Obama: Don’t Blame Trump’s Rise on Me

In a joint press conference with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Thursday, President Obama denied any responsibility for the public sentiment that gave rise to Republican frontrunner Donald Trump. After telling reporters that he was willing to shoulder a certain amount of blame for failing to bridge the divide between himself and the public, he said that was as far as he was willing to go.

“What I’m not going to do is validate some notion that the Republican crackup that’s been taking place is a consequence of actions that I’ve taken,” Obama said. “I think it is very important for them to reflect on what it is about the politics that they’ve engaged in that allows the circus we’ve been seeing transpire.”

He then gave what has to go down as the most laughable quote of the year. “Ultimately, I want an effective Republican Party,” he said. “I think this country has to have responsible parties that can govern and that are prepared to lead and govern whether they’re in the minority or the majority, whether they occupy the White House or they do not.”

An effective Republican Party – which, by the way, Obama has never encountered – is the last thing he wants to see. Republicans have played the role of the submissive for seven long years, scared to death that the media’s portrayal of them as obstructionists will gain traction and cost them future elections. Obama is probably right when he says he’s not directly responsible for Trump’s popularity; rather, it is the GOP’s utter inability to challenge him on virtually any issue that laid the groundwork for this revolt.

But according to Obama – and don’t think that this notion isn’t gaining acceptance within the Republican Party – it was conservative propaganda that gave space to a Trump candidacy. “Objectively,” he said, “it’s fair to say that the Republican political elites and many of the information outlets, social media, news outlets, talk radio, television stations have been feeding the Republican base for the last seven years a notion that everything I do is to be opposed, that cooperation or compromise somehow is a betrayal, that maximalist, absolutist positions on issues are politically advantageous, that there is a them out there and an us, and them are the folks who are causing whatever problems you’re experiencing.”

Now here’s where Republicans had better pay attention. Obama concluded his rant with the tagline that we’ve heard from him, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders, and it’s the thing that GOP leaders always seem to miss.

Obama said that Trump’s views were not significantly different from the rest of the Republican presidential candidates. “Mr. Trump,” he said, “might just be more provocative in terms of how he says it.”

That comment right there is why it makes so little sense for the Republican establishment to oppose Trump the way they have. They are out there trying to convince people that Trump is this terrible guy who doesn’t represent the party’s values, seemingly blind to the fact that Democrats are painting every one of them with the same brush. Whether it’s through incompetence or secret collusion, they have spent the last eight months doing the outright bidding of the Democratic Party.

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  1. Egor von Johnson

    I have a notion that Obama will not survive till next November. Everyone I come in contact with from store clerk going to college to mechanic, plumber, realtors, banker, dentist, secretaries, all despise that black assed, monkey adamantly. So many long guns and so many hunters waiting for the “shot” heard ,with glee, around the world. Can you imagine American Flags at half mast when hairy Monkey and fat assed, Michelle ,succumbs to a “heart attack”, like Scalia.

    • that would be ok with me an I hope it’s soon but i’ll tell you this my flag won’t fly at half mast for either

      • Egor von Johnson

        Yo! U da mon!!!! I am dreaming of a 5.56mm hurtling 2,260 ft/sec delivered by “the Jackal III” His grampa,,Carlos, was one of the best for cunning, disguise and accuracy. Known to shoot thru the ear of a running jackrabbit at 200yds. 50 cal. at one mile, no problem.

    • I agree with you and can not wait. The porch monkey did not win any elections, he was put in place by voter fraud and corrupt government. The sooner he and followers are gone the better.

      • Old LBJ was partially right when he signed the Great Society into law in the 1960s and commented that the new law “would have those n***rs voting democratic for the next 200 years”.

      • You are absolutely right he did not win but the Republicans didn’t contest anything cause they’re part of the problem and that is are you even had a person who work for me who went to vote nerve it was already cast for Obama and I knew one other person to talk to your mother and I told her she already voted and just went on throughout the country yet nobody said a word you smell the stench of elitist Marxist in both parties here and besides the same one as the kill John Kennedy are the same ones that own Obama the illuminati/one world order billionaires who is the leader and father is the devil.

    • Keep holding on to that hatred and you may succumb before Michelle

      • Egor von Johnson

        Richard Pryor started with his racist rhetoric followed by your stupid, pussy, anti white, anti cop, vitriol from black, bad ass rappers. Most of us Whities laugh and look upon them as typical “dumb niggers”; And decent men like yourself have done nothing to stop it. Kayne West is a perfect example. Clinton and Obama have done absolutely nothing to create black employment. Recipients of welfare for 3 generations. You know exactly what I am talking about. Most young blacks are preoccupied with having sex with big tited blonds. With or witout consent. I have 4 black friends that through hard work and education now in prominent and highly respected in our community. Like you, they would be disappoined in my rhetoric. However, true to my self I am a racist and bigot to some extent, like almost everyone else. PC is total BS and Trump will eliminate it. Did you see all those blackies siring uo trouble in Chicago last night cause will stop the flow of handouts and they will have to get their ass out of bed and work, instead of making babies. Disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • She is a fat transgender cow,,,lol,,,,bobby harris,,,LMAO and a mooslime lover

      • You men Michael.

    • Where is Carlos Hathcock when we need him.

  2. If our system of justice what ethical up to the bone, Obama and the Clintons at Congress and the judiciary would’ve been given the gas chamber by the people by now for what they have done for their selves and the guest we the people.

  3. There can be no doubt that the marxist muslim from Mombasa has knowingly and intentionally incited social disorder in order to provide a pretext for his remaining in power, taking a third team or manipulating the election in order to impose on the country the bloodstained bisexual battleaxe he has now anointed as his successor in the manner of the one-party presidential “republics” operated by his African dictator pals. His whole regime has been one long attempt to set a Reichstag fire, and it is evident after the violent disruption of Donald Trump’s Chicago rally by paid rioters that they are making a determined attempt to incite events that will justify a clampdown. We have seen this before in places from Addis Ababa to Zimbabwe, and we must be prepared to resist this president-for-life wannabe to the very last ditch.

    • Don’t forget the commie led riots of the 1960s. Never let a crisis go to waste. A lie repeated enough will eventually become the truth.

    • Bonnierwolverton2

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  4. Everything we see today, is because of you, your minions and sheeple and the UN and EU commies, Obummer. A Nation half way into the cess pool of socialism and Marxism. You are a puppet for the Puppet Masters of the One World Order arse holes. Your commie and muslum birth family and their friends have tainted your outlook on life.

  5. Yes Obozo, nothing is ever your fault.

  6. Obama is a piece of work, shitty work, but work non-the-less.
    He perceives everything is about him, takes credit for others accomplishments but when the SHTF he blames others, whose hero is he? Not mine!
    Any person who looks up to Obama probably never got out of the first grade in school.

    • Michelle Minze-Bryant

      Not that my husband can vote, he’s in prison. But he says the only good thing he’s done is kill Ben Laden. Personally, I think he was destroyed by the armed forces, and he had no control over that. That being said, What good thing has Obama done for America? NOTHING

      In a word, HATE! All the hate he is stiring up. Just waiting for the peaceful people to up rise and fight. Unfortunately, Trump fights with words and actions, not bullets. The people who back Trump, aren’t about hate, they are the true Americans who believe in democracy.

      They need to send a powerful Christian Assembly to the root of all the hate, and have God’s spirit take over. THAT is what needs to happen. Thankfully it’s already written in the Bible, that there will be a great outpouring of his spirit. It needs to happen before all the Trump appearances. If there’s evil, it will flee.

      • Ben Laden’s doctor told the European news media that he died from kidney feliour about 6. months before NObam took credit for the kill. That doctor was arrested by the CIA, and disapeard. Reason for the quick dumping of the body. NObama needed a fether in his hat for the upcoming election, Seal team 6. knew the thruth, so they had to be eliminated, shot out of the sky, all loos ends tide up, No body, and no witneses. The guy that took credit for the kill, just a propaganda prop.

  7. We the People both Democrats and Republicans. Have seen our politicians especially Obama and all of the Liberals and most of those who call themselves Conservatives. Try to totally destroy the Greatest Nation in the World. We The People have stood shoulder to Shoulder to save our Country. Almost every Politician created Donald Trump a man who says everything We The People want to happen.Make America the GREATEST again!!!

  8. Of course Obama is to blame for Trump.Just as the incompetent liberal/left policies on mass, unregulated immigration in Europe have led to the inevitable rise of the right wing parties, so has Obama’s vacillating and weak policies in America had the same effect in the USA.

  9. Egor von Johnson

    There was a black racial activist, over in Minneapolis, named Bobbie Harris, for a number of years. Hopefully, that`s you and we can have a meaningful dialogue . Think, many black boys, 16 to 25 are are already dumb and dumber. And setting the wrong example for young fine African American boys. If you are , whom you might be, YOU are the problem.

  10. John E Strom Jr.

    We won’t “blame” you Obama. Donald Trump is a patriot. YOU are the antithesis of a patriot – a grubby, power hungry politician without a scintilla of honor or integrity.

  11. Why not blame it on Obama. It was his actions as the head Muslem in charge that causes all the hatred that has transpired the last 7+ years that he has been in office. By the way Obama do you have a honest and true birth certificate? One that states the truth and is not a forgery? We would love to see the one when you were born in Kenya as they are the ones that are celebrating that you were born in Kenya? Hawaii doesn’t have one or any record of you even being born in Hawaii. So much for you being an American.

  12. Obama’s denial of responsibility for the condition of our nations social and economic problems is absurd.
    In actuality these problems, and many more, lead directly back to his poor management and leadership abilities.
    From the outset of his two administrations he has attempt to bring America to its knees and turn us into a third world country. The unfortunate reality is that he is near to completing his vile endeavors. On all fronts where he has had a hand, their has been and continues to be examples of his moral and leadership corruption. In a few more more months we will be well rid of him, his poor leadership and muddied vision of America’s future.

  13. Nobody else to blame for Trumps rise, who should we blame for the fake prez’s Gun Salesman of the Decade award? Nobody in the history of America has been responsible for selling more guns–EVER! Same POS who came up with a 20 Trillion dollar budget!

  14. Mr. President, IF you wanted a strong party in “the opposotion” WHY is it you NEVER gave in on even one of your demands? You simply steamrollered them. Why was “My Way” the only tune you danced to?

  15. It is not often that I agree with the O-ster, but this time I do.

    “What I’m not going to do is validate some notion that the Republican crackup that’s been taking place is a consequence of actions that I’ve taken,” Obama said. “I think it is very important for them to reflect on what it is about the politics that they’ve engaged in that allows the circus we’ve been seeing transpire.”

    What he calls the “Republican crack-up” started back when he was “Barack Who?” and GWB was still in office. Bush II’s spending made even LBJ himself look like a penny-pinch miser in comparison. We were sick of it, sick of him, sick of his endless neo-“con” wars and ways. That’s how Obama won in 2008: he wasn’t Bush.

    “I think this country has to have responsible parties that can govern and that are prepared to lead and govern whether they’re in the minority or the majority, whether they occupy the White House or they do not.”

    Translation: Don’t upset the business of Politics As Usual, the politics of go along to get along that got us in this mess in the first place. Don’t let the Dog and Pony Show come to an end by actually holding an election where the voters might actually make a difference. For the past eight years, Republicans have been voted into office, but the real winner has been Politics As Usual.

  16. Michelle Minze-Bryant

    Right. And his affirmative actions have nothing to do with anything. And yes it is, partly to blame the Republican congress, because of them, bowing down to Obama, for whatever reason, that’s why we need someone with a big mouth that doesn’t bow down to media, or the left, because we need a strong person who knows what the people want and need to survive. Jobs, job security, and a system that screens the security of the country at every angle. Not to mention someone that wants to straighten out the mess Obama left.

  17. O’Bamas’ policies are the very reason that Donald Trump is leading in the race for the Whitehouse. O’Bama is living in a fantasy world believing he can do no wrong. There are NO jobs, Businesses are failng , the economy is stagnant, All of this is happening under O’Bama.

  18. Who else deserves the blame more that Obama?

  19. The POS in his rainbow house and the progressive liberal agenda are a big part of Trmps uprising. Also, the republican party, that has given this POS all that he has demanded! They should all be exterminated! Wishful thinking.

  20. It is incredible how much of a con-artist President B.Obama has become. He has had plenty of time on the golf course to perfect his tactics of blame and deflection. The Big O is as convincing as an alcoholic or drug addict who blames his addiction on others or society at large. It’s the old ‘not me’ attitude that Liberals have maintained for centuries.
    Consider this. Obama claims The Donald supports the same beliefs as other Republicans support. If that were so, why even have a Republican Primary?The Prez is a polical party bigot. Just as he groups all other races under one color. He denies his own lack of popularity is due to the racial divisions he has caused across America.
    cHillary Clinton is ashamed and apologetic for her Euro-American heritage. Donald Trump is not enslaved to a Liberal ideology.
    Finally, it is the popularity of the current political leadership which guides an election. Obama’s lack of concern for the majority of Americans has driven citizens to choose a leader who is the exact opposite of our black StayPuft president. President B. Hussein (as usual) is avoiding blame when he could be taking credit for the rise of Donald J. Trump. The Donald may be the only positive legacy the Big O leaves behind.

  21. Don’t know if anyone is specifically blaming you Obama, but you are certainly amoung the top of the entire group that has brought this phenomena about so step up and take some of the blame no more of this “Not I” bulllarky!

  22. Deborah Henderson

    The Republican Party is to blame for Trump’s rise. They gave us Dole, McCain, then Romney and most of us held our noses and voted for them anyway. The democrats (whether they cheated or not with votes) won the elections. The Republican Party said vote for us and give us control of the house and senate and we will unite and do away with ObamaCare, Gay marriage, Planned Parenthood funding, etc. etc. They have not done the first thing to stop any of it and in fact folded to the democrats. People are sick and tired of the establishment republicans we are being handed which is why Trump is doing so well. Obama, can be blamed for the racial tensions that exist as he added fuel to that fire every time he had an opportunity. He has dived this nation more than anyone who had ever held POTUS.

  23. Denial… it’s not just a river in Egypt.

  24. OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

    LMFAO! Don’t blame me I didn’t do it! Huhahhuhaha…

  25. I love TRUMP, ,,obozo is a true disgrace, anything he says is only a joke,,,I want that negr0 out of our White House

  26. Can’t think of anyone better to blame it on. You work with the “dicktators” of the UN.

  27. “that there is a them out there and an us, and them are the folks who are causing whatever problems you’re experiencing.” Isn’t that exactly what this POS has been preaching to minorities all along???

  28. Yes, Mister TRAITOR Hussein Obama. If it weren’t for you, there would be need for Donald Trump!

  29. If you dident screw up this country so bad, NObama care, 20.Trillion in the red, so if you cant see that you are the reason Trump is running for president, than you are dumber than I’ expected, like when you had been in 55. states, and had 3 more to go. ?

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