Obama Offers Israel More Military Aid After Iran Deal

After successfully reaching a nuclear agreement with Tehran, President Obama is now turning his attention to the deal’s fiercest critics. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has spoken out against the agreement at every given opportunity, decrying it this week as a “bad mistake of historic proportions.” The White House hopes to soften that criticism now by offering Israel an increase in their annual military aid budget.

Through 2018, the U.S. is scheduled to give Israel $3 billion a year in aid, most of which the country uses to bolster their military capabilities. According to the New York Times, Obama is prepared to bump that up to $4.2-4.5 billion a year for the next decade if a new aid deal is reached.

Netanyahu has said he will lobby the U.S. Congress to do whatever it can to stop the deal from going through, though his efforts will likely go unrewarded. The way Obama has structured the deal takes away the power of congressional approval. Congress could still implement new Iranian sanctions, but Obama has already promised to veto any legislation that hinders the agreement. It would take a two-thirds majority of Congress to override the veto, and that would require a great many Democrats to cross the aisle.

The sad fact of the matter is that Obama and his cronies have no idea if this deal will work or not. He’s crossing his fingers in blind hope that he can at least get out of the White House before the deal goes sour. In the meantime, he’s ready to make grand concessions to Israel. Why? Because he knows damn well that this deal puts our closest Middle Eastern ally in jeopardy. And he knows that if Israel strikes Iran, which Netanyahu has not ruled out, the U.S. will be in an awful position.

Because of its complexity, the Iranian deal will never become the political firestorm we saw surrounding Obamacare or illegal immigration. But this deal has the potential of being the single worst mistake this president has made. If Iran is able to pursue a nuclear weapon – now bolstered by the disappearance of sanctions – it could severely destabilize the Middle East. At worst, it could lead to detonation. Obama has put his faith in an Islamic regime that has Death to America as an unofficial national motto. A very foolish mistake, indeed.

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  1. So since you cons are of course walking in lock step with the GOP,
    you are against the deal that none of you have any clue as to the details.

    but so if it’s killed, the alternative is WHAT.
    Oh a world war.
    great for arm manufacturing stocks

    you guys want to send more people to die instead of setting up a deal that for some reason is OK to the other 5 countries involved.
    You think China wants a nuclear armed Iran?

    you DO KNOW that Russia is in a defense deal with Iran.
    you attack them, you attack Russia.
    you really want to go there?

    is there some logical reason as to why the deal is bad ONLY for US conservatives?
    (Israel doesn’t count, they were born hating Iran)

    • Troll, now who is the conspiracy theorist?

    • Wilbert Jennings

      Who do you think is flying around Alaska and California looking for ways to get through our radar so to detonate an EMP? If they do you want be so radical you will be fighting for your life with a baseball bat because all our defenses will be down due to everything being electronic. Russia won’t use nuclear because they know we will counter with the same so they are taking this time that muslims are trying to take over the world to sneak in a more simpler strategy to take America to its knees. Iran is muslim and they want a nuclear weapon to attack and if it means their demise so what they have virgins in paradise waiting for them that’s how stupid they are and how materialist as well.

    • Fraud RC – are you at “it” here too? Good gawd!


      “Cons…” (whatever the heck that is – only that they disagree with your “naturally superior” mind) are “… in lock step with the GOP.” Unlike Alinski-vite commies like you, Americanist think for themselves and arrive at the same truth, because – it is the TRUTH!


      “you guys want to send more people to die instead of setting up a deal that for some reason is OK to the other 5 countries involved.” Are you kidding me? We WAAAANT to send more people to their death? You are inside each of our heads to make that ridiculous judgement? This is Alinskism at its finest – A blatant redirect from the true points of our objection to casting us as the cry-baby bad guys! BTW as a Sovereign Nation it should not matter to any of us what 5 other Countries think! (their is your gratuitous biscuit to pounce upon, lefty…)

      I hope Obama tells you to go play in the street!


      “is there some logical reason as to why the deal is bad ONLY for US conservatives?”

      specifically – “…the deal is bad ONLY for US conservatives?”

      LOL (sigh)… Little fool. The deal is bad for you too – but you are to (option – fill in the blank) know that!


      “(Israel doesn’t count, they were born hating Iran)”
      Well, look at THAT – first class hypocracy at its FINEST! Israel doesn’t count because they were born that way.(oh, my, gawd; this tooooo easy!!). Well, fraud RC, Iranians were born hating Israelies – so they must not count either. And of course you contention is that GAYs were born that way (whatever “way” that is – being gay, hating Christians, hating original core values of this Nation, etc..) so THEY don’t count either. The ASSUMPTION is that there is legitimate cause to discount a whole group of people because they hate something!

      ROFLMAO – you are a peach, fraud RC! You are full of just all KINDs of wisdom, aren’t you…?

      • Michael Dennewitz

        You know, of course, that you’re wasting words with this dumbass troll???

      • “Are you kidding me? We WAAAANT to send more people to their death? You
        are inside each of our heads to make that ridiculous judgement?”

        IF we don’t make a deal, WHAT IS THE ALTERNATIVE.
        you seem to have glossed over that part.

        the rest of your vomit is not worth my time.

        • “IF we don’t make a deal, WHAT IS THE ALTERNATIVE.” – RC

          Well, my point wasn’t to address alternatives. It was to showcase what kind of a fraud you are, Reality CHecKKK! That your self righteousness is the most disgusting of all! You are NOT our Natural Superior. You are an arrogant snot-nosed brat! A narcissist! The name calling, the arbitrary and baseless judgments, the character attacks on anyone who disagrees with you are all part of a childish tantrum you pitch on a continual basis. You accuse others of the very things you yourself commit! That makes you a colossal hypocrite! WHO is the real FOOL here! You’ve been played!

          …and YOU did all the work!!
          Welcome to Alinskism!

          Do any of us owe you an answer to ANY of your nonsense? NO!!!!

          However, I’ll give you this (my opinions); there aren’t any good alternative. There are better alternatives but no good ones. This is because we – that is, our central government – has been encumbering our strength and HONOR for decades. Now the POTUS negotiates from a position weakness and fear – breaking the First rule of negotiation! Furthermore, this president has demonstrated his hatred for America and his allegiance is clearly in question! So he appears to (proudly) take on the usual delusional leftist blind faith whimper – “can’t – can’t – can’t we all just get along?” (whine) and trust that the monsters out there are actually “human after all. Despite their mantra of threats! Iran has made the same general vow as has Obama – to Fundamentally Changing the United States – by destroying us. So who is surprised they came to this agreement? But that’s okay with obie because what is REALLY important to that King Cobra is his legacy… “I destroyed America!”
          We should make it clear to Iran that we will not budge, relinquish, or otherwise remove ANY sanctions so long as they export terrorism and pursue nuclear weapons. We should convey STRENGTH and demand fair exchange of advantages in ANY negotiations. We are all well aware that there are other nations involved in this agreement. That is part of the actual deal we now debate. But in the Alternative that does NOT necessarily need be so! But if it was then those who oppose us will always oppose us and those who stand with us will follow our lead.
          We should also remove ourselves FROM the UN and kick that viper pit to the Grand Banks!
          Of course that isn’t what is going to happen because our nation has betrayed her own virtues – like a prostitute! (Oh, I really could care if that makes any sense to you or not!)

          • “Welcome to Alinskism!”
            It’s amusing the way you cons drag this guy out.

            Personally I don’t think many liberals/Dems have ever heard of the guy.
            I didn’t until I started educating cons and they of course bring him up every other post.

            it’s part of the con vernacular, much like throwing out “commie” now and then.

            Have you even look them up?
            It’s pretty silly to think they are the rules to much.
            They actually fit the PLAN the Right Wing Propaganda machine is employing, if you actually know the rules (which you obviously don’t)

            I will get back to you on Iran. I have yet to read up on the details.

          • Basically I charged you with being a colossal hypocrite! But in the true spirit of Alinskism you redirect and try to take the initiative. Answer the charges Alinski-vite!
            I don’t give a flip who else understands Alinski’s rules of debate! Why do you even think point that would make any difference to me? – I don’t believe your premise for a second btw. You understand Alinski’s rules and you use them! I despise them because they circumvent the truth and real debate – and they are cowardly! Yeah I use them – on those who use them!
            Don’t bother with what you think of the Iranian Deal – I couldn’t care less! WHY should I after all of this?

          • “It was to showcase what kind of a fraud you are,”
            what have I said that was fraudulent?

            just because I have the facts and you con tend to be ill informed, is really not my problem.
            I am trying to get you on the correct path.
            Like a missionary in hostile “con” country converting the heathens.

          • It’s not your problem! Yet you’re “trying to get me/us on the correct path”??? Really? God, that is just so full of ca-ca I can’t believe even YOU would say it! If my being ill informed it is not your problem then why are you MAKING it your problem?

            Stop trying to con us – you’re no missionary! You are a disingenuous hypocrite who has more faith in his own false wisdom than any real understanding of who he thinks he is “correcting”. You have zero respect here and I wouldn’t take anything you say with a grain of salt if you were Jesus Christ himself! By your own words you are a fraud!
            It is NOT my intention to win an argument with a lost, 2 dimensional brain saturated with narcissism. I have no desire whatsoever to “correct” you! You’re just the kind of animal I like to hunt! Mostly its rewarding to point out just how full of $hit you are – to anyone who may read this!

          • “Furthermore, this president has demonstrated his hatred for America”

            well Darrel, THIS is proof positive that you are TO STUPID to debate with.

            AND you claim to be a veteran
            It think that must be a lie.
            a veteran would have more respect for the presidency.

            Oh, and then you want to withdraw from the UN?
            are you are complete fool?

            see when cons go off the bat poo crazy end of the pier, they GET NO RESPECT.

            and YES I am superior to the dim veteran who vomits sedition.

          • “THIS is proof positive that you are TO STUPID to debate with.” – RC

            Getting tired, RC? Looking for a way out? Not me! You’re a peach! (oh yeah – I’m obsessed! ROFLMO). Maybe I’m too smart for you to debate. You sure have a lot of nice neat little boxes to put people in. Were you potty trained too young?

            “It think that must be a lie. a veteran would have more respect for the presidency.” – RC

            Another little box? – hey there is only so much of me! My military record is none of your business – but it doesn’t depend on what you believe. I despise this President because he is a Lawbreaker and a Traitor. I swore an Oath the uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States – several times. NOT once did I swear anything to the Feuhrer! I respect the Office. But OBIE does NOT – NOR does he respect the Constitution – so I am NOT obligated to respect him.

            “Oh, and then you want to withdraw from the UN? are you are complete fool?” – RC

            Oh Yikes, RC! Have I hit a nerve? Disconnect you from the collective? How would you ever survive without world communism? As a Rugged Individual nothing would make me happier! LESS government! It is the prime duty of the United States to preserve our sovereignty. Article IV of the Constitution; the United States is to guarantee every State a Republican form of government. Yet today there are any number of unratified treaties thru the UN being enforced upon us by the Administrative Bureaucracy!! ILLEGALLY!
            What ever you wish to call me – do it! But you truly hate this Nation! YOU are the fool! Your respect?! You’re just a toy, man!
            Your “superiority” is based on your own vanity. One of Uncle Karl’s “Natural Superiors” – what is it to you WHAT I believe? Communists are a bunch of meddlesome liars who feel obligated to herd us all into their little boxes where they can “take care of us”! Be whatever you wish… We all know you are a fraud!

      • ” BTW as a Sovereign Nation it should not matter to any of us what 5 other Countries think!”
        except for this STUPID.

        WE are part of a global economy fool, only the moron right think we can exist in a bubble.

        • Getting frustrated, fraud RC? It sure looks like you are grasping at straws – straws I hand you to keep you tweaked!
          And don’t you know how desperate you sound when you resort to name calling? Have you reach puberty yet?
          And why are we so dependent upon a global economy? Because Traitor Leftists and greedy International Corporates RIPPED us off!!! And our all knowing so-much-better- than-any-of-us EXPERT government (who can’t even run the post office efficiently – a constitutional authority, btw) helped them do it!
          But that does NOT negate the principle you so graciously quoted of me! Principles are not subject to the whims of a majority any more than Truth is!

          • Darrel,that had nothing to do with the global economy or that we are part of it.

            talk about off on a tangent.
            actually, more like rambling.

          • Really? Sure could have
            fooled me. But perhaps you really mean Global Communism. A collective of member
            states. Oh that’s even better. Maybe you should be more clear.

          • “But perhaps you really mean Global Communism”
            more proof you are blithering idiot.

          • Prove it! Nobody knows what you mean. Aren’t you some kind of missionary…?

          • prove that you’re a blithering idiot?
            that is simple.
            just read your posts

          • That isn’t proof. That’s your opinion! Just like the charge that I’m a blithering idiot. I don’t care if that’s what you think; I just want to see you make the case! Do you have the brains to do that?

            Do you know what proof is? Should I explain it to you? Because all you’ve proven so far is that I “get” to you… your baseless accusations are all you have…
            maybe you’re just waiting for the right moment.

          • “And why are we so dependent upon a global economy? Because Traitor
            Leftists and greedy International Corporates RIPPED us off!!! And our
            all knowing so-much-better- than-any-of-us EXPERT government (who can’t
            even run the post office efficiently – a constitutional authority, btw)
            helped them do it!

            that IS BLITHERING

    • You need to find some reality !!!!! The country who has the most to lose doesn’t count — wow are you brilliant. You almost started out making a little sense but then blew. The problem is we will never know the details of this ” agreement ” between 2 a-holes. Where have you been for the past 7 years ???? In case you missed it — the leaders of iran are still chanting ” DEATH TO AMERICA ” — really sounds like a country that will keep a treaty. Like I said — you need to check your own reality before calling people names like all you pathetic libtard/demoRATS do.

      • “The problem is we will never know the details of this ” agreement ” between 2 a-holes”

        So Gerry, why is it that the con does not know that there are 6 other countries in this deal?

        so if you don’t even know that, how can one take the rest of your silly post.

    • The entire so called deal is on the internet. Start to finish. Look it up lib, and yes according to obummer, russia was instrumental in getting this thing thru. No deal with the largest sponsor of terrorism is a good deal, period.

  2. Go figure, 0bama is trying to bribe his critics.
    Tell you what I would do if I were Netanyahu.
    I would demand twice the money upfront, laugh at 0bama when I got it, and protect Israel by doing whatever it takes.

  3. This so called DEAL,with iran,must have been conceived by idiotic morons,

    • Not must, was is the operative word!

    • To Robert: I almost wish they were idiotic morons! President Obama is doing all he can to drag our great nation DOWN to the level of a third world socialist country. Please check out the book “The Roots Of Obama’s Rage” to see why our president does and does not do certain things. It’s the best explanation so far.

      • What Obama is doing to America is unforgivable. I hope history depicts his actions accurately so that nothing resembling it will ever be repeated.

    • Obama and kerry enough said.

      • Right on 7papa7!! Obongoloid, Kerry and Killery should be IMPRISONED for treason, period. So, Obongoloid know he fuked up with this Iran deal now and wants to give Netanyahu military hardware, now!!?? Why wouldn’t he have done that years before this friggin loser Iran deal was put in place?? Israel is probably thinking BFD Obongoloid! A day late and a dollar short! And what is Obongoloid doing this weekend spending OUR tax dollars?? He’s taking his tribe to New York City this weekend to be able to share the city and campaign!! You’re a friggin loser Obongoloid!! Your only concern is to spend the U.S. citizens/taxpayers dollars rather than keeping your eye on the ball!

        • Yes they should definitely be jailed. Ohole comes from the mentality that money can fix anything. That of course is total stupidity but then again it is obama. Money doesn’t fix squat, right decisions fix things. Remember his is a muzzie so he will ALWAYS favor muzzies over anyone else.

          • Where is He getting the money to give to Italy. ?? he must be borrowing again as He and his cow have already Bankrupted the U.S. and we are so far in debt to loans, that no one even wants to loan the U.S. any more money.

          • If everyone would quit loaning us money it would be the best thing for America. We would then be forced to balance the budget. The hard decisions would need to be made and we would be able to reduce the deficit rather than increasing it at warp speed.

          • That is true, but the first thing that needs to be done, is that Obimbo needs to be gone, and I think that you will agree that He needs to be as far away as possible. I would suggest He and his cow be sent on a one way manned space mission to Mars or Pluto, makes no difference which, Pluto preferred though. Maybe give him a little company to go along such as some of his terrorist Buddies.

          • No arguments there. I have been saying that for 6.5 years. When I heard him campaigning I knew he was a danger for America. I wish I were wrong but I am not. He is the worst president in the history of the country. He needs to be prosecuted for ALL of his crimes against America.

          • That is absolutely right and those crimes are very serious crimes and some should earn him the death penalty. Treason is just one as an example..

          • Right you are. Treason alone requires the death penalty. We don’t even need to go into the Constitutional crimes. We don’t need to go into the scandals that would take to much time to list but they go from fast and furious to allowing 4 brave men to get slaughtered in Benghazi and did nothing to stop it even though he could of to allowing Iran to get nuclear weapons.

          • What gets me, is that everyone including all of our law enforcement , just sit on their dead asses and do nothing. If I was to steal a piece of bubblegum, I would have the police, the fire Chieif and the Highway Patrol all over my ass. Yet this man (if you want to call him that) commits the highest crimes on the books and no one lifts a finger. What exactly is our FBI and CIA doing while all of this is going on besides sitting on their asses and twiddling their thumbs. I spent a lot of time in the military including the Army and the Navy and if I was still there today, I would refuse to salute or obey any of his orders. All the nation and all of its people know that this crud has committed the highest of crimes against the USA, yet the stupid Bastards still go out and vote for it. Not only have they voted for him but it has been proven that many many of them voted illegally several times for him and his cronies but there are thousands of illegal aliens that went to the polls and voted for him. also there were towns that had more votes for him than those had people , including men , women, and children.. and there were those towns and cities that a 100% turnout for him and not one vote for his opponents. That is 100% impossible. But there he sits, Prez of the USA AKA muslim terrorist, , illegal alien , international criminal with the intentions of destroying the USA and by God He is Succeding,

          • I wish to God you were wrong but you are absolutely dead on. This puke who is now in the WH hates America more than the leadership of iran IMHO. If you were to write a paper on the best way to destroy America all you would need to do is put down what that terrorist muzzie marxist fag is doing.

      • Michael Dennewitz

        Oh, there’s more morons involved than just those two assholes!!

        • Absolutely but these were the main 2 that agreed to the Iran deal. This administration is full of morons. The rarity would be to not be one.

        • You sure got that right. What needs to be done is a little house cleaning. We nbeed to go to Washington and go to every Government office and fire everybody and then start a long process to reman those offices with folks that will do there job as intended it should be done and those folks will be ones that will not take bribes or any kind of gifts from anyone or any company , domestic or foreign, and preferably ones who do not care about playing Golf. I wonder if anyone else wonders as to why a person will thousands upon thousands and million upon millions to aid in getting them elected into a job that may pay only maybe 150 grand a year.. The answer to that is because just in the first year they will get back the money that they spent 10 times over in bribes and other kinds of under the table cash. …and in expensive vacations, yahts, mansions, women, etc, etc…

    • True, although you are far more considerate than need be. But just think, Bammie presumed to have solved his damaged image and his foreign policy stupidity by offering a few million shekels to the Nation of Israel. Oh the genius he must think he is; narcissistic with OCD, but not a genius

    • That is Obama for you and we all know he is an idiotic oron of the worst kind. Why the people dont get off their lazy asses and yank him out of our White house is totally beyond me. I guess they are gluttons for punishment.

  4. STOP giving Iran Nuclear materials then you will not have to give billions to Israel.
    Everyone is for Israel and if Iran jumps on them Congress can send troops and bombs to Iran and wipe them off the face of this Earth!

  5. Sounds like hush money to me. “Here’s some money. Hush.”

  6. The President and the Congress should demand the return of all the hostages. And, that 24 days warning of an inspection be reduced to 12 days. However, the GOP should shut up, until they receive a copy of the agreement. It seem the bigot GOP have made up their minds of not accepting the agreement as they have not accepted anything from the BLACK President in SEVEN YEARS. I don’t think Iran would ever agree on a permanent, no nuclear program.

    • You had to get race in there didn’t you

      • Michael Dennewitz

        Well, what the hell? The little communist bastard is NOT WHITE, okay? If you think he’s bad, I just call him the Head Terrorist Nigga In Charge! And jumping in my shit isn’t going to change a damned thing!! :-))

      • You named the GOP a bigot party in the comment I replied to, so yes. My comment was in response to yours.. typical..

    • It’s always a racist white man with the GOP that’s preventing your dillusional libtard “picture perfect” American facist ideology of a perfect society.. Do some actual unbiased research on your self-proclaimed hero, or heros, and to cross-reference their actions with blatened and even gross negligence to their offices and oaths thereto along with the violation of constitutional power allotted to said titles and you will see where all the distrust stems from! I don’t stand solely with either party, and there are an ample supply of liars, cheats and imbeciles in most forms of politics.. but this is not a good thing for anyone. Every time we’ve placed major economic sanctions on any one nation, like we have on russia, it is a pre-cadence to war. Do you really want their allies having nuclear capabilities when and if that happens? As far as sending people to die… “One life for ten” has been an unspoken motto in the military for as long as it has been. Hence, one soldier throwing himself on a grenade, giving his one life to save many. This is no different than risking open war and sacrificing thousands to save millions. Please wake up people!

    • I only hate his white half, I can’t, therefore, be racist.

    • They should have demanded the release of these men BEFORE they even started their TALKS and if they refused WALK AWAY.

  7. Wow are they smoking crack or what.they all need a piss test and fired or hanged for treason.

  8. Obama can get out of the Whitehouse before the deal goes sour. He can step down today.

  9. Obama thinks that by appearing to be pro-Israel after screwing them every chance he got, he will look better to the Jews in America and they will vote for the democrats as usual!

    Everything Obama and the democrats do is about politics whether it is good for Ameica or not! This Iran “treaty” JOKE is proof positive!

  10. Hoperfully Israel will just go ahead & bom the hell out of Iran !

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Niki: That the way the HTNIC is playing it. He has it all strategized, start a war between these countries. Then he will declare martial law here and call on all his TERRORIST BROTHERS to intervene, intending solely to wipe out Israel! Anyone can see thru his shit!!!

  11. ” Obama has put his faith in an Islamic regime that has Death to America as an unofficial national motto.”

    Oh, wait. that’s Obuslim’s motto too……….

  12. Michael Dennewitz

    You see ? The little communist bastard is going to play both sides. ovomit hates America and Israel. Iran swears “death to America,” and Iran hates Israel.. Can’t you see what he’s working his way into??

  13. If it was such a good deal, then why would it be necessary to send more military assistance to Israel? How does that stop a nuke?

  14. finance both sides –always been done by the elite –how can you loose

  15. I say let the GOP push Obama to a veto and let the Democrats come out in support of Obama allowing more power to go to the “JV Team” let’s see where that takes the election

  16. obama can shake your hand, smile, and put a knife in your back at the some time. And Coward Kerry is obama’s puppet. He too lies.


  18. Trying to buy out Israel, so that the deal can advance to the point of no return!

  19. What is Obama doing? Trying to fund both Iran and Israel? Let’s support Israel and not give one cent to those lying Islamist Iranians!! And remember, our country is 18.2 TRILLION in debt!! Also, disappointed that Obama did not demand the release of the innocent American prisoners that the Iranian terrorists are holding hostage, so to speak. Tell your members of Congress to vote “NO” on this so-called deal!!

  20. I hope the military aid package includes lots of bunker buster bombs that Israel will need to try to destroy the Iranian nuclear sites. But I doubt it. Most likely it will includes MREs and manuals on how to integrate homosexuals and transgenders into their forces. What a joke!

  21. Ah, a little bribery to add to his “legacy”. A crook continuing to be a crook, unreliable, a communist, an islamist and obviously wants sharia to grow more than it has in America, braindead because his brain is choom fried from booze and drugs, a gay, but a great puppet for the NWO oligarchies!

  22. All Obama wants to do is have them fight between each other. Ok Obama quit offering other countries anything. We need the money right here to pay off all the bucks you are wasting and have borrowed. You don’t borrow trillions of dollars only to give away billions here and there., Pay down what was borrowed.


  23. MuslimLuvChrist

    liberal scum love that iran will use nuclear weapons, and the destruction/“executive privilege”of clinton’s emails that support clinton’s/obama’s terrorist connections!

    obama is the NRA poster boy for Gun Sales, more guns and bullets will be sold in 2015 than any other year.
    NOW obama will be the poster boy for Bomb Shelters, and all you liberal scum will die from nuclear fallout.

  24. America should have stood with Israel on this and said NO, NO, NO and NO on this deal. Now because of a totally stupid decision on his part he is trying to buy off Israel with money. When is this retard going to learn that money is NOT the answer to all problems, right decisions are.

  25. MrsTJNic@aol.com

    Just where is Obama planning to get the money to give to Israel, since he already put us in $18 Trillion dollar debt?

  26. yep!by the biggest one i’ve ever seen… cut there throut them give them aid and we’re bankruppte now… no we need to get rid of iran and obama and get back on the side that america want to be on… and thats israel’s…

  27. Well Netanyahu should refuses any Military Aid from the OBAMA… after the DICTATOR slapped him in the face…
    He should proceed with Military Action unilaterally without the United States to protect his people from any type of Nuclear exchange…. My God go with the Prime Minister in his decision on the type of an Attack… The American people are 100% behind you….

  28. hmmm
    Only the devil would think the compromises that 0bama and Lurch settled for would be a good deal….

  29. THE Nerogro loves to see a war between Israel and Iran.

    Someone wants to see that entire region go up in smoke and fire. And it is the Demoncraps that have started every war in this century. Nero loved to see Rome burn.

    And the imposter is both a Nerogro and a Demoncrap.

  30. Obama gave Iran large weapons and billions of dollars per Valery Jarrettes request. So to calm the waters he gives Israel b-b guns.

  31. Obama and those who are behind him, the so-called “shadow government”, as well as his political leftist buddies in Congress and those far left organizations who hate God and His people will get what they deserve for their despicable actions toward Israel! They speak out of both sides of their mouths, they lie, they deceive, they support the avowed enemies of Israel and as a result they have forfeited their souls! The end of the age is not far off, and these fools have no hope! You can’t just throw money at something and think it will make everything OK! It is a matter of the heart! They lose!

  32. When Obama came to office he entire country was sick of war. We wanted out of Iraq and Afghanistan. So he got us out and then turned his attention to dealing with enemies by diplomacy instead of war. He believed the US was ripe for this concept. However, crawling in bed with a serious threat opponent is not an answer either. Iran is a Persian country, not a serious Sunni Islamic country. Yet Shiite Islamists have gained control. They are engaged in disruption in the Middle East as a result of their brand of Islam, which is one half of the contentious Islamic groups that have fought each other for centuries. That is never going to change. You can put perfume on a pig but a pig is always a pig.
    I do not trust any Islamic government as far as I can throw an elephant. Therefore I would never enter into any agreement with them. Agreements are paper documents which lawless individuals are not inclined to follow.

    • so what is the alternative the conservatives are proposing?

      so far all I have heard is CRICKETS from the right, other than they don’t like it.

      much like Repeal and Replace.
      Catchy slogan, with NO MEANING since the REPLACE part has NEVER been vocalized by the vacant right who want to repeal IT.

      “Agreements are paper documents which lawless individuals are not inclined to follow.”

      Jerry must be aware the the US operates in a global society and have HUNDREDS of PAPER agreements with HUNDREDS of countries.

      one of them is CHINA.

      you think China is a warm and fuzzy country?

      “I do not trust any Islamic government as far as I can throw an elephant”

      Gee Jerry, we are big time partners with the Saudi.
      Tell me if I am wrong, but are they not Muslims.

      your logic path is scarred with inconsistencies.

      • Reality,
        Let’s see if I can put some sanity back in.
        The GOP has become a party of whiners and “againers”, which I have pounced on many times over the past decade or so.
        Yes, about every country has paper documents and even the governments do not abide by them. By he way, I spent a considerable amount of time in China in 1989. While it has changed a lot since, my daughter and husband had to flee China via the Trans Siberian railroad to escape from the outbreak in Beijing in 1990. Do I feel “warm and fuzzy” about them? Hardly.
        I am not a fan of Saudi Arabia. And no, I do not recognize Islam as a legitimate religion no mater what anyone says.
        Does that help? Or am I still in deep doo doo?

  33. NOW, Its all up to Congress to Veto this Horrible Agreement that OBOZO made with IRAN. If this is not done I Believe that this will be the end of our World as we know it. These Crazy Muslims will use this ATOMIC WEAPON and most everything will turn to Dust and Molten Glass. Please say a Prayer for CONGRESS

    • “If this is not done I Believe that this will be the end of our World as we know it.”

      well so much for Bobs intellect.

      Have you ever heard of Pakistan Bob?
      Pakistan is Muslim country and had the BOMB for almost 2 decades.

      I wonder what kept them from blowing us up?
      maybe nuke the infidels in the EU, they are very close.

      Cause as BOB KNOWS, Muslims if they have the bomb, will use IT.
      Isn’t that right BOB?

      how do American get this friggin low info?

  34. Just look at the following comments that would rather go to war than take a chance the Iran deal. I would bet none of them have any children, grandchildren or nieces or nephews that would have go over there and risk their lives for this country fighting a war they can not win.

  35. This deal was spawned in HELL ITSELF and being implemented by the tongue forked devil himself Obama !!!

  36. Feeling guilty are we Pres. Obama? NEWS FLASH, You can’t buy yourself out of the atrocities you have created…

  37. Obama is a give-a-way artist. particularly when it is taxpayer money. He seems to think that he can appease all the naysayers by giving them money. That’s the only thing that he has been successful at doing, whether it be breaking the bank with freebies to those with their hands out in the U. S. or on foreign soil. $150,000,000 buyout to Iran is totally asinine. Tantamount to funding the Tallybon or Isis free gratis. But we can’t afford to supply our troups, so he cuts 40,000 from the Army ranks. We give to our enemies to embolden them and snub our long time allies. What a way to strengthen U. S. support.

  38. Dominic Roy Accampo

    All Israel really needs now is ONE-Gigantic-Atomic Bomb Shelter, big enough for everyone! Ummm, how many millions would that be by now?

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