Obama Official Pleads Guilty to Illegally Influencing Trump Admin, Lying on Ethics Forms

Richard G. Olson “served” at a US representative to various countries in the Middle East back when Obama was the president.

That started in 2008, when Olson became the U.S. ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, a post he stayed in until 2011, when he changed jobs and became the Coordinating Director for Development and Economic Affairs at America’s embassy in Kabul. He stayed in that job from June 2011 to June 2012. He then became the ambassador to Pakistan following the bin Laden raid.

Then, after the Obama Administration ended and President Trump became president, Olson decided to stop “serving” American and to instead put his extensive array of contacts to good use, good use for his wallet, that is.

So, ignoring “revolving door” statutes and lying on his ethics paperwork, as the Washington Post reports, and ended up lobbying the Trump Administration and attempting to influence it on the behalf of Qatar.

As a reminder, the Qatar-UAE dustup under Trump was a major one, with the Saudis and the UAE embargoing and attempting to blockade Qatar over charges that it supported terrorism. The US, which has extensive military bases in both Saudi Arabia and Qatar and stations troops in the UAE and Saudi Arabian, found it difficult to moderate the dispute, but a solution was eventually found during the waning days of the Trump presidency. Bahrain was also involved, which complicated matters because the US Navy’s Fifth fleet is based in that nation.

The Washington Post, reporting on Olson’s involvement in that flair-up and what he did that was illegal, noted that:

Olson’s defense counsel said he admitted to the misdemeanor charges — each punishable by up to one year in prison at his sentencing Sept. 13 — and cooperated with federal prosecutors on the understanding that they were also investigating and pursuing criminal charges against retired four-star Marine Gen. John G. Allen. The latter commanded U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan before retiring in 2013. He was tapped in late 2017 as president of Washington’s influential Brookings Institution, to which Qatar agreed in 2013 to donate $14.8 million over four years.

The two men are the latest high-level American officials to be enmeshed in a long-running federal investigation into a ferocious — and lucrative — battle for influence in Washington waged between the wealthy Persian Gulf nation of Qatar and its regional rival the United Arab Emirates, as Donald Trump prepared to take office and engage in new rounds of Middle East diplomacy.

Olson also apparently lied on ethics paperwork by failing to report that he accepted a stay in a luxury hotel and first class ticked to London from a Pakistani-American businessman. At the time, Olson was a US special representative to Afghanistan and Pakistan, so the $20,000 gift of the hotel stay and ticket were almost certainly related to his work.

Original Article: BOOM: Obama Official Pleads Guilty To Charges Regarding Illegal Attempts to Influence Trump Administration, Lying on Ethics Forms (genzconservative.com)

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  1. He is a Democrat, so nothing will happen to him. They will pack the jury, if it goes that far, with liberals who would never convict a fellow liberal.

    • Possibly. But if the trial is in Washington DC then no packing is needed. DC is overwhelmingly democrat registration.

    • Is any one actually surprised by any of this “news”? They were more than likely doing exactly what Obama and his minions were instructing them to do….. That entire organization should be locked up forever !!!

  2. He is proven guilty, now go after the ringleader Bar Hussein Obuma. Tired of him and his 3rd term, we need him out completely.

    • The person you are referring to above…his real name is Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah…The liberal MSM never reported his real name as it wouldn’t appear very appealing to American’s when casting their votes for the Presidency…The name Barack Obama was easy to remember and sounded more American to those placing their votes at the polls…Even though Hillary Clinton was the first to complain that Obama was not born in this country Donald Trump took the fall by the liberal MSM for saying the same thing…The rest is history…maybe not yet all revealed.

  3. Mr. Fester (above) is “ exactly “ right!
    We’re still waiting on Killery who destroyed all those servers and cell phones in the basement….
    Look at White Water (Clinton’s corruption at best)….
    Where’s the almost TWO YEAR OLD ….FBI… lap top investigation? The FBI Director told Congress…. He didn’t know where the LAP TOP was…and he’s the Director!
    This is so blatantly obvious that NOTHING will happen to a DemocRAT…🤮

  4. Ok, iceberg dead ahead. So will the S.S.Titanic Obama or the S.S. Titanic Hillary sink. Doubtful with the dubious court system full of liberal judges and ags, the paid off politicos. If the verdict that allowed a liberal judge in a liberal court with a handpicked jury of sussmen’s friend and associates to set the guilty man free with an apology, do you think the guiltier will ever be caught much less tried and beyond any possibility, convicted.

  5. He did the same thing that all the communist democrat terrorists thugs do. Following in Obama’s, Biden’s family, Clinton’s family, Nancy Pelosi, BLM, FBI, CIA and all the others foot steps. They should all be in jail. Follow the money.

  6. Government officials should be prosecuted and held accountable for ANY crime committed against the United States. People are tired of government using our tax money for their “adventure to wealth”. Politicians are voted in by the people and need to put people FIRST.

  7. A GREED!!
    Perhaps we can best benefit “our country”, by moving ahead… forward….make our country GREATER…it has always been great…,.by remaining stuck in the past and whining, crying & pi _ _ _ _ _, and shi_ _ _ _ _ about it constantly, we waste energy better spent improving the things we need to be doing making us greater…just saying!

  8. Of course they engage in Criminal activities. Most of their
    constituents are dependent upon them and surely can’t donate to the party! All most can do is vote for them and provide manpower to do their bidding. This has been crooked so long that it’s surprising it hasn’t collapsed before now!

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