Obama Seeing Red: Another Blow to Amnesty

President Obama wanted it to stand as his crowning achievement. Six long years after he promised voters that he would fundamentally change the United States, he took his biggest step in that direction. No, not because his amnesty plan would have given legal status to some 5 million illegal immigrants. That would have been destructive, but it wouldn’t have qualified as fundamental change. The people were, after all, already here.

What was novel about his executive action on immigration was not its effect but its existence. Here was a U.S. president standing before the world to declare that he had the authority to not just disregard congressional law, but to actually make law from the White House. There had been uneasy jokes about “Emperor Obama” before last November, but this was no laughing matter. Was this really possible? Was no one going to stand up and cry foul?

Well, people cried, but that was about it. Salvation was not forthcoming from the spineless Republicans on Capitol Hill, but they have gotten their just desserts for that particular betrayal.

On the other side of the coin, 26 states, led by Texas, decided they would not watch our democracy go up in smoke without one last effort to save it. They filed suit against the Obama administration, citing the overwhelming burdens the order would place on their economies and law enforcement agencies. The administration fiercely defended the actions as “prosecutorial discretion.”

Unfortunately for Obama’s Justice Department, U.S. District Court Judge Andrew Hanen wasn’t convinced. He issued an injunction against the order in February, and now the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has affirmed that injunction in a 2-1 decision.

“President Obama should abandon his lawless executive amnesty program and start enforcing the law today,” said Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

Instead of following that wise counsel, the DOJ announced they would appeal the decision to the Supreme Court. “The Department of Justice remains committed to taking steps that will resolve the immigration litigation as quickly as possible in order to allow DHS to bring greater accountability to our immigration system by prioritizing the removal of the worst offenders, not people who have long ties to the United States and who are raising American children,” a department spokesman said.

What will the Supreme Court decide? Based on the tenuous connection their recent decisions have had to logic, precedent, or the Constitution, it’s impossible to predict. For now, let’s just take a breath and appreciate the victory. It’s not over yet, but we made it a little harder for a president to push a golden throne into the Oval Office.

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  2. Ya just gotta love this. Someone actually standing up to -TU. Too bad I can’t feel so good about the chances the supremes will stand up to him also

    • The SCOTUS will not: OBAMA has threatened them and their families so the will rule in favor of OBAMA every time.!!

      • You are right. These nine glorified lawyers in black robes are controlled & screw up more things then they get right. I call SCOTUS SCROTUM. But most of the screwed up decisions result from the Far Left Whacked Out Liberals, e.g., Ginsberg, Kennedy both of whom should be in an old age home with their depends diapers.

        • We need to make changes to the Supremes in this country…We need more stringent requirements than some POS president putting them in office,,,at least let the people vote on them…Kagan and Sotomayor will both be removed when the truth of Obama comes out…God says…

          • Now we have another reason not to vote for Jeb…Bad supremes that his family put in place and have cost us in anguish.

          • The first thing to address this cancer is eliminate life time appointments. This is absolutely moronic. But then our MAFIA government is absolutely moronic who make the MAFIA look like choir boys.

          • We really need to put our heads together on this one…we need to come up with better ways to the supreme and also a better way to elect our representatives and make sure they do not get re elected over and over and over…many are simply POS people to begin with…Why??? Why do we vote such people in…Vote only for property owners??? Maybe they will research each candidate…

          • muskat antonopolis

            mary..mary…contrary mary….WHY? HOW?…well, because of
            a lot of reasons as far as I can tell: American voters are either
            too busy, tired, disinterested, selfish or some other excuse, to
            VOTE and vote intelligently……Americans really do not care
            what happens to the “other” guy as long as they get theirs….
            the Spirit of our fathers of old has looong since died and is
            with a few exceptions , no longer a part of the American psychology…
            and tenure?…an old saying goes “if it works leave it alone”..
            so we know that some of them are crooks but they keep
            spreading some of the wealth so they get left alone and are
            re..re..relected until death do them part…kiss the America
            that so many remember Goodbye ms American pie, drove my
            chevy to the levy but the levy was dry…dry bones!The
            new American creed …he who dies with the most toys WINS!
            Enjoy your Sunday…..

          • You’ve said something here that makes sense. The only thing I disagree with is the—- he who dies with the most toys WINS thing. Not so. Think about it. Rest of it is good. YOU, enjoy your Sunday too. It is a good day. Spark

      • Iceman, It’s the Islamic way…………………….

    • it does seem the supremes have been bought off–they are now making law–like obama

  3. ‘Not people who have long ties and are raising American children’…I read somewhere that Mexican govt regards all children born of Mexicans are Mexicans no matter where they are in the world! So these anchors are Mexicans by mexico govt words and our stupid idiots in govt have fk up but these anchors are Mexicans!

  4. Hopefully, a death blow to amnesty.

  5. The negro is a mahoo. People laugh at mahoos there and don’t pay attention to them. Maybe we should do what the Hawaiians do?

  6. I am beginning to see a pattern here.
    Obama does something stupid and finally, courts are beginning to agree with him and help him out by blocking whatever it is he wanted to do.
    This may contribute to Obama losing his total mind.
    The man cannot stand being corrected. Especially when it comes with in something he really wanted to pass.

    ONLY TIME!!!!!!!

    • We need to push him over the line to crack and show who he really is, even to the liberal fools…

      • I agree totally. Obama is really dangerous and these little (major as far as I am concerned) defeats cause him to walk around the White House, smoking his cigarettes and drinking his beer wondering why people don’t appreciate his greatness.
        Well, we don’t appreciate his greatness because he is nothing but a muslim loving idiot!!!
        I was really naive early on after Obama was elected. I actually thought, well, maybe he might bring us together.
        WRONG OH SO WRONG!!!!!!!!!
        I finally put it together when he started to outright support muslim efforts.

        And, when he invited people from the muslim brotherhood to his second coming, I knew it totally then.
        Simply stated: Obama’s father was muslim. His mother American. The Koran states if a child is born with a muslim father, that child WILL ALWAYS BE A MUSLIM, period!!!!!!!!
        After I read that, everything fell into place.

  7. This was very much expected. The GOP attorneys general did some careful venue shopping to find the Western Dist. of TX (El Paso) which is heavily hispanic, with none on the Bench. Then the 5th Cir. (New Oreleas) is the most coservative in the nation. The claim was that Obama did not follow the Administrative Procedures Act (5 USC 553-559) to give notice a chance to comment followed by a decision based on the evidence and the testimony, to the detriment of the taxpayers of these stats. This would mean that when a natural disaature happened, that instead of the President just declaring a disaster area and getting aid there asap, he would have to publish it in the Federal Register for at least 30 days, followed by hearings which can last up to 90 days for the ‘comment period’, then using this and other evidence could reach a decision, which could be appealed to the court, so there would never be any aid following a natural disaster. I am sure glad that I do not live along a coast line or in an active geological area, where over 90% of the population of the US live. 3 years ago Obama declared N. CO, where I live a disaster area and the next day FEMA was here, took no prisoners, but wrote those of us who suffered damage checks so that we could get on with recovery. This suit was a usual conservative thing of not looking at the possible adverse consequences. Former Rep Cantor bitched about giving VT Fed Aid, so 2 weeks later when there was similar damage to VA, Cantor got pay-back and no aid for his constiuants from the Fed Govt. How many have cut of the limb that they were standing on?

    • Boil it down! If you are here illegally, go home!

      • I think that all people who are not native Americans should go home after cleaning up their messes.

        • There is no race native to America.

          • Race is a social idea, not biological, so there were humans in the Americas long before Europeans got here, and it was their homeland before our ancestors arrived and they had civilizations which probably, at the time, worked as well in terms of taking care of their people as well as that which we inflicted upon them. So by being here before our European or Asian ancestors we all became the invaders, and based on histoical occupancy the land is still theirs, and were it returned to them in the same conditions as our ancestors found it, they would probably be better off than they are under the ‘civilization’ that was imposed upon them.
            Now, without regard to their wishes, some are claiming that we are being invaded by people who have ancestors who were in the Americas before our ancestors, so how can the decendants of an indigenous people be invaders into what should be a part of their homeland?

          • They came from Russia and China DOLT!..Nearly one-third of Native American genes
            come from west Eurasian people linked to the Middle East and Europe,
            rather than entirely from East Asians as previously thought, according
            to a newly sequenced genome.

          • You seem to either have forgotten or never knew that the origins of us all was in Africa, and that mankind spread out from there and through evolution developed the characteristics we see today in what we call ‘races’. However, there is also evidence that those who came out of Africa as Homo Sapiens, when they reached Europe bred with another form of hominid life which we call Neathrathals who eventually mostly faded from the face of the earth because they did not have as large a brain as did homo, and could not adapt to changing conditions as well as could homo sapienes could. However, as shown in animal studies, there are always cases where interbreeding brings out all of the old recessive genes, and from what I read hear, it would seem that we now have those with recessive genes again appearing, particularly in the United States, They only have about 27.999,999! (factorial) to go to determine all of the combinations and permutations which make us all appear to be different, but enough the same so that we can reproduce without creating hybrids which cannot reproduce.
            Then too, as man migrated out from what is now Russia, China and Mongolia, and from this groups decendants as well as the decendants of those who went to Europe early, there still has not been enough genetic change to keep us from interbreeding. The bottom line is that if you were to chase down your ancestral genome you would probably be surprised at where your ancestors really originated. There is nothing that we can do to change our ancestry, but there are things that we can do to appreciate our differences from others without any implication of superiority or inferiority.

          • Then I suppose we should all vacate our assumed countries and return to Africa! You are the one that forgot your words….”I think that all people who are not native Americans should go home after cleaning up their messes.”

          • The problem with this is that now all of the world is over populated, so there is no room for anyone to go home or even to go almost anywhere else because all of the hapitable zone is full. We are now suffering the ill effects of this as we can see there is not enough fresh water – a basic necessity of all know live – to go around, and we all see the bad effects of too much water in places where it causes floods rather than being actually used. Just this single factor is going to call for a lot of readjustment in probably a very short period of time. In CO and CA we are seeing the conflict over this scarce resources cause even more division between the urban and rural interests. The Imperial Valley in CA which did grow much of our produce depends on water from the CO river, and for some time the major reservoirs used to store this water have been steadily declining so that even if we had several very much above snow falls in the headwaters they could not be restored to their maximum capacity within even 20 years.
            A part of the native American cultures all over North America was to leave as many of the resources possible in place for future generations, but with the coming of the Europeans, this has been replaced by using them up as fast as possible. Yesterday, for example, the BLM had an auction in Denver over the drilling rights in the Pawnee National Grass lands which are as pristine a place in the plaines of the US as we can find. which, except for the loss of the American Bison, is not that much different from what it was when the Europeans got to N. America. So even while the oil and gas drilling industry is loosing jobs because of lack of market for its products domestically, the companies are at least planning for it to be exploited, much to the disliking of the people who are the real Conservatives who what to preserve things for the nest generations. The TEA Party, Freedom (whatever) minority of the majority in the House was a sponsor of a bill to repeal the ban on the exportation of our energy sources just last month. This is even though the existing wells are currently not producing to capacity because they cannot compete with the prices of imports.
            Where is the great issue of ‘Energy self-sufficiency’ that was a hot topic just a few years ago for Conservatives now that we are the highest potential exporter of oil and gas, and cannot compete on the world market for even coal? What we should have taken the time, when there was time, to learn from the Native Americans about all of the things that we now really need to know. Such as why the people who lived in what we now call Mesa Verde suddenly picked up and left, and the same goes for other places to the S and W where we find ruins of previous civilizations. Maybe, we could have learned something more from them about the long term climate cycles so that we could be prepared. Now, we have gone so far as to reach the point where there is only one person below the age of about 7 who has actually learned the entire Navajo Language – which people of my age were trying to write down 30-40 years ago. Where did the knowledge that we should have learned from people who actually spoke this go when the language was gone. A good friend of mine who died about 5 years ago was one of the last remaining Navajo Code talkers, but he took what he knew not only of the language but of his experiences in WWII with him so we will never know. The geology and archeology of these places and people only tell us a very little of the people themselves, but we do know that when the Spanish started colonizing this part of North America there were still those who had first hand knowledge, which was not preserved in the name of civilizing people who already had their own civilization, but no written language.
            Just in our own country, we see plans to pave over Civil War battle sites, just for the sake of profit. The bottom line is that we should learn from the past at least so that we do not make the same mistakes as those who went before, but when that interest is in conflict with immediate profit or other gain, it always seems to loose.

          • Exactly!

          • Ever hear of the American Indian?????

          • Everyone in America immigrated from somewhere else, even so called native Americans. The Phoenicians were here long before they were.

  8. Hopefully, the supremes will vacate the injunction.

  9. Isn’t the Dept. of Justice supposed to follow the law, not interpret, It?? Oh wait, this is Obama’s DOJ!

    • No, just like us, their job, is to do as they are told. I doubt -TU has any dirt on every supreme, heck he doesn’t need any dirt on almost half of them, but I sure wouldn’t be surprised if he had something on Roberts. That would explain a lot. He’s supposed to be conservative

      • Roberts affair would be enough.

        • Yes indeedy As close as this court is, It would only take one conservative to turn to drastically alter the results. This is highly evidenced by the last couple of edicts on we the peons. Those poor unfortunates who don’t know what’s good for themselves

  10. Traitor-Leaders Can Destroy a Nation
    and Other Nations Around the World, especially with the help of the Muslims in
    the Whitehouse, Illegal Invaders, the Chicago MOB, and The Drug Cartel.

    A nation can survive its lazy welfare leaches, tax-evaders, unprovoked wars, and even
    massive voter fraud; however, it cannot survive a Traitor-Leader (reference
    Adolph Hitler/Germany). A Traitor-Leader
    uses multiple names and social security numbers, seals all past records,
    destroys passports, presents fabricated documents, reads prepared statements of
    deception and lies, arms the enemy, orders IRS computers and VA Records
    trashed/shredded, and then moves freely among the people for photo ops, playing
    golf, and fund raising. Traitor-leaders
    endorse Common Core, much like Hitler’s thought-control and brainwashing of Germany’s
    youth. The wisdom of the prudent person
    understands deceptive Traitor-Work, such as promoting and arming The Drug
    Cartel and Muslims, opening the borders to drug traffickers, murderers, prostitutes,
    and other diseased Illegal Invaders, providing free college for illegal
    invaders, promoting Homosexuals and Gay Marriage, releasing Illegal Invaders
    who have committed Rape and Murder, supporting Muslim Brotherhood Terrorists
    (so named by Egypt, Syria, Libya, America’s Congress, and Saudi Arabia) with money
    and arms, bowing to Muslim Leaders, setting Terrorists FREE without a trial,
    and killing Citizens without a Trial (drones).
    Traitor-Leaders use government offices (like IRS, NSA, AG, and EPA) to
    suppress all challengers, by-passes the constitution and congress, and sows
    discord among its people, especially through Racism, Sexism, Illegal Invaders, and
    Religion. Finally, “the way of fools is
    right in their own eyes; fools believe every word of deceitful Traitor-Leaders;
    they even rage at truth and reproach.”
    King Solomon.

    Former Registered Democrat, but proud to say I didn’t vote for Hussein 0’Vomit!

  11. Don’t count on it as this new Hitler will not relent! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION! sTATES NEED TO SATART MANNING MILITIAS TO SEND Moscow wEST A MESSAGE! Armr=========================?

  12. Another reason why they want our guns can you imagine what this mutt in the white house would do if he resolved this problem for himself. The burned out roaches left over from the 60s and their liberal children wouldnt mind as long as the free stuff kept on coming. Thats the problem with socialism they will give stuff away and when they run out they will give your stuff away until there isnt anything left to give.

    • Maggie Thatcher once said the problem with Socialism is sooner or later you run out of other peoples’ money. We are well past that point at this time, but it hasn’t slowed the Dems a lick. We are borrowing from our citizens who haven’t even been born yet to finance the spending in Washington, yet to hear them squeal about having to cut a dollar out of a program you would think every dollar is absolutely needed and something very bad is going to happen if you take that dollar away. With that logic in play, I don’t see how to stop the bankruptcy of the country. We simply cannot continue to spend our great grand-children’s money.

      • Youre right good ole Margaret! Theres alot of people in the USA that reap the benifits from our society and dont pay any taxes. What did Jesus say in his last days. The poor shall always be with us.! I think with Trump we have a chance. Obama had a chinese outfit install the white house solar power.Not only do we have 3 generations of alien losers sucking up on the welfare system we have our own home grown idiots. Obama out sources its labor to a foreign entity? We should use the military like they did the Conserve Conservation Corps like they did in early days to build our intrastructure. The Corp of Engineers to dismantle and bring back textile & manufacturing jobs to the USA. Lighten up on restrictions. A military setting around doing nothing besides getting fat does not help anyone.Stop the promotion of hiring illegals dry up the words = living off the government dole! Everyone is capable of pulling there own weight for the most part.When you start killing people over words and not content we have got alot of people with way to much free time on their hands. Stop the free lunch if they steal send them back to the border with no hesitation they will self implode if the government lets them. Like days gone past this could have been done without alarming the public. Its like telegraphing our every move to our enemies how dumb is that. The crazy liberal who thought up = GUN FREE ZONE was insane.

        • Sorry the whole world isn’t rich like you…Not good to rag on other people..And jesus also said the rich have a chance entering the gates of heaven as a camel walking through the eye of a needle…Ha,

          • Well you give your stuff away, Im tired of mexicans and cheese eaters getting what I worked for. Go play with your camel you goofy bun of a stitch. Is that what your mothers pimp named you???

          • Ya,, I can understand about giving your stuff away..But I have mexican friends and neighbors that are citizens and are not rich but they don’t ask for a thing from no one..And watch your fukin mouth using my mom’s name in anything …Now go slap yourself …

          • So your momma was named John. Your a miracle Obama rainbow baby. You really do have your brains in your a$$ dont you. If you want to rant do it on the other side of the border. Illegals that gather are suspect for deportation better tell mamma they have no say this side of the border. Youre just another burned out roach left over from the 60s with Frisco art nuvo free cheese still on your lapel. Trump is cutting off food stamps and you have to be a citizen or have a green card to work in the United States. You better get your stamps now. I grew up in LA California and Im miles above your loose retoric. Go chace a croc truck.

          • Don’t you know how to read what he said..So go lay down with ur mom and sister cause we know ur a 50 year old virgin dennis anderson and can’t get none..ur own hand turned you away why you started sleeping with ur brothers sisters and mommy…ha ha ha tard

          • I have no family but Ill give you a tip why people dont hang with you. That double jointed thing you have taken to far. Brush your teeth & wipe your chin before you go out and about real people it gives you away.

          • I have a lot of people that hangs with me..I have kids I raise ..a bunch of latinos friends coming over tomorrow night to party and friends coming by for few in couple hours.I have tons of friends so ha ha…And I can see why you have no one or fam I wouldn’t want to be around you either..So I give you a tip go dry your eye’s rainy face. : ( … ; )

          • john take a leap from some high place an try not to hurt the rocks

          • That goes both ways donny boy.. ; )

          • John, It is obvious that you are uneducated as to what the eye of the needle was as used in the Bible. Thus, you have assumed that it is a darning needle. For your edification, the eye of the needle was an entrance through the wall of a city through which a camel could walk through with his load.

          • please almay sorry we are not as smart as YOU think you are—re think

          • Ha,, oh donny boy get showed up by almay..You must be a tard..Cause she’s a bigger tard…ha ha ha

          • Obviously your uneducated cause what I said was exactly right..Other wise he said a entrance thru a wall into the city ..Not a eye of a darning needle..Do you know what the eye of a needle is and how impossible it is to walk thru it dummy…That’s why he said the rich had the chance like a camel walking thru the eye of a needle ..Not a guy packing his stuff on a camel thru a hole in the wall..There’s no guy in it, just a camel…And people reading the bible will interpret it many ways..And that’s obvious cause you don’t know what you talk about… bagooly

          • He,, must of been a poor guy not rich he could pack all his belongings on a camel…Real Royalty Material ,,ha ha ha

          • The poor camels skinny legs would have snapped packing all his stuff…ha ha ha 🙂

          • Do you know the eye of a needle is a mountain pass in the middle east?

          • Here we go again..It is what it is..A camel walking thru the eye of a needle..It’s impossible that’s why it was said.. Everybody has their opinion I have mine..I will stick with mine..

      • Afraid they are fully joined by the Republicans. The democrats didn’t come up with the present so-called budget. None of them seem to realize that a proper budget balances income and outgo. They need to learn this badly and who care what the political party they belong to.

        • I stand corrected and mostly agree, with the only exception being the conservative wing of the Republican party. I still have faith in that group to mostly do the right thing

          • I’m afraid I’ve lost all faith in any of our politicians. Don’t know anything to do about it. Think the whole of Wash. D.C.
            needs to be blown away. Need a complete new start with men of faith being assigned for short terms to go do their
            thing and come home to work as they started off years ago.
            When any of them spend a year or two there, they seem to lose all their normal values, accept bribes, and vote on what will make them the most money. It’s a sad business, and
            I hope none of my children or grandchildren ever get involved in politics.

          • wake up—they can only do what we let them do—see the problem?–NO YOU DO NOT—we are going to lose this nation–by are no action on anything–we set

          • huh???? The last half of that one went right over my head

        • sadly both partys are lefties

      • no ones fault but OUR OWN—stand up people

  13. If the SCOTUS stands up for bumo they should all be impeached and jailed


  15. What do I think? I think Obama will ignore the judge’s finding and continue about his merry way of dissing

    America and keep the illegal aliens in the US and give them every thing he can extract from taxpayers’ pockets.

  16. The inept lyimng criminal in the white house thinks that he will walk away smiling on this.
    He will be in front of a Grand Jury less than 30 days after Trump takes office.

  17. Puff Daddy needs to give his billion to the blacks! The Supreme Court won’t hear the case. Screw Obama.

  18. They are not the supreme court, they are the supreme f–k ups

  19. What is needed is a death blow to the Obama presidency, nothing more, nothing less.

  20. Thank goodness for an honest judge, who stands up to the bully.

  21. The supreme court has a majority of ultra liberal justices and therefore it has devolved into a mere rubber stamp of approval for everything which the appointed president wants. The supreme court is nothing more than a majority of liberal democrats so everyone should know exactly how they will rule.

  22. Follow our laws, Barry. At long last your chickens are coming home to roost, and make it the case that you ARE a chicken shit muslim idiot who, along with that ignorant old twatwaffle, George Sorus, is doing his best to destroy America. He will be stopped, and if the JCS had any balls, they would have already arrested him for treason. Has it ever been said that money talks and BS walks?

  23. Obama should be impeached.

  24. Too little, too late. There has not been any effective border security here in Arizona since The Zero took office. The so-called “Border Patrol” no longer actually “patrols” anything, nor are they any longer to be found within sight of the actual border. Anyone and everyone who wants to come across, does so in our southern border counties, carrying God knows what kind of drugs and weapons with them.

    That there are hundreds (perhaps thousands) of camel-shagger terrorists coming across our southern border is a given. This can only end one way, and that is with violence and bloodshed. *That* has become a foregone conclusion at this point. President Trump will inherit a mess that can only be cleaned up by military action in every single border state.

    Fortunately, he can easily follow the example set by The Zero and choose *not* to enforce Federal law when it comes to dealing with those of us who are willing to physically go down to our southern border and send the criminal terrorist border crossers our regards, preferably from 300+ yards distance and contained within 147-grain copper-clad “envelopes”. President Trump could also elect to *not* enforce Federal laws that prohibit access to the National Monument areas that are directly contiguous to our southern border, and that have therefore become the preferred routes that the foreign criminal terrorists travel when infiltrating our nation.

    President Trump could, in the spirit of “prosecutorial discretion”, just simply pull all Federal employees out of the southern border zones completely, and leave the decision of how to deal with the border-jumping criminal terrorists to those of us who have direct experience in dealing with these kinds of Tactical Ground Operations. That would be the most effective, most direct method of putting an end to the kind of lawlessness that The Zero has encouraged in our southern border counties.

    Buy More Λmmo, while you still can. Doing so is *still* the only viable treatment for ODDD (Obamunist Douchebag Distrust Disorder). Doing so is also the only remaining path to Liberty. Support your local Militia and/or your local Oath Keepers.

    Be the Resistance. This won’t end pretty, Λmerica.

  25. Send them all back where they came from!
    We owe these illegals absolutely NOTHING!
    While we are at it, send obama with them
    and anyone else that supports this amnesty!

  26. The mantra of the liberals and some GOPers is that it would be inhumane to send these illegals back to the country of their citizenship. Isn’t it inhumane to ask the American Citizens to pay for all of the costs for these illegals many of whom get better treatment and assistance than a large number of our citizens? It is time for this government to realize that using our taxpayer monies to send to foreign countries whose leaders take the funds for themselves is an exercise in vain as is the use of our taxpayer funds to have camps for those illegals who have come to the US which is in itself a criminal offense. Thus, POTUS encouraging such action would seem to have violated the laws and constitution and also guilty of aiding and abetting a criminal activity and subject to criminal charges.

  27. Good! BOO is not above the law. He has screwed up a hell of a lot more than Nixon. He is one sorry evil anti American hating bastard.

  28. Judges thank you for finally sticking up for us and by using our laws to put a stop to him.!!!!

  29. As things go on, with ever more exposures of Obama’s disregard for the law, one wonders as to what his supporters might think of their guy today.

  30. Obama’s lawlessness needs to be put in check.

  31. It is time to get all out of the lie hole and take our country back. The do nothing in their puzzle palace are not going to do anything for american citizens except ripping them off. I am not saying Trump or Carson are the perfect choice but look at the test of them. All of the other candidate are democrat look at the money they are spending of their future employers againn the are not here for us. We ne3d to guard the voting pole booths and make sure the intgrity of our sysrem is being upheldk. I cannot say anything about thedwmocrats running I hope you all can see theough this chara s e a thif and acomunist who is a concientious objector wont fight but will ” send yor family to do it this is cowardnace and a lying thief who is running on obamas messes

  32. ” The administration fiercely defended the actions as “prosecutorial discretion.”

    In the Constitution Prosecutorial discretion is mentioned, and it also is stated it is only usable by district attorneys. Look it up.

    Obama is again violating the Constitution…. where is congress?

  33. Obummer will threaten the SCOTUS judges with everything to save face. Back room threats/deals just like ObummerCare. We need to keep a watch out for these criminal acts.

  34. If it goes to the Supreme Court, Obama wins and we lose! Those people haven’t made a correct decisoin in years! Based on the fact there are more democratic justices and they outweigh the republican ones, the American people will lose.

    • no one’s perfect..and yes the court has been wrong before like the Plessy V. Ferguson decision …but they get it right more often than not with cases like Miranda V. Arizona, Roe V Wade, and Brown V. Board of Ed ..would you repeal those too?? 😕 and before you ask yes i think they got it wrong on Citizens United oh and about the immigration argument if it goes to the Supreme Court and they rule that these people can stay the American people lose what??? it’s immigrants doing the jobs no one wants to do anymore..you like to eat at restaurants???? not going to happen since you deported the people that do dishwashing/food prep/bus boy for them…like paying more for imported food??? that’s going to happen because you deported the field work people…want modern houses??? not going to happen because you deported the people who make it possible by doing the interior construction/landscaping/
      modern roofing work needed for that …and yes before you ask..we should deport people that actually do commit crimes like drug pushing, rape, murder, theft, …and gang criminals like MS13 and people like that but why should we deport the people that are actually only looking for a better future and doing the jobs that no one has the will to want anymore??? 😕 and before you ask yes that’s for people already here and we should secure the border as well as we can…but you don’t have to be anti-immigrant in doing that…and since you pulled politics into it yes you have the same extremist anti-immigrant views that Donald Trump has…if you ask me there’s two reasons he is where he is in the polls …his name and the fact that no one wants to be on his bad side because of his really bad temper aka he always flips out and he’s extreme when he does

  35. I doubt it is a death blow. A good delay. I bet he will still decide he is a king.

  36. American ignorance and bigotry on dispkay for the world to see — this blog is spot on for that job.

  37. If The Supreme Court decides to give Obama the dictator the upper okay to keep his programs then We the People and the 26 States need to gather up the millions of immigrants in those States and put them on the front lawn of the White House immediately and ignore the “writers of the law” that the judges have become then fire their asses and make sure they pack their poop and leave the Court they hail it! No
    We the People are not gooing to put up with it any longer…Texas get ready to fight and lead the other 25 States in Revolt! We can write Laws too if the judges who are doing it and expect Us to put up with them!

  38. Isn’t there a drone some where? You know, accidents happen.

  39. Obama will not give up until he gets every muslim into America possible

  40. So happy to make Obama angry like we have been for all these terrible years…You really have no idea how enraged he really is…We must put on the pressure relentlessly so he will explode in anger and hopefully just resign and go away mad…Keep the pressure coming at him…Turn to nothing every plan he can think of…Let him run into brick wall after brick wall…Let all his secrets come to be known day after day…Stop the Syrian refugees frome coming here and killing Americans in great number with our money that Obama sends to them..Hillary knows all about it…she must take her rightful place in prison before the election…The dems should come up with someone to take her place now.

  41. As if “Bath-House Barry” is unfamiliar with “another blow”

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  43. This site gets too vulgar.

  44. Please impeach this Muslim piece of total phony garbage that made sure he wasted millions of tax payers money on stupid Ideas and supporting Agenda’s. When are they going to make him pay for all the trips him and his Family spent our money. Since when do we pay for peoples vacations. Who says they can spend freely using Tax payers. This should have been out his pocket and not ours. He has made America a laughing stock to the rest of the world.

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  46. Obama should go back to Kenya, where he was born, and quit trying to fuxk up this country, which he’s already done a good job of!

  47. the curt will side with Obama, they did on everything so far. calling Obamacare a tax when in the legislation it was not a tax, the supreme court is a puppet court no longer worthy of respect they once received. if i go to that court i will NOT rise out of disrespect, even if i go to jail for contempt. We need recall rights on these Justices.

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