Obama Replays a Classic: “You Didn’t Build That”

If you were to compile a list of President Obama’s most egregious statements, his 2012 assertion that entrepreneurs do not deserve credit for their success would have to be on there. “You didn’t build that” immediately joined “bitter clingers” in the Obama pantheon of ridiculousness.

But apparently, the theme is returning in the president’s final year. On Friday, Obama had critical remarks for anyone who thought they could succeed without the federal government. “You can’t build your own metro system,” he said. “You can’t build your own highway. You can’t build your own airport. And so we have a specific problem with under-investing in infrastructure.”

Uh-huh. Well, maybe we do and maybe we don’t. Maybe there is a lot of waste in government spending that we should address before we start hiking taxes. Maybe we should make sure those airports and highways are taken care of before we start funding studies of overweight lesbians. Maybe Obama should stop fighting strawmen and start recognizing that Republicans aren’t opposed to infrastructure development, per se; they are opposed to bilking the taxpayers for over-priced projects that never go anywhere.

Theoretically, anyway.

On Saturday, in a commencement speech at Howard University, Obama hit the same theme again. His “pet peeve”? “People who have been successful and don’t realize they’ve been lucky.”

What an inspiring message for a graduating class! Hey, congratulations and all, but you didn’t really accomplish anything. You just happened to be born to the right family, possess the right genes, and study under the right teachers. Pure luck from beginning to end.

But of course, this is what liberals want the country to believe. You don’t have anything to do with the circumstances of your life. The benevolent government provided you with a city to live in, roads to drive on, and schools to go to. Your skin color determined how far you would go in life. You are either on a privileged ride to success or stuck in a prison of racist, sexist oppression. So don’t go getting any funny ideas about personal responsibility or individual destiny or hard work. Your life will be determined by external factors.

Well, if you internalize that message, your life will be miserable, even if you do happen to “luck” into success. Human beings need to feel a sense of control over their lives to flourish.

But with an increasingly-totalitarian president in office, a population filled with hopeful aspirations simply won’t do.

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