Obama Could Grant Iran Access to U.S. Financial Market

Republicans in Congress are growing increasingly concerned by what they are seeing from the Obama administration in regards to Iran. Already sharply opposed to the multinational nuclear deal that lifted sanctions on the Islamic Republic, the congressmen are now accusing the administration of going back on promises made last summer. At that time, Obama’s spokespeople plainly stated that Iran, under no circumstances, would be allowed even the slightest participation in the U.S. financial market. Now, however, they are singing a different tune.

When the Associated Press asked the Treasury Department if the possibility was being entertained, they sent back a statement that merely said: “We will continue to analyze the sanctions lifting and its effects.” At the State Department, they wouldn’t even offer a comment.

That is in rather strong contrast to what the Treasury Department was saying in July. “Iran will not be able to open bank accounts with U.S. banks,” said sanctions chief Adam Szubin. “nor will Iran be able to access the U.S. banking sector.”

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy told the AP that he was deeply troubled by the administration’s new message. “This all seems to stem from Iranian displeasure with the lack of foreign investment following the nuclear deal – which is a direct result of the nature of the regime and its actions abroad in the non-nuclear space,” he said. “The administration needs to stop bending over backwards to satisfy Iran.”

Amen to that.

Since the nuclear deal went into effect, this rogue regime has done everything possible to show the United States that it does not want to become a positive player on the world stage. They are testing ballistic missiles in defiance of international condemnation, they are revving up the anti-Israel rhetoric, and they have enjoyed every minute of press coverage they received for their temporary capture of U.S. sailors in January. It’s impossible to miss the comparisons between Iran and North Korea; both countries thrive on provoking the West.

Unfortunately, Obama is determined to prove that we can drag Iran into the 21st century if we treat them with the reverence and respect they demand. Whether he’s hopelessly naive or simply stupid, he really thinks that the nuclear deal was the first step towards a peaceful, kind Iran. And if the nuclear deal itself didn’t get the job done, he’s going to do what all Democrats do: double down on bad policy.

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  1. More of BO’s agenda, the fundamental destruction of this country. Arrogant narcissistic sociopath funded by another of the same ilk, Soros! Enabled by this congress and because they would not will not act, he continues his destruction. Vote em out at every opportunity. The entire crowd of elected dem wits and the rinos in congress are to blame for this one man’s unbelievable agenda having been perpetrated on this nation and its people!

    • Democrats are Stupid and phony the democrat party should be banned and Hillary goes to jail and the FBI investigates Obama and Trump is going to be locked up for helping the Democrats and planned Parenthood this is why i hate Obama and Hillary and Bush and Trump because they do not care about the Human person of the Immigrints all they care about is the Phony Obama care and the Stupid Anmesty without sending the Immigrints to open jobs for the people of their own country it is time for these Hispanics to tell the government to give them permits to open their own jobs here and to open a International branch so that their own people from the Hispanic countries will work in their own branch

      • Please, leave Mr. Trump out of this!

        • She does not know what she was talking about.

          • Yes, I agree, she appears to be out to lunch!

          • Thanks Mr. WVF.

          • You’re welcome!

          • The Russian Internet Research Agency in St. Petersburg a.k.a. Leningrad serves free beet soup for lunch in the office cafeteria everyday so AKLady is indeed likely out to lunch.

          • Actually, she is far smarter than you are.

          • FYI. Dear AKlady2015. I do not know who you are, but and I do not want any crap from you.
            Please keep any insult comments for yourself if not asked.
            I might not be as smart you are, but I can say without any hesitation is “I have served my country well” here at home in the U.S. and many countries around the world for some 30 years following my graduation from a small university.
            Please keep any insult comments for yourself if not asked. I wish you well.

          • Dear AKLady2015,
            Thanks for your post, but please do not volunteer any comments when not asked.
            I might not be as smart as you are, but I do not see the world from the bottom of a dried well in the jungle.
            One thing I know for sure and very proud of myself is that “I have served our Great Country well here at home and many countries around the world”.
            Wish you all the best and please take care of yourself.

          • I served in Vietnam.
            You may have been one that I sewed back togeather.

          • I don’t care if you served in Vietnam. Please sew your mouth back together and return to your well, have more dream and educate yourself more about what is going around you.

        • Mein Trumpf

          Vol. One: A Reckoning

          1. The Hispanic Peril
          2. The Arab Peril
          3. The Black Peril
          4. The Female Peril …

        • The so called RINOs finally found a Presidential candidate capable of beating Donald Trump. The Presidential Candidate capable of beating Donald Trump is named Donald Trump. Like all mentally disturbed individuals, Donald Trump is his own worst enemy.

      • You need to take your meds and slow down. Your post is pure nonsense.

      • My Lord what planet are you from ?

      • There is nothing, whatsoever, preventing immigrants from opening businesses.

        Maybe the Hispanic community should begin compying the Asians. The Asian businessmen contribute to a fund which provides business start-up loans for other Asians.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Oh, the Lil halfbreed PMIC is just getting started! He/It has quite a few months left to implement his “agenda,” and this once beloved country won’t do a damned thing about it! For certain, martial law is just around the corner! And guess what folks – “We have a dictator!” EVERY politician is free-loading and scared shitless that they’ll lose everything if they go up against the pig humping PMIC!!

      • On 8 Jun 15 Kirkland Michael Dennewitz, age 19, 9645 State Route 821, Lower Salem, was arrested on a fourth degree felony charge of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor. Through investigation, Deputies and Detectives learned that Mr. Dennewitz engaged in sexual acts with a thirteen year old Lower Salem resident once on 5 Jun and once on 6 Jun. Mr. Dennewitz admitted engaging in sexual acts with the victim and stated he believed she was fourteen or fifteen years old. He also said he knew it was wrong to have sexual relations with the child due to her age.

        Washington County (OH) Sheriff’s Office

        • First I hope you got the right person.
          Second, if he was charged with a 4th degree felony something else is going on here, like she looked 17. Unless you know the entire situation you should remain mum, who knows, here parents may have let her go out on the date, and should have been charged right along with him.

      • Kirkland Michael Dennewitz, age 19, 9645 State Route 821, Lower Salem, for domestic violence, a misdemeanor. Dennewitz turned himself in to Corrections Officers and was processed into the Washington County Jail on 23 Jul 15 at 9:24 pm.

    • Lies, kies and more lies — piked higher and deeper.

      • TAKE YOUR CASE SOME WHERE ELSE—–AKlady!!! This article is “NOT” Michael Dennewitz….. What are you, a court reporter?! and you were at this guy’s trial??!!!!
        We are talking about obuma, YOU IDIOT…

      • You make statements about others, yet condone when Obama clearly violates the Constitution and places America in danger, which he has sworn not to do, really. You need a moral compass readjustment. And you need a moniker that more befits your inappropriate use of your mouth, we are truly lucky it’s not a gun or there would bodies everywhere.

        • Obama has not violated the Constiution.

          Suggest you tale a law course. TV propaganda, by which you are being brainwashed, just does not make the grade.

          He has not placed America in danger.

          However, each time you embarass America, you encourage our enemies.

          • Ask the people who have gotten the illegals that Obama has graciously dropped in their towns across the US. Would you like a few hundred Syrians of undetermined origin in town. Ask my son-in-laws sheriffs partner in NoCal, who they buried a year and a half ago who was shot by an illegal four time felon deported 5 times. I was there the week after it happened. That is on Obama’s head lady, and defending him makes it on yours as well. You are condoning the murder of American citizens and law enforcement officers on American soil by foreign nationals by keeping our borders open to them by defending the policies of Obama who has told the Border Patrol to “back off” or look for other work. I have no idea where you live, but you have obviously not experienced the influx of illegals caused by this President.

          • All immigrants are not ciminals. Our prisons are full of American, Christian whites and blacks.

            The Syrians in question have already been vetted. They have been residents of a refugee camp provided by the Catholuc Church.

            Not on Obama’s head — not by any means. However, he makes an excellent target – for a particular group of Americans.
            You are simply one of those who sees only what they want to see.

            Let your Congressman know when you are ready to pay for more border guards. Each new guard costs an average of $70,000 per year.

          • What’s the point in more border security when Obama will not let the current people do their job, and that is a quote from his spokes person.

          • Are you ready to pay for it?

            The US Consitution applies to everyone within our borders.

            I suggest that you read the 5th Amendment.

            When you add in the room, board, prosecution, court costs — the total expense per deportation is probably about $1 million.

            Each additional border guard costs the taxpayer about $70,000.00

            Your hate rant does not fly — America simply cannot afford to do what you want and you don’t want to anti up the taxes to pay for it.

          • Not true, the Constitution only applies to those we control, and we do not control illegals as they belong to other sovereign nations as do their babies. That is also in the Consitution, but thr Robed Clowns seem to want to make law to see it otherwise! All we have to do is make it a felony to employ them an make it illegal for them to send money home and give them zero benefits including access to public goods like healthcare and schools…they will leave in droves. It may sound cruel, but what is more cruel then taking our jobs, using our resources and commiting crimes to stay here due to lack of skills. These are not highly educated and skilled people, who are contributing to our society. Meanwhile the left want s to raise minimum wages for all, that will only make th situation worse.

          • You’re absolutely right Greyguy. I’m with you 100 percent. Please keep it up.

          • Sadly AK and no lady is a shill and a PAID On LINE STALKER. Best not to engage “IT”

        • Obama should be prosecuted.

        • She is a shill and a PAID On LINE STALKER. Best not to engage “IT”

      • Dennis B Anderson

        I think one of your spokes on your wheel chair has went through your stinking a$$ and is effecting your brain. Death by electrocution is what everyone is wishing for you here on this site. Its not that I cant spell its just your concept of my message to you. Go phuck yourself. See Ill bet you can figure this one out.

        • ???
          Why do you embarrass America with childish name calling?

          That is something most children give up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.

          Why would anyone agree with a adult who is that immature?

          • Dennis B Anderson

            Put a cork in it grand ma. Youre not about anything but division here. How much are you getting paid for this. There are some women who need to have their lips ripped off and youre one of them. So take your art nuevo 1964 Haight Asbury free cheese skank a$$ and leaVe. Youre no longer relevent. You can give me another A+ for my spelling. Want some more of the same write me again! You should be put in your place and often.

      • AKLady, you should recognise the building in my post. It is likely where you work 3 days a week for Comrade Vladimir Putin. Everyone else the building pictured is the Russian Internet Research Agency located in Leningrad, Russia. AKLady’s halting use of English plus political beliefs espoused by AKLady all point to the poster known as AKLady being a paid Troll in the employ of the Russian state.

        • Insults only matter if your target respects your opinion.

          Respect must be earned. You have not earned mine.

        • The obama clone is not a lady and is in fact: a shill and a PAID On LINE STALKER. Best not to engage “IT”

    • Why do you make such false statements?

    • Cloward and Pivin….

      “First proposed in 1966 and named after Columbia University sociologists Richard Andrew Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, the Cloward-Piven Strategy seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse.”

      According to 0-bama “its gooood.”

      Impeach 0-bama now.

  2. Whether Obama is hopelessly naive or simply stupid, he really thinks that the nuclear deal was the first step towards a peaceful, kind Iran. And if the nuclear deal itself didn’t get the job done, he’s going to do what all Democrats do: double down on bad policy. Obama is the most destructive president in the history of America, and needs to go ASAP!

    • He’s not naive and he’s not stupid. He wants to destroy this nation so he and his NWO people like Soros can rebuild it the way they want.

      • He wants to be in on the spread of islam with the hope the muslim world will crown him the Mahdi.

        • I don’t doubt that one bit!

        • Our Nation was founded on freedom of religion.

          That is what our Founder fought and died for.

          The first to die in the American Revolution was a Muslim — Crispus Attuks, a runaway slave.

          The first country to recognize our new Nation was Muslim — Morocco.

          The longest ally to our Nation — 225 years — is that selfsame Muslim country.

          • 1. You do not invite the wolf into your hose with the knowledge of what the wolf is.
            2. I have never heard that Crispus Attuks was a muslim, which I doubt.
            3. I doubt very mush that a muslim country was the first to recognize America, I would venture it was France.
            4. And, the notion that Morocco has been an ally for 225 years, especially where they supported the pirates.
            5. Ben Franklin had the correct perspective on muslims and THAT is also mine.
            6. Where do you get your funny ideas from, Troll!

          • Suggest you get out the history books.

            You can do the research on line.

            When you have done so, you can appologise.

    • obama is neither stupid or naive. His puppeteer, valerie jarrett, is telling him what to do to assist our enemies and alienate our enemies. This is his part of his plans to destroy America, which he hates, and leave it in shambles when he flies off to Dubai while waiting to become the next Secretary General of the UN (God Forbid).

    • BHO knows exactly what he’s doing!

    • Betty Lukich today would NOT be to late

    • He is neither naive or stupid.
      Further, he is anything but destructive.

      Reagan tripled the national debt.

      Bush doubled it, starting two unecessary wars — over 8 years later they are still adding debr.

      Bush also destroyed the economy, friving unemployment ovet 10%.

      Fact: The last President to reduce the deficit was Carter.

  3. By now the people that do not understand Obama against America there is no hope left for them / Just sayin

    • By now, the people who do not understand that Obama has not done one single thing against Amercia — well there is just no hopw for them.

      They are probably all those school dropouts in the “red” states that the Census documents.

  4. Congress had better get their heads out of the asses and figure out the people are much more powerful that that dumbass Obama(obigears, traitor , outlaw, and non- US citizen). And obummer had better pull his head out of his gorilla wife butt pretty soon and get on the right side of the US. The US is not going to let his stupid Allah believing pigeaters live in the US. They R liable to be shipped back home in bacon packages.

  5. Can somebody find John Hinckley and tell him he’s got a date with Obama a year ago !

  6. “Whether he’s hopelessly naive or simply stupid” He is neither he is an evil, America hating, muslim. He would rather drag America down to “their” standards. Giving access to our financial systems is at best “shooting yourself in the foot”, and at worst TREASON!

    Our only problem is that the House will not Impeach him, and if , somehow, they did the Senate would never vote to remove him from office and have him tried for treason. — These are the people with a majority in both House and Senate that we elected to clean house. Cowards all.

  7. needs to be impeached first like tommorrow

  8. ANd Congress if Obama does not shut up about giving anymore Of Our Finaces to communist and the enemies of America and the World load your guns and arm the
    Military to take him out and down! He has way overshot his crimes in America and We are done!


    • Its a bullshit article like so much of the fabricated propaganda of the Riche wing,puppet masters.Don’t forget the evil Cock brothers on that list..

    • rowlandinsky does not believe you when you talk about the coward commies in the oral office and the scum in the media…

  10. davesnrakleberger

    and the brain dead media continues to convince us that obama isn’t a liar.

  11. He needs to be drug out of the White house by our military. Right by his big Ole dumbo ears.

    • Michael Dennewitz


    • Like they did to JFK? So you support another coup? Me too, the far riche fascist bastards who took over the government in Dallas should be named and them and their offspring should be eliminated. The neo con fascist like the Bush family is why we are always at war instead of always in peace.

      • yes and your boy is doing a real fine job of letting the Iraqis twist in the wind and your other hero, billy “the rapist traitor” clintoney and his hore did their best to help the chinkees and then she helped start isis almost by her $lutty self and of course your messiah, kenyan boyo, the african pretender, “did not have a strategy” for over a year as his isis army geared up and then moved out of syria to rape, pillage, and plunder their way to Baghdad…all the while your other democrapo hero, jimah the peanut farmer moaned and whined for 444 days as the iranian imammies and the rags held our embassy staff prisoners…yes those peace loving democrapos…they are mostly coward communists and street agitators like kenyan boyo…

      • an Obama coup is to your liking?

    • GREAT IDEA! Can’t happen soon enough!
      Should have been done 7 years ago, but I
      guess our sorry Congress would not allow it!

  12. Why not he gives them everything else they want?

    • that would be what h m rowlandinsky would expect his heroes to do…cave, bow, crawl, prostrate in front of the slimy little dicktators that rowlandinsky admires…

  13. Why doesn’t the RINO Party just give formal carte blance authority to all of our enemies? Why just the Iranians? What about ISIS/ISIL? Let’s not leave anyone out. The Impostor-in-Chief has the Congress cowering in a corner. Go for it, big ears!

  14. Dennis B Anderson

    Its time for Obama and everyone who props up this regime to die. Lets go after the crud that backs him up .Soros for one. Lets barbeque him and give the dems in Washington one more taste of free stuff then shut the gravy train down. Let them have a Coke with it. Its time we took our country back. Keep in mind the way these farrets voted then bar them from ever playing politics ever again.

    • You lost. Not once, but twice.
      Get over it.

      • Dennis B Anderson

        Why hasnt someone cut your phucking head off you burned out roach left over from the 60s. I heard someone ran your stinking a$$ over with a Volvo. It appears they didnt back up and finish the job.
        If you dont like democracy get out. Like it or not your free stuff is coming to an end we cant even make interests payments on your favorite muzz presidents give aways. The illegals coming in will get your food stamps and your vouchers. When youre no longer useful they will throw you away. I know youre old and nasty but did you ever pay any attention to history? Naw you dont have to answer that it shows.
        Go stink up some other web site because you irrelevent here.

        • Try acting like an adult.

          Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
          Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          • Dennis B Anderson

            Hey youre lying to yourself close the borders. Kick the people out that dont belong here. What lies you goofy old cow. Im tired of paying for somebodys easy life. Im up to my eyes being treated like a second class citizen when Pancho gets off without paying. Youre madder at me then the people causing the problem what the phuck is wrong with you grand ma. I didnt vote for Obama the first time thats twice your fault. Its past time to act like an adult those days are over. Were looking at a administration thats arming our enemies and has commited treason on several levels. This administration is discusting and so are you. You might ask Obama and Hitler-y about repeating lies. He lied so much it wasnt a lie anymore it was the truth you couldnt keep your doctor or your plan. That wouldnt have bothered you youre getting your health care for the first time arent you. Youre probably a typical skank who has lived off of the kindness of others all your life arent you. So what would you know about real life and how to act when provoked.

          • Canada – US border 1,538 miles

            Canada – Alaska border 3,987 miles

            Mexico – US border 1,933 miles

            US Coastline 95,471 miles

            Alaska Coastline 6,640 miles

            Total exposure 109, 569 miles

            You are so damn smart, and know so much about law WHY DON’T YOU TELL US HOW TO DO IT.





          • Dennis B Anderson

            Hey you dumb cow if you dont belong here legally get the phuck out. Spin your scheit somewhere else like I said. It doesnt make it right. Obama isnt letting our border gaurds do there jobs. Youre to stupid to live.

          • Why do you embarrass America this way?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          • Dennis B Anderson

            Im not repeating statistics my government is? 48 million on food stamps. Wow were really turning this economy around.
            Some 19 trillion in debt and at a billion dollars a day is not a repeat its a disaster. Some 21 million illegal mexicans that are here.Whens the last time SSI got a cost of living? Hey granny you are nothing but a plant. Youre either one dim witted nagger, a white socialist, or part of the mexican invasion. You are part of the problem that keeps repeating itself. You are the problem hows it feel that the world would be a better place without you. Dont want to, or cant work anymore. When is the last time you even thought about looking for a job 1965. Lost your looks so no one wants your skank a$$. Go chase yourself.

          • When you start two wars and lower incoem taxes at the same time, the result id debt. Those Republican wars were expensive $1 milliin per day, each.

            SSi is Supplimental Security Income — it is the federal wefare role. Maybe they should find a job instead of crying ‘gimmie, gimmie”?

            SSDI on the other hand, is an disability insurance program that every worker pays into through payroll taxes.

            Your remarka demonstrate your total lack of facts.

            Save mioney, invest wisely and you will be able to retire comfortably — young enough to enjoy life.

            Oh, and child, insults only matter to someone who respects your opinion. My respect is something you have not yet earned.

          • That’s why hard earn tax payers in our Great country refer to this guy as welfare president.

          • How old are you? 7? 8?

            Border crossings hit an all time high under Bush. That levrl has been more than cut in half.

            Until Congress cooperates with immigration reform, there is no a wholt lot more that can be done.

            The border is wired, fenced, patroled …

            You want illegal immigration to end — put pressure on the employers.

            Fool, most of the illegals in this country came here legally — on employment visas. The visas ran out, they staued.
            The employers swear that the jobs cannot be filled by Americans.

            Prove them liars.
            Take you anger and put it to good use instead of making a fool of yourself on the Internet. You are pubolishing your ignorance for the entire world to see.
            Your foul langiage just makes you look ignorant.

            Otherwise, you can just keep right on wasting your time flapping your foul mouth like an idiot.

          • Dennis B Anderson

            Phuck you grand ma. Ill bet you have to take your shoes off to count to ten. If we were to evaluate your IQ you would have to muliply it 3 times before it would break 2 digits. Its amazing you farrets will blame everything thats happening on Bush. Hey grand ma that was some 7 years ago do you think its time to rewind that clock. They dont teach anything in school anymore and every fat a$$ thinks he or she should have a computer job pushing chinese money around. By the way what does your deseased mind know how to do besides spin $hit like this. I run 3 businesses and I know the quality of workers that are out there. Its crap and they want a fair wage for it. You want to replace that with mexican know nothing workers. Put a cork in it you socialist pig. Seal the borders now and fine employers for hiring illegals its the closest thing you have come up with. Get rid of anchor babys, and Obamas radical write in laws. It will soon happen the food stamp situation will soon end there is no more money and watch the mexicans run for the border. Many lazy americans will have to for the first time learn how to feed themselves. Its a reason for Obama wanting our guns and making it almost impossible to buy ammunition. If youre not part of the cure youre the problem get the hell out of the way.

          • Do you ever have anything of value to add to a conversation?

            Insults only matter to people who respect your opinion. I am not one of them.

            Try harder at acting like the grown up you are pretemding to be.

          • Dennis B Anderson

            Well keep kissing Obamas black A$$ I care nothing for your opinion. I own a 55 + mobile home park and when I think I have heard it all here comes a woman with a different twist.
            I care nothing for anyone who backs up what this black mutt thats in the white house has done to devide our country. Hes in Argentina for gods sake or is it Mohammads.?? Naw its Mohammads. You expect me to have facts look them up like I did. Take off your rainbow colored glasses before you go blind.

          • I do’t play with nursery school children.

          • Dennis B Anderson

            Is that I dont like nasty old free loaders and illegals. Get someone else to pay your freight.

          • They say ignroance is bliss.
            You seem to be quite blissful.

          • Dennis B Anderson

            Well you have mathmatics all twisted. The border patrol is a must. If you havent noticed your brown friends have eaten there way out of house and home. We humans are no smartrer than the rats. So much for the biblical Joseph huh? If we now have 7 years of no crops were all dead. Youre pushing around the idea of abortion clinics? Its the way of keeping the numbers down of ignorant people. Its the intelegent people who know when not to have children. You people have to be more responsible for your actions. A bit more to think about like the consequences of your actions are you no better than animals in heat. If you get into a fight you bleed. If you dont have food you die. Talking about illiterate people we dont need anymore filling up our country. Hey there are no jobs and last checked we have some 50 million on food stamp programs. Its starting food containers are being reduced in size. A good one is Nestles Quik. They cut out 20% of the sugar and down sized the container. Youre paying twice what you did before Obamas second term. What I say to the people in the middle east stay where you are get the gulf oil states to help you out. Business as usual keep a lid on the Keystone pipeline when its already here. Our genius government is shutting down coal burning electrical power plants when we have nothing to replace it with? I have developed an all electrical car that doesnt need charging. The only thing you change is the driver. No one wants the idea its already been done with Nicolai Tesla. Theres no money in it just like the Oil companies tried to squash the electric light bulb.
            As for the southern borders learn a new trade its obvious youre last one wasnt making it. We as a country dont need this external pressure when so many are trying to give our country away from within. Now gum this one granny.

          • “Talking about illiterate people we dont need anymore filling up our country”.
            Maybe you should bone up on your language and grammar before talking about immigrants?
            Oh, and Dennis, I have very bad new for you — you are an animal.

          • Dennis B Anderson

            I grew up in LA California and theres nothing wrong with me I already lived it. As for you well you never mattered anyway you were always into taking someones money you have no idea how to make it do you. If the truth were to be known you would make a great cell partner for Hitler-y. You will have to fight with her on a few situation? I understand she likes it on top. Hey I though I told you to go gum yourself. You Washington CO dead beat? Where you from Hillsboro HA-HA-HA.

          • So childish. How old are you … 10, 12?

  15. Oh, the negro is just listening to Valerie “The” Jar-rat.

    To finance and embolden Iran to ATTACK and WIPE OUT Israel!!

    Some lieberals and communist think this is a great idea, especially when they find out what ever happens to Israel will happen to America! Like the sodomite negro and Valerie The Jar-rat.

  16. This is what happens when an incompetent who has never made a payroll, who has never managed a business, who has never been responsible for making a profit, who has never been responsible for making a profit, who has always lived off of the US taxpayers including paying for whatever education he received as a foreign student, who has learned to be a terrorist from his friends, Bill Ayer, Bernadine Dorn, Rev. Wright and two of his college teachers, Francis Scott Pivens and Ralph Cloward (deceased) who are Marxists who wrote a plan on how to destroy a Democracy which appears to be Obama’s plan that he is following. It is unfortunate that the majority of our population are not capable of knowing and understanding the vetting of incompetence thus vote for the person who will give them the most free stuff.

    • Every Attorney at Law is a businessman. They employ people.

      Obma has not only been with one of America’s largest, highly-recognized law firms, he has also been a professor.

      Ignorance? Hate? Bigotry? …. Why do you lie?

      • AKLADY Maam, Obama had to turn his license to practice law back to the state of Illinois because he lied on his application. Thus, in order to keep from being investigated he voluntarily turned in his license. Please look at the Illinois records. And, most of his legal practice relates to organizing ACORN which was used to get voters registered to vote. Quoting “Barak Obama was a lowly law firm associate at Miner, Barnhill & Garland, a small litigation firm with deep Chicago political connections.” Morning Joe, a television host stated that research of his work history shows that he never received a paycheck from a profit making company. Obama has never managed a company, profit or non profit and is totally unqualified to be President which is supported by the many abuses of his constitutional duties. His inept actions has harmed the greatness of this country to such a state that it may never be able to recover from the disasters he has caused. This has nothing to do with hate. It has to do with facts of being a leader making good decisions to generate a team for success. Obama has created more division in 7 years than all of the previous presidents combined.

        • Why do you embarrass America this way?
          Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
          Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          Nothing in your post is true.

          Suggest that in the future you do not assume you know more than others.

          Suggest you educate yourself as to the U.S. Constitution and the U.S. Supreme Court decisions. You are woefully misinformed and lacking in information.

          • Madam, I do not have any knowledge about you, your political status and whether you are self supporting or living off taxpayer funds. The information that has been posted hereon is factual and I do not put down the US. I have three native American grandmothers as my maternal ancestor came to this country in 1624. My ancestors began serving in the military under General George Washington in the French/Indian war and I have ancestors that have served in every war since then including my great grandfather, one of eleven boys, some serving with the rebels and some with the armies of the north. I served in the navy as well. You have made a number of accusations that are without merit of fact. Yes, I do have a good knowledge of the Constitution and I also know that the Judges on the Supreme court are humans with prejudices as indicated by those who vote to establish law rather than interpret the laws. The constitution does not give authority to neither the Supreme Court or the Executive branch to make laws. The Executive is charged with enforcing the laws passed by congress which this POTUS has failed to do in a number of cases which has resulted enhancing the terrorists. In fact he will not even admit that the terrorists are doing their terrorism as they interpret the Quaran. They believe that anyone who is not a follower of Islam are infidels. Maam, I would believe that I have contributed more time and finances to this nation and its people than you have contributed. And at age 83 I am still working and paying taxes to support our local, state and federal government. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE AND WHAT ARE YOU DOING FOR OUR NATION???

          • I served my country through two wars — as a surgeon. I am comfortably retired.

            Obama was not “required” to turn in his law license — for any reason, whatsoever.

            A professional must maintain their license through continuing education. Obama retired his license. Should he desire, to have the need to again practice law, all he needs to do is take six (6) semester hours of law related, graduate level college classes.

            That data was published on the Illinois Bar Association web site for a number of years.

          • Fact check does not always get the right facts. I would highly doubt anything that comes from a spokesman for the Illinois bar association after because that states reputation for honesty is circumspect at best. To cover up for Obama would be an act that I would expect to happen. You, a medical professional, seem to love the Obamas. I a business person still active in our business, who goes back to FDR days, considers Obama to be the very worst president in my lifetime. Carter should send Obama a thank you and dozens of roses for replacing him as the worst president in history which includes a few bad ones like Warren Harding. Andrew Jackson and Johnson, the postmaster from Tennessee who could hardly read or write.

          • Save it for someone you can impress. I am not one of them.

            Medical professionals are also business owners. Your view of life is very narrow.

            The worst President in recent history is King Bush II. He doubled the national debt and killed over 4,000 Americans. Then he wasted those lives by signing the Iraq Peace Treaty.

  17. What lies will the right-wing, nut cases dream up next?

  18. Yet more lies. Where do they come up with this stuff?

  19. What else is new? Nothing. He is the destroyer, the accuser and the demon from hell and the people worship the Black Calf

    • Talking about yourself again.

      • Hey AK, I see you need Imodium again. Try buying it by the case as you’ll get a break purchasing in volume.
        In addition AK, Crist reveals in the Bible, which has withstood the ravages of time, that we possess a nature that wars against us, that seeks to destroy us.

        The Apostle Paul said: “I find then a law, that evil is present with me, the one who wills to do good” (Romans 7:21).
        Evil is present in us disguising itself as good, controlling us and deceiving us. Sin is why the atonement was necessary. Christ died on the cross to make us one with Him—dead to sin and alive to righteousness.
        Man without God is a contradiction, a paradox, a monstrosity.

        He sees evil as good and good as evil.

        That is why some people love evil and hate that which is good—they are still in their sins. For them, life’s values are confused.

        Paul found the cure for his violent, destructive disposition, not at the feet of Gamaliel or in the culture of Greece, but on the Damascus Road when he met Jesus Christ. Later he wrote: “For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and death” (Romans 8:2).

        • You really need to go back on your antipsychotic. Maybe, you should see if your doctor will try one of the newer ones. Then, again, Medicaid may not pay for it.

          • Oh gawd, the On-Line drug dealing, accusing moron speaks again. How about being original for a change:
            Tin Foil Hats
            Psych meds
            Basement/cellar dweller
            Blah blah blah blah blah .!.

          • Please get help before you harm yourself or someone else.

          • Lady: Hahahaha = Oxymoron hahahaha, good one hahahahah

          • So infantile.
            How olod are you? 10? 12?

          • Olod? Is that German, Dutch?
            The level of your education?
            Deal with it.
            Hahahaha – Lady ahahahah
            Apparently those finger pointing insults aren’t working out well for ya huh?

            11 minutes ago
            So infantile.
            How olod are you? 10? 12?

          • I think you are probably 9 or 10.
            Every post you make is more childish.

          • AKLady @AKLady2013 Comments 63269 – 54467 Upvotes —– lets see that’s: .86 which means you get less than one up vote per comment
            PatriotForever @disqus_Comments 6414 – 10674 Upvotes —–That means I get an average of 1.66 up votes per comment
            SUMMARY: You are a troll —- You made 10 times my comments and received half of my up votes Hahahahahahahahahahah

          • Every post you make is more childish.

  20. How do we dare even think of believing Iran on anything when we know they will not keep their word and that they only want to see us destroyed?
    How long are we going to foolishly believe Obama might finally care about the United States? COME ON. LET’S GET REAL HERE!!!

  21. There is only one word for this delusional Moron, obuma—-(MUI) MENTALLY UNSTABLE IMBECILE..

  22. Why not? He’s practically giving everything else away to terrorist nations and groups!!!! If you are an American Vet, elderly, Christian, Constitutionalist, Republican, American Citizen Homeless, small business owner, ETC…… YOU GET NOTHING!!!!!!! (You do get endless regulations, endless wait for Vet’s health care, IRS is used against you if you are not his “buddy”, restrictions on how our Military can fight a war, ETC>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>!!!!!)

  23. Will someone Please tell me why Congress is so afraid of Obama???? They have done nothing to stop this man from total destruction of this country and the world! They have the power to Stop everything he tries to do. But they do Nothing!

  24. and as usual where is congress other than crapping in their pants from fear of the traitor in chief they are nothing but cowards

  25. Of course that makes sense.

  26. soldier for liberty

    Obama is the new leader of the ISIS in America!

  27. I think it is a great idea to open our financial markets to the Iranians so that when the banksters are given the order to crash it, like they did in the 1930s, the Iranians will lose just like the the American investors. That’s known as share the pain of loss. If bho cared at all about his Iranian brothers, he would warn them to stay away from the American dollar.

  28. soldier for liberty

    Your delusional!

  29. Robert A Hartman

    There we go again! Congress believing what Barry tells them. Don’t they know he’s a MOSLEM and per the Qu’ran he is supposed to lie to pursue his agenda. Been a MOSLEM a long time, been lying a long time. Why is anyone still surprised at his lying?

    • Freedom of religion is what our founders fought and died for.
      Your religious bigotry insults their sacrifices.
      Islam is the world’s second largest religion.
      Why do you think you have the right to insult billions of people?

  30. The liar in chief must just sit around with his henchmen and women to think of ways to screw America.

  31. Dennis B Anderson

    Hey Obama you chiseling low life cork sucker why not. Why dont you give Iran all of our US patents like you did China. Hey its only fair isnt it. Then there wont be any reason for the United States to exist as a country. I will gaurantee there will be millions after you to put you where you belong. A coffin with Hitler-y on top of you.

  32. BOZO the scum of the planet. The muslim jihadist that has the brain of a 2 yr. old. TRUMP IN 2016

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