Obama Found More Influential Than Trump?

A Rasmussen Reports survey has shown that former President Barack Obama’s endorsement appears to be more valued by voters than the endorsements of both President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump.

The poll results were released on Tuesday. According to the survey’s findings, 38 percent of likely voters said that they would be far more likely to vote for a candidate that had been endorsed by Obama. Similarly, 40 percent said that Obama’s endorsement said that they would be less likely to vote for someone endorsed by the former President and 21 percent said that they would not be affected by the endorsement.

When asked the same questions about former President Trump, 35 percent said they would be more likely to vote for a Trump-endorsed candidate, while 40 percent said they would be less inclined to. Around 24 percent also claimed that the endorsement would not affect their choice.

When it comes to current President Joe Biden, around 28 percent of likely voters said they would be more inclined to vote for a Biden-endorsed candidate, while 46 percent said they would be less likely to. Around 24 percent said they would remain unaffected by any endorsements.

In terms of partisan lines, 64 percent of Republicans said that a Trump endorsement would make them more inclined to vote for a candidate. Sixty-six percent of Democrats said the same about an Obama-endorsed candidate. Only around 51 percent of Democrats said that a Biden endorsement would make them more likely to vote for a certain candidate.

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  1. Obama’s influence before was the death knell and candidates avoided him. So what’s changed? The dem party has gone so far left that Barry is now considered a centrist.

  2. I disagree. Obama seems to thrive on the interviews for his narcistic personality. On the other hand, even though Trump is a narcist as well, he does not have the same trait. Influence is a subjective analysis. Look at the people that follow Obama and then look at the people who follow Trump. Two different groups of people, which is correct, who knows, its all subjective anyway.

    • Lets put that in a different perspective: Obama’s narcistic personality demands that he must control every aspects of an interview, much like another, but insane narcist, Hillary Clinton, so that neither of their views, opinions, or statements are ever questioned or challenged. Narcist Trump instead just draws a huge crowd and his personality draws energy from those crowds to stoke is Narcism. There are NO non-narcist politicians, as they ALL feel like “they are the chosen Gods”, that can do no wrong and that they will control and run our lives, after all in their minds and opinions we are nothing more than a bunch of ignorant wandering sheep that need to be controlled and herded with their lies and deception, while they raped us with new taxes for their pet projects and make themselves rich by exempting themselves or ignoring the laws that would put any of us in Jail for years to come.

    • Obama is nothing Trump is more influential than Obama Trump will run in 2024 will Biden.

  3. No, 0bama wasn’t more influential….The massive fraud wasn’t factored into the polling numbers, and the media participated.

    • Big bs we all know how good your polls you must have polled all democrats

    • History is telling us just how Obama’s second term election was executed. Although election fraud existed prior that election, the Obama election machine took it to a wholesale new level of voting fraud and set the stage for the Hillary Clinton Machine to take control of and complete the destruction of the USA that Obama started. She failed to play by the rules and called half the nation “Deplorables”. This caused the Trump Machine to win and exposed Hillary for what she was, a complete fraud. The lessons learned in that election were used and set up the Obama Puppet Biden, in his basement so he would not screw up the Campaign trail like Hillary did, and not expose that he couldn’t keep up the pace due to his age. Thus the Basement Campaign of very controlled set of prerecorded speeches with false backgrounds appeared. Socialist Hollywood doing its finest work to help destroy this nation. This coupled with massive voting machine irregularities assured Biden would not have to face possible impeachment or activation of Constitution Article 25.

  4. Show me the full truth about paperwork bearing on Obama’s claim to citizenship etcetera and I may believe this trash.


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