Obama Calls on States to Enforce Gun Laws

The Obama administration, increasingly frustrated with their inability to pass gun control in the wake of a series of high-profile massacres, is now turning to local and state governments for help. Vice President Joe Biden will be heading up the new initiative, which aims to persuade state governors to better enforce gun control measures already on the books.

In one way, you could look at this as a major victory for Second Amendment defenders. The National Rifle Association has been at the forefront of just this argument, insisting that America is not in need of stricter gun laws but rather the enforcement of laws already passed. If the White House is serious about shifting to this strategy, it could be seen as something of a capitulation.

“I think what people are realizing, and I have realized as governor, is that we have a tremendous number of tools at our disposal to take action,” said Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe in an interview with USA Today.

For governors who don’t know what tools are available, the Center for American Progress has unveiled 28 helpful suggestions. Among them – looking into failed background checks and why they didn’t work, putting more resources toward gun tracing, and pushing for more state research into the root causes of violence.

For anyone skeptical of this administration, though, this looks less like surrender and more like subterfuge. While it’s true that any constitutionalist should be pleased to see the federal government encourage states to take action, it would be a tragic mistake to think that President Obama finally woke up to the merits of small government. He and the gun-grabbing fiends he surrounds himself with have the same goal they always had, which is to disarm America.

Guns and individual freedom are inextricably related. Democrats – the socialists in office today being the most extreme leftists this country has ever seen at the federal level – despise individual freedom. They don’t hate guns because of mass shootings. They don’t hate guns because of this statistic or that one. They hate guns because guns translate into personal security. Without them, Americans will be forced to rely on the police and an ever-increasing tide of government intervention if they want to stay safe.

Gun control, insofar that it does not turn into American disarmament, is not a bad thing. Every right we have comes with a certain amount of restriction. Democrats, knowing that they are faced with millions of suspicious conservatives, go out of their way to mention this in every gun control speech they make.

The problem is that we already have all the restrictions we need. More laws, at this point, would not only be redundant and useless; they would begin to chip away at the fundamental right to bear arms.

That Obama is sending this issue down to the states is a good thing, but don’t get too comfortable. When the left talks about gun control, what they’re really talking about is gun elimination. That’s true today, and it will be true a decade from now. Anything else they do in the meantime is trickery.


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  1. “In one way, you could look at this as a major victory for Second Amendment defenders.”

    In another way, the only major victory worth talking about is a declaration by the Supreme Court (or whichever courts of competent jurisdiction) that any and all gun control legislation violates the “…the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” clause of the Second Amendment and are therefore null and void.

    BTW “to infringe” means “to encroach upon in a way that violates law or the rights of another.”

    It’s time to do away with the “legal theory” that no right is absolute and legislation to control that right is not an intolerable infringement on that right.

  2. TWO laws that SUPPORT the 2d Amendment are the “Efficiency of Militia Bill” (1902) and the “Dick Act” (1909). Look them up to find the TRUE meaning of the word, “militia”, and the amount of guns a citizen CAN have. The wording (like most early laws) is very specific. Don’t assume to know.

    • Interesting. I’m trying to retrieve a copy of the legislation on line with no luck.

      There are some conflicting opinions as to the interpretation of the law. If it does say what it’s advocates purport, this should be a huge argument in favor of the 2nd amendment of the Constitution.

      Because states don’t keep current on the unorganized militia, doesn’t negate our right and duty to keep and bear arms.

      I would very much like to read the actual text and amendments of the bill. The only thing I can find is the same copied and pasted overview, and left wing sites dismantling the argument.

      Do you have a link to the actual text of the bill?

  3. What a novel idea…Enforcing laws.

    Now the states should demand the federal government enforce immigration laws already on the books. That would actually help in reducing violent crime.

    The Obama administration, including the RINOs, aren’t really interested in enforcing laws that protect American sovereignty or individual freedom. This does indeed, seem disingenuous.

    • If they are not enforcing the laws, shouldn’t they be punished.? I think the States ARE enforcing the laws.

      • You are correct. So the fact that the federal government, per Obama’s orders, choses to not enforce laws is not why we have increasing violent crimes, it is because states are not enforcing their laws. What a ridiculous assertion. The federal government is the entity that is full of corruption and has been going “rogue” for decades. Certainly most of the last 7 years.

        • They don’t care about the people killed. That is the furthest thing from their mind. Hell, more people are killed by drunk driving, cigarette smoke, and liquor than guns. You don’t hear them banning that stuff. No, the real deal is, they want to destroy the 2nd Amendment and ban guns,,,period. They just use the tragedy of lost love ones to push their agenda.

          • Does anyone know if all of the Paris victims have been lain to rest? I still have my flag flying at half mast…

          • I was planning on going to Paris, but I think I am going to keep my a$$ home. You could get shot in that gun free zone.

          • Probably a better chance then one realizes!

          • Here is a recommendation for world wide and local travelers. AVOID VISITING IN ALL GUN FREE ZONES! You are more likely to get shot in a gun free zone than anywhere else. And for those few who cannot understand why: GUN FREE ZONES are the safest place for thugs to commit robberies and murder—they know nobody can shoot them. IS THAT CLEAR?

          • IS THAT CLEAR? You ask a very logical question as Dr. Spock would say on Star Trek. But our liberal friends do not think logical. Most of them are of low intelligence. Most of them have lost the ability to see the truth anymore, and would not see it if it slap them in the ass as they were leaving. Most of them have no morals. Most of them are mentally ill. IS THAT CLEAR?

          • IT’S VERY CLEAR supergun. And “progressives” prove over and over what you just stated. They are unconnected to realities of today’s world. In polls many are more concerned with “jobs” and “traditional values” than dangers imposed by illegals slipping over the borders and radicals such as we witnessed in Bernardino, CA. Those who support the ideas of Reid, Pelosi, Feinstein, Hilliary and Obama are clueless that the criminal mind has no use for “laws.” Liberalism is a mental disordered and that explains why “progressives” are clueless about the gun control agenda. The brain dead will never understand.

          • I was watching some old shows about how Hitler went about disarming the Jews. It was frightening, because in so many ways that is what is happening now in America. Just as the German People did not realize what was going on during that tragedy, the liberal minded people can’t seem to see all the mess that is being conducted by those they have put in office.

          • supergun the liberals can’t see it because they are “useful idiots” as Josef Stalin labeled them. Their mentality cannot process crystal clear information. It’s a sad arrangement when we write about “fellow” Americans (?) with such wording but then we do not, as a rule, refer to an earthworm as a candidate for a Nobel Prize.

          • U R Right.

          • You got a A-1 Bingo on that!

          • The citizens are the ultimate responsibility of what happens. Thanks, ed28.

          • You must understand,
            “There are none so blind as those who will not see the truth”
            “There are none so ignorant as those who will not learn for their past mistakes”
            and perhaps worst of all
            “There are none so enslaved as those who will NOT fight for their freedoms”
            It took the Jews 6 million deaths at the hands of a FASCIST government to learn this
            how many will it take us.??

            Without the ability to defend our loved ones and our freedoms we are little more than cattle waiting to go to slaughter.

          • I could not say it better. If the 2nd goes, so does the rest of the Amendments. They peck away inch by inch day by day. They will never give up; that is why we must remain strong. We can see the states that have given up.

          • Fast and Furious is proof of what you say is true.

          • The GOODNESS of this Country will always be assaulted by the badness that dwells amongst us.

          • Sad fact is they love more new victims, they don’t wish to solve anything, like you say, they just want to ban guns. I say we ship them all off somewhere else, they are just as bad as any of Our other enemies in Our Country

          • They may even be responsible for some of this. Who knows. Evil will always be with us until “HE” comes back.

          • And YOU are right on this one supergun.

      • I do not think so!

        • Virginia was but who knows now with the BFF Demorat governor of the Clinton’s. Thank God that our governors can serve only one term (I think it is 4 yrs). At one time we were held up as an example of enforcing gun laws working. He already wants stupid do nothing gun laws and VA is all over him trying to stop every one.

        • They are trying, But in some states, they are doing a poor job. But what the gun control nuts refuse to see and acknowledge, is that criminals and gangs will always get them via underground sources.

        • What do you think not think so.

      • CA isn’t enforcing the second Amendment anymore… CA needs to be drummed out of the Union.

        • Well, their illustrious Senator, Diane Feinstein just said the other day that California’s gun laws are a testament to the fact that good, common sense gun laws curb violence and gun deaths. That’s a laugh. All one has to do is take a close look at all the gun violence and crime related to guns that takes place in Calif. on a daily basis to see what a crock that is.

          • Yeah just like in Deficatetroit and Sh!tcago. It’s just’a working GREAT there! LMAO!

          • That is a laugh, Feinstein is the HEAD gun grabber…..

            AND a head hypocrite to boot.


          • Truer words………………….!

          • “The votes weren’t here” because there were intelligent people present who knew better than to support her asinine idea. Diane Feinstein is a fermented California raisin..with apologies to that God-made fruit sold in grocery stores.

          • She is one corrupt politician… But then again, all the progressive socialists are.

          • Correct MAHB001 plus the RINOs.

          • I would say the RINOs are even worse. They are spies hiding behind conservative clothing. They do far more damage than someone like Feinstein that is somewhat honest about her beliefs.

          • I think Diane Feinstein has pond scum where normal people have a brain. The same goes for Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders, Hiliary Rodham Clinton, Bozo Obama and his entire staff and all other progressives/liberals.

          • Marshmil, I think you may have come upon a monumental discovery, pond scum. Wow, that never crossed my mind. You wouldn’t be an old farm boy by any chance?? We lived on a farm with a 17 acre swamp that always had plenty of it floating around, but since we moved to landlocked home and yard, I don’t get to see much pond scum anymore. Anyway, good call and have a Merry Christmas!!!!!!

          • Thank you fixitcr63. No, grew up near Atlanta Airport (ATL). [ Never liked labeling airports with names of dead people.] As a kid noted gunk in runoff water puddles. Called it “pond scum.” Much of the mess we’re in today in America is the result of pond scum mentality the likes of which we find in Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, Barry Soetoro, Mitch McConnel, Bernie Sanders, Hilliary Rodham Clinton, the RINOs and many others like them who support “Progressivism” and “Climate Change” aka Global Warming.
            And MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your loved ones.

          • You sound like we might have a lot more in common, how would one go about getting in contact with you?

          • To post an email address or phone number would invite all the nut cakes to jump onto our wagon. We might invent “decoy” addresses used only for OUR communication. You come up with something. We will ignore all uninvited crashers.

          • Yeah, I know, that’s why I didn’t just ask for your email. The decoy thing sounds doable, (first time I ever wrote that word out), I’m in the middle of several other projects at the moment. Let me think about it and I’ll get back to you. As before, Merry Christmas.

          • Thanks and I await your suggestion.

          • …and in Chicago. Ha! “Gun laws” are a testament to stupidity. They work fine with law abiding citizens who don’t need them. Liberal politicians obviously believe the criminal mind respects “law and order.” It looks good on paper and the evening news for getting votes from the low-informed. But activity we witness proves gun laws do not work. The brain dead will never understand.

          • And yet, those of us that do, (get it), and would like to have something done about it by those in a position to do so, continue to waste our time and breath trying to bring some sanity to an otherwise just plain shit-faced crazy place.

          • fixitcr63 Liberals are in denial. It is obvious their agenda is not working and never has. To save face they try to convince (preach to) themselves what they consider to be workable is accomplished in spite of FACTS plainly demonstrating the opposite. Liberalism is a mental disorder. They prove it over and over again. It is unfortunate that we have some of Stalin’s useful idiots in this country who fall for this chicanery and cast their votes in return for monthly trinkets tossed down to them.

        • No,,,,let them stay. They are good for something. I just don’t know what it is.

          • There is a saying, were CA goes, others follow…

            I live in CA, the voting system is corrupt and does what the Liberals want. The liberals have free run of the entire state, without opposition. Liberals own the MEDIA, Schools, UNIONS, Sacramento, and count the votes…

            “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes
            decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
            —Joseph Stalin

            I will leave as soon as I can.

          • What you write is true. That state will be a mess if the chit hits the fan. I would want to be as far away from that place as possible.

          • Especially the population centers like LA, and San Fransisco.

          • Lion and alligator fodder superman.

          • I don’t know if I would feed them to the alligators or lions. After all, our Country was founded on certain principles. I suppose like anything in the World, you have to have a positive and negative to make it work.

          • They would better serve in Washington walking around the Capitol grounds with leaf blowers. I can more easily accept that kind of air blowing around the “Hill.”

          • lol. I don’t know if they could do that properly.

          • Probably not. Maybe they could pick up paper and other debris in parking lots–at half of $15 an hour. tee hee

        • And send all the other liberal trash to californy

        • The citizens gave up their liberty a long time ago in CA.

      • If it is repugnant to the Constitution, though has the name and form of law, it is, in reality, no law at all.

      • There was a time when not enforcing laws had repercussions, but it seems not so much any more

    • How utterly true!

    • It really depends on how the law is “enforced.” Just arresting a repeat-offender violent criminal and giving him probation for armed robbery could be defined by some people as “enforcing the law.” But, what about 15 years in prison (no parole for “good behavior”), at hard labor, for armed robbery? If any innocent person is shot and killed in the armed robbery, Life in prison (or death penalty) should apply. I am sick and tired of the “revolving door justice system.” Just listening to Cam Edwards on NRA News, you get a sample of stories about some stinking thug who “gets away with it” every time. There are enough gangland murders every month that there should be “lots” of executions for murder. Even if the libs argue that the death penalty is not a deterrent (and I believe it is), you at least would purge the violent criminal element, and they can’t commit another murder if THEY’RE dead!

      • Here here!! Couldn’t agree more. And all it takes to execute a convicted murderer, rapist, whatever the crime was, is a 50 cent, .45 cal piece of lead through the back of the skull. Game over, no cruel and unusual procedures, just a quick pop and it ‘s over, no worries about pain, do-overs or any of that stuff. And, best of all, it would save us, the taxpayer over $30,000 a year for their room and board. Win-Win.

      • Life in prison is just about a “FREAKING” joke! Yes, I know they have gangs and gang related violence but how is that different then life on the streets?? Prisoners get to loaf around, play cards, exercise, 3 squares a day, a roof over their heads and form gangs all at “taxpayers” expense!!
        What ever happened to the good old days with chain gangs where they ACTUALLY worked?? Start up the chain gangs again, make them ACTUALLY do “hard time”!! Make ’em dig ditches till they are so tired all they want to do is get back, eat, shower and crash!!
        Compared to what it used to be, it is now a rest and regroup center!! Sheriff Joe in Arizona has the right idea! PERIOD! Make them regret going to jail! Good God I’m almost surprised they don’t have travel brochures stating here’s the best prison for carefree, easy going jail life!!!
        “Hard Time” my A$$! You know it’s a freaking joke when one prisoner on either the TV show Jail or Lockup told the interviewer on camera that the reason he’s a repeat offender is he gets caught, sentenced so he can “rest up” for a spell!! If that doesn’t bring your blood to a boil then nothing will!

        “Hard Time” what a freaking joke!

        • Yep, I couldn’t agree more.

        • So a prison term is actually an “R and R” for a thug. Interesting.

          • Here’s an interesting set of facts. What does a prison/jail inmate have in common with a US President? |||| He/she lives in a government facility inside a controlled, guarded area. All needs are paid for by the taxpayers. Any time he/she leaves the facility he/she is transported in a government vehicle heavily guarded. When out in pubic he/she is surrounded by armed guards and the public is not allowed to get near. No one is allowed to simply walk up and chat with him/her. Interesting parallels. So being a President/King/Queen/Prime Minister is somewhat like being a prisoner. Even a former President cannot just jump into his car and run to the nearest Burger King, Wendy’s, or McDonalds or to a local hardware store.

          • You bet’cha! The clown they interviewed ACTUALLY stated it on camera! He was there for a rest!

      • The death penalty is NOT a deterrent????? I find that strange. Unless thugs are resurrected the death penalty is an ABSOLUTE deterrent. That thug will NEVER commit another crime nor will she/he cost taxpayers for upkeep.

    • We don’t need some “team” nosing around and checking to see how many of us own guns, we need them to keep their damned noses out of our God given right, and like you said, START ENFORCING THE IMMIGRATION LAWS THAT HAVE BEEN ON THE BOOKS FOR EONS!!

      • What about the rest of the Constitutional LAWS?? Oweblamo and company are well on their way to trashing the whole U.S. Constitution!!

      • And too Michael, how many members of the NRA have walked into churches and shot at worshipers? How many licensed gun owners have taken pistols and /or machine guns and mowed down innocent citizens minding their own business? Failure to control illegal immigration is a treasonous offense because it is a deliberate act of not protecting and defending the Constitution.

    • 0bama’s and the lefts fixation on disarming America can only be for nefarious reasons.

    • They all have their own bodyguards that we pay for, and they are all wealthy, so what would they need to worry about?

    • If they enforced immigration laws already on the books, there would be far less illegals on American soil. When there are far less illegals on American soil the crime rate will reflect that, that would hinder the left’s war on guns as the reason for crime Then there is that thing with getting all those illegals illegal votes

  4. President Obama is insane. He’d rather worry about gun control instead of stopping the flow of illegals, criminals, terrorist etc. at the border. It’s time to seal our southern borders. He doesn’t worry about national security and his bombing campaign against Isis is a disaster. The pilots bring most of their bombs back our blow up sand in the middle of the desert. President think climate change is more important than destroying Isis, Well I have one more thing to say…when Isis and other terrorist organization use their ability to destroy American Citizens which eventually they will according to the FBI and Homeland Security then President Obama can be proud of himself just as in the case of the California Man and Wife terrorist shooting as he has and will have more blood on his hands. As Commander In Chief he could have destroyed Isis before the got such a foothold in the world. But as he puts it since they were the JV Team they weren’t a threat. Bullshit this President should be impeached and tried for treason, but with Mitch McConnell Senate Majority Leader and Paul Ryan Speaker of the House, Know wonder why President can get away with his lawlessness. A Congress that give the President everything he wants. Need I Say More? PS. This President gives more right to Illegals, criminals, terrorist, etc. than he does to the American Citizen!

    • I don’t think he’s insane, he’s subversive and very dangerous to our Republican form of government. Every single action he executes endangers Americans more, while facilitating the Islamic cause.

      And he’s getting away with it.

    • He is not insane. He knows exactly what he is doing and will not stop doing until out of office.

    • I bet you felt better after you wrote that! You are right on! Every day I feel more and more frustrated with this government… it’s got to be stopped or we will loose our liberties and freedoms … I hope it isn’t too late. 3% won the Revolutionary War.

    • The “flow of illegals, criminals, terrorist etc. at the border” are necessary to make the Clowerd-Piven strategy work so that massive chaos can be created so martial law can be declared. This is right out of the Saul Alinsky communism manual.

      • Thanks maxx for reading it and posting about it here. Most people are clueless that the present illegal, un-Constitutional administration is playing Alinsky’s ideas like actors following a script. That’s what low-information provides the nation.

  5. I call on Obama to resign….. Obama should be impeached….. Hillary for prison 2016 Obama her cell mate


    • The gun-grabbers will say “This next one will, the 46,000 previous ones that haven’t worked were just “reasonable” and “common-sense” practice;” while “shall not be infringed” is forgotten and honest citizens of CHI, NYC, Wash DC, LA, STL, et al. are forced to suffer calling 911-dial&pray&wait being defenceless.

      • Hey, ‘common sense’ is not enforceable neither is ‘reasonable’. Like beauty, it’s in the eyes of the beholder. Acceptance and acquiescence
        to stupid laws isn’t going to work… Americans are awake and ready to defend their 2nd Amendment rights, just look at the exploding gun sales! Molon Labe!

    • Oh, because it’s illegal, right? It’s against the law to kill, that’s what they say will stop them! LOL

      • Well maybe if we stopped keeping these useless turds on death row for 20 plus years so lawyers can get rich, and executed them within one year we would be better off.

    • No gun law or other law will stop them.

  7. Gregg the voice of reason

    In New York the Governor Fascist Couomo passes gun laws in the middle of the night. He is a leftist coward and was afraid of the backlash from the good people who own guns.

    The Mayor of New York has stopped the ‘Stop and Frisk program” because his son is half black and was afraid they might stop him .
    Crime in New York is on a rise now,
    You want my guns “Molon Labe ”

    The photo below was when the problem started for everyone Black or white .
    Wake up people !!

    • You forgot to mention two of the famed “Three men in a room that make the law” (State Assembly Speaker(D) & State Senate Leader(R)) have been tried and convicted for fraud, bribery, & extortion, but the third man, cuomo, hasn’t yet.

  8. Perhaps it would help to enforce all of our current Laws including those on Immigration!

  9. obama, what a POS he is!!

    • You forgot : A lying son-=btch, a muslim loving bstd and a socialist son-=btch, I detest this son-=btch

      • Big Ha!! Absolutely correct
        Don’t you thing Valerie Jarrett should be exposed for what she is? Iranian born mmmmm why the muslium coddling

        • CAIR, Jarrett, and his whole administration are nothing but muslim loving bstds..CAIR under the Bush administration was labeled as terrorist organization. I believe that Martial Law will be declared in 2016 before or soon after the election. This reason this son-=btch [Obama] is bringing all the muslim bstds is cause dissension here. The middle east is not taking any refugees into their countries. Also Obama is a racist bstd, and a no good son-=btch.

          • I fear he will raise the ISIS flag over the whitehouse to show solidarity. (Isis predicted the flag will be raised)
            martial law only if Hillary looses. Otherwise He will declare voter fraud and have the election annulled. He stays. Just like the PIG SHAVEZ did in Venezuela.

          • Yes you are correct, I am thinking the along the same lines. this is not PC you and your family have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and be safe

  10. Enforce the federal gun laws that they have on the books, that should take care of the criminals. Convicted felons found in possession of a firearm should received at least 15 years, without parole. Do you think that would stop any criminal from carrying firearms.


  12. A good thing, as long as ENFORCING our current laws doesn’t end up translating into TWISTING our current laws into something that they were never intended to say or do. That is the question that should be bothering most Americans . . . and whether our current Administration can be trusted with the handling of said laws.

  13. Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Kim Il Sung, Benito Mussolini, Hirohito, Adolph Hitler, Mao Tse Tung, Josef Tito and Josef Stalin.
    All of the above agreed with the liberal dem bloodsuckers.
    They all agreed that they needed universal registration for the safety of the citizenry.
    They all,got it.
    All of them with in 3 years had confiscated all weaponry.
    All of them within a year of confiscating weaponry, had passed laws, that made it a crime to say nasty things about the government.
    The above people are responsible for the death of 220 million people, mostly, their own citizenry
    Perhaps it’s about time to start asking the liberal dem bloodsuckers, what their motives are, under truth serum.
    Some of you will say, can’t happen in a democracy.
    Australia, Canada, England, France, Germany, Spain Greece, Italy Portugal, have all confiscated all weaponry, all of these countries have passed laws, that make it a crime to say nasty things about the government.
    Is there a conservative out there that feels comfortable with giving the liberal dem bloodsuckers, that much authority and depending on their good intentions?
    Anyone out there that thinks Obama wouldn’t have the military and Federal police shooting at you if he had to?
    He won’t shoot at ISIS, but considers gun owners a much bigger threat.

  14. The left’s relentless attacks on our ‘Assault (not) weapons’ is just step #1. Step #2 will be our ‘assault’ (not) pistols. The domino effect . It’s our arms and our refusal to submit that have delayed the progression of their agenda. They know our arms Must be eliminated from society before the final push is executed. They are becoming desperate because they are running out of time. 2016 will be THE year that will be ‘make or break’ for America as we know it. The Transition they have in mind is the beyond imagination of most Americans. The remaining Freedom and Liberty we have Today will be but a memory if they succeed.

  15. If there is anyone out there that doesn’t now have a gun and considering getting one don’t go to a gun shop for it. Any purchase that requires an AFT form 4473 doesn’t register your gun (yet) but it does register YOU as a gun owner. A big ‘Change is coming’ and we are NOT going to like it.

  16. why start now, let some more illegals in first.

  17. What gun laws is the clown talking about the states enforcing? We only have one gun law called the US Constitution. But of course, stupid can’t understand that because he has shown his dislike for the constitution and his ignorance of it.

  18. Fine, enforce gun laws and while you re at it enforce immigration laws

  19. It will not happen with democrat governors will now make their attempt tovapease obama

  20. Great. Measure Eric Holder for an orange jumpsuit with a large DOC on its back.

  21. Says the man that has been breaking laws all along.

  22. We wouldn’t have the problems that we have today if Obama would let, not make the states enforce the law. He was the one that made federal and state agencies stand down on so many levels.

  23. As we have seen over and over, laws do notstop those who are bent on evil. We keep forgetting that we have a people problem and not a weapons problem.

  24. This is one Amendment that WE the people control…they CAN’T get our guns… too many of them and more selling by the minute. The more the grouse, the more we buy!
    They can squawk all they want but, it won’t change the fact that Americans are too SMART to give up their guns… all we have to do is open our eyes and we can see what happens to countries that ban guns and we ‘ain’t’ goin’ there! Forget it you A-holes … molon labe!

  25. The States are allowing the Constitution to exist and follows it except in a few cases. New York, DC, Illinois, and others that want to take away your gun rights. I do not see the mass shooting happening except in liberal States. Ohio, Maryland, someday people will wake up but not as long as they listen to the press.

  26. Terry McAullife is a POS!

  27. It’s ABOUT TIME!

    I guess writing them a letter a day… every day… every week, every month, every year… has finally paid off.

    Okay I kid… it wasn’t every day, but based on the number of letters I wrote, I would not be surprised if my name is on the ‘no fly – cuz your a potential bad guy’ list.

  28. Bet he hates Texas! They DO Enforce the laws — (and within the second amendment)! Therefore we are limiting “gun free” zones,– But look what happened where they were allowed to be used federalist’s way! How about training and approval for “open -exposed carry”! Those who want to “shoot up places” would see they are not the only ones with guns! — Worked pretty darn good a few years ago in Florida
    when they had all the car “hijacking’s”, and of course making all car rental agencies use regular license plates so they could not tell people were “tourists”! Now I remember seeing pictures with ladies getting out of their cars to go shopping with revolver in left hand with purse hanging in crook of arm,- while locking car door with right hand! All hijackings were dramatically reduced in one month! — Don’t know if special permits were required in those days,— maybe somebody from Florida could fill us in on that?? At any rate the criminals got the idea quickly!

  29. Well i think we need to ban muslims from having guns and 50% of problem will be solved

  30. Strange we’ve been saying that all along. Now the fed should apply that rule to immigration, drug and all the other laws on the books they ignore. Oh wait bo tells the fed what laws to enforce and what ones to ignore according to his agenda.

  31. That is all the legal ones. Many of these laws are not legal in spite of what our joke of a supreme court says. If they had been supporting guns laws in the past then they too would be awaiting prosecution. i.e. Fast and Furios

  32. from my point of view, i dont care what laws they pass. all american patriots WILL stand and deliver. if the tree of liberty needs to be watered with my blood SO BE IT. KEEP YOUR POWDER DRY. LETS GET THE PARTY STARTED!!

  33. I am instructing Congress to enforce the law. Impeach Obama.

  34. Has it occurred to anyone else that the main threat to freedom and security in America is the Left? It is not guns we must be rid of but, the Left. If we allow those on the Left to maintain ANY power in government, we will allow them to, one day, disarm and enslave us. They intend to disarm us by force. If force is used, it must be used by American Patriots, to rid America of traitors and invaders.

  35. The 0bama administration wants to pass gun confiscation laws.

    0bama is only frustrated because he has not found a way to get his gun confiscation laws past reasonable people looking out for themselves.

    If we allow the Government to take away our guns, we will be subjects in no time.

  36. finally, he says something correct; gun laws belong in the hands of the states, not the corrupt Federal regime. However, their should be national reciprocity allowed in every single state and city in the nation, for those who hold a valid cc permit.

  37. I wonder,if the laws will be ENFORCED against the CRIMINAL/CRIMINAL INTENT???

  38. Selective enforcement of selected laws will not “cut the mustard”. Additionally bowing to the Pass A Law Syndrome re firearms or most any other subject shows, all to clearly, a failure of intellectual fortitude.,

  39. Most of the gun laws that have not been heretofore enforced are federal laws and it has been at Obama’s order.

  40. The DA in midland County, Mi often overlooks the states mandatory illegal possession/use 2 yr mandatory sentence, removing/reducing the crime in “plea bargaining”. Which means these criminals that use a gun in a crime or possess one illegally are back out on the street where it’s easy for them to steal/blackmarket another gun tey can turn around with to rob you…

  41. Trying to enforce gun bans, I’ll bet! WE SHALL NOT COMPLY!

  42. DO not believe the negro.

    He is saying this to harass and annoy you, plus his desire for you to ARREST and put the negro in jail. The two parties winking at each other again.

    Oh, how they like to annoy you to no end when they get up there. PUNKS, all of them!

  43. Odd how the administration is pushing states to enforce gun laws while going after them if they enforce immigration laws or those that conflict with one of their agenda items that state or local laws could block or limit.

  44. The ACTUAL law is that the Right to own & bear arms shall NOT be infringed. Period. The ACTUAL law is that any legislation or enforcement that does any infringement is NOT a lawful legislation & cannot be enforced as law; the law itself automatically renders such unlawful action as immediately void & without effect; a court declaration of it is NOT required for such a low to be disobeyed by the public. For example, any State that still has “may issue” laws on their books, instead of “shall issue,” are infringements; there is NO lawful basis for government to make that level of judgment against people & to uphold “personal discretion” by any government personnel.

    It’s NOT up to government to deny the right to make a judgement call on who THEY see as “fit to own & carry.” The 2nd Amendment (& the whole of the Constitution, as well) does NOT grant the government any such power of judgement at all. Indeed, not even the courts have the Power to render the judgment of guilt or innocence (that’s up to the JURY); the courts purpose of existence is to punish those who have committed wrongdoing, not to judge guilt.

  45. The liar in chief has no basis to ask because he doesn’t enforce any law he personally agree with.

  46. Never Ever Trust A Liberal On Gun Laws.

  47. Every state already has gun law’s. Criminals and street thugs don’t follow laws. Obo needs to resign and get a life already. Better yet he needs to be impeached so he can’t rake in all of the bennies he will be entitled to when he leaves office, That is if he does leave

  48. Obama needs to be told to fuck off and go back Kenya ..Who is Obama to pass any new law when he cannot pass back ground check

  49. The States have to enforce the Law as there is a complete absence of Federal Law enforcement under the Muslim Mutt

  50. Which ones? The most punitive or the most confistory? The problem police tell me is thata lot of the new laws are confusing or contrary to other laws..Washington is so far behind they have no idea what the average citizen is faced with. They are so smart they are making outlaws out of law abiding citizens they claim they are protecting.

  51. I don’t know what the Hell they think the states will do about it. Several states – mainly with huge populations – are breaking the laws themselves. THEY ARE DESIGNATED “SANCTUARY” CITIES AND IF THEY ARE GOING TO BREAK THE ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION LAWS, what makes anyone think they will enforce the federal laws – of which they are flagrantly telling the feds to “go to Hell”.

    Nope! The problem should be completely eradicated, beginning with the current administration right on down to all of the socialist commie muslims that are in our government both by infiltration and by appointment!!!!!!


  53. To bad you muslim f–r Obama we are buying guns for christmas gifts to give to family members so eat that Ohomo

  54. When Clinton gets in there will be a mandatory buy back of ALL guns!
    Get protection the government doesn’t know exists, you know you need it> Need protection but don’t want the
    F.B.I. digging into your past and don;t want a registered firearm in your name?
    THE ANSWER IS THIS: A Black Powder Revolver and a Conversion Cylinder to accept modern ammunition!
    This one is pocket size: http://northamericanarms.com/index.php/firearms/cb/m-cb.html
    and then get a CONVERT NAA CAP AND BALL TO 22LR on Gunbroker.com
    All legal (for now anyway)

  55. Every time HOMO opens his mouth just buy more guns and ammo

  56. Walter H WILSON3rd

    Gun stores while making the sale should also offer membership to the NRA.

  57. With regard to banning guns from the mentally disturbed prone to violence, I don’t think we have the tools or techniques to flag these people. Checking to see if someone has been a resident of a mental hospital does not do the trick because that population is no different than the general population with regard to the propensity to violence. Yet checking one’s stay at a mental facility now seems to be the only mechanism employed in background checks for one’s predisposition to abuse the use of a firearm.
    Are we going to go the route as one European ( I forget which) does in requiring all prospective gun buyers to undergo and pass a psychological evaluation before being allowed to purchase a gun? I don’t think we’re ready for that here. Besides, psychological tests are far from perfect and results vary with the diagnostician.

  58. I say Go ahead and write your executive order banning the Constitution and my 2nd amendment rights, you treasonous dog and I’m sorry to insult dogs, dammit

  59. This article has been around for awhile but I do not see my governor jumping on the anti-gun bandwagon.

  60. GOP governors have always enforced gun control laws, how about the feds and Oblowhole bellying up to the bar and enforcing immigration laws. What a dumbazz in chief we have. Thank you a-holes who voted him in, TWICE!

  61. How about those “Sanctuary Cities”, when are they going to be made to follow the law?

  62. The states can implement Countermand Amendments to exempt themselves from all federal laws which infringe upon our Second Amendment Rights. Charles Kacporwicz has a web site which explains how Countermand Amendments work and how they are created. The states are our only hope for protection from an out of control federal government.

  63. Including or especially those laws that are violative of The U.S. Constitution?

  64. Who’s going to obey not me!!

  65. If it is repugnant to the Constitution, though it may have the name and form of law, it is, in reality, no law at all.

  66. How about Obama enforce our nations laws? He’s so good at ignoring so many of them.

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