Obama Gave Palestinians $221 Million Before Leaving Office

President Obama was in a feisty mood for the last month of his presidency, and it’s clear that he left office wishing he could have done more to harm one of the U.S.’s most treasured allies. It wasn’t enough that he directed his U.N. ambassador to abstain from a vote condemning Israel. No, he had to finish off his last term in office with one more shot across the bow.

According to the Associated Press, Obama defied Congress in the last hours of his presidency by authorizing a $221 million payment to the Palestinian Authority.

From the AP:

Officials say the Obama administration in its waning hours defied Republican opposition and quietly released $221 million to the Palestinian Authority that GOP members of Congress had been blocking.

A State Department official and several congressional aides said the outgoing administration formally notified Congress it would spend the money Friday morning. […] The aides said written notification dated Jan. 20 was sent to Congress just hours before Donald Trump took the oath of office.

In other words, this was another petty, calculated move on Obama’s part – one last middle finger to Republicans and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. We would include Donald Trump among the recipients, except we’re quite sure Obama has yet to give Trump the middle finger for the last time.

The funds were originally approved by Congress, but Republicans put a hold on the money when the Palestinian Authority began seeking international legitimacy. Obama didn’t break the law by overriding the holds, though he did establish the kind of precedence that could further weaken the power of congressional Democrats. But hey, when has this guy ever cared about anyone other than himself?

Will this money wind up in the hands of terrorists? Of course it will. But it will be a drop in the bucket compared to the billions Obama released to Iran – an Islamic regime that makes no secret of its support for anti-Israel terrorist organizations. This president not only stood aside and allowed Islamic terrorism to thrive, he used every available opportunity to fund their allies.

Want to make a bet as to whether any of this makes into the history books?

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  1. The worst president yet !!!

    • hahaha just wait.

      • Trump has done more in one week than Hussein did in 8 years. All of his executive orders save the taxpayer money.

        • I agree with you !

        • Building the wall saves money. Right. Amazing that after all the negative I heard about President Obama’s executive orders from you nutz (of which he signed LESS than any POTUS since Kennedy with exception of Ford and HW) yet now tRump is signing them like a madman but that’s AOK. At this rate he will surpass even FDR in the first 100 days.

          Were you to say tRump has done more questionably illegal and shady things in his first week than Barack HUSSEIN Obama did in 8 years i would agree with you 🙂

          Have a lovely day pervert.

          • It’s not how many of executive orders, it’s the scope. Legalizing millions of illegals is not the same as and executive order of lowering the flag to half mast.

            Trump’s executive orders save taxpayer’s money. Sigh a hundred of them, President Trump!! :0)

            What shady things? Did Trump pass a bill on Christmas eve at midnight? A failed and soon gone failed healthcare bill. President Trump already took care of that disaster. (snort..snort..)

            You are the typical low information liberal voter. Name calling is done by emotionally immature democrats. You made the team!! (snark..snort..snort..)

            Get use to it, President Donald J. Trump!! Finally, your terrorist president is gone! 🙂

          • I’m the the low information voter? Snort snort more of whatever it is you snort. Obama in fact deported more immigrants than any other president. He did not “legalize” millions of illegals. Read up on your “facts”, and I mean other than your spin machines.
            While ACA is not perfect, we’ll see what your guys come up with. If ACA is just repealed with no replacement it will be a disaster.

            Trump wanting to reinstate torture? Reopen black sights? He thinks torture works? Thats totally fase and torture is against international law. Banning funds from “sanctuary cities” ..will that pass legal tests? Is it legal for the government to force pipeline companies to use US steel? (Might be a good idea, but legal?) He didn’t consult with state about xell pipeline..what legal problems are lurking there? Prohibiting employees to post on social media? What happened to free speech?

            “terrorist president” Ha. And I’m the “low informed voter. Seems you are the typical low informed or better ILL informed voter. No I will never get used to Trump as POTUS. Resist is my middle name. Get used to it 🙂

          • You are low information. They count people that are turned away at the border so your number is wrong. He also ignored the sanctuary cities and those illegals costs the taxpayer billions every year. The democrats also refused to sign Kate’s Law. She was killed by a felon who had been deported five times.

            The ACA will have a replacement.

            Water boarding is not torture, beheadings and burning people in locked cages is torture. Water boarding KSM got the CIA UBL’s courier. There is no lasting effect. 1,400 years of inbreeding by muslims gives them the lowest IQs out of any other group. Why do they inbreed you might ask? To keep the wealth within their own families.

            Will defunding sanctuary cities be illegal? HELLLLLOOOO!! They’re hear illegall!!

            They’re not being forced to buy US steel. There was an agreement between the oil company and Trump. Smart move on Trump’s part to stimulate the steel industry and create jobs. Not to mention the high paying construction jobs to build the pipeline. The same with the border wall. Trump, how to create jobs 101.

            Who do you think armed the terrorists at Benghazi? Hussein Obama thought he was arming the rebels who turned out to be ISIS. The most feckless president in history.

            Hope that was helpful!! Did you learn anything? Feel smarter now? :0)

          • for starters: Make up your own mind as to Kate’s law, but methinks you are ill informed or maybe you just disagree.
            “If the proposal became law, its impact would be dramatic. “Kate’s Law would suck up every dime you saved from criminal-justice reform and negate it,” said Molly Gill, a government-affairs counsel at FAMM. Undocumented immigrants typically serve between 15 to 18 months in prison under the current sentencing laws before deportation, Gill said. O’Reilly’s proposal would boost that average by 300 percent. Housing the Kate’s Law inmates for longer periods of time would cost the U.S. Bureau of Prisons an estimated $2 billion per year, according to FAMM. The bureau’s annual budget request for all of 2015 was $7 billion.

            O’Reilly’s proposal stands out in a political atmosphere that is increasingly critical of mandatory-minimum sentencing, including among conservatives. For this reason, some legislators who embraced sentencing reform are wary of the new proposal. Republican Senators Mike Lee and Jeff Flake publicly opposed Cruz’s mandatory-minimum bill in August. The Senate Judiciary Committee will consider adding it to a bill that defunds so-called “sanctuary cities,” a term for municipalities that don’t enforce federal immigration laws, during a committee hearing on September 10.

            Despite the public rancor, immigrants are generally less likely to commit crimes than the native population, according to the The Wall Street Journal. Mandatory minimums are generally ineffective at reducing crime or recidivism. Anti-illegal-immigration advocates who complain about the burden on the American taxpayer might find a 28 percent increase in the federal prison budget counterproductive. But these are relatively minor points in the debate. What matters is the all-too-familiar refrain: Something must be done.” more later.

          • You’re beyond being stupid

          • looked in a mirror lately?

  2. Congress needs to stop any payments to President Obama, deduct the
    221,000,000. from retirement and the 1,000,000. all presidents receive
    each year after leaving office.
    (Harry S. Truman Act)
    This is another open act of SCREW YOU AMERICA.

    your Legislators know they can not count on you giving them one more
    minute of support … if they don’t stop this insane Obama’s actions
    100% …. TREASON COMES TO MIND ………. Both, by Obama and any and
    all Legislators that allow this to go though!
    The Treasury is not
    Obama’s or any other president’s or Legislators personal banking
    account! These Taxes was collected for specific uses, NOT GENERAL!
    Again Taxed with out Representation!

  3. Can that “payment” not be stopped? What else did that scumbag do to us before we could get him away from his pen and phone? Jimmy Carter was a saint next to BO.

    I used to think that BO’s problem was that he really had been pushed beyond his abilities. Having watched him in the IL senate and then the US Senate I was gravely concerned when he was elected POTUS, but I hoped the job and position would mature him and at worse he’d not really do much – boy was I wrong. He turned out to be hundreds of times worse than I feared. As soon as he began his international apology tour, bowing to Islamic Despots and kissing rings I knew we were in big trouble.

    What I can’t figure out is where he put 10 trillion dollars. Three or four, I can see. I don’t agree with it, but I know where that much went, but where’d he spend the other 7 trillion dollars? That’s an insane amount of money – enough to give every man, woman and child around $2.3 million dollars each!!! When Trump says he could have rebuilt ALL of our crumbling infrastructure with what BO wasted, he’s right!!!

    It truly was our children’s future he wasted away. Now he’s gone and we have nothing to show for the waste of our kids future. Hr should go down in history as the most hated man to ever rule a nation, right next to Hitler. Hitler used guns and bombs but BO was much more devious than Hitler. BO has enslaved a entire nation with a debt that will take generations to pay off. Hitler killed 6 million Jews, but Obama has sold the future’s of 300 million people, their offspring and even his own kids.

    Where did the money go?

  4. He has given more money to terrorist countries, then the terrorist countries, He has always been anti-American, but our butter ball Congress didn’t have the balls to prosecute him for treason. He releases Islamic terrorist prisoners financially supports Iran and the Palestinians, and retires with fat pension. Thank God Trump is President.

    • Why dont you give him credit for hunting down osma bin laden?

      • From the golf course, yea right, our Generals got bin obama,,,I mean laden. If Obama could have done anything it would have to been to warn his moooslim terrorist pal the U.S. military is coming for him.

      • He didn’t hunt down osama bin laden. George Bush set that in place way before obama got in office. When he got the call, what did you expect him to say. Let him go like Clinton did.
        They still have yet to prove to the American public that they actually got him. No body, most of the seal team six shot out of the sky in a helicopter by our enemies–thanks to Biden

      • Credit for hunting down Osma Bin Laden? All he did was watch the Navy Seals do their job, AND he had to be forced into giving the Okay.

      • Just what did bobo do to catch OBL?? Was he riding point? was he in that helocopter? Or was bobo playing golf and when asked…said ya go for it!! that is the extent of what bobo did or did not do!!

        ANd just what actual proof is there that obl is dead…some pics and someone saying he was burind at sea?? Bobo has been caught enough times, lying about other BS, that most folks should at least question the narrative……Ever hear of wag the dog????

        And would it have not been better to capture him than to kill him??

        You sound like one of those gullible fools…you know…a liberal democrat!!

      • Water-boarding gave us his location and the Seals took him out—Obama just happened to be president—he had no choice but to give his approval.

  5. There is no excuse for his actions – he must be prosecuted for these actions
    He clearly has taken our taxpayer dollars to help our enemies.

    • He is the enemy!!

      • Who, Trump? Yes he is!

        • You Sir are what Obama calls a “Useful Idiot”!! You hate America so much, GET OUT!!!

          • I sir happen to love America. You sir are what trump calls an uneducated person. You get out 🙂

          • One question, HUSSIEN Obama has released several of his moooslim terrorist pals from gitmo. Obama has brought into this nation thousands of “refugees” who are really ISIS terrorist, if most libs admit this to be true. So if one of these terrorist has a chance to murder you or someone you love, do you think they will stop and ask, “Hey did you vote for our moooslim brother HUSSIEN obama”, “Ok we won’t kill you”.. Yea thats not the way its works. Just ask all the gays slaughtered by a moooslim in Orlando, you know 99% of them voted for your MOOOOslim super hero usurper America hating obama!!

          • F*#k is a mooooslim?

          • Eric Hartman!

          • Yes? You want what now? Or perhaps you should just take Bannon’s advice to the press and “just shut up and listen”. You would think that Bannon of all people would be aware of the purpose of the First Amendment but wonders never cease. Or perhaps you are just another that ASSumes he knows all? Go away son, ya bother me.

          • If it’s not part of the solution, its part of the problem that would mean U moonshine!
            Buzz, Buzz,Buzz!

          • Made my morning to block Eric Hartman

          • Good morning sunshine!!!

          • Thats what mooslums do…….bed their wives, then kill them along with any of their children that do not mind or do not do their duties as ordered via papa………then they wed a 2 yr. old because then they can be the perverts that has always been allowed by Mohammad the CULT leader……Bozo is a wuss, cause Moochelle wears the pants in the family……


          • You sir are a idiot. If u think for one moment that Obama had the American people at heart. I wish all u Obama and Hillary lovers would leave our country. All of u are back stabbers. Here Obama gives a country that is known to promote terrorism and u still support this man. You are probably one of the leaches living off the system . Or either you have family thats doing so. Just leave or shut up and get over it ok. Trump isnt a push over American hating scum bag like Obama

          • You sir are totally off base but I guess we get to try it your way. We’ll just see how it works out.

          • I thin you are going to like it! That is if you can get a clue!!

          • I thin you ain’t going to like it with out even having to get a clue. Gods thing because we won’t be able to afford one.



          • Oh, and when things go from bad to worse don’t come whining to me 🙂


          • No, your new POTUS is the chief whiner and idiot of the USA. You are not doing such a bad job of whining and being a moron yourself there grandma! Oh, and since when have I been around you? Believe me, I would spend no more time around you then absolutely necessary. Never would tickle me plum pink in fact.

          • Gawd you are a moron. Yet another near sighted alternate facts believer. I don’t know where you hail from but it’s not the America I grew up in and was born here in the Rocky Mountain States 60+ years ago. Used to think I was a Reagan Republican until I had to scrap a living under his union busting and trickledown voodoo economics and “new rules”. And no, unlike you alternate fact loving brainwashed nincompoops have been told, lefties are not all on welfare. The vast majority are hard working honest folks, me included. You like living in what is rapidly becoming either an oligarchy or a dictatorship or a theocracy, or a corporatocracy, or a weird combination of all four, you be the one to leave ok. Plenty of places you can go. Give us our country back.

          • If you did (very doubtful), you liberals wouldn’t be burning, looting, killing and destroying buildings, along with tripping senior citizens on the streets…..You are proving that you are exactly like BO & HC that hate the USA……..You cannot accept any outcome that does not fit with your agenda……….So you whine & CRY…….

          • eric is just a troll…a mindless flailing beast, having no cogantive skills, only reacting as a feral simple minded beast does!

            You see them at the zoo flinging feces at folks~!!

        • Stop being an ass!

        • Trump is YOUR POTUS!!!

          • Indeed. Just as Barack Hussein Obama was YOUR POTUS. Any further comments?

          • never said he was not!!1 jackass

          • Maybe not but all I heard from y’all was bitch bitch bitch and still am. So. Guess I, ericcandoandwill. donkydick

          • WOW!! what a sassy little monkey! ya learn to phist ph()ck yourself and you are a bad azz!! you go girl!! ha ha ha

          • haha. More like an old fart that does not take crap. Mostly. I’ll leave the phisting to someone else thanks. You go ahead on though if it turns your crank. 🙂

          • coming a gomer bull, you get your hopes up, then realize what you are!

          • U likey golden showers me bet?

          • Golden Showers? No thanks. Perhaps you haven’t heard but that is tRumps thing with the whores of Moscow. Me not so much, in fact not at all. You appear to be just one more ASSumer. Seems there are a TON of you on this alternate fact sight.

          • Well “Cleon” it looks like we’ll be hanging around together, for I would say; eight years of sweet revenge?

            That’s a lot of azzuming in my book, I just hope U can handle it!

            What U think of all them Whores that Soros and Moore paid for, was there any worth a penny?

          • Open wide O Bummer an’t threw with U!



          • 4 years? Like your post further down, don’t get your hopes up 🙂

          • worried trump will cut off your SANP, WIC and all the other freebies a get!!

          • hahahahaha I see you are scraping the bottom of your little playbook barrel, ASSuming I am on the dole, sucking the government teat. Well sorry you lose once again. So sorry to disappoint but I’m not.

          • I have a long ways to dig before I will even begin to hear and or see your azz!

          • What? Only way you see my azz is when I moon you, and you hell sure ain’t gonna touch it. You seem to have misinterpreted..the ASSume is that you are the ASS for assuming what you don’t know. Just more alternate facts? Yes, you all LOVE those.

          • STFU…go troll someone who cares!

          • taTA buttercup!


          • It hard to tell which one’s you mouth and which one is your azzhole they both smell to high heaven, and spew rancid things!

          • Care to share just how you became such an expert on azzholes?

          • I imagine it has something to do with all the Cleons hanging around the moon expunging gas from the dark colon bowls, too bad U lost, better luck in four years!

          • Ignoring all your babble about moons and such, to the heart of the matter about losing. Perhaps one day you will wake up to realize that we ALL lost. Or maybe you are too young or just too naive for that realization.

          • U better go back to your library?


            Trump is not a puppet!

          • Maybe you should seek professional help?

          • I think taking your advice would be a really, really bad mistake?

          • More silliness with that phony “Protocols” crap. Grow up, you flaming, ignorant bigot!

          • I feel so honored, thank U, Stay tuned for your next lesson on PC Vocabulary, and safe space!



          • Let’s hope U can convince Killary to run again, after all she’s fifty points ahead, and Mad Donna is still working off her election obligation!



          • That’s Eight years Alex!

          • It takes a Jackass to know a jackass. Suggest you look in a mirror to look a the biggest one.

          • OUCH!! Why do you hurt the one’s you love sooo much!!! and are sooo right!!

          • All I see when I look in the mirror is PRETTY!!

          • Why do I want to look at your azz for????

            Get rid all of the anti -Americans! One major hole mole gone, ten thousand to go!


          • If Obama managed 2 terms of years then Trump should easily swish through 3 terms of 4 years each (the inconstitucionality of this matter should concern you as much as it concerned Obama, that is, not at all).

          • WTF…does that even mean? can you try again and in English this time!!


          • hard to make complete sentences??

          • Not any longer useful idiot, time for U to suck it up!

          • Maybe, but better I have a suggestion what you suck.

          • I’m sure U do KuntCap!




            BO & HC ARE GONE, GONE, GONE ……..HAPPY DAYS………..

          • Good to be joyful….but do not forget the entire dnc is a den of liars, vipers, and con men…..and there are a few in the GOP too!!

            Trump has an uphill battle…but he seems up to the task!! wait until Gen Mattis starts water boarding some of the sand knee grows…watch shcumer’s head explode!!! ha ha

        • BOZO has been the enemy for a decade……….he is an illegal muslim corrupt dictator.

      • Send him to Gitmol with Hillary and Sharpton

    • There are no more funds for prosecuting him because a wall is being built at our expense,

      • Stupid Lib-TURDS

      • You need to open your asshole so your head can see daylight. You obviously have had it up there for 8 years and do not know what is going on.

        • No, you’ve just been so consumed with hate and alternate facts for 8 years that you don’t know what’s going on.

          • Please enlighten us as to what is going on??

            Just how many billions did bobo give to terrorist countries and organizations?? money that should have been used for WE THE PEOPLE!!

          • No, you tell me how many billions Obama, all on his own, gave to terrorist countries and name those countries please.

          • bobo gave WE THE PEOPLE’s money to terrorist nations!! bobo has no skin in the game!

            busy day trolling??

        • do not get ole eric wee weed up…he is a feces flinger!!! a bad azz feces flinging monkey!!

      • AT OUR expense?? WTF does that mean??….any expense is good as it will deter illegals from flooding into the country….And that is a good thing as WE as a country must know who is here…..and it will stop illeglals from coming into the US killing us, raping us, stealiing our jobs, infecting us with diseases and stealing social services they are not entitled to…..So I guess you are in favor of all those??

        • Yes, at our expense. Last I heard Mexico is not going to pay for the wall as was promised by your fearless leader. Please substantiate all your accusations. ” immigrants are generally less likely to commit crimes than the native population, according to the The Wall Street Journal. ” Yes the WSJ that liberal rag of a publication.

          • and you believe everything the media tells ya!!! ha ha what a gullible maroooon!

          • haha absolutely not! But I seem to pick more reliable sources than you 🙂 We’ll see who is the gull-i-bull maroon. Time tells all.

          • Soo you say and think cnn is more accuarate, more reliable???….your issues run much deeper than I thought!!

          • See, there you go again. You ASSume I watch CNN. When did I quote them? Sorry, you ASSume too much once again. Indeed, when you point a finger out calling someone a gullible maroooon, remember you have THREE fingers pointing back at your own self.

          • off your drugs again….isn’t there a guardian or someone who should be keeping an eye you??

          • Here’s a little advice, U really should leave your mirror at home, that way U can’t catch yourself pointing back at cha’ just saying; that’s what I would do? One Azz to the other!

          • Oh I see….so if not cnn, you must be a loyal viewer of THE VIEW!! I bet you are a huge whoopi fan!

          • What are the odds, just curious?

          • Maybe you should inform Ashely Judd of this, after all she is a nasty woman and it could save her some sheets?

        • Fresh off the press, “Mexican president Enrique Pena Nieto on Thursday cancelled a meeting with Trump.” Guess that means he is not bringing steamer trunks of pesos to build that wall.

          • don’t worry……mexico will pay…just watch…and pay attention….ya just might learn something!!

          • Oh I’ll watch allright. Bet I’ll learn more what a dork tRump is.

          • Just sit back and learn Cleon!

          • No worries, we’ll just have to take it from his assets here.

          • Hmmm..$15 billion in assets here? Good luck with that.

          • The Drug Money Genius!

          • Yes, 15 billions, if that is what it costs. Even 20 or 25 billions would be cheap if it prevents one single terrorist attack or if it was your or my family that were to suffer any loss due to our negligence. As to wishing me good luck, I never believed in good luck, because I have never won the lottery. Maybe you have but I have not. (I do admit it’s rather hard to win the lottery if you fail to play it)

            As to how I find the assets here ? Very easy: a dollar at a time.
            (Let me help you: assuming half of the stated illegal immigrants 5 millions of the assumed 10 +) send 1000 US $ a month to Mexico (only) you have 12000 $ year that are being transferred from the US to MEX?
            12,000.00 a year multiplied by 5 million is ‘only 600,000,000,000.00 us $. (If my calculator is not mistaken). Now, so that we do not exaggerate things, let us just impose a 10 % tax on those transfers we would have an income of 60,000,000,000.00 to pay for he wall. The only problem for Trump is to decide if he wants to cash it in in just one year and still be left with @ 45 billions to use as pocket money, (to dedicate to American unemployed workers here in their own country, like in the much derailled communities in Appalachia and elsewhere) or to dedicate to border security, retirement funds for our military, increase in defense budget, etc., etc..
            Like you say: Hmmmm., doesen’t sound that difficult to me but then again I am not a liberal like you.
            Remember who it was that said: Elections have consequences. He said that less than 8 years ago. Or is your memory that poor or that selective ?

          • Well, that’s a lot of fancy arithmetic. The flaw I see though is after tRump deports all the illegal immigrants as he promised, then there would be no $600,000,000,000.00 dollars being transferred across the border. In fact there would be a big fat goose egg, that is to say zero dollars being transferred across the border. Therefore, if my arithmetic is correct, no matter if zero is taxed at 10% or 77%, there will be a grand total of zero tax collected. Furthermore, since tRump has promised to cut taxes (primarily on the most wealthy and not so much for us pee-ons) I reckon it will be us pee-ons paying for his fantastic tall beautiful wall. Oh well.

          • Here is the problem with your concept. It is simply illogical to state that if transfers are taxed the sender would stop sending transfers. Pray tell me how much is transferred from the US to (say ONLY MEXICO) today:
            Whatever that amount would be (say 100 dollars a year so that we can use 100 % of what is transferred today).

            You state that if 100 dollars are transferred today at no cost (untaxed) they would keep transferring 100 dollars.
            Now you state that if 100 dollars are taxed at 20 %, or at whatever percentage you may choose, (and we get the 20 % or 20 dollars) NO money WOULD BE TRANSFERED, then the money has 3 options:
            a) no money is transfered and therefore remain in the US (good for the US as that money would be invested here and subject to taxes until necessary)
            b) the money is transfered but on a more or less illegal matter (each individual needs to go personally to Mexico to take the money in cash), good for law inforcement agencies which would get rid of criminals involved in these shenanigans.
            c) the recipient would ask the sender to open an account and keep the money here and borrow money in Mexico (backed by his money deposited in US banks or in banks vetted by the US), good again for US institutions who would levy taxes on these deposits, (for the specific purpose of footing the bill for the wall and rendered null and void after it has been paid for). Nota been: please do not assume that this is a Democrat’s proposal the likes of which we are sure would never be rescinded, remember we have a decent Republican administration.

            The basic problem with your answer being that you do not like the fact that 1 and one is 2 (for mathematical and logical purposes) and therefor you do not like the fact that the argument has value. Wether you like the fact that I stated the way the wall could be paid for by Mexico is of no consequence. What is important is that if the wall is to be built it could be paid for by Mexico, wether they like it or not.
            Besides, always remember that elections have consequences. This being but just one of them.

          • You go for it gramps! Call up the Donald and become one of his staff members. Your efforts would be biggly appreciated. Better hurry though. Some of the not so loyal staffers are tweeting biggly happenings that are happening as we speak. Here’s what they tweeted about the wall plans…

            “POTUS strategy on wall tax is to hurt Mexican economy, force them to surrender and foot bill. He knows the tax will never pay for the wall.”

          • If you care to hear the rest of the leaked tweets go to

            You might enjoy them!

          • So you seem to agree with me that (just like the Billary used to say) it’s just a Democrat’s Conspiracy with no solid evidence. You may not like my comments but you and I know that: Elections have consequences. You do remember the imbecile who said this, don’t you ?

          • Well no, sorry, but I don’t really agree with you. And no, I see no Democratic conspiracy evidence or not relating to the subject at hand. Indeed I remember the President Obama quote as well. I do doubt that an imbecile could make such a true statement though, wouldn’t you agree? I am waiting with bated breath however for certain consequences for certain actions of other individuals directly related to this election past. It may happen fast or it may take time. I’ll be patient.

            Oh, I guess you didn’t skim through all the little tweets above? Rather enlightening I thought 🙂

          • So you seem to agree with me that (just like the Billary used to say) it just a Democrat’s Conspiracy with no solid evidence. You may not like my comments but you and I know that: Elections have consequences. You do remember the imbecile who said this, don’t you ?

          • The Cartel must be upset! That’s alright their money isn’t getting back to Mexico its going into the wall! Thank U DRUG CARTEL!!!! by the way Mr President fired the head Mexican cartel of the CIA, No wonder the Mexicans cancelled!

      • A wall that you and Mexico are paying for.

        • Me (and you) probably yes, because, unlike tRump, I pay my taxes. Dunno maybe you don’t just like your fearless leader? Mexico paying? Seriously doubt it. Perhaps you haven’t heard on your alternative facts sights that El Presidente de Mexico canceled the meeting with fearless leader?

      • 10 billion to Iran, 122 million to Palestine, do the math!

    • And much else!


      • If they prosecute him for treason {how many times} can they do at once? Then we can keep his retirement and not have to look at him any more.

    • You must mean that ” he clearly has taken our taxpayer dollars to help his friends, instead of our enemies”. Although it means the same.

      • Exactly— so hard to believe that that POS can give taxpayer money to our enemy. He and Sorros Hijacked this country for the past 8 yrs– so much damage done and we must set by and allow it– no way we must all demand prosecution!!

    • High crimes and misdemeanors should give him a long time behind bars.

  6. Does BO not know ISLAM rejects homosexuality?

  7. President Trump needs to bring him up on charges of treason

    • electrocute him and then have a trial….have the ho clintoney and her former leg humper billy “the rapist traitor” hold his hands during the event…

    • …AND, indict soro$$$$$$ also, since obamA has been a puppet of soro$$$$$$ from the beginning. Failure to stop soro$$$$$$ will constitute an AIRTIGHT GUARANTEE that eventually soro$$$$$$ will find a NEW puppet to screw the USA; therefore, the importance of stopping soro$$$$$$ cannot be exaggerated. But even better than indicting soro$$$$$$ (and his sons as well) for treason, why not just extradite them to Russia, where an arrest warrant for the old SO-CALLED “man” is extant? You know, Trump might even DO this; hence a word to the wise: soro$$$$$$ investment funds, when and if this happens, will plummet to ZERO in value overnight. Good cause to DUMP THEM IMMEDIATELY.

    • He can’t, it was authorized by congress and later was put on a temperary holding pattern. Obama just over ruled and sent the money. I do not agree, but nothing would surprise me.

    • Bring himself up on charges of treason? See we can agree on something!

      • Typical lib snowflake comment, Trump has done nothing to be brought up on treason,When Odummer has a list a mile long

        • Just give him a little more time 🙂 Obama treason? Just like Chuck Norris says? I thought you guys HATED Hollywood! Your homework assignment is to hand write that mile long list. Gawd you righties have no sense of humor.

  8. Thank God and thank all fellow American patriots that Donald John Trump is POTUS! If Hillary was there we’d be in hell for 4 years. Now, we have excitement and a hard working POTUS, doing more to improve this great republic in just a few days, than Obama did in 8 years.

    Trump is checking to see if somehow we can stop the payment to the terrorist group Hamas, which has sworn the “annihilation” of Israel from the face of the earth. Hamas rules the Palestinians. If it is possible to stop the payment, Trump will find it. Trump is working hard to defend this country, get the economy churning again, build a wall, repair/rebuild infra-structure, get the pipelines started again, renegotiate the one-sided NAFTA, meet with the PMs/Presidents of UK, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Australia, Israel, and others, issue executive orders to undo Obama’s perverted and anti-American orders, and work hard for America, getting 4 hours or less sleep per night.

  9. Did he aid and abet terrorism? Try him in court for crimes agents humanity.

  10. the real question is how many rockets will the rags buy to fire at Israel?? That worthless piece of snake schit, arafart spent half of the Real American taxpayer’s dollars to buy rockets and the other half to keep that blond hore in France in the style of living that the $lut had become accustomed to…you remember arafart…he was the rag ahole that thought cafe curtains were very chic headgear…of course I suppose a rag gay would think that…here it many years later and we have that african rag loving communist giving the rag terrorists more cash…we have come to expect traitorous activities from the african…

  11. Apparently Trump’s State Department has STOPPED that payment.
    I sure hope that’s right. These days you don’t know what to believe. Snopes, predictably, put the twist on it, saying Obama did it for humanitarian reasons. Yeah, right! Give terrorists money, and you know they’re going to build bombs with it. It’s past time that the TRAITOR goes down for TREASON.

  12. Obama is an Islamic NWO snake! If Obama’s Muslim Jihadists don’t have the money in their hands, it should never be given to Fatah or Hamas killers.

  13. Something I read said that President Trump’s administration has put a hold on that money. I pray to God, they did.
    Trump freezes Obama’s $221,000,000 parting gift to the “Palestinians”
    Posted by National Director, Dee on January 25, 2017 at 5:56pm in Trump AdministrationSend Message View Discussions
    TrumpFormer US President Barack Obama, in his waning hours, quietly released $221 million to the Palestinian Authority (PA), which Congress had been blocking.

    The Trump administration announced it is freezing the move.

    The State Department is reviewing the last-minute decision by former Secretary of State John Kerry to send $221 million dollars to the Palestinians.

    Kerry formally notified Congress that State would release the money Friday morning, just hours before President Donald Trump took the oath of office.

    The funds — supposedly intended for reconstruction in Gaza and good governance programs for the Palestinian Authority — were being blocked by at least two Republican lawmakers— Ed Royce (R-CA), the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and Kay Granger (R-TX), who sits on the House Appropriations Committee — in response to Palestinian attempts to join international organizations, from which it intended to launch more international campaigns against Israel and before a peace deal with Israel.

    Such holds are generally respected but are not legally binding.

    read more:

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  14. Besides being a loser, he is a sneak and a coward. He is a puppet whose strings are pulled by the real people in charge, Valerie Jarrett, and the evil one, George Soros, who should be exiled from our country as he has been from other countries. Obama always was mere figure head put in place to do the deeds of his “superiors.” Jesse Jackson even set him up with a “wife” in order to give him enough respectability to run for president and get him away from the Chicago bathhouses that he frequented. Never in the history of our country have we even had a more Manchurian president.

  15. How does the Prez,ex Prez have the keys to the piggy band?? Oh,My bad,Can’t call it the piggy bank,Might up-set the Muslims !!T.S. About time someone knows what goes on in Washington. Something the the people we elect,don’t want you to know !~!

  16. So glad the a whole is gone from our government. Let us hope trump puts the treasonous idiot in prison

  17. Humanitarian aid is, food, clothing, medical supplies and household supplies not, money. You give a drug addict money, he/ she buys drugs with it. You give terriost money, they buy bombs.

  18. Soooooo ….. then this must make Obama the “Biggest Terrorist” of them All, duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “CORRECT ….. CORRECT,” No QUESTION ABOUT IT, PERIOD~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Obama was a closet Muslim, that’s why he gave over a hundred and seventy billion dollars to terrorist Iran, and then sent Gitmo prisioners to a Middle East terrorist country like Saudi Arabia. Sooner or later our soldiers will be fighting these same freed terrorists again, thanks to the biggest terrorist of all, Obama.

  20. he gives cash to muslimes who want to destroy us and the fag shaft to the american people

  21. OBAMA, GITMO is calling for you and all the Congress People that stole $$$ from our treasury. We want you know. Please Trump Do your American Duty.

  22. the man is, was and always will be the biggest asshole ever. Go happy he is gone, now with hope he and his family will leave America and go to Kenya and spew his BS!

    • But soro$$$$$$ is still breathing. The show ain’t over.

      • but all we have at this point is that more and more info is coming to light regarding HIS money and the PROTESTS……..and the people will not put up with it because they are seeing and hearing will be living a NEW life very very soon…..a life TRUMP will give many people…..Soros is a terrorist and must be treated as one.

        • Yes, by all means soro$$$$$$ is a terrorist, and he’s also a thorn in Trump’s side. IMO a convenient way to get rid of him is to extradite him to Russia, where there is an extant warrant for his arrest. This would be much quicker, much cheaper, and in all probability more sure of a decent outcome than indicting him for treason (which OF COURSE he is guilty of). His money can effortlessly purchase an entire legion of LOY-YIZZ and judges. Just too risky!

  23. Simple BHO hates Jews and always has . He was brought up that way and his true god is Ala !!

  24. This Illegal Muslim Is an embarrassment.

  25. According to Pamela Geller this money has been frozen by the Trump state department and that the Palestinians can just pucker up their lips and kiss that money good by. I had not voted for President Trump so much as I voted against Hillary, but so far he has turned out really fantastic.

  26. an he will get probably half or more of that back as a donation to his/her newly launched foundation an library, from the Palestinians. all a money laundering scheme, anothe KNIFE in the BACKS OF THE USA TAX PAYER, from the FRAUD FAKE POS potus.

    • “Palestinians”? I prefer to call them by their Biblical name: philistinEs. The peculiar punctuation is intended to signify contempt.

  27. … he needs to be charged as an “enemy combatant” & for “aiding & abetting the enemy / enabling”… the military CAN arrest him, try him before a tribunal & hang the POS !

  28. Don’t hand over the money…..and make this horrific man pay back the $90 million he spent on vacations during his 8 years in office. He’s a disgrace, and his wife too!!!

  29. It will take years to undue the damage Obama has caused this country! Looks like Trump will have 8 years now. He was every bit the crook Hillary is. But the free ride snowflakes can’t see it, shows how dumb they are. Our collages and the liberal professors sure did a job on them for left wing brain washing……. Made some great sheep out of our kids.

  30. Who is surprised barack, the muslim president, sent millions of dollars to fund muslim terrorists? Are you actually surprised? He has done this throughout his term in office and our Congress stood there with their fingers in their noses watching. Disgusting and 100% ANTI-AMERICAN.

    Anyone who remotely thinks barack “loved” our Nation needs to see a psychiatrist for delusional behavior.

    Thank God that monkey king is gone! Hopefully (I truly believe this will happen) President Trump will “trump” obama and show the World — besides our Nation – the feeble minded coward bho really is. Believe me, it wasn’t barack alone who was acting destructively against Americans AND ISRAEL, but his handlers being run by Soros himself and the Globalists.

    You want to rid the world of EVIL MEN? Make george soros and his minions fall in a huge sink hole somewhere. The World Arena would be a better place without that billionnaire or any other billionnaire who has made a deal with the Devil to have POWER to own Mother Earth and rule her peoples.

  31. And the Liberal Networks say, “OH NO HUSSIEN OBAMA IS NOT MUSLIM, OH NO”!! They know he’s a mooslim usurper terrorist, they don’t care because Liberals and Moooslims both hate America!

  32. Robbert Hoekstra Azusa

    The Muslim Arab traitor and collaborator ought to be shot for treason to the people of the United States of America and collaborating with her enemy. Hamas controlled Palestinians will use the money to purchase weapons to be used against Israel. Since Islam has declared war on the United States of America SOBama abused the Office of the U.S. Presidency by aiding and abiding America’s enemy. Many immigrants coming into the United States from former European colonies, especially from Arab countries, carry in their baggage a hate and rage issue of REVENGE against Great Britain and America (yes, even the new regime of the Philippines). If not the first generation, then the generations thereafter. Hussein Obama was one of them. He has abused his Executive Power to relocate hundreds of thousands of Muslim Arab “refugees” that Australia refused in the United States.

  33. Please can we move on .Sick of hearing about the worthless bama’s and clinton’s ! They are history …They don’t matter ! We know what they are and will be remembered that way !

  34. “Congress had initially approved the Palestinian funding in budget years 2015 and 2016, but at least two GOP lawmakers — Ed Royce of California, the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and Kay Granger of Texas, who sits on the House Appropriations Committee — had placed holds on it over moves the Palestinian Authority had taken to seek membership in international organizations. Congressional holds are generally respected by the executive branch but are not legally binding after funds have been allocated.” So go ahead on and get your panties all in a bunch.

  35. The funds were originally approved by Congress, but Republicans put a
    hold on the money when the Palestinian Authority began seeking
    international legitimacy. Obama didn’t break the law by overriding the
    holds, though he did establish the kind of precedence that could further
    weaken the power of congressional Democrats.TRUMP WILL BE BREAKING THE LAW IF HE DOES NOT SPEND FUNDS CONGRESS AUTHORIZED. HE HAS NO RIGHT TO MAKE LEGISLATION. He has already shirked his constitutional duty to promote the general welfare by refusing to send relief workers to a tornado stricken region of Mississippi. IMPEACH TRUMP BEFORE HIS SCORCHED EARTH POLICY KILLS OUR PEOPLE!

  36. I don’t understand why the American people want to do this. I thought that these Palestinian dudes were not our friends. I also thought that the United States is broke and going ever deeper into debt. It seems strange to me that this was not the best decision on Obama’s part. But then again, who am I to say?

  37. I guess half the country and politicians don’t care were 20 Trillion in debt and the people who should be getting us out of debt continue to give money away we don’t have. Is that how you operate your household budget?

  38. Obama needs to be arrested. He Hand always has been an enemy of the State. He has never been a citizen of this Country!!!!!

  39. Obama needs to be arrested and spend the rest of his miserable life in PRISON!!! He is nothing but a Rat fink!!

  40. ONLY COngress can cut the check…..bobo can write as many checks and give them to terrorist organizations as he wants to,……the money stops at/with congress…..

    SO Congress needs to put a STOP PAYMENT on that check..

  41. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f2eea83c77c55d9cb0708b0879476a302a2dd1e49998fd8cf3bf53ec70112fe7.gif

    Well, Obama is a Muslim after all. Add to this fact Obama is a vile liberal scum fascist.

    American liberal patriot equals OXYMORON.

  42. How did Obama accumulate 12 million dollars in short period of time, Michelle accumulated 11 million also. Not bad for a short term investment.

  43. Yeah; He Gives It All To “PALESTINE & The HELL WITH ISRAEL”!!! Jim

  44. michael schimanski

    obama is a black traitor and piece of shit . Seeings how michelle is a man in woman’s clothes , he is the type of man who would screw his girls and have them suck his johnson .

  45. His legacy will be a simple one they will come back to drive him nuts because he believes he is some sort of idol. Yup, rusty and broken.

  46. Would this be considered an act of Treason? Why should the American patriots continue to pay Obama a retirement of over $500,000.00 per year plus the cost of security when he has violated the will of congress and the people of the United States. Obama continues to promote his value system based upon the Quran which is in direct opposition to the values of the Constitution and the 200 plus years of this country. He is a traitor at best.

  47. I would really like to see an audit of ALL of Obama’s executive spending that Congress and We the People didn’t know about. I am convinced that he can be prosecuted for failure in his fiduciary duties in addition to treason.
    Hope Sessions will begin investigating Obama’s spending ASAP.

  48. I think I just found 221 million for Trumps wall?

  49. His sycophant supporters, fake-news propagandists and RINO “Re- punk-licans” all refuse to face reality: he is a MUSLIM-MARXIST JIHADIST – so tragic, these mentally deluded fools all have a death wish! GO TRUMP, and get AMERICA back from the “TRANSFOIRMRD & TRANS-GENDERED AMERIKA” that it had become under the demonic psychopath, NWO-elitist puppet!

  50. A much needed cash infusion to expand and build new Suicide Bomb making factories and do it yourself suicide bombing instructional book businesses across the middle east.


  51. Obama is nothing but a half breed who hates the USA and would do anything to destroy the USA , that’s why he wanted all the muslims in the USA as these people are evil

  52. This criminal needs a jail sentence.

  53. No money for the veterans and senior citizens but plenty for the Muslims, If you believe he is not a muslim you will also believe I saw a cow jump over the moon last night.

  54. This may have been another middle finger to America from Pajama Boy. But my understanding is Trump and his team will be able to negate this transfer before it reaches the Palestinians. If so, the new administration needs to communicate a clear and unequivocal message to Pajama Boy … “if you keep meddling and attempting to further impose your treasonous actions, you will be come a permanent resident of Gitmo with no hope of ever seeing the American main-land ever!!! again.

    • And anyone who attempts to intervene and prevent Pajama Boy’s treasonous incarceration, will be included. We will quickly re-populate Gitmo. (BTW this includes any of you mindless snowflakes, unicorn utopians and crayon book scumbags too.)

  55. There are 5 living Ex-Presidents with their jaws dropped in Awe by seeing how much work a President could get done in Four Years! Oops, I mean TEN DAYS!

  56. Let’s get an update on this. Some reports read like this one that says Obama authorized the payment and it went through. Others say Trump STOPPED this……and yet others say the Trump administration is LOOKING INTO this for possible stoppage. Jeez……which is it in the final analysis ????

  57. What is so surprising about a Muslim President who hates Jews , Israel, Whites, and America , helping his fellow terrorist jihadists? When he studied as an adult in Pakistan what do you think he was learning and what do you think he was being taught by the radical jihadists?

  58. Thanks to the awareness of the check writers, the money was held back and never sent…..THANK THE LORD……Wonder if the Iranians will forgive that OOPS?………They might want to do to him what they did to the Benghazi guy, cattle prod up the rump, and doing the same with his personals……plus skinning him alive, and then sitting him on fire…….Tortured him for over 4 hrs…….

    If they did that to BO………..he would deserve it……….

  59. Jackie Welytok Urbanski

    It will be written in our history books that Barack Obama was the worse president ever and a trader to the United States of America.

  60. He has already bankrupted this country. I don’t know if we can save it. How many Yuen does it take to make 221 million dollars. God help us.

  61. Why would congress ever want to give these people any of our money, period We the people should have to vote on stuff like this, taking money from people and giving to people that hate us and the JEWS

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