Obama Calls on States to Enforce Gun Laws

The Obama administration, increasingly frustrated with their inability to pass gun control in the wake of a series of high-profile massacres, is now turning to local and state governments for help. Vice President Joe Biden will be heading up the new initiative, which aims to persuade state governors to better enforce gun control measures already on the books.

In one way, you could look at this as a major victory for Second Amendment defenders. The National Rifle Association has been at the forefront of just this argument, insisting that America is not in need of stricter gun laws but rather the enforcement of laws already passed. If the White House is serious about shifting to this strategy, it could be seen as something of a capitulation.

“I think what people are realizing, and I have realized as governor, is that we have a tremendous number of tools at our disposal to take action,” said Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe in an interview with USA Today.

For governors who don’t know what tools are available, the Center for American Progress has unveiled 28 helpful suggestions. Among them – looking into failed background checks and why they didn’t work, putting more resources toward gun tracing, and pushing for more state research into the root causes of violence.

For anyone skeptical of this administration, though, this looks less like surrender and more like subterfuge. While it’s true that any constitutionalist should be pleased to see the federal government encourage states to take action, it would be a tragic mistake to think that President Obama finally woke up to the merits of small government. He and the gun-grabbing fiends he surrounds himself with have the same goal they always had, which is to disarm America.

Guns and individual freedom are inextricably related. Democrats – the socialists in office today being the most extreme leftists this country has ever seen at the federal level – despise individual freedom. They don’t hate guns because of mass shootings. They don’t hate guns because of this statistic or that one. They hate guns because guns translate into personal security. Without them, Americans will be forced to rely on the police and an ever-increasing tide of government intervention if they want to stay safe.

Gun control, insofar that it does not turn into American disarmament, is not a bad thing. Every right we have comes with a certain amount of restriction. Democrats, knowing that they are faced with millions of suspicious conservatives, go out of their way to mention this in every gun control speech they make.

The problem is that we already have all the restrictions we need. More laws, at this point, would not only be redundant and useless; they would begin to chip away at the fundamental right to bear arms.

That Obama is sending this issue down to the states is a good thing, but don’t get too comfortable. When the left talks about gun control, what they’re really talking about is gun elimination. That’s true today, and it will be true a decade from now. Anything else they do in the meantime is trickery.


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