Obama Considering Executive Actions on Taxes

Unrestrained liberalism is expensive. That’s no big deal when you have a Democrat Congress willing to hike taxes, but it’s a problem when you’re staring down Republicans. So, what do you do if you’re President Obama? The Affordable Care Act was supposed to pay for itself, but that’s looking less likely by the day. Amnesty costs are spiraling out of control. What to do…what to do…

Well, seeing as how his executive actions have been so successful, why not go back to the well once again? According to Press Secretary Josh Earnest, that’s exactly what Obama is thinking about. “The president certainly has not indicated any reticence in using his executive authority to try and advance an agenda that benefits middle class Americans.” He went on to say that while there was no announcement coming in the next few days, “the president has asked his team to examine the array of executive authorities that are available to him to try to make progress on his goals. So I am not in a position to talk in any detail at this point, but the president is very interested in this avenue generally.”

These actions, it should be noted, are being pushed by “Independent” Senator Bernie Sanders, who happens to be one of the most liberal members of Congress. He sent a letter to the treasury secretary identifying several executive actions the IRS could take that would close corporate loopholes. These actions, Sanders claims, would provide a significant windfall for the federal government and allow them to start putting more money towards infrastructure improvements.

A Sad Lack of Resistance

Obama would rather see Congress pass a corporate tax hike, but if he doesn’t get any satisfaction from lawmakers, he’ll be happy to take matters into his own hands. This, by the way, is what happens when you don’t have a significant opposition party in Washington D.C. Oh, sure, they slam the president in press conferences. The Republicans get really fired up about the president’s immigration actions in their campaign commercials. And they know just how to make it look like they’re doing something about it.

But they aren’t. We have very few legislators willing to put their careers on the line to stop this president’s lawlessness. Why, they might lose some of their corporate funding if they were to do that. They might lose the Hispanic vote. Can’t take that chance. Have to work together. Compromise. Show America that Republicans are the party that can get things done. Unfortunately, they can’t even do that; they have been mocked mercilessly in the media for this Department of Homeland Security debacle.

Ted Cruz said last week that the next 20 months would be very dangerous. Obama doesn’t have any more elections to win. We call the president a lame duck once he gets to this stage in his presidency, but Obama is not ready to kick back and let Congress take the reins. He is not finished with his hope and change. Not by a long shot. A Republican Congress was supposed to keep him in check, but there’s no evidence we’re any better off today than we were last year.

Might want to tuck some extra money away, guys and gals. Rethink that summer getaway. The bill for President Barack Obama is about to come due.

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  1. The middle class will get screwed again to pay for his mismanagement and the mismanagement of those that came before as well….

  2. Didn’t we already deal with the issue of of taxation without representation once?

    • – – Lock ‘n LOAD !!

      • Over the last 5 years thousands if not millions of Americans have made that comment. At one time I thought we were still a strong, courageous and blessed people, we, working with God , would end this destruction of freedom, our own destruction. I was wrong. People just like making that comment. No offense intended.

        • Well Mindy we have demonstrated that we are of a responsible mind and means first…we went to the polls in November…and we are hoping that the results of our efforts to put adults back in control will pay off….because the other result will be problems in the street and most Americans are not ready for that…the demonstrations by kenyan boyo’s sons after tubs “the clown” browns removal not withstanding…..civil unrest is a minor bump in the road compared to revolution….

          • just more blow hard rethoric by know nothing retards who want to start a fight and then send someone else to actually do the fighting
            gonna be a big surprise when the fighting does start in the streets as most military are of the people -for the people -and will stand with the people -so the nummies who talk trash and suck up to the 1% we will see if you are really ready to back your mouth and do the fighting yourselves .

          • Theirs a reason why they’re firing the military officers and replacing them with their’s, retraining our peace officers while the UN is on standby! Meanwhile they have prisons full of recruits and that’s not counting the soldiers coming across the border, the Christians are all bark and no bite! should be interesting to see pea shooters against Tanks

          • lol what makes you think the 1% will have the tanks most GIs are true Americans and they drive the tanks

          • I guess I’m relying on how it played out in Germany, minis the 2nd amendment!
            Ruby Ridge, and Waco Texas!

          • I believe the non americans we have in the Miitary right now, the Muslims, Hispanica, and others that have been allowed and encouraged to join….
            and replace the Commanders and Sq Sgts who will press the troops to fight.
            Plus their loyalties are where???? NOT US, NOT US CITIZENS….MONEY, Looting, raping, destroying, and stripping the land of the riches…..So, they have the manpower, mercs.
            Second, The true GI’s would be taken care of and they know who they are.
            Third, Civil Unrest is what they want, the more infighting the better,
            Roman Empire did the same thing, Allowed foreign people inside their armys and they would not fight as hard, do what needed to be done, and do the Impossible like what they did before.
            Like our Troops in WWI and WWII, they did the IMPOSSIBLE……now, we have this situation in our ARMY……ITS GOING TO BE MESSY.

          • your paranoid delusions are scary in themselves – are you sure there is not a plan for them to raise zombies to eat the brains of only white folks or for venusians to carry of all your white women to breed mini obamas.

          • Scary, I hope these are delusions!!! But you must look at History, Rome? USA? Think about it, see how they seem the same, same policy’s, and actions.
            It wasn’t really defeated from an Invading army, but from within….
            As far as Zombies, wouldn’t that be A RACIST ZOMBIE, cant be, ….
            we will see how history is soon.

          • you are correct about the emperor and obama is trying to put out the fires emperor bush and nero cheny lit and then fiddled their way out of office and laid low until their mindless masses forgot the war crimes they commited not alone the profiteering from their illegal wars.

          • Yawn,,,,,

          • i know the facts bore the ignorant not as interesting as the bs you make up

          • However all the people who have been replaced, are now civilians, the officers, the tank drivers the soldiers. Who do you think they will help?

          • And that is the ACE in the hole. I believe that the spec ops, rangers, and soilders will be able and willing to train the civilians in tactics, and warfare. But the real pay off is guerilla warfare….hit and run tactics.

          • No occupational force has ever been able to hold ground against guerilla warfare

          • You seem to forget that their a lot of ex military who know the weaknesses of the M1A1, Bradleys,Strikers,Amttracks, Lavs! My son who is Guard told me the easiest way to fry em out!

          • Lol lest you forget a lot of those usurpers will die of lead poisoning

          • Plus Marital Law allows Obama to stay in power, Unlimited power to boot….

          • you are correct in comparing our society to rome the elite 1% led by nero destroyed the rest of the people/ country from rampant greed and ignorant people who thought that was a way of life and that nero and his crew cared for them- much like the ignorant conservaturds who believe the gop give 1 lil hoot about anything except themselves.

          • There’s a big difference between conservatives and the GOP. Best you learn how to tell them apart.

          • Damn straight! Read their oaths

          • I’m still of the belief that Military will realize what the Traitor Obama really is and will stand with majority of the citizens.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Not that asshole troll again!!

          • Yep, everyone has one, so keep your hands off mine!

          • Vernon Cunningham

            Some of the most effectuive fighters are trained gorilla fighters. You don’t seriously think people will go against tanks with pea shooters? And america is a big country. Watch the Movie ” red dawn”. It would be similar to that .

          • Two elements missing from Red Dawn scenario inferred, and satellite location, unless they’re neutralized or we have some of them in possession. It’ll be a one sided shooting gallery!
            I’ve never known the government to let the soldier go home with his weapons, when he departs the military.
            No matter how strong you think your pea shooter is, it’s going to bounce of the skin of a tank!
            Ask David Koresh!

          • Vernon Cunningham

            what is your obsession with tanks? This is a big country and we can walk away from a tank battle. But even then, tanks are driven by men. There are ways to set barriers and traps for them. No vehicle is totally impregnable. Worry about planes and drones. And in any civil conflict, you might be surprised what equipment will pop out of the woodwork. Some home made and effective. Anything designed can be reproduced with the right materials. And you can bet there will be active duty service personnel who will come over to the people. probably most of our military. You can’t expect young soldiers to attack their friends and family. david Koresh was assassinated. That was wrong and I blame our government.

          • They changed how the foot soldier lives and die, unless you have air superiority the Tank is king!
            Let’s hope when the day comes we have emperor with the same mentality of combat as the one in the WH fighting ISIS now! We’d have a pretty good chance, but I’m betting that’s by design.

          • Vernon Cunningham

            That is true. war is messy, and destructive. People call for revolution. They don’t understand that this would not be absolutely a certainty that they would win. Then there would be a king. And revolution in this century wouldn’t last a few days, it could be decades. Or the new ‘100 year war”. A broken america means a broken world. we would surely be attacked by foreign interests, so that could lead to the next world war. Our prospects of a future would be in the stone age.

          • You forgot one important thing, ALL these Special Operations Guys, they will be training us, and importantly organizing and improving our tactics….Remember, it can be as simple as a bomb in a suitcase for a target…..

          • Vernon Cunningham

            exactly. We would make a great team. LOL

          • One important lesson is who in the military is willing to slaughter Americans? & vice versa . I say let them shoot 1st. The DHS goons will shoot 1st & I guarantee our military buddies will rain holy old hell on them! Because we will be flying the AMERICAN FLAG & are Patriots unlike that fake POS in the WH

          • Never mind tanks! What about heavy aerial bombardment, conventional tactical missiles, heavy artillery not to mention the less conventional but available nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. To fantasize about tanking on a real army is fun from an armchair but the reality would be much different. If it comes down to being a slave or fighting a losing battle I would take the losing battle but at least I am being realistic about the chances of winning.

          • Paul, you forget one thing. The fall of the USSR. Obama and his drones and bombardment and so forth only work if he has taxes, money, and resources. Obama is, at heart, a megalomaniac with a dream of being the 12th Imam, and a lot of yesmen. If Obama brings in his UN Army, his gay ISIS fighters, and his mexican Drug Cartel trolls, he has to pay for all those mercs, and he has to supply them and feed them. The USSR was not able to take down the public, because they could bnot feed or pay the army, or use the nukes because they were broke. They had no fuel for the tanks or the helicopters.

          • March on the WH!!! Constitutional book in hand!!! Read from it!!! High treason

          • what is it with tanks they can be stopped there are over 3 million americans with guns.registered.and many more not biggest peoples army in the world is this tank thing a joke.

          • Just wait till a platoon of them cross a bridge & BOOM! Problem solved

          • Yeah one easy way to defeat the IR is mylar reflective blanket. Not 100% defeating but it helps. Was proven effective

          • Your right! But how many Natl Guard troops will walk off with all their equipment!!! Delta company of the tank batalloin is reserves of cops. I don’t see them joiningbour side but a lot of other units will. Look at TX!!!

          • You have to worry about military units deciding that in the chaos they can just take and do what they want. Also you have to worry that a squad of men with not even a proper officer in charge making themselves boss over any group they come across because they can.

          • What’s to stop ANYBODY from doing what you are so worried about? Time to take some responsibility and protect yourself instead of counting on someone else to do it for you.

          • Why are you so worried about tanks? Tanks are easily compromised when prepared for. Napalm is easy to make. Tank traps are easy to dig and arm. There are literally hundreds of ways to deliver explosives or incendiaries.

          • I’m not worried if you’re not worried, as long as I’m not the one taking out the tank with a sock grenade!
            Look I’m sure the world’s largest military force will come in knocking door from door asking if you have hand guns armed with just hand guns. So my argument is trivial at best as with the UN being the largest military.

          • A tank cant move without FUEL, A tank cant fire without AMMO, a tank crew cant fix it without PARTS, if one these things is missing, its just a big can.
            SO, how do you fight against tanks, kill the crew, fire, LIQUID GAS ON THE TANK will go through the seals and into the engine compartment destroyes the rubber tubes…
            Many way s to fight tanks, but the easiest, stay away from them, destroy the supply line, remember NAPOLEAN found that out, without supplies, you cant fight, maneuver, and morale is lost. If troops cant eat, get paid, drink, or get mail, or entertainment, MORAL suffers……You use gorilla fighting to target small units, convoys, and you strip them clean and use it against your enemy. That is how you fight.
            PLUS you decide when, where, and how to fight them…..You have that option, they must remain on ALERT, they have to post Guards to keep them safe, and secure…..
            ITS MESSY.

          • Vernon Cunningham

            Paul, you must have either military experience, or are just plain wise. I agree, These are lessons I discuss with my friends and grandson. People that call for revolution have no idea what they would give up . better to resolve this mess politically, or with protests. Once the bullets start to fly they can’t be called back.

          • Ditto!! How much fuel do Abrams tanks guzzle , Bradleys,Strikers,lavs, A tracks??? Let the main force pass & hit the tankers & soft targets!! Would be X- MA’s,

          • Guerilla fighters are overrated, but as an adjunctive force they are very useful. The American war for Independence was going very poorly using untrained guerilla troops. It was only when we were fortunate enough to have the likes of Baron von Steuben, Dekalb, Pulaski, and Kosciusko train real troops for real battles that we were able to win. Guerilla forces don’t win wars. Quite frankly they can be long term irritants to an occupying army. But honestly do most americans have what it takes to take on that lifestyle. We haven’t done anything up until now. We have had a multitude of opportunities to peacefully turn things around at the ballot box or within the culture wars in general but have failed to do so. The left wing communist agenda has advanced nearly unheeded for at least 60 years. No doubt they are reorganizing the army to better suit their agenda that is why nothing too bad has happened yet. They are still preparing.

          • Vernon Cunningham

            what you say is true Paul. But we do have equivalent ” leaders and instructors” Already in our towns and cities. Rertired or experienced former military. I served in the Marine corps and Know that a civilian revolt would get many killed before people were to get organized, But it can be done. win or lose, people would be fighting for their desire for a representative government which seems to be lacking now. . I see the danger as a powerful group getting too much power and we would have it worse after a full revolt. better to work through politics and vote the right people in office to turn the counrtry back to a republic. Still, if the government were to cause a total revolution in this country, people would do what they must.

          • The Ballot Box is OK when they are NOT owned by George Soros and duplicate voting and Ballot Box stuffing is stopped in it’s tracks, Like using clubs and if necessary guns by Black
            intimidators and throwing the people in jail for allowing people to vote multiple times

          • Guerilla forces don’t win wars? Peacefully turn things around at the ballot? What are you smoking?

          • Name one war that was ever won by a guerilla force. Maybe you could mention Afganistan against everyone from Alexander the Great onwards but that is because they live a spartan existence from birth to death. I am sorry guerilla forces do not win wars period. The American War of Independence was won by trained troops, trained and drilled properly with discipline. That fairy tale of people just picking of British Regulars is just that a fairy tale. Believe me when hard pressed in a pitched battle because of a lack of discipline men start to cut and run it is all over.

          • Vietnam and the American War of Independence was fought with guerrilla warfare. Granted it wasn’t all guerrilla warfare that won that war. And, who says guerrilla forces are not drilled properly well disciplined. Our, S.O.F. are trained in guerrilla warfare. It depends in the territory you are fighting on, that would determine what tactics one would employ. Just because one does not live a spartan existence, does not mean they cannot fight or win a war using guerrilla warfare. If the people do not have the will to fight, I do not care what type of war they are fighting. They will lose!

          • Guerrilla forces don’t win wars, eh? Tell that to the British, Russians and now the US forces in Afghanistan. Less than 3% of the Colonists openly opposed the British Empire with arms. Are you aware of the vast numbers of veterans that are true patriots? Add that to the existing service men and women plus Patriotic citizens and you have a very large fighting force.
            This is a big country, it will never fall to communism.

          • what did hungry do with their peashooters on russian tanks !!

          • You got that right.

          • Pea shooters, against tanks, that is about right, but the thing about tanks, their useless in urban areas and if you know how to fight them, its pretty simple really. Scary, but pretty simple…
            The thought of revolution or the beginning of it will be of silent and deliberat actions against the ones in charge.

          • Take out leaders First and the solders will follow the majority!!

          • Lets all start a war and a revolution.

          • Vernon Cunningham

            many speak of revoluion, and I admit, it may become necessary to reestablish our republic. But we can’t just take to the streets. who is the real enemy? What are his resources? A revolution against government excesses of power won’t be solved by shooting up the neighborhood. and who is the real enemy? without information and a strong leadership we would just be criminals killing and looting like the pigs in feruson Mo. You have a right to speak about a revolution to bring the country back to a representative government. Just be sure of where you point your guns. And look for long periods of deprivation. Inner city people would die from their own actions.

          • Troll.

          • Just remember the “TRAITOR” Obama fired all of the decent Generals and Admirals

          • Vernon Cunningham

            I responded before I read your submission. We think alike on this. It would be very hard to rebuild after a revolution, and who knows what faction would seize power? We have to be careful in our passions for redress.

          • We need a revolution in this country and people have to take to the streets and the better man win. There so much hate that killing a few will be the only way.

          • That will be an issue, I believe that when Revolution kicks off, it will divide the Nation into separate countries. COnservatives, Libertarians, and the LIBERals . 3 to 4 different nations. al at war with each other. or until attrition is too high, out of the three mentioned, the most dangerous is the LIBERAL since they are pacifists.

          • We don’t NEED a revolution. We NEED a leader!
            Are you paid to instigate trouble? Just like obozo you call OUR country “this country.” Go to hell, traitor!

          • Why in hell does it take so long to post a note on Disqus . I am really sick of your sight. ​

          • Shofar threading

            Kent, I respond to you and Mindy inasmuch as you both make valid points. Yours is so true about that huge jump from “rough” civil disobedience to full-scale revolution. None of us, I dare say, ever thought we would live in an America to warrant such a thing. I know I didn’t.

            But Mindy touches a point seemingly still escaping all too many in our country and that is “we, working with God”. Have we not learned at this point that we mortals alone cannot thwart the evil permeating our country and who is the root cause of it? The first President of our country constantly went to the Creator before battle. Somewhere along the line that part of our history got deposited in the trash heap and we have the fruit of that dismissal evident in America’s (and for that matter the world’s) decline right into the hands of the Deceiver. He was thrown out of heaven for pride; we are doing no less.

            Remember: “Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain.” Psalm 127:1

            and we are admonished to pray without ceasing: “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” Chronicles 7:14

            The ball is in our court. But God is the referee. He desires to be on our side. Are we on His?

          • Why don’t you invite him for dinner and discuss the problem. What you are reading is written by man. To control the masses. Put fear into there minds and hearts and you have complete control of the sheep. WTFU!

          • Shofar threading

            You conclude with swearing. I write with words from God which you apparently reject. We live in two different worlds. I’ll stick to mine, thank you. And I’d humbly suggest you read the last 8 words.

            “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. He who believes and is baptized will be saved; but he who does not believe will be condemned.” Mark 16:14-16 <

          • Going to the polls doesn’t help when you have Soros/Obama Voter Fraud

        • Semi’s don’t match up to well to Tanks!

        • Vernon Cunningham

          well Mindy, we are locked and loaded so to speak, But there has to be a focal point, some drastic unconscionable thing done by the government to galvanize the people. We respond to causes. Fort sumpter started the civil way. A crowd in one instance being fired on and the TEA party in boston had much to do with the revolutionary war. So far we are trying to avoid a mass breakdown of our country which would cause many internal conflicts among citizens and a form of anarchy by some. The deciding factor must be that which brings us all together, and so far we are badly divided. I think we mostly feel it coming unless the governmental representatives take action.

          • I didn’t bring the fact up when revolution starts, and we are divided, there will be nations willing and able to invade since they have wanted to and destroy us for a long time….or nuke us…

        • Americans Wake Up

          Sometimes Mindy God gives us up to our own devices. Israel asked God for a King instead of judges and they got Saul. The USA asked for a socialist, communist government and got Obama.

        • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

          Neither God nor the left is listening to you. Can you not take a hint?

          • Shofar threading

            One question. Have you brought your concerns to the Lord — and accepted His timing?

          • Vernon Cunningham

            ou for salvation, utin human affairs, people will be shootingmore than praying for a mircle God will only do so muchen it is up to the people. suggest you align youraef with people thahave a plan. Or die on your knees.

          • Shofar threading

            You, Vernon, are limiting God. If Joshua felt that way, Jericho would still be standing.

        • Shofar threading

          Kent, I respond to you and Mindy inasmuch as you both make valid points. Yours is so true about that huge jump from “rough” civil disobedience to full-scale revolution. None of us, I dare say, ever thought we would live in an America to warrant such a thing. I know I didn’t.

          But Mindy touches a point seemingly still escaping all too many in our country and that is “we, working with God”. Have we not learned at this point that we mortals alone cannot thwart the evil permeating our country and who is the root cause of it? The first President of our country constantly went to the Creator before battle. Somewhere along the line that part of our history got deposited in the trash heap and we have the fruit of that dismissal evident in America’s (and for that matter the world’s) decline right into the hands of the Deceiver. He was thrown out of heaven for pride; we are doing no less.

          Remember: “Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain.” Psalm 127:1

          and we are admonished to pray without ceasing: “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” Chronicles 7:14

          The ball is in our court. But God is the referee. He desires to be on our side. Are we on His?? <

      • You are not in the group who taxes are raised, unless of course your in the top 1%.

        • When they tax the 1% to 5%er’s its retroactive and usually they have loop holes to get theirs back, and more on top of that! Why do you think they put millions into candidates for reelections?

          • And you can site sources? Or is this what we are just assuming?

          • Vernon Cunningham

            Think deductibles.

          • Biggest warehouses in the United states are government this information should be available under Americas freedom of information act, if not, then you’ll have to take my word for it, or go with you instinct because I don’t care if you’re in denial or not! It’s your fifteen minutes.

          • When you make 70 million in royalties or capital gains, and they raise the taxes 1 or 5 percent, it takes more, but hell, 70 million out of just one investment, WARREN BUFFET.
            THEY MAKE shitloads, but they invest heavily.


    • Mindmech, You are absolutely correct. We did deal with that many, many years ago but it appears we may have to remind them how “We the People” feel about taxation without representation again. Obama and his followers are NOT concerned about the American people of this country. They are all about “fundamentally changing the USA”.

      • Don’t give up. Keep the faith. Obama thinks he is on top. He counts on his pen and phone and his orders. Things can go haywire with those, just like Obamacare has fallen apart. The praying ones know what I’m talking about. So don’t give up. There is a higher power controlling everything. We need to go to Him with it, believe Him and trust Him for it. Read the story of Esther in the Bible. Even for those who don’t usually read the Bible, read at least that one book. It’s true what happened. It’s not long and it is fastening.

        • You are right but sometimes I think we have pushed God to his limits and now he is going to let us do as we wish, blow up everything.

          • God is not even close to His limits yet. Make your wishes to be that we are drawn closer to Him. Stand firm in your faith and walk the narrow path that leads us to Him. Do not give the Devil a foothold in your life. Live in the Word, read the book of Revelations. We face many more trials before His coming.

          • Great advice. I try to do this every day. With the Marxist Muslim in the White House pushing OUR limits, it’s getting much harder to do as every day passes.

          • God raised the thug in chief high, he will also bring him low. The thug in chief though not a willing servant does do the will of God, all things are to the Glory of God. The thug in chief thinks he has usurped God, the day will come that he will discover he has not. But, there is one who is coming who is more evil then the thug in chief, one who will deceive the world. This one will be charismatic, intelligent , a great deceiver, the thug in chief is none of these. He paves the path for The Anti Christ and him being where he is has proven to me that God does cast a delusion on those who do not believe in him, there is no logical explanation for the thug in chief being in our wh, none, other then God cast a delusion on the non believers. Keep the faith, hang tight to it, you are going to need it and remember, God is in control.

          • When your at the top there is only one way to go. DOWN

          • My thoughts exactly, sister Mindy. If ‘christians’ have had trouble understanding how the Tribulation could begin, observe 0bama & his ‘change’ in the context of a dry run & precurser to the Anti-Christ.

          • Yet God can’t move forward without the works of man sinner or saint, as a man of action will not wait around for God to pick me out of a crowd of several million to be set as an example of a miracle! For this I will resort to action before my soul parts this flesh and hopefully send Allah and Satan many of their followers, believe what you will!

          • Michael Dennewitz

            TROLL ALERT!!! TROLL ALERT!!!

          • It helps when they come with a bell, or I mean sidekick! Now I need you to go to MSN and alert them of my arrival!

          • I agree totally, we can have the best conservatives in Congress and President in the white house but, if we haven’t repented and asked God to heal our land the country will not be healed.

          • and My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14

          • I disagree that Obama is not Charismatic,Intelligent, and a great deceiver, as he lies when the truth would fit better. He is a really good front runner for the Anti-Christ. I am really glad that God is always in control, and He does take care of His own.

          • It should be getting easier if you believe. For non or maybe if things are going well.. Feel sorry for you.

          • setemfree – – – Don’t waste your time feeling sorry for me, I’m doing very well. God has always had his hand on my shoulder.

          • That’s good.. BELIEVE.

          • I’m still scratching my head trying to figure out who gave the president so much power?

          • Vernon Cunningham

            I think he skirts a fine line and leaves uncertainty in the minds of our reps. They seem affraid of taking action even though many of us demand it. watch Hillery get a pass on her dealings. They must want her to run for president.

          • Yes, it is going to get a whole lot worse.

          • Yes, many more trials. We are without doubt, at the end of the end times. We do know the season and what is happening was told 2000 years ago. The times ahead are going to be very difficult, many will die. The irony of it , even now, this nation could turn back to God and he would change the course this nation has set it’s feet upon and in effect the course the world is on. God does not promise us a rose bed on this earth, Christians, and now the way is thorny. Hang tight to your faith, you will need it. God bless.

          • I would say we are at the beginning of the end times.

          • Amen ; and yes we do.

          • I’m just not exited to see my neighbors heads loped off next to mine!

          • Michael Dennewitz

            TROLL ALERT!! TROLL ALERT!!!

          • This is what happens when your sidekick gets something stuck in their butt-on!

          • I believe He sent us a loud and clear message when Obama was elected, and that message was
            “WAKE UP AMERICA.”

          • It’s happened before; He allowed idolitrous Israel to be taken by Assyria & disobedient Judah to be taken by Babylon. They were warned , we’ve been warned.

          • Naw, God has a sense of humor. He is waiting for us to get the joke.

        • With God all things are possible.

        • Love your attitude and grit, nevergiveup. As Gayla rightly says, “With God all things are possible.”

        • Amen! …shall one be raised for such a time as this?

        • Where are you O’Lord, you seem not to be found
          Your loving creation is all turned around
          Without you Dear God I know not what to do
          So many lost faces show no sign of you

          God where are you now you’re no where in sight
          The days that you gave us are turning to night
          You give us our choices, and many choose wrong
          The path we should follow is so narrow and long…

          Most living without you think alone they’ll suffice
          Stead of praying to you they pray to their vice
          Alone if we walk there’s so much to lose…
          The world now today has me really confused

          So I wake up each morning and think to myself
          Perhaps a good spanking with a spiritual belt
          Something that hurts to get our attention
          It worked once before it’s no new invention

          I know that you promised to never do it again
          But this cruel-ole-mean-world is so full of sin
          Maybe forty-more-days and forty-more-nights
          Would solve lots of problems; put an end to this blight

          The people are lost, their spirits’ gone lazy
          The world now today has completely gone crazy
          Not sure what to think, it’s all just a shame
          Think I’ll stop what I’m doing and start dancing for rain


    • There really ain’t no low too low for “down low” Barrack to go !!!!!!!!!1111111

    • When HISTORY is not studied! It is R E P E A T E D!

    • We don’t teach American history anymore, but we do teach servitude.
      How much you can get for your freedom?

    • I believe it’s called Obamacare…biggest taxation without representation ever inflicted on the american people..with the approval of Congress…with Pelosi spewing..”we can’t know what is in it until we sign it.”…I truly think she said that because she can’t read..too much time in common core…well, maybe not core but she sure as hell is….common….frozen faced but…common..Dumber than owl poop but…common.

    • We did and we won. Looks like it’s round two.

    • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

      Tell it to Washington DC

    • We need to do it again…..

    • Yeah, and this time we have a much larger TEA PARTY, and better armed.

    • We didn’t but the ones who did told us the maintenance cost to preserve that victory WAS eternal vigilance and our vigilance has diminished to almost none during the last seven decades.

  3. Michael Dennewitz

    There certainly can’t be any comedy about the administration and what the HNIC is doing to destroy this once blessed country, but if there was: All I can say at this time is, “YOU DUMBASSES VOTED HIM IN THERE!” I sure didn’t! And all the Velcro heads of American thought “their home boy” would get them everything the “honkies” robbed them of!! HAHAHA Even your asses are starting to hurt because he’s SCREWING US ALL, eh boys??

    • @michaeldennewitz:disqus: You said a mouth full and I agree. I did not vote for that POS neither!!!!


        • The last time around there was more voter fraud than snow on Mount Kilimanjaro.

        • Michael Dennewitz

          Simple.. The HNIC carries fake ID, right? And there certainly isn’t a damned thing legal about the little halfbreed! Dead people voted, and all his boot lipped friends got to vote multiple times! That’s how the AMERICAN HATING SOB got in there! But wait until the shit

          • You’re looking at this all wrong sidekick, just think about it, you’ll be able to vote years after your death, and collect social security long after you’re over a 118!

        • Florence Millard

          “FIXED” voting machines, “dead’ people voting and George Soros’ money for 3 things. Plus, why were the votes counted in Spain? Good question, and I’ll bet, no reliable answer. Oh, btw, I never voted for him either…………either time.

    • “Velcro heads” Great! That really gave me a laugh!

  4. Kenneth, Beverly Smith's

    He not a business man and knows nothing about how to mange. Lack of education. He has no rights as he is an illegal he is not a citizen of the the USA.

    • Plus the cocksucker is Muslim. Why else would he treat the Christians like crap??

    • My husbands grandfather use to say ” If you educate a fool all you have is an educated fool” All the private schools Obama’s grandmother sent him to and Occidental college, then Columbia , then someone in England called an ex- professor from Harvard to see if he still had some contacts to get Obama in there. I heard on TV when the gentleman was being interviewed he was asked the question in Florida. What is funny about it is the man was never seen again, I have wonder why the news stations and reporters have never followed that up

  5. If only obomber could use Executive privilege with the Iranians! How simple life would be for this communist regime! Obama has tried his community organizing learning with these ragheads! Unfortunately, they don’t work with them! Now, if obomber would come out and cut the head off of a Conservative, then they would stand up and listen to him! Is this what we can expect next? I’ve said for years, that obomber could come out and assassinate someone on the political stage and they would still praise him! Is this what Iran is waiting for?

    • Francisco Machado

      Wake up. Assassination is a regular mass media technique of the Progressives. If you look hard enough on the internet, you may find mention of Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW). Those who dispute its gospel are demonized. Their execution has even been advised by the True Believers who have been unwilling (unable) successfully to debate them. Likewise Obamacare and Open Border Amnesty. Never mind the terms “racial bias” and “white privilege,” which can be applied, for example, in an instance where a 300 pound proven thug, a proven felon, attacks a police officer and gets shot. Or someone disagrees with Obama’s costly hatchplot socialism.

      • Watch your SIX! Understand? Watch your 6! I have been for more than 6 years! Truth will bring EVIL out, full force! I can’t say it enough. Watch your 6!

        • Watch your 6 what?

          • Watch your BACK, JoAnn! This administration will come after you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            Don’t believe me? “BLESS YOUR HEART”!
            This administration is not beyond wiping out those that are verbally against them! It’s already been done! Just not proved! Remember Brietbart? There are at least 5 others, with no answers! Wake the HECK UP!

          • OnlyJb1, that sounds a little like a veiled liberal threat.

          • Liberal threat? REALLY Veiled with what Vic? LIES? I speak nothing but TRUTH! It’s past time for the lies and B.S,! This thing we call government is EVIL! I’m just giving a heads up! I take it your blinded by the obomber light?!!!??!!

          • I don’t see anything liberal about it, sounds like good old common sense to me.

          • You are absolutely right Gayla. I do agree with both you and ONLYJB1 I was only trying to poke a little good-natured fun at his comment. With a little devious thinking someone might interpret that as coming from a liberal in sheep’s clothing trying to intimidate someone’s free speech. I do apologize for any misunderstanding. Well back to business.

          • God Bless you, Vic.

          • And the guy in Russia, had to be a set up job.

          • JoAnn: I think he means your senses.. But watch your back also!!!

  6. This pos will do anything to steal more from the taxpayers!

  7. Hey Barry … What did Texas ever do to you ??
    ….. Leave ’em alone !

  8. The congress is irrelevant. Numerous sources indicate that they are blackmailed into going along with whatever the real powers want or they will be destroyed. How would they be destroyed? The 6 corporations which control all news media would destroy their careers with blackmail or just outright lies. Or the shadow government might threaten their daughters, nothing new about that happening again, and if that doesn’t work they could use a patsy to shoot them in the chest as they are getting into or sitting in the back seat of a limo. Our representatives are obedient to the real powers or else. So we are on our own.

  9. ALL tax bills SHALL originate in the House of Representatives – it’s in our Constitution!!!! The obamaliar has ONLY two choices: sign a tax bill or veto it, once it clears all full Congressional conference. PERIOD!! He cannot design & order a tax bill unilaterally & if he attempts to do so, he has violated our Constitution – PERIOD…….!

    • For all who have not noticed. Barack Hussein Obama doesn’t give a rats ass about the US Constitution. And Congress is either complicit in his lawlessness or has not the balls to do what should, and NEEDS, to be done.

      • Congress has NO leaders. John Boehner and Mcconnell are wet wash rags who are being continuously hung out to dry by the out maneuvering Democrats. The two of them are probably as we speak, hiding in a closet together sucking their thumbs crying “I want my momma”.

      • Michael Dennewitz

        You stole the exact words, right out of my mouth! LOL

      • What happened,the GOP won the mid terms,they were going to stand up to our lawless president,at least that’s what they said before the election!

        • Yes, but like you said, that was BEFORE the election!

        • Seems we’ve been lied to again by politicians. Imagine that. I want to know how and why Dingy Harry Reid still controls the Senate. If Congress does not serve the people, perhaps it’s time to rebuild Congress.

          • You can bet the farm Nancy Pug Ugly Losi is “running” the House of so called Representatives from the back room. With few exceptions, every damned one of those lying “representatives” should be arrested and tried for any variety of charges, and that includes the Senate. A room full of fifth graders has more “moxy” than our legislature.

          • Who does one have to be to bring formal charges of dereliction of duty and, in some cases, treason against those in Congress and many appointed offices, who have committed those crimes? And whom can one approach to press such charges? The system has been usurped already.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            You can bet that EVERY repooplican in the senate is filthy rich….FROM ALL THE VELCRO HEAD’S PAYOFFS!!!

        • Michael Dennewitz

          They fed the “home boys” the same line of shit

        • Well at least they were paying attention and took page out of Obamas book! Next, “I heard about it the same time you did, on the news!”

    • He’s already violated it many times once more isn’t going to bother him.


        • Its time for him to take a vacation,for the next 2yrs. We don’t need any more of his Hope and Change he can take it with him.

    • And?….Whose going to hold him accountable? Certainly not his fellow Democrats nor his nay sayers the Republican Congress, they are too busy cowering behind their reelection bids.

      • It will eventually fall upon “We the People”. Evidently we haven’t felt enough pain “yet”. It has always been “We the People” who have had to deal with what our government would not deal with. If we continue to allow the Progressives/Marxists to bend us over, and do nothing about it, we will find ourselves living in a Marxist/Muslim country. We’re almost there now.

        • It won’t be long now! It is going to happen!
          Make no mistake about it! I have been saying
          “revolution is the only solution” for months!

        • Right on Billy. It would seem too many people like what they think Obama and Co. is “giving” them, so they are content to just wallow in the mire, fat, dumb and happy. Eventually the buck really stops with the 51% who pay taxes. When and if we are gone, so is the Country.

          • Florence Millard

            Please don’t forget that some of those 49% actually worked for a living (I am talking about us retired folk.) We paid in with our ‘with-holding’ taxes every paycheck. Now retired we have EARNED our Social Security checks. I do hope you meant only those who are living off the ‘fat of the land.’ Never having worked, but still receiving their monthly checks!

          • I am right there with you Florence. Been retired for about six yrs. now, but I do still pay taxes…every year, probably will “till forever”.

          • Florence Millard

            And so do I still pay taxes……………and I am 82 years old…………….every time I take money out of a C.D. they tax me again. Makes me angry. I already paid taxes on that money when I earned it. Why again? If I had known that, I would have just put it in a savings account. When I have taken money out of savings, it is not taxed again.

          • Wow! God bless you Florence. Don’t you just hate it when our thieving politicians call our Social Security retirement benefits that we paid into…an entitlement? How is SS any different than any other pension fund? If our politicians would not have been robbing it over the years (billions? taken out for Obamacare) it would be solvent for years beyond our dreams.

          • I agree with you. My husband is 80 and we still pay taxes, besides our social security being taxed.
            The people you are talking about you keep having children they cannot afford as well as the illegals taking WE THE PEOPLE’S money.. We should do like Japan does , You can reproduce yourself ( 2 Children per couple) . If you want more then there is no tax deductions you pay more taxes for each child you have after two. I say we should do the same thing here in the USA and that money goes into a education fund only.
            Getting back to pensions we soon will be paying $400,000.00 per year for life to Obama plus perks . We then will be supporting 5 ex-Presidents, Plus all the ex- senators and Congressmen and women. many of them are double dipping.

          • We should be so lucky as to have a $400,000 a year pension. It seems those politicians were very wealthy when they got those jobs and became even more wealthy because of those jobs. They shouldn’t even be receiving any entitlements.

          • Remember that is for only 8 yrs. in office nice work if you can get it . It is time to eliminate all pension for our 3 branches of government.

          • I have 15 years to go before I can retire , well, till I can draw from the money I have been forced to pay to the gov mafia. 7 years ago I received notice letting me know, I had reached the max I could draw from the soc security I pay in. It will have been given to the illegals, the drug addicts, the lazy, those young who think that they have the right to children they can’t support, it will be gone and I guarantee , the gov will force me to continue to slave for these same people and these people , just as they are doing today, will walk into the Walmart I will be working in and I will have to serve them as they spend my money.

          • Try not to be resentful, as they pay for T-Bones with their govt. ck. (assistance) while you economise & make do with hamburger helper at check-out. Been there.

          • I don’t think those 49% include retiree’s who have justly earned the right to a retirement. That 49% includes the fat and lazy, the baby factories and illegals who get paid under the table and send that money back to Mexico or where ever.

          • I think its down to 49% now.

    • Obama doesn’t want us to worry about him violating the constitution. He’s gotten the hang of it by now.

    • He has done that on a daily basis, none in DC have taken action against him. All you see is a dog and pony show, there is a reason for that, most of those in DC are corrupt and on the same page. There is one party, period, the party of corruption.

    • SO WHAT DOES THAT MEAN. He has went around Congress so many times that they donot even mean anything just more lap dogs taken from the people. I am surprised that he has not taken the original Declaration of Independence and burned it. It no longer means anything. He may as well fire the Congressmen and save the money to go on vacation.

    • You and I are in agreement, but he completely ignores the Constitution with impunity, and we are without an elected body which will hold BHO accountable. If he does raise taxes through Executive Order, nothing will be done about it.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      You must be sleeping! The little communist, mooslum terrorist is doing as he damned well pleases and, it appears, NO ONE has mustered the balls to go against the bitch. Too bad he had Chris Kyle taken out. There was our ray of hope!

      • Mike, no one HAD hero Chris Kyle “taken out”. You were doing ok until you came off with a conspiracy nutball comment.

        • Michael Dennewitz

          Only going by what some “high up” friends have told me. Regardless, we all know the HNIC considered Chris a real threat!!

        • Are you sure that wrestler/ governator didn’t have something to with it, he threatened him once before!

          • No, no way! It is what it is & the nutcase perp did it, was tried & convicted….end of story. Speaking of a nutcase, since you mentioned Ventura, I await the day a Navy SEAL knocks him on his fat stupid arse – AGAIN!! Btw: Jesse was not a SEAL, he was UDT – huge difference…What the hell is wrong with people in Minnesota? Frozen Brain Syndrome?? Ventura, Al Frankenstein????

          • Think about it, anyone could go up to a whack -job and plant something in his head like “see that guy over their he stole your momma’s brain, your fathers brain, and he told me he was after you sister’s and your brain, You need to do something about it? who would have access to unlimited amounts of flipped out looneys but a conspiracy theorist in Minnesota with a grudge. Especially with a government experiment gone bad, just saying?

    • He’s in your house with his minions as the head of your household!
      So now you have to figure out, how do you get back control of your household?

  10. Raymond J Ambrozaitis

    The only thing that needs to be done with Texas is give it to Mexico

  11. How do I go about arranging a huge protest against Obama in front of the White House! How do I get people to join me. I know I’ll get millions but how do I reach them! I am so fed up with Obama! I can’t take it anymore! enough is enough. We cannot just sit by and read about it and post about it. We must do something!

    • simply will never work, operation “American Spring” was to be a mass march on washington then a demand for removal of all the bozos who are not supporting the constitution, fizzle fazzle dud, too many brain dead people out there, as long as they have their reality TV, video games and the Kartrashians they are a happy lot.

      • As long as the Government supports the masses we’re screwed.

        • The gov doesn’t support the masses, the now less then 50% of tax paying Americans do and we are a dying breed, with our death comes the death of the masses. They don’t get that yet, but, they will.

      • Also, not enough people were even aware of it and not a single word in the media. I have believed for years that Obama and co. will not allow the media to tell the real news. Fox does it best, but believe even their hands are threatened by losing their FCC license. With his highness taking over the internet, I expect voices like ours to be silenced. Lucilla, I just wish I knew what to do and how to help. I, like most on here, have had enough of the garbage we are being served.

    • @disqus_zoEuM3oqtf:disqus: who is not fed up with “OBOZO”???????


      • Indeed. I have to picture the faces of those such as the thug in chief burning in hell to find forgiveness for them, I still get angry, but, I pray for them. I pray for all our enemies, that they will find Jesus Christ before it is too late. Praying for the thug in chief and the muslims , this I find very difficult, have to really think about how they have come to be what they are, then I realize how blessed we have been, we were not indoctrinated by hell itself, they were.

    • Twitter is a good voice, for now.

    • It’s already been tried, operation American Spring, Americans make comments like “lock and load” , yet they are not willing to spend a little money and time, go to dc by the droves and let dc know , we are done with you. The only way this is going to happen is with a lot of prayer.

    • Don’t believe you can do it in the “Winter.,

  12. Our ancestors would already be shooting!! What a bunch of gutless elected officials, chew him out in public, offer a reach around in private. How many times does he have to violate the Constitution before someone gets a backbone??

  13. We are being screwed by both political parties. They don’t care about the middle class American. It is time we make them pay. Obama will raised taxes without Congress because he got away with executive amnesty of the illegals.

    • @albertbryson:disqus: Not so fast. What did the judge do with “AMNESTY TO ILLEGALS”???? Federal Judge…

    • Maybe it is time for a third party, The Conservative party, or the Constitutional Party, which be one and the same.

  14. Wide Load Hillary

    All we need is Mz. Clinton next.

  15. I am not a lawyer, but I seriously doubt that emperor O can do a damned thing about taxes with ‘executive actions’. Why do you folks get your panties in such a twist over this kind of Faux News reportage? How about worrying about the over militarization of local police forces, or the PM of Isreal being invited to come to our country and tell us what to do when israel’s main supporter has been the good ol USA ?

    • Well I didn’t think obozo could actually get away with the unconstitutional crap that he already has, so this really isn’t as improbable as you would think. The do nothing’s in Congress only threaten & whine so far & so far BHO has run his commie/Muslim agenda right over our constitution! He & all who support him are traitors to America.

      • I’ve got to go out for a bit on some errands. (To buy more M855 ammo in the back alley while it’s still light outdoors, before taking my son to his fiddle lesson.) So, if you have time, would you please let me know what you believe are Emperor O’s unconstitutional craps he has so far accomplished? I am being serious, not sarcastic (except about the ammo, but not the fiddle lessons). Thanks, Peter

        • Obozocare for one the dissolution of tradional marriage in favor of any other alternative lifestyle people who think they can redefine marriage as they see fit. How about this latest big one– amnesty for all illegals who can now reap all the benefits of actual citizens — all by “executive action”. That is the crap to which I refer whose side are you on Peter?

          • The side of the Constitution, which says (more or less) that the three branches of gov’t are equal. And when , shortly after Emperor O (can you read my distain for his actions in that phrase?) is elected in late ’08, as the USA is headed into almost Great Depression II, the leader of the Senate says (not an exact quote, but damned close ) “Our greatest priority is to see that this president is a one term President”….Not, “..to get our economy back on track, to break up the ‘too big to fail’ banks (which were bailed out by TARP, started under Bush !) etc…..The rethuglicans have done everything they can to serve their corporate masters, and Barry, Emperor O, must have sold out to the same corporate masters…why else would he be pushing the TPP ? I’m on the side of the ‘average citizen’, who’s getting screwed by corporate interests and money, and which goes against the letter and the spirit of our Constitution. Whose side are you on, Deby ?

          • The Constitution’s & yours as well

          • “I’m on the side of the ‘average citizen’, who’s getting screwed by corporate interests and money, and which goes against the letter and the spirit of our Constitution. Whose side are you on, Deby?”

            Then you should really be down on liberal Democrats if this is the way you feel. Who is it that has been using the IRS as a weapon.

            I blog a lot on different social sites and am a member of different conservative groups. My family was audited and they went back 10 years. I’m not rich so why even bother? They are using all the alphabet agencies as whips to maintain their control. Now he wants to walk all over the constitution again and do that which is designated as the job of the congress alone, unilaterally raise taxes, and grant amnesty to 5 million illegal aliens who will retroactively qualify for up to three years of EITC. That could be as much as $15,000.00 each which they never paid in. That is what the Democrats are trying to do to the rest of America.

          • As far as for our elected representatives, I don’t think the liberal democrats are any worse for our citizens than the true conservative republicans, and the Tea party ultra righters, all together are in doing harm to our country . I think they are almost ALL owned by corporate interests (ie, Koch Bros.), with very few exceptions. And the tea partiers are at least more transparent about where their funding comes from, bless their souls. The others, not so much.

          • You would do yourself more justice if and when you decide to name spoilers like the Koch Brothers, you would also mention George Soros in the same sentence and like me accuse both sides of equal wrong doing. You would make yourself much more credible and appear to be aware of the total problem. I don’t cut any slack, we have the Establishment Republicans who I find are just as bad as what the Democrats have become.

          • Not all of them, you are lumping to many together, we still have some statesmen.

          • I have not seen a single Democrat break away from the Democrat agenda except for the pipeline issue. I give negative credit to the Republicans who are for sale at a price. It’s not all of them but there are enough to keep conservative legislation from getting anywhere. So it’s not a blanket criticism.

          • Maybe it is time for a third party, or fourth, I guess, the Constitutionist party, or the Conservative party. One and the same, and there are a lot of them on Twitter.

          • I can accept either a Libertarian or a Constitutional candidate. The Republicans will have to really get on the ball if they expect to survive.

          • It sounds like you are against everybody.

          • Hello Gayla,
            Perhaps I was not clear in what I wrote. I am not “against everybody”..And, (I don’t know how this discus thread works) if you can or did read what I have exchanged with Domingo, you’d read that I am for our citizens, and our constitution, and against (almost) our Legislators, federal and state level. Power to the People, which might upset most People on this thread since I think that phrase may have been used by some dark skinned fellow back in the 70’s. But Seriously, folks, let us please get the right, left, middle, and extremists on both ends, TOGHETHER, and try to take our gov’t back from the Koch Bros, et al, without bloodshed. I an fairly old, with a fairly young child, and I NOT WANT BLOODSHED !

          • I understand where you are coming from, I think, although it will be a very difficult job to try to get everybody on one page, I am not sure it is possible, the country is sooooo divided, it is unbelievable, and many folks I just cannot agree with for any reason, but I do agree with the no bloodshed, we have had enough wars already, and way too many crippled or dead, because of them, but it almost seems ineviatble, my two favorite words are “But God.”

          • And he supports late term abortions, in other words, MURDER plain and simple.

    • Israel is trying to maintain themselves as a nation, and if we loose their support, we will have no other ally in the middle east.

  16. I do think it is time to kick Hitler Obama right between his balls and stop him dead in his tracks. Hitler Obama has succeeded in Killing the democrats they are dead fr ever. So heed my warning Hitler Obama is read to be put into his grave. Democrats you will go with Hitler Obama. into his grave I know it and so does the Hitler party. So why not put Hitler Obama to his grave. Or he will put your party into the grave and he is doing a very good job I have to say. I was for your Party but ever since Hitler got in. Not anymore I want our constitution in tacked. No changes and no more executive Orders That is to much of that bull shit from this donkey called Hitlers Ass and his Muslim gang. Yes I am a American and love being one.

    • @disqus_6ABQWMqULV:disqus: I think you mean “BETWEEN THE LEGS” AND GET BOTH BALLS ALL AT ONCE!!! Give him a swift kick in the butt and give him a set of “HEMORHOIDS”!!!!!

  17. This is disgusting. That’s right, the middle class will get screwed!

  18. It appears that we only have a left and middle party! It does not matter that the Republican has the majority. The majority does not have a backbone or spine.

    • It’s worse than that. They’ve thrown in with the Democrats.

      • Totally agree, they are two sides of the same coin. We don’t have any real representation as conservatives. Just think, a president pondering how best to unilaterally, without congress, raise taxes. That is why we’ve been cleaning house for the last two elections. Establishment Republicans are just well paid whores for sale to the highest bidder.

        • Domingo. I do NOT want to start a verbal fight with you. So, I will ask, how have we been “cleaning house” during the last two elections, when somewhere’s above 80% of serving congresspersons (including Senators, it’s all “The Congress”) get re-elected year after year. Partly/mostly gerrymandering, and MOSTLY (IMHO) due to citizen ignorance/apathy ( bread and circuses). Just trying to start a discussion.

          • We have made some gains and by we, I mean Tea Party backed candidates. There were those cases where the incumbent was so strongly entrenched that we didn’t have a chance but we tried anyway. Kentucky was one of those races
            just off the top of my head.

            In 2012 Obama himself said that he had taken a shellacking and 2014 was no different. We elect more conservative Republicans each election but not fast enough. I agree with the rest of your reply about the voter ignorance/apathy. Too bad low information voters each cancel out a vote an informed vote.

          • We need decisive people, who have the guts of our forefathers.

        • There are some good guys left, we surely do need to support them.

  19. Somebody needs to bitch-slap that guy!

  20. Hey what happened to No TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION. I don’t consider an executive order or IRS unilateral decisions to be Constitutional. No president should have the ability to make law on his own. Congress makes law, but the prez is getting all too comfortable in inventing law through executive action or giving the IRS , the EPA , or the HS the go ahead to make decisions that should be made by LAWMAKERS.

  21. Alleged Comment

    I don’t care what he does. NO ONE need obey them despite what they say because they have NEVER proven the negro is a legal president by Constitutional standards.

    The evidence is very hard that the negro is a foreigner!

    Ever since we have had a Constitution they have put in anybody, it seems, that dismantle it, piece by piece and we piecefully obey it like fools!

    • Hello, Alleged Comment.
      Please show your ‘Hard evidence’ “..that the negro is a foreigner.” ! And who are they who have to prove he is or is not a legal president. The Rethuglicans have tried every other stalling and obstructing tactic they could use, but I don’t recall any federal level effort to determine if the president was legally elected. Now a lot of tea baggers and conspiracy theorists believe he was born on Mars, or somewhere, but as much as those (paid for by Koch Bros and corporations) legislators and senators want to discredit and block him, don’t you think they would have done so if there were evidence? And, after you show me your hard evidence, please give me your opinion about bringing Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Shrub up on war crimes charges, please. I’m serious. I think that would be easier to prove in an international court of law. Just sayin’

  22. I am about ready to stop paying taxes! Another way to decrease is only purchase what is absolutely necessary, help sales to decrease. Also, this one will be difficult, try to buy American made only! We, the people must take charge and do our part to turn this situation around.

  23. ONLYJB1 Not really blinded by the light. Actually we are on the same page. I was just attempting to poke a little good nurtured fun at your comment. It could sound like you were trying to intimidate someone to not make their comment known, don’t you agree?

  24. Barack Obama wants everyone to believe that Islam is the “religion of peace”…And the Holy Koran speaks mightily of this…Whereas Obama claims that the calls to Islam are the mjost beautiful words he has ever heard…Perhaps in his dreams he has ever neard the Prophet Mohammad singing same praises to Allah…Which is strange for anyone to be calling Obama a Christian such as CNN and Time magazine have suggested…Narry a word has been spoken from Obama in regard to Jesus and almost zilch from the Bible…However…Should Obama dare to compare Jesus vs Mohammad he woud find the following differences:
    * Jessus never commanded an army, Mohammad did.
    * Jesus never ordered people to be killed, Mohammad did.
    * Jesus never banished other religions from the land, Mohammad did.
    * Jesus never ordered the amputation of limbs, nor the cutting off of heads, binding, whipping, or
    torture, Mohammad did.
    *Jesus did not have 11 wives, to include female slaves to be used for sexual pleasure, Mohammad did.
    * Jesus did not order the assassination of his critics, Mohammad did.
    * Jesus did not terrorize unbelieving tribes, or the murder of their elders and sons, and the captivity of
    their women to be used as slaves, Mohammad did.
    * Jesus did not ask a father if he could marry his 6 year old daughter when he was 53, consuming the
    marriage of the child when she was of the age of 9, Mohammad did.
    *Jesus saved an adulterer from being stoned to death…Mohammad reintroduced the practice claiming
    it to be the law of Allah.
    * Jesus was a teacher and healer…Mohammad was a warlord, a congueror, and a butcher.
    Please Mr. Obama tell us more about Islam and the “nation of peace” and the Holy Koran….For starters:
    Koran 2:191 “Slay the unbelievers wherever you find them.”
    Koran 3:28 “Muslims must not take the infidels as friends.”
    Koran 3:85 “Any religion other than Islam is not acceptagble.”
    Koran 5:33 “Maim and crucify the infidels if they criticize Islam”
    Koran 8:12 “Terrorize and behead those who believe in scriptures other that the Qur’an.”
    Koran 8:60 “Muslims must muster all weapons to terrorize the infidels.”
    Koran 8:65 “The unbeleivers are stupid, urge the Muslims to fight them.”
    Koran 9:5 “When opportunity arises kill the infidels wherever you catch them.”
    Koran 9:30 “The Jews and the Christians are perverts; fight them.
    Koran 9:123 “Make war on the infidels living in your neighborhood.”
    Koran 22:19 “Punish the unbelievers with garments of fire, hooked iron rods, boiling water; melt their
    skin and bellies.
    Koran 47:4 “Do not hanker for peace with the infidels; behead them when you catch them.
    This and more from Obama’s Holy Koran…The religion of peace and tranquility!..For whom?

    • So, Sniper 71, you only read the new testament on the holy bible in you most current translation (of many)?
      If that translation you are reading also contains the old testament, please read that too. Much of the old testament has themes similar to what you ascribe to the Koran! If my memory of studying this 40 + years ago is correct. And it strikes me as ‘amusing’ ( but not literally so) how your quotations from the Koran are in perfect English language grammar and punctuation. I don’t think the Koran was written in English with spellcheck !
      And, Emperor O did not, to my knowledge , say that Islam is the religion of peace. He basically repeated what Bush Jr said, this is not a war between religions. If you don’t want o believe me, search it on ‘Al gore’s Internet”, and search that too while you are at it. Respectfully, Peter

  25. I dont care what party you are or from. Can you really read this , understand the primes that a president does not have the legal right to make laws..? if a president says this and try to enforce a tax hike, this would be Illegal. America, we have a man in the White House that is going against the Constitution of the United States. Please, Please look at the man, not the party, see what he has done to the USA..

  26. Hitler Obama and his taxes. Quit spending the tax payers taxes on you shit trips. You Are not a America or a dam Democrat Using the Party to kill American. Since the Democratic Party is sleeping only us tax payers are not. I have to say hitter and his democratic party are going down the Hitler’s Obamas drain. He isa fuck off President and his party are Hitler Obama ASSES They all are helping Hitler Obama kill America. They and they are in the drain already. with Hitler Obama. it Time to Impeach this no good ass of a demarcate. May the lord have mercy on this Hitler Obama. only they will not get it from Hitler Obama. He is making a bad name for the good Muslim people.Do not forget Hitler Obama is not a colored Person he is a Africa from hell

  27. When Britain tries it in 1700’s first tried to tax the people of America along with the disarming of the people, Britain was taught a lesson. Now it seems as through Obama needs a lesson as well when it comes to taxing the people more so he and his family can vacation more and send more money to his muslim brothers in Al-Quaida so they can kill more Americans. Obamais still cutting back the number of people in the military and it is said to
    almost as low as it was before WW2 and the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

    Obama has never been nor will he ever be for the true citizens of America and he has proven that over and over time again and themembers of congress are too scared, too gutless and too brain dead to opentheir mouth and put a stop to all of obama’s illegal and un-Constitutional lawsfor the people of tis Nation.

    • Florence Millard

      obama is probably threatening their family members as he did to Bill Clinton. (Remember Bill had the low down on obam-bam and was going to tell all?) He was threatened with his life. As that was not enough to stop him, bam-bam then threatened Chelsea’s life. That was when Clinton backed down. I am pretty sure I would do the same if someone threatened my daughters’ life.

      • Whoa, Florence, I didn’t hear about that. When and where did all this take place? I am certainly not doubting your word. It makes sense and I am fairly convinced he has done the same with Chief Justice John Roberts and probably the whole Democratic Party. Heck lets throw in Boehner and McConnell while we are at it. Lots of strange things happening with no explanation.

  28. trollhunterforlife45

    O’Buma is A Bi Sexual Fraud and a Non Citizen ! His Ex Indecisive decisions of his Law is Unconstitutional.Why Obey any of his laws. F Q RINO’s especially KKK Confederate Democrats and F.Q Barry ! MOLON LABE ! F the Supreme Court on Obama Care Taxes. it Violates our 9th Amendments W.T.F. !

    F Q The Supreme Court On Abortion F Q to The Supreme Court on any Un Constitutional Decision, by the Lower Courts Defining Equal rights on Faggot Marriages too !

    Jesus Preached not to Practice Witch Craft and Suffer not to Kill a Witch. Well I say the same for Un-Godly Religions Including Islam-and the Homo Sexual Society Too !

  29. Ladies and gentlemen, commenters of all ages. Welcome to King Geoffry Obama’s new State of westeroUS, the happy land where Obama passes any law, even taxes, and leaves the Congress, like the Nightwatch, hung out in exile, with no power, watching him wipe out the public.

    Hey, he might even stay indefinitely, leaving Hillary in the lurge, with all the illegal money that she collected with her foundation, while she did private emails as Secretary of State. All funded up, and no President to be elected to.

  30. Article 1, Section 7, All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but
    the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on other Bills. Does anyone in the Government ever even read the Constitution? Two Senators propose tax reform; the President contemplates raising taxes by fiat. The Congress has given unelected beaurocrats entirely too much power to effect change by regulation, lest their actions be questioned by their constituents. Well, we should be questioning them every day, until they accept responsibility for doing the job to which they were elected.

  31. F U Barry

  32. why has the kenyan escapee not done this already? hell there is no one stopping him and the criminal democrapos are all supporting his majesty’s every wish….

  33. This is obamanation not America under the psychopathic socialist in DC

  34. Is it time to Vote from the Rooftops yet?

  35. Last November was just a start. Republicans have not been paying attention to the fact that Congress, both houses, have more RINOs than True Constitutional, Tea Party, Libertarian leaning republican members. If the republican party is to have any chance to turn the national situation around all true republicans need to realize who the RINOs are and get rid of them. Otherwise, there are dems, independents and RINOs in one party and true republicans in a much smaller one that gets what is dished out to them.

  36. The Dictator needs to read the Constitution. He does not have the authority to make laws! He is supposed to uphold them!

  37. He’s already stealing a fortune from middle class taxpayers thanks to his Obamacare ripoff scam. Now the stinking Kenyan wants to steal more money from Americans.

  38. Why wouldn’t he do this. He hates the accomplished & well to do, and we have let him get away with nearly everything else he has done with no consequence whatsoever.

  39. ACA is paying for itself and was made to do that. it might change if the GOP has their way and guts the ability of the government to supplement the poor peoples payments as was planned. The continued lies by the insurance companys and their stooges that it is costing taxpayers are just more lies spread so the misinformed continue to think they are not getting their share and are haing to fund others which is NOT true.

  40. Dennis B Anderson

    If we dont kill this imposter Obama he will kill us. Hey Washington Im not talking about Max Von Sydow what NEEDFUL THING DID HE GIVE YOU??????????????

  41. Hitler Obama a suggestion Stay off the off the golf course and save the tax payers money and ground your plane and helicopter and do some work instead of screwing off. This Hitler shit as to go with your Democratic Party ass Holes and all your Muslim friends. Now tell me you are not screwing off. That is where you and your family spend all our tax dollars and tell me that is no where it went. Give use a good answer. my suggestion is and you Will not like it. It is to all your Democratic party Impeach this ass of your party it is going down the drain and you all are going also. THINK ABOUT THAT ? Need I have to say more? WAKE UP OR GO WITH HITLER OBAMA. This is a American Born here not a Hitler import. GOD BLESS AMERICA AN ITS CONSTITUTION. SHIP HITLER OUT. TWODAY.

  42. People wonder where all the jobs went.

  43. Just because he’s the president doesn’t mean he can just take what isn’t rightfully his (or the govt’s)and do with it as he pleases. If someone on capitol hill doesn’t stop this maniac, this country will be broken beyond the point of being repaired. They need to impeach his ass……and worry about any after-effects of it later. He’s a traitor, and his mission is to destroy America. Anyone who doesn’t see that is blind to reality….

  44. Can’t the Americans have a vote of no confidence and impeach some justices

  45. Michael Dennewitz

    All across this country, bikers are joining together for Bike Week. I know this will sound crazy, but:
    Wouldn’t it be great if every biker in the country rode to the white house and shut it down?? Seriously! Think of it. Even if the terrorist HNIC wasn’t there, they could take over the white house and keep him from ever coming back! Then, a good sized group could ride and go on a manhunt for the little halfbred bitch!!


  47. Obama is walking piece of shizzzzzt ..Mr black power is NOT my president

  48. Oh sure, discourage investment in this country with a high tax rate OB. Think about it Ireland has a 12.5% tax rate where would you put your money if you were a business???? Deliver us from another stupid OB move.

  49. Isn’t it just amazing that Josh Earnest is not in a position to discuss any details at this time?(I think that interprets out to mean that the american people will forget all about it in a few days)…my question to him would be “just what kind of position are you in that doesn’t involve being bent over”..

  50. This article spells it out right on time. The problem seems to be that most people tend to be in a bubble or buying into the BS propaganda expelled by these self absorbed idiots. It appears they’re not concerned about what is going on around them regardless of potential personal detriment. The others lack cranium mass absorb the brainwashing crap spewed by politicians and accept it as fact. No matter what is happening all around them. The point being it is us against them and when we need more individuals who are willing to stand up and do the job as they are sworn to do. People like Trey Gowdy, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Louie Gohmert and a handful of others. The unfortunate thing is they are few and far between.

  51. Here’s an idea – instead of raising taxes how about we not give refunds to illegal immigrants that have never paid taxes?

  52. spend then tax then tax yet again, for what???? The roads in my area are just a bit better that a dirt cart path but every butt monkey that works for the state has a brand new car.. HMMMM where did the shovel ready jobs go? To pay for their raises thats where.

  53. I hope Obama throws everything out there that he can with all the powers he has. What the hell it can’t get any worse.

  54. I seems a little peculiar that the GOP has enough power to shut down the government, while still collecting government paychecks, but haven’t even tried to stop the influx of illegal aliens.
    I can only surmise that their corporate masters want a flooded labor market and enslavement of the working class.


  56. Which bill? His golf outings, his vacations, his wife’s unauthorized nutrition program for schools, his communistic socialist healthcare that nobody wanted, his scandals, the fact that he has destroyed the economy and has kept it from improving by keeping drilling and key stone pipeline from going through?
    WHICH do we choose to pay…oh, that’s right, he plays and entertains, and we get to pay for it all…..
    I am sick of these weeny politicians, what if someone who has some intestinal fortitude goest to congress, he is shut out, set up, or dies very suddenly under this administration.

  57. America is also considering executive action, ‘Fire the b@stard named Obama”!

  58. What is it going to take to get these Republicans to get the guts to become the men & women we elected to bring this country back on the track the way it was before Obama came ion the scene. Come on you people or next election you may be in the unemployment line. You do not even deserve that. SHOW US WHAT YOU CAN REALLY DO FOR A CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!

  59. The operation of measures thus unconstitutional and illegal ought to be prevented by a resort to other measures which are both constitutional and legal. It will be the solemn duty of the State governments to protect their own authority over their own militia, and to interpose between their citizens and arbitrary power. These are among the objects for which the State governments exist; and their highest obligations bind them to the preservation of their own rights and the liberties of their people…

    You are supposed to stand up, resist, refuse to comply and nullify unconstitutional federal acts — as soon as they happen.

    According to James Madison and Thomas Jefferson.

  60. Ask the vets of Nam about ‘CHARLIE’. Remember it takes 10 men to counter one insurgent. I believe there are enough true Americans to counter any of Obummer’s LACKY’S!

  61. Why in the Hell do you think this Low Life is stopping the sales of certain types of ammo and high caliber rifles? He doesn’t have the brains of a piss ant but he has a team of Traitors (including Soros) to advise him. Just remember Soro’s was one of Hitlers right hand men,

  62. Grunty brains might want to look at Article 1,Section 8 one more time. Then again, neother House has the guts to impeach this traitor.

  63. It is no coincidence that the ideas of executive taxation, a “war surtax” to pay for the war we don’t have with the Islamic State that is not Islamic, the right of the president to proclaim treaties without ratification by Congress and prosecuting the opposition party for treason were floated by the regime at the same time. This is yet another try at the establishment of a dictatorship. A few days of general strike, demonstrations in the streets around the presidential palace (what was called the White House under the republic), initiation of impeachment hearings in the House and a suggestion by oath-keeping officers that a government claiming extraordinary powers would not have the confidence and support of the military might tamp this down; we need to be ready to proceed in these directions, however, in the likely event that the Dear Leader will pay no more attention to the 22nd Amendment than he has to the rest of the Constitution.

  64. I think if he does use Executive Actions to raise taxes, we should all revolt and not pay them. Al Sharpton doesn’t pay taxes and nothing happens.

  65. How about downsizing this massive, irresponsible government?

  66. Hands off Texas!! I can’t see them rolling over & taking it up the Are by OBOZO!!! I’ll be right beside them standing against Tyrrany! Mark my words

  67. Wouldn’t it be great if We had Congress and Senate to stop the dictator.

  68. whatashameforall

    He has nothing but executive orders,which does make a law,he is waiting for the all income of what will happen when he falls.
    I have read most of your statement and all are POSITIVE and we will all end up on top of this heap of GARBAGE. Nd yes my pee shooter is lock and loaded.
    By the way have you noticed he says his Military,we must all correct this believe. It is AMERICAS MILITARY not his. Please stay calm for he is failing quickly and all he has left is his pen and the paper he SCRIBBLES ON !!

  69. There is a simple solution that would solve all the major problems and make way for real progress on the others. To impeach Obama would not happen because of all the ass kissing liberals who can’t make a wise decision on their own and several GOP belong in the same catagory. However, getting back to Obama having never proven that he was born in the USA, Kenya claiming they have his proof of birth being in Kenya, fraud against this country by the fraudulant birth certificate presented by Obama as being his long form certificate. Obama having two federal SS cards, and his ties with the communist party, He is not the President, just an imposter and he could be tried for high treason for this an other infractions. Remove him for committing high treason, send him to prison or half way back to Kenya. Every bill, every nomination he since being in office would be null and void. That would get rid of Obama and his drag Queen wife, Biden, all of the cabinet, Holder and his hand picked justices. That would get rid Obamacare and all of the bills he signed would be null and void. This would make the leader of the house President until a good President could be elected in 2016. .This would also serve as a wake up call for all house and Senate members to do the will of the people and quit kissing ass or your neck will soon be on the chopping block

  70. Everyone is afraid to complain because the man is “black”. Republicans don’t have a spine and don’t want to upset the status quo. I have lived a long life up to now and would have never thought this country would give up its freedom to a “communist dictator” as we have in the last 6 years.

  71. As one of Obama’s campaign workers said (can’t remember who), “He is going to Washington to take power and rule!”

  72. Barrack Hussein Obama, if you do executive action on Texas, expect the American citizens to take action against you! The U.S. Citizens are ready to send you packing back to Kenya!

  73. You don’t get it do you? Is this another psy-op operation or what?

    YOU CALLED HIM PRESIDENT then you mention “raising taxes” in nearly the same sentence!!

  74. “ABUSE OF POWER” is an impeachable offense…………… Taxation is the duty of Congress not Obama……I bet his plan eliminates more taxes for himself of Soros….

  75. JeromefromLayton

    The House of Representatives was assigned the role of being the only initiator of tax and spending changes. The other Branches may propose a change (including the Senate), but it must originate as a bill in the House. That’s one reason why the ACA (Obamacare) in on questionable grounds because the bill started as one thing, went through a transformation in the Senate, and then presented as an “all or nothing” bill by the Speaker. However, if this power grab is enacted via Executive Whatever, it just might convince enough Democrats to “Do Something” because of seeing their turf trampled.

  76. A nation of sheep breeds a government of wolves.

  77. This is all Obama and his Liberal Democraps know, TAX & SPEND!!

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