Obama Could Grant Iran Access to U.S. Financial Market

Republicans in Congress are growing increasingly concerned by what they are seeing from the Obama administration in regards to Iran. Already sharply opposed to the multinational nuclear deal that lifted sanctions on the Islamic Republic, the congressmen are now accusing the administration of going back on promises made last summer. At that time, Obama’s spokespeople plainly stated that Iran, under no circumstances, would be allowed even the slightest participation in the U.S. financial market. Now, however, they are singing a different tune.

When the Associated Press asked the Treasury Department if the possibility was being entertained, they sent back a statement that merely said: “We will continue to analyze the sanctions lifting and its effects.” At the State Department, they wouldn’t even offer a comment.

That is in rather strong contrast to what the Treasury Department was saying in July. “Iran will not be able to open bank accounts with U.S. banks,” said sanctions chief Adam Szubin. “nor will Iran be able to access the U.S. banking sector.”

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy told the AP that he was deeply troubled by the administration’s new message. “This all seems to stem from Iranian displeasure with the lack of foreign investment following the nuclear deal – which is a direct result of the nature of the regime and its actions abroad in the non-nuclear space,” he said. “The administration needs to stop bending over backwards to satisfy Iran.”

Amen to that.

Since the nuclear deal went into effect, this rogue regime has done everything possible to show the United States that it does not want to become a positive player on the world stage. They are testing ballistic missiles in defiance of international condemnation, they are revving up the anti-Israel rhetoric, and they have enjoyed every minute of press coverage they received for their temporary capture of U.S. sailors in January. It’s impossible to miss the comparisons between Iran and North Korea; both countries thrive on provoking the West.

Unfortunately, Obama is determined to prove that we can drag Iran into the 21st century if we treat them with the reverence and respect they demand. Whether he’s hopelessly naive or simply stupid, he really thinks that the nuclear deal was the first step towards a peaceful, kind Iran. And if the nuclear deal itself didn’t get the job done, he’s going to do what all Democrats do: double down on bad policy.

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