Obama Hits The Road For Democrats

Former President Barack Obama is heading to Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin this month to express support for the Democratic candidates fighting for seats during this midterm elections.

His first stop will be in Atlanta on Oct. 28 to support Stacey Abrams in her gubernatorial run against incumbent rival Gov. Brian Kemp. Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock is also on the run against former professional football star Herschel Walker.

Obama is going to try to encourage Georgia Democrats to head in and cast their ballots for the upcoming election. Following this visit, he will go to support the race of Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist, and Michigan Democrats in Detroit.

The governor’s office announced that the upcoming events would focus on key topics such as abortion and voting rights, and public education.

In Milwaukee, Obama will support Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers, Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes, Attorney General Josh Kaul, Sen. Tammy Baldwin, and Rep. Gwen Moore in their races. Wisconsin is considered a high-stakes state as Democratic wins could help restore access to abortions and reproductive healthcare.

In a tweet on Saturday Obama said that for U.S. democracy to work everyone would need to show up and cast their votes in the upcoming election, especially because the seats that the candidates are fighting for come with a lot of power.

He also shared a clip from the podcast “Pod Save America” where he talked about saving the U.S. democracy by ensuring that quality candidates are elected.

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  2. FRAUD oblowhard, needs to “hit the road” and head back to his own country…Africa, and stay there.

    • Hey Cliff, who are you talking about, this eve or obama? Hard to tell as they all fit that shoe rather well. LOL!

    • It shows what kind of person you are telling Obama to go back to Africa. He’s not from Africa. He was born in the USA dummy. And to say that is very very uncalled for. To be saying that about the best president. If all time. You go back to your racist place. You don’t belong in America.

  3. What Obama is telling the democrats is they are to vocal and out there showing every American what they stand for, what he wants the democrats to do is be more like him by saying very little publicly and be underhanded and pass bills in the dead of night while no one is looking.

    • You racist people need to leave this country. If you don’t like Obama keep your thoughts to yourself. He did more for this country then any president. And that absurd statement about him being underhanded and passing bills in the dead of night is such a big lie. You need to stop listening to the orange turd.

      • Ah Carole, it’s obvious you also endorsed #44’s fake Hawaii birth certificate and welcomed his “fundamental change of America”… to socialism. You must be a good democrat – calling people names and labeling them as racist. Jimmy Carter loves you for defending #44. It takes the heat off of him for being the worst president…- until Biden was selected..

  4. I hope it’s a face plant.

  5. PERFECT!!! If you recall Omummers endorsement was the kiss of death to anyone he supported.

  6. Those that he is trying to support are known to be corrupt in serious manners and refusing to listen to any and all reasonable requests from their constituents. I hope that this will be the end to Obama and the Democratic Party.

  7. Worthless as a Senator from IL. Worthless as President. The only thing he is good at is lying.

    • Omg. You have to be talking about your orange cult leader. He’s the only one that lied constantly about everything. And in fact such a traitor to the US. So that makes you a traitor Also. I hope he can all the criminal republicans out of office so something can be done in this country. Americans can get their life’s back. Without worrying about the republicans passing all those bills to stop people from voting. Taking all the books out of schools that have anything to do with black history and give women the right to make their own decisions on their life’s.

      • Bemused Berserker

        Keep guzzling that DemoKKKrat Kool-Aid.

      • OMG. You must adore this administration’s irresponsible fiscal policies that’s rewarding us with high fuel prices plus the 9.3%% inflation. You must depend on the Government to give the right to make personal decisions rather than believing the Constitution gives you the right of choice. It also appears your blind hate of Republicans, prevents you from seeing what the Democrat party is doing to OUR Country. Apply some extract to assist removing your head to get clear vision.

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