Obama Blames U.S. Intelligence for his ISIS Failings

In 2014, President Obama made a comment to the New Yorker that would come back to haunt him in a big way. Asked about the rise of the Islamic State in the Middle East, Obama said there was no reason to worry about the group turning into the next Al Qaeda.

“The analogy we use around here sometimes, and I think is accurate, is if a JV team puts on Lakers uniforms, that doesn’t make them Kobe Bryant,” he said at the time.

Everyone got a jolly old laugh out of that one, but things weren’t quite so funny when that JV team started launching major terrorist attacks around the world. No one was laughing when they began taking over enormous swaths of territory in Iraq and Syria while bombarding the internet with videos of gruesome beheadings and barbaric mass executions.

In a CNN interview this week, Obama appeared to still be in denial as to whether he bore any responsibility for the rise of ISIS.

“Let me ask you if it’s possible in your position to be completely honest and say the rise of the Islamic State surprised you, it took you by surprise, it took the administration by surprise,” asked CNN’s Fareed Zakaria.

“The ability of ISIL to not just mass inside of Syria, but then to initiate major land offensives that took Mosul, for example, that was not on my intelligence radar screen,” Obama replied.

This answer is not new for the president. As Mediaite pointed out, Obama used the same excuse in 2014 when asked about ISIS on 60 Minutes.

“Our head of the intelligence community, Jim Clapper, has acknowledged that, I think, they underestimated what had been taking place in Syria,” Obama said then.

In other words, we’re a long way from “the buck stops here.” But we knew that already.

Obama’s remarks incensed Meghan McCain, who said on Fox News that Obama was “shameless” to blame the intelligence community for his failings. McCain insisted that ISIS had been part of Obama’s daily briefings for at least a year before they began conquering territory for their caliphate.

“I don’t know if it’s spin to save his legacy or if it’s actual delusion,” McCain said. “I don’t understand how he could possibly think it wasn’t going to happen.”

It’s probably a bit of both. Anyone would search for ways to alleviate their conscience if they allowed this kind of brutality to grow unchecked. And he certainly doesn’t want his legacy to be about the absolute disaster his policies have created in the Middle East. No, no, all that was there when he arrived. Or it was bad intelligence. Or no, it was Hillary. Or Russia.

He thought that once Bin Laden was dead, he could ride off into the sunset with George W. Bush’s cowboy hat perched on his head. He dusted off his hands and set his mind to finally earning that Nobel Peace Prize by declaring the war on terror over. And that foolishness gave ISIS the space it needed to become the menace it is today.

Hopefully, we will soon have a president who won’t run from reality.

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  1. Obama can’t make any mistakes, after all, he’s perfect. Ooop’s, I’m getting sick!

    • Obama is the worst president we ever had, but nobody has the balls to call it out because of Political Correctness. Until we get past calling a spade a spade, our country will always weaken!

  2. When is this ahole leaving???

  3. Hey HalfBreed! Maybe the intelligence community should have dragged your skinny black a$$ into some of those morning briefings that you refused to attend. And, if only they would have rammed some of the intelligence reports you ignored down your throat maybe you wouldn’t be so fvching stupid. And here your are blaming them. You’re a traitor and should be LYNCHED immediately if not sooner….

    • Oh you don’t believe the reason Obamas don’t know nothin about nothin is no Dody tod him nothin based on the color of Obamas skin? You don’t think that lie will fly?

      • he is going to be known as the BLACK man that took down American with the biggest con there ever was. He was and still is not an American citizen he was not born in Hawaii he was born in Kenya which makes him at the most a legalized citizen not a natural born citizen. A nationalized citizen was and still is not qualified to be president because our forefathers did not want a president that had aliance’s to another country and he is all about the Muslim countries

        • You are absolutely so right on. Obama did not even spare his own granny when she reported OBAMA born in Kenya. Joan Rivers reported everybody knows OBAMA is gay and Michelle a trans. Mysteriously she dies. These are brutal people.

  4. Soetero blames Intel. How much feces from how many species must one enjoin to debunk this crap? Pun entirely intended.

  5. I blame President Obama and his Administration.

    • his beloved moslem brotherhood appointees, whom he wishes to impress

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    • Yes! But don’t forget to blame the idiot Americans who put him in office! THEY are the ones responsible – bho just played his gangbanger games to destroy our Nation.

      Only stupid irresponsible people voted for him. Anyone with a brain could see he wasn’t a true American. Anyone who knew how to research facts could find out bho was a fake, a composite of the perfect American blackman/family so he would fit the image Americans held in their hearts of who a President should be. Slow and unintelligent Americans bought that charade – those with intelligence didn’t.

      It wasn’t just bho’s fault, but those simpleton Americans who just never saw the “CON” coming!

      Life with President Trump is going to hurt for a lot of libs – as it should. Rebirth is a painful process no matter how you look at it!

      • It’s going to hurt for all of us trying to get the debt under control and pay it down. Ouch!!

        • That’s the whole point. Alinsky rule right out of the globalists play book and HILLARY thesis. Abolish the middle class. There’s the ruling class and all the rest are government dependent paupers/serfs poor people. We’re taxed to death while they tool around in bills of dollars jet planes. Global warming is why we cannot but they can.

          • Global warming is caused by the earths evolution every couple million years! We have nothing to do with it happening or cause! There is nothing we can do to stop it or even slow it down. They did a study a couple years ago and the Ozone layer is in better shape now than before the industrial revolution!! It’s a ponzie scam to get money! Like all the crap the politicians do. Al Gore is as big a their as Odummer!!

          • Ponzu scheme to tax and break the poor and enrichen the ruling class. Right out of Alinsky playbook . globalism for a few rich and the many remaining others become the servants slaves and serfs.

          • The Dumocratic playbook!

          • Too many people use it like HILLARY and Obama! And their little puppets

          • Didnt you hear it is from COW FARTS. LMAO

          • Well said. I wish more people knew this truth.

          • Thank you, my wife looks or watches everything on the subject! She is very adamant about it. Therefore I have pretty much done the same thing while watching.

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          • Mary Lee Norris Cobabe

            Right on Letterman !

          • Thank you all, but it’s because there are a few knowledgeable like all of you that realize what it really is! Yet another lie from the li-berals.

      • Good Points, Thanks!!!

      • Rigged elections. I blame the dead people that voted eight times, and the Russians. Their responsible for Obamas two terms.

        • The Russians didn’t have a damn thing to do with our election AND when Trump gets in office he and Putin will get along…..and THEN things will start to improve with Russia and about Russia I believe Trump and Putin will end up solving and agreeing to the problems in the Middle East, which will cuse Vlad to stop being so tough over there. WATCH and SEE.

          • We know that! That was tongue in cheek. Just to make light of their stupidity and we are on to them. I agree with you

          • Very true. Suggesting such proves the ineptness of OBAMA and his cabinet. People behind this effort are PELOSI Bill. CLINTON and HILLARY and DNC. Thankyou for your response and Merry Christmas

        • Agreed! Kick them to the curb and the obamas on the junk pile!

      • As the infrastructure continues to collapses and the cronies billionaires make more billions, we can just dodge the interstate potholes the best we can

      • Those same morons are still buying it.

      • You’re right, and the irony is that we’re the ones who have taken the browbeating, abuse, and shunning because we cared enough to stand up for EVERYONE. No regrets, but sometimes it’s a bit painful.

        • But the liberal always sees it differently…the object of their attention is ALWAYS the victim. Of course, they are wrong. Be strong. Truth is hard for a liberal to swallow but it is the only way to educate them! Don’t give up Sara! People like you make the biggest difference in our war against ignorance and egomania.

      • You know, I can forgive one mistake, the second term won was voted for by total idiots. Ms. Obama said in an interview she now felt there was no hope. Good. We lived with no hope for 8 long, destructive years. Hopefully, the Obama’s will leave the USA.

        • I am so there with you! Trouble is we have lots and lots of Americans with low IQs that can be convinced of anything – like Hillary winning the election. Ha Ha! Were they ever surprised and shocked.
          The other thing is most liberals have no idea what a fact is and when confronted with truths and facts, their brains scramble and blink out. Pity there are so many illiterate and lazy thinking people in our Country…result of Obama’s anti-education and anti-exceptionalism program. Unfortunately a lot of this has stuck with our young adults.
          Time to re-educate them about how Exceptional America really is – and throw those two crooks who dirtied our White House and our Constitution into some remote prison. Re-education is the only answer and we parents/grandparents are going to have to do this if we want our Nation back!

    • I also blame the lame duck congress that didn’t have balls to stop him and his radical destructive agenda.

    • It’s never Obama’s or Clinton or the democratic party’s fault

    • but its not his fault

      the devil made him do it and then lost in the 2016 election

    • Obummer was always too busy on the golfcourse to attend security briefings. What a jerk! Can’t wait for him to leave the white house.

    • you and most americans starting with me…that idiot needs to be in prison …but I knew he wasn’t going to stop a group that he’s a member of

  6. He needs to look in the mirror at the fool looking back and understand that he and his mudslime brotherturds are to blame for all the failed policies! Then again,what else should we expect from a USURPER????? ??????? on America and our allies was his main purpose as a trojan horse to our country!

  7. What legacy ? Trying to destroy our country in so many ways in the last 8 miserable years with him as POTUS.It is a major testament to our country that we have resisted his onslaught on us. For 8 years he has been hurting us with every thing he has done. REMEMBER it was he that said he would FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORM THE U.S.A. Well mr. obama you figured wrong as usual GO TRUMP AND GOD BLESS AMERICA!.


    • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

      the only thing that stopped him was the Second Amendment, or we would be facing the same crap Germany and France are now suffering through. Americans finally saw through the lies and the cries of “rayciss” and we put out collective feet down. Now we need to put those boots onto the necks of ALL the Muslim terrorists he intentionally placed all throughout his anti-American regime.

    • I really believe that the fact “Obama never really understood the love, respect, extreme value that the majority of U.S. citizens have for the U.S., our Constitution, and uniqueness of this nation”, and believed he could really destroy it as POTUS; PROVES he is not a real American. We the People are stronger and smarter, than he believed.

  8. Obama blames everyone but himself for all the blunders associated with his Administration. The man has never gotten over his childhood denial stage. I use to believe he was lying, but I’m starting to believe that part of his problem is; he just doesn’t know what the hell is going on.

  9. Bull crap.He knew it all along.He’s done nothing but help them,not stop them.First he gives them money and weapons.Then he releases 5 of the worst terrorists from Gitmo so they can go back and resume leading the beheadings,rapings,and killing Christains.He knew exactly what was going on and what he was doing.I bet he and monkey face lay in bed laughing about it!

  10. George E. LeFebvre

    He has been denying all responsibility for everything he has done wrong. Everything about him is a lie.

  11. I think that we have been misreading these reports as a whole. Obama says it was not on his intelligence radar. Now take it in this context, Obama is not referring to the daily reports from the NSA,CIA or any other entity who knew, but to his own incompetentt intelligence of WTF is going on. He obviously didn’t and doesn’t know WTF is happening because he lacks the intelligence.

    • Oh, but look at all the colleges he supposedly attended from which there are no records. If you attend great colleges the last thing one would do is lock up and hide the proof. But that’s what he spent millions of dollars to do. That is not normal for a normal person to do.

  12. I have been hoping that the usurper would get cross ways with the C.I.A. He may yet get to star in his own Zapruder film.

  13. Someone execute this POS for treason!


    • The big problem is that the government people have turned into mini-Obama’s in that they draw their pay and pensions while doing nothing but surf the porn sites and play games. The entire place is screwed up and need to be cleaned out, starting with a union they should not be allowed to have.

      • Federal Civil Service is in dire need of a total review and reform. It should not be a “jobs program” for one specific group of people like it is today.

  15. Obama is pro-Islam. He was going to say anything he had to that allows the militants to flourish. We have dropped thousands of tones on bombs in Iraq and Syria with very little casualties. Islam casualties break Barack’s heart, but it is the cost of keeping up the face of war with, his words, ISIL. He denies that they are a State.

  16. No surprise here he’s still the jerkoff a little less than half the voters knew he was since day one. he came along at a time when there were just a little more moochers in this country than hard working Americans and the republicans were stupid enough to run a pair of A$$HOLES like McCain and Romney. Trump will succeed considering it would be hard not to following this piece of pooh unless your Hillary Clinton that wanted to be just like him.

  17. Herbert W. Love, Jr.

    The man never operated, or (managed) a candy store… “how the hell can he run a successful government?”
    His ineffective indecision’s, (not listening to military suggestions) has cost plenty! His decision to import all of the Islamic Syrian Refugees into our society without a public vote is a failure of his Oath-In-Office. He has failed to reason, (or) he knows… Islam is Anti-American Ideology.

    • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

      He was working actively to destroy this nation from within and was groomed for that role for years by the Muslims who funded his rise. Those Muslims seriously underestimated the resolve of the REAL American people.

    • He left the running of the government up to his muslims buddies in his administration, mainly Valerie Jarrett. His job was to go on vacations playing golf at about $5 million a pop.

  18. Don’t think for one second the Obama’s both of them haven’t enjoyed their free ride for 8 years as it’s been the best welfare gig they could ever have gotten. Bath house Barry can’t wait to get back to his crack parties and riding around with his boy toy Larry Sinclair. This idiot has been a loser since day one and after 8 years of on the job training he still is unqualified. Trump will be busy trying to correct the shit house Barry has left him and if anybody is up for the challenge it’s Trump. January 20 2017 starts a new beginning to bringing this country back.

  19. The narcissist is incapable of accepting any responsibility for anything. Takes credit for what he didn’t do, and always blames others for his ineptness.

  20. Blame blame blame…. Always blaming something or someone for his failures… Nothing is ever his fault. Blamed Bush until even his staunchest supporters agreed when that became beating a dead horse. Now he is even trying to blame Trump for this and that and he isn’t president yet. He can’t be gone soon enough to suit me.

  21. Yo skippy, who’s been ru(i)nning gubmint for the last 8 years? You gonna blame Jarrett and Soros too?

  22. He blames anyone and everyone for his failings, he doesn’t know how to take responsibility or accountability for his poor performance. Of course neither does his party or followers they still won’t accept they lost the election and blame others everyday.

  23. hmmm, aka POS barry, armed, trained, and funded these barbarians that he knows nothing about….?

  24. Would you expect anything else from the Muslim-Marxist jihadist and “Dick-taker-N-Thief”? He is responsible for everything until it goes wrong, then he absolves his sorry lying ass from it! He is one sick, demonic psychopath and his Leftist mentally disordered sycophants that support him have a death wish!

  25. quote
    “The future must not belong to those who slander the prohpet of islam”

    Barock Obama September 2012 in front of the UN general assembly

    The man is a traitor and should be tried for his crimes against the USA. Crimes which will be public one day

  26. Obama has never taken responsibility for anything in his life.

  27. What is really unacceptable is the pendulum swing in the U.S. from extreme left to extreme right, where policies
    are 180 degrees-difference from one administration to the next. The problem IS the people and there is no equivocation on what the definition of ‘IS’ is. We have the partisan divide supplanting any sense of continuity with respect to patriotic duty. This is a complete absurdity. The notion that the electorate can be reconstituted by grotesque increases in immigrants of diversity which is completely antithetical and in detrimental opposition to either the formulation or implementation of policies which represent a decisive perspective of both history and heritage is another absurdity. Basically, Obama has demonstrated, time and again, his personal conflictedness with respect to a policy regarding Islam as, fundamentally, different from and opposed to Judaeo-Christianity, the historical heritage of the founders and majority of the people of the United States. This is simple reality which deserves to be respected, not undermined or subverted by efforts to offset it or provide greater diversity in the interest of “representation” which justifies compromise of principle. This, after all, is what the left is ALL about, the compromise of principle in the interest of “freedom of choice.” If “freedom is not free,” I propose that its cost be paid by those who abuse it, as their exclusion from the opportunity to do so.
    Obama’s legacy is pure vaudeville, a bad joke with laughable costs.

    • Right on, with one caveat: freedom is always paid for by those who cherish it most; not those who would deny us that precious gift from our founders.

  28. Beeotchstewie the deplorable

    Obama CREATED Isis via the Benghazi gun running enterprise he and Hillary set up to overthrow Ghadifi. Get real you lying Muslim piece of dung.

  29. The same Intelligence that said the Russians did hack the elections?

  30. Why does most of chicken-sh^t, PC bullied and brainwashed “TRANSFORMED & TRANSGENDERED” AMERIKA have such a hard time realizing that we have a Muslim-Marxist jihadist that he alone, with his pen, is making “US” his caliphate? The demonic psychopath should have been tried for treason and faced a firing squad!

  31. This Obama adventure is just one big comedy. Except we are now $20 trillion in debt and race relations are at a 50 year low. One one hand, Obama states he wasn’t aware of ISIL because our intelligence was so bad. On the other hand, Obama and his gang say that Trump’s election is fraudulent because the same Intelligence people that didn’t let Obama know about ISIL now knows all about the Russian s influencing our election. That is one big joke isn’t it?

  32. This narcissist always throws everybody under the bus. It’s never his fault, he has always blamed everyone else for his failures. Let’s face it, he has a lot of them.

  33. Of course!!! Obama takes NO RESPONSIBILITY for any negative comments, any additional poverty, any increase in violence or hatred by blacks, etc. He didn’t bother meeting with his security, and his message was always: “jvteam”, ISIL was contained…..

    Obama is a pathological liar with a anti-American destructive agenda = HE SUCCEEDED, and continues to lie.

  34. I didn’t always agree with G. W. Bush but I never thought that he was on the side of the enemy. My favorite Bush quote was when he said that he didn’t care about any legacy, he was just trying to do his job. Seems like it is just Clinton’s and Obama who are so concerned about their legacy. Obama’s legacy will be ISIS rising to fill the vacuum that he left in Iraq and the blood of thousands on his hands.

    • The lib media has never really pointed out: “Black Hawn down” and that Somali mess was under Bill Clinton. Hillary wrote ACA when Bill was POTUS, which became law under Obama – passed illegally. Do people know: Obama promised ACA was not a tax. The House passed a bill, sent it to the Senate. The Senate “gutted it”, replaced it with ACA; and took a vote, passed it. So they could defend it to SC, by saying it WAS A TAX, starting in the House. It is unconstitutional, as it is not a tax. And to the concerns of citizens, Obama said: “see the sky didn’t fall”. That was just another comment from him, showing he cared NOTHING; but hatred, for the majority white Christian citizens.

      • It’s too bad it took people 8 years to finally figure out Obama was the ugliest joke ever played on the United States…all 57 of them! I bet that SOB went to bed every night with the same thought…”Screwed white over again!”

      • And as he sat back in his chair and laughed….” Shovel ready jobs weren’t really shovel ready.” An amazing job creator.

  35. Doesn’t a President actually have to go to the intelligence briefings to have something on their “intelligence radar screen.” The only mistake the intelligence community made was not printing his intelligence briefing material on his golf score card, something he looked at much more than any intelligence reports!

  36. Of course it was somebody else’s fault. When was the first time the “narcissist in chief” took the blame for anything? It’s not in his DNA or vocabulary. After all his only claim to fame was he was a neighborhood agitator who spent 20 years listening to a communist preacher, Jeremiah Wright and a communist mento,r Frank Marshall Davis and of course raised by a communist grandfather. No wonder he turned out to be a communist.

  37. Obama knew about ISIL, because intelligence told him their capabilities. We’ve all become acquainted with his lies. He doesn’t want to harm those people he really cares about, Muslims.
    He and Hillary proved that they would gladly sacrifice American lives at Benghazi, rather than Islamic terrorists lives.

  38. Our Commander and Thief has spoken again to blame some else for his BOBO’s. He has a history of playing the blame game. I sure would like to find out where he was born. With his screw ups president no country even the United States wants to admit he was born here.

  39. Obama IS TOTALLY RESPONSIBLE BECAUSE HE IS THE COMMANDER IN CHIEF OF OUR MILITARY. As usual, the responsibility of ISIL is just another inconvenience for him when he needed to be out golfing. Who cares if ISIS beheads Christians or fellow citizens in the Middle East when it is so God Almighty important to sink that put!

    This is OLD NEWS, because the “FRAUD DOG” in the White House is just pulling his “same -O- same – O- nothing has changed. Once a LOSER always a LOSER!

    For all those Liberals with their panties in a wad – YOU ELECTED THE MOST WORTHLESS INEPT PIECE OF PIG CHUM TO RUN OUR COUNTRY. Aren’t you proud and special? NOT!

    Libs – Next time you think you want to do something so completely assinine, talk to a sane person AND keep yourself “in check”. We sane Americans are done with your over the top actions that are never researched nor investigated beforehand. UNACCEPTABLE!

    Trump is how the American people spoken. We are done with your feebleminded LIB butts!

    God Bless those Americans with courage and sanity directing their lives! No more feebleminded liberals running this show!

  40. Obama is a liar, and the worst piece of shit ever to pretend to be our President.

  41. Obama blames the CIA, the same group he is saying think the Russians hacked the election. Believe it when you agree, trash it when you don’t.

  42. Typical democommie! Blame everyone else for your FAILURES! And yes illegal POTUS, you are and have been a miserable FAILURE! There’s your LEGACY! Complete and total illegal muslim gay president. I want DNA testing after he leaves office. That includes michael and both daughters! I believe we will see the conspiracy of the communist party of America! Now, how do we explain an illegal government for 8 years! How do we go about righting the wrong?

  43. Just like the rest of the Dumocrats. They blame everyone but themselves. They are to blame for stupidity and thinking the American people wouldn’t catch on to their lies and illegal moves to benefit themselves and not the people who put them there! Most should be serving a prison sentence for the money they stole and the illegal crap they pulled!

  44. His military generals begged him to leave at least 10,000 troops there until Iraq got stabilized. He ignored them, fired some of them and ISIS was born. STUPID.

  45. true to form Oblamo still blames everyone else for his mistakes and for being a number one (a)ss hole.

  46. This is more funny than friendly I.E.D’s on your Wrong Way Worriers, False Flag terrorist chasers hunters murders-! Obama paid ISIS leader N yahoo, half the worlds foreign aid-! then told America they have no reason to [WORRY] or be [AFRAID] of those in control of you like —– the Presidential Selection process ISIS Commander, decides on-! ISIS = ISRAELI SECRET INTELLIGENCE SERVICE & LOGISTICS-! LIKE PRE 9/11 TERRORIST MILITARY OFFICERS WHO AIDED DICK CHENEY’S, 9/11 ATTACK ON YOU -!

  47. Why doesn’t OBAMA blame Bills CLINTON and HILLARY CLINTON? As long as he plays the blame game, he might as well blame them. Excellent cover up for hauling HILLARY around campaigning for her and she to professional mas media loses based on reports from mass media and totally blindsided.

  48. obama is a pathetic weak excuse for a man . Adios you globalist tool .

  49. Obama and his Red line! He had big threats and no guts. If Clapper wasn’t doing his job, why didn’t he fire him. He fired close to 300 Generals, who did not agree with him. Several of them are coming back to bit his legacy in the ass! I believe it will someday be shown that Obama’s real legacy was to weaken this country and put it in massive debt.

  50. Obama was probably our worst president to date, huge debt, total disregard for US citizens, not a single good economic policy, and a Islam lover!

  51. Liars have to blame someone, it’s a wonder he didn’t blame his wife and children.

  52. Barack Hussein Barry Soetoro Obama is an Islamic Muslim impostor doing all he can to destroy America! End of story!

  53. It is my understanding that Obozo didn’t attend many intelligence briefings. Could a lack of knowledge be the problem.?” Or is this just a way of shifting blame to cover his less than covert love of all things Muslim, instead of American?

  54. Remember that he only showed up for about 50% of his morning Security briefings.

  55. I call it what it is, Obama calls it a slip of the tongue hes got to watch smoking that new Gonga this is no game?
    Isis is our enemy you know that JV team you were going on about.Youre not supposed to be giving money / arms / aid to your JV team Obama its called treason??Thats not your money Obama you act like it is? Do you know what we do to half @$$ed jerks like you that get our citizens killed intentionally.? You can trade places with Bergdahl youre in trouble Obama. Maybe its not your fault being muslim and from Kenya and all? Oh yes it is its time for you to die! Well I would spring the trap door when they hang you for free. You say youre not liked by whites because of your policies? What policies everything Obama has done has benifited the very people were supposed to be fighting. Can we seperate Obama from his policies I think not because hes not from here. His grand mother from Kenya pointed across the way in a video that he was born right across the street.Hes not the christian he says he is. Proof is all over the white house theres the prayer rugs for all of his crew. Wow that Islam stuff gives them a break to pray 6 times a day. Imagine that all over the United States go to work to pray with a bit of work thrown in there.

  56. Obama’s presidency has been a complete failure from the very first day…. He failed as a U.S. Senator, he failed as a Illinois State Senator and I am guessing he also failed as a community organizer as well…

  57. Headlline should read “Obama’s LACK of inelegance……. Period……….!!!!

  58. I first off… blame islam itself…Second, I blame islam for taking Barack’s soul and thirdly I blame islam for creating such h3ll on this earth. islam throws their 7th century sh!t all over this planet. This shit bounces right back into to their evil mugly faces (muslim+ ugly=mugly) which makes them a bunch of sh!tfaced mfers, in my humble opinion.

  59. Interesting he can blame the intelligence (CIA) for his failure to act against
    ISIS (he bankrolled, armed, as now) and then welcome the CIA for an
    inconclusive report on Russian hacking. What was in the WIKILEAKS emails
    was not inconclusive but from the very mouths of Clinton and Podesta.

  60. If it was on the Golf Channel he would have heard about ISIS.

  61. I do believe that the Action of President Obama are such that anyone in the political arena would have the basis for make charges of Treason not only during his 8 years but als0 as a Lame Duck, in his travel world wide to nations assuring them that the new President will not be able to act as President to change what he did

  62. At least curtail his travel budget the last 30 days of holding office

  63. Well, let’s see. Intelligence is so bad that it caused ISIS to become so big. Yet, intelligence is so good that they can blame the Russians for hacking the election. Amazing!

  64. Typical Obumblebrain. As usual, he has to always blame
    the other guy or something else. Never his fault. Of course,
    he can’t stand to look bad in his eyes. The NEVER Wrong
    Obumblebrain does it again.

  65. He has never taken ISIS seriously from day one! Protecting and defending Islam, not Christians or any other religion.

  66. I see. It is the intelligence people who let ISIS become strong. I think it was Obama who did that because he loves the muslims so much more than he loves America. We are going to believe his statement on this, so should we also believe the intelligence statement regard President-elect Trump and Russia? These people lie and place blame so much that they can’t keep up with their own fairy tales.

  67. Thank God, there are only 38 days,18 hours, 39 min, 58 sec left until traitorous Obama, the Muslim, and his band of fanatics are gone…Until then, I fear the damage he can still inflict upon America and us patriotic citizens.

    PS: Don’t forget to get a free NObama countdown clock for iOS at iTunes or Android at PlayStore….It’s a riot!

  68. What if, all along, there has been a secret plan to create and help ISIS grow in order to create havoc as an excuse to send millions of Muslim ‘refugees’ into the EU and the US?

    What if globalists like Obama and the EU are part of it?

    FACT: Islam’s secret: Hijra … jihad by immigration….immigrate and take over by population expansion.

    FACT: Muslims conquer when they can. If they cannot conquer, they integrate . . . until it is time to conquer.

    Yes…It’s so unbelievable, it’s unbelievable…

    …exactly what they counted on…


    Less than A THIRD of Muslim nations sign up to coalition against ISIS.

    Saudi Arabia, Iran and other Muslim nations are funding ISIS.

  69. LEARN THIS WORD: ‘Taqiyya’

    “Taqiyya”….lying for the glory of Allah…the advancement of the Islam…your considered above others to Allah coz you are active in doing his work.


    They will even lie to you about this and the meaning…anything for the advancement of Islam.



    ….youtube. com/watch?v=zremjF997v
    Explanation of Taqiyya and how I’m NOT a Muslim

    What Muslims really think about America:…America is a land to be conquered, infidels to be subjugated, eliminated or treated worse than slaves.

  70. So he says the intelligence community fails when it come to telling him about ISIS, but the same community tells him it is Russia that hacked into the DNC (but not the RNC) and of course that he is certain is correct. Can’t have it both ways Obozo…..

  71. you mean HIS J V team,that HE said HE HAD UNDER CONTROL,the team that grew out of HIS STUPIDITY ,pulling ALL our troops out at once,against ALL MILITARY ADVICE.against the AGREED to slow pull out,with all the troops out by 2010,leaving a STABLE IRAQ ,,,,,THAT JV TEAMS obama you useless twit

  72. If your stupid enough to use sports analogies to explain terrorism. then you can’t blame anyone except yourself for them getting stronger. Moron and chief.

  73. Typical liberal mush. Their motto, “Always blame someone else. Never take responsibility for your failures”

  74. More B.S. from the Obama administration.
    Harry Truman was famous for saying “The buck stops here”. Obama says it’s everybody else’s fault that he’s such a screw up.
    His presidency is conclusive proof that most American’s are stupid!

  75. ¡El Poder de Cristo Te Obliga!

    What a buffoon!
    Here is a headcase that made it his goal to not show up for national security briefings just so he could now attempt to levy all the blame of his failures against ISIS on U.S. intelligence agencies.


  76. Obama is psycotic.

    • LOL! While “He” may wish it to be made out of Waterford Crystal, it may (if built in that part of the world (in the Middle [of the] East) where “His” true allegiance lies), be built of molten slag that’ll be radio active for the next 10,000 years.

  77. Of course Odama blames…when does he not blame others for his ineptness that politicized those very institutions into disarray while shamelessly insulting those that had to carry on as only a shadow of what use to be.

  78. barry appointed his security people and gutted the military so whos to blame , him or bush ?

  79. Different day different lie. Which is best for such a failed presidency? Yesterday, he said, it was the color of his skin. Obama he just don’t know nothin about nothin. Pass the watermelon.

  80. Hey, Obama has to blame someone for his failures…

  81. The Obamaboon was fully responsible for the rise of ISIS. And whore Hillary provided weapons to them in Libya and Syria through affiliated rebel groups! Obamaboon doesn;t kill islamics if he can avoid it. Only when backed into a corner in the eye of the public demanding action will he perform some dysfunctional effort to take out a few. He fired the one man that knew the whole score in the Mid East because he didn’t want to hear the truth. Now Trump has hired him to do the job. I’m sure the intelligence community is really accepting the blame for his debacle. Obamaboon, the limp dick P that even Viagara couldn’t fix!

  82. More lies—-it’s all Ovomit knows how to do.
    Upside down—inside out—-through and through a pure bred liar!

  83. Very good mr.barry,blame everyone but yourself.You can’t blame George Bush anymore.Put the blame where it belongs,right square in your lap.You have divided our country like nothing ever before,so,suck it up and take the blame.

  84. He is such an idiot. He always has to put the blame on someone else and not his own stupidity. Typical for a dumocrat

  85. Subject: CIA=CYA


    They call him Brennan the Moor. You don’t think Obama bin Laden would appoint a pro American to be in charge of cover ups. Two hours today on the Garden State listening to the great Mark Simone. Mark says all 17 CYA agencies are reading off of one script. The communist media is saying 17 agencies came to the same conclusion. Tell me about Benghazi oh fountain of information. Tell me who was in on the uranium deal where we gave 35% of American strategic minerals to Mother Russia. If you are not listening to Mark Simone you are not getting the truth. I turn on the bad Shepheard of Fix news and he is touting the same 17 lies. CNN and FIX news should get together and save on printer ink. GLEEFUL SHEPHERD SCHMIDT IS FULL OF SHIDT he belongs on the view with Megyn Whoopee Kelly who said bad things about Mike Huckabee.

    Speaking of bad things John McCain and Linseed Grahm Cracker should come out of the hamper and stand with their handlers Chuck Schumer, Match McConneel and Paul Rino and take a lie detector test. The big rino question should be are you really a democrat? Chuck Heinrich Schumer should be asked do you really have nude photos of Stalin and your pupil Anthony Weiner in your wallet or is it another fake news rumor?

    The president of BOBOLOCK aircraft takes a call. Hello Bobo this is ex congrease mouse Billy Greaser. I’m down in the lobby with the lobby can we come up to renegotiate our cut? Sorry Billy President select Trump says we don’t have to kick back anymore. So we are passing the savings on to the American people.Billy says does that mean no more foundation envelopes? Yes Bill the only way you can get the envelope please is at the Academy awards.

    More people are trumpeteers now than before the election because as the American Indians say Him Big Medicine. Already One Japanese company has invested 50 billion in jobs USA. The market is now called the Trump rally up 1,000 points. The lady president of Taiwan called to wish him well. Bebe Netanyahu who was told by Obama bin Lenin to leave by the White house back door past the garbage will celebrate with us the moving of the US Embassy to Jerusalem. Like Patton said everybody loves a winner. Wait till his first day in office. He is going to overturn so many communist fatwahs everyone will benefit. If Trump was Italian his first name would be Veto.
    We can say Merry Christ Mass again. Who Knows? Capon neck of the 49 losers may take a knee for Jesus like blessed Tim Tebow. Instead of the moment of silence muzzle. We can shout halleuia.Praise the lord and pass the ammunition.

    Lord protect our president from media harm. Keep tweeting boss. We like getting the straight scoup right from the source of sources.


    https://www.amazon.com/Enemies-Within…/dp/B01M4N8ABR KNOW YOUR ENEMY. CAN’T BE A CHRISTIAN AND A DEMOCRAT.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nNkhUJCCJao SAVE THE KIDS.







  86. Obamanation always obfuscates and blames his failures upon others. The “buck” never stops at his desk. It never will.

  87. too bad commie news network didn’t air the video of bush in 2007. he gave a chillingly accurate warning.

  88. Typical thinking of a sociopath! LOOK it up!!

  89. Al Nusra terrorist commander confirms to a German reporter that Hillary and Obama armed and funds them. The terrorist’s statement is around the 30 second mark. The number one Islamic terror support base is located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC. Unbelievable Treason.


  90. Hey Obama I thought they were the JV team I don`t think you know what the heck you are talking about .. Good ridiance to you and your so called staff of dummiesw

  91. Nothing new here. Obama has blamed everyone for his failures since it took the Oath of Office.

  92. I’m surprised he didn’t say it was Bush’s fault!!! Hmmmm, i wonder who was in charge of the Intelligence Agencies. The last time i check they fell directly under the President.

  93. When has Obama ever taken responsibility for any of his failed actions? Oh I know, NEVER!

  94. he did not want to know and as long as he could play ignorant then he could blame some one else Bush has been gone too long for him to continue blaming him

  95. Ovomit blames anyone & everyone for his mistakes. Apparently he’s never heard of Harry Truman who said, ” the buck stops here.” Ovomit is such a wuss. I’ll be so glad when 1/20/2017 gets here.

  96. Just like Obama to blame those who cannot speak. If they say ANYTHING, the go to jail, do not pass go, do not collect 400 Million dollars like…Hill…oops.

  97. A way to fight ISIS. Sign them all up for Obama Care and they will die a slow painful death without any $$$$ for a proper burial.

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  99. But now when they say the Russians hacked the election, they are doing a good job. Give me a break. These dirtbags insist they can have it both ways.

  100. It’s always the same with this POS! It’s never his fault!

  101. When it comes to Obama or his follower’s I can’t keep up with what excuse for failure they are using this week.
    The sign of someone who is un-trainable is when they never admit being wrong and worse make up lies as it apply’s to the particular failing that day.

  102. Typical obozo comment – no substance again. Just over 30-days an this no load is history. 8-yars of pure misery with him and his bozo minions of absolute destruction.

  103. The one who is at fault stares back at him in the mirror every day. [Scoff] Dipstick.

  104. when Trump gets in office ,obama , clinton , and all of the Brotherhood are out of a job . then they need to be arrested put in jail not the fed jail the one everyone else goes to . just because they were who they were does not mean that they are above the law . Jail , triad , and Shot as Traitors to keep this Country clean so the next time some one try’s it they will think long and hard about it .

  105. Not entirely related, but we should stop referring to these criminals as liberals-they are anything BUT liberal and don’t deserve the title. They’re controlling, lying, nitpicking, scheming, dominating, anticonstutional, delusional, narrow minded regarding fundamental rights, and are completely lost souls that have no concept of freedom and have lost touch with what it is to be human. They’re so far out of touch with what’s important like being a good soul, one who wholeheartedly wants the best for humankind and knows that nobody wins in the end by bringing others down. To me, that is what the original, true meaning of liberal meant. Liberal-i.e. Liberty=If you don’t harm others, you’re free to do as you please. Maybe “lost” or “mind controlled” is a more accurate term. I’m trying not to insult the lost because most of us have been there and all remember when we began to wake up and realize that from birth, much of what we were taught, untaught, forgot, propagated, to be true or untrue, needed heavy reexamination. I suppose/hope that in time, people won’t be too proud to admit they were blinded by tptb through no fault of their own, at least in the beginning. Now, with everything so exposed, you no longer have to dig, there’s no excuse. Reality is inverted and one has to willfully turn a blind eye to not see it. Peace all.

  106. If there’s any military, police, FBI, intelligence reading this, can someone please answer? Why, when it’s so blatant that there have been crimes of treason, war crimes, crimes against humanity, espionage, sex trafficking, and everything under the sun, can’t our own military go and arrest criminal elements of our government and the foreign criminal perpetrators/puppet masters? Intelligence was fabricated taking our nations finest into cabinet wars and foreign entanglements. Is it not within the military and/or FBI’s duty and capability? Everyone I listed swore to uphold the constitution right? I’d like to see a respectable general hold the seat until Trump gets in. How beautiful would if they were all sent packing in a day? Forget a slow drain, flush the toilet fast and quick. Boy, I’m really stepping over the red line aren’t I. Whatever, we’re not the criminals, remember that, and they are not gods to be lording over the world. They’re no better than any of us, in fact, they’re the opposite! Reality check-they’re nothing -they just leach off the innovation, dedication, and hard work of every single person right down to the people who clean their toilets, especially them!

  107. The BoZo is ALWAYS blaming someone or something else for his own screw-ups and short comings. He is a G.S. puppet and will NEVER amount to any more than that!!

  108. Obama is a typical Demorat, they can’t take responsibility for their own actions. If they ever stood up and accepted the fact they are losers, and are responsible for what happened and that they had a terrible candidate maybe only maybe then they’d change their diapers and grow up.

  109. cannot wait untill he is gone.

  110. George Bush warned Obama back in 2012………….Yes, his advice was publicly reported and video of Bush warning BHO about ISIS Why didn’t Obama listen? Too dumb? Interesting. Obama has done everything he could to RELEASE fighters from GITMO free many hundreds of prisoners in our jails ( some even had LIFE sentences ) and refused to listen about what was expected to happen in the Middle East. There are 2 things “in common” to look at #1 Most of them are black #2 He knows that most he promised to release from GITMO are “Muslims”, just like himself. Obama tried to ruin this country but thankfully he’s leaving and hopefully we can improve all the crap he left behind.

  111. Obama, like all good muslims, blames the US for everything. But we must thank Obama for giving US Donald J. Trump!!! MAGA!!!

  112. Obama did not want to know then he could blame some one else and deny knowing anything my understanding was that when someone tried to tell him he fired them the rest said nothing to protect their jobs

  113. That phoney obama will not take blame for anything thats not favorable, he’s a weak leader.

  114. that african is never at fault…tough to be at fault when you “have no strategy”….first 7 and a half years it was all GWB’s fault…now it is Trump’s fault…sneak off back to africur ahole..

  115. This is the same intelligence that is now saying the Russians got trump elected. I hope he cuts off Isis funding

  116. Typical, blame everyone, but themselves!

  117. Obama is like Hillary blame everyone except themselves. Blame the south, blame the CIA, blame the FBI blame the Congress, blame George Bush, Blame ISIS,blame Russia, blame Trump,They need to start looking at themselves.

  118. Killery nor Omuslime can take blame for their screw up’s every one else is to blame. If Omuslime’s so called health plan had been any good he and Pelosi whould have jumped in front of every one to take credit but since it was the biggest flop he has made out of all the rest he wants to blame the Repub’s which not one voted for it, all of the administration that now has been pretty much have been made more irrelivent and this half breed bastard son of a communist whore will go down in history as the WORST president ,worse that than Jimmy Carter. Ihave not seen a small bit of proof other than Omuslime’s word that the Russian hacked anything, so shut the hell up and go spend a few million on vaction

  119. Whatever happened to Obama’s and his dims blaming global warming for the rise of ISIS? Barack Obama would walk a mile out of his way to tell you a lie.

  120. President Barack Jihad Obama and Hillary Benghazi Clinton created, armed and funded ISIS. Hillary and Obama sent Ambassador Stevens to Benghazi to meet with a Turkish rep, to arrange the smuggling of Libyan weapons to “rebels” who were actually Al Nusra and Daesh in Syria via Turkey, and just 30 secs into this video, an Al Nusra commander tells a German reporter, exactly that!


  121. So, can we start looking for “Line in the Sand” part 2?

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