Obama Did Not Consult Pentagon Before Launching Airstrikes

With the war against ISIS still producing inconsistent results, many are starting to question what kind of strategy the Department of Defense produced when recommending the airstrikes-only method. Now, according to a Freedom of Information Act request, it turns out that the White House didn’t bother to consult military leaders at all.

Obama took quite a bit of grief back in August when he admitted that he did not yet have a strategy for confronting the Islamic State’s advances. His press secretary, Josh Earnest, attempted to soften the criticism by claiming that Obama merely meant that he was waiting for the Pentagon to make its final recommendations. Unless those recommendations were delivered with the greatest of secrecies, however, Earnest seems to have been caught in a lie.

Dr. Larry Kawa made a FOIA request of the DOD, looking for any communication documents – electronic or otherwise – that would have addressed an ISIS strategy before the end of August. No records came up. This means that – barring some kind of coverup (which wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for this White House) – Obama made no effort to secure Pentagon recommendations before going into Iraq and Syria with warplanes.

“Illegal” War

Meanwhile, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has made it clear that he considers the battle against ISIS not only poorly-planned, but “illegal” as well. In an op-ed published on The Daily Beast, Paul reached out to conservatives, urging them to condemn Obama’s decision not to seek congressional authorization. “This war is now illegal,” Paul wrote. “It must be declared and made valid, or it must be ended.”

But it doesn’t appear that the president is in any rush to go back to Congress for permission. Last week, he authorized an additional deployment of 1,500 troops to Iraq, though he continues to insist that we will not use American ground forces to combat the threat. He appeared on CBS’ Face the Nation to defend his decision to send the extra troops:

The airstrikes have been very effective in degrading ISIL’s capabilities and slowing the advance that they were making. Now what we need is ground troops, Iraqi ground troops, that can start pushing them back.

Obama insisted that the additional troops would be used to train up Iraqi forces only.

The administration seemed poised to announce a major victory on Saturday when a major airstrike reportedly injured or killed ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. However, three days later, the Pentagon was still unable to confirm reports that al-Baghdadi was even present in the targeted convoy.

The battle against the Islamic State will continue to be a controversial one, but I have to side with Senator Paul. If Obama takes the decision to pursue military action before Congress, we can legitimize this war and encourage public debate as to the proper strategy. Seeing as how Obama apparently considers himself a wartime strategist, however, we’re unlikely to see anything of the kind.

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  1. Might as well start by saying ” Why in HELL” are We in this mess? It all started after Obama came into office and He didn`t do anything, but travel in AirforceOone and take most of his family and friends. The Hawiian Islands for example: HOW many trips? Best guess Wins whatever! It~ll take 10 years to get us out of the mess HE created, mebbe` More! L<et`s keep our Senators and Congresspeople on their toes and hassle` them on what`swrong until they do it "OUR WAY" the RIGHTWAY!

  2. kenyan boyo does not consult with anyone other than his commie/rag head handlers….

  3. Remove this idiot Obama from the W H before he does anything more. Arrest him, and persecute him to the highest of all persecutions. He has persecuted America in the worst of the worst ways. He deserves the death penalty without any regards of compassion. He is 100% Muslim and will stand with them and abett them in every way. He does NOT like American’s and has done nothing more than try to make us look like war mongers that has done evil against other nations, bowed and apologized for America and we don’t need to apologize for anything we have done. If Muslim countries would stop trying to take over countries they don’t understand of the ways and cultures it would be one thing but they come here and are pushy, ignorant, and by damn things are going to be done their way or else. That is not the American way and they including Obama and Michelle need to go to their own kind of happy valley customs. They are not ours and we do NOT want to change from our Freedoms of Life in general. We are happy in OUR own little Happy Valley and I’m OFFENDED by their ways and demands.

    • CORRECT. He should be prosecuted to the Nth Degree of the Law. But since he Ignored Benghazi, continues to deny it, and continues to deny all of the other scandals that have occurred during his Administration; and since the Obama Congress hasn’t impeached him for any previous offenses, WHY, OH WHY would they do so now?

      • John H. Kohlenberg

        The only reason Obama does not take us serious is because we are all talk and no action. Surely we have enough citizens to put him in hand cuffs and put him in prison. But will we. I doubt it.

    • He already claims to be persecuted, because he’s :Black” every time something doesn’t go the way liberals want they play the race card, they seem to forget there are a lot of conservative blacks out there.

  4. 0bama and his arrogance went to war all by himself eh.
    Just how can he blame this on Republicans?

    • Well, maybe a Republican gremlin, or an “evil” Republican spirit made him do it. He might as well claim that. He doesn’t have any other excuses that might make sense. This one wouldn’t make sense, but at least it would be creative.

      • I would like to see them try to sell it to the American people. 🙂

        • True. But you must admit that it would be creative.

          We still haven’t “bought” his reason for being unavailable When Chris Stevens and his Marine Guards were murdered in Benghazi.

          No, there, we know the reason a campaign event was more important than the Death of an American Ambassador whom O Bomb Out appointed to that area.

          If an impeachment trial ever actually happens, it should be live, so everyone sees his total carelessness as each of the charges is read.

          Right now, the Grinch would be a better President than B.H.O. At least his heart grew (three sizes that day), when he understood the true meaning of Christmas.

          This man’s heart would have to grow 10×9 to the Google power before he even had a slight idea what it truly means to Love Our Country.

        • you can sell thesefreakinpeople anything …. hahaha after all they are the dumbasses that elected a non american as president to begin with and even in the face of his lawlessness and tyranny still let him be elected a second term altho i believe it was a rigged election and still he is a free man instead of being in prison or facing the death penality if this thing had been any other color he would have been executed long before now for his crimes aganst this country and its citizens

          • I agree with N)_PE on everything, except, I don’t want to go so far as calling our fellow-non-informed citizens names….there are ill informed people that will believe anything if it sounds good at the moment. And ,according to some people barrack is an effective speaker and they want to believe in anything except another political party. I have never listened to two minutes of the idiot’s mouth moving…because if he’s speaking-he’s lying.

      • the gremlin is valorie jarrett.

    • Bush’s fault

      • Boy, how many times have we heard that???
        All were lies.

      • John H. Kohlenberg

        If you saw someone robbing a bank or murdering someone, would you just stand and let him get by with it. That is what is happening with Obama. Sin is sin, and doing things unlawful is unlawful, but yet America just stands and watches him and does nothing. President or not crime is crime. Lets start doing something besides talking about it to stop this corrupt and insane madness. The man needs to be locked up and face all his unlawful activity.

    • Because NOTHING is obamy’s fault. Everyone is against him. He/she is in this job all alone. JUST ASK! But, obamy really knows how to take vacations.

    • What are the rules of engagement? 35 sortioes aday? WE need two hundred. Is is desert they can’t hide. WE could eliminate all of them. Don’t buy the big lie that air strikes won’t solve the problem.

      • Be surprised how you can hide in a desert. Been there? Just blowing holes in the ground His people won’t get hurt that way

    • You know, Sorry-ass people always put the blame on somebody else.
      They will never take the blame for NOTHING.

  5. Bath House Barry Has to go.

  6. McCain should stay out of this. This illegal President wanted to set the Republicans up for a fall. That is why he did not go to congress to declare war. This is on him. The Senate and House should not give him any money. If the Republicans do not wait for January to pass a budget, they are playing in his hands. What are these mice afraid of. They have already been put down by this illegal administration. They can only go up if they stop this pos. Who cares what this illegal president says. Its time for the Republicans to stand up and say enough is enough and they would be applauded by the people who voted them in. He gave in to China, dissed our partners and refuses to help Israel but gives money to Muslims. Now he wants stronger rules on your internet service. If you want to give up your freedom do not say anything just go along with these Dems who want to destroy your way of life.

  7. I agree with Senator Paul that ccongress must be consulted. Didn’t he also ask for more billions of dollars last week, too? Say NO to the money. Defund Ovomit’s war. Let’s just stay out of the ME and let them all kill each other (unless they mess with Israel).

  8. Remember Obama can break any law he wants and do any thing he pleases all because he is Black .. If American people say one word you are Rascist in split second

    • Actually, he can ignore any law based on the Constitution, because he believes that it’s out-lived it’s usefulness as the Foundation upon which the American Government was founded; and Fascism/Socialism/Communism is the only combination of governing principles that can work to humble us for the faults he believes we’ve committed since World War 2.

      I disapprove of the Liberals playing the Race Card for any reason. Therefor, I won’t play it either. Lets stick to the facts that go with the Fascism/Socialism/Communism angle. They’re more likely to reveal the truth of O Bomb Outs motives.

    • Too bad mommy was white. So, he/she is a half breed or mongrel….

    • He was born to a White Mother, so He’s Half White and Half Black.

    • I gor tired of hearing that back in the 60’s, it’s not any better today then it was back then. Forget the color of his skin and use the color of the Constitution, we have 3 branches for a reason, he has NO LEGISLATIVE power, this was given to the Congress and two separate houses as to balance laws and not develop a Dictator.

  9. The Teflon Suit does whatever he wants, whenever he wants and however he wants and nobody does a damn thing about it and nothing is going to change just because congress has been shifted around a little. I believe they are all in “this” (whatever it really is) together and everything they do is merely theatrics meant to misguide the American public. The O-a$$ clown has been placed in our white house for a reason and I don’t think its for the good of the American people……..its to take us down to the level of controllable, third world countries…..so long as I breathe, I will NOT succumb to these elitists and will fight until my last breath for freedom and I think that fight is getting closer for all of us………

    • D Books, I don’t believe al of Congress is with him on his destructive actions. It is the Democrats swho have assisted and enabled him. The republicans are trying (Hopefully) to change what is happening in Washington that affects not only the United States, but to the entire world. Just consider what is taking place in other nations. They are tied to what is done in America.

  10. The insane nigger does anything he wants

  11. I await with bated breath the response from any liberal democrat that Obamas actions are justifiable in any way. The Emperor is out of control. Impeachment needs to start NOW. This Kenyan illegal Muslim should be tried for treason. The Republican Senate & Congress needs to stop this Maniac!!!

  12. Hitler thought that he was a “wartime strategist”, too….

    • But at least Hitler put a gun to his head to end it all. I’m still waiting for obamy…..

    • At least Hitler served in the Army in WW1,Ohomo never served anything but himself at the Chicago bathhouses!.

      • Oh boy! And he had a lot of fun with the other guys who came to the bath houses! It makes me wonder if he has some guys in the White House who will attend to his desires. He is a Muslim,
        a pervert, a betrayer and a subversive and a few other things that could be mentioned. Bit I’d better stop before the Obama vigilantes come to arrest me…

  13. What has awaken America? Some one called us stupid and we get irate. It’s on the news every 5 minutes. Well Our “leader” has gone around the world bad mouthing us, ignoring the constitution, now he makes a bad deal with China (potential enemy) and we get pissed cause we’re called stupid? What else can you call it. It was Americans who put this clown into office twice. HE HATES AMERICA, GET IT????

    • I am convinced that it was a corrupted election process that put 0bama into office.
      The biggest and most powerful tool was a corrupt media that suppressed bad things about 0bama and sensationalized bad things about his opponents.
      Without a corrupt media, 0bama would be playing dodging bullets in the suburbs of Chicago.
      Please check out my website, I am attempting to do something about the liberal controlled media on TV and could use EVERYBODIES help. .

      • It was the second time around for sure, just like Va. gov. race and this past with Warner, funny how boxes of uncounted ballots always seem to show up.. Also a Va. voter filmed her machine switching votes, not once she tried more than 5 times on her camera phone, and it happened several times before that. I made sure mine was correct.

      • I disagree with you I think he should go to western Africa and take control of the EBOLO crisis . I mean hands on day to day care for these poor oppressed people HIS PEOPLE. Give him the same protective supplies that he recommends for our nurses I say that in two months time he should have everything under control over there then he can go golf some where and relax for a few months.

    • Only on FOX NEWS, the others are still licking his boots.

    • Americans, stupid? While Obama and company are “giving away the store”, what are normal Americans doing? Of course they are watching WWE, cage fighting, Survivors, Swamp Men, Axe men, and a new one coming out, wrestling with death! There are many, many, more that really show what a bunch of stupid idiots we are. Guess what, they wouldn’t air this garbage if they thought that no one was going to watch it! So we elect Barry, TWICE, yes, TWICE, like doing something over again that didn’t work, will magically work the second time! Since we are so stupid and have been for a long, long, time, the Politicians have managed to solidify their hold on us to the point that 90% of sitting Congressmen will NEVER be voted out of office because the are in safe districts that will always vote Democratic or Republican as the case may be, and many in these districts will vote for the same man even after he dies!

    • No, it was not the Americans who put this clown in the WH! It was “rigged” voting machines, that were bought by George Soros, and having the votes counted in Spain. I don’t understand why John McCain didn’t challenge that. And how about those precincts that had 115% of voters voting for him? There is no such thing as 115%. Can’t be more than 100% of anything!

  14. Why does it surprise anyone that this idiot hasn’t a clue
    as to what he should or shouldn’t do.

  15. Democrats have created their own bed, now lets see how they sleep in it.

    For years, Liberal Progressives have been telling us that Americans (Republicans) went to war for less than noble reasons, like Imperialism, oil, etc. . They are even teaching it in our schools.

    I have always felt that we went to war to protect Americans, and liberate oppressed societies from evil dictators.

    Now 0bama wants us to believe that he is going to war for noble reasons and STILL wants us to believe that Republicans go to war for oil?

    What FREEKING HYPOCRITES Liberals are!

  16. This guy operates like he is king and master of this country and no body seems to be able to stop him. The founding fathers never considered a renegade like Obama

    • The Founding Fathers actually did and put many provisions in to attempt to stop this type of corruption.

      But they never considered the press would give up its freedom of speech, and simply spew propaganda for one side. The Press is supposed to be the watchdogs over the system. They have abandoned that job for very evil reasons.

      The corrupt media is the reason I started my boycott. Visit my site and join if you feel the same way.

  17. It’s up to We The People to let Obama know we are a Democracy not a Monarchy, otherwise he will continue to do very much what he wants to do especially in his last two years. The Republicans now have the majority beginning when they are sworn in come January and they must do whatever it takes to prevent him from making new law, changing or ignoring current laws or using his “pen” for so-called Executive Orders. We do still have a Constitution, do we not?

  18. He really never wanted to go to war with isis, this is just to make it look like he is. He is a very dangerous person in this type of role. He is a dictator and believes he does not have to talk to anyone about anything he does.

  19. God emperor Obama isn’t bound by any stinkin’ Constitution. He’s said (and done) as much. “Ye shall know them by their fruits”. Impeach, impeach, IMPEACH!

  20. It’s an Impeachable offense, but who is going to stop the King from ruling all by Himself?

  21. Obama is absurd. The United States is absolutely insane to put up with him.

  22. Why should he consult any military leaders, he’s Obozo the Omnipotent and he’s also all-knowing. He doesn’t have to ask anybody about anything. The Rebublican leadership taught him that over the past seven years.

    • The liberals have controlled the Senate for the last 4 years. How are they supposed to teach him anything?

      • Just because you don’t have an expectation of winning, if you really had wanted to win, you don’t have to not put up some sort of resistance and at least demonstrate that you are against it. Speaking up doesn’t cut it among politicians because they’re considered professional liars.

        In the school yards in my time you only had to fight the bully once if you could inflict even minor damage in that one fight. Even if he is sure that he can beat he’ll avoid the small chance that you’ll be lucky.

  23. Let’s get this straight,liberals criticized Bush for invading Iraq and Afghanistan,even though he had Congressional approval for whatever action was necessary. We,however are not to criticize Ohomo for anything,even illegal actions that bypass Congress entirely. Signing treaties,releasing terrorists from Guantanamo Bay without Congressional approval,all against the separation of powers in the Constitution are to be expected from a President who has contempt for America.

  24. The man is an arrogant idiot. He needs to be removed asap. Maybe someone can help Joe Biden out. He can’t be any worse. We can’t wait 2 yrs. There won’t be an USA>

  25. No one seems to get in Washington that Caesar Obama has crossed the Rubicon, and become Emperor of the Amerikan Republic, He does not need approval, and rules and taxes by fiat, and needs approval for nothing by divine right of minority victim status.

  26. Obama’s total disregard for the military is criminal. As is his funding terrorism.

  27. Maybe with a bit of luck his plane will have a massive engine failure and crash head first into the ocean. Let us pray!

  28. Does this really surprise anyone!!! LMAO
    This man has no respect for the Constitution or any existing laws

  29. Both of which he swore to uphold, hahahaha

  30. Don’t forget he was told he was chosen, and his sick mind believed it.

  31. need every one to make a call every day for Obama’s original birth certificate and the reason why he has a dead mans social security number and how it is that he can pay his taxes with the dead mans number

    • It’s coming Ralph, just hold on Congress only has 2 weeks until Thanksgiving and the 3 weeks before Christmas break, there is a lot waiting in the wings for next year, Jan 2015 that is.

  32. That is what comes of placing our faith in such blatantly, incompetent amateur in a position of power. This is stuff that revolutions are made of. I sincerely hope it will be a bloodless one.

  33. what else would you expect from a retarded piss ant….POS!

  34. ILLEGAL? No not Obama’s administration, they would never do that. (extreme sarcasm)!!!

  35. IMPEACHMENT, that is the course that Congress can and should take right after the new Congress is sworn in. No President in the history of this once great nation has shown more contempt for the law or for Congress and the Constitution as Obama. The only way to put an end to his lawlessness is to remove him from office, even if it means that Bozo Biden becomes the new number one fool. Biden can be kept in check by a strong Congress, especially after watching Obama get the boot. After that Holder should be held accountable for the deaths that he is personally responsible for because of “fast and furious”. Take out all the trash.

    • I absolutely agree…impeachment and a trial for treason for aiding the enemy (releasing 5 prisoners), Benghazi, Fast & Furious, not a “smidgen” of corruption at the IRS, etc. Also, he needs to prove he is a US citizen and release his college records. He probably went to school on the taxpayer’s dime as a foreign student. I think we will need proof that he was ineligible to hold the office so that we are able to undo any treaties that he signed. Every act he issued needs to be repealed. No retirement plan for you Mr. Obama!

  36. The pusher man don’t need no permission.

  37. “Illegal” War.
    The stupid fool knows nothing about being a soldier, and even less about engaging the enemy.
    The decision not to seek congressional authorization inhibits any organized plan for success.

  38. The only thing this so called Admin. knows is how to do thing crookedly or it is no way at all. This idiot mus-slime never had any intentions of really going after these barbaric animal, he just wants the American people to think he is doing something about them. He will never get permission from congress on his illegal activities.

  39. With recent lies coming out of the woodwork wouldn’t be surprised if somewhere in obamacare there is a provision for going to war with ISIS

  40. Maybe a nice cozy jail cell for Obama and his cell mate Holder would be an awesome way for the two of them to spend their golden years.

  41. Oh heck, my surprise face is all used up. He is simply, self-righteous, un-American (literally) and dangerous.
    What “president” has EVER had all his records sealed, goes by several alias names, and collaborates with Saul Alinsky et al…must have been the I’m almost black thing or something. To this day – 60 years of living, I have never seen such. We all know the initial voting was fraudulent – yet, this POS still ended up in the WH. He has enjoyed the golfing and party lifestyle a lot. Not so much interested in doing his damn job legally.

  42. No, he didn’t because his dainty wimpy ass, didn’t really want to do anything to stop the problem. He is the great pretender. Consulting the pentagon would have raised questions on his decisions and would have ruined his ability to play golf, rather then doing his damn job! I’m curious, was he in the back, getting spanked by Putin, while Benghazi was going down? Or was it Holder?

  43. Is there no anyone in authority that can answer to the American Citizens as to why this idiot is not being tried for treason??? Impeached???Imprisoned?? Or in other ways put out of the White House AND out of this Country??

  44. I love it. You guys make up crap, and then you get all upset over the made-up crap you made up! So let me get this straight: The Pentagon — that’s the umbrella name for our armed forces — launches air strikes on ISIS. Somebody files a FOIA request — and these typically take many months, sometimes years — to process — and doesn’t get some document (related, presumably, to war planning, strategizing, etc.) that the government wouldn’t have made public in the first place?

    There’s no “there” there. Listen: If you didn’t mind when Bush did it, you shouldn’t mind if Obama does it. If you DID mind when Bush did it, then by all means, raise holy hell. But aside from the (D) that usually comes after Obama’s name and the (R) that usually comes after Bush’s name, the only substantive difference between these two — and pretty much all presidents — is… hmmm… I’m having a hard time putting my finger on it. So what is so different about Obama that you all go nuts when he does THE SAME THINGS as all the presidents before him? Hmmm?

  45. Caught in a Lie? Who would have suspected?

  46. Obama is following Adolph’s lead in micromanagement of the military and the economy The results will be the same utter failure. Only a true tyrant refuses the advice of experts in the field of Military operations, Obama wasn’t even a cub scout. Any 8 year old Cub Scout would make a better Military leader. Obama is destroying our Military while helping the enemy advance, unless you believe firing any General down to 2 nd Lieutenants with any type of combat experience and replacing them with cross dressing puffers and packers shows leadership abilities. I can just hear Obama’s battle cry now “Cross dressers to the front and packers in the rear!”

  47. Excuse me, but if this little halfbreed bastard is illegal himself, then how is ANYTHING he does, legal?? Get my drift here??

  48. he should be hung as a trader to the USA

  49. Rand Paul , ” reached out to Conservatives “, What Conservatives ? You mean the few who voted against Boner and lost their jobs. Obozo doesn’t need Congress’s permission, he’s got Valerie’s Okay from Iran.


    this man has to be the most arrogant, self consumed dumbass ever to run a country. even worse than hitler by far. he doesn’t seem to know how to do anything but lie. and he isn’t good at that either. what i can’t understand is why congress does nothing. why is this idiot still the president. even brain damaged joe biden would be an improvement at this point.

  51. impeach the bastard

    • Oh, No can’t do that. How would it look if that were to happen? Impeach Americas First Black Muslim President would tarnish our image to the world. Can’t let that go down in the annals of history. It would be admission of failure to do that. Besides it would appear that Americans are “Racist” to do so.

  52. Another display of arrogance…………and no one with the courage to question him.

  53. How dare you criticize Obama! He’s black, you racist!

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.

  54. It doesn’t matter if he did or didn’t consult. Those airstrikes are useless they are having no effect on ISIS at all. Obama picks the precise targets, he is calling the shots. He does not want to hurt ISIS, he only wants us to think he is making an effort to harm ISIS. Nothing more NOTHING LESS! His goal in doing so, is to have Americans BOW and LICK the feet of his friends, as he turns the country over to them. We are to fear all Muslims. We are to BOW to OUR ENEMIES and Obama’s friends.

  55. Dictators do not have to abide by the rules of law!

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