Obama: No Such Thing as Voter Fraud

President Obama spoke at the White House Thursday to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act. Never one to miss a chance to make a political point, Obama used the opportunity to speak out against voter ID laws. “Sadly,” he said, “too many states are making it harder for folks to vote, instituting photo ID laws that on the surface sound good. But I am certain, because we’ve actually looked at the data on this, that almost nobody wakes up saying, I’m going to go vote in somebody else’s name–doesn’t happen.”

Obama concluded that “the only reason to pass this law, despite the reasonableness of how it sounds, is to make it harder for folks to vote.”

Obama’s stance on voter ID laws has remained consistent, of course; you would have to dig through a lot of haystacks to find a Democrat who supports them. What’s hilarious is how casually he dismisses public support of these laws. Ah, that doesn’t matter. The American people are wrong, you know. Just like they were wrong about gay marriage and immigration and Obamacare and everything else. As long as Obama’s progressive professors support something, that’s all he needs to know.

The president claims there is little evidence that people are committing voter fraud. That’s a matter of considerable dispute, but let’s put it aside for now. Obama is making a factual claim of his own: that these ID laws make it harder for people to vote. But there’s no more evidence for this than there is for organized fraud. In fact, a 2007 study concluded that voter turnout actually increased in Indiana once photo ID laws were implemented. Furthermore, the increase occurred mostly on the Democrat side.

Enemy of the Law

Every time, on every issue, President Obama finds himself on the opposite side of the law. Why is that? Why isn’t that troubling to more Americans? When Obama put his hand on the Bible, he swore an oath to uphold the law of the land. Instead, he has made it his mission to thwart that law whenever he gets the chance. In some cases, arguably, he has moved beyond “thwarting” to outright “breaking.” Yet he remains in office, his policies remain in place, and millions of Americans actually agree with his reckless approach to executive authority.

There are a number of things Republicans should look for in a presidential candidate, but a strict, constitutional mindset may be among the most important qualities. We not only need to rescue this country from the clutches of liberalism; we need to restore the rule of law. If laws need to be changed, so be it. But these changes should be administered through the democratic process. What we have now is abject lawlessness, and it needs to end.

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    Lots of flapping gums on the subject, very few cases ever prosecuted.

    Is that because all the republicans involved in the voting stations are actually “liberals” in disguise, or just really stupid?

    con like to pretend BUS LOADS of ILLEGALS drive state to state voting.

    But NOT ONE conservative is able to stop it, (even though you have been claiming it happens every two years).

    Odd don’t you think?

    especially since no liberal “has a job”,
    that must mean there are millions of really stupid conservatives or millions of complicit conservatives in the state and local voting organizations.

    any con care to explain why you think there is wide spread voter fraud?

    (other than rush limpdick told you)

    • Must be nice to sit about all day and be a mindless TROLL . Voter fraud has been occurring as far back as Tammany Hall days in New York City . And of course we know just which party they were . Perhaps you might consider reading and learning the history of the Nation we call America before you blindly spout the leftist views and attack others for their views of our leadership . I for one learned many years ago that those calling themselves Democrats were in reality one half step from Socialism and another half step from Communism , Those of the Democratic Party today have closed those half steos and shown their true colors , they are true Communists . Sadly , these people , and it would seem you included failed to get the memo . Communism does not work , it failed in Russia , it failed , and still is failing in Cuba , The old Soviet Bloc nations (Poland , Hungary , Chec Republic , etc . have all thrown off the yoke of Communism and attempted to move into the western ideal of freedom and free enterprise .

      Even Red China has migrated towards capitalism though they still cling to the totalitarian . mode of government , Odd isn’t it that our “Fearful” leader would claim that there is no voter fraud when that said fraud got him his second term . It has been documented and reported in various news sources how people have been arrested and convicted of voter fraud in the last election . The stories are to many and to widely reported in Various news publications to all be false . One lady bragged about her multiple votes to reporters hence getting herself investigated and ultimately convicted , all for a free phone . But then you sit there and call people stupid when they see exactly what the majority of the American voters see , the slow erosion of our nation by a fraudulent and deceitful , wanna be dictator and, his sycophant followers who all seem to think good ol’ Bathhouse Barry walks on water . Time to wake up and smell just what you are shoveling , and all for a free phone and a used pen !

      • Funny you should mention Red China…they may have moved toward capitalism to make money but one of their citizens was just arrested for using the word ‘fart’ in a song he was singing….can you imagine what would happen to the so called singers in this country if China ever decides to take us over…let’s see, who was it the news media referred to as the ‘king and queen’ in America via music?

      • So linking to some was too challenging?

        Why do conservatives think their flapping gums have meaning?

      • “when that said fraud got him his second term”

        KEEP telling yourself that pathetic conservative.
        You field a stupid candidate, you have stupid antiquated ideas, and then wonder why you lose the election.

        More proof that you are not too bright.

        I call you stupid because you believe this crap.

      • “It has been documented and reported in various news sources how people
        have been arrested and convicted of voter fraud in the last election .”

        Okay let’s see some links,
        should be easy.

        But of course you are going to bail on me.
        Cons are nothing but hot air

      • ” it failed in Russia , it failed , and still is failing in Cuba , The
        old Soviet Bloc nations (Poland , Hungary , Chec Republic , etc . have
        all thrown off the yoke of Communism and attempted to move into the
        western ideal of freedom and free enterprise .”

        That’s all very true.

        Yet you being the moron that you are, think liberals are trying to install communism in America.

        More proof your that you are a freaking idiot.

        Have you looked up the word communist lately

    • right on – they have no facts or proof and only documented voter fraud was 2 republicans trying to vote twice . they only mouth the words they hear on faux noise and are stupid enough to believe it without checking facts

  2. If 0bama claims there is no voter fraud. You can bet there is voter fraud.

    This is no different than when 0bama said there was not a smidgen of proof of any wrong doing within the IRS. That statement was a diversion. So is this one.

    • And the idiots eat it up, as usual. This pos hasn’t said ANYthing truthful since ….well, never. His speech is so pathetically contrived. Whenever he says “folks”, I want to puke. Is that supposed to make him a regular Joe? One of the people?

      • He thinks that makes him sound common. In reality, like the Clintons, he believes he is above all these “little people”. What a TURD.

      • 0bama has never been one of the people…

        I don’t even believe he is American anymore. With all the lies, one must assume he has been lying all along.

    • Remember Lois Learner and the fraudulent Kokenin ( sp?) We need a simplified tax code and a citizen committee providing oversight.

  3. What 0bama was really trying to say was,

    Sadly, too many states are making it harder for the Democrats to fix the votes, by implementing voter id…..

    • only vote fixin was when jeb bush rigged the florida votes to make the dummie bush pres

      • Your comments are so iGNORANT and so wrong! I, for one, am thankful President Bush was our President when 9 1 1 happened! Can you imagine the response from Obama if he had been? It would have been denial and nothing would have been done!!

        • So you still believe 9/11 was done from the outside? Please go back under your rock. Bush and his pals did the 9/11 mess so the people of the US would allow him to go to War.

          • Your so full of BS, your eyes are brown!

          • Give him an enema. He’ll fit in a shoe box and you can mail him to Iran.

          • Have another drink of the kool aid the govt. Has been serving the sheep.

          • Dear BS, your reply comment barely rates this response “meh”.

          • What an ignorant fuck you are. You have been fucking sheep for how many years and cant even reproduce their cry for help? Its Blaaaaa you dumb fuckwad

          • Dear “TrueAmerican” or should I just call you “FuckFace”, please brush your teeth, you still have Dick on your breath and while your at it wash your face too, you have a few “Pearls” hanging off your nose and chin. Come on Dickhead, bring it, you have found someone here that won’t take shit off of an Internet Bully and while your at it please leave the little boys alone on the block and quit leaving cameras in the Women’s Restrooms. It seems to me (and the rest of the blog) that your Father should have practiced “Onanism” or that the best part of you ran down your Mothers leg or left a Brown Stain on the sheets. I’m not done with you yet Ass Breath, I’m looking forward to your Shitbird response.

          • 9/11 happened as we saw it. Bush did not fly those airplanes into the twin towers. get over it.

          • How ignorant and low IQ you are! You pitiful Liberals are so brain dead and will not see the truth about your King Obama. This article was another lie from Obama and you know it!

          • Its not my king & damn sure not my President. I didn’t vote for the lying piece of Shit

          • Oh & seldena
            I am as far from a liberal as you can get. So shut the FUCK UP

          • One thing for sure is by your language you are ignorant of the english language. You sure are not a Conservative! So what are you taking up for the lying traitor Obama?

          • No dip shit I am an American we have freedom of speech so I can day what ever I want to. If you don’t like it then keep your stupid comments yourself.

          • I dont think liberals are smart enough to know aboutbthe illuminati and the NWO that Bush is part of . Just because there are different ideas from you doesn’t mean he is a libitard.

          • Well, first, he accused me of hating Obama an dthat is absolutely not true. H sounded like a liberal.He and I have shared emails and I have asked what he was.I do not react just because someone has different views from me. That is why a healthy debate is welcomed. All he said sounded like a liberal to me and I asked him if not a liberal then why was he taking up for Obama. I really wanted to know.

          • So, you like obysmal?

          • Absolutely NOT! I am a staunch Conservative. Obama is one of Satan’s angels. I do not hate him. it is his policies, and his lying is what I hate. I feel Obama is a lost man spiritually. He serves allah and not God.He needs to repent and accept Jesus Christ as his savior. I see this not happening because he is a muslim. His policies and Socialism have ruined America. His lawlessness is awful and worse Congress has let him get by with this! We have to vote for a Conservative in 2016 to get us back to our free market and our freedoms with LESS GOVERNMENT.

          • Is the National Inquirer your main source of news? Conspiracies are fun!!

          • Bush didn’t need 9/11 to go to war. Under the terms that Irag signed to end the first war. Gave us the right to return if they broke those rules. Which they did many times.

          • With the help of Saudi royalty.

        • Obama would have brought up the Crusades.

        • He would have told us it didn’t happen.

      • After 8 years of the criminal Obama and his administration, and you’re still holding on to the Democrats lies of 16 years ago? And I thought IQ stood for intelligence quotient. Apparently, it really means ignorant quack!

        I agree with Seldena….THANK GOD! Bush was our president on 9/11! Gore would have turned our spy satellites into weather detectors and built borders around the “arctics” to protect the animals and ice melts!

      • Sure, you Democrats are way too smart to vote for anybody but Hillary….

        Do you fools actually think the controllers of the Democrat party are going to let you vote in anybody but Hillary?

        You guys have already been disenfranchised. All the media will do is tell you it is going to be close. Every last one of you will vote for Sanders, and Hillary will win by 52% to 48%…

        Just watch the news. Ask Clintonopholous on ABC. He is already telling you Hillary has won.

      • but..but..but..Bush

      • Well, well, well,,,Twinkie the troll is back. Haven’t gotten any smarter I see, eh Twinkie?

  4. Socialists have taken over both political parties. The Democrats have come out of the closet as socialist. Those in control of the Republican party like Boehner and McConnell still hide their socialism.

    We the People rely on both political parties to ratify the peoples votes. Democrats check the Republicans, Republicans check the Democrats….

    What happens when both are the same? Republicans = Democrats = Socialists?

    “It is enough that the people know there was an election.The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
    Joseph Stalin

    I say this is why 0bama, the democrats, Boehner, and McConnel do not want voter ID’s. I fear our elections are fraudulent.

    • You just getting around to that ?? Better late than Never

    • Our first socialist president was FDR! All of his socialist programs were costly failures as such programs always are. Look at the socialists countries in Europe i.e..Greece, Italy and Spain all of which are economic basket cases. Obamanomics are thinly disguised socialist concepts doomed to spectacular failure!

      • 0bama must first destroy Capitalism and the Constitution before he can instill his form of communism in its place. 0bama uses the socialists the same way Lenin and Stalin used socialists.

  5. The only fraud is Obama

  6. Obama believes that there is no such thing as voter fraud. well I believe there was no Barry Soetoro born in Hawaii either. Which on of us is right?

    • Time WILL tell. There are so many holes in what he has presented as his history, that sooner or later the Truth will come out. Question is: What will be done about the fact that he is a fraud??

      • I think the only thing that can be done if the truth is not discovered until after he serves his term, is to strip him of all his income from the government and place him in jail for fraud and treason.

      • Nothing, if the Libtard’s have their way! **EXILE**, IS THE ONLY COURSE…….EXILE HIM TO LIBYA!…….. along with “Killery”!}

      • Time is something were running out of the longer he has ,,,he Stalls they all do

      • I wonder if 50 years from now, they will rewrite history to make Obummer look like a good president that he wasn’t?? You know they will be offended if they read the truth about him and if it offends someone, it needs to be rewritten to unoffend!!

        • He’s the equivalent of Woodrow Wilson: Both well-educated: Empty Suit a Harvard graduate; Wilson former Princeton president; both Democrats; both racists; both arrogant, narcissistic, untrustworthy and failures. The only difference: their skin color.

          • Wilson was an American, Christian and not queer.

          • I see you’ve displayed your IQ. Nice thoughts.

          • Speakg of empty suits, see the following:

            President O’Bama has been
            compared to an empty suit. This is an invalid comparison for the following

            1 An empty suit would not
            have saddled current and future generations with a 14 trillion dollar national

            2. An empty suit would not
            have banned drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, while loaning Petrobras 3 billion
            dollars to finance drilling off the coast of Brazil.

            3. An empty suit would not
            have threatened to bankrupt coal companies, especially since about half of the U.S. power
            plants use coal.

            4. An empty suit would not
            have said: “Under my plan, electricity rates will necessarily skyrocket..”, which
            would kill the hopes for hybrid electric

            5. An empty suit would not
            have traveled the world criticizing the U.S.
            without mentioning the 150 plus countries, including China,
            that the U.S. provides with foreign aid.

            6. An empty suit would not
            have taken numerous vacations to plush resorts at taxpayer’s expense while
            admonishing taxpayers to take fewer vacations.

            7. An empty suit would not
            have sued Arizona
            for trying to enforce federal immigration laws.

            8. An empty suit would not
            have interfered with the efforts of Wisconsin
            legislators to balance their budget.

            9. An empty suit would not
            have crammed an unwanted healthcare bill down our throats, while exempting over
            a thousand groups of people, 40% of which are unionized

            10. An empty suit would not have lied and said
            “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.”

            12. An empty suit would not
            have lied and said “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.”

            13. An empty suit would have
            been a much better president than the one we have.

          • Notwithstanding the validity of your comments…he is disgusting, isn’t he?

        • They are offended now, maybe they will get over it?

        • How do you pick up a turd by the “clean” end??

        • They probably WILL say obummer was a great pres….maybe even the BEST we ever had..considering the lies they’ve already spun for this moron.

      • NOTHING! As long as there are democrats, and the liberal media, there will be major fraud!

      • It’s unlikely that anything will ever be done, because no one wants to face the consequences of admitting that a sitting President is illegal. (Wonder why he’s so intent on giving amnesty to illegals)?

        • What I would like to know is, WHO was responsible for vetting him before he ran?? There are surely people, with NAMES, who were either individually responsible, or were part of a committee that was responsible. Just WHO are those persons??? I think we the people have a right to know that. Those people should be charged with failure to do their jobs. I know that nothing will really be done, because that would totally cause a race war in this country, and no one really wants that.

          • When Andrew Breitbart said he was going to REALLY vet the illegal alien before the ’14 election, he mysteriously died a few days later? Too much of a coincidence. Andrew was murdered!

          • Nasty Pugnosi vetted him when she attested that he was born in Hawaii.

            He has since then produced a fraudulent birth certificate to prove it, even though his grandmother said she was present when was born in the hospital in Mambassa Kenya.

    • I tend to agree with you but sweetqueen is right — sooner or later and most likely later, the truth will come out but WHAT will be done about it is the question !!!!!

    • How do they get away with this? In my state we have to register to vote in our district, our name is on the roll at our designated voting area and we must show proof of identification before we can even go near a voting booth. If our name is not on the roll, guess what? We can’t vote! If an ID is not required, how do the people who run the machines know if a person is even old enough to vote? How do they know if a person hasn’t voted in another district already? What keeps a person from going from one poll area to another and vote again and again and again? Oh, now I get it, that’s what the demos want!! Please vote for me (several times) and I will make sure you don’t require an ID to do it!! If someone can’t afford to get a free ID, they don’t need to be voting!!!!

    • I’ll guarantee you that he wasn’t born in Hawaii!

    • Sorry, but I think Barry Soetoro was the one adopted into Indonesia, who had to revoke his American citizenship in order to get into the Indonesian school system.

      • Barry Soetoro, aka, Barack Obama which if that is the case, then he is not a US citizen at all since 1) he never legally reclaimed his US citizenship and 2) he never legally changed his name.

        • Yep! And it’s been widely reported that when he applied for membership in the Illinois Bar Association he stated on his application that he had never gone by any other name than Barack Hussein Obama.

  7. syntex1@comcast.net

    He should know, that’s how he got in office

  8. Or course there’s no such thing as voter fraud; Just look at 59 districts in PA. where not one vote was registered for Romney (a statistical impossibility) or St. Lucie county, FL. with a 141% turn out at the poll! How many other examples were there across the country? Voter Fraud is the democrats bread and butter! Remember, the minorities that Obama and his gang say they are protecting have the means to supply enough ID to get all the Freebies, but it’s too much of a burden for them to get a voter ID which in most States including Texas ARE FREE!

    • The MAN is LYING, as usual…odd that the article used Indiana as an example…I worked in an election room there through three elections and the fraud by the democrat party had been going on for years…I personally caught the Dem chairperson fixing votes but it still took almost 2 decades for him to be arrested along with his family members…a lot of fraud took place in absentee ballot voting…


      • I disagree, Obama doesn’t actually lie. He’s a 180 truther, you turn everything he says around 180 degrees and there’s your truth.

        • Lol, that is cute…but is HE smart enough to understand that.

          • Who knows with our “Affirmative Action” POTUS?

          • You just nailed it I hadn’t thought of him as an Affirmative Action President but true’er words could never be said!

            Apparently it was time for America to have a black potus, and it didn’t matter if he had any credentials or not, being black was enough!

          • So, if that is the case, do you think you could do a better job? How would you have saved the auto industry? How would have have taken us from the edge of another great depression? How would you deal with Iran? Do you know the history of the US’s involvement in the history of Iran? Do you know the difference between Sunni and Shi’a? How would handout immigration? Do you believe they we should start another major ground war? How would you deal with Iran when in one part of the Middle East you are allies against ISIS and at the same time you are planning to a massive bombing of the country and then a ground invasion? Since you think that Obama somehow needed affirmative action to become POTUS, and you would not, so what would you do?

          • Tell you what Mogan, if I couldn’t do better, I’d probably jump off a short pier. I only have a 4 year degree, but even I know the Constitution better than this POS who is alleged to be a “Constitutional scholar”. Whose countries constitution may I ask?? Sure as hell not ours !!
            He is a wimp who hasn’t the balls to confront our enemies and back our allies. His gutting of the armed forces is only going to make us weaker than we already are. The world is laughing this POS POTUS and wondering how stupid can our voters be for electing him not once, but twice.

          • Anybody with common sense and a basic understanding of American history and economics could do a better job I would have saved the auto industry by allowing GM to go bankrupt then reorganizing. That is how it works in real life. So called “great depressions” tend to self-correct when the federal pukes leave things alone, usually within two years.

          • Morgan the first thing I would do is enforce the laws of the United States of America,(they were put in place by smarter men than I).
            I’m a Chevy man but I wouldn’t have given them a government bailout, they should have to succeed or fail based upon their own merits. We tax payers didn’t put them in that situation ignorant retirement plans did, just like the federal governments retirement system, it’s unsustainable,at some point it will fail, how much more can we tax payers give?
            What about those bailouts where all those green energy companies took billions from us and then bankrupted and sold to China?
            How about all those big banks that were bailed out just to turn around and hand out millions in bonuses to the very people that mismanaged them in the first place!
            I have been around long enough to see that you can’t deal with Iran from a position of weakness, that was proven by Jimmy Carter and our hostage situation several years ago,where were you? The day that Ronald Regan was sworn in our people were released, Iran knew he would do what it took to release our people and not care how many Iranians we killed getting it done!
            America is suffering like never before under the Obama administration, and to be sure it isn’t George Bush’s fault!

          • Glenn you nailed it.


          • YOUR’RE right GlenH. All who took bailout monies and went bankrupt should have all their assets seized! All who took bonuses should have all their assets seized and imorisioned! Why should they have prospered when Americans list jobs, the means to feed their families! Personally, I would have shot them all. It’s theft of the AMERICANS hard earned money. You think they WOULD’NT put you in prison for stealing from them ? ANY POSITION THT IS RESPONSIBLE FOR AMERICAN TAX PAYERS MONEY SHOULD BE HANGED FOR EMBEZZLEMENT SINCE THEY ENJOYED LUXURIES AT THE EXPENSES OF OTHERS STARVATION! CLEAR AND SIMPLE!

          • Morgan I don’t know anyone that could have done worse than he has but I don’t think you really want an answer to the question as Obama is your man.

          • “–being black was enough!”

            Or even part black.

          • I thought that was the last Bush as president.

          • Not even close.

          • Smarter than you

          • That is probably true of both of us….He is shrewd rather than smart…

          • Affirmative Action lowers the bar, he’s not that smart. Ben Carson is what you would call extremely smart.

          • Carson is very intelligent when it comes to surgery, etc. But no one becomes an editor of the Harvard Law Review on Affirmative Action. And there are other types of affirmative action. Think of those who are accepted by Harvard, Yale and Princeton, not because they are smart, but just because their fathers graduated from there. Or before Affirmative Action, jobs would go to whites, not because they were all that qualified but just because they were white. Or for some major colleges in the past, they put a limit on the number of Jewish students because they were Jewish, and that allowed more Christians in. And of course, you create a business and have been very successful and you automatic hand it over to your son or daughter, not because they are the most qualified, and might really not be qualified at all, but it is the family business, and they run into the ground. Family Affirmative Action? You could say the same thing for Hillary and Jeb, both criticized because they think they should be anointed as candidates for 2016.

          • How can you say that mr. Obama did anything or even went to college since he has paid to have all his records sealed.

          • Because they are not. That claim has been totally disproved. His college records like everyone else’s are confidential. I went to both Columbia and Harvard, among other universities, and no one can see my transcripts without my approval, unless there is a warrant for some idiot reason.

        • The Bible states that in these times, everything will appear as backwards, upside down, truth will appear as false, false will appear as truth.

      • Of course he is lying—his lips are moving, aren’t they?

      • How many military votes never were counted?

        • Although I worked in absentee balloting, there were no military votes that I attended to in the time frame that I worked there…

          • Exactly, someone sat on them somewhere, but there was no fraud, because there is no receipt process to insure they were recieved and processed.

          • I don’t know what it is like now but at the time, to receive and process an absentee vote, a member of both parties had to attend to someone coming in to vote absentee…..I was never with any of the groups that went to nursing homes, etc…yet I was told at the time that many seniors were coerced into voting a certain way, but, I never personally experienced that…working in an election room can be kind of scary, people you have known for years as a private citizen become people you don’t know and when the election is over they go back to normal…pure paranoia reigns and this includes BOTH parties….I got chewed out once for going to lunch with two democrats, the fact that I had known them for several years seemed to have no bearing on the situation…and if you go to the restroom, people come in and look under the stalls to see if anyone is there before they will even speak…that part was funny..at least it was to me…

      • And how long ago was that? Who with Democrat that was arrested? Trial? Conviction?

        • The man was arrested but not at the time I caught him..He was caught again, tried later and convicted but spent no time in prison…He died..

    • Ah, yep!! No voter fraud here. NOT!!
      Please also note that the DOJ, should be called the Dept. of “IN”justice, REFUSED TO PRESS CHARGES!! She was caught on camera bragging about voting for Ovomit 6, that’s 6 freaking times! No voter fraud my A$$!!!!!!

      • just an extension of the Great Uncivil Righteous Act of 1964

      • “Not a smidgen”

        • Emilia Hartman-Szyl

          Just like “There is not even smidgen of corruption in IRS” …every time he opens his mouth you can be sure, he is lying! And so is his administration!

          • The Muslim/Commie, illegal alien, imposter, druggie, fag. should have been executed for TREASON a long time ago. He is a sorry low life criminal sorry SOB. Screw our Congress criminals who should stand along beside him in front of the Firing Squad.

          • I’d settle for a scaffolding, a trapdoor and a long rope.

          • Hell, a cheap on the spot 9mm or .38 lead hollow point would do.

          • That would save money on BULLET’S.

          • Not to mention the reusability…..looks like a win – win.

          • Let’s trade him for all of the hostages ISIS has.

          • I suspect they’d never go for that deal. Just what is one onumbnuts worth?

          • He could herd the goats out of the tents.

          • They goats would be happy to follow him out, right along with all his sheeple.

          • that would be a real blast

          • Zerobama

          • I’m thinking they don’t want him, actually they don’t like him at all, maybe even hate him, but the O’Bummer thinks they do accept him (Muslim Connection).

          • yes he is a fellow muslim i am sure they would love him to death

          • I LIKE that idea!

          • Sounds like a great idea since obama traded 5 terrorist for a deserter, but does not even talk about the release of the hostages in Iran that him and kerry are so proud of the deal they gave the terrorist in Iran.

          • Let’s trade him for anything we can get!

          • What YOUR’RE spending money on bullets? Against the INVASION of illegal aliens and Muslims , and the black panther party that Obama let into America and armed? Go to your Governor and demand to be armed! YOUR TAXES PAID FOR ALL OF THE MILITARY EQUIPMENT! IT’S YOURS WHEN THE SO CALLED COMMANDER IN CHIEF ARMS FOREIGN INVADERS AND HIS THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES RACE AGAINST YOU! ANSWER THIS IF YOU CAN AND PLEASE POST IT ALL OVER THE WORLD!WHERE ARE ALL THE COUNTRIES THAT AMERICANS HAVE PROVIDED MILITARY PROTECTION, MEDICAL, FOOD,CLOTHING, SUPPLIES AND MANPOWER TO BUILD ROADS, BRIDGES,CITIES,HOMES,RELIGION,GAVE BILLIONS TO ??? Where are they when we need them ?? THEY’RE STILL HOLDING THEIR HANDS OUT!! They’re greedy,worthless, two faced, disrespectful! Our military,red cross, medical personnel, PEOPLE NEED THEM ,and if course they’re budding up with the COUNTRIES against us! Many of them are on social networks actually calling us names because we haven’t come to their rescue because we’re busy defending ourselves from their filthy people that are in America illegally! We’re tired if working our asses off defending and supporting you. When were you going to say thank you? When America gets back on her feet DON’T EXPECT ANYTHING FROM US! Your dependence on us stops now!We need 20 years for you to pay off our debt and let America Take Care Of America and you fend for yourselves! Grow up,work or do without like we’re having to do! Please post the answers you get from other countries so we’ll know just how much they care for our starving,homeless children! Tell them to take the lazy,filthy,destructive,welfare blacks if they feel sorry for them and think we’re racist.They won’t support them because they still want us to support THEM! Why do they think American families have to work and do without to support and defend them? Talk about selfish and slavery?

          • This country has to tell them TO GO FU@F THERE SELF.

          • I like that idea,,,,, it would be like Christmas in August, eh? I need to make a list of ordinance,,,back in a few.

          • But it costs money for the rope, use a kitchen knife and cut off the head and you still have a knife to cut up the carrots.I am a cheap person and don’t like to waste money so I would do it for free and supply the knife…


          • that’s the thing with inmates if the lips are moving a lie is being told.. and just like an inmate they have 24/7 to think up new plots..

          • That rule also applies to all Democraps.

          • That is what I was referring too.

          • I will have the most transparent administration in history.

            The stimulus will fund shovel-ready jobs. I

            I am focused like a laser on creating jobs.

            The IRS is not targeting anyone.

            It was a spontaneous riot about a movie.

            If I had a son., he would look like Travon Martin.

            I will put an end to the type of politics that “breeds
            division, conflict and cynicism”.

            You didn’t build that!

            I will restore trust in Government.

            The Cambridge
            cops acted stupidly.

            The public will have 5 days to look at every bill that lands on my

            It’s not my red line – it is the world’s red line.

            Whistle blowers will be protected in my administration.

            We got back every dime we used to rescue the banks and auto
            companies, with interest.

            I am not spying on American citizens.

            Obama Care will be good for America .

            You can keep your family doctor.

            Premiums will be lowered by $2500.

            If you like it, you can keep your current healthcare plan.

            It’s just like shopping at Amazon.

            I knew nothing about “Fast and Furious” gunrunning to
            Mexican drug cartels.

            I knew nothing about IRS targeting conservative groups.

            I knew nothing about what happened in Benghazi .

            I have never known my uncle from Kenya who is in the country
            illegally and that was arrested and told to leave the country over 20
            years ago.

            And, I have never lived with that uncle. He finally admitted (
            12-05-2013 ) that he DID know his uncle and that he DID live with him.

            And the biggest
            one of all:

            “I, Barrack Hussein Obama, pledge to preserve, protect and
            defend the Constitution of the United States of America

        • Just a shitload!

    • Now you have to get your obama definitions right. According to obama any vote for him is a legitimate vote no matter what therefore voter fraud doesn’t exist. I would not be surprised if he got more votes through fraud than legitimate votes. He functions on fraud.

      • I’ve always thought he was Placed in office by special interest groups and illegal voters, not Elected by the Amercan people! We need too watch closely for this in 2016. This election is too important to be lost by fraud!

        • I can’t see anyway that voter ID cards will be implemented for this election and that is sad. However if the next president actually cares about honest elections he will push hard for them. They need to have strip that can be scanned to help stop fraud and if they don’t have one, they don’t vote pure and simple.

          • Californicatia gives illegals a drivers license. The DMV gives them voters cards. Where did you get your voters ID card ? Most states get the voters registration at the DMV. The drivers license gives “residency”, that is required to be a voter, ( in most states).

          • ALL people must be able to prove that they are legal citizens in order to get a voter ID not just a legal resident. Our elections are ONLY for the legal citizens of America and nobody else. Foreigners do NOT have the right to vote for our leaders even though they do.

          • Exactly, but the low info and even the intelligent fall for the line that there isn’t much fraud since it hasn’t been caught and the cost of ID’s is high. FACTS ARE LIKE HORSE CRAP, WHEN PUT IN A PILE THE SMELL TELLS YOU WHAT YOU ARE DEALING WITH.

          • The cost of ID’s can be free, just change the printing on drivers licences and state ID cards to indicate they are legal to vote. Not a big problem. Those that don’t have either are such a small number that something else can be done but there is no reason not to have a DL or state ID.

          • If they put us in charge we would be assassinated or jailed by the DOJ within 60 days for being too logical and finding low cost solutions to simple problems, that is a Felony under this administration or so I’ve heard.

          • You got that right my friend.

          • I don’t think you would have to worry about that.

          • When someone challenges the status quo and could potentially takes away the voting rights of somewhere close to 12 million voters don’t bet on it. Ask Allard Lowenstein, I didn’t agree with a lot of what he wanted to do, but he was forthright in his intentions and was eliminated with a gun; I met him and he was very sincere and honest. I think liberals were more scared of him than conservatives. Ask Rep Menendez what happens when you buck this administration or General Petreus.

          • That I like and I am a liberal, but we need to do something about absentee ballot fraud, which really does take place. There is also coercision, vote buying, and stuffing the ballot box in some states/counties. And we did have voter machines that rejected votes for Democratic candidates.

          • Sorry if reality doesn’t suit you but there have been only 31 verifiable cases of fraud in the last 15 years that led to charges and some prosecutions. Now, how does an ID law prohibit absentee ballot fraud? How does it prevent coercion? Stuffing the ballot box? It doesn’t. What about even fake voter IDs?

          • Dear Morgan, get your head outof you anal cavity:

            Do you ever go over the speed limit?
            Do kids ever cheat on tests?
            Do Professors ever fudge data on research.{the surveys say 84%}
            Do cops ever lie on the stand?
            Do politicians ever lie?
            Dead people have been voting in Chicago for 70 years.
            In North Carolina it was found that close to 50,000 people were on voter roles in the last election who had identical names an birthdays as those in adjoining states and quite a few voted in both places, interesting.
            If you do not look for voter fraud you will never find it, and the reason no one looks is the there has never been a case where an election has been nullified, so the DA’s do not bother. The husband is the last to know.

          • First, it is Mogan, not Morgan. Second the North Carolina claim proved to be fraudulent. `Kind of strange that out of 1 billion votes, only 31 verifiable cases. Just not there – but when it comes to voter fraud – that is what we have quite often with absentee ballots? Will any voter ID law prevent that? Fake IDs? Coercion? Buying votes. Let’s face it, all of these conservative groups that are in the business of finding voter fraud haven’t found any.
            Let me ask you this, you are elderly, black, right at the poverty line – how would you get to a voter registration place if it is 200 miles away if you can’t drive and you can’t afford to go on a bus? You have that in some southern states. By the way when it comes to researchers, professors, part of their job is to prove that other scientists and scholars are wrong, and that your own theory is the correct one. Have they fudged? Well the British research that tie immunizations to autism did just that and he lost his medical license and any chance of doing research again.

          • The survey I spoke of was sent to 10000 researchers at the 300 top research schools in the US and about 4400 replied, amazing.
            The problem with voter fraud is that a lot of it uses legit voters who do not vote…in the last 45 minutes before the poles close lists go out and and people show up claiming to be someone who hasn’t voted and vote[no ID no problem, the people at the poles just give the lists to some one or in the age of electronics someone monitors who hasn’t voted, IDs are imperative]. I can come up with countless scenerios like this that IDs will stop. Early voting is a scam, and having anyone but a relative present at a nursing home or care facility should be banned as its the locals filling in the paperwork not the residents, I know what my mom was like in the nursing home, not good.

          • Who did the survey? How was it funded? 10,000 researchers – of what? What were the top 300 schools? When it comes to early voting, how is that a scam. I’ve done early voting because I can’t get off from work like that. Make voting a two-day paid holiday and that should get rid of early voting. Not that easy, even in our electronic age, to have instant access to how people vote, unless those in charge are somehow creating the fraud. But, the bulk of voter fraud is through absentee ballots and no one is talking about changing that. I have seen coercion at the polls. IDs wouldn’t stop that.

          • Not true. The bulk of fraud is at the poles is being orchestrated by those that have knowledge of the process at the poles and the other major source is the registration process itself…once registered it is impossible to to stop unless there is a verification process [read cross check] with an ID, just like a bank does when they cash a check. You are correct about the absentee ballots in that anytime a paper ballot is handled it can be destroyed, replaced or flat out forged if there is knowledge the person has not voted. In the above scenerio at the poles, a good computer programer can monitor that process in real time and help or even create lists for the “voters” to say who they are if there is no ID, that’s how dead guys vote.

          • Not good enough of an argument. When you only have anecdotal evidence at best, that is not hard evidence.

          • Its easy, every state has a photo ID for driving and I sent my kids down to get ID’s for traveling and they were processed in a different color, $5. Problem solved, the dems can subsidize that if they are so concerned. Unfortunately the dems are letting illegals get licenses, aside from the arguement against the poor is BS.

          • Lets bottom line this entire question with photo ID’s . The left does NOT want them because it would be far more difficult to cheat and vote multiple times. If they can’t cheat, they can’t win.

          • I would have no problem with a voter ID if the entire process was free, totally free, to everyone, and that for some it would not require to travel 100 to 300 miles in some states to do it. Try that if you are poor and old.

          • Sorry, the only person that I know of to have done that was a support of Scott Walker. Besides that is an impractical way to cheat. Just do absentee ballots, voter ID laws want protect you from that, or vote buying, coercion, or ‘stuffing the ballot.’ If you could have a voter ID that was complete free that would be great, just as having voter registration as part of your driver’s license or state ID.

          • Not that easy. I live in Florida and was required to show my birth certificate to renew my driver’s license. It cost me $95 for the birth certificate from Pennsylvania. No problem for me, I could easily afford it, but if you are below the middle class, poverty level, that’s a lot. Plus, my mother, who is 94, would have a hard time if she had to do it on her own, and besides she had changed her first name and had gone back to the original Irish form of her family’s last name, none of which is on her birth certificate and so she would have a hard time getting registered on Texas’ ID law. Even one of Texas’s former senators got rejected because of a typo.

          • Where are you from in PA, cost $15 in Erie when my son lost his.Tell me the illegals have a birth record when they arrive in FL on a boat from Cuba or Mexico that can be verified , all I have ever shown is my old license from another state to get a new one.

          • Pittsburgh. It’s great if you are living in the state, but with shipping it ended up being about $95. And it still came late but fortunately, I got grandfathered in for the driver’s license. Now, there are no illegals from Cuba – you hit the shore and you are in. If you are from any place else, you are an illegal.

          • Leave to libs to rip you off.

          • Wasn’t the libs

          • The type of voter fraud that is committed, ID laws don’t protect us. Absentee ballots are prone to voter fraud. Voter fraud is committed by self appointed organizations that challenge individual’s voter rights, and they are all conservative groups going after registered Democrats. So, for example, a black woman in Cincinnati and who had voted for 36 years, – her voting rights was challenged by True to Vote,, a right wing national organization. They challenged her right to vote because they claimed her home address was a vacant lot, and they were wrong.
            But getting back to voter fraud itself, there have only been 31 verifiable incidents out of one billion ballots and for the last 15 years. The ID laws cannot stop fraud. So for example, a supporter of Scott Walker was chard with 13 counts of election fraud: registering to vote in more than once, voting where he didn’t live, voting more than once in the same election and providing false information to election officials. Wisconsin’s ID law would not have stopped him. Again, ID laws cannot stop absentee ballots that are fraudulent. It doesn’t stop vote guy, coercision, or fake registration forms, or voting from the wrong address or the old fashion ballot box stuffing. The only thing that ID laws can stop are people showing up at the pools pretending to be somebody else, but that is a quite inefficient way of stealing an election.

          • Alabama has photo ID requirements and has for the last several elections, I’m proud to say!

          • 1 state down 49 to go.

        • BEFORE this last election, many Dumocraps switched party because they knew people would vote Republican. AND many repubs are RINO’s to start with. We have an (almost) ONE PARTY system. We NEED a government that WILL listen to “the people” like they are supposed to do.

      • Massive voter fraud got him where he is……two times. In fact, I’d go out on a limb and venture that every place there was a victorious dumbocrap in a close election, the victory was due to voter fraud.

      • Only problem is that a few exceptions, there has been no voter fraud that would require strict ID laws.

    • PA was riddled with voter flaw. All you have to do is look at Philadelphia. Their unions blocked voters in the city, yet allowed those from Jersey in to cast another vote. Just look at Facebook or youtube after the last Presidential election and see how many times people stated they voted.
      There is no reason for a ID not to be shown as one is necessary for everything else we do.

    • “Tex…”, I agree. That is Presidential “gross poor judgement”, at its finest!. All voting should be by secret ballot and with photo-ID—-anything less makes any election a meaningless sham. A union worker would not want management voting on a labor issue. Church members voting on “keeping their pastor”, who has been found guilty of absconding with their sacred wine, would not want the “good ol’ boys” at the local tavern voting on the issue. A family, setting around the kitchen table voting on where to spend their next vacation, would not want a person “off the street” voting. Anyone who states otherwise, surely has ulterior motives in mind, and when it comes to government issues, the future of this great Republic and freedom way of life is at stake. It is a blatant lie (or gross ignorance) to state that the poor and the elderly are hampered by a lack of ID to vote, when most all such persons must have the necessary photo-ID to obtain their social service benefits. Report all such lies to the nearest election commission or the local DA.

      • Each and every state has FREE transportation to and from voter registration offices threshold to threshold, and/or mobile voter registration offices serving neighborhoods. Empty Suit is lying, as usual.

        • First, that is not true in every state, Republican states have cut down on early voting, shutting down polls in minority neighborhoods. Obama was joking about a third time and he was doing so in criticizing African nations that quite often vote presidents for life. Incompetent? Was he responsible for the Twin Towers? Did he invade a country on false pretenses? Has he note called the US the greatest nation? Didn’t he save the auto industry? Got us out of doing into a great depression? Continuous job growth? Provided healthcare for 13 million Americans and getting rid of preconditions? If you haven’t notice, and I doubt you have, the rate of health insurance is growing at is slowest. The decline in the debt is the fastest since Eisenhower (the only Republican President who didn’t increase the debt)? Attempting to get rid of college debt? And, he is trying to keep us out of another $3 trillion war? Immigration is at zero grow and he tripped the Border Patrol? Yeah, he has been a real failure.

          • You’ve got the dumbocrap talking points nailed……just one question…..what’s REALLY behind the curtain? However, Encore wins the cigar for truth in exposing the onumbnuts regime for their anti-American Dream Agenda. They’ve obviously learned their Alinsky Radical Rules well and, unfortunately for the country, have been able implement them beyond their wildest dreams with the commie mooslime squatting in the WH.

          • Everyone uses Alinsky’s tactices, including Republicans.

          • Mogan you live in a fantasy world where nothing is what it appears to be.All the european socialist states are in deep financial trouble. And your beloved Social Security program is in reality an illegal PONZI scheme which is already on life support!! I am afraid that Democrats believe in the tooth fairey.

          • So, the UK is in trouble? Germany? Norway?, Sweden? Iceland? They are financial in trouble? As for SS, it is in trouble because Congress has borrwed so much from it.

          • Not every state is Republican controlled; polls closing in minority neighborhoods are largely due to demographics; a president has no business joking and thus mocking our political system with dictators; of course not responsible for Twin Towers. He was not in office. Nor the invasion of Iraq, although every intelligence agency, including Russian and Chinese believed Saddam had WMDs – remember Saddam had attempted to build an atomic cannon capable of reaching Israel, Saudi Arabia and other Middle-East countries; he did “save” the auto industry, but on the backs of American taxpayers, whom have not been repaid in full by GM; Obamacare “You can keep your doctor, period”!, is a joke. His wife’s friends made millions in Obamacare’s the opening fiasco – the same for his Solar Sylindro failure where 1/2 billion taxpayer dollars “went south”; spending trillions of dollars did not prevent a “Great Recession”; job growth is joke, unless you count working two or more part-time, or jobs below your skills as “growth”; directly attributed to him we are 18 trillion in debt, more debt incurred from all other presidents since our founding; zero immigration s a joke. Ask black, brown or working class whites looking for meaningful employment; Border Patrol personnel have been marginally sidelined and are subject to disciplinary actions by DOJ superiors if they perform their duty; I won’t bother with the mistrust he’s sown amongst allies, nor emboldened enemies with his weak (red line) foreign policy.

          • Dream on.

          • You bet he is a FAILURE! The worst (so-called)
            president we have ever had!

      • The socialist call the masses the great unwashed and state that we are too dumb to think for ourselves. These are the we have to pass it so that we can see what is in it people that are caught in their
        stupidity and lies that somehow think that they know what is best for the rest of us.

        • Well we are a socialist/capitalist country, just like the rest of the major nations. Social security, Medicare, Medicaid are socialist programs, which is why the Republicans have been against all three from their inception.

          • Morgan, you might check and find that the republicans voted for the medicare and medicaid as well. With out their votes it would not have become law. The republicans have tried to separate the Social Security from the Budget money. It was set up to be a retirement fund. Instead the money is spent and there is nothing but IOU’s. If it had been runs a retirement fund their would be money left over. There is money going out to areas that have nothing to do with Social Security. Such as funding the National Black Caucus and the Endowment of the arts. We are not a socialist country, these things are infrastructure. I do wonder what this has to do with the voter fraud?

          • I agree with you as how Congress misused SS. But in dealing with Medicare and Medicaid, those were different times. It was when Republican and Democratic members of Congress would actually socialize and get to know each other. That ended with Gingrich. But remember that Republicans from the get go opposed social security because they saw it as a socialist program. And it is a socialist idea from Europe. The same for Medicare and Medicaid, but don’t you remember Reagan claiming that Medicare would be the end of democracy in America? He only stopped opposing it when he became President and knew he could never get rid of it.

          • Morgan, it was Gingrich’s republican congress that passes the law separating the Social Security from the budget. Clinton signed it, and the supreme court went socialist and claimed it was tax. Socialize, that first time the Republicans ever controlled congress was with Gingrich. Now again with Obama. The Democrats have always controlled congress and then blamed the Republicans for their failed social engineering. Again, what does this have to do with voter fraud?

          • None – someone went off on a tangent concerning socialism. But, what I was saying with Gingrich is that beginning with him as House Leader, there was a breakdown in relationships between Republicans and Democrats. They stopped getting to know each other, sharing a meal, etc. We’ve turned to a more parliamentary operation with Congress – no compromise, scorched earth approach.

          • Morgan , does that mean that the democrats blamed the republicans for the problems that the democrats created? We have just had 6 years of the democrats in total control and all they do is blame the republicans when everything was the democrats. Obama is still ruling without congress. The republicans have yet to control the situation.

    • Here is a big ole list of discredited wackadoodle claims of voter fraud, including your ole, tired, and WRONG claim regarding St. Lucie County, which you were too lazy to verify, preferring instead to echo the numerous other wackadoodles who believe it because they WANT to believe it. Read up and get educated:


    • FYI it was the white voters that put President Obama in the White House, although black voter turnout was much higher than pass elections, The other fact is that McCain pick that stupid Palin as his VP and lost the election. And American citizen that do not have a valid ID should not be allowed to vote, Black and White. And I know of course that you are aware of the 468 voting laws, redistricting, gerrymandering and procedures in 29 states to impede non-whites from voting and choosing a Democratic candidates. NC & TX are the top worst US States. I can’t keep wondering why Black Americans join the US military. Can you?

    • Not to mention all the dead who vote in Cook County.

    • and lets not forget the poll worker in Ohio, she voted multiple times, you would think if anyone would know the law about voting it would be a poll worker, but yet she said she didn’t know she did anything wrong, this just shows the mentality of obama supporters

    • Let’s not forget California where republican votes were found in the trash at a voting site.

    • http://www.cornellpress.cornell.edu/book/?GCOI=80140100774960

      Based on painstaking research aggregating and sifting through data from a variety of sources, including public records requests to all fifty state governments and the U.S. Justice Department, Minnite contends that voter fraud is in reality a politically constructed myth intended to further complicate the voting process and reduce voter turnout.

      • Was that the DOJ under Holder who fought voter ID every chance he got? The voter fraud by a poll worker of all things who was caught voting 6 times? Or are there some that are so obvious that all democrats want to deny their existence? Bet there are a bunch of bus drivers who could shed some light on the subject!

        • With a name like TexRancher I don’t expect you’d be smart enough to follow the link to the Cornell website, never mind read and understand the story

    • This is the third time some dimbulb in this thread has cited the bogus reports of the St. Lucie County “voter fraud,” and that astonishing 141% figure. That old viral claptrap has repeatedly been exposed for what it is and those who continue to cite that situation as having any resemblance to voter fraud need to learn the FACTS, which are readily available here, as well as the FACTS about a number of other bogus allegations of voter fraud.


      Also explained from a source in the St. Lucie County area:


      Almost inevitably, when these well-documented FACTS are provided, the nitwit true believers will challenge them on the basis of their source, namely snopes.com, alleging that this highly respected fact-checking source is the tool of George Soros. That assertion also is bogus, and has been shown to be so, but when right-wing dingbats believe what they believe only because (1) they have heard or read it from some other right wing dingbat or (2) they WANT to believe it and that desire moots any concern for fact-checking, then the TRUTH will have no appeal for them.

      That old, thoroughly disproven claim of massive voter fraud in St. Lucie County has no credibility whatsoever and those who rely upon it are leaning on a broken reed and bringing deserved embarrassment to their gullible selves!

      • Snopes? Then you must believe in Bigfoot, Bloody Mary and other urban myths.

        • You wingnuts are delusional. There are numerous sources besides snopes that discredit that viral crapola about voter fraud. You people are hopeless and hapless and clueless and are so deeply enmeshed in your mythologies that you will be the last to know it. You and your ilk are to be pitied for you determination to stay ignorant.

          • Not really, wingnuts like me look at legitimate sources, such as the Brennan Center for Justice at the NYU School of Law; the Loyola University Law School (prof. Justin Levitt); Brown University (Prof. Michael Tesler. Even states do a better job, at times, in reporting possible voter fraud. I prefer legitimate research, rather than the work of a lot of organizations funded by the Koch brothers and are ultra conservative groups who are doing their so called research for their agendas. And, of course, there is the sloppy news reporting by ABC and also Fox. Now, you, like many others on this website will accept any source that goes along with your biases. Any source that disagrees with your thinking is bogus, false, etc. Real researchers don’t do their research to reach a specific conclusion but simply to do the research for the search for facts and knowledge, where ever it may lead.

    • lying enemy muslim halfbreed

      • Nice to see a racist comment. Been waiting for one.

        • over two decades in the USAF serving with the finest black American men and women that ever put on a uniform, some died in RVN defending me. my niece is a black American. hate anyone who is destroying the US. take your race card and shove it.

    • Ever wonder why Republicans want voter ID.?

      * In 59 voting districts in the Philadelphia
      region, Obama received 100% of the votes with not even a single vote recorded
      for Romney. (A mathematical and statistical impossibility).

      * In
      21 districts in Wood County Ohio, Obama received 100% of the votes where GOP
      inspectors were illegally removed from their polling locations – and not one
      single vote was recorded for Romney. (Another statistical impossibility).

      * In
      Wood County Ohio, 106,258 voted in a county with only 98,213 eligible

      * In
      St. Lucie County, FL, there were 175,574 registered eligible voters but 247,713
      votes were cast.

      The National SEAL Museum,
      a polling location in St. Lucie County, FL had a 158% voter turnout.

      * Palm Beach County, FL
      had a 141% voter turnout.

      * In
      one Ohio County, Obama won by 108% of the
      total number of eligible voters.

      Obama won in
      every state that did not require a Photo ID and lost in every state that did require a Photo ID in
      order to vote.
      Imagine that…..


      • What’s disturbing is the number of ObamaBots who claim none of that is true despite the numerous published reports attesting to the contrary! I personally have been challenged as biased, lazy, uninformed, lying, etc when I tried to point out a number of those issued that you brought out!

        The need for voter ID is most obvious, yet courts are now ruling against those laws in some States and Obama and his gang try to mount suits in all States that have them! Clearly, the sanctity of our votes are under assault by the “progressives”; Communists/socialists dressed as democrats. These so called minorities have enough resources to get all the freebies available, but can’t get a voter ID which is FREE in most if not all States. Something stinks!

    • TexRancher, he has most democrats so mesmerized that they accept everything he says as the truth without even question it’s validity.

  9. Chris I agree with you. That is how got in to office.

  10. Well I know the Conservatives know that’s a Lie ! It’s a shame that the Democrats are so Stupid that they still believe him or believe in him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I agree that is how he won the election stealing votes .

  12. If I were a Communist Muslim President trying to destroy America, I would say the same thing. Where is the news story here?

  13. He got in by fraud, how many dead people voted for him?

  14. Is there no penalty for swearing to uphold the Constitution and then violating that pledge?

    • Apparently not. If there was, he and most of the Congress would be cooling their heels in Leavenworth. But, don’t you dare get caught lying on your taxes.

  15. IF voter ID had been around obummer wouldn’t be in ofice

  16. the few cases of voter fraud were republicans and it is documented . 1 in a million and no reason to suppress the millions of legal voters except the suppression of votes and gerrymandering is the only way the GOP can garner enough votes to be relevant anymore. the party of old white Nazis is dying off and the new American people want justice for all. the write r says Americans want this and that is a lies only the GOP cheaters want it because otherwise they are just a group of losers AGAIN.

  17. boris yasdnilkov

    Obama’s claim to fame as a community organizer in Chicago says all one needs to know about his position on voter registration and/or voter ID. He is a dishonest fraud.

  18. Hmmm . No voter Fraud ?? Then Splain how Youre FRAUD ILLEGAL TREASONOUS KENYA MUZZY FAGGOT ASS got In OUR White ( now the OUT ) House !!! ???

  19. Voter fraud got him elected.

  20. There is voter fraud but it’s when politician’s use boggus facts to deny people the right to vote !!! We all know why they do this , the RNC said it !!! ” when people vote republicans lose ” !!!

  21. The liberals do not have one LEGITIMATE reason why voter id laws should not be used. They say voter fraud is non existent. If that is true they have no reason to be against it but instead they want to fight it. If they are right the law would prove they are right. This is the same logic they use to justify climate change. Prove it. No you prove it. Just childish liberal mindset. Of course the usual trolls will drool out some nonsense.

  22. This man has mental problems! He LIES about everything. There has been voter fraud PROVEN in every election and he knows this. I will never understand why any intelligent person is not for VOTER ID. I bet you could not go to a dinner for him without ID !!

  23. right on chris. no voter fraud? thousands of out dated and fraudulent names on the voter rolls have been found through research and thousands of names that voted more than once in an election. what do we call that barry?? the real reason to require voter id is to assure those of us who are legal registered voters that our vote is not negated by some non legal voter. yes, states have voted for stronger voting laws but what difference does t make…some court will throw out the will of the people like they have done with same sex marriage…and we are supposed to accept that???

  24. This is the kind of irrational thinking that has characterized Obozo’s thought process since he plopped his radical leftist butt in the Oval Office. As a prior community organizer and top-banana legal authority for ACORN, he surely has to know that corrupt organization was indicted and convicted of voting irregularities in several states and is no longer in business. He also said that now is the time when the seas begin to recede and the planet begins to heal, or some such tripe, if only we elected him as POTUS. In other words, he was going to stop Global Warming with a wave of the hand. How’d that work out for us?

  25. Obama: No Such Thing as Voter Fraud as long as they voted for me!

  26. Why not have Jimmy Carter monitor election here , in stead of third world country. Absentee ballots are the worst….

  27. The federal judge who wrote the opinion upholding Indiana’s voter registration law now regrets that decision:


    Voter fraud is so exceedingly rare as not to be of any significance whatsoever in election outcomes. Read up:


  28. Mr. Obama (sorry, I won’t refer to you as President) there is too such a thing as voter fraud. If true, maybe then you should pass that memo to your friend, Al Gore, when he was complaining about ‘hanging chads’ in the 2000 presidential elections.

  29. What he is saying is simple this “Voter ID laws stop Black Folk from voting several time to sway a vote in
    their favor”. But like any Socialist Democrap he think only his opinion is the one that matters and he will
    not tolerate any dissention from the voters. As with most wannabe tin pot dictators he thinks he is the
    smartest person in the room and knows best for himself. His actions in the White House has bore this
    out time and time again and again as he makes “Executive Decisions” base upon one thing only what
    is best for him and not for the citizens of our Nation. It so resembles he dictators we have seen in
    Russia, German, Italy, Uganda and other Nations around the world.

  30. Why doesn’t BHO ask the ‘Fraudsters’ in St. Louis who did Fed. jail-time a few years ago about ‘Voter-Fraud’??

  31. The GOP primary doesn’t matter, ALL of your votes have been nullified!
    clinton will be president
    thru massive voter fraud from asylees, refugees, visa recipients, States issuing driver’s licenses and ID cards to ILLEGALS, and

    SCOTUS’ decision that nobody needs to show proof-of-citizenship when registering to vote and when casting a vote, especially by mail in ballot, NOW DC agrees with this, thus

    clinton will be president

    obama lied and spat in every Americans face when he took the oath to protect America and defend the Constitution,
    he does not believe in Christ or the Bible, so he doesn’t believe in oaths, they are meaningless to him,
    he does not defend America, he hates America, and as a muslim wants it destroyed,
    he does not defend the Constitution, he constantly wipes his ass with it.

    when is someone going to get rid of this American hating lawless uppity muslim terrorist?

  32. Just another lie from the serial liar. Another day, another lie or two depending on how many times he opens his mouth.

  33. If Obama opens his mouth a lie comes out!

  34. The simple fact that Barack Hussein Obama is sitting in the White House right now is proof that voter fraud is alive and well in Washington DC.

  35. If illegals are legal voters, then so are Putin and Castro legal voters.

  36. People got arrested and went to prison for voter fraud, is that not enough evidence?

  37. Once again his lieing lips are moving. You get ID for nearly every thing anymore. Screw him and his lieing ass

  38. Obama is a LIAR as usual. Lying and voter fraud has become symbol of the Liberal movement. Obama and the Liberals continue to be the sewage of our nation.

  39. Where a voter gets freed ID card and has one year to get it, there are only 3 objections to the photo id card.
    1, You intend to commit voter fraud.
    2. You intend to benefit from voter fraud.
    3 You consider you constituents to lazy or too stupid to obtain one.

  40. Obama has his head were it is Blacker then he is .

  41. What is the purpose of voting anyway since it’s the electoral votes that only count.

  42. I was an “Officer of Elections” during the 2008 elections for Davidson County Tennessee, which is the county Nashville is in. I saw the cheating myself. In a “signature identity system” it’s very easy to vote in another’s or a fictitious name,
    in more than one precinct, It’s difficult to catch these things with only a photoless
    Voter’s ID. It’s a sad fact that the “Cracka hating Nig_a” chip is tenaciously remaining
    on the shoulders’ of most of the black community and they are the ones still listening
    to the “Hate Mongering Leaders” like Sharpton, Jackson, and O’Bama.These are the
    “Hater Majority” who feel they deserve an exception to the law because of their “Victimized” race (being black, with Hispanic following). Black leaders who want
    their community to “act civilized” are a minority within a minority. Those haters within the black community need to see the consequences of their actions, but they never will an will make excuses, with blaming the white man right at the top. No, it’s not
    this white deacon in a black church’s fault that YOU are breaking and want to break
    the law.

  43. Assuming friends of the dead knew he/she/it would have voted the straight demonic ticket IF alive and are merely honoring the deceased. For the illegal aliens and others who vote more than once remember their memory is shrouded in colon mucus and can not be considered reliable….so Lib’s give them a pass….Lib’s don’t want to be mean spirited like those Holy Bible carrying Christian’s!

  44. Just another lie from the chief lier. If there isn’t any fraudulent voting , then why is it that you numbnuts cry foul when a valid ID is required to cast ones vote… ?

  45. The biggest FRAUD is in the White House

  46. In some cases, arguably, he has moved beyond “thwarting” to outright “breaking.” Yet he remains in office, his policies remain in place, and millions of Americans actually agree with his reckless approach to executive authority.” I have a problem with the preceding statement in this article. There is nothing arguably about his weaponizing the IRS and Federal agencies and his blatant disregard for the Constitution and the laws of
    the land. Can anybody say illegal immigrants? He has been allowed to flourish in his endeavors, from what I can see, due to a multitude of reasons. The # 1 reason is the weak kneed other party that often expels what their base wants to hear and then does the contrary. Or they simply in cahoots with the Obama and his party. Not to mention the Supreme Court that appears to as nonbiased as the protestors in Ferguson, Missouri. I wonder what Obama has on Chief justice J. Roberts. Did the NSA pick up something early on and Obama has using it against ever since against ole John? Anyway, Obama will allowed to run out the clock and causing further damage while the others sit back and continue with the lip service. P.S. I wonder if you can get in the White House without an I.D.

  47. The first question in the GOP debate shows why nine out of 10 candidates should never hold any office let alone the presidency !!! When Megan Kelly asked ” would any of you NOT support the GOP nominee for president and would you pleadge NOT to run as an Independent candidate??? Nine people would not raise their hand only one would bee bold enough to stand on his own two feet and be a man who makes his own decisions !!! The rest are just puppets and what is worse is that they are good with that !!! Nence this shows why they are unfit to hold any public office , not even Dog Catcher !!! I am not a Trump fan by any means but after seeing the debate I am sure that I will never vote for any of them !!! Where is a Ike like person when we need him so bad !!! Oh yeah ” Colon Powel ” that’s right the GOP screwed him over at the UN and made him out to be a liar !!! The GOP gets what it deserves , to lose every presidential election for the next 4 plus cycles !!!

  48. Obama knows damned well there there is voter fraud. He in fact supports it. How else do you suppose he got elected twice? If it weren’t for the blacks, Mexicans and uninformed voters he would be on he streets of Chicago along with little Al simpleton causing trouble.

  49. Of course he wouldn’t recognize voter fraud if it jumped up and bit him on the butt. If it wasn’t for voter fraud, he would never have been elected for a second term.

  50. obozo is so full of cow dung that it is starting to come out his ears as well as his mouth !!!!!!!!

  51. He’s Not Our PRESIDENT! He’s a third world country Kenyan,African,has stated he’s a Muslim,Americans are stupid. Don’t follow his lawless dictatorship. He will ATTEMPT to allow illegal aliens to vote,but it won’t happen. Please People contact your State Governors who are Commander In Chief over their States MILITARY and request NO VOTERS THAT ARE illegal aliens protection at voting booths in November. If any show up to disrupt Our American Peaceful Voting PRIVILEGE you have the American “SOVEREIGNTY” under the CONSTATUTION to Bear Arms ! Why does Obama have an alias? What kind of crimes has he committed and in what country? Please go to u tube and watch what he says.

  52. Except in Philadelphia, ‘ey Barry?

  53. Hello NSA, yes I’m going to say it, I’m a freedom loving, constitution protecting, US veteran and if there was any single man who deserved a bullet to the head for what he’s done to my country and my Constitution, Barrack Hussein O’Bama is the man.
    He’s a traitor and Congress is sitting on their asses doing nothing about the obvious.

  54. I suppose as long as the republicans don’t do it there is no such thing as voter fraud

  55. I do not have to listen to Obama (and don’t) I do not have to read but the headlines about Obama and rarely do, He just continues to lie and his ideology won’t let him open his mind to the majority. The Democrats in Congress are lackeys, and cowards (we need term limits on these guys and rule to coincide with the public. I understand because of security I have to show ID when giving my money to a bank to buy a CD, it is a pain but I do it because I believe in our country and not out to break the laws nor game the country. How can people like Obama be so stupid that asking for ID when you vote is good common sense, unless you are a law breaker or just voting to get you freebie’s.

  56. The mere fact that he mentioned it is proof enough for me. And I agree no one wakes up and says I think I’ll vote in someone else’s name, that’s not how it works and he is well aware of that, It’s an orchestrated effort on the part of many people. How do dead peoples names get on a ballot? That’s not someone else that’s a dead person. The rigging of voting machines, the counting of ballots, voting without voter ID. If voter ID is not required what would stop someone from voting multiple times, huh! Where is the control? Is he suggesting there are no individuals who would not compromise the voting system to vote multiple times? He is not that naive. But he is a liar.

  57. Obama…. LMAO.

  58. The TRUTH is that Democrats and liberal organizations such as ACORN, have engaged in voter fraud on numerous occasions.. and even though it is swept under the rug by our media–in bed with the administration?–the facts are there. The only reason to not require ID to vote is so that millions of illegals can vote Democratic.

    • Oh, the media DID IT.

      you cons keep telling yourself what ever necessary to help the sting from running stupid candidates.

      maybe a candidate who lies 27 times in one debate is not the best choice.
      perhaps a policy platform that was not anti gay, anti climate change, anti women’s rights, you might get somewhere.

      oh no, has to be voter fraud.
      who wouldn’t want THOSE platform choices to be law?

      god you people are dim humans.

  59. so when a dead person votes or there are more votes cast than people registered to vote in certain places or when illegals vote using someone else’s stolen card this is not considered voter fraud to obama or anyone else??????

  60. Actually do we really know if he put his hand on the bible and swore to uphold the law since they had a re-do on the swearing in, in private? No video, only a still photo.


  62. This Criminal FRAUD USURPER is obviously Criminally psychotically Insane and needs to be immediately removed ASAP by FORCE along with all of his Criminal Associates……. Remember people its not just Obama. OObama is doing what he is doing to this Natioin because Congress and the Senate are allowing him to do it because they are all on the same team! It was Nancy Pelosi and the DNC that filed Fraudulant documents and allowed a Kenyan Born Criminal FRAUD USURP the office of President. If you are not savy on our laws of Treason this would put a noose around all their necks but the Treason is deep. I am telling everyone to snap out of your brainwash and realize there are no Democrats and there are no republicans its a brainwash they are all Socialist Communist New World Order Whores. Keep putting them in office and the same will occurr ……NOTHING! and its just the way they want it…. Everyone for the exceptions of TRUMP and Carson are all whores for the NWO… Wake up to their deceptive tactics……. They do this so that no matter who gets in they will maintain control…Vote for Trump and Carson PPERIOD!!! This is the last chance to take our Nation back without bloodshed but one way or the other all of these people need to be forceably removed!






      You must be constantly sick, just looking in the mirror.

      stupid people make me sick too,
      that would be why am here.
      to make you people less stupid

  64. If there were no voter fraud, he would NOT be president!

    • If conservatives didn’t field such unelectable candidates, they might win once in a while.

      How you expect a person who lied 27 times in one debate to win, is beyond imagination.

      Apparently conservatives are so low functioning they figured lying 27 times is normal.

      And then there was the platform of anti-gay, anti-climate change, anti-women, anti poor.

      You have to be completely insane to think you can win on that platform

      • I don’t think you’re talking about conservatives, as there are only a few of them in congress. However, if you wanted to talk against liberals, your complaints would be substantially more numerous. By the way, what’s their lying score?

      • Typical, you bring up all social issues. The number one concern of the voters is jobs and the economy. Social issues aren’t going to help your corrupt old lady, Hillary. The progressive movement doesn’t elevate anyone.

        • unfortunately for you conservatives, the US economy is the strongest one in the G 20.

          just because right wing propaganda lies to you fools, it’s not my problem.

          NORMAL PEOPLE wonder what the hell you people are talking about.

          “U.S. Economy ‘Lone Bright Spot,’ as Global Outlook Getting ‘Worse’”
          The World Bank is telling us… the U.S. economy is the
          only bright spot for global growth”

          Oh and WHO is telling us this?
          FOX NEWS


          Now you going to tell me Fox News works for Obama, That’s how crazy you silly people are.

          One in 15 Americans bought a brand-new vehicle last year.
          That sounds like a doomed economy for sure.

          11 million jobs created since we got rid of Bush.
          That sounds like a doomed economy for sure.

          The deficit reduced at the fastest pace since WWII.
          That sounds like a doomed economy for sure.

          You silly conservatives are going to need more than lies and gerrymandering to win.

          • Our economy sucks, the GDP is at record lows and has actually contracted four times in six years. In a good economy the poverty rate doesn’t double and the middle class doesn’t shrink. A strong economy doesn’t have the lowest workforce participation rate since the 70’s.
            11 million jobs created but more have lost their jobs than gained them because of all the overtaxed and over regulated businesses. Most of the jobs are also 29 hours of less thanks to the ACA, that’s from Huffpo. Obama has nothing to do with the deficit, congress controls the purse. By the time the obama infestation is over, we’ll be 20 trillion in debt after obama promised in his first term that he would cut the debt in half, obama lied, imagine that!

            People are tired of social issues that you silly liberals keep bringing up. The polls show that the top two concern are jobs and the economy.

          • “and has actually contracted four times in six years.”

            this is how I prove you’re a moron.


            now point out the 4 negative periods.

            or maybe you could post a link and prove something other than your lips move.

          • What do you think a negative period is? It’s a contraction, that means not only was there no growth, the economy actually shrank, hence our record low workforce participation rate. Compare Reagan’s GDP to Obama’s GDP.

          • “and the middle class doesn’t shrink”

            the middle class has been shrinking since Reagan low info human.
            you really want to pretend it started with Obama?

            well I already know you’re not too bright, so….


            notice how one PROVES SOMETHING.

          • “Obama has nothing to do with the deficit”

            is that why you cons blame Obama for the rise in national debt in every other breath?

            Jesus, the hypocrisy here is SO THICK.

          • “”obama promised in his first term that he would cut the debt in half,”

            god you are ignorant.

            He said he would cut the DEFICIT, not the debt, fool.

            you are an embarrassment to the con cause.

            I DO KNOW SOMEONE who promised that.

            GW Bush in his first SOTU address.

          • “Many of you have talked about the need to pay down our national debt. I
            listened, and I agree. We owe it to our children and our grandchildren
            to act now, and I hope you will join me to pay down $2 trillion in debt
            during the next 10 years. At the end of those 10 years, we will
            have paid down all the debt that is available to retire. That is more
            debt repaid more quickly than has ever been repaid by any nation at any
            time in history.”


            THAT is how you prove something.

          • “People are tired of social issues that you silly liberals keep bringing up.”

            so you didn’t watch the debates?
            EVERY one of them wants to pass a constitutional amendment to make marriage a man/woman thing.
            and they mention abortion in every other breath.

            oh and lets not forget they ALL denied climate change
            at the debate.

            is your head in the sand all the time?

        • “The progressive movement doesn’t elevate anyone.”

          Silly conservative.
          That is how Paul Ryan got ahead.

          That is how Scott Walker got ahead.

          That is how Ben Carson got ahead.

          Pretty sad that you conservatives are so ignorant of how progressive policies help Americans in your own party.

  65. If we are to ever reclaim this Nation for the people the 1st thing we
    must do is by simply STOPPING ALL THE LIES and stop acting like a Drug
    Addict in deniall! Lets Deal in TRUTH……..
    Let us cut through the
    Hedge and deal in TRUTH!

    the President (including a Criminal USURPER), Congress, the Senate,
    Supreme Court Justices, Federal Judges, nor the States, nor their
    Govenors and Mayors even through Laws Bills Amendments, Mandates,
    Executive Orders, and Even through Treaties, THEY STILL DO NOT POSSESS
    THE POWER TO Supersede, Bypass, Over ride, or USURP the Constitution, the
    Bill of Rights or our Sovereignty. They are all FORBIDDEN to”Waring
    Against the Constitution” to which they are all BOUND Article 6 Section
    3. They are all operating OUTSIDE the Constitution in clear violation to their SWORN OATH giving themselves
    powers and authorities “they do not have”, making Contracts and Agreements
    with Foreign Governments and Enemy Agents for which “they have no Legal,
    Lawful or Constitutional power to make” (also in violation of the Logan Act)
    and are allowing these enemies to “Control Them” to overthrow our Nation
    for nothing but power and greed no matter who they hurt to enslave our
    Nation our people and the world into a Perverted Criminal Nazi NWO. They
    all Bow to a known proven Criminal Fraud USURPER as President (Just being Criminally ignored), provide
    aide and comfort to our enemies put our Allies into harms way, and have
    allowed our enemies to compromise our Government from within which makes
    them all Criminal Felons guilty of Sedition, Treason, Mis Prison of
    Treason, Conspiracy to Overthrow in addition to many other charges. They
    all need to be Immediately Mass Arrested and imprisoned for life and/or
    Hung at the Gallows….. We do have laws against Treason and we need to
    use them. They were not written just to give us something pretty to
    read on a rainy day!
    10 point plan to take down America….. its Treason and they all MUST
    be arrested! They are nothing but Public Servants gone ROGUE! http://www.thecommonsenseshow.com/2015/07/03/the-globalist-ten-point-plan-to-destroy-america/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=the-globalist-ten-point-plan-to-destroy-america

    The Crown Temple……Secret Society of the Third Way Order

    following are two of the greatest lies the globalists continue to push
    upon the American people. Those lies are: “Treaties supersede the U.S.
    Constitution”.and: “A treaty, once passed, cannot be set aside”.
    HERE ARE THE CLEAR IRREFUTABLE FACTS: The U.S. Supreme Court has made it very clear that:

    Treaties do not override the U.S. Constitution. 2) Treaties cannot
    amend the Constitution. And last,3) A treaty can be nullified by a
    statute passed by the U.S. Congress (or by a sovereign State or States
    if Congress refuses to do so), when the State deems a treaty the
    performance of a treaty is self-destructive. The law of
    self-preservation overrules the law of obligation in others. When you’ve
    read this thoroughly, hopefully, you will never again sit quietly by
    when someone — anyone — claims that treaties supercede the
    Constitution. Help to dispell this myth.”This [Supreme] Court has
    regularly and uniformly recognized the supremacy of the Constitution
    over a treaty.” – Reid v. Covert, October 1956, 354 U.S. 1, at pg 17.

    case involved the question: Does the NATO Status of Forces Agreement
    (treaty) supersede the U.S. Constitution? Keep reading.The Reid Court
    (U.S. Supreme Court) held in their Opinion that,
    No agreement with a Foreign Nation can confer power on the Congress, or
    any other branch of government, which is free from the restraints of
    the Constitution. Article VI, the Supremacy clause of the Constitution
    declares, “This Constitution and the Laws of the United States which
    shall be made in pursuance thereof; and all the Treaties made, or which
    shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the
    supreme law of the land…’

    is nothing in this language which intimates that treaties and laws
    enacted pursuant to them do not have to comply with the provisions of
    the Constitution nor is there anything in the debates which accompanied
    the drafting and ratification which even suggest such a result… “It
    would be manifestly contrary to the objectives of those who created the
    Constitution, as well as those who were responsible for the Bill of
    Rights – let alone alien to our entire constitutional history and
    tradition – to construe Article VI as permitting the United States to
    exercise power UNDER an international agreement, without observing
    constitutional prohibitions. (See: Elliot’s Debates 1836 ed. – pgs
    500-519).”In effect, such construction would permit amendment of that
    document in a manner not sanctioned by Article V. The prohibitions of
    the Constitution were designed to apply to all branches of the National
    Government and they cannot be nullified by the Executive or by the
    Executive and Senate combined.”

    you understand what the Supreme Court said here? No Executive Order,
    Presidential Directive, Executive Agreement, no NAFTA, GATT/WTO
    agreement/treaty, passed by ANYONE, can supersede the Constitution.
    FACT. No question!

    Wether its the Treaty, NDAA, TTP, Obama Care, Gun Control and the recent rulings of the Supreme Court:

    are criminally in bed with and are allowing themselves to be controlled by foreign
    Governments and Enemy Agents in bed with England and the Vatican the
    Bilderbergs NWO, George Soros, Rothchild’s, Rockefeller’s, and openly support a New World
    Order Agenda that is TREASON against the very Nation they SWORE TO PROTECT AND DEFEND and “Making War Against the
    Constitution”, America and the American people …. see Davis vs
    Weschler, Miranda vs Arizona, Sherer vs Cullen, Norton vs Shelby County,
    Cooper vs Aaron. ANYONE of these Judges, Congressmen, Senetors, anyone
    throughout our entire National Security Appirattis are all FORBIDDEN to
    “War Against the Constitution” without Violating the undertaking of
    their Sworn Oath to support and uphold it Article 6 Section 3 to which
    they are BOUND! Everything they do in Violation to their Oath and the Constitution is NULL and VOID!

    vs Wechsler, 263 US 22, 24……. “Where Rights Secured by the
    Constitution are involved, there can be no rule making or legislation
    which would Abrogate them”!

    Hence the saying: Just beccause they say it is the Law does NOT make it the Law and they have no power to enforce!

    1 Section 7 Clause 2 ……………. Of the Constitution ….. The
    Origional 1776 Pennsylvania Constitution of our ForeFathers….NOT…..
    the Illegally created and re written USA CORPORATION Constitution 1871
    created illegally and forced upon the people without their knowledge and
    consent by King George and his whores in the 41st Congress.
    Article 1 Section 7 Clause 2 was deliberately re written because the
    New World Order Left does not want you to know these things and here below is the

    No laws of Congress are valid

    can pass no law while a usurper pretends to occupy “the Office of
    President. ”The Constitution provides that “[e]very Bill which shall
    have passed the House of Representatives and the Senate, shall, before
    it become a Law, be presented to the President of the United States ”
    (Article I, Section 7, Clause 2). Not to a usurper posturing as “the
    President of the United States,” but to the true and rightful President.
    If no such true and rightful President occupies the White House, no
    “Bill” will or can, “before it become a Law, be presented to [him].” If
    no “Bill” is so presented, no “Bill” will or can become a “Law.” And any
    purported “Law” that the usurper “approve[s]” and “sign[s],” or that
    Congress passes over the usurper’s “Objections,” will be a nullity.
    Thus, if Obama deceitfully “enters office” as an usurper, (Which
    he did with the Criminal Assistance of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reed and the
    DNC and others already proven just being Criminally ignored) will
    be rendered effectively impotent for as long as it acquiesces in his
    pretenses as “President.””

    Furthermore, Obama Could
    not be Removed Except by Force. As a USURPER posturing as “the
    President,” Congress cannot even impeach Obama because, not being the
    actual President, he cannot be “removed from Office on Impeachment for,
    and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and
    Misdemeanors” (see Article II, Section 4). In that case, some other
    public officials would have to arrest him—with physical force, if he
    would not go along quietly—in order to prevent him from continuing his
    imposture. Obviously, this could possibly lead to armed conflicts within
    the General Government itself, or among the States and the people. (This must happen there is no other way)

    Bear in mind, that as an imposter Commander–in-Chief of the Armed
    Forces, “he will be entitled to no obedience whatsoever from anyone in
    those Armed forces and Law Enforcment. Indeed, for officers or men to
    follow any of his purported “orders” including law enforcement will
    constitute a serious breach of military discipline—and in extreme
    circumstances even charged with “war crimes.” In addition, no one in any
    civilian agency in the Executive Branch of the General Government (s) will
    be required to put into effect any of Obama’s purported “proclamations,”
    “executive orders,” or “directives” (Viera, J.).


    Constitution weather they chose to
    ignore it “is the Supreme Law of this Land” and they are BOUND to it Article 6
    Section 3 and are all FORBIDDEN to “warring Against it”….all they do is NULL and VOID not to mention they have been
    Criminally DeFacto since 1871! Everything that has been done since 2008
    is also NULL and VOID as well as everything that has been done since 1871!
    Because it, the installation of their Criminal USA CORPORATION, the
    Criminal and Deliberate re writing of our Constitution, and the selling
    of our Birth Cirtificates on the Open Stock Market was done
    Deliberately, Criminally to Deceive and Defraud the
    American People and FORCE THEM into a British & Vatican, Illuminati
    Debt Fraud Slavery (Maritine) System wthout the KNOWLEDGE and without
    the CONSENT of the American People…..2 things required to make any
    contract legally binding! It was an act of High Treason and they had no Legal
    Lawful or Constitutional power to do anything they did……its NULL
    and VOID and EVERYTHING they have done to advance their Criminal Satanic Nazi New World Order since 1871 (which are also Criminally Subversive Open Acts of High Treason)
    behind the backs of the American People ie., the passing of Laws,
    Bills, Amendments, Executive Orders, Mandates, and Treaties are also
    NULL AND VOID! Hence, the Origional 1776 Constitution of our Fore Fathers is STILL LEGALLY IN PLAY and very much alive!
    What this Criminally DeFacto Tyranical Government is keeping from you…..

    The Crown Temple……. Secret Society of the Third Way Order

    because they wish to ignore the Constitution in order to advance a
    Seditious Subversive and Treasonous NWO Agenda against the very Nation
    and People they Swore to Protect and Defend does not DISAPEAR the
    Constitution…… The Constitution has always been there and
    weather they wish to acknowledge it or not are all still very much BOUND
    TO IT! They are all Psychotically Criminally Insane and need to be
    Arrested and removed immediately by our Military. By their own Criminal Hands and by their Ciminal Actions alone since 1871 they have NULL and VOIDED everything they have done!

    they do to deliberately deceive and defraud the American people voting
    behind closed doors and on the weekends and Holidays even though the
    majority of the people do not want the things they are deliberately
    shoving down our throats because they are Criminally in bed with the
    enemy to push a Treasonous NWO Agenda (for which they need to be
    immediately arrested and removed from office with total loss of all pay
    and benifits) Operating totally outside the Constitution in major
    violation of their Sworn Oath (Waring Against the Constitution) and the
    Logan Act, and other major violations, giving themselves powers and
    authorities to do thing for which they have no Legal, Lawful or
    Constitutional Authority or Power to do, making Contracts and Agreements
    behind the backs of the American people for which they have no power or
    authority to make………………. its all NULL and VOID! These
    Public Servants every single one of them are Knowingly Criminally
    operating OUTSIDE the Constitution in an attempt to Disarm the American
    people and Overthrow these United States.

    10 point plan to take down America….. its Treason and they all MUST
    be arrested! They are nothing but Public Servants gone ROGUE! http://www.thecommonsenseshow.com/2015/07/03/the-globalist-ten-point-plan-to-destroy-america/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=the-globalist-ten-point-plan-to-destroy-america



    Supreme Court….. Obama Fraud!

    Obama admits he was born in Kenya

    Barack Hussein Obama Is A Traitor.

    DNA Prove’s Obama is a Foreign Citizen and No Relation To Stanley Ann Dunham
    DNA Prove’s Obama is a Foreign Citizen and No Relation To Stanley Ann Dunham



    BREAKING! DEBORAH TAVARES: Mind Control Weapons Being Used On The Global Population


    California Water Shortage is a lie! Apart of New World Order Agenda21 Subverssive Seditioin TREASON
    Stealing Water For Profit & Power By Creating Shortage – Deborah Tavare

    Millions to DIE – “Primary Water” Restricted – Deborah Tavares

    Revealed; The Men Who Own and Run the U S Government
    Daniele Ganser: Most Wars are Resource Wars based on False Flags

    Daniele Ganser addresses False Flag
    In this interview from April 2014, Daniele Ganser addresses False Flag
    Operations within the latest 100 years, mainly carried out by the US,
    the Empire
    of recent time. Dr. Ganser points out that the one thing fueling wars
    and conflicts is resources, oil first and foremost. Through wars the
    powers that be have maintained a development where the Cold War is back
    in it’s “hottest” form. The means have been like the ones used by
    Goebbels in the Nazi Reich. Dr. Ganser interviewed by journalist Tommy

    James Holmes+Black Bloc=Black Ops: Further proof of a False Flag Terror Attack against the 2nd and 1st amendment

    Mass Shootings Only Obama’s First Step

    What this Criminally DeFacto Tyranical Government is keeping from you…..

    Secret U.S. Eugenics
    operations now expose Massive Ritualistic Child Abuse, CPS Fraud and
    Deliberate Criminal Fraud against the American people!

  66. Another lie from a child of the father of lies!

  67. 1.No illegal alien should ever be permitted to vote in America!
    2. Bath House Barry, is “hardly” an American Citizen, & should never have been permitted to hold this office!
    3. Obama’s statement re: voter fraud, is “purely delusional”………He promotes voter fraud!
    4. “Killery”, would merely be an extension of “BATH HOUSE BARRYS “8 YEAR TERM” OF POLITICAL TERROR!

    • So prove to me that an illegal alien has ever voted?
      That will happen.

      What do you say Ronald, gonna backup your rhetoric, or bail?

    • ” Bath House Barry, is “hardly” an American Citizen, & should never have been permitted to hold this office!”

      Oh I didn’t realize you were a birther moron.

      I can’t expect anything intellectual from you

  68. There was life on Mars until they sent Obama to us

  69. What you must remember is obama is a compulsive liar and if it weren’t for voter fraud he would not be in office today. The reason democrats are against voter ID is they know it would blow their chances of cheating. The only ones who would be disenfranchised by having to show a voter ID would be the law breaking illegals, the felons, and the dead and the voters who vote and vote and vote in the same elections. There is voter fraud, and there is also a fraud in the white house big time. I’m referring to that lying treasonous sissified BOY barack hussein obama.

    • “What you must remember is obama is a compulsive liar and if it weren’t for voter fraud he would not be in office today”

      No it couldn’t have anything to do with hateful GOP policies, their war on women, their war on freedoms for gay people, and their just general evil attitude towards poor people.

      Let’s not forget Romney lying 27 times in the debate.
      Why would the American people trust that kind of buffoon?

      You keep telling yourself it’s voter fraud if that makes you feel better for fielding stupid candidates.

      • Shut up obama fecal matter, and crawl back up his A$$ where you dine everyday.

        • Gee did I touch a nerve?

          Or was that your best intellectual rebuttal to my argument?

          Conservatives are such vacant human beings, that this many facts scare them into a state of stupid.

          Evidenced by your post.

          • you’re the stupid one for just backing your lover the compulsive liar obama. That’s how your cheating democrat A$$HOLES win election by voter fraud. 46 438 382533 269

          • you really fell the need to reinforce your dimness?

  70. Obama concluded that “the only reason to pass this law, despite the reasonableness of how it sounds, is to make it harder for folks to vote.” No Barry it makes it harder fot people to vote multiple times, to use dead people’s SSn’s, and keeps ineligible illegals from voting as well. It is to prevent fraud, like the 108 to 116 percent of the vote Barry received in several districts, That right there proves the fraud you say does not exist. I know many of those Barry speaks down to are too stupid to see it or have such misguided racial hatred in their hearts don’t care a bit. But the rest of us see it as plain as the nose on his lying Muslim face.

    • “No Barry it makes it harder fot people to vote multiple times, to use
      dead people’s SSn’s, and keeps ineligible illegals from voting as well.”

      Well since there is absolutely NO EVIDENCE of this happening, you must be a Low info voter.

      And I’ll bet the election that you will not try and prove this.

      Hot air usually has trouble proving things

      • You are the low info obvious troll here. Every thing I said did in fact occur. Several poll workers spent time in jail for multiple fraud violations. All those districts in Pennsylvania where not even one vote for Romney and over 100 percent for the lying Muslim traitor. 41 Percent in a Fla district, Do the math brainiac, it is impossible to get over 100 percent of the vote without fraud. How about all those voting machines proven by mulyiple independent sources to change votes to all Democrats, I suppose that did not happen either, You are the one who needs a reality check. You are the liar who offers no evidence to back up your inane position on this issue.

        • Funny how you think your flapping gums have meaning.
          Is it possible to get their percent of the vote, in a poor black neighborhood, when Romney is your candidate?

          Was it investigated?

          Is there anything found to be abnormal?

          Are you a whiner?

          I have plenty of evidence to back this up.

          The fact that there are only one or two cases ever prosecuted is my evidence that you’re all full of crap.

          • Read this then asshole


            That is just in one state. Sorry about your argument getting shot down, I can find plenty more . So could you if you would take off the Ilove VBarry hatred blinders and take a chance at seeing what reality looks like. I shal not waste any more of my time on a troll that just wants to start an argument. Go with God.

          • Amusingly you fools think this is evidence of anything other than your dimness

          • You do realize, of course, that it is a well known and reviled paid troll? It gets paid by the response so will say anything to provoke an answer. Starve the troll, ignore it.

          • One more link with literally hundreds of links to voter fraud you say in non-existent.


            Now take some time to see reality, not look it up on Huffington Post or snopes. Do your own reality check .

          • You got to be desperate to link to right wing bat shit crazy websites.

            How about links to actual arrests, in actual local newspapers.

            Oh no those DO NOT exist.
            Conservatives only have crap they make up as evidence.

            In order for something to be real, it has to appear in the real world.

            bat poo crazy world evidence, only counts in bat poo crazy land.

            Funny that none of the GOP talking heads ever breathes a word of this on the Sunday talk shows.
            Why not?

            Because they are too embarrassed to say this crap on national television.

          • You are bat shit crazy to even believe the lies from the MSM. Look at what I sent you liberal fool. When confronted with the real accurate truth, to which you have no answer, your standard fall back procedure is to name call and attack the source. Face reality you simply have no interest in the truth if it does not fit your skewed view of reality. Hence your screen name reality check. I gave you one, you cannot refute the evidence I provided you, you offer no evidence to back up your stance, so you are just another liberal troll in mommy’s basement trying to sound intelligent. Epic fail.

          • I looked at your silly stuff.

            the fact that NO ARRESTS have been made, tells a big story.

            that all your “evidence” amounts to a pile of NOTHING.

            are you going to tell me all the prosecutors are liberals?

            How about all the governors?
            no conservative law makers to step up and make a fuss?

            I did not know all cons were such cowards.

          • The Sunday Talk shows are all liberal/commie MSM, fool. Why don’t you listen to some talk radio and hear the truth?

          • No, it proves the justice system is as rigged as the voting system. Sure hope you’re still around in 2017 so we can laugh at your stupid ass. I mean more so than we do already.

      • Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr.

        He is either truly stupid, or He wants to be stupid. Either way that is a mind numbing stupid statement to make. And to think He was elected president twice. That in itself says a lot about the people who drank His Kool-Aid and that of the Democratic Party. And the sad part is after all this time, they ask for more. there either a glutton for punishment, or brain-dead.

      • Another half-wit troll heard from. Go lie by your dish.

        • why are conservatives afraid of the facts?

          Right wing Propaganda tells you there is wide spread fraud, but why does no one go to jail?
          why does that fact not bother you, is an even better question.

          for some reason you guys suspend your sense of reality and pretend bus loads of illegals drive up to a polling station, march in and vote.
          and for some reason, there is no concerned conservative there to make sure things are legal.
          you do know that each voting station has a GOP and Dem voting officer IN CHARGE.

          so my question would be, why do you have such useless people working at such an important task?

  71. BHO, what planet is he from? How does a picture ID keep someone from voting? What a idiot!

  72. Jill Mooney-Brewster

    And those that vote at more than one polling place must have forgotten that they already voted. LOL

  73. Says the President who has nothing but contempt for the United States Constitution and the United States as a whole. From this lawless piece of shit’s own mouth “WORDS HAVE MEANING”. Anyone think Oblow-hole isn’t a tyrannical p.o.s. now? His mouth has splintered the United States like no other president in US HISTORY. Obama hates America and everything about her. It is about time Americans got that reality through their thick skulls

  74. We need to add a new constitutional reason to impeach any government official; “Gross poor judgement”. If that were added, it would give congress room to maneuver around more harsh penalties, that could result in criminal actions. It would also enable a guilty official to plead the judgment issue in lieu of being charged with offenses that could result in criminal actions. Of course, the “poor judgement” charge would result only in “removal from office”, along with the prohibition of ever being involved in any future government issues at any level and perhaps lost of pension/benefit rights.

  75. Wow i am trying to think of one time Obama has told truth .. May as well not waste good day trying to remember when Obama told truth because i do not believe he ever has told truth from get go

    • So then post post a couple lies.
      Skip the one about your doctor since that’s the only one you know.

      And since the lies constantly according to you fools, posting more lie should be hard.

      Of course, you’re not going to.
      You will bail, like the vacant con you are.

  76. I see that all you nice folks responding to this ridiculous article are not documenting ANY cases of voter fraud. Why is that, pray tell? Simple: There are virtually NO cases of voter fraud. Yeah, it happens once in a blue moon: The Washington Post investigated, and uncovered a whopping 31 credible instances of voter fraud out of 1 billion ballots cast.
    31 credible instances of voter fraud out of 1 billion ballots cast.
    Now, you knowledgeable folks will all say “But the Post is wrong!” And, of course, you won’t have a shred of proof, because none of you — not a single one — has done any research in this field or is even competent in this field. You’ve “heard stories,” and that’s good enough for you. You don’t need facts, right?

    • A billion ballots cast? Doesn’t that seem like lot of ballots for one election, dipshit? Go lie by your dish , troll. Provide your source or STFU.

      • You should be careful when you call someone a dipshit to make sure that you have a firm grasp on the facts, rather than a firm grasp on your… well, we don’t really want to know.
        That’s one billion ballots cast between 2000 and 2014, not for one election. You’d have known that if you had done any research. But that’s not your style, is it? Facts are pesky things, and you don’t want to let them get in the way of a “Get off my lawn!” style rant.
        Go read the article. I won’t provide a link, but you can easily find it. The title is “A comprehensive investigation of voter impersonation finds 31 credible incidents out of one billion ballots cast” and it was published in The Washington Post, as I said, on August 6, 2014. The author of the piece, Justin Levitt, has been studying this for quite some time. I’m willing to bet that you haven’t done any research. At all.
        Who’s the dipshit?

        • If that’s all you’ve got, you’re still the dipshit. He has no authority, no established peer review group, kinda like you, a dipshit.

          • Sadly, your reply lacks context. “He has no authority, no established peer review group…” I have no idea what you’re talking about, but neither do you. I see you have mastered the use of the term “dipshit” so I suppose this is the sum of your rhetorical skills — the ability to call people names. Bravo! You sure zinged me with that one!
            I love it when people, faced with solid, factual refutation, resort to scatological references as a means of debate.

  77. We are clearly facing what may be our last free and contested election. If the party of socialism, sodomy and surrender is able to put the Manchurian President’s blood-stained heir apparent over the top in 2016, American elections in future will be the farcical charades that are characteristic of the Africa he came from and the central America he is turning us into.

  78. He is so full or ape poop his eyes are brown.

  79. No voter fraud? One of Obama’s BIGGEST LIES. He wants people to believe that, because he is looking for a third term, last and final election.

  80. No voter fraud? How does he think he got elected twice. There were people interviewed after the elections who were bragging about voting more than once. Then there were the black panthers in Philly. who were threatening voters and that racist holder wouldn’t do anything to them. Of course he doesn’t want voter ID how else could the illegal aliens vote? These states that are allowing them to get a driver’s license will let them use their DL as an ID to vote. They will vote democratic because they know they will continue to be supported by the democrats.

  81. He is delusional. It should be a federal law to show ID at the polls.

  82. There is a 99 percent chance that if Obama says something, the opposite is true. He can mischaracterize voter ID all he wants, but no matter what he says, it doesn’t make voting harder, it insures the integrity of the vote.

  83. Pamela Sue Therrien

    He is a man who cannot speak the truth and will not speak a truth for any reason. How many people openly on face book when the last Presidential election took place bragged about voting 6-10 times, used Senior citizen voting card sent in the mail to make them what they wanted it was all sick. People who were not citizens voted using senior citizens and mentally challenged people as well they all bragged about it. Every person who draws welfare, gets anything from the Government has photo id and can get it free at DMV. You have to have legal Id to get medicine, to cash your checks and many other functions I know I have driven friends who did not drive to run their errands. That argument about photo ID is totally bogus. I dare you to try to get into any Government facility or function anywhere with out a photo Id why? Security! Our votes should count and be secure according to our standing laws …PERIOD. The attempt is to steal the votes or voices of American citizens and that is more than unfair it is UNAMERICAN!

  84. Why do only Democraps fight Voter ID?

  85. if your voting for the leaders of the enslaved world and the nwo – there is no such thing as murder, torture, slavery, indictable war crimes, traitor/ treason, money laundering, corruption, collusion and most definitely not voter fraud…..unless we do it to them and then its terrorism for opposing the 1%’s, personal insider trading, welfare program.
    following this thing through the primaries – we should all be prepared for the trumps version of the ross perot scandal – I’m not hating…. the first time it was our fault -but it should be most obvious that its time for society to choose their own 3rd party- rather than allowing the administration to pull these b.s. stunts….while we watch history repeat itself over and over.
    its Rand Paul or ted cruz and were not asking…. most of these people supporting trump are libs and progressives ( political rats in hiding..etc) because the bullsh-t of the greater good of the collective – is the job of propagandists.
    Rand Paul – Ted Cruz

  86. All you need to do is google voter fraud and voila…Reminds me of the grandfather who never voted democrat until he died.

  87. Oh ya then how did a homely skinny butt community organizer who never held down a job in his life get elected President!

  88. look at the fraudster who is saying this, how the hell does he think he got in twice, VOTERS FRAUD WHAT A COMPLETE MORON HE BETTER STAY OFF HIS DRUGS AND KEEP HIS NOSE CLEAN

  89. Of course there is no “Voter Fraud”, if a Kenyan muslim Illegal President decides by fiat that multiple votes, votes in multiple states, and votes by illegal aliens and criminals is okay.

  90. I was a poll watcher in Chiraq, Illinois for the 2012 election. We beat the election Judge and the workers to the poll, only to find the box already had a dozen or more ballots in it. Yes, this is what Obull-pucky calls his home. We even had an alderman show up with “Candy” for the local poll workers. They even asked us how long we would be there. I replied,”Till the ballots are picked up after the polls close”. Needless to say we did not make any friends.

  91. Obozo’s denial of voter fraud is proof positive that severe voter fraud is possible and rampant in elections.
    Anyone is required to have positive identification for anything they do, from food stamps, driver’s licenses, identity cards issued by states, birth certificates, photo ids, grocery store use of credit, banking, notaries, hospitals, VA, utilities, entry into some courts and other public buildings, air lines, etc., where everyone is asked to show their identity. Name anyone who has not had to show their identity at some time in their life? It is easy to get a voter identification by mail. Obozo has just verified that voter fraud is rampant by his denial, because he is a Liar.

    the Court held in Randi v. Muroc Joint Unified School District, 929 P.2d 582, 592:
    “… half of the truth may obviously amount to a LIE, if it is understood to be the whole.”

    and yes, there are people who wake up in the morning and say: I am going to vote twice or more times today.
    And video recordings of the vote being switched inside the booths is common and should be recorded and put on youtube this next election, as both sides may be guilty. Then, get back to the paper ballot, or mail in voting, counted by persons with verification from two other sources. It is the counting of the vote, not the voter fraud of the persons involved inside the voter booth. Look at the 59 districts in PA and St. Lucie County, Florida with 141% voter turnout, as an example… Arizona only had 15% turnout. Get registered, get voter id, then VOTE. One time only, please.

  92. There is little doubt given obama’s record if he says it does not exist it does and perhaps to the extreme.

  93. MrsTJNic@aol.com

    Let Obama keep telling himself that, til he believes it. 59 districts in PA know better, and we all know what he’s up to, now.

  94. No voter fraud, then perhaps Obama would like to explain how he got 110% of the vote in some counties in both the first and second election that put him in office. I’ll be waiting for the answer.

  95. I will be so glad when I never hear or see this garbage bag again…..what say you?

  96. Of course there is no voter fraud just like the convicted illegals you are turning lose dont murder and rape citizens just like you are a truth teller (not) just like the Iran deal is good for America particularly the secret side deals. Just like you support the military (not) just like planned parenthood is not barbarian like Isis but carefully dismembering bs he’s for body parts rtf etc etc

  97. The chief architect of fraud himself, the Obamamonkey, isn’t going to reveal any truth to anyone about his intentions. Voter IDs should only go to LEGAL US citizens, not illegal immigrants he can buy off with more welfare, Obamaphones, free medical, free eduction and free services. He lied, covered up and killed those that could prove he was born in Kenya. He lived in Kenya. And there you can cover up anything for pocket change!

  98. Anybody that agrees with anything this pathologiocal Liar says should have their head examined. Anything that comes out of his mealy mouth should be automatically discounted as a lie. The “millions” of people that still support this bum have their heads up their butt. They cannot see what this shithead is doing to our country. I guess it will take a civil war to educate the idiots that still think this “man” is the Messiah. How can anybody be so stupid as to think this clown is doing a great job for America. What he IS doing is ruining our country which was his plan from the beginning. I have nothing but contempt for these assholes who support this rat bastard.

  99. The racist GOP saw the non-white voter turnout and since then have issued 468 rules, laws and procedures in 39 states to IMPEDE NON_WHITES Voting Rights. Again, since the US Constitution and the Voting Bill, and with the help of the SCOTUS non-whites are still are being denied THEIR Voting Rights as American Citizens. Voter fraud is a BS lie. And even as a Black male, anyone black person that do not have an ID should NOT be allowed to vote. Which means that lazy azz Blacks have not registered to vote and have not voted. The right to vote in the USA should be made as easy as the USA fighting to give foreign nations that right. In TEXAS new voting lines are redrawn to make it hard for anyone registered as a DEM cannot win an election, because of redistricting & gerrymandering. Voter fraud is nothing but a BS smoke screen to keep Blacks from voting.

  100. Ask Obozo if he’s ever heard of Melloese Richardson, who was convicted of voting for Obama five times.

    • Funny how you cons ALL mention the ONE person convicted.

      BUT supposedly there are millions of them.
      I wonder why they are never charged?

      It’s like it’s all made up as PROPAGANDA.

  101. Democrats are famous for every voter fraud that has ever been dreamed up.

  102. This statement just further proves that this sob president is a psychopath. He was an easy mark for brainwashing as a kid, and hasn’t forgotten a thing. This nutcase should have been impeached a long time ago and there is no reason for his still propping his feet up on the White House desk.

  103. What is literally the most stupid thing that I have seen in years is how many people still listen to and give credibility to anything out of this man’s mouth. His motive behind this remark is all about the Democrat agenda that they hope to move forward with to put more Democrats into every area and literally force out Republican voters at the polls. He has convinced many of the black voters that it is all about “civil rights” and a Republican plot is trying to keep them from the polls because they are being required to show identity before they vote. Democrats began this push to use the Civil Rights excuse back during Bill Clintons term.

    • another fool who pretends to be informed.

      so name TWO lies.

      of course you will try and start with the
      “you can keep your doctor”
      since that is the one you have all memorized for this occasion.

      but now you have to come up with TWO MORE, and since every word out of this mouth is a lie according TO YOU, it should be easy.

      so go for it.

      you gonna bail?
      or prove me wrong?

      • You fell into your own lie when you call me names that don’t apply.
        As for two lies from the lips of Obama… There are so many that it is hard to know where to begin. I don’t memorize them because he is constantly saying new ones to list.
        He lied about gay marriage for a start. He said that he was against it. Did not support it. But we see how that turned out. He lied when he took his oath from day one. He promised to ” preserve , protect and defend the united States Constitution” , but everyone that has any knowledge sees how he has acted since that day.
        “The private sector is doing fine”. Oh yes, we all see how well the private sector is doing in this Nation under this current ineffective leader.
        He lied about using campaign contributions he got from lobbyist and contributors. Claiming it would go toward “green Energy” when it went to fund places that he was aware were in financial trouble and heading to bankruptcy. Solindra ring a bell!
        He claims he “believes in public education” while he sends his children to private schools in Chicago and then in Washington DC.
        “You didn’t build that.”
        He promised “to eliminate all income tax on Seniors making less than $50,000.00 per year.”
        Promised that “every American family would have lower insurance premiums after his health care took effect.”
        “We have shovel ready projects waiting to begin work once the funds get to Governors and Mayors”. Well that didn’t happen !
        Claimed that by the end of his first term he “would cut the deficit by half as much.”
        Claimed ” there has never been a better friend to Israel in the White house”.
        He lied about public funding for abortions under Obama care.the Department of health and Human Services proved that to be a lie March of 2012. He has lied about oil production , claiming it was higher when in fact it wasn’t. It was lower for Fields that Government had control of while higher for those out of his control.

        • so you bailed.

          you have to link to his words, not make up YOUR version fool.

          for example:
          “The private sector is doing fine”
          what are you , just stupid?

          not to mention the stock market is approaching 18,000 today and 6500 when he took office.

          • Troll Alert! I don’t “have to ” do anything you pathetic excuse for a human. I gave you the common courtesy of one reply to your obnoxious post. Now you can literally go f-ck yourself!

          • It’s ok to be a moron in America.
            It’s not OK to LIE on MY internet.

          • Go lie by your dish, worthless troll. It’s not your internet, dickless. Where is is one link to anything you have ever said, dickless? Go back to mommy’s basement before she comes home and catches you on her computer, you worthless little turdlette.

  104. I’m sorry Mr. O ( pardon me if I don’t call you President because I’ve impeached you in my mind years ago), I saw voter fraud in action at my polls in the primary vote before you won (?) your first term. Two Obvious illegals came in and when asked their name, they gave Purely American names. When they then went to vote, they had no idea of how the process worked. The poll workers were more than helpful, which you will appreciate, I’m sure, and showed them what they had to do. They were very tense and nervous through the whole process. So obvious they were not supposed to be voting and they knew it, yet the poll workers helped them to break the law. I left disgusted and when I got home I called the Voters Registration office and told them the story. They sent, what they called Overseers, to the polls during the next couple of election days and had a special line for new voters to go through, so they could be checked out. Yes, Mr. O, there Is Voter Fraud! I saw it happening! No more denial, Please!

  105. hundreds of thousands voter fraud – Obama lies again

  106. “I’m proud of the fact on this show Hardball and other shows on MSNBC that we
    talk about denial of voter rights”. – declared that far-left creep Chris
    Matthews. He means voter ID “racist” laws. Well – let me give you an abbreviated
    list of actions when a photo ID is required:

    1) Buy alcohol;

    2) Buy cigarettes;

    3) Open bank account;

    4) Apply for food stamps;

    5) Apply for welfare;

    6) Apply for Medicaid;

    7) Apply for Social Security for pension and disability;

    8) Apply for unemployment insurance;

    9) Rent-buy-drive a car;

    10) Board airplane;

    11) Get married;

    12) Buy a gun;

    13) Adopt a pet;

    14) Rent hotel room;

    15) Get hunting license;

    16) Get fishing license;

    17) Buy cell phone;

    18) Visit casino;

    19) Pick up prescription;

    20) Hold rally or protest;

    21) Donate blood;

    22) Buy “M”-rated video game;

    23) Buy nail polisher;

    24) Buy cold medicine;

    25) Enter ANY government building;

    26) Apply for a job;

    etc., etc. I will leave to others to complete this list.

    But for voting – no ID required??? So that government
    employees union goons can transport illegal immigrants by busses from one
    polling place to another with pre-filled voting slips for Democrats?

  107. So, as Henny Youngman would say: Take this “president”…PLEASE!

  108. I guess Obama has never heard of LBJ and his ballot boxes.

    • one has to wonder why you don’t post something to inform us as to what happened?

      • LBJ stole more elections than anyone.21 ballot boxes went out 22 came back. In Duval county Texas. Everyone voted for him even the dead.In the counties he controlled. You voted for him even if you didn’t know it.

        • can’t trust Texans.
          that’s also called ballot stuffing, not voter fraud.

          • No it is voter fraud.Didn’t happen just in Texas. Face it the Democrats are the kings of voter fraud.Remember as they said. You don’t need an ID to vote. But you do need one to get into the Democrat National Convention..

  109. It takes a fraud to deny there is no fraud.

  110. Why in the world does the Republican party not jump all over this issue at once. This entity in the White House ( no I will not call him a President) has done every thing in his power to set up the stage for massive fraudulent voting for the democraps with his actions on immigration enforcement and hindering voting registration laws whenever and wherever he can. Now he stands and lies to the American electorate like this. Shame on you Republican candidates who leave this laying with no rebuttal and response.

  111. SHUT YOUR FILTHY LYING SEWER FRAUD OBOLA SOB POS!!!!! You know all about dead people’s SS#’s being used to cast fraud votes, as well as scumbag libtard demorat voters who voted up to three times and were CAUGHT, then sentenced to joke jail sentences and then released early in some cases!!!!! What about the criminal demorat election workers who were caught voting multiple times because they knew how to SCAM the voting process!!!!! What about the investigation into the IMPOSSIBLE results of many voting districts having 100% returns for FRAUD OBOLA!!!!! That is a proven IMPOSSIBILITY!!!!! The worst part is that no one really followed up with the appropriate legal response to bring these crimes into the light for the American public to see!!! The same thing is going to happen in 2016!!!!! I KNOW IT!!!!! The ACTUAL process of voting must be re-thought in order to prevent criminal scumbags on the inside from committing voter fraud and rigging elections!!!!! If the American people or the Republicans in Congress ignore this, all the campaigning that is being done up to the 2016 election will be a TOTAL waste of time!!!!!

  112. He’s delusional, as well as corrupt.

  113. The Fraud is in the White House!

  114. In 2010 the North Carolina election was stolen by the democrats. There were 35,000 illegal democrat votes of those that voted in more than one state alone. This number doesn’t include the dead and others that voted early and often as democrats. Eric Holder stopped all voter fraud cases. How many other states were affected? Only those states not having voter ID laws were won by the democrats.

    • so was NC too stupid to fix that?

      or do something about it?

      or since it only exists in cons tiny minds, nothing was ever done about it?

      • I don’t know the solution. I do know that it was a republican state that all offices went to the democrats and and no one was removed from office do to the voter fraud. Eric Holder also stopped all investigations into Acorn’s criminal activities. To include voter fraud. And using government money while acting as a Obama election campaign head quarters. They have changed their name to be community action of what ever city they are in. It is not just a North Carolina problem. It is a national problem of the democrats stealing elections. Obama is using the illegal immigrants as democrat voters. The fraud means that your vote has no meaning. If it were the republicans that stole the election you would be screaming. Your reality check is being a mindless liberal with nothing to add but insults. .

    • “Eric Holder stopped all voter fraud cases.”

      while you are at it, try and prove that vomit.

      • reality check is that a liberal mind set of just insult anyone that doesn’t agree with your socialist propaganda? Do your own research.

        • It is a paid troll and will say anything to provoke an answer. Don’t respond and starve the worthless troll.

          • LastGasp, the liberals have nothing intelligent to say. They rely on curses and insults and calling everyone a racist if the information doesn’t fit their group think propaganda.

  115. We don’t want to make it harder to vote. We just want to be sure that those that do vote are legal registered voters, not deceased, voting more than once, or illegal.

  116. Of course there is no voer fraud! King Odumbo and his cronies would never cheat to win an election! I can’t help but wonder however, how it is that so many precinct voted 100% for Odumbo?! I also wonder how it was that thousands of voting machines “malfunctioned,” and every time you punched Romney’s name, to vote for him, it voted for Odumbo instead?! It sure is curious, don’t you think?

  117. He is making this comment for the igornant voters of the Democratic Party, everyone else know he is lying through his big teeth!

    • If “everyone else” is the wackadoodle Right, then YES.

      • Does not make a difference!
        wackadoodle Right, left, middle, black, white , purple or otherwise there has been signafiant voter fraud! Fact my friend.
        So registering voters would eliminate fraud to a large degree, for all parties. But the democrats don’t want voter registration because it would make it more difficult to perpetrate voter fraud as they do more and more since Obamas reign!

  118. So the fool actually thinks he was elected because people thought he would make a good president, one more thing that proves his ignorance.

  119. If Snakeshitforbrains Obama says so it must be .. NOT..

  120. well obama might be right if he said that nobody woke up thinking they were going to vote extra times illegally using the names of specific people. Basicallly the illegal voters get their fake ID information packets on the bus the democratic supporters have supplied. ofcourse there is no perceived need for voter fraud in heavily democratic areas. they do take these illegal voters and send to contested areas, it is called strategic planning.


    no voter fraud my bu%%.

  121. Roy Buster Ranic

    But you bet the chimp-in-charge knows a whole lot more about citizenship fraud & impersonating a American President!

  122. The biggest fraud in America is our president. He is what we call book smart common sense stupid. Why do we have to show picture ID to get on a plane? Cash a check? Stupid is as stupid does.

  123. there goes the firing off of the illegal presidents mouth again!! he could be wearing a spacesuit full of laffing gas and call it oxygen.. i don’t mean the gas that you whiff out of a whipped cream can.. right now there is no one else on this planet that can hold a candle to Obama as far as being a liar, cheat and a scumm bag… his head is full of maggot’s, not brains…

    • Hitlery is a close second.

      • a lot of people are not getting the big picture on the subject of hoghead hillary… she has way too many bad marks again’st her.. bengazi for 1 the email cover up for 2 etc, etc…. the skank doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell…so wake up and smell the BS..

  124. He didn’t finish the sentence. The purpose of voter ID is to make it harder to: vote more than once, vote if you are dead, an illegal, a cartoon character, or being bused around all day voting with a different name at each stop.

  125. There will be the biggest party in USA history when Barry is assassinated or leaves office in December of 2016. The order does not matter. Remember, we need to be collecting names and addresses of those members in Obama’s Mafia. It is important that we remember that this cluck smut is as guilty of the same articles as the criminal muslim………………….. first charge, that should be enough, TREASON by them all. I have at least 100 names to start with. its going to be fun with Michigan’s two Senators!

  126. Every single person who voted for the CRIMINAL OBAMA, no exceptions or excuses, has an IQ of 20. Email me and I will discuss and prove I am always right! Has everyone seen the paper “OBAMA: It Was You” ? It is only the start for his prison sentence . I walk in public now, and no one is walking around claim Obama the Great. Why are they so silent, why not speak out and get hung at the nearest tree…… huh Democrat Un-American bastards. We’s looking everywhere for you to speak up and brag ?

  127. There must be voter fraud. He got re-elected didn’t he? No one in their right mind would have voted for him a second time. Ergo, He cheated,

  128. And no state secrets on billary’s server either! Get this fraud out here and take the pantsuit with him. Useless POS’s!

  129. Of course the Biggest Voter Fraud was when the Supreme Court elected Bush as president!!

  130. Joseph Pietrouchie

    More Bull crap comes out of this mans mouth, then come out of bulls ass. There seems to be no end to it. It is so well know that there is , especially in the inner cities, it needs not to be addressed any further. Plus, it seems like every 4 years, when it is a Presidential election, Ballots sent in from the military families stationed all over the word, somehow get lost in the shuffle. Probably has no connection that most military voted against this guy. But who and I to question what he says. In his mind when he says it, no matter how inane, the statement is, it is true.

  131. I really REALLY hope that Ali O Bama tries for a third term .. just think it can all be used as evidence at his treason trial..
    hey what about all the voting machines that magically flipped your vote and were sooo quickly fixed and back out doing their patriotic duty.. WE ALL KNOW that there was no FAIR election in 2012.. and there won’t be in 2016 now that the flood of the boarder has been dispersed across the nation.. they were handed a ID, how to get free food, housing and a voter ID card as they left the boarder agency, promising of course to come for their court date. Not to mention the hundred thousands he released from jail as not a threat.. call me crazy but armed robbery, murder, vehicular manslaughter, rape and oh yea drug trafficking I somehow classify them as violent offenses..guess that just the white privileged retired prison nurse racist in me voicing my opinion.. I silly me thought all lives matter.. apparently only the Black ones do now, even as they abort them by the hundreds..I guess I am just one of those OLD WHITE PEOPLE THAT JUST NEED TO DIE according to Oprah.. funny I am 52 she’s older then me.. but as we all know Blacks can’t be Racist.. just ask satan’s armpit Sharpton… and only black can decide what is Justice and what is peace.. Stupid me as a nurse and EMT I didn’t bother to look at the color of my patients when they were in distress I just acted.. maybe I should come out of retirement never mind it was a forced medical one due to an a auto immune disease.. I should go out and save those Lives !! oh but I can’t get on my knees, and I get tired really easy so maybe they don’t need all those pumps on the chest or air in the lungs I am sure that Obama care has found a way to cut short the CPR standards.. There are days honestly I kinda wish England would take us back just to get rid of the Washington party fest on the voters dime…

  132. This idiot is under the misguided impression that if it comes out of his mouth it is the truth. We all know better.

  133. We need to go back to paper ballots. The voting machines are too easily fixed to change ballots.

  134. I could have voted 4 times from the idiot trying to get me my ballot! Granted I did the EVIL thing and gave him my license to get my right name and ballot! But EVIL as that was. It proves I could vote 4 times last election! No ID NO VOTE! If I got to the booth and was told I had already voted!!! I would sue the state, then the entire country! Especially if my candidate did not win! Talking billions of dollars! And relax! Would not come from taxpayers! Each congressman, senate, governor, etc. would be liable! I’d really sue the government! If they put through taxes to cover this, I’d sue them individually to cover the tax hike. Our government is mental. They need to be cut back and have term limits! If not. Soon there will be a civil war! And the government will fall!

  135. “It is enough that the people know there was an election.The people who
    cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide
    Joseph Stalin

    For the historians among you, is this the whole truth and nothing
    but the truth, but a little bit here and a little bit there?

    If you’re under 50 you really need to read this, if you are over 50,
    share it with those under fifty. Amazing to me how much I have forgotten!

    When Bill Clinton was president, he allowed Hillary to assume
    authority over a health care reform. Even after threats and
    intimidation, she couldn’t even get a vote in a democratic controlled
    Congress. This fiasco cost the American taxpayers about $13 million in
    cost for studies, promotion, and other efforts.

    Then President Clinton gave Hillary authority over selecting a
    female Attorney General. Her first two selections were Zoe Baird and
    Kimba Wood – both were forced to withdraw their names
    from consideration. Next she chose Janet Reno – husband
    Bill described her selection as “my worst mistake.” Some may not
    remember that Reno made the decision to gas David Koresh and the Branch
    Davidian religious sect in Waco, Texas resulting in dozens of deaths of
    women and children.

    Husband Bill allowed Hillary to make recommendations for the head
    of the Civil Rights Commission. Lani Guanier was her selection. When a
    little probing led to the discovered of Ms. Guanier’s radical views,
    her name had to be withdrawn from consideration .

    Apparently a slow learner, husband Bill allowed Hillary to make
    some more recommendations. She chose former law partners Web
    Hubbel for the Justice Department, Vince Foster for the White
    House staff, and William Kennedy for the Treasury Department.
    Her selections went well: Hubbel went to prison, Foster (presumably)
    committed suicide, and Kennedy was forced to resign .

    Many younger voters will have no knowledge of “Travelgate.”
    Hillary wanted to award unfettered travel contracts to Clinton friend
    Harry Thompson – and the White House Travel Office refused to comply.
    She managed to have them reported to the FBI and fired. This ruined
    their reputations, cost them their jobs, and caused a
    thirty-six month investigation. Only one employee, Billy Dale
    was charged with a crime, and that of the enormous crime of mixing
    personal and White House funds. A jury acquitted him of any crime in less
    than two hours.

    Still not convinced of her ineptness, Hillary was allowed to
    recommend a close Clinton friend, Craig Livingstone, for the position
    of Director of White House security. When Livingstone was
    investigated for the improper access of about 900 FBI files of
    Clinton enemies (Filegate) and the widespread use of drugs by
    White House staff, suddenly Hillary and the president denied
    even knowing Livingstone, and of course, denied knowledge of drug use
    in the White House. Following this debacle, the FBI closed its White House
    Liaison Office after more than thirty years of service to seven

    Next, when women started coming forward with allegations of sexual
    harassment and rape by Bill Clinton, Hillary was put in charge of
    the “bimbo eruption” and scandal defense. Some of her more notable
    decisions in the debacle was: She urged her husband not to settle the
    Paula Jones lawsuit. After the Starr investigation they settled with Ms.

    She refused to release the Whitewater documents, which led to the
    appointment of Ken Starr as Special Prosecutor. After $80 million
    dollars of taxpayer money was spent, Starr’s investigation led to Monica
    Lewinsky, which led to Bill lying about and later admitting his affairs.
    Hillary’s devious game plan resulted in Bill losing his license to
    practice law for ‘lying under oath’ to a grand jury and then his
    subsequent impeachment by the House of Representatives.
    Hillary avoided indictment for perjury and obstruction of
    justice during the Starr investigation by repeating, “I do not
    recall,” “I have no recollection,” and “I don’t know” a total of 56 times
    while under oath.

    After leaving the White House, Hillary was forced to return an estimated
    $200,000 in White House furniture, china, and artwork that she had stolen
    . What a swell party – ready for another four or eight year of this type
    low-life mess?

    Now we are exposed to the destruction of possibly
    incriminating emails while Hillary was Secretary of State and the “pay to
    play” schemes of the Clinton Foundation – we have no idea what shoe
    will fall next. But to her loyal fans – “what difference does it make ?”

  136. Obummer knows that VOTER FRAUD happens frequently. His claim is a crock of BS and he knows it. History has proven it exist, time and time, again. It explains why the DNC is always broke, from buying demowit votes from their sheeple, minions and drones. Their motto: vote early and often, in as many precincts as possible using bussed in illegals and union thugs, using deceased, dead, imprisoned, and illiterate family members, using Disney character names and harassment tactics with BPP and other militant thugs. This has been documented as real occurrences. So, don’t give us the BS. We will be watching …. stay tuned for voting updates. That’s why Texas has/had a voter ID requirement until Obummers legal beagles got involved. It’s a commie plot for taking over the most Exceptional Nation the World has ever known. Even Obummer has admitted this. Some voting precincts have recorded more votes than eligible voters.

    • “History has proven it exist, time and time, again”

      if it’s “proven time and time again, WHY is no one ever arrested?

      why do you guys lie to yourselves?

      • But they have been arrested. But only in states where the liberals aren’t in control. Mostly Red States, where the laws are enforced. Some federal judges, mostly appointed by Obummer (and probably controlled by him), are partial and rule in his favor.

  137. I guess he forgot about the 800 or so they found had voted in NC and another state.

  138. For the president there are two systems of ethics. see below. If it suits his purpose of spreading Islam and spreading Sharia, lying is ok. This is why he will say anything to move his agenda forward.

    “While Westerners tend to think that all religions encourage some form of the
    golden rule, Shariah teaches two systems of ethics – one for Muslims and another
    for non-Muslims. Building on tribal practices of the seventh century, Shariah
    encourages the side of humanity that wants to take from and subjugate
    others.” Joys of Muslim Women By Nonie Darwish.

  139. NO surprise at all……. BEFOIRE the last TWO elections, Dumocraps were taking out TV ads and telling people to vote more than once or to go to another precinct and vote again. As a Muslim, 0’bumma is almost required to lie to all non=believers. Like many people do, tell the “truth” as you would like it to be.

  140. As if we needed more proof of how dumb Obama is.

  141. Oh well, we should encourage the Chicom to call in their notes since most of them are in California anyway. We get those commie pests in a Chicom work camp instead of whipping up voter registration cards for every dead, senile or absent family member they can and maybe we’d see some elections that actually reflected the electorate.

  142. I believe that–it was in the News in Connecticut that a Democrat Lady as Party-leader was convicted by a
    ‘Grand Jury’–for Voting 7 or 8 times in other precincts–(they didn’t mention if she used her own, or an ‘Alias-
    name-! And I also know–why Democrats don’t want Voting-Polls “Purged before Elections of Dead Voters”-!
    If you don’t know “Why”–Your Brain has ceased to Function & you’re suffering from a “Hugh Handicap”-! In
    my State–“We have to Beat-Off ‘Dead Voters’ with a ‘Billie-Club’–& they still managed to vote” 4 or 5 times-!
    But we have to Forgive Obama–since 3 monkeys are on his back-! (“See no Evil, Hear no Evil & Tell Ten Lies
    About IT”-! )

  143. How can Obama look into the faces of Americans,
    and make such a statement, no voter fraud?? How the
    Hell does he think {HE GOT ELECTED},there isn’t a
    person who is collecting any kind of benefits {legal} in
    this country that doesn’t have a State ID>What’s the problem?Mr. Prez.The Democratic Party committed fraud,
    when they nominated Obama,knowing full well he was
    of Muslim decent and had an agenda,sorry we need
    a Voter ID law, just because of how he became the Prez.

  144. Obama is such a stinking liar, he is a fraud and worse. Obama has tried everything he can to bring down America from spending us to death to, lying, and now the scum is trying to sell us out to Iran. May that piece of chit rot in hell for good. Like when his Regime buds lost the votes of the military, sure there is no voter fraud you liar, your the king of fraud.

  145. That clown is trying to turn Americans against each other using race, and class and everything else the fool can think of. He has some nasty company like the dirty Al Sharpton, Holder, Pelosi and Reid, all lowlifes’ who hate American and hate our Constitution. I forget that scum Al Franken who is making threats to kill all the white race, and trying to incite riots and mass murder. Good buddy of Obama’s. That lowlife is up to no good, Jade Helm is one of them. I pray I am wrong about that, but I have a sick feeling I am not.

  146. If America had a real congress, with real congressmen and women instead of Obama stooges, that liar and treasonous fool would of been impeached long ago

  147. That son of a bitch can’t tell the truth about anything,

  148. Where the hell do you get your numbers??? OUTTA your a**! Cause I live in St. Lucie County and I been watching elections since 1968!!! Every time that I’ve seen voter fraud it had to do with absentee ballots by Rethulicans!!! Or like the Election of 2000! Which was gift wrapped by JEB for W!! I’ve been voting since 1972 and every time I voted they already had my name, I had to show my voter’s registration card and I had to sign before they gave me a ballot!!! I HAVE seen white men intimidating older black people from voting at which point since i happen to be that stereotypical menacing big black male
    I escorted these people past the Rethuglican teaparty jack asses until they got frustrated and left!!!

  149. Okay, if all of this is known and provable, WHY AREN’T WE DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT? We had a Tea Party once (a real one) and got things changed. Where are all of those decendent spirits?

  150. ”NO SUCH THING” can be applied to things with unintended consequences by one and very appreciated by another.

  151. He is lying. His lips were moving.

  152. Does that mean that we cannot use the term “Hanging chad” anymore?

  153. Not to mention Oregon, where more people voted than were registered. But, apparently, that is not fraud.
    Where conservatives saw their votes change after they had voted (and reported it) – but, apparently, that is not fraud either.

  154. no voter fraud BS and they want people to be able to vote from home or from their I-phone, soon we’ll have people from Iran and China voting for who they want to run America, it probably has already happened who knows?

    • “they want people to be able to vote from home”

      I guess you have never heard of mail in ballots.
      the entire state of Oregon does.
      there are NO voting booths.

      “soon we’ll have people from Iran and China voting”

      we don’t need anyone who posts this silliness, to vote.

      • so who cares what you do as long as you only vote once and are a registered voter, anyone who believes that such things as not voting in person or no voter ID wouldn’t promote fraud shouldn’t vote, yes I’ve hear about mail in ballots and they should only be used for the disabled, military stationed abroad and ill not anyone to lazy to get off their rear end and vote, I’ve probably been going to the polls to vote since before you were aloud to vote!

        • “Pennsylvania GOP Chief Admits Voter ID Laws Suppressed Democratic Vote”

          In 2012, Pennsylvania Republicans passed and enacted a voter ID law
          that opponents said would suppress thousands of voters across the state.
          The GOP claimed that the law is only meant to stop fraud, even though
          those same Republicans admitted that their own voter fraud claims are
          nothing more than a concocted myth to excuse passage of the law.

          In October, just a month before the 2012 General Election, a conservative federal judge blocked the law from taking effect,
          although election workers could still ask for ID. Even after the law
          was blocked for the election, Pennsylvania Republicans continued to
          advertise and warn the public that they would need their photo
          identification to vote. While President Obama won Pennsylvania in 2012,
          it was only by a 5% margin. That brings us to last week, when
          Pennsylvania GOP Chairman Rob Gleason told PCN the reason why.

          Gleason publicly admitted to a reporter on camera that the voter ID
          law suppressed Democratic voters, thus hurting Obama and helping Mitt


          THIS is what Obama is talking about.

          • there is no way in H*ll that having to show who you are and that you are a registered voter hurt the democratic party, the only thing it does is put a stop to those who vote that shouldn’t and keep those who would vote more than once from doing so, this trivia you quoted is just a democratic lie so they can get more illegals out to vote, I have been voting for over 40 years and have always been required to show proof of who I am, that’s the way it should be plain and simple, you can’t prove who you are and that you’re registered then you don’t vote, there are to many illegals and those who would vote more than once that would abuse the system without this in place, that’s why it’s one vote per person not vote early vote often like the democratic motto, get a new name because the name reality has nothing to do with the bull sht you spew

          • So let’s analyze what you just said.

            First I have have to be lying, because anything that didn’t come out of right wing propaganda , can’t possibly be true.

            Even though a GOP member of the Pennsylvania house, says that HE DID IT, to suppress votes.

            Even the judge said it was wrong.
            unless you’re conservative wants to cheat like Jerry.

            Jerry fails to explain why there are no prosecutions for voter fraud.

            His conservative brethren like to pretend illegals vote by the busload,
            driven from state to state no less.

            He needs to explain why no conservative poll workers make ANY attempt to stop it.

            Conservatives like to pretend there are no conservatives working in the voting process.

            He also seems confused about who conducts elections, pretending that Obama and his Democratic minions work with impunity inside local election boards.

            Forget that elections are controlled by states and local precincts, and would require an army of millions to pull off.
            All under the noses of the conservatives working right next to them.

            And then he wants us to believe that he is a rational critical thinking human being.

            Perhaps Jerry is ignorant of the fact that each polling station has a GOP and a Democrat officer in charge, BY LAW.

            Perhaps conservatives should make sure more attentive conservatives are working at the polling station.

            It is almost like cell phone cameras didn’t exist in the 2012 election, since there certainly isn’t any physical evidence of these millions of illegal voters.

            Nothing but flapping gums as evidence.

          • sorry you’re a democrat and you’re right no matter what the truth may be! so let us Finnish with this I grow weary of trying to get a democrat to see the truth

  155. Ah, yes, another misinformed and misleading article from the Patriot News Daily. The site for those who will believe anything as long as Obama can be blamed. Voter fraud? Charges? Prosecutions. Curiously the most significant voter fraud was done by Republicans. And remember it was a Republican who stated that Pennsylvania wouldn’t go to Obama because of the states new voter registration laws. And he wasn’t talking about fraud but suppressing the vote. This is not just about minorities but also college students voting in the state where they are attending school, and for some states it involves their parents being fined thousands of dollars. I don’t know why they just put through a law that will making it harder for leprechauns to vote, as well.

  156. If obama really believes that he’s a F**king Idiot !!!!

  157. Not a smidgen of evidence. And man did not land on the moon.

  158. Barry Soetero aka obama has repeatedly lied to us which is unrefuteable. He’s lying again that there is NO voter fraud…that’s exactly how he was elected twice!!!
    There is nothing difficult about getting photo ID’s…as
    community groups offer free rides to get people to the offices and pay for them if not affordable…..also churches help!!!

  159. We NEED Voter ID laws period, if people get busted for voting more than once or any fraud lose their right to vote for LIFE.

  160. I guess that the black lady in Philadelphia who said on TV, “I voted six times for Obama” was just a figment of my imagination!

    • the ONE example you fools have.
      but you fools think illegals vote by the bus load.

      I wonder why conservative poll workers let that happen?

  161. Sure BO and your but buddy Soros didn’t donate $3m to create a racial war either.

  162. The only fraud is the President himself !

  163. Having been born and raised in the Chicago area, having worked for the City when old man Daly was The BOSS, voter fraud was rampant and still is!

    Obama grew up and for some reason was the Chosen One to SLITHER his way through CHICAGO’S CORRUPT TO THE CORE political system.

    If it wasn’t for voter fraud and democrats stupidity this abomination would probably be in prison with the rest of his brothers!

    It is not too late to put him and many other in his “regime” AWAY for good!

  164. No voter fraud yea right the is such liar piece of crap.

  165. Another lie. And get rid of the electoral college, another fraud.. It should be the one getting the most votes the winner.

    • then it would always be a Dem.

      I like this plan.

      • The bad part about it is; that we might possibly have a Dem. back, and it won’t be Hillary. Stop and think about it. I hope that I am wrong.

        • popular vote, GW would have lost to Gore and the world would be a better place without ISIL and the 2008 implosion.

          • If gore was president you’d be paying taxes on every exhale dufus.
            Sorry Nina I couldn’t help it.

          • if Gore was pres, we wouldn’t have a 18 trillion debt.

            “But in his first major address to Congress, President George W. Bush promised that his “responsible” budget would pay off the national debt in ten years:

            My budget has funded a responsible increase in our
            ongoing operations. It has funded our Nation’s important priorities. It
            has protected Social Security and Medicare. And our surpluses are big
            enough that there is still money left over.

            Many of you have talked about the need to pay down our national debt.
            I listened, and I agree. We owe it to our children and our
            grandchildren to act now, and I hope you will join me to pay down $2
            trillion in debt during the next 10 years. At the end of those
            10 years, we will have paid down all the debt that is available to
            retire. That is more debt repaid more quickly than has ever been repaid
            by any nation at any time in history.”

            instead the moron started 2 wars, gave Big Pharma a trillion dollar gift with Medicare part D and a 1.7 trillion tax cut, INSTEAD of PAYING of the DEBT.

            Oh the “job creators” needed a tax cut.

            we proceeded to loose 2 million jobs which was a big issue in the 2004 election.

          • If BO hadn’t added $8 t to the debt it would still be at $11t.
            So you want gore for president, have him tax you for breathing and think he’ll actually use the revenue to pay down the debt?
            Don’t be so gullible.

          • You need to get over Bush and his shortcomings, it’s done and set in history. compated to the corruption and cronyism of BO bush was an amateur.

          • Obama has faults.
            TPP for one.

            I know, Facts scare conservatives,
            especially when it makes them look two faced and hypocritical.

          • For one? That’s the best you got?
            Bush created the SPPNA but never got it passed. BO is one upping him to make sure the rest of our jobs go overseas.
            Bush tried to open the border BO made sure it got opened.
            Bush created the Patriot Act BO 1 upped him with PII.
            Bush blamed the towers on terrorists, BO created an entire terrorist state and is giving them the bomb.
            Bush created the debt BO intends on doubling it.
            Everything bush did BO is trying to do better (to you, worse to me).

          • ” BO created an entire terrorist state and is giving them the bomb.”

            like I said.
            complete moron.

            got facts to back any of your silly up?

            the moron doesn’t need facts.
            he has rush Limpdick.

          • You’re a fumb duck I ain’t spending no more time on you.

          • Didn’t I cover the fact that you are a useless moron yesterday?

          • I certainly have moreon than you do in that little nodule you call a head.
            You just keep on going and believing that your trusted administration is all lily white and that you can believe everything it says.
            You’re a fumb duck whack job for certain.
            Now I have to attend to something real important that directly involves you, I’m gonna wipe and flush.

          • “you live in a completely different universe”

            oh , really.
            and what did I say that was incorrect?

          • As I said you’re living in the past, bush is history, literally, every/anything he did, said or thought about is done, over, can’t be changed.
            Your boy BO is the problem now and every day it’s something new.
            Setting up the crook Cliton for the next problem creator.
            PP butchering babies.
            EPA poisoning the water table to appropriate a larger budget.
            Hawaiians have their voting rights taken away.
            Native Americans having treaties on grazing land canceled.
            If you can think of something bad BO has it in the works to screw the American citizens.
            Tighten the screw, tighten the screw, tighten the screw.
            Oh reeeeeally? Yeah, really.

          • you think I am in fantasy land.

            the PP thing is a joke.
            I can build a video that proves you have sex with animals.
            doesn’t make it true, does it con?

            I HAVE seen the 155 minute uncut version and the PP person clearly is not saying anything of the sort AND in fact correct the people setter her up for their inaccuracies.

            you fools believe anything that Right Wing Propaganda puts out.

            Trumps back on PP’s side, haven;’t you heard?
            and he can do no wrong as far as cons are concerned.

          • “EPA poisoning the water table to appropriate a larger budget”

            Oh, you’re complete moron.
            you should have said so earlier.

  166. Of course this incompetent moron doesn’t support voter ID laws!! How in the name of GOD do you think this jerk got elected?? Certainly not legally?!?! This is the same man who this he would get elected for a same term!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!! The king thinks by not having voter ID laws we can continue this illegal practice of double and triple voting!! We want need and ARE taking our country back MR. OBAMA!!!!!! Like it or not!!!

    • EVERY state has voter ID laws , low info conservative.
      name one that doesn’t.

      • The article was about what OBAMA supports!! He was talking about picture ID making it harder for people to vote!! Why will that make it harder for ppl to vote? Look, see, me, vote! Couldn’t be easier!! Don’t dare call me low information!! You don’t know me!! Just bc you are on his side, the side of wrong!!

        • well Nina, until I TOLD YOU, you though there were states without voter ID laws.
          THEN you try and tap dance around your ignorance.

          It’s ok. I know that you have bad news sources.

          I am on the side of REALITY Nina.
          stop being a bad citizen and posting lies on the internet.

          what Obama was talking about WAS, things like in Texas,
          you can’t vote with a STATE issued student ID
          but CAN with a gun permit.

          THAT is a restrictive voter law.
          they don’t want students to vote.
          they don’t support con ideas.

          • That’s right!! I never knew anything until you told me!! How did I live this long without you giving me info that I already knew! Get a damn life!!

          • perhaps writing a more clear sentence would be more helpful.

            shall I be more descriptive about your lapse of intelligence?

            “The king thinks by not having voter ID laws we can continue this illegal practice of double and triple voting!!”
            you see Nina, that is YOU clearly thinking there are no voter laws and Obama wants to put them in.

            besides, you think people vote multiple times with NO evidence to back that up except for the ONE woman you all like to cite.

            120 million votes cast and ONE case of multiple voting.
            It must be wide spread!

            god you people are fools.

            got any more cases Nina?

            or you just going with, “I heard”.
            cause that’s all it takes for Nina.
            a rumor.

            rumor has it, you have the IQ of a radish.
            shall we believe that or look for evidence before we make a judgement?

            your call Nina.

        • Nina, you’re arguing with a left wing 1/2 baked looney tune returd living in cartoon land.
          Pay no attention to the guy behind the purple haze.
          He’s a BO manchurian candidate.

  167. The government is so blatant and obvious in it’s mendacity that it’s sickening.

  168. “I’m proud of the fact on this show Hardball and other shows on MSNBC that we
    talk about denial of voter rights”. – declared that far-left creep Chris
    Matthews. He means voter ID “racist” laws. Well – let me give you an
    abbreviated list of actions when a photo ID is required:

    1) Buy alcohol;

    2) Buy cigarettes;

    3) Open bank account;

    4) Apply for food stamps;

    5) Apply for welfare;

    6) Apply for Medicaid;

    7) Apply for Social Security for pension and disability;

    8) Apply for unemployment insurance;

    9) Rent-buy-drive a car;

    10) Board airplane;

    11) Get married;

    12) Buy a gun;

    13) Adopt a pet;

    14) Rent hotel room;

    15) Get hunting license;

    16) Get fishing license;

    17) Buy cell phone;

    18) Visit casino;

    19) Pick up prescription;

    20) Hold rally or protest;

    21) Donate blood;

    22) Buy “M”-rated video game;

    23) Buy nail polisher;

    24) Buy cold medicine;

    25) Enter ANY government building;

    26) Apply for a job;

    etc., etc. I will leave to others to complete this list.

    But for voting – no ID required??? So that government
    employees union goons can transport illegal immigrants by busses from one
    polling place to another with pre-filled voting slips for Democrats?

  169. When the ones committing the fraud vote for “Progressives”, then “there’s no such thing as fraud”. If they vote against “Progressives”, then there’s fraud. (Official Democrap/Progressive policy).

    • so why is no one ever arrested?

      if it’s so wide spread, seems odd that only a few dozen people in the last 20 years have been arrested?

      for some reason you cons pretend that there are no conservatives in the election process.
      every polling station has ONE Dem and ONE GOP that are IN CHARGE of that station.

      those con poll workers must be complete idiots.

  170. Obama and the democrats have made a religion out of voter fraud. How can any voting district vote 120% of registered voters? This has happened in numerous jurisdictions. And Obama says there is no voter fraud. I ran elections in a state jurisdiction for 22 years. Not only did I see voter fraud, but I had people who committed fraud prosecuted. How can any large voting district have 100% of voters vote for one candidate? Voter ID cards are not fool proof, but they are the best idea so far in preventing non-registered voters from voting. It will help maintain integrity of elections. There are many ways to secure voter ID cards. Every registrar’s office equipped with a digital camera and a card maker can issue a voter card. The motor voter bill was the biggest help to assist fraudulent voting there ever was. Like anything else, people do what they want to do. They always find a way.

  171. no what we need first is to throw this idiot out of office and put Hillary in jail and put someone in there dem or rep. who will restore the constition to what it was before that queer took office …give us back the bill of right

    • ok, smart guy.
      tell me what parts of the constitution has been removed?

      cons are so dim it’s very scary that you fools are allowed to vote.

      bill of RIGHTS

  172. Obama never actually put his hand on the bible and voter fraud is very active and alive. It cost people who care and now the country is beyond hope. The further left you are, the further you are from Christianity and the TRUTH. We have a POTUS (Satan’s #1 helper) acting in tyranny format, along with Dictator activity and no one has stepped up to try and stop him from our forthcoming ruin. He has ignored the Constitution and placed in effect thousands of pen-written documents that remove more of your freedoms. Things are going to get crazy by the first of November.

    • “He has ignored the Constitution and placed in effect thousands of pen-written documents that remove more of your freedoms.”

      God you cons are stupid humans.

      I will just say that everything from the WH has been typed for decades.

      that being said, the rest of your post is equally retarded.

      God is a MYTH some low functioning humans still believe in.
      AND the US is a secular country.
      and for the low functioning con, that means SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE.

      need proof of that?
      you can’t put a Christian nativity scene on government property.

      • As a atheist or non-believer, you mentioned GOD twice in your reply comments.
        So let’s get over your inability to accept Christianity beliefs. Why is it o.k. for anyone to do anything in the name of any other religion or zero morality lifestyles of any choice, but it’s not o.k. for a Christian to be accepted. Why, because deep down, it scares people and they lean toward the side of evil and darkness in their souls. There can’t be so much hatred against Christianity if it weren’t feared or somehow chosen to be removed in some way.

        • so what proof do you want to cite that will prove to me that God is real?
          no one hates Christianity, silly.
          that is you silly humans projecting.

          maybe you would like to amuse me with some example of how Christians are being “hated” or “targeted”.

          what “scares” us, is your silly belief in something so obviously a MYTH.

        • PS
          “Oh God”, is an expression silly fool.
          don’t get too excited.

  173. As usual, Obama is out of touch with reality, “towns and people admitted and laughed about the fraud, I remember one guy saying on public TV he voted 6 times! there was mega fraud in the last election and probably how the son of a bee got back in again. Voting should be so easy, at the polls, just have a retina scanner, you scan, you pass, your citizenship is good and you live at the address you say your at, you get to vote ONCE, else get lost! How simple is this in the electronic age we live? This crap is allowed just to shut the working class up!

    • your fantasies are not really proof of much, other than you are unstable.

      It was a SHE who voted 6 times AND the only example ALL of you morons cite.

      where are the other millions that you pretend happen?

      why does no one EVER get prosecuted?
      especially since you ALL pretend to know about it.
      seen IT.

      what silly story do you tell yourselves about THAT?

      • Well, don’t really give a damn what you think my friend, and it was an African dude that I saw, so you just basically admitted there was even more.
        Have a beer

        Subject: Re: Comment on Obama: No Such Thing as Voter Fraud

        • so post a link.
          maybe you can’t tell the difference between a male and a female, being the racist pig that you are.

          • Really? Now you libs are defining racism based on gender?
            So I guess “sexist” defines color or ethic group now?

        • ” so you just basically admitted there was even more.”

          so basically now you would be up to TWO.
          millions thrown off the voter roles because of TWO cases of voter fraud.

          FRAUD would be you cons pretending to be informed.

  174. Project Veritus and True The Vote would be enough research and information to completely dismiss and ridicule Comrade Chairman Obama into silence ,Although there are many other sources and a mountain of proof that the Communist Party formerly known as The Democrats have stolen many an election

  175. THIS is what Obama is talking about

    In 2012, Pennsylvania Republicans passed and enacted a voter ID law
    that opponents said would suppress thousands of voters across the state.
    The GOP claimed that the law is only meant to stop fraud, even though
    those same Republicans admitted that their own voter fraud claims are
    nothing more than a concocted myth to excuse passage of the law.

    In October, just a month before the 2012 General Election, a conservative federal judge blocked the law from taking effect, although election workers could still ask for ID. Even after the law
    was blocked for the election, Pennsylvania Republicans continued to
    advertise and warn the public that they would need their photo
    identification to vote. While President Obama won Pennsylvania in 2012,
    it was only by a 5% margin. That brings us to last week, when
    Pennsylvania GOP Chairman Rob Gleason told PCN the reason why.

    Gleason publicly admitted to a reporter on camera that the voter ID
    law suppressed Democratic voters, thus hurting Obama and helping Mitt Romney.


  176. But you needed ID to attend Bobbi Kristina Brown’s funeral. He is nuts!

  177. how does obama explain the increase in black american citizen voting in the south after voter id laws were put in place?

  178. Being as the “one man one vote” rule is the result of the many American lives lost, (and or ruined), to establish and protect, voter fraud should be punishable by the death.

  179. Every single Obama and liberal socialist vote cast was paid for—–with tax moneys paid by honest hard working US citizen. Of course there was no fraud. The dictionary says “fraud” is – something intended to deceive; deliberate trickery intended to gain an advantage. That is exactly why Obama and the elitist left spent billions of taxpayer dollars to grow their collective voting discipleship. There was an offer made, a price agreed upon and a product delivered – 40 million liberal voters. America will be paying for this slimy transaction for many generations to come. Well after Obama has moved into his palatial digs in Hawaii or is it Iran.

  180. Voter fraud is a proven fact. Obama is a proven criminal, and we don’t have the gonads of our forefathers to do a thing about it! Just run our mouths and then cower in the shadows.

  181. It is against the existing Laws of America for those who have not received their Citizenship Papers through the Right Channels to vote…in fact They do not have any Rights at All! Get it through that hard head of yours sitting on your shoulders that Americans that are Legal Citizens are not going to accept these People being given the free road in America! Americans call and write whoever it takes to get the politicans off their butts so they will stop all of this!

  182. “Vote early and often!” is the rule in Obama’s town of Chicago.

  183. Just another lie from this compulsive liar barack hussein obama who should not even have been in the white house at all. obama is the fraud if there ever was one.

  184. Obama, who also cannot call a Muslim terrorist, a Muslim terrorist. Obama who rejects the Word of God as recorded in Romans Chapter 1 as written by old men a long time ago. Obama now rejects voter fraud.

    Mary Landrieu’s first campaign for U.S. Senator against Louis “Woody” Jenkins, a long time state representative. Poll watchers in New Orleans (her father’s city where “Moon” Landrieu was mayor for many years and now his son Mitch Landrieu wants to spend much money in getting rid of Confederate statues but does not want to pay the firemen what the city has owed them for over 35 years) found some real discrepancies including Marie Laveau (witch queen of New Orleans who died over 100 years before) voting more than 20 times, and numerous other dead, whose names are on the grave head stones voting as well. No, of course not, no voter fraud. Democrats have made careers out of voter fraud.

  185. If there is no election fraud you will not mind having a photo ID or some other method of restricting voting to 1 time for each election nation wide and are legally registered to vote in that district and no other district in the USA?

    A photo ID would be a minimal first step. The law requires registration to vote and to not permit voting of non registered voters. So how do you do that without a valid ID program?

  186. What about felons now possibly being able to vote? What about voter applications having removed the question of whether the applicant is a citizen of the US? These are all VOTER FRAUD, not easier access to voting as Obama and his flunkies (McCauliffe) say. The Democrats can only win with cheating and fraud. They will come up with anything that makes them able to haul in and pay people to vote democrat. They are despicably evil at this and primed to do so in every election. PhotoID is a block to their treachery so you see them fighting it tooth and nail. Big cities are the haven for democrat voter fraud either through intimidation, lying, cheating, duplicate voting in precincts and in other states. Whatever it takes to STEAL the election, the Democrats will and have done. If you fall for their crap about how rules restrict voters or disenfranchise them from voting, you need to give me your phone number and I have some land in the Everglades and Gaza to sell to you. DEMOCRATS = VOTER FRAUD!!

  187. I wonder how the AH thinks he got in the White House?

  188. The ones who yell the most is the ones who are doing it. You can always count on the Dem to act blameless.!!!

  189. What an asshole! Obama is so full of shit his eyes are brown. If you are offended by my calling Obama an asshole, what else would I call such a lump of human waste? Assholes are where that waste is spewed out. Nobody with a functional brain could be so stupid as to actually believe that requiring photo ID will make it harder for American citizens to vote. Illegals, sure, but that is exactly the point.
    I can’t say for sure about other states, but in my state, it is illegal to NOT have photo ID on you. If you are asked for ID, you are required to show it. Somebody please take Obama out on the West Lawn and hang him.

  190. Voter Fraud exists, Mickey Mouse voted not too many years ago, dead people voted, non-existent people voted
    there were admissions by those who participated in hacking voting machines, Obama won by fraud, he is a fraud to match that, he is a foreign born Muslim who has publicly stated that he hates whites starting with his mother.
    Both Pelosi and Reid knew of his real status when he took oath the first time and it has been a cover-up since he came on the scene. He is Satan’s right hand man, evil personified. See you in a FEMA Camp.

  191. and CONGRESS did not impeach him why?

    • there is the thing called “grounds”.

      the people in congress are not quite the rabid mob that you wackadoodles ARE.

  192. Obama’s statement is solely meant for the idiots that believe everything he says. Obama has to be eliminated before he declares martial law, to save his life. That will come from his own crowd.

  193. Obama comes from Chicago where their motto is “Vote early and Vote often”. Of course, he’s against anything that would try to stop voter fraud. Chicago is the most corrupt city in the U.S. and it’s mayor Rahm Emmanuel was one of his leading advisers. Good luck trying to change it. Chicago just re-defined their wards so more people are in the most corrupt wards. Chicagoans are used to voter fraud, it’s expected, otherwise what kind of election would it be!

  194. voter fraud is how he got elected, do an audit on the 2012 election.

  195. Why do dead people still vote in Illinois?

  196. This is OBAMA way of having stripped America of the CONSTATUTION and after his term is up state to THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA that he is an illegal Kenyan,Muslim and he dictates he will rule, OH WAIT HE’S ALREADY STATED THAT! How stupid are you REALLY ? Why haven’t you as an American contacted your State Representatives and Demanded NO GOVERNMENT FUNDING! SHUT THEM DOWN! Arrest and Fire the employees in Washington???? Our States already have our government! The Governor is Commander In Chief Of The States Military. They already RECIEVE our taxes. They oversee Education,Veterans Affairs, Social Security, Welfare. So why do you keep letting the Washington government,I.r.s,department of defense,department of immigration, f.b.I., department of justice, LIE, STEAL, INDEBT YOU INTO SLAVERY FOR THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES, REFUSE TO DEFEND, PROTECT YOU AND YOUR FAMILY, LET INVASION INTO YOUR COUNTRY, LET A RACE THAT’S BEEN ON WELFARE RIOT, DESTROY, STEAL,KILL,BULLY THE RACE THAT FEDS THEM, HOUSES THEM ” “Basically supports them” ARM THEM AND THE INVADERS AGAINST YOU AND YOUR FAMILY AND DENIES YOU THE SAME! Well you keep on joking about it, crying about it and it’ll go away after obama’second term is over. RIGHT! You really believe that too huh? Obama,his husband,the africans in America,the Iranians in America,the illegal aliens in America WILL NOT LEAVE AMERICA WITHOUT A LOT OF AMERICAN BLOODSHED! And YOUR’RE going to EXPECT AMERICANS LIKE ME TO PROTECT YOU RIGHT? WRONG! If YOUR’RE not taking the power from them now by contacting your State Representatives ,When I see you without a gun NOT defending America your Butt’s gonna be used as a shield!

  197. No voter Fraud,>>How the hell does he think he got in.
    There was so many voting machines fixed, people were going crazy trying to find a legit one. I think Democrats were down at the border riding illegals to voting booths, sale that
    snake oil up on the next corner…

    • Excellent point! All those voting machines — manufactured by Diebold, by the way, a company headed by a staunch Republican intent on reelecting Republicans — magically managed to record phantom votes for Obama!

  198. Watching ‘Reality Check’ soil his pink thong on a public forum….PRICELESS!!


  200. And they found the smoking gun with the NWO voter fraud, in Scotland…(FOR THEIR INDEPENDENCE VOTE… we saw people moving Yes Votes to the No side…. just as if it were natural, to CHEAT!…. How ’bout that?

  201. Nobody wakes up in the morning and says to themselves that they’re going to cast illegal votes? Really? Ever heard of Melowese Richardson? Of COURSE they DO! The voter ID laws are a measure and a means to cut down on voter fraud! For example, illegal aliens from Mexico (or ISIS!) have NO damned right to have a say in MY country, dammit!!! This point is SO obvious I’m shocked I even have to say it!!!

  202. this evildoer is completing his work to destroy white working class americans and white working class americans do nothing.
    you let your wives vote for the manure eater- you deserve what’s coming

  203. Democrats and unions supporting Democrats routinely bus people from place to place to vote time after time, and Obama, the lying SOB, knows it.

  204. No such thing as voter fraud! I would like to ask obama how he thinks
    he got in the White House! Answer: VOTER FRAUD! And if Hillary
    Clinton gets in the White House, same answer: VOTER FRAUD!

    Yes obama, you are a FRAUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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