Obama to Trump: Go Easy on Executive Orders

It sounds like the most ironic advice of the year, but maybe President Barack Obama has finally learned something from his eight-year stint in the White House. In an interview with NPR this weekend, Obama said he would advise Donald Trump not to rely too heavily on executive actions.

“My suggestion to the president-elect is, you know, going through the legislative process is always better, in part because it’s harder to undo,” said Obama.

That’s apparently something that has only occurred to the president recently; up till now, he was hoping against hope that Hillary Clinton would follow him into the White House with a Democrat-controlled Senate at her back. Together, they would crystallize Obama’s executive orders into law through immigration reform, gun control legislation, and all the rest of the nonsense. Now he’s finally realizing that his agenda is going up in smoke.

In the interview, Obama said he was prepared to mourn the loss of his pet actions.

“If he wants to reverse some of those rules, that’s part of the Democratic process,” he said. “That’s, you know, why I tell people to vote — because it turns out elections mean something.”

Yeah, they mean we get to have a man in the White House who actually respects the “democratic process” that you’re talking about. Why do you think all the liberals are busy calling Trump a fascist? In their minds, a fascist is a conservative leader who colors outside the lines of political norms. A fascist is someone who stands up to the top-down statist liberalism that has infected this country. A fascist is someone who wants to put the United States first.

But if you want to see actual fascism at work, look no further than Obama’s reign of terror. Over the last eight years, he has run roughshod over a Congress paralyzed with fear and incompetence. That’s why it’s going to be extremely easy for Trump to undo much of what’s been done. Obama just said it and it was done. That worked for as long as Democrats could keep control of the White House, but his agenda’s time is running out.

Alas, Obama has a much different view of his legacy.

“Keep in mind that my strong preference has always been to legislate when I can get legislation done,” he said.

But those damn Republicans wouldn’t go along with my socialist agenda! What choice did I have?

Less than a month until this bozo is out of office. That day can’t come soon enough.


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  1. What a hypocrite! Trump needs to squash all of Obama’s intrusions into our lives! Obama and Clinton need to take a hike and I don’t mean a walk in the park! I don’t want to see or hear their names and I don’t really want to hear from McCain or Graham either! The two of them and the idiot Romney were all an embarrassment during the election.

    • Wholeharditily agree re: McCain and Graham. Need to castigate both pronto! Let’s flood their email accounts.

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      • It’s McLame and Graham cracker! LSHMSH! McLame is a fake and a FRAUD! Just about every and any Veteran hates his fugly @$$!! Saw on another blog his nickname while a POW was “SONGBIRD”! I, personally, have zero, nada, zich respect for the “FRAUD”! I used to have respect for it until I had my eyes opened by his misdeeds!
        He rates, in my book, right up there with Hanoi Jane Fondue which using the whale shitte scale is lower than low!!

      • I thinks you misspelled castrate.

      • Castigate or Castrate? Personally I vote for BOTH

      • That absurd non-word that you have inanely coined (“Wholeharditily”) will never make it into the Oxford English Dictionary or any other reputable lexicon. It is good for a few laughs, though, as is a lot of the illiteracy posted on this and other forums by the ignorant wingnut sector.


    • I agree, I am getting sick of seeing their faces

    • I’m hoping my fellow South Carolina residents vote Lindsay Gramnesty out next election. Wondering why they have waited this long. I sure didn’t support him last election. Get with it you fellow voters!

    • I totally agree with you!!!

    • great comment ””’im sure you have a good idea what i have to say about those ””scumbags

    • you said that right,im so sick of hearing there names,its over trump is president

    • I honestly believe that both McCain and Romney had no intentions of wining the presidency. McCain even said at two separate town-hall meeting that Obama would make a good president and then he tells everyone Obama is a good guy I know him, then he fires his very good campaign manager Bill Cuningham for daring to ask Obama questions Americans had and have a right to know and we’re still waiting. Romney came out really great and then as some have said “he went and hid”. not the way to behave if you’re a serious presidential candidate

    • I thought OBAMA meant “go easy on MY Executive Orders”..lol

      • Obama did same thing Hitler did to Germany. EXCLUSIVE ORDER over our Congress and Senate.
        Thank GOD for TRUMP. I will never donate to Republican party. It will go directly to TRUMP or his office. Depending on Trump’s getting out of Republican party, he don’t need them.

    • You spoke for me!

  2. Obama, just go!

    • Obama, Go Home back to Kenya!! I see you are rebuilding a home in DC, so just leave your girls here to go to school and tale Michelle back home with you! We will send the girls to you after they finish school.

      • Why is he going to hang around DC? If it is not to aggravate Trump, what is it for? I don’t believe it is for the girls. I said we would never never hear the last of that devil! Watch and see if he does not torment the Republicans in some kind of way. It is like he just won’t go away!!

        • Rush Limbaugh said exactly that. Obama will go crying to CNN and try to discredit Trump in everything he does. Go back to Chicago and stay there. Get outta town!

    • Straight to where it’s much hotter than Hell, ASAP!!!

  3. Well now, the Mouse that roared tells the Trumpster to go easy on the use of Executive Orders. Yo, Mouse, execute this…!

  4. What part of “we the people” don’t like what you did Obama don’t you understand?

  5. Obama has been an “Empty Suit” his entire so-called “career” as an Community Organizer”, as a state and Federal Senator and finally as the “Worst President in the history of the Republic”! So, at the very end of it he gains a mountain of Hypocrisy and “preachers” to the next President to not do what he has made a career of, doing, being a Hypocrite!


    I am glad he did not have any other choice. It an be easly reversed!! BY BY OBLAMEY!!

  7. Thank goodness this weasel will be out of office soon – finally!

    • AMEN!!!

    • I think you just insulted weasels everywhere….

      • Didn’t think about that – my bad!

        • LOL ! I think it would even be an insult to skunks to list them with that brood; maybe snakes?

          • Why insult snakes?

          • Yes, a snake doesn’t try to pretend it’s not a snake, there isn’t an animal like them, in the spirit world is where we would have to look as in Demons.

          • Why, you as make lover? At least 1 of theirkind of their kind pretty much helped screw humanity.

          • Most people don’t believe all the stories in the Bible. Just saying.

          • You’re free to deny truth, for now; the day will come, in the not too distant future when that will change.

          • It was Satan disguised as a snake, not the snake itself. Can’t hold animals responsible for the actions of Lucifer or man. & I do believe in God, I’m Catholic. But I don’t believe that the Bible is supposed to be taken 100% literally in terms of the stories about Adam & Eve & such. The problem is that for at least 2,000 years the Bible stories were told orally from generation to generation before being written down.

          • Not disguised as, occupying the snake’s body; and the snake allowed it. God chose to penalize the snake; He doesn’t do that with the truly innocent. You’re free, as I said, to deny, for now; the day is coming when you will have to face the fact that you were in error.

          • Bachelor With Sense

            Actually, you should pay more attention when you read the Bible. Satan is/was known as the Dragon throughout the Bible. So it was Satan the Dragon in the tree who was talking to Eve. When God chastised him and said he would go on his belly forevermore, God removed his wings and legs! And THAT is why there are no dragons in existence today.

            Merry CHRISTmas to you!

          • Dragon and serpent are interchangeable in the Bible, which is why Yhwh God cursed the serpents to crawl on their bellies and eat dust in Genesis chapter 3, while He was dealing with the sin.

          • Bachelor With Sense

            Actually, you should pay more attention when you read the Bible. Satan is/was known as the Dragon throughout the Bible. So it was Satan the Dragon in the tree who was talking to Eve. When God chastised him and said he would go on his belly forevermore, God removed his wings and legs! And THAT is why there are no dragons in existence today.

            Merry CHRISTmas to you and yours!

  8. This from one who said i have pen and a phoned, what a load of crap

  9. Calling the kettle black?
    Presidenr Trump will just use EOs to cancel ahole’s EOs like changing the name of Mt Mckinley back instead of denail
    He is in denial

  10. Don’t worry Baroke ooops I mean Barack your executive orders are headed for the shredder. You should be headed for either your homeland, Kenya or prison!!

  11. Obama is only interested in a few things, his legacy and how he can further hurt the country, knowingly or un-knowingly. Trump should pursue with vigor undoing most of what Obama has done using his pen and phone.

    • It’s too bad that his “legacy” amounts to NOTHING, NADA, ZIPP, ZERO. His Peace Metal means NOTHING.

      • It is amazing one doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist only common sense tells us this communist kept doing the wrong thing just to hurt America Yes he did a job on the Dems, but they deserve it as they have been working on it since TR

    • Legacy- you mean taking down he ship of state while stabbing at the Great White Whale like some kind of mad Captain Ahab, and in the process losing both the House and the Senate in what may be the greatest public repudiation in history. Just don’t let the door slam on your Affordable a**, on your way out, Mr. Obama.

  12. Obama is a fraud . President Trump should make his first order of business to cancel every last one of Obama’s executive orders .

    • Yes, everyone of them should be declared null and void on Mr. Trump’s first day in office, and he can write just one executive order to do that.

    • And you make that all-subsuming recommendation without having anything close to complete knowledge as to just what that wholesale repeal might involve. You do so because you are an Obama -hater and have simply ASSumed that any executive order he has issued is by definition a bad one. It is sloppy, thoughtless people like you that contaminate public discourse..

      • No , it is sloppy thoughtless people like you that put that fraud in OUR White House .
        Now that we are 20 TRILLION in debt you refuse to admit your mistake of allowing another globalist jackal in our government because you thought the first black president sounded like a good idea . Your ” discourse ” should include what to do about a bloated federal government who thinks they should regulate everything down to the size of a glass of soda .
        You want discourse then let’s go !
        Foreign policy that violates the NATO charter and International Law .
        Failing education that has the most powerful country on the planet 25th in math , but that is OK as long as we have a third bathroom for those too confused to determine their sex .
        Health care costs that economically cripple all but the very wealthy .
        Out of control illegal immigration / invasion and 94 million people out of work .
        Let me give you a clue . I don’t like Obama for his arrogance and what he did in Libya and Syria .
        What I hate is the ignorant fools who think leaving their grand children with 20 trillion of debt is OK . I hate liars .
        Should I go on or should I let you catch up first ?

      • You are a nut-job!

      • Count me in as a Barack Jihad Obama hater too. We are all glad to see that turd gone! BTW, you’re an idiot.

    • I am certain you are well versed as to the contents of these executive orders. Some of them could be affecting your own life. Check it out. You might not want to be so hasty in your assessment.

  13. So many of the actions implemented by the Obama administration were based on fraud. The claim of being the most transparent administration is sadly laughable. Heck they were too busy to be transparent, busy suppressing the truth and lining their pockets, and their friends pockets, with out tax dollars.. Those responsible for the lies and wrong doings need be held accountable, including Hillary. A lot of good Hillary and Obama’s Russian reset did. They cancel our installation of defensive missles in eastern Europe and the Russians use that as a green light to do what they wish (Syria, Ukraine, and now offensive missiles in eastern Europe). Just encouraged additional mischief. Wet noddle diplomacy — an astronomical failure.

  14. What a buffoon! Traitor-in Chief who tried to ram socialism down our throats. How about a Trump Executive Order that says all ex-presidents must use the girls room or lose their pension. Get lost you wimp.

  15. Obama Is an Illegal Muslim and needs to be deported the governor of Hawaii tried for a year to trace his birth and never could he was born In Kenya.

    • Dunno why that was so difficult; even the Kenyan parliament noted that fact officially just after his first election, in an open session, claiming him as a native son of Kenya! It’s on their official parliamentary record!

  16. It took him 8 years to figure this out?? What he NEVER figured out was that the vast majority of Americans didn’t want what he wanted so he had to do things by fiat as opposed to any action that relied on a majority vote. As I type this, I am listening to a news story about Obama using an EO to transfer more prisoners out of GITMO in the last month of his administration. Maybe he didn’t learn anything about the wisdom of using “his pen and his phone.” So two-faced!!!

    • He knows what he’s doing, he even said he would fundamentally change America and his “Useful Idiots” applauded loudly. Who are these people who voted for him twice, once I might understand but twice I cant get there. BTW I warned people during his first campaign that he’s a serious danger to this country.

      • I agree, Apolloone, we both did. I knew what he was from the outset.

      • Apolloone and Others, please understand I was being sarcastic when I said it took him 8 years to figure this out! He was touted as “or so bright” by a bunch of idiots who were impressed with his ability to read a teleprompter. My point was really to point out how hell-bent he was on doing what HE wanted, not what the majority of Americans wanted. Or for sure, not what the majority of Americans who were paying the bills for his EO’s, Obamacare, etc. wanted.

      • I warned them as well!! This man is evil!

    • And he is allowed to do this? Are we all stupid? They will come back to haunt us.

  17. January 20, 2017 cannot come soon enough to stop the buffoon currently residing in the people’s White House declaring more executive decisions.

  18. Trump has to have just as many EO’s as BackHole O’BangMe just to kill whatever he created!

  19. We voted for trump to repeal or get rid of all the crap obozo put in for 8 horrible years. None of it was any good for we the people!

  20. This is a riot…Traitorous Muslim Obama has trampled all over the articles 1, 2, and 3 of the Constitution and pretty much shredded the remainder…now, he’s trying to tell Trump?

    Obama is such a LOSER!

    • No those of us that believe in Constitutional law are the losers, Obama has done irreversible damage to America along with those in Congress that allowed millions of illegal aliens to cross our border, our children and grandchildren are the biggest losers they will suffer because of this, some will die when the madmen from the Middle East get organized.

      • Yes, they will, I very much fear, also. Unless Trump displays a resolve, which I have not heretofore seen in him, and carries out the campaign promises, and Congress stands up and side with him with equal resolve in doing so; there’s no other way it can go down, except open warfare!

        • I agree, I don’t what Trump will do but Hillary would continue Obama’s agenda. I haven’t seen you on any sites in quite awhile, I hope you’re doing well, there are several people I haven’t seen posting. I took a Trump and Clinton survey from several different sites at least one sold my e-mail address right after that I started getting e-mails from you name I probably get them. I will have to change my address because I cant get below the full mark which is just one below ten thousand, I learned the hard way I’ll never take another survey I thought since it was on conservatives sites it would be safe. Take care please let me know if you get this message. I wish you a very Merry Christmas

          • I did get it, and Merry Christmass to you as well. Sorry to hear you’re having hacker problems and sold e-mail address like that. Try a tutanota.com address. They’re very security minded.

          • Thanks I will try them. ASAP.

          • Great! Let me know if you set up an account with them; should solve our connection problems entirely.

      • I agree, but we are talking two different kinds of losers.

  21. you got that right

  22. Thrum just needs to do one Executive order reversing everyone of oblamer’s!!!!!

  23. Aha, Obozo finally sees the light at the end of the tunnel, it’s an oncoming train. This is RICH, Obozo giving the Trumpster advice on NOT doing too many executative orders. Why ???? Because they can easily be undone by the enemy. The EOs are NOT as permanent as laws the enacted by congress. Dumb arse Marxist Alinskite commie.
    His African father was a muslum communist and his Caucasian mother and her family and friends were communist. Their friends, much like Frank Marshal Davis, were hard core communist. Barry’s stepfather, Lolo Soetoro, was a communist. When they all had abandoned Barry Soetoro, they sent him to Chicago to live with the hard core communist family of Bill Ayers. That’s where he was groomed for a communist leader. His days of smoking pot and doing hard drugs were ahead of him. He wasn’t the first president to do hard drugs, old Billy Boy “Slick Willy” Clinton was the first. Aha, the hippy days.
    So now the hard working Patriotic American tax payer is on the hook for not only one, but two, dope head former IDIOTS that turned out to be our dope head former presidents. These two IDIOTS can’t expire soon enough. Regards, retired engineer (1973-2013) and US Navy vet (1966-1969); God Bless America, the most Exceptional Nation on the face of the Earth, and don’t anyone forget it; Freedom is NOT Free, it mist be bought and paid for with Sacrifice, Blood, Pain, Sweat and Tears.



  25. Typical – don’t do as I do, do as I say. DAMN I’m glad he’ll be gone next month. . . . .

    • Wish he & his tranny go back to Kenya.

      • If that’s where they’re heading I’ll volunteer to help them pack and also to make sure what belongs in the W.H. STAYS in the W.H.!! Don’t want another Clintonion fiasco! ROFLSHMSH!

    • Let us hope nothing happens that will allow him to declare Martial Law, he has a lot of top brass in the military that support him, the question is does he have enough to take his side. I hope I can read this post in Feb. with a sigh of relief. I trust Obama and his administration as much as I would a rabid animal.

      • Amen. I wouldn’t put anything past that slimy SOB. . . .

      • If he should do something so stupid, he will be swallowed up by Mother Earth!

        • LOL I think the only reason he, they wouldn’t try it is because they don’t have enough backing. If you study the 45 goals of the American Communists you’ll find almost all these goals were achieved Congress held a hearing back in 1963 concerning those 45 goals, one goal was to capture one or both political parties, they’ve captured the Democrat party for sure, another goal was to get the government to get control of our schools, this was achieved when Marxist, Israel Hater, Muslim Lover, the man who gave away an important gate with nothing in return [Panama Canal] when president Jimmy Carter signed off on the Department of so-called Education, the school goal started at least in the 1930s because then president of the American Communist party in 1935 was calling for the government to take control of our schools.

        • I ran out of space before I could give the reason why the Communists were so desperate for government control of our schools: It was to dumb down the American youth, when peanut president signed off on that department t

      • Oh, get OFF that silly-ass martial law nonsense. Wingnuts have been predicting that for 8 years and it HAS NOT happened and WILL NOT happen. And do not worry about black helicopters or FEMA camps; they are in the same fantasy category as the martial law fantasy embraced by crackpot conservatives. Will you bozos never learn??!! BTW, what happened with that Jade Helm business? I know–one more dingbat conspiracy theory bit the dust! Get a life, all you fuzzbrains!

      • The idiot (O) may issue the order to the “top” brass but if the lower ranks say F U it’s all for not. They DO NOT have to obey an illegal order!!

      • I know exactly what you mean. I have told my husband from day one that he would start a war to stay in power or declare martial law. I just can’t wait for Trump to take over. We have 27 days left with him. Please, God, let it come quickly!!

  26. Don’t forget to get a free NObama count downclock for Android or iPhones…hahahaha


  27. LOL THIS from a guy who had his phone and EO pen on speed dial !

  28. Hey…just learned that Obama skipped 6 out of 10 daily security briefings from 2009 thru 2014…Fox News guest security expert.

  29. Shut your hole you rat traitor no one wants to hear from you ever again you were a failure and a joke why the hell should anyone take any advice from the likes of you. You can not be out of the Whitehouse soon enough for me you stinking pile of excrement

  30. To be truthful; Pres. Obama has had an enormous amount of help from all those that have supported him.
    The road to United States destruction actually began long before Pres. Obama’s birth…. That was with the liberals acceptance of evolution and later came their acceptance of homosexuality, abortion and the rejection of God’s WORD… And to be even more precise, “We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Ephesians 6:12

  31. President Jihad wants to stay in control after he’s gone. Ain’t gonna happen barry.

  32. I suggest each Obama Executive Order be reviewed by the House and if a supermajority of 50% plus 10, agrees the order should be revoked, do so. If they decide it should be kept, let it be rewritten and sent through the normal legislative process. And, when all of Obama’s EO’s have been examined, then go to each of the other ex-presidents, in reverse order, i.e., the most recent get examined first–and go all the way to George Washington.

    • No legislative action required. Each subsequent President can rescind any or all previous Presidents’ executive orders. As of January 20, 2017, Donald Trump can rescind any or all of obama’s executive orders with the Presidential pen that will then be in Trump’s hand.

      • Norman, you are correct, but I advocate a system whereby logic, deductive reason and common sense prevails—and I would suspect there might be a few, worth keeping—-and let the legislative experts do the deciding—-I am advocating all Executive Orders be reviewed, not just Obama’s. Norman, even you and I have a good idea or two, now and then—let the legislative people to the research—and Trump can get on with more important issues—of which there are many.

    • O hasn’t issued a single EO worth keeping as they are all anti-American, and based in evil; no reason to comb through all of them again; just obliterate every one of them, and let Congress not waste time on it; but go after real issues that need dealt with lawfully.

  33. Lines are clearly being drawn if His Disgrace dos in fact, proceed with his “Shadow Government” purportedly to be located a short distance from the White House.
    President Hypocrite should re-examine his own history before opening his foul mouth of incompetence, nation-dividing, race-baiting, anti-Christian, cop-hating rhetoric.

  34. God almighty, this guy definetely screwed up….I mean be does blue but says you have to do it Green…..This epitomizes the mind set and neurosis of the typical LIBERAL…a Mentally disturbed person. With Hussein Obama it is also wrapped in Narcissium and Sociopathy

  35. From Mr “I’ve got a pen and a phone”, this is hilarious hypocrisy!

  36. Interesting (not). Here’s a piece of a black man giving advice to a man who was more successful than Obama ever dreamed. Funny how losers seem to congorate. Nice though, you know where they are.

  37. The governor of Hawaii tried for a year to prove Obama a citizen and never was able he should be deported !

  38. Off hand I’d say this is an left handed attempt by Obama to get Trump to not negate his executive orders. This guy has been a loser for his entire life and still believes he’s the only smart guy on the planet. What does he know about going through the legislative process, he couldn’t even do that when for 2 years his party had control of the Senate and a House that would bow down to his wishes. All that and all we got was Obamacare, hopefully soon gone, and we all know what cockup that is. Just to angry to believe that he was honestly elected twice, Look at the fraud that is exposed in Detroit and learn how he managed it.

  39. Obama the Islamist Muslim sympathizer is a dictator at heart, and knows the power that Mr. Trump will possess in 30 days! BHO, get the hell out of our lives!

  40. This is like Hitler telling someone to lighten up on the anti-Semitism.


  42. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha I can’t stop laughing.

  43. I have one word for the above article’s conclusion: “AMEN!”

  44. Obummer needs a dictionary…..who knows where h learned his ‘english’

  45. This Muslim-Marxist jihadist is totally insane or evil as hell – I conclude that he is both! It is a sad day in ” TRANSFORMED & TRANSGENDERED” AMERIKA when nearly half the nation has a suicidal wish for supporting this evil entity!

  46. This coming from I got a pen and I’ll go it alone Obama who has penned thousands of executive actions, Trump doesn’t need advice from Obama but more on how to legally undo what Obama has done, America has had enough of a president that doesn’t listen to the will of the people but needs one that will stand up for what Americans want and serve America rather than try to push his legacy by side stepping the constitution, Trump is that president!

  47. “Go easy on executive orders.” This is a joke–right. Can’t come from Mr. Executive Order himself. Or is this another fake news item by the slimystream news organizations?

  48. After the garbage Odummer pulled with the oil drilling law and using it not for the purpose of the law President Trump should go after the entire Odummer family of idiots when in office! Warm up the shredder because it will be busy!

  49. I can only hope that Trump will be able to carry out his plans,then maybe we can all get back to some sanity in our great land[or used to be]!

  50. Let me say one more thing,I think that the conspirators,all of them,like in Soros ,Bloomberg,and all such should be put on trial for high treason and dwelt with . Bloomberg has taken the oath and he is guilty of treason in what he is doing and trying to keep doing . When I joined the Vermont National Guard many years ago,I took the same oath and meant it,but I guess Bloomberg thinks he is different than us misguided morons .

  51. Hey you corrupt lying sissified Muslim BOY barack hussein obama, shut up and clean out your desk. If I want any lip from you I’ll scrap it off my zipper.

  52. First, Executive Orders are not a tool to by pass Congress or any
    legit legal administration , so as the President can get what he wants.
    Obama and others have done just that. Executive Orders are to be used
    in actual, physical war time events, not for social engineering or
    Party placating, or ideological or Political wrangling. Executive
    Orders, MUST be minimized to there intent or be legislated in actual
    use, because it seems some Presidents have a problem with desecration,
    wisdom and morality. If you can not manage Executive Orders wisely,
    legislate their use by Constitutional vote and Amendment. I dare say
    the integrity of some leaders make the American People sick to their
    stomachs. It is time to do what’s right, cut off the snakes head.

  53. I can only hope PEOTUS muttered sub-voce, “he must have YUUUGE balls, because he IS the biggest dick I’ve ever seen”.

  54. /President Trump, Please tell obama to kiss your backside, and that you do not need or want any view point/ option/suggests/or anything obama has to say. obama has had 8 years of leading from behind and being a looser.Nobody wants to hear anything obama has to said. The best thing for obama is to go to end of the world and keep his stupid face out of our business.

  55. Barack Jihad Obama is truly a delusional nut case. Jan 20th is coming and the Obama regime and his Fascist/Muslim/Communist/Gay coalition will be gone. Thank you God and Trump voters.

  56. Do as I say not what I do. That is the Obama motto.

  57. America’s advice to Obama is to STFU and go away!

  58. The king of executive orders giving advice on how to use rhem. This guy is a fkn joke

  59. Like Obama has NOT? That’s all he did was legislate through executive orders!! Hypocrite.

  60. LOL! Thanks for the advise Mr.Obama and I’m sure he will. You sure have proven just how out of hand that can get. So help me God

  61. Yes please listen to a failed president. Just a minute a have to breath!! I can’t stop laughing…..hahahahaha!!!

  62. Thank goodness the internal enemies picked this airhead to champion their cause to take down USA. He is so dense I think he actually thought he was able to wave his evil wand and destroy this country and our freedoms. He seems truly puzzled that USA( the realUSA) saw right through him. Avoir , goodbye, so long and good riddance. 2nd Corinthens 7:14. God bless the USA!

  63. Hopefully, within the 1st 30 days of being in office, Trump will override those ridiculous Executive Orders that Barry signed into law. Eight years of misery and incompetency will come to an end on 1/20/17. Hooray!!!

  64. Who would take advice from a cowardly chimp.

  65. Trump is not stupid. He’s got Ochimpies number. He’ll run that turd out of town when the time comes

  66. Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    What a great legacy, 1,000’s of illegals, Mudslime invaders, gifting his Iranian friends with billions of dollars, getting zip in return, letting criminals loose, telling Putin to “cut it out” and that he wants an armed conflict with him, supporting BLM cop killers, encouraging anarchists, gutting the military, sending a few troops overseas to be
    killed, supporting bad trade deals, allowing illegals, prisoners,dead people to vote for Hilly, thwarting our new President at every turn, globe trotting to trash Trump,Fake News, and that is just for starters. LOCK HIM UP!!!

  67. To tells lies as incessantly and casually as he does only demonstrates just how evil and delusional this bastard is!

  68. This president is the biggest hypocrite!! Then again most democrats are.

  69. Obama should have never been the President of the United States of America. If it wasn’t for Bush falling we the people Obama would have never gotten in. They all belong to the same club. New World Order, Socialism and Communism open borders, Islam becoming the new Pagan Murder Cult Religion of our Country. No laws but what the UN wants, Muslim and Gang rule in the streets. And whole sale murder of people who will not cooperate with World Government. There would only be super wealthy Politicians and the rest of us poor begging slaves to our Masters. Obama brought Chaos legalized murder of unborn and partiality born babies. Muslim have never been convicted of crime they have committed in this Country. Obama had laws passed that were supposed to Hate crime against the people he chose above we the people and he had the full cooperation of the Senate to pass laws against the Middle Class and White people, Christians and Jews in favor of Muslims. Obama has passed executive orders that destroyed every industry in our Country that would make our lives better and easier. Obama has did everything in his power to kill every Jew and christian in the Middle East. He did everything in his power to create a Caliphate. Obama Created ISIS, and brought back Al Qaeda. Made sure that the Muslims Terrorist that our troops are fighting have a better chance of killing our soldiers through his “Rules of Engagement” He has committed Treason. And this Rat is giving Trump advice how to run the Government. Obama could not do anything to destroy our Country with the full cooperation of the Senate and the Congress. Obama and his Family have abused the Presidential Office and have spent on them selves and Obama’s family over a Trillion dollars. Obama abused the constitution caused our Country to become a third world had our money devalued. Caused the invasion of Illegal Hispanic Aliens and Criminals and has brought in the invasion of Muslim whom we the people don’t want living in our Country because they want to change our Country into a Emulsions Country with Murder Cult laws that would kill 90% of the population with Sharia Law . Obama tried to destroy the 2nd Amendment, Obama created Obama ( Murder Inc.) Care. Our Presidents, Senators and Congressmen prior to President Trump have all worked with Obama to destroy our Country. Obama should keep his mouth shut and he should go to prison for stealing money selling our country out to everybody. And bowing and scraping like the “Ignorant Street hustler Lacky he really is. Obama gining President Trump about not abusing his Office like Obama did is from a sick minded Rat.

  70. Ha-Ha Mutt you do have a sense of Humor warped as you are.

  71. I think it was a plea from Obama for Trump not to trample upon Obama’s only communications in the past with the U.S. Congress. BHO shouldn’t worry about it, EO’s aren’t law anyway, laws are legislated in the Congress by vote, not from a pen and phone in the Oval Office. Obama must feel real good about trying to “shiv” Israel in its back, and still, only a day later, Trump (a better real man) says the word as a President-Elect, and the UN shelves its Muslim-based vote against Israel “indefinitely.” We may see in the near future a UN reviving itself and capable of exposing the real perpetrators of violence and war after a courage injection from soon to be President Trump.

  72. He can take his advice and put it where the sun doesn’t shine!

  73. Jon Eastin to Obama,,,screw you

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