It’s Time to Investigate Obama

The Obama Foundation stored classified documents in an abandoned furniture warehouse, according to a 2018 letter from the Obama Foundation to the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).’

The letter, available on the Obama Foundation website and dated Sept. 11, 2018, reveals that the Obama Foundation not only acknowledged possessing classified documents but also admitted that they kept them in a facility that did not meet NARA standards for the storage of those documents.

The Obama Foundation agreés to transfer up to three million three hundred thousand dollars ($3,300,000) to the National Archives Trust Fund (NATF) to support the move of classified and unclassified Obama Presidential records and artifacts from Hoffman Estates to NARA-controlled facilities that conform to the agency’s archival storage standards for such records and artifacts, and for the modification of such spaces. The first transfer of $300,000 was already made on August 9, 2018. An additional interim transfer will be made within 180 days of that date. Subsequent payments are subject to the negotiation of terms of the digitization process and museum operations.

Media reports confirm that the Obama Foundation had rented space from Hoffman Estates to store these documents, and extended their original lease for four more years back in August.

“While no firm date has been announced for the completion and opening of the Barack Obama Presidential Library near the University of Chicago, its future contents will stay in Hoffman Estates for four more years,” the Daily Herald reported. “Village board members unanimously approved an extension to the special-use permit that enables landlord Hoffman Estates Medical Development LLC to lease the 74,200-square-foot former Plunkett Furniture store at 2500 W. Golf Road to the National Archives and Records Administration through Dec. 31, 2026.”

This means that, as the debate over the supposedly classified documents at Mar-a-Lago is unfolding, the Obama Foundation is, at this very moment, storing classified documents in unused retail space in the suburbs of Chicago.

While the storage of these documents appears to be with the full knowledge and coordination of NARA, it still raises significant questions, not just concerning the raid of Mar-a-Lago, but also surrounding the legal actions being taken by the Biden administration against Trump over the storage of these documents. Seeing as Mar-a-Lago is Trump’s Florida home, it is protected by Secret Service, making it far more secure than whatever setup they likely had at the former furniture store space. There is no mention of what kind of security measures are in place to protect the Obama documents — if there are any at all.

Original Article: Letter Reveals Obama Foundation Is Keeping Classified Docs in Abandoned Furniture Warehouse – PJ Media

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  1. I think there will be a gold mine of misdeeds when this POS is investigated….and Michelle.

  2. This non-citizen absolutely needs to be investigated and arrested for the traitor he is! he never has been a citizen and was illegally elected!!!

  3. Loonetoonsindville

    Ho hum, don’t you know? Obama is a Marxist Communist! The DOJ/FBI leaves all those folks alone! They ONLY go after conservatives and ULTRA MAGA domestic terrorists!

    • My feelings exactly. The Obamas and the Clintons always have a free pass. The Obamas will never be publicly investigated. There is too much of their history that should have prevented their sponsors from aiding their political lives.

    • Best idea I’ve heard in ages!!!

  4. Another example of two sets of rules to play by. FJB and DOJ!!!!

  5. It seems that Obama is not being persecuted for having ” classified ” documents in an abandon warehouse, but Trump is
    persecuted for having ” Classified ” documents in his residence under lock and key, maybe they were looking for incriminating documents that Trump had on the Biden admin and they had to get those incriminating documents out of Trumps hands ASAP ! Or they had to plant incriminating documents on Trump to stop him from ever running for office again……they are evil, mental midgets, and we cannot wait to get them out of office.

    • Obama doesn’t have “classified” documents let alone in his residence. Did you read the article? these are two very different situations. If Obama had taken classified documents to his privately owned resort frequented by people from all over the world including Russians he should have have prosecuted to the full extent of the law as Trump should.

      • Did you read the article? Trump had classified documents stored in a safe on property guarded by the Secret Service, while Obama has classified documents stored in a warehouse with unknown security… which are two very different situations.
        Make sure to send Nancy an email informing her to include Trumps storing of documents in her insurrection investigation.

  6. Will have to have a Republican AG before that will happen. Obama’s done so much criminal actions that he should be jailed for life. Just like he gave a no bid contract for millions to the publishing company who later gave him millions back as a retainer for an upcoming book.

  7. Time is OVERDUE! Investigate that TRAITOR POS, ARREST, AND CONVICT! And then, when he meets his Maker…..HELL IS WHERE HE’S ENDING UP!

  8. Charlie Kirkpatrick

    If new standards are supposedly violated by Trump the same rules must apply to all in government service. So yes the FBI should search the unsecured storage of Obama era documents. I grew up in this country knowing truth and justice was supposed to be equal for everyone. Even though knowing money has been used by the rich and powerful to get exclusions. When was the last time you heard of a rich kid going to prison? Not often. Note from a former State Deputy Court Clerk and Military Policeman. When was the last time we had a great President? At least Trump tried.

  9. Our country is dying. The hatred that Trump was said to have towards others turns out that those others (Democrats) are the ones who, out of hatred or envy, are destroying the morale of the country. Trump moved the waters of the swamp and the crocodiles came out to bite. Donald Trump is being investigated, but Obama is not even touched with a rose petal despite that all millions that accumulated during his presidency. There are rumors that those millions come when he pardoned a lot of narcos and Traficant dealers and not for his books. FBI investigates the common people, but not the Democrats. The FBI investigates only Republican politician ex-president. Democrats are the exception to this organism. The American dream today is the American nightmare and all because of the negligence of the voters.

  10. A great deal of supposition with no hard evidence. NARA is not new at this. It does not seem reasonable that the security on this facility has been examined, and approved by NARA. The documents are not Obama’s; they are NARA’s and under NARA’s oversight and supervision. Obama is not the one to be investigated. That is ludicrous. FALSE NEWS. Nothing but a sensational headline to attempt to justify Trump’s TOTALLY ILLEGAL POSSESSION OF CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS. the comparison is in no way even close to any similarity. Shame on the writers that were allowed to publish such JUNK!

  11. Past time for an investigation on that


  13. If Obama Can & Not Trump Then They Show Their Hypocrisy !!

  14. Unfortunately, it will never happen unless and until the Republicans take control of the House, Senate, and WH, and even then, I don’t see it going anywhere.

  15. If the transfer of these documents will cost an estimated $3.3M how many damned documents do they have?

  16. That should’ve happened before he was elected.

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