Obama Still Determined to Close Gitmo

Heading into his final year, President Obama may try to finally make good on one of his earliest campaign promises by shutting down the military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. According to White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough, congressional opposition is of no concern.

“He’s going to work with Congress, present them with a plan to close (the prison), and then he’ll make some final determinations,” McDonough said on Fox News Sunday. “But let me be clear, the president has said from the beginning of this administration that we will close Gitmo because it’s bad for our national security and because it’s too costly — $4 million per year per detainee in that facility. That’s a travesty.”

Right, Obama has always shown deep concern for wasting money. Are we really supposed to buy this?

The idea that Gitmo is a potent recruiting tool for ISIS is equally ridiculous. But that’s apparently the administration’s new favorite tactic. In their bizarro world, the harder we fight terrorism, the more terrorists we create. President Obama’s philosophy seems to be something he picked up in elementary school: Ignore them, and they’ll leave us alone. Don’t draw pictures of Mohammad, don’t say “Islamic terrorism,” don’t block Muslim refugees, and everything will be just fine.

If that argument is valid, can someone explain where the World Trade Center went?

The men imprisoned at Gitmo aren’t bank robbers. They are dangerous prisoners of a war that is still very much ongoing. They are killers, driven by a single-minded mission to serve a bloodthirsty god. Release them, and they go straight back to the battlefield. Move them to the United States, and you give them the ability to spread their poisonous message beyond the walls of their cell. Can Obama please explain how either of these scenarios leads to better national security?

No, he can’t. And he won’t. Congress will reject his new plan to close the prison, as he already knows. As he’s made very evident, though, he believes himself above the petty confines of the Constitution. When previous administrations found themselves stymied by Congress, they either accepted political defeat or found ways to strike compromise. Obama just picks up his pen and declares an executive order. Game, set, match. Being president is easy when you can just do whatever you want!

Obama’s zealous determination to close this prison has nothing to do with national security, and it sure as hell doesn’t have anything to do with federal spending. 2016 is the year he’s going to tie up loose ends so historians can’t say, “He failed to get this done.”

Well, some things are better left alone.

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  1. I can’t think of anyone more deserving to be inside Gitmo than 0bama. Except maybe Hillary.

    Now I understand why he wants to close it.

  2. And we are still determined to Impeach 0bama for dereliction of duty.

  3. This last year is going to be a battle zone. Everyone needs to be ready to blast congress with demands. The fools will cave as usual unless we tweak their butts at every waffle.

    • It appears congress is impotent when dealing with the WH ego. Why can’t he be removed?

      • Or at least BLOCKED in his efforts to “fundamentally destroy our country.”
        I suggest that any future candidate for office undergo the same test as Olympic athletes to determine their true gender.

  4. Virginia Hornibrook

    He’s getting ready for himself and the Clinton’s but that’s to good for them they need to be in one of the worst prison in the united States Obama wants to close Gitmo because it his relatives that r in there they r all Muslim and that Obama is that’s why he wants to let them out he doesn’t care if they come back and kill us he’ll b In Kenya where he and his crook family belong go home u milling sob

  5. The reasons for closing Gitmo are all good ones. First is the reason that Gitmo came to be used for housing accused terrorists in the first place. Bush/Cheney wanted a place that they could control completely what went on there, away from prying eyes, like that pesky institution called the press. They knew from the start that they (Bush/Cheney) were not going to abide by the prison rules of the Geneva Convention. They were going to use torture, they were going to hide people away like the Soviets did with political prisoners under Stalin. They just wanted to make people disappear. Bush/Cheney made the decision that this was not a regular war, but a different war. This one was going to abide by new rules – their rules, and an attitude that anything goes.

    All wars start with an act that is like an act of terrorism. The circumstances are different, but the results are the same. Look at Pearl Harbor. Thousands of people, military and non-military died there in a totally unprovoked attack. In World War 1, the United States was brought into the war by the sinking of the Lusitania by a German submarine. It was a civilian ship, loaded with passengers and 159 were Americans. In the minds of most, this would be considered a “terrorist attack” on the part of the Germans.

    There are a couple of reasons that Bush/Cheney decided this was a different kind of war that did not require adherence to the Geneva Convention. First is that it was not carried out by a recognized army of a recognized nation. Second, and most important, this was played out for hours and hours on national televisions for all the people to see. During those early stages, Bush/Cheney had a blank sheet of paper to do anything they wanted. This was the first time, ever, that the ugliness and horror of war played out in real time in the living rooms across the world. The American public was so outraged, so horrified as they watched people jump to their deaths, to escape the flames, the administration could have nuked Iraq or Afghanistan if they wanted to and they could have sold that to the American people. Thankfully that did not happen.

    The plan for Gitmo was that it was not on “American Soil” and it was away from prying eyes. It became a home for what Bush/Cheney saw as sub-human people, who were not subject to any treaties and prisoner-of-war rules. They were not members of a national, government army, so there were no rules. When the American people and the world found out what was going on there, they called Bush/Cheney out on what was going on, but Bush/Cheney countered that they were “enemy combatants” not military prisoners. They also said that since they were not housed on “American Soil” the justice department had no jurisdiction and since they were not members of a recognized army, the military had no jurisdiction either.

    This has been a tricky thorn in the side of America’s place on the world stage ever since. Obama takes the view, as a lawyer and President, that this was an illegal act. Yes the World Trade Center attacks as well as the Pentagon attack and the fourth aircraft that did not make it to its target were horrific. To watch all those thousands of people die will never be forgotten, but Obama wants to get this questionable legality of Gitmo, water-boarding, sleep deprivation and other forms of torture behind us, out of the world’s consciousness so we, and the world, can move on.

    There are plenty of things that need our attention. Getting rid of this allows that without this cloud. As long as there is Gitmo, the terrorists can point to it and say we don’t play by the rules and have some small credibility to certain sympathetic ears.

  6. Why be surprised? Obama is not just a Marxist but a native-born Muslim.

  7. Dennis B Anderson

    I think it should be like the old days in a high security instalation. If a prisoners escapes you would take there place. Obamas has let go taliban terrorists with $33,000.00 cash each with a jet ride to Yemen to kill us again. Isnt this president so smart to do that? If you want to shut down Gitmo do it so Obama and corrupt govermental employees takes its place. There should be a televised hanging for the next 10 years everyday to watch on treason charges.

  8. Move all the Gitmo residents to YOUR mansion in Chicago, Obozo. That’ll be a big hit with your neighbors!

  9. I have gone to my local States Attorney and filed a warrant for the arrest of Barack Obama for the murder of several people in my jurisdiction. He released prisoners that were under indictment for murder and they again killed. That makes him complacent. If Barack Obama ever enters the state of Georgia, he will immediately be arrested and held on numerous counts of murder. This has to do with releasing illegal immigrants who killed while here illegally. Eric Holder is also to be held for murder. Hillary Clinton will also be held for murder. Susan Rice is also to be held for murder. The entire SCOTUS is also to be held for conspiracy to commit murder .

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