Obama Trying to Stop Trump Hate?

Former President Barack Obama appeared on something called Pod Save America and scolded Democrats for being “buzzkills.”

Speaking of the midterms Friday, the former president who spied on Donald Trump’s campaign said Democrats are obsessed over the wrong things.

After using himself as an example of a politician who could seem out of touch when becoming “professorial,” the former president who spied on Donald Trump’s campaign said that voters wonder, “How is politics even relevant to things I care most deeply about? My family, my kids, work that gives me satisfaction, having fun. Hell, not being a buzzkill.”

He added this about the left’s fascist cancel culture: “And sometimes Democrats are [a buzzkill]. Sometimes people just want to not feel as if they are walking on eggshells, and they want some acknowledgment that life is messy and that all of us, at any given moment, can say things the wrong way, make mistakes.”

The former president who spied on Donald Trump’s campaign also said Democrats need to stop focusing on things that don’t matter:

[Democrats] spend enormous amounts of time and energy and resources pointing out the latest crazy thing [Trump] said, or how rude or mean some of these Republican candidates behaved. That’s probably not something that in the minds of most voters overrides their basic interests — Can I pay the rent? What are gas prices? How am I dealing with childcare?

The former president who spied on Donald Trump’s campaign is not wrong about this. The problem is that Democrats can’t talk about these issues for one simple reason: Democrats are deliberately causing these crises.

Democrats want a housing shortage. Why else would they flood the country with millions of illegal immigrants and pass insane environmental laws that make housing too expensive to build? Democrats make no secret about their pro-density agenda. They hate the suburbs. They hate single-family homes. They want us crowded in their failed cities where they can control us. So the only way to address the housing issue is to build more homes and stop illegal immigration. But Democrats want compliant illegal aliens to replace Americans.

Further, Democrats believe there are already enough homes. The problem is our selfishness, our uppity desire to own our own home, a lawn, and a garage. You can’t control or manipulate happy people. You can only control and manipulate miserable people.

As far as gas prices, don’t make me laugh. Five-dollar-a-gallon gas isn’t a bug; it’s a feature. How can Democrats address gas prices when the only solution is to tap into America’s natural resources, which would provide hundreds of years of affordable energy?

The last thing Democrats want is a prosperous America. Scarcity is another design feature to make us miserable and, by extension, easier to control.

A satisfied and happy population does not want change. This is why Democrats despise the working and middle class. And so, this is why Democrats are working feverishly to destroy the working and middle class, not just through shipping jobs overseas, a deliberate housing crisis, and a deliberate explosion of gas prices.

Democrats are coming for our children, as well. All this gay and trans nonsense is designed to annihilate well-rounded, happy, contented kids who would otherwise grow into stable and self-sufficient adults.

Democrats don’t want a stable and self-sufficient population. They don’t want another Generation X. Unhappy, unstable neurotics who see themselves as an oppressed minority group; those are the freaks who vote Democrat. And what better way to create that population than through the hyper-sexualization of children before they are  ready, irreversible puberty blockers, pre-adult sex changes that butcher the body, and “fat acceptance?”

Original Article: Nolte: Obama Scolds Democrats for Being ‘Buzzkills’ Obsessed with Trump (breitbart.com)

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  2. Not “hate;” hatred. Be very careful believing anything soetoro says; he’s an insidious baby murdering communist. That’s how they operate.

  3. The dung stain hussein is the numero uno source of hate since 2008.

  4. Obama is the King of GRIEVANCE….instead of telling blacks to get an education, pull up their pants, turn their hats around….he balmed whitey for all their FAILURES….He talks out of both sides of his mouth and should be happy that his African father came to America. I have NO respect for Obama or his angry, hateful wife.

    • You mean he’s the queen of GRIEVANCE! Between ‘he’ and obiden, they lie every time these two piles of scum take a breath! Wait until they come before God. They won’t be able to lie, especially when they’ll be on route to hell, where they will burn for eternity! 🙂 And I LOVE IT. You maybe will say that I’m hateful. YES, I HATE THEM! Hate them for killing children, hate them for pushing freaks in the schools, hate them for condemning Americans and supporting criminals, hate them for taking our defense and give them to cartels, hate them for being MAJOR traitors, etc…. Need I say more? They even telling doctors to perform surgery on kids to change their gender! SICK BASTARDS! HELL IS WAITING, and THE LAKE OF FIRE IS HOT ENOUGH for your sorry DEMONICRat asses!

      • After a parent has forced a kid to undergo surgery sex assignment when the chronozones say you are this or that, how do you tell the child that they will never have children except through adoption? How do you tell a child that they will have to choose a partner that basically makes them a homosexual? How do you tell a child not to kill you for killing their lives?

  5. You know when you “change the sex” of a person it is no longer able to reproduce. I guess that means even MORE illigal immigration. What a great plan.

  6. He’s blowing smoke , he’s the biggest crook to walk through the door at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave and he’s still there pulling the strings for the old feeble blue sock puppet., Joey !

  7. Wow! I never thought I would ever see/hear those words coming out of a Democrat, much less Barrack Obama. Everything he just said is true for once. Perhaps he sees the giant red wave coming and is trying to take the bite out of it. Or perhaps he sees an irreversible Trump wave or something similar coming and is afraid of all the “documents” he has in the Chicago Wearhouse. Maybe he sees two top Democrats, Hillary and Biden, who represent openly evil and idiotic actions toward the average American while fully displaying and flaunting their illegal activities both before and during their times at the White House. Who knows, but the one thing that I personally feel is that the USA is on a collision course with decadent failure with their self centered irresponsible leadership that is failing quicker than the Titanic and about to sink our ship with no recovery by openly allowing the corruption of our laws and government as well as destroying our ability to excel and better ourselves.

  8. The only reason Barry is back peddling he’s getting worried about being brought up on charges, he knows this Country has had it up to their neck with all the Curruption, that he has been part of , this is his fear talking !

  9. Could be. Still, if they come across illegal doings that they can’t just ignore or explain away…… then who knows. Barry also did some shady backroom deals during his 4 years and especially those last four.

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