Obama: Fox News to Blame for Poverty Myths

Speaking at Georgetown University on Tuesday, President Obama blamed the media for feeding misconceptions about poor people and their plight. “I have to say, if you watch Fox News on a regular basis, it’s a constant menu. They will find folks that make me mad. I don’t know where they find them. They’re all like, ‘I don’t want to work, I just want a free Obamaphone’ or whatever. That becomes a narrative that gets worked up.”

Hmm, usually Fox News finds those people at your rallies, Mr. President. Anyway…

Obama, addressing the Catholic-Evangelical Leadership Summit on Overcoming Poverty, said that the idea that America’s poor are “sponges, leeches, don’t want to work, are lazy, are undeserving” came largely from media outlets like Fox News. “Very rarely,” he said, “do you hear an interview with a waitress, which is much more typical, who is raising two kids and doing everything right but still can’t pay the bills.”

Raising two kids as a single mom on a waitress’ wages qualifies as “doing everything right?” Point taken, but part of the reason we see so much poverty in this country is because we glorify the struggle. No offense to single moms stretching their paychecks – you deserve abundant respect – but let’s not act as if that is a perfectly valid family choice. Everyone makes mistakes. That’s not the problem. The problem is that we’re so scared of hurting anyone’s feelings that we can’t point out the obvious truth. Thus, millions of young women think there’s nothing wrong with aspiring to become a single mother. Nothing wrong with expecting a low wage McJob to cover all the bills. Nothing wrong with a lifetime filled with checks from the government.

The problem isn’t Fox News. Very few Americans are so far removed from the struggle that they believe the “Obamaphone” crowd accurately represents all poor people. The problem is that no one wants to admit that life is what you make of it. Getting rich isn’t about hard work so much as it is about making good decisions. None of this is magic. You get out of it what you put in. Liberals and feminists have made it a morality issue; it has nothing to do with morality. Every decision has consequences. Some decisions lead to poverty. Others lead to wealth. Liberals like Obama don’t want to believe it’s that simple, but it’s a lot closer to reality than the Blame the White Man story they peddle.

The real shame of it is that Obama knows better. You don’t get to be president of the United States by chance. He made history through a series of decisions that led him to his ultimate destiny. Sure, he might easily have failed, but chances are slim that he would have failed so badly he wound up on the dole. His life was assured success – not because he was blessed with charisma and good looks, but because he refused to settle for anything less.

If we agree that poverty is a bad outcome, then we must stop pretending that the decisions that lead to poverty are valid ones. Poor people may or may not be sitting around waiting for their government phones, but in the vast majority of cases they are poor due to their own bad choices in life. That’s not a judgment call. That’s a fact.

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    Obama, as all liberals and communists do, believe the world is what they say it is. They either can’t comprehend reality or they pretend it’s not real.

    • Francisco Machado

      Conservatives think rationally, Progressives think ideologically. Right now, Progressives are running the circus, which is analogous to the inmates running the asylum – with this in mind, the current state of affairs is understandable. If the ideology says shoveling coal on the fire will put it out and that doesn’t work, the ideology says you’re not shoveling fast enough.

      • LOL yall were so glad when the conservatives won the house and senate yet now that they again prove they are failures you want to say the progressives are running things- the gop has opposed every progressive move the president has tried to make simply because they are old white Nazis and want to keep America in the 30s and bigotry alive

        • You are simply a moron I can not come up with any better way to describe you, nope moron about sums it up.

          • I know facts and the truth leave you speechless and in awe . learn to live with it for another 8 years the democrats will rule that white house and the consevaturds will cry about the good old days when you could rig an election and take your bribes with no one the wiser

          • You do not know what a fact is little man you only say what you are told to say by your dumbocrat masters. You are a sad excuse for a human being you act much more like a sheep. You do not have the ability to think for yourself you live in la la land no grasp on reality you are the posterboy for a dumbocrat left wing puppet. You are uneducted you lack any self respect probably have some dead end job like getting paid a nickle every time you post something they tell you to post. I will never understand how the likes of you can be so weak and cowardly that you require a politican to tell you how to live your life and never question anything. Sad little man sad indeed.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            WOW! At least others are starting to figure this asshole Owens out!

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          • No, it means that like a good lefty you are too lazy to check your spelling.

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          • It isn’t rocket science.Owens is a lemming,not a sheep. He will willingly follow Obama over the cliff. All the while blaming conservatives for his downfall. He is one of Lenin’s “useful idiots”

          • Apparantly doesn’t know that the r could also stand for rino ( republican in name only )
            I know the goal here is to educate libs who are basically lemmings but at times I have to adhere to this adage. Never wrestle with a pig, the pig likes it and you both get dirty! Morons don’t know they are morons and think their worldview is the only worldview.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            He’s probably related to the troll called headuphisass or foul mouthed faye.

          • Could be one and the same.

          • Just a thought from a lot of decades ago from the schoolyard playground. “sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me” It has been 6 decades since I first heard that but it is what I am seeing here name calling is not intelligent debate. What about Obama is it that makes us revert to school yard tactics? Raising two or more children as a single parent can not be the course anyone aspires to it is tough almost impossible impossible without food stamps and welfare even if the parent is working two low paying jobs but getting no child support from the babies daddies.

          • at last a sensible comment and you are correct sir

          • Read my reply to Tom.

          • @jamesowens – Tom’s “sensible comment” is only rational when viewed from a perspective of illogic.

            De Oppresso Liber

          • I try to see things your way but I cant stick my head that far up my ass

          • @jamesowens – You assume I have a flexibility exceeding your ability to contort yourself sufficiently to wiggle your ears in your colon. I do not.

            Your comment indicates a desire that conversation devolve to your level of intellectual dysfunction. Your obvious lack of intellectual capacity indicates a lack of understanding that you’d lose even that battle. Take your meds, get some counseling, and then don’t publicly humiliate yourself by getting online to spout stupidity.

            De Oppresso Liber

          • Hello there Jimmy flim ,flam, fuax facts guy . ” How about that Donald Trump.” He’s considering as his running mate Sarah Palin .

          • any of the clowns would do – she is a fan favorite of john stewart and the other comedians because it really doesn’t matter a conservative / republican will never again sit in the oval office – America has awakened and the MAJORITY is aware and educated enough to rid ourselves of the corruption and liars so say good by and go back to twittling your winkie

          • I love it ! watching the moron crowd go off the deep end at the Drop of the name Sarah Palin. As for Corruption, That’s every progressives middle name given them at birth. Your all nothing more then Twink ,Troglodytes. Hey wiggle your ears your colons needing to be tickled.

          • Your statement about the difficulty of raising children is accurate but we must not forget the reason behind all this hardship and misery. The Left took over in the 60’s and implemented the war on poverty. Throwing fathers out of homes and setting the stage for the domination of inner cities by gangs.Now we have another leftist in the white house who drove so many businesses into bankruptcy that we now have nearly 50 million people on food stamps and most of the available jobs are either minimum wage jobs,part time jobs or a combination of both;with no benefits. Obama has created the current situation in order to control us. Him making it necessary for millions of people to count on food stamps and Obama care to survive was no accident,nor was it done out of compassion. It was done in order to control the people.

          • @Tom – The point of the article was to make clear that there are consequences which attach to the choices we make. Stated another way, the choices determine the consequences, both positively and negatively. Poor choices = bad consequences; good choices = good consequences. This is true except in the socialistic world, where there are no bad consequences for bad choices; there are, however, good consequences for poor choices in that socialistic world, and socialists become addicted to being forever immature. Their juvenile mindset and infantile illogic, as displayed here, make that all too evident to the intelligent, discerning, mature, conservative person who attempts communicating logically with such intellectually disadvantaged proglibiots, who are proponents of the nanny state.

            De Oppresso Liber

          • Of course being a single parent while raising two or more children is not what most anyone would aspire to. Though there are those welfare queens who see it as a free meal ticket for all their screwing around with everyone in town. It certainly would have been much easier had you stayed in school earned a degree, abstained from having children until you where more financially prepared to have children. Lets not play the false victim garbage here. Each of us are responsible for our own decisions our own actions. You wear your own decisions around your neck like a yoke. Stop the freaking whining, we all make our own beds its now time to sleep in them.

          • I stand corrected . I guess there are people who do just want to be on welfare and food stamps for life and pass the tradition on to the next generation.

          • “Never argue with stupid people, because they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience” – Mark Twain

          • I come to this site to get a broader opinion of the ideas but there are never any real discussions of the topics only foul mouth hate rants from illiterate mouth breathers with nothing to say except the talking points they learned watching orielly or attending their local klan meeting

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Awwwwwwww.. Poor baby! Yell for mommy, she’ll help you find your bottle….

          • You come to this site to call decent people monsters.You name call and accuse, you use fowl names then accuse others of the conduct you yourself engage in. You are beyond contempt. You attack then complain about being attacked.You do have an unlocked history that anyone can look at. You hit below the belt then cry fowl. Do you think that your past posts are hidden to others? If you do then you are even stupider than you sound.

          • @jamesowens – You would do well were you to take your ESL tutoring seriously. English, like so many other languages, has punctuation, as well as spelling and grammar rules. Once learned, it becomes easier to communicate better with your betters.

            De Oppresso Liber

          • @Mike Failla – Thank you for yet one more rule when attempting rational discussion with proglibiots, particularly proglibiotrolls. I have heard other porcine adages, and never tire of adding to my toolbox.

            De Oppresso Liber

          • You are welcome.

          • He is probably a Big Donor and doesn’t want his money to go to waste. However, he most likely has the memory of an evening at some Hollywood Fund Raiser where Gwyenth and Spieberg attended and he got to shake Obama’s hand. He might have Caddied for him the very next day. He could be a Govt. Employee who owes Taxes and doesn’t have to pay them.

          • but at least we are the winners and you again are a loser and will be at the next elections again LOL

          • Hey simple simon you act like there are more than a few of you, I got news junior you are a small hated minority in this country you better open your eyes to the reality that you mean nothing you insignificant gutterscutt. You are a joke, a minor annoyance and that is all you are it is all you will ever be little man. Wow you sure think a lot of yourself ha ha ha I feell sorry for you when reality hits you like a speeding train sparky.

          • LOL im a minority my ass. YOU ARE Nazi- my party of sane people won the last 2 elections by a majority of the TRUE AMERICAN people and that is even against the gerrymandering and poll rigging your party used in the states run by your crooked governors.
            PS we will win the next presidential again by a MAJORITY of the people
            OH do you even know what majority means= means MOST of the people not the few crazys like YOUR group of wackos. when Hillary is in office please be sure to remind me about that speeding train LOL

          • Keep telling yourself that Jimmy if it makes you feel better ha ha ha. You are NOTHING you and the likes of you are a very small and slowly disspearing minority. You mean nothing you never did you are all simply a bunch of whining losers that make up lies to try to make yourself feel better ha ha ha simple minded weak cowards.
            You are a mental sloth you will never amount to anything

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Joe! It’s a left-wing, liberal, paid TROLL ! The more you reply to the dildo the more you feed his demented ego!

          • Michael I know what he is I just use him to entertain myself he is kind of like a pet I make him do tricks and get a laugh out of it. He knows what he is too a lying fraud that craves attention

          • @joe – Yes, proglibiotrolls are like that — but they’re so handy when I want bullseyes trotted downrange!

            Cogito, ergo armatus sum.

          • LOL you keep forgetting what party your in – you lost -TWWICE and will lose again next election because America is waking up – that is why the conservatives don’t want to fund schools they afraid educated people will grow in mass as we are, and eliminate the stupid- that’s you. we grow smarter we grow in numbers and we unite and we have the facts . you remain in your limbo with your failures and dreams of power and continue to be a failure and dreams of glory -NOT

          • Speak boy speak!! good boy now go sit in the corner and play with your chew toy until I call on you again.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Ummmm, if the turd is married, I feel sorry for his ole lady. Gads, she has had to endure this asswipe all these years, poor thing!!

          • no we are the majority as we proved 2xs in the elections despite the gerrymandering and voter suppression the VAST MAJOITY won. you only think there are more of you because you cry wolf the loudest

          • Listen up chucklehead just because you think the delusional thoughts in your mind are real I have to tell you that does not make them real. You are a small insignificant minority and obamyrat was elected by fraud not by the people of this country. The only people that voted for him are illegal aliens, blacks that never voted for anything in their lives before and never will again and a small percentage of mentally challenged dim wits like you. Yes the truth hurts junior but some one had to tell you, no need to thank me I am just that kind of guy.

          • Peatro Giorgio

            James if your side is the winners then ask your self this question . ? Just what have you won.??? Really think about it . The minority community double in unemployment. Triple children born out of wedlock. Yea some free phones . What happened to that so called free health care. It isn’t free is it. In fact now instead of 39 million being uninsured there is now 47 million and cluming. What about that free college eduaction. Not so free either and even if the majority didn’t pit where’s t

          • hard for the president to do anything when the total klan conservaturd party says on 1st day they will deny him anything even voting against bills they proposed just because he said yes they then say no – fools and bigots just like you. the insurance is a success despite the lies your leaders generate and would have been even better if the Nazi leaders of the red states had allowed the coops to be set up to help the people they are supposed to serve instead of the slave masters who pay their bribes.

          • Jerry if all your able to do is follow In the footstep of blame everyone else old blow hard liar and chief scumbag then my friend your very much the lost cause. As for myself I look at my voting record of the past 38 years and wonder how it was that for the first 15. I had been so Niave. Voting merely for party. Not any more my friend . I vote for the Man or woman not party affiliations . Yes I am a Fiscal Conservative. LIBERTARIAN leaning. Tea- Party member. Independant. Now you have made it known your a sheeply individual. Follow the flock over the cliff type .What I predict will happen is, somewhere in the near or far future you to will realize just what an ass you have been. You as I have , will find yourself in deep dispair over past votes and having stood by those that continuely betrayed you.

          • sorry my friend the only vote I regret was Nixon as he was my 1st and last time I believed the republicans as they sold their party soul and continue to do so on a party and individual basis as they continue to lead the misinformed and ignorant over the cliff you so describe. thankfully there are educated people and enough of us to have a MAJORITY and continue to keep the bought and paid for GOP from selling the entire country to the corporations and creating the oligarchy the 1% crave

          • Sorry but you seem so very single dimensional. Ask your self this question . Who was it that profited the most under Old liar an chief. In both occasions whether it was during the entire goverment under control of the Dem-rats or now with a Rino majority of senate an house Repukes. Why yes of course it was buddies of buddies the very 1% you claim that only repukes help. Wake up from your sleep dreamer. The stock market hasn’t been climbing for the past six and one half years because of Republicans.

          • and who profited from the many wars cheney/blackwater and the bush clan and their warmonger friends

          • You voted for Carter and Obama and don’t regret it,then you call yourself intelligent and informed? Curious and revealing.

          • I bet you voted for both the bushes and still cant see how they destroyed the country
            and you probably would elect cheney if you could– how did your vote for palin and mr. senile go lol

          • I voted for Carter then I voted against him because I realized he was a political idiot. I voted for Clinton then voted against him when I realized out he was a Crook,a womanizer and a cocaine freak. Yes, I would vote for Cheney. He is a patriot. Obama is a traitor. I care for America unlike you. You only care about the Democrat party. BTW, do you support butchering innocent unborn babies and selling the parts for a profit? Do you believe using the IRS As a political weapon is good policy? Do you think it is a good thing to abandon diplomats and their loyal guards to be slaughtered for political reasons? You are a Democrat first and an American second. I am an American who happens to be a registered independent. Party loyalty isn’t my Thing,patriotism is. You back the crooks.Hillary is a criminal but you will vote for her…………pitiful.

          • @jamesowens – Knowing that, if I waited patiently, you would brag yourself into a corner of your own making, I’ll now use your own words to let you see your own prevaricative stance.

            You state, “thankfully (sic, sic) there are educated people and enough of us to have a MAJORITY….” Oh, you hadn’t received the news in your part of the world, that part which is dependent upon o’BamBamFones which can only receive the messages of your messiah. Well, here’s an update: While having a majority, o’BamBam rammed one major piece of legislation through the Congress when the part of slavery (the Demoncraptic party) *had* a majority — and o’BamBam could only do that by insuring that the legislation was passed without time for anyone to read it! The remainder of his destruction of the United States of America has been accomplished primarily by unConstitutional executive [dis]orders, not by the Demoncraptic party majority which o’BamBam enjoyed.

            Newsflash: o’BamBam now does not enjoy the luxury of a majority Demoncraptic party. Never fear, however, as there are still enough RINOs to help with confirmation of nominees to positions o’BamBam would fill, whether with or without consent of Congress. o’BamBam has already proven that he will do so unConstitutionally.

            So, you think you have a majority, yet you do not. You think that the majority which you do not have is roadblocked by the minority party, errors both of fact, for a minority party can not block the legislation of a majority party, as well as not presently having a majority party of your ignorance. Furthermore, when the Demoncraptic party was, in fact, the majority party, o’BamBam still blamed the minority party for not passing legislation the Prevaricator-in-Chief wanted passed. In actual point of fact, the minority party can not be justly blamed for not doing what they were not empowered to do — except in the magical world of fantasy in which you cuddle your o’BamBamFone.

            Sorry, Jerry, but at least you earn the Proglibiotroll of the Year Award!

            De Oppresso Liber

          • must be bottom drawer – while gerrymandering and voter suppression is the gop typical practice I do blame the last elections on liberal unconcerned . we will see a strong turnout in the 16 elections and in the meantime the conservatives cant agree woth themselves about anything useful to the nation. they more concerned about bengazi or e- mails than running the country

          • @jamesowens – Regarding screen names (as you desire the conversation devolve to your possession of the lowest common denominator), the reference is to that which you are all too obviously incapable of researching. (Hint: CCN ─ No, swee’pea, not “CNN!”)

            Citing as “typical” that which is atypical does not make it so. As for voter turnout, the Demoncraptic Party, of which you are so proglibiotrollically enamored, did quite well in the demographics of cartoon characters, corpses, pets, and individual people with multiple names. Matter of fact, turnout was so good that up to 140% of constituents were counted as supportive of the ineligible candidate, with nary a single vote in opposition. Truly remarkable, focused “voting.”

            Go right on ignoring murders and violations of national security, as that is the proglibiotic way. For my part, I’m rather happy that a few people in government are taking the concerns of We, the People seriously, as the great majority of Americans (exclusive of Demoncraps) view murder and violations of national security with a jaundiced eye, just as the majority perceive perjury to be a crime, but “What difference, at this point, does it make?” In the proglibiotic world of unicorns and butterflies, dead is dead, and it doesn’t matter if murder was the cause. After all, that’s just another useless law to break.

            Crawl back into your mommy’s basement and take your meds. little Jimmy.

            De Oppresso Liber

          • Roll over come on boy roll over, I knew you could do it, good boy.

          • still with nothing to say intelligent but you amuse your small mind and those who think in the same lil pattern of lies you do.

          • Down boy down stay off the furniture you know better.

          • Where do you get the delusion that any of your unproven assumptions has any basis in fact or is based on actual intelligent thought?

          • Michael Dennewitz

            And then when you back their sorry asses against the wall, they pull out that “blame it on somebody else” card! Dumbass. I bet when you were a little kid (last week) everything you screwed up, you blamed it on ANYONE else!! ROFLMFAO

          • go back to your porn channel mikey your brain is addled from to much self stimulation

          • Michael Dennewitz

            HAHAHA The suit from Goodwill speaks again. HAHAHA Go away socialist!!

          • You are stupid beyond belief!!!!

          • ou either lie or have not seen the job reports employment is up despite the 1% controllers of the conservatives moving jobs overseas . if your going to post at least learn the facts before you continue to spread lies and 1/2 truth gleaned from the fox talking heads

          • The fed,s Quarterly Report,s Chamber of commerce reports, The administration’s very own statements . Heres one more fact Moron the jobs reports claim 280,000 new jobs added to the economy, Hey idiot they also say the economy needs 328 ,thousand jobs a month to stay even, balanced. so those revised figures you’re using are really old useless news. The unemployment figures are real. in only this respect ,they show the number of folks who still have unemployment benefits available. And yes there are areas of our economy doing well.! Do wish to know where they are doing well.? Heres a hint there in Republican run States. Texas, Florida, North DAkota ,Nebraska, Indiana , Yes there are seven areas and they all happen to be in republican controlled states. Even in spite of the lying loser and chief obama turd. Those states are doing well. And that’s exactly why people are moving to those states and away from the cesspool urban areas .

          • you are obviously a spammer for the kochs as your lies are so easy for you to spout you are reading off a script. texas and florida are the 2 largest recievers of government support after California ans Indiana just filed bankruptcy– lucky for you most of your kind read nothing but this kind of trash or you would be called liar by more than me.
            the job rating has been sready increasing since Obama took office and the lies that obamacare would ruin it are another lie. . why don’t you lay the blame at the true culprit the bushes and cheney who backed the banks in crashing the economy of the world– my only dislike for the President is that he did not prosecute the bankers and the leaders of the collapse

          • Your proven by the second,that your oblivious,to the truth. Where are the facts . Spouting out Obama lying talking points is’nt going to win you any points here. Now as for Indiana filing for bankruptcy. I think moron you should have read further into that article. Indiana toll road operators file for Bankruptcy. Moron. Now as for Texas and Florida taking government hand outs here you go troll bullshit. What state has the longest continuous border with another nation exception of Alaska, why yes it’s Texas. Where are those federal dollars going moron why yes border patrol a federal funded agency. What states are those states who’s debt to revenue ratios are well out of touch with reality why yes it is those states that voted for progressive losers. Almost every last one of them. It isn’t the republican controlled states with more debt then revenue. What states are people leave faster then the rate of people coming in .? Why yes it’s the loser demo -rats states. Keep right on believing in your loser Troglodyte party moron.

          • yep you are definitely a Koch troll -playing spin-doctor and making up 1 lie on top of another to try and cover your complete disregard for the truth in your opening statements. you been caught liar and trying to spin out of one by casting a 2nd lie just proves you lie about all things

          • Ah yes Mr. Divert, deflect & obfuscation Still haven’t responded to my first set of points. The feds Quarterly reports, or The Chamber of Commerce s reports, or the Department of labor reports not their summery report but there complete in depth report which totally contradicts every stinking lie coming out of the Obama administration. On jobs and unemployment. .Moron You care to try again moron .

          • you are either totally stupid or think others are the very reports you mention prove you the liar that you are .it is typical conservaturd policy to lie- mislead – and distort the truth and think that no one will notice . sorry peabrain you been busted AGAIN as the liar YOU ARE

          • Ah yes nice try with the attempt at roll reversal ,However Troglodyte’s can not defeat facts and the administrations own facts ,have continually, kicked them in the ass. Pity You moron. The Federal reserve. Chamber of Commerce. Federal department of labor. PROVES YOUR TO FREAKING STUPID TO COMPREHEND FACTS. FACTS ARE Obama failed foreign policy ,Obama failed economic policy.,Obama failed health care policy. Obama zero . His minions Big fat Zeros. Zeros for you, How does it feel to be part of the zero crowd.

          • LOL – keep it up with every lie you spout you make my point for me and prove yourself the troll you are . I am still part of the winning team because we are the MAJORITY of intelligent Americans who voted in this successful President by a MAJORITY not once but twice by a MAJORITY just as we will win in 2016 by another MAJORITY. Fact foreign policy has improved 100% since bush/cheney left –foreign governments may not always agree but they are not scared of the stupid mistakes that the bushes made.
            Health care is a success and denying the facts wont change it //you lose. Obama saved America from the economic crisis the bush /cheney war machine crashed the world into and despite conservatives and 1% ers shipping jobs overseas the economy and jobs are growing faster than any time since Clinton had to rebuild after the reagon fiascos– you lose again find another site to troll your lies

          • Fact 47 million American now uninsured Fact. Unemployment rate in the
            urban black American community now 50 % higher unemployment rate then any other time History. Fact . The so called free college loans weren’t free after all .40% more college aged folks with college loans they can’t afford and 50 % of all college graduates can’t find jobs in the areas of studies they payed for. 50 % higher rates of young adults still living or moving back home with their parents Fact. Fact Putin, raided and stole the Crimea. Fact that would not have happened under a Republic president. Fact. The line in the sand with Serria. They danced a crossed that line laughing their asses of at pussy obama. O yes the reset button with Russia. ,O yes Obama attacked and destroy Libiea MoMar Gaddafi was not a threat and was actually a new Bush made Allie. O yea and Israel really likes us now right same with Saudi Arabia they really trust us now right Yea so to with Jordan. O yea ass hole the world really respects us now . Here’s one more point moron do you know why Obama won the last time. I’ll tell you. It was for two opposite reasons . #1 Romney like McCain lost both the independent s and the true Fiscal conservatives . Same thing will happen again if the Republicans nominate another liberal rino. Because us independant’s won’t vote for scumbags. Like or almost like obamaturd. This time as we now see Donald can’t be bought Trump is cutting throats and taking names. Say hello to our next republican president Donald Trump.

          • I agree that college fees are too high the rest of YOUR “FACTS” are not from any government post but from fox news and their workshop of made up lies so quit spamming your lies no one believes you except the other tea baggers to stupid to realize how big a lies they are being spoon fed because you are to stupid to check anywhere for the truth

          • Aah yes you keep right on repeating , utilizing the very same childish Obama tactics of attacking the messengers. (Fox news isn’t real news ) So you say ! ” Fox news reports Lies “. Do show me one area where Fox actually reported some story line or other information source, falsely then did not quickly retract it upon review . You can’t moron. Second I supplied the names of the sources I used, Those sources being Government sources . You may not like those sources because they conflict with your lunatic view of the world, As it truly is, and not as how you might wish it to be. That’s your issue not mine. Fact is even the liberal news media now knows Obama was and is a false prophet. Yes he is your False prophet .Not mine, for I do not play the game of follow the morons. You certainly do Right moron.

          • trying to talk to you is like herding cats. fox is well known for never retracting their lies and to keep lying yourself and then denying it shows your ignorance – you are hereby paced on ignore as a spammer and habitual liar.

          • No its not talking that your trying to accomplish ,Your trying to preach a false sermon,a false narrative, yes herding cats and lying both share the same out come. It cant be done with out receiving some sever wounds. It is those wounds you are now experiencing from all of your lies you’ve vomited forth from your split tongue cesspool mouth. So I suggest you stop the bleeding before you continue losing face and blood .

          • @c- You come on a conservative site to disrupt conversation with consistent prevarications and call *others* trolls? Wow! Adhere to Alinsky much?

            The intelligent majority on which you comment was composed of “voters” comprised of cartoon characters, pets, corpses, and individual people with multiple names. Newsflash, swee’pea: That’s not a majority; those are crimes!

            Go back to sucking on your mammy’s teat in her basement, and don’t come back until you’ve taken your meds.

            De Oppresso Liber

          • @jamesowens – You squirm and writhe to my heart’s content, proglibiotrollically prevaricating proven prevarications. (I’m partial to alliteration.) You are truly amusing.

            Thanks for providing free entertainment. Do you also do standup?

            De Oppresso Liber

          • Is that all that counts,Power? Have you no concern for your own country? To which “WE” do you refer? I thought you were an independent. How soon we forget our own words.

          • Douglas W. Rodrigues

            Rigging elections is a specialty of the democrats. Get real.

          • LOL are you a troll or what – the republicans couldnt win an election if the states weren’t gerrymandered where they rule and the polling places weren’t set up to favor them

          • You really need to keep your mouth shut every time you open it all those around you get a little more stupiud from being exposed to you.

          • sry joe from what I see on this site the majority of yall cant get much stupider without needing a nanny to wipe your assses.

          • Roll over come on boy roll over, good boy

          • Michael Dennewitz

            owens, you stop snorting that shit and your pea sized brain may stand a chance of not rotting FURTHER !!

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Guys!! Ya just can’t fix S T U P I D !! LMAO

          • Douglas W. Rodrigues

            Accusing Republicans of what Democrats do is fruitless. Everybody knows the cheating that goes on only favors the DNC. The only people who would believe otherwise are the brain dead Socialist Democrat voters…the very base of the Socialist Democrat Party.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Ahhh, you see? People already have figured you out mr dumbass. Just like they’ve pretty much figured out headuphisass, foulmouthfaye and croco shit!! Take your bottle and climb back in your crib, huh. And get rid of that damned Goodwill suit, eh?

          • What facts do you ever post. You only state your opinion with no data or video to back it.You make horrible accusations of racism and Naziism. Now in the wake of the proven ACORN Obama fraud you try to turn the tables. Progressive students of Alinsky use the very tactics you just did.You are busted.

          • What you think you know is that you believe the human condition can be perfected, that there is no such thing as original sin, and that utopia will be realized once the right tyrants get to control all aspects of life, including who gets to live and who must be exterminated, what you would call progress.

          • Michael keeps himself entertained trying to tie his shoes when his sitter is not around. with the democratic process your tyrannical world will never happen as we are voting them out and the worst of them are dying off, what we most fear is the oligarchy the gop seems determined to hand to the 1%

          • On the ideological side, tyranny already exists when its presuppositions about the
            human condition become accepted culturally, as it does when a society assumes
            the legitimacy of making functional and utilitarian interpretations of human
            worth, as today’s liberal establishment has enshrined a fantasy right to slaughter the preborn and the elderly. Tyranny exists when the legislative branch abandons its Constitutional powers to an imperial president as it has done continuously with this president who sarcastically openly brags to cheering idiots that he has his pen and his phone and will do whatever he wants.And now he’s trying again to circumvernt democracy by again going to the U.N. to validate a treaty (not his to make) that allows the biggest sponsor of terrorism in the world to build a nuclear weapon.

            Tyranny exists when there are those willing to believe the fiction of a one percent or are so adolescently ignorant of history as to pretend to know the meaning of oligarchy, which, if it hypothetically existed, could not be “handed” over to anyone.

          • you sir are very well spoken and use excellent word choice to belay the facts that you do not know diddly shit about politics -government or what is going on in the world today. the government of president Obama has done more good for this country and moved us farther than any other president despite the quagmire the disgraced bush family and their dog cheny left behind. he has accomplished more good for the people of America despite the sell out of the GOP and their complete surrender to the politics of greed and the oligarchy wanna bes the kochs

          • You apparantly believe that being receptive to mendacity and propaganda constitutes knowledge. Name a single good thing Obama has “accomplished.”

          • you are wrong as President it is his place to make peace with other countrys- and the MAIN thing you and your GOP cronies are forgetting is that the US made this treaty with a coalition of the other 5 major players in the game. you and they try to make it sound like you are opposing only the president with your ignorant disagreement but in stead are fighting the leaders of most of the free world.
            I am sure in your teabagger world with rush limp bow as your leader and trump as your mouth piece you sound rational – but to the real world and normal people you sound like you skipped your meds for too many days

          • So “making peace” is allowing a nation committed to wiping the United States and Israel off the planet, to have the means to do so?

            I guess it was the same school that ignored your spelling that taught you math. Five nations, who were blackmailed into endorsing whatever stupidity Kerry and Obama hatched, do
            not constitute “most” of the free world. Additionally, to endorse is not to agree.

            And why would you assume I have mouthpieces, especially in the person of a flaming ignorant liberal like Donald Trump, other than your incapacity to resist living in a world of demeaning caricatures?

          • so like m mcconnel and the rest of the ignorant ranters- you make your assumptions and cast your asparagine’s “BEFORE” you have read the treaty–LOL and you profess to be intelligent- LOL your assumptions and lies that the other nations were coerced into peace is only because your ideas are again wrong and like all conservaturds you would rather the world go to war or America fail rather than have Obama succeed or you admit your policies and ideas are wrong.
            I would try to see things your way but then we would both be wrong and personally I cant get my head that far up my ass

        • James. My friend your confusing Republican rinos with True Fiscal
          conservatives. It is in fact the rinos
          whom hold the power, after all they are the majority. Of both house an senate repubs. Remember, this: many of the so called repubs are from blue or purple states. Where open primaries permit Demo Rates to vote in either party line. They chose to vote for more of the same as the Demo- rat cross overs through the repubs primary nomination to fake ass repukes. Now truly if you and others Luke your self truly desired a Republic where anyone whom desired a job, desired to provide a better life for themselves and those of the next genrationo . Then stop voting for liars, rinos thieves frauds phonies and fools. Which consists of the vast majority of both Establishment’s

          • Peatro,
            I am not sure if the GOP in the Senate, especially Sen. McConnell, is posturing or if he was not being honest in his promises for change. I am being silent on this issue for awhile yet. But I am getting very concerned.

          • Jerry Hold no doubts about the likes of Mitch sack of crap Rino bastards McConnell, or lieing scumbag Lyndsay Scumbag Rino Graham, or Tad the phony bastard Coccran.. Or the treasonous piece of crap betrayed his nation McCain. There are about 19 more than I hold no trust or respect for whom have the moniker or repubs in front of their name They are not true Republican’s.

          • Peatro,
            If I were in McConnell’s shoes I might try scoring some points with the liberals. That would be his way of saying he could govern by siding with liberals on some points now and then whacking them with other issues in due time. Remember, the GOP has been accused by Obama and the libs that they are unwilling to compromise.

          • Peatro Giorgio

            What are you kidding ??Douche bag McConnell has laid down for the libturd on every single issue Repeal Obama no care Healrhcare. Increased spending of the Continuing resolutions. Each one. On the Budget increased taxes. On NSA spying. You freaking name the bill. he has cave like a limp dick at a gay party

          • Peatro,
            I read this morning that some changes are coming to the spy folks to limit who they can spy on. I don’t know yet the circumstances yet but that appears to be in a step in the right direction .

          • Peatro Giorgio

            It’s a phony bill ! Why do you think Rand Paul is going to filibuster It. The rinos and the libturd want to keep it as it is.

          • Peatro,
            I have not seen the bill. So I cannot intelligently comment on its merits or failures. But I will track I the best I can. When I see more on it I will likely respond.

          • Douglas W. Rodrigues

            I suspect that McConnell and Boehner are both liberals in reality.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            We should have left McCain’s traitor ass in Vietnam instead of bringing him back, only to turn into a piece of shit overnight!!

          • I would prefer a democracy were both partys worked together to better the country and the lives of the people they serve. As we are now we are an oligarchy ruled by the corporations and both partys are more concerned about their party power and getting reelected to keep their bribe money coming in. both partys serve the corporate master and the corps keep them at each others throat in order to confuse the masses

          • Peatro Giorgio

            No I prefere a Constitutional Republic. Which our founding father had through God designed. It has become an oligarchy, through the lack of the electorate being educated voters. Voting for the me myself and I, right now don’t want to wait or earn it for myself an family. Greece is A Democracy. See Whats happened to them right , Italy , is a democracy, see what’s happening to then right. Spain is a democracy see what’s also happening to them right. No The truly olny Good form of goverment is a small government one that serves the people directly responsible to the people . And that is only found in a Constitutional Republic. Like our nation had been up till the 1930s

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Any way we could talk you into leaving? You’d stink up an outdoor shithouse!!

        • The only failure is the a**hole excuse maker and blamer at the top. it’s this delusional a**hole running the asylum no one else. —–and if you think that the GOP are old white Nazis—you need to do two things: 1.) READ ABOUT WHAT THE NAZIS WERE AND 2.) REMEMBER WHO IT IS THAT PAYS THE FREIGHT FOR YOUR LAZY A**ES SO THAT YOU CAN HAVE BLACK PRIVILEGE AND STILL SURVIVE.

        • BS, the democrats haven’t worked with republicans since 2006, that’s why our economy is stagnant and our foreign policy is a mess. Reagan worked with the democrats, Clinton worked with the republicans with good results. Your queen plays politics instead of doing what’s best for the citizens.
          Nazis? That means National Socialist. Last time I checked socialists were just left of Commie. Bigotry? Who mentioned race?

        • Douglas W. Rodrigues

          Jamesowens. As a representative for the brainwashed left, have you ever considered doing actual research about what true conservatism is really about? Note: Reading the Huffington Post propaganda isn’t research.

        • Michael Dennewitz


        • Troll alert!

        • Michael Dennewitz

          And you need to stop shopping at Goodwill too. That suit looks like shit, even on a TROLL!

        • The Republicans have opposed every progressive move Obama made because they are not progressives. Did you expect them to rubber stamp his every move?. Your mistake is believing that progressives actually want progress.You accuse conservatives of hate in nearly every post. You call us Nazis. Do you really believe that America’s conservatives wish that Hitler had won the war? Your logic is non existent. You call yourself a progressive. Another word for progressive is Socialist. Another word for Socialist is Communist. You have no idea what a true Nazi or a true Communist is. You are fooling yourself if you think you do.

          • you are so wrong on so many things the list goes on. I did mistakenly expect the republicans to compromise on things for the good of the country and the American people. Wrong all they worried about was getting reelected and supporting their money men and corporate backers. by your dictionary I can say conservative means – company man which means klansman which means bigot and yes I studied political science and in reality republicans have the mentality of the ancient romans just before they fell due to the rich and the corruption of the oligarchy rule.

          • Thanks for making my point comrade. You see Obama’s moves towards dictatorship as good for America and Republicans stopping him as a hindrance to…………. “progress”. You see conservatives as corrupt yet you will most certainly vote to put the Clinton crime family back into the white house. Here is a glimpse of your Goddess. http://www.mrctv.org/blog/10-scandals-involving-hillary-clinton-you-may-have-forgotten.

          • the only progress the gop /conservatives foster is decent into oligarchy and the enslavement of the American people. keep drinking the kool aid and when all your rights are gone and the jobs are all overseas then nummy like you will still be blaming the government and not yourself for what happened.

          • I must admit you are stubborn. You sound like a skipping record playing the same one second of music over and over and over and over……………..! I am not a Republican, I am a registered Independent.I am however,conservative. In Defense of Republicans I can say that for the most part they have stayed the same.They were created in part with the abolition of slavery as a large part of their platform. Their commitment to preserve the civil rights of all has never wavered. in the 50’s and 60’s they fought against the Democrats efforts to keep blacks in the back of the bus and out of the schools they reserved for their white children. FDR got the lions share of the black vote even though he wouldn’t allow blacks to fight in combat in the war. Truman got the same despite the fact that he was a KKK member. JFK voted against the voting rights act of 1957 pushed by the REPUBLICAN president Dwight Eisenhower, as did Al Gore senior.When Kennedy became president he changed course for political reasons as did his brother. Johnson was dragged kicking and screaming to sign the civil rights act of 1964,(which more Republicans than Democrats voted for) In contrast you see the takeover of the Democrat party by ultra left wing politicians has been completed. Obama’s known history and the unconstitutional things he has already done is proof of his commitment to converting America into a Socialist/Communist state. Hillary with her proven history of corruption is no better yet you will undoubtedly vote for her. I realize that you will probably not be swayed by the facts I have presented to you but you will not sway me either. The difference is that I have done extensive research over many years time. You watch Michael Moore movies and listen to Al Sharpton.

          • you are happy in your lil delusional world so stay there till it improves. I have 2 different college degrees and many history and poli-sci courses under my belt- I read extensively both red and blue sites to gauge the feelings . there is NO proven record of corruption only unfounded allegations and unproven lies .How many times you gonna scream bengazi before you realize you were led into a lie .words of oreilly is not as you claim a “PROVEN FACT” but more lies . your research seems to be the fox news reruns so until you have proof of anything you say and not more of the same already debunked lies please go away to your magic place and dream of a time when republicans were respected and winners many many many years ago.

          • You can claim to be the smartest man in history but all you ever do is make claims and post statements with no proof. As far as I know you are a ditch digger. Your misuse of the English language shows me something. The most transparent administration in history has been proven to be the most opaque. You can believe the propaganda of the left all you want. If you have the degrees you claim I am sure that your professors are as far left as they can get. That is the only possible explanation to how an otherwise intelligent man could have swallowed the propaganda of the left hook, line and sinker.

          • your reply is typical conservative –when presented with the facts you call in liberal media- when shown the obvious- you claim fraud – when proven liars you claim misquoted –when shown the light you don’t want to believe the truth. – move to texas they need more free thinkers like you to join the guard and defend them from the USARMY-you are a joke LOL

          • What facts? Your claims are not proof. Which proven liars? You proved no one to be a liar.You see a lack of evidence as proof of innocence. There is one thing Hillary learned from the water gate committee. She learned to never leave evidence for others to discover. That is what brought Nixon down. Hillary was thrown off the water gate committee http://patdollard.com/2013/05/flashback-hillary-clinton-fired-from-watergate-investigation-for-lying-unethical-behavior-co. Here is your choice for president. The shredder in chief.. http://www.shtfplan.com/headline-news/hillary-clinton-bombshell-whistle-blower-tells-investigators-state-department-shredd

          • sorry I do not know were you are . I sir live in America here we have a constitution that says ALL MEN ARE INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY- that includes democrats and anyone else you narrow minded assholes don’t like and try to convict on bullshit charges you are a moron and I no longer wish to speak to you I would have a better chance of herding cats than teaching you simple politics your iq would have to multiply to qualify as pasta.

          • I live in the peoples republik of Kalifornia. The last time I heard, it was still part of the USA. You are pitifully ignorant of the rules in our country. You are innocent until proven guilty in a [COURT OF LAW!!] I have the right to my own opinion and have the right to express it any time I want to. You are the one with a negative number for an IQ if you believe that public opinion and a court of law are one and the same.If you really wish to stop responding to me then I wish you would do it now. Your left wing slant on the constitution is getting old. You are the one in dire need of instruction. GOODBYE!!

          • everyone has the right to an opinion mine is that you are an ignorant uneducated bigot who refuses to see the truth as it is . so i now will ignore you as to stupid to consider

          • Mine is that you are a lemming willing to follow the Democrats over the cliff to oblivion. You are also a typical leftie who pulls the race card from your sleeve when you know you have lost the argument.

          • no argument with you I refuse to battle wits with unarmed people.

          • Thanks for the compliment James. Since you have waged an obviously losing battle of wits with me going as far as pulling the race card on me, you have finally admitted to me and the world that I am indeed well armed and qualified to soundly defeat you in this debate. I thank you for your succession and bid you goodbye.

          • to stupid for words

          • Yes, you are. PS you misspelled too again Einstein.

        • Maybe we should discuss the over 400 bills that your hero, Harry Reid tabled, because he did not like them. However, John Boehner is a disgrace, and if we could get rid of him, we would. The problem is that too many of those congressmen have been there so long, that they are completely ineffectual, and they have NO NEW IDEAS. Therefore, they snuff out those who DO have good ideas, because they feel threatened.

          • most were tabled because of hidden riders attached to them at the last minute .. did you see the latest hidden in the appropriations bill. on page 1505 of a 1660 page bill on the highway appropriations bill they snuck through a rider that allows the unlisted donors to partys to give up to $800,000 instead of the $176,000. . GOP is bought and paid for – Dems are blackmailed and weak

    • Oh they comprehend reality Douglas, believe me. COMMUNISTS like Obama know exactly what they’re doing. His comments are STRAIGHT from the COMMUNIST MANIFESTO. Maybe not his exact words but the premis is the same. Turn poor against rich, blacks against whites, woman against men and men against women etc. etc.. This what they do, cause unrest and upheavel so as to have a reason for more GOVERNMENT CONTROL. Obama along with his COMMUNIST friends are as EVIL as it gets. They are SNAKES, willing to do or say ANYTHING to further their AGENDA.

      • sorry but 10- 1 you have never read the communist manifesto and don’t know what it says just like you only repeat the talking points you hear on fox. read a box -learn something – think for yourself

        • A liberal who watches strictly liberal media telling someone to think for themselves HA! You are an indoctrinated lockstep libtard, hence, your Gruberazation. That suit looks like it comes from the 50’s LOL!

          • told you befor many times on other sites I will not speak with you a s I refuse to battle wits with unarmed people. and you are clueless

          • You’re too easy, I kicked your butt on guns yesterday. LOL!

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Dipshit! You do that to everyone. The minute they “call” your ass on something it’s, “Sorry, my mommy told me not to talk to you anymore!”
            What a douchebag!

          • Yea that post is a sure sign of just how smart you are ha ha ha ha foolish little man.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            I’m almost certain that I saw that suit of his in the Goodwill when I made a delivery there!!

        • Hey James,
          Pot Meet KETTLE!!

        • James you have to start up-voting yourself to make it look like you have more friends than just a few liberal college drop-out losers, and the liberals in Congress.

        • Jamesowens I think Yolandane is a lot closer to the facts then you are. Obama’s administration has an unsavoury smell about it.

        • Excuse me jamesowens but YOU my friend are the idiot you try and make me out to be. I don’t get my info from talking points and I don’t depend on the MAINSTREAM COMMUNIST CONTROLD MEDIA for my info AS YOU DO. This is stright from Communist Goals – 1963 Congressional Record. Goal No. 32.( Support any socialist movement to give centralized control over any part of the culture-education, social agencies, welfare programs, mental health clinics, etc. ) That’s just one of the goals of these EVIL SCUMBAGS my friend. There are at least 44 other goals of the Communist Party in the Record. Look it up and read them and than tell me that your hero OBAMA isn’t a full blown COMMUNIST !!

        • Michael Dennewitz

          Yep, he’s whacked out on something! Didja have to pay much for it dimmy boy??

    • The Toddler (as someone called him) in the White House has never in six years been able to lead this Country. He blames everyone else for his failures. If Fox is so bad for him, he should Stop watching. By watching Fox Obama missed Ed Schultz telling his ”watchers” (on MSNBC) how he ”carried” Obama’s water for him. Then again FOX has been #1 for the past 12 years. That is ”hard” for some to ”take,” as some in high offices can’t figure out why they aren’t #1, so they settle for ”arrogance!”

      • cant lead because the old senile fools in senate and house oppose everything just because they dont want no “darkie” leadin them. the days of old white Nazis is over and if they hated Obama LOL next up is Hillary – they will need double aides to change the depends in the gop section of he house

        • The race card is your last desperate measure you have nothing else you stinking POS

        • UMM James,
          MAYBE you need a HISTORY lesson,
          WHICH party is the party of the KKK???
          HINT NOT the GOP!!!
          Talk about talking out your A$$!!!

        • I can think of many black Americans suitable to run our country but as soon as you realize they’re real conservatives, you and partisan liberal hacks will libel and slander them as you did Herman Cain.

        • Again You are wrong, who was in control of the Senate untill last years election? Do you remember? Who controlled the congress and Senate for the first 4 years of Obama’s administration?
          Be honest with yourself, look at the facts and stop your wishful thinking? You know it was the Democrats, which means Obama’s administration had the run of Washington. Now it is different but he does what he wants anyway, never mind if it is legal or illegal.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            owens is related to headuphisass. You’re totally wasting your time with this Ovomit lover!!!

        • Michael Dennewitz

          This dipshit would blame his own mother before he’d EVER say anything bad about his little half-breed, communist mooselum! Dayuummm!

        • you are a brainwashed puppet, sit boy sit obey your masters they know what is best for you wow you weak minded lemming

    • But if you throw lots of money at poverty it will go away…..Or you will get more and more people wanting their share of all the free money. It looks more like we just get more poor people with more of that money!

    • Very nice Douglas. You are seeing it all clearly. No one wanted or should not have wanted Obama to fail. Why would you want that for our country?? But, he has. AND it’s not because he lacks the smarts to do the job, he just doesn’t care in my mind. He has other things in mind for this country and it’s not good. I’m glad people are starting to understand that.

    • Obama gets his advice from Al Sharpton and Valerie.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      He’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing Douglas, but why has it taken 10 years for people to finally figure him out? Worse, why is he still sitting in the “captain’s chair?”

    • What your saying is they lie to get their point across or they could not make their point. For example, in Europe their poverty levels are lower because they count the government subsidies they give their poor in the income of the poor we do not and we give the poor a lot more than the Europeans. Or as one imfamous, jester said, “if your going to be poor, America is the place to do it.”

  2. Dittos Douglas Gillard,

  3. What works the Muslim/Commie, illegal alien, fag, up is he can’t control FOX like he does the rest of the Alphabet Media & make the part of PRAVDA. But, he is trying to do so via the FCC to shut Fox & Drudge down. The sorry SOB should have been executed for TREASON a long time ago.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Next, the little bastard will be trying to shut down this website, or Unfiltered Patriot! Dayuummm! Where are all the snipers when you really need one??? (and I’m NOT laughing!)

      • and I couldn’t have said it better myself.

      • Where is Lee Harvey Oswald when we need him? He would be hailed as a hero.

      • without sites like this were will I go for my daily laughs- can we say palin-mcccain- mcconnel-bachman- LOL the 4 stooges of the gang of fools.

        • Michael Dennewitz

          And without your sorry ass around, what then will WE have to crack up laughing about, dickhead??

          • mikey I knew you would be around with one of your very witty phrases like “I know you are but what am I”- or im rubber your glue etc etc that’s as far as your wit goes. duh

          • Michael Dennewitz

            And you’re the asshole that said you wouldn’t respond to any more of my messages! You must have learned how to lie from that POS brother of yours in the gray house!!

        • Palin and Bachman actually care about the country unlike McCain, McConnell
          ………………or OBAMA !!

          • Michael Dennewitz

            We should have left McCain in Nam when we came back! What a traitor he turned out to be!!

    • treason is talking about executing the president – you are treason and libelous for your lies- be glad a true American is the president cause if bush/cheney 3rd reich was still in power you would be a candidate fore gitmo

      • You are a frigging idiot. Were you born with a mental deficiency, hatched, doing too many drugs, or living off the government teat with welfare, section 8 housing, food stamps, an Obama phone, or what? One of these situations have to be the answer.

        • The welfare probably did buy that suit off a Goodwill rack.

        • 66 y/o and still working daily- viet nam vet and 2 college degrees so your assumption are as ridiculous as your name calling and poor attempts at insults . I really wouldn’t expect more as the conservaturds don’t have policys or ideas they just mouth the script from fox or throw out mindless insults – for proof read this page and see how many actual posters address the original discussion point LOL

          • Apparently you did not do to well with your credentials & two college degrees.With your posts this is proven.

            Not to make you feel badly but here is a quick bio. 70 years old, Nam era vet, no college degrees, retired at 53. College degrees only make you an educated idiot which your posts show. Bye loser.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            You see, he even talks and “tries” to reason, just like headuphisass. Probably the same asshole!!

          • A liar too he was never in vietnam he is not even a vet he has no degree he just makes all this stuff up to try to make his menaingless little life seem significant. All he says has already been proven to be lies on other forums he is simply a paid dumbocratic troll nothing more. He is uneducated weak willed and well just plain stupid.

      • No one actually knows if he’s a “TRUE” american, though the dispute has largely amounted to nothing.
        “True” or “truth” are words with ulterior definitions as determined by our current administration.
        They can be found in the Webster’s Common Core Dictionary For the Easily Indoctrinated 1st edition.

      • Michael Dennewitz

        Owens, STFU, you’re gonna make me puke!!!

  4. Obama is the problem. A big mouth, an overweening desire to dominate all segments of our society, and a total unwillingness to compromise to achieve workable solutions for the betterment of our nation. He is an unmitigated disaster. The good news is that he is increasingly becoming totally marginalized by even the left, his long time supporters, as witness the current fast track trade legislation coming up empty.

  5. The myth is the one about Obama is an American and that he is a great president. Has this lying king ever been to the inner city or rural America. It’s pathetic how bad this Shiite lies

    • by accomplishing so much good despite the opposition of the Nazis/ conservaturds in the senate he will go down in history as one of the greatest as opposed to your bush babys who are tied as the worst 2 ever

      • You sir are delusional you have no facts to back your false statement .

        • look at what he has accomplished – yeah- read any history book or current event text about the bushes -boo – since when did conservaturds even know what a fact is they sure make up their lies as it pleases them and that’s a fact LOL

          • I am not talking about Busch we are talking about Obama and every fact proves that hiss policies have been a complete a utter failure

          • Would you care to tell us what he has accomplished. He has taken the natl debt from 8 trillion to over 18 trillion. This means every man woman and child owes over $ 50,000. If you count the unfunded liabilities it comes to over $600,000. This will have consequences.
            He has turned all our mid east allies against us. Putin laughs at him because he knows he is such a weak leader. China is in the process of pushing the dollar out as the reserve currency. I will let you adress these. Then give you some more.

          • your information is as skewed as your rebuttal- the world opinion of us is 100% over what it was when the bush/cheney cartel ruled right now the UN wants to prosecute Obama because he will not try bush/cheney for their many war crimes, I say deport them both to 1 of any of the 13 countrys that want to prosecute them for the criminals they are.opinion is improving every day as diplomacy continues to win over more war and that is abroad and at home except for the people who profit off of wars and feed the rumor mills you obvious are piped into..
            your. numbers for the debt I call liar on and you will have to show me facts if you can produce them or even know what the word means. bushs collapse of the economic system for the WORLD was so epic we continued to tumble for years until Obama could stop the landslide and get us going in the right direction despite the opposition to everything constructive by the do-nothing congress of conservaturds. we are now improving and you morons cry foul because he didn’t fix it fast enough. why are you not more concerned about the gop preventing the passing of rules to make sure the economy doesn’t crash again. do you realize the next time wall street takes their billions and runs the tax payers will have to pay it again – read up- wise up -man up -and stand up for what is right not for a talking head that feeds you lies.

          • You need to change what you are smoking. The world is laughing at us.Let’s see, where did I get my numbers? (1) Wall Street Journal, (2) Politifact, (3) Dailey reckoning (4) CalWatchdog.com. If you noticed just today 4 of the 6 mideast allies refused to go to Obummers meeting. The financial collapse was caused by bankers bundling mortgage notes and selling the as derivatives. Brother Clinton insisted (nice word) that the banks make more loans available to the poor areas. He even put a percentage on it. So the banks just did it and sold the notes. I was in that business managing one. I hate to pop your bubble but Obama did not stop anything. All the easy money he poured into the economy did nothing but delay the inevitable. And it is going to be a lulu. I am sorry I can not read up. I currently read the local paper, a regional paper, the wall Street journal spend 3 hrs a day on this machine and watch lots of news on tv. There is just not much time left to Read Up. It is a good thing I am one of those old white guys who are retired or I would not have time to keep up.By the way I am not a republican. I am an Independent. I prefer to gather info. and make my own decisions.

          • Michael Dennewitz


          • Michael definitely agree with the snorting comment. This guy is whacked out.

          • There you go smoking that stuff again. The world is laughing at us. Where did I get my numbers? Try Wall street Journal, Politifact, Daily Reckoning, Calwatchdog. Let me know when you have checked these out and I will give you some more.Obama has increased our debt more than all other Presidents COMBINED. We are going to have another collapse and there will be no money to prevent it this time. If you think we are improving you need some lessons in economics.The last collapse was caused by the mortgages being bundled into derivitaves which started to turn bad. This was originally started when Clinton forced the lending institutions to lend more in the poorer part of town. I was managing a financial institution at the time and read the memo. He even put a percentage on it. So you make them, bundle them and sell them. Then it is not your problem. The derevitives are now 10 times what they were then.I will try to read up but it will be hare. I currently read a local paper a regional paper, and the wall street journal. in addition to hours on this machine, watching news channels, and two to three hours reading books. Good thing I am retired but I will try to read up. By the way I am an Independent. I prefer to gather information and make my own decisions.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            And hopefully, they’ll take your sorry ass with them. Don’t worry tho, the abundance of drugs is even greater in other countries. You won’t have to “dry out!”

          • As a true American veteran I would be proud to go watch those 2 traitors/ murderers hang for war crimes

          • Quit lying about being a vet that is disgusting you are disrespecting anyone that ever wore a uniform you lying piece of excrement. You are a coward and a disgrace

      • Michael Dennewitz

        Owens, as I said before: Your mama must have been in severe pain when she hung her fat ass over the side of the bath tub and shit you out ! !

      • Michael Dennewitz

        Owens! You must be a damned commie suckass! No one else in the whole damned world would have said something so damned stupid..

  6. Fox News “finds those people” by resorting to the same kind of selective interview strategy as jay Leno used in his “Jaywalking” presentations. That strategy: Interview a bunch of folks and ask them some kind of leading questions and then select the very most ignorant and outrageous responses to present to the intended audience.
    Jay does it for fun; Fox does it for propaganda. The President was right.

    • The President was right. Finish you kool-aid and go back to sleep.

    • Your name does not match your brains. Your head maybe straight, but your brain is not in the real world.
      If you can’t see thru Obama’s lies I feel sorry for you. Most true legal Americans can recognize the BS Obama is putting out, but you Liberals living off the welfare system believe everything Obama tells you.

      • Michael Dennewitz

        You must be conversing with headuphisass. lol I can no longer read his mundane messages, but my “spam filter” lite blinks every time he makes a comment. Any answer at all just feeds his demented ego! ROFLMFAO

      • headonstraight

        The same delusion that feeds you the bogus notion that I am on welfare must be the cause of your delusional assessment of the President of the United States, the HONORABLE Barack H. Obama!

        • Please, Please, Please Mr. Head job tell me anything that Obama has done that is Honorable. Obama is the lying est Muslim in America, he has told so many Pinocchio’s its a wonder his nose isn’t dragging on the ground. The reason I said you were living off the welfare system is because I would think only those folks would be dumb enough to believe the BS he puts out. So you are either one of those, or you are a Liberal that is drinking all the Obama Koo-Aide you can get your hands on. You see what Mr. Demwits called you, he also knew your head was not on straight.

    • The monthly checks, food stamps, the people on Medicaid, the “REAL” number of unemployed people, THE VERY FACT YOU BELIEVE IN SOCIALIZED EVERYTHING, is because people are broke (or going broke) !!
      You like all liberals have conflicting hypocrisies at your convenience !!!! FOOL !!

    • Oh and the liberal mainstream media outlets—ALL of them don’t propagandize?? You are part of the low information audience that this POS admin thrives on.

  7. Hey Obama:go out and get a real job! Don’t live off the govt. Make good life decisions!

    • Then he would have to pay to Play Golf. It will be interested to find out how many Golf Courses he puts in his Library in South Chicago. Of course there will also be his Blame Book, His Selfies, and we may get to see a photo of his White House Brewery.



  9. Charles David Bunner

    Mr. Prez, please quit looking through those rosy colored glass and quit drinking your special kool-aid

  10. Obama can not stand the truth. Not sure he even knows anything for sure other than his TEE Times. He lies so damn much he can’t keep his stories straight. His Transparency promises are like Mud puddles, you can’t see the bottom. You would think that there would be someone amongst Obama’s Liberal gang that would tell him that he needs to quit lying so much to the American people.

  11. “Obama blamed the media for feeding misconceptions about poor people and their plight.”
    Perhaps this is because Turd boy can’t handle the truth. The plight of the poor in this country is largely to blame on the government and this corrupt and criminal administration. They will send BILLIONS of our tax dollars to AID others in Africa but won’t spend a dime to help Americans right here at home, Not even the VETS matter to this corrupt and self serving MORON

    “Very rarely,” he said, “do you hear an interview with a waitress,
    which is much more typical, who is raising two kids and doing everything
    right but still can’t pay the bills.”
    Perhaps that is because of all the taxes she has to pay to support all of the illegals this criminal administration has allowed to enter this nation who drive down the wage and do little more than live off of the government programs and handouts, while committing nearly 40% of the crimes.

    Yes people it sounds to everyone who CAN handle the truth that this is just more of Turd boy’s typical BS as he just tries to show the whole world how out of touch with reality and how moronic he can be every time he opens his lying mouth.

    • idiot – if you read the news on any media you want you can discover that Obama is trying to rebuid the American infrastructure but the conservatives deny any bills to help. no school money- no road money- no librarys-no hospitals- the gop will give tax breaks to the corporations that pay them off but vote no on more schools. it is their plan to make the future voters even dumber than you if that is possible.

  12. Yeah, level playing field right guys?

    • just because you don’t see the challenges in another persons path, doesn’t mean they didn’t exist.
      I have 3 siblings, raised by the same parents. Yet I have found more financial success. Does that mean my path was easier? Or could it be that I fought through the struggles?

      • So you think that a white male born into a privileged family and a woman of color born into poverty have the exact same opportunities to be successful?

        • A black female would certainly have an easier time getting noticed over a white man, on any job application, especially where affirmative action allows for it.

          • Wow, if you really believe that, I don’t even know what to say.

          • Reality for average blue collar job puts most white males into the “next” category.
            Affirmative action and gender issues force employers to automatically scrutinize qualifications of individuals sooner than white males and where unions are involved quotas may emphasize this even more.

          • I don’t care what you think about me.
            I do business with 3 different county engineer departments on a regular basis, and have discussed such topics with them as well as other employers.
            I own and run 3 different franchises including an auto parts store which sells and services to local government and union shops.
            Sorry you’re so unable to accept reality, but in todays job markets minority status and gender are almost like brownie points.

          • Very interesting test, though I would add many of these questions or statements can be applied to both blacks and whites, and some even appear to make her look a bigger racist than many who would care to answer the questions.
            I marked yes on 4 of the scenarios, and had 3 of my employees take a look at it as well. Duane an experienced ASE certified parts specialist and counterperson who happens to be black actually acknowledged 5 of the scenarios and wondered why a few of the questions were even based on racial differences.

          • Took the test. I’m not impressed. Got a four. Guess that makes me a racist, even though I’m a person of color. As for the author’s twenty-five year history in Civil Rights…I’d like to know where she was back in the 60s and 70s when I was involved in The Movement. As for my using the word thug: If it walks like a thug, acts like a thug, talks like a thug, dresses like a thug…has a continuing criminal history like a thug, then it s/he must be a thug.
            Frankly, I don’t care what you, or anyone else thinks. Political correctness is not my forte.
            PS: A thug is a thug no matter what color, gender, religion, etc., they are.

          • I saw other examples as well, but yes, since when has thug been attached to race?
            I also scored a 4.

        • For every demographic there are success stories and horror stories. Many star athletes are born to poor families, the lack of riches drove them to work harder than their peers; Bill Gates / Steve Jobs / Warren Buffet may all have become rich “white” men, but that was not their station at birth.
          Often it is the trials of life’s challenges that develop us into the person we become – do we surrender to “our fate”, or realize we can make our own destiny?
          Life is full of choices – but those “choices” have consequences, both good and bad. But there in lies what an individual can control for their own success, without regard to race.

        • Are white males all born to privilege? Are all woman of color born to poverty?
          Does poverty prevent success? Does privilege assure success?

          • I wondered how “privilege” became became a racial issue as well, but it certainly helps people such as tamalam fan the flame.

      • It’s up to YOU whether you’re going to be a victim or apply yourself to YOUR success. If you keep listening to that “Woe is me, White Man done, done me in” nonsense which is the new manta the Sharptons, Jacksons, NAACP, Black Caucus and other self-appointed and or liberal-media appointed Black “Leaders” are spewing, then I suggest you find quiet corner to sit in and suck your thumb.

    • wow, racist, sexist much? in addition to being slow and dim-witted.

      • The racist, sexist person is the guy on the left in the picture….. Sorry, but only white men can be either of those things.

        • So all persons of color embrace, without fear, white people? Didn’t know being sexist was also a racial issue, I thought it was a gender issue. Thanks for the enlightenment.
          Good to know that if I’m of color, I can’t be racist or sexist, can I use that in court?

        • I suggest you read “The Autobiography of Malcom X”, written by Roots author Alex Halley. Malcom describes accurately the bourgeois Black on Black racism in the “Hill Section” in the Roxbury Section of Boston, Massachusetts.

    • No comprende?

    • Or why even try…..it’s easier to let someone else run your race for you. Right?

    • Tamalam: It’s up to YOU whether you’re going to be a victim or apply
      yourself to YOUR success. If you keep listening to that “Woe is me,
      White Man done, done me in” nonsense which is the new manta the
      Sharptons, Jacksons, NAACP, Black Caucus and other self-appointed and or
      liberal-media appointed Black “Leaders” are spewing, then I suggest you
      find a quiet corner to sit in and suck your thumb.

      • It sure is up to the person. I’m not denying that. But to suggest that everyone has the exact same opportunity is naive. To state that someone born into a life of privileges, has to work just as hard as the person born into a life of poverty to achieve success is ridiculous. Had many of these fatcat CEO’s who never had to think about how they were going to pay for school or done a hard days work, were born under different circumstances, would not be where they are today.

        • Granted, your assessment has validity. There is no such thing as a level playing field. The premise of that disappointing Empty Suit in the White House that nothing is his fault follows his pattern of failure after failure on domestic and foreign programs he initiated, then scape-goat blame to others; never accepting responsibility for the consequences.

          Never a fan of Fox News, a media unlike the liberal main-stream alphabet media, is unafraid to report his failures factually and unambiguously. Not only has he failed the minority community, for example, closing down the successful Washington, DC, school grant/voucher program as payment to the teachers union for their support during the 2007 Presidential Election,in 2011, Empty Suit told the Congressional Black Caucus in a meeting, regarding improving unemployment opportunities for all economically struggling, Americans from Harlem to Appalachia to “Stop complaining!”

    • love it you should post this on all the Nazi/conservative sites that preach hate.

  13. Obama like the rest of the morons in DC has totally no understanding as to what Poverty is. He is too busy traveling and playing golf in fancy resorts and his dog face wife takes her brats on around the world tour living it up at our cost (tax payers). neither obama are the socialist elite of DC knows what poverty is because you have to be a millionaire to a government office as one eligibility and brain dead as another.

    If obama reall wanted to know about poverty let him and his family live for one full year along in a cabin where he has to hunt for food, no electric, no phone, no car and no money. And if he was able to survive then he might just begin to understand about poverty and we the people goes through.

    But obama is too much of a coward and a wimp to do it without help or bodygards.

  14. Poor people are not necessarily lazy. They are very frustrated with our sick economy and the fact that they have fewer job opportunities. They are encouraged by a government in which their needs are met by a welfare system that rewards lazy. Blacks are not the only ones in such a situation. But blacks are finally rebelling against the status quo. I am not surprised. Now we the people need to take heed and make corrections to our pitiful ways.

    • Spirit of 1776

      There are people like myself that live on less than 10,000 per year and that is not by choose. I am 58 and disabled but still trying to find a job in order to pay the bills. Filling out application on the computer and coming up with no reply and when you walk in you are told you can’t fill out an app. You must use a computer. You call and still get no reply. I am
      prior military (USMC) I hold a B.S. Criminal Justice and 37 years in Security.

      All I am told is either there is no opening or too over qualified for the job. So I am still unemployed, disability doesn’t pay the bills and a wife with no insurance thanks to this government.

      Before someone states Obamacare here is a new flash. My part time job ended where I made an extra 500 per month. At that time my wife qualified for obamcare, but since I lost that job she is now not qualified because I make too little and my skin is white. I am not an Illegal nor muslim but born and breed America that under this foul government no longer count for anything except to pay taxes. No rights, no help.

      • Spirit,
        That is terrible. You should not be living that way. With you pat record of employment and a degree that is absolutely ridiculous. I suppose you do have Social Security but it is minimal. I am sure you have been to Social Security many times for help. I would hope you get food stamps. If you lived here I might be able to help. But I do not think you would be in this shape if you did. You are also a veteran as I am. But I had to work extra years to have insurance for my wife. We finally had to divorce to get her on Medicaid. Then Social Security told us we could live together. That may be one answer for you. At your income you should be able to get help if you are disabled. since you are a vet you likely cannot get Medicaid but there may be some other options. But your wife can get help, especially if she is at all physically impaired in any way with an illness or injury. If she cannot work I know she can get on Medicaid for help.

        • Spirit of 1776

          Every time she files we are turn down by the federal government. Since she is unable to work and being white we are denied food stamps and medical for her. This is the new world order of psychopathic way of thinking coming from DC. To crush the American people while on the other hand allowing the ILLEGALS and Terrorist muslim the jobs.

          Spent the sad looking for work by knocking on doors since I receive no word from anyone on the computer. Still no luck. Thank you for understanding the hole I am in.


    • you neglect to say that 90% of your trillions was given to corporations and the 1% for the failed trickle down theory which was nothing more than bushes paying back their political debt and selling off of America

        Subject: Re: Comment on Obama: Fox News to Blame for Poverty Myths

        • as usual your facts as are wrong as your thinking read -learn the truth – quit thinking faux noise is telling the truth-learn to think for yourself then you can join in an “educated ” discussion- till then please don’t spew drivel that has been disproven 100s of times

            Subject: Re: Comment on Obama: Fox News to Blame for Poverty Myths

          • your like speaking to a wall but the bricks are wiser .

            Subject: Re: Comment on Obama: Fox News to Blame for Poverty Myths

      • Michael Dennewitz

        Owens! Pull your pants up boy, your brains are starting to show. Dayuum!

  16. Obama is doing a great job, and he told the truth. People make their bad choices, and to have five, fatherless children, receive @$10,000 EIC is simply ‘keeping America poor’. Stop breeding damage goods. I believe we should support the young families that are determined to get a job, pay their own cost of living and improve the lifestyle and give their child/children better opportunities; the ones with some PRIDE left and provide for their family. The lack of education and being lazy is irresponsible with all the opportunities these days. Get out of your mothers house, she deserves a life now. There should be no USA citizen ‘sour about life’, unless you have a sick baby. STOP WHINING AMERICA! you are rich! you have change, you have food, you have ways to get help.

    • I do not agree with the statement that “Obama is doing a great job” I am not Dem. nor a Rep. I don’t like his ‘change’ because it has divided this country more than ever. His (not ours) attorney general is a racist and admitted it. So nothing gets honestly scrutinized by a legalese double talking hypocrite who sticks his publicity nose into the papers and the TV media when he should work from behind scenes.

      • Nonsense. There is certainly a sense of division fostered by a humiliated Republican party. The party whose incompetence started two wars and trashed the economy. They will do anything to try and paper over this fact – blame Obama for the slow recovery – blame the poor for being poor – and blame everyone else for being Godless. But the fact remains – they did it and they are not helping to fix it.

  17. I agree with Obama. The idea that people are poor because they are lazy is simply untrue. There will always be a few that have psychological problems and don’t want to work – but that is true in more affluent times too – probably even more so.

    • the idea that he blames Fox news for saying it is simply untrue-as the real reason there are more poor has everything to do with obozo’s failed policies of the last 6 years

      • It is a narrative that always seems to come from Obamaphobes – who make up anything to try and demonize the man. This is the fact. The USA is as wealthy today as it has ever been in history. So where is all the money ?

        • Hey I do not have to make up anything as far as your king obozo is concerned-he is up front with his blame game tactics, The “USA is as wealthy today as it has ever been in history”???????? Surely you jest Morty. The “money” is in the liberal coffers awaiting distribution to the next entitlement program your idol is dreaming up to keep the minions quiet and voting Democrap.

          • So – in your opinion it is a conspiracy to make people poor ?

          • not a conspiracy-a well thought-out plan. and not “make” people poor, but KEEP them poor.

          • You are really uneducated aren’t you. I state a fact that the USA is as wealthy today as it has ever been and you deflect on to some totally irrelevant delusion that somehow this wealth (from wherever you think it came) is being hoarded and distributed as bribes.

          • Haha, just because YOU call it a Fact, does not, in fact, make it so. The wealth your king seeks is coming from hard working Americans who went after their dream, only to get their bubble burst because the dumbocrats (and obozo in particular) decided their dream is selfish, and they need to spread the “wealth” around to the segment of people who do not live the same way. Unfairness is a reality we all have to deal with-like now with this president who wants to make everyone who works hard and creates a life they desire feel guilty for it. Bribery is a great way to describe what this admin has done with the “redistribution” of wealth kick it is currently on. Robin Hood mentality at its worst.

          • Look up the word ‘delusional’. Its dangerous to drink too much of the faux news kool aid – it rots the mind.

      • Please don’t blame the ‘O’man for all of this. The problems have been there through every administration. Some of it gets corrected and gets undone by another administration. Like thaking the work requirement off of the welfare recipients. Once upon a time Oregon required recipients to work for the state 40 hrs. a month. And get this welfare mommas take care of the kids, too.

        • obozo has perpetuated this problem, and continues to feed it –that what I am saying-not that he “caused” it. he has added to the problem by trying to throw other peoples’ hard-earned money at it rather than work to figure out how best to help raise the standard of living for the poor to dig themselves out of poverty. But instead, he finds new ways to keep them poor, like his racial divisiveness, his open hatred and disgust of police, and his “blame whitey” for everything rhetoric. this is NOT helping anyone.

  18. There obama goes again–trying to divide and conquer America. Every thing he spouts off about is another lie he hopes the less fortunate among us hate old whitey. Many Americans support groups that fed and clothe the poor. Liberals, not so much.

  19. Michael Dennewitz

    What would you expect out of the mouth of an illegal, terrorist mooselum. You can always tell when the little bastard is lying – his mouth is open!!!

  20. He has to blame someone else, he will not accept responsibility for anything he says or does. Creating an entitlement state is the greatest error ever in history and will lead to the downfall of every civilization, the demands of those that do not work and will not work, will ultimately outstrip the ability of those that work to provide for them, and it collapses.

  21. Katherine Gabriel

    What exactly is wrong with taking measures to prevent pregnancy until you are in a position in life to be able support your children? Isn’t that called ‘taking responsibility’? or ‘being mature’? Oh sorry! How awful and judgmental of me. No no no. Do what feels good. It’s OK, you deserve it. The rest of us don’t mind paying for it. No, not at all. Have fun, isn’t that what life is all about? Rock on.

  22. You IDIOTS in Congress wanna make the economy better so you can get your UGLY butts re-elected? IMPEACH the bigest KILLER of growth, middle class and poor class jobs and every other thing that’s wrong with the country!!!
    In case you need instruction “Ovomit”, barry sotero.

  23. I agree it is all about choices-the morons that elected this blaming, lying commie muslim have all made the worst possible choice by electing this guy TWICE, just to keep the entitlements coming in-so now this POS is blaming the news media for pointing that out??? Really?

  24. Or…..you coud look where all the money iz going.

    If you can find a multibillionaire who got all that money by working a million timez harder than the lazy 2 kid waitress, you have found a way to search alternate universez!

  25. FoxNews is there to poison minds and divide Americans into racial lines. That is why it hires people who cannot be hired elsewhere: sinners, liars, racists; bigots; shop-lifters; divorcees and college drop-outs like Sean Hannity. All anchors at FoxNews have been brain-washed to tell the public that Blacks as inferior to them. You just have to listen on their comments on the riots in Baltimore, Ferguson and NY. All their comments were directed to paint Blacks as bad people. But they would not say so riots in Madison Wisconsin when those rioting were Whites and had jobs and therefore could lot loot. Predominantly with GOPers who are killing one another every day for life insurance; jealous; or dumping their wives like Newt and Sanford. Another example is Charles Krauthammer who one day said that Obama lied about Obamacare; and he needs a second president to help him. Charles would never dare say stuff like that with Bush II or Bush I. He would be out of business like Chung.

    • The liberal news only care that you’re a homosexual or a comedian (Jon Stewart), or you get fired like Dan Rather suspended like Brian Williams, or tossed around different networks like Katie Couric.

    • First of all, you just described the lying LIBERAL media to a T. I watched the very broadcast you talk about and your assessment is crap, not to mention total lies. And only “GOPers” kill one another???? for insurance, or whatever-you are a delusional, misinformed idiot who blindly repeats your idol networks talking points and really doesn’t understand the words you spew. As for Krauthammer, of course he wouldn’t say that about Bush, as lying to the public over and over again was not something they even did. Shut it down -you are irrelevant.

    • Fox has more African Americans than any other network.The Democrats (married) leave 18 year old girls in the water to drown, have sex in Oval Office while wife is upstairs, cheat on their taxes, don’t have to pay their Taxes instead get Bonuses.

    • You must be a great fan of Sharpton and MSNBC/CNN who ginned up and ruined Zimmerman’s life. They lied, embellished the truth about Zimmerman; attempted to make him a racist, despite the many Black and Hispanic friends who publicly supported him; dismissed Zimmerman’s volunteering to help Blacks (for example, defending a homeless Black man police constantly harassed) failed to show Martin to be the thug he was by showing him as a baby-faced innocent instead of his gangsta grill-work and racist, anti-white e-mails.
      Fox News was the ONLY media covering the aftermath of Ferguson; they helped businesses, many of them Black-owned, to reestablish themselves through reach-out programing that resulted in public donations for said businesses; Hannity has been known to write checks to those unfairly terminated in their jobs for doing the right thing as he did a few months ago for a single Black mother and her daughter. He wasn’t cheap either. Hannity wrote two checks for $14,000 each so they wouldn’t have to declare them to the IRS.
      As for Mr. Krauthammer, he simply does what he does best with that Empty Suit in the White House as he did with both Bushes. Tell it like it is.
      As for dividing America along racial lines, Empty Suit (“If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon”) is the most polarizing, cop-hating (“The police acted stupidly”) racist since another member of the Democratic Party and KKK supporter. President Woodrow Wilson

  26. The COMMUNIST AND CHIEF is at it again.

  27. Obama got one thing about poverty right and didn’t even know it. He said something about a waitress trying to provide for 2 kids. The biggest problem is marriages falling apart or kids out of wedlock. Marriage is a man and a woman taking responsibility to raise their kids together in s Christian environment as God intended.

  28. I am sick and tired od the democRATs who cause the problem and then perpetuate it for decades at $Billions of taxdollars wasted without ever solving the problem and then blame everyone else but themselves and their failed social programs!

  29. I’m so glad to see more and more people of colour and people striving to get off welfare speak up about the realities of the left’s policies are making advancement more difficult rather than easier. I mention people of colour because our Campaigner in Chief disparages people of colour as if they can’t think for themselves and his race baiting is obvious and, unfortunately, effective. And yes, I spell humour with old English as well.

  30. This Empty Suit of a president has absolutely no class. His vulgar, disparaging remarks specifically targeting Fox News coupled with using single mothers as foil to vent his displeasure with Fox News demonstrates once more his narcissistic frustration of being exposed as the most incompetent, irresponsible, reckless president who ever sat in the Oval Office..

    Thank goodness for Fox News for not indulging in lock-step journalism; committed to telling both sides of the news honestly, informatively, with little bias, even if it dings a conservative. This, opposite liberal, main-stream media which has blatantly dropped the ball for honest, impartial reporting.

  31. Obama keeps proving that when you tell a lie long enough it becomes the truth….at least for idiots.

  32. So what is new? Obama blaming something he has created on someone or something else out of his control that is not new at all. It also does not relieve him of responsibility. Placing blame is an excuse, in advance, for future failure.

    Listen up obama. Poverty is not a myth it is real. Now lets consider just who’s fault it really is. Other of course then the one in the poverty. The unemployment figures you put out are phony. That’s right wrong, phony. If the work force is down to 62% of employable people it is not possible for the rate to be so low. Not counting those whose unemployment benefits have run out is not accurate at all. It is poverty disguised as prosperity. Or just another lie on the presidents part.

    Who is it that believes in sharing the wealth? If someone is an uneducated poor person regardless of color or ethnic group and one person offers them a job, they can work at and possibly better themselves (on their own over time) and another offers them handouts, which in some cases amounts to more then they can make on a job, starting out, which do you actually think is going to 1. they are going to support and 2. which one will do them the most good and allow for them to better themselves and maybe just maybe get out of poverty? Certainly not the one offering the handouts. And yes there is a difference between a handout and a hand up! Temporary help assists a person who is down to lift themselves back up. That was the original purpose of unemployment. Permanent handouts never have helped anyone help themselves as a matter of fact it keeps them “from” helping themselves.

    Yes poverty is not a myth and give away programs and running up the debt adds to poverty of everyone including the once majority middle class. When a president borrows so much we may find it impossible to ever dig our way out of debt hope disappears for everyone. Or put another way president 44 has run up more debt then the previous 43. Now that as a legacy is something to be ashamed of not proud of. But that is “YOUR” real legacy obama!

  33. MuslimLuvChrist

    obama’s legacy is:
    the number of homeless children in the United States has reached a new all-time record high of 2.5 million.
    50% of the children in U.S. public schools now come from low income families, and more than 50% are poor enough to qualify for school lunch subsidies.
    65% of all children in the United States are living in a home that receives some form of aid from obama.
    the poverty rate under obama has been at 15% or above.
    45% of all African-American children in the United States live in areas of “concentrated poverty”.
    40.9% of all children in the United States that are living with only one parent are living in poverty.
    from 2009 to 2013, obama spent 3.7 trillion dollars on welfare programs. food stamps has gone from 32 million to 46.5 million under obama. Now, the number of women in the U.S. on food stamps actually exceeds the number of women that have full-time jobs.
    22% of all Americans have had to turn to a church food panty for assistance.

  34. DAMN IT people,NOTHING IS FREE.If you want something,WORK FOR IT.IF YOU CAN WORK,GET OFF OF YOUR LAZY FUCKING ASS AND GET A JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Obama and his conies are the problem. As long as they are in power America will not get better but will worsen in all respects. Obama and his cronies do not live like the average American, they do not think like the average American. Their objectives are not trying to get thought the day and night, their objectives are to continue to hold power and the good life. The rest of America is to be used as best suits their objectives. These people don’t want to govern, they want to control.

  36. this isn’t news! obama always blames someone else! nothing new here

  37. There he goes again. He was telling lies because his lips were moving. Obummer is the absolute biggest asshole in the history of this country. Always wanting to blame everyone else for BS that he creates. He spent his entire first term and part of the second term blaming everything on George Bush. When that didn’t fly with the public anymore, he wants to now blame Fox News and Rush Limbaugh. If he wants to really find out what is wrong and went wrong during his time he office, he needs to get his head out of his ass and look no further than the liberal media who has protected him and his administration since the first day he took office. He is a liar, an Islamic terrorist, and the biggest threat to the welfare of this country since it was founded.

  38. MrsTJNic@aol.com

    Don’t tell me the economy is doing better. The newer Savemart in town just shut down. A very large grocery store. If people are cutting back on buying food, you can bet they’re not buying other necessities either!

  39. This poor excuse for a President has yet to take blame or responsibility for anything that has hurt this Country. The truth hurts but he ignores it. He says wealthy do not recognize poverty due to fact that they send kids to private schools. Who the Hell writes this grade school crap for this phony. His arguments are absolutely insulting to anyone with an IQ over 100.

  40. I was flat broke and busted at the age of 50 due to the action of my now ex-wife who falsely accused me and had me arrested. When I was finally released in Colorado Springs ( the most corrupt place I have ever been) I was homeless and broke all I have was my wedding ring which I sold for $115. I ended up in the Homeless Shelter and on Food Stamps. However, I found work it took 3 months of constant looking, at the worst jobs (3 PT jobs) in my life, but survived the ordeal. Now I live in Northern Colorado and have a good Full Time job that makes a decent salary plus commission. I still don’t make enough but am seeking a PT position to be better off. However, Colorado Spring is a welfare capital and most of those streets don’t care, and have actually have created a culture of homeless that live around downtown, having been on those streets I speak from experience. They seek people at the City Transit station for Obamaphones and sign-up as many as they can. The minute I could I got rid of the Snap card and was thrilled too, even through it was still tough buying groceries. I think Barry ought to spend 6 months on the streets without any assistance and see what it really is like in a place like Colorado Springs or New York City. Stay at the local Homeless Shelter without the fan fare he so enjoys. Then he’ll see that FOX and others are correct and reporting the situation correctly. By the way, I am a Veteran and that didn’t help much either. Being in that situation made me so much stronger and I have such a disdain for the welfare kings and queens, I tell them to get off their asses and work their way out I did, so can they.

    • Thanks for the true life story that so many have had…great advice as well..
      Good Luck….good character you have…thanks for your service.

  41. all he needs is clown suit, he is such a disgrace to this country, but him and his family love stealing our money.

  42. Could it be that the media is finally not following BO like lemmings? BO just does not want the nasty truths to surface about all his little dirty games that he does play with the poor and disenfranchised. He is such an arrogant narcissistic sociopath. How can he blame anyone but himself for these people going on about their freebies and perks that have so obviously bought their dem wit loyalties? Pathetic!

  43. If the WH reads this . Know that I think you are garbage, and your not FIT TO BE pRES OF THIS GREAT COUNTRY. Your hatred of my country is despicable., disgusting, and a crime to the American People. Your disgusting socialism doesn’t belong in this country, so I suggest you leave as soon ans possible. You lkove scraping the bottom of the septic tank. your a miserable SOB.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Alleged Comment

    The card carrying Communist creating class distinction, this time between news channels. It’s how communist explain their failures.

  45. Stevon f. Nutt

    The ability to care for oneself is called taking Responsibility for your own actions. This is something that Obama obviously does not understand or practice in His own life!

  46. Barack Hussein Obama [or whatever his name truly is] is a proven liar and deceiver, a fraud and a traitor! His lies and destructive actions, both domestic and international, will rank high among the main causes for the fall of America! As with all egocentric, arrogant, self-deceiving dictators he is unable and unwilling to see his own foolishness and must blame everyone else, usually people who are intellectually honest and thoughtful! His fall will be great! And the “Reverend” Al Sharpton will blame Obama’s fall on “racism”! Watch!

  47. lack of moral and compassion is a prerequisite for the conservative/republicans they care nothing about anyone but themselves and the 1% who pay them to lie -cheat and steal for them

  48. That worthless POS belongs in prison he ia a lying rat traitor and largely responsible for poverty in this country while he takes his family on 4 million dollar vacations to Hawaii. He should be put on trial for treason and given the sentence that comes with a guilty verdict for that crime. Scumbag Muslim pig molesting fraud

  49. Someone ought to slap this moron upside his head. I have a friend who runs a construction company and he needed someone to help clean up the trucks and some of the offices. he was offering 15.00? for three days he stood outside the welfare office and asked if anyone was interested—no one even bothered to ask about the job. Guess the Democratic Plantation and picking the pockets of the working poor or those just about making it is a much better deal.

  50. “Poor people may or may not be sitting around waiting for their government phones, but in the vast majority of cases they are poor due to their own bad choices in life.”

    This is so true, IF ONLY people would understand this fact and MAKE changes I their Situation. NO you cant become rich overnight, but you can change you situation by changing your attitude!!! You are WHO you need to depend on, not the Gov’t or Politicians!!

  51. disqus_CeZmTpgh9W

    Jamesowen you are a perfect example of an “Obamabot”. “progressive” is simply another word for communist..
    It is obviously beyond your comprehension that voters have REJECTED da messiah and his policies!

  52. Thank goodness for Fox News. Otherwise, all we could hear is a bunch of communists.

  53. William Michael Stone

    Man, its funny to read the comments here! One side blaming the other, when both sides created this crap. (Greed), if stand a republican up in front of the mirror, you get a democrat. And, both are part of the “good ole boys club”. I have lived here enough to see some of the truth, and its not pretty, both parties have eviscerated this country in their quest for money energy and control. Folks, its just a dog and pony show, the real shit is hidden in the fine print. You have been sold. If the blacks in this country would stop looking for someone to hate, they might realize, that, the vast majority of white folks like them…..except when blacky gets an attitude. Education makes all of us equal. And, most of us are in the dark.

  54. Let us assume for a moment that B. Hussein Obama is in fact a Marxist Muslim from Kenya; then miraculously everything he has done and will yet do becomes crystal clear and totally predictable!

  55. A man who cannot reason is a fool. A man who will not reason is a bigot, and a man who dares not to reason is a slave.

  56. Another thought: The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those willing to work and give it to those who would not. Thomas Jefferson

  57. —-Fox News is to blame for “poverty Myths”, Big deal …..especially when the Democrats are to blame for the POVERTY!

  58. You keep repeating the same thing over and over. Is your brain controlled by the rap devil, or are you just insulated from logic and reason? I vote for the latter.

  59. Obama= Headinass MORON!!!

    AND IT IS CAUSED BY THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Hmmm, when I hear our self appointed king and his whiny queen talk about people who are “sponges,leeches, don’t want to work, are lazy, are underserving” I immediately think of our glorious ray of sunshine leader and his selfish, ungrateful family who occasionally hoist their excremental snouts from the public feeding trough long enough to oink about how bad they’ve had it from all those real and imagined “Fox folks”…

  62. there is no such thing as racism on this planet beyond a concept as much as society ignorantly buys into the ideas and tactics perpetuated through government engineering….however there is definitely a such thing as slavery and these egotistical political parasites in the white house are responsible for every last bit of it….unless you consider germany, russia, china, japan n.korea, england, africa, south america, cuba and almost the entire middle east…. racist…..likewise, the poor are almost never responsible for/ much less choose to be….. poor

    intellectually, blaming opposition to the worlds police state dictators as responsible for any collective socio-economic misfortune of society is as ass-backwards as putting another one in charge of the white house and blaming us for it – while society could never understand the mind or frame of the class, they were standing in…..so what would the left be’ without a right hand man?
    foreign affairs and aid are both socialist and despotic so how long does it take to figure out how many foreign dictators they’re gonna use to try to hi-jack our union…..
    every one of these politicians are cowards and the nsa under progressive and liberal manipulation is not’ to protect the nation – what is the point of disassembling the greatest military on the planet for a larger internal security that sabotages the external when every nation on the planet knows attacking the u.s. is suicide – they dont support immigrants or minorities they just need votes and the lack of intelligence of our candidates to expose the bitch in these rats putting enough police in place to feel comfortable running their mouths is a class act.

    so you can tell everybody that we respect the president and this administrations rights to be heard – as well as their right to be wrong -so they’ll understand clearly when we ask these political whores to respect our’ rights when we tell them……. ” to shut the fk up ” !!
    (courtesy of u.s.m.c.)

  63. Whatever B. Hussein has done or will yet do is completely explained as well as predictable from the fact that he is 1) Marxist and 2) Muslim.

  64. Obama must Stop watching FOX, it is too ”upsetting” for him. It could affect his Golf Games and Selfies.

    • Where would he get his news…he always saying when things are reported and he his questioned…he’s first to say …”like you I heard it on the news”…LOL

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