Obama Refuses to Admit Inflaming Anti-Police Passions

President Obama held a town hall meeting in Washington on Thursday to discuss racism, police brutality, and the tragedy that left five Dallas police officers dead last week. While the hour-long event yielded few surprises and even fewer answers to the problems we’re facing domestically, there was one interesting moment that needs to be mentioned.

Present at the meeting was Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, one of Obama’s fiercest critics. Patrick let the president know that many in law enforcement did not “feel like you’re doing everything you can to protect their lives.”

He told Obama that “words matter.”

“I would ask you to consider being careful when there is an incident of not being too quick to condemn the police without due process and until the facts are known,” Patrick said.

Instead of taking this advice to heart, Obama put up his defenses and let his temper get the best of him. “I have been unequivocal in condemning any rhetoric directed at police officers,” Obama said. “Find any message that did not include a very strong support for law enforcement in all my utterances dating back to Ferguson, because I rely on law enforcement to protect me and my family.”

And that’s it. Right there. That’s the problem.

This isn’t about Obama specifically; this is about our entire “conversation” regarding race relations and the police. People on both sides keep saying we need to listen to each other…before revealing that, in practice, this actually means “the other side needs to start listening to me.”

Obama has been one of the chief proponents of listening to both sides of the argument, but he’s lousy at taking his own advice. In this instance, he didn’t even respond to what Patrick actually said. He heard what he wanted to hear – a strawman attack that he could easily swat away. Because yes, he’s right; he’s carefully plugged pro-police comments into most of his speeches on this issue. That has little to do with what Patrick was urging him to do: Withhold opinion on these videotaped shootings until an investigation has been completed. For that, Obama would not have quite the same defense.

So, naturally, he decided to spin the question into something else.

The problem with Obama isn’t that he goes out there and launches into tirades against the police; no one has ever accused him of such a thing. The problem is that he jumps on these cases before we know any of the facts, appoints himself the judge, and forgets that we have a thing called due process. This contributes to the atmosphere of mistrust and rage when grand juries decline to indict the cops. It creates a situation where it’s just a “matter of fact” that cops murder blacks and get away with it. You can’t diffuse that dangerous sentiment with some bland nonsense about the “vast majority of police officers.”

But he won’t hear that. He’ll only hear what he wants to hear.

And that’s why this conversation, so far, has been a sham.


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  2. I went to google some of the quotes by the great racial divider himself as references to prove he’s lying (I’m thinking a video with his lips moving should do it) but there are so many just google them for yourself … and you’ll see his hencemen (Holder, Sharpton, etc.) are right there in the middle of it with him. Such a ba$tard … such a traitor … and above all such a bleeping liar.

    • That’s our Arab in chief.

      • Correct that…OUR MUSLIM JIHADIST MULLAH in Chef residing in a WHITE MOSQUE that it not being BLACK drives him NUTS!

        • Well the muslim-in-chief will light the White House up purple for a drug addict who happens to sing and play a guitar (Prince) when he od’ed or however he died, but REFUSES to light it up blue when 5 Dallas police officers protecting Black Lives Matter protesters are killed by a black guy that would look like Obama if he had a son. Had that been a white sniper who killed 5 black cops the s.o.b. would have repainted the White House blue. Barack Insane Obama is more racist than George Wallace, David Duke and Al Sharpton combined.

          • has stupid been to any dallas police funerals ? NO !!! he did not go to france with world leaders when charlie debdo was shot up !!! this insane guy wants our guns !!! lets give him the open end of the barrel !!!!

          • NEITHER of the TWO CLOWNS ( Odumnbo and GAS BAG BIDEN) go to Funerals….THey are HIRED as CLOWNS for Kids B’day Pariies..

          • His Disgrace wouldn’t even permit Secretary of State John “Lurch” Kerry participate in the Solidarity March of world leaders, even though Lurch was in Paris at the time.

          • Where’d you get the idea that the President wants our guns? Where can I find absolute proof?

          • By God You are f ucking stupid

          • You are Right Richard… However, There is Far more Proof that President Obama is a “Race Baiter” than You would have Proof that Donald Trump is a “Womanizer” yet we hear comments about Crap like that on a Daily Basis from Liberal Trolls Like You!!
            Before you go Bludgeoning Conservatives with your “Joe Friday” demands for “Just the Facts, Maam”, you might start checking your own side of the “Evidence Locker” to ensure you have something more of a Response beyond “Your Racist and its “Bush’ Fault”!!

          • Participating Observer

            Advocating killing the President kf the United States is enough to get you in prison. A place you should be soon.

          • WEll just Chalk it all up to MUSLIM anti white ” Patriotism” … and as long as he has rev Al Shar -PIMP_ ton running HIS anarchists to shoot cops he feels right on Track for his Anti Law and Order DOCTRINE!

          • what would happen if the FBI vandalized Obama”s house and his wife files for a Divorce?

          • You tell us.

          • To which “house” are you referring? The White House? He is “housed” there now (unfortunately!), but it ISN’T his house.

          • But he might leave it more TRASHED than the CLINTONS

          • Well, I for one, am in favor of TRASHING the entire political establishment!
            I am voting for DT “hoping” he can and will improve the economy. For if folk were busy working, many of our problems would fade away. The saying that “idle fingers are the devil’s workshop,” is apropos.
            I think that the economic slump we have been in, plus other issues such as influx of illegals and ISIS will result in a really bloody and indescribable revolution of the people.
            What a horrible thought. We should act now before we come to that.
            TRUMP 2016!

          • I agree Mary…either by TERM LIMITS or by VOTER’s rEVOLT the Professional Self Serving POLITICAL OFFICE HOLDERS FOR LIFE PIMPS…GOTTAGO!!!
            Let’s give Trumo 4 years , he cann Never do any More damage than we know KILLERY WILL DO!!!

          • Yes, intelligent, thinking people DO know what the Hill will certainly do–take this nation down to the point of no return!
            Unfortunately, the blind, illogical libs and progs are in America in great numbers. AND, they breed!

          • BUT we have SO MANY UNIFORMED JACKASSES that are ALLOWED TO VOTE…even without ID cards …nor proof of being human

          • Alas, I wonder whether some Liberals really do classify as be humans.
            But the conservative group that doesn’t vote for Trump because “he is not presidential enough” may change their tune if DT can and will make changes that vastly improve our economy and number of work opportunities.

          • DT mUST HIT IT OVER THE WALL tonight!! and really have te LOON at CBS, CNN, BSNBC, ABC etc go ” BLOWN HEAD” CRAZY .. I watched CBS at the end last night and I swear they SAW a DIFFERENT SHOW…O’Donnel and Pelley wee DUMBFOUNDED!!! err just DUMB!!!

          • If one is DUMBER than dirt, it might be difficult to be “DUMBFOUNDED” about anything! But such a dummy might find their face in the muck.

          • Or on CBS telly “STORIES” to their DUMMED DOWN audience of 12

          • Libs remind me of the beautiful blond woman who went to the beauty shop wearing ear phones with a cord going into her pocket. She emphatically told the beautician to be certain to NOT cut the ear plug wire. The lady accidentally did cut it and the woman slumped down and died. Bewildered, the beautician got the little machine out of her pocket and listened to the message. I was repeating, “Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out.
            You have probably heard that one, but it is ap.

          • WHO do yu think gave LIFE to all THOSE BLOND JOKES??? Why Hilary Clinton after her first BOND DYE JOB!!!
            And those LIBTURD Pansies still ‘DON’T GIT IT”

          • She certain fits the ‘dumb blonde” image! Hadn’t thought about that.

          • Obama has said that he has contempt for the bourgeois , which is the working class, which paid for his affirmative action free education as a non citizen and continues to pay for him and the 21 trillion that he put us in debt for.

          • I hope I live long enough to see the day that I never have to listen any news about the Obamas, the Clintons or the Bushes!

          • well he is an IDIOT ain’t it???

          • Michelle allowed her blacks to have cell phones and cameras in the white house, which is not allowed. She laughed as they vandalized the pictures of former presidents. Which they took pictures of, to include Michelle in their criminal activity. She has no respect for the white house or America.

          • The Hill also has NO respect for herself.

          • I bet that she did not have these ANARCHISTS NOR SHAR-PIMP-TON FLUSH the TOILETS either!!

          • A big HOO RAHH PARTY and BARACKY hiding in a Transgender “JOHN” with REGGIE

          • The U.S. can only blame ourselves for allowing this lying sack of S**T to get elected TWICE. WHEN will AMERICA wake up to this REALITY?

          • I did not vote for that traitorous POS either time!!!

          • And your proof that the President is a traitor is what?

          • He’s leaving our borders open, letting murdering Muslims in, he’s said if the winds of change were to occur-he’d side with the Muslims.. What more do you need??? He’s also dividing the nation, race baiting and letting all of the BLM thugs get away with murder!!! Open your eyes you brainwashed idiot!!!

          • Now are all those Muslims actually murderers? And where did you get the race-baiting notion anent our President? And what do you think he should (or better what would you) do about BLM?

          • You seem have problem .. Have ever notice when muslims shot some one Obama makes all gun owners out be bad and pay price with more gun laws ??

          • Dumbo:
            All the recent mass shooters have been American born people who got their guns legally and had no criminal record.

          • That’s it for You, stupid kunt–I’m banning your ass now!

          • Or is it that you just POST like aTroll with no PROOF othertwise…

          • Let’s use another Democrat to prove that the radicalized muslim-in-chief should be impeached as any traitor should be. Bill Clinton was impeached and sanctioned for lying under oath …(paraphrased) I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Monica Lowenski’s. Now take the Oath of Office that clearly states, (paraphrased again) I will defend and uphold the Constitution of the United States” – which time and again the radicalized muslim-in-chief has not … to the point of how many over-turned Executive Orders? He has stated on way more than one occasion he plans to “fundamentally change” the U.S. – he just left out the part that he was going to by-pass due process and start creating law (not his job, thank you) or as bad, not enforcing current law (which IS the job of the executive branch of government!). Example … not deporting illegals when they are caught – that is a federal criminal offense in this country – it is in Mexico too and they will deport American citizens for illegal entry to their country! Another lie and he knew it from the get-go … the terrorist attack on Benghazi was a “spontaneous riot” on our embassy because of a cartoon video when they knew it was a planned terrorist attack and our people were left there to be brutalized and murdered. Lying s.o.b. …. and remember, Billy-boy was impeached and sanctioned just for lying to Congress (and his wife) about being a whore monger. Hence, lying during the Oath of Office is a lot worse, as is inviting radicalized terrorist onto American soil without due process and enforcing the laws he swore to uphold.

          • By paying attention to what is going on in our nation and world, Richard B.

          • I’m still waiting for your POS ass to respond to my proof!!!
            You are such a stupid idiot along with all you liberal friends!!

          • Just look at everything he’s done since 2008: anti-police, Iran nuke deal; fast & furious, Benghazi, appease Muslims and denounce Christians & Jews, etc., etc., etc. Not even a US citizen with his fake birth certificate. This man should be tried for treason.

          • Get life dumb azz .. Obama fucken piece of shit to core ..Obama sucks his wife cock every night .. That’s why Obama so fucked up in head

          • Well, that certainly was a well thought out reply.

          • If you consider him a good president, I’m sure outlining all the details wouldn’t matter, but for one thing, he has released terrorist in confinement in Cuba. These terrorist are scattered around the countries that support ISIS and 35% have returned to ISIS. This release was done without authorization of Congress.

          • Can you tell me where I can find the facts about this? I think actual facts are important. Thank you.

          • In the interest being brief….talk to your local police. If that doesn’t satisfy you, why should I try.

          • Shut down every electronic voting machine in the nation. Revert to paper ballots. Stamp every voters forehead and other places with an ink that reacts to “black light”. Use black lights at all entrances to polls. Those already stamped are arrested and immediately jailed for an indefinite length of time.

          • No bad maxx…not bad at all.

          • The Clintons must NOT be allowed to play the voter fraud card. They are masters of that game. Dems know they will cheat; that’s why they oppose voter ID.

          • And don’t let them to count our votes outside of US like they did in the last election in some states, no wonder they won, only with fraud and dead people grrrrrrr, scumbags is the nicest thing I can write here than they will allow me to write.

          • good idea,can we throw the clintons,obamas & soros into the same cells or should we separate them so bill won’t have a sex life in prison with michelle?

          • we can get passed voter ID laws so democrats can only vote once & are not dead.

          • Blame ourselves? Voter fraud and corruption at the highest levels are the reason that radicalized muslim is in his 2nd term of tearing down our country.

          • And you’re absolutely certain that the President is a Muslim? Where’d you find out about that? I’d like to learn too. And what are you raving about with all this White House color stuff. What’s that about?

          • RICHARD B, where do you live in a CAVE? LISTEN TO HIS COMMENTS your are the most uninformed person I have ever seen post on the issues


          • Red Hawk, sorry to disappoint you but I am not any of what you think! and stated, you like most Obama supporters are among the least smartest.

          • Robert, Had you taken the time to see that my comment was sent to RICHARD B….and PLEASE never mention RED HAWK at the same time as OBAMA.. I want to keep my Breakfast DOWN…SEMPER FI and let’s keep kILL:ERY at HOME drinking herself to more Concussions!

          • I see how many up votes you are getting for your comments Richard….. A BIG FAT ZERO!!!
            Just shows how many people agree with your idiotic thoughts. NONE!! Fool….

          • SPOT ON!!

          • No, dumbo. He’s an educated liberal on a site for ignorant conservatives. Now many upvotes would you expect, Billy Bob?

        • Do you have some actual facts to back up your accusations?

      • My usual term for the mother bleeper (well that’s another one -lol) is radicalized muslim-in-chief.

        • and SUPREME A-SHOLE!

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      • How do you know he’s an Arab? Or do you mean Muslim? Is it because of his dark skin?

        • rich b HOW DUMB CAN YOU BE?

          • I know its almost embarrassing to hear this isn’t it? How dumb some of our fellow Americans really are. Unbelievable yet this one has us all wanting to say WHAT? Yes I am sorry to say I or WE are talking about you Richard B. God Bless and we hope you wake up from lala land soon or sad to say it will bite you in the behind when you least expect it.

          • Sadly his parents did not practice “PLANNED PARENTHOOD” ‘selling of baby parts so this Idiot is allowed to Vote and Procreate!!! and the INBRED DUMBASS class of Voting IDIOTS shall continue

          • iNFINITE….that is HOW dumb he is!! ( meaning Richard B )

          • Red Hawk, if I owe you a am sorry if I misunderstood your comment , will be glad to do so. let me know.

          • No need to.. WE are OK!!

          • Red Hawk, Thanks for your Kindness, I am very concerned about the very serious issues facing our country there seems no answer and really no Good Leaders regardless of Party, I am soon to be 81, and I never thought something like this could ever Happen to this Country, for me I can only ask GOD for help , hope I have not offend you by bring GOD into my commentsTake care and stay cool in this very hot weather

          • Hi , I too am extremely concerned and worried for my 3 grand children…It is not the Country I served after college in the USMC, the one that gave me the opprtunity to work and achieve to the best of my God given abilities , a great marriage etc! This current state of affairs , Incompetent Goverment ( Federal in Particular), Lack of Leadrship at the Very TOP and the advent of ANARCHY by SPECIAL interest groups based on self created Racial tensions for political or financial gains remind me of Europe in the 1930’s which resulted in chaos, wars, and huge loss of life…Be well, Stay Cool and laugh a lot!!! we are Good!!

          • Red Hawk, First let me Thank you for your service!! One of My grandsons who is a senior this year has sign up to Join the USMC, after Graduation, he has been working out with the recruiting Person .hope all works out for him. Thanks for replying.

          • Serving was my Choice and my Honor….Give your Grandson a MARINE HOO_RAHH for me…He’ll be FINE! It was the BEST experience of my YOUNG LIFE..Made me a MAN!

          • Red Hawk, I will pass this comment on to Jake

    • Eleanore Whitaker

      The only racial divider is you. Women like you bow down and kiss Big Daddy’s ass so often, your knees have callouses. How about learning to make it on your own for a change? That way your big mouth won’t have time to spend on a computer bashing the President you bigot idiot.

      • Ohh,,,you are something special, ,your obviously in the wrong room,,,obambam is the worst President in history,,and if anyone is on their knees its you ,,so get your rug out,face the east,with your ass up in the air, ,cause your presious obozo is going to give it to you hard,that filthy muslin lover

        • Eleanore Whitaker

          You bet I’m special. I’m educated. You are trailer trash with a Walmartian job.

          So…let me advise you of why President Obama is NOT the worst president in history dipshit.
          He didn’t end his presidency with a financial meltdown…that was Bush with his Harvard MBA.

          He didn’t have his AG forced to resign for hiring ONLY Republicans for the Justice Dept. That was your hero Bush.

          He didn’t start 2 wars for profit. That was YOUR Bush.
          He didn’t hand Halliburton that 2003 no bid contract to supply the military in Iraq with mostly substandard garbage…that too was YOUR Bush.

          Now go shave your Bush…it’s like your Bullshit…thick as a jungle.

          • You and your kind is a waste of human air,go back under that rock you’ve been living under, ,,and quit taking up our space

          • Oh Eleanor is just another Potted Plant in Horse manure…a true ASSHAT

          • Eleanore Whitaker

            Maybe you are the one who is human waste. You have so much free time to play on the threads like this? In the time you took to type this post, I wrote 2 500-word tech articles. Do yourself a favor..don’t you EVER DARE tell ME what to do. A piece of shit like you has no real reason to live and you know it. All you right wingers have is bitching, bashing others and trying to pull your childish tantrums to get your way. Now…find a job..not that Walmartian job that forces me to supplement YOUR income with welfare checks.

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          • You disgust me

          • She totally disgusts me too!!

          • Hey foolbitch

            Educated yurass, At what? Humaine letters? You got a PHD in protesting while productive people went to work. You couldn’t get and hold a job at McDonald’s. You are 100% un-employable in ANY productive industry. Street Hookers have more value to the country then you.

            If you are educated, that Treasonous Felon cackling witch has 6-doctorates.

          • Stop!!!! Eleanore says she finished high school?

          • Democrats think it is all right to kill unborn American Citizens – that is the end for you and us and America! Everything else you may discuss is just you being selfish! Killing babies is a Democrat thing and nothing could be worse!

          • Looks like you ARE educated with a Phd in ‘STUPID” and never had to attend a single Class…Entitlement has its Privileges dontcha think???
            BTW are your grades as Secretly Guarded as the ASSHAT Obama’s???

          • Be nice…Eleanore says she finished high school.

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          • Maybe… If she bent over and went at it with both hands!

          • HUMM that may take a while

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          • You’re right , you’re special.. A special kind of STUPID!!

        • Yo Linde,

          His Royal Exulted Bomma doesn’t do that to females. Bathhouse Berry likes guys and I think HE is the one that puts his keester in the air.

      • Everyone welcome back Eleanor, the blind, trying to lead the sighted!

      • Since when did YOU ever make it on your own?

      • When were you Released from that PADDED ROOM???

      • Elle Farrington

        Let us break this down stupid style for you… No more Clintons, no more Bushes, no more Obooboos!!! You seem to go on and on about how “educated” you are…which only shows how very ignorant you appear to be.

      • Screw you, you stupid POS!! NOTHING you say makes any sense…. Oh yeah, I know why.. You’re a liberal dumbass!!

    • StupidConservativeValues

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        Which mOselm country do you want to be sent to? We don’t want you and your ilk in our country. — ( “We”: being all the white and the vast majority of the working black people I associate with)

        • StupidConservativeValues

          You’re funny the way you talk like you understand how the world works. At any rate loser, you’ll never get what you think is yours alone, because this white man and his black friends won’t let you. You are a fraud like Trump. Now run along thin skinned loser and hide behind your mommy’s skirt.

          • Insults are a sign of a weak mind! Too bad we can not give a history and economics test in order to vote! Grow up for the world may work as you picture it but you will soon become a slave if you are correct! Come to think of it, you already are a slave to ignorance! There is a cure ut you are obviously not ready to learn from anyone!

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Gullible is the best word to describe you.

        • I already banned that POS idiot

        • Flag him, he’s a pig.

      • You be the asshat you stupid freak!

    • Patty, Are you missing some teeth? You must have been one of TPs who were picketing against Obamacare in 2009. You could not even afford to have teeth implant. Now you have gapes in your mouth. Now here is the truth. TPs and Repubs are responsible for the chaos in this country. Like you Repubs and TPs have been upset seeing the country is run by an African-American. They have fought against President Obama policies for the last 7 years; but they have failed. Last month 280,000 new jobs were created. So Repubs and TPs are quiet. They think we do not know their tricks. Please stop racism, bigotry and corruption in government. TPs and Repubs are good at all those. Please vote for Hillary on November 8 at 9am

      • Every war started in the 2o century was under the watchful administration of a Democrat. And if you knew anything 9/11 was caused by the Clinton administration so it is 100% the fault of Democrats! Do you not know that every big city in America in economic collapse has been run by democrats since they have been in economics collapse? Obama care has helped a few but most of us are paying 1000% more for our heath care. Democrats think it is all right to kill unborn American Citizens – that is the end for you and us and America!

        • Is Ms. Kodger missing teeth. It is she does not have Obamacare. Join me to vote for Hillary. She will make sure Ms. Kodger has teeth implants – for free.

          • Nothing in life is free you idiot!! Someone has to pay & I can bet it isn’t you!! You’re probably one of the scum sucking leeches!

          • Nothing is free! Maybe you believe it is ok to steal from those who aand give it to those you think need it more but someday you will grow up and stop being a leach and actually work for a living. When that happens you will be surprised to learn how the government takes from you because you are working and are now one of the haves from which they can take!
            Grow up before it is too late.

          • What – Grow up before it is too late! I am older than you. Read what is trending now. Avoid those racist and bigotry talks and friends. Now people of all races can compete at school and work. But you too have been raised wrong. Call your mothers to be re-weaned right.

          • Skin color is a prerequisite for a job and college admission? GFU you left wing,Govt.tit sucking loon

          • Yeah, ok… Let’s pull out the race & bigot cards when you have NOTHING intelligent to say!! Hehe.. IDIOT!!!

          • this is the home of the free….not free stuff you selfish bitch

          • Hopefully she’s taking out of your pocket because she’s robbed enough from me already. I have something free for you pmbalel, it’s on my right hand directly in the middle of my five fingers!!

          • have you received the OK from ODUMBOCARE for a PROCTOLOGIST so that your Brains may be Finally Located???

        • some survived…BLM

      • 280,000 new jobs were not created, 280,000 stopped looking for work. If it were not for the Republicans, we would be more in debt than we have been put in by Obama and his merry group of tax and spend Democrats.

        • Are you hearing Trump and TPs talking about job creation in private sector? No. They are quiet because Obama created 280,000 in June alone. You won’t hear Repubs and TPs talking about jobs. You will hear them talking about building a electric border to kill Mexicans trying to cross here. They would not do so with Northern border; because most Canadians are White people. You see the difference: Trump and all TPs are racists, bigots and hater of pregnant women.

          • Why do you have to bring race into the discussion? I have been to both borders many times. The Southern border is largely unprotected. I have personally seen ILLEGALS crossing the Rio Grande. I live within 100 miles of the Canadian border. They do not have the ILLEGAL issue on this border in our area. What we have is drugs and untaxed cigarettes coming across. Be careful of calling Trump and the TP of haters of women. Remember Zipper Bill? He and his wife did everything in their power to vilify the women that he groped and raped. The Democrats are showing their true colors by supporting a felon for President!

          • What did you say “Repubs do not have the ILLEGAL issue on this border in our area from Canada? Ted Cruz is an illegal. Just because he speaks Vermont language is no illegal? Drugs? Many illegal drugs are coming from Canada. Sex! You did not hear Roger at FoxNews and Herman Cain have been accused of groping women. I told you Repubs and TPs are hypocrites, bigots and racist. Please stay away from GOP and vote for Hillary on November 8.

          • if Oblozo can do it Ted can too….boy you’re a bitter one..who pissed in your corn flakes?

          • he is not sure that only piss got there!! better tell him that they are not TOOTSIE -ROLLS he chews on….

          • Shut up

          • Cannot without Prep ‘H”

          • WOW… You must apply fo OBAMA care for a proctoloist so that he can locate your BURIED BRAIN
            BUt in the Meantime… any Comments about “SLICK” raping women????

          • Right on!! love it.

          • He brings up race because that is all ‘IT” is allowed to know being a low level educated uniformed iDIOT perfectly suited to be recruited by rev Al Shar-PIMP-Ton for his Anarchist BLM gang

          • Spot on!

          • You two are of the same deranged thinking. Go crawl back under your rock

          • you sound like a BLM bitch…..where’s the Klan when you need them?

          • Da black KKK BE IN the SHAR-PIMP-TON PLANTATION for ANARCHISTS making plans for some DUMBASSED Revolution

      • how far up Oblozos ass are you now…maybe completely submerged ?

      • OldHighlandGuyOne

        So why are 90,000,000 Americans out of work or no longer looking for work?
        Why are many more Americans on welfare than have ever been on welfare in the past. Why have the numbers increased dramatically on the welfare roles?
        You accuse use TP’ers/Republicans/Conservatives of being racist yet you know nothing of us and our families, that makes you full-of-it.
        Hillary is one of the greatest liars, next to Bill, in the history of our once great country. The Clintons have also had people killed(murdered) and that is what you want back in the White House?
        I pray for you and our country.
        We will make America Great Again in spite of the liberals/left/Democrats.

        • What 90,000,000 Americans out of work or no longer looking for work? Are you nuts? Look at GOP convention. They are all Whites and all are either TPs or Repubs. Now if all these people are GOP convention who is working at home to give them money? Illegals. But these TPs and Repubs are telling us they hate illegals. We are not stupid to believe that. TPs and Repubs are hypocrite, racist and bigots. Do not believe what you hear from them Join me and vote for Hillary.

          • You are one stupid POS!! WAKE UP!!
            Yeah let’s all vote for killery, the murderer, criminal & liar!! NOT!!!
            TRUMP!!?????? Make America great again!! As long as you idiots leave!!

          • You’re avoiding the topic. Where are the 90,000,000 Americans out of work getting money to pay for rent, mortgage, food etc.? I know Repubs and TPs are drug addicts. Where are they getting money to pay for illegal drugs? You’re a liar.

          • Where are they getting money??
            What a STUPID question that is!!
            From the tax payers!! Food stamps are at an all time high, welfare is maxing out.. Fakers living off disability. Dems want to tax us hard workers to death while others lay around with their hands out.

          • OldHighlandGuyOne

            Your rambling comment makes no sense. Try again but be rational and honest.

          • You are REQUESTING that a TURKEY be made to soar like an EAGLE

      • What….have you gone bonkers? Any jobs that have been created are at fast food establishments. Obama Careless has forced the employers to cut hrs. to 30 hrs. to continue to operate. If this is your take of an improvement into the lives of Americans I feel sorry for you….get some help, you’re having delusions!!!!!

      • You are one stupid piece of shit aren’t you??

      • We have the lowest workforce participation rate since the 70’s and obama hasn’t had a quarter where the GDP has even reached 3%. We also have record poverty. Forbes Magazine called Hussein Obama the worst economic president in US history. Trump2016!!

        • I told you not to hold that child when you’re lying on this site. We have now 4.5% unemployment which is full employment. Come to my county – employers are bidding for applicants

          • U6 says that unemployment is over 10%. Have to count those that have given up looking! 4.5%? Not in this country. Middle class wages are also down by $2,500 the past eight years. Nothing’s ever obama’s fault, correct, Skippy? You’re a party hack.

    • You’re absolutely right. He has fed the narrative that Police are corrupt, racist etc., He set out from the start trying to divide this country into groups that he exploited to create an atmosphere of distrust of one another. He has to own the killings of our law enforcement officers.

      • Do you know that what you just said are the Communist tactics? and this is the way he operates, he learned a lot from his teacher .

  3. Obama will never recognize the TRUTH if it smacked it in his open LYING pie hole any more if it smacked him in the ASS…..His LIES are HIS TRUTH ( he is a SOCIOPATH after all) and the REAL truth Confuses this IDIOT to make more LYING speeches…as he did about RACE relations on ABC intread of taking Classes on Race relations as he proves that he NEEDS DESPERATELY

    • I’m trying to figure out the difference between his pie hole and the other end since he speaks out his a$$ every time he opens his traitorous, lying pie hole

      • TO me there is nO difference it all depends whether he stands on his hands or on his Flat feet ….since he has no Backbone he might just Slide kike a “BOUNDED” dog to Clear his lower pie hole just to leave streak to be remembered by…..he is an A-SHOLE!

        • That was a terrible image you put on my head … GROSS!!!! LOL

          • almost as BAD like the one that put a similar IMAGE in my head whe he asked to IMAGINE having to see MOCHELLE Climing a tree ‘COMMANDO” from below

          • It would look a lot better bloody and bused and all swollen with no teeth and a few napalm burns for accent.

        • StupidConservativeValues

          No one cares what the mush between your ears tells you. Now go back under your rock, we’re taking over!

          • GO rub your Brains on Concrete.. and Leave the same ” STREAK..”. you FREAK

          • StupidConservativeValues

            LIke whatever dude!

          • OK DUD….

          • StupidConservativeValues

            “Duh, okay, I know Mathew will put it in his mouth!”
            Your boyfriends’ all say!

          • I care, It;s YOU that nobody cares about.

            Just what mOsem country do you want to go to? We got the tickets ready to distribute.

            HOT TIP> If there is going to be this revaluation triggered by his Royal Exalted Bomma trying to declare martial law – Id get the hell out while the getting is good.

          • StupidConservativeValues


      • StupidConservativeValues

        Reread what you wrote there boy genius, it says it all about you shit stains being completely ignorant of what the constitution actually says and why to speak Iof our elected Commander-in-Chief the way you do at a time of war endangers all Americans. Trump’s rhetoric empowers ISIL and plays into their hands and you love it. Sick fuck.

    • StupidConservativeValues

      Your “logic” equals that of an uneducated and illinformed flaccid penis.

      • Hey, the end might be near, kid…..I
        d be getting my shit together and let us know to what Sharia-law country you want to be sent – ONE WAY.

  4. If obama wanted to support America’s policemen he could have every day from his bully pulpit given a shout out to “hands up, don’t shoot” and “black lives matter” insurgents to wait until all the facts were in before rioting; and unless they wanted to experience some real jail time not to shoot at or call for the murder of cops. Why didn’t he? Because he hates white America’s free Christian founded society, especially its’ policemen, that’s why.

  5. The SOB belong in prison along with his “good Friend Killary”!

  6. He is just like Abbas a diplomat terrorists the both R Muslims and for them it’s Kosher to lie to us.

  7. Why wonder? After all our half-breed President from Kenya B. Hussein Obama is a racist Marxist Muslim from Kenya.

  8. Well, he has put the “N” word back in so many people’s vocabulary—what do you expect from this black muslim– it would be like asking killary to tell the truth.

  9. Black LIves Matter is the most racist organization in America. ALL LIVES MATTER! They are just another part of the entitlement crowd. I heard that they planned to close down the 91 Freeway in California today….so now they are acting like terrorist muslims

    • It is the Anarchist movement Organized and Planned @ the 1600 Penn Ave White Mosque Between MULLAHOBAMA and “rev Al” SHAR-pimp_TON over all those Meetings and Funded by Acorn under new names…..IT shall be his ONLY LEGACY!!!

      • We can only hope,,,,Look what it got the Black Panthers, and Simbonise Revaluation Army their like? – Check back at what happened in the 60s and 70s if you are too young to remember…. They were wiped out and put permanently out of business. That is what will happen to BLM too if they get too much further out of hand.

        On the down side It destroyed 100s of productive black businesses and put 1000s of honest black families out on the street. No body, black or white wants to see that again but we have apparently learned nothing from history except we learn nothing nothing from history.

        Looks like it’s going to happen again, though..

        • I hope It’ll happen again but then We now live in Different TIMES with TOO many Anarchists that have been Created since then by an overfunded and under competent education system Owned by Commie leaning teachers with PHD’s IN “STUPID” and are VOTERS now….

  10. Obama refuses to admit fault or being wrong about everything! It must get pretty boring being right every time and about everything!! And yet he is wrong about so, so much!!!!! Such an huge ego, such arrogance!!!!!

  11. The Obama/Clinton Administration has put race relations back 50 years. As far as sending the wrong message, just look at two events that happened around the same time.1. US Army General Greene is murdered in Afghanistan, one of the more senior general officers to be killed in the line of duty in our history. The Obama administration sends NO ONE to the funeral.
    2. Now the same time in Missouri, the Obama Administration send a dozen officials to the funeral to the funeral of an adult black male who was killed while assaulting a police officer.
    Talk about send the wrong message to the American people.

  12. Obama’s treasonous illegal alien and muslim RAPEfugee resettlement policies along with Soros sponsored BLM race baiting have created an ongoing SECOND 9/11 terrorist attack against all Americas and the Police!!

    I will even call it a Soros funded, MoveOn .com instigated, False Flag, US Government sanctioned “PURGE” against its own citizens and the police!

    Congress allowed this to happen by FUNDING IT 100% with the recent passage of the Omnibu$ $pending Bill.

    Obama’s solution is to take away our guns with one hand and attack us with the other hand.

    Obama is a Liar and Traitor. Impeach this P0S now you skulking cowards!
    One small problem. …There are more traitors in Congress than patriots!

    …………………….Trump/Pence in 2016!!

  13. Tuition + Intuition

    Well stated and needed to be said. There is another telling slip in what Barack said. Instead of saying he praises policemen because the vast majority are dedicated, well-intentioned public servants, he instead exposed what an egotist he really is by stating that he plugs them only because they protect His life. How self-absorbed can you get? What an egomaniac!

    The British voters are smarter than we are, they ignored him and voted common sense.

    ‘Nuff said.

  14. This is also the “president” that gave a speech at the National Prayer Breakfast a couple years ago and made an incredibly insulting statement, to the effect of, “Well, before YOU Christians get up on your ‘High Horse’ you just remember the terrible things that have been done in the name of Christ, such as the (Spanish) Inquisition and the Crusades!” Okay, point #1: Obama had to go back 500 and 800 years (for the Inquisition and the Crusades, respectively) to get to his cited examples of terrible things done in the name of Jesus, while the most recent examples of Islamic terrorism are still current events (e.g., Nice, France), #2: This was obviously NOT the sort of thing that should have been considered as appropriate for the setting (the National PRAYER Breakfast – a Christian event!), and #3: People forget that the Crusades were actually launched by the Pope in 1096 AD in response to the Byzantine Emperor’s begging for help in repelling the Moslem INVADERS who were at his doorstep, in Constantinople (of course, the Moslems eventually conquered this city by 1453, renaming it Istanbul, and the subsequent Ottoman Empire (Moslem, of course) lasting another several centuries until 1917, as they were on the losing side in WW-I).

  15. The internet has numerous referrals about O and homosexuals and transgenders.

  16. Is the how this president Obama is suppose to act toward the American people. “All Black Lives Matter”. This socialist corrupted president is putting fuel in the stove to ignite the whole united states into a civil war. This is what Obama agenda from day one of his presidency. Just examine everything this president has done for corruption in all departments of his government administration. Still Obama is not hand cuffed . The Obama transformation will be full filled when a revolution is present in the united states.

  17. Why would the great divider in chief admit to his antics?

  18. The author(s) correctly identified the problem and nailed President Obama for avoiding the real issue. If only the journalists on TV had the intelligence, will, and character to do the same…

  19. I hate to use harsh terminology especially with someone who occupies the Office of the President, but he is a crude. After nice years I just can’t believe he is so bad and gets away with it, the 7 1/2 years in the White House has done so much harm to the real American people as well as to our financial, social, local laws, economy and the total disrespect for our Police and Military just because he hates America and what we stand for.
    As they say “Throw the Bum out”

    • Eleanore Whitaker

      You hate? You? You can’t get out of bed without hating. It that because that part-time Walmartian job you have pays you squat and you have to collect welfare as supplemental income?

      If you think the rest of us will support your southern and midwestern asses forever, think again.

      • Too bad you didn’t take advantage of the free education our country provides. Not from the South or Midwest though I respect their values more than people gaming the system, Next time I visit Walmart will be my first but I think they are a great American company employing thousands of people and providing good value for all. You have to let go of your anger, face facts, some people just don’t live up to our expectations, I knew Obama was bad before he ran, just read his books. He told us he was going to help ruin America and he did, you just didn’t believe him or listen carefully like many.. If you would be open and could understand you would realize what he has done.to America.

        • Eleanore Whitaker

          Sorry Lil Dixie Belle or Corn Pone Queen whichever the hell you are…I am so much more educated than you will ever be.The only education you lil gals ever go was learning how to perfect the art of being BJs and turning tricks for Big Daddy…

          You know nothing about President Obama. All you know is what that man who butters you palm tells you to know. Course now, we all now you lil gals all have to have springboard legs because Big Daddy doesn’t allow smart women.

          I am not going to allow a Walmartian Trailer Trash dipshit like you to smear the President of the United States so your gun happy Big Daddy can pretend you are his favorite pin cushion.

          Get a life lose girl. If you have so much time to spend bitching about the Pres, you damn sure have time to get a real job not the BS jobs that pay you less than half of what I earn in one hour.

          • YAWN zzzzZZZZZzzz……zzzzzZZZZZzz…..

          • You need a good Kirkman’s Brown soap washing our your mouth. You are too vulgar to communicate with any further. Have a quiet night in your trailer.

  20. Attn all Tards. I hope any one who still believes that Hillietard isn’t a
    subhuman parasite feeding off the misery her demotard homies have
    caused, please watch “Dinesh D’Souzas Hillery’s America.
    have destroyed the family; they’ve destroyed the world’s best healthcare
    system; they’ve destroyed the economy; they’ve destroyed jobs; they’ve
    destroyed whole industries; they’ve destroyed relations with allies;
    they’ve destroyed schools’ they’re destroying religion; they’ve
    destroyed incomes; they’ve destroyed the military; they’ve destroyed
    morality and common sense; they’ve destroyed respect for the police;
    they’ve destroyed honesty; they’ve destroyed race relations; they’ve
    destroyed civil rights; they’ve destroyed NASA; they’ve destroyed the
    environment; they’ve destroyed suburbia; they’ve destroyed the right to
    privacy; they’re destroying the right to self defense; they’ve destroyed
    gender; they’ve destroyed faith in govt; they’ve destroyed decency;
    they’ve destroyed the meaning of the word ‘guilty;’ they’ve destroyed
    the honor of the Presidency; they’ve destroyed global respect for the
    USA; they’ve destroyed the meaning of the words ‘scientific fact;’
    they’ve destroyed pride; they’ve destroyed the unborn; they’ve destroyed
    the future; they’ve destroyed God; they’ve destroyed hope; they’ve
    destroyed a state’s right to govern; they’ve destroyed the internet;
    they’ve destroyed countries; they’ve destroyed minds; they’ve destroyed
    fair and honest elections; they’ve destroyed small business; they’ve
    destroyed public safety; they’ve destroyed the judicial system; they’ve
    destroyed housing; they’ve destroyed veteran hospitals; they’ve
    destroyed the dollar; they’re destroying America.
    They’ve destroyed the greatest country ever to appear on the planet. Mine.

    The only thing, unfortunately, they haven’t destroyed is each other, or
    their satanic cult god St Soros. I have to shower every time I meet a
    demotard. Not one of them will see D’ Souza’s film because one thing a
    tard can’t tolerate is fact (unless they make them up, like East Anglia
    and Benghazi).
    And who do these incompetent, brain dead,
    inept, lying, cry baby, utopian, character assassinating, blameful,
    asswipe demotard cretins blame for all THEIR destruction? Republicans
    (like Reagan and Lincoln).

  21. Of course, he denies anything he is accused of, he never, ever takes the blame for anything.

    The corruption he has wreaked upon the USA will take over 3 generations to root out and/or repair.

    He is truly America’s ‘ILL WIND.’

    • Eleanore Whitaker

      He hasn’t denied anything you jerkoff. Millions of people listen to his speeches. Where the hell do you mental cases get these things from?

      If you are spoiling for a Civil War…that Is what you will get. Nothing would please me more than seeing bigot southern and midwestern assholes down for the count.

      • He denied being a race bating agitator, Denied he said you could keep your doctor, Denied the Benghazi attack was a planed terror attack,,,Denied that Islamic Terrorists exist,,,,,Denied he had violated his oath of office too many times to remember,,,,and, and, and.

        Hey Ellie, . The time is running short, kid, If the Royal Exalted Boma sets of a revolution by attempting to declair martial law it will be too late, but we can still get you a one way ticket to the Sharia law state of your choice. Better get out while the getting is good.

      • The country is in danger over morons like these, its amazing and their pathetic .

      • Can’t wait for your stupid cunt to get raped by your beloved peace loving muslimes!! You are one sick in the head POS!!

    • Would not it be perfect, to see Sheriff David Clarke boss of the FBI!
      When I watch him speak, I would go through a door with him.

    • He did set race relations back to 1959


      • No, he only set them back to 1968, after LBJ and the demoncrats were well, into the destruction of the black family

  22. Eleanore Whitaker

    Bash, Slash, Burn, But, Battle, War, Hate, Shoot, Kill, Murder…..and then? Thump a Bible to pretend holiness. You dipshits have about as much education as a gnat’s ass.

    Sorry but the President didn’t “refuse.” I’ve heard every one of his last speeches. The word “refuse” was NEVER part of any of them.

    So you lying sacks of shit, try telling the truth…Practice saying, “I am a KKK bigot. I am KKK White Supremacist” and “I’m freeloading turd who hates to get a real job.”

    If oil, coal and fracking are the only jobs you can get, make sure your state and not my federal taxes pay for your unemployment you lazy slugs.

  23. The liar in chief is the problem, and Hillery will be worse.

  24. He can’t/won’t take responsibility for anything he says/does. I’m surprised he takes any responsibility for the production of his off-spring!

  25. Michael Dennewitz

    But of course the halfbreed bastard will always lose his temper. The terrorists are HIS PEOPLE. .
    And Daniel, he and his “HUSBAND” have no offspring! They’re both QUEERS! ?

  26. Whoa here. Obama has spoken out on racism, even among law enforcement. To be sure it is sometimes misguided.
    How do police react in a black high crime area and how do they react in a black church on Sunday morning? Quite differently. They are concerned with their own safety in the one and not in the other.
    Do we still have racism in this country? Yes we do and it is not limited to blacks. Perception is the price blacks and other minorities pay for being in the US. Is it justified? Absolutely not. In that sense Obama is right. I live in a low black society but high Hispanic society. Hispanics are are also criticized for their race/ nationalism instead of blacks. Orientals get criticized in other parts of the country. Can we stamp it out? Not likely. People are people. They react negatively to high crime areas. Our problem then, is less race but the potential for crime.

  27. There is only one instance that I can recall that an accurate statement has ever rolled off Pharaoh Barry’s lips: when he says “ISIL” instead of “ISIS,” for “ISIL” more accurately states the objective of the Islamic State in the the “L” stands for “Levant,” which includes the State of Israel in the area that they claim and denies the legitimacy or even the existence of the State of Israel. He seems to have totally sold himself out to Azazel, the devil, a.k.a. Allah, the false god of Islam, who is the father of lies, murder, and destruction.

    So of COURSE he will deny that he has inflamed people like the BLM and the Nation of Islam to violent action. For that He will have to answer to the Supreme Court of the Universe, the Honorable Master Yahushua (Lord Jesus), Son of Yahuwah Almighty, presiding.

    We will finally, by the POWER of the Messiah Yahushua, have peace on earth, for these Dark Ages will close and the Age to Come will begin, all evils having been swept clean off the face of the earth, and all humanity becoming subject to the Master Yahushua, omein!

  28. It really does not matter whether Obama thinks he inflamed anti-police passions in the “Black Lives Matter” and in Muslim groups or not, the proof of so many dead and injured policemen is all the evidence that is needed.
    Never in American history have we had such carnage on our law enforcement officers. So many fatherless children, widows, parents and families ! How can he speak about tolerance “on both sides” when those heroes are no more and their families in shambles ?
    Stop talking about “both sides” and insist that the murders of the innocents stop, Mr.President, and bring about law and order and eliminate the present chaos.

  29. Ovomit doesn’t care about due process, unless a black person is charged with a crime. His racist attitudes and anti-police sentiment has been there since Day 1 and have become increasingly evident as his two terms have unfolded. As an aftereffect of Obama’s destructive policies, I doubt I’ll ever see another black Democrat president in my lifetime…his agenda has poisoned race relations in this country, and few white people will rush to pull the lever for another left-wing African-American for fear of getting more of the same.

  30. It just shows how stupid Obummer really is! His henchmen lady, the Clinton crime boss, is worse yet! Time to rid us of both by voting them out!! Goooo TRUMP2016 !!

  31. Ohnic is a super race baitibg toad. But, he is sure his sh_t does nto stink since he is de Prez. Having an anti american ant whitey president has cause race relatons to go into the toilet

  32. Can you say IMPEACH???

    • Not as well as I can say “removal from office’ 😉

    • The Senate won’t vote in an election year, and of course there would need to be a reason.

      • I’ll give you just one: Trading 5 TOP taliban fighters(who have returned to the battlefield) for a deserter that should face a firing squad!

        • How about selling arms to Iran, creating 9/11 to go to war and use fear to invade our privacy , and dumping from a private server 22,000 White House emails ?

  33. What an idiot! It’s on video. He’s denying what has been proven? Prideful jerk.

  34. benlittleeagleyahoocom

    Obama needs to be stopped from standing in front of a mike and spouting off all his racist lies. He as same as said when he made his sorry speech in Dallas last week and everything he said was very racist. He instigated that the Police didn’t do there duty the correct way. One Question Obama when did you ever step out on the Streets where there were many of your so called look alike sons were doing all kinds of Mayhem and put your life on the line.(NEVER) NOT EVEN IN our Military. Most of the blacks that are killed are by there own kind you are a complete Failure every sense you came to my country under false pretenses as a 10 year old immigrant of Foreign Distinction and to live off grants borrowed from our loan companies so you could go to school here in America. You have even lied about all the degrees you received. Even lied about being a Muslim and that you were from an Islamic Terrorist Shiite Muslim family. Why else would you close your back ground so the Law enforcement peoples couldn’t do a theor back ground check is it because you didn’t want the proof you were not even legal to run for the position you now hold . You wouldn’t even make a good street sweeper and yet you say you have passed the law exam and passed the lawyers board to practice law open you Sealed records so america can see the Truth that you are what has been proven a Shiite Islamic Muslim that has done everything you could possibly with the help of the crooked Liberal Politicians in all three parties they like you need to be expunged from the White House as well as these crooked politicians that have helped you and Hillary clinto to try and destroy our america as we have known it for the past 300 years your are not and american not even a citizen of this Country you need tyo along with all your helpers should be fired andlose of pensions to all concerned . and C

  35. This great Country has been destroyed at home and abroad by this totally incompetent gay muslim but the great people of America will rise up and make this country
    respected and great once more. Americans are not cowards as our leader is and we again hold our heads high with pride.

  36. soldier for liberty


  37. They will have to rename the al Sharpton bedroom in the White House. When Trump becomes President. I doubt if he will be as welcome. A lot of changes going to be made. Starting with putting the Stars and Stripes back on the flag, on the White House logo that Obama took off…And …back behind the president when he speaks.

  38. I cant wait till this disgraceful muslim lover is out of our White House Trump needs to take out the trash before he moves in our White House

  39. Michelle Minze-Bryant

    What’s clear is that Obama is an antagonist. He only cares about his own agenda and not running this country by laws already established. There’s policy and procedures to let people in the USA, so for years they were trying to find an economical way to keep illegal aliens out, and Obama just let’s them all in with disregard for all the policies and procedures in place.

    It’s like he can’t look at everyone in the eye and lie, so he just changes the subject matter, so he can look everyone in the eye.

    • Don’t forget that $hitlery has also cozied herself up real nice and warm with the morons of the BLM hate group. She has chosen a side, just like the moron in chief.

  40. The problem with egomaniacs like OlBluegums is that they are COMPLETELY incapable of taking ANY blame for their actions. Secondly, there’s the fact that the events of the recent past are EXACTLY what he was hoping for. What EVERYONE must remember is that $hitlery has a history of going against law enforcement and she has VOWED to continue what the idiot in chief has begun. She has also cozied herself up very nicely with the apes and chimps of the BLM hate group. If she gets elected all he!! will break loose because she has chosen a side, just like the elephant eared porch monkey.

  41. Obama only listens to his inner voice of the little abandoned black boy who no one wanted. He hates all authority and especially the White race. He will always “pretend” to be doing and saying the right things, but those that know him by his true actions also know he is a faker. His hidden agenda has always been to disrupt our American Society any way possible — not supporting the one organization Americans rely on (our Law Enforcement) is one strike, inciting the Black population to think they are always the victims is another, and welcoming masses of illegals to infiltrate our neighborhoods is yet one more strike against our Society. He is the biggest “Game Player” and most of America now knows that. Too bad it took 2 terms for people to realize they had elected a weak kneed, liar and manipulator of facts. Kick the bum out of the White House Now. It’s going to take months to clean the filth left there by the obamas.

  42. This guy is the worse president iny lifetime.
    He is a racist and he’s done his job, in 8 yrs of inflammatory anti white, cops rhetoric.
    All of his spattered B.S. of coming together.
    Who the hell voted for this guy?
    Oh wait.. politics is rigged and we all new that, but now we have a voice.
    Trump for president!
    Bring back profiling.
    Forget about people’s feelings when our lives are on the line.

  43. Obama was the same Racist in Chief who called the police officer “stupid” for arresting one of his Harvard crony friends.

  44. Everyone is using restraint, even after all these terrible murders of policemen. That is to the good, because if the country got too riled up, that ‘whatever’ – would call for Martial Law. We have to be very careful. defend ourselves, and hopefully get through the next few months, and hold our elections, then we all can be part of cleaning up this country.

  45. It doesn’t matter which side of the political spectrum your on this is blantanly obvious to all. Killary will be no different and cares only about power and the minority vote. Vote Trump and we can clean this mess up. There are things about him that I have my doubts about but he is a patriot and loves this country. IMHO he will make this country better for all of us and beat back the communist/socialist/progressive movement that is agitating this mess to push their agenda and destroy this great country.

  46. MuslimLuvChrist

    Police should stay out of blm neighborhoods

    • Yes!! Let them just kill each other! They hate police, the police shouldn’t help out in black neighborhoods ever!! Agree with you 100%

  47. Why should the President take responsibility for the hate of Trump who has emboldened racist bigoted haters to crawl out of hiding? This article is an attempt to take responsibility off of tea baggers masquerading as police in place of real men in blue. Hate produces hate.

    • Get over your stupid ass. TRUMP is not a racist or a bigot. He wants borders closed for ILLEGAL, get it ILLEGAL trespassers!! Muslims vetted properly & the constitution upheld!! What’s racist & bigoted about that?? NOTHING!!
      You dumbass liberals do nothing but name call when you have nothing intelligent to say.. Your racist card & bigot card is worn out & old so just STFU

      • Wow, just tuning in? Just in the primaries your leader has made racist comments about Americans such as : Muslims, Blacks, Latinos(including a judge), and Jews. He has never denounced the support of white supremacists/ neo Nazi’s.
        If you research Millertrumpdrumpf, which you won’t, you will find many examples of racism including being sued twice by the Justice Department over his treatment of blacks. His mafia buddy Giuliani gave a speech Monday filled with racist code. When their buddy John Gotti would visit a Millertrump casino or ‘the Don’ and Ivana would visit all black employees were shuttled off the floor in advance . There’s a starter kit, do the research or not; I’m not going to spoon feed you. I have enough to write a book for you but it would be a waste of effort; I doubt that you have read a book in years(‘Heidi’ and ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ don’t count). This months ‘New Yorker’ cover story is by Tony Lynch, the man who wrote Drumpfmiller’s book ‘The Art of the Deal’ would not interest you nor would the e-book(Amazon) ‘The Greatest Show’ formerly ‘Trump’ by Wayne Barrett in book form, a 30 year study. Barrett is the only author of Trump stuff that Millertrump has not sued. Good luck to you, many blessings.

  48. Who is this clown trying to kid, he hates America and Americans and police, he wants civil war that is why he is trying to divide our nation,. Obama is a terrorist in my opinion not our President, liar and fake should be impeached.

  49. That is why Obama wants our weapons, so he can open up America to millions of terrorists it’s not about gun control Obama is a fascist liar.

    • azhat

      • The fascists are Hillary supporters who show up at Trump’s rallies trying to shut down free speech. Ever hear of any of Trump’s supporter rioting at Hillary’s rallies? Corporate power protected? Wall Street and the banks own Hillary and ding bat Bernie proved it when he asked to see her Wall Street speech transcripts.

        Obsessed with crime and punishment. 85% of all gun related homicides happen in inner-cities under democrat control. The rest is just nonsense. Hope I was helpful!!

        • You rarely are, but I enjoy you anyway, you use your mind, I like that; so many here are just so blah, blah ignorant. You shouldn’t assume that I’m for Secretary Clinton. How are the twins?

          • The twins? Do I know you?

          • No my friend, you do not. I was just showing you my heart and my interest . This is my final post here. I realized that the negativity I attract here is effecting my being, my spirit; it seems that no matter how I strive to have a constructive conversation I am attacked for my thoughts , this creates for me an unhealthy situation and I cause many to feel hate and rage I can’t continue to be the cause . I apologize for the times you have been angry with me, no malice was intended . I am old and alone in the world so I have enjoyed expressing but pissing people off or having my thoughts trampled doesn’t change that. In life I have accepted negative attention as better than no attention. My plan is to unsubscribe from life. Many blessings to you and your family, walk upon the earth with compassion, you never know whose life you may increase with just your simple smile or kind word. You’ve been good to me.

          • Bless you too.

  50. Obama and his close friend George Soros are both Community Organizers for protests/riots/ violence. They are both evil.

  51. Off topic, but how ’bout a moment of silence for the “Dump Trump” movement. No signs of life in over a week. —- May they all rot in HELL!

  52. The convention so far is a rowdy mess. Don’t Americans know Hitlery and slick Willie will bring havoc to the nation? Damn it, you go fight isis, I’ve done my 20 plus. And take out these thugs who are killing our policeman/women. You don’t want veterans and good bikers to get involved. It won’t be pretty for them. Just saying.

  53. WOW. What a surprise, NOT. Obama refusing to admit anything at all. He and he alone is responsible for the war on police. It started all the way back when black professor Skip Gates was arrested while breaking into his own house and Obama, without knowing anything other than the race of the policeman and Gates, accused the police of doing “something very stupid”. Neighbors of Gates were the ones who called the police not knowing it was Gates himself breaking into the house. Obama is deliberately using the BLM radical group just like the democrats party used the KKK down south to intimidate and cause violence. Obama also relies on the race baiting services of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to gin up the flames whenever he can. Every time I see or hear Obama I just want to puke. Same goes for that HAG Hildabeaste. She makes my skin crawl.

  54. This Disgrace currently occupying the Oval Office shows his forked tongue…again. For seven + years, he’s been joined at the hip with race-baiting, cop-hater, cop-killing condoner, Sharpton as his “civil rights advisor.”

    And now, he’s heartedly embraced the disruptive, racist, fascist Black Lives Matter group.

    Giving them legitimacy as he did speaking glowingly of BLM, at Howard University’s Commencement last May.

    He has repeatedly met BLM representatives at the White House to weigh in on law enforcement reform. This, despite BLM call to kill Police Officers.

    His Disgrace, a proven liar (“keep you doctor, etc, period”), a proven (red line) coward, anti-Christian (high-horse), and guilty of multiple cover-ups, is no better than his predecessor. An equally Ivy- schooled, well educated, vicious racist and Democrat. President Woodrow Wilson.

    Just as Wilson staunchly supported the KKK…even endorsing the pro-lynching, anti-Black film, “Birth of a Nation”. His Disgrace is no different with BLM.

    Correction, he’s worse!

    His Disgrace has, in less than seven years, set back racial relations to immediate post WWII levels.

  55. Why not ask him about his actions when the black professor was stopped, and questioned, by the police because it appeared he was breaking into a house. When it was determined that it was his own house, he was released. But, I believe it was the next day, the race baiting “professor” and Obama were all over the police, when they were simply doing their job. Problems between the races has done nothing but increase over the last 7 1/2 years. We need new leadership and Hillary is not the answer! Can you imagine any political party putting a felon up as their candidate for President of the U.S., but the Democrats are going to do it!


  57. He is the Godless, Satan worshipping maestro leading his orchestra of BLM and working them into a frenzy finale to bring in the racial war that he was meant to start when he was implanted back in 2008! I hope that all of those Leftist dopes are ecstatic about their suicidal choice of candidates! We sure have been “TRANFORMED & TRANSGENDERED”

  58. Stop griping. If he didn’t say anything you’d still find something to blast him about. You folks at Patriot News sure do hate him. No matter what he does, he’s wrong. Yet, you’re wonderful GW Bush was irreproachable. Never mind all that marching us into a war and destabilizing the entire Middle East. Say, maybe you can find a way to blame Mr Obama for that. I mean, just EVERYONE KNOWS that he’s a Muslim and his presidency was a big “set up”, etc etc ………

  59. As I read the comments here I find lots and lots of misinformation about and outright hatred of our President. Has it ever occurred to anyone to talk in terms of actual facts and readily verified evidence? I guess it’s just easier to name-call rather than to be rational in your thinking. We can do better than this, much better.

    • We definitely hate him for what he has done to this country. I’m not ashamed to say I HATE HIM!!!
      If you can’t see the destruction he’s done to this country, you are so stupid & need to go back into your coma..

  60. What is true is this; others are our mirror, what we dislike about someone is a part of ourselves .

  61. “If I had a son he would look like Trayvon Martin.” “Keep, keepin on.” “Get Revenge.” Plus many other instances in which the appointed president joined liars who were falsely accusing the police. The appointed 1/2 white commander in chief has a history of supporting his friends and their actions. Start with Al Sharpton, then Jesse Jackson, Eric Fast and Furious Holder, Reverend Wright, to name just a few. BHO has certainly earned the title of divider in chief.

  62. His agenda to stir up racial divide became aparrent in 2009 when O made the comment, “the Police acted stupidly”. Since then it has steadily grown. Imagine hiring Sharpton, the worst race baiter in history as a special advisor to the President. Not much more needs to be said. The blood of many police officers is on his hands.

    • On whose hands hold the blood of 510 Americans murdered by police this year?

      • This comment deserves no reply without specific proof of murder of the 510 people. Go away troll.

        • Just what I anticipated, I just wanted your opinion but the answer doesn’t fit your face I guess.

          • OK, I ‘ll give you the best answer to your statement that I can. If there were 510, there may be a few that were murdered. The blood is on the hands of the murderer. For many others, the blood is on the hands of the drug dealer that sold them the drugs that they were high on when they refused to cooperate with police. Too many others, the mothers or fathers who never taught their children that the police are there to help and protect them and they should respect them and follow their instructions… or who never taught them right from wrong…..for others, the judges who put them back on the street when they should have been jailed to learn a lesson. In summary, very few were murdered, many, many more lost their lives because of their behavior during an encounter with police who had a right to protect themselves.
            Now, my question to you is. On whose hands is the blood of the thousands of black people murdered in Chicago by other black people and no one seems to give a damn, and the thousands of black babies murdered at abortion centers across the country?

          • Thank you for sharing. I would not disagree with your assessment to probably 95% with the remainder centering around the justice and incarceration process which is a contributor/ breeder of nothing of value to many issues in our country including the Chicago situation that you ask me about. That is another conversation.
            I have often wondered if “Black Lives Matter” ignores the black on black war(which I believe is in part an indictment of the penal system), or if those efforts are just ignored by media. In the case you present I would say the blood is on my hands, I am a member of a society that has allowed this part of the body to grow a cancer and do nothing to remove or retard it. You and I are talking here about a developed culture that we can’t possibly understand created by many decades of oppression and inequality thrust upon a segment of our peoples. Those left out and behind have created an ugly subculture; a deep feeling of hopelessness, like being stuck in a well with no ladder. The frustration present must be smothering, imagine that same well filled shoulder to shoulder and the only outside help is food allotments once a month. The question you ask has no easy answer and involves the educational system, justice, penal, and system of common humanity. This is a large scale version of keeping plantation slaves in a back corner away from the mansion. If you can’t see outside the well, don’t know what’s beyond your walls, there is nothing in which to aspire. The rules inside the well are what its inhabitants decide. You can’t have a baby and just leave it to fin for itself but we have. Some find a way out of the well and rise, a few find a way out to find only more of the same. It frustrates and saddens me for them. One responds to their own fish bowl. The cause cannot be pinned to one man that’s unfair and inaccurate. I think that the causes you list certainly contribute.
            This may seem extremely microcosmic in reference but when I go out to eat I can liken what you say to whether a diner places his napkin on his lap, holds it in his hand or lays it on the table, it tells me about his background, parental guidance, education, view of the world and respect level from this small act whether I’m at ‘White Castle’ or ‘Gulzar’s Fruits of India’. There are a lot of dirty napkins on table tops out there jh, disrespect is the new norm. Thanks again I enjoy the exchange of ideas, I don’t troll except with the thoughtless clueless, you seemed /seem to be neither . Peace to you.

          • How about black on black murder??! Happens EVERY SINGLE DAY!!

          • Obviously you don’t read well, big surprise . If you had read the post to which I responded and/or my response in its entirety the question you ask is the question answered .

      • What 510? No one was ‘murdered’ – that implies ‘intent’. Any black that has been shot has gotten himself shot because of his own actions!! You just don’t admit the fact that you simply cannot behavior yourself OR refrain from breaking the law!! It’s just what you DO! You would rather commit a crime than get a JOB and earn what you want…you want what the white man has but you are not willing to to work for it like the white man does! Instead, YOU just steal HIS!! Punk thugs and wannabe gangsta’s is what you are raised to be!!! Admit it! Do YOU know who your ‘baby daddy is” – your mammy is a crack head ho, right?

        • First, I’m white and 61, I have earned my way. I have worked for two BA an MA and an ASA as recent as 2014. I have spent my life in service to others . Second, I have never been disrespectful to a cop in personal encounter but have witnessed, since childhood, what some are capable of, an obscene abuse of perceived power. Police stand between peace and anarchy but are not empowered to be judge, jury or executioners. Third, your profiling skills suck, I wouldn’t recommend quitting your day job. Your ugly bigoted mind is shamefully narrow . My mother was E5 with the government who died from exposure at a Monsanto nuclear research facility and was a concert pianist.

          • So what?? You’re an apologetic white??? For what?? Being white??? You are an idiot!
            Leave America if your a pusdy and don’t like it

      • I hope when you need the police to protect or save your stupid ass, they don’t come! I support the police 100%!!!

  63. What,who me says barry I wouldn’t do”nuthin”like dat.Yeah right,the hell you wouldn’t.Barry’s motto,divide and beat down.He has divided,but he sure has not beat us down.

  64. MuslimLuvChrist

    Police should stay out of blm neighborhoods

    • I agree, the police should ignore any calls for assistance from the black neighborhoods, and just let the nig*ro’s monitor themselves and take care of their won problems. Sounds like a plan, and works for me!!! Maybe they’ll just kill each other off – she said ‘hopefully’!! Just like in Katrina, they’ll rob, kill, rape, murder, each other daily!! Remember? Savages and heathens!! Hey, think of it this way – for everyone they cap, its that many LESS that the rest of us has to deal with!!!

    • Exactly!! Let all those ni66ers kill each other. Problem solved

  65. There is NO doubt, IF you have any ability to assimilate what you HEAR and SEE coming from this clown, that he has his own private agenda and that is to “destroy this country from within”! And, he is doing it. He has the nig*ro thinking they do not HAVE to comply and behave themselves with police officers OR with any law at all, actually. Him, along with all other nig*ro’s think they should be able to do what they want, get what they want FREE, live how they want, and destroy what they want, without compunction or interference from anyone, especially the police! Wrong! IF this country is to continue to exist without a racial war then things will have to change drastically by the nig*ro because a race war is on the horizon! What the blacks don’t seem to WANT to comprehend is the fact they are drastically outnumbered and the majority of them would croak in that war! Since the beginning nig*ro’s have ALWAYS been their own worst enemy! They will NEVER change because they don’t have the intelligence or the ability TO change! They deliberately refuse to ‘fit in’ with the rest of the community, but chose to destroy instead! Their life style is despicable, their behavior is beyond description, and NOW, I haven’t met even ONE that was worth the powder to blow him/her to hell! Worthless POS, lazy welfare rats, breeding for welfare, breeding like sewer rats, and for what? Used caddies, BRAIDS, BLOND HAIR (ain’t THAT a hoot), pants on the ground, guns, dope, booze, gold grills, CRIME, just to name a few of their low priorities!!!! NEVER to work, being a gang member and a punk thug wannabe gangsta is MORE desirable! LMAO – yeah, really successful!!! BLM = Blacks Love Murder, Blacks Lack Morals, Blacks Lack Motivation, Blacks Lose Mentally, And, OBUMMER and his ‘tranny’ wife, moooochellllllle, supports this despicable behavior and life style- after all, they could be HIS sons, right? Yeah, right!!

  66. Obama sure is a complete shame to the office of President of this GREAT COUNTRY OF AMERICA. One reason for that is that he never was vetted, and the question is WHY??? It looks like to me the money men covered it all up. We can’t even see his college records, his passport and where he was born are still not open to the public.!!!
    All covered up by the money men like Soros and others . Why did not republicans demand this. ??? Where they also bought out by the MONEY MEN and the NEW WORLD ORDER.??? When he speaks he has this blame thing against the whites and the POLICE. We never painted him black so who is he blaming? “GOD”??? He was given such a great opportunity as the first BLACK PRESIDENT TO HEAL OLD WOUNDS. Anyway we pray for him and AMERICA WITH FAITH IN GOD THAT GOD WILL MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!! PTL.

    • I hope to GOD we never have a black president again!! Obamass ruined it for all of the rest! He had the greatest opportunity to bring everyone together & he did the exact opposite!!

      • That’s exactly right!! He’s fueling the fire of racism… along with his good buddies Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. And… to make matters worse, he has a hefty number of Muslims in his Cabinet. He’s anti-Christian, as you have probably noticed.

        • Yeah, whatever.
          Takes one to know one

          • Nope. I’m a white person who actually worked in a black organization in Harlem for seven years. I don’t fear or hate blacks, as you’ve admitted. I also have many fine Muslim students and friends. My husband and I traveled in the largest Muslim country- Indonesia. And had no troubles. And yes, we’re a gay married couple.
            I don’t hate Muslims or immigrants.
            Own your bigotry. You’ve earned it.

          • We know you hate blacks.
            I can only assume you hate immigrants and gays and Muslims. Did I leave anyone off your most hated list?

          • Don’t even think of judging me.
            You think your all high & mighty.
            I have no problems with Muslims that assimilate and LEGAL IMMIGRATION! You liberals always fail to recognize that word. As far as blacks go, I have many black friends. I just don’t care for the racist BLM thug group.
            You can live with your head in the sand all you want but I’m wide awake!!
            So I’m done with you now. Bye bye

          • Bye bye, racist. If you are a conservative, you are a racist. Otherwise you’re a RINO.

          • Fuck off loser!!

          • Hahahahahaha add anger management issues to your list.

  67. Obama has absolutely fanned the flames of racism and anti-police rhetoric from the beginning of his terms in office. He has blood on his hands. He is a puppet for those pulling his strings, like Valerie Jarrett and George Soros, whose altar he worships at. They created the Manchurian President much to the detriment of all of us.

  68. Fuck that faggot muslim bastard.

  69. obama caused it period!

  70. We have to rid ourselves of the demon of racism. We cannot go on as we’ve been doing all along. Examine your own heart. See what’s there. Don’t forget that every time you utter a disparaging word about another because of that person’s color or perceived national origin you have sinned against that person. It’s time to put aside the nice talk and start getting serious about the issue of race in this country. Don’t expect others to do it for you or for the President or any other person to solve this. It must begin within you!

  71. perhaps his short temper can be tweaked to get him to reveal his true self….confront him with the condemnation of the citizens as to his muslim preferences….re those two muslim truckdrivers who wouldn’t deliver alcohol as per their job required….he had his lawyer take the employer to court…! his statement in his book that he would stand with the muslims…..ask against WHOM is he standing? America….goad him into revealing his sinister agenda !!!

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