Obama Doesn’t Care to Attend Memorial Ceremony for Disabled Veterans

If you watch a dog on his walk, you probably won’t be surprised by the things he does. He takes his time to sniff the bushes before lifting his leg to add his own scent to the mixture. He stiffens his fur, perhaps, at the approach of another dog, not sure whether he’s meeting friend or foe. He bounces excitedly should you pick up a stick, knowing the world’s greatest game is about to begin.

The point is, a dog does what a dog does. Like the old saying goes, if it walks and talks like a duck…

Therefore, it comes as little surprise to find out that President Obama will not be attending the dedication ceremony for the American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial in October. This is the first national memorial of its kind, paying tribute to those who gave so much on the battlefield that their sacrifice is every bit as great as those who died in service. It’s been a blind spot in our national consciousness for as long as most of us have been alive. Now, as a country, we are finally taking steps to right that wrong.

Obama must have something better to do.

The ceremony is taking place in Washington, D.C., so it’s not as if the president would have to jump on a plane to make an appearance. Though it wouldn’t be surprising if he finds himself booked at a campaign fundraiser in Ohio or Florida instead. After all, how embarrassing to sit at the White House while this is happening down the street.

Why compare Obama to a dog? Because when you take your Obama out for a stroll, you can also count on making the same observations every time. He might rob a business owner so that he can give some of that money to a guy who refuses to work. Oh look, he just fined that kid over there for not signing up for his health insurance. And look, he went deliberately out of his way to give the finger to that disabled veteran. That seems gratuitous!

Some conservatives have excused his absence, saying that he doesn’t belong at the ceremony to begin with. This is a tempting position to take; after all, few presidents have so clearly expressed their disdain for the U.S. military like Obama. Maybe not in so many words, but it’s obvious from his weakening of the national defense, the way he has pushed for military budget cuts whenever possible, and in his failure to clean up the Veterans Administration. Now this…this is just a slap in the face.

Keep in mind that we’re not just talking about a high-profile politician here; this is the President of the United States. The commander-in-chief of our armed forces. What excuse can he possibly have for failing to attend the christening of a national memorial in their honor?

Maybe it’s time to trade this dog in for a new one.


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  1. The general feeling of the Disabled Vets is, who want the SOB near the ceremony!

    • Why does America have to keep him in the white house when he is hated by 80% of American citizens! I just pray that God removes him before Nov. Please God save our country from this muslim!!!

      • I agree with you in prayer in Christ’s name,AMEN!!! He does hate us ,our military and that we have been One Nation under God!! He has always been a traitor!! Please read The Harbinger and Mystery of the Shemitah by Jonathan Cahn.

        • I have read the Harbinger and have it! I also have read dreams of my father by Oslima!
          Please go on the site “Bare Naked Islam” It is so terrible the tortures they do and video it on their Iphones! All the muslim men have an I phone!I saw the beheadings, made myself watch it and cried for hours after. You will never know what they are capable of unless you make yourself watch some of the horrors they do and are laughing ! Animals are not that cruel, You should see what they do for entertainment with helpless animals! Afriend from out of country sends all that happens because she knows American reporters and News Cast will NEVER show anything anti muslim!

      • Even ‘Slow Joe’ would make a better president. At least he couldn’t make so many speeches, as he always has at least one of his feet in his mouth.

  2. Who on God’s green Earth would want him to attend. He has proven time and again he could care less about the veterans. The last time I donated to the disabled veterans, I put in a note that if they ever ask him speak at one of their functions, I wouldn’t donate 1.dime.

  3. Comparing this ungrateful, socialist traitor to a dog is an insult to all canines!

    • Very true , dogs are loyal , Obama has no idea how to be loyal to anything other then Muslims, illegal border crossers, Possibly his Mooshell the transsexual named Mike ALA Michelle possible they have a hot session of further disgracing our Country, our lifestyle ,and our Christen Nation , I don’t understand how he is still in office, they proved he can’t pass E-Verify and can’t even mop floors at McDonalds, his SSN is that of a dead man, as is his draft card, How can congress, the Senate, and the Supreme Court just sit back and watch this imposter make further fools of our Nation by letting him continue to embarrass us ??

        • It is simple , Obama was ran through E-Varify , the data base set up to screen people for jobs , and Obama did not pass , his social security number was found to be that of a man that died 90 or so years ago , and now that Ms. Fuddy the director of Hawaii’s records was killed in that plane crash a few months ago , now Hawaii now says that they don’t now nor did they ever have anything on Obama’s birth in Hawaii. But do yourself a favor and check for yourself to be certain..

          • His Grandmother confimed all of the above right after he was elected the 1st time and she suddenly died. People this is not made up it’s real and it happened. We should be very afraid. He is the anti Christ and pure evil. He hates American and all we stand for.

      • Just wait, he’ll appoint Holder to the SCOTUS to truly ruin this country.

    • I agree. Don’t insult dogs.

  4. His attending the ceremony would be an insult to our veterans. We know that Hilary would not attend. She has hated our military forever!

    • Well said! Obama has no respect for our Country or our military, just to a couple of his dislikes!!

      • Worst part is the suspicion of where are the illegals bo has let into the U.S. & the 136,000 he unilaterally released from prison..? My personal opinion is that his disrespect & purging of the U.S. military has put him in a no support by the U.S. & is creating his own gestapo, S.S. type army to back his martial law & E.O. # 13603 after his lies to illegally create a national crisis..!

        • When I read one of the first copies of ObamaCare there was a clause that stated that a portion of the monies coming into Obamacare would BE USED TO CREATE A PRIVATE MILITIA TO WHICH THE POTUS WOULD BE IN TOTAL CONTROL.
          How is that for scary?

          • What is scarier, is that he HAS it! He has had them in training ever since his election, under the guise of FEMA. What do think all those guns, tanks, ammo, etc. are for? He “graduated” the first class a year or so after he was elected. Don’t know how many he’s “graduated” since then!

        • Agreed! That’s what the Brown situation was in MO. Has anything been said or done abt. the be-heading of the woman in OK? Did Holder or Obama show up, or make any apologizes to her family? Did he apologize to the cop who was shot this week in MO? He WANTS A CIVIL WAR, just like you said, so he can put martial law into effect before the elections & make himself “dictator”!

        • Dicktater mispelling intentional! Martial law is coming just as soon as the Chimp in chief can arrange a big enough false flag operation. Something all his ISIS buddies who have sneaked in or been let in by the regime can get all their plans in order the S will HTF and we will all be in for a rough ride. Keep your powder dry! This is a Constitutional Republic and always will be NO MATTER WHAT!

          • Right on Mark & bo’s wannabe dicktatershit with his hope of support for a foreign illegal created army will bite the bullet by there own screw up of attacking the U.S. Citizens Freedom & Rights ..! The U.S. Patriotic Citizens ride won’t be as rough compared to bo’s & his crony commie, muslim administration of treason after they find out about sleeping giants getting pissed off @ cowardly wannabe dictators from hell ..! Treason or spying has the same penalty ending & cannot happen soon enough for traitors of abused power …!

        • One place to look for the illegals is McDonalds anywhere in the U.S.A. Evidently they don’t even have to know English, much less speak it.

    • She may show up with a sniper rifle to put a few more vets into the ground, she is proficient at that !

    • She’s a private citizen and I’m sure will not be invited. In fact, Obama may not be invited.

    • And there was the news item about Chelsie spitting on a uniformed Marine stationed at the White House.
      Yet We the People sat by and allowed this to happen without objection. Spitting on that Marine was equivalent to spitting on her Father who happened to be the Marine’s Commander-in-Chief. Or did that little twit consider that? And then she was paid $600,000 a year salary. That amount could have paid salaries of 24 people. What a waste of money! No, I’m not a socialist. Just a conservative supporter of Free Enterprise who knows a better way to use money.

      • When Hilary was first lady she instructed all military personnel in uniform were not to be seen by her staff. They were considered a distraction and an inconvenience. She wants to be our commander in chief???

        • She is disgusting and so is her sack of you know what husband!!!

        • SS said they were the worst they’d ever served. Of course, that WAS BEFORE Obama!

        • just the sight of the cunt makes me want to puke.the woman is a psychopathic pos that wishes she was a man.as she ages she looks more and more like an apple that has fallen off the tree and has been exposed to the blistering sun for weeks dehydrating on the ground.she must have the same exact hilary uniform that is in every color of the rainbow to cover that disgusting blob of shit body.the douche bag looks like a x-mas tree with a suit on.how the fuck does bill stay married to that pig beast?

      • I thought I had heard that…. (spitting on a marine)….and she is already planning a future in politics? Wake up America! NO MORE CLINTONS. EVER AGAIN! FOR ANY REASON! NO HITLERY………..NO CHELSIE……..EVER AGAIN!!!!!!

        • The incident of Chelsea Clinton spitting on a Marine should be posted nationwide for future reference. Such behavior should not be allowed to ride off into the sunset then forgotten. Same for Slick Willie’s” incident with the blue dress. Of late we’ve allowed some people to occupy the White House who have little or no decorum. For them maybe we should re-design the Presidential Residence and call it the Trailer.

          • I love it, The ‘White Trailer’! Yeah, we really have had s few ‘trailer trash’ in it lately. One of the worst is the one occupying it right now. Our first ‘gay’ president and his ‘tranny’ wife. I feel so sorry for the two girls. I often wonder whose kids they really are? And as for Chelsie, she can kiss her future in politics good-bye. I know I will never forget that incident! (I am a republican, anyway.)

          • Should run the video of her spitting on a Marine in every voting booth in every state and every city over and over again on Nov 4th. I hope this Country has learned a hard taught lesson when they voted Hussain in and they wont make the mistake of putting those clintons back in.

          • Florence Millard

            I just want to know why I can no longer respond to this site?

          • I’m not in the know but make sure you signed in. Many of these “discussion” things are temperamental. I some times have to “register” or “sign in” over and over again as if the system doesn’t recognize me. Maybe the liberals have hacked in and are trying to control things like they try to control everything else.

  5. Obama’s disdain for the Military is nowhere near theirs for him, He needs to be charged with High Crimes against this country. VOTE NOV4th


      NO DEMS!
      NO RINO’s !!

      and— in California –
      To SAVE WATER,

      “If it’s BROWN…
      Flush him Down !

      • Frankly, I’m sick of the RINO comments. According to the far right wingers, anyone who has any sense at all is a RINO. That attitude, by the 3 million registered Republicans who stayed home in 2012 cost us the WH and stuck us with Obama for 4 more years. They must be so proud (not).

        • RINO’s got us where we are Now ….. kissing 0bama butt
          Go finish your Kool-Aid little girl ………..

          • I’m not your “little girl”. It’s your attitude that got Obama reelected in 2012. A bunch of spoiled little brats who didn’t get the candidate of their choice so took their ball and went home. It’s time they put on their big boy pants and big girl panties and do what is right for America. Stay home in 2016 and watch Hillary take the Oval Office. Idiot.

        • There have always been more dead people on this planet then living , and I am sure you are aware that the Dems had illegals combing graveyards for names and dates, That’s why they fought so hard to stop voting poles from asking for ID’s when voting , That’s why a lot of precincts had 150% of the vote going to Obama , and a 65 % going to other candidates , I know it is a mathematical impossibility but how else do you think this clown got in office again after the first four disastrous years , we need voter IDS at all poling places and the police need to keep the black Muslims away from the poles ! They were intimidating voters and because it was in Obamas favor nothing was done !!

          • I agree but don’t discount the 3 million registered Republican non voters who thought Romney wasn’t conservative enough for them and stayed home in 2012. They share some of the responsibility for Obama still being in the WH. If this happens in 2016, kiss the WH and America goodbye.

          • I have been pushing to ALL my congressmen abt. GETTING RID of all the rigged voting machines, & going back to hand ballots, supervised by reps from the Dems, Reps, & Independents. Require Voter ID, & have them counted immediately at the close of the polls, results announced IMMEDIATELY, box locked & placed in a bank vault. It’s the only way we can stand a chance!

          • The biggest problem with the election counts are that they are counted over seas on George Soros machines. He is a staunch backer of the Democrat party and he owns the machines. They need to be counted here in the USA not overseas.

          • But there’s another problem BEFORE they get over there-the machines here are built by him! That’s why people said they voted for Romney, & when it came up, it showed they’d voted for Obama!

        • You realize don’t you that not ALL republicans are RINOs? That there’s a difference between RINOS and TRUE republicans?

          • It depends on your definition of a RINO. I happen to be a fiscal conservative and a social moderate. In some quarters, that makes me a RINO. If that’s the case, so be it. I’m a fairly intelligent individual and I get your message without the use of caps. The Republican Party, of which I am a lifelong member, is destroying itself from within. No more was that evident than in the 2012 presidential election. In order to get a Republican elected in 2016, there has to be a meeting of the minds. Not everyone is going to get all that they want…..the so-called “establishment” as well as the Tea Partiers are each going to have to give a little. If that doesn’t happen, and happen soon, we can kiss the WH and America goodbye. It’s as simple as that.

      • Good one Mac!!

    • Vote Nov. 4th and vote in November, 2016. It is vital that every registered Republican go to the polls to support the GOP nominee. It’s time to put petty differences aside. America is at stake.

  6. Yeah
    Something better to do
    like playing his BAD golf, or scheming APPROVAL for illegals. While poor Americans are still suffering! This felon is sick and the supreme puppet in an evil plot to undo the US government, by an entire syndicte of EVIL destroying us from within, just like the story of the TROJAN HORSE!


  8. Obama has been a traitor from his first day in the White House!

  9. I would rather he didn’t go to ceremonies for our Veterans because he is not qualified, eligible or intelligent enough to be in the same room with our veterans, and its an embarrassment to see him hanging Medals around the necks of our heroes A real President should be doing that, Something he is not or ever will be. He is a presidential imposter.

    • Very well put. I couldn’t agree more that he would not be welcome. They should ask President Bush to attend, he cares about the veterans. He is always doing things for them to support their needs. Obama probably has a golf game something equally as trivial.

      • I would love to see both Bush 41, who was a naval pilot, and Bush 43 attend. George W. Bush cared for our active Military members as well as our Veterans. I’m sure it would be an honor to the Veterans if both were in attendance. Obama has no business being there and I’m sure the Veterans would just as soon he stay home or play golf. He’ll probably be on the campaign trail anyway if he can find a Democratic candidate who wants him there. Many are distancing themselves as far as they can from Obama.

        • I love it that the Demon Rats vote lock step with this scum then pretend they were against his policies!!! But then again their voters ARE STUPID!!!!!

          • Stupid and greedy. There was a segment who believed they would get something for nothing. Remember the woman who said Obama was going to buy her a house?

          • Her words were “I won’t have to worry about paying my mortgage anymore” When asked who was going to pay it? “obama”. And where is obama going to get the money? “From his ‘stash.'” I wonder if that idiot still has her house? P.S. I don’t capitalize obama on purpose.

          • This isn’t the same woman. The woman I quoted lives locally in Southwest Ohio, Cincinnati to be exact. The other woman was quoted on the national outlets. The woman I referenced said, and I quote: Obama is going to buy me a house. Those were her words, not mine.

          • Sorry, I misunderstood.

          • No problem. I’m sure there are many more than just the two we referenced who thought they would get everything for nothing.

          • And, they still do!

          • And they have reason to believe because the less you do the more obama gives you

          • do you recall the time that kenyan boy was going to speak at Cobo hall in Detroit and folks outside the hall were being interviewed before his speech….two women of color were asked why they were so excited and one responded with something to the effect of ” were here to get some obama money”…..a mind is a terrible thing to waste….


          • We all know about the o. No need to explain, keep it up,

          • His stash more likely our hard earned money that he thinks we should all share. obama not capitalized and I have never referred to him as “President” or Comander-in-Chief because he is neither. He is a disgrace to this Country and the Office of The President.

          • Kudos!!!

          • I capitalize his last name, but I use a slight modification, I call him Maobama because he’s very much like Chairman Mao.

          • I have noticed that. It fits.

          • yes they are both evil communist scum……only difference….one is dead, the other plays golf when he should be screwing up America from the Oral office…..

          • Let him play golf, to keep him from screwing up any more of America.

          • Let him play all of golf he wants…………at least it keeps him OUT of our Oval Office!

          • Michael Dennewitz

            I call his queer ass Ovomit !!

          • Understandable, coming from a nauseatingly disgusting trash brain such as you.

          • Well,. ain’t YOU the clever boy?


          • Now don’t be that way, you just sound jealous you didn’t think of it yourself.

          • Florence Millard

            I noticed that. I have been to China, one of the first places we visited was Tianamin, square, where the first thing I noticed was a bill-board size picture of Mao-Tse-Tung.

          • Proud US vet/American

            Thank you for showing you disrespect for this POTUS. It hasn’t been earned from this country.

          • Florence Millard

            He has to earn my respect…………and I am not holding my breath until he does……to each his own!

          • Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr.

            Good for you.. I wouldn’t capitalize either.

          • “Was” a segment ….???? They are still alive and well and voting DEMOCRAT! He is not the only one to promise free stuff – he is just one in a long line that has made this promise for over 50 years!

          • “Was” meaning they voted for Obama twice. Since he can’t run again, the word is, “was”.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Sure Dawn, but what happens when the little QUEER declares martial law!? He’s a dick-tator then…

          • he could have changed that, but golf is his game!!

          • Or thousands of idiots who said he was going to send them a stimulus check for 3000.00 $ (first term promise) then went out and spent it before it was in their hands
            because he promised it was in the mail. Still waiting…………

          • I’m still waiting for the free college education that Clintoon promised…..

        • You are right. George H.W. Bush was the youngest Naval aviator to be shot down in WWII. George W. Bush STILL give A LOT of his time to our Wounded Warriors.

          • I have a great deal of respect for George W. Bush. When he spent his weekends visiting our wounded Military, he didn’t use it as a photo op as some do. He visited because he genuinely cared about them. I remember when he flew to either Iraq or Afghanistan, I can’t remember which, to serve Thanksgiving dinner to our troops. Nobody even knew about it until he returned to Washington. That’s the kind of man George W. Bush is…..compassionate and caring….a genuine Commander In Chief unlike the poor excuse we have now. I remember after 9/11 he made a campaign trip to Lebanon, OH. A woman attending told him about a young girl who had lost her mother on 9/11. He went through the crowd and hugged the girl. It was the first time since the death of her mother that she was able to cry. Only because the woman who called his attention to the girl gave the story to the press later did anyone know about what he did. Unlike the guy who can’t speak without a teleprompter, Bush has a heart.

          • Bush sho’ ’nuff should have done something beneficial for our wounded warriors. It was Bush and his neocon sidekicks, such as Cheney and Wolfowitz, who stupidly engaged the war in Iraq, and stirred up the whole nest of Islamic terrorists who are now rampaging all over.They poked that bear and now much of the world is in a world of hurt, thanks to those warmongering imperialist oilmen!

          • disqus_C6fGXmCFNc

            hos you are the giffest idiot and you should just grow up only stupid people never do

          • Oh, for God’s sake, get off of what you are tripping on! Was George W. Bush just supposed to turn the other cheek when the World Trade Center was destroyed???????????? I believe it was 7 buildings altogether. Get over it already! He was 1,000 times better than that asshole who resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue today!

          • Dulcie A. Covington

            and by the way those WMCs WERE found ,but the media stifled the story

          • I believe you mean WMD’s (Weapons of Mass Destruction.)I had heard they were all smuggled across the border into Syria in the dead of night!

        • George W. Bush is also a veteran…

          • Yes, he is a Reservist. I was addressing the fact that his father, George H.W. Bush was one of the youngest pilots during WWII and was shot down. In my eyes, he is a hero, as are all who served and now serve in the US Military. These are two individuals deserving of an invitation to the Memorial celebration. Clinton was a draft dodger and Obama is anti-Military. Neither have a right to be there.

          • Well said Dawn. Neither have any idea what those brave men and women went through and are still going through, nor do they care. obama is without a doubt the worst person to hold that office and his primary goal was to destroy this Country and he has pretty much accomplished that. It really is time for Americans to take back this Country and put it back on track. 2 more years of him, God help us all!

          • Anyone who is elected to the office and serves as Commander and Chief should be a Veteran.

          • Amen to that!

          • I have been saying that for years. You cannot relate unless you have served and cetrtainly cannot make decisions about something you know nothing about. Think you should be a citizen of US and be able to prove it.. just saying.

          • I don’t think ob is eligible to even be a dogcatcher, sorry, I apologize to all dogcatchers, at least they are ‘earning’ a living…

          • the communists, the parasites, and the pseudo intellectuals from the coffee shops would not agree with that…the cowards are afraid of anything that has to do with the military or guns…..

          • George W Bush flew F-15s for the Texas Air National Guard. You know, the ones used in Top Gun. It takes a lot of skill to fly a jet. The closest Obozo has come to combat is dodging bullets in the hood.

          • F-102’s…

          • He didn’t grow up in the hood, honey, he grew up with his wealthy Communist grandparents in Hawaii……….and went to the most expensive, private school on the island of Oahu…..Punahau. I know of the school, I lived on Oahu for 6 years!

          • Thanks for the info.

        • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Appointment_and_confirmation_to_the_Supreme_Court_of_the_United_States

          A simple majority vote is required to confirm or to reject a nominee. Once the Committee reports out the nomination, the whole Senate considers it. Rejections are relatively uncommon; the Senate has explicitly rejected twelve
          Supreme Court nominees in its history. The most recent rejection of a nominee by vote of the full Senate came in 1987, when the Senate refused to confirm Robert Bork.

        • Right they both care very much about our military.

          • And do you think Hitlary will care any more? No, didn’t think so.

          • absolutely..she will not care…she is more into getting folks killed and saying ‘what difference does it make’….if you or I had lost emails for anything the govt wanted…we would be in jail…I truly don’t understand why anyone would vote for this woman…I just read a list of the companies that have contributed to the Clinton foundation..I now have a list of companies I will definitely be boycotting…I have to admit I was surprised at some of them…one of them was the girlscouts…no more cookies for me…and having lived on a farm for decades, I will never buy anything John Deere again..and list goes on and on…and the so called efforts in Haiti…what a hoot..our church ran a mission there for years and finally left as the govt ended up with almost everything that was given or taken there so the church stopped…Clinton’s built a place where the Haitians can bank…if they have no money, what good is their bank??…another ‘off shore’??? I am asking, if anyone knows what that is about…just curious….we don’t need this woman near the white house..

          • The Shill still flies a broom; but that does not make her a Veteran.

          • Florence Millard

            oh, you sure nailed that one right.

          • I like your reply!

        • And, who can blame them?

          • I am trying to erase my last remark…..but it won’t go away.

          • To “erase” (delete) a remark try clicking on the EDIT thing which will put your remark on the screen. Then you can go in and change it or replace everything with X’s. Try that.

        • During both Obozo the Clown’s elections, the absentee ballots of our military from all over the world arrived to late to be counted. Yet the Libterds accuse the Republicans of keeping minorities away from the polls with voter ID.

          • No election results should be final until ALL Military ballots arrive and are counted. These are individuals who most deserve the right to exercise their vote. The only people
            “disenfranchised” (Democrats’ word, not mine) were dead people and pets. In Cincinnati, on the first day of early voting in 2012 the line to vote at the Board of Elections was blocks long and when panning the crowd, there wasn’t a white face among them.

        • Proud US vet/American

          Remember also that BOTH President Bush’s are veteran’s too.

      • Perfect suggestion 7papa7. “W” Bush is still active. He loves and appreciates America, the flag
        and the republic for which it stands. Veterans would be highly honored to have George W. at the

        • I wouldn’t be surprised if he received an invitation and accepted. Active duty personnel as well as Veterans know he had and has their backs.

        • Hussein Obama does not work alone. Our entire government is corrupt,even Republicans need a good smack on the head.

          • We all need to “clean house” this next election cycle and also in 2016. They’ve gotten
            too comfy in Washington, District of Corruption with their high salaries and expense accounts plus all the additional perks. Vote them all out ASAP. ….especially Nancy the Wicked Witch of the West and Dirty Harry.

          • Here is a simple way to get it done. Anyone of them in there for more than two terms, vote em out. You have to do this in the Primary Elections to get rid of the incumbent.

          • I agree but DO IT!

          • Robert, yes, they certainly do! They are so complacent – especially Boehner. He is so in lock step with the Dems, he should change the R to a D after his name. We need to rid the House AND Senate of RINOs, replacing them with conservatives – patriotic Americans who love this country, who know, love and obey the Constitution.

          • Absolutely!

        • I would like to see obama barred from any and all veterans functions. Since he hates them so much the vet groups should ban him. Bring in the Bushes who support and love them.

          • Sounds like a great idea. I wouldn’t want him at anything that had to do with my Dad, Uncles, Nephews, Brother or Son In Law. Gladly take one or both of the GW’s

          • Someone, obama, who hates the military has no right to be there. Let him go golfing at least he isn’t causing problems.

          • Or my husband, or my eldest son, or any other relative that gave of their time and possible death for our great country

        • He also ‘meets and greets’ returning vets at the G.W. Bush airport here in Houston, along with his beautiful wife, Laura. Would obama do the same? Again, I think not. He is too busy campaigning and raising money and playing golf. The only 3 things he knows anything about.

          • “Would obama do the same?”… Not bloody likely, Flo. He would have need of ‘a beautiful wife’, like Laura Bush…; not that haggard, buck-toothed, eat-an-apple-through-a-picket-fence, trollop Obama calls his mrs.

          • And, I thank you, so very much for your response. What I can not understand, is that some people still think that he/she is the the best-dressed First Lady (and I use that term even more loosely) since Jackie Kennedy! He/she is a drag queen! Need I say more? I wonder if that is the real reason that Joan Rivers died so suddenly after stating the fact that obama is gay and michelle is a tranny?

          • I thought the same thing… How could that happen to Joan immediately after her comments?

          • Gotcha Back there Flo. Remember what happened to his Grandmother when she came out and said he was not a us Citizen as was not born in Hawaii. Died suddenly.

          • I did not realize she ever said that…….I believed that he had her ‘killed’ so she wouldn’t talk. Also Loretta Fuddy……I believe she was dead before she was even put on that plane………I mean, why was she the only death? The water was as calm as a swimming pool, there was absolutely no way she could have ‘drowned’ when no one else did!

          • So Hugo you dont care for the mrs. much? (kidding either do I) I cant stand the sight of her and together they are disgusting.

          • I don’t know about that. It is reported that he isn’t much of a golfer either.

          • I have also heard, he uses golf as an excuse to get away from the witch (or bitch) whatever you want to call her. I’m good with either, and or both.

          • You forgot one. The fourth thing he knows is telling people what they have to do to commit voter fraud.

      • Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr.

        I wonder if the VA will ask him to speak at one of there conventions again. If so i’ll never donate another dime to the VA again.

        • I agree but I wonder if he is invited or forces his way in. I remember when Clinton was president, the troops were given a direct order to attend and it didn’t matter if they wanted to or not.

    • agree100%

    • Amen to that! He is also an ‘Illegal immigrant’ with no U.SA. Documents, and two Congressmen have told me to mind my own business upon confronting them!!

      • That’s typical they work for us and EVERYTHING these Bastards do or do NOT do is our business!!! Who are these pukes that should soon be unemployed??

      • You should send their names to the Speaker of the House and demand he make a record of your complaint into the Congressional Record listing the names of the two Congressmen as well as yours as the constituent registering the complain. Who in hell are those two jerks who are answerable to We the People? WHO do they think THEY are? That incident should have been taken by you to your local “6” and “11” o’clock TV news. Splatter their names all over the USA as unfit to serve in the Congress for that remark. Vote those two fecaliths out. I bet the two culprits are Democrats! (Demon Crats)

        • Did i read you correctly when saying “send there names to the speaker of the house”
          What country are you from? In my country of the United States ,we the people have no representation. This is Not Russia.

      • Hells fire, that is our business isn’t it ????

    • Why does Obama care so much when a soldier imposes his head on the ass of a horse?

    • Jondo you just suggested a new title: Presidential Imp

    • Yep. I am one of those veteran disabled for life. I lost all of what little respect I had for HIS office as President when he showed up as the cases with the co-mingled remains of our soldiers returned to Dover AFB — and a very somber ceremony that THE FAMILIES of the fallen specifically asked for NO pictures to be released.

      This jerk stood on the side of the plane as the cases were being unloaded and SALUTED WITH HIS LEFT HAND!!!

      It was an absolute disgrace. And it was shown on every news channel over and over again.

      • A disturbing, yet, good point… Kraze. It reminds me of seeing a photo, recently, wherein Obama was pictured exiting the ‘presidential chopper’… and upon receiving the ‘required’ salute from the attending military personnel at the foot of the stairs… Obama returned their salute WITH A CUP OF COFFEE STILL IN HIS RIGHT HAND!!! What a disgusting pig, he is.

      • Remember it all to well for very personal reasons. He has tried to make a mockery out of our Military but no matter what, you and the others who have served this Country so proudly and without thought to your own fate, left loved ones behind to worry and wait and returned to the jeers and name calling of the ones who ran and burnt our Flag, you are the ones that will never be forgotten by the ones who cannot begin to thank you enough. GOD BLESS YOU and all you did and continue to do.

      • Thank you to everyone who has ever served, waited at home, exchanged a blue star for a gold one, OR taken care of your warriors in the last war they will ever fight — the war for wellness and disability compensation they have earned from the VA.

        The “inspectors” from the last VA inspection concluded that “the veterans who were being investigated for lack of or no care would have died anyway.” And the graft went on, and bonuses went up.

    • AMEN! and WELL said!!!!

    • “Not qualified” that is a sick and stupid statement! Hussein Obama spits on our military and has fired many high ranking officers who attempted to contradict him. Hussein is deliberately purging our military and putting dick heads who wear Three piece suits and high heels in charge. It is goes way beyond Hussein Obama not being qualified when a president is a mouth piece for the globalists. A president who is not only a danger to the United States,but the world. You are pathetic!

      • Is there any doubt of bo’s treason & dereliction of duty to his sworn oath that the Senate dems will not indict but only protects his violations of U.S. Laws ..? Doesn’t the dems protection of the so called C. in C. make them just as guilty of treason by aiding & abetting the U.S enemy..?? “HOPE” FOR “CHANGE” NOV.4, 2014 BACK TO A REPUPLIC GOVERNMENT FOR & BY ALL THE U.S. PATRIOTIC CITIZENS THROUGH THE U.S. CONSTITUTION & BILL OF RIGHTS ! THEN RID BO & HIS CRONY ADMINISTRATION OF DICTATED DECEIT TOWARD CITIZENS FREEDOM AND RIGHTS ..!

        • Is there any doubt that we have No opposition party? Factoid, “Fifty percent of Americans are factually stupid” Are you included in that Fifty percent?

      • And, I just heard that the Clintons’ daughter just spit on a soldier that was helping her…………….and just before that incident, I read that she has already joined the presidential election, as a supporter of her mother HITLERY?Dear God, please, NO MORE CLINTONS IN THE WHITEHOUSE!

      • I didn’t know Hitlary wore high heels. I thought she was more into those ORTHOPEDIC shoes that many OLD women wear. Oh, BTW, I am like 30 years older than Hitlary, and I am still not into ORTHOPEDIC shoes!

    • Obama does’nt give a damn about our military or the Veterans, He has never been in the military and has absolutely no respect for anyone who has served! Sure he might pass out medals and shake a few hands but don’t let that fool you, he is doing his best to destroy the military and the Constitution, using any means at his disposal.

      • I could not agree more. I’m 100% disabled Army retiree. My son, Michael is being forced out of the Army with 17 1/2 years served. He is 2 1/2 years from his retirement date! He served 4 tours in Iraq and 1 tour in Afghanistan. He has been awarded 3 purple hearts for wounds and injuries that he has sustained from direct conflict from Obama’s people!!! He is being given 80% disability from the VA but nothing from the Army. Mike is the 4th generation combat veteran in our family. President Bush visited him at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in 2003. I was their visiting and had an opportunity to speak with him. I told him what an honor it was to meet him. He replied, “No. It’s my pleasure in meeting the two of you”. I never heard of Obama visiting our Hospitals or medical facilities. Left handed salutes and salutes with a coffee cup in his hand, what a jerk.

    • Very well said. He showed his disregard when he saluted (?) the marines with a coffee cup in his hand. That couldn’t have been more disrespectful and he doesn’t deserve secret service protection. Even though the family had left the WH before the intruder got onto WH grounds I wish he had been able to rid us of our albatross. The intruder would have deserved a medal if he had done so.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Name me one veteran that actually WOULD want the little Velcro headed half breed mooselum terrorist there??

    • Great job! Could not have said it better myself!
      To me, obama has been a loser from the git go!
      This animal should not even be allowed in America!
      I will be glad when IT is gone for good and out of our
      lives forever!

    • AMEN! HE IS NOT “Qualified” nor does HE Deserve the HONOR to be in the SAME ROOM AS REAL PATRIOTS who would Lay down Their Very Lives & Limbs and Have for THIS..OUR COUNTRY! The ONLY THINGS he has DONE is AGAINST OUR COUNTRY and OUR People and OUR SERVICE Men & Women! SO, although it would be NICE FOR “A” President to HONOR THEM as THEY DESERVE THAT..they do NOT DESERVE THIS PHONY who would SURELY RUN in the OPPOSITE Direction or USE Other PEOPLE to SHIELD HIM FROM DANGER..Defend Our Country? PLEASE! AGAIN< He's HAS DONE EVERYTHING POSSIBLE & THEN SOME…TO DESTROY IT! Including making DEALS WITH "OTHER" DEVILS! AKA Dictators & Worse!

  10. “Maybe it’s time to trade this dog in for a new one” do you think Biden would be any different? H. Clinton? Reid?

  11. Asswipe obummer Has Given Us This…

    A Country Founded by Geniuses but Run by Idiots!

    If you can get arrested for hunting or fishing without a license, but

    not for entering and remaining in the country illegally — you might

    live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If you have to get your parents’ permission to go on a field trip or

    to take an aspirin in school, but not to get an abortion — you might

    live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If you MUST show your identification to board an airplane, cash a

    check, buy liquor, or check out a library book and rent a video, but not

    to vote for who runs the government — you might live in a nation that

    was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If the government wants to prevent stable, law-abiding citizens from

    owning gun magazines that hold more than ten rounds, but gives twenty

    F-16 fighter jets to the crazy new leaders in Egypt — you might live in a

    nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If, in the nation’s largest city, you can buy two 16-ounce sodas, but

    not one 24-ounce soda, because 24-ounces of a sugary drink might make

    you fat — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is

    run by idiots.

    If an 80-year-old woman or a three-year-old girl who is confined to a

    wheelchair can be strip-searched by the TSA at the airport, but a woman

    in a burka or a hijab is only subject to having her neck and head

    searched — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but

    is run by idiots.

    If your government believes that the best way to eradicate trillions

    of dollars of debt is to spend trillions more — you might live in a

    nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If a seven-year-old boy can be thrown out of school for saying his

    teacher is “cute,” but hosting a sexual exploration or diversity class

    in grade school is perfectly acceptable — you might live in a nation

    that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If hard work and success are met with higher taxes and more

    government regulation and intrusion, while not working is rewarded with

    Food Stamps, WIC checks, Medicaid benefits, subsidized housing, and free

    cell phones — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses

    but is run by idiots.

    If the government’s plan for getting people back to work is to

    provide incentives for not working, by granting 99 weeks of unemployment

    checks, without any requirement to prove that gainful employment was

    diligently sought, but couldn’t be found — you might live in a nation

    that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If you pay your mortgage faithfully, denying yourself the newest

    big-screen TV, while your neighbor buys iPhones, time shares, a

    wall-sized do-it-all plasma screen TV and new cars, and the government

    forgives his debt when he defaults on his mortgage — you might live in a

    nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If being stripped of your Constitutional right to defend yourself

    makes you more “safe” according to the government — you might live in a

    nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If the media panders to your openly socialist leader while the IRS targets groups with dissenting views— you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If your government ‘cracks down’ on legal gun sales to law abiding citizens while secretly supplying illegal guns to Mexican drug cartels— you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If your local government (Chicago) outlawed gun ownership for ‘the safety of its citizens’ and now boasts the worst murder rate in the country — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    What a country!

    How about we give God a reason to continue blessing America?

    This was borrowed from another blog, please spread it far and wide!

  12. How can he be called Commander in Chief when he’s not a legitimate President. 1988. Study released by the United States Justice Department concluded that “Congress did not have the authority to annex Hawaii by joint resolution. That the Eratz Annexation was a cover for military occupation of the Hawaiian Islands for the purposes related to the Spanish American Wars. November 23, 1993 Then President Bill Clinton, signed United States Public Law 103-150 Acknowledged that the illegal acts committed by the United States in the overthrow of the legitimate government of Hawaii and that the peoples of Hawaii never surrendered their sovereignty. 103-150 makes it clear that the Hawaiian people never (never) ceased to be a Sovereign Separate Independent Nation.
    1999 The United Nations Confirmed that the plebiscite vote that led to Hawaii’s Statehood was a violation of article 73 of the United Nations Charter. The Hawaiian Statehood Vote under treaty then in effect, was illegal and non binding. This Obama keeps insulting the U.S. military. He doesn’t want it and dismantles it with increasing prejudice. Perhaps it because he know that he has no buisness near the Nations defense department and just keeps playing the role of president.

  13. a waste of time …. he’d just give ’em another “Starbucks Salute” ……………….

  14. Maybe it’s time to trade this dog in for a new one.

    Maybe it’s time to pick up the trash with a plastic bag for disposal, and put the leash on the turd.

    We would be lightyears ahead by that one, simple change (we can believe in)

  15. Let’s not compare Obama to a dog. Dogs are loving and loyal, and will give their lives for those they love. Obama has no loyalty and will bite the hand that feeds him (the American taxpayer). He would give his life for no one. He is not a dog. He is a snake.

  16. IF we get a new administration at some point in the future, can we hang ALL of the judges that actively blocked any progress on the eligibility issue?

    To pretend that “The People” have no standing in a court of law over a Constitutional Requirement of eligibility is completely asinine and an Act of Treason after congress and administration declared open war on America.

  17. Better yet, euthanize it.

  18. American veterans to be honored here in the U.S. of America, Oh, hell no! But if a new mosque out in bumbfuk Egypt was being dedicated he would be flying out on Air Force One as a show of unity.

  19. Dogs have an inherent integrity and intelligence, Obama? Not so much.

    • Obama has NO integrity and what intelligence he has is put to bad use!!
      Why would anyone spend time and money to get a law degree, pass the bar and after putzing around

      • He also lied where it was asked if he ever went by any other name! Didn’t he go by the name of Barry Soetero in Indonesia? And another comes to mind, a Boenel (can’t recall the exact spelling) Harrison, while living in Chicago? How is he getting by with all these lies and half-truths?

        • Yes Soetero was the name of his stepfather that Obama’s mother divorced because he got a good job with an oil company in Indonesia so he could support his new family! Obama’s mother was a supporter of Anti-Colonialism which SPREADS THE WEALTH.
          It has also come out that Obama lied on his Bar application regarding his FOREIGN STUDENT FUNDING. This may be one of the reasons he deactivated his law license!
          And the SS # are connected with his “foreign student” funding vs SS #s

    • Proud US vet/American

      …and they are loyal to a fault!

  20. O’Bama continues to be the greatest national security threat to our great nation to come along since our founding…yet, no matter how I try to tell my Congreal delegates this, they continue to allow him to remain in office. So sad…He has idea what we, the disabled veterans have given for the love of our country. Long ma the USA live free & proud in spite of the O’Bamas of this world. God bless all y’al and our troops!

  21. How iS this fool still there how was this ass reelected we as a people sure did get stupid ,well you people I didn,t vote for this moron you know who you are

  22. Since when has this fool ever cared about the United States of America or for that matter the PEOPLE he could care less about any one of us. He didn’t want to fight ISIS because he was hoping he would make it here and start on us . He is the worst thing that has ever happened to America and we the people since time began. If anything ever happened to him I would care less cause that is how much he cares about us.

  23. It is plane to see that “O” and Clinton are cut from the same fabric Clinton said
    He loathed the Military and it showed in his treatment of the Marine Guards at
    the White House. and “O,s” stupidity getting off of Marine One. In My opinion
    No democrat who is President deserves to have the Brave Marines at the White
    House or Marine One or Air Force One since they All seem to despise them.
    To All of My Marine Brothers I say SEMPER FI . To the nit wit in chief I say go back
    to Kenya and stay.

    • And……..how about the poor Marine who had to hold his umbrella over obama, while he (the Marine) was getting soaked in the rain? What a jerk our POS president is!

  24. Nothing new here folks move along …..Obama azzzhole Muslim is just showing American people how much he hates every thing about America ..Now if this was to do with Muslims Obama would be all over it in heart beat

  25. The only patriotism Obama has is to a one world communist government which does not exist yet. He lives in the future.

  26. No one misses a cheap suit at a big avent. Ovomit is a damn cheap suit not worthy of being with those who gave.

  27. I am a vet, our son is a vet, my brother is a vet, my brothers-in-laws are vets, my uncles were/are ALL vets and many of my friends are vets. This “president” does not belong at this ceremony as we would all be insulted by his presence. Obama is NOT my president.

    • I respect you and your family’s service, but you sir, are no patriot.

      • FU Commie! – You’re NOT a Patriot .. You’re a SLUG
        Now, Go finish your Lool-Aid………….

        • Pacoima is calling the “Old High Guy”. No one really challenges Obama at every turn, but we Conservatives who post……..sweetheart.

      • A true patriot is behind our country and our constitution not the cockroach occupying our White House , and yes I was with the USMC 65 to 68 . Erin I think you need to do some studying on recent history and see for yourself when is happening , not what you are hearing on the media , the media is owned by George Serous who is Obama’s biggest backer and by some strange co-incidence owns the company that made the voting machines and counted the votes, also read the books that Bill Ayers wrote on how communism could take over any society by controlling , the jobs, the media, health care, and the money , people that are sick , hungry, and uneducated are easy pickings . Schools in the last several years have changed curriculums so social study’s are not covering our constitution, bill of rights, etc. Kids now don’t know or care what they are . I saw a man walking on boardwalks in Calif, with a false pole asking people to sign so that Obama could do away with the Bill of Rights so Obama could control the country better , and just about everyone he asked signers signed it without question , even though when they were signing he said you realize you are signing away rights that servicemen and women died to give you ? They responder well if Obama needs to get rid of them he is the President !! That’s what Ayers ment about controlling education !! They have made our kids idiots , they have no idea what the Constitution or our Bill of Rights are or what they contain..

        • Not to mention you can take a list from all the same things Hitler did and see it’s a parallel to what Obama has been doing ever since he got in office. It’s CLEAR to see where he’s trying to take this country. His hatred for this country, for Christians, for white, and blacks TOO if they’re willing to face the truth.

        • There are plenty of reasons to not like Common Core, but that’s patently false.

          “In addition to calling for students to read and understand the foundational documents of American democracy, Common Core emphasizes the skills students need in order to apply this knowledge. For example, the high school English-Language Arts standards require students to:

          Analyze seventeenth-, eighteenth-, and nineteenth-century foundational U.S. documents of historical and literary significance (including the Declaration of Independence, the Preamble to the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address) for their themes, purposes, and rhetorical features (emphasis added);

          Delineate and evaluate the reasoning in seminal U.S. texts, including the application of constitutional principles and use of legal reasoning (e.g., in U.S. Supreme Court majority opinions and dissents) and the premises, purposes, and arguments in works of public advocacy (e.g., The Federalist, presidential addresses); and

          Analyze seminal U.S. documents of historical and literary significance (e.g., Washington’s Farewell Address, the Gettysburg Address, Roosevelt’s Four Freedoms Speech, King’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail”).

      • Every soldier, in every war, must respect the chain of command all of the way to the top including the Commander in Chief, like him or not. Period. That’s the way the real military men in my family have taught their kids. Politicians, including this one, will come and go, but patriotism is an absolute.

        • Sorry Erin I disagree. My family is full of Military all branches and not one of them claims that man as their commander-in-chief. He has no knowledge of the military and cannot possible relate to something he knows nothing about. Honestly I am proud of the fact that my family has chosen not to blindly follow him into any situation just because he holds a title he has not earned nor deserves. He hates America and all it stands for, why in the world would anyone respect him or his “command”.

  28. Obama should fly into Iraq to inspect the bombings in Iraq and Syria to evaluate if the explosions are in fact large enough to destroy Isis or Isil. Congress needs to either impeach him or arrest him ASAP. He rather would probably like to spend time with his BrotherHood comrades.

    • No, I think he and michael should fly over to Egypt or further south, where the Ebola outbreak originated, so the 2 of them can study, in depth, why, and what, has caused this epidemic! I would be happy to apply some money (from my own bank account) for the cost of Air Force 1!

  29. The Pope and Obama are on the same stage in Yankee Stadium in front of a huge crowd.

    The Pope leans towards President Obama and says, “Do you know that with one little wave of my hand, I can make every person in this crowd go wild with joy?

    “Furthermore, this joy will not be a momentary display, but will go deep into their hearts, and they’ll forever speak of this day and rejoice!”

    Obama replied, “I seriously doubt that! With one little wave of your hand… Show me!”

    So the Pope backhanded him and knocked him off the stage!

    AND THE CROWD ROARED & CHEERED WILDLY, and there was happiness throughout the land!

    • I’d pay GOLD to see that happen!!!

      • Ditto! (If there is any left after obama leaves office) michael may take it with him/her when they leave just as hitlery took the good China when she and bill left the Whitehouse. (Note, I use capitals only when deemed necessary.) Now that hitlery wants back in as first woman P.O.T.U.S. I wonder if she will return the china????????

  30. Time to put this rabid dog down.

    • Agreed 1000%!!!
      Or put another way (like I’ve been saying on ALL my posts on G+),
      somebody please, just SHOOT this sonofabitch!!!

      • THANK YOU! I keep saying I wish Obama, Jarrett, Holder, Reid, Pelosi, Boehner, and numerous other would get lead-to-the-brain disease!

  31. People are offended by having a fence around the White House to keep out its citizens and blocking their view of the White house. Since the USA needs more fencing at the southern border to keep out Islamic terrorists from coming into the USA,the fencing around the white house should be taken down and re-installed at the southern border. This would save the tax payers money on new fencing and would allow USA citizens a closer look at the White House and its grounds to enjoy picnics at the White House and observe up close just who is visiting the President.

  32. The golf course is calling. Unconscionable,disrespectful, in your face America. Considering of hoisting up Obama in effigy (Effigies are non racist. A crude representation of a despised person, a way of protesting, in public, against that persons policies – Webster’s Dictionary). Legitimate protest, no matter what the Politically Correct uninformed, or uneducated, think………sweethearts.

  33. Obama is pond scum, Whale fecal matter and Lucifer all wrapped up in one. The very sight of him or sound of his voice makes me want to vomit.

  34. This is a person who is “eaten-up” with his own illusions of euphoric-grandeur…
    How many brush-offs re: his “fake” documents…how many requests for Election Violations by the Chief-Attorney for the people (Hold-up) and this is the candle on the cake….Iv heard, “we owe him our respect ” to which I say BULLSHIT.
    In my life a person must EARN my respect. I suppose this is just anothr payday for us
    Slowly but surely just as I said 7 yrs ago, the house of cards is coming down, with all thanx to THE JOKER !

  35. I certainly hope that no veteran votes for anything close to a democrat, because, especially in Hillary’s case, they would be rubber stamping what we have now!! It is a disgrace for the POTUS to not attend this ceremony, but I also agree that he really doesn’t belong any place close to these national heroes!!

  36. It is an insult to the nation and to We the People to have this Kenyan socialist impostor present at any government or private gathering. Leave him out and all will be much better.

  37. He’s a zombie… nothing more.

  38. As a disabled nam vet. I think Obama should be bared from the event. The father and son team of Bush.I would welcome at l;east they care.

  39. Soft,fruity, cross dressing, inept, powerless, pidgeon toed, lying, empty suit, hopeless, weak, ineffective piece of DOG S_IT

    • Wife, michael, is also a cross-dresser. Have you noticed the suspicious bulge in the groin area in some of her pictures. I am pretty sure you could GOOGLE those pictures.

      • Well lets see Obama is a queer, his wife is a she-male, the kids aren’t theirs, just props for the press and Obama’s real father is Frank Marshall Davis…..just like a dogs dinner all mixed up

        • Like Alpo mixed up with a dry dog food? I once owned a beautiful German Shepard. She would eat anything we fed her, Like Alpo mixed with dry dog food, That was all we could afford at the time.

  40. He doesn’t care for anything that is represents our gear nation and all that we have stood and stand for still. He is unAmerican. He is a Traitor extraordinaire!
    Never before in our history. Yest so many defend him! That tellse one other thing, there r so many other non worthy Americans in this country. So many are low informed, so many want the change he does. Or so they think. They will be effected just like US real patriots when and if it is,all said and done. They r being used for the agenda. He Must Go. The sooner, the better.

  41. Please keep this traitor away from this very special ceremony, he does not deserve to be there. PERIOD

  42. WORST president in US History!!!!

    Even the Military HATES him!

    Obama has had SIX Freeking Years to DO Something!!
    Can’t blame Bush for this Mess anymore .. 6 YEARS! = Nada!

    How’d that Hope & Change Work out for Ya???

    0bama is the Poster Boy for the “Peter Principle” –
    The Peter Principle is a proposition that states that the members of an organization where promotion is based on achievement, success, and merit … will eventually be promoted Beyond their level of ability, resulting in FAILURE – (Like we have Now, in D.C.)

  43. What bothers me most about Obama and his liberal crowd is that during the last election 30% of the registered voters in this Country did not even bother to vote. 30%. Think about that number when your listening to your buddies complain about the direction that this country is headed. This is exactly what liberals hope for, low voter turnout. The vast majority of people who did not vote were conservatives who complained that Romney was not conservative enough for them. Imagine if all conservatives had banded together and voted for conservatism, even if it was Romney. We would not be having these conversations today. November 4th is not that far away, get up off the couch and get your friends off their butts and VOTE to put an end to the embarrassment that the progressive, liberal Democrats are to this once great nation.As far as Obama not attending a service for America’s veterans. it’s an honor for those vets to not have to listen hollow words from the Imposter in Chief.

  44. I think the Vets will be relieved!!!

  45. Yea! he has got something better to do ‘Golf’ (winter is a coming on), and I really am not surprised that he will not be attending, I saw his true stripes in 2008, as to what he B.O. thought of the United States of America, along with M.O.

  46. It is tragic that our military has no protection from those higher up. I have read that the death rate in Afganistan has tripled under Obama. And now Obama wants to send 3000 of our troops to a nation plagued by Ebola.Clearly Obama HATES our military.

  47. What is supremely insulting is that POS, Obama, and Biden certainly found the time to attend the MLK memorial dedication back in Oct. of 2011… on the anniversary of the, so called, “million man march’ (of course, there never was anything close to a million people marching); yet, they can’t tear themselves away from whatever form of ignominy they’re bent on perpetrating against the American people… the very people that, sadly, elevated them to such a lofty office. But, I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiments expressed here by most… that Obama is not welcomed… not deserving … to show his pathetic, deceitful, cowardly, and morally-impoverished a$$ in any close proximity to the proceedings (and that goes double for his ugly “eat an apple through a picket-fence” marital sidekick).

  48. And trade him in for an AMERICAN dog!!!

  49. In My opinion, if He and Biden, as Commander In Chief and VP, do not attend this Dedication Ceremony for The American Veterans Disabled For Life Memorial in October,
    since they are responsible for many of the injuries it would be the most
    insulting thing they could do to these Veterans and Our Military and
    That would be unacceptable and unforgivable and would, in My mind
    reflect on the entire Democrat Party…PERIOD!!, Signed Nam Vet 67-68

  50. Maybe he’s affraid they would lynch him, lol,

  51. I’m a disabled veteran. I wouldn’t piss in 0bama’s mouth if his queer guts were on fire.


  53. Just this week one of his directors for Obamacare, a doctor, said anyone 75 or older are not creative anymore thus don’t need medical assistance. This pretty much sums up Obama’s attitude towards our elders and heroes!!!

  54. I think you have to be a citizen to attend one of those…

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for some fun in politics.

  55. Trade the dog in? No, put it to sleep.

  56. I would not ALLOW the sob to attend anything my family had.

  57. The Marines that that POS gave that disrespectful salute to,should the next time POS comes to board that helicopter,flip him the bird he earned it. Anthony Miller—USAF-SAC.

  58. Obama isn’t going to to the Vet’s Ceremony because he is trying to pee on all of America including those that gave him the freedom to run for president. Besides that he doesn’t have enough workplace to even lift his leg unless he is trying to kick his golf ball into the golf hole.


  60. Proud US vet/American

    As a disabled vet, I would be totally disgusted and disrespected if THIS POTUS came to a funeral of a vet friend of mine. This is the most anti-American President in the history of this great nation. He has shamed this country and its people on more than one occasion in the eyes of the world. As a soldier and an American, I will/can respect the office of the President. But, I can not/will not respect this man in the office. He is a liar, a criminal, a traitor and fake! He has about as much business being our President as an Elephant has to being a bird.
    Our vet’s and soldier’s deserve the very best we can give them, no matter what it takes or costs. These are the men and women who protect our freedom and country without regards for their own lives and without worrying about their families here at home. What do the Senators and Congressmen really do for us other than spend our tax money and get our country into debt? Am I cynical? You damn right! American’s have a right to be angry and mistrustful of this Administration and President-they have pretty well given our country away and exposed us to many unknown diseases and enemies!
    molon labe

    • And just what do you expect a supposed Muslim and an illegal alien to
      do? I suppose if it were for “his kind”, he’d go. Nope, I’ll salute the
      office, but never in hell will I salute the biggest mistake the American
      people made when he saunters down the stairs of OUR plane!

  61. As a Communist MUSLIM anti American SCUM Obama is the ENEMY of the American Military. Everybody knows it.

  62. Awesome analogy! But, if it had to do with homosexuals or Muslims 0b0z0 would be there!

  63. I imagine that Obama has a pressing golf game or a Muslim brotherhood meeting to attend. He has always shown total disrespect for our military and all americans.

  64. Obama doesn’t care about anything in our American country..He is so selfish and arrogant…He’s only in love with himself…

  65. I’m a disabled vet and I’d rather that Obama not bother to show. He is not welcome. As far as his records go, if you don’t have anything to hide you wouldn’t be hiding them. I have to admit I voted for him the first time, but it didn’t take long to figure out what a phony, deceitful, duplicitous creature he is! He is not, nor will he EVER be my President! We HAVE to take back the Senate in this next election!

  66. I have to agree with the sentiments, POTUS would be a distraction for what should be a very dignified event.
    God Bless very one of our wounded warriors regardless of which conflict they serve in. God bless American and her military.

  67. I don’t think they should compare Obama to a dog. Dogs don’t deserve that kind of reputation—–they’re LOYAL.

  68. With the disrespect that this moron has shown to the American people and the Military lately, he doesn’t deserve to be there with our troops. About every president we ever had, had some Military background , this jackass muZLim terrorist has nothing and never will. The troops all use to gather around President George W. Bush because they had respect for him and likewise. This terrorist hasn’t earned the right to be breathing the same air as we all do, he is a disgraceful pig terrorist. I had said many times, I wouldn’t be accepting any medals of honor or anything else from this ignorant terrorist imposter.

    • I hate the fact that Obama’s name is on the document when my father passed in 2009. He served two tours in the navy during WWII, spent most of his time in China and Korea on the USS McCaffrey. His name taints the document.

      • I know just what you mean, My wife has been getting the Presidential Gold coins, I told her when they get to Osama send it back, we don’t want that one because he is not a president, just a communist dictator pig.

      • Marilyn, although that is sad that obama’s name is on such important part of what your father stood for, remember the Man, the Father and the Fighter that he was. Don’t ever let anyone, especially that piece of crap, take away from your Dad. My Father was in the Navy as well, duing the same time
        and I can appreciate your distain for obama. His signature means nothing but what your Father stood for means everything. God Bless!

  69. We do not wan’t his sorry ass there anyway the best thing he can do is resign and go back to Africa where he was born.

  70. These heroes are better off not being offended by his presence anyway.he would most likely say something stupid like he normally does.remember when he referred to corpsman as corps man?this man knows nothing about the military.he is afraid of our military,in fact.as he should be.

  71. Does the “N” word come to mind, as a vet from the 60’s I would not want him close to any ceremony I attended, any sorry bum like this snake who salutes with a coffee cup in his hand….I only wish someone close by would have decked him and stuff the cup down his throat.

  72. we don’t want this traitor there

  73. 609th Air Commando

    I would really feel much better if PND didn’t compare the illegal alien bisexual communist muslim ameba to a Dog … ! Doing that demeans the Dog, and is an insult to all Animals world wide ! All the “iabcma” does is drool on his crotch and makes strange gutteral sounds most of the day,… but then what else would one expect from a muslim … ? And really, who would want to be around that thing anyway, for what purpose, there isn’t any! ! ! !

    he (lower case on purpose) really is despicable in the worst way possible!

  74. We all have seen and heard way too much from and of this fraud…Let the remembrance of heroes of America not be stained with his presence at the ceremony.. I cringe when that cowardly imposter bestows America’s highest military honors to real Americans. The grifter won’t be missed.

  75. When will you folks realize that this man has no need for Veterans or there families other than when he can use
    them as POLITICAL PAWNS. He honestly cares nothing for the people who have sworn to protect the freedom of
    this country.

  76. He is so pathetic, that most people don’t want to see Obama anywhere at anytime, any more. He has left our wonderful military soldier in a filthy prison in Mexico, while he has turned loose a soldier who deserted our military to join the enemy, and released 5 of the worst terrorist in the world. Why pretend to be someone you are not. He hates our military, he hates our country, and he has proven that by the way he had led this country. He has stomped on, chewed up, and spit out, or Constitution. He has badmouthed this country to other countries that hate us and want us dead. Why do we want to see his face or hear him anywhere. He is a disgrace to our country, and should have been impeached years ago.

  77. Shame on all the people who voted for him the first time and especially the second. It is their fault!!!!!

    GET RID OF IT , NOW!!!!


  79. Calling little O a dog is being too kind. When it comes to our military, he is a disgusting commander of our armed forces . Anyone who salutes or pledges allegiance with a drink or food in that hand is TOTALLY DISPICABLE!!!

  80. Answer me this. When you see Reid and Pelosi with little o, why do they always have a smile on their plastic faces?

  81. He doesn’t care if they die so whey would he care if they’re injured? We’re all just pawns of his grand legacy of the new American communism

  82. If I had a dog that behaved like Obama

  83. If I had a dog that behaved like Obama, I would have taken it to the Vet and had it put down. What good is a queer dog?

  84. Why would he? He doesn’t like the military, they are a threat to his dictatorship!

  85. The Anti American attitude displayed by this administration. is overwhelming. From the first time the wouldn’t put his hand over his heart for our National Anthem, to not wearing a flag lapel pin, he and his administrative band of hoodlums have been a disgrace. His not attending a long overdue tribute to the patriots disabled thru war in defense of our country and our freedoms is predictable. He has no sense of country nor freedom and certainly no knowledge of war, experience in combat, or understanding of how to lead people who do. It’s sad these men and women put their lives on the line for us and then are forced to be under the command of inexperience and apathy.

  86. If He were to attend, the veterans should turn their back to him. Because he would do it in a heartbeat to them. He is truly a disgrace to this country. And I fail sorry for the black community for picking such a despicable man to represent them, when there are so many decent and honorable black people to choose from.

  87. he is a tool… i didnt vote for neither time….. they should have said “gay” veterans then he would have gone…

  88. if it were a party at the bathhouse – he would be there

  89. BO is a fraud and an imposter. He should be brought up on charges for impersonating the POTUS. I personally don’t think he deserves the honor to be at this ceremony!

  90. That’s ok … WE DON’T WANT HIM THERE!! – (USMC ’58-’63)

  91. Would anyone expect him to pour his latte on the memorial? Well, only if he veins a salute!

  92. Aren’t lame and dying dogs, put down?!… Although, as a veteran, I wouldn’t want him any where near me!…

  93. As a 100% disabled veteran, I almost want to thank him for staying away.

  94. Obama is booked solid handing out medals to disabled Al Qaeda and ISIS members

  95. He left the last Veterans affair with mumbled curses about their not having applauded his long winded rambling speech. Since he was not given what he demands , fawning attention, he would as soon be dragged through a field of glass as to be in another place with Veterans . those people that he has no respect for any way. The ones that he considers beneath himself to begin with . ( In my personal opinion he has proven his contempt for this Military at every step of the way.) If he had the common sense that GOD gave a duck he would unleash our Military and let them actually do their jobs as they see fit ,and we would not have to endure this mess that Isis/(Isil as he calls it ) is doing. American military has the know how to do the job but we no longer have a commander in chief that wants it done. His little heart just lies in the other direction. ( I do however dislike comparing him to a dog. Dogs are loyal to a fault. Obama does not have that kind of loyalty for America and its veterans. Dogs are great hunters and they are alert for what can be danger for their household. Obama has no such talent or desire. The only reference to canine that I will agree with is that this man Obama has done exactly what every dog does when it tries to mark its territory. They urinate on it, and he has pissed on America. ) At every area in which any man gave a great speech that the world remembers, Obama marked those spots before he became the president of this country. That was my thought as he toured the world before his 2008 victory. He literally tried to speak in every major place that he could and tried to mark that territory .


  97. It is well pass the time to trade this dog in for a new one. What else would you expect for this imposter. In my opinion he is doing this in defiance of our hate for him. He is doing everything he can to keep us pissed off. There has to be a reason. Maybe this is just another distraction. Remember ISIS, I Have wonder where and when they will decide an attack. Also wonder if Obama knows where and when this will be.

  98. You can’t trade this dog for a new one. Nobody would want the old one.

  99. So, then I hope you will excuse me when I say when he is killed and his head chopped off by his OWN muslim peeps, I won’t shed a tear either…He is a disgrace!

  100. The man is a Muslim and at war with us! It is just that simple.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and have some fun sharpening your mind.

  101. Ol’ Yeller comes to mind.

  102. You do realize that Bush could’ve been president again after our current pretender’s first term. You serve 2 then may serve another term for a total of 3. Unfortunately there are a lot of Bush haters out there. Idiots would vote for that pretender over and over again instead of one that cared about America’s defense, economy, and health. Forget about freedom, take this healthcare crap or be fined. Executive orders over due process. Seal my records instead of transparency. Trade 5 enemy commanders for a deserter instead of rescuing an honorably discharged US Marine from Mexico. This guy has more dirty dealings than Al Capone.

  103. You can answer all questions about Obama with one answer: “He’s a Muslim.” It is just that simple.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and know what you are doing.

  104. Michael Dennewitz

    I wouldn’t care if the little QUEER BASTARD ever showed up. Not to give the faggot any credit, but to stay the hell away would be the best act of respect.. The asshole had nothing to do with their heroism, why would anyone sane even want his sorry ass there???

  105. Proud US vet/American

    As a 100% disabled vet, this is nothing more than a slap in the face, being spit on, or some other unsavory insults that I won’t lower myself to write, by this so-called President, C-N-C, dictator or what ever you want to call Obama. The “PATRIOT’S” , veteran’s are the reason for America’s freedom and liberty. To dishonor them and the active military in the way this POTUS has done is an outright disgrace and assault on this country’s foundation. I will honor the office of the POTUS, but I will NEVER honor this man who is in office-he has not earned my respect, or my support. American Patriot’s arise! It is time to take our country back from this narcissistic, pious and vengeful POTUS and his administration of peons.
    GOD bless the United States of America!

  106. No problem if he stays away! He never was much of a Commander in Chief.

  107. Not trade for a new one Just put it in a kennel in GITMO for life and forget about it.

  108. If any part of gummint needs budget cutting it is the Defense Department, the most wasteful government instrumentality in the history of the world. Go gettem, Obama!

    • You seem to be short-sighted enough to vote for him a third time, right?

      • I am long-sighted enough to see the absurdity of the preposterous notion, from some wackadoodle wingnuts, that he will rig things some way in order to cop a third term. That was a common red flag from the dingbats of the extreme right a while back. It is a thing that belongs in the same rubbish heap as FEMA camps, black helicopters and “he’s comin’ after your guns.”

  109. if he did come and pay homage you conservaturds would say he is pandering to the vets or suking up to the military or any number of other paranoid delusional lies the teams of writers the 1 % has hired and you retarded fools would suck it up like it was gold .YALL A JOKE

  110. This muslim POS is no President of the United States and sure as hell is no commander-in-chief of our armed forces a CIC has guts a spine and set of balls to go along with the rest of that and also is not a damn QUEER like obama.what we have in the white house is two QUEERS one is a girly man and his wife is a tranny.Now when are we going to take AMERICA BACK?

  111. Im a 100% disabled Vietnam veteran,I do NOT want this,idiotic,moronic moslime anywhere near my Memorial…

  112. WHAT BULLSHIT… Keep whining, republican/tea party/conservative trolls… Your lies haven’t gone very far the last 10 years and this is another prime example of republican/tea party/conservative, “faux noise” based propaganda bullshit…
    Nuff Said…

  113. Dear Idiots who put this rag together: First, why are you sending this out as “breaking news” when it’s a year old? Second, I can only presume that the people who read Patriot News Daily are as dumb as the people who put it together. Would you care to guess who dedicated the memorial? (drum roll…) President Barack Obama. Here’s the Wikipedia entry:

    The American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial was dedicated on October 5, 2014. President Barack Obama addressed a crowd of about 3,100 visitors and guests, many of them disabled veterans, who witnessed the memorial’s unveiling

    Look, I know you hate the guy. I know he’s blackety-black-black and that just burns you up. But could you stop making sh*t up?

  114. I’ll bet he does sniff the bushes all right .FUCK OBAMA. He is a piece of shit and that’s all he’ll ever be. PERIOD. He is a traitor, liar, tyrant, evil PUNK ASS BITCH. When he went to all the bath houses he sniffed more than that. HANG THE PUNK.

  115. Obama Hates America especially the Military as a radical communist. As a Muslim SPY he knows our Military are his ENEMIES.

  116. Which ‘conservatives’ excused his absence? More importantly, what makes you think they are really conservative?

  117. This article gives more meaning to the saying “this dog won’t hunt”;.

  118. Is this suppose to be NEWS? Anything having to do with our veterans is far from obummer’s mind. He wouldn’t raise a finger to help or recognize our vets for their devotion to duty and country.. JONDO put it RIGHT when he said, “…..not qualified, eligible or intelligent…….”. Obummer hasn’t got sence enough to pour piss out of his boot.

  119. I wish we could ‘put him down’. Are you sure we can’t include Ob in that Iran deal, no charge to Iran ?

  120. I don’t care how he feels about the military. I don’t care if this is “what we can expect”. I don’t care if this isn’t news. As President of the United States and Commander in Chief this is as wrong as wrong can get. It should not be a choice.

  121. Another reason to compare Obama to a dog…..he’s married to a bitch.

    (my apologies to all dogs everywhere—did not mean to insult you)

  122. “Why compare Obama to a dog?”
    Because they’re BOTH SOB’s for starters.
    If it rains, Obama will probably expect one of the honorees to hold his umbrella for him anyway. He’s such a disgrace to the US and its once proud military, I’d rather he DIDN’T show his face at it.

  123. MrsTJNic@aol.com

    Why am I not surprised? Go ahead & invite the Bush family to attend this ceremony instead, and Cut water waste on Obama’s Golf Greens!



  126. He is no president. Not even close. He has no CREDENTIALS. He is a PUNK ASS MUSLIM BITCH.

  127. He would jump on a plane to honor any black thug anywhere in the world so fuck him and his monkey wife

  128. I wouldn’t want that phony there either…It would be like Hitler coming to a Jewish funeral…Take that dog out to chase a golf ball…

  129. We didn’t want his anti-American, Muslim derriere there anyway. He would have fouled the air by his mere presence.

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