Obama Admin: Pumpkins Are Killing the Planet

Every Halloween, local news stations bring on experts eager to celebrate the holiday with a little fearmongering of their own. Warnings from dentists about how caramel chews will rot your teeth. Warnings from public officials about how dangerous it is for kids to go wandering in the streets after dark. Years ago, of course, there were all the urban myths about satanic cults and hidden razor blades.

But this is 2015, and we’re sophisticated enough to know that you aren’t going to get a cavity from splurging on candy one night a year. Now they have to scare us with something new.

The Obama administration is up to the challenge. The Energy Department released a report this week, informing Americans that pumpkins are a hazard to the environment. According to their website, more than 1.3 billion pounds of pumpkins wind up in the trash after the holidays are over. This leads them to contribute to the “more than 254 million tons of municipal solid waste (MSW) produced in the United States every year.”

According to the Energy Dept., all of this solid waste eventually turns into methane, one of the dreaded greenhouse gases causing global warming. They advise that it will soon be possible to turn those pumpkins into useful clean energy with proposed biorefineries. They describe these facilities as “capable of efficiently converting plant and waste material into affordable biofuels, biopower, and other products.”

We’ll have to wait a few years before these biorefineries come online, however, so in the meantime we’ll just have to accept that our jack o’lantern is slowly killing the planet. Spooky!

But even if you skip the pumpkin this year, the American Academy of Pediatrics is here to make sure you suffer some sleepless nights. See, children all over the world are dying because of climate change. You didn’t know? Well, the academy’s report is just for you, then!

In the policy statement, they say that heat-related mortality, infectious diseases, and even heat stroke on the football field can be expected to get worse because of rising global temperatures. They are “urging pediatricians and politicians to work together to solve this crisis and protect children from climate-related threats including natural disasters, heat stress, lower air quality, increased infections, and threats to food and water supplies.”

Unfortunately, this constant onslaught of fearmongering has had a profound effect on the public. Now we even see a few of the Republican presidential candidates slamming the party for not joining the liberal hivemind on this issue. Even though there’s not one American in 100 who could explain in detail the facts about climate change, everyone is buying into this ludicrous theory without a second thought.

It’s easy to make predictions about the future, especially when you date those predictions outside the human lifespan. They won’t be around for someone to tell them that they were wrong. They are free to accuse and distort and cry that the sky is falling, knowing that you can’t disprove a prediction about the future. And all the while, they are using this issue to expand government control over the private sector.

Talk about scary.

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  1. Is obama secretlyy trying to destroy the USA. I doubt it. It’s just like everrything else he does. He doesn’t know what he is doing about most things, he just gets an idea and then does whatever he thinks. And we suffer from it.

    • Sparkitus Maximus

      Secretly you ask? I think the word you mean is openly and yes it’s obvious he wants to destroy the country he hates so much for making him president.

      • ME TOO! (the “hates so much for making him president.” part but it isn’t the country’s fault, it belongs to us for allowing it to continue)

      • Too bad the reality is, a criminal president will not be prosecuted for his crimes against this country because we lack enough combined intelligence and honesty in Congress to do it!

        We can only hope that Obama WILL leave office and hopefully not live in this country in wealth and security that he has worked to deny AMERICANS! Indonesia would be a good choice for him!

        • I believe you noted the correct country he will flee to, I also believe he still holds a passport from Indonesia.

          • Nope! I’ve read he will infest Palm Springs. Climate similar to his home country Kenya, surroundings similar to his brother’s in Afghanistan, and lots of LGBT there.

        • Michael Dennewitz

          What congress?? We really still have one???????????

      • He’s been a loyal soldier for the treasonous leftists, one-worlders, and Muslims rapidly bringing the US to its knees, and into the 3rd World of tyranny, crime, corruption, poverty, disease and general misery, all under a 1-party Socialist-Communist dictatorship. Lock and load, it’s not gonna be pretty.

    • WHY would you have ANY doubts??

    • Not secretly, he is quite overt in his goal.

  2. Sparkitus Maximus

    So we need to deforestation the planet so no more decaying trees cause the global warming hoax.

  3. We ( any of us who have half of a brain in our heads ) know that all this hipe on global warming is the biggest hoaks to come along. It is all to line the pockets of the idiots in Washington. Al Gore is the biggest crook of them all. Without co2 there would not be any plants or green trees. The greenhouses in order to grow beautiful plants will pump great amounts of co2 into their buildings. Its time to listen to the real seintests and not the ones that O’Bummer has wraped around his finger

    • Stopping the clear cutting in the rain forest would make a big difference to this climate change thing, along with China & India cutting back on pollution.

      • Wonder why he doesn’t say anything about that?

      • The only thing these countries have to offer are promises…nor do they have any interest in offering anything more…the rain forest’s will continue to diminish as the people of those countries continue to increase their demands for food products with which to feed an ever increasing population…It’s not global warning we have to worry about…it’s over population…Not forgetting what happened at Easter Island when the natives cut down all the trees.

    • Spoken like a complete idiot. Mr. Diesel Doc, I suggest you return to the 5th grade ASAP. That may cure you from foot in mouth disease.

      • What is it that you don`t understand about Mr. Diesel Doc explanation .????
        You got to be from the uninformed confused brainwashed extreme left .

      • If you believe in the global warming hoax, maybe you should return to the 5th grade.

        • They all get their “thinking” from Valery Jarret.

        • Global Warming must be true?? Today it was 86 degrees f and on this same date for the past 40 years it has been 83 degrees f……..that is all…..must go buy a boat & motor to save my family when the seas rise 10 feet.

        • I knew this was coming-racism. Now Repubs and TPs see another Black Family may be moving in the WH. They are not happy. They are now digging in Dr. Carson background. Carson has been beating Trump in the GOP polls. FoxNews and right wings have now waken-up. “He is Black and soft spoken man; Repubs and TP women like soft spoken men.” So GOPers are now attacking. Recently TPs and Repubs called Carson as a liar. You remember how they treated Herman Cain when he won S.C. GOPers labeled Cain an underwear groper. I told Carson to leave GOPers alone. They will now dig even further in his background to destroy him.

    • Betty Nance Humphreys


    • Michael Dennewitz

      The supreme hoax is the porch monkey in the white house!!!

    • Agreed, but please use your spellcheck; you look ignorant. Hipe? Hype! Hoaks? Hoax! Seintests? Scientists! Wraped? Wrapped! LOL

  4. Obama, eat your pumpkin pie and quit bitching

  5. Just MORE dumocrud pc BULLSHIT!!

  6. He is an idiot! A complete idiot. Yes, he does know what he is doing. Yes he wants to bring America down to its knees. No he isn’t a smart man or even a very good one in my opinion. Just a hack that was given a leadership position for which he has never been qualified and in which he has been able to wreck hell with every area of our nation and most of the world.

    • ‎‎‎

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    • Couldn’t say it better. Never understood why anyone would want to broadcast their stupidity to the world.

    • Hence…the advent of the “Manchurian” Candidate…a political product of the New World Order.

    • He’s a crack head with a pumpkin stuck in his ass

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Oprah and our head porch monkey were up in a small plane on day. Oprah tells douchebag, “If I threw a million five dollar bills out the window, a million people would be happy!” Douchebag says, “Ha! If I threw a million twenties out the window, millions of people would be happy!” The pilot’s sitting there smiling, and he finally couldn’t resist it. He said, “Yeah, and if I threw your black asses out the window, THE WHOLE DAMNED WORLD WOULD BE HAPPY!!”. ROFLMFAO

  7. will

    Next, turkey carcasses will fill up the landfills and Christmas trees do the same. Hell, next is the Easter candy and cholesterol from the eggs. We will have no problems with a Ramadan iftar.

  8. the P.O.T.U.S.(piece of totally useless s**t) still smokes WAY too much pot. you can see it in his face when he speaks. toss him a case of Stove Top stuffing mix and tell him don’t bother cooking it, just eat and watch the news,. maybe he’ll catch up with “current events”!

    • Yes he does, an just before he steps up to the podium to speak. he looks like he was taking a HIT on a JOINT, an I wonder if the S.S. is buying his smoke dope or is it al not so sharpton, bringing it to him in all of those many white house visits

    • I have to believe he is still using something from the drug world and it is catching up to him, he’s burning out, whatever he is using is no longer enough to keep him going.
      I have also heard that when a person starts using “dope” that the person stops growing mentally and emotionally, this tells me that Obama started smoking pot at around age 15.

  9. Hey All that Methane is now being converted into electricity as the mining of landfills for the methane is a growing business and generates megawatts of AC. So toss all those pumpkins and turkey carcasses in the dumpster. Screw the administration this is also a renewable source of energy.

  10. A quick answer is available just from running the numbers. 1.3 billion pounds of pumpkins is only 1/4 of 1% of 254 million tons. So, in other words, its insignificant, and in other, other words, who gives a crap?

    I would like to know who in the DoE suggested this study, who recommended it, who approved it, and why are they still employed by the DoE.

    • Not to mention the cost of this farce, (it ain’t cheap ‘proving’ nonsense, but its not their $, it’s $ from us, and they can waste it anyway they want … until we grow a pair and stop it).

      • make fuel out of Pumpkins ??? Another Solyndra ; another waste of taxpayers money .

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    • They are going to grow anyway. Just a natural occurrence. Goes back into the ground. Actually part of the process to replenish the Earth.

      • well maybe liberals will make a law that it is illegal for pumpkins to grow. They will try to sue earth.

        • You forgot the cows farting. Millions of cows fart every minute.

          • Correct! Eat a cow, save the planet!!

          • Natural occurrence on both parts.

          • Please leave President Obama alone. Remember Obama is another JFK. He has brought jobs from abroad. We now have full employment in my county. Employers are bidding for workers; Obama decommissioned Bin Laden, the Yemen and Benghazi guy. Let us thank Obama for making America the greatest country on earth again. I have nothing against rump. But many of you are adoring Trump as “jesus of America.” Look at the internet today. Some Repubs and TPs are holding placard: “Thanks jesus Trump.” Shame on you!

          • Got proof he created jobs? Show us where? Plus, Only 9 million have Obamacare, look it up and you will see, which is only about 3 % of the population. Many have lost their insurances they had while taking on higher premiums with everchanging agencies and continual increases. The stock market prices are based on corporations buying their own shares based on debt, something Obama has not done to change one bit! And Chrysler is now owned by Fiat, an Italian company. Lets not forget he promised to get out of Gitmo, Iraq, and said there would be, “NO Boots on the Ground!” He also let go of 5 extreme terrorists for a traitor, he gave us Solyndra, and BAILED THEM OUT TOO, BUT… They went bankrupt with taxpayer federally funded monies. He gave us Fast and Furious, and a sieve of a border down here in AZ and Texas. He has inflated the unemployment numbers by not including the folks who cannot get jobs anymore or are underemployed. He has placed our country in GRAVE DANGER, WITH THE Iran deal, and he coerced his secretary of state, Hillary to lie about the guns shipment to Syria to help the “JV Team” he called ISIL. Which included the death of the first ambassador since Adolph Dubs in 1979. Over 47 million people are on food stamps, more than double when he came into office, and over 110,000,000 people in the USA are receiving some sort of government aid. He has more than doubled our national deficit and our national debt is approaching the extreme, allowing us to have the third worst debt to GDP in the world, behind only Greece and Japan. He also told us, “IF WE LIKE OUR PLAN, WE COULD KEEP IT!” Again, tell me more about the IRS scandal on conservatives, or his administrations wire tapping from the NSA. Not too mention how great the racial divide is now that the Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, and the Ferguson riots, have become a part of his history! All of this while in the association of an extreme liberal (GEORGE SOROS) who gave to the Obama campaign. and has already donated $2 million to Hillary’s super pac, while instituting the influx of the Syrian muslims throughout Europe. I will mention too, that our military is below the numbers that we had before WWII and the military votes were not even counted in the last general election. Military personnel have such disdain for this president. Even the relationship with Israel is in completed disharmony, while others around us, especially our enemies, have found us weak! Govenor Brown and Obama are even trying to get all citizens in California the right to a vote through allowing all of them a licenses. So much more…..Although not my first choice, I will take the Trump over a lieing former secretary of state who worked for the treasonous president in office now!

          • You’re listening to FoxNews Bill O, a liar, racist, bigot and acts unprofessionally on TV. Yesterday he had violent exchange with a fellow FoxNews employee -George Wills. That was not how educated people conduct themselves in public or before
            audience. The exchange was so unprofessional that I had turn-off my TV. I could not believe such Harvard educated people would fight like high-school drop-outs. I believe their behavior hurt a lot of educated people in this Country and abroad. I also wondered if there was FoxNews CEOs to discipline the two and especially Bill O’rielly. Bill O’rielly should be fired or ordered for anger-management program.

          • And your reference is Rachel Madow, Chris Matthews, Bill Maher, or Donna Brazile, who altogether receive less interested viewers then O’Reilly! What does that tell you?

          • I guess you did not hear the economic news today. President Obama has created more jobs than Reagan and Bushes.I have asked GOP candidates about to debate in Milwaukee to withdraw from the debate. They have nothing to bad-mouth President Obama.

          • Another inmate has escaped !

          • Give him a break, he’s a victim of liberal media.

          • They raised the corporate tax rate to 35%, the highest in the world. He’s driving corporations out of the country. We don’t have “full employment.” If you count then people who have given up looking for work using the U6 method, the real unemployment figure is 15%. Thanks to Obama’s policies, we have the lowest workforce participation rate since the 70’s. Obama had nothing to do with getting UBL, it was the CIA and Seal Team six led by Rob O’Neil who killed Bin Laden. Forbes Magazine called Obama the worst economic president in US history. He also has the lowest GDP’s of any president.

          • You must have short memory- you cannot remember that in 2008 the country was dripping in seams: banks were dry-no money, the nation was bankrupt, GM was folding and this country was buying engines for Space program
            and copters from Russia. This is when same engines and copters could have been produced in Minnesota and Oshkosh Wisconsin. Now the same engines are being
            assembled in Wisconsin. Bin Laden would not have killed if Obama said No. You know Biden and many of his advisers were doubtful the mission to kill Bin Laden would succeed. With Obama magic wand, Bin Laden, Yemen and Benghazi morons were decommissioned. We are safer now than during Bush or Reagan. Now I see a lot of people smiling – they have good paying jobs; they eating in restaurants and
            giving tips to waiters. You’re so blinded by racism and bigotry like Bill O’rielly of FoxNews, that you cannot appreciate Obama has salvaged this Country from ruins by Bush II.

          • You know what I remember? The democrats pressuring banks to give high risk, no money down, interest only loans to minorities. The GM bailouts started in the Bush administration, not the Obama administration. Thanks to the democrats who bankrupted Detroit, 3/4’s of GM is in Europe and Mexico. I’m sure the Mexicans and Europeans are grateful

            What president wouldn’t have given the nod to get UBL. That was like Obama, a no brainer. Benghazi, they knew it was a terror attack celebrating 911 but lied about a video. The administration provided guns to the rebels, AKA terrorists that were used at Benghazi. The administration killed Gaddafi and now Obama’s JV team, ISIS is taking over in Libya, Iraq and Syria.

            We are also not safer now. FBI director, James Comey said that ISIS is in every state. They estimate that there’s 23 terror camps in the US. We are not safer.

            In the past six years, the middle class has lost $2500 dollars per family. People are broke. From the Huffington Post, most of the jobs are 29 hours or less thanks to the ACA.

            Racist? Funny, another liberal projecting their own racism onto a conservative. You from the party of the KKK and Jim Crow laws. The democrats have destroyed the black family unit. That’s why blacks, at only 13% of he population are 50% of the prison population, and commit 60% of all gun crime. Good job democrats!!

            One more time, we have a record low workforce thanks to Obama. We have 50 million people living under the poverty level, and again, Forbes Magazine called him the worst economic president in History.

            TRUMP 2016!!

          • Did you say TRUMP 2016? Now I see you’re care about color of next President. So you have already written off Dr. Carson who is leading GOP polls. That tells me you are racist and bigot. Please avoid teaching that child racism.

          • Trump is leading in the polls, Mr. Jim Crow. I will support any candidate that wins the republican nomination, including Carson and on the average, I donate from $1,000-$2,000. You are race obsessed, do you know what they call race obsessed people? Skin heads. Another failed attempt to project your own racism. You, from the party of the KKK and Jim Crow laws. Go wash your sheets, you have a Klan rally tonight. Happy cross burning!!

          • Wow! What country do you live in? Lol!

          • Did you read the unemployment report today? Obama has created as many jobs as Reagan. We have now full employment.

          • OMG…that is wonderful. Thank (someone) for obama. Maybe he could just pass a law on his own that he could have a third term. In fact, he could be called emperor. This country (and many others) belongs to him and he can do what he wants. He don’t need no stinkin’ congress!

          • Deer fart too. But don’t worry. I will take out a few of them starting Saturday.

          • Oh, wonderful. hillary would love that.

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          • I’ll bet killary and moochelle fart a lot, too. Perhaps on Saturday, ……….

          • Not counting the farts coming out of Obama’s ass

          • suz,,,I am surprised at your comment. What is scary are all the farts coming out of those that put him in office. They stunk up the place.

          • Well I guess my farts don’t stink because I was not one of them that put this muslim in the WH. Maybe that’s why Michelle face always has that look like something stinks. LOL

          • He had the Grandest opportunity to be a good President. What a waste.

          • You mean his mouth, don’t you?

          • Can’t tell one end from the other LOL

          • They are already telling us that we don’t need that much milk and that beef is bad for our hearts. There will be nothing but grass to eat and then we might just turn around and do just what the cows are doing and ruin the whole plan !

          • Billions of people fart too ! The real problem is the politicians hot air and the crap that they’ve been spraying ( chemtrails ) for years. Who’s responsible for that and how much is it costing ?

          • Liberals fart twice as much.

        • Or Maybe they’ll be sharp enough to Know a Joke Post!

        • Taking care of business!

          The real problem is all of that legalized pot smoking.

          • That’s because Obama is a stoner , remember Snoop Dog said he smoked it in the Rose Garden.

          • Taking care of business!

            Hi, suz, and he is a coke-head too, just like Billy Boy Clinton. For awhile I wondered why, back when, the Federal Government dropped its drug-testing program. It’s because they would have netted Billy Boy.

      • Taking care of business!

        Know it all.

      • You are right about them just growing naturally. Last year I threw some pumpkins in the pasture for the horses and goats to eat. Some of the seeds apparently planted themselves and I was again harvesting pumpkins this fall with NO work on my part. Animals do not like the leaves and vines, so this is the perfect gardening method!

    • Good one….I need to know too!!!

    • This is all liberal bullcrap.

    • Another useless, thug, gubment agency waste of taxpayer’s money.

      • The TURD OSAMA refuses to show why he turned QUEER on us. We did not know he had allied with the enemy. But, Oh Wait! He lost his wee wee!!!

        • Robot? I guess, judging by your vitriol, you got owned! LMAO!! Maggot!! Go give Obama the gay sex he wants and gets from liberals everywhere. Just follow the rainbow lights!

          • VERY Amateurish TROLL = OSAMA OBAMA.

          • Coming from GUTLESS0 who thumbs himself…LOLOLO

          • Wouldn’t describe You as “Gutless”,OSAMA OBAMA:rather as a Repulsive Fascist Sack of SHIT. CERTAINLY!!

          • Go back to Valery’s office and get permission to blow bathhouse Barry. Why are libTURDS such sissified, tubs of pig shit?

          • YOU have it BACKWARDS(as ALWAYS):IT is OSAMA OBAMA the 900 Gallon Vat of Republican Nazi Pig Shit..As to Castrato OSAMA OBAMA’S masculinity,or COMPLETE LACK thereof:I have no idea,certainly no interest. Heil Schwein-Shiest OSAMA OBAMA!

          • ODD,OSAMA OBAMA! I would NEVER have thought of OSAMA OBAMA as a Liberal!!

          • Yup, we libTURDS go back to Valery’s office and get permission to blow bathhouse Barry. Why are we libTURDS such sissified, tubs of pig shit?

    • The government loves corruption, and it’s been the most corrupt ever since that illegal lying treasonous sissified muslim BOY barack hussein obama was placed in the white house by fraudulent means.

    • Just look at the “Bright” side. They wasted more taxpayers money on a pointless study with experts whose speciality is writing about garbage.

    • Because Liberals stick together!!

    • Good points, more Government waste of time and money, Who gives a damn? The’re just pumpkins….

    • Taking care of business!

      Show off.

    • Looks like they were trying to justify their job

      • It is called Job Security, also guarantees higher than average salaries, enormous perks, and a huge cash bonus now & then……if you work for a Guv-mint Agency CRIME DOES PAY and very well. And little chance of criminal charges……VA Death By Delay Policy has not resulted in any demotions, firings or manslaughter charges…..how sweet it is!

    • I would like to know who hired them and why? OH…I forgot Affirmative Action !

    • And whoever recommended this ridiculous Liberal study should be fired for wasting Taxpayers money & wasting air.

    • Taking care of business!

      My calculator loves you.

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  11. Lets see now, first it was the FREON in your air conditioners that was going to kill all of us. Then it was those
    pesky Hydro Carbons. Then it was the COAL used to generate Electric. Then it was those damn Cows and sheep
    farting up a storm, now it is all of those pesky melons that are going to kill us all. What next ZOMBIE Christmas
    Trees coming down the road to get even with us.

    • They even tried a repeat on Freon by trying to attack R134A and force replacing it with another fraud. The legislation in Congress this time failed and rightly so. The proposed replacement cost $1,200 for a small can compared to $72 for a 30 lb. can of R134A and those systems can’t be coverted.

      • YUP, Freon at one time sold for about $12 per pound then it went to around $300 per pound.
        That was the main way that they got folks to get rid of it. Then the cost for the Replacement
        started going up. Lets see where all of that leads?

      • How about the federally mandated lo-flo toilets? Another government flop. I had the two toilets in the house replaced and they were replaced with the lo-flo stuff. Now they require being flushed four times to get rid of the effluent in them. Seems to me that almost exactly doubles the water used for every “session”.

    • ZOMBIE ChristmasTrees….. Good one!

    • the government just needs new ways to protect us from ourselves. A government big enough to give us everything we want is also big enough to take it all away.

    • Affirmative action scientists came up with this crap, so why is the polar icecap not gone yet? Liars!

    • Outlawing DDT caused the death of 50 million Africans.
      The EPA has 18,000 employees and could do a better job with just 18 employees……PLUS save US taxpayers billions.

  12. Hopefully, this nightmare will end soon, and the USA can get back to being a prosperous, Republican nation, as the founders intended.

  13. This is so ridiculous, it has to be a joke!

  14. Pretty much of a dumb study. Plus, there is this global conspiracy among 98% of scientists about global warming. This is so unusual that scientists would agree like that. One of their chief goals is to disprove their fellow scientists. So who is paying them? Not the government; but must be some corporations that see a profit in all of this. After all, many scientists are funded by corporations; not the government.
    The military is supporting this too, How dumb can they be when they put global warming as a priority threat. The Navy is claiming that the sea level is too high at Norfolk, so they evidently want new docks at our expense.They are claiming that the Norfolk area is sinking. So even the Navy is lying to us as well as the people of Norfolk. They evidently want the government to bail them out (sorry about the pun) – perhaps they are having mortgage problems.

  15. This man has shown in every way his disdain for America and also how insane he is. What’s even worse he has half the country following him. For them it is called self destruction. They are blind to his driven agenda to destroy America which in turn destroys them. Their ignorance will cost them their lives. Pray for the lost fore there are many.

  16. There are (or were) two kinds of pumpkins. If we grew only the edible pie pumpkins instead of the non-edible pumpkins used for jack-o-lanterns, they could be turned into pies right after halloween, frozen for Thanksgiving, and prevent the 1.3 billion pounds of wasted pumpkins from clogging landfills and sewage treatment facilities.
    Undoubtedly, something for which to be thankful!

    • They are editable and do make great pies.
      If they are not used but thrown away, stop and think, feed them to the livestock at the zoo’s.

      • Can’t the Guv-mint require smell control diapers for the animals that fart? And also for those perverts who are not sure which Restroom to use?

  17. Silly me, I thought the pumpkin threat was only to Charlie Brown.

  18. More chin music from 1600 Pennsylvania, the lip dribble, all most gets funny somedays. all most. They are a pitiful bunch of tax payers money spenders

  19. God save us from fools and demoncrats, sorry same thing. Can it get more stupid?

  20. Pumpkins easily “rot” therefore, they’re good for compost piles.
    What about all those farmers who rely upon their sales? Oh yeah, since he doesn’t KNOW about us in “flyover land” he doesn’t even know where pumpkins come from!
    I think it’s more that he’s afraid that he & staff were models for many of them!

  21. Crazy like a fox.

  22. Hey Fedcoats … fck off!


  24. Ask him about all the cow farts.

  25. That’s no where near the trash that is coming out of Washington.

  26. he is an idiot …but years ago the hidden razor blades in apple’s and the and the stick pins is not a myth on Halloween …those thing really happened in wv anyway

  27. Betty Nance Humphreys

    It is all BALLDERDASH!

  28. kmidlam@yahoo.com

    More wasted money from obama

  29. Obama is a Freaking IDIOT !

  30. punks, liberals, and muslimes are killing our planet. all should be removed for the safety of mankind

  31. Too bad he hasn’t ended up n the dump with the pumpkins. Obama has caused more danger to the World and America than all the pumpkins ever grown or tossed in the trash!

  32. Far less methane than comes out of these -holes. 18 ++ trillion and climbing in the hole and this is the crap that comes out of Obuma and his crazies. How about the millions of miles him and big britches have traveled ? Oh I forgot all Dat vacation was on da people’s busniss. Xcus me.

  33. Oh i get it just another way for Obama to put more people out of work

  34. Ever notice that the faces carved into pumpkins look like liberals?

    • Nancy P can’t help it……it’s a menopausal think coupled with over-dosing Xanax that is causing her to look like a Zombie freak.

  35. Another funny article. What next they are going to say that lettuce is killing the planet.

  36. Really, how profound is this ludicrousness? This NWO totalitarian regime is out to enslave all of “US” and they are incorporating such nonsense as this and other BS to do it! This Satanists are evil as hell and that is what their goal is, to make our lives a living hell while they live the highlife as they are currently doing on the public’s dole! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION – Armr=================?

  37. As i grow older it seems like time goes by fast until Obama became president .. Now each day seems like year waiting for bastard Obama to get out of white house // Just sayin how i feel

  38. Another Obamaism.

  39. OK, so let’s switch from hollowing out our pumpkins as Jack-o-Lanterns and start using the heads of LIbtard Whackadoodle Douchebags instead.

    Now THAT would be a “change I can believe in”.

    • What would help is if all of the libertards would die and commit their biomass to the deep, then their whiny hot gasses they emit would cease.

    • Would scare & scar the young children for the rest of their lives! And how would all that sticky colon mucus be removed from their eyes/ears?

  40. CC and GW is a load of BS

  41. Just another liberal environmental study about nothing—if they had their liberal insane way they would cancel Halloween huh!

  42. He has totally lost it. Scr** him. freaken nut case.!!!!!!

  43. Michael Dennewitz

    Is there some kind of a “dipshit pool” that these asswipes come from? Next thing you know, the media will jump all over this and swear that women can get preggos from just touching a pumpkin! Are ALL these dumbasses taking the same drugs? And I wondered why Putin had to get pain meds from his doctor. Here, it was from laughing his ass off at our porch monkey in charge!!!

  44. the only thing deadly to this planet is B.H.O.

  45. Climate… Pumpkins ..But the Idiot Never Blames himself for SCREWING UP THE USA…and Polluting te Earth;s athmosphere with all the Bovine Droppings he lays out every time he Speaks!


  47. Total BS.

  48. O.MY.GOSH! Another insane & false claim from the administration of MISinformation.
    Numbers are way off. And many are turned into pies, and in the country, farm animals scarf ’em down like kids & candy.

  49. Obama adds enough methane gas to the planet each day just by opening his mouth and farting.

  50. How can it be that pumpkins are killing the planet? I thought Obama had cured that already. Meanwhile, according to the EPA, we need to train cows not to belch. Can anyone believe this stuff?

  51. Unfortunately their are enough stupid people in the US who would believe something so idiotic. They just blindly follow the lead of these liberals who could care less about the planet. They don’t know they are being duped and that Obama and his liberal ilk are just using them.

  52. I think Obama and his administration is bad for the environment. They produce enough gas to cause things worse than global warming. Any person who thinks Pumpkins are a hazard to the environment needs to get their head examined. If Pumpkins were a hazard to the environment than i guess Native Americans were very destructive to their environment. Thank god there is only 4 more year of Obama, Everything that comes out of his mouth is a joke and not a very funny one.No wonder foreign leaders are laughing at the USA. Obama is such a joke that no one not even Kenyans can take him seriously.

  53. It is clear that the global warming hoax is to be one of the buttresses of the man-centered religion that the left intends to install in place of Christianity and Judaism. Even though completely unsupported by any scientific evidence, it is crucial for human actions to be responsible for the planet’s temperature because otherwise some power beyond man might turn out to be determining this. Likewise, it is crucial that man be able to create life by cloning and artificial insemination and take it by abortion, because otherwise this would be the province of some higher power. It is similarly crucial that the previous norms of sexual identity and relationships be destroyed, because if man cannot determine his own gender and sexuality he is not the supreme being. It all comes down to the argument that “you shall be as gods” that a snake made in a garden ages ago. The persecution of Halloween and its appurtenances indicates that the militant atheists have moved on from Christmas and Easter to attempting the deconstruction of all holidays and their replacement with festivals of correctness and obedience to the new order: if we cannot stop this regime and its United Nations partners in crime, we will be celebrating holidays with condoms and IUDs and sex toys in place of pumpkins and turkeys and mistletoe.

  54. I didn’t read the article just the headlines. My first thought; Pumpkins killing the planet, another lie by the POS in the rainbow house! Why do I think it’s a lie? The POS opened his mouth! The truth; The POS is killing America!

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  58. I have never heard of a squash hurting anyone before. God made all the plants. What comes from God is good. Anyone who’d say punkins are destroying the planet are under the influence of delirium. There is there is no logic to this abstract theory. But, when it comes to PO this is nothing new; just another absurd statement. Thank you

  59. Maybe the DoE should do a study on how to capture all that hot air emanating from the Obama White House and turn it into something useful. All the lies coming from that once proud edifice are totally useless, so we might as well get some good from them.

  60. AnonymouseIsAWoman

    No more kadu at the Afghan restaurant, an no more pumpkin pie. Obviously, I’ll help save the planet by switching to almond-raisin pie. B^)
    As someone else already pointed out, this is 1/4 of 1% of the waste dumped. However, I am sure we spent millions of dollars to learn about this non-problem. Time to audit the Fed and demand a 25% reduction in government spending.

  61. AMAZING!!!!! Even Patriot Daily News can do a Joke!!!(At Least I Hope it’s meant as a Joke!)


  63. Looks like it’s time for someone to take a trip to Sao Paulo, Brazil to see how they are handling biowaste. It makes us look like backward children playing in the mud. They are recycling everything including human waste and using everything they recycle for some useful purpose. We’re so busy complaining about global warming and other such nonsense that we don’t have time to find real solutions to the problems that really matter.

  64. Elizabeth Sprowes

    Pumpkins are nothing but food you eat the seeds, make pies, then the rest is COMPOST, for mother earth to replenish the ground for more things to grow.

  65. My baloney has a first name, it’s B-A-R-A-K,
    My baloney has a second name, it’s O-B-A-M-A!
    Oh, I’d like to chuck him in the trash and if you ask me, “Why?”, I’ll saaaaaaaaaaayyyy….
    ‘Cause Barak Obama has a way of messing up the USA

  66. He needs to stop farting. Oh hell that’s his mouth.

  67. This coming from the administration that said the Benghazi attack was due to a internet movie on the life
    and times of the Prophet? That Obamacare would save Americans $2500.00 a year? Global Warming is the biggest threat to the world. ISIS is just a JV team, that only Kills,rapes, enslaves, destroys Christians, Infidels, apostates, other Muslims?

    Truth does not reside in this administration.

  68. Taking care of business!

    First Ladies (or its) that look like they came from “Planet of the Apes” “are killing the planet.” Forgive me, Lord, I couldn’t resist. (Could I get fired for that?)

  69. Hillary for prison 2016 Obama her cell mate

  70. Why doesn’t Patriot News provide the URLs or embedded links to your sources? Doing so is responsible journalism.

  71. oh my god, the world is flat, and if you go to far you will fall off the edge

  72. Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    I wonder what more shit that they can think of that’s spoiling our air. Could it be the CRAPT in the white house.





    5 SHOWS.





  74. obamas loony goons are good at finding everything wrong with America.The only reason that they do this because its easy and they are afraid to say anything bad about they many enemies Obama has made in the rest of the world.

  75. This administration is taking as much fun away from American citizens as it can.
    They have decided what we can eat and the way we should live our lives. Even our holidays are being revised, they say, to keep the planet stable. Most of us are just living out our lives with our families and friends without flying around the world in our jets and our luxury cars to our seasonal homes or vacation spots.

  76. what else will it take to prove that obama and his administration are INSANE !

  77. we were told a while ago it was cow farts. So, now we are told it is pumpkins. Time to stop guessing and start praying. It is the over population of muslims that are causing the problem.

  78. Instead of throwing pumpkins away, do something else. Like draw a face on it, then use it to make pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread after Halloween. Or…is it illegal to throw a pumpkin at a public official??? I will be growing extra pumpkins next year.

  79. Cow pass is methane. Dumps produce methane gas. If punkins contribute to methane gas why are we not finding a way to trap all this methane gas and put it to good use, i.e powering electric generating stations, vehicles,etc.? Why do we just waste it to the atmosphere?

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