Obama Points Finger at the Wrong Scapegoat

In his farewell address to the nation this week, President Barack Obama said conservative instigators online and on television were responsible for getting rid of America’s “common baseline of fact.” In his opinion, conservative media outlets have undermined the tradition of journalism and made it impossible for democracy to thrive.

What a sad, clueless man.

Conservative media would not exist in its present form if there was no appetite for it. And there would be no significant appetite for it if it weren’t for the mainstream media’s utter failure to tell Americans the truth. The corporate media of New York, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C. shed any illusion of objectivity long ago, and it gets worse with every passing year. Tearful coverage of Obama’s farewell speech only emphasized an already-obvious point. On CNN, MSNBC, and in the pages of the nation’s largest newspapers, the propaganda has been oppressively thick for a very long time.

It’s true that Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, and the Drudge Report (among many others) have undermined the public’s faith in its media institutions. They have done this by drawing attention to the many lies that come spewing forth from outlets like the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the network news empires. If the mainstream media is hanging, the noose is one of their own construction.

Remarkably, the more Americans see through the lies that color mainstream liberal reporting, the worse the reporting gets. If there is any depth to the current concerns over freedom of the press and the First Amendment, they have less to do with Donald Trump and more to do with the media’s own failings. Stop printing lies and you won’t have to worry about losing access to the White House. Stop printing leftist propaganda and you won’t have to worry about losing your readers to “fake news.”

Obama is right about one thing: Our democracy is in trouble without a trustworthy press to hold government accountable. We haven’t had that since Obama took office. This press could not have been more glowing in their coverage of this administration if Obama was signing their paychecks. It’s been an absolute travesty. And their full-steam-ahead hatred of Trump only makes their deference to Obama worse.

If the media wants to keep Trump inside the lines, great. That’s what they should do.

But so far, they only want to attack. When they actually get their teeth into a story, who’s going to believe them?


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  1. As in all media you shouldn’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you see, even on social media anybody can put what they want in print and with photo shop they can change the picture to look and appear to say anything they want it to.

    • No-Mo-BO...AT LAST!

      I saw a photo of Trump and Ivanka in an, of course, anti-Trump story, and they turned Ivanka around the opposite way from the original pic to where it appeared Trump was holding her from behind and she was swooning. The MSM HAS no conscience whatsoever.

      • And they still think millions of us who voted for Trump know they are playing tricks and trying every way they can to insult our new President and losing the game big time. How many of you twisted souls have molested your daughters or neighbor daughters, or have a lot of porn on your computer?

        • Your new President is an insult to Americans.

          • I wouldn’t be so smug Osamao…..time to review your understanding of fractions and decimals. everybody lost this one.

          • Because shut up?

          • HUH?????????

          • That must be you in Osamao picture liz !!

          • Liz girl, you’re just another libtwit, sore losercrat. Too bad, your side LOST!

          • Let’s keep that a secret from them! I am really, really enjoying those losercrats show their behinds!
            Soon the more conservatives Democrats will figure it out and be glad we are on a new path! Then the hard left will just fade away into the ether…

          • Na, we alll won you are just too brainwashed to see. When Trump is requested to run again in 2020 maybe you will have enough proofto opull away from the lies of the LSM.

          • So go live elsewhere you pathetic ahole

          • Rdells, you are an insult to human intelligence.

          • Henry J. Gilbertson

            Whats a mater you afraid you won’t get anymore free handouts

          • WTF are you talking about. What a MORON. It’s cause of people like you that this country is in trouble. Why would he worry about the free handouts?

          • Unrelenting free handouts from the gov’t keep people who would otherwise be working and contributing in poverty. When you subsidize anything you get more of that, lile failed solar, failed commuter trains, bad choices, bad planning, and democrats in office.

          • That doesn’t mean much coming from someone who seems to be having a delusional psychosis or can’t face reality–Mr Trump will BE A GREAT PRESIDENT in spite of u.

          • George E. LeFebvre

            If you believe that then check into your local asylum. The insult to Americans has been occupying the White House for the last 8 years.

          • So very true!

          • You are an insult to me. You like believing in lies. I do not like lies. I have caught them in so many lies that it is amazing that anyone can believe them. I voted for him because I believe he is being villified because so many are afraid of losing their goodies. I voted for him because I believe he will clean up this good old boys club. Both democrat and republican and I am republican. You sound one sided I am not.

          • I could not agree with you more !! All the career polititions are afraid of one thing and that is President Trump is going to put a lock of the “Good Old Boys” club and there goes all those monetary percs.

          • Obama was the biggest embarrassment to the whole world.

          • No, you, Hillary and Obumble are the insult to this country!

          • Not to my wife and I. We voted for him as there was no other viable candidate running for the office.

          • You nailed it!!

          • Yes!

          • No, that was Obama. Eight long, destructive, nightmarish years of Obama, Soros, Valerie Jarrett and the rest of that fascist crowd. Thank God they are gone. January 20 cannot come soon enough!

          • I can hardly wait for Jan. 20! I read that protests are being help around the country. The Libs showing their behinds should provide many laughs for me.

          • Really, Trump’s election is only an insult to libtwit, sore losercrats, like YOU!

          • Your crappy exPresident is a lying joke across the globe.

          • Thank you! It is sad that the time has come that an “insult” from the left is actually a “compliment” to the right! lol

          • Great line; and it is right on spot.
            The more ridiculous the left becomes the more obvious their weaknesses become!
            It is no wonder they lost so many seats I this last election; it should show EVERYONE that it was not any attempt to cause Hillary to loose; it was an across the board effort to rid the democratic party of any power. You won’t hear the left acknowledge it but they have no legitimate excuse so they are working hard to cloud the facts!

          • Since We the People are learning the facts, and the hard-left don’t have facts to refute what we are learning, all that is left to them is to “cloud the facts”!

          • I’m middle of road, tolerant but not stupid.

        • They did a lot of the same against Hillary. They even said that she and Bill were pediphiles. Only idiots would believe that crap

          • And you have proof they aren’t? What about their trips to the “Island”….

          • And what about the Cuban kids that disappeared? They were at the island when they were there.

          • Please give a citation of a story about “disappeared Cuban kids” Stuff ain’t true just because it fits into your make-believe world.

          • How about the pictures and the vids? The pictures could be false but the vids look real to me. lol

          • What videos????

          • OH well those were Trips for “medical ‘ SCOPES with a DR pedophile ////// and it is a CLINTON we are talking about… so

          • One does NOT prove a negative….what is your proof of what you say?

          • There is PROF.
            You should do some research of your own.
            That way you will be too busy to post your Idiotic posts.
            Maybe you will find that you know not.

          • Why are You so Stupid

          • I don’t know George……your comment is way down stream on this thread, so I don’t know what you are responding to. Please tell me how I am stupid?

          • You are believing stuff that only exists in an e-mailed propaganda piece. Not from a reliable news piece. If that is your proof you need help because you will accept any lie that will fit your agenda.

          • As a Propagandist. You are very Failure with Propaganda are you not? Very.

          • Bill is a known rapist, made numerous trips to “sex island”, and Hillary accompanied him on a number!

            Them, Jeffery Epstien and of course, Wiener!

          • Franklynn Lee: Check out the Podesta emails to see that Bill Clinton IS a disgusting, perverted, sick pedophile. Hillary has also been to the “Island”. John Podesta, also his brother, Epstein. These people are sick. There should be a massive investigation and people need to go to prison.

          • Fake Email and fake news

          • These emails were released from the FBI. Not exactly fake. They are now in the public domain for anyone to see and read. As opposed to the fake Russian hack which certain political appointees in the intelligence community CLAIMED happened for the purpose of throwing the election to Trump, even though they refuse to show their evidence. These political appointees won’t even show their so-called evidence to Congress, much less the American people!!! So let’s see . . . the Clinton emails have been released by the FBI and can be read by, for example, you Franklyn Lee, but according to you they are fake. However, we just have to take the word of John Brennan and Jim Comey that Russia influenced the election even though those two charlatans refuse to produce their evidence. I think we all know why they refuse to show their evidence. News flash Franklyn, if the Obama administration had evidence that Russia tampered with voting machines, we would be having an entirely different national conversation right now. And if the Obama administration had evidence that Trump had colluded somehow with Russia regarding the election, they would have produced it! They would have arrested President-elect Trump by now for treason! Not to mention the fact that James Clapper, Obama appointee and head of the intelligence community, has publicly apologized to Donald Trump for the latest political hack job regarding his ties to Russia and his “golden showers” with prostitutes. Clapper admitted that the so-called dossier came from political opponents of President-elect Trump, that the document was manufactured with no evidence to back it up and that it was a disgrace. The fact of the matter is that operatives on the unhinged left are desperately trying to delegitimize President-elect Trump’s election. It is pathetic.

          • I saw a humorous caption on a pic of a smiling Putin. It said, “If I could have interfered with your elections, you would not have had Obama for eight years!”

          • Well exactly Mary Brumley! And another salient point: voting machines are not hackable because they aren’t connected to the internet! The only way one could alter voting would be to manually go into EACH machine, one by one, to change results. Or, the machines could be calibrated to achieve a certain result before the actual election. This is my concern as so many people complained that they would vote for the Republican but then the machine would register their vote for the Democrat. This happened in numerous instances, both in 2012 and 2016. And, interestingly, the machine always defaulted to the Democrat. The complaints occurred, suspiciously, in Democrat-controlled precincts, such as Chicago and Broward County, Florida. So, if there was any attempt to fraudulently alter the election results, it was done by Democrat operatives. It still concerns me greatly and should be investigated and the situation corrected. Because these people will stop at nothing to achieve their fascist ends.

          • No one has ever made the claim that voting machines were tampered. Can you say “False News for gullible people?.

          • Actually Lizzie2, there are indeed voters who have claimed that the voting machines were manipulated; it was just never taken up by the fake newsters because it didn’t put a shine on their guy, Obama. These claims were reported online however. You can google The Political Insider for one such story. There are other reports but you can google it yourself. If you’re interested in facts. In fact, there have been such claims since the 2008 election, including a report by a computer technician in Florida who has testified that he was asked to rig the voting machines so that the Democrat would win by approximately 2.5%. I can’t remember his name because it was in 2008, but you can google it if interested. As to the current fake news, fake newsters, such as CNN, MSNBC etc etc etc, always frame the story as “the Russian hacking of the election”. That is the verbiage that is used, for the purpose of leading the listener to believe that the Russians actually changed votes. The fake newsters are trying to create a notion in the mind of the uninformed that, but for the changing of votes in the voting machines by the Russians, Hillary Clinton would have won. Ergo, the election of Donald Trump is illegitimate. All of which is absurd because, as I stated above, voting machines aren’t connected to the internet! But polls are suggesting that the fake news echo chamber is working on certain people, who believe that the Russians actually changed votes in the voting machines.

          • https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ae6d962f1bb0dcd9344aebc2f67810194bc1f212f4a5118d1d73dad5658e023e.jpg
            Sounds about right.
            The Problem with Voting Machines is , They are Made by one of Sorsos’ Company’s.

          • This is it! The very same one! These make me laugh. Thanks!

          • Exactly right.

          • It looks like the same pic, with a different caption! Cool.
            Do you suppose that Putin even has anything to with these? I like them whether he did or not.

          • No, No I don’t. I believe that all the Russian HACKS. Are Actually , LEAKS, From some one in heller’s campaign. Maybe the dead and Robbed one. The clintons have a history of leaving boys behind of the that cross them.
            I think that the Democrats know it also, that is why they are the way they are at his time.

          • I don’t know whether the hard Left Democrats really do know this, for they mostly exist on sound bites from the mainstream media.
            But, I am hoping the more conservatives Democrats will really catch on soon. I think they will.

          • can someone tell me about “the island”. I am not familiar with the story. Thanks

          • Google jeffrey epstein island.

          • I don’t care for Hillary or Bill either, someone created this garbage about them because they don’t like Bill or Hillary. however, they’re the type of lying scum that would people will believe such scurrilous lies about.

          • ” WILLIE” did go on “FUNNY: Island Hopping trips with a PROVEN pedophile’ dr….but hey being a Clinton…you know…

          • well then I’m an idiot cause i would believe anything thing sick about them they need to be in prison …hopefully TRUMP will let that happen old barry can’t protect them now …even if he pardons hillary will still get to shut down that clinton foundation for good …and we can take all that money that they stole and put on our border wall

          • She has shut down the Foundation. As for us[the US] getting the Money. No Way Jose. I do not believe that it is even in this country anymore.

          • They are ! Where have you been in the last 15-200yrs? Kil-liar-ry’s a scumbag scank who is a lezzie. Bill we know for sure is a pedophile and a whore monger !

          • More fake news.

        • “THEY” still cannot figure out that 30 of 50 States Voted for Trump … and that IS a Majority….I know it is asking a lot of these Idiots to UNEERSTAND MATH

          • Not surprising, since our youth have been dumbed down for the last 50 years by our failing by design laughingly called “public educational system.” I was taught to think, to ask questions and be independent in doing so and not afraid to ask if I did not understand. Kids today are started in kindergarten with not real education but the Pavlovian conditioning that Authority, especially anyone in government knows what is best for them ALWAYS and they should NEVER question what they are told.Makes them docile , malleable and OBEDIENT, the first step to enslavement. America has slept far too long and it is time for the awakening and a return to CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT AND AN EMPHASIS ON AMERICAN CULTURE AND HISTORY; SOMETHING TO BE PROUD OF , NOT APOLOGIZED FOR.No country is perfect but the world is a better place for our existence than it would have been without us. OUR MYRIAD ENEMIES OF FREEDOM AND CHOICES KNOW THAT! We are the greatest obstacle to the U.N and the “New World Order,” and THAT is why we are targeted by the “Shadow Government,” of that New World Order and many of our own politicians are traitors and most of them are progressives.; a polite name for the enemy within. All one need to do to confirm it is view the unabashed attacks on the Bill of Rights and individual choices. Utterly blind are those who possess eyes to see ,ears to hear and brains to analyze the data but who refuse to do so in ignorance or fear. period.

          • THe BIGGEST SCAPE GOAT TODAY is REp LEWIS who along with HOOKER forgot that it was the SEGREGATIONALLY ORIENTED DEMOCRATS in the SOUTH who Beat LEWIS up ” conveniently forgotten” facts that the CBC anarchists and (D) Fubar party members have somehow chisen to IGNORE…..MORONS ALL…..who have SOLD OUT FOR MONEY

          • Well, is that not a back up of my opinion of those who will not see hear or speak TRUTH? There are so very many of these deluded dimwits and yet, there are signs, especially among black Christian pastors, that the American black is finally beginning to realize who their REAL enemy is . Let us hope so: FOR THE BENEFIT OF ALL AMERICANS REGARDLESS OF RACE OR ETHNIC ORIGIN! However, we also need to rid ourselves of those INIMICAL TO US, OUR SUPPOSEDLY NON-EXISTENT CULTURE, OUR TRUE NATIONAL LANGUAGE (ENGLISH) OUR CONSTITUTION AND THE RULE OF LAW.SO VILIFIED AND EXCORIATED BY THE LUNATIC AND LUGUBRIOUS LEFT AND THE NEW WORLD ORDER CABAL IN ESTABLISHMENT WASHINGTON. PERIOD.

          • You are typing about Lewis again aren’t you?

          • Not Lewis: The man to leave the White House on Friday and his entire useless administration from hell and the entire criminally complicit empowering and enabling Congress of incompetents. They fit the incompetent in chief like some warped kind of glove and most of them, in BOTH parties belong in prison, not office for their dereliction of duty and malfeasance in office including the near tripling of the debt, no Constitutional compliance or adherence to equitably enforced law we have not seen at all for the last eight years and which has been deteriorating since I was a college Freshman when JFK was killed by the Same Shadow Government; BECAUSE THEY COULD; using Lee Harvey Oswald as a tool.Mighty convenient that Oswald was killed by Jack Ruby before being interrogated, don’t you think? These are the same Marxist/dialectic methods used by ultra leftists since the advent of Tolstoy, Marx and Lenin. Where do you think Alinski was prompted from and where Obama and the Clintons learned their utterly treasonous trades?

          • DID you SUFFER through the DEPARTING METHANE FILLED BLOVIATING BY THE BORING “QUEEN” Before Flying of from Andrews?? Good think I held off having LUNCH

          • I was overjoyed to see that piece of excrement FLUSHED. But it probably will not go away as it should to someplace like Iran or Yemen. It would not surprise me to see him captured in Syria as an ISIS operative since he would NEVER call Islam radical or even a problem when they have a 1400 year history of massive bloodshed against ALL civilized peoples when they have the chance and, they are the greatest threat to world peace in this fragile and dangerous , valueless immoral world and in this equally degenerate country we have become under the “methane filled, bloviating queen! (and idiots, like Lizzie 2!)

          • anf IF we get together and IGNORE any of his FUTURE METHANE FILLED MANURE SPEECHES….He’ll WILT like Crap in the SUNSHINE….FLIES AND ALL

          • There is no if. We MUST ignore these dolts until we cannot and, I am sure they will NEVER let us as they are what they are by nature: indigent, valueless parasites who produce nothing of value and wish to exist on the industry of others; the worst of them being in office , rather than the prison they belong in. The lunatic left fails to comprehend those of us WITH values, common sense, fiscal responsibility, accountability for our actions and a solid work history and work ethic as it USED to be once upon a time in America, will continue to trash private property, loot and destroy businesses, assault those who support the LAWFULLY ELECTED president and who are likely minions of the former Muslim/Marxist fraud and imposter imposter opposing as an AMERICAN president these past eight years. Let us hope the sharks smelling blood in the water and searching for constitutionally compliant law abiding prtey find trheior own Waterloo in their treasonous acts. This is NOT the prior Administration and , I believe that they are GOING to be held resp[onsible and ac countable for their actions to the Fullest and harshest extent of the Constitution and Rule of Law so ignored and sdisdained increasingly from the Kennedy assassination to the end of the reign of terror just endede. NO MKORE; NOT NO0PW AND NOT EVER AGAIN!

          • You are correct in all you write.
            Esp. public education. I taught for sixteen years. It was ten years before they fully made me understand they only wanted me to be a glorified baby-sitter. I tried for six more years to be an effective teacher in spite of the Admin. The last year I stayed was actually to spite the Admin and be a thorn in their side.

          • Thank you for being perspicacious enough and courageous enough to admit the REALITY as you have experienced it. So many fear to do so and THAT is simply wrong in a Constitutional Republic if, that is what we have, We do not now except in form but, I have high hopes that The president-elect WILL restore all he can for the benefit of all and make me feel much better about my disabling service in Vietnam fifty years ago than I have felt in all those five decades as I have watched us deteriorate into the murderous , immoral valueless swamp this country has become under predominantly leftist leadership and populace stupidity.

          • ain’t that the truth man I sure hope they back TRUMP cause the u.s. can’t stand much more we need to get back on the right track or the u.s. is doomed for good if TRUMP doesn’t do it then the u.s. will be chopping peoples heads off before to long

          • I understand why you would be even more disturbed than I have in the last fifty years!
            But, as an ole schoolteacher, I have felt the crimes against the nation’s children (the federal control and eventual dumbing down) very keenly too.
            I am putting my bet on Trump, and believing the Libs and Progs are now irrelevant!
            But, it is appearing that there is a hard road upward for both Trump and the patriotic We the People.

          • I am 72. I am a disabled Vietnam Veteran and was a Freedom Rider between Winooski, VT and Selma, AL in the early 60’s as I matriculated at St. Michael’s College , graduating with a BA in Government in June of ’67 and less than a year later was assigned as personal assistant and protection for Medal of honor awardee Chaplain Charles Angelo Liteky of the 199th Light Infantry Brigade for my first 6 months and his replacement later. After Vietnam and still in Service I was on the Staff at Walter Reed Army Medical Center where it was revealed to me just how utterly CORRUPT AND CONTEMPTIBLE our Congress is as they received preferential treatment over our combat multiply wounded Amputees. It sickened me enough to forego the degree and retrain for management positions in Manufacturing and later in Transportation. Observing the degeneracy of our society to this abysmal low has made me angry and resentful as well as eternally frustrated at the insidiousness ofit all. I can only HOPE that Trump , after decades of incompetent and indifferent and sometimes treasonous government activity,WILL work to RESTORE the equitabkle law and Constitutional Republic operated under the once Strictly observed Rule of LAW , but not since the advent if the emperor wannabe with delusions of Godhood. I truly hope when we construct a TRUE Department if Justice, that all those who transgressed with impunity and double standards WILL be held BOTH fully responsible and accountable for those transgeessions and, punished to the fullest extent of Constitutional law. period,

          • First of all, thank you for your service. I was too young to serve in Vietnam (graduated high school in 1977), but I had a cousin who served two tours of duty in the “brown water navy” on a patrol boat. He took some hits during his second tour, and still has a limp today. At the time I’m writing this, there is now less than 24 hours until we have a new President, and I’m definitely looking forward to some real changes in direction for our country. From my read of history, the USA didn’t start going downhill until the “sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll” hippie generation started growing past 30 and started worming their way into positions of power. Conservatives have a lot of work to do…

          • KEVIN:THAT is the God’s Honest TRUTH but it is dangerous to think or say so in the current version of Obama’s Amerika. He should have been removed after a single term or BEFORE for his outright violations of his sworn Oath to :”defend and uphold the Constitution”, against all enemies , foreign and domestic. That he was allowed to flourish as the fraud, impostor and treasonous troll he is by a criminally complicit and enabling and empowering cabal of Congress cretins only into self- aggandizment and self enhancement for financial gain and pursuit of party agendas and NOT the welfare of the American Citizens who elected them, is an affront to all who served defending those rights and choices, the radical left has attempted to eradicate. Trump is brash and arrogant some of the time but he at least LISTENS to the electorate and he has gone to Twitter to inform all of us of his intentions and while criticized for the lack of detail, he is giving us enough to place something in him I NEVER would have from his Predecessor: TRUST..I have had NONE at all for anyone in government since my 18 month active duty assignment at WRAMC in D.C. from May of ’69 to November of ’70. One might note too, that I had that degree in Government then and so was better able than most to judge those who we put in office to represent us and found them nearly universally malfeasant in office and derelict in duty and all with party or personal agendas not helpful to any of us. But, the absolute worst example of THAT degeneration, malfeasance, dereliction and outright TREASON by ANY CONSTITUTIONAL STANDARD will never be more typically evinced than it has been these sordid and tragic for America , last eight years. Trump has a frightening task before him to restore the Constitutional Republic and he will have to so with the reality that BOTH Establishment remaining scum still in office in BOTH parties WILL try to submarine him and his attempts at correction. He’d best be damned well careful about who he allows to act as his security personnel as well since Obama’s Feds are owned and corrupt and so, for him and all of us the watchword should be: TRUST NO ONE AS YOU CANNOT!AND, ONE NEED ONLY LOOK AT THE RECORD OF THE LAST EIGHT YEARS, THE SCANDALS, THE INEPTITUDE, THE INCOMPETENCE AND RULE BY PERSONAL FIAT AND EXECUTIVE ORDER, DELIBERATELY PROMOTED RACISM AND VILIFICATION OF LAW ENFORCEMENT, THE ONGOING ILLEGAL INVASION ACROSS OUR SOUTHERN ORDERS OF FOREIGN FELONS AND UNVETTED “REFUGEES,”THE NEAR $20 TRILLION DEBT AND THE REACTION TO THE ELECTION TO CONFIRM THAT PROPOSITION!

          • This post is nothing more than an insane rant that is full of self-righteous anger. What do you mean by “his outright violations of his sworn oath” Please give a few particulars about this president’s fraud, acts of treason.etc. Do you really believe that crap that he was “born in Kenya?” Is your hatred of him really because he broke the color barrier”?

          • I nor anyone else has EVER seen a legitimate birth certificate to prove he was even eligible and, all elected officials take a sworn oath to do as the Military does: “Defend and uphold the constitution of the United States AGAINST all enemies , foreign and domestic” ; NOT BECOME ONE! I am a soon to be 72 year old disabled by Agent Orange Vietnam Vet and former chaplain’s assistant and personal protection in Vietnam to Medal of Honor awardee Chaplain Charles Angelo Litekyy. I suggest to you to look the name up, read the citation and be awed. Then look up the battle history of the unit to which we were both assigned commanded by a Black Brigadier General named Frederic Davidson who upon taking command swore no member of the 199th would ever be taken alive: NONE EVER WERE! The unit served four years at the height of the war; 1966-1970, lost 757 Killed and 4700 wounded and Obama is not a president in my eyes, never was and should have been impeached for his actions in total violation of all accepted Constitutional practice, policy and procedure under the once strictly observed Rule of Law increasingly disdained and ignored from the Kennedy(JFK) assassination to the present. You are likely a brain dead LIBERAL. THERE IS NO OTHER KIND. I WAS A FREEDOM RIDER IN THE EARLY 60’SS FROM VT TO AL AS THE SCHOOL I GRADUATED FROM WITH A DEGREE IN GOVERNMENT IN 1967 WAS RUN BY THE SAME CATHOLIC ORDER THAT OWNED AND OPERATED GOOD SAMARITAN HOSPITAL IN SELMA. I MET DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING IN 1965 ON THE EDMUND PETTUS BRIDGE DURING A DEMONSTRATION. HE WAS A TRULY GREAT MAN BUT, BARACK OBAMA IS THE ABSOLUTE ANTITHESIS OF THE NON-VIOLENT DR. KING AND HAS PROMOTED RACISM, VILIFIED POLICE AND THE JUSTICE SYSTEM AND HE IS THE REASON HELLERY LOST, THOUGH SHE WAS A TREASONOUS KITE IN HER OWN RIGHT AND I HOPE AFTER THE INAUGURATION THE GOVERNMENT CONTINUES THE INVESTIGATIONS ON HER AND ON THE CLINTON FOUNDATION; a treasonous group that dealt with a Chinese General and took money from them for what exactly in return, no one knows but , that is fact if you care to look it up and is known as Chinagate, one of the many subterranean scandals associated with Bloody Hillary. I DO NOT HATE OBAMA’S RACE, BUT HIS MARXIST/MUSLIM POLITICS! THERE ARE PLENTY OF VALUED AND DECENT BLACKS, GOD FEARING AND INDUSTRIOUS, IN THIS COUNTRY AS WELL AS MANY OTHER RACES BUT, THIS IS AMERICA AND WE HAVE BEEN INUNDATED AND INVADED BY LAWLESS HORDES OF UNVETTED ‘REFUGEES, DRUG CARTEL SMUGGLED ILLEGALS WHO INFEST OUR PRISONS AND SPREAD THEIR EVIL AND CONTAGION OF ADDICTION AND IT NEEDS TO END. LAW SHOULD BE OBSERVED AND, CONGRESS IS SUPPOSED TO REPRESENT , AMERICAN CITIZENS: their security, welfare and ensure their freedoms and choices, not deny, tax into oblivion, rape and rob them as Congress has done for decades; especially Seniors, Veterans and the shrinking Middle Class and I am a member of all three groups,. YOU KNOW WHERE YOU CAN GO; DON’T LET THE DOOR HIT YOUR WORTHLESS BACKSIDE AND MAY YOU AND ALL WHO HATE AMERICA AND AMERICANS BURN IN HELL FOR ETERNITY. PERIOD,.

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          • Correct, and regarding the popular vote, the democrats claim that Clinton won by 2.6 million votes. Okay, there are between 11 million (the number cited many years ago, but still used by liberals) to possibly 30+ million illegal aliens in this country. With no universal voter ID laws (deemed “racist” by leftist judges), and democrats encouraging illegals to “vote and vote often” how much of that Clinton majority is made up of illegals voting themselves more and more of OUR money through ridiculous benefits? I’ve read estimates that between 3-4 million illegals voted, and you can be sure they didn’t vote for Trump (who wants to deport them). Okay, maybe Clinton “won” the popular vote, but illegal aliens HAVE NO VOICE OR VOTE IN OUR COUNTRY!!!! Their votes are fraudulent and meaningless! Let’s pass AND ENFORCE strict voter ID laws and then let the liberals shoot their mouths off about the popular vote!

          • Did you know that those 2.6 million votes came from 4 counts in California?

          • Interesting, and not surprising. I know, there are estimated to be millions of illegals in California alone. (But, interesting map posted above by JYuma!)

          • That map shows the different areas of the Partys.
            Red, Republicans , the Blue, Dem.
            It is to show where the power of each group lays.
            This one will show Why the Electoral College is So important.
            Again, Bluw , is the Dems.


          • I presume you mean COUNTIES….but then PHIDELPHIA had ONE voting District counting 3000 more Votes for HILLDERBEAST than LIVED in that County

          • Yes, my spell checker has a MIND of it’s now , OFTEN.
            I saw that, there were other places that had voters like that.
            It was not as Bad in Philadelphia, as it was for Romney. In many to the precinct then, he did not receive of Vote, Plus the Over Vote.No. the Fact that
            Amazed me about California was the Fact that the 2.6 Million Votes to giver her the Win in the Popular Vote. Came from 4 Counties.
            They also happen to be the Four Counties in the Nation with the MOST ILLEGAL Criminals in them.

          • Heck KALIPHORNIA needs to take lessons from missouri, Illinois, Penn and NYS where between election cycles Tomb Stones get REgistered, Anarchists register in many nearby counties to be bused around and do early voting, frequently…..LET us be thankful to our Funding Fathers for the Electoral College as we must give Thanks to Harry Reid for the Nuclear OPTION

          • Especially the Nuclear OPTION.
            Can you EVEN imagine the Democrat Butts that will be Frosted over that?

          • Imagine the Night after at least 7 Nuke OPTIONS on NOMINEES have been Used how many Gallons of BUTTHEAL cREAM the CLOWN SChumer, Patty Murray, Gillebtand, Daffy Durbin, Freak Franken and KLAN of FUBAR (D) will be Consuming!!!

          • I believe that they could just go out to S.F. to Castro Street.
            The Cream wood be applied Free of Charge for the HOLE lot of them.

          • Heck Queen Obammy would demand the FIRST GREASED HOLE

          • What do you THIMK that he an the Squeeze is Doing in Palm Springs?

          • Exactly. I don’t think its as much illegals voting but double triple and quadruple ballots, dead guys voting, people who moved voting etc. I ordered my voting record from California after they ran me off to Texas with their high taxes , crumbling infrastructure (i lived below the spillway) and REGULATIONS. I wanted to see if I voted for Hillary…. I’ll let you know …it still hasnt arrived. btw..the voting registrar in Texas is in Austin. Where the liberals have congregated. I registered to vote here and my registration got “lost”?? Gee i wonder. I also know for a fact that when you voted straight republican the machine voted for all republicans EXCEPT TRUMP! When the registrar office was called the woman said, “thats a lie” when asked to speak to her supervisor she HUNG UP! don’t tell me things arent rigged!

          • ….Well migration from California to Texas, Tennessee etc will include many of the Liberal Progressive Pesuasion who will try to live in the Major Cities nad SCREW them over just like Morth East Liberals have done to Florida’ s EAST COAST and North Carolina….. WE can Thnak the ELECTORAL COLLEGE STILL!!!

          • yep!

          • Dont even get me started on California! I was born in Yreka California, called California home for 52 years, Sacramento, Rocklin, Roseville. My grandmother came to California from MN in 1932. Rocklin Elementary Schools are teaching Kindergarten children that they can change from a man to a woman or vise versa and its ok all without the consent of parents. Parents DO NOT have a choice to “opt out” their child from the class either (cram that shit right down their throats) and the highschool in Roseville sent out their dress code letter to returning and new students complete with banning American Flags from any clothing along with drug endorsing and gangwear. Yea, I moved to Texas to say the least. We’re not all idiots in California but we’re definitely outnumbered! I’ll be back!

          • Spot ON

          • yes your right. Texas was just sued in court for requiring an id to vote. Because we and our governor don’t stand for that bullshit. But the liberals in San Antonio and Austin sued and won. So as it is with the loss in the Court case against sanctuary cities we SHALL APPEAL APPEAL APPEAL!!! Thats what everyone claiming to be conservative needs to do because its going to take more than Trump to turn this madness around. It is not sustainable! The support of illegals, welfare, free medical, defaulting student loans, and other crimes of the left is bankrupting our country …I’m saying that like 19 trillion in debt is EVER going to be payable…..EVER!

          • NOW if ONLY the fUBAR Idiots were Color Blind they’d have you believe that it is a BLUE MAP….But still the TOTAL Number of RED counties has them DELUSIONALLY DERANGED

          • Hmmmmm, After reviewing the Second Map.
            Maybe IT IS a Great idea to let California Secede.

          • I am with you! MOON BATS will not survive 7 Years as a State without US Fed CASH

          • NO wonder Hillary went Bat sh IT on 9 nOV

          • Oh! She has been Bat Sh it for years.
            I believe that she went: Catatonic. Still is, Was this morning.

          • True, but the Electoral College DOES give a lot of weight to the popular vote. The number of electors each state gets is equal to the number of Representatives each state has (which is based on population) + the number of Senators each state has (two for each state, which gives some weight to state’s rights). If Clinton won the popular vote by a margin less than the number of illegal aliens who live in California, too bad for Clinton! 1) Illegal aliens have no say in the internal affairs of OUR country, and 2) California already has 55 electors, which is huge compared to most other states. Representative apportionment is determined by population, so I guess those 55 electors have not yet been “updated” to match all those illegal aliens? If that’s the case, it just demonstrates the brilliance of the Electoral College system! (And TOO BAD for all the delicate little democrat snowflakes who whine and complain about the outcome of the election!)

          • The Electoral College is the only reason that Mr. Trump became President-elect.. Hillary got most of the popular vote but she made the mistake of taking the states with large numbers of Electoral votes; such as Wisconsin, Pennsylvania etc. for granted.

      • Have you seen the nude pictures of Trump’s wife? What other world leader’s wife has a body like that. We should be proud to have a President with wife who is as fine as that!

      • That is the great thing about “the digital world” ushered in by Silicon Valley. Who was it that forced everything to be digital? That would be the left with Obamas help when they passed the law that eliminated analog and everybody had to buy a new TV or get a converter box. Remember, TV reception was supposed to be better? It’s not because digital signals are far more susceptible to very minor electrical, wind and weather interference. Digital is far easier to collect and store which we found out when Ed Snowden exposed the domestic spying being done by the NSA. Digital is easier to manipulate and modify especially within the graphic world. That is what was done to the picture you are referencing. Now everything and anything the media giants want to screw with is open to them and they are taking advantage of it. It’s like life is being presented to us by the things produced in the Dreamworks computers. Digitization? Not what we expected it to be used for by the left and our own government.

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    • You forgot to question that half you think you believe you see.

    • I SO AGREE and i hope trump keeps them out of pressroom he does not need them at all

      • Those that do not follow the rules will be out and Cry like little babies . Then the ACLU will try to make a federal case out of it.

      • You need a Civics lesson……freedom of the press is fundamental for a democracy to function. It has always been thus. You really want to live in a dictatorship? It is not Trump who needs the press….it is the American citizens!

        • True, but White House press conferences have rules that reporters must follow. If a reporter doesn’t follow those rules, and is disruptive, they can be asked to leave.
          Obama did this with some reporter at Fox News.

        • YES but a reliable, unbiased, factual, real and TRUE press which at this time WE DO NOT HAVE!! They have lied for the DemoCRAPZ for the past 20 to 30 yrs. now!! Biased? HELL YES! LIARS?? HELL YES!! Fact Check ALL NEWS BEFORE PRINTING, AIRING IT???HELL NO!!

          So long ago that the aren’t even worm food! Any flesh has been consumed by the worms years ago! All we’re left with is propaganda mongers! They tell you everything and ONLY what the puppet masters wish you to hear!! I don’t trust the LNM (Lamestream News Media) at all!

          In actuality they are closer to being like Pravda!

        • Not when they are a member of the progressive party !!

        • Nobody needs lying fake news press nor Clinton News Network, NBC, ABC, and similar POS.

          • And how do you what is the truth?

          • Even with research, it is often difficult to find the “truth.”
            So, I most like don’t always learn the absolute truth.
            However, the “sound bites” don’t do it for me!

          • I agree about sound bites….when I hear one I go to Politifact, or Snopes to give more perspective. Now you might want to reject the results as not helpful; but I usually find background data to help me figure the truth. If I find results that differ with my assumptions I look further, I usually don’t have to though, since they give enough facts
            and data to enable me to make up my mind. And I always check out and compare what all three networks are saying at the time. There is one anchor on Fox whom I find most accurate, “without spin” Shepard Smith.

          • I no longer trust the “news” either right or left. Nor Politifact or Snopes! Therefore I seldom totally make up my mind about many issues. I do rather think that if I wait long enough, it may “come out in the wash.” Many times it has.

          • news was all for Clinton the most corrupt woman in history of america, they know she is involved in pizzagate and child trafficking, lies, treason along with muslim president Obama, we do not need the news media any longer boycott them

      • Trump was ingenious to go to Twitter when the main stream media twisted his words and added lies!
        The Libs will soon learn just how irrelevant they are!

        • He must learn that he will now be the most powerful person on earth. A single tweet can crash stock markets, jeopardize treaties, and even start wars. Also, he has no political expertise, and cannot possibly appreciate the importance his position holds. He does not appreciate history and must rely on the advice of his cabinet, who are highly qualified. When he dashes off a tweet by impulse, while still in his pajamas you can be pretty sure that he has not consulted those advisers., And he is certainly NOT Diplomatic. I do not expect that you will appreciate what I wrote here since you categorize everything as “us” vs “them”..

          • “A single tweet” would do all that? All along Trump has be tweeting some off-the-cuff, hard-to-believe tweets! Yet, he is already doing “diplomatic” work and bringing jobs home, causing foreign nations to become interested in bringing jobs here and, though it is denied, earned enough confidence to cause the stock market to rise. All before he is even sworn in as Prez!

    • Very smart man, and wish it was that easy but they push it down our throats.I still do not believe either side, I really wish they could make the Freedom of speech,”YOU SPEAK AND WRITE THE TRUTH.

      • It seems good on the face of it, but freedom of speech and the press also means the ability to express your opinion, and that isn’t necessarily factual or the “truth.”

      • Yes! And unless it is strictly an “opinion” source–SHOW the documents to back your claims!

    • I said it in the begining with Megan Kelly when she ask stupid question to Trump about women. Whats going to happen to the press if Trump wins.
      He has every right to give em the fricken boot off the White House grounds.
      I would have no problem giving the bastards the boot.

  2. I studied journalism for awhile, did not get degreed, here’s why. I learned one major thing, ‘If it is not true, make it up, if it is true, embellish it’! That is why I quit. The expression, “Truth in Journalism”, no longer applies because, there in NO MONEY IN TRUTH!

    • Truth doesn’t sell the news

    • They stopped answering the 6 W’s long ago = Who, What, Where, When, hoW and Why

      Everything now is all Fluff pieces or Venom — Opinionated and Opposition
      not true journalism or truth/fact sharing

    • I don’t know where you are in your career now, but you might want to take a second look at journalism. There ARE schools where you can get trained in straight-up-and-down, honest reporting/editorializing, and we NEED journalists who are to the right of center. Check with the Fund for American Studies about its Robert Novak Journalism Fellowship Program for info. (Novak was a long-time liberal columnist for NY Herald Tribune, when it existed, who moved gradually to the right and wound up endowing journalism awards & fellowships for CONSERVATIVES wanting careers in journalism. Great organization, great program.)

      • The problem is who will hire these students after graduation. The left is not going to give up its strong hold on the public.

        • That’s true, at least they won’t give it up willingly. But newspapers are losing circulation in part — according to their own readership surveys — because they ARE so “one-sided,” and nothing persuades an editor or publisher at a newspaper that’s losing money to change the paper’s ways, or slant, than the thought that maybe they could help their bottom line by doing so. So, they go looking for a few good reporters who DON’T parrot the usual liberal claptrap.
          Same (but slower) with TV. The huge success in ratings of Fox News has persuaded some of the other networks that they HAVE to broaden their appeal, which might just mean hiring a conservative reporter or two. And when that reporter gets better viewer response than anyone else…well, again, the bottom line is what these people REALLY care about. And as a few conservative reporters/commentators climb the ladder, they not only prove that their networks/stations/publications were wise to hire them, but that they should hire MORE. Before one knows it, there’s a conservative (maybe not outspoken, but convinced) sitting at the assignment editor’s desk, or maybe even higher up the food chain.
          It WON’T happen unless young conservatives DO go into journalism,, though, because there won’t be anyone in the “pool” for the bosses to choose from. That’s how we got idiots like “Morning Joe” Scarborough as the “house conservative” on MSNBC. They didn’t know he wasn’t a REAL conservative (after all, he’d been a Republican member of Congress), and having no frame of reference for conservative thought, they didn’t know he was an IDIOT. We NEED more conservatives in the pool of choices for the media to choose. 🙂

          • It would be nice to see, but it will take a long time because the media is more interested in over the air than the printed version.

          • Well, the mass media — the “popular” media, or whatever we’re calling them now — may be more interested in over-the-air than print, but even if the serious publications have websites, they still have print editions which people take…well, seriously. I may be wrong, but I think that will continue. I’m not sure the social media WILL continue, if only because the MEDIA (and means of connection) change so fast. At some point, aren’t people — maybe not news junkies, but ordinary folks — going to get tired of buying a new phone, or tablet, or some other gizmo every six months? I know I have! 🙂
            Besides, people seem to do both these days, or switch back and forth, which doesn’t necessarily diminish the credibility of the good ones. In fact, I’d think that would be ideal.
            The well-trained, capable reporter/commentator will stand out on ANY medium, if only because there are so many not-so-well-trained, not-so-capable competitors around them. At least that’s been what I’ve observed. (To use the gal I’ve been defending all night as an example: NBC stole (with big bucks) Megyn Kelly from Fox News NOT because she’s beautiful (though that doesn’t hurt) BUT BECAUSE SHE’S VERY, VERY GOOD. Her ratings show people other than me think so, too. My guess is she will HATE NBC and be back at Fox News within a year — and they’ll take her back BECAUSE she’s so good. Other superior reporters/commentators (ok, who may not be such knockouts) may have to scramble harder, but they, too, will make it.

          • I agree with thought and time will tell. I don’t think NBC stole her She wanted a 20 Million contract from Fox ,what I had read . My belief is they would not pay it so NBC got her and if she got that much money I don’t know or followed it.

          • OK, that’s the other side of the coin, so to speak. Megyn wanted big money, Fox wasn’t quite ready to meet her demand but NBC agreed to it (or made an even better offer), so she decamped. When she finds out how unpleasant it is to work surrounded by ALL THOSE LIBERALS, I bet she’ll be knocking on Fox’s door again — maybe with a slightly lower demand, which they will meet because they hated losing her! Could be wrong, but I doubt it.

    • Francisco Machado

      You studied Liberal Journalism, obviously. A point I learned in journalism, seldom pursued these days, “If you don’t get an answer to your question, keep asking it. Rephrase it. Come back to it until you get an answer or you get a statement of refusal to answer. An answer is news. A refusal is news.” Of course, that was Print Journalism and not Media Soundbite journalism. Remember Nixon, Woodward and Bernstein? It used to work that way. No, everything doesn’t get confirmed before it goes to press – but read the disclaimers. “According to a release from the President’s press office….”

    • If that is the result of “studying” journalism then you didn’t last long enough. The profession has very clear rules of ethics; which do not represent what you might have learned in a classroom.

  3. Obama, you are the worst president we ever have. The first black president who is a Muslems and racist, divider lazy asshole president that can not be trusted..Thank GOD he is out. That’s the blessing to all minded Americans who love this country.GOD BLESS THE USA AND GOD BLESS ISRAEL. ..

    • Michael Dennewitz

      I know this sounds very negative, but the faggot little bastard is not out YET! Where are all the damned highly trained SNIPERS?? ??

      • The ISIS terrorist said they were going to get obama. I hope this happens soon and then we can get them.Cleanse America of all Muslims!

        • now why would ISIS ever want to get rid of their best inside man

        • If I were becoming president Friday, I would gather ALL muzlim “refugees” bathhouse Barry brought in and move them to a tent city near wherever the 0bama tribe moves after being evicted from the white house….You like them so much, YOU live with them!

          • That’s why he’s moving next to one of the largest Mosques in North America…within walking distance!!! AND he just had a wall built around his new house in DC. We can’t get one to keep America safe yet he can?? More double speak from this idiot.


          • You numbskull, Putin IS a liar, whether you support Trumpanzee or not.

          • Try reading Brenda’s posting one more time! Basically she said, “Putin does not like being called a liar,” She didn’t say Putin was not a liar.

          • Oh Brenda!!! Read more than the headlines, and stop believing O’Riley.

          • Well, in fairness, while it’s technically within walking distance from the Obamas new address to the big Washington mosque (which has been there for AT LEAST 60 years!), they’re very different neighborhoods with a couple of main roads between them. I very much doubt Obamas chose their house because it was close to the Mosque — it’s also in a very tony residential areas (mostly white). The Mosque isn’t far away, but it’s in a different neighborhood entirely.

          • brooksandstreams .

            You are so full of BS, it stinks. I live in DC and that muslim mosque has not been there for 60 years at all. How about it being built about 8 years ago when OBOZZO came to be POTUS? Muslims all and pissing off the neighbors when they slaughter their goats in the back yards.

          • Maybe we’re talking about DIFFERENT Mosques. I meant the BIG one on Massachusetts Avenue (Embassy Row). I was a student at GW early in the 1960s and a classmate married a guy from Egypt (disaster, but that’s another story) and invited everyone from the dorm to her wedding AT THAT MOSQUE. That was in late 1961 or early 1962. Bet you have in mind ANOTHER mosque, since there are now several in DC.
            Don’t tell me I’m full of BS unless you know what you’re talking about, jackass. I’m not surprised you live in DC — you’re rude and insulting just like MOST liberal DC-ers.

          • The same kind of double speak we hear from the Pope! Sickening to me that anyone would listen to either of them.

          • I guarantee the District of Columbia zoning officials wouldn’t let you put a tent city anywhere NEAR the tony neighborhood that the Obamas are moving into. But your hidden point is valid: the people who are most anxious that we allow just ANYONE to settle in this country are the people who won’t have to LIVE near those newcomers, Muslim or otherwise.

          • Perhaps they can all be sent to the FEMA camps that have been built in various places “just until they all get vetted”? They can live however they want there (without weapons, of course) and the Imams can take care of them. We can give them all that surplus wheat and cheese and let them make their own halal food while we wipe out ISIS and send them all back unless they wish to live as Americans and adopt our culture? Just a humane thought.

          • Sounds good to me! We can even paint arrows on the streets to show them the direction of Mecca, so they don’t pray facing the wrong way.

          • And please send every Muslim that is a part of shutting city streets down when they offer their “prayers.”

          • Henry J. Gilbertson

            You are right Since they burned down cardboard city filled with WW1 veterans and their dependents

          • Henry J. Gilbertson

            Why give them a tent they don’t deserve it let them skin goats and make their own tents and in the mean time hope that the sand fleas infect their A–holes

        • This was their “Promo” for it.
          That was a while ago. They never made good on it.

      • Please, Mike! As Jackie Gleason (Smokey and the Bandit) would say, “You can think it – JUST DON’T DO IT!” Haven’t the anti gunners got enough ammo without giving them more argument against firearms?

        • We sure don’t need a repeat of the riots we had here in DC area after MLK,

          • Nothing wrong with getting rid of some of your trash, as long as they start in Obamas new neighborhood.

          • He’s moving to an area in DC known as Kalorama, this is an Historic area, look up Joel Barlow, Amb. to France, Jefferson’s administration, happens to be my 7th gr Uncle, he built a castle called it Kalorama. A nice area, too bad it’ll need a good cleaning in 2 yrs. after Sasha finishes HS.

          • It will have a stain just like the WH and take decades to remove.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            I sincerely hope President Trump has the white house fumigated!! ??
            That sounds ever so good, President TRUMP! ?

          • Pest control has been working all weekend on it.

          • I’ve lived in Washington or near-by suburbs for almost 60 years and you just taught me something. Never knew how Kalorama got its name! Now I DO 🙂 Thanks!

          • The funny part about this, My Mother never told me of our Family history until I was grown, I always loved History but wasn’t aware of the families part in it. With the invention of the Computer I was able to seek more info, since I was a Mother, and Nurse the library time I needed was out of the question, so all I had was what my Mother and Grandfather had handed down, now I am finding out about cousins that were part of the pre-revolution battles and on my French side, how they were part of the locals who helped Washington, also found out my husbands family were from the Hessians that stayed and took oath of allegiance after Trenton. Now I pray Mr. Trump can restore us to what these brave people fought and died for.

          • brooksandstreams .

            Why not? Half the DC ghetto was burned down then,,,now let them idiots burn down the rest of it!

          • Since I lived there then and still do, NO , we had no buses running into DC, interrupted many businesses, stores were looted and burnt, Ins. had to pay for this, many lost their lives, just as recent as about 4 years ago, when they were clearing for a new bldg., they found a body buried under the rubble, Many people were unable to carry out their routine duties, I couldn’t work, as my baby sitter was in DC and couldn’t get to Va. And another, there are MANY nice homes and museums in DC as well as historic bldgs.

        • Anti-gun regs and laws are gonna be gone pronto. AND any of them purchasing now will see that they will be checked out and have to wait to be allowed to purchase that gun. Of course, most probably know where to buy weapons illegally but we are skilled and they ain’t!

        • Using the logic of Nobel Peace Prize winner, B. H. Obama, short of engaging in an all out boots on the ground operation, any human annoyance, or impediment to ones plans, can be effectively neutralized using a surgically precise plan carried out by a well targeted drone strike!
          Maybe he should be watching out for drones and not snipers?

          Mr. Peace on earth came in with a used to be respected award (but not anymore), and he’s going out the same way!
          Last Wednesday, Obama added another prestigious medal to his Nobel Prize collection when he had Defense Secretary Ash Carter award him with the Department of Defense Medal for Distinguished Public Service!
          It’s a wonder Obama isn’t in Walter Reed Medical Center with a critical arm sprain from patting himself on the back?
          What a narcissist this rat turned out to be!

          • Ohhhhh yea!

          • You didn’t mention him freeing his house N$gger..Ol Step And Fetch”Biden”. The headlines should have read..Before leaving office Former Pres.Obama gives FREEDOM”medal” to biden for Cooning ! pet,pet on the head..good boy joe.

          • The old saying: Fool me once your fault, Fool me twice my fault.
            The Stupid voters in 2012 should have seen by then that, Barry Soetoro, his original name, later changed his name to a Muslim name, Barack Hussein.
            Everyone said ,Oh No, he could not be a Muslim he goes to church. So does the Devil every Sunday probably setting next to many that do not recognize him, or for many he is bringing the sermon and they think he is a great person.
            Since Mr. Trump won the election we can see clearly who Loves this country and who does not. I am able to look at them and see what they are. Many call them snow flakes but snow flakes are beautiful and these people look like the living dead and talk like they came from the pits of Hell.
            We need to be watchful during the next two years, when many politicians will be running for election. Those that have been there over 3 terms need to be booted out. Those

          • The sane, decent Americans have been awakened to the corruption in our nation, mostly due to hatred of Trump.
            The Libs/Progressives were/are so afraid of Trump that their true colors have been shown. I am amused by them!


        • Amen! See my post above!

      • Easy there, we voters fixed it….

      • I’m still waiting for the negative part ! LMAO

      • Oh, great! You want to make a PERMANENT HERO — a veritable GOD — of Barack Hussein Obama??? We’d have a BHO’s Birthday holiday and God knows what else, every year, no matter WHAT the long-term assessment of his 8 years in the WH would be! We’d have a MONUMENT on the National Mall — maybe rename the Jefferson Memorial, because, after all, Jefferson owned slaves (and probably slept with one).
        We’d have a DOZEN foundations and institutes devoted to covering every detail of his life & presidency in a POSITIVE way, and ERASING from history ALL the BAD stuff. It’d be worse than a combination of MLKJr. and JFK, because MLKJr. wasn’t president and JFK wasn’t black.
        If a sniper — especially an AMERICAN sniper — took out BHO, even in this last week, we’d NEVER HEAR THE END OF THE LEGENDS OF HIS HEROISM. Either you’re an Obama FAN and that’s what you WANT, or you’re NOT THINKING!

    • Well said

    • Can’t wait until someone (in need of money) will start the ball rolling with all the shanigans that’s been going on the last 8 years There will always be someone who is either out for revenge or money, to start the ball rolling

      • What are you implying?

        • The truth of what has gone on will come out, , guess you don’t read much, SS men have written books about past administrations, I remember one about Margaret Truman and how she would sneak out of WH, also a couple about Clinton’s and their fights, that is just a couple of many that have been written, some good and some bad. Not all in Gov’t. service are happy t follow commands or cover lies.

          • I still do not get what you are attempting to say. What information am I lacking? Please enlighten me with some facts. Direct me to what you are reading.

    • Maybe you ever had, he is one of the best the majority of us ever had

    • Worst president?
      Ever hear of a punk named Nixon

      • You’re obviously a scum bag liberal! Go crawl back under your rock!
        (besides – Nixon wasn’t the greatest POTUS, but he was certainly far and away better than Your lyin’ liberal, soon to be forgotten in the annals of time, one world order embed!)

      • NO but we do get the brainless moron and turd** like you spewing its load of donkey shyte every now and then.

        **Trump Unacceptance & Resistance Disorder

      • Nixon was a saint compared to the lop eared muslim communist racist lying knothead Obummer!

        • Oh my God……I’ve heard about the ignorance and hatred of President Obama that exists in some “Americans”. But, after having stumbled upon the sample of deplorable comments spewed here, I am totally disgusted. How sad that you have nothing to offer society but your fears, insecurities and ignorance..

          • Well Lizzie2, I hope and wish I were wrong..but with all the bad things he has done, I have a hard time forgiving him! There is a list much longer than I can recall, but Fast and Furious, the targeting of conservatives by the IRS, Benghazi, the constant assault on the Christian beliefs, the constant assault on the constitution, the racist comments, the stupid deal with Iran, and there are many more that I can’t recall to list here and if you don’t believe they all happened open your eyes! He has definitely NOT put America first like a President is supposed to do! And besides, I did not call you ignorant OR hateful! I much prefer ignorance to stupid however, because ignorance can be fixed by enlightenment unlike stupidity, that is forever. SO enlighten me how great Obama really is!

          • Have you looked for the proof of what you have said above? I have heard all of the same claims, but I checked them for trth. The only location reporting (or suggesting) your facts were on Fox and other sources of faked or biased “news. I will choose just one of them, and await your reply, Please tell me about ” his racist comments”?

          • I guess it is a matter of who you believe and drawing your own conclusion about what is the truth. After reading the long tentacles of George Soros and the globalist agenda I tend to believe Fox news more than the mainstream news. I have caught them in maybe not outright lies, but biased comments and stories that are made to make Obama look good. When he bows to Arab kings and apologizes for the US to other countries I really do not appreciate that stuff. His wife hates to place her hand over her heart when the national anthem is played…I just think he does not have the USA in his heart! I listen to the world news both on ABC and NBC each night and also Fox news, Bill Orielly and others and draw my conclusions from all of them. I even listen to CNN once in a while, however I consider them highly slanted toward the liberal side of things. Liberals are fine until they run out of other peoples money. I HATE to pay higher healthcare costs because we are taking care of all the illegals here that are NOT citizens and are in fact law breakers!

          • John, it is nice of you to try to reason with Lizzie2, but her remarks indicate that perhaps she only listens to “sound bites.”

          • I wouldn’t bother John. Believe what you will.

          • Lizzie2! Do you have NO understanding of the folk that chose Trump in the election?
            WE DO NOT CARE “WHAT” you think of us! But stay on this site because you are giving us many laughs!

          • Oh I understand fully Mary….ignorance, hatred, racist, lacking sufficient intelect and too stupid to think for your selves. Trump knew fully well to whom he was apealing . He knew that you were so eager to buy into his lies that he only needed to throw you bait, much of it not true. This has been one perfect opportunity to understand the Trump voter.

      • Nixon employed some STUPID assistants who screwed up with Watergate, and Nixon took the blame (BHO, of course, would have found some $50,000-a-year assistant to blame). As president, he was pretty good. For ONE (BIG) thing, we DID NOT HAVE WORLD WAR III, which was confidently predicted to happen if we elected Tricky Dick. In fact, the Cold War got slightly less close to being “hot” during his tenure. On the downside, he created the Environmental Protection Agency and started affirmative action, both of which have done MUCH more harm than good. But compared with the INCOMPETENT Jimmy Carter and the PRO-ARAB Barack Obama, we should be wishing we could have had Nixon instead!

    • And even better he is NOT black but 50% white via a slut mother, 40+% Arab, and a miserly 6+% black. Pretending to be black paid off for him because he is now a millionaire. Bought a house in DC and building a huge high wall to keep out blacks and anyone else, possibly snipers. On the other hand, if all goes well he will be in prison and we have a lot of rope available.

      • Your math is WAY off. His mother was white, his father black. That makes him 50% white and 50% black. His Muslim stepfather’s ethnicity doesn’t affect BHO’s bloodline because stepdaddy wasn’t a blood relative.
        To be fair (difficult, but I’ll try), ALL presidents make a fortune from their memoirs, whether they were total failures like Jimmy Carter or very successful, like Ronald Reagan. Publishers figure SOMEONE will want to read the things (or at least display them in bookshelves so the neighbors will THINK they read them!) and libraries buy multiple copies of everything with a president’s name on it.

    • God bless you too

    • 4 more days and the trash will be history and the lying media better shape up or ship out..

      • and with the words of the obolahniks HOPE-FULLY, the tsa will be there too scan the people as they leave the house. as in any eviction the non-occupants will declare the items they own. the tsa will look for toilet-paper,limems,silverwear, and other lite items. good riddeck to the obolahs.

        • Good point .Only one Problem there are a lot of Muslims in the TSA.

          • Most of the Muslims in the TSA are in the units that handle immigration, not the Secret Service (which watches over the White House, but is actually NOT part of the TSA — it’s under the Treasury Dept., because its original job was to handle counterfeiting (money, also stamps), and it only got responsibility for presidential security much later. The people watching the Obamas & family & guests departing from the White House will be Secret Service. Also, the packing HAS BEEN DONE, by yet ANOTHER agency called the Government Services Administration (GSA), which handles “housekeeping” chores like packing to move people in/out. The Obamas won’t even return to the White House after Inauguration — they’ll leave from the Capitol right after the ceremony. Good riddance!

          • How many Muslims work in the GSA ?? Remember it was already reported in the early 80s that the Muslim Religion was the fastest growing in the US and World.

          • US Government agencies don’t keep track of employees’ religious affiliations (the Constitution says there shall BE NO RELIGIOUS TEST FOR OFFICE), so neither I nor anyone else can tell you. But not many: overall, fewer than 2 percent of govt. employees (including in places like TSA and State, where Arabic language skills might be useful) are Muslims. That’s an estimate, but probably pretty close. And GSA doesn’t employ many high-skill technical workers; mostly furniture movers, painters (of office walls, not portraits) and so forth. You DO NOT need to worry about them helping the Obamas steal anything from the White House. Won’t happen!

          • Your percentages might be right for the Early 90s but not today for the US .

          • Well, there hasn’t been an actual census since 2010, but the Census Bureau updates its numbers annually. None for THIS year yet (heck, it’s January 16!), but I think those figures are accurate for 2016. Very close, anyway.
            There are concentrations of Muslims living in some major cities (Detroit/Dearborn being first on the list), but NATIONALLY their numbers are still VERY small, compared with other racial/ethnic minorities. And as a percentage of the total US population of 330 million or thereabouts, they’re a TINY group.
            That doesn’t mean the radicals among them can’t do a lot of damage (heck, it took 19 guys to destroy the World Trade Center towers AND put a big hole in the Pentagon — plus another in the ground at Shanksville, PA. Even ONE radical with a weapon can do a lot of damage, as we’ve seen — and of course even individual deaths, as of young women who refuse their fathers and/or boyfriends command that they live by Sharia law, are tragic and unnecessary.
            But the vision of Muslim Hordes descending on our cities and towns is NOT likely to become reality in the current millennium.

          • Would you happen to know the average number of offspring Muslims of the U.S.A?

          • Sorry, no idea! I believe it is true that Muslims have the highest fertility rate, world-wide. However, I’d be less concerned about theirs being too high than with the fertility rate of white, North Americans and Europeans being WAY below even REPLACEMENT rate. We are the first race in human history to be intentionally WIPING ITSELF OUT. Now, THAT is worrisome!

          • Well, The Times, they are a-changing! That process seems to be happening more quickly that I remember when I was young. But, I have greater access to world news now, so maybe not.
            Perhaps the white man’s day will be over in another century. I don’t know if that is bad, for I’ve heard (no stats) that the whites consume more of the world’s resources than other ethnic groups.
            I have always thought that if the races would just intermarry, it might be better. The browner races wouldn’t feel they are seen as inferior, and the white race would get less sunburn.

          • I think there’s NO question it’s happening faster now than in the past — possibly just because more people travel and travel more widely than ever before. I don’t know where I’d have MET a Muslim, except maybe one who was driving a taxi in New York City — now I can’t go a day without SOME contact with someone of that faith.

            As to consuming resources, it’s unquestionable that the white race has historically consumed more — because the white race was European & American (with a sprinkling in Africa and Asia) and our INCOMES were much higher. If you’re practically starving, you don’t consume much except what small amounts of food you can get your hands on. But then, the Americans and Europeans PRODUCED ten times as much as the rest of the world, with a smaller population, which meant we COULD consume more — AND we were STILL able to supply food, energy, and all sorts of other things TO the “Third World” — KEEPING THEM FROM STARVATION. Maybe higher consumption was our reward: Heaven knows nobody paid us back! (Indeed, the minute folks in Africa and Asia figured out (a) that they were sitting on tons of oil & natural gas and (b) how to get it out of the ground and to the market (actually, WE did that FOR them), they started selling the fuel WE helped them develop to us for FIVE TIMES the previous market price.) Thanks!

            The races ARE intermarrying, and have been doing so for decades. That’s why the Census Bureau folks are going crazy trying to come up with terminology for “race” that won’t offend someone. I’m NOT sure it’s going to make anyone feel less inferior (every time we find a new term intended to make someone feel GOOD, they get mad and say the term makes them feel BAD). I’d say we should eliminate racial/ethnic categories COMPLETELY, and just say stuff like “that woman has beautiful coffee-toned skin” or “that man is REALLY blond”. But we’ve based SO MANY FEDERAL PROGRAMS on SKIN-COLOR that we can’t get rid of the designations now without rewriting 100 different laws — and COMPLETELY eliminating affirmative action, race-based admission to top colleges, and so forth. I’d be THRILLED to see that happen, but the people who benefited from those programs WOULD NOT!

            But you’re right about sunburn!

          • Wow! It seems we’re d*mned if “do” and d*mned if we don’t! LOL
            Thanks for the info.

          • I live too close to Orlando, FL to relax!
            It only takes a small number of radical Islam believers to wreak havoc, whether homegrown or poorly-vetted immigrants!
            The best one can say about B.H.Obama is that he has been a super gun salesman!

          • I know it only takes ONE radical Isalmist…I even put that in one of my posts on this issue last night. And as I live less than a mile from the Pentagon — if that American Airlines flight had been just a little off course, it would have run into MY apartment building! — I do sympathize. (I also had a friend aboard that flight.)

            Another worrisome factor is the number of US-born Americans who are being CONVERTED to Islam in PRISON. Sometimes they’re open about their new religious faith, but often they keep it to themselves — putting their neighbors at risk from a danger they don’t even recognize. THAT’s scary.

            I share your thought that gun ownership (and training in its use) may be what saves the day for any particular American family.

    • Wonderful display of your “Christianity” Faith47


    • Nice “Faith” said like a true folower of Christ.

    • It would be very, very wise for our nation to stand firmly behind Israel!

  4. Your stupid comment that President Obama is a “sad, clueless man” speaks volumes about you, but says absolutely nothing about the President.

    • InternetCensorsREvil

      Yes, that the writer sees the truth, in spite of what Obozo and liberal media say

    • obomba is clueless but definitely too stupid to be sad. He thinks he got away with murder. Hopefully, he will quickly be proven wrong.

      • He’s as dumb as a fox, he is a millionaire with four homes including a mansion in Washington. Didn’t go into the White House one. He took advantage of everything, spending money on vacations at the price of 90 million using Air Force One, not counting trips he took for “business”?? Not to mention tax payers money!!

        • He is renting house in DC, and I’ve not heard he bought either a house in Hawaii or Dubai, only rumors, he does own house in Chicago.

          • He did buy a house in Hawaii — according to reports in Honolulu newspapers. Dubai? Dunno! And as you say, he does own a home in Chicago. The house in DC is rented, and he SAYS he intends to stay only until younger daughter finishes high school at her ultra-tony, ultra-liberal private school (called Sidwell Friends). I think she has 2 years to go.

            But at the same time BHO is reported to be organizing a “shadow cabinet” of liberals who will comment (negatively, of course) on everything President Trump and his team DO. This is new to America, but a standard practice in Great Britain: the parties out of power have “shadow ministers” to make official statements for their own parties on what the governing party is doing. Works pretty well for them, but I’m not sure it’s transferable.

          • England has different laws than we do, I am not sure BUT what I’ve been reading, it sounds like this could be treason.

          • If you mean setting up a “shadow cabinet” here could be treasonous, that’ would only be true if they tried to USURP the powers of the elected government (or overthrow the government by force and violence). NO indication they intend ANYTHING but talk,talk,talk and maybe sending out Twitter messages.
            Otherwise they’d be (and will be, if BHO does it) a bunch of out-of-power politicians sitting around kibbitzing about how bad the IN power people are (and using social media to spread their message: something, let’s face it, they will have learned from US!) — fully within their First Amendment rights.

          • What I red was he intends to interrupt all actions that he can, his ego is getting in his way, I also believe more dirt on him, Hillary Kerry, etc. will come out, at present many cannot talk but come Ja. 20th, after oath is administered, well that is a different story

          • I can’t imagine what “actions” he (Obama) can “interrupt.” Ex presidents actually have ZERO power, except that of their reputations, and when the MSM stop telling the laudatory lies about how high his approval rating is, he won’t have much of THAT. I couldn’t get from your post if you think Hillary and/or Kerry will come out with negative stuff on BHO, but (whether true or not) that would even further diminish his “power.”

            I think BHO is going to increase his fortune making speeches here an abroad for huge payments (taking a page from Bill & Hillary’s book), write his own memoirs, and otherwise pout over that pesky 2-term limit that kept him from running again. Maybe even try to get it changed (Congress WON’T change it, there’s NO WAY 37 state legislatures would ratify any such amendment, and even if they did, it would NOT apply retroactively. BHO should READ that Constitution about which he brags about knowing so much!)

    • He has done all in his power to destroy this country! He is one evil Muslim.

    • Yep, it fails to tell the truth about our communist/muslim, lying, anti American POS that has been our fake POTUS for the last 8 long, long years!

    • LOOK MA!! Another turd!!**

      **Trump Unacceptance & Resistance Disorder

    • It IS, however, the writer’s opinion, to which he/she is entitled, just as YOU are entitled to YOURS (even if it IS wrong on facts)

  5. Excellent article! He’s a master of rhetoric and oratory that rivals that of Hitler. He’s a sad commentary, not just as president, but as a human being.

  6. The main stream media is irrelevant now because most people get their news from different sources from around the world. We read, compare and make up our own mind. All the talking heads have lost all credibility.

    • I don’t bother reading the US news,just go to UK for mine

      • The UK? Newspapers there are even WORSE than here; the only difference is you know going in whether you’re gonna get the Labour slant or the Tory slant or maybe the ScotsNat view or the Brexit view. And the BBC, which used to be the WORLD’S standard for unbiased journalism, is today a TOTALLY biased outlet for Labour propaganda. WHAT UK media do you go to? And how do you know it’s not biased, too?

    • The only “real” news is Breitbart news or Mark Levin. They predicted that Trump would be our next President even when Fox and every other station had Hillary ahead.

  7. Between the MEDIA and the NIGGRO in the WH it took 8 years but it made one RACIST out of me and it’s time to deport all and take back America. We’ve had too many LIBTURDS who want to just give away the American way of life for a COMMUNE and NWO. In the last election all we kept hearing wasTRUMP can’t win because the BLACKS weren’t gonna vote for him then it was the Hispanics and then the Asians and then the All Others who weren’t WHITE and the WHITE PEOPLE had nothing to do with the VOTING. This depiction of the VOTERS electing the President as long as they were not WHITE pushed me over the top, WHITE PEOPLE have no say here anymore.

  8. “Remarkably, the more Americans see through the lies that color mainstream liberal reporting, the worse the reporting gets.”

    Wow that sure is true. It just gets worse and worse.

  9. all the arrogant demo liberal media in this country should be shut down.

    • And then the next time a Democrat or liberal or progressive wins both the WH and Congress (and it’ll happen one day, rest assured), THEY close OUR publications down! THAT IS CALLED DICTATORSHIP. The free press — which is guaranteed by the First Amendment to our Constitution, which we conservatives say we cherish — whether it’s friendly or unfriendly or a bit of both (which it is) — is the BULWARK of our form of government. Without it, WE WILL TURN INTO RUSSIA or VENEZUELA in a YEAR.

      You do NOT want Demo liberal media shut down, if only because it would lead to shutting down OUR media the next time THEY win an election. THINK before you spout stupid nonsense! Or go live in some country where they don’t HAVE free media, and see how you like it. You won’t!

      • Again RightWriter thinks before she types, thank you Ma’am.

        • Thanks! I’m constantly amazed (and horrified) by how many fellow conservatives DON’T think AT ALL (even after typing!). Our Constitutional protections are there for a REASON, and doing away with them because we’re “in power” right NOW is a sure way to be certain the libs will do the same — but then WE WON’T GET THEM BACK.

  10. The news media should pay close attention to a big story hitting the news this week and which they have printed already and will surely add to in the future. It is that, after 146 years, the Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus has announced it’s closing in May of this year! Why is that happening? Because animal rights activists, lessening popularity, and time has out lasted the circus, and it is no longer feasible or economical to continue operations. Its fate was predictable when, last year, the elephants were removed from the animals it brought to many localities and which were the basis for its popularity, or so it would seem? Now, the circus will never be seen again – a victim of the times!
    Newspapers, and other forms of media will soon be able to use the circus ending story format, with few word changes, and write their own obituary! Substitute truth for elephant and you will see that just as losing the elephant from the circus hastened its demise, losing truth from news reports will have the same ultimate effect on news formats! We see this happening already. “Fake news” is the story of the day. People are leaving main stream media sources in droves and migrating to alternative news sources that are giving them truth and reason to think and believe.
    Their smug, holier than thou approach to dissemination of “news”, not how it happens, but how they select, fabricate and twist facts to their own purpose, is doing them in, as people aren’t all the sheeple that they want us to be!

    • Michael Dennewitz

      I read about that last nite! Sooooo sad!! ???

    • To bad the animal rights grope didn’ go after the liberal animals and their FAKE nonsense.

    • I’ll miss it, BUT there is still the Circus museum in Sarasota, Fla. also the Ringling home. Used to be a place where we would go when our kids were young, you could watch them rehearse, it was their Winter Quarters, and if you drove around Sarasota, it was not unusual to see a trapeze, high wire etc in a back yard, now another American Icon brought to an end by so called good doers. BTW I never saw an animal abused either in Fla. or at the Circus when it was in town.

      • I agree…I’m sad to see another American tradition (icon, if you prefer) bashed by political correctness and putting animal rights first. It’s about 50 years since I went to the circus (I’m 73!), but I saw many as a kid. I think you’re right about Ringling Bros. animals being VERY well treated.
        In 1995. when Republicans had just taken over Congress and Newt Gingrich was Speaker, he arranged with the Ringling people for a “circus parade” across the Capitol grounds when the came to Washington. Gingrich was (is, I suppose) a BIG circus fan. I remember the parade of elephants — everyone assumed that was why Gingrich wanted the parade to start with, the GOP elephants (no donkeys in a circus!) coming right by the Capitol’s East Front (not where Inaugural will be held; the other side) to the enjoyment of staff, members, and everyone’s kids. Sad to see the tradition die.

    • It’s a sad commentary on American Journalism that a Russian news agency (RT.com) is seen as more honest than 90% od American news agencies.

  11. megyn kelly is an ambulance chasing bitch,while tucker carlson is a journalist. how refreshing

    • Megyn Kelly is a first-rate journalist, and NBC is lucky to get her (I predict she’ll be back at Fox within 2 years, having lost enthusiasm for the Peacock’s one-sided “news” coverage.) You people who know nothing much about media hate her because she DID HER JOB and asked Donald Trump ONE QUESTION for which he was unprepared. BTW, TRUMP has forgiven her, WHY IN HELL CAN’T YOU?????
      PS, I like Tucker Carlson, too.

      • no, i have thought she was a prosecuting bitch from the get go, and when i did learn she was an ambulance chaser, it all made sense. she ran from fox because she turned on their money makers, which included at the time oreilly, hannity and of course trump, who was on more than oreilly i think. she then turned on roger alies and that was the end. she was no longer loved at work. reported to have been caught on camera one too many times popping pills, yea, diet pills? oh legal ones. right. her left leaning tendencies came out full bore when she became part of the debate with trump and less the moderator. i had my fill by then and turned off her program and watched bloomberg. first rate at prosecuting, but, as a trained journalist, no. you want one of those, go to wallace, oreilly, tucker and a few others of less fame, but, excellent. kelly i put in the same boat as geraldo rivera, who i first me in the canal zone in 1977, when he still used jerry rivers as his handle. real name michael gerald rivera. anyway, i hope he leaves for nbc too, so that i can watch the second sinking of the titanic.

        • You’re entitled to your opinion (even if it is based on a faulty understanding of what a good reporter — not commentator — is supposed to DO). Megyn is an outstanding REPORTER (not necessarily commentator), and her ratings showed it: she was closing in on Bill O’Reilly’s lead in ratings, and overall her NATIONAL ratings were even higher than O’Reilly’s. In fact, she gave up the NUMBER ONE POSITION IN RATINGS OF ALL TV JOURNALISTS. So SOMEONE (actually, lots of someones) must think better of her than you do.
          I agree completely about Geraldo Rivera. He’s a blowhard and a fraud, devoid of talent or understanding of anything beyond his narrow world of “if you don’t like ME you must be a bigot!”

          • ohh winger, you hav all the same oral fantasy every other man hazs when you look @ kelli! this is why they are hired, they have the mouth, and the appeal. make no mistake, and if you need proof, go look @ the olsen twins. ask the redman!

          • First, I’m a woman (and very definitely NOT gay). And at 73, I stopped being attracted by young blonde Men OR Women a VERY long time ago. Megyn Kelly IS pretty, but that is NOT why I think she’s an outstanding journalist: THAT’s because she IS an outstanding journalist (not quite as sure about her commentaries). And I’m not alone in thinking so: SHE HAD THE HIGHEST RATINGS OF ANY CABLE NEWS JOURNALIST, ON ANY NETWORK, and was STILL climbing. If she’d stayed at Fox, she’d have outpaced Bill O’Reilly within 6 months. At NBC, it depends on how they use her — and I suspect it won’t be well. I predict she’ll be back at Fox inside of a year. They’ll make room for her because they HATED losing her; she’s just too damn good. BTW, DONALD TRUMP forgave her for their campaign dustup, so maybe twits like YOU should get over it, too!

          • I’m a WOMAN, first off, and definitely hetero. And I don’t have oral fantasies about either women OR men. I admire Megyn Kelly (whom I met once, for 5 minutes, at a Fox News reception 4-5 years ago) BECAUSE SHE IS AN OUTSTANDING JOURNALIST (not quite so sure about her commentary skills). You can’t see that because you don’t like her opinions, or maybe you don’t like a woman (gasp!) HAVING opinions. Either way, it seems MOST TV viewers AGREE WITH ME — Megyn Kelly has the HIGHEST PERSONAL VIEWERSHIP RATINGS OF ANYONE ON CABLE TV. Not “except Bill O’Reilly,” or “at Fox News” or any other qualifier. NUMBER ONE. Period. So a LOT of someones must be agreeing with ME, nolt YOU. Which is understandable, because I’m right and YOU ARE WRONG (you also can’t SPELL, and you don’t have a CLUE how to write an English sentence — all marks of a DUNCE.)

          • Well said RightWriter, I agree with most of your points and I’m a 72 year old Male Redneck.
            Keep calling them as you see them.

          • Thanks again! I’m 73, female, and very much an urban creature, but obviously we think alike! 🙂

          • I agree megan kelly is great at what she does, its too bad she moved to nbc but hopefully she’ll improve their ratings.

          • Gosh, I don’t WANT Megyn to improve NBC’s ratings — I’m waiting for them to slide so low they fall right off the charts! MY hope is that Megyn will get disgusted with the depth & breadth of the BIAS at NBC and go home to Fox, where she belongs! (Fox gave her her start in television; they let her become a star…) I think she’ll be MISERABLE at NBC and glad to get back to a “fair and balanced” network, which means Fox, since none of the others ARE fair OR balanced. I give her a year (besides, her contract with the Peacock People is probably for a year.)

          • Well said Right,,,,,,,I have always appreciated watching Fox When Megyn and Greta were on. Since they have both moved to MSNBC I am quite happy.

          • First, I am a female — and not gay. So you’re barking up the wrong tree.
            Second, I don’t really care what Megyn Kelly looks like (though I realize her looks HAVE to have helped her climb the career ladder). I am talking about her ABILITY as a REPORTER (as a commentator, I’m less sure of her talent). She’s GOOD. In fact, she’s EXCELLENT. And I’m not alone in thinking so: she has the HIGHEST ratings of ANY reporter, male or female, on cable TV. Higher even than her former Fox colleague, Bill O’Reilly. SOMEONE (a LOT of someones) must share my view that she’s very good. Maybe YOU are the one who is wrong.

        • Check out Fox Business! Great reporting, especially Stuart Varney, Lou Dobbs and Charles Payne (Payne is more market coverage but I still like him). I stopped watching FoxNews altogether except Hannity. And now Tucker – he’s doing a great job. But Fox Business is the best –

          • i like fbn, but, my plan doesnt get it. i have to buy more stations that i never watch. i want sling from dish for 20 bucks, but, it doesnt even have fox cable news much less fbn. i hate paying for crap i dont want. i need two channels. fox cable news and fox business news….ild probably do well with one of the two. the rest is not needed. hard to do . no one will do what i want

          • Yep, that’s too bad. I keep the channel at Fox Business and either watch or record Tucker and Hannity. Works out great!

  12. The news media and obama possess the same color, BLACK, which represents darkness. Obama is by far the worst president we could have ever had, and now Trump has the chore of cleaning up the destruction. He’s just a jerk and needs to be taken off the list of presidents. He doesn’t need to be acknowledged as a President of the United States.

    • His eight years will be known as the b!ackhole in the “real” American history. LOL.

    • The only reason they will not call Obama the worst president ever is because he is Black. They can’t have that – if he was White he would have never been nominated let alone elected and re-elected with his credentials. If Obama had been White Hillary would be the one leaving office now. Ironically the same people who now question Trump’s qualifications had no qualms with Obama’s lack thereof.

      • That’s very true! Obama had just TWO YEARS in the US Senate and 4 before that in Illinois State Senate. I’ve been in Washington almost forever (well, since the Kennedy era) and I don’t EVER remember a candidate, never mind one who WON, with THAT little experience. If he’d been white he’d never even have won his home state primary!

        • Obama won because the Kennedy’s and George Soros were backing him instead of Hillary!

          • I didn’t get into the reasons Obama won, just the FACT that he had so much less experience even than JFK, who had previously been our LEAST experienced president.

            Sure, the Kennedys and George Soros helped him beat Hillary in ’08, but think: WHY would the Kennedys or Soros favor Obama?? BECAUSE HE IS BLACK! They wanted to elect “the first black President,” even more than “the first woman president.” Now that they’ve got THAT off their bucket lists, they’ll be pushing for a woman — pretty much ANY woman, although Hillary WON’T be the one (she’s used merchandise) in 2020.

            But my original point was merely that Obama lacked experience, NOT who pushed him or failed to push him up the ladder.

    • I am really wondering what the heck they are going to put in the Obama library, since all his records and history has been sealed, we know nothing about this 40% Arab that claims to be black. How will his library depict this man who lost his law license by the bar AND his wife who also lost her law license. Hmm..will be interesting to watch!! I am however unwilling to travel to Chicago to see the damned thing..LOL

  13. Obama is mentally insane and lives in his delusional world, I personally think he should be drug tested, there are many people who self medicate to keep what they believe is their balance. For someone who admittedly took as many kind of drugs as they can and as often as they can, can really stop all of sudden?
    CNN and MSNBC flagship for Journalism? Obama is on drugs.

    • maybe he is (on drugs) or maybe he just LIKES the media slant he gets from CNN or MSNBC better than the straight story. He will, obviously, hear more stories & comments in his favor there than from Fox News. Maybe he just LIKES it that way!

      • Delusion maybe good for his soul but no one else. Just look what the imbecile left behind!!!

        • no question there! I was just speculating on why BHO takes that view — other than the possibility that he IS insane, which is still on the table (in my view). But so are the other possibilities.

  14. Who in their right mind is going to take seriously a guy who draws a line in the sand and promptly leaves to go golfing?

  15. Obama, a delusional failure.

  16. Obama doing what he always does – point the finger of blame at someone/anyone else but himself. The narcissist is incapable of accepting blame or admitting failure. But’s that’s ok – there are 100’s of millions who will do it for him.

  17. Let the leftist liberal biased media keep attacking Trump. They’ll soon find out that Trump is not your typical establishment politician on 1-20. Besides, all the liberal MSM is accomplishing is keeping Trump’s grass roots movement fired up. Go Trump!!

  18. One would think a president would know we are NOT and NEVER were a “democracy”. Bathhouse Barry is not only clueless but rather stupid as well. Bush used to say similar and its getting old….

  19. Crocheting Granny

    Hit the mark. The mainstream propaganda machine is abhorred by open minded folks and cannot revive, but must be replaced, which conservative news is doing quite well.

  20. Great article!!!

  21. take a leftist commentator, bash its brains out.

  22. msm created the mess they are in and only they can fix it. Time to do real investigative reporting on all parties not just the one you don’t like. Same for politicians keep all politicians in check not just the ones you don’t like and maybe in a year or so we might start to believe your not biased and are true journalist. Trust is earned not given!

  23. The poor man, that is if you want to call this outgoing failure of a president a man. He’s a disgrace, a traitor, and I wish he’d keep his lying mouth shut for once.

  24. The national enquirer is a reliable source?
    Rush Limbaugh?
    Ann Coulter?
    Bill O’Reilly?

    • Well here IT is again, the “TURD”

      Trump Unacceptance & Resistance Disorder

    • I’m not too hot on the Enquirer, but while the others do occasionally make a mistake (we ALL do: we’re human), they sure as hell don’t DELIBERATELY LIE like CNN and MSNBC, NBC, CBS and ABC do. There’s a difference between being wrong on one point of FACT and pouring nothing but dishonesty into the stream of public discourse. If you can’t see the distinction, you’re too stupid to function in the adult world.

  25. Don’t you love the CNN version of Trump’s Press Conference? They edited the sound level of their rude reporter Jim Acosta down to a whisper to make it seem like Trump was being a bully. Fortunately, the whole unedited video of the event is available on YouTube, where you can hear for yourself what a creep he is.

  26. The people are now paying attention to the veracity of the stories of news organizations! We are now aware of the collusion and corruption of the Lame Stream media with political candidates ! CNN, MSNBC are fake news organizations. Any investors should get out because they are not trusted and will fail. The entertainment industry especially
    movies will also take a big hit for their idiotic and condescending view of the average american consumer! We will not spend money on movies or actors that have insulted us. Just watch the duds at the box office start occurring! God bless America and the 82nd Airborne!!

  27. Face it, Obama, you are a day late and a dollar short and also insulting the real news we get and not all the fake news or overblown or twisted information out there. Our newspaper is sooo democrat, it stinks, literally, so we only take the Sunday version. How many of you out there have seen your newspapers and even magazines grow narrower and with many, many few pages? I bet a lot. Media has been under wrong controls for decades and lied and twisted news to the point that they have become irrelevant. Thank God we do have accept to accurate and COMPLETE reporting online or radio. Obama, you haven’t a clue because your brain is choom fried and now you will be on your own and the millions that we want to know where you got them since a community organizer and a low paid IL senator should didn’t make much money.

  28. I wish O would quit saying the conservatives are getting America’s basic facts wrong. He is the one who knows nothing of the facts of America,he is trying to change the real facts with ones he makes up. He is obnoxious when he says muslims are in the fabric of this nation and they contributed to it’s beginning.Nothing could be farther from the facts yet he keeps on so he can brain-wash the younger ones.

  29. Obama had his records sealed and spent a lot of money to do so – Why? What has he got to hide? I have been doing a lot of reading about him and nothing adds up. His north certificate never looked right the language was wrong the name of the hospital was wrong for the time. Ann Dunham – Obama’s mother – was married to Barack Obama Sr. in February of 1961. Barack Obama Jr. was born on August 4, 1961 – do the math. Barack Obama Sr. and Jr. look absolutely nothing alike – however if you look at his mother’s communist boyfriend – Frank Marshall Davis there is a strong resemblance. For those of us alive in 1961 we know in those days an unwed mother was a family disgrace – the girls were most often shipped out of town to “homes for wayward girls” where they went through their pregnancies – had the baby – the babies were put up for adoption and the girls returned home with whatever excuse the family presented for why they were gone. It was also very very uncommon for a white girl to be with a black man. In 1961 “Whites Only” signs were still on water fountains and restrooms. So Ann Dunham was in a very bad situation. Barack Obama Sr. was looking for a way to stay in the U.S. – he had a visa but it would run out. Did she marry him out of convenience for both?

    Obama’s grandmother in Africa said she was there when he was born, I don’t know if she is a liar or conspiracy theorist, but have never seen anything that she gained by saying so. It would make sense that Sr. and Dunhan went to Africa during her remaining pregnancy and Jr.s birth – away from the eyes of nosy neighbors. The story about Obama’s white grandmother making arrangements for his birth certificate also make sense – at least enough to sense to be thoroughly investigated. Why does Obama have a Connecticut issued Social Security number – he was never a resident of Connecticut? If born in Hawaii why doesn’t he have a Hawaiian issued number? Or Illinois? California? Massachusetts?

    Obama wrote 2 autobiographies before anyone ever heard of him – again why? But in those 2 books he spoke a lot about his father Barack Obama Sr. – as Obama Sr. and Dunham were divorced in January of 1964 are we to believe these books were written from the memories of a 2 1/2 year old kid?

    Obama is said to have surrendered his law license to avoid prosecution for lying on his bar application. Michelle Obama is said to have surrendered her law license to avoid prosecution for insurance fraud. These are part of the records that have been sealed. George Soro’s lost a billion dollars due to Trumps election and a stock market surge that he had bet would be a collapse George Soros records have not been sealed and he is wanted by a number of countries for interfering with their politics and economies – he strongly supported Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Every time you look around Goldman Sachs name pops up in some kind of scandal or other – they are right in the middle of it – Goldman Sachs spent more money than anyone to get Obama elected first as an Illinois senator and then in both of his presidential campaigns – again why?

    Hillary Clinton as Secretary of Take made the arrangements for a huge amount of uranium to be sold to Russia – she made quite a bit of money on the deal too – Barack Obama told Putin “I will have more flexibility after the election” in 2011 yet the liberal media is trying to spin Trump as a Russian ally again why?

  30. I think the Bad-Guys will not let Trump stay around long. They have a world wide agenda and will not let anything get in the way. They have went to far it to be stopped. Our biggest problem is the Commie Media, they Feed each other and support each other. People should have woke up 40 years ago.

  31. Ovomit and all other libtards especially the media are brain dead. Just bury the corpses already. There is no brain activity…. they all have shit for brains

  32. There is only one network that even comes close to being trustworthy and that is FOX. I did a study from 2008-2012 there was none of them were not one other network that was less then a 65% lie rate.

  33. This is the only truthful account of the media coverage of Obama that I have ever seen. It should be mandatory reading for every high school and college student.

  34. What’s truly pathetic is that any liberal who has the balls to read this article will totally discount and deny its reality. Everything printed in this article is an accurate description of the sad state of journalism. The liberal, lame-stream media is all into distortion of truth and obsessed with destroying Trump. What a bunch of scumbags!!

    • The leaders of the media should be on the top of the FBI most wanted list for treason against the US with O as number 2.

      • I think all the illegal aliens should be rounded up and dumped on Obozo’s doorstep. After all, he’s the one who is giving tacit approval to illegally enter our country. They’d probably enjoy getting to know Michele and their 2 daughters. As for the media, they can report this as Obozo’s benevolence and compassion for the disenfranchised. LOL!!

  35. obamanation is truly a pathetic spineless marxist empty suit.. I’m surprised he didn’t blame Bush as he has his entire stint in the White House….

  36. 2016 has made me ,wonder how I missed it all these years!!?? CCM and Reuters used to be right on most things,Now,not ever sure of SCM- !!!Read enough ,you can get the idea,who is selling shit and who isn’t. Libs and Domocrats very high on the pole. !!This is what get Trump elected !!THANK GOD !!

  37. we the people now git too blame the real GOAT! all the stupid weak people including his wife,Loretta leach,the useless woman in every position that the obolahniks has assigned them too. DRAIN THE SWAMP! the election of the dondi trumpit was an ACT OF GOD!

  38. I wonder how much the “big name” news would report the truth even if it did not involve politics. There was an instance when I started having trouble with my horse, while waiting for a rodeo parade to start. The (Calif.) Fresno Bee printed a picture of us in the paper with a caption that was mostly wrong. I called the paper to correct the misinformation. I was told that that the caption was correct, because the photographer was there (obvious), never mind that I was in the picture heading my horse. No correction was made by the paper and it has a section listing corrections.

  39. trump has it right the corporate press has gotten to cosy with each other and the govt. officals they need to quit spouting the “official” lines they don’t how dumb the sound to us real people

  40. Left-wing, Liberal leaning, press is going bankrupt, while Center-right to alt-right leaning press, and groups, are flourishing. If there were no “Free Market” forces at work, the Liberals would have already established their Caliphate.
    History never repeats itself; however, historical situations do. A free people learns from history, while an enslaved people falls back into slavery. The Demokrats have never learned the lessons of History while the compassionate Republicans forget the hard lessons taught by the Demokrats.

  41. BornAgainSouthernPride

    “It’s true that Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, and the Drudge Report (among many others) have undermined the public’s faith in its media institutions. They have done this by drawing attention to the many lies that come spewing forth from outlets like the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the network news empires. If the mainstream media is hanging, the noose is one of their own construction.”

    That right there hits the nail on the head…

  42. The media sucks nothing but a bunch of Liars for the Democratic Party. And condemn everyone else. I’m sick of it & I refuse to buy a newspaper anymore. Show your support to Trump & stop buying newspapers.

    • Well, MOST newspapers. If you can get one like the Washington Times, that’s different! But most of them ARE good mainly for wrapping garbage.

  43. There is nothing new about “fake news”: as the ancients suffered the consequences of their lies and deceit. Lies and deceit are symptoms of a reprobate mind. How can one put their trust in an individual, that knows and speaks not the truth. If truth is relative, it’s not truth but a lie. Mark those that deceive the masses. Character will speak out against deceit…

    • “the ancients”???? I’m a pretty good historian but I’m having trouble coming up with an example of “fake news” in the ancient world! Please explain.

  44. Obama is correct, Idiot.

  45. OMG – after 8 years he is not blaming Bush. The idiot cannot come to grips that he is the idiot and it finally is over and he will go down as the worst president in history – of which sure made Jimmy Carter happy now that that title will be off him.

  46. Francisco Machado

    Within the last couple hours, I’ve seen Hillary blaming “her narrow loss” – that’s a 304 to 227 “narrow loss.” If the numbers were reversed, that would be “an overwhelming mandate.” In an article on public assistance, “SNAP households spent 9.3 percent of their grocery budgets on soft drinks alone. That was slightly higher than the 7.1 percent figure for households that do not receive food stamps.” “Slightly higher”? 9.3 percent is more than thirty percent higher than 7.1. What’s that, Common Core math? It’s like all the hullabaloo about who to blame for the Hillarymail issue – which never quite seems to blame Hillary, her private server, and the State Department that did nothing abut it.

    • very well stated — all of it. It’s amazing how numbers’ meaning get changed depending on who’s doing the measuring: a 77-vote margin in the electoral college is “a narrow loss”: 30% more money spent by SNAP households than an ordinary household on soft drinks is “slightly higher”; and Hillary’s private server was just a “matter of convenience” (never mind ILLEGAL or dangerous because it was so easily hacked). And then there’s idiocy like a top White House aide using “[email protected]” as his password for a supposedly secure computer — but NOBODY except a few conservatives points out how STUPID that is. (I have a computer-phobic friend – heck, she’s 74; have some sympathy! – she can barely send an email and I told her one time to “cut and paste” some text and she didn’t have a CLUE how – but when I told her the “[email protected]” story even SHE got the point!)

  47. When it comes to reliable journalism and the free press, credibility is what it is all about!
    Like the story of the boy who falsely cried wolf, when the time actually arrived for that
    alarm he had lost his credibility. No one paid attention nor considered him worthy of their
    attention. We all know how badly that story ended.
    So too it seems to be the current case as one liberal newspaper and magazines after another
    find themselves printing their last publication before they fade away into obscurity. They have
    learnt the hard way that the public will not long tolerate those they expect to be trustworthy with
    the reporting of the news to “play fast and freely” with that task/obligation. One magazine even took
    the occasion to print a confession of sort of their short coming and betrayal of the public trust with
    their repeatedly faltering reporting. Well done on their part! But, too little and to late. Perhaps it
    is best accepted it more appropriately as their industries head stone.

  48. The press has been in the democrats pockets for a long time. Politicians lie and the press spreads it like truth. The mainstream news has become something not to be believed. Its sad when the news media becomes as big a liar as the crooked politicians. The dirty deeds by democrats were never covered and lie after lie came out of the democratic party camp. Shameful actions on the part of news reporters. There were a dozen proven scandals about Hillary Clinton that never saw the light of day by mainstream news. Disgraceful conduct on the part of news media.

  49. He knows what he is doing. Typical liberal teachings, point the finger the other way and the Kool-Aid drinkers will believe it or they will lose their freebies. Lying is the status quo, I worked for NYC, the most criminal go up the ladder. The inmates are running the hospital, speak up and get a target painted on your back. The NYC swamps and corrupt politicos belong in jail. Look at the NYC city council, voted themselves outrageous raises and it is okay? What a bunch of do nothing fakes.

  50. Blaming conservative media is Hardly a clueless statement from Obama
    Obama’s background is as an Agitator and Social organizer, A person who sows discord in order to dupe weak minded people into action. The typical leftist apparatchik of bringing together useful idiots who believe lies,
    Obama does this because he knows that by telling lies you can keep people from the the truth.

    Americas problem is that some 30 years ago American school stopped teaching students what kind of tools Marxists use in sowing discord to create social unrest and revolt.

  51. The thing here is the press wasn’t telling lies about Obama and the democrats, it was the democrats that have been lying through their teeth and covering up the truth. Let’s put the blame where it belongs.

  52. God Bless America and our new President, lets get the job done!

  53. The first amendment says “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” No where does it say anything about the “media”. The media is all about telling a narrative from a certain point of view, an opinion. this is not the press, which should be about truth. Time for the FCC to shut down these fake news purveyors.

  54. I pray daily for a smooth transition. The only ones who are making a smooth transition is the Trump administration. Grow up and get some maturity We gave you respect now turn around and do the same for us who voted for him.

  55. Hell, he hasn’t gotten much right in the last 8 years. Why start now?

  56. The MSM should, beyond stop telling the lies, start telling the truth about the left/Democrats/”progressives”. They have failed to tell the truth about, and tried to cover up, Hillary’s use of a private server for official State Department business, its use for highly classified emails, and her continuous lying during the campaign. They failed to tell the truth about the extent of Muslim infiltration in Obummer’s administration, and tried to hide or failed to report Islamic terrorism as the motive for mass shootings during Obummer’s term.

  57. I have not trusted the main stream media since they misrepresented the age of Travon Martian

  58. Four more days.

  59. Obama is a liberal pig and should not be believed for anything!

  60. I’m still waiting for the Hollywierdos that promised to emigrate to Canada or elsewhere to fulfill their promise!

    • I think they found out Canada didn’t want them. They also found out that wherever they plan to immigrate no one cares what they think, they’ll have no rights and people will not learn to speak their language to suit them.

    • You couldn’t run them off with a pine top and a bucket of shit. There all hypocrites. Where else could they go and make the money they make.

  61. MSM is complicit in all the wrong reaped in this country…twisting facts, lying, misrepresenting/editing video and audio tapes, their list of corruption goes on and on. Here’s just one example: … their pandering helped put targets on the backs of our law enforcement officers. The MSM stoke their “news stories” to keep the fires burning hot instead of reporting the truth which could help in quelling those fires.

  62. The headline could have stopped at “Obama points finger”. What else is new – if it wasn’t for blaming everyone else for his failures he’d have no platform. Even Bill Clinton – The Liberal’s guru – called the Obama administration “an awful 8 year legacy”.

  63. Considering that so many current WH employees are married to “powers that be” in the news media, one can surmise that the WH is indeed writing checks to the media.

  64. Obama better GROW up FINALLY….If he MUST find a scape GOAT for Hikalry getting Slammed in 30 of 50 States and had a set of GONADS to accept the TRUTH ….HEY Petulant narcissistic “CHILD” LOOK IN A MIRROR you IDIOT! and tell your CBC band of Lemmings and COREY HOOKER to do the SAME!!!! MLK preached UNITY you and that Bunch of loud mouths PRACTICE ANARCHY and DIVISIVENESS

  65. he is a muslime and, attorney, and negro. Once again he proves he is a unmitigated lair

  66. Very true! CNN (Clinton News Network) for one is unbelievable on every thing with MSNBC close behind and the New York times is about the worst! Can’t be-leave a thing they say and are total left wing in there reporting. When they start reporting the truth and not a bunch of left wing lies, then and only then will they gain a small part of the people’s mind and always question anything they say or do there a propaganda wing for the democrats now days…………

  67. He may be a sad, sorry excuse for a man, but he’s not stupid. He, like all presidents before him, will carry the falsehoods and broken promises of his administration to his grave. If we want the truthful history to be written about the last 8 years, don’t look to him for it. The whole truth and nothing but the truth would see him, Hillary, and dozens more in orange jump suits.

  68. Gypsies are a much more believable than my homies from Warsaw Ghetto

  69. Yes When Obama speaks he is lying. Yes he just can’t stop lying, yes he believes the deplorable believe his junk. I am beginning to think he believes his own lies and should turn himself in to a VA Mental Hospital in Arizona

  70. Obama: SAD, CLUELESS, DELUSIONAL and DERANGED! 4 more days!!!!!!!!

  71. What a crock.

  72. We don’t need big brother to tell us how to decipher our news. God gave every one of us a common basic tool in life called instinct. Big brother has bashed at the tool for years and given the melt down liberals are having I would say that big brother is succeeding in breaking down the ability to reason with instinct and common sense. If you are to survive in this vast war of propaganda then you best learn to trust yourself and go with your gut otherwise when push comes to shove your going to be on the ground.

  73. “We haven’t had that since Obama took office.”

    I’m surprised this editor applied such an arbitrary timeline to this problem. If the press had aggressively sought the truth about the JFK assassination, we would now be a much better nation. It’s the same as far back as you want to look. Media have always told whatever lies would make the most money for whoever owns the media. The solution is to have a firewall between media ownership and all other corporations.

  74. The media used to be the fourth estate, then it became the fifth column. Now, its just a bad comedy show.

  75. There is no true media anymore. They disregard news and real American innovation like http://www.khwikball.com trying to bring back American manufacturing to put middle class Americans to work for paychecks and life changing prosperity but the media never lifts up people and companies doing everything to put back into our country offering all right here at home. If they would do their jobs and see the overwhelming benefits of lifting up AMERICANS exposing their positive and wholesome agendas outstanding endeavors to embrace humanity and communities would bring the change needed in opposition to all the violence, illegal drugs, criminal activity and devastated economy plaguing our nation year after year. Anyone interested carefully read the pages at http://www.khwikball.com especially titled GOV/MEDIA – POLICE calling out for support and involvement. When we merely dismiss what is in the best interest of humanity (positive/wholesome/good/hard work etc.) what is left is what we have right in place right now. But media has lost its ethical/moral compass and real purpose long ago for manipulation, greed, self-interest, corruption and lack of true regard for anything outside of their own need for power and control. I truly hope you enjoy KHWIKBALL and everything it represents. Scott Cloran, Inventor

  76. First off we don’t have a democracy. We live in a republic. If we had a pure democracy 51% of the people would tell the other 49% how to live. As for the mainstream media they are not to be trusted. They are obviously in the tank for the democrat party. Anything they say should be taken with a grain of salt. It’s probably a lie. Sooner or later many of these institutions will shutter their doors as more and more people are not buying there load of crap.

  77. Another ridiculous Obama pronouncement. He is the master of delusion, especially as it pertains to himself.

  78. Uh huh. That why the left hates free speech. Its so embarrassing when you lie and you get caught.

  79. Who on God’s green earth actually believes the media these days? Who? The only ones that do are the dumb downed liberals who can’t see past the end of their noses. But, that is exactly how both barack and hillary want their supporters – dumb as dirt with loose purse strings. How pathetic is that?!

    The U.S. Media has lost its way giving in to liberal pursuits to please liberal leaders. Why? Because everything the left does is sensationalistic creating the media’s own interest for hire! Sad but true. So where does one go for true facts (because even “facts” have been colored to get readership)? You can go straight to the source (subject matter) of the news article! This takes some researching but can be done.


    Until a “legitimately truthful” News Source is found, nothing you hear on the regular media channels/web can be taken as honest truths – the Left.has thoroughly corrupted our form of information!

  80. He always blames someone else

  81. What a sick, evil piece of SH^T!

  82. Riiiight skippy. And I can keep my doctor.


  84. why do they say he’s clueless. He has a clue.

  85. It’s been going on with the Press long before Obama but just got exasorbated when he went into office, but you have the blindsiding and brainwashing of kids in school by their liberal progressive teachers that out maneuver the steadfast teachers who are there to teach how to read, to spell, to do math, do learn how to write in cursive so they can read the old documents. When you have journalist who are liberal progressives, and teachers who are liberal progressives brainwashing and that is exactly what it is “washing the brain” with lies, day in and day out, sooner or later you have a rebellion against those very demons.

  86. We haven’t had any believable media since the JFK assassination in 1963. I am 72, a disabled Vietnam vet with a degree in Government accrued a year BEFORE serving in Vietnam in an infantry unit as a Chaplain’s Assistant for MOH awardee Chaplain Charles Angelo Liteky. He was awarded the Medal for Valor for an action before I arrived “In Country,” in May of 1968 but, the media today and the military and the society would condemn him and threaten dishonorable discharge were he to do his duty and preach the Word of God; a direct violation of HIS and all his Christian practicing soldiers; AND, a violation of his first amendment right to practice his religion and to exercise the practice for all those who wish it. Navy Chaplain Wes Modder WAS so threatened but was not disciplined because of petitionary public outcry when the public was made aware of this INSANITY. Obama and his scurrilous administration, the most utterly valueless, immoral, fiscally irresponsible, totally unaccountable ,lawless and UNAMERICAN IN OUR HISTORY is responsible for this and all of them should be held Constitutionally in violation of their sworn oaths to defend and uphold that Constitution as all our soldiers are required to swear and they HONOR that oath. Our elected officials spend too much time being malfeasant in office, derelict in duty, in total violation of their SWORN OATHS and should be impeached and,held responsible and accountable for their performances and punished to the fullest extent of Constitutional requirement under the Rule of Law long ignored and disdained by them in insidious incompetence and after the transition:I hope to hell they are!

  87. Good article. The US press has lost all credibility aside from its credibility with the “true believers” of a liberal persuasion, and they only want to see what they already believe. Thoughtless, inanely stupid, liberal believers.

  88. Obama almost got it right: conservative media outlets have made it nearly impossible for the Democrat PARTY to survive!

  89. If the Clintons are any indication, we better post a property officer in the White House to keep the Obama’s from stealing important historical artifacts from the White House when they leave.

  90. This man is so skewed in his thinking, so off the rails that 1 more day of his reign is abhorrent. How did this happen? Will we ever find out who this masked man really was?

  91. michael schimanski

    The main problem is that because obama said it the ass-holes will try to say its true . Stupid is as stupid does . Forest Gump sure knows his democrats .

  92. Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    I believe TRUMP and not LEWIS.

  93. Time to point the FINGER at obama, an make him the correct scapegoat

    • I am PROUD to State ,.”I “have for the Last Eight years, been Pointing my Finger at
      “Berry Soetero” aka: president O’BOZO.

  94. Perhaps we could get O’Keefe to make a video of it. I’d believe that.


  96. Where Obama points / places his finger is a damp dark place and the stench permeates the air around him constantly like the rest of his corruption.

  97. So glad this racist bastard is out of the (White House)

  98. When Bathhouse Barry points the finger, he’s either “giving the finger”, or else sticking that finger in (unmentionable). As is the case with a typical modern liberal, he’s utterly contemptuous, impudent, effeminate, livid, brittle and shrill.

  99. Obama needs to take that finger and shove it up his butt where it can do the most good

  100. POINT THIS…..

  101. someone was actually posting and sharing a picture of Trump with his arms around two clad KKK members with a cross burning in the background with a note that said, “quick share before they take it off”. REALLY!? Photoshop much? and who would take it off? The media? They’re the ones doing the photoshopping! Whoever believes this kind of shit needs to be on the left of me…they’re too stupid to be my friend.

  102. What do you mean “his farewell address”? That fucker isnt gone YET?!

  103. Obama freed five Isis combatants for a traitor…He has zero confidence from me …he is a traitor…

  104. pos fake president

  105. This whole thing started with Obama. If you look at everything Obama did (not much) was always wrong. He tried to establish in our country that wrong was now right. That was his way of tearing down our country. That is why the heathens run wild in the streets today. The main reason that there is all of the up roar in the black communities is because Obama started it. He also started the erosion of the police. This is all brought on by the most worthless fuck in our history.

  106. One word for BHO, duh!

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