Obama Praises Germany’s Merkel on Refugee Policy

President Obama, who would open the floodgates to hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees if he could, praised Germany’s Angela Merkel this week for being on the “right side of history” in regards to accepting immigrants. At a speech in Hannover on Monday, the president was effusive in his admiration.

“She is giving voice to the kinds of principles that bring people together rather than divide them,” Obama said, taking a not-so-subtle shot at conservative Europeans who are warning of an Islamic invasion.

Because Obama has faced strong opposition to an influx of Syrians into the U.S., the German press accused him of hypocrisy. Der Spiegel, an influential German paper, pointed out that Germany had accepted nearly twice as many refugees over the last year despite being four times as small.

“It is a pity that the chancellor could not turn to him when she needed help with the refugee crisis,” the paper wrote.

What’s more pitiful, actually, is that we don’t have a president willing to explain to the German chancellor the folly of her ways. Instead, we have a president who is simultaneously wrong and embarrassingly weak. He’s supposed to be the most powerful man in the world; instead he mopes around Europe, wishing he had the time and the skill to turn America into the socialist, open-bordered paradise he envisioned eight years ago.

If anything, the plight of Germany today is a clear, red warning about the future of the United States under liberal leadership. Germans are losing their culture and their economy – to say nothing of their safe streets – to Muslims who have absolutely no interest in western assimilation. They are being brainwashed into believing that to have pride in your country is to be a Nazi. And of course, they are predisposed to fear that kind of nationalism for good reason.

But Hitler’s stain on human history was not born out of an inappropriate level of patriotism; it was born out of a monstrous thirst for power and a maniacal hatred of the Jews. To make comparisons between today’s cautious right-wing political parties and the Nazis is to assume that any level of cultural protectiveness is automatically dangerous.

Unfortunately, by taking this position, Germany and other European liberals risk inviting the very trouble they are trying to avoid. The more they clamp down on free speech, the more hostile the opposition will become. And if we replace Obama with Hillary Clinton, these trends will develop in the U.S. as well.


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  1. Quote from Forrest Gump “Stupid is as Stupid does” This “fly by the seat of not his pants but ours” attitude sucks

    just like the whole attitude of the current administration for the last 8 years. Just because Merkel jumped into a cesspool, doesn’t mean that America should ! If obama wants to join her in her swim , so be it !~ Resign !

    I’m just not ready for that S**T and neither is America.
    If you want to help the Syrians , help them near the borders of their own country so can return to what they are familiar with and resume living. in the manner they are accustomed to and let them re-assimilate there !
    Stay out of the idea that we need diversity , we already have too much of it and I don’t believe they have proven that the Syrians are a peaceful people , since they are rioting in Merkel’s country , Raping, demanding jobs , money, homes etc. People requesting (that being the key word) Asylum don’t act like that unless they have .conquest on their minds and in their plans.

    islamic terrorism has no place in America !!

  2. The Comment “Being on the Right Side of History” as I look back at the mistakes and horrors of the last eight years and what we are facing now , makes that a really ridiculous comment ! I believe that might be the first statement that ever came out of this administration without the help of a “teleprompter” but that of a misguided self centered , legacy seeking , excuse for a leader………………..

    • joseph krushnowski

      The right side of history? More correctly it is the left side of history and what an infamous chapter this will make. Both of these dictators are forcing a destructive cultural time bomb on its citizens knowing, as demonstrated by the massive opposition and civil unrest created, that this is going to end up being a tragic social engineering failure.

  3. Rule of thumb: If Obama likes it, RUN!!!!!! If he criticizes it, it’s worth a second and a third look.

    • Boy are you ever spot on!!!

    • Merkel imports Muslim rapeugees into Germany. Germans are then required by their socialist government to support these Muslim rapeugees with no education and no trade from cradle to grave.

      Obama wants to follow Merkel’s lead in the U.S. He commands his AG to tell all states that they are required to start welfare coverage on all Muslim rapeugees with no education and no trade as soon as they are located in their states.

      • Both Obama and Merkel need to be reminded that they work for the citizens of their respective countries, not the other way around. Neither one has the title of Monarch, and the free citizens of both countries have no stomach for a dictatorship.

      • Merkel has a history of being very supportive of American policies, including when Bush was president. However, I really believe she is still trying to buy off German guilt over the Holocaust (one of Hitler’s strongest views was “Germany for the Germans”). But, the 1930-40s is now the better part of a century in the past, and Jews never went on “rape fests” in Germany’s biggest cities (like Cologne). Hitler became popular because (among other things) he refuted the whole idea of German guilt over World War I, and the “younger generation” didn’t feel that they had anything to feel guilty about. Now, we’re being assaulted with “White Privilege” crap and there will be a backlash.

        • As there should be !!

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      • no body can stop this this is a curse that is written in the bible that God said he is going to breck the wall and let the strange people to settle in this land the only thing we can do is to reconise that the remaining Hispanics in their own countries does not have jobs and to help them to create their own jobs there

      • Were in hell is hitler when you need him?


      • Obama in importing a muslim war right here in this country. It can’t avoided. These barbarians want what they want and will kill to get it and Obama is their leader! This is how he gets the destruction of this country, by protecting ILLEGAL INVADERS and bringing in thousands of U.S. hating muslims by the thousands and jamming them down our throats! Worse yet, he’s flying them in under cover of darkness and then scatters them across this country without even telling the local officials in the areas where he dumps them!

    • Sue, one of the best posts I’ve ever read. So simple yet spot on. Hey Congress, you listening??

  4. 0bama and Merkel ARE giving voice to the kind of principles that bring people together….

    Syrian rapists and innocent victims……

  5. He needs a mental eval because he is so ignorant and can’t see beyond his nose as to what is happening over there

    • He isn’t ignorant. He despises this country and the entire civilized world. He stated that he will always stand with the Muslims. That’s all you really need to understand what he’s doing.

      • You are right this maniacal maniac is FAR from ignorant, he is a vile cunning viper.

      • You got that right. I’ve always said he was Muslim from day one.

      • Dennis B Anderson

        Where ever he is whatever he does hes in it up to his elbows with deception and lies. He is of the muslim faith and has done everything he can to show us just that.He just went into the truckers pension plans and is sucking money from that now. He thinks were to rich compared to the rest of the world. Did anybody here that voted for him knew he was going to turn into a self appointed monarchy ? His muslim cabinet has been sworn to agree with whatever this terrorists says. His gold ring says theres no other god but Allah.
        His actions of letting illegals over run our country while wanting to take our protection away from us should make even democrats contemplate there greasy leaders actions. They are full of holes and they are treasonous at the very least.

    • Mike I disagree with you on that issue. Mrs. Merkel may be dumb as a stump on this issue but not Mr. Obama, he knows exactly what he is doing. I have studied him since he was a senator in Illinois and my conclusion has not ever changed by anything he has ever done, the man by his faith system is a Shiite, always has been. As most non retarded people in the world know by now Islam is hell bent on the destruction of all the worlds democracies whether in Europe or the Americas and this Muslim (Islamic) migration is exactly what Islamic fundamentalist want.

    • He doesn’t need a mental eval. He just NEEDS to be removed from office just as quickly as we possibly can. Every single day Obama is in office, we are weakened even more. Obama needs to GO YESTERDAY!

  6. Merkel is as popular in Germany as Obama is in the United States; the reason they praise each other is because the don’t have anyone else who would praise them.

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    • Absolutely true — Merkel is NOT popular in Germany any longer just as Obama is NOT popular here. My “better half” is German and we know for a fact the people, and we talk to many of them when we are in Germany visiting for a month at a time, do not like the moouslim (misspelled on purpose) refugee situation that has become very devastating to them and their economy.

      • How true, but when is the UK going to elect leader that represent the people who put them in office?
        The Refugees are totally destroying the UK, and other countries that have offered them sanctuary. Their raping German woman, and in England, they have designated danger-zones (whole neighborhoods) throughout, warning their citizens not to enter without a police escort; and Obama wants to bring them into the US? There picket signs read “This is our country now; you get out.” THE HAND WRITING IS ON THE WALL!!!

        • Yes it is happening in the U.K. and also has been happening in Paris for YEARS. Marseilles is almost off limits to anyone who isn’t a muslim and has been Muslim dominated a very long time.

          • I am leaving today for Germany…will let you know how it is progressing upon my return in 3.5 weeks.

          • IF you return. Good luck pal,

          • Just shore, I will be leaving Germany soon. An update for you White German residents who are renting their apartments, etc., are being kicked out of their homes in order to make space for the Illegal Muslms. The German and city governments are paying higher rents for these barbaric people. They are EVERYWHERE In Germany. I don’t see any way out for the German people and many do NOT want this happening here – they DO NOT WANT MUSLIMS in their towns/cities/neighborhoods any more than we do in the States! Merkel, for the most part, is not liked anyour longer.

          • Thanks for the info.

          • Norway is paying them to leave, watch, all Scandavians will be doing the same, as for UK, Cameron and BHO are buddies on a lot of things. The Brits were not in favor of BHO coming there and telling them how to run their country and EU membership

          • Dennis B Anderson

            I went to what was in January 1 1980 the Arab Quarter in Marseiles. They lost my luggage and I needed clothes on a Freddy Laker jet ride from Frisco to Gatwick airport UK. It was like 1930 New York street vendors.

        • But they are such a peace loving people.

    • Notice, too, how both have their MSM doing their bidding, supporting, promoting their propaganda agenda.

      • It’s the responsibility of the people to voice a strong resistance to refugees who have show to have absolutely no respect for the nation that took them in.

        • It’s also the primary responsibility of the citizens to respect and even admire their own nation and culture, and to defend same,,,not apologize for it,,,certainly not to surrender it. Half the US seems to have forgotten that, as have 75% of Europe.

          • Political correctness has become a blind fold when it comes to national pride. Belonging to a group seems to be more popular than the insensitivity of political correctness. We have replaced individuality with compromise on the theory that if enough people agree on any particular subject, it automatically becomes a truth. The real learning process begins only when that truth is proven to be a lie, i.e., the some people in the UK, now embraced with sharp wit and acerbic, only after provoking insights into the unfolding world of truth.

      • Sounds like here too.

  7. “Der Spiegel, an influential German paper, pointed out that Germany had accepted nearly twice as many refugees over the last year despite being four times as small.” Why don’t these Fascists bitch about Pope Frankie who has only taken in ONE family?…”Let’s run a fact check – the U.S. naturalizes about 700,000 immigrants every year. That’s about 2,000 per day. ”

  8. Takes one to know one.

  9. What do you expect from the Muslim in the White House. He is not interested in protecting this country. He is only interested in assisting Muslims in trying to colonize as much of the eorld as possible.

  10. and the German people wonder has we put up with this
    American hating lawless uppity muslim terrorist traitor

    • We the people wonder that too. It didn’t have to progress into the situation we have now. Out elected bums in congress let it go this far. They are as bad as the muslim in the white house.

  11. They both forgot the people that put them in office.

  12. She should be impeached along with Obama—-their time will come and they will be held accountable !!!!


    • You are so right about that, judgment day IS COMING! We have so kicked God Almighty out of our American life, going against all this country stood for, there will be Judgment. Jesus said when you see all these signs look up, your redemption draws near. Well we see the unbelievable things happening just one of the last signs, when the heathen in the white house put the rainbow of homosexual acceptance over the people’s house, we are told one of the signs of the last times is men will be lovers of them selves rather than lovers of God. God said there would be a one world order and a one world religion. There are so many of our politicians that are NWO people, like the Bushes, Clintons, Cruz, Grahams and many of our now congressmen. That is a sign. How sad it is, but as a Christian, I’m looking up. Even so come Lord Jesus.

  13. Michael Dennewitz

    Merkel isn’t too damned bright either. She’s harboring parts of Oslobba’s new world order. Wait til they start destroying Germany.. HA!!

    • What do you mean wait….Germany’s destruction is already in progress. The issue is that the elected officials are afraid of the negative birth rate in their countries and look to the Muslims who are recreating at a positive rate. These politicians want to keep their pool of labor and tax payers growing not shrinking

  14. Maybe Obama should have talked to the German rape victims of New Year’s Eve by those wonderful “refugees.” Maybe he should have toured the absolutely disgusting, filthy tent cities these animals live in. Maybe he should have checked Germany’s bank account to see how much these “refugees” are costing.

    • “She is giving voice to the kinds of principles that bring people together rather than divide them” was probably a reference to Cologne’s New Year’s Eve festivities.

      Mid-east immigrants cost US taxpayers an average of $13,500/year each for the first five years they are here. German taxpayers pay over $14,000/refugee/year. Norway spends $22,000/refugee/year. These are taxpayer costs even though some of these refugees have jobs. One major expense is education at $10,500/child/year in US public schools imposed on local taxpayers. That number assumes the average child has no special language or other needs.

  15. Once again, he demonstrates his less-than-stellar leadership qualities!

  16. Tragically, given Germany’s important history in the reformation of the Protestant church, it has been continuing liberalism, especially, in light of that history, which has been responsible for policies which, in their extremes, have done much more harm than good. One can only assume that lingering guilt over the atrocities of World War II has caused Germany to promote an humanistic, humanitarian policy of immigration with little consideration for the implications of historical, religious differences. The irony of Islamic and Judeo-Christian monotheism is that God and Allah are not “duking it out.” Only their human devotees are.

  17. The only reason Mau Mau praises Merkel is she beat him to the punch and open German for an invasion by
    Muslim Terrorist before he could do the same to the United States. All you have to do is look at what is
    happening across Europe and the INVASION by muslim and the destruction they are bringing with them.
    They are not peaceful and do not come to assimilate into society but rather to follow the dictates of the
    Qu’ran and kill, rape, murder, pillage and an all who do not convert to islam.
    This is the plan they have for any nation on earth that allows them to invade and prosper. They have been
    dong this for a couple of thousand years and the only reason they were stymed before was the Crusades
    that beat them back into the deserts for a period of time.

  18. What Obama really is praising is Germany is no longer Germany but an extension of ISIS.

  19. Yep, Merkel certainly brought people together alright as demonstrated by the Muslim attacks on the German people and her efforts to cover up. It is those same refugees that are intent on destroying every European country they have entered. And, it those same refugees that Obama wants to bring to America.

  20. If he likes it in Germany so much why does he not just move over there?

  21. Obama would praise Merkel because she let Obama’s brothers into the country now watch the ragheads destroy it. The only good muslim is a dead muslim

  22. Notice Obama didn’t ask the average German citizen what they think of Merkel and her “policies”. Right side of history my ass! She will forever be known as a traitor that brought rape and ruin to her own country. Obama is a complete idiot!


  23. What do the Germans think of her destruction of the homeland?
    About as much as we do Obama’s.

  24. skippy is selling a road apple as candy. Only the stupid buy his pitch.

  25. If Germany somehow manages to survive as a country, and if Europe is not totally brought down, it will b due to Angela Merkel’s absolutely insane immigration policy. That Obama praises that should give you all the insight into Obama’s thinking that you would ever need. Ijust hope we make it to January 2017. I am having SERIOUS doubts that we will. TRUMP 2016!

  26. Time to stop whining about it…..and start doing something about it…get off the backside and vote this time around!
    Trump 2016….the only one that will change the importation of rape & murder….

  27. michael schimanski

    obama is trying to destroy America , stop and think , if hillary gets in office its going to get worse she wants to increse the number of muSlim’s coming to Our Country . It seems that obama , hillary , and the whole democratic party are hell bent on the destruction of America and the world as we know it . They are still fighting against what MOST of Americans want , and don’t care about you or me , don’t listen to We The People who are saying Protect America , Protect the people here in our country from these evil destructive people and culture . In war innocent people always die , but these people have been at war for thousands of years (that alone should tell you something) but its not going to stop by bring them here to America . Why expand that war to America and all common sense Americans know this . We all know its not going to stop just because obama , hillary and the U.N. wants them here it will just expand that war and their culture . They want to take over western country’s that have the equipment to manufacture the weapons they do not have in there own country . That is why they are taking over Germany and want to take over America for the industrial strangth . We may now have a way to stop all that , to avoid war in our country , to avoid losing OUR culture OUR christanity . Donald Trump is the only candidate who want to stop this insanity , send them back ware they belong and make America great again , keep American’s safe , bring back jobs , protect our borders , rebuild our country Donald Trump President of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA for Americans 2016 .

    • Listened to Trump’s speech today, it was very Presidential and right on the mark, he named several points, one being the money we (America) spend on other countries and get nothing in return. Another was how Obama has bowed to our enemies and slapped the faces of our Allies. Most people forget that in a lot of Primaries, registered Dems can only vote Dem, and same if Rep. Independents can not vote, now in Nov. I will wager many Ind. and Dems are not going to vote for Hillary, TRUMP 2016

  28. Ogayarab is dead set to destroy the USA

  29. If Bathhouse Barry Soetoro, the Mooslime, gets his way America will be Europe. Spiraling down in death throws. Are we too stupid to see reality? Europe and Britain are done unless they wake up to the Mooslime threat and thwart it. We must also. Trump is right—again.

  30. If Obama praises you know it was a bad move. I was very disappointed in
    Merkle when I read she welcomedMuslims/Islamists into Germsny. Was not very
    Smart move for her.

  31. This is all part of the UN – One World Government.

    Peter Sutherland (UN, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, BP, TPN/TTIP,WTO) has been hailed as “the father of globalization”) has stated that national sovereignty must be done away with and by taking more refugees that will happen.

    David Miliband (IRC-largest US Refugee Resettlement Agency) admits that “our anger over Syrian refugees is a threat to global governance. Keep the pressure on our representatives people, maybe that can hold them off until we get a new president.

    Merkel, Obama, etc are in lock-step with the UN “Dicktators” and if we don’t keep on our representatives by calling or e-mailing every week they will think we don’t care.

  32. Dennis B Anderson

    I cant wait till this evil nigger pile of $cheit is awaiting his verdict of guilty for treason. It should go true to form they will worry, starve, work you to death but wont kill you. It seems no one has the guts for that anymore! There isnt one thing thats real about this thing named Barry. Where hes from he has the entire earth in termoil. Merkel took Obamas visit over a year ago to be a good one. She bought into it but she looks like she has aged since and for very good reason its justified. The republican GOP is afraid to make a move and are distroying there party from within. My opinion is they dont have a clue on how to fix anything. They also dont want to loose the free ride they have with Obama pushing all his executive bills through by passing congress. Washington is burning and the people in charge dont know what to do. They can help put out the fire but what becomes of them.. Can they actually think that socialism is the lesser of the evils for our country when there very lives are at stake for running our country into the ground. Obamas entire administration is at fault for the shape the entire world is in. The very woman who would ruin our country is in lock step with Obamas policies should be in jail right now. Its amazing shes running for president and the ignorant are asking for another 4 years of this. Close down the borders now and start sending the people back to the borders. Let there people take care of them.The same with Syria let the oil countrys help them. We buy there oil and they use the money to buy guns to kill us with. We have the keystone all it needs is to be turned on. If we dont buy this cheap oil it will go to China. If we dont use our coal it will also go to China.
    Global warming is a joke weather patterns have changed and China still has 30 years to comply with the clean air act. Theres lots of things that have been left out of Obamas rosie speaches. Kick the people out of our country that dont belong here. See if these countrys have the guts to take responsibility for there own. Instead of calling America cruel for not taking them on. Its time for everybody to take responsibility for themselves.


    • Here is what Europe looks like now and we won’t be far behind if keg-legs $hitlery gets in…


    • I think we just gave $500 million to the UN for climate change. I bet China is giving nothing.

      I for one am tired of giving taxpayer money to the UN “dicktators”.

    • The problem is…how to stop all this. The American People have no one who listens to them, certainly not the president (no cap to show my disdain), nor the congress. We can’t vote them out, would take the rest of our lifetimes (and they fight it all the way with the $ made from us on their wayward deals), since there are plenty who don’t know let alone care. Easy to sit here and discuss it but what do we do??? Who is willing to start the Revolution? Not a sound in the room.

      • Dennis B Anderson

        Well lets hope that the pendulum is swinging back the other direction.All indications point that we are in a somnambulist society. Personally I have always been an individualist. When I see a group of people gathering I go the other direction.Everyone has taken shots at Trump and it roles like water off a ducks back. I just heard on the news that Trump might have already won the republican nomination. When Ross Perot ran I voted for him and as now we need a business man. Someone who knows how to role up there sleeves and go to work and send the mexicans & saudis out of our country. There might be hope for us yet. I have said it what fuzz head homo has the right to take my bullets my gun and then my money.?? NO ONE!

      • Dennis B Anderson

        Stop the illegals being dropped off in our states. No more santuary cities. Stop paying taxes to a government that no longer listens to the very people who fund there existence. No more sending money out of country through western union to mexico. They have to pay taxed on the money the mexicans have made. No more food stamps or vouchers? People will have to work for there food. A president hasnt the right to shut down a lead mine where we get our bullets. Obama is no longer relevent this is our country he should be protecting our borders. He shouldnt be funding european businesses with our money. He shouldnt be in the health care business either. His jobs include protecting our borders not destroying it. Hes treasonous and should be hung immediately.

  33. Pretty much says it all as to what Obama thinks of the Women of Germany and for that matter the women of
    the United States when he praise the release of pure hell on women to be raped and abused by Muslim slim.

  34. Pitiful Presidents (Both)
    Pitiful Governments (Both)
    Pitiful Politicians (Both)
    Yup, this is the New World Order that Bush pushed for…..The Parties want (Both) and Hillary wants to
    continue with.

  35. Guaranteed!: Obama is “persona non grata” in Germany, just as Merkel is. Between those two, they never saw a Muslim they wouldn’t import. I believe Obama hates white Americans, even the white dummies who have voted for him in two elections. Merkel: Born and raised in the German People’s Democratic Republic (otherwise known a E.Germany, which was the Communist sector of post-WW2 Germany) She advanced in politics by being a loyal E.German Commie/Socialist. Germany went stupid when she ran for united Germany’s Chancellor. She overlooked what Arabs had in sore for Germany, Obama dropped the same problem on us. This is what we, the USA, got for voting Socialist/Democrat.

  36. Well of course that lying treasonous scumbag Obama praises that ignorant idiot in Germany, they are both morons who care nothing about their own people. Just a pack of terrorists who will murder their own people.

  37. That fool Obama and that idiot Merkel both need to be fired, and jailed for supporting terrorists.

  38. WE, in the United States, DO NOT need the problems those Muslim immigrants are causing in Europe. Hasn’t what has happened in France and Belgium been warning enough or DO WE go Muslim hunting in our streets , too?

  39. Obama needs to realize he is our employee not the other way around. On second thought if he was really our employee we would have fired his butt years ago. Anyone that ruins our country with the influx of criminals, both coming across our borders and through clemency for prison hoods, deserves to be impeached. He and Hillary both deserve a slow boat to China.

  40. Obummer is blind to the realities of the demise of the EU. It won’t be long before the EU is over 50% islam. By then it will be too late to say “Oops, we screwed up”. Better safe than sorry. Regulate the illegal immigrant flow and enforce the laws of the last several decades.

  41. Tell the SOB to get stuffed. Ask the German people if THEY like THIER country being invaded by MUSLIMS
    the same slime in England just told the ENGLISH to get out,they say it’s now THIER country
    take heed America this arrogant piece of shinola will try to do the same to you

  42. Europe has already been invaded by Muslims and the Muslim goal is to take over key political positions to help enforce their culture on the European cultures. Most Muslims do not and will not assimilate into any other culture. This immigration / refugee issue MUST be carefully managed or all of the European cultures will be decimated. Unless these fundamental problems are understood and resolved shortly, history will show that both Obama and Merkel are on the Wrong Side of History — resulting in chaos and blood-shed.

  43. Obama has two reasons for his endorsement of Merkel’s policy; #1- Merkel and Obama, concerning Muslim migration are “birds of the feather.” They are the tip of the Muslim migration spear aimed at Europe’s heart.
    #2- Obama seeks to connect to another position in which he can feel important while wasting Euro taxpayer currency. He made a plea this past week to the UK to drop its consideration for leaving the EU. Obama wants to obligate the EU political big-shots into an appointment for him, to replace his eventual departure from the White House in Jan.2017. Obviously, he sees an opportunity to loiter as he has in the Oval Office, with the least possible effort put forth. That would be with the EU.

  44. Of course the moron in chief thinks open borders are a great idea. He wants us to end up like Europe. Watch this short video to see what I mean…


  45. Merkel has not taken any advise from people in the know. For you to save Germany now and not being able to do it later you need to remove all so called refugees now. They get the upper hand and you are out. Obama is just one of the Radical Jhidas that wants to take over the world it seems but he will not do it in America ever. We the people will make sure that he doesn’t. A lot of our citizens are well armed and Obama is trying to change our constitutions second amendment which states Americans can have weapons and in the State of Texas can wear them outright on the hip if they have a permit. I do so I can wear my gun on my hip if I want or conceal it if I want. Obama wants to take away our guns so he has no resistance when he wants to take over. No one will give up their weapons and like they say they will have to pry it from my cold dead hands. With the amount of terrorist that comes with the refugees and how they band together your country will not have much of a chance. If you listen to our local terrorist in the White House you will handily fall.

  46. Merkel should “personally” talk to her own German citizens. She would find out that they are very angry abt what she has done to their once pristeen beautiful country.

    My closest friend was born there and moved to the states to become a citizen. She stays on top of what is happening to family and friends still living in Germany. She has told me that most Germans are very upset at merkel’s inability to see what she has done to their nation. Any German who spesks out against the muslims can be arrested – yet young muslim men have sexually attacked many young German women even those bring escorted by Germen men – and even teenage boys and girls – without reprimand or any action from the German govt.

    Just like in America — the citizens can be displaced or told to “Deal with it” (transgender men going potty in the same bathrooms as 6 year old little girls, using the same facilities and still carrying their own sexual units) while the “twisted” minorities stomp all that is right and natural under their feet! THIS NEEDS TO STOP NOW!

    However the most despicable action made by this idiot german leader was to kick out of their homes, good law abiding Germans, and turn over those living spaces to the radical muslims to destroy…and they will do just that. Have you seen the muslim areas in France? SLUMS with a capital “S”. Debris, excrement, rotten food everywhere…and the pigs live right in the middle of all that trash.
    Beautiful Germany will crumble right in front of the German people’s eyes. OR PERHAPS NOT.

    If TRUMP becomes President, many Nations are going to see a much stronger and driven, solid America! They will see the other side of the coin and will want to get in our good graces again — especially if Trump beefs up our Military — weaponry AND personnel. Actually, with all the YOUNG illegals and muslim men in our Nation, it would be perfect timing to activate the “Draft” and militarily train and teach them what it is to be an American. If they refuse to be drafted, they are deported on the spot! Solution to ending people illegally sneaking into our Nation besides erecting electrified fencing backed up by the National Guard!

    So bho’s praise for merkel makes no difference to her people who hate her already. All obasturd is trying to do (which he met too much resistence in the U.S. to achieve) is force other nations to accept more and more of his tweaked radical brethern BEFORE he leaves office in the U.S.

    Mark my words, obama knows his time to inflict “pain” to the World’s strongest Countries is coming to an end. No one will seek his counsel after he steps out of the White House…they may want to tatoo “Loser” across his forehead, but that would be it.

    The totally HILARIOUS thing is that bho “thinks” all those countries respect him and his word when their parades depict him as a cartoon character wearing a huge dunce hat with a stupid look on his face. That’s not respect “oh ruler of the idiot pack”, that’s out and out ridicule for being the dumbest U.S. president ever! EMBARASSING, MR. ARROGANT DUNCE. Merkel has the same charicature parading down Europe’s parade streets too…dumb is dumb no matter how you look at it!

  47. IT is outrageous what Merkel is doing. I have read they are raping the woman and chldren and now the police are told to not report it. It is insane – and BHO wants that to come here. Please Americans wake up! This is serious stuff – you can’t just sit in front of the boob tube and pretend it is not happening. We must get our country back and put a stop to this insanity. The progressives are winning and if we don’t act it will be too late and we will end up like Germany. NEVER HILLARY — NEVER BERNIE to start with. Then vote out ALL RINO’s.

  48. This Disgrace currently occupying the Oval Office, just can’t keep his big mouth shut!

  49. Germany may have accepted “nearly twice as many refugees and almost four times smaller” than the US but they now regret what they did. They have joined France, The Netherlands, Belgium and others on how “open borders” was not the best decision!

  50. Merkel & the rest of the socialist morons will be kicked to the curb in the next election.

  51. Sure it did another country down the toilet right behind ours

  52. Christine Gockman

    This from the divider in chief…..I say he thinks it’s so great what they’ve done in Germany….GO THERE AND LIVE

  53. Agree, agree, agree!

  54. She recently said that the refugees will be Germany’s workforce. These people are pawns, and the world leaders don’t care anything about them or us. The new world order is at work here, folks.

  55. We have a president who is simultaneously wrong and embarrassingly weak. He’s supposed to be the most powerful man in the world; instead he mopes around Europe, wishing he had the time and the skill to turn America into the socialist, open-bordered paradise he envisioned eight years ago.

  56. Yeah that worked out real well for Germany didn’t it . Most learn from mistakes Obama just keep making them

  57. end all this crap….vote Trump!

  58. When the next Hitler arises in Germany because of stupid actions like this inviting in the demise of your nationality which side of history will Obama stand on then? The Germans have been extreme unhappy about guest workers and refugee’s non-assimilation for many years and Mercle is going to pay a very dear price for this . Believe me it will happen.

  59. Thicker than two thieves, as birds of a feather flock together ,one world order elitist /Marxist ,Sikking the enslavement of the 98%

  60. Germany owes us over 4 billion dollars without interest (isn’t it amazing the government with student loans and the IRS, rapes, pillages and plunders it’s own citizens with interest). They need to take their liberal agenda and shove it. Nikita Kruchev said in the 60’s that communism would take over the United States without firing a bullet. In Europe and any other country it takes 1.6 births per family to maintain your culture. Europe averages 1.2 births. The Muslim culture averages 6 births per family in Europe do the math. In the United States we are averaging 1.4 births, the immigrant population and illegal aliens average 5.8 births. The liberal agenda always destroys great societies. They are doing it in Europe and have started here.

  61. Merkel bought these Muslim to German to fill in the worker gap the have in their country. These people will not work, they came to make slaves of the population. They are going to take all they what even their homes when their ready.

  62. barry is a freaking idiot , so consider the source !!!

  63. Germans and Germany is not what it was shortly after the war. Germany like other countries in Europe who had
    lost many of their men during the war, started to imp;ort labor hands from Spain, Italy, Greece, etc. That was the
    beginning of the cultural change in Germany and other countries of Europe. Men came, families follow, and so
    their own dress, customs and religion. During those days, the only blacks one saw in Germany, were soldieers
    serving with the US forces. After some time, Muslims started to migrate to Germany, France and other European
    countries. Many of them came to say, and even married European women and had families born therein.
    At that point,, the pristine state of those countries began to change, as Muslim migrants did not try to assimilate
    with the people who gave them safety and shelter and made forceful efforts to force their religion on their hosts. What Germans and others forgot, was the Muslims were fanatics and followed a corrupted religion that called
    for the killing of infidels and other with religious beliefs similar or close to those followed by Christians. Merkel,
    is ever so wrong as to think that Muslims are to be the work force of Europe. Is Meerkel blind or insane?
    Can’t she see the transformation of her country, populated by bearded man wearing long robes and funny
    turbans on their heads. Is Merkel and the German people so insensitive that tolerates women in long
    black dresses and covered head and faces? Merkel is giving the message to all of us that she is giving up
    and will take the easy path. Is massive rape of German women acceptable to Merkel. Merkel has lost her
    mind and indeed her sense of love for Germany and its people.

  64. From one NWO elitist to another, lets have a toast as our agenda is almost completed! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION, guaranteed! Armr=====================? YOU WILL BE NEEDING THEM!

  65. Obama is as Un-American as anyone can get. He cares more about promoting the spread of his Islamic-Muslim brothers than he does the America people, the American culture, and the American way of life.

    Americans need to recognize that Europeans have lost their identity, culture, and freedoms to Islam. If Islam gets a foothold in America there will be no Mexican-Americans, no Italian-Americans, no African-Americans, etc.etc. We cannot let that happen here.

  66. O’BUMMER: Spoken like the true Globalist/Marxist POS he really is.

  67. Apparently, it is what the people want, both here, and in Germany! Amazing!

  68. german citizens don’t agree, Obottomfeeder. but then you have a hatred for legal citizens of all countries.


  70. Yep lets just let thousands of murderers and rapist in great idea, these scumbags are hiding the violence and crime these co called refugees are responsible for in EVERY OTHER COUNTRY THE ARE COMING TO. these are NOT refugees they are lazy scumbags looking for handouts they have no intention of working they just want to take advantage of the welfare system. NOT A SINGLE ONE INTO THE USA NOT ONE!!!

  71. Whenever Barry praises something or somebody, put a clothespin on your nose; it stinks.

  72. Of course Obama supports Merkel because he is a traitor of the United States except the Muslim world.

  73. Anyone who agrees with the Moron in Chief is as unaware and/or uneducated as he wishes we all were. Here is a short video of EXACTLY what is happening in Europe these days. Just Google how many European towns have been turned into ghettos to get even more information.


  74. I am sure they look forward to meeting up at the Bilderberg Group every year. NWO Rats

  75. “What’s more pitiful, actually, is that we don’t have a president willing to explain to the German chancellor the folly of her ways.”

    To The Author: Are you 12 years old? Seriously. Perhaps you haven’t taken world history yet? The president of one powerful civilized country doesn’t simply jet across the ocean and tell the head of another powerful civilized country how to run their business, just like that, boom! Not unless you’re backing it up with military power. And why would America want to get into it with Germany. Over their Syrian refugee policies? Hell, Jesus the man himself for sure would step in with food and shelter for all the refugees and he himself would not be afraid.

    Why are you afraid? The United States is a huge place. How likely is it that a few refugees are going to take control over the entirety of the American population? Any foreign power that wanted to take over America would empty the population of their own country to try to seize American soil, and even then wouldn’t succeed.

    I’m no card carrying liberal, but I do know the difference between insightful and accurate discourse versus ignorant thought and speculation. I can even be an intelligent Republican and understand that what you have written is inflammatory, biased and full of negative innuendos. I used to be proud to be a Republican, but now it seems Republicans as a proud, honest, good party are no more. Compromise and compassion. Compromise and compassion. Compromise and compassion.

    When we Americans start fighting each other, whoever you consider the enemy is has already won.

    I stand up proud as an American citizen, proud that our country has taken in immigrants from all countries, proud that my Norwegian, English, and German ancestors were allowed to immigrate here and build new lives. I follow Jesus teachings, especially the one about whatever you do for the least of these humans on earth, you do to him, Jesus Christ.

  76. Merkel is destroying her own country just like Obama by allowing all these Muslims in…just ask the German people. She is a horrible leader.


  78. GodBlessRealAmerica!!

    Obama a disgrace!

  79. StupidConservativeValues

    Obama is your Christian GOD. Hillary Clinton will be your next Christian God.

  80. /

    Obama is sneaking them in hundreds of muslims every day- your daughters
    and wives mus be told that they are raised to believe it is
    their duty to rape and murder white women. and they like it.
    tell the girls and arm them with something

    I got this for my kid at college. the momma saw it and got one too.

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