Obama: No Such Thing as Voter Fraud

President Obama spoke at the White House Thursday to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act. Never one to miss a chance to make a political point, Obama used the opportunity to speak out against voter ID laws. “Sadly,” he said, “too many states are making it harder for folks to vote, instituting photo ID laws that on the surface sound good. But I am certain, because we’ve actually looked at the data on this, that almost nobody wakes up saying, I’m going to go vote in somebody else’s name–doesn’t happen.”

Obama concluded that “the only reason to pass this law, despite the reasonableness of how it sounds, is to make it harder for folks to vote.”

Obama’s stance on voter ID laws has remained consistent, of course; you would have to dig through a lot of haystacks to find a Democrat who supports them. What’s hilarious is how casually he dismisses public support of these laws. Ah, that doesn’t matter. The American people are wrong, you know. Just like they were wrong about gay marriage and immigration and Obamacare and everything else. As long as Obama’s progressive professors support something, that’s all he needs to know.

The president claims there is little evidence that people are committing voter fraud. That’s a matter of considerable dispute, but let’s put it aside for now. Obama is making a factual claim of his own: that these ID laws make it harder for people to vote. But there’s no more evidence for this than there is for organized fraud. In fact, a 2007 study concluded that voter turnout actually increased in Indiana once photo ID laws were implemented. Furthermore, the increase occurred mostly on the Democrat side.

Enemy of the Law

Every time, on every issue, President Obama finds himself on the opposite side of the law. Why is that? Why isn’t that troubling to more Americans? When Obama put his hand on the Bible, he swore an oath to uphold the law of the land. Instead, he has made it his mission to thwart that law whenever he gets the chance. In some cases, arguably, he has moved beyond “thwarting” to outright “breaking.” Yet he remains in office, his policies remain in place, and millions of Americans actually agree with his reckless approach to executive authority.

There are a number of things Republicans should look for in a presidential candidate, but a strict, constitutional mindset may be among the most important qualities. We not only need to rescue this country from the clutches of liberalism; we need to restore the rule of law. If laws need to be changed, so be it. But these changes should be administered through the democratic process. What we have now is abject lawlessness, and it needs to end.

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