Obama Slowly Creeps Back Into the Political Spotlight

Former president Barack Obama is slowly finding his way back into the political spotlight after taking a couple of months off to gallivant around with his liberal billionaire friends. After maintaining radio silence for the first leg of the Trump presidency, Obama has been back out on the speaking circuit…and attracting some unexpected criticism from his fellow Democrats.

Part of that criticism has come from Obama’s much-publicized speaking fees; he’s accepted a couple of $400,000 gigs from Wall Street banks, much to the chagrin of people who still labored under the illusion that he was a “man of the people.” For those high-priced appearances, Obama has been chided by the progressive wing of the party, i.e., Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

Other than that snag in the carpet, however, Obama has continued to enjoy a certain amount of popularity in liberal circles. He accepted a Profile in Courage award from the Kennedys last weekend, where he encouraged Democrats to demonstrate their own “courage” when it came to facing down the repeal and replacement of Obamacare.

He also recorded an endorsement for French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron in the days before he went up against right-wing populist Marine Le Pen, in whom many saw parallels with Donald Trump.

But as for the subject of Trump himself, Obama has remained largely silent. While he’s hinted at the administration and the Republican Party’s agenda in his speeches, he has scarcely mentioned the president by name. Whether that’s because he wants to avoid getting into a dramatic war with Trump or because he wants to leave “the resistance” to up-and-coming Democrats, one cannot know. Perhaps he’s just saving the drama for when his book comes out.

One thing is certain: the drama IS coming. There’s no doubt about it. Obama is too arrogant and too obsessed with his own popularity to simply let Trump destroy his legacy without saying something about it. If he can hold his tongue through the end of summer, it will be a miracle. Our best bet is that he’ll be taking direct shots at Trump before Independence Day.

And Trump, who loves nothing more than a good old fashioned war of words, will no doubt be happy to respond in kind.


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  1. He needs to crawl back under his rock and STFU!

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    • He is truly like an evil snake!

  2. Kimball Romney

    Creep is right!

  3. Mike Clings Bitterly

    I can’t even guess at how many times I’ve see the word Obama and creep in the same sentence.

  4. They complain about others and they are no different .They are all greedy

  5. “Creeps”…..perfect description!!!!!

  6. Spiritof America

    Obama owes the American people,……….FREEZE his assets………..he is a traitor to the nation and unseal his “Sealed records” he will be done for good. What are we waiting for ?

    • yep can’t wait for him to be shot for treason

      • Borninbrooklyn

        My breath be still!

        • Florencejherman

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      • Craig Anderson

        Ever since the days of Benedict Arnold there has been a tradition to hang them high, what the hell call me a traditionalist.

        • if they brought back the hanging tree it would slow some of this crap going on today

        • Very offensive, Cra. I can only guess that’s what you’re going for.

          • Craig Anderson

            Your damn right you know what I’m going for, for I’m a veteran and a patriot and have work and lived for this nation all my life. The Dems have spent their time trying to send this family into the dark ages, by giving the poor and needy everything that isn’t theirs away and taking bows for being so generous with your money and gracious for being the suckers of giving it to people that hate us all. SOUND KIND OF STUPID, YET!

          • How many of our politicians have served in the USA armored forces like you and I did. We fought for our country and all these politicians want to do is give away what we fought for. Lets make it a requirement that all politicians serve in the service with active duty in other countries and not in the USA where they live like kings.

        • Martha Serafini

          Craig Anderson- Racist, bigoted, says much more about the person posting it, than anything about Obama and Clinton. You are one sick dude.

          • And you head has been buried in the sand for so long that no logical thought could possible come through it. As a matter of fact no thought at all……Brain dead!!!

          • Martha Serafini

            So, your comments indicate you look at this graphic of a lynching and support it. As with Craig Anderson, that sends a strong message as to your bigotry and hatefulness. Two human elements that solve nothing, serve nobody, and only adds to the problem. If bigotry and insults is all you have, you have nothing.

      • I’m sure you’re a good “Christian”, Tony. Why don’t you shoot the president for treason? You’ll be a National Hero to all the assholes who are so full of hatred for President Obama. The downside is, you’ll spend the rest of your days in jail and history record your existence as the black hearted, ghoul you must be. Oh wait. Maybe that’s not the downside. LOL!

        • I didn’t say me idiot, but that’s what used to be done to convicted traitors, but I could

        • And you as a black hearted moron.

        • IF I wanted to LIVE in a socialist country, I’d MOVE to one! YOU want socialism? Feel FREE to MOVE! ACA was a LIE with EVERY Promise! IF U liked your MD, many lost their MD. IF U liked your healthcare plan, about 10 MILLION LOST their plan. AND, NO ONE I KNOW, received Any of that $2500 savings on premiums, that was promised! MY friend who is a hair dresser, had her premiums go UP $10,000 per yr, with MASSIVE deductibles! Too bad that Obama’s “plan”, meant SCREWING OVER 85% of the American citizenry, to “help” less than 10%!

          • I cannot and would not pretend to speak for everyone. Speaking for myself, The ACA has been great. I also know that premiums are set by insurance companies, not the government. And the ACA has become very popular with a tremendous number of people ever since Trump slithered into the Oval Office. My guess is that if the plan were enacted by a different president you’d be fine with it.
            Your use of all caps is juvenile, uncalled for and improper. One would think a “teacher’s aide” would know that.

          • HOW I write my replies seems to be of major concern to some people who cannot refute the FACTS of the situation!

          • AS a retired RN, when ANYONE tells U that they can cover MORE people, for LESS MONEY, with NO change in quality of care, they are an OUT-AND-OUT LIAR! I stand by the last sentence in the above comment!

          • Actually, I would NOT be fine with this plan, as it screws over about 85% of the population, no matter who wrote it! EVERY one that I know, who works for a living GOT SCREWED with this plan! I did NOT vote for Obama, & I would not vote for Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Schumer, Brown, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Maxine Waters, etc.

          • It wouldn’t be feasible to put the politicians on the ACA for they have the money to pay for their own medical but if we took away their medical plans, vehicles, and other benefits then maybe we would get rid of these losers.

          • NO, what we NEED is a LAW that specifically states that ANY laws that are passed in this country, APPLY to ALL the Senators, Representatives, etc. I would foresee a massive decline in the “elite” telling US how to live!

        • Craig Anderson

          Trump is doing it right for he is making sure that he has a lot on him, but what I get from you is you complain about the method of capital punishment used. Obama and Hillary had done one thing after another that would be considered treason, but because of their names, money or political affiliation they are above the law that everyone else in this country has to concede to this just isn’t right and as fro the public hanging it was good enough for Benedict Arnold and with the number of terrorist we have in this country it would only be right to try one on the people that started it off. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d19b045e06c5f065704cce1657fbfed6cae03c2c337e16bd07624b9c2026bdda.jpg

          • I like the picture but we are missing the two that belong there. You cannot say we are predjudice for one is half black and the other is white.

        • The easiest way is for a sharp shooter to omit Obo and they commit suicide Another Kennedy being done.

      • Martha Serafini

        Hope you have a chair…….that’s going to be a l-o-o-o-o-o-n-g wait.

      • That would be too good for him -Prison for life is what he deserves and even that would be too kind.!!

    • Thank Jarret for that .

    • Rodger K. Shull

      OH HELL YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This needs to be done ASAP ! this has waited to long to be exposed for the fraud it an he is . . He needs his legacy completely torn to shreds

      • It is I would think in shreds, that legacy of illegitimacy.

      • Craig Anderson

        As soon as they found out about his BC and his SS# should have been stripping away any and all the things that he ever did as a human being much lest as an American President. Trumps doing it nice and easy for the rest of the country and making easier for the American people instead of just doing an executive order and wiping them all out when he first came in. I would have wiped him out, but that would have made more trouble then anything. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/72639438f0a5126359cb3f62dda0a24a5739e7c3fda663814df5fe5ed7627e5c.jpg
        And none of this raises a question for Comey and people ask why he got fired, SHIT HE HOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN HIRED !!

        • I TOTALLY AGREE!!! He didn’t want to do anything with hillary or obama by which he was appointed and now look at all obamur has done and silenced but NOTHING IS DONE. AND TO THINK THEY WANT PRESIDENT TRUMP’S TAXES. How sad. I could care less about President Trump’s taxes: GET OBAMA UNSEALED.

          • Martha Serafini

            Wake up. You are focused on fairy tales that are not based in reality. Trump promised his taxes, and now says it was a lie; he promised to divest from his company and he lied; Trump has openly bragged about being a sexual predator; Trump’s foundation was forced to close due to his spending donations on personal items. You think it’s more important to know about Obama’s school transcripts than it is to have insight into what Trump’s financial connections to Russia really are? Why? What is that obsession about?

          • Obama came here under the name of Barry Soetero, a foreign aid student and attended college under that name but somehow graduated fromHarvard Law school under the name of Barack Obama…..one and the same persons!!!!!!!!

        • Obama just undercover muslim spi ,working for Muslims, and no one in congress cared enough do anything.

          • Craig Anderson

            Obama came out as a Muslim shortly after he won his second term in office and right then and there he should have been summarily impeached when he said it, or when he told everyone that he would side with the Muslim if it came down to Israel and the rest of the Muslim world and then proved it by voting against them.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            I’m surprised an excellent SNIPER hasn’t nailed the little fudge packer yet!?

    • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

      Where do I sign up??????

    • Notice the ones whining about Trump showing his tax-forms are the same ones that have no interest in unsealing Obama’s records? That proves what hypocrites the leftists are.


    • Frederic Charles Hilnbrand

      WE are not waiting. No one is forcing him to show us the REAL ones. Who knows if we will ever see the REAL records that were sealed. We know he has a fake birth certificate, many SS cards (3) and only lord knows what else. WHY were they sealed?? What does he have to hide?? No other President has ever sealed their records from us before. Only CRIMINALS hide things like this. Oh I almost forgot about his student loans that were for a out of country student.

    • Frederic Charles Hilnbrand

      You are right what are WE waiting for. Who is the WE you are talking about?? Everyone knows this but they do not have the testicles to do what the right thing. In time I think TRUMPS people will get to it. When TRUMP goes after him and he is, he will make sure there are no holes for him to slip out of.

      • Spiritof America

        We ………..are……….the people of the United States. Such a clamor should be made as a MASSIVE united front. Power………is the voice of the people. We must not remain silent. A petition needs to started and a 100,00 signatures are needed to petition Washington to address the complaint of the people. With Jeff Sessions in …………he will address this with the correct amount of signatures. We need Americans to step forward to get this started. President Trump is a blessing, he fears not . I would love to see Trey Gowdy as FBI chief. We can drain the swamp,……….but must destroy the monsters that will come out, they will take up new territory in order to return. God Bless this President & our nation.


    • Exactly how much does President Obama owe you, Shitheadof America?

    • Martha Serafini

      You don’t have to believe every piece of trash you read. Obama is not in office, neither is Hillary. Trump is facing some major legal do-do that could bring him down permanently. Why do you ignore that reality and focus on the delusions related to people no longer even in office. Wake up. Clinton and Obama are not going to jail. It ain’t going to happen. Start paying attention to the Obstruction of Justice issues being brought to the table.

      • Spiritof America

        Perhaps, you should wake up. The damage these criminals did will not be ignored, it is real and serious. They are going down. Watch for it.

        • Martha Serafini

          Waste of time and energy. Trump and Pence….and getting them out of office is the goal here. Clinton and Obama are both private citizens. You believed a bunch of crap that wasn’t true. Just prepare yourself.

          • Spiritof America

            O and Clinton ARE criminals. Time is catching up to them. I believe nothing a liberal says or does,…they are mentally challenged. Criminal investigations on them are continuing. President Trump and VP Pence will be protected by the citizens that put them in office. My suggestion, is you prepare………storms clouds are on the horizon, against criminal liberals. O and Clinton think they are safe from paying for their crimes.

    • hank you!!!!!!! It is about tie we go after this FRAUD!!! He deseres what ever is coming to him and I cannot wai. Hello Barry Soetero!!!!!


  8. InternetCensorsREvil

    The lyrics from the them song from the 1958 movie “The Blob” comes to mind.


  9. why don’t you ,Obama OD on some meth

  10. Obama is to stupid to shut his mouth just like all liberals that have to keep talking to cover up their ignorance.

  11. Obama or whatever his real name is – is as phony as a three dollar bill. All of his lies are coming out into the open and he better start ducking for cover – I think theres a cell with his name on it waiting.

    This is what his “brother” Malik in Kenya had to say about him


    • yep he’s definitely going to jail

      • Did you see yesterday it was in the news that Guinea in Africa is using Obama’s boss George Soros for 10 billion dollars in damages. I hope we have extradition to Guinea. When they are done with him we can sue him for interfering with our government, then England, France and Russia can have what’s left of him.

        • that would be great, let’s hope so

        • Soros is behind all these ugly protests, ovomit, and old hitlery.

          • Look up the cult called SUBUD. You will find that Loretta Fuddy the Hawaiian official that verified Obama’s birth certificate – had only been on the job for a few months before doing so was appointed by the Governor of Hawaii – they brought her in from Seattle – she was also a member of this cult – so was Obama’s mother Ann Dunham – it really get’s interesting when you go further that Oprah Winfrey teaches SUBUD and George Soros funds it. The dots are starting to connect.

          • Sharrell Burcham

            Very interesting. You can see obama’s birth certificate from the Costal Providence Hospital in Kenya. It is signed by his wonderful parents complete with his little footprint. At least it was there; also you could see it on rense.com. There was also a plaque there stating how wonderful that one of their people became President of the US.

        • Sharrell Burcham

          Don’t buy Progressive Insurance, it is owned by Soros. Damned if he will get any of my money.

      • Never happen! As an elevated member of the elite ruling class the American People have allowed develop he is untouchable, above the law. Welcome to 21st Century America!

      • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

        For all the wrong doings Hillary did! When the hell is she going to Jail????????


      • Michael Dennewitz

        No he wont! Killary’s “hit men” will keep them both from being punished. Our only chance for elimination would be one expert SNIPER ! ??

    • There is nothing genuine or authentic about Hussein Obama.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      There should be about 3 hollow point 9mm with his name on them….written in pig’s blood! ??

      • I used to think that way. Then a friend of mine said the last thing in the world you want to do is make a martyr out of this asshole. It’s better to expose him and prove everything to the public.

        • Michael Dennewitz

          Yes, and after careful thought, I must agree. The lil faggot bastard and the benghazi bitch should BOTH be made to suffer, just like America has suffered for the last eight years.. Hanging either one would be way too good for them!!

          • The worst thing that can possibly happen for all of them is to be exposed for what they really are. That is why they are fighting so hard to make President Trump look bad – if they can discredit him they think that will make everyone think that all the things said about them are lies. The problem is for them – there is too much evidence. Obama cold easily prove he is Obama Sr.s biological son with a simple paternity test – I’d bet the farm he will never do it though – he didn’t try to have all them records eased for nothing.
            I always ask the left wing loons the same question and they never answer –

            Obama once said in a speech that “the only people who fear the truth are those with something to hide,” Of course all of his disciples stomped and cheered – BUT –
            None a=ever questioned WHY – if Obama really believes this – and they do too – as I – WHY did he spend so much money and time trying to seal his records – Sure sounds like he has a lot to hide to me.
            The Clinton have 107 “body bags” directly connected to them – these 107 people were not random strangers they all had direct contact with the Clintons – and in many cases they died during and investigation into Clinton corruption. Going all the way back to Mena, Arkansas to the drug smuggling ring the Clintons are suspected of being involved with. Of course the Clintons denied it – but there have been too many reports from White House insiders about Hillary’s “coke” habit – how she badly treated people including throwing an ash tray at Bill – which could have had her jailed for attempting harm on a President. Bill’s brother – Roger – went to prison for dealing coke. It was said they had to get him out because he was Hillary’s supplier and they could not get her under control without him. So Bill in what I would call a huge conflict of interest issued a presidential pardon for his own brother – Roger. All of this gets a pass from the lunatic left.

  12. Timothy Thompson

    He’s a creep who is crawling back to politics even though most Americans deplore this man. Luckily the Democrats only control five states out of fifty, they have the only thing that makes them look in control the communistic press who lie and cheat for these people and seeminly don’t care what we actually think. Damn Obama and all who support him.

  13. Dwight Sorrell

    Slithers back like a snake would be a better term for his public exposure.

    • What does the normal American do to snakes?No American has the balls to remove the African muslim snake!!!!

      • Martha Serafini

        Hello, you do realize that Obama has been out of office since January, right? Your obsession about this guy, even when he’s no longer President, is borderline creepy.

        • You are an ignorant liberal! The snake bought a house in Washington and had his white snakes move in with the oslimas! Did you read all the articles tha states the muslim lime is slowly trying to sneak into politics again! I hope we read obituary long before that happens again!!

  14. He needs to drop dead and or retire to Kenya. He needs to take the corrupt Clintons with him…he must have taken corruption lessons from them the past 8 years.

  15. The headline should read: “The Creep Is Creeping Back Into The Political Spotlight”.

    • No the Media is crawling up his rear because they can NOT come up with real news .

      • That is the MSM news but I’m concerned about FOX News. It seems to be leaning to the left. Bill O’Reilly was fired for bogus charges (never went to court). That’s what the libs do. If they can’t find anything, they’ll just hire some sluts to say they had an affair. He has to prove his innocence instead of these paid whores having to prove they were violated. Obama played that dirty ploy when Herman Cain was running against him in 2008. Obama used the sex scandal scheme against Herman Cain because he knew that Cain could have won the election easily. Herman Cain would have been the first black President but with integrity and a shrewd businessman who could have been able to get America out of the cesspool mess that it had become. He chose to back out because he didn’t want to put his family through that. That’s the only way libs can win anymore – slandering their opponents. The MSM is now trying to do the same to Sean Hannity. FOX has fired the CEO, Bill Shine. FOX has hired Jessica Tarlov (as far left as you can get) as a news commentator and already has had Shepard Smith since 2013 (very far left). If FOX continues to go left, I will follow where O’Reilly, Hannity and hopefully all of my favorites conservatives and libertarians from FOX might go. This is Bob’s wife.

        • The Media owners hire people to dig up dirt on the opposition , they don’t want the truth put out as to what the OWO/NWO -UN – IMF/IMG -World Central Bank and the Bilderberg Group is up to .

  16. Vernon C. Lindblade

    What’s the name of his book????
    How to undermine a country and run into the ground and not be prosecuted for it!!!! As an American,,, I don’t ever want to see him back much less running around Free!!!!!

  17. You got the creep part right.

  18. Borninbrooklyn

    More like SLEAZES his way back into the political spotlight, that piece of ?!

  19. He needs to crawl off the earth.

  20. sharia on the way !!… POS !!!

  21. This poor excuse for a man is a detriment to our country. He is a has been and always was one. He has seen success in the division he supervised of our country and continues to do so. He will not succeed in ruining this great nation.

  22. This detestable liar, deceiver, traitor and fool needs to be arrested and tried for his treason! But, that will never happen here! God will judge him, and he will not be happy with the sentence he receives!


      ALLA will judge him great!!!! I say he is toooooooo bad for the GARBAGE CAN!! WE can not throw him OUT. He seems to fid his way out of amytthng I say stick him 6 ft under!!!

  23. Lillyhammer Lip

    Ahhhhh….Obama is prairrie-dogging it again. The T*RD can’t seem to flush himself down. What a “waste” of space this knucklehead takes up. One can only hope he suffocates in his own excrement/feces.

  24. that’s what snakes do.

  25. Creep is the appropriate term, because his day is coming, he was the leader of the Swamp Creatures to begin with ! Eventually someone is gonna bring his real history into the light, and he will be lookin for a dark spot ! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b30910b6dd1f36449fb8f6336f57b02c92566df0db5d129bd709317aa143ebcd.jpg

    • One of America’s WORST Presidents in history?????? Only one even gets remotely close and that is Carter! Oh gay Oblowme is way ahead of the “Worst of the Worst”!!!

  26. I want O’butthole to creep back into popular politics so that when all the post election investigations into his misdeeds get released, it will hit the s.o.b. so hard he will starve to death bouncing. Then he can crawl, not creep, back into oblivion where he belongs and can do no more harm to this country!

  27. Poor little socialist liberal obuma not in spotlight lying and denying to anyone who will listen anymore ! I feel so sorry for him…NOT ! Squirm and watch your horrible BS legacy that you lied to Americans about go down the drain. You know the one that POS Peloski said vote on it then read it. You got Trumped you Kenya born ass. Remember papers you filled out for college. You did that. Oh I know…its the Republicans fault right? Lol. Love to see Dems suffer.

  28. Is the Creep creeping back? More like slithering.

  29. Did anyone really think that cretin would really go away? No one narcissistic as he would favor us that way.

  30. Will everybody stop debasing the snakes!

  31. Obama will soon be under indictment if Trump brings in a real FBI Director.

  32. Richard Bagenstose

    like the slithering snake he is ,only these brain dead trolls listen to him , hopefully congress will pass the law and take way his pension and benifits ,then let him laugh

    • Benefits such as using United States aircraft and Secret Service personnel for life… at our expense while he laughs about it.

      • Richard Bagenstose

        your right,and all this focuse on trump ,is getting them off of obomas back , when they should be going after oboma and hillary for the real crimes i am sick of this phony d.c. b/s

  33. Criminals always return to the scene of the crime.

  34. Ain’t nothing going to be done until the swamp gets drained if it ever does. These politicians can commit felonies,treason and sedtion and nothing is done. I hope things start to turn around and all former and present administration personnel that has ties to Muslim brotherhood are detained and questioned.

  35. “Obama is too arrogant and too obsessed with his own popularity”
    That’s a spot on description of Donald Trump.

    • President Donald Trump IS arrogant and obsessed with the determination to be the POTUS that SAVED America!!!!
      President Trump is exactly the President America needs!!!!
      President Trump–eight years! President Pence–eight years! Hi-Ho the Derry-0! Maximum game length unbounded!

      • Get real, Mar. Trump is the president America needs to get rid of. His short time in office has been a flaming disaster. He’s accomplished zero. His administration is in turmoil. His conflicts of interest are overwhelming. He’s got something going on with Putin. Whatever that is will eventually come to light. He implicated himself as a criminal when he admitted to Lester Holt that he fired James Comey over the Russia investigation. Can you say obstruction of justice? He’s an unapologetic liar and a phony.
        If we need to be saved, we need to saved from Trump, not by Trump.

  36. We need to make him feel insecure again, and then maybe he’ll crawl back under his rock. He was afraid he was going to be arrested, tried and imprisoned, he needs to think that again.

  37. George Hilliard

    Beta Barry the Creep. Can we offer him a non-speaking fee.

  38. WHY, can Americans “MAKE HIM JUSY GO AWAY, Back into the dark, where he has always belonged? Dear Lord, Are We “never going to get rid of that ‘humanoid’?” PLEASE! ERASE it!

  39. bamy take a hike, go back to where you were really born kenya not hi. get the hell off this planet. we are all sick of you dumbo…………

  40. That much of a speaking fee! For most of the speech being uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, America is bad, uh, uh. Uh, uh, uh, Republicans are bad, uh, uh, uh. What a bunch of morons for wanting to pay that much for Obama speaking!!!!!!!! 😉

    • And the rest of his “speech” was I, I, I, I. I’m incensed that he’s free to continue raking in a fortune for spouting off, when he should be behind at least behind bars, if not shot for treason.

    • Was that the Teleprompter version?

  41. So the Creepy half NEGRO is back. GO AWAY!!!!!!!!

  42. The operative word is “creeps” the slimy bastard certainly is a creep.

  43. President Trump is is cleaning up the FBI, I think obama And hillary better watch their backs, There’s a New Sheriff in Town

  44. All he’s doing is making conservatives more determined than ever to not have another democrat in the WH, ever!!

    • That is the truth! And I think the Conservative Democratics have to be getting a belly full of the nonsense the Liberals are shoveling out now!
      I think the worm has turned!

  45. I can’t stand that Creep.His 8 years as President were the worst I have lived through and he is the worst Pres.in American history.If I never saw him again I would be happy.He should be charged with Treason,Jailed and executed.

  46. Until trump discards civility and begins prosecutions, this will continue.

  47. Creep being the operative word.

  48. Like a snake he is slithering out from under his rock to pollute and spread more hypocrites, Racism, Hate, Discontent and spew forth his Anti American sentiment
    upon the masses of Democrap Socialshits who fait and continue to pollute the Snow
    Flakes and suck up to AntiFa along with George Soros and his cronies. Should
    have stayed on Bath House Island with his “friends”.

  49. “…Man of the people…” The only people he’s the “Man” of is himself! He’s so deep in the pants… um… sorry… pockets… of Wall Street and the liberal progressive elites! Common man? That’s the dregs of society, those that actually work real jobs – with their HANDS!!! for a living… Good for gardeners, maids, and photo ops at proper times…

  50. That life form is the only person I that I have ever hated without knowing him

  51. Is Obama the Anti Christ?

  52. “{Part of that criticism has come from Obama’s much-publicized speaking fees; he’s accepted a couple of $400,000 gigs from Wall Street banks,” This speaks volumes about liberals/socialists/Democrats attitudes. The rules only apply to other people. You only have to look at Clinton, Sanders, and Obama for a reference.

  53. Trump needs to dump the illegal a whole into prison for treason…i.e fast and furious, Benghazi, duping his illegal presidency one we then people, etc.etc

  54. We have had enough of this incompetent, arrogant, anti-American, muslim, communist! He had all the participation in public office he was “legally” allowed and more (considering he never proved with non-forged documents that he was eligible to begin with, nor were his transgressions against the Constitution ever investigated) , now it is time for him to not be seen, or heard from!

  55. “Obama Slowly Creeps Back Into the Political Spotlight”
    The author should have used the word, “slither,” rather than, “creeps.” This flawed rabble rousing race baiter is far worse than any creepy crawler could ever be.

  56. We should not pay this closet Muslim 2 hundred thousand dollars a year in retirement benefits.
    He lied lied lied to get elected, including not being a citizen of the US, which was a requirement to be President. Before getting into politics, he told everybody at Harvard he was born in Kenya.
    At every turn, he did everything he could to destroy America through the catch and release of millions of illegals, and bringing in thousands of Quran reading and Sharia Law supporting Muslims.
    Prison is to good for him and Hillary.

    • He was given funds as a resident of Indonesia to go to Occidental by the State of California: California records — before they were sealed — showed that he was born in Kenya. There was no mention whatsoever of him being born in Hawaii.

      • Martha Serafini

        Even Trump gave that sorry debunked storyline up. Give it up. It’s over. Trump is facing some heavy-duty issues here. Pay attention to reality. That’s crazier than any fake news.

    • Martha Serafini

      We have a president in office that is currently under Counter Intelligence investigation for collusion with Russia, and now has opened the door to Obstruction to Justice charges. Why the hell are you concerned with Obama and Hillary? Snap out of what ever bubble you’re in.


    • Maybe not, for Obo was a great gun salesman! We the Patriotic, Sane People are much better prepared to defend ourselves than we were before!

  58. This half half breed son of a white trash communist whore should all ready be in prison along with all of the Muslim bastards that he brought in to OUR country to do their damndest to destroy the country and our constitution by inacting the Sharia law in our court system. All Muslims no matter who they are or where they come from should be removed NOW and if they refuse shoot their ass’s young or old they are a danger to America

  59. CREEP is the perfect definition for that disgusting human vermin tripe.

  60. What do you mean he creeps back in ? Tha CREEP never has been out. The Drive by media can’t let their Messiah go.

  61. “Profile in Courage” award. The only courage he ever showed was to stand up and declare before during and after his “presidency” that he hated America.
    His presidency was never legal and he should have been stopped before any election. Goes to show what friends with BIG money can do, even to buying the presidency from someone who wasn’t qualified and couldn’t handle the job (unless you know his Job was to destroy America).

  62. Obama and his huge ego needs to go away and stay away. He still thinks that he is the eternal leader.

    • He’s the Messiah hero of blacks in America. He’s responsible for the over 3000+ deaths of whites in this country, most of them the victims of black gangs and thugs — and an estimated 8,000 whites who have been viciously assaulted — in cities across America (unpublished figures from the U.S. Department of Justice, date unknown).

  63. Washington Watchdog

    Here’s the president that left the White House and a $9.5 trillion debt. He has nothing more I want to hear. Go away.

    • I want to hear him plead “not guilty” to federal charges.

      I also want to hear him refuse the blindfold.

  64. Obama please find your hiding spot and stay there

  65. tell that pos low life to creep back out like the snake he is

  66. It is unwise for Obamas to come out of the shadows. The spotlight on them will demand answers such as the 150 million tax payer dollars for legal fees was spent on the sealing of his records. The unsavory deals that Obamas have made and money spent. The food chain may lead to him and his spying and under his orders the unmasking of American citizens. Obama, as HILLARY should hide. Look what happens after HILLARY blaming Comey for her being a loser. Now she is at risk of a competent perhaps it’s Trey Gowdy director putting HILLARY under oath and doing a professional acceptable investigation to the behavior of HILLARY Clinton, which may also lead to OBAMA and some more illegal activity there. Martha Stewart went to prison for less. Ethel Rosenberg sentenced to the electric chair, and she didn’t sell uranium to the Russians for nuclear warheads.

    • The uranium deal began with Bill in 1993(?) with the U.S. agreeing to purchase uranium from the former Soviet Union’s nuclear weapons. He and Hillary continued making deals even through 2016, when Russia bought 25% of the U.S. stocks and production of uranium — without a license for the sale.

    • For their own safety the should stay in the shadows! Vampires die in the sun!

  67. fake ass dirt bag

  68. ConservativeSenior

    He doesn’t creep. He slithers like a viper. Should be in Supermax.

  69. If I were the President I would asap prosecute this president and put him in federal prison
    then I would go after Soros and Hillary and then that Muslim mafia he has in that mansion
    a few feet from the White House

    • Barry would love being in prison, and would love to drop the soap for everyone in the shower, so to speak.

  70. be only too happy to kick the stool

  71. I can hardly believe there are people and/or institutes stupid enough to pay to hear anything he has to say. He is the worst thing that ever happened to America. He is a thief, a liar, a hypocrite. He is guilty of treason, sedition, theft and so many other things and I think he was our president illegally to begin with, why else did he seal all his records. If you don’t have something to hide they don’t need to be sealed.I do not understand why he just got away with everything he has done with no repercussion whatsoever, it makes NO sense at all!I want him to be held responsible for all he has done. He keeps talking about Trump changing his legacy, HA. His legacy is the worst President America ever had the misfortune of having, TWICE!!!

    • I see where you’re coming from but remember he’s a DemoCommieScumboRATZ. They can do no wrong, just ask them!!

    • I’m certain that people like Jesse “Convict” Jackson, “The Reverend” Al Sharpton, Maxine “The Mouth” Waters, the LGQBT gay elite, the Hollywood elite, and every radical imam in America wants to hear what he thinks and will hang on his every utterance.

  72. He played one big scam on the American Public with ObieDon’tCare Health CareAct. Now he wants to what, sell use life or auto insurance? I have beautiful ocean front property in New Mexico if anyone is interested. We must have low cost burial insurance for all the Murders in Chicago.

  73. Michael Dennewitz

    WHY is it a highly trained SNIPER can’t “creep” in and blow the lil faggot bastard’s brains out!?

    • Karma has been watching him.

      Maybe he’ll go back to the bathhouses in Chicago and catch something terrible.

  74. I have a said this before and I will say it again. Remove his citizenship and send is butt back to Kenya were it belongs.

  75. Albert L Biele

    All of Obama’s regulations were enacted to financially destroy America!! He weakened our military and should be arrested for furnishing 1.5 billion, and the nuke to our number one enemy, Iran, freeing 5 terrorist leaders for a deserter, giving guns to the Mexican Cartel, flooding our country with legal immigrants, and adding 10 trillion to our national debt!! He is an enemy of the state and an impostor; here from a foreign country to support the Islamic terrorist in a joint effort to destroy every aspect of our freedoms and the God that has blessed this country from its inception. He attended collage as foreign student, was a confirmed drug addict, had a social security number that belonged to a dead man, and a father that was not an American citizen. Some say he is the Anti-Christ, and it may very well fit his demeanor, because of his aggressive support of Islam and his loathing for the Jews and Christianity. He became the pied-piper of America, a scam artist leading gullible Americans down the road to perdition. When will his veil of deceit be lifted?

  76. Obama…never a Leader…always a Creep…makes my skin crawl.

  77. Phyllis Schultz

    I don’t get why anyone wants to hear anything he has to say, let alone pay for him to say it . The man doesn’t know what truth is. Why would anyone pay him to spew more lies. He needs to go somewhere away from DC and hide his head in SHAME!

    • Why Wall Street wants to give the little gay druggie boy a nickel, after nearly ruining most of the United States’ small businesses, is beyond me. Why the Jews of Wall Street want to give this wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing Muslim is equally astonishing.

      • Phyllis Schultz

        Good point. The only thing is maybe he has promised all of these people, that when he takes over the UN, and has the US under his thumb,that he will see that they still prosper. Nothing else makes much sense, unless they are all liberals, and have become unhinged.

  78. That’s the secret signal for people like you to creep out. Wait, you already creep me out!

  79. I believe that Obama is afraid to challenge President Trump directly because Trump has info on him that is incriminating. Perhaps they made a Gentleman’s Truce whereby neither one takes punches at the other guy?
    However, I do believe that once P.T. has his ducks in a row, both Obama and Hillary will become major targets for investigation. Til then, Obama doesn’t want to upset the cart while he can still play with the Big Boys and earn $$!

  80. Obama is a joke and everything he has done is treasonous!!! I don’t understand why hes and his so called female / unsure wife are not in jail!!!

  81. WHEN will Trump, or the DOJ, or somebody bring this prick to justice?
    He committed FRAUD and LIED his way into the White House. He NEEDS to be prosecuted, and in the words of so many western judges “…hanged by the neck until dead.”

  82. Let the POS creep back to his birth place Kenya
    Take away his retirement.
    Take his assets and pay back the millions he harmed.
    POS should be tried and hung for Treason!

  83. Charles Wolfe jr

    He’ll get what coming to him!

    • Karma was watching.

      I bet he’ll return to his drug and homosexual habits, especially with his access to his own money (getting off the dole from Soros).

  84. Robert Kahlcke

    That’s ok, he keeps running his mouth the FBI will investigating him for TREASON, he’s a muslim pig.

  85. Creeps – Crawls – Slinks – Slides —– He never left – He and holder did the CA thing – the judges – lawsuits – sanctuary cities – schools – colleges……..with soros and hollywood money of course….

  86. vietnamvet1971

    creeps back…NO the Slimy, Slippery, Slithering Snake slithered back on the scene.

  87. RichFromShowMe

    “Creeps” . . . I prefer “Slithers” . . . as, in the snake slithers back to the scene of his multiple disasters.

  88. Why is obuma still around? Why is he not locked up? Why is he still being allowed to push his NWO agenda? Why has he not been executed?

  89. Yep, creep in just like the cock roach he is !!!!!!!!

  90. I hope Trump cleans his clock.

  91. There’s an old saying: “Be careful what you wish for.” Democrats should recognize it.

    The flip-flop hypocrisy they’ve “piously’ displayed, first when the Trump Administration brought in their own U.S. Attorney’s; then over Acting AG Yate’s firing for not following a Presidential order; then gloating over the first-round failure to repeal and replace Obamacare, should make them consider phasing their overt quest to obstruct President Trump and his administration.

    And now, after previously ripping disposed FBI Director Comey, they’re outrageous he was fired, something President Trump should have done months ago.

    His firing hopefully will re-open investigations regarding the documented collusion former SoS Clinton had with not only the Russians, but the Saudis, Iranians, the so-called Clinton Foundation, search for the unaccounted for 6 billion dollars “lost” under her care, , the Benghazi investigation; and last but not least her openly, arrogant erasure of 33,000 emails and receiving and sending classified emails.

    BTW, President Trump isn’t the buffoon Democrats make out to be. So far, he’s outsmarted them more than even liberal media will admit.

    Looking forward to when the IRS completes the audit on his returns.

    Go ahead Democrats, make our day

    • The six billion dollars lost by the State Department likely went to ISIL.

    • Martha Serafini

      So, Encore – With the documentation that Comey gave to his colleagues, describing Trump’s attempts to obstruct justice by asking Comey to let go of the Flynn investigation…..Along side Trump inviting Russian ambassadors to the Oval Office and telling them classified secrets that were from Isreal……you still think Trump is NOT a buffoon? Still waiting for that audit to be over, are ya? LOL. You are in for a rude awakening , my dear.

      • President Trump, without question, has stumbled, bumbled and placed yonder foot-in-mouth a number of occasions.

        However, as eluded in my above comment, the Party-of-Death Democrats declared and have displayed time and again, a willingness to use any and all means necessary…underhanded, or otherwise, to confound, disrupt and obstruct the Trump Administration at every level.

        So, there is nothing positive ( much to the detriment of American citizens) they will not do.

        Including bloviating any misstep President Trump does. He hasn’t “enjoyed” any “honeymoon” during his 18 weeks in office. Something his predecessor enjoyed for 8 years. despite scandal, after scandal, after scandal.

        As for obstructing justice over the Flynn investigation: Let’s see what Mr. Comey’s so-called FD-302 or FBI Memo states in it’s entirety…not the cherry-picked bits and pieces so-called “anonymous”, or the unidentified “US. Official sources” disclosed to the media.

        As for telling the Russians “classified information:” what level, if any was considered “classified?”

        So, I’ll wait to see it there’s more than a “smidgen” of incriminating evidence, as President Trump’s predecessor, His Disgrace boasted over Hillary’s transgressions. Especially from a man who politicized the FBI, gave former SoS Hillary a free pass, looked the other way when sexual predator “Slick Willy” met AG Lynch on the Arizona airport tarmac during the Hillary investigation (No obstruction there, right?!), and one who previously worked for the Clintons

        • Martha Serafini

          Encore – Thank for you for the objective, unbiased review of my posts. Your opening statement, “President Trump, without question, has stumbled, bumbled and placed yonder foot-in-mouth on a number of occasions, ” is all the farther you needed to go. Trump hasn’t enjoyed a honeymoon because of his constant need to shoot himself in the foot. Trump is his own worst enemy. Yup, another in the latest round of scandals in this 110 day presidency. We have yet to see what comes of this one. So far, Trump has fired Sally Yates, 3 days after she told Trump that Flynn had compromised himself with the Russians; Trump fired Preet Bhrarara (after telling him he would stay in his job) who was investigating Trump’s business connections with Russian banks; then fired Comey, who was investigating Trump’s collusion with Russians. So, your post indicates you’re one of those people who can’t let go of obsessing about Obama and Clinton, even though neither are in office any longer. How many years are you going back with things like,”Slick Willy?” OMG. And, using a term like, “sexual predator” in the same post as Trump? Trump bragged about being a sexual predator, he had what, 13, 15 women making complaints against him? How about you taking a giant leap into the present, and, stay tuned. If Comey documented one inappropriate meeting with Trump, then there will be more to come. And, as with all the other times, it will be Trump’s own words that will bring him down. He can’t help it. He is not stable enough to stay out of his own way.

          • Uh huh.

            First: His Disgrace used the better part of his 8 years in office blaming Dubya’s administration for the financial ails that befell the country. From the housing market crash to taxpayer’s bank bailouts. Nobody was held accountable…nobody was jailed.

            Secondly: President Trump’s sexual exposes were largely embellished by liberal media such as the NYT who were caught lying by the very women who were supposedly “molested” by President Trump, most notably the woman who falsely accused him during a flight from the UK to NYC. Fellow passengers called her out for the liar she was, causing her to crawl back into her rat-hole.

            Granted, then Presidential candidate trump did concede and apologize for the lewd comments he made to movie flunky Bush on the bus…a illegal taping BTW, done without his consent.

            Thirdly: There is no obsession with His Disgrace or former SoS Clinton. Although neither are longer in office, they left in their wake unanswered questions. Such as Fast and Furious; Benghazi where people died. Still unanswered is where and what was His Disgrace doing while the Benghazi Four were being murdered? Meanwhile, at the height of the embassy attack, Hillary went to bed after flip-flopping, unable to make a decision to send rescue.

            Fourthly: We now have former FBI Director Mueller. A highly respected, unbiased, former marine whose integrity is above reproach and politics. Someone with whom I’m personally acquainted with. This is a brilliant move by President Trump. I’m sure the Death Party Democrats were hoping for another Lynch or Holder. Frankly, I thought former FBI Director and Federal Judge Freeh would be appointed.

            Finally: President Trump is still a breath of fresh air after 8 years of cheap talk, denigration of law enforcement; military demoralization; dividing of Americans by class, race, religion, and concentrated attacks on out Constitution, most notably our 1st, 2nd, 4th and 14th Amendment rights.

            PS: Bet you think the lowest employment rate, expanding job opportunities, down-ward trend of shooting such in Chicago are results of His Disgrace’s efforts to improve American quality of life.

            Uh huh!

          • Martha Serafini

            Oh, disappointed with the warmed-over leftovers in your reply. Dumb. Your perceptions don’t even sound like yours. Anyway, try to let go of the past, do yourself a favor. While you focus on past fairy-tales, there are news-breaking steps getting us closer to impeachment every day. Your missing all the good stuff! Time to pay attention to reality.

          • I couldn’t care less what you think. If you, in fact have the ability to think .

            You are one insensitive, cold-blooded, self-centered, walking, talking, completely indoctrinated feminist, misandrist.

            You think Fast and Furious and Benghazi are “fairy tales?” You think the murdered Fast and Furious AFTE agent is a “fairy tale?” You think his family members…especially his children, friends and fellow law enforcement members think it was a “fairy tail?”

            You think Benghazi was a “fairy tale?” I’m sure you applauded MSNBC’s Chris Matthews when he ripped Benghazi Four murdered Sean Smith’s mother for her emotional outburst during the Republican National Convention. Especially when he said Mrs. Smith “spoiled” the evening’s activities and he felt no sympathy for her.

            You undoubtedly believe Hillary was correct in lying to Mrs. Smith and family members of the other victims “she would get to the bottom of this.”

            Better yet, you probably find nothing wrong when His Disgrace pulled up in his golf cart to receive their remains. say a few meaningless syllables over them and to family in attendance, then got back into his golf cart returning to his game rejoining his celebrity buddies.

            Do yourself a favor. Take you own advice.

            As for reality: once President Trump is exonerated in few months (which The Party of Death Democrats are hoping not to happen as they gear up to 2018 mid-terms)

            I hope President Trump brings the full power of his office to “drain the swamp”. especially those exposed due to this investigation; and re-opens at least Hillary’s email violation to a special prosecutor.

  92. Let’s hope His Disgrace will hide his erections as he failed to do on a commercial flight, while speaking on a cell phone, much to the embarrassment of flight attendants and other passengers.

    His Disgrace actually is a pig!

  93. Frederic Charles Hilnbrand

    I want PRESIDENT TRUMP and HIS people to bring charges up on Obama AND Hillary already. This has drug on LONG enough and needs to END!! Both Obama an Hillary should be brought up on charges of TREASON etc. This will put a bug up both of their butts and show them that they are NOT above the LAW and that TRUMP and his administration has had enough of their games. WE the PEOPLE who put you in office want this to happen already. With them in jail they no longer will be two people you have to worry about!! WE the PEOPLE put you in office for we thought you were the person who could get rid of them and make America great again. With them out and about America will never be great again. Mr President PLEASE kick their butts already!! Obama needs to understand he is Mr Nobody and that you are the MAN!! Hillary is hiding behind Obama. Please do what we elected you to do. Thank You sir.

    • And, “thank you” for a good posting!

      • Frederic Charles Hilnbrand

        You are welcome. I only say what I think is right and fair. Do not always say things in clean english but you know when you are not happy the way things are going you sometimes say things in a more harsh way.

        • Much, much better to speak harshly and truthfully than to be politically correct! I despise political correctness!
          The elite and Liberals are throwing road blocks in front of every good change President Trump attempts. He will gradually plow through those for he is determined!
          I am just working hard at staying optimistic and being patient. Time will work in our favor.
          I also rather think the Conservative Democrats are weighing the disgraceful behavior of the elite and Liberals. Perhaps they will help us clean House (and Senate) in 2018.
          Hope floats!!!!

          • The elitists and radical leftists will do everything to convince us that we are wrong by their every utterance and action, violent and/or bizarre.

            Disaffected and radical blacks are doing everything they can to cause whites to respond with violence to lethal attacks on law enforcement, and arbitrary gang beatings of single vulnerable whites — some intended to be lethal.

            Radical Muslims are waiting for the hard-core leftists and disaffected blacks to wear down American society before launching jihad in America on a wide scale — in every city: think 9/11 on a national scale.

            Arm yourselves, and keep the faith. You don’t have to be beaten to death or murdered to have your conservative values validated.

  94. Creeping back like a slug.. what an appropriate description of Obama

    This man and Holder , Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpinare responsible for the racial divide now corroding US

    There numbers now added to by the likes of crazy Maxine Waters and Sheila Jackson

  95. Creeps are never satisfied with the common man, only the distorted mental cases qualify !

  96. Add Hillarys’ treason to Obamas

  97. The only thing that Obama own of the American people is most of our money, after stealing over 9 trillion $$, from the treasury, 2.2 billion from the VA and 150 million from SS, and that is just what was to blatant for them to hide. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f35752255cc7be67b97495236ddc35791731a32cc99f48f148afd1e616e6c964.jpg

    • And yet there are still those who just LOVE him! Puzzling!

      • Craig Anderson

        Yeah it’s puzzling why anyone and everyone isn’t waiting for him with a shoot on sight warrant on him. He has all those Hollywood stars he draped a leash over and with them saying he’s great all those Hollywood snowflakes will follow anything they say. Then you have the freaks, weirdos and brainwashed flakes all being instigated and spurred on by these paid illegals aliens, protesters and rioters.

        • The quote: There is something rotten in Denmark (the Bard?) comes to my mind concerning our nation. It seems to me that there is a nasty and corrupt spirit taking over the minds of many willing people.
          I hope patriotic citizens are seeing this craziness and will vote accordingly.
          Perhaps we can clean House (and Senate) in 2018! It would be a start at least.

          • Craig Anderson

            That rot has been there for a long time now, it’s Trump taking over and stirring the pot that has brought it all to the top now. The Dem have been systematically stealing every dime we have and either lining their pockets with it or giving it to our enemies, as they sell us down the river behind our backs. Obama drove a wedge between Russia and the US, as he built up the enemy of all countries.
            One thing about Trump winning the election does do one big thing, it brings out the traitors in force and points them out, by just the kind of things they do and say. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/aa776936c5dda13378a8938e6e3ea3dd14e49343c975632ac62ad705354b6c36.jpg
            I now see why they are doing what they are doing, last week the Communist party came out in favor of the Dem/Nazi/Soros Party, so I guess you can add that to their count.

            Trump has a steady up hill battle to get the rot out of this country and with all of the Dem/Nazi/Comm/Soros’/Muslims Party, ganging up on us and with half of the Congress already having intertwined into our highest posts in the political arena the
            Communists/Nazis are trying to take us over once again.

          • That is an apt way to describe what is happening! As I read your remark, I saw the image of Trump stirring the pot and an awful odor emanating from it! LOL
            Is it possible that the hysteria we are witnessing from the elites and politicians mean that they are really, really frightened that Trump may certainly rain on their corrupt parade?
            And I agree that they are traitors.
            Yes! I also saw that Trump seemed to be the catalyst that brought all the roaches out from the baseboards.
            Have you ever known any communist government that worked for the betterment of its people? I cannot think of any.
            I think there may be some socialistic countries that aren’t too corrupt in the EU.
            Thanks for posting!!!! I no longer trust the left or right news media very much. I come to comment sites and find informed folk like you to help me make sense of the mess we have now.
            Also, it gives me some insight into the minds of the Liberals! Sometimes that is scary. 🙂

          • Craig Anderson

            The only way all of the swamp is going to get drained is by the people voting them out, the DOJ taking them down or Trump firing them. His fired the biggest hole in the wall, for if Comey was making that much trouble for Trump to negotiate now who knows. I say that is what the DNC put him there for was to make sure that Trump couldn’t make any connection with them. Obama alienated the Russians on purpose, kicking their ambassadors around a such, but there right at the end, for the US and Russia have had good relations for some time and that is what we needed to , for being two great superpowers stops these more radical countries from getting rummy.

          • Craig Anderson

            Yes getting more of these communist/Nazis out of our government would help us all.

          • Craig Anderson

            Yeah that is the bottom of the barrel that deep seeded rot on the bottom that all those Dem allowed to happen when Soros bought them one by one, but they weren’t the only ones.
            I want asked to ask some one. Do you think Comey was honest or dirty when it came to Hillary?

          • I have struggled with that question also. Comey HAD to have known that for many Conservative Democrats, knowledge of the illegal use of the Hill’s private server could be the straw that broke the camel’s back!
            Then the travesty of justice when C. said “intent” could not be proven, and no charges would be brought against her! Unbelievable.
            I have asked myself if he were trying to help elect Trump, yet was deathly afraid of the consequences of prosecuting the Hill.
            I hope more facts are reported to clarify his confusing actions.

  98. The only two reasons I concern myself with obama’s activities are (1) he’s flying around on government aircraft with Secret Service personnel protecting him while doing speaking engagements — at taxpayer expense, and (2) he should be held accountable for his actions intended to harm this nation, deceit about his true identity, treason, and knowingly bringing to this nation thousands of jihadis bent on destroying our country —and brought to trial for a vicissitude of his future.

    Beyond that, the only news I will look forward to hearing about is the small, dark cell he is locked in for life.

  99. He needs to go away….retire….get out of the limelight….is no longer president

  100. Trump need to arrest him before he causes some bad problems. There are plenty of things he can be charged with. Don’t know why he’s holding back.

  101. Obama creeps. The leader of the American Communist Party. Used to be President of the United States which he failed at breaking up. Democrat wise up, read and make up your own mind.

  102. Keep on creeping Ovomit.
    Watching this maggot bullshit his way to wealth is nauseating.
    Hildabeast taught him well.
    Birds of a feather—–wallow in the slime, fraught with hypocrisy, lying, cheating and slight-of-hand.
    What a life.
    Hey Maggot Monsters: Go for it—-we love laughing at your hypocrisy,

  103. The problems that the U.S. is facing now is because of this incompetent, arrogant, stubborn and anti-American muslim president, Barack Hussein Obama.

  104. maybe someone is slowly pulling the trigger back on their M16!

  105. SPOOKS that no one ever heard of who isn’t an Real un-AMERICONO who flys around speading ill tidings that weak knees know nothings’ just eat up as Gospel and don’t either know it or will find themselves in a dirty box some day soon!

  106. obama can’t stand to watch President Trump “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” after he tried to “FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORM AMERICA“.

  107. DON’T CARE what he says or does HE NEEDS TO GO ON TRIAL !


  109. Chris Kyle our navy seal, who had the most kills of any seal for sniper, was a true American and a patriot through and through, and if he were still alive, Obama would’ve been dead by now as he knew that Obama was a communist to the core destroying America, and the elites who owned the brown clown knew that, so that’s why they had Chris Kyle killed Manchurian candidate style.

  110. obama’s ego is just too large for him to be unaffected by Trump’s progress in dismantling obama’s legacy.

  111. Word should be “slithered” not creeps.

  112. obama’s ego is just too large for him to be unaffected by Trump’s progress in dismantling obama’s “legacy.” The little bastard is a malignant narcissist and megalomaniac, and is obviously shocked that there is such energy to erase his “hard work” (likely dictated in its direction and scope by that toad George Soros).

  113. If a former Republican President was being so overt about continuing to be some kind of surrogate president…. the Democrats wouldn’t stand for it. Obama, like Hillary should accept the outcome of the election and instead of doing everything to undermine his agenda, show some support!

  114. Why hasn’t he been arrested by now ???. Trump needs to drain the swamp and take Obama with them.GITMO comes to mind

  115. I do not want see c-suckers face

  116. Go back Kenya you pieceofshit Obama

  117. DINO regressive barack hussein obama is the islamist-communist manchurian traitor is a george soros surrogate as are DINO regressive clintons and most of the DINO regressives in congress . soros claims his shadow government owns most of our congressionals. soros n obama n clintons need to be tried-convicted-fined-jailed for life. However, soros wanted dead or alive in Russia for currency manipulation should be handed over let the ruskies beat him to death n throw him out a window n claim soros committed suicide. Just kidding. NO I’M NOT!

  118. Dennis Anderson

    Thats it show us your jacket, show us your birth certificate, pay back your tuition to Columbia with interest. Pay back everything you stoke, and gave away. That will never happen because youre a lyin nagger from Nigeria. Take back all the money you stole from the american people Obama first. If not I hope they put a bounty on your skank black @$$.dead or alive. DEAD PERFERRED SO WE DONT HAVE TO LISTEN TO YOUR $cheeieit.

  119. “Obama has continued to enjoy a certain amount of popularity in liberal
    circles. He accepted a Profile in Courage award from the Kennedys last
    weekend, where he encouraged Democrats to demonstrate their own
    “courage” when it came to facing down the repeal and replacement of
    Obamacare.”…. YES, HOW has that worked out? Currently facing repeal. And, if it doesn’t get repealed, it will self destruct, since DEM’S only know how to spend money, NOT Produce a “quality product”! ACA, a LIE with EVERY Promise!

  120. Barry leave yet! Go back to Kenya. I am sick of hearing and seeing You. You had your chance and you screwed up.
    I hope Trump makes up for it

  121. Michael Dennewitz

    Dayuummm, no one has shot that Velcro headed faggot yet????

    • I don’t think he’s gay. He has a beautiful wife.

      Hey Mikey, what was the tip off that your boyfriend was gay, when you were sucking him off and ended up with a mouth full of shit?

  122. Barry ‘The FRAUD’ has been knitting himself a custom black ski mask to wear for BLM riots & isis fund raisers.
    He is STILL PROTECTED by the CIA/Deep State & will be, along with the Clinton Crime Foundation for a long time to come, THEY have invested Billions in ILLEGAL funds & YEARS of planning to get us in the MESS we are in for their SICK vision of a One World government.

    • Barry and Killery are gone now. Move on to something relevant.

      • Unfortunately they still pull strings & affect politics ( Political Soap Opera) so When Barry & Shillary are dead or in prison I gladly will, but while these Skum are still breathing free air I will complain or voice MY OPINION when feasible.
        If you don’t read my comments, I won’t be offended.

  123. “Obama Slowly Creeps Back Into the Political Spotlight” – Didn’t they mean to say – “Slithers”?

  124. Not True he’s sucking dick in Tuscany…

  125. nigga!Fuck this nigga!Fuck this nigga!Fuck this nigga!Fuck this nigga!Fuck this nigga!Fuck this nigga!Fuck this nigga!Fuck this nigga!Fuck this nigga!Fuck this nigga!Fuck this nigga!Fuck this nigga!Fuck this nigga!Fuck this nigga!Fuck this nigga!Fuck this nigga!Fuck this nigga!Fuck this nigga!Fuck this nigga!Fuck this nigga!Fuck this nigga!Fuck this nigga!Fuck this nigga!Fuck this nigga!Fuck this nigga!Fuck this nigga!Fuck this nigga!Fuck this nigga!Fuck this nigga!Fuck this nigga!Fuck this nigga!Fuck this nigga!

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