Obama Uses Executive Power to Close Pay Gap

President Obama has been talking about the gender pay gap since the day he decided to run for president, freely using the slanted statistics that feminist organizations use to prop up this fake controversy. Over the last seven years, though, Obama has been able to do almost nothing about it. Republicans, who understand that there are already discrimination laws in place, have blocked his absurd attempts to legislate the problem away. Now, as is his usual way, Obama is going to use his executive power to force the issue.

On Friday, the administration announced that companies will be forced to report to the federal government what they pay their employees. These reports must be broken down into demographic categories like race, gender, and ethnicity. Any business with more than 100 employees will be required to supply this information.

“Too often, pay discrimination goes undetected because of a lack of accurate information about what people are paid,” said Jenny Yang, the chairwoman of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. “We will be using the information that we’re collecting as one piece of information that can inform our investigations.”

It’s not yet clear what the administration will do with the reports, but White House officials said they will use the information to give the government more power to bring penalties against businesses engaging in discrimination. Because obviously, if women are being paid less than men, the only possible answer is that there is discrimination afoot.

Was there once a time when anti-discrimination laws had their place? Sure. But that time has come and gone. The laws are there. They are being enforced. Employers know good and well that they face perilous lawsuits if they intentionally scale wages against women. It simply doesn’t happen anymore.

So why does the wage gap persist? Well, there’s this thing called the free market. And in that free market, people are paid according to their worth. What determines worth? The list is endless: education, experience, practical results, imagination, intelligence…all of these things and more can make a person more valuable in the marketplace. Guess what? Employers want to hire people who will make their companies better. 99% of them don’t give a damn if those people are white, black, male, female, brown-eyed or blue. They want results.

With this kind of excessive tampering, the Obama administration is trying to fix a problem that doesn’t exist. And in doing so, they will undoubtedly create a whole new series of real problems that will hinder the economy. Great job, guys.

When will this nightmare end?

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