Obama Slaps Federal Regulations on E-Cigarettes

Several years ago, desperate smokers finally found a product that could actually help them quit. Where patches and gum failed, e-cigarettes succeeded. For the first time in history, there was a quit-smoking tool that actually worked. And while “vapers” may find it just as hard to put their e-cig down as they did the Marlboros, virtually every study has shown that their new addiction is far less harmful than their old one. Safe? Harmless? No, that hasn’t been proven, either. But when compared to cigarettes, there’s just no contest.

Now, that doesn’t mean that will always be the case. Vaping is new, and it will be years before we can make specific determinations about the effect on long-term use. It is possible, if unlikely, that e-cigs are taking a toll on user heath that won’t come to light for a long time. And if that proves to be the case, then the federal government may have cause to take action.

But what’s happening now is something different. The Obama administration is moving to regulate e-cigarettes – not based on any evidence that they are harmful, but rather the possibility that they might be. Instead of waiting until there’s a problem to solve, the Food and Drug Administration is acting on the mere “chance” that a problem might develop down the road.

The new regulations, set to go into effect in 90 days, will make it illegal for distributors to sell e-cigarette products to anyone under the age of 18. This rule alone could kill off the biggest market for e-cigarette paraphernalia – the internet. Brick and mortar stores are popping up quickly, but there are legions of vapers who buy almost exclusively from online outlets. The FDA did not specifically prohibit online sales, but sellers will be required to verify age by photo ID. When it comes to online commerce, that’s uncharted territory.

The FDA also requires manufacturers to obtain federal approval for their products if they wish to stay in business. There is a two-year grace period on this, but the expense of seeking FDA approval will likely be enough to put many “homebrew” businesses out to pasture. Again, this is in the absence of any compelling evidence that says there is something in today’s e-cig formulas harming the public’s health.

Again, this isn’t just about e-cigarettes. We should treat federal intervention like we treat criminal conviction. Prosecutors must prove a defendant guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. If we ran our criminal court system like the FDA runs their agency, prosecutors could pull suspicious-looking people off the street and force them to convince a jury that they should be allowed to remain free.

It’s backwards, dangerous, and terrifying.


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  1. Retired Marine

    The world is going insane, and the smoker in chief puts restrictions of an e-cig? What a buffoon. My fervent hope is he dies soon of lung cancer. Today would be good.

    • Or chokes to death on chicken bone…….. (( The prick ))

    • Cock a doodle do

    • Michael Dennewitz

      That, or a highly trained sniper nails his sorry ass!!

      • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

        May I suggest the Hornady Ruger .375 Magnum 250gr AP?

      • I couldn’t agree more Michael, and I’ve been personal friends with 3 snipers that have seen action ranging from Vietnam,(who’s no longer alive) to one that served in Panama in 1989 during the Noriega take down and a good friend of mine’s son, who served twice in Iraq and twice in Afghanistan, and I can promise you, they would love to be the one to put the nail in the coffin.

        • Michael Dennewitz

          I served during Nam. I knew two really good ones. Wish I woulda stayed in touch with them..

      • Francisco Machado

        How about cornered by a seriously annoyed nearsighted poor shooter with an autoloading .22, unlimited ammo and a bad attitude?

      • There has been restrictions on the salw of cigs for, what now 50 years?

        Why do you believe the same addictive drugs in another delivery vehicle should not be

        Nicotine is as adictive as narcotics. E-cigs cause lung damage./

      • You are advocating for the killing of a President of the United States here — this is a very serious federal crime. Just thought you’d like to know.

        • Michael Dennewitz

          ROFLMFAO and you just made it apparently obvious that you’re a damned demoncrap, socialist. And what is “apparently what you meant…?” How the hell would you know what I meant, dildo, unless you were thinking of the exact same thing??? And while we’re at it, people condone abortions every day…none of them go to jail. Absolutely, I’d be all for some sniper blowing a hole in the little halfbreed faggot’s ass. . It’s called “freedom of speech ” dipshit… (socialist)).. ROFL

          • When you can’t think of something intelligent to say, always resort to name-calling.

        • No crime. It is called retroactive abortion.

        • Michael Dennewitz

          Would you like to prosecute me dude, or just blow it out your ass????

        • Michael Dennewitz

          Idiot boy, I have a .357 mag that would fit nicely in your ass!!! ?

    • Apparently, yo do not believe that preventing children from being nicotine addicts is a good thing.

      Maybe we should allow then to buy alcohol as well?

      • Retired Marine

        Tell it to Colorado, apparently you do not believe that preventing drug addiction in children is a good thing. You would let them buy booze, crack, and any and all things destructive. Bad nicotine, good weed and other stuff right?

      • No. There should be some sensible laws to prevent the sales of both cigs and e-cigs to the underage. Now, I will downvote and flag you!

        • Typical fight-wing behavior. Bad news, neither your flag nor the down vote took.

          • You have to same right to post your opinion as all do. But, when you deliberately try to destroy reputations, as you did to Michael, that is not considered freedom of speech. If enough downvote you, your remarks will be removed. However, the commentators desires to bash you mercilessly, rather than send you away.
            Ah, well. Sometimes God does allow Satan to try his people and let us learn about ourselves.
            I think God allows you to keep posting because rational folk will look at you and decide to vote for Trump. So, Satan may be cutting his own throat on this! So, continue to keep all those Trump voters strong in their belief of him.

          • Truth is truth.
            Public record, is just that — public.
            Look it up.

    • Have you ever seen anyone die of lung cancer? I have. It’s a hideous death. Essentially they drown to death in their own secretions. Would you wish that on anyone? Why?

      • Why? To stop their corruption and their destroying our nation, of course!

      • Retired Marine

        As a matter of fact I have, I have also seen bodies blown apart, limbs lost, men blinded and much more. I don’t wish anything on anyone (except obama), I also do not like being told by politicians what I can and cannot do when they allow illegal drugs and push perversion..

        • America has been and is being destroyed by failed attorneys who ran for and were somehow elected to public office. When I was a kid those were honored positions by Patriots and they were called Public Servants. A sensation seeking media has caused them to be called and thought of by an uninformed population as “This Countries Leaders”. Well Lemmings, how is that working for you? Also, have you noticed how the Fed quietly incarcerated Bundy? They couldn’t allow him to stand up to them and prevail. Hell man, people would realize we are supposed to be a free nation and American Citizens have rights which you, I and millions of others have taken an oath to protect and defend. I suspect Dirty Harry and his son, the Nevada Licensed attorney are still, behind our backs, trying to sell the land to China. NO nation has the right to own American Soil under any circumstances, not now, not ever!

  2. Can someone explain to me which part of the Constitution cedes this authority to the federal government? The only place I can find this in the Constitution is the Tenth Amendment.

    Remember when the feds wanted to ban alcohol? They knew that the only legitimate way to do it was with a constitutional amendment. Vaping is no different (nor is tobacco or marijuana or anything else they want to ban). They are PROHIBITED from acting on this; we should not let them expand their powers like this!

    • smoking is wrong and also it is a sin against God and also the Power of the Holy Spirit does not work in the Tobbaco smelling bodies even having Medical Marijuna in Hospitals is also wrong

      • BS.. where in the bible does it say smoking is a sin?lung cancer is cause by any chemical in the air we breath.but fools like you only blame cigarettes. P.S. Obama the POS smokes cigarettes by the way… I’m sure your not a perfect person,nobody is..

        • Yes he does;)

        • Smoking provides far more chemicals, some of which are very toxic. Cigs also contain highly addictive drugs. Nicotine is as adictive as cocaine.

          • Steve Crawford

            I worked a place that had access to mice. We would hold a mouse and squeeze the juice from a cigarette filter into the mouth of mouse. The mouse would shake about 2 or 3 times and flip over dead. Nicotine sulfate is very deadly, it is use to spray on plants to kill bugs. I also worked at NIH cancer and there were many male patients who chew tobacco or dipped snuff, had develop cancer of the gums and/or both the upper and lower jaw. Most of the gums were removed and the lower jaw. They had to receive their nourishment through a tube directly into their stomach. How many people have developed lung cancer, and now COPD, and on oxygen 24/7? .

          • I don’t understand why there is a “problem” with e-cigarettes? My understanding is that the only chemical taken into the lungs with this product is water vapor (H2O). The only possibility would be some kind of adverse reaction to a higher-than-normal humidity (and if that were the case, people who live in the Deep South (not to mention Florida in the summertime!) would have already shown adverse health reactions to high humidity!) But, speaking of taking garbage into your lungs, marijuana does cause brain damage in long-term users. I’ve seen PET images (positron emission tomography) of the brain of long-term pot abusers, and compared to a normal brain, the pot smoker’s brain looked like Swiss cheese (full of dark holes). Unlike X-Rays (and the more sophisticated CAT scans), which only image tissue density variation, PET imaging renders maps of biological activity, as measured by glucose uptake. This is actual evidence supporting brain damage, and I’ve never understood why this is not more commonly known. (I saw this in a demonstration of PET technology at a professional conference back in 1992.) But, we now have several states that have “legalized” marijuana, in BLATANT violation of FEDERAL LAW, and nobody seems to want to raise any objections. But, look at who would enforce federal law, Loretta Lynch, appointed by the pot-head democrats. Before Lynch, Eric Holder was on record as saying he had “vast discretion” in how he enforced “The Law!” (sort of like how they enforce immigration law!) But, when it comes to “homosexual marriage,” well now, THAT is the LAW OF THE LAND!!! (What a load of bullshit!)

          • Face it their only interest is taxing the product so that is their real interest in getting involved in the first place. Since smoking has went down so has the taxes, so where else can you make up the difference, taxing e-cigs of course.

          • Of course, you’re right. I missed the obvious…

          • Steve Crawford

            Kevin, Sadly there are many who think like you as you say “I don’t understand why there is a “problem” with e-cigarettes?” You don’t understand nor do you know anything about E-cigarettes. YOU HAVE NOT taken the time to GOOGLE” E-Cigarettes and learn the pro and con about something that can effect one’s health. Would you and others would like for your children to be sucking on these cigarettes? It is just a matter of time before someone (if they haven’t already) to stupidly add other chemicals to the e-chemicals. The only people who benefit from pushing the use and LYING about the harmful effects is the tobacco companies and the manufacturers of the E-Cigarettes. And believe me the controlled FDA will delay in issuing the health hazards of the E-cigarettes. You and other should USE THE GOOGLE search engine, before engaging your thoughts and comments, IT IS FREE.

          • billdeserthills

            The e-cigs are a better choice than regular cigarettes, so shut up

          • They absolutely are better! I know, because cigarettes were destroying my lungs. With the e-cig, my lungs are cleared. Also, by lowering the nicotine content in the “juice,” I think I can stop the nicotine habit completely.

          • billdeserthills

            I hear you Mary, I know they are much better, even with the nicotine, because I watched several of my friends quit using regular cigarettes after they switched to the e-cigarette.
            One, a kenpo karate master sounded like a wheezy freight train when he stopped smoking and switched to e-cigs, he is a new man, today!

          • This is primarily an OPINION comment site, it is permissible to give one’s opinion without doing heavy research. Attacks are unnecessary and unkind.
            Also, grammar police shouldn’t be critical! But! Since I am on here, and you say WE should do adequate research before posting, I say you should address you address your incorrect grammar in your posts.
            GOOGLE the words “affect and effect” and learn how to use those words correctly!

          • I would place odds on the fact that if you were to conduct the same PET images on all liberals, you would also see the same effects. Just like Swiss Cheese and full of dark holes !

          • They certainly do seem to have difficulty with logical thinking. The liberal mind cannot follow the effects of their actions through to the the eventual detrimental consequences of those actions.

          • Retired Marine

            Well said.

          • Now as a nurse, I’ve seen these terrible things, but even low iq individuals have known the risks for many many decades. It was a choice they made and continued until it caused cancer. I would blame no one but myself or cry foul if I got cancer over the occasional smoke I have during times of extreme stress. FYI, I’ve found the American spirit organic cigarettes very easy to stop, so if you’re a smoker who wants to quit or cut down try them. They’re a little more expensive but seem to burn forever, no Gmo, no addictive additives (I swear Phillip Morris adds addictive stuff to marlboros). Good luck.

          • I used to have a school text book dated 1908. In that book, it said nicotine was poison. So it has been longer than decades the this has been known.

          • That’s cool-quite an old textbook. Farmers probably learned that because I was taught an organic pesticide that included tobacco in the spray mixed with water would repel and kill insects. My grandma is 103, an old farm girl-later moved to the city and married my grandfather. But I love those old books-you can literally find so much truth and see how history has been rewritten.

        • Karen Lee King

          1Corinthians 3:16-17. When you smoke you are putting smoke that destroys your lungs into your body along with a whole lot of other chemicals like Nicotine, tar, Pesticides used to spray the tobacco, etc.

          • billdeserthills

            I really doubt that the Bible has a reference to smoking e-cigs

          • Those scriptures ALSO apply to the great amounts of heavy, fatty dishes of food, plus the unconscionable sugary, fatty desserts and heavily-sugared tea served at a typical church dinner!
            Folk who use scripture to point fingers need to realize the greater number of fingers pointing back to them!
            I am a follower of The Christ, but he has never told me to use His Word as a sledgehammer.
            Tell me, ARE YOU PERFECT?

      • Michael Dennewitz

        It’s obvious that you’ve been snorting far too much of that shit bozo!

        • Michael Dennewitz, age 19, 9645 State Route 821, Lower Salem, for unlawful sexual conduct with a minor, a felony. Dennewitz was arrested at his residence by Sgt. Johnson of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office and processed into the Washington County Jail on 8 Jun 15 at 3:56 pm.

          • I bet you screen all of your potential victims. Don’t you?

          • clients,at the cathouse they’re called clients.

          • LOL!!

          • She’s a certified USEFUL IDIOT!

          • I am willing to bet that she is a member of ISIS that is commenting somewhere out of Iran.

          • Obviously, this is not the same person who commented!
            I have wondered just HOW low you would sink to spread your crap. NOW, I know!

          • billdeserthills

            Oh Yeah, she’ll get right down on the floor and crawl all around
            Damn liar AK Lady, she’s the devil!

          • billdeserthills

            So let me get this straight, Michael does something that muslims do every day, but I didn’t see any of them get a felony. Is that about right?

          • Wrong.
            In the early days of America, child marriage was quite common. It still takes place, with a Court’s approval. New York State has the highest number of such marriages.

            In America, for most of society, child marriage is no longer a necessity. We no longer marry off children to protect them, to insure they have food, clothing and shelter.

            In Chinese culture, girl babies were put outside to die.

            Among white, Western royality, child marriage was used to cement treaties brtween countries.

            In many Muslim countries, it remains aa such a tool. One uses to cement warring tribes into unity.

          • billdeserthills

            So how does that make what I said wrong Devil?
            Trying to twist it all around, I see

          • Ha-Burn! Well done.

      • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

        Jay, I’ve been an ordained minister for almost 5 years now with 2 additional years continued education to become a CPC. I’ve heard many people say this and I ask you here… Where is this scripture?

        Also, didn’t Jesus die “for all man’s sin?” Did he not leave behind rules about “love thy neighbor,” and “judge not lest ye be judged?” Because we were all sinners…

        Ergo, per divine mandate, when it comes to things others do, that do not hurt us or impede on our faith, aren’t we supposed to stay out of it?

        • It does seem that many Christians cannot leave “legalism” and come into the dispensation of Grace! They work so hard for their Salvation that Jesus purchased for them on the cross.

        • Karen Lee King

          1Corinthians 3:16-17

          • You are miss understanding this verse because you do not understand what God explains to you thru out the bible “”what defiles the body””. Please read Matthew 15: 10-15 and Matthew 15: 15-20. This can explain it to you. God Bless

        • you also forgot that the bible also said Honor god with your body and not only that You Protstants keeps on saying where is this and where is that in the bible the truth is there is nothing wrong with the bible we need Scrpiture and Tradtion the truth is the bible it self does not say Sola Scrptura you people keeps saying the Church is invisbel but it is not invisibel jesus said You are Peter and on this rock i shall build my church then after Jesus came the Early church know your facts your church is founded by men the Catholic church is founded by Jesus himself so Go to RCIA and be recived in the fullnes of the church

      • You again. TROLL Alert

      • Regardless of religious dictates, the federal government is NOT permitted to make laws about anything not enumerated in the Constitution.

        • That simplifies and states it beautifully. If they would follow it, That would be nice-always loopholes and red tape. We need 200 foot long scissors to cut though DC’s red tape.

      • Nicotine is an addictive drug.
        Smoking has been shown to cause cancer.

        • Liberalism also decreases the human life expectancy!

          • Incorrect. Liberals are, for the most part, well- educated, Conservatives. are experiencing sharp declines in life expectancy.

          • “For the most part”? Inner-city low-income minorities who have bought the lies that they were sold hook, line and sinker.

          • For the most part, those individuals are right-wing conservatives. Seems contradictory, but that is what the statistical data documents.

          • Retired Marine

            Self made “facts” don’t make them facts.

          • Hey Marine, you’re arguing with a Dim. That’s tantamount to trying to reason with a mental patient.

          • Maybe in Tehran. Not here in the USA!

          • Right-wing conservatives do NOT vote their pocketbook. They vote for values and honesty. With the exception for the so-called right-winged elites. But they are under cover Liberals.

          • Excuses, excuses, excuses …

          • And these poor deluded, uneducated inner-city folk DON’T have a long life span, I’ll bet.

          • At the hands of muSLIMES!

          • Suggest you look at the
            U.S. Census data.
            The “Red States” have the highest percentage of school dropouts.
            BLM is an internaitonal organization. It was formed in a Republican majority state.

          • Retired Marine

            If so, it is because they were smart enough to NOT be indoctrinated by the liberals.
            So they left for more worthwhile pursuits, like working to support themselves.
            Work, a four letter word, something the liberal loathe. Free college, free medical, free food, free drugs.. Oh yes the left sure knows how to run a country (into the ground).

          • Free education is what Socialist Thomas Jefferson gave America.

            It had something to do with the need for literate voters.

            In today;s highly technological world, a college education is just as necessary.

            You, sir, are a prime example of that need.

          • “It had something to do with the need for literate voters.” LMAO!!! No need for literate voters today, or live voters, or legal citizen voters, or sober voters……………………………..

          • Liberals are not well educated that’s a crock of crap!! If they are so well educated how can they believe they can get everything for FREE!! Nothing in life is FREE!! NOTHING!!! Someone always pays, and even the people who are getting the freebies are paying a price. You pay in all kinds of ways……. Dignity, freedom, you don’t have much when other people are paying your way

          • You are terribly confused.

            The majority of wefare recipients are Republican. Seems like a contradiction, but it is a factual statistic.

            The majority of “liberals” are college educated. Society reasonably defines liberalism (as opposed to conservatism) in the contemporary United States as the genuine concern for the welfare of genetically unrelated others and the willingness to contribute larger proportions of private resources for the welfare of such others.

          • Sorry but you are wrong!! Liberalism IS taught in college campuses. I have a child there that is one of of few that uses her own head to not be proselytized! Why do you think they like the 74 year old man Bernie Sanders? They here FREE!!!! They just don’t get the fact that nothing is FREE! These “young liberal college students”!!!

          • Why do you need to tell this lie?

            Why do you embarrass America this way?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          • Piss off Marxist twit!

          • What the hell is your problem??? Did you forget to take your mess again?!?!?!! I’m telling you what’s going on and YOU want to argue with me!! I have a child that Praise God has grown up with the correct morals or else would be getting sucked in!! Don’t try to tell me what she is living!! You’re just being plain stupid now!!

          • Oh, and child, in most foreign industrialized, modern nations education is free — totally, completely free.

          • We are already one of the highest taxed countries and now you want to push 21 trillion debt??? I PAID MY CHILDREN’S COLLEGE, YOU CAN PAY FOR YOUR OWN FRIKKEN KIDS EDUCATION!!

          • Please let me know where I can find all this free stuff. I am a liberal.

          • They are under your work boots, try looking there for once!

          • LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL You are a riot AK!

          • And you are about 10 years behind the times in relation to factual data.

          • What???

          • That would make you very happy, so why complain about us having a shorter life span!

        • Francisco Machado

          Holding political office is addictive. It not only corrupts the holder, it injures the rest of us. It hasn’t been made illegal. E-cigarettes are not smoking. I would be the last person ever to deny your right to grow your own cancer and there is no law against it (yet).

          • E-ciggs may not be tobacco, but ther are still smoking. They contain nocotine, this are just as addictive.

          • Not all e-cigs contain nicotine. The ones which do generally have “contains nicotine” printed on the label or on the liquid used to refill the cigs.

          • Nocotine is the drug that gives the brain’s pleasure center a buzz.
            That is the only reason for smoking. Well, unless you are a chilld trying to look grown up.

        • I dont think anyone is arguing that. People do it at their own risk. It’s no longer done inside public places, so no worry about second hand smoke.

          • LOL.

            When they become 100% disabled, who paysfor their food, clothing, shelter and medical care?

            We thw taxpayer get to pick up those bills, and their burial expenses on top of that.

          • Got news for you since the amount of people smoking has greatly decreased guess what, the amount of lung cancer has not. Now what happened is the lung cancer associations donations have greatly decrease because of less people smoking now the lung cancer association not admits smoking wasn’t the main cause of lung cancer, money makes all the difference rather than the truth.

          • Second hand smoke causes cancer.

            Smoking is concentrated air pollution.

            Many workers are exposed to harmful environments where they work.

            If you live and/or work in a large city, you are exposed daily to the same chemicals in ciggs.

          • That doesn’t address at all what I said and if air pollution or second hand smoke was that bad the Chinese would be dropping like fly’s from their horrible air pollution.

          • They are.
            China is over-populated.
            The deaths are welcome.

          • The death rate per thousand has stayed the same in China for several years and is lower then the U.S. and if you look it up lower then most countries.

          • Um, do I really need to entertain that with an answer? Here goes. EVERYONE dies from SOMETHING at some point, so if that person is uninsured, taxpayers will pay either way. Smokers pay much higher insurance to afford themselves that luxury if they choose to do so. Perhaps you’d pay just as much or more for the non smoker who lived another 10-20 years in long term care. You gotta die of something, so, argument irrelevant.

        • I DO NOT ever agree with anything you have to say but……….on this one you are correct. ?? Nicotine is addictive and smoking does cause cancer! I think thes vape things are a very bad idea!!

        • Karen Lee King

          Allow me to add to your reply.
          According to: http://www.quitsmokingsupport.com/whatsinit.htm
          Cigarette smoke contains over 4,000 chemicals, including 43 known cancer-causing (carcinogenic) compounds and 400 other toxins. These include nicotine, tar, and carbon monoxide, as well as formaldehyde, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, arsenic, and DDT. This is why I am so thankful to God that he took them away from me back in 2009.

        • Just getting old eventually causes death also. Can you legislate that natural progression away?
          Just pass laws preventing children from using the cigs and e-cigs. Simple.

      • Francisco Machado

        Irrelevant. Article is not about smoking. E-cigarettes would reduce smoking. It’s nicotine vaporized by an electrically heated element. No flame, nothing burning, no smoke.

      • What??? Mj is probably the most godly medicine given to us, but someone would much rather profit from harmful synthetic pharmaceuticals. Get back to me when you’re wasting from a bioweapon, in chronic pain, on chemo, or something miserable like that.

        • billdeserthills

          Marijuana is everything you say it is & nobody has ever found a way to od with marijuana, even in extreme cases!

        • She is a totally miserable person right now. She is a legalistic Christian, one of the worst kind of folk. I AM a follower of the Christ, but do not believe in “legalism.”
          I think Mj would make her a better person right now!

          • Right on. Let’s buy her a ticket to Jamaica and hook her up with a bad bwoy rastaman help da bloodclat ooman over stand a ting bout

      • You may not smoke, but you must not be PERFECT. I have read many of your comments, and have not noticed the “Power of the Holy Spirit” making you a nice person.

      • So, you feel any drugs used for pain control is wrong? Marijuna is not as addictive as most drugs prescribes for pain contol. It is also not quite as intoxicating.

      • No, you’re incorrect. Reread your Bible. Read Matthew 15: 10-11 and Matthew 15: 15 -20. Not that i’m defending cig’s, but what you said is not in the Bible. God’s said, it’s not what goes in, it’s what comes out . Because what comes out, is what comes from our heart and soul. And that’s what defiles a person and makes you unclean. Not what goes in.

      • I hate cigarettes, but I do not have the right to ban other people from smoking. The same goes for marijauna, wether for medical or recreational use.

        • You do have the right to keep dangerious drugs out of the hands of children.

          Nicotine is as addictive as cocaine.

          Smoking causes lung damage.

          Regulating nicotine is no different than regulating alcohol.

          • billdeserthills

            Those kids said they wanted it

          • Man, high school would have been pretty boring without the thrill of getting away with having a Budweiser behind the eisel in art class or sneaking a J in the woods on the mile run test. Lmao-glad I went to HS before things got so tight on kids they couldn’t be kids. Kids get arrested for a six pack now instead of the cops taking the beer for after work and just driving you home to mom and dad.

          • billdeserthills

            So shut up AK Lady!

      • billdeserthills

        Jah man, the reefer, she is blessed–Huh

    • You are a bit confused. It was the religious right who demanded prohibition.

      • Why do you nannies think you have to mother everybody! Interesting that your BOY Oblame-o outlaws E-cigs but allows tobacco to remain legal.

        • Maybe because when you smoke youself into disabily We the People get to pay you medical bills and provide your food, clothing and shelter?

          • OMG, you surfaced again, and you once claimed you had your masters of PhD or something along those lines….. Yet you obviously failed to learn spelling or grammar as in: smoke youself into disabily. And, people get to pay “you” medical bills, yeah, it truly sounds as if you’re a truly edumicated person ! If you’ve forgotten I’m the one that hired a bush pilot out of Talkeetna on one of my backpacking trips.

          • Thank you for pounting out the typo.

            These people are known for their poor spelling, I guess you think they are pretty ignorant:

            Benjamin Franklin, Alfred Mosher Butts,William Faulkner, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, John Keats, John Irving, Jane Austen, Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill ,John F. Kennedy Jr

          • Yup! You are right up there with those folks! DON’T FLATTER YOURSELF!!

          • I don’t live in, or near, Telkeetna.

          • billdeserthills

            Drunks and smokers pay taxes, ever hear of tolerance?

          • You slugs do it for illegal aliens, why not for AMERICANS??

        • Maybe because drunks kilk people?

          • So are liberals like yourself, for the life of me, I don’t know why your kind is still allowed to drive cars or exist without being confined.

          • Retired Marine

            Then the obvious answer is to ban cars. Right?

          • How about they quit making candy, berry and fruit flavored cigars trying to hook the kids. I’m always amazed when I see a young person smoking. But then I’m amazed that we allow our children to be given and addicted to Ritalin, a class ll narcotic as well as a plethora of other mind bending, knee wobbling drugs all prescribed by licensed MD’s. That’s a bit like the Obama/Holder arming of the Mexican Drug Cartels.

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  3. billdeserthills

    I understand the FDA estimates the amount of time it will take to fill out all the stupid gov’t paperwork obtain gov’t approval to cost an e-cig company almost $1 million to gain this new, special license

  4. billdeserthills

    who will stop obama’s insane administration’s lawless ways?

    Vote Trump 2016!!

    • Michael Dennewitz

      I’m still trying to figure out how the little velcro headed Kenyan was vested with total power over anyone and anything???

      • billdeserthills

        the fake pos prez turned into a dictator and congress did nothing!

        • Correct, because anyone who dares stand up winds up six feet under.

        • And in what ways is he a dictator?

        • And when did that happen? Congress has chosen, thanks to its Republican members, not to do anything about anything. It’s interesting that after Mr Obama was elected the infamous Mitch McConnell said that the primary focus of the Republican Party is to get rid of Barack Obama — never a word about working with the President to help solve our national problems.

        • The Republicans “said” they were going to do something, then did nothing except join the Demo! I hate now to admit that I am a Republican.

      • Because if anyone says anything to him about what he’s doing they will be called a racist. For all we know we would even put the person in jail for life or worse yet death row.

      • The overlords are pulling his strings. He was put there. No comply-he dies. Why do you think him and Clinton both went gray in office?

      • Michael Dennewitz, age 19, 9645 State Route 821, Lower Salem, for domestic violence, a misdemeanor. Dennewitz turned himself in to Corrections Officers and was processed into the Washington County Jail on 23 Jul 15 at 9:24 pm.

      • Michael Dennewitz, age 19, 9645 State Route 821, Lower Salem, for unlawful sexual conduct with a minor, a felony. Dennewitz was arrested at his residence by Sgt. Johnson of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office and processed into the Washington County Jail on 8 Jun 15 at 3:56 pm.

      • Couldn’t you think of anything more snarky and disrespectful to say? Why not just call him [n-word], since that’s apparently what you mean.

        • Michael Dennewitz

          Ummm, what’s the “N” word dipshit??? Disrespectful? ? ROFLMFAO You got it bubbah! I have more respect for a damned slimy roach.. That’s what makes freedom so enjoyable! Freedom of speech, freedom of thoughts……

        • No! A Ni**er is what you are! Obama is a traitor.

    • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

      Or vote 1 well placed Ruger .375 Magnum 250gr AP…

      • billdeserthills

        Tell me about it, I was prepared to become the first jewish donor to the kkk, but they couldn’t pull it off

    • What lawless ways? Provide a valid answer.

    • And how soon after we have Mr Trump in office with that wall between the US and Mexico be completed? How long will it take to round up all the Muslims and put them in camps like we did with the Japanese during WW2?

      • Bout as long as the hope and change happened. But then again, we sure have been “fundamentally transformed”. Shariah Law, transsexual bathrooms, a nation of welfare recipients.

      • Baloney! All that must be done is take away the freebies, stop anchor babies and put a hefty fine on those that use their cheap labor and there won’t be many to deport. Everyone knows that except you!

  5. While the “king POS” ohomo goes on smoking his real cigarettes in our [formerly clean] WH.
    even the pedophile Clinton didn’t really smoke his cigars, [he had “other” uses for them] !!!

  6. carlton goodson

    The gov needs to get out of our lives we don’t need a nanny state.

  7. There he goes again, protecting children .


  9. What an asshole him and Hillary are!

  10. Just Obama showing his BLACK POWER

  11. I wish Trump would become president and demand we open Obama sealed records.. All laws become void Obama put in place

    • The only place on earth I feel is appropriate for him and his entire administration is being dropped in the center of Mt. Kilauea and let them not pollute the earth with any more of their ideologies.

  12. TheRealPatriot

    Yabba Dabba Doo ! I vape and you can too ! Oh wait not so fast Scooby !

  13. TheRealPatriot

    Trump for president !

  14. I think the only reason the feds are getting involved so they have another item to tax to death, after all that is all any branch of government is really interested in is more taxes.

  15. It isn’t in the Constitution but it must be in the Republican playbook as they are allowing the lawless Administration to do as the please without any interference at all and in fact, in most cases side with the feckless POTUS and his lawless staff. And Ryan has the gall to say HE AND HE ALONE has the right to go against the presumptive nominee for the presidency because HE DOESN’T LIKE HIM OR HIS PLATFORM. What it must be like to RUIN a nation that once was so desired by every country in the world for the few power hungry.

    • Don’t get me wrong, I agree that Paul (Rhino) Ryan is on the wrong side of this, but he didn’t make any such statement. He simply said he wasn’t ready to endorse Trump and he felt Trump needed to do more to include the GOP (in simple terminology). They simply don’t want to relinquish their power!

  16. Photo ID required to buy e-cigs but not to Vote good to know what this administration thinks is more important.

    They just want to protect the children just not in the bathroom.

    • …a truly ignorant comparison.

      • “h m………”, a perfectly good comparison. Voting without a photo ID, makes all elections a meaningless sham—and we are talking about issues that could well mean the demise of this great Nation. Also, persons who hire others to vote and those doing so, should spend 6-months in the “slammer”, and forever lose their right to vote in any state or federal election.

        • I believe that the penalty should be much more stiff.

          • Dan, probably so, but having a “bright orange” ID card would generate a lot of other subtle penalties.

          • Do you mean an actual fair vote? How would the liberals win than?

        • Where would we got enough jail space for all those democrats.

          • “glenn….,” you are off on the wrong foot, by lumping all Democrats into the “bad apple” barrel, Democrats, like Republicans and other political parties all have their bad apples, but about 80% of each group are good people. They are your neighbors, fellow workers, business associates, fellow church and club members, golf and fishing partners, occasionally one’s spouse or siblings It is the 20% in each group that upsets the “applecart” and we don’t help our cause(s) by “lumping” all into the bad-apple barrel. Hopefully, we can convince 5 or 10 percent to come to our way of thinking—-all done in a civil and cordial manner. .

          • If it was only 20% how come they passed Obama care without even reading it?

          • “glemm398. There are only 100 Senators of which the Republicans have a small majority. There is over 500 congresspersons and there are hundreds of thousands of Democrat and Republican citizens. I personally believe the 80-20 rule also generally applies in congress. Also, it is a common practice, when huge bills are being voted on, most congresspersons rely upon their staff and professionals to brief them on those huge documents. In the olden days such laws had to be published in a Daily Register for 90 days. I believe you were mixing apples and oranges.

          • At the time the Obama care was voted on the democrats controlled both houses. The bill was pushed forward in such a short time there was no way anyone could have even begun to read it all much less understand it. So instead of voting against it so that it could be brought forward in a proper manner they just said what the hell we are democrats and it is a democratic bill.

          • Glenn, your post is well on point. There must be something massive going on that has our congress frightened or at least tongue-tied. I cannot imagine being able to intimidate everyone in both Houses. The solution is short terms and age limits for both houses, where the elected officials are paid by the states they represent. I suggest two 4-year terms for the house and one 6-year term for the Senate, with a house member being able to run for the senate, but not vice versa, with a single term and age-limit of 70 for the President, and judges, along with a law that permits the citizens to “vote out of office”, those that they elected, without waiting for the term(s) to expire. Also, any elected or appointed person in office, must resign their present position before they can run for any “other” office. They should not be living off of tax-payer’s money while running for office. I also believe a 60% super-majority of either house should be able to “deny an elected person to be seated”, (without pay), either for a limited period or for their established term of office. The pensions for all should be that amount a fully portable “defined contribution” plan would provide. The health insurance for congress and judges should be that of the other government employees. There is more, but time dictates I close.

          • Can’t argue with your posting except the voters of today hardly have a clue on what is going on and most don’t care. All Obama had to do was get the goods on just a few to make sure the majority had to be on his side so they couldn’t challenge what he does and I think that part is what he is really good at.

          • You are correct, for I know some democrats and even some liberals who have the same values that I do. I think it is just the human nature to speak in hyperbolas and generalities. Sorry, that isn’t really fair and muddies the waters.

          • Don’t need that space. Just declare “open season” on them for target practice. Pick off a few muslims at the same time.

          • It’s getting to the point that at the rate they multiply don’t know if there is enough ammunition to get them all.

      • no it isn’t.the democrats don’t support voter ID laws because it would stop illegal aliens from voting and anyone else from voting more than once. yet they want to regulate everything else and make you show ID…the democratic party is a bunch of HYPOCRITS…

        • The liberals and progressives aren’t really ”hypocrites” for they really are so deluded that believe the drivel they promote. The liberal mind cannot use logic and it doesn’t recognize truth. It is just the nature of the beast. That mind also can’t predict consequences of their ‘great’ ideas! It is a dead-end street to discuss issues with the liberal mind.

      • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

        But a funny one…

      • Hello el doucheo. Nice to see you again. But not really.

      • Two separate sentiments Einstien!

    • what does photo ID have to do with a bathroom?

      Photo ID includes student ID, WHICH most GOP states don’t accept to vote, so….

      not even remotely similar, but nice try.

      • Senility Chick, I know it’s hard to keep up, but do try!

      • Wrong! I want to see a photo ID showing the transgender’s male parts have been removed. Then I will allow him into the bathroom with me. Otherwise I will either punch him out, or (if he is too big) will find a hidden corner of that business or institution and leave my yesterday’s food and drink! I AM NOT KIDDING!

        • HOW would Mary even know WHO to check?

          are you going to get verification from every ugly woman in the room?

          why is this issue so hard for you conservatives to grasp?

    • BOOOOOOOOM! Excellent point! Don’t you know that asking a person if they are a LAWFUL citizen when they vote is racist!!! Hell, I’d go one step further. Felons, illegal aliens, druggies, illiterates, no ballot!

    • Right on! What a bunch of hipocrits led by head hipocrit bho.

  17. Is it time yet? Are we there yet?

    • Stay frosty, my friend. Nearly.

      In the meantime, top off your tanks and top off your mags. Start making your lists.

      Start with a list of all of the Libtard Whackdoodle Buttplugs in your local area. The Obamunists will not be able to fully implement their genocide against our nation’s Patriots without local “on the ground” information, and the buttplugs are the ones most likely to volunteer as our Overlords’ newest spies, moles, informants, collaborators, whores, and other forms of servile toadies.

      Once the Obamunists finally move against our nation’s Patriots, the militia should already be prepared to move against the buttplugs and send them to their Eternal Celestial Dirt Nap. We don’t want them around to stab us in the back once we start doing the same to the Obamunists.

      Figuring out just who the Libtard Whackdoodle Buttplugs are should not be too hard. Those douchebags just love to draw attention to themselves. They are psychologically incapable of *not* flapping their c0ck holsters about all things Libtard, so use that character flaw against them.

      If you want to generate a list quickly, just announce that you plan to host a “Draw Moe Hammett” contest that will kick off by barbecuing the pages of the Koran that you have previously bookmarked with slabs of bacon. THAT oughtta draw them out.

      Go stock up on some Silver Bullet Gun Oil (SBGO). SBGO contains 13 percent liquefied pig fat, thus assuring that Camel-Shaggers won’t go to “Virginworld” if they happen to die after being struck by a bullet from any firearm so lubricated:


      Every bottle of SBGO comes with a flyer describing the above, printed in both English and in Arabic. Make some photocopies and post them wherever the goat-humpers will be sure to see them. The buttplugs will come out of the woodwork to reveal themselves. They don’t seem to be able to understand the risk associated with making their names public, so encourage them to do that.

      If you have a fellow Patriot with access to the Real Estate industry’s online database called MLS, they should be able to search by the buttplugs’ names to get their physical home addresses. You can fill in the gaps by searching for the buttplugs on Facebook and other social media. If your Militia unit has an Intel section, they should already be doing this. Ours is.

      Be sure to match up the buttplugs’ names with where they live on your list. Make sure that every Patriot and member of your local Militia gets a copy of that list.

      Be ready. Once the Obamunists’ genocide begins, put those buttplugs in the dirt *first*.

  18. Yet another Papal Bull, a diktat from on high?

  19. Get out and stay out of our lives!

  20. Hang the queer homosexual.

  21. I don’t have that much of a problem with the govt trying to protect us from harm. But the FDA actually looked into RE-approving Vioxx…after more than 55,000 people DIED during it’s first stretch. The problem for E-cigs is that they are not currently regulated so they do not have to BRIBE the FDA to be in business.

  22. Who does this guy think he is!?!? POTUS’s aren’t allowed to make laws, he’s anti-constitution & hateful!

    • Well first off, the FDA is doing it becasue nicotine is a DRUG that is ADDICTIVE and they HAVE THE RIGHT.
      how is that unconstitutional, silly conservative?

      • FDA? NO they aren’t bought, paid for and exploiting the masses with big pharma profits and even worse diseases from the side effects.

        • well that may also be true.
          but selling nicotine to kids is really not in anyone’s best interest, now is it?

          • You are right about that. I would never argue health statistics about the harm that smoking causes. Nicotine is addictive, but nowhere near as dangerous as water vapor compared to tobacco.

          • It is if you’re talking about the delusional, moronic, delirious Demoncrap kids. They deserve to drop dead.

          • Idiot!! Not all vapes contain nicotine!!

          • well that is true.
            you think these guys know that?

      • Statist idiot!! The gubment wants it’s filthy hands in the E-Cig’s mfgs. and users pockets! They don’t care about health, just TAX AND SPEND! How much is big tobacco giving to the head scumbag in charge!??

      • Oh, RC, you still have your head up your dark side! Food is addictive, sugar is addictive, oxygen can be addictive….Using your own FDA descriptions of “addictive”, just about anything is addictive.
        1st, “drug” gives no one the “right” to control or regulate.
        2nd, tobacco IS legal, just as eating or drinking pop.
        3rd, there is no “constitutional” power granted to FED/POTUS to regulate/deny use of a legal product by a citizen.
        4th, the FDA is NOT a constitutionally granted branch of government.
        5th, nicotine is addictive, not necessarily physically harmful, dangerous. It’s all the other chemicals, both natural & added, in cigarettes that are cancerous, hence that’s why ecigs are safer, that’s why cigars & pipes are safer.
        So, go back to your dark hole, RC, and keep your lack of intellect & knowledge to yourself.

        • So much bloviating, so LITTLE Fact.

          the US gov has regulated food for a hundred years.
          complain to your local congressman.

          FDA is 110 years old.
          little late to try and fight that, silly con.

          AND you’re pretending nicotine is good for you?

          Nicotine is the harmful, addictive substance found in all tobacco
          products. When you smoke a cigarette, chew tobacco, or otherwise ingest
          nicotine, the effects are immediate:

          Nicotine travels through the body in the bloodstream and heads straight for the brain, arriving in 7 to 15 seconds.
          In the brain, nicotine boosts the “reward center,” releasing chemicals that cause a pleasant, happy feeling.
          Adrenaline is then released, increasing heart rate and blood
          pressure, and making breathing rapid and shallow. As nicotine use
          continues, these effects can damage your heart, arteries, and lungs,
          increasing the risk for heart attack, stroke, and chronic lung disease.

          • So, just because something is “old” makes it “good”? If that’s the argument, then where do you progressives get off on trying to “progress” things that are established? Using your argument, we should still have Jim Crow, women should be staying home taking care of their babies and men should be the only soldiers in the military.
            Your argument about nicotine refers to anything addictive as that’s the definition of the term. I never said that nicotine was “good” for you, but then supposedly neither is salt, fats, sugar, wheat, etc. Each one of these can cause the same effects as you’re stating if taken in right doses, right people, etc.
            The point is that these are legal substances & FDA/Obama is trying to circumvent congress, laws, States in “regulating” these substances.
            Finally, where would children’s health programs be without tobacco?!?!?
            Thanks to all the lawsuits, tobacco companies & cigarette taxes are paying for healthcare for kids in a lot of States, including where I live! So if cigarettes are banned, then these poor kids won’t have healthcare! If people stop smoking, children will suffer!!!
            Progressivism at work…..

          • “So, just because something is “old” makes it “good”?”

            God your dim.

            old makes it SETTLED.

          • So, again, slavery? Jim Crow? Indians on reservations?
            Age makes nothing “settled” …

          • that is just silly, Mark.

            THEY were all changed as well NOT ACCEPTED by MANY.

          • RC, ever hear of literary exaggeration?
            The point being, is that the FDA is NOT a Constitutionally mandated office and that it has gotten WAY too big for doing much good. It needs to go the way of the Helium Storage Dept…. OH, WAIT!!! The Feds STILL STORE Helium!!!
            I guess that’s because it’s also more then 110 years old….

          • Senility chick, and AKClady are statists, big gubment, high taxes, P.C. facists, open border Obama leg humpers.

          • helium is used by the US Navy silly.

            lots of things we have in society are not in the Constitution directly.

            things get “interpreted”.
            the “general Welfare” clause I believe is what covers IT.

  23. I believe Obama is experiencing a drug addiction mental breakdown….. in my opinion.

  24. They should be regulated. They are sold as some sort of safe substitute for smoking. I wouldn’t be surprised if some have actually taken up this habit while never actually having smoked. It may very well turn out that e cigs are even worse than cigarettes. The best way to quit smoking is to quit smoking, no gimmicks no excuses.

    • Francisco Machado

      Control freaks are among nature’s most annoying creations and Washington is full of them. Government attracts them like a rotting carcass attracts flies and they devote their taxpayer paid hours thinking of way to increase the red tape – we pay for the results of that, too. How about publicizing the potential dangers and let people decide? Let parents take care of minors. Maybe they could put the effort toward something useful like going after internet hackers that steal bank info or break into Hillary’s personal computer.

    • Not all vapes contain nicotine!!!

    • you sound about like someone who never smoked.I tried to quit many times but was unsuccessful most of the time.vaping worked for me,maybe not for everyone but it did for me.

      • You are wrong. I smoked. It wasn’t easy to quit but wasn’t that hard either. It boggles my mind why people need props. Just quit. It is simple. Think about how much it costs. Then think about how much you don’t really enjoy it. Then think about how important your health is to you. Then brood on those thoughts constantly especially when lighting up. After a while you will quit and hate the habit and resent it.

  25. someone needs to muzzle that rabid dog and experiment on his ego.

  26. meangreenMarine

    So, American citizens will have to show a photo I.D. In order to buy E-cigarettes but don’t need any identification to vote? Typical Democrat Bull Feces!
    Particularly the overreach of this Administration!

  27. michael schimanski

    AGAIN , government control over the people , communist , what obama has been trying to do with all his executive orders . The take over of America , disarm the public like Hitler did in germany . He wants to make it easier for hillary , and his muSLIM friends he’s bring over .

  28. Obama, you smoke cigarettes, and that’s fine- you’re a big boy and can do as you please, but why the need to regulate every little thing? People aren’t stupid. We know about the research. Just slap a label on saying use at own risk. End of story. Why is everything micromanaged? Are our bm’s going to be next? I’m far more concerned with anything genetically modified hidden in the liquid, cosmetics, beverages, seeds, foods, etc…how about label and restrict THAT???

  29. AKLady2015 should be FLAGGED by everyone who sees her comments in these comment sections. Notice the horrible smear to Michael D. below! Unbelievable!

  30. Candacelryder3

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  31. hey obammy when did you quit smoking.

  32. Here is the real truth http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/Papers.cfm?abstract_id=2557691 for a very long time now Americas government is still as corrupt as it has been since money has become more important than its own citizens. And another question, what the hell happened to free enterprise? This country just keeps on sliding off a steep slope heading to the abyss never to return. At least not with the criminal organization that took America to government organized crime. It’s all going to fall apart one day soon though…

  33. I pray that this Country wakes up. More Federal infringement on our Freedom. This also means that the prices will have to be increased, which will be blamed entirely on the Free Market, then they’ll be MORE cries for even more socialism. God Help Us.

  34. william g munson

    The main reason is that they are not getting the TAX money that real cigarette bring in and if Hillary get elected then Look Out they will want to TAX the AIR we breathe in because it is not yours But the Government Period

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