order when we are rearing a family, working 8 hrs. 5 days per week and more. But then it is impossible to do all we have to do if we don’t have God.

            Christians aren’t perfect and that is what a lot of people look at to not find credibility in our lives. They forget about forgiveness. There is a saying that I have heard so often, especially about welfare clients. People say that “God helps those who help themselves”. I think God helps those who will let Him when they ask. It is better to let Him take over, and lead the way. I believe that when I ask for something and then try to fix it my way, I have not accomplished much. If I can fix things, why as God? I think you get my reasons. So many times I hear clients say, “I just didn’t know where else to go, or what to do.” So you know they did what they likely did not want to do, but had to do. And I liked to believe that God had a hand in their seeking help.

            I want Trump to do the right things and the best things because it is important to all of us in this country that we are a strong nation and capable of doing what is important in this world. Thank you for your post.

          • Thank you for YOUR post.
            Given the recent news about NSA head Michael Flynn, I am not just dubious of Mr. Trump’s ability to manage things; I am appalled that so many others, such as Mr. Priebus, VP Pence, Ms Conway, and (to a certain extent) Mr. Bannon were not able – for AT LEAST 2.5 weeks – to “talk sense” to the President. That is scary. But it also shows a stubborn, “I’m always right”attitude that Mr. Trump apparently has that might just be pathological.
            Anyway….thanks socialsavvy!!

          • Thank you!….You are right on point. You will likely see other actions that are very enlightening. An author by the name of Tony Schwartz was with Trump for about 3 yrs. (he said) and wrote a biography for Trump. He was very adamant about his concern for the US and world if Trump won. I keep saying I am going to get his book. I believe he will have given an in depth look at Trump. Before the election results etc. I heard someone who knew Trump on TV say that his major real friends were Don King (boxing promoter) and Mike Tyson. I like sports, but that was not a very likely list of friends for a President. I listen (watch) CNN which is not recommended by Conservatives. There are many people, both conservatives and democrats who are contributors in various interviews. Right now Don Lemon has a number of contributors who evidently are knowledgeable of previous administrations and mistakes made. They are intelligent sensible people who are not “after Trump” but analyzing the circumstances and hoping to encourage Trump to bring every thing out in the open. As one man said, he isn’t accusing Trump of anything but “it seems as if he, Trump, is trying to hide something”. During the campaign, Trump seem to be very paranoid at times.

            We shall see what we see. I just hope and pray that whatever comes out of this, that the American people can and will look with open eyes and ears and not assume that it is a plot by one party or the other. I hope they leave all these conspiracy theories out of what ever is found out. I mean conspiracies of someone out to get Trump. It should be obvious that this has been his show from the first. See you later. Should you have other information, let me hear from you.

          • Will do! Thanks for sharing your insights!

          • You are a DemoCommieScumboRAT shill, liar con artist! Even if, HUMONGOUS IF it is as you say then you are the only one in love with a TOTAL DISASTER!! I bet you go to traffic accidents and think they’re neat, same thing for train wrecks! You are a scam!

          • Well, at least you didn’t curse! I guess that’s progress, old codger!
            I assure you, however, I am the Real Deal. After all, I am the Righteous Truth.
            I know you are sincerely HOPING that my experience with ObamaCare is a lie. Unfortunately for you, it is not!

          • Well, you still are LYING!

          • Here’s something to think about, old codger: Do you think it is possible that Obamacare has actually been a Good Thing for some people? And that eliminating it would be a Bad Thing?

          • No to being a good thing and no to elimination being bad. Why? Because other than supposedly you and maybe half a dozen more, it screwed the VAST majority of the people!
            All you have to do is a little research, it is WAY, WAY, WAY beyond bad! HUMONGOUS FAILURE!!

          • Research: 2016 – uninsured Americans: 8.6%. Before ObamaCare: 15.7%

          • WOW – have you sworn off swearing?

          • mrctv-org/blog/new-gallup-report-trashes-obamacares-bragging-rights?mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiTWpJM1pXUXpZMk0wTVdZNSIsInQiOiJ5dFNNellYSHdZb1M2dlNJV2FGbjhBWEx2eVZPMHFKem5pSm1vZGE3SU5tS1wvME0yaDQ4dEhDQ3lXNWxVSEtsWUxZYko2d000XC9rOVZFTlBXQkJDc1AwaE1sdlIxcGVFdjZ2dmUrYjlYWmRRcjRCRzQrNzhcL3NEUUdxTk9kOVMrTyJ9

          • Old codger – I fully agree with the Gallup Poll findings. You might want to actually read the Gallup Poll findings. Here is the summary:

            * Six states have reduced uninsured rates by 10 percentage points or more
            * States that enacted Medicaid expansion have had larger rate reductions
            * No states have increased their uninsured rates since 2013

            That looks like success not failure.


          • Pick and choose! OVERALL Ovomit care a total Dismal failure! Why in the name of God would the original article state

            if it were a success?? only goes to prove figures lie and liars figure. You blew it AGAIN!!

          • You must know that the Media Research Council’s mission is to feed misinformation and alternate facts. My quotes come from the ACTUAL Gallup Poll that was linked in the MRC’s article. Groups like the MRC depend on having their “readers” glance at the headlines and disregard ACTUAL personal research.
            YOU, old codger, sent me to these data that I have quoted. I hope you have, at a minimum, read my stuff, because it is the Righteous Truth!
            Rough morning, huh?

          • The Gallup Poll link is a Treasure Trove of information, old codger. Thank you so much for sending it along to us and this group. I hope others get as much out of it as I did. It’s not new information either – Feb. 8, 2017! Fresh Data!
            Top 10 states for DECREASING their uninsured rate: Kentucky, Arkansas, West Virginia, New Mexico, California, Oregon, Washington (state), Arizona, Montana, and Louisiana.
            Kentucky (#1) went from 20.4% uninsured in 2023 to 7.8% in 2016. Louisiana (#10) went from 21.7% to 12.5%.
            Think about the HEALTH IMPACT of going from 1/5th of your state’s population to 1/10th having affordable health insurance. We’re saving lives here!
            Great post, old codger!

          • You definitely need an Evelyn Woods reading and comprehension course, make that 2! What a moron!! Can’t read, CAN’T Comprehend and twists it. Narcissistic moron!

          • So, help me out here, old codger: Are these not good things?

            * Six states have reduced uninsured rates by 10 percentage points or more
            * States that enacted Medicaid expansion have had larger rate reductions
            * No states have increased their uninsured rates since 2013

            Have I not comprehended these three summary points from Gallup? Is Gallup figuring and lying, too? If that is the case (that Gallup is lying), then why is the MRC featuring their work?

            Well, at least you have stopped cursing at me!

          • 10 states out of 50, oh me! that means 40 are in the toilet bowl!
            You definitely need an Evelyn Woods reading and comprehension course!!
            Just so anyone to lazy to actually check the link and think you are correct.
            DIRECT quote from MRCTV:

            “A new Gallup report released Wednesday shows that the top 10 states who’ve seen the most dramatic drops in uninsured rates have also expanded Medicaid – meaning
            the vast numbers of people now hooked up to a health insurance plan
            didn’t get there because health insurance became more “affordable,” but rather because taxpayers picked up the pricey bill.

            Here’s a good example. According to Gallup, Kentucky was the state that saw the highest drop in the number of uninsured residents, plummeting from 20.4 percent in 2013 to just 7.8 percent in 2016 (well below the national uninsured average of 10.6 percent).

            But that’s just a small snapshot of a much larger and more concerning story. Total Medicaid spending in Kentucky topped $5.7 billion in 2012, about 30 percent of which (roughly $1.7 billion) was picked up by the state. In fact, Medicaid spending made up about 22.5 percent of the state’s entire budget that year, according to Ballotpedia.

            By FY2015, taxpayers were shucking out nearly $9.5 billion in combined spending for Medicaid services in Kentucky.

            Meanwhile, Kentuckians who’d purchased health insurance on the state marketplace saw their insurance premiums rise as much as 47 percent heading into this year. In fact, 10 companies that offered plans on Kentucky’s exchange raised their rates to offset falling profits.

            Likewise, while New Mexico saw its uninsured population drop from 20
            percent in 2013 to just 9 percent in 2016, the state’s combined Medicaid
            spending rise from about $3.4 billion in 2012 to nearly $5 billion in FY2015.

            At the same time, Obamacare premiums in Mew Mexico skyrocketed an average of 39 percent heading in 2017, with some New Mexicans facing a 93 percent increase for their plans from Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Mexico. Many of these costly plans also come along wtih sky-high deductibles that make them practically useless, causing many people to avoid health
            care they’d otherwise seek to avoid paying out-of-pocket costs on top
            of their insurance premiums (although we’re pretty sure Pelosi isn’t
            including them in that lump of sick people she’s super concerned about).

            Even Gallup noted that states that didn’t expand Medicaid saw a much
            smaller reduction in their uninsured population post-Obamacare. The polling agency expressly noted:

            Of the 11 states with the smallest reductions, six have not expanded Medicaid. Among these 11, the states that have expanded Medicaid — Massachusetts, Hawaii, Vermont, Delaware and Minnesota — were already among the states with the lowest uninsured rates in the nation in 2013 and therefore had the least room for improvement.

            Of course, even this analysis doesn’t account for all the
            non-Medicaid people who bought insurance plans thanks to the federal gun
            now pointed at their craniums, a group of unlucky folks who make up a
            whole other subset of Obamacare’s touted success pool.

            Simply put: pointing to higher numbers of insured Americans paints a
            remarkably deceptive picture of Obamacare’s “success,” a simple and
            unavoidable fact that no hashtag or stump speech is going to change.”

            Direct quote from the Gallop Poll:

            The reduction in the uninsured rate, however, was only one of several
            stated goals of the Affordable Care Act. Reducing the rise in healthcare
            costs and improving Americans’ overall health were two others. The
            latter goal has not yet been realized, as fewer Americans rated their health
            as “excellent” in 2016 than in 2010 when the healthcare law was signed
            into effect. Obesity, diabetes and clinical diagnoses of depression are
            at their highest points since Gallup and Healthways began measurement in 2008.

            When your going to spout off at least get your facts together! You’re typical DemoCRAP twist things crap will NOT work! You’re still a bold face lying MORON!

          • Really? 40 in the toilet?

            From Gallup:

            * No states have increased their uninsured rates since 2013

            Even Evelyn Wood would comprehend that statement as meaning (conversely) EVERY state has DECREASED their uninsured rate.

            That’s a good thing, old codger. More people covered!

            C’mon, old codger, you can do better than that!!

          • WOW – I caused you to –

            1.) stop swearing
            2.) do some original research

            Article #1 – 2015 — really?

            Article #2 “The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services notes that the higher premiums will be less of a concern to the majority of consumers who qualify for federal subsidies that cover part of those costs. In Wisconsin, the agency says 69 percent of consumers will pay $100 or less per month for coverage when including subsidies and 56 percent will pay $50 or less.”

            Article #3 “Obamacare has significantly reduced the number of uninsured Californians. Since the state’s health insurance exchange began offering coverage in 2014, the share of Californians without health insurance has fallen from 17% at the end of 2013 to 8.1% at the end of last year, according to officials.”

            Article #4 “These increases really matter only for those who buy their own insurance. Most people are unaffected by the rate increases because they get their insurance through an employer or are covered through government programs like Medicare, Medicaid or the Department of Veterans Affairs.

            Only a small fraction of Americans who have insurance buy individual policies. There are about 10 million people in the Obamacare markets and around an additional seven millionwho buy health plans outside the marketplace, according to Obama administration estimates. The published rate increases apply only to people who shop in the markets, but premiums are expected to go up sharply for the other plans as well.”


            Try this one old codger:


          • Check out this quote, old codger: (citation below)

            “Three years before the ACA took effect, health insurance premiums were increasing by 10 percent to 12 percent each year, and the rate of the uninsured was growing.

            Today, even as news about big premium increases for 2017 raises concerns about the Affordable Care Act’s long-term health, an analysis released last week in the journal Health Affairs seeks to put things in perspective. The upshot: Things could be worse.

            It turns out that the average premiums in the individual market actually dropped when the ACA was implemented.”


          • Thanks to UNAFFORDABLE CARE ACT my wife & I have NO insurance. Our income is TOO LOW for subsidiaries; 12K a year premium with 12K deductible, really? Absolutely mind boggling that if you are UNDER an arbitrary $ amount you get NO help. Now if we were some so called refugee from one of his favorite countries we would get everything free. Hard to imagine that someone who really needs help, born Americans, would be handed a shovel full of crap, but not with this pile

          • I hear you junkman!! Please re-post this to Righteous truth below. He/she/ it thinks Ovomit “UN”Affordable Care Act is working “FLAWLESSLY”!

    • Actually the ACA (Obama care) is patterned after the Massachusetts medical care program created and put into law and enacted during Romney’s governorship. When the Republicans would not work with the Demo and the President, for the kind they had wanted, the Romney plan was agreed upon by Congress. That, Thomjeff, is where Obama-care originated……..Romney is the Republican who reached into the bowels of hell and lifted out the medical insurance that people use now.

      • Your correct and your president ,not mine ,an his congress shoved it down the people’s throats in the middle of the night without one single vote from the republican side of the isle. Therefore the democrats own it , and as we speak it is going down the tubes and ,THEY OWN IT! No matter how much they, and people like you, try to blame republicans, By God, THEY OWN IT!

        • I know …the republicans cannot agree with themselves, even less across the isle. Now it is their turn to see the Demo’s fight back. The sad part is that the Demo’s are not in the majority. Personally, I’d like to see the single payer planned modeled after the Medicare. I have seen it work and no lines waiting to be seen. The Demo’s really did not put the effort where it should have been in the previous administration. I don’t mind claiming Obama. I am not trying to blame republicans, as I don’t feel they want to do anything that is for the general population.

  7. ObamaCare is in trouble because Conservatives don’t like it and don’t think it is working very well, but we have the ACA and MediCare/Medicaid as backups, right? Ted Cruz, in a debate the other day with Bernie Sanders promised that everyone will have ACCESS to health insurance and Sanders came back with the remark that we all have ACCESS to buying a Trump mansion (or the Trump hotel in Toronto that is presently in receivership with a law suit against Trump). We all have ACCESS to such purchases; we just don’t have the money!!

    • How many people living on government welfare and food stamps do you see buying lottery tickets, alcohol and tobacco? The numbers are staggering. Maybe stop spending the money on unnecessary junk and use it for health insurance and actually try to get a job. Oh, that’s right you have problems getting up in the morning and passing a drug test for a job. That is your problem not the taxpayers problem. But dumocrats are making it the taxpayers problem to buy votes. A temporary helping hand? Yes. A way of life? Not any longer.

      • I agree!! A way of life? NFW! No F’n Way!

      • How many welfare recipients do I see buying lottery tickets, etc,? I have never seen that. Problems getting up in the morning? Do mean rising from bed or….getting UP? Well, in the first instance, I’m up at 5 am. In the second instance — well, none of your business.
        Let me ask you, maxx, do you have health insurance and if so, do you have horrible payments or a huge deductible? Are you working full time or retired? Are you on Medicare? Or Medicaid? Have you ever been on disability or been on unemployment? In other words, have you ever taken a government handout?

        • Righteous…as a Medicare recipient I don’t “take a government handout”. Only people who WORKED and PAID into the Medicare system are eligible for MCare.

          • Of course I was responding to maxx, who was griping about “entitlement” seekers. People that maxx supports (I’m assuming) call Medicare an “entitlement” and are trying hard to privatize that, too. I, like you, am a Medicare recipient and find that method of health insurance EXCELLENT and affordable. It’s too bad we can’t have Medicare for all, but the Conservatives won’t allow that to happen. I have never been on unemployment (since I was never unemployed). I’ve never been on welfare, food stamps, nothing – except for government loans when I was 17-20 for my undergraduate degree. I paid it back as well.

          • I could repeat most of that for myself., including the government loan for my undergraduate degree. I paid it back and was please to do so. My employment was not involved with social security, rather a retirement and insurance included. My medicare comes from my husbands employment.

      • I wonder how you know where their money comes from. By the way, food stamps are limited and any items that are not food cannot be purchased with food stamps. I worked as a Social Worker and handled a food stamp case load for a period of time. Food Stamps are a subsidy, they do not cover the full amount of needs. If you should ever see anyone buying liquor, lottery tickets, or tobacco with food stamps, get the sales persons name. Go with as much identifying information as possible to your local Food Stamps office and turn it over to the worker. It is the responsibility of the vendor not to allow sales that are restricted.

    • It’s a shame that when the shit hits the fan, Obamacare isn’t going into anybody’s pocket.Obamacare is for the people of the USA. 9.2million people will lose their healthcare because of the already greedy Republicans and their pockets aren’t being lined. The replacement ACA will get them paid with you all paying the bill. Congress doesn’t pay for nothing including healthcare and you all vote for them. Ludicrous!

    • The Affordable Care Act and Obamacare are the same.

  8. And I still wondering why we have not seen any action from the GOP members?
    They have been talking about repealing the Affordable Care Act better known as
    Obama Care ever since the Democrat Socialist rammed it down out throats and
    lied to the public from the onset. Now that the GOP is in position to actually
    repeal it they are waffling on it and apparently have been blowing smoke up
    out backside for the past 8 years. President Trump campaigned on repealing
    it and got massive support to win the Presidency and carried Congress on his
    back with that promise also. Why is it that the same dipsticks in the GOP
    controlled congress are now trying to avoid having to present their plan to the
    people until 2018 and possible further down the road before they began to
    repeal and replace the ACA? Perhaps we needed to inform the voters that
    their leaders are plain out LIARS and should have been replaced with the local
    dog catcher who actually did their job. Our problem remains the same,
    Professional Politicos are still lying to us and they will not change their strips
    until we remove and replace them with men and women who love our Nation
    and will fight to preserve it against our enemies especially the professional
    politicos of both parties.

    • You raise some great questions, James. I too am wondering why a replacement is not ready to go now that the majority of the Congress and the President have the absolute POWER to Repeal and Replace it. There is absolutely nothing standing in their way. I wonder if the health insurance lobby is mixed up in this somehow…

      • Francisco Machado

        What’s standing in their way is the wreckage of the health care system left in the wake of Obamacare. The ACA implementation used a scorched earth technique of demolishing the existing system rather than supplementing it to insure that there would be no way of “backing up,” that it would be necessary to build from the ground up. By eliminating people’s existing insurance plans, ones maintained since before conditions for which they were insured, they created a large group of “pre-existing condition” insurance buyers that wouldn’t exist had they been allowed to maintain their previous plans.

        • Yep, they laid land mines so it would be terribly difficult!

          • These are WORDS printed on PAPER, John, not LAND MINES. I have to assume you are a Conservative who voted for Conservative legislators and for Mr. Trump. If my assumption is correct, were you aware at the time that you were supporting them that they view (as you do, it appears) WORDS and PAPER the equivalent to LAND MINES? WOW – I guess the pen ISN’T mightier than the sword. FECKLESS! SAD!!

        • Oh, I see – the Conservative Congress and President are hopelessly entangled in the ObamaCare mess. They are rendered FECKLESS by the catastrophic damage done by this health insurance mess. They are helpless and drowning in the horrible sludge of the ACA. They deserve our pity and a ought to be thrown a lifeline. Even though they have been “planning” a replacement, they find that their hands are tied. And that’s OK with apologists like Francisco Machado. FECKLESS! SAD!

          • Francisco Machado

            The Democrats have a tremendous advantage over the Republicans in implementing even the most irrational and unworkable programs – of which the implementation of Obamacare is an outstanding example. We know how it was enacted – and that it was enacted before the Democrat representatives even knew what it was. The Democrats are ideologically motivate- Progressivism, Centralized control by national government – is their utopian ideal. Monolithic voting, Congressional mob rule, enables them to pass irrational programs – Obamacare again an excellent example – into law. Republicans, to their significant disadvantage, hold differing opinions and try to analyze the benefits and deficits of bills before passage. It does bog them down, I concede. And there are many problems caused by Obamacare that will defy simple solutions. Even if it were not the multifaceted disaster it has become, it would still be expensive to repeal and would inconvenience numerous people, just as its implementation had done. the Democrats, of course, had a simple solution: Since Obamacare was such an irredeemable disaster, they’d take it even further in that direction and implement single payer National Socialist health care. And, if they had the representatives in Congress (and it’s probably a reason they don’t), they’d bulldoze it through – like Obamacare. Your expectation that Republican should be able to solve the problem as easily as it was created is unrealistic. Repairing wreckage is vastly harder than creating it.

          • Yup, keep apologizing for the Feckless Conservatives.

          • Glad to hear about the single payer. You do know that what is called ACA or Obama care was introduced and put into law in Massachusetts by Mitt Romney. That is what the Republicans would accept and what the Democrats agreed to in order to get a medical program started. Seems to me the Republicans hate what they -themselves do.

        • From what I heard from an individual who worked at one of the VA hospitals in the northern part of the state, they were operating in a chaotic system prior to the Obama Presidency. Stop trying to put everything on Obama. Things do happen during the Right wing rule. The right wing is a lot more likely to use privatize agencies than is the left wing (Democrats). Private agencies running government agencies is usually ineffective and far from reaching the kinds of goals that the government usually adheres to. During the Bush administration there were many cuts and it could have been that the loss of employees caused a lot of problems with efficiency and performance. And if there was privatization it really would have thrown things into a mess..

      • Could be. Michael may know, if he gets papers with information on it.

    • The GOP is insisting on “repeal & replace”. Why the hell does it need to be replaced? Health care does not to be something that is a law related issue. We did not need the ACA in the first place. The ACA was just a massive democrat redistribution of wealth program using health care a the hammer. There is no need to have any new legislation at all. Things that are sold like cars etc. have certain requirements that were not legislated. The government has no constitutional authority to interfere with health insurance or health care whatsoever. Seems the Repuklicans still want to maintain control over peoples health.

      • The only “replacement” that I see would be possible oversight to
        control standards of medical care and let the free market determine
        how the pricing would be without government support. Controls on
        medical standards(?) possible, but pricing will be what ever lets
        the Medical Profession make a profit and it will be determine by
        what can the Insurance companies and the Doctors agree upon
        on and what the consumers are willing to pay. Perhaps they
        might need some “assistance” with those who have pre-existing
        conditions thru no fault of their own but that is a subject for another
        day. Current we have cowards in Congress (Both Parties) that
        are afraid of a backlash from the spoon-fed recipients of the welfare
        mentality who have forgotten they are responsible for their own
        welfare and income. It is not the governments responsibility
        to spoon feed them all their lives.

        • I don’t want government “overseeing” anything! Anytime government “oversees” or otherwise presumes to “hep ya” they add to the cost and screw it up. Remember Mr. Reagan’s observation that the most frightening words you can hear is: “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you.”

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Tell me about it Terry. I’m a Vietnam vet and the Veterans Dept is my provider. IT SUCKS! Last year they had a vet die outside, waiting for his appointment. And days later a vet went to his van and shot himself! ???

          • And I recall the lines of people who had lost their jobs with Reagan’s trickle down economics. I can remember many families who had to split up so the wife could get assistance for their children. I remember how many people lost their jobs, along with their houses. I witnessed a number of 2,000 people who lost their jobs where my husband worked. I saw the same happening at other industries. I recall hearing Reagan saying that children in the head-start program could eat ketchup as it is just as nourishing as a tomato on their sandwich. I did not find people fearful of me when I went to evaluate their circumstances for food stamps. If you do not want the government in your life. Don’t vote. Don’t apply for medicare, don’t get the Socialized Security that you likely contributed to during your years of employment. Terry, stay away from government agencies, you are not for them. Remember that pride comes before a fall.

      • NO Constitutional authority? You haven’t been paying attention, have you, maxx?

    • Two major reasons for inaction: Numb nuts McConnell and slinky slimy Ryan.

  9. It’s time for Republicans in Congress to act on their promises and stop making excuses. There have been several proposals on replacement. Pick the best of each and bring state insurance over-site reps and insurance companies in to pull together a plan that addresses major areas of contention including cost, preexisting conditions and care of those unable to afford insurance. If required, lock all in a room until they have a plan. Price should be immediately confirmed to lead this effort.

  10. …. there is a reason, if anyone is paying attention. Right now, Obama 8 years ago, had ALL his Cabinet People vetted and at work.

    Right now, the Dem’s are playing games and I cannot help but wonder if this is part of the “Game Plan” – stall Appointments until Obamacare crashes and Republicans have NOTHING, because we tied their hands! I would NOT put it past them.

    • Another incentive to scrap it immediately.

      • I really think the House & Senate should just “go nuclear” on all of these and move on. We know damn well that is what the Dem’s would do … if the ‘shoe was on the other foot’.

    • I don’t think the Democrats are that bad. They just do not like some of the appointments. I don’t either. The Sec. of Education could be replaced by a door knob. She is absolutely not qualified. There are cabinet members who are actually people who worked against the very agency for which they have been assigned by Trump. Either he is just thinking that to have someone to oppose the agencies and assign them to do the job.would be effective. What kind of job? Or, Trump doesn’t understand that he needs people in his Cabinet who can fulfill their agencies objectives. This is the greatest insult that Trump could make upon the USofA. Trump has no idea what he is supposed to do, by the looks of the News. Or, he does not think any rules are meant for him or his family. HE is NOT all right!

      • @socialsavvy:disqus

        Wow, You did a great job of Copy/Paste. Ya, C/P.

        Why do I say this?

        Well unless you have more than 1 account, I just read this same post on 2 other sites over the past few weeks. * BLINKS *

        • No other accounts. Did not read anyone else stuff of that nature. Just watch the news. Some NBC, some CNN, Some from China, and some from France. I would like to copy and paste, but haven’t bothered to learn. Maybe I read minds! Actually, I observe and analyze. My concepts after listening to Trump speak and various discussions of situations.

          About that copy and paste, I bet that is fun. I have seen my son do that and I just get frustrated. When I was in school, and college, we had type writers, and that was good enough for me.

  11. It doesn’t matter what the Republicans change about Obamacare. It will always be know as Obamacare. Obamacare is universal health insurance. Universal health insurance is what Obama got through. That is something the American people have wanted for years. We send foreign aid to countries that have Universal insurance. Why shouldn’t we have it? Obama begged and asked the Republicans to fix anything they found wrong with it or come up with a plan of their own. They refused and all they did for 6 years was to try and abolish Obamacare. Obamacare is here to stay no matter what name they put on it or change it. Obama got Universal health insurance through something the Democrats have wanted since Truman was president.

    • … I guess you have forgotten something that is going on, and was in the NEWS since Mid Last Year.

      Obamacare is going up double digits – and in 1 or 2 cases: TRIPLE DIGITS.

      I know a friend in Az who stated, their Obamacare rates are so high this year, he OPTED OUT and will pay the “Tax Penalty”, as it’s cheaper!

      Plus I want you to ponder something:
      Please name 1 Government Ran Program that has been a success? Name 1 and by that I mean:
      … It was kept at a market reasonable rate.
      … They did not “Borrow” from it and caused it to become, a problem.

      Please name 1.

      • Sir, you will be fighting a losing battle with Wayne. HE NEVER provides facts/ links to back up things. He just stirs the pot! I’ve dealt with him before, you’ll NEVER win as no matter what facts/ figures/ data you provide will change his mind!! He’s a legend in his own mind!
        P.S. To Wayne don’t bother replying as I’ve made it a point NOT to reply to A$$HOLES! So you get no replies!!

        • Oops! Guess I just wasted time; wish I’d read your comment first.

          • Anytime one learns something it is not wasted time! I just ignore it, Wayne’s World, as it is futile to argue with “Utter Stupidity”!

        • … ya, but I still like ‘calling them out’ … and then when it’s seen they do not bother to answer and/or if they do; it’s only to call the person names and such. But never really answer the Challenge Question…. 😉

          • I know, I too like to call them out, but sometimes it’s so futile to duel with the narcissistic fools!

          • but there are more people reading these than not … thus it is not totally futile, as it might just cause other readers to “Stop” – “Think” and come to enlightenment. 🙂

          • You could be right! Duel away!!LOL!

      • You want me to name one. I will name 2. Social security and medicare. For which I am on. Thanks to the Democrat party. Obamacare started because the average Joe couldn’t afford insurance due to how much health care going up. I remember complaining about paying $15 for a doctors office visit. I am being charged $150 for one now. It isn’t Obamacare that’s doing it. It’s the providers of health care that’s doing it. I live in Minnesota and we have people going to Canada to get their prescriptions filled because they get charged half as much. Look into this and figure out why this is then you will solve the problem. The pharmaceutical companies have the politicians in their pocket would be my guess.

    • I suppose that you would next like to have your auto liability insurance paid for by government? Don’t forget, it is really not “free” since taxes pay the bill. Additionally, “he who pays is in charge”. I dare say that having some fat cat in Washington telling me what care I can have and when or even if I can have it has no appeal. Finally, nowhere in the constitution is the power granted to government to intrude into private life as such a thing would do. All those who desire freebies need to grab a dose of reality.

      • … and a job, not mooching off taxpayers back!

      • I don’t need health insurance. I am on social security. Something else the Democrats done for me. You want to talk about auto insurance paid by the government. Obamacare has to accept whoever wants it and they don’t get charged extra if they have a life threatening problem. How would you like it if no matter how many traffic tickets you got or no matter how many accidents you have been in and they can’t deny auto insurance or raise your rate because of it? That is what Obamacare does. You want take these people’s insurance back away from them? How Republican of you.

    • Francisco Machado

      Americans want Obamacare so badly that they’re not signing up for it in droves despite threats of IRS retaliation if they don’t. It’s taken billions from medicare, owes the treasury billions, paying insurers pennies on the dollar for the “risk corridor” guarantee, Obama encouraging the companies to sue the government to get paid from still another government department. Promises to terminate it (for what political promises are worth) were a factor in the Republicans getting the Senate in 2014. Plans and regulations implemented by the Democrats have lost them the House, the Senate, the Presidency, most of the state governments. They have lost even in heavily Democrat biased states. And they still don’t realize there’s something wrong with what they’re doing so they’re dedicating themselves to preventing the party currently in power from correcting it. The Democrats have turned their party’s dogmatic ideology into a religion. they demonize anyone who confronts them with the disasters their credo has generated. They are reduced to inciting riot to defend their crumbling tenets.

      • You are obviously a Trump supporter. He ran on getting rid of Obamacare. Good luck with that. I am still bragging. I didn’t vote for Trump.

        • ME TOO! I didn’t vote for H. either.

          • A year from now when someone asks who you voted for you will tell them non of your business. Trump will self destruct.

          • I am not sure what I would say, but I don’t have to hang my head, because I am proud I did not vote for Trump. Not Hillary either. I make it plain that I did not an would not vote for Trump. Might say it is none of someones business. There are a lot of things I feel like saying. People do not believe anything negative about Trump.
            I wasn’t sure that this court action would not show that Trump did not honor the Constitution as he vowed he’d do. Seems to be most “iffy”. I read an interview or the report of an interview that Howard Stern had with Trump. This seemed to have taken place when he first began to run for POTUS. Trump said that he thought he run for the fun of it and he did not think he would be elected. On UTube check out the Howard Stern interviews with Trump. Now doesn’t that tell you the “love Trump has for this nation.” I just pray that when he self-destructs that he doesn’t take us with him. I am a retired Social Worker and due to some of the things I learned and experienced and spoke of, on this blog, I am called a socialist, communist, Muslim and a lot of other things not to be repeated.
            I heard an author, who wrote a biography for Trump, who seemed almost desperate to get people to NOT vote for Trump. He said that this world will never be what it is now if Trump became President. The man’s name was Anthony or Tony Schwartz.
            It may have been another blog where this woman kept on and on how God chose Trump to save America. (I think she meant save us from Obama). Finally, I told her that I knew God is likely angry with Americans, but I did not know he was that mad! I honestly do not understand how people cannot see through Trump. People are going to learn from Trump and blame the “lying media”. LOL
            Nice to get your message.

          • If you didn’t vote for Trump then it was the same as a vote for Hillary. Thank you very much. Now just stop and think of how good you have it now. No body bags coming home from across the big pond. Almost 0 raise in cost of living. The stock market is higher then it has ever been. The farmers can’t complain their land is higher than it has ever been. Gas is down around $2 a gallon. Unemployment is as lower than it has been in recent times. Interest rates at the bank are lower than they have been in recent years. There hasn’t been no raise on social security checks due to 0 inflation. I would ask you to write all these things down and see where this country is going to be in 2 years and compare. Also send this list to all your subscribers you write to and add any thing else you can think of to it. It is a shame Hillary didn’t get elected so we could have continued on where this country was going. We wouldn’t have all this hate that is going on now. I have no idea of what Trump was talking about when he said he was going to make America great again. The future doesn’t look that great now.

          • This is excellent and yes I’ll make a copy and later review. I wondered how long it would be before Trump would run into legal problems. I have never believed he would give up his investments or dealings with them. That is one thing that may come up. He may just loose it and do some unacceptable offensive thing. I made a list of behaviors that if consistent with a person indicates a certain kind of mental condition. I am not sure that this list is complete and I need to review the information and source again.

            Keep up the good posts.

          • I have been reading your posts that are where ever they are and where I found them. Enjoyed them tremendously. I am going to hit the hay (my mom used to use that expression) but before I ask God to keep us safe and don’t let the people in the northeast freeze, I want to say one more time……I DID NOT vote for Trump.

          • Sorry I blue up.

          • I didn’t think you blew up, I thought my post was misunderstood, because I wasn’t clear. No problem. I think now you have made a great investment, I just love to say, I did not vote for Trump.
            My state was overwhelmingly for Trump. I could have voted for anyone and Trump would have gotten the electoral votes. I would have been please with Hillary I am sure. I just wish people would give up their destructive talk about the Clinton’s, as well as the Obama’s. My husband said he made more money under Clinton than he had ever before. Lots of good things then. Obama did a really good job without all the fluff going on …like now.

  12. Trump can order the suspension of the mandate. Then he should contact the health insurance companies driven out of the H.I. business. They are just waiting to be told they can resume selling health insurance. Allow them to do it and allow customers to buy across state lines and 75% of the problem is gone. These companies can resurrect all the software they used for health care policies in a matter of months and modify it to allow pre-existing conditions and keeps kids on longer and things will settle themselves out. Sadly the folks that have been getting ObamaCare for free are going to have to pay up. There is no such thing as a free meal in the real world.

  13. Ogayarab, the bj in chief, promiossed to remake America. With the help of dumb arsed liberals, the health crae system needs heavy surgery, the military cannot walk across the street without running out of supplies, and government agencies thinking they are above the presidents policies because of their protect job status.
    How about trying , termination for cause. What cause? failing to perform lawful directives, orders, and policies given them by the president. Thier pussy arsed opinion has not place in their jobs

  14. It is past time for the total repeal of “Obama Care” including ALL the taxes and other “revenue enhancers” attached thereto. Never mind a “replacement”, just put things back like they were before the Democrat meddling. Government has no business intruding itself into medicine, no matter what the original intent is. If the thing is indeed “coming apart” that should be additional incentive to avoid the foolish idea of “repairing” a terminally bad law. Once again, for the benefit of the weak kneed, jelly spine “republicans” repeal, repeal, repeal without further delay. No excuses or “repairs” accepted.

  15. Defund and repeal it immediately! It was sold on a pack of lies by the Liar in Chief Obama !

  16. Statesman Patriot

    The fix is not as complex as everyone makes it. Problem is the politicians won’t listen to reason.

    First step to any solution is to get back to basics and set a framework for the final goal.

    They all refuse to look at it that way because they let emotion get in the way.

  17. Republicans should just lay it on the line, tell the American people that Federal involvement in health care is unconstitutional, that it’s a State issue and junk the ACA entirely.

  18. It’s not collapsing or anything of th sort. Your alternative facts are as incredible as the so-called president. The GOP has no plan, no alternative, no nothing, other than the pathetic Ryan plan. The first step would be for Congress to give up its own private lucrative healthcare plan and lead by example. Would that ever happen? Not with the current leadership. You would think that the richest and most powerful country in the world could figure out how to provide reasonable healthcare for all of its citizens.

    • I think they could, but it is an egotistical power struggle that began with the Reagan administration. People are so self serving and disconnected from the middle class, the back bone of the nation, that they do not really know what is going on. I have never seen people fight each other so much. The GOP had the agenda against anything that Obama wanted to do. He was not “supposed to be President”. So the GOP would fight to the end. The democrats are trying to get a few things changed, stopped or what ever but it is the same thing. The party line of the GOP is actually some TP and southern states who are racists in their hearts. I cannot judge what another person has in their hearts, but it is obvious by their actions, they just will not compromise.or think about the citizenship.

      • Play the race card. That’s SO helpful.

        • It is fact, the race card includes anyone who is poor. There are so many factors regarding work or work ethics, that getting a job is not always as simple as it seems. I am sure you are aware that when several men go to apply for a job and there are only two jobs available, the two top contenders are going to win. The scale is inclusive of health, physical abilities, mental abilities, education or what ever the employer wants.
          I remember some of my belligerent clients who applied for assistance and did not meet the requirements of eligibility, would say…”all I have to do is paint my face black…etc..Or, if he were black and not eligible, he”d say…”I bet if I were white I could get help.” Neither were correct. The art of making a person feel as if he is not rejected as a person, but rather due to income and resources or another factor, works most of the time. But even when people understand the factors involved, they insist discrimination due to race (either white or black). The reason for this is their experiences, or due to their home environment that they were reared in. Sometimes associates affect their concepts. I mentioned poor white people as inclusive of discrimination. There is a lot of prejudice among people who see black people succeed and then they really build up resentment. I had a relative like that, except he did not want to see any black have success that he did not have. That is absolutely stupid. This is all on a personal level and accomplishes nothing. However, with the government, we have a great number of successful individuals, and some just would rather do deals with those that are to their advantage, than work for the people they are supposed to represent. Cornell West, Proff. pointed out that “when you have the poor; and disadvantaged held down, eventually all those above will fall in on top of them.” This is speaking of economics, of course. When everyone does good, the economy grows. Likely I sound as if I am a socialist. That is not true, this is just good sense.

  19. We might get better government if the Congress and all of government were required to be covered by whatever they put into law. I.E. be covered by social security, obama care and whatever. Would be great if Pres.Trump could do it with an Executive Order.

  20. Like everything else the government is involved in- with help from the useless media- it is all fake news and unverifiable. Nobody knows how many people were in need of health care, how many wanted health care that didn’t have it, and really don’t know how many signed up under either scenario. No matter, the entire system was set up to fail so the government could step in and take over because they know best. If there really was 30 million uninsured that wanted coverage (never mind that anybody at anytime could have gone to a hospital and they have to treat them) and you added them to the “roll” how in the heck would anybody with even half a brain think that the cost would go down? The whole thing was a giant money middle class money grab. Like the slimy little elite guy who “sold” this crap to us said- the american people are to stupid to realize what is going on anyway- paraphrased of course. Sadly, he is correct – about at least half the country anyway.

  21. The REAL headline for this article should be “ObamaCare REPLACEMENT Coming Apart at the Seams”

  22. It turns out that the “Affordable Care Act” is just that – an act! Most people in our government are so out of touch with the average people that seek the health care that is so needed. They can barely pay their bills and feed their family – let alone pay for healthcare also. Then at tax time they are made to pay an unfair penalty. I hope they take a look at this before coming up with a plan. Something “affordable.”

  23. It might help to just give Obama care to CITIZENS instead of anyone that wants it!!

  24. People aren’t signing up because it is expensive and the deductibles are outrageous. Families can’t afford 800 to 1500 a month and then still have 1500 to 5000 dollar deductibles. This isn’t a plan it is a ripoff. I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama and the majority of congress has stock in the insurance companies.

  25. Just another Dimwitocrat tax scam; no one seriously expects any health coverage from this; it serves the purpose; separating middle-class Americans from their money!

  26. take it from someone who had their own insurance office a few years ago. it cannot be saved, and as companies run for cover, Americans will find they have no coverage. Save the few good features, over state lines, age 25, pre-existing conditions required to be covered by law, etc. Add a catastrophic policy for young people who are healthy. And let the companies make their best offers. And no it NOW. Obviously the delays are largely because the Cabinet still is not confirmed. And that is totally the fault of the Democrats delays. They are the ones holding up progress, and i hope their home States remember it next election.

  27. And the best way to insure that it is a good replacement is to mandate the insurance same policies for the Congress. Get rid of their “gold” plan.

  28. It looks like Obamacare is losing people, not surprising. Republican’s want to repel it, but Trump doesn’t want their own to come up short, if things are rushed. So I can understand that.
    But I would hope Trump would stop the mandate sooner.

    Trump is not to blame for Obamacare is coming up short, it has been to expensive since day 1. Obama knew it was a failure from the beginning, the man who helped told him told him it will be a failure, so why did he even do it to us? He lied to us.

  29. Obamacare was fraud from the beginning. Just repeal and replace. This seems to be a hard concept for the republicans to crasp.

    • Obama care, or the ACA, is a copy of the proto type of Romneys health program he installed in the state of Massachusetts when he was governor. It was used because the Republicans refused to cooperate with the Democrats and Obama. Obama used Romneys Health Care and Republicans agreed to it. End of Story.

    • Yes, sharon419, it appears the the GOP and Mr. Trump are beginning to realize that “governing” is much harder than coming up with catch phrases that fit on bumper stickers: “Repeal and Replace” – in red, white, and blue. We as citizens need to offer our thoughts as well, but they need to be constructive ones rather than spews of hate!
      What should Health Insurance look like in the USA? (It’s not health CARE – that’s what doctors and nurses and hospitals do.)
      Should we have ZERO insurance? If that’s the case, when something goes bad for a person/family then other bad things will happen – from huge debts to death.
      Should everyone have insurance? Maybe. What I do know is that when those who do not currently have insurance have a medical problem, they either do nothing about it or use emergency facilities – and payment for the use of those facilities get passed on to others. Not a good system.
      So, solutions???

  30. .We should demand that the healthcare and retirement programs that the federal works be closed out and transfer to the new healthcare program and the big fat retirement program be transfer to social security, just like the rest of us…..I bet healthcare and social security would be very solvent the next day. Also, all of those already on retirement, we want there money in the new programs. All in favor….I

  31. p.S. I believe the constitution says federal employee are to receive the same benefits as the general public, not better. I think there should be an investigation into these special health insurance and retirement programs. Most likely the DLPC are behind this corrupt dealing. DLPC = democratic,liberals,progressives, communist

    • The Constitution? Really? You might want to look that up. I agree with you that “government employees” shouldn’t get any sort of a different deal than non-government employees. But remember, there are plenty of non-government employees who have good benefits.

      • Righteous Truth: I don’t have a problem with non-government employees benefit package’s, what every an employer wants to do for there employees is between the two of them. But, the sweet heart deals these federal employees get not right., they get any doctor they want, very low co-pays, progressive vacations time, example:something like: 1 to 3 yrs.(employment).2wks,(wks of vacation) 4-6 yrs..3wks, 7-10 yrs..4 wks, 20 or 25 hoilday days off per yr. retirement pay equals to your former salary. A large number of federal employees that haven’t paid there income tax for yrs, and nothing is done about it. I am going to look up that other matter, I will let you know..ok

  32. When you stinking Tyrants put in a corrupt tax institution to penalize the AMERICAN people if they could not afford your joke of a so-called health care system. That did it for me. All I can say Obama is I hope you get the worst that can happen to a person ten fold.

  33. Diane Ross Eslinger

    we had a couple of friends who signed up for Obamacare….after the 1st of the year, their premiums went from $250 a month for a

  34. My wife & I have NOT had medical coverage for 3 years now. Our income is TOO LOW for assistance; rate would be 12K per year with 12K deductible! So we have no coverage; with rates like that no insurance is the only option. The bastard boy Obummer sure ruined EVERYTHING he touched. What really grinds me is that the thousands of illegals & other ‘refugees’ this scum bag left in get free everything & Americans that worked their whole life get shit on. Trump can’t dismantle the train wreck that Obummer caused fast enough.

    • Your income is TOO LOW to get assistance? WOW, that’s a new one!

      • Yup, welcome to Obummer’s ‘Hopey Dopey Change’ (formerly America). Just tried again this year; if your income is below some arbitrary magic number, you get NOTHING. Yet the bastard that caused this mess gets free everything for the rest of life.

        • You do know that the US Supreme Court is the group tossed a huge obstacle in the path of making health insurance covered under Medicaid, right? They ruled that the states could opt out of one of Obamacare’s crucial provisions: The expansion of Medicaid coverage to anyone making less than 133 percent of the federal poverty level, or about $15,300 a year for a single person. Since the court’s ruling, 24 states chose not to expand the program. You can blame your STATE government for your health care dilemma!

  35. This is why we need Medicare for everyone. Health care for profit will never be in the best interest of any patient.

    • You know, it’s interesting to look at how the Big Health Insurers and Big Pharma have done under ObamaCare. The SAY that they are losing money in some markets, but I keep watching their stock market prices. I especially keep track of UHC. Big profits there!!

  36. All Trump needs to do is get rid of the mandate. It’s unconstitutional even if Roberts relegislsted and called it a tax . Roberts screwed the American public by not striking the law down . Getting rid of the mandate is the first thing to do. Then simply turn healthcare over to the private sector where it belongs . Insurance companies from all states will start offering policies on life which people can choose from. Government should not
    Be in health insurance business . I think the republicans are panicking unnecessarily. Policies will be put their and people can choose . Hell they have a right not to choose if they don’t want it . However if anything catastrophic happens they better have enhanced insurance. 20 million of the so called uninsured were insured. Half of them by Medicare . These numbers are exaggerated. Time for establishment repubs to get off their asses and lead .Trump has too many wusses in their He senate .

    • I heard someone the other night in a conversation about Trump having a mandate, stated that he actually does not have a mandate at all. ??

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  38. Obamacare was designed to fail .The calculation was that progressive politicians would be able to replace it with an even more oppressive system.

  39. let obamacare fail. It would be the cheapest thing to do, and the easiest. WHen it implodes and these people are left uninsured, it will be their own fault because they left their own insurance programs. They should of sued the federal government for lying to them about keeping their affordable insurance with the doctors they wanted to keep.
    If you have Obama care, you can continue to throw money at it, but the govt should just let it fail.
    they should also refund all the Penalties they took illegally from people refusing to be forced to buy a product they didn’t want or need.

  40. Here are some recent Gallup Poll findings that reflect on the effectiveness of ObamaCare as it relates to health insurance coverage and its potential to improve the health of our nation. Very encouraging! Here is the Gallup summary:

    * Six states have reduced uninsured rates by 10 percentage points or more
    * States that enacted Medicaid expansion have had larger rate reductions
    * No states have increased their uninsured rates since 2013


    More info from Gallup:

    This Gallup Poll link is a Treasure Trove of information. I hope others get as much out of it as I did. It’s not old information either – Feb. 8, 2017! Fresh Data!

    The Top 10 states for DECREASING their uninsured rate: Kentucky, Arkansas, West Virginia, New Mexico, California, Oregon, Washington (state), Arizona, Montana, and Louisiana.

    Kentucky (#1) went from 20.4% uninsured in 2023 to 7.8% in 2016. Louisiana (#10) went from 21.7% to 12.5%.

    Think about the HEALTH IMPACT of going from 1/5th of your state’s population to 1/10th having affordable health insurance.

    We’re saving lives here!

  41. I cannot believe how two faced Democrats are. Obamacare was and is bad legislation. It is simply a giant tax, a transfer of wealth from the middle class to the welfare classes. I know this will brand me as elitist but when do we limit giving people benefits they have not worked for? I honestly don’t understand why we even needed it in the first place. Medicaid has been in place for years to protect people of limited means. But the proverbial cow is out of the barn. No matter what happens the blame is on the Republican party for Obamacare even though not one Republican voted for it. The blame belongs with the jerk Obama and the dumb Democrats that pushed this crap through. If nothing is done, the program is well on it’s way to self destruct. The millenials don’t want it and the insurance carriers are bailing out left and right. It’s too late to simply cancel it, I disagree with the people that just want it gone. We must be diligent and come up with a plan to make the health care model functional and that will be a very tall order.

  42. Right. Blame the failure of Ovomit-Lack-of-Care on the Republicans just because MOST of the advertisements for it have been pulled from the airwaves.

    Here are the facts:

    1. Passed with NOT ONE Republican vote;
    2. In committee, Republicans OFFERED 42, yes 42, DIFFERENT amendments that would have made the program better and more cost effective.

    The Democraps — on a party line committee — VOTED DOWN EVERY SINGLE AMENDMENT WITHOUT DEBATE!!

    3. In the House of Representatives, and I SAW THIS FOR MYSELF on CSpan, ATTEMPTED to get this bill passed on a “Voice Vote” with just THREE (2 Dems, 1 Repub) in the chamber. Of course, because the Dems were loud enough, they drowned out the lone Republican. The acting speaker, Jesse Jackson, Sr., stated, “The bill (stated the number and name) is passed unanimously on a voice vote.” It was ONLY because the Republican on the floor protested that a chamber debate was scheduled.

    Yeah. THIS is the Democrap Party that all of you Educated Idiots are SO enamored of.

    4. The original name of the bill did NOT even address Obamacare. It was a bill that the Democraptic majority quickly passed, again, without a single Republican vote, that would “make it easier for military to buy a home.” It was a spending bill which, by Federal Law, MUST be passed BY the House of Representatives. When it comes to spending, the Senate only fulfills an “advise and consent” role and they have the right to get into a “Conference Committee” to make the bill acceptable to BOTH houses of Congress.
    5. THAT bill was THEN sent to the Senate.

    6. Once there, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, quickly STRIPPED EVERY SINGLE WORD out of this bill, kept the number and RENAMED it the Affordable Care and Patient Protection Act.

    7. THEN, after the House shoved it through without ONE Republican vote, it then went to a Reconciliation in the Senate that was SUPPOSED to be composed of Repubs and Dems.

    8. AGAIN, Harry Reid scheduled the meeting for the middle of the night, and allowed NO Republicans to even attend the meeting, much less have an input.

    • I think the point of the article upon which this discussion is based is that it is time for the Republicans in Congress and President Trump to get going. I think the point that is being made is that the Conservatives have been itching to Repeal & Replace it for 6 years. The House has even passed “Repeal” legislation 60 times – not a typo – SIXTY. I think the point is that they should “get going” or they will be blamed for a collapsed health insurance system.
      So, now the GOP can do what the Dems did and pass a beautiful health insurance law WITHOUT any votes from the opposition and get it signed quickly by a very willing President Trump.

      • First of all, it took Ovomit more than a year to get Obamacare through the legislature.
        Second of all, and THIS is the real truth:

        The only problem is, the truism isn’t true. The House has actually voted to repeal Obamacare in its entirety six times. Certainly Democrats think that is six too many. But it is not 50, or even close to 50. The rest of the votes — there have actually been 54 so far — were votes that ranged from defunding measures that would have crippled Obamacare to delaying measures that would have put off some of the very same provisions in the law that President Obama has delayed unilaterally, to measures fixing portions of the law that passed both houses of Congress with bipartisan support and were signed by the president.
        The basic story is that House Republicans have voted for repeal at a few key moments since Obamacare was signed into law, and also as part of the yearly budget process. “It’s six times if you count the budget,” says one House GOP source in an email. “First time was when we first took the House majority, once after the Supreme Court decision, and once this Congress. And then the budget ever year.”

        — Washington Examiner

        Third, Obamacare will NOT collapse BEFORE the new plan takes effect. The bill known as Obamacare was passed, and THEN written.

        Trump wants the program to be completely set up before Obamacare is replaced, and THAT is the TRUTH.

        Trump has been in office THREE WEEKS. Hardly enough time to present a viable alternative to the ACA.

        • You are correct: Trump only recently became President. He is not responsible for legislation. Not his job. He signs stuff.
          Paul Ryan and before that John Boehner held the Speakership for 6 years. The same for Mitch McConnell. THEY are responsible for the legislation. Why are you apologizing for their lack of leadership?

          • I am not apologizing for anyone. Just stating the facts.

          • Me too. The GOP has had 6 years to craft a replacement. Where is it?

          • I truly do not know. I know that they voted to completely repeal it 6 times. All of those times were vetoed by Ovomit. The other votes were to defund parts of it.

            I think they were concentrated on winning the election because, had they repealed it without Ovomit’s signature, there is no telling what the Dems and RINOS would have come up with. It would also have given Ovomit and the Dems all the fuel they needed to give us a shit plan they could blame on the Republicans.


          • So, they were concentrating on winning an election? That’s it? Is that OK with you?

          • NO, that is NOT okay with me. However, you have to understand that a POTUS serves without restraint (almost) for the first two years of each term. They spent the second two years CAMPAIGNING, and Ovomit was an expert at it. The final two years are spent ALSO campaigning for their replacement, IF you are Ovomit. George W Bush did NOT campaign for John McCain. He stayed out of the campaign.

            Those are just the facts. The FACT is that the Democraps would have DELIBERATELY ruined Ovomit-Lack-of-Care just so they can blame its demise on the GOP.

            I am in favor of term limits for JUST this reason.

          • So, getting re-elected is so difficult, strenuous, time-consuming, whatever-other-adjective-you-wanna-append that an elected official can do nothing else? Is that what you are saying? And, to you, that’s a FACT? A FACT? Really?
            “Democrats would (or did/have) DELIBERATELY ruined ObamaCare just so they can blame its demise on the GOP.” WOW – and that’s how a Conspiracy Theory becomes a FACT. (You don’t need real evidence or testimony or documentation or anything resembling PROOF. You just say something – include derisive wording – and it becomes a FACT.) SAD!

          • OH, PUHLEEEEEZE!!!

            You know as well as I do that our Congress members spend a very large part of their time raising money for their next campaign, and they have even admitted it!!

            From the time Trump was elected, the left started blaming him for things he had not done.
            From the time the GOP takes control of one or both Houses of Congress, the dems in Congress start calling them a do-nothing Congress.

            ALL of them are WORTHLESS!!

            And that was the point I was trying to make!!!

          • I agree with you that incumbent officeholders spent too much time getting re-elected. (You seem to forget that ALL Reps are elected every other year – so they must be CONSTANTLY running for office. AND, Senators get 6 years, so…..) But I disagree with you when you seem to believe that running for office is an ALL-CONSUMING task. I do believe that SOME of them can walk and chew gum at the same time – SOME of them.

            My indignation is over your complete misunderstanding of Facts vs Opinions. Please read this illustration of the difference between the two statements.

            The governor of Alabama is Dr. Robert Bentley.
            He got his name changed – legally – to Dr. Robert Bentley so the Dr. would appear on the ballot.
            The Gov. Dr. is in his second term.
            He was married for 50 years. (Same woman)
            He is a father.
            He is a grandfather.
            He is a dermatologist.
            He is in his mid-70’s.
            He was a Deacon in his local Baptist church.
            He had an affair (last year) with a senior aide who is in her mid-40’s.
            (OPINION:.Whoa! Good for him!!)
            There is a very interesting recorded phone conversation between the Gov. Dr. an his mistress.
            At one point in the recorded phone call, the Gov. Dr. describes how good she will feel as he is standing behind her and fondles her br–sts,
            (OPINION: He will probably be “feeling good” as he is standing behind her….)
            His wife (of 50 years) filed for divorce.
            He was kicked out of his church.
            There were also some “payment” irregularities between the Gov. Dr. and the mistress – to the tune of a half a million dollars.
            The Alabama House of Representatives began Impeachment hearings.
            The Alabama House has a majority of Republicans.
            The Gov. Dr. is a Republican.
            Five days before the November 2016 election, the Alabama Attorney General told the Alabama House that he was taking over the Impeachment investigation.
            The Attorney General’s name is Luther Strange. (Really – FACT)
            On Election Day 2016, Donald Trump was elected President of the United States.
            On February 9, 2017, Alabama Senator Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III was sworn in by Vice President Mike Pence as US Attorney General.
            On February 9, 2017, Alabama Attorney General was appointed by the Gov. Dr. as the new Alabama Senator.
            On February 9, 2017, Luther Strange flew to Washington, DC as was sworn in as Sen. Luther Strange.
            At some later date, Gov. Dr. Robert Bentley will appoint a new Attorney General for the State of Alabama.
            Impeachment Proceedings??

            OPINION: I think there was some “quid pro quoing” going on.

            Can I prove that? Is it a FACT that the Gov. Dr. traded a halt to his impeachment proceedings for a Senate seat?

          • My comment was based upon MY OWN experience with the State Legislature in Illinois while I was in college.

            That and the sheer number of Democratic fundraisers that Ovomit attended, leaving the running of the government as his SECOND priority.

            When my class (dietetics) went to Springfield to lobby for a bill, we had to wait for HOURS while the people we were supposed to talk to were talking with “financial supporters” in between breaks in their legislative sessions. It was an election year as well.

            I have ALSO listened to interviews from people who were IN Congress and who revealed that their primary focus was on raising money for their reelection.

            I can assure you that I know the difference between facts and opinions. I do not lie and I do not distort that which I know to be true.

            I’m just a staunch Republican and you can’t handle it.

            Go away.

          • You may have based your comments from your college days and the IL General Assembly, but you painted with a gigantic brush to indicate your experiences in Springfield were apropos to the US Congress, President Obama and President Trump. Generalization requires much more care in analysis than you seem to be willing to do.

            I’m not convinced that you understand the difference between facts and opinions, given that you believe that your statement about the planned sabbotage of ObamaCare by Democrats in order to blame Republicans is FACTUAL.

            You stated an OPINION that you do not lie or distort “that which you know is true.” Yes, I’m sure, in you opinion, you believe that the Democrats are sabbotaging ObamaCare in order to blame the Republicans for its failure. But, when you label that as a FACT, you are incorrect. If you know that what you’re saying is factually incorrect, but label it as a fact, you are being intellectually dishonest. Lying??

            AND, believe me, I can handle your being a staunch Republican. In fact, I enjoy spending time with you. Thank you!

          • Believe me, sir, I DO know the difference between facts and opinions. Had you ever lived in So. Illinois, you would probably understand my comment. Their legislature is just about as crooked as any in the country, and many have gone to prison for their actions.

            Yet, this is the legislature that spawned Ovomit. I WATCHED him destroy the coal industry in So Illinois while I was living there, sir. I saw hundreds of thousand of coal miners lose their jobs as the coal mines shut down. Even then, Ovomit was staunchly against fossil fuels.

            And, year after year after year those idiots CONTINUE to vote democrat. They still blindly believe that the Democraps will save the world. Sorry, but I don’t, and I have serious doubts about the Republican party as well.

            They are too busy protecting their empires to actually get any work of substance accomplished, and I honestly don’t know HOW Chuckie Schumer and Pocahontas Warren EVER get any work done when all they do is stand in front of a microphone and cry, moan and groan, threaten President Trump because he had the audacity to insult John McCain, etc.

            I once saw a commercial where the firefighters of the country were in Congress. The head of their organization asked two questions:

            1. Should we balance the budget?
            Unanimous yes answers.

            2. Should we (I think) protect the union?
            Again a unanimous yes.

            The next words from the leader’s mouth was:

            Move to adjourn. Second?
            From the crowd: Second!!


            Wouldn’t it be nice if our Congress Members could get that message???

          • An article on IL coal you should read: http://www.chicagoreader.com/chicago/future-coal-mining-energy-illinois/Content?oid=22523058

            BTW – guess where I live.

          • Probably in Southern Illinois!! I lived there for five long years in Benton. Took a divorce and a court order to get me out of there!

          • Wow. When I left So. Illinois in 1996, they had not yet started massive strip mining. Harrisburg used to be a beautiful little town with gorgeous homes and horse farm.

            I also remember the fight that Zeigler Coal waged (and lost) to extend long wall mining underneath Rend Lake, and an ex brother-in-law was nearly killed in a mining accident. He is totally disabled today after several unsuccessful spine surgeries. Another young man that my ex-husband knew was killed in the mine the first week he began working there when he was impaled by some sort of mining machine.

            Zeigler Coal had just gone or was in the process of going out of business when I escaped from that dreadful place.

            So, yes, I remember when roads collapsed and the damage to farms around Christopher and Benton. I was never so happy to leave a place in my entire life.

            At any rate, it seems to me that Ovomit could have done a lot more to preserve the land in Illinois Coal Country, but he was so enamored of, in my humble opinion, clean energy that he just ignored the environmental damage being done to the land in Illinois. And, he could have done a lot, in my opinion.

            Sounds a lot like Illinois is going the way that the copper mines in Utah went — mining companies destroyed land and it took huge lawsuits to make them clean up the land.

          • I remember when the UMW went on strike in the early 90s. Some of the strikers were picketing the Ziegler coal offices that were across the street from my house. I had just cut down a huge dead tree and was in the process of having the stump cut up so I could burn it.

            The striking coal miners asked me if they could have the dry wood to help them stay warm at night.

            We got acquainted and then they asked me if my ex-husband was who they thought he was. I said “yes,” and they immediately asked, “Is he giving you a hard time?” Again, my answer was “yes” and told them what he and his family were doing and how they were harassing me. They said, “Well, ma’am, you NEVER have to worry about that again.”

            And I never did. I don’t, to this day, know what they said or did to him, but he was mean as a snake and was NOT popular at all in that town, and I think they relished the idea of giving him some payback!

  43. Progressive Republican

    And guess which party is going to get blamed for it?

    The party that hocked it up onto the Congressional floor in the first place one hopes, and it’s about damned time.

  44. A Government mandate for it’s citizens to buy ANYTHING, is unconstitutional.

  45. A lot of people want to blame some one for the collapse of the A C A. Just look at the number of companies that pulled out and stopped working with the A C A. The A C A was doomed form the start because sooner or later when something is built on a lie the truth comes out. What party put the A C A into play not seeming to care how it was going to pan out. What party is really to blame for it not stay viable it sure is not the republican party. It is high time to quit the party blaming because both parties are falling apart and most Americans do not want to be a part of them. It is time to start working for the people and start fixing the problems facing our Country. Stop being idiots and get to work Washington.

  46. Everything I hear about Obamacare is a disaster waiting to happen. I read a month ago, two very large insurance companies already pulled out. The reviews from people all over the country is that premiums are skyrocketing and they can’t afford them. People are starting to drop out, they say that they would rather pay their mortgage so they don’t loose their house rather than have insurance they may not need. what can you really expect,when the program was rushed out before completion with a long list of lies and promises that never existed.

  47. The Republicans had 7 years to put together a plan yet they chose to waste tax payers’ money with just crabbing about how awful Obamacare is. Where were they all this time? Evidently busy choosing to do nothing.

    • That’s why we elected President Trump. I am enjoying watching the snowflakes melt.

      • T he President’s own Party sat around for 7 years complaining about Obamacare, yet did not one thing to change it. What were they waiting for? In the meantime people are very frightened that they might lose their health insurance. What do you say to those people? Do you just soothe then with “Oh, President Trump will take care of it”? I don’t think that will work. It appears that President Trump knows little about the provisions of this law. Why is that?

        • “We have to pass it to know what’s in it”. Remember Pelosi’s bimbo statement. Trump knows more about what’s in it than Ms Botox.

          • But still the Republicans did nothing but complain.

          • It ain’t over yet Richard. Be patient, the end of Ovomitcare is coming.

          • Exactly what parts of Obamacare don’t you support? Seems everyone complains about it until its time to examine the details then people start to sing a different tune. What’s going to happen to the thousands of people who will lose their health insurance if there’s no workable plan in place? Are they just out of luck? What will happen to your health insurance?

          • I don’t like any of it from the lie, “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” to the lie, “Affordable Healthcare. Deductibles doubling every year.

  48. When Obama first initiated Obamacare it was a disaster, when he left office, it was a worse disaster, and when he handed it over to Trump, he lit the fuse and now he has his ears to the door waiting for the explosion; meanwhile, back at the ranch, the Dem’s have put out a big welcome sign giving Islamic Terrorist their last chance to enter the country before Trump once again issues another ban. The liberal 9th circuit, who look more like the 3 stooges, can’t wait to get their hands on it. “A pitiful situation, to say the least.”

  49. Republicans just sat back and didn’t even bother to come up with something better. They didn’t care that Obamacare was the worst thing for the people because they had our tax financed special healthcare for themselves. I thought that Obamacare was mandated even for our government politicians so what happened and are we still paying for their healthcare? These people better stop be lazy self centered….and get on with their jobs.

    • I think Trump will make them get off their fat, lazy azzes and do some work…he even mentioned one time about them having to come in on weekends rather than play in the gym.

  50. Like Ovomit—–Ovomitcare needs to go

  51. Eliminate Obamacare and keep the government out of our healthcare forever!

  52. I’ve been hearing this for years. When is it going to implode? Anyone with a brain knew this was a socialistic tool for the purpose of destroying more of the fabric of America.

  53. The ACA is failing in most states because insurance companies cannot provide coverage for preexisting conditions with no annual and lifetime caps on benefits unless a large number of young healthy people are in the pool of insureds. They couldn’t get enough young people to join to offset the costs of the sick, so here we are. The Republicans are now finding out that they have to deal with the same problem because those are two aspects of the ACA that most Americans like, a lot. Even if you think you are immortal, you probably have family and friends with preexisting conditions. Let’s see how the Republicans solve this problem.

  54. Sounds as if Republicans are coping out. Since Obamacare’s inception in 2010, based upon a pack of lies knowingly spewed by His Disgrace, Republicans have promised to repeal and replace it.

    So, where’s their replacement? More than six years and they haven’t anything to show.

    Were they surprised when Mr. Trump won the presidency? And his intent on keeping his word to Americans?

    Undoubtedly most Republicans did not expect him to win. So they sat on their collective backsides, obviously content with what they perceived, the status quo, i.e., business as usual, i.e., continuing enriching themselves. While singing the same song and dance to the public as they did, first in 2012, when they won control of the House; then again in 2014, the Senate.

    Yet, failed to deliver on promises to Americans: stop the raid on taxpayers by His Disgrace, his minions, and themselves “in the name of the people.

    Republicans are no better than Democrats – the don’t really five a damn about the country!

    • C’mon give the guy a break. He’s not been in a month yet and look at what Obama left him…a complete mess as well as some hidden sabotage items Trump did not discover till he got in, like Australia and the refugees. Obama worked feverishly in his last hours to do as much mayhem as possible to screw Trump. So give the guy a break and he’s a businessman NOT a politician that we so detested.

      • You’re correct! I appreciate your comment.

        My assessment is aimed at the fecklessness Republicans have exhibited unashamedly after failing to stand up to His Disgrace time and time after time.

        Even when he broke Constitutional laws, i.e., “unilaterally tweaking” Obamacare without Congressional approval; failing to notify Congress when he released those five terrorists from GITMO as mandated by Congress.

        His Disgrace had an unprecedented “Honymoon” for 8 years.

        President Trump on the other hand, within less than a month in the Oval Office, accomplished more than his vulgar predecessor accomplished in 8 years.

        My beef is with the Republicans, not Mr. Trump, whom against overt and covert adversity, including Republicans (RINOs really), has thus far prevailed, despite the odds, to keep his word.

        Republicans should have had a health care replacement for His Disgrace’s miserable plan the day Mr. Trump took office.

  55. Donald Trump stated he would have it repealed and replaced with something better the next day and it will be beautiful; TRUST ME!!! Using his words what in the world happen? Can not be dropped, can not be denied with a pre-existing, no cap, your child can stay on family coverage until the age of 21; mental health coverage and overall medical cost is down. Looking forward to the GOP plan to group all sick people together what a solution?

  56. Leftists in IRS may still try to penalize those who have not bought ACA extortion so I am listing two legal alternatives: LibertyDirect.org & MyGreenSurance.com.

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