Obama Vows Bigger Carbon Cuts

Republican governors across the country are already planning to either ignore the EPA’s proposed Clean Power Plan regulations or file suit against the federal government, but word comes now that those regulations will be even worse than expected. According to senior administration officials, the final rules will cut greenhouse gases 32 percent, a jump from the previous 30 percent figure.

Obama hit Facebook to drum up support for the new regulations. In a video posted to the social networking site, the president said the plan was necessary to prevent extreme weather and widespread breathing issues caused by carbon pollution. “Climate change is not a problem for another generation,” he said. “Not anymore.”

In addition to bumping the carbon goal by two percent, the new regulations will give states another two years to reach the mandated goals. The final version, according to the anonymous officials, will impose a deadline of 2022 to come into compliance.

Opponents include conservative think tanks, congressional Republicans, state governors, and the fossil fuel industry. They say the regulations are too strict, will cost too much, and will lead to devastating effects on the economy. One report even showed that blacks and Hispanics will be hurt worse than anyone with declining job opportunities. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has encouraged Republican governors to ignore the rules and settle the issue in court.


If states wind up filing suit against the federal government over these regulations, it will not be the first time this administration has been forced to defend itself in court. One might wonder what it means that Obama finds himself on the receiving end of these lawsuits so frequently. Could it be because he views the law with contempt?

Of course, these rules go well beyond an overreaching federal government. These are economy-killing regulations in service of a myth. By the time all is said and done, climate change may turn out to be every bit as devastating as liberals claim. Not because of changes to the weather, but because of what Democrats are doing to keep it from happening.

Six years after the Great Recession, we’re still struggling to find our economic footing. A move like this will send us backwards. Obama is destroying the heart of the American economy for no good reason. Even if you buy into the whole manmade global warming issue, these carbon cuts are a drop in the bucket compared to the world’s greenhouse emissions. They won’t make one bit of difference.

Obama only cares about lengthening the paragraph about him in the history books. For that, he’s willing to leave America in shambles. That’s a damn shame, but the fact that no one is able to stop him is worse.

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