Obama to Force Communities to End “Segregation”

If the Department of Housing and Urban Development is allowed to implement a new regulation, the federal government could have unprecedented power over local zoning laws. At issue is the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing regulation, which aims to force municipalities to take drastic action to make sure American communities are properly integrated according to race. Critics say it’s a last-ditch, overriding effort to create an “unrealistic utopia.”

Using the carrot of grant money, the regulation would “encourage” communities to build HUD housing in more expensive areas, upgrade transportation and schools in low-income neighborhoods, and “break down barriers to access to opportunity in communities supported by HUD funds.”

Not surprisingly, conservatives are wary. Rep. Paul Gosar of Arizona said the Obama administration “shouldn’t be holding hostage grant monies aimed at community improvement based on its unrealistic utopian ideas of what every community should resemble.” He argued that American citizens deserved to retain the right to choose where they wanted to live.

Proponents of the rule say that the plan is needed to give better opportunities to people in poverty. Debby Goldberg of the National Fair Housing Alliance said it addressed our “history of putting affordable housing in poor communities.”

Housing discrimination based on race has been illegal since the late 1960s, but proponents of the AFFH regulation say they are targeting subtler forms of discrimination. Using the term “disparate impact” with great frequency, these supporters say that decades of public policy have actually prevented people from living where they want.

Always About Race

Expect this regulation to come from behind to become a sleeper issue in 2016. Out of nowhere, President Obama wants to slap a nice hunk of racially-focused “change” onto the United States. The GOP-led house voted for an amendment preventing HUD from implementing the regulation, but there’s still a chance that the original rule could pass the Senate. Especially if Americans aren’t aware of the damning effects it could have on local autonomy. Is the federal government better at determining local zoning than those actually living in the community? Few would agree.

The outcome of such a rule is unpredictable, but you can be assured that wealthy Americans are not going to stand idly by and watch their neighborhoods be destroyed by low-income housing. We’re not going to see blocks of HUD housing go up behind gated communities. No, the people who will suffer will be the middle class Americans who have worked hard to provide their families with a certain level of insulation from the crime-filled streets. Now the Obama administration wants to force them to live in danger.

It goes once again to the liberal mindset. For them, it’s not enough that Americans have equal opportunity. They are not finished until every American has an equal outcome as well.

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  1. Obama and his race crap, he is hell bent on injecting race into everything. Obama has failed at Obamacare,Economy,ISIS, Immigration, ect. now he wants to upset neighborhoods.

    • He’s scum

      • That’s way too nice of a name for that no good sob.

      • Excellent job Mr. President. Those who oppose desegregation are living in the 50s and 60s when Blacks were nothing but slaves. And I believe it’s these are stupid TPs and Repubs who still resist change or accommodation. It’s now too late. Why can’t these stupid TPs and
        extreme Repubs come to terms – All Americans are born equal. It’s their exposure after birth that makes a difference. I am fighting some Wisconsin DOJ lawyers who think Blacks should not be hired in certain positions however qualified they may be. This is even when they rank highest on exams. Racism and bigotry should end now. And desegregation in housing and school should be implemented now.

        • Are you talking they were slaves back in the 1850s and 60s? If so then you are right.
          All Americans are born equal, but that does not mean all Americans are entitled to other peoples’ money.

          • I did not say Blacks are entitled to other White peoples’ money. I said people should live where they want regardless of race.

          • Would you want people that haven’t any respect toward you to destroy your area with trash, drug dealers lurking on every corner enticing your kids, criminals with guns that break into your home and rob and kill you, having your neighborhoods turned into ganglands?

          • raffaelecafagna

            don`t waste your time ; ignore him ; he`s a paid troll

          • You call them people. Why don’t call them Americans? You extreme racist and a bigot.

          • I’m no racist you moron!
            Apparently you must be! You must be one of those lowlife criminals I’m talking about. Did you rip your computer off from someone who lives in a better neighborhood? You’re a RACIST FREAK! GO AWAY!!!

          • Maybe they aren’t Americans, did that even enter your thoughts?

          • Foreigners don’t understand what REAL Americans think. He doesn’t get it.

          • If you want to live an affluent area, you need to afford to do so. Is this why the push to win all of the lawsuits? Is it a get rich quick scheme? It didn’t work, did it?

          • You’re so typical of the Al Sharpton syndrome. You’re a black village idiot carrying two six-guns loaded with race card bullets, ready to draw and fire at any perceived racial profile from anyone with the unmitigated gall to call you out through factual, accurate, truthful opposing views.

            You are a typical Sharpton Plantation demagogue black nave ready to pounce on anyone, especially we AMERICANS who, despite having the same complexion as you allege, do not prescribe or support your racist views or that of your hero… that low-life, racist, cop-hater/killer, lying anti-American Sharpton.

            Wisconsin Sheriff Clark said it best: Sharpton should go back to the sewer from whence he came. He should take you too, but not before paying his taxes.

          • He should know this. He lives in Wisconsin. Or the money that is owed to the State of Wisconsin for filing vexatious lawsuits.

          • Wisconsin Sheriff Clark is in pockets of right wing Big money and Repubs. Do you know at one FoxNews show he was asked if he would order his platoon to arrest Blacks even if the mayor said no arrest? He stumbled on that question. He must learn how to obey his supervisors

          • You’re a real villager!

          • Sheriff Clark is a Democrat. He one of the good guys who cares about his constituency. So, put that gray matter sitting vacant between your ears. Do a little research. Get your facts straight before opening your low information, uniformed big mouth. Avoid showing your ignorance.

            Either that, or carry salt, pepper or sugar making your words more palatable, while you eat them.

          • Well, those are facts. Ask him how he responded to that question.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            No he’s not you douchebag, BUT I AM !!

          • He wants all of America to look like Ferguson or Baltimore. Too bad much of America looks like Madison Wisconsin.

          • All those Rich Black athlete`s, Rapper`s, Movie Star`s aren’t allowed to live near white people????? No that`s not exactly what your saying but in reality it is Exactly what you seem to believe and it`s 110% BS!

            LOT`S of those blk folks and they didn’t get rich by holding their hands out expecting others to give them everything either.

            Nobody, including a rich blk person would want to see a trailer park next door to their million dollar mansion or some cheapo housing that will ruin the value of their land. IF you get off your [email protected]@ and don’t expect others to do for you then you and anyone else has the same opportunity to succeed and have the cash to move into Any ritzy neighborhood.
            Actually blks have an edge, as a Hiring manager i was FORCED by the govt. to have a mix of employee`s even when there was Not a black person with any experience i was Forced to hire and train them when i had multiple app`s from other races(not just white folks) who were qualified for the job and would have been a better fit. And this was before oblamo took office.

            This false segregation you speak of is horse sheet!

          • You make me sick. Did you say some cheap Blacks will ruin the value of their land? Well you have to live with them now. They have to live wherever they want. And you think Blacks are hired even when they are not as qualified as White. That statement makes sick too. Here is part of my brief in the local federal court: “Correction officials did not want Blacks to work at Headquarters. Indeed Defendants did not dispute that there were no Blacks there at the time they refused to hire a Black candidate. DOC attorney testimony and Corrections hiring supervisors believed and acted on their belief that Blacks were not qualified for positions even if they ranked highest on exams. Defendants were driven by stereotype and anger against Blacks.

          • Moron what i`m saying is that ANYONE moving a camper,mobile home into a lot across the street of a million dollar mansion is decreasing the land value be it ANY ethnic group!

            Be sick idc, were sick of idiots like yourself that thinks your different then the rest of us. When will you people Call yourself American`s and stop trying to separate Americans by skin color? True Americans don’t give a rats backside that your darker then i am or that i`m not as dark as you. It`s the mentality of those who believe ALL white or even half of us are racists and that we owe you anything, were not but a very large number of you blacks are racists.

            Again we don’t care, grow up and Be an American and stop the racial everything garbage! Or leave this country.

            As an example if your hiring a auto parts sales person and your forced tor hire someone who don`t even know the name of the car he/she is driving nor have Any sales experience then there is a less then ZERO chance they are qualified for your position..

            This also was in Wisconsin….. Later in Kentucky (same Govt. laws on a mix), before those 2 it was in Tennessee and Still the same Govt. force on having the correct mix.(this mix Only pertained to having enough blks, aside of that the only other mix in any of those states was bilingual`s). That is why i said blks have an edge, your people have cried for so long that you get special privy`s so to speak..

          • He is from Africa and lives in Liberalville, Madison Wisconsin. What do you expect from a guy who cries “racist, racist” every time he turns around. He has a 20+ year track record of dismissed EEOC cases and he never stops. He wants a free ride. Get rich quick by suing. Sickening actually.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Home boys have been pissing and moaning the same bullshit for eons. “We be gittin stepped on fo over 200 years!” Such a sick and very old song that just makes one wanna puke! I rented out rooms and found a way around their bullshit, and everything I did was legal. We ALL have a right to not have Velcro heads living in our homes if we don’t want.. Get a REAL life crybaby!!!

          • That Broken record needs tossed out forever!

          • No pmbalele, Homer did not say Blacks will ruin the value of their land, it’s the concept of putting low income housing in affluent neighborhoods that makes no sense. You should actually read what the people are saying that you think your are debating.

          • That`s where the problem is now days. People read 10-15 words of an article and form an opinion on what was said. Or reading between the lines inserting what was not there ever..

            Go for a job interview and hand the interviewer your resume and see him/her take a 2 second glance and never go back to it.

          • Now you are putting words in others posts, that is not what they said at all & only you read it that way

          • All of your lawsuits were dismissed. No proof of anything other than you were not qualified or not doing your job. The 7th Circuit has shut you down time and time again. Give it a rest and retire.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Noooo asswipe, NOBODY has to live anywhere near your black ass! I live wayyy out on the outskirts of town, with almost 50 acres of land, and NO ONE will live anywhere near me without my say! Ha!!

          • Well said, Homer!

          • Michael Dennewitz

            YOU GO HOMER !!

          • Couldn’t have said it better myself but I wish I had. HERE HERE!!!

          • They can, they just can’t afford it. That’s what the whole argument is about. Obama wants to force something that will occur naturally if everyone is given an equal opportunity. You don’t legislate your way into the suburbs, you earn it.

          • I agree. They should be able to live anywhere they want as long as they can pay for it with their own hard earned (remember that antiquated term?) money and not government housing.

          • One can only live where they want if they can afford it, personally I want to live in Bel
            Air or Malibu I just can’t afford it

          • Then get qualified and earn your own money. Stop the lawsuits.

          • Then stop racism at work, housing and school like Governor Wallace and Senator Lott. Once you have wiped out racism, then blame Blacks for being unemployed.

          • Why do you think everything is racist? You are the one going around calling everyone a racist…then when the court system disagrees with you…you do it again and again and again. Wake up liberal. To be an American, you have to work hard to get ahead. Not sit on your butt and scream racist every time it doesn’t go your way.

          • You’re talking nonsense; and going back to the days of George Wallace, Orville Furbus, Bull Connors and other segregationists is strictly out of you hero Sharpton’s filthy mouth when he said blacks will never forget or forgive whites for what they’ve done to blacks.

            Sharpton and you should see D’Souza’s film America. Maybe It’ill open your eyes to the fact many blacks owned black slaves and supported the Confederacy, financially and psychologically. Go to any search engine and see for yourslef.

          • Most racism over here today is against Christian White Conservatives!!! You and your Leftist party are the TRUE racists! WOW!!! Its the Leftists Whites that hate Blacks and want to keep them down, and you are over on their side!
            You hate the party of the Right who are NOT the racist party at all! How stupid can you get???

          • Not me. I will keep posted on those lawsuits. I love them. As I told you, lawsuits can go for years; but eventually are solved. And by other way, tell us your true name. Do not hide. I have told you mine.

          • But you didn’t say “if they can afford it”

          • Well, if they cannot afford then they can stay in those rich neighborhood as homeless people. They have a right to be there homeless. Well, if you do.

          • That’s been tried. Ever hear of the vertical slums in Chicago?
            They built high rises for the disadvantaged ghetto dwellers and the homeless. In a couple of years they were slums, feces in the elevators, urine in the halls. Look it up, stitch up your bleeding heart and get with the real world. Upward mobility is not given to one, it must be wanted and earned and evolved into. If you care to see good example of taking from the haves and giving to the have nots, watch Dr. Zhivago, a great movie that says it all. I don’t know why I’m wasting my time with you, you’re attitudes are cast in cement, as is obvious from your posts.

          • ” Well, if you do not want them not homeless then the government should built apartment for them..”

            Public Housing Projects
            “Early public housing residents responded with an intense affinity for their new communities… Waiting lists were long,

            and those who gained admission felt lucky to escape the
            city’s slums… Over time, however, the CHA’s projects slipped downhill… Poor, African American, female-headed families were ‘stacked on top of one another,’ as residents put it, surrounded by appalling physical neglect, random violence, and social disorder. Criminal gangs fueled by the drug trade controlled several projects while basic systems – elevators, roofs, building heat, trash collection – failed constantly…
            In 1995 Henry Cisneros, secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, reported to Congress that CHA projects comprised eleven of the fifteen poorest communities in the nation… How did a well-intentioned New Deal program designed to clear the nation’s urban
            slums and build decent housing for low-income people become, in a relatively short period of time, a devastat‌ing urban policy failure?“

            Disadvantaged, disenfranchised, underprivileged, call it what you will, it comes down to a desire to improve your situation, a motivation to be better than you are. There are those who have been dealt a real bad hand in life and should be, as a societal obligation, helped to a better quality of life.
            Able bodied people with average intelligence with a take, take, take mentality and a “poor me” attitude should be allowed make their own way. If you aren’t handicapped mentally or physically , don’t cry “poor me” there are thousands far worse off than you who are making their way in the world. If this is hard hearted and uncaring, you’re right.

          • No the dumb ass is talking abut 1950’s, he doesn’t know shiz from shinola

          • I know! This Communist from Africa does not know America’s true roots and history! He is a lying evil racist troublemaker Alien who comes from the line of slave traders in Africa to start trouble here for us in America!

        • PLEASEE….nite …nite

        • @ PMbalele …… and I quote ” excellent job Mr. Racist president ” Oh sorry the Racist part was my add-in ….. and why you ask , because again and again Obama has proven to be Racist , both in action and in word , didn’t notice , weren’t paying attention , have no idea what I’m talking about …. just look at the state of Race relations in this country now ….. Obama is directly responsible for the divisions and tensions , and don’t ever criticize ….. otherwise you without a doubt are a Racist with blatant racial motives , if you’ve missed what I talking about , my advice , pull your head out …… and I won’t even start on the D O J …. so just who are the real racists today ……….

          • raffaelecafagna

            pmbalele is an illegal alien and a paid troll ; don`t waste your time; ignore him

          • He just said he was black, how do you know he is illegal? Do tell. He is also educated I think as he doesn’t “sound black” & yes I realize you can not hear someone but he doesn’t use words that are exclusive to blacks

          • raffaelecafagna

            yes indeed, from Africa , just like me with nothing in Common ; I came here Legally in 1970 to be a Free man in a Free Nation ; I had Funds not to be a Burden to the People and the Nation ; I had a Clean criminal and medical record with me from origin ( a requirement ) and Most of all ” I did not bring here with me Rules , Regulations , Laws from my Origin : I Assimilated . You want more ; I got it ( ask ) .
            Thank you and Bless you ; yes I am a Christian too ; Jesus and God are my Friends . Anyone coming here should say Thank you for everything this Nation offers ; but as you can see , it is not appreciated

          • Well welcome to America, sounds to me like you are the type of person that is & should be made welcome. Most illegals do no appreciate what they have available to them here & also have very little respect for out flag & laws, that is beside the simple fact that they have NO right to be here.

          • I came here Legally in 1970 ; 1976 I became a Naturalized Citizen , after taking a test ( with a Judge present ) ; history of this Nation , the Constitution , Legislative , Executive , Judiciary , etc. etc. in English .
            Nothing like today , by giving driver licenses and citizenship to Illegals that do not speak , read or write a word of English ; criminals , rapists and murderers all over the U.S. pmbalele should read the Constitution , maybe he will learn something because back in Africa
            you do what you are told and you are guilty until you can prove you are innocent ( all done in 3 days ) . You ( America ) did not invite him here ; he came here on his own ; first thing he does is ” scream racism and discrimination ” but he forgot about his origin ; same with the muslimes coming here . pmbalele is uninformed and obtuse ; maybe , one day , maybe , he will see the Light .

          • I once replied to him but that was the first & last time he isn’t a conservative at all but tries to come off like he is. He has to be a liberal as he want to paly the victim role. I didn’t realize that he was here illegally. I do agree with you that America is making a big mistake but that is what libs do all the time. I doubt very much that he will change in any way since he gets away with it only time will tell, I do wonder if he came from Somalia as there seems to be a big influx of people from that country & I have heard good things about them especially their work habits. I grew up around immigrants from many countries went to school with them too. That was back in the day that living in small town America we though every one spoke English as they al did. So no special classes were needed for them & all were like you are appreciative of being allowed the privilege of coming to America, protests were something that just didn’t happen either.

          • he`s a waste of time ; best solution is ” Ignore him ” ; he will go away .
            Replying to his post is like pouring more gas into the fire .
            It was nice talking with you , in a polite and civilized manner . I served and retired from the Army in 95 , ” Hell on Wheells , 2 I.D. God Bless America and Freedom is not Free.

          • You are correct & I will not reply to him again. I served US Army but got out in 64 just a little before your time & I didn’t retire I served 2 years by pushing my draft & that was quite enough for me, the bad thing about that was no choice in training, they put me in combat Engineers but I did become a demo specialist which was a total waste in civilian life no one would hire me except to dig holes even then I didn’t find any jobs. To bad because I really like to blow thing up.
            Good luck in the future People like you are always welcome here in America as far as I am concerned

          • raffaelecafagna

            P.S. I am also educated ; B.S. in construction and five foreign languages.

          • Hes Also Proven Himself to be a FRAUD TREASONOUS KENYA MUZZY .

        • Spoken like a true racist!

          • raffaelecafagna

            ignore him ; you dealing with a paid troll

          • Pmbalele is an idiot with whom I’ve attempted to converse with in the past. He’s fixated on his victimhood. His thought processes seem irrational. I suggest everyone just ignore him. Maybe he’ll just fade away.

          • He is over here to start trouble for all Americans, Black and White!

        • Hows it feel to Have SFB ( SHIT FOR BRAINS ) Syndrome ???

          • I love that expression & know many people that really have their grey matter mixed with their brown matter or for those that don’t know what brown matter is fecal should come to mind

        • Pastori, you have been at this for over 20 years now (lawsuits). Shouldn’t you give it a rest? Don’t be so Crabb-y it might give you Whitburn, I mean heartburn. Repeated vexatious lawsuits that continue to get dismissed will never change a thing. Frankel, I mean frankly, this isn’t getting the job done. Has the Madison cheese deluded your thinking or is it the liberal cesspool in Madison the problem? No more lawsuits! You could go back to Tanzania you know? I don’t think they have Sears or PDQ there, but you could be closer to your Muslim friends and maybe have yourself a nice Wildebeest steak. Or you could go to Las Vegas and try to swindle the casinos. Stop the racism and bigotry and retire. Just because you came to America does not give you a free ride to sue everyone.

          • I here on this site to teach people racism does not pay. Look what happened in Texas with a cop abusing that teen girl. Would he really do the same with a White girl. No. Anyway I will keep you posted.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Your dear hero King wasn’t even ordained, and he stole the name Martin Luther. His real name was Michael. Even those two ignorant fools Jessie Jackass and Not – so- sharpton were never ordained. sharpton visits the (used to be) white house regularly, just to suck ass with the communist hero! What most of you don’t seem to get a grip on is the fact that it’s YOU that keeps the racial bullshit going. The word nigger would most likely never have been used if you people hadn’t tried to shove your bullshit down white boy’s throat! Grow the hell up and get a real life!!

          • I need to research your comment that MLK was not an ordained minister. I did research to find that the good Rev. Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson were not ordained MINISTERS until they finally got caught up with/their pants down AND BOTH DID DRIVE BY COURSES TO EARN THE TITLE OF REVEREND. Blood sucking, money grubbing race baiters living off the ignorance and uneducated brothers and sisters…Instead of marching, getting behind their podiums and educating their people about all the free tax paid education, trade school available to them in order to have a better life..Instead, they encourage their brothers and sisters to use the almighty crutch that their ancestors were brought to America to be slaves for the whites and the world owes them a living.

          • You are here to teach racism doesn’t pay??? What a joke! You are the big huge racist I see here from your posts! Wow!
            You truly are a Moron! Go back to Africa where you came from, and leave us Good Americans alone!!!

          • Where did you get that diamond from? Not African? Anyway that’s your opinion. I hope you’re a Native American. But your name sounds European. Why can’t go back to Europe if you think I should go back to Africa?

          • My ancestors have been here for a 100 plus years!
            I wasn’t born in Europe! Go back to where you were born in Africa and leave us Americans here alone!

          • Too bad; you have to live with me around. You must have been one of those who sued Obama for being born to an African father and American mother. I do not know why you are not suing Ted Cruz who was born to a Cuban father and American mother. Cruz was not even born here; and you want to vote for him. You’re crazy.

          • I wouldn’t vote for Ted Cruz if you paid me!
            He is as illegal as Obama! Those who want to vote for Cruz or any other illegal are not true Christian Conservatives, you Dummy!!!

          • You and Amy Diamond deserve each other, you are both on an equal intellectual level regardless of your politics. Probably a product of the American education system.

          • She graduated from Harvard and I graduated right here. Did you see those White college girls confront Jeb Bush on ISIS? And you call college students ignorant! Please let’s prepare for Hillary Coronation.

          • pmbalele,
            MONARCHIES in America are NOT what this Nation was founded on!
            The founding fathers left Britain to escape the oppression of a Monarchy!!! We don’t need human kings and queens!
            Jesus is the only true King for America!!!
            US Presidents are to be legal and follow the US Constitution.
            You appear as though you are from the evil line of slave trader descendants back in Africa!
            Hillary is a racist Hag and a dirty Communist, just like you!!!
            Go Home to where you came from!!! You don’t represent the founding fathers dreams for America!!!

          • Don’t you think Hillary looks like Queen Liz of England in 1953 when she was coroneted? Hillary has that queen-look; and she is tough too like Thatcher. She is perfect to talk-off Repubs and TPs who bring the Benghazi issue all the time-infuriating relatives of those who died there. TPs and Repubs are slaves to FoxNews–they follow what Bill O’rielly, their little jesus, tells them what to think and to do. This time Repubs and TPs are meeting their equal –Hillary. She will put them in their place. Tell me which of these GOP morons now on the ticket matches Hillary. None. They are all ugly. This country does not like ugly presidents. What a day to see Hillary taking over from President Obama!

          • Just as I thought…..you love oblohole and Killery! Benghazi would have never been an issue if oblohole hadn’t been running guns to our enemies. And for your info, the parents of those 4 dead Americans want answers….real answers, not some bullshit like a YouTube video started the trouble. Oblohole, Killery, and all their minions should be drug out of our White House and tried and hung for treason! You know nothing about America, except that it is a place where YOU can get something for nothing!

          • I am going to ask relatives of the dead Americans to sue you for reminding them of their loved ones. How would you like to be reminded about your dead father, brother etc.

          • You are just a sue happy fool! As a parent, you better believe that I would want to know the TRUTH about what happened to my child. I’m sure these parents never forget their children, even one day. They deserve to know the truth, as do the rest of the American people.

          • Well, that is under 1st Amendment provision. Is it not?

          • No, I do not think she looks like Queen Elizabeth. She is a nasty old hag. She is no comparison to Margaret Thatcher either.
            Hillary is all about herself. She doesn’t care about you Lefties. She is a great con artist at fooling liberals.
            I am not happy at all with the candidates on the right, that is for sure. The Right has been infiltrated. I do not like Bill O’reily either. I do not listen to FoxNews anymore. Every politician is all about power and greed for themselves today. They do not care about the American people.

          • I have never heard an unhappy person till now! Are
            you really an American? If so, calm down-things are better now with Obama as
            President. To be that cranky you must be
            in your 30s and think you’re late to change. I agree with you GOP candidates
            are all ugly and fat. Did you say: “Hillary is all about herself, she does
            not care about me and you?” I thought that is what TPs, Repubs and FoxNews
            stand for; “individual success which eventually treaks-down to others.”
            Now you do not like Reaganomics also adopted by Bushes. Here is my advice. Tomorrow get up and go work-you
            are too young to have that temper. Prepare yourself to work-and do not speed. There
            are nasty cops there waiting to catch you and especially if you’re black.
            President Obama has jobs for everybody now. We are now in heaven at last.

          • There is nothing wrong with individual success as long as its not ill gotten gain like the Clintons and many others in DC has been. This is really all about a New One World Order” approaching and most all of the politicians on both sides of the aisle are on board with it. The only differences are on how they want to approach it. Everything they do and say are smoke and mirrors. A private agenda to overthrow the government, destroy the US Constitution, break the back of our economy, and turn America into a third world country, the last remaining vestige for freedom and once great super power. Obama is nothing more than a puppet on strings working for the World’s Elitists. The way is being paved for the Anti-Christ and the technology is there to control all peoples’ of the earth. One third of the planet will be killed by war, another by starvation and pestilence and natural disasters. Life will not be any heaven on earth, but something else far from it. You had better wake up!

          • I think there should a forum in each city where people can vent their frustrations and anger. I am told in German city there is a square where people can stand and get it out their chest. You make sense, but people and especially Repubs and TPs will never listen to you. You remember in 2010 TPs were picketing in DC to have tax reduced. Obama cut their tax. Still these morons were picketing against him. Then I happened to be in DC and went where they were shouting and asked why they were there when Obama had already cut their tax. One toothless smelly woman said they were paid by insurance companies to oppose Obamacare. So TEA Party was not there to reduce tax burden; but to oppose Obamacare. TP is controlled by insurance companies who want to continue overbilling you. And remember, once you elected TPs in Congress and Senate, you never heard them talk again. They had all the girls they wanted. They left you in the cold. Do not vote for TPs and Repubs next year.

          • You seem to have a firm grasp of the situation.

          • You are a delusional fool! You think you are a lot smarter than you really are. Our once great nation is in shambles thanks to your boy. He is the laughing stock of the world and an embarrassment to this country. He is a fraud with different names and several social security numbers. He is not an American and makes his hate and disdain for this country well known.

          • Delusional! I have met people like you who think they are more American than President Obama. Did you hear what Jimmy Carter said last Monday? He said that some White people still think are more intelligent than Blacks or other racial minorities. And that is what make people fight over small things because Whites think are intellectually superior to others. Are you one of them? Now that is delusional. I believe you read about Wisconsin lawyer who went in court and testified that however a Black man may rank high or highest on job exam, he is still not qualified for the position. Just imagine a lawyer trained in this country still thought so.

          • Reading your posts, I’m convinced, there is no hope.

          • Did you read the economic and job report today? During his 6 years President Obama has created 11 mi full time jobs and 9 mil part time jobs. We are in heaven.

          • Do you really believe everything this administration and Obama tells you? You may be in heaven but there are millions who wouldn’t agree with you, but fukc them as long as you’re OK. One thing Obama has going for him, “gullible people”.

          • Did you really write: “fukc them as long as you’re OK? Do you want Obama to wake them up mornings, drag them to work? That’s not his job. His job to create environment where they can go to work, safe at work, home from terrorists; build good highways to work and vacations. His job is not to baby-sit them as TPS and Repubs expected of him. Screw them!

          • Cement wall. goodbye!

          • You talk about ignorant and then you want to prepare for the coronation of Hillary Clinton. Other than talk, can you list her accomplishments?

          • Hillary is tough -she does not take that non sense from Bill Orielly, Repubs and TPs. But also she is beautiful. Can you really vote for those GOP now on the ticket. They are all ugly. This Country likes good looking presidents.

          • “This Country likes good looking presidents.” Either you are kidding with this statement or you are a complete idiot.

          • Yes. This country loves good looking president. You would not vote for Chris-he is too fat; Not Jindal, smart but ugly; Scott
            Walker -he squints and walks funny and school-dropout; not Santorum-an American little pope; Huckabee-he has speech impediment-just look at his mouth when talking; Ben Carson, like John McCain, he does not brush his teeth; Ted Cruz is
            Canadian born -not eligible for the WH job and he is too fat; Marco Rubio-Cuban immigrant won’t elect him-he is prejudiced against Latinos. So we run out of pinkies.

          • Your posts tell me your level of intelligence. It is obvious you are incoherent, judgmental and didn’t graduate beyond grade six, and I’m being kind. Your criteria are not based on intelligence or capability but looks and celebrity. |I refuse to carry on this inane banter with a lightweight.

          • I can….a long list of dead people that were associated with her and hubby Bill and some of them go all the way back to Arkansas. All of them all unsolved murders and let’s not forget Benghazi. She and this pos potus and their gun running to our enemies are both responsible for the deaths of the 4 Americans that defied orders and went to their comrades aid.

          • Unfortunately all her accomplishments are negative but these bozos only see the glitz glamor and celebrity. they never look beyond it and so they get the kind of government they deserve. Shallow people vote for shallow candidates and the MSM willingly goes along. No one is more shallow and transparent than Hillary Clinton, unless it’s Obozo.

          • No! You called college students ignorant, I said you were on an intellectual level. If you want to read that as ignorant that’s your call. Try reading my exact words “You and Amy Diamond deserve each other, you are both on an equal
            intellectual level regardless of your politics. Probably a product of the American education system.”

          • There is nothing wrong with ‘American education system.’ We have the best doctors, research scientists; cars; planes; military and most powerful nation on earth. Not like those sisies in Europe who went marching against ISIS and Jihads who were killing people in their countries. Thank God President Obama or Kerry did not go to that stupid March. It mbarrassed leaders in Europe. And you call their education system better than ours. You’re watching FoxNews too much. They have brainwashed you. No doubt you will vote for Scott Walker- a school-dropout -just because he has that soft talk. Good luck.

          • I’m afraid your argument is based on emotion and not fact.
            The information is readily available if you care to look it up and realize it’s not as good as you have been led to believe.
            FOX news notwithstanding.
            A world study from 2010 shows the U.S. ranked 14th While Canada ranked 3rd. You should check your information before you enter into a debate, emotion doesn’t win debates.
            More proof if you need it.
            “The influential Paris-based Organization for Economic Cooperation and
            Development (OECD) has just released its much-awaited triennial study of
            global education systems, and once again, the U.S. earns bad grades.
            According to the study, American 15 year-olds tested were average in
            reading and science skills, below-average in math.”

            The failing of the American education system is known world wide, it seems no one informed you. And by the way you might try to listen to FOX news, you might learn something about truth in journalism.

          • Did you really say: the U.S. ranked 14th While Canada ranked 3rd as to quality of doctors? You must be in TP or Repub parties. These shove dirty in your brains. Now if we are that behind, why do I see Canadian patients at our hospitals and clinics? FoxNews is staffed with liars; women abuses, school-dropout and women chasers. How would like to recruit Gov
            Sanford; Herman Cain, Sean Hannity and Bill O’rielly? Nobody else would accept them except FoxNews. They are still crying why President Obama was re-elected. They are liars and racists.

          • I didn’t say anything of the kind I’m merely quoting from statistics gathered by world organizations and we’re talking about grade school and high school. You are a perfect example of the American educational system, You can’t stay on topic and you make grand assumptions. Your English is atrocious and your grammar is terrible it’s so bad that you can’t even guess what I’m talking about, let me give you an example: (1) “These shove dirty in your brains.” This makes no grammatical sense. (2) “Now if we are that behind” not a very coherent thought. Is that your U.S education?

          • What is language? a medium of communication. If you understood what I said, that accomplishes the purpose of language.

          • Bricks are a medium of building, but if you use them incorrectly the building will fall down. You really are a product
            of the liberal education system, you would bastardize the language like Obama has bastardized America. Good luck with that.

          • Actually people who know how to write English are lawyers and journalists-not the English teachers in high school or collages. I think you’re an English teacher.

          • What is a collage? Look it up before you use it. If this is an example of lawyers and journalists no wonder we’re in trouble in our school. You think I’m an English teacher? I will reserve comment on what I think you are, but it’s not an English teacher. The difference between, collages and colleges is like night and day, or as Americans say nite. If you are a lawyer as you pretend to be, the profession is not elevated by your membership.

          • I am not a lawyer; I just read their stuff.
            Recently I exchanged similar observations with English ‘know-it all.’ He said
            he taught in Korea, Malaysia and similar places. Actually he was after women
            there. So English teaching was his just excuse to be there.

          • Didn’t you know that all English teachers are there just for the women, even women English teachers. And perhaps you weren’t aware that all around a pigs ass is pork. And the seal hunt in Manitoba has been called off because of a sudden winter storm in the dead of summer. I get so weary of trying to educate people like you.

          • greyfox,
            You are the one that is the product of a NON-American education system!
            You are a pathetic ignorant worshipping Ted Cruzbot!
            A traitor to the Constitution! No better than the lefties that voted for Obama!

          • Your name calling skills are pretty good, your powers of observation, not so good. My original comment stands. I thought your comments were not very intellectual and I’m sorry to learn you are a conservative. Name calling is the province of liberals, or hadn’t you heard.

          • Your discernment skills are zero and your common sense skills are peaking in the negative numbers. You obviously are a CruzBot and have no idea what the Constitution says or stands for. Are you one of those from the Cuban or Canadian school systems? Communism and Socialism are second nature for you.

          • Glad you brought that up, School systems that is. You probably are unaware that the U.S education system ranked 14th in the world, Canada ranked 3rd. My educational background is from Canadian schools, what’s yours?

          • At least America is not socialist about secondary education. No FREE College like Socialist Canada offers. I am not impressed. By the way, take back your boy Ted Cruz. This Canadian idiot is causing trouble in America.

          • You really are uninformed, neither college nor Universities are free in Canada, where in the world did you get that idea?
            Do you think Obamacare is not socialist? I’m not sure I want to converse with someone as ill informed as you are.

          • Some Canadians told me that College is free and University is paid for. So you have a lot of liars in Canada too, it appears. ObamaCare is more than socialist. It is full blown Communism. Forcing someone to buy it or pay a fine. As for conversing, you need to pull your head out of your rear before any true conversation can take place.

          • Every Canadian knows that college is not free, we also know that Some Americans are uneducated and gullible. Amy, if you are a conservative you should try to get yourself better informed about things before you engage in a discussion.
            “some Canadians”? some Americans told me the seal hunt in Manitoba was illegal, were they telling me lies? The seal hunt in Manitoba is quite legal and still going on, even in summer.
            The gullibility factor is rampant with some people.

          • I am a True Christian Conservative! Just not the kind you are obviously familiar with. I do not follow the crowd. I don’t expect there to be any one person to save us out of this mess either. You are just another arrogant Canadian. I have some stupid extended relatives up there in Alberta Canada like you, and they proudly tell me how Anti-American they are. Take your illegal Ted Cruz back with you!

          • Obama’s mother was a communist whore and highly doubt that she even knows who his father is! My money is not on the Kenyan, but rather the muzzie “step-father” that was Indonesian. He has used the black people in this country, but could care less about them. Cruz was not born here, but his mother was an American and he was born with dual citizenship, Canadian and American. He gave up his Canadian citizenship and if we want to save this country, this is the only man that stands FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND THE CONSTITUTION OF THIS NATION! You can bet your sweet ass that I’ll be working to get him elected. Who do you want for our next president….Killery? You don’t have a brain in your skull! I’m sure you are one of the muzzies that love oblohole. This fraud pos is doing a great job of completely ruining America! If you don’t like our ways, take your ass back where you came from…..we’ll be much better off with you gone!

          • How would like if somebody called your mother as you did with President’s? Think before you open your beak. I know his father and his tribe in Kenya. Obama’s tribe people are very intelligent -they eat fresh water fish-tilapia-naturally harvested. Lake Victoria tilapia tastes delicious. I went to school and worked with people from that area. They are hardworking people. Go to Kenya and surrounding countries, you will find them as engineers, doctors, lawyers etc. They are down to earth nice people. So both his maternal and paternal parents were honorable people. I ask you to avoid such language if it is evil and immoral to your parents.

          • His father was killed in a car crash.

          • That’s right.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Too bad yer ole lady didn’t believe in abortions!!!

          • His mother WAS a communist whore! I never said one thing negative about the Kenyan, except that I highly believe that she didn’t know who his father was. I KNOW that the Kenyans are educated and are intelligent. Mute point. You think you are so damned smart, but obviously can’t read English well.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            N Korea calls him that “little monkey over there in that big white house!” ROFLMFAO Quite frankly, a donkey’s ass would be better than the HNIC !!

          • Do you know you are dangerous. You must be on illegal drugs. See your doctor tomorrow before you hurt people.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Hey Velcro head! My ancestors were mostly native Indians. My grandmother was full blooded Cherokee! If anyone has a right to bitch, it’s them, but we just sit back and watch you turd-brained monkeys destroy yourselves.. Get ready Kenyan, the biggest battle has not even started yet!!

          • Good luck with your tirade. Remember this site is monitored by FBI and CIA for terrorists like you. Well at least Kenyans are people too and are not violent. If you’re Native Indian, I am surprised you’re attacking fellow racial minorities. I have just read your postings on Facebook. They are scary. Maybe I should report them to local police.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Hey dipshit, Facesnook? ha! I’m not even on Facesnook! It’s run by commie mooselums!! HAHAHA

          • I queried your name in Madison, and it came out clear. I also read what you have posted. You seem to be in TP or extreme Repub groups and probably a FoxNews viewer who hate the present federal administration which has kept them free from terrorists. Well, if FBI and police ask me, I will give
            them your address. It came up clear. Therefore calm down. Obey the law and you will happy in your life. Above all avoid those drugs and drinking heavily. They are not good for you.

          • Drugs and drinking seem to be serving you well.

          • I do not drink beer or use illegal drugs.

          • Good for you.

          • And I do not miss or pretend not to miss them.

          • You’re not in Facebook! Just query your name. It will come up.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Okay mr lawsuit loser, there are THREE on there by the same name, and I’m not one of them. But you being a Velcro head that sits in his highback chair and specializes is lawsuits against the government (AND LOSES EVERY ONE), will only have it your way. Typical leftist, Marxist, liberal race baiter.. Have fun loser. I will not reply further!!

          • I will update you on the three cases. But I am sorry for your language; especially when you claim to be Native Indian and son of German immigrant. You must be on cocaine for you do not know who you are.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Like she said, you have been here only fir the purpose of promoting racism. Some of y’all just won’t give up. What you keep doing tho is festering a wound, and the longer you try shoving your agenda down the white man’s throat, the meaner you’re making them and causing that phrase “DUMB NIGGER” to be used more and more. But it’s clear to see that your personal, racist agenda doesn’t give a damn about anything or anyone except YOURSELF. Keep at it foo, people will only hate you more and more!!

          • Good luck with your foul language. You told you’re part Native Indian and part German. And here you’re calling Black people names. Did you call the lawyers for those cases? Thanks.

          • If I give up then the work done by other people like MLK, Jack Kennedy etc will be useless. People should continue to make sure all of us are allowed to compete. Not when other people not allowed to compete. As to my lawsuit; 4 state attorneys have left or demoted because of my lawsuits.

          • Attorneys can get other jobs? Why? Because they have qualifications beyond just passing the Bar Exam. You on the other hand, sue everybody and anybody because you didn’t get a position claiming “racism” instead of the truth of NOT being qualified. How many lawsuits have been dismissed because of your unproven charges? A dozen? What about PDQ? Selling cigarettes to minors. Allowing drive-offs at the gas pumps. You weren’t doing your job. Sears and frivolous charges with your truck. Looks to me you think the court system is the lottery. Get rich quick at others expense. How about child support? How about garnishment? You just want everyone else to pay your way for how you live. You are the RACIST! From 1993 to 2014, there are records of all of your vexatious lawsuits. Give it a rest.

          • I have PDQ cornered. I have got the State cornered; and I have Sears cornered. Just call their lawyers and they will tell you. They went around and around, but it did not work. Now I am waiting for the truth. With PDQ it may be in the mail today. I will keep you posted or you can read it on court records.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Obviously, this is why the phrase “Ignorant nigger” still exists…

          • PDQ, Sears and Corrections thought I was ignorant like you think. I am open for live discussion. You may reach my e-mail through my briefs in the law library. Those are done. Do you know the lawyer who represented DOC quit her job and is in German teaching American legal system? E-mail me and I will send you copies of my last briefs that defeat PDQ, Sears and Corrections. I do not care what foul names you call me. That is your problem; not mine.

          • MLK was a Republican Christian Conservative, you idiot!
            You spread wicked lies about Christian Conservatives!
            You are a dirty immoral Communist!
            Go back to Africa where someone mentioned you came over here from! I wonder if your ancestors were the slaves traders that sold your own as slaves, and now you come over here to start trouble! You, of all people are not entitled to anything. You even start trouble for the Blacks of today that were born here that your slave trading ancestors sold their ancestors! What a truly hateful racist person you are!
            You are totally deplete of any character and morals!
            Go home back to where it is in Africa which you came from. Leave Americans here alone, you troublemaker!
            Also, its your kind on the Left that hate women!!! Only Christian Conservative Republican Men have love and morals in their hearts! Your Leftist party oppresses and hates women. You defend politicians like Carter who are huge racists against the Blacks, but attack the Right who are not racists! You are so messed up in the head with believing lies, you don’t even know your right from your left! It doesn’t get anymore stupid than that!

          • People that file frivolous lawsuits go into a data base & eventually they are forbidden to file any more so it’s only a matter of time before he is stopped, that is unless the state he lives in permits them to continue

        • Michael Dennewitz

          And you’re jammed full of hog shit too, you dildo!!

        • All Americans born equal? Yes, blacks are equal. However, they can’t consider themselves as equals when they choose to sit on their dead butts and live off hard working taxpayers. Living off welfare, food stamps, Section 8 housing, medical! Minorities have benefits that many white Americans do not have. Free education through college. Free vocational schools/trade schools to team them a trade. My kids had to take out student loans, work part time jobs in order to get their college degrees. AND PAID THE LOANS BACK!

          • You’re lying again. Did you read my latest posting. Get rid of racism and everybody black or white will work their butts.

          • Yes, I read your latest posting. I speak the truth and if you can’t handle the truth, get a job.

        • It is obvious you don’t understand the concerns. It is not a black and white issue. The issue is, and I have experience this,
          Pride in what you have attained through hard work. I have lived in a middle class neighborhood where people, black or white, look after what they have. I have seen welfare recipients moved in by the system and watched the property go to rack and ruin. This is not imaginary this is real. For some people, a hand up is a free ride, no effort on their part to improve or take pride in their home, why should they? they have no stake in it, they have no blood sweat and tears in it, why should they give a dam. Please understand, this does not apply to all people who are given a hand up, but it applies to enough of them to make the rest a bit weary. It’s easy to have a big heart when you aren’t or haven’t been tested. Work your ass off to succeed and buy a nice house and be proud of it and then watch some useless bastard get if for next to nothing next door, let it go to rat shit and then complain about the living conditions. If you want to give someone subsidized housing, great! Let him/her live next door to you or some Hollywood suburb but not next to me. My remarks are directed to that part of society that will always and only take, take, take, if you want to give to that sector be my guest. Don’t decide for me.
          This has nothing to do with race, just a certain type of people, black, white, Hispanic European or Asian.

          • I hear you; but you’re wrong. Please lets fight racism at work, housing and at school. Did you see that White police brutalize that Black girl? What does that tell you? Even Jimmy Carter said: There are still some white people who think people of other races are inferior.” That is why we still have racism. Come to the Wisconsin state government. Some state agencies are prohibited from hiring Blacks however qualified they may be. In fact one government lawyer testified in court to that effect. She has now been let go. We are told she is in Europe teaching American legal system. But that tell you we still have racism in state and local governments-not in the federal government.

          • My Hymn book is not on the racist page as yours seems to be. That racism exists, cannot be argued, my position has nothing to do with racism, it has to do with attitudes. I do not tolerate or condone racism, nor do I partake in the promotion of racism, entitlement attitudes have no color. If what I have stated here makes me wrong then I will gladly wear that badge.

          • Once you mentioned ‘entitlement attitudes’ you’re already a racist. I live in Wisconsin and I see both Whites and Black mothers on welfare. But Black mothers are labeled as entitlement people not White mothers. Double standard!

          • I don’t label black mothers as entitled, you do that. There is an entitlement attitude and it transcends color and race, it’s a frame of mind. You can label it anyway you like.

        • It’s forced just like the bussing in Boston, how did that work out? If you are for this nonsense you probably don’t own a home and qualify as poor. obama, #1 worst ever.

          • I have counselled you to avoid such attitude when holding that child. That child does not know who is Black and White. That child thinks people are the same regardless of color or race. I am sorry for that child you’re holding now. Good luck.

          • The child knows who’s black and white. Our next-door neighbor is a retired airline pilot who’s black and he and his family spend the holidays with us. Another friend is a black college professor is also one of our friends. On the other side of our house lives a Hispanic CPA and his wife who’s an RN. My three daughters know diversity. Don’t feel sorry for my kids, you knucklehead.

          • Why do you label them as black neighbors if you think you’re not a racist? That attitude will land you in prison. Calm down and live as normal person.

          • Quote, “The child doesn’t know who is black and white.” You brought it up. You use the race card, a sign that you have no intellectual argument. Why is the left race obsessed like skinheads? Same mentality or projection? Why will I land in prison, you speak nonsense.

          • Because you liberals always assume that conservatives don’t know any black people or have them as friends. I have never said anything racist and yet in 2009 liberals started calling me racist for hating the policies of a black president. It’s the race pimps that like to keep that narrative alive. Liberalism don’t bring people together, it only divides them by race and social status.

        • Tom Buyea -- Fla.News service

          Blacks slaves in the 50s and 60s ?
          No, But Obama is doing away with the middle class and we will only be the masters and the servants very soon !

          • I do not who raised you and where. Please examine your innermost soul and accept change otherwise you will die of heart attack like some Repubs and TPs are. We are in a different era now -not Archie Bunker era.

        • 60 + YEARS…6 DECADES OF FORCED INTEGRATION HAS PROVED…it does not work and never will.

          • With your attitude, I am sure you will end up in jail or kill yourself. The law is coming to your door. Calm down. Treat others as your would treat yourself and your kids.

        • Excuse me, the conservative Republicans no longer exist! The Tea Party is trying to hold this country together as the Republic it was set out to be and to keep the Constitution in place so you fing liberals can have your free speech and all your other rights. We don’t hate backs, but are damned tired of them always playing the race card. I hate oblohole….he doesn’t give a damn about the blacks, but uses them to his advantage. All this liberal shit is what has gotten this country in trouble to begin with. The middle class is just about gone here because we are the ones paying all the taxes to take care of these people that won’t work and all the illegals that shouldn’t be here to begin with. What part of illegal do you not understand. They are not legal citizens here and they shouldn’t get a crust of bread for free! Yes, I’m part of the Tea Party because there is no difference between the Republicans and the Democrats anymore. My grandfather immigrated to this country from Germany and he learned to speak impeccable English and wouldn’t even allow his kids to learn German because he believed that in America, we speak English. He was dead on right when he said that the biggest mistake ever in this country was the first carton of milk they gave to the kids in school. Anyone that believes that all people should have equal money is nutty as a fruitcake. This is the only country in the world where you can start out with nothing and work your butt off and end up with something. What is wrong with that? You work hard for your money and have something or sit on your ass and have nothing. It is no one’s responsibility to provide them money. Everyone here has the same opportunities….take them and run with them or live in poverty!

          • Did you say your father immigrated here from Germany
            and learned to speak impeccable English and wouldn’t even allow his kids to learn German because he believed that in America, we speak English? So your father was an illegal immigrant; that makes you an illegal too. Do you know what racism is? You’re White if your father came from German. Have you have been told by a government lawyer: “Blacks can rank high or highest in exams; but they still are not qualified for positions they rank high. They are Blacks.”
            I was there when she puked that. Well she is gone after listening to herself. She is now in teaching American legal
            system in Germany. That is the reason why we have entitlements. Blacks are denied jobs; housing; education and freedom as a whole. Did you not see that stupid White cop brutalize that Black girl? Do you think he would have done the same to blond blue eyed girl? No. That is your answer.

        • Michael Dennewitz

          You purebred ASS SUCKER!!

    • He hasn’t failed at all. This has all been intentional and well orchestrated.
      Its all about that “hope and change” thing that he campaigned on.
      All of his bases in everything are covered. They are well thought out and methodical. If this was only by chance through his personal stupidity, the odds of that happening as many times as it has, would never worked.
      His NWO handlers are the ones that tell him what to say, when to say, and what to do, and he is getting paid extremely well for this big mascarade of a presidency.

    • Hard to think of addressing Obama as “Mr. President when I am having ” de ja’vue of Hitler’s Third Reich and “Heil Hitler.”

    • Just think the next person that the lefties want to elect has never had success at anything she has tried. How much you want to bet that this maybe her chance to get what she has wanted for so long she probably aches for it. Another drug addled left wing nut job, I hope the gop show I tells all that is known by so many but not all

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Oh yeah, and in a news flash today came the news that Ovomitcare fees are going to triple!! Ha!!

  2. Obama hates being black so much he wants to make everyone suffer .no way will I live by a project. Where is an Oswald when you need one

    • All because of the complacency of the American people who are too lazy to care about this country in general, thereby allowing this administration to exist, the Oswald remark is irresponsible.
      Don’t forget, this stupidity displayed itself twice.

      • Call it any liberal flavor you like. But it would solve the problem.

        • After all the moneys spent to improve housing and education, what have we to show for?
          You can put a bridal gown on a pig, but is still will be a pig and behave like a pig, because under the environment of expecting something for nothing it will not be appreciated and/or maintained with this additional created entitlement proposal.
          It has nothing to do with liberal or flavor, but simply is a fact.
          In reality, it’s delusional.

          • I was talking about the cause of the problem. It is a fact that if you eliminate the offending item the problem will disappear.

        • Really, oldmo?
          You and your pals would do well to mind what you type..
          That sounds like a threat and it WILL NOT be tolerated..

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Not this bitch again. Holy shit, she’s worse as a troll than any of them.. There went the neighborhood! ROFL


            Look who’s calling somebody bitch, you dried up dickwad…..

            POT calling KETTLE BLACk, Michael…


          • ROTFLMAO!!! Look who’s calling WHO bitch, Michael..

            Reread some of your OWN bullshit, Michael..

            Pot Calling Kettle Black, you dickless speck of putrid dung!

            Keep whining…

            Your bullshit preceeds you and the laughs at YOUR expense grows

            with your inane, pathetic mewls… LOLOLOLOL!


          • Michael Dennewitz

            Your mother should have believed in abortion. Either that, or she did, and your sorry ass is the result of a botched one.. Dayuumm, you’re an ugly bitch!!

          • Keep it up with your sorry, pathetic, butthead posts, Michael..

            It just reinforces the fact to all of the rest of us what a pathetic loser you really are…

            Nuff Said…

          • Pot Calling Kettle Black, Michael.. Read your OWN bullshit… LOLOLOL! Dumb Ass!

          • Michael Dennewitz

            ROFLMFAO… Another leftist, communist, freebie loving troll…. HA! (UGLY ONE AT THAT)….

          • LOLOL! Keep whinng, michael and showing EVERYONE here just HOW desperate and UGLY you really are…

          • Why don’t you liberals learn to comprehend what you read ? I was simply stating it would solve a problem.

          • LOLOLOL!! The republican/tea party traitors have a habit of not being able to fix anything.. Even their own fucked up agenda..

          • Michael Dennewitz

            And miss ugly to the bones, just WTF are YOU going to do about it, huh, huh??

    • He uses race baiting to give himself more power. Never let a crisis go to waste and if there isn’t a crisis, invent one. That way, we will be distracted and focused on a non-issue while he does his thing behind closed doors.

      • he does this asshole stuff to try and get us to forget about isis, irag and obamacare all the other stuff he has screwed up than goes and gets high or drunk He is a loser

        • He also does it so he can implement cap and tax, trade agreements, and back door gun control. This is all being done while we argue and fight among ourselves about matters of race and other non-issues. This is textbook “Divide and Conquer” tactics.

          • you are right

          • Don’t forget to mention that he is doing it constantly he is like the energizer Bunny going, going & keeps on going he never stops each & every word is thoroughly thought out

        • Look at his eyes, I have seen him stoned many times during some of his speeches, don’t know exactly what he is what he is doing but he is high often. You just can’t hide it when your eyes give you away, but my guess is Pot

          • Michael Dennewitz

            My room mate is a 30 year detective. He says the Velcro head is snorting something way better than pot! lol

          • I’m pretty sure he gets nothing but the best of drugs, I can’t wait for someone or some of the SS agents that protect his worthless butt to write a book on this turd. Doing so it would be a best seller in the first week, they know so much about him that he couldn’t possibly conceal it & maybe they even see that his supply probably never gets low. Yep we sure got a winner when the democraps elected this P.O.S.

    • Really? That sounds like a threat, kmidlam…
      Do be careful of what you’re saying…

  3. Obama the “racist”. He hates white people cause he is black.

    • I do not think he is black either, this obummer does not know what or who he is.and who is he to tell us where and how to live, let him go back and live in his tent. if people want to live in nice homes, then get a job and work for it just like we do and everyone else who wants to live nice. and like someone said obummer would never live near a project, look at the home he is going to buy on our money when this satan leaves.

    • Do you realize what pathetic, white trailer park trash you are?

  4. If folks want to live in the nicer neighborhoods, then let them work and earn that. I’m not paying for people who choose not to work to live more luxurious than me. I’m the one who has to work for it, so “no”. It doesn’t matter what race someone is-there are already mixed races in most neighborhoods across this nation. This isn’t about “race”. It’s about moving people from the projects to nicer homes so they can destroy the nicer neighborhoods, too.

    • From what I have witnessed especially since 2012 it will happen and WE will pay just like we always do. It will be adjudicated into law just like ObamaCare as a tax.

      • Isn’t this a little “Agenda 21”-ish??

        • That’s what I see, Grinnie! Obambam keeps the racism going so we will be distracted while he implements the “Agenda 21” plans.

        • You’re absolutely right. If that happens, our house values will plummet and that’s just one more way to redistribute the wealth. Liberals won’t be happy until all of us are in the street.

      • Obama is just doing these things to start a Civil War.
        Don’t let him.

        • He wants to keep Hate and Racism because his goal is to destroy America. He and Hillary are both Admirers of Saul Alinsky so that explains it all…as well as friends of Soros.

          • JAMES "SGT. ROCK" WHITE

            Not just friends of Soros, But benefactors of the DOUCHE. Get Me within 1,000 Yds of this ass, That’s all I ask.

        • We are already in a “uncivil war”….trying to combat all of this hate blacks are generating.

          • JAMES "SGT. ROCK" WHITE

            The Blacks are being led down the prim rose path of Division, By Barry, Moochelle, Eric H., Al S., J.J. The Congressional Black Caucus, The NAACP, Etc., Etc., They believe inn the LIE. That DemocRats “”care about them””.

      • Next will be a law determining how many people have to live in your home….for free…

    • Yes you are right. It’s happened time and time again costing the tax payers money. Within a year new homes built are looking like they have been there forever and falling apart.

      • Have you ever seen a school that has a majority of illegals attending classes, brand spanking new schools that look lie they have been occupied for 50 years all done in the first year or two. I was in a Burger King one day, an illegal was standing right next to a trash can she stood there put her hand with paper trash behind her back & dropped the trash on the floor. One day her daughter was taking about illegals something about they have the right to be here when she found out that I don’t think they should be here they all quit. Since she was not a good worker anyhow she was not missed in the least bit. Being my business was in Ca. I didn’t have much choice in hiring her or her replacement as when you need people the only ones to show up are illegals, trying to train them to do any jobs besides menial labor is a lesson in futility, my favorite thing about them is no matter what it is they say yes, it took a little to realize that they didn’t understand & I also had to say things with out asking them if they understood. Any complex task is another exercise in futility too it is just beyond their ability not all of them but the majority & some of them actually take pride in their work but are few & far between

        • We have schools coming up on every street corner to handle all the illegals using our school system. No they aren’t paying taxes here. Really sucks I think.

          • I try not to think about illegals drawing benefits from the government, here in Ca. they live in public housing get EBT cards among lots of things they are not eligible for but get the anyhow. The state is run by the democrat party & a lot of them are beaners to boot so of course they want them to get every thing & we the taxpayers are the ones footing the bill. I have lived here for 50+ years so the changes I have seen are what I call drastic. Now that I am retired I will be moving somewhere else, but it will NOT be in a state that is under democrap control. We just had a massive increase in both the sales taxes & the gasoline taxes. That is one reason that our gas didn’t go down anywhere near what it did in other states like Arizona gas there is about 1/2 the price we pay. I have come to the conclusion that no matter how much they take it is never enough

          • I don’t know how long you stood it that long in California. I have been there once and I promise never again. I will stay here I Texas and sit back and watch ISIS enter the country on the way to the White House.

          • Spot on! Won’t be long before Obama puts a McDonald’s, Jack In the Box, Outback Steak House and a STARBUCKS at the borders to accommodate the illegals and ISIS. I understand “WELCOME MATS” ARE IN PRODUCTION AT THIS TIME

          • I used to enjoy boat rides in the Rio Grande river but not anymore. I would see them swim across of tubes and most of the time I would chase them back across. Now they have guns. lol. But obummer wants them to just walk across with no problems. I’m surprised he didn’t close the damn and dry up the river.

          • He is having them flown in because he said walking across the border was too dangerous. That is the reason he never stays in DC, he hears about all the Crimes.

          • Yes there is so much crime he even refuses to come here.

          • I think you may just have this turds number

          • Perhaps the Illegals should move into the Oval Office it is never used. Then there is all that room in the WH, the occupiers are either playing golf, flying around on Air Force One, making Speeches about ”how great they are, Lying to the American People, or taking Vacations.

          • Right now Texas is number 1 on my list of states I am going to move to. I tried Ala., taking my sister word about it. Didn’t like it there to much humidity for me. I live in S. Ca & loved it, there is so much to do here that you can never be bored & I also love the mts the ocean & deserts, now that I am getting old I have slowed down a lot but still a “runner” but since the 70’s Ca. has changed to much for me with the influx of illegals, I think we have to have at least 11 Million of them here & yes I know Texas has more than their share of illegals but the weather is OK with both deserts & lakes & if I could stand the humidity I could live in maybe Corpus Christy or Huston. Due to an accident I had in 2006 where I broke loots of parts & as they healed severe arthritis set in making life a little difficult for me, since I get enough pain killers that I can live a semblance of a normal life more or less. Another thing about Texas that I like is housing is affordable where out here it isn’t. I closed my business of many years after the recession forced me to spend so much of it just keeping the doors open, but I did manage to keep enough to purchase a home so I don’t have to pay rent my 401k is gone along with the majority of my portfolio & a lot of my savings, I didn’t lay off anyone for the first year or so, My employees considered me a good boss, it’s just to ad I am not a good businessman because if I was I would have sold out in 2006 after accident & soft touch that I am (moron that is) I had 7 customers go BK on me with the total they owed me being higher than I want to admit & I will not see a dime of it. Oh well what the h–l I was born & raised poor I guess I will die poor as long as I enjoy myself it’s no big deal

          • I live in S Texas near South Padre Island and it is humid here too.

          • Inj 2006 I broke many, many parts after they healed, severe arthritis set in all of them including the 5 vertibrea in my back the entire Lombard section of my spine & the right leg took the brunt of fit especially the ankle that was sticking 3 inches out of the boots I had on at the time & both fiblia, tiblia directly above the ankle. That is al I am going to list & it took over a month before they would release me from hospital

          • You might like the Carolinas and Virginia.
            Both mountains and ocean.

          • S Carolina is on my list, N. Carolina & Virginia isn’t, no way I am living where snow is a daily thing in winter just like Pa. where I was born & raised Tenn is a maybe along with Kentucky, Mo. near Springfield, Branson area is also on it even though it does snow some. Arkansas is also a maybe. Leaving Ca. is the hard part but I don’t have enough money left to stay here for the rest of my life unless it is short & even then I would have to move so far away from friends that a simple visit would cost a small fortune in gasoline, & that is living so far away from civilization for the simple reason that is the only places i9n CA. where housing would be considered “affordable” & I am not spending my SS check just paying rent each month & what I have left after keeping my business open for 5 years with almost 2 years with full employees as I didn’t want to lay any off. It’s complicated as to where I spent so much $ but I did & did it of my own free will. Looking back I can see why no one ever left once they got hired, I guess I was real easy to work for, but not a good businessman

          • Hello,
            I have traveled to all the states except for Hawaii. Many states traveled a number of times. I moved from Minnesota so I do know and understand what cold winters and snow are about. I moved to South Carolina to get closer to the Ocean and away from the cold and snow. I like it here as it does have moderate winters and if and when we get snow it is usually only a dusting and melts right away maybe only once or twice in 2 or 3 years. The cost of living here in SC is cheaper of course, than in California, and many of the northern states.
            As far as in the state of North Carolina goes, the city of Charlotte that is in the south part of the state rarely gets any snow there. Charlotte has become a very modern city and the population growth has risen tremendously. It is about a 60/40 mix of Conservatives and Liberals that live there,
            I am also sorry to hear things didn’t work out for you with your business there too.

          • I have been to or through 49 of the 50 states with the exception being
            Alaska, if you get the chance definitely go to Hawaii try for more than the main island as the other islands are all unique too. When I was in N. Carolina I looked for a job until I realized I didn’t care for Charlotte much ended up in Atlanta, making many trips to Grenville. I found Atlanta to be my kind of place they know how to party there & in those days I went from one party to the next had a ball most of the time with few exceptions. The list I made up has 10 states with about 30 different cities. Doing loads of research online, since it has been like eons since I have been to many of them I am sure some I will not recognize Like Denver another place that I spent a couple of weeks at in those days. I had a job offer there a few years back & went there since they paid my way. Didn’t recognize it from the time I was there before, didn’t take the job either. I am just about positive that when I do make up my mind, a short visit will solidify my decision. With my experience I can tell lots about a place by simply driving around the streets & with the internet I will know if I can afford to purchase a home, as I don’t want to pay rent every month. Still single by choice not chance, but who knows what tomorrow will bring

          • Atlanta Georgia is one of my favorite and beautiful looking cities.
            Although I love the Rocky Mtns. of Colorado, I’m not all that impressed with the city of Denver. But some of the towns I do love there are Ouray, Silverton and Steamboat Springs.

          • I was in Atlanta when they reached the milestone of 1 Million people, sure it has changed since then or at least it had changed when we passed through in 1972. I think it was 1968 when they reached the Million person mark or 1969 not sure of the date it’s been a long time with many miles travel since then. Aah the good ole days, sometimes I long for them of course I am much older now too the head is wiling but not so much the body

          • I was just down to Atlanta about a month ago.
            Also, stayed for the weekend at Stone Mountain. I imagine it has changed a lot since you were there. The population has grown a lot since. Everything is very modern and clean. The road systems there are so much better and wider, easier to get around in than in Charlotte. Charlotte NC grew too fast and now there is bottle necked traffic everywhere. Accidents all the time. They need to start building wider roads for all the new traffic. I think they are being cheap.

          • You didn’t mention the ice storms that S. Carolina gets or is it freezing rain? I barley remember

          • Oh yes, We had an ice storm here, and it broke off the limbs off of our trees. What happens is the rain turns to ice on the trees and crystalizes everything. Its not much fun cleaning up that sort of mess of course either. lol

          • You also have to consider medical care. I left the place I lived for about 15 years because of horrible medical care. They are so stupid and their stupidity almost killed me. That’s the main reason I moved back to the Houston area. We have very good medical care close to us and some of the best doctors in the world are at the Houston Medical Center. I go there, even though it is quite a drive from where I currently live, if I have something serious. Otherwise, the medical care here is much better than the small town I came from. I gave my house back to the mortgage company and never want to be responsible for taking care of another one. I’m a single woman and used to be able to do all that stuff, but now with this illness, which I’m sure was “flipped on” by misdiagnosed problems by the stupid doctors that are there, I can’t take care of a house anymore. You said you had pain meds that help your pain. I can’t take narcotics and wouldn’t if I could, but many of my friends on my chronic pain sites are having a terrible time getting their pain meds. These are people from all states, not just Texas. Thank you, obamacare! All the druggies have made life very difficult for people who are truly in pain and need the meds, so I don’t think it matters where you go, you will have problems with these meds because it is a federal problem, not a state problem. All this is now handled by pain management doctors so be sure you go somewhere they are readily available. I know a couple of people in Kentucky and Indiana and they have to drive 2-3 hours just to see their doctors and now you have to go every month to get a new prescription.

          • I forgot to mention that back in the late 60’s nI lived with a woman that was from Greenville S. Carolina, I think of her every once in awhile & wonder if she is still alive? I may go back there to find out or maybe just pass through,. If she is alive may just be able to find her, that is if it hasn’t changed drastically. Tall blonde with blue eyes & long legs. Bet she doesn’t look the same LOL

          • Greenville is on the western part of the state. Its pretty there and its modern, but too many liberals live out there and its too far from the ocean there, if you like the ocean. Myrtle Beach is a nice place. That area has grown a lot and its very modern from what it was not long ago. I love the calm waves at the beaches there and the sand is a lot easier to walk on than the beaches of California too. I hope you’ll find what you are looking for.

          • Oh yeah I know where both are, Myrtle beach I was there when I was in my 20’s thought I had died & went to heaven spent almost 2 weeks there instead of the over night I had planned. I also like it in New Mexico Albuquerque to be exact but then I was in my 20’s & those places were different & I was too different now about 50 years later what I am looking for in life is quite different. I have driven around America several times taking routes that were not only not the most different but could be considered round about. We did have lots of fun & always made it to the destinations we had in mind when we started out. I have no regrets what so ever loved just about every minute of it, except like the time we ended up in jail in Utah for the fireworks we had purchased in another state. I am not quite the same person I was then but still a joker

          • The US is truly very beautiful and diverse in all its landscapes. The best way to travel this Country is by road trips, and the roads less traveled are often times the best. I use to like to get lost in them. Although it could seem that way, I never really was. lol
            I have been to Albuquerque NM. A very funny sounding name for a place too. Road travel has always been one of my very favorite things to always get a chance to do. I have kept a collection of natural rocks and stones, sand and artifacts from every state I’ve been, along with the good memories.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Do yourself a favor – don’t even think of Florida. We’re being overtaken by Haitians..

          • Florida didn’t make my list of the 10 states that I may move to, of course moving from Ca. is going to be really hard after making this my home for 50+ years.; But as I age I don’t need all the things that keep me here & I did move to Ala. Only lasted 4 months there before heading back here, living there is quite the change from here. I want to live around family & that does limit my choices but it isn’t like I want to live next door to them just closer than the 1700 miles it is now to the nearest sibling

          • Tom Buyea -- Fla.News service

            You mean Cubans !!!
            In Miami here the gov gives benefits to Cubans that American can not get like large SBA loans with No Collateral and no Cuban has ever hired a Black or White Native Born American ever, I have a standing $100.00 reward to anyone who can find a Native Born American working at a any Hispanic owned business, Over two years now my reward has been offered no takers yet !!

          • Just like the Mexicans here in CA. they only hire their own. But I don’t know anyone that is white that will work for them anyhow they want the knowledge of whites but don’t want to pay for it

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Not exactly Tom. We see a few Cubans now and then, but it’s mostly blacks that are flooding in. Them and other foreigners. Like the joker next door. He’s from Ecuador and his wife is Columbian . He got a loan in a heartbeat for a $140,000.00 home next door. His wife’s daughter and grand daughter stay there, plus three other rookies. The daughter’s not married and has a 5 year old. She’s 20.. AND PREGNANT! AND they’re ALL getting welfare.. Go figure…:-(

          • In Nov 2014 Obama let in 100,000 black Haitians…
            100,000 Syrian muslims
            1.3 MILLION black Africans
            10’s of thousands of central american kids our government secretly arranged to bring here….
            Obama has given them ‘permanent resident’ status which qualifies each of them for all social services: cash, free ebt food cards, free rent and utilities, free medical, free education …
            ***The only race or peoples of the world Obama DOES NOT ALLOW IN IN GREAT VOLUMES ARE WHITE PEOPLE!!!!

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Tell me about it.. My SS pays my rent, and if I don’t sell something or find another room mate, I can’t make ends meet. I was originally awarded disability, but due to the influx of illegal, they took that away from me. The wonderful government gives me $1.33 on disability. Yes, no typo, exactly $1.33 for serving my country during Vietnam.
            You want a good laugh, come to Orlando! Get yourself a coffee to go at Wawa. Sit outside and just watch. 99% of the women going in can hardly fit thru the door, and most of them are black. And once they place their orders, out comes the EBT card! Try to find a white taxi driver in Orlando! I haven’t seen one yet – all Creole speaking Haitians. They can’t possibly be getting a ” bumb rap!” Most places I shop at – – ALL BLACK employees with the exception of maybe 2 or 3….

          • That’s just terrible.
            You should move away from Orlando. I think that place is snobville and is also full of white liberals. They have all the commercial stuff that an ocean beach resort has, but no ocean beaches. What a joke.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Tell me about it Amy. I frequent restaurants and bars to get their empty liquor bottles. Then I cut them down and make beautiful drinking glasses from them. Some I even make into unique lamps. It’s not making me a million, but it certainly helps. It’s picking up a little. I have them advertised on Craigslist under collectables, plus a buddy down the street is showing them in his gas station. I mumble once in a while, “I’m getting too old for this crap,” but somehow I keep on going..

          • Your hobby sounds unique and interesting and fun too. I wish you great success. I have a sister that lives down in Fort Meyers and she makes stained glass windows she sells therel now. I guess its better than making some stupid ships in a bottle, huh?

          • Hell I would give the a map on how to get there LOL I can’t aid them but as long as they are after the turd why wouldn’t I. I have a something I would just love to talk with that P.O.S. about

        • Tom Buyea -- Fla.News service

          These people not only do not speak English I hear from US Border patrol that they speak so much slang that they barely can be understood by Spanish speaking people and of course they can not read or write in any language !
          Send them home now !!

          • I have always wondered why the Haitians don’t have the same policy that the Cubans have the wet foot dry foot policy that is

          • Tom Buyea -- Fla.News service

            They basically do, If they reach land they seldom are returned and both Haitians and Cubans if interdicted at sea usually claim they are sick and then are taken to hospitals in the USA and never have to be returned !
            This Country is all but over with, But the collapse of the dollar and the banking system is coming soon so this will be a Road Warrior nation soon so illegals are not that serious.

          • I concur with you on the coming collapse that is why I bought so much gold & silver or at least as much as I could afford

          • That’s how I feel about all the Mexicans here in Texas! Send them home….they work here, but pay no taxes and send most of the money they earn back to Mexico. I’m so in favor of the Fair Tax that would tax people only on what they buy. Then everyone pays their fair share. Whoever came up with the idea that if you are born here, even if your parents don’t reside here, was flat nuts. These Mexicans cross the river and have their babies in South Texas and boom they are an American citizen….LUNACY!

          • Do you eat Mexican Food?

          • That’s absolutely true. I worked at DCSE some years ago, and when a mother came in to apply for assistance, this Spanish-speaking woman couldn’t even fill out the Spanish side of the application. She was illiterate in her own language. Pitiful.

        • Don’t be fooled by them…..many, many of them understand English but say they don’t. We do have a lot of them here, but I think they are everywhere now and this fraud president won’t close the border because he is bringing in his muzzie cohorts through the southern border. My opinion is to round them up and send them back. I’m sorry they have such a bad life in Mexico, but that’s their government’s problem, not ours. As for all the muzzies, they all need to be sent back to the God-forsaken desert from whence they came, instead of them demanding that we change our way of life here. What’s that old saying….”When in Rome, do as the Romans do”. This should become our policy here. All this racial strife is being stirred by the fraud pos president. He has set this country back 50 years when it comes to race relations. Get off welfare, get a job and then you can have a house like all the other people who have worked their butts off to get it!

    • Doing this is what led to the “great recession” of 2009, giving “liars loans” to people that couldn’t afford to pay the interest brought to us by the democrap party with the fag barney frank leading the way with “everyone should be able to own their own home”. Of course they saw houses appreciating so much so fast that they figured they could make a fast $50,000.00 or so with out making a payment, that & people that suddenly had so much equity in their homes they had to take out loans to purchase the toys that went along with their houses. For me I would love to thank every damned one of then alone some night away from anyone that could be a witness, like in a dark alley just me & him I could show my appreciation for a few hours. Leaving them bloody & unconscious is the best way to explain my feelings & show them how much I love them for having my retirement gone in 4 short years through n fault of my own

      • I was blessed to be planted in Texas and have no plans of leaving. I have traveled to California several times and yes, it is heavenly. However, it is so expensive to even live there that I would never move there permanently. My brother lives in Long Beach and I love visiting him there, but he wants to come back to Texas also. We are a quite conservative state and want to keep it that way! Obama hates Texas because we have great leaders that don’t roll over and play dead when he speaks. We all know he is after us, but believe me there is at least 1 gun behind every blade of grass in Texas and we aren’t afraid to use them. Wendy Davis came here to run for governor and she really thought that she was going to “turn our state blue”, but we sent her packing back to California! Our economy is great and there are jobs here, if you want to work. I love Houston even though it is hot and humid in the summer. I’m now retired and live in the best of both worlds.I live outside the city in the country, but town is only 4 miles away. Houston is a sprawling city and where I live is close to what used to be a small town that Houston has now surrounded. We have all the good stores and lots of good restaurants here and also a very good school system that remains conservative and still allows God in their schools. As a former teacher, I am so impressed with this school system. It serves the gifted and talented kids in a TRUE G/T program with lots of project based classes. We are a very friendly state, unlike California. We speak to each other on the street and help each other when someone is in need. I have considered moving in with my brother because they have legal marijuana and I have an auto-immune illness and have a lot of pain with it and no pain meds. I’m sure I won’t ever leave Texas and hope they pass the medical marijuana bill that is currently in the process of voting on it, however, it may not pass since we are such a conservative state. That’s ok, I’d rather live in a conservative state with a good economy and there are beautiful landscapes throughout Texas. People from California can’t believe how cheap our housing is here. I guess it’s a matter of taking the good with the bad and when I list the positives and negatives of living here, the positive list is a lot longer than the negative one. We welcome conservatives and patriots and really don’t want a bunch of liberals here. We have enough of their lunacy already. This is my opinion and I wish you luck in finding the perfect place for you!

        • Most of Texas is nice 3catmama. I live in S Texas and I love it. Close to the beach and weather has been great.

        • Noooo Texas is an awful state full of conservative Republicans…crazy Christians every where …. All deserts no water …. no minimum wage jobs… If you are a Democrat trust me you will hate it…stay away … far awayyyyyy

          • LOL…LOL. That’s the way I feel about Arizona. I never invite people to come here…crowded freeways, hellish summers, no free parking downtown, long lines at the theaters. I’d move away, but then where could I go? Not Tucson…all the streets in downtown Tucson are one-way…very confusing. You wouldn’t like it…too many Republicans. Best to stay away…far awayyyyyyyyyy

          • A Conservative Republican doesn’t believe in Murdering the Unborn. and the Baby Killing Liberals ”hate” them because of it.


        Think Slick Willie, NAFTA< Bill Shredding Regulations for Banking, and NOW, We find out that Bill and Hitlery were getting Money off the top. TREASON ! ! ! ! !

    • Baltimore neighborhoods use to be nice until the Politically Correct Social Engineers got a hold of them… DEATH TO THE LEFT !!!

    • Proven fact. I saw them turn a town on the outskirts of Vallejo, CA. into the GHETTO in a matter of months. Why/? No white input or should I say, no non-black input. They make a mistake when they call it a black and white problem. It’s a black and NON-black PROBLEM. PERIOD.

    • Riots and shootings every night and we will become the “hell hole” that Ann Coulter talks about in her book. Just how does Obama think he can accomplish this? Will local councils go along? This is Orwellian and Hitler-lite.

    • I and many other Black American probably make more than you, but cannot purchase homes in some areas in the UNITED STATES of AMERICA. Banks working with some WHITE Neighborhood Association prevent Black Americans from purchasing a house in a NICER neighborhood. Sadly, I LIVE IN A NICE a 97% white nice neighborhood and it is some of the WHITES that I had to call Code Enforcement because the grass wasn’t cut or standing water in a tub, and other home deteriorating issues. Developers, convince city councils to tear down old lower priced homes and build more expensive homes. Many cities (such as in Wash.,DC) torn down project homes and turn them in condominiums. Improve the schools in low income areas for both Black & Whites, and allow them to attend state colleges or Trade Schools free and Tax Payers will not have to take care of most of them with state benefits.

      • I have black folks living in my neighborhood, and they’re great. I know lots of black people who I would love to be neighbors with. However, we’re not really talking about “black” folks. We’re talking about low-income folks who live on welfare-not disabled, but either pretending to be disabled or just plain lazy. I have relatives on welfare who I wouldn’t want to live in the same town much less in the same neighborhood as me. It’s more about attitude-not race. I don’t know anything about white POA’s opposing blacks or other races, but I suppose that could be true. I don’t care about anyone’s race, as long as they’re respectful with their and others’ properties.

        • From you comment I would not want to live near you and I am blessed financially and have a nice home and vehicles paid for. The fact that the first thing that you and other Whites come out your mouths, is Blacks on welfare. There are more Whites on welfare and receiving benefits than Black. Now if white America would give Black Americans access to the same quality schools we would only be fraction of welfare, and if you give educated Blacks the same opportunities as you Whites have getting a job, there will be few in jail. If Blacks can’t beg or borrow, they have to steal. Blacks soldiers come home from fighting your wars and have a hard time get a job, many are homeless. Stop being stupid and a bigot. I want you to Google who the USA give to in Foreign Aid and also, subsidies. Check the list of welfare recipients by race. Also check on the what schools are STILL segregated and neighborhoods still in the USA that middle income blacks are NOT welcome in. And it is not just in the South, mainly in the North. Blacks are still fighting for their Voting Rights, while your white women receive their rights to vote and that was the end of it, Black are still fighting for their voting rights.

          • You need to read. I specifically wrote that it has nothing to do with “blacks”. I don’t care how much money you have-do you continue to bring that up because you think it’s some trophy? Don’t care about what you’ve paid off or any other assets. The same qualify schools? Do you mean that public schools that I attended right along with blacks? Those schools? You need to learn how to read, and stop being a Sharpton eunuch. False allegations won’t get you anywhere.

          • I stand by what I have written. The mere fact you mention Blacks on welfare as the one you do not like, like me know that you are a white bigot. It is the most common thing that Whites will mention about Black Americans. I just saw on MSNBC that there are over 19 MILLION poor Whites in the US. I wonder how many of them are on welfare, and not disable. And also you mention Sharpton who is nothing more than another American Black citizens, Malcolm X was one of my Leaders. I’m 70 yo, and I have experienced segregation and racism even in a US Navy Uniform, in segregated school, restaurants, businesses, and as a BLACK Police Officer. NO, I would not want you living in MY neighborhood. You are one of the many Whites that participate in the most segregated hours on Sunday, the church.

            As-Salāmu `Alaykum (السلام عليكم and God bless

          • Your allegation that I mentioned “blacks on welfare” is a big fat lie. I don’t care what race you are-a liar is a liar. I think the problem you have here is that you are a racist making false claims against me. I’m not a bigot, but you’re not satisfied with that, so resort to false claims. With all due respect, I’ve been discriminated against by blacks, and by others as a woman. Everyone has experienced discrimination…EVERYONE. And, yes, Sharpton is a liar and thief, and he only keeps the racial nonsense stirring to line his own pockets. You aren’t required to live in my neighborhood, so no problems there. You lie.

  5. Oh yeah… they did that in a very nice large subdivision in the big city near me. They went in & built small, low cost houses, lots of them. It’s going down faster than an F16 out of gas.

  6. People are what they are. You can make me change my shirt but I am still me. That is rue of anyone. The cost of property in higher end neighborhoods is also much more expensive, Also, Nicely done modern apartment complexes also deteriorate into a slum rather abruptly. Some nice areas of homes outside of cities end up with junk cars and other junk items strewn about. They are an eyesore. So this theory does not work. It never will. How does that old saying go……….you can put perfume on a pig but you still have a pig. You can make me put on different clothes but I am still the same person.

  7. —-Oh goodie……we can build economy housing next door to Obama’s house in Chicago! Move a bunch of third world illegals in next door to him!

  8. Empty Suit is determined to weaken and ultimately destroy any vestiges of state, county and local rights, autonomy and or decision making. He is the most racist president ever, including KKK supporter Woodrow Wilson, to ever occupy the White House. And, he had the audacity to say race relations have improved since he took office.

    I wonder…does this insidious intrusion include the posh neighborhood where his dinning buddy Zuckerman lives? Zuckerman recently purchased several surrounding mansions in said posh neighborhood “for more privacy?” Do you think HUD will insist on in-fill housing construction within Zuckerman’s kingdom? Within Zuckerman’s eye view?

  9. This crap will never work, because property values will drop severely, and the folks who have a large part of their life ,and money tied up in their property will not allow this idiotic idea to take place. These folks in our present so-called administration are plumb dumb. A families Net Worth will Plummet….. Bad Idea…..

    • It’s another Democratic Party stealth attack on the middle-class. Typical. They say one thing, such as Hillary, about “wanting to be the champion for the middle-class”, while at the same time doing everything to undermine the middle-class arrogantly through deception, lies and demonizing them, basically calling us closet racists.

      • I don’t disagree with your statements.. I don’t vote for those who want the middle class folks to be on the same level with those who live off of us as tax payers. Just remember all of the folks who run for office depend on the so-called disadvantaged..But we know that life is full of situations where everyone has to use coping skills. Some never use coping skills…..

      • Anyone with an iota of cognizance can see through the fog that the lieing democrats ooze.. I don’t believe anything that most of them say.. And Hillary isn’t fit to fill any post that any part of gov. has ….. Her statement of what does it really matter now, concerning the ambassadore of Lybia, and those who died fighting for him really sucked…..

    • Kindly refrain from calling them “dumb”. They are “dangerous”. In their thinking, their laws, and their actions.

  10. First of all, there is no housing discrimination, much to the race baiters’ dismay. Everyone can live anywhere they want to live. Not everyone can afford to live in the more affluent areas, but that is a matter of income, not a matter of race. All this race baiting is simply a ploy to promote disunity among the people.

  11. This is Race baiting since he has been in office there has been more racist problems than ever we had come along way worry and isis not the streets where we live he doesn’t want his white side showing,, get rid of him if he has a white side I still think he was born in Kenya or some other planet

  12. Socialism/communism at its best. We are to be told what to do, how to live and where to work, what to eat because we don’t know any better. Yes we do; they don’t because they foul up everything they handle.

  13. the race card, his only legacy in 7 years of corruption, is just a convenient tool, and the real objective far more sisnister than this blatant attack on personal freedom and property rights… it is the onset, the first toes in door move to the fascist “agenda 21”, another ‘one world government’ agenda which will get far worse, with even more restrictive fascist takeovers… if you are not familiar with “agenda 21” you would be well served to at least become aware of its existence, its objective and its horrendous attack on our freedom and sovereignty… as always, der fuehrer is leading the way to our total surrender to un control… this is just the vanguard effort, and if we don’t shut it down completely, with prejudice, it will dictate your grandchildren’s’ existence…

  14. and once again kenyan boyo shows his commie colors…wants the USA to look like his butty buddy’s zimbabwe…mugga boo boo took the “bread basket” of africa changed the name from Rhodesia to zimcrackerhole and then began destroying the countries economy and killing any honkies that did not escape..

  15. All right, if he’s going to force the upscale neighborhoods to take in the “poor,” then how about forcing the black neighborhoods to allow whites, Hispanics, Asians and others into THEIR neighborhoods! Everyone knows it will be the blacks who demand the move into the up-scale neighborhoods, so, they should suffer like the rest of us with FORCED integration!

    • Whites don’t want to live in the black and Hispanic neighborhoods. Those neighborhoods are violent, drug and gang infested ghettos and barrios.

  16. They should buy a bunch of guns!! Use the Castle law when applicable,! Arm teen daughters with pepper spray & hope to god your kids stay out of thr drugs that follow these low income housing units. Not all blacks are bad look at Dr Carson he is shat they should strive to be & not only blacks but low income whites too. Dr Carson should be POTUS & not that racial asswipe in office now!! Mooch- hell is pulling his strings!!

  17. Marilynn Reeves

    Just more BullS—

  18. carter’s legacy ? he’s a failed, totally spineless, pseudo intellectual shill…
    der fuehrer’s legacy ? he’s a failed, totally spineless, pseudo intellectual, racist muslim shill


  20. Tell the Feds to keep their grants — grants that have created ghettos and destroyed quality education. Obama is a dictator and has no right to demand low income housing be placed in the middle of housing where people have worked and paid their own way. And then he wants to take our guns — is this the hope and change he is pursuing. One more disaster in this.

  21. When i was young and trying to be better off than i was doing ,i wanted to get a nicer house in a nicer area and make a better life for my family. This made me try harder in making more money and the “drive” to do better really helped our progress and we did improve our life style. Everything i have read about this article is not about working for a better life but just the opposite==you can live in a housing project in a nice area and you don’t even have to work. And one other thing. Term limits for elected officials & term limits as to how long you can be on government housing benefits. Why would you want to get up every morning and go to work when you can get free housing ,, free food cards,,And government checks every month for YEARS and even complain it’s not enough. No common sense

  22. marco a. poshar

    what ever this guy does , turns into CRAP !!!!!

  23. Put one in Hypocrite Clinton’s back yard first, then next to Soros and the other leftist whiners who want to destroy everyone else’s rights while living like kings.

    When there is low cost/low class housing on the Clinton estate I’ll consider it.

  24. The problem with Obama’s thinking is the fact that he isn’t thinking. We are not back in 1950. Gated communities keep out everyone of every race if you can’t afford to live there. As an old military brat, every off base housing I have ever lived in has been pretty well integrated. As far as the finding or building affordable housing for low income, that was the brain child of Jimmy Carter and his Habitat for Humanity. It seems that not only is Obama a liar and the worst President since Carter, he is also a plagiarist of a fellow Democrat’s idea.

  25. Let’s be real he can try but it isn’t going to fly. Not Constitutional ,and certainly not by public opinion either. Their is no such Constitutional power to force integration on privet thoughts or places of residency. This is not a public acommedations issue. He had neither the Authority or means by which to enforce such ludicrous crap.

    • But the UN does, as we’ve already been taken over.

      • Hey give up that’s sense of inevitability. That’s futile . Are you still breathing like so many others they’ll have to kill each and every single one of us. That my dear sister is impossible and evermore improbable.

  26. If this passes, there’s gonna be a lot of unhappy people. When a neighborhood is “blockbusted”, a term used by our enemies, non-whites, and now non-Americans, are put in mostly white neighborhoods, causing “white flight”. This strategy has been used to great success, especially from the mid-60’s until the 90’s. A whole lot of slums have been created doing this. Now, as the gov’t. starts a new round of this crap, there’s no place left for anybody to run to. Civilized people are gonna have to stand and fight.

    • Many have already left, and still more continue to flee out of the US because of the fear of what Obama and his handlers are doing to America. There are designated land areas for new communities being built that have been bought in different countries and remote parts of the world where white people can escape from what is ahead who have some money or sold all their worldly belongings to get out of the US now.

  27. The federal government should keep their nose out of local business….particularly their socialistic ideology! We don’t want it or need it.

  28. Not in my back yard! Obama should move them all into the White House and pay for them out of his paycheck. If they truly want to live in communities with big houses and rich folks they just have to make their own money honestly and buy the homes as they become available. If these folks have the credit worthiness, careers and money they can live wherever they want. If they have criminal records, poor credit, no jobs and no money we do not want them anywhere near our families! It is a lifestyle choice that apparently they made and that is to live in crime and poverty. This is not the fault of those who work hard at making their own way. Don’t punish the successful to make up for those who just don’t give a crap! It has nothing to do with race – there are far more poor criminal white folks than there are poor criminal black folks. In America ANYONE can be a success and it matters not one bit what your color is. It matters only what your drive and character are.

  29. If Obamacare doesn’t cause riots come June 17 in the protests, then HUD low income housing certainly will! Renters DON’T TAKE CARE OF PROPERTY, THEY VANDAIZE IT. WE HAD TO SELL OUR RENTALS DUE TO VANDALISM, while TENANTS SKIPPED TOWN, without OUT PAYING DAMAGE. Thank God our neighborhood is full, so nothing more can be built here, on my street!

  30. What do you expect from a Racist ? And make no mistake it is Obama I’m talking about ……

  31. I believe it is to foster an “entitlement” ethos in those who don’t have
    a “work” ethos to rely on. It is a class warfare tactic, between the
    ‘I want it and I’ll work to get that’ and the ‘if he’s got it, I should have it also.’

    I DO however agree that “decades of public policy have actually prevented people from living
    where they want.” I recall when we had an exciting economy, instead of our current over-regulated stagnant economy preventing people from living where they want.

  32. Ken Dometriosis .

    Great! Now EVERY city and podunk county town can have a few sub-humans shufflin’ down the street, blasting ghetto Crap music and rapin’ all the country chicks now!
    On the OTHER hand, out here in the country, we don’t cotton to the darkies dating our women and we all own guns and perhaps when some buck gets too friendly, we’ll just shoot his ‘muh dik’ off.
    Seriously though, this IS the JEWISH plan for racial integration and race-mixing! You MUST remember: Barry aka Obama, is JEWISH BY BIRTH! Islam is only his religion at face value! He works for the JEWS! THEY elected him and he HAS to do what they want!
    I hope for a nation-wide race riot every day so we whites can just lock-n-load and start shooting every swingin’ black muh dik we see and take our country BACK from those ingrate, sub-human, socio-parasites and their filthy jew masters!

  33. Roy Clingenpeel

    Take away the gated community in which Obama lives and move several ghetto houses in around the white house Remove all the secret service within an out side the white house and give the DC community unlimited access to him and his family. If he wants to be anti racist he need to start at home.

  34. I’m sure that this will extend to his, Hillary’s and the rest of the Politburo’s gated communities right? If not then REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION! It is past time for letting this new Hitler dictate as he pleases! r=============?

  35. Eliminating segregation is an attitude, not a military operation. Sending rebel rouses like Sharpton, and Holden into troubled areas only helps to fuels the fire of hate; and watching people looting neighborhood stores and throwing bricks at the police, on nationally TV sends a clear signal for people to stay away from places like Baltimore, and Ferguson. Obama and his goons have conjured up more hate and dissension in the past 6 years than any president in history. The only way he can help this country survive his inability to govern, is to retire.

  36. If Obama cares so much about black homeownership he should start by removing the democrat-approved state medicaid liens levied on homeowners aged 55 to 64 who end up in medicaid because they don’t earn enough to qualify for obamacare subsidies. Very Puzzling…

  37. It sounds like it could lead to forced gentrification, too, something of growing concern to lower income areas who do not benefit as much as one might think from their neighborhoods turning upscale.

    • I think I heard a little about this. Is this where some stores like Whole Foods and other higher cost stores move into low income areas where these people can’t afford to shop, and since this is the closest shopping they have, they are in a way forced to shop there anyway?

      • It is the uplifting by wealthier people of deteriorated neighborhoods by buying up the houses and renovating them, which actually displaces low income families that may have lived there for decades. They cannot afford to shop there anymore, or pay the higher taxes and costs that come with living in higher income neighborhoods, so they are forced to move to lower income areas. Not sure I am explaining it completely, but google gentrification and read about it because it is a very big issue for lower income people who desperately want to remain in their own neighborhoods but cannot.

  38. Isnt RACISM , a CRIME in This Country ??? But then again , So is FRAUD and TREASON . And hes got away with That for 7 Years

  39. I can’t wait for this to start happening, I can imagine the reaction of people that live in multi Million dollar mansions to have the low life’s moving into their neighborhoods, talk about out rage I know I would be outraged if some of those ghetto rats started living in the “hood”. Oh yeah the first time they get their panties n a bunch

  40. My neighborhood is not segregated in any way. Anyone who can afford a house in my neighborhood and wants to live here does. If you try to “implant” people in a neighborhood in another failed social engineering experiment, it will fail just like all of the past experiments the left has attempted and it won’t be the fault of the people who originally resided there.
    It has been proven that the “white flight” of the 60’s was caused by the left and promoted by realtors wishing to enrich their own bank accounts. But let me be clear, the cause of it was the left wanting to move minorities.

    • This sounds about as similar as some places that are pushing the homeless out of the cities and out into the suburban neighborhoods and rural areas.

  41. People try to establish peace and security for themselves and loved ones. Basic instinct like food and shelter. It is unfortunate that so many Blacks are hard to live with and are violent. That is the cause of segregation. All good people, including law abiding Blacks, do not want to live with criminals and those who threaten them. I suspect the government administrators who try to force this down our throats,and their families, live in nice safe areas. If one really wants to end segregation based on security, then address the crime rate among blacks.

  42. Alleged Comment

    What the negro sodomite is saying is “I’m quite sure you don’t mind Tyrone (the neighborhood crack dealer) living next to your million-dollar mansion you live in with your lily-white sons and daughters.”

    • Remember when he spoke about his white grandma and made fun of her because she was afraid of ever walking alone in some dark alley where a black man might attack her? I guess he wants to punish the white people for that too.

  43. This is “forced regulation” with the usual Obama ulterior motives – destroy what works, wreck havoc, and put all on one level. Anyone wanting to trade up to a more affluent neighborhood needs to earn it!!! Period, reversed racist Barry.

  44. Michael Dennewitz

    Well, there goes the HNIC, at it again. First, he and Soros PAY people to riot, thus causing more and more “racial wars,” and now he’s going to try a different tactic – shove it down people’s throats and hope THAT causes some racial wars! Little halfbreed commie just doesn’t give up, eh??

  45. If they want to build HUD housing in better areas of the city, property values WILL go down drastically. There goes the neighborhood.

  46. Heaven help us. OBAMA, IS THE ADOLPH HITLER REINCARNATED! THE THIRD REICH! When are “we the people” going to do something to stop this maniac, control freak of a President. He makes President Putin look like a green horn! sTALIN as well. He is trying to force feed good people that worked hard, paid their taxes to be controlled by government. People, voters, have to wise up and stand their ground and do something to stop this crazed dictator President. I don’t care who moves on my block (Blacks, Mexicans, Muslims, Indians, Asians) as long as they worked as hard as I did by working my fingers to the bone and earned and afford the money to buy a home in a lovely, safe neighborhood.

  47. Obama to his comrade’s want to stop segregation? Isn’t this the same idiot that in the past 6 years divided the race’s in our country. Along with dividing everybody, every industry all type people’s, boy if the Communist are as stupid as us they will do it. Amazing.

  48. Blacks want segregation when they want it… and the rest of the time, not. They enjoy having places and events aimed for only blacks… but, Whitey dare not do that. To do so would be “racist.” smh

    • Maybe its time Whites start going to their all Black AME churches.
      They have been welcome into our churches, but I see no invites from them in theirs.

  49. Start in the hollywood hill build several section 8 housing complexes in all their neighborhoods. Let the practice what the preach to the rest of the world.

  50. The social tinkering by Obama is nothing more than a grab for votes. When he builds these homes next door to his Hollywood buddies I will believe he is sincere. I can just see a HUD home near a 40,000,000.00 mansion owned by one of his buddies. Ain’t gonna happen. How about next door to the White house, maybe a welfare case or two, C’mon Obama get real. You want to integrate the poor folks next to the almost poor folks. You really don’t have a clue about society Obviously you don’t or can’t remember the vertical slums built in Chicago some years ago. Look how well that worked out. It’s real simple Barack, People evolve into a better home and neighborhood, you can’t decree, with a magic wand0, something that takes generations to accomplish. Another unrealistic liberal idea that will bring more misery than it will abolish. This is an attempt at trying to make birds of a different feather, flock together or did you miss that one on your way up through the Ghetto, Obama.

  51. Yes! I definitely had Obama’s number from the day he started campaigning for President! Sadly, other’s didn’t when they voted in 2008 and 2012! We shouldn’t be too hard on Obama. He won’t complain “The devil made him do it.” WHEN HE CAN BLAME GEORGE W. BUSH FOR HIS COUNTLESS FAILURES. 🙂 🙂 Sadly, his flock of sheep believed him. But we all know that sheep don’t have the brains to think for themselves and need the herder with his staff (veto power, executive power, the mighty pen) to show them the way!!

  52. I think every hypocritical Hollywood actor/actress/director/producer should give one of their houses to Urban Development as this is a leftist initiative and probably 80% of Hollywood are leftists.

  53. Michael Dennewitz

    That little halfbreed is milking it for everything he can, just so that his ultimate plan for a racial war comes to fruit! He’ll do anything to divert attention while he puts his “one world leader” scheme into effect. Where the hell is congress?? Oh, they’re out to lunch, and while they’re lunching, they’re checking their account balances on their laptops!!

  54. I wonder what would happen if someone turned pigs loose on the floor of the Presiden’ts private quarters? 🙂

  55. The only restriction for buying a home in any neighborhood in the U. S., is income. You can’t force communities to end a segregation that doesn’t exist. It doesn’t matter whether your white, black, green, yellow or red, if you have the necessary income you can buy a home in any community. This is just another attempt by the president to cause division and hate between the races. He’s a sick man and should be removed from office.

  56. I wish he would stick his finger in a light socket.

  57. Mark N Starla Traina

    NAAWP calls “BULL$HYT”: Obama to Force Communities to End “Segregation”!

    NAAWP COMMENT: During that next 18-months PRESIDENT OBAMA thinks that he can re-create AMERICA, which is HILARIOUS since he has done nothing but LIE to U.S. for the past 6.5-years!

    If the Department of Housing and Urban
    Development is allowed to implement a new regulation, the federal government
    could have unprecedented power over local zoning laws. At issue is the
    Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing regulation, which aims to force
    municipalities to take drastic action to make sure American communities are
    properly integrated according to race. Critics say it’s a last-ditch,
    overriding effort to create an “unrealistic utopia.” Using the carrot of grant
    money, the regulation would “encourage” communities to build HUD housing in
    more expensive areas, upgrade transportation and schools in low-income
    neighborhoods, and “break down barriers to access to opportunity in communities
    supported by HUD funds.” Not surprisingly, conservatives are wary. Rep. Paul
    Gosar of Arizona said the Obama administration “shouldn’t be holding hostage
    grant monies aimed at community improvement based on its unrealistic utopian
    ideas of what every community should resemble.” He argued that American
    citizens deserved to retain the right to choose where they wanted to live.
    Proponents of the rule say that the plan is needed to give better opportunities
    to people in poverty. Debby Goldberg of the National Fair Housing Alliance said
    it addressed our “history of putting affordable housing in poor communities.”

    See more at: https://patriotnewsdaily.com/obama-to-force-communities-to-end-segregation/#sthash.Aw0CWx2h.dpuf



  58. Tom Buyea -- Fla.News service

    Obama wants to move the crack dealers into our communities !

  59. There IS NO segregation problem. The only reason that there is “apparent segregation” is because minorities and illegal aliens CHOOSE not to settle in Mid-Western states and in the suburbs because the Welfare benefits are not as great in those areas. Also most don’t have cars and need to be near convenience stores.

    I find it childish and ridiculous to purposely plant illegals in North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Idaho, Maine and areas that are totally foreign to them and not condusive to their best interests.

  60. Tom Buyea -- Fla.News service

    African Americans in Africa lived what sociologists called a Hunter Gatherer life style, Which refereed to hunting animals and gathering berries etc.
    Now that they are here they hunt us and gather our possessions !! Through crime or continued supposed discrimination cases and getting more and more of our tax dollars in special benefits that we Whites are Not allowed to get if we need them like jobs under affirmative action racial employment gov. regulations now in force for 49 Years !!

  61. Tom Buyea -- Fla.News service

    Impeach Obama and charge him (if he is a him ?) with Treason and War Crimes !

  62. How about building the first one next door to the Obama’s post presidency residence?

  63. Send all the blacks to Africa and make America a better place to live.

  64. Utter crap. Does no one earn anything anymore? I live in a 50 year old cracker box house because that’s what I can afford. I have no bitterness about it, but am grateful for it. I don’t need some government forcing other towns to build special housing for me. And by the way, yes, Irish is a minority.

  65. I’m all for it as long as long as the relocation of ghetto folks were mandated next to Beverly Hills homes. Watch the libs squirm like worms on a fish hook.

  66. What an assclown this President is, and he’s surrounded himself with equally incompetent “advisors.” We will not know for several decades how much damage this idiot has caused our nation. It is a shame that the “first Black” POTUS was so destructive. So many other Black Americans, people who actually GET IT, could have filled the role so much better. This is what happens when you let too many Liberal Progressives into the “kitchen.” There is no connection between policies/initiatives and REALITY.

  67. When this happens, all those who voted for the idiot we have in the WH, should prepare to have the loud music,
    gangs, graffiti all over and junky cars double parked on the street, burnt grass on the lawns. as well as loud unkempt disrespectful overbearing children all over your neighborhood. Our Chief Executive should worry about
    the huge problems in Iraq, Libya, Yemen and especially Iran, those problems which represent a real threat to America, not forgetting the big Bear represented by Putin. I believe that Obama has been able to get away with
    so many things, such as being one of the weakest leaders, one who has lost the respect of even some of the
    most loyal allied, .His mind change on issues such as “marriage between a man and a woman”, the basis for
    the family and pro-creation, his disdain for Israel, a tiny country fighting for its survival, His many promises which
    he has not fulfilled, his treatment of Gitmo, his selection of one of the most hated Attorney General named
    Eric Holder, his shoving Obama Care on the throats of all Americans, simply to include all Blacks and other
    minorities to be able to have subsidized insurance for medical care. Remember that most of those people
    within that group, account for 49-50% of those who pay no taxes and get free money from the Fed. His passing thousands of regulations which damage the operation of small and large businesses in America, his diminishing
    and reducing the Armed forces at a time when we face more dangers than ever, His firing or ordering the
    retirement of a large number of senior officers which disagreed with him, his disrespect for his generals, when he
    did not follow their recommendation for more troops, etc, etc. All of this simply because he is a Black man who
    gets away with doing what he wants because of his skin color. I hope that this forced integration of blacks and
    other poor into wealthier living communities will be his undoing, as I believe he will face the ire of all Americans
    who work like hell for progress and welfare for their families simply to have same destroyed by such a racialy
    forced move. Obama is responsible for what is happening in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, when he decided to
    withdraw all the troops. Sending 450 troops to Iraq to train their soldiers with no combat participation is one of
    most stupid ideas I have ever seen. He is sending our soldiers into combat areas with their hands tied.
    Soldiers train to fight. We have been training the troops of foreign countries for years and very little progress
    is shown as yet. Indeed, Obama is without a doubt the worst President we have ever had. Even Carter is
    surpassed by him. May the almighty help us all. This plainly the case of: “Stupid is as stupid does”

  68. All he thinks of doing is some of the most stupid things he can think of. Maybe he needs to play more golf and stay out of the White House. In fact, why don’t we force him out of our White House.

  69. American people are stupid and cowards just like Gruber and Holder stated. We will wait until it is to late to retake our country.

  70. Disband HUD, they have pissed away trillions since it’s inception. Lets build all of this crap around Princeton, Yale, Harvard to start see what the liberal bastions say when their crime rate skyrockets…

  71. Do you see any white POOR people in affluent neighborhoods? No, and it has nothing to do with color, it has to do with how much you can afford. If you want to collect welfare, you can expect to live in a neighborhood that reflects that, white, black, Asian, etc. When you start putting low income housing in a neighborhood, within 5 years, the neighborhood will be called dangerous. Happened in our state, will happen in any state.

  72. Durring obama’s 08 campaign all we heard was “it’s not about race”. It has been nothing but the opposite from day one. He wants nothing better than to cause enough hate and violence between Whites,Blacks, and now Hispanics so he can declare the need for total control, (Martial Law). The only way he can do this is to keep us divided because as we all know while we are together he is powerless. This has not been working fast enough for his plan so do not be surprised to hear he and his wife are behind this sudden lgbt crap. He is using the liberal camp has much as he can to further his corrupt agenda.

  73. TeaParty Patriot

    This is another one of the 0webombs jobs creations programs.
    The 0webomb expressed this goal several years ago. Originally The object was to make living in the burbs so inconvenient with poor roads and unreliable public transportation and expensive with high gas prices that the wage earners and middle class move back to the cities and then he disarms them. That concentrates those with assets and also concentrates the victims for the 0webomb chillins and thugs that live in the inner cities,. . . . viola WALDO aka the 0webomb has created jobs for the inner city thugs. But that did not work the resistance was too strong against moving back to the cities. Now the 0webomb is gonna move the thugs out to the peaceful suburbs by creating section 8 subsidized housing ie thug families interlaced into peaceful communities ,
    I wonder if these new jobs will improve the 0webombs BLS jobs created.or will he have to falsified the data in this also.

  74. Obama knows so little about this Country except for his Hatred. It is a known ”fact” if you want something and are an honest person then you work for it and that includes Education as well.

  75. This is clearly just another attempt at fostering bad feelings between the races. Till he is gone he will keep doing everything in his power to cause/ increase racial tensions. He can not control a country that is united and that is exactly his intention,to control this country by force if needed and it will be needed.

  76. TeaParty Patriot

    This is another one of the 0webombs jobs creations programs.
    The 0webomb expressed this goal several years ago. Originally The object was to make living in the burbs so inconvenient with poor roads and unreliable public transportation and expensive with high gas prices that the wage earners and middle class move back to the cities and then he disarms them. That concentrates those with assets and also concentrates the victims for the 0webomb chillins and thugs that live in the inner cities,. . . . viola WALDO aka the 0webomb has created jobs for the inner city thugs. But that did not work the resistance was too strong against moving back to the cities. Now the owebomb is gonna move the thugs out to the peaceful suburbs by creating section 8 subsidized housing ie thug families interlaced into peaceful communities , I wonder if these new jobs will improve the owebombs BLS jobs created.or will he have to falsified the data in this also.

  77. He thinks he is like JC and can part the sea….when he has turned what was a lake in to a worldwide sea. BHO created all of this hate and now there is no turning back for the trust and friendships destroyed.

  78. Clearly, STUPOPIA at work… let us be FREE to chose…. LIBERTY and FREEDOM for all!! Tell them to earn their way to a better neighborhood, Oblamer!

  79. More social engineering by the leftist blood suckers. Bussing didn’t work, “magnet schools” didn’t work, affirmative action and dumbing down of tests and curriculums doesn’t. and this will fail too, like all of the rest of the rainbows and unicorn programs. Liberals….they is am funny!

  80. you bunch of dummies ,communities are broke up by income, people who worship GOD ALMIGHT know that HE looked at his creation and said it is GOOD< besides if a group of people decide to live in a group of its own there is nothing wrong people lived in tribes most of the past, beside prez are your children not in a private school, did you not attend a private school, why do you and others like you, you so called elite are a bunch of liars that came from the same place all of us did, we just are not eat up with a little power, the day is coming when we throw the dummies out so why not leave us alone and we will your elite group

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