Obama Attacks? Still Racist, Says NYT

If you thought we had moved beyond the point where any criticism of President Obama could be characterized as racist, the New York Times editorial board encourages you to think again. See, even though every single president who ever sat in the Oval Office has been relentlessly criticized, Obama is special. As the nation’s first black president, he is above your petty opinions. Should you dare to question his policies, you expose yourself as a hoodless Klansman, only one step from burning a cross on the White House lawn.

Even by today’s standards, the editors tell us, “the tone of the current attacks is disturbing. So is their evident intent – to undermine not just Mr. Obama’s policies, but his very legitimacy as president.”

Oh, that is disturbing. Before reading further, why don’t you take a moment to put the phrase “selected, not elected” into a Google search and see how many results you get. It might shed some light on whether Obama is the first president to have his legitimacy thrown into question.

The editorial then draws our attention back to the birther controversy. “Those attacks were blatantly racist in their message – reminding people that Mr. Obama was black, suggesting he was African, and planting the equally false idea that he was secretly Muslim.”

It’s 2015, and they’re still sore about the birth certificate? Jeez, you don’t see conservatives still whining about Katie Couric’s Palin attack. It’s time to move on. But since you bring it up, have we really proven that he isn’t a secret Muslim? Is there a difference between being a Muslim and defending the religion at every given opportunity? Whether Obama actually faces Mecca twice a day or not, his allegiance to Islam has been the biggest break ISIS and Al Qaeda could have ever hoped for.

Oh, and Republicans don’t need to bother reminding people that Mr. Obama is black. Fine, unbiased publications like The New York Times won’t let us forget it.

“Perhaps the most outrageous example of the attack on the president’s legitimacy was a letter signed by 47 Republican senators to the leadership of Iran saying Mr. Obama has no authority to conclude negotiations over Iran’s nuclear weapons program,” the editors wrote.

That’s not exactly what the letter said. It simply reminded Iran’s leaders that Congress would have the final say over the lifting of sanctions. Perhaps if this president had not already demonstrated what little regard he had for the separation of powers, such a reminder would not be necessary. Was it the best move, politically speaking? Probably not. But there’s a big difference between strategy errors and racism. And compared to the risk we are taking with the Iranian regime, it’s a relatively minor misstep.

Concluding their screed, the editors write that this era of anti-Obama attacks is “ugly, it deepens mistrust of the government, and it harms the office of the president, not just Mr. Obama.”

One wouldn’t normally turn to The New York Times for a belly laugh, but sometimes you get one when you least expect it. The thought that it is the Republicans responsible for harming the presidency is the kind of absurd humor usually reserved for The Onion. It’s like saying Charlie Hebdo is responsible for harming the good name of Islam. Not the terrorists, of course. The cartoons.

But hey, nice try, New York Times. Thanks for reminding us that no one can hold a candle to you when it comes to being this president’s biggest cheerleader. Can’t wait for your editorial, circa 2018 or so, when you finally admit that Obama hurt this country in ways from which it may never recover. Ah, damn, we got it wrong. Obama really screwed us good. Sorry about that, guys. Yo, but how about that Hillary! What an awesome job she’s doing! Can you believe what Republicans are saying about her? Bunch of sexist creeps…

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  1. I would not wipe my black behind with the New York Times.

    • Douglas you the man for sure.. Obama is an enemy to all races of America except one . illegal Spanish . I am really getting tired of him using the word ” racist” I am a white person . I live in an area where lots of black people live. Some of the nicest people I know are black folks.

      • Irene Elizabeth Grooms

        You got that right.

      • Do they understand what damage he is doing to this country ?

      • We’re all human, no suck thing as racist, just choosing who you like or dislike, its called diversity.

      • Obama also prefers Muslims of any ethnicity.

      • You forgot he has a great love for the radical, cowardly, MU-slimes maggots?

      • You better add the illegal terrorists Muslims. Already imported 1 1/2 million reported, no telling how many there really are that he has brought into the country,and 93% are on welfare. How much longer do you think this country can sustain an ever growing population before no one gives us any money for these leeches. COMING SOON, This fall it is said, NO MORE WELFARE. Reasoning behind JADE HELM.

      • It is their hypocrisy that causes me and other to call Repubs and TPs racist. Are you not confused what Repubs and TPs really want? I am since last election when they one big. Now TPs and Repubs want communism and Sharia law in this country. All this time I thought they wanted freedom and pursue of richness through capitalism. I read Ron Johnson’s appeal thrown out today by the 7th circuit. Ron was suing to ensure all people he represents had equal access to medical insurance as people in his office. Do not forget Governor Chris wants to cut Social Security to rich elderly who earn above $200,000. He thinks those seniors should not receive SS. John Boehner is complaining why he got statutory salary increase while the voters did not receive pay increase last year. In Wisconsin Governor Walker stripped state employees of free health insurance so that they can experience how other people feel without health insurance. But GOPers and Walker did not want Obamacare. Obamacare ensures all people have health insurance. Then I read Walker signed into law allowing CEOs to pay women less than men doing the same job. Walker even cut funding for women who want counseling before abortion. Walker does not even want 4-year college and beyond. But Walker at the same time needs doctors, nurses and engineers etc. Walker thinks the 2- year college, like him, is enough. Are TPs and Repubs that dumb not to know what they want or are they confused? They want all people to be free and pursue richness as individuals;but at the same time Repubs and TPs want people in this country to be paid the same or under communism and Sharia law. So GOPers at one time they want the
        rich to be richer, but today they are jealous why other people are earning more than them. GOPers go about preaching they want freedom, but they then they do not want women to be free to decide on their bodies. GOPers hate Obamacare, but at the same time they want every voter in their areas get health insurance. TPs and Repubs cannot criticize Obama Policies on one day and then chance or blame individual for trying to help their voters. What stands out is that Repubs and TPs do not want Obama, a racial minority, to solve TPs and Repubs problem. They would love if the WH was occupied by a White male.

        • TPs and Repubs want Communism and Sharia law in the US?
          You need to see a good brain surgeon for a lobotomy!

        • Irony is the mention of Communism, Hitler, Nazi, Sharia Law, and everything else that wasn’t supposed to come of “Hope and Change”.
          Truth is it almost all but disappeared when Reagan’s administration saw the demise of the the U.S.S.R and the fall of the Berlin Wall.
          Thank you (LIBERALS) for hate, the revival of the Cold War, an empowered Islamic movement, a stagnant economy, questionable healthcare at a greater expense, and a good portion of Americans ignorant enough to see this continue.
          THANK YOU OBAMA !! (sarcasm)

        • Go back to bed PMS!

    • Michael Dennewitz

      I wouldn’t wipe my back side with him or anyone in public office right now! They’re ALL corrupt and in it for the $$$… Most of them would sell out their own mothers for fame!!

    • When Obama’s picture is going to be on it, we could ask them to make it a little softer.

    • There’s rolls of toilet paper with a Empty Suit’s face on it, available at any novelty store or on-line. So one can happily “squeeze this Charmin”.

    • Thank you douglas! You are correct.we all deserve to get unbiased news ,not a bunch of phony propaganda!

    • ► You have no Black behind

  2. NYT just another LIB RAG Run by A SSHOLES

  3. just who in their right mind would read the NYT much less believe anything the write ?

    • Well, Tex, no one in their right mind would bother with the NYT. However that leaves NY, DC, California, Chicago, Detroit, Miami, Houston, Dallas, the entire democrat party, and few more states and cities who will cling to it like a drowning man clings to a life preserver.

  4. According to 0bama, it’s not racist to kill every Jew on the planet.

  5. Another example of unwarranted attacks directed at Obama. The simple truth is he is doing his best to function as President in the face of the continuous right wing attacks and attempts to block his efforts to carry out his Presidency. Is it racial prejudice? Partly I believe but also the general mean spiritedness of conservatives unhappy that he won a second term when they thought they could defeat him. The Muslim nonsense is a great example of the unjust attacks aimed at him. I hope all this backfires on the conservatives for years to come, they really deserve to pay for their malicious behavior

    • You are brain dead quit using race as an excuse to be a lazy failure, obammy is a fraud he is a liar and a traitor and is doing his best to destroy this country. Only an empty headed moron would agree with your delusional opinion of this criminal . He is a joke and has done nothing but make race relations worse in this country. You are just another mindless lemming saying what you are told to say by your dumbocrat masters. People like you should be removed from this country you are a plague, a virus feeding off the hard working people of the USA. How long have you been on welfare anyway go back and graze in the feild of ignorance where you belong sheep boy.

      • Evidently (Joe) you hate everyone including yourself sounds as if no one should have an opinion except for you, it is people like you who create the major problems in this GREAT country, if for some reason you dislike our country why the hell don’t you leave’

        • No just everyone that has an opinion like yours should be put out of the country. I have no problem with people that have opinions that are normal and for America it is scum like you and that vernon retard that are anti American that need to be eradicated, you are nothing but a drain on society. By the way old man I do not remember asking your opinion it is meaningless to me so I order you to keep your mouth shut until I give you permission to speak or I will have you put in a nursing home where they make you lay in your own urine all day.

    • There is one important accomplishment for Obama. There used to exist a harsh racist attitude between a black and a mixed white and black individual. Obama is half white which seems to be a forgotten fact. The excuses for his fighting congress, disobeying the Constitution, dangerous foreign policy, committing treason by providing money, weapons and terrorist to our enemies and splitting our country is racism is indicative that the racial accusers should not throw stones from inside a glass house.
      Please pull your head out of the sand and see what he is really doing to destroy us.

  6. It seems so very clear to me that Obama, Holder and the leftoid press are working together to bring as much divide to America as they can stir up. I personally believe they are actively working to create a civil war, or at least use the unrest as a reason to really clamp down on groups of people, NONE of them being on the political left, of course. This COULD turn out to be a successful venture, and I think we should be prepared for it. The left NEVER, EVER backs down, NEVER, EVER feels or shows any understanding of others. I believe all of them are psychopaths living in a pretend world.

  7. NYT is just one more socialist propaganda rag writen in crayon on the back of a HO-JO napkin for the lowest common denominator

  8. No such thing as racism, just another gimmick to free-load off of tax-paying citizens.

  9. Another example of using race to be a failure that is all this is he is a fraud a traitor and a liar and guilty of treason he belongs in prison

  10. To deny racism in American culture is totally absurd. Just an analysis of the education system, and the statistics of punishment for crimes – shows overwhelmingly that there is a dramatic racist bias. It is just cowardly to deny it.

    • Are you for real?…..The point is NOT to say “there is NO racism” per say, it IS however to say there IS PLENTY of “ignorance” to go around!!
      I would say to re-read the article, but you will undoubtedly draw the SAME shallow, narrow minded conclusion, no matter how many times you re-read it!!!!

      • It is a total canard to suggest that every defense for Obama’s policies suggests that it is based upon racism. It is a specious effort to undermine Obama, and try to give legitimacy to their criticism..

        And this patronizing excuse: ‘That’s not exactly what the letter said. It simply reminded Iran’s leaders that Congress would have the final say over the lifting of sanctions’ which suggests that Iranians are ignorant of how the USA is structured politically – is a perfect example of this inverted racism.

      • Morton is a paid PC Liberal-TARD TROLL Bobby. To be ignored/avoided/condemned like any STD.

        • Michael Dennewitz

          He and Vern both jarhead. I can’t read their insane messages any more, they go directly to spam, but the worst may even come along yet. Good ole trashy mouthed Faye.. Beware!! And Parrish is trying for first place. There must be a troll tree somewhere!!

        • True enough “Jar”…but hey, sometimes ya’ just GOTTA say somethin’…for all the “good” it’ll do! :-O

  11. These IDIOTS show their TOTAL lack of reasoning, logic, rationale, or for that matter, just common sense by the asinine rhetoric they spew!! An article where they are TRYING DESPERATELY to once again lay down that LOOOOONNG since worn out “race card”, starts out sounding more like a beginners ATTEMPT..and a pathetic one at that…at “defending” their “little brother” from a school bully!
    Let me get out my soap box…maybe dat way I can actually reach da teleprompter…now sit down, shut up, and listen to my SUPERIOR “logic”…”The tone of the current “attacks” is disturbing (waaaaa), so is there intent to undermine (BIIIIG word) not JUST Mr. Obamas policies, but his very legitimacy as pResident” !!
    Note how I called him Mr., then saved the “pResident” title for last..just to try to kinda “rub it in yer face”..hehehe…hey, I’m ALMOST as good at this “soap box, teleprompter” thingy as Joshing Ernest huh?!
    And if y’all don’t stop callin’ OUR “messiah” a muslime…we will…let’s see…we will get REALLY, REALLY mad. and stomp our feet…yeah dat’s it!!!!
    It seems it has become a prerequisite, of the “Leftist P.C. brigade” to have not ONLY an I.Q. lower than their shoe size, but ALSO their “viewer base!!!!

  12. Let me get this straight, we have a so called man who is doing his damnedest to “fundamentally change” America to his own idea of a socialist nation. A man who has gone out of his way to drag America down because he thinks American greatness is wrong, even though America has done more for the world than any nation in history, including more for minorities. This rag of a paper has the nerve to tell Americans “people who have always stepped up to the challenge” that we should bend over and kiss our backside goodby because he is black and we are racists. Respect is earned not bestowed and credibility is earned not something to be taken lightly, the undeniable fact that obama has earned neither is the fault of a narcissistic and arrogant fool, not the American people.

    • Well said John. For years I have told people that respect is “earned”, not just something that you are entitled to, but a lot of them don’t seem to understand that. That is one issue that all “low information voters” seem to agree with: you just automatically get respect because you’re elected. Obviously, we know where our problems lie in this country, when people think like that.

      • When approx 80-85 percent of voters base their votes on party talking points and 10 second sound bites, you know we are in trouble, that does not create an educated voter. Politicians on both sides know this and use it to their advantage. This is the “low information voter” that you speak of and you are correct, we know where the problems lie in this country.

  13. It is not the Color of one’s skin but the Color of one’s heart that counts!

    • No matter the color. If you are a citizen of the U.S. you are an American. the rest are a bunch of low life leeches. BAN ALL ILLEGALS ALIENS FROM U.S. SOIL.

  14. His “legitimacy” needs to be “undermined” the same way Major Marco “undermined” the “legitimacy” of Raymond Shaw in “The Manchurian Candidate”. We have been dealing with an African-born Indonesian citizen muslim and communist sleeper since the day he climbed into the Trojan Horse to be pulled through the gates by the Marxists and the media. The apparatus of one-party dictatorship has been completed and is about to be put into operation and rendered permanent by the elevation of the haggard blood-stained Crown Princess. We must fight this quisling fraud every remaining day of his catastrophic period of misrule.

  15. The NYT and their false apologists can KMA. Anyone implying I’m racist because I complain about an elected official is going to get an immediate earful. I will call them out on their false narrative.

    • None of the Conservative politicians will do that…KUDOS…CONGRAT….GOD SPEED….Keep up the good works Philly. Philly was the World’s Best Liberty town in WWII.

  16. Speaking of racist, anyone seeing what this government is ignoring on the Texas border?
    > http://www.judicialwatch.org/blog/2015/04/isis-camp-a-few-miles-from-texas-m

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Just read it. The Mexican army must be made up of sissies. And to say the least, the US should be responding in some fashion. Hell, talk about ISIS right in your back yard….???

      • Can you imagine what would happen if a MAN were president and sent in an elite Ranger unit or S.E.A.L. team! The libTURDS would shat their diapers.

  17. You will NEVER get a race baiter or community activist to discard the race card. It’s the ONLY game they know – and they con their flocks for personal gain, decrying rich white guys from back seat of their chauffer driven luxury cars.

  18. Tiredofsocializm

    Oh yah it’s always about his race when it comes to Obama, it’s never about his arrogance, lawlessness, disregard and misinterpretation of our founding documents, stupid, foolish dangerous decisions on foreign policy, race baiting, waste of taxpayer dollars by him and his wife, lies and misinformation about Benghazi , putting on a show in the Rose garden for a traitors parents while releasing 5 terrorists, no sir it’s because we are all racists! I personally cannot wait to get this lazy inept unqualified bum out of the White House and I will put money on it that I an not the only one!



  20. The radical terrorist sympathizers of the New York Slimes are working overtime trying to salvage Obama’s failed policies of destruction to America and it’s Constitution. It appears the only difference so far between the Barack Hussein’s administration and Muslim terrorists is that they don’t wear a towel with a fan belt wrapped around their heads as they try to bring this country to it’s knees.

  21. We as Americans best bet is to stick together and make Obama plan fail trying to turn everyone against each other

  22. Obama has clearly demonstrated that he is a Liberal lying racist, Muslim, and most of all the most corrupt President we have ever seen. Wait until Obama is out of office and all Obama’s evils get revealed? He is going to look more like Joseph Stallin than any U.S. President.

  23. I dream of that leftist rag, the New York Times, declaring bankruptcy and closing their doors for good! There are hard times coming for America, but when all of these Islamofascist liberals are defeated, a new America will arise with a media reflective of what our Founding Fathers prescribed. With 77% of Americans claiming to be Christians, we STILL are a Christian nation with ethics and principles. AND Obama is NOT the “first black president.” Obama is 50% white (from Mama), 43% Arab and 7% African negro (from Papa). At best, he is a White-Arab mulatto who exploits his dark skin (Arabs have dark skin, too), kinky hair & tire lips. Check out Snopes!

    William Homolka, Editor & CEO,

  24. There is no racism involved in disliking Obama, it is a matter of citizens who love their country disliking a product of affirmative action. He was raised Muslim by people who dislike the US, probably given an education, never had a legitimate job, somehow got into the senate, and wasn’t scrutinized by the media. Something just doesn’t sound right . Seems to me someone, somewhere, could release all of Obama’s information so we could learn the truth.

  25. Michael Dennewitz

    Years ago we fought the communists. Now we ELECT THEM TO CONGRESS AND THE PRESIDENCY !!

  26. It is becoming pathetic the extremes these liberal so called news organizations will go to in order in order to stay on the good side of our Muslim President B.H.Obama.

  27. Michael Dennewitz

    The lil old lady across the street now has a pet goat.. And I know it has to be a super liberal demoncrap! How do I know? Ha! Because IT CRAPS ON ANYTHING AND ANYONE!!

  28. Robbert Hoekstra Azusa

    Admit it
    America, Hussein Obama, or those who groomed him for the job, have actually unraveled
    the secret to conquer the Mighty Mouse. Not by military force. You conquer him
    from within by bringing in the enemy and using his own Constitution and Bill of
    Rights as the noose to hang him with, and by doing so he may be able to defeat
    the State of Israel. A double whammy, you might say. Why worries about ISIS/IL
    abroad? What about the ISIS/IL INSIDE?

  29. How very racist of them to conclude that.

  30. Michael Dennewitz

    In years gone by, we fought the communists, NOW WE ELECT THEM TO CONGRESS AND THE PRESIDENCY !! :-((

  31. Just what is to be expected from a rag steeped in yellow journalism? One with a history of attacking Christians, e.g., their vulgar illustration of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ covered in excrement “as art” a few years ago; yet committing willful blindness to Muslims committing atrocities; printing kindly of murderous dictators as nice people, e.g., Josef Stalin, Moa Tse Tung, Fidel Castro, or Al Sharpton (oops, he’s only a race-baiting/cop-hating/killer, huh?) Guess I got carried away with NYT’s self-righteous hypocrisy.

  32. Polls on boy wonder are bad time for race card.

  33. Expect nothing different from the Times, owned by One-world leftists and staffed by brainwashed, low-IQ writers following orders. Only good for wrapping the garbage!

  34. That is VERY RACIST of the NYT’s to say that. How odd? But not really, it shows they are the racist because to US we can question anybody and that is what we are doing to “anybody”.

    But funny how the NYT’s in its racial capacity defines “anybody” as a “negro” sodomite!

  35. the blood will always hate whitey.

  36. Well, the media slugs don’t lie: An email distributed by Ben Rhodes, senior policy makers, among them
    Susan Rice, are told to 1) blame the internet video for the violence, 2)
    deflect attention from greater policy failures (one presumes he’s
    talking about everything the Obama regime had touched), and 3) emphasize
    Obama’s cool and collected leadership.

    “This has been a difficult week for the State Department and for our
    country. We’ve seen the heavy assault on our post in Benghazi that took
    the lives of those brave men. We’ve seen rage and violence directed at
    American embassies over an awful internet video that we had nothing to
    do with. It is hard for the American people to make sense of that
    because it is senseless, and it is totally unacceptable.” Hillary Clinton

    NBC News
    investigative reporter Jeff Rossen was in “intense agony” and had “meds
    lined up” as he filed an apparently slanderous and libelous combination
    of print and video stories

    OH! Let’s not forget libTURD Rolling Stoned Magazine’s lies.

  37. Just get used to it. For the rest of time we will be bombarded with the race card and the liberal cry of racism. Just get used to it and ignore it and don’t buy newspapers that keep accusing everyone who challenges the dictator president. You might also want to avoid the democrat’s political machine, the mainstream media.

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