NYT Writer Finds That White Women Walk in a Racist Way

It seems that not a day goes by that black writers (and their all-too-willing white allies in the press) don’t find another way to find racism in everyday, normal activities. They’ve become as bad as, if not worse than, feminists, who reached peak ridiculousness with their campaign against “manspreading” on the subway systems. Not willing to be left behind by the idiots on Twitter and Tumblr who devote their lives to turning each and every interaction with white America into a “microaggression,” New York Times writer Greg Howard said there was one form of racism he encountered on a daily basis in the Big Apple: White women refusing to move over for him on the sidewalk!

That sound you hear is Martin Luther King Jr. rolling over in his grave…

“In seven years of living and walking here, I’ve found that most people walk courteously – but that white women, at least when I’m in their path, do not,” Howard wrote.

Ignoring the already-racist classification system that Howard is using to divide the New York City pedestrian population, one could write an essay on this topic without turning it into some perceived racism on the part of white women, no? Maybe white women in New York City are simply rude and self-obsessed. Would that really come as a shock to anyone? Maybe, like the rest of America, they are so endlessly-fascinated by what’s happening in their social media feed that they can’t be bothered to watch where they’re going. That, too, would not come as a surprise.

But no, no. Howard is quite certain that they are behaving that way because they’re white and because he is black.

“Why only and specifically white women?” he asked. “Do they refuse to acknowledge me because they’ve been taught that they should fear black men, and that any acknowledgment of black men can invite danger? Do they refuse to acknowledge me because to alter their route would be to show their fear? Do they not see me? Can they not see me?”

Well, first of all, how certain are you that it IS “only and specifically white women?” Where is your evidence? Sometimes we only see what we want to see. Second, why jump to all of these other possibilities without first acknowledging that maybe – just maybe – YOU’RE the one out there carrying a chip on your shoulder? Finally, if the situation is that you want white women to clear a path for you to walk…why isn’t it up to YOU to clear the path for THEM to walk? Is chivalry dead?

This probably isn’t the most dangerous accusation of societal racism we’ve seen emerge from the left, but it’s one of the stupidest. At some point, we’re going to have to admit that the fight for civil rights has jumped the shark. With this essay, Greg Howard is, at the very least, revving up the motorcycle.

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  1. These people are all looking at the world through racist colored glasses. Stop blaming everyone else for your own shortcomings and pull yourselves up by the bootstraps. Excuses are like A$$holes – everybody has at least one!

  2. It appears that certain writers are running out of things to write about.

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    • It would mean that they’d actually have to learn about journalism. Since we are done with the last 8 years of the Heinz 57 mutt in the White House/muslim ghetto house that created the biggest race war of all, this numbnut dip$hit is just trying to keep the racial war going! God forbid that he actually write about something that requires knowledge and research.

      • Billy, I love Heinz 57 until you equated it with the Kenyan nitwit!!! Now I can hardly look at it!!! Thanks a lot, friend!!! Lol

        • Here in Florida, a mutt that is made up of different breeds but nobody knows what it is, is what we call a Heinz 57. Not to be mixed up with the actual Heinz 57 that I love as well.

        • Denton, in Hawaii we call him ‘chop suey’

        • The Marxist Muslim Mutt is the minor connection. The Traitor John Kerry is the Big Connection Married to Teresa Heinz That ought to do it.

        • The USA is truly the Heinz 57 variety as we are one of the
          most diverse cultures in the world since we are a Nation of
          LEGAL IMMIGRANTS who came here the right way and
          followed the legal system to arrive here and become citizens. y so doing they brought much to the United States and made us the Greatest Nation on earth. The sad thing is that ver the past few years a lack of Morals, Family Value and individual claiming Racism for political gain has sought to destroy our Legal system, Our Justice system, disrespected he Police who keep us safe and disrespect for the Military Members who put their lives on the line every day to keep s safe from the evil around the world. Politicians are no longer statesmen but career criminals out to steal what
          they can from the TAX PAYERS for personal and political
          gain for themselves. The Media, which used to be respected, as become nothing more than political hacks for the Democrat Socialist party and are incapable of actually
          reporting anything except slander attempted destruction
          of others and our Nation.

      • Billy, or a peaceful solution to all the discord in this country that the last administration created!

      • When Barry was a young boy he asked his mother what he was. she replied “Son for what I remember about that night it is a wonder you don’t BARK”. He might have a little mutt in him.

    • Then they should sell their computers instead of writing nonsense.

    • yep jrchambers, they are really digging deep if all they have to write about is walking on the sidewalk!

      • Navigating a crowded sidewalk in New York City is like operating a bumper car without the bumper car! There’s certainly nothing insignificant about the experience, although that miserable experience does make a human feel they’re as insignificant as an ant in a huge anthill. My shoulders took such a beating, I had to purchase BenGay to relieve the pain, which wasn’t well received by fellow passengers when I flew back home. I’ve never been back, and never will because my personal motto is to try anything once as long as it’s edible, moral, and relatively safe.

      • That shows his mentality. My dog is smarter than that.

    • No, not at the NY Times, it’s all Fake B.S. anyway. You might as well read the National Enquirer, at least it’s entertaining.

      • there is MORE truth in the Enquirer than the NYTimes , CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS

      • I’ve said that for YEARS!

        So long ago that the aren’t even worm food! Any flesh has been consumed by the worms years ago! All we’re left with is propaganda mongers! They tell you everything and ONLY what the puppet masters wish you to hear!! I don’t trust the LSM (Lame Stream Media) at all!

        In actuality they are closer to being like the Russian Izvestia and RIA Novostiy, Gov.’t spin or Pravda if you like the tabloid news!!

        • VieteranGunsmith

          Yes, and it died in the 1960’s during the biased coverage of the Vietnam war. Reporters wrote stories suited to their own opinions and reinforced them with interviews of dopers and malcontents in country and stateside, draftees and civilians. Then they painted us all with that ugly paintbrush. I was not one of the soldiers they wanted to talk to. I enlisted and served 3 yrs active duty, the 3 inactive reserve, and I consider being allowed to serve an honor. Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather, and other notable “journalists” began the trend of manipulating the coverage they presented to the public, but what passes for reportage today is disgraceful and is not even remotely journalism. It has gone from being a noble profession to the state it is in now which is shameless advocacy for the left. In the past couple of decades they have violated the public trust and no one seems to care that their self aggrandizement is the primary thrust of most of the coverage. Instead of reporting facts and letting people decide their own fact based opinions, they tell us what they want events to be, and how plain English is to be interpreted through their bias filter. Sadly, all too many people buy their fish stories hook, line and sinker.

          • First let me say I know it’s not mathematically possible but if it were I’d say a agree 100,000%!!!

          • VieteranGunsmith

            That makes two of us, and it’s a start…

            Off this topic, but when the Democrats scream about millions will lose health care if Obamacare is repealed, they seem all to eager to forget the millions they took health insurance from to start that pig.
            Another “undisclosed feature” that is integral to Obamacare was the millions they forced into under-employment with that 37.5 hour maximum weekly work limit that enabled employers to get rid of their health insurance plans which was the root of the millions of people overnight being uninsured – by design. Employers shed full time workers like a dog sheds its winter fur. All of a sudden everyone was made a part time worker with all the same responsibilities and tasks they had every other week before, but the workload for many remained the same. All the employees got was a cut in take home pay and the stress over what they were going to do about making up the deficit.
            It was perfectly all right for them to destroy people’s livelihoods with a stroke of a pen and force them to buy a product without any choice in the matter, but if you want to get rid of their scheme to exercise total control over the daily lives of the people who sent them to Washington to represent them, not rule over them.
            I for one am weary of putting up with being put upon by people who have no damned idea what it is like to have a limited budget. No one in Congress seems to be in need, yet they make decisions that affect people’s lives in dramatic ways and they still want to remain in office, so they pander to the poor with handouts and programs that the rest of us are made to finance with burdensome taxes and regulations – and ever increasing insurance premiums as well as deductibles that would break most of us financially when you add the burden of paying those premiums on top of it all. It seems the legislative branch is only interested in continuity and has little taste for working for the people.
            And these are the people the media works for.
            The reason I said what I did about the media and their lack of true journalistic integrity is the alliance between them and democrat politicians. Cronkite pronounced the Vietnam war a loss by America’s military, but the facts are the enemy never won any substantial engagement – they lost every battle – every time they came out to fight they got mauled. Still, the reporters of the day were activists and anti war, and they presented and promoted their opinions as fact, including Walter and especially Dan. In fact, Dan Rather is still doing it today, despite his being outed on national TV in his attempt to denigrate President George W. Bush with phony documents he presented as genuine evidence.
            The democrats depend on a dumbed down audience to keep their trade going, but some of us have good memories and are not deceived by their lies and propaganda.

          • Great day in the Morning!!!! If you were running for office you’d get my vote!! EVERYTHING you stated above is TRUE and FACTUAL!!!
            P.S. while never having set foot in ‘Nam, I too PROUDLY served 6 and a half years “69 to ’76 in the Air Force! Thank You for your service!!

    • They’ve long forgotten how to write about anything outside of their agenda.

  3. Just one question,do YOU move over for white women? If not,than it is YOU who is racist because you think that you have more rights than they do.

    • Very well said, Cathy!

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    • My sentiments exactly. Why should women have to move over for you. Yes I am a white woman and I would not move over for you. But does that make me racist? That is the DUMBEST idea I have heard in a long time. What happened to COURTESY? THAT A MAN MOVE OVER OR OPEN A DOOR FOR A WOMAN.

      • Hi, Barbara. Some of the feminist crowd would, most likely, ‘slap’ a man in the face for opening a door for them…example: Last fall, while checking out at a mall bookstore, we witnessed a fellow holding open a door for a young woman as she exited, she told him. “I’m capable of opening the door myself!” Whoa…What a total *itch, so disrespectful! This guy was just being courteous. We also noticed he was wearing a baseball cap that indicated he was a Vietnam Vet. As we left, we thanked him for his service and that we couldn’t believe how disrespectful that young woman was toward him. Barbara, I understand the courtesy you speak of, and it’s appreciated, maybe it’s the way we were raised.

        • Mr. Manfredgensenden

          I would have said, with a big smile: Just because you’re capable doesn’t mean you have to do it…like being a B***H.

          • Solution to feminist who smarts off about “being able to open the door herself”: Shut the damned door in her face !!!

          • Now, now. She is just stupid. You don’t have to drop to her level.

        • I am 75 year old, a White, Anglo-Saxon Protestant and male.
          I was taught good manner as a child by my mother. At that
          time we still segregation where I lived. But my Father and
          Mother taught me to treat every one equally. They were
          not Liberal by any stretch, but they said regardless you
          treat each person as you would be treated and until the
          “Feminist” idiots in the 60’s came about it was the way
          it was. I went overseas in 1964 and when I came back on
          my way to another overseas assignment in 1968 the world
          had gone crazy and women were acting like deranged
          creature that I did not recognize. I opened the door
          for a person who appeared Female and was soundly
          cursed out for that simple courtesy? It left me stunned,
          first I had not heard ladies use that language as part of
          their normal language. Civility was on the way out and
          the leftist liberal mentality has exploded across the
          nation apparently. When I cam back stateside in 1972
          I did not recognized my Nation nor the citizens that
          had permeated the land, Morale, family values, common
          courtesy, and decency had left. It has not improve in
          since then. There are still parts of our nation where
          you show respect to others and you will receive the same
          but the younger generation has lost direction and are
          truly lost at this time. Hopefully if they live long enough
          they will recover and regain respect for themselves and
          also for others.

          • As I enter the seventh decade of my livf I can truly say that I always hold a door for a woman-From a small child to a peer-I have never received anything but a respectful thank you

          • often times I get a thank you or a smile…other times nothing, no sign of having taken a moment to be courteous…

          • There are rude people everywhere, but I sincerely believe more rudeness occurs in cities than in the countryside. I stay away from cities as much as possible.

          • And I am a 78 year old woman, who LOVES true GENTLEMEN and cannot tolerate these geeks who have no morals, no manners, no souls. So, please continue with your kindness, decency, and manners…….they are appreciated by all LADIES. (Bear in mind that not all women are ladies)

          • Ain’t that the truth!!

          • Google is paying 97$ per hour! Work for few hours and have longer with friends & family! !pa198d:
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          • I came back in 1970. You are right. I was at first amused, then shocked, now pissed off. The so called left better stay out of my way & keep THEIR mouths shut. They represent the era of the cave dweller. No morality,no concept of right or wrong,whacked out on drugs. This USA, nation we were told we were fighting for(I ain`t Vietnamese)is a pushover for any conqueror who wants it. Sat Cong

          • Well said, my fellow traveler, my fellow veteran, my fellow polite person. Rudeness is rudeness and will always exist, but some of us despise it. I, am one of those who despise rudeness. And, yes, the crap really exited their closets in the ’60’s and ’70’s. That is when we should have put a stop to it.

          • We are about the same age. Navy 63-66. I would bet that most of the people that you are talking about have not nor had a family member that served in the Armed Forces. I think that every person have to serve two years in the service. Most of them don’t know what they want to do in life at that time yet. At least they would learn DISCIPLINE & RESPECT.

          • Amen. Every person regardless of gender (real or perceived), disability, creed, religion or anything else should serve 2 years of public service. They could file records, peel potatoes, etc. if they can work for any of the “charities ” that works for the developmentally disabled, there is something they can do for national service. I signed up for four years to avoid the draft and now regret getting out after 8 1/2. Also spent 8years in the National Guard. Best time of life. Should be compulsory.


          • I know exactly what you are talking about. I am 78 years old and no longer know my own nation. So much idiocy has taken place, thanks to the political left which is sinister and emotionally broken, that it will take decades to recover, assuming the nation CAN recover from its constant rape.

        • Schools need to teach civics again. Of course the teachers will have to take a few classes first.

          • Unfortunately studying the rights and duties of citizenship is now considered to contain a touch of racism because it advocates personal responsibility and accountability. It is a liberal no-no as it interferes with the blame game and frowns on illegal behavior.

          • Schools are a major PART OF THE PROBLEM. Schools are definitely NOT the answer unless the PTB in the school systems are fired.

        • too bad that the opportunity to let the door go had probably passed by then..

        • VieteranGunsmith

          Precisely. I am – and I was raised to be decent and respectful to all people, but some who have been “educated” by leftists are so selfish and rude they don’t even realize they are the center of their own problems with others. It isn’t the target that is to blame, it’s the one with the bow and arrows. Courtesy, respect and dignity have been mowed down and trampled into the dust by grievance mongers on the left and it isn’t limited to race; it’s also the practice of out of control aggressive feminists, as well as the LGBT’s and any other group out there that imagines they are victimized by some boogey man they made up in their own heads.
          This is not about equality, it is about payback for their real or imagined problems, and it has more to do with them than it does the focus of their rage. We have an entire generation that thinks it is perfectly acceptable to create a scene and disrupt the peace of others for the sake of their “rights”, but no one has bothered to tell them their rights end where others rights begin. They are also not big on responsibility, thinking we should accommodate them because they are so special and we are the chaff they must walk through. There is no humility in them, therefore it is safe to assume their self centeredness is a manifestation of their narcissist way of life.
          Eventually they discover that they are not the center of the universe, and life is not governed by absolutism. It is all love or hate and nothing in between in the black and white universe these fools live in. It is apparent when you see what they write and hear what they say.
          They love extreme views, unless they don’t agree in which case they label others as haters. I truly never hated anyone, unless they were trying to kill me with a weapon, and even then it was not an emotional thing, it was a response to a threat in like kind. That was war, and long ago. People have gotten to the point they take offense to the most innocent things if they decide you are not within their prescribed classifications of identity or of politics to the point we now have identity politics. It seems none of these people are capable of dislike, only hatred served with a side of rage is suitable retribution for hurting their feelings. I wonder if a kitten scratches them, would they swat it with a sledge hammer? Seriously, I think they are pathetic childish and brutish and I would not be surprised by anything these self absorbed babies will do.
          The problem is they have never had to overcome true adversity in their pampered lives, never been corrected for any wrong they have done another, and never held responsible for anything they’ve done or said that offends. They don’t know how to step up and apologize because they have never been faced with consequence. They people who raised them and the education they’ve received have only praise for them and ignore when they are the problem in a conflict. This is the product of lack of discipline.
          They only know how to be hostile, rude and inappropriate, and they think it is most entertaining when they do. They mistake confusing the looks of disbelief of the sane around them when they are demonstrative with approval. Most people are irritated by their antics, but are too disciplined to return their out of control and offensive BS. I have confronted their kind and they smirk and after a minute or two of me looking them dead in the eye and telling them their attitude is offensive, they have nothing to say that excuses them for being dolts in public. And yes, I am usually wearing my Vietnam Veteran ball cap when it happens, only because I wear it for my brothers who never came home. Most of the time I get, “Thank you for your service” from people, but sometimes the toads have less complimentary things to say. I don’t care about the opinions of malcontents, but I appreciate the positive comments. Many of the negative things said to me sound like they were programmed into their heads and they really have no concept of what they are talking about. They look at soldiers as killing machines that attack, but I know better – soldiers are defenders of people who are unable to defend themselves, soldiers make the peace happen by subjugating the evil. That is what I was raised to believe by my parents, both of whom were soldiers in the Korean War. They taught me honesty, respect, decency, dignity, and not to take it from vile people whose only interest is making others suffer.
          I don’t get in their face until they come my way and say something directly to me that is disrespectful to me or anyone I happen to be around. It usually ends with words, but I don’t like bullies and that is what these people are. I’ve had a problem with bullies since I was a kid, and none of them has ever tangled with me after the first time. The best way to deal with them is be direct and it helps that if they physically touch you, you make sure the experience is as unsatisfying for them as possible. You don’t have to be big and strong to put them on the ground, you just have to learn how. Nowdays everyone should learn self defense because the way things are unraveling you might have to be able to help yourself get away from these truly bad people.
          I have never been charged with anything or questioned for defending myself or anyone else in trouble. I am not saying everyone should do what I do, but people need to play an active part in their own personal security. The police are minutes away the second you need help, and the bad guys know this and use it to their advantage.

        • Yes,it IS the way we were raised. Too many of today’s children are not RAISED. They are born, then too many of them are on their own. Parents have been in too many cases brainwashed re disciplining their children and think that letting them have their way is “kind”. What it actually is is allowing a child to grow up without any principles, without any heart, totally and completely self-centered.

      • Hi Barbara, Howard sees only what he wants to see. Everything is racism.
        There was a woman at my company who blamed all her problems on “sexism.” Over a period of three years, she filed about 40 sexism complaints – and bragged about them. They were all investigated and found baseless. She made complaints every time she got in trouble: late for work, leaving early, not meeting standards, going over on breaks and lunches, etc., etc. (The company finally terminated her.)
        She approached the building one morning carrying a large box. She was about 30 feet from the door. A manager saw her coming and held the door open. (He routinely held the door open for men and women.) She screamed that holding the door was being sexist. He was stunned, and let the door close.
        She looked across the parking lot and yelled to another woman, “Did you see that jerk? He just shut the door on me!”

      • Tell ‘m Barbara. Me too.

      • Michael Stewart

        I will not go out of my way to open a door for a woman or anyone. However if I am passing through the door I will hold it open for everyone who is passing through it with me. If I was on the sidewalk I walk on one side and if you were in the way due to speed I would say excuse me may I pass. I give respect to women but the only women I will go out of my way to open the door for or give up my seat for is my girlfriend.

      • I fear I`d be struck by lightning , if I didn`t hold doors open, or let the lady go first. Not really. But seriously, I enjoy doing those things for ladies. Earns me a smile,sometimes a thank you.

    • SouthernPatriot

      Greg Howard, this black writer, often dates white women in private, but the hypocrite acts “black-centric” in his official capacity to stay in good standing among the black radicals and leftists. If white women felt fear walking toward him, they would not walk toward him but step aside and try to get as far from him as possible. White women need to quit dating this leftist lying racist, Greg Howard!

    • Excellent point Cathy! After 8 years of OSCUMBAG many blacks have been “empowered” and think they are superior because “we” had to endure 8 years of “him” telling them so. (bring in black LIES matter) This has set so-called “race relations” back decades (I believe this was HE and his minions “plan” all along to AGAIN divide this country back to the way it was in the 60’s.)

    • To Cathy Floyd–Yes , I move over for women both by choice and by necessity to keep from getting run over.

    • Well said

    • The one question I would have for New York Times writer Greg Howard, is “Are you queer and merely wish you were a white woman instead of the black man you are?” Jealousy does some really queer things to people.

  4. Never Mind, it’s not worth a response…………………..

    • Rev. Walking Turtle

      Rule: Shortest comment with the most upvotes gained in the least time wins. Yours deserves MORE of those imvho – and right quick too.

      Congratulations! And that is all. 0{;-)o[

  5. Why should the white women change their path?
    Don’t they have as much right to go where they are going as he has?
    Maybe he should be polite and accommodate the white women by making some space available for them.

  6. This is ridiculous. Do you have any idea how to act like a gentleman or do you have such a big racist chip on your shoulder that you think everybody owes you something? Get over yourself.

  7. BeowulfScofield

    Just when you think the Left has hit the bottom they manage to eke out a few more inches of stupid.

  8. sandraleesmith46

    WHAT a DORK! Sorry, Sonny, but even though I haven’t been in NYC in decades, I AM a white woman, and NYC denizens of all stripes, including OTHER white women, never “moved aside” for me either; it’s just how people in that city generally ARE, regardless their race or sex or other factors! So your hypothesis is just your own racism talking!

  9. To have such a racist writer on the NYT is a prime example of the problems of the left. Are all their brains so warped that they no longer print real news? We should feel sorry for mainstream media in a way. They have become perverted and sick.

  10. George E. LeFebvre

    And what about all these Racist Blacks? And there are many. Mostly idiotic Professors in some colleges or sitting in Congress running their mouths off trying to create more racial tensions.

    • SO TRUE

    • Decades ago when I was in college, there were a few of the profs. that were liberal idiots. It was fun watching Vets from Vietnam argue with them, the smarter profs usually learned to quickly shut their liberal traps.

  11. Okay. This NYT editorial HAS to be the DUMB article of the day!!

    Is this idiot really THAT sensitive? Does he EVER open the door for ANYONE? Does he understand the concept of COMMON COURTESY?

    Is he royalty?? Does he think that ONLY white women should clear the path when he walks down the sidewalk?

    Obviously, that is exactly his mindset.

    He needs to go back to his mommy’s basement and take his medicine.

    Oh yeah. I forgot to mention that I am ONE of those white women he is railing against, but I don’t live in NYC.

  12. I think both of these guys have been smoking some bad weed! Hey guys, check out your dealers more closely next time!

  13. Anthony Guastella

    Besides being despicable and worthless, this prejudiced bigoted invidious creature is certainly a moron and untalented as they come. Go to Africa then and watch how the black women walk there. What an obtuse thing to think, let alone say and in a Communist newspaper at that. NYT owned and controlled by Carlos Slim, a card carrying member of the One World elitists and fools.

  14. Have you Lost your ever Loving Mine?

  15. Blacks in the Twin Cities frequently walk very, very slowly when jaywalking, disrupting the flow of traffic. I’ve never seen this happen anywhere else.

    • Rev. Walking Turtle

      Some observers in Boston insist that such as those drive just like they walk… And that is all. 0{;-o[

    • It happens in Louisiana all the time. And not only when they’re jaywalking. Go to a fast food joint, a grocery store, a car wash or any public place. And if they happen to see some other black that they haven’t seen in the last half hour they start a loud conversation which only holds up the line more. And if a white person says anything they come completely unhinged and start screeching like agitated chimpanzees.

  16. Howard, the real reason is that they just know that you are a “Racist”, so they just don’t pay any attention because they know that all you see in any Human that is not of the color black must be a racist. Moron, you are the color you are by the decision of a Loving GOD, just as I am………..Get over it! Did your Father not give you any manners as to Women, which most of us were taught to demur too.

  17. Big difference between respect and deference. If you’re too poorly educated to know – LOOK IT UP.

  18. Francisco Machado

    “most people walk courteously” – Empirically, the obnoxious Howard exempts himself from this category.

  19. If the NYTimes writer were a gentleman he would know its good manners to give the ladies the right of way. But i guess the ghetto don’t teach that. I bet he knows how to snach a purse thou

    • Ed, now that is racist!

      • Yes dondehoff i know it is racist but i believe in fighting fire with fire.

        • Rev. Walking Turtle

          Opinion: Such as the Esteemed NYTimes Editorialist of current note are imvho spiritually ill and need a BIG shot of Something Safe and Effective. Has less to do with the color of the skin and more to do with the color of the Heart.

          Opinion: Mark Knopfler and the Notting Hillbillies fill the notion out quite well indeed.

          Ref: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=42XqGrfPy_c

          Just sayin’! Click and enjoy. And that is all. 0{;-)o[

        • Ed, yes backfires often help in fighting wildfires, but applying that technique to serious debates often results in one joining the opposition and being equally guilty and confuses those who are trying to decide who is correct—clean up your act.

  20. More proof that liberalism is a mental illness. No cure or treatment is available, except for one well placed shot.

  21. Just another racist crying foul.
    That’s good they keep attacking whites.
    They will never win another election because of their stupid rhetoric they keep spinning.
    All they are doing is putting themselves in a small fish bowl and nobody cares about their identity policies.
    When will libs learn america doesn’t want to be scrutinized for everything we do.
    The racist are clearly on the left when they keep attacking whites.

  22. That is because he only looks at Kardassians

  23. Just another moron looking for extra recognition. Nothing to do with racism just the growing rudeness in our society.

  24. Greg Howard….it must be such a pitiful life to only see and worry about your skin color…?? To wake up every morning to again start a day looking for how an evil light skin colored person is being racist towards you, to wake up every morning to search high & low to find the offense, whether it is real or imagined to find the offense so you can go home , just to merely wake up the next day and start all over…pitiful very pitiful to waste the gift of life that God gave you…on such self defeating endeavors….pitiful!

  25. Well, at least he didn’t mention Russia.

  26. Females are but about one half to two thirds the mass of the average man. Common curtesy dictates the bigger males “give way” to the smaller women. Also, a female might be pregnant or carrying a baby in her arms or on her back. Bottom line, it looks like the male liberals are running out of valid reasoning. Most all reasoning males have been taught at an early age to look out of the smaller female counterparts. Maybe high density sidewalks should have designated directional traffic zones, as we do on the roadways.

  27. This clown reminds me of the old Lady in my area who rides a 3 wheel bicycle on the sidewalk when there is a bike lane on the street and she expects anyone on the sidewalk to mover over for her! I confronted her one morning early and she told me that the street was dangerous and flipped me off!

  28. it couldn’t be that you are to lazy to get out of the way? or is it that they have no interest in black jackass that thinks he is gods gift to white women ..

  29. Another sad day in America…Sounds like he needs Jesus and his parents didn’t love him so he takes it out on the world….so sad….in one sense and pathetic in another. I guess he’s probably upset that the sky is blue…

  30. I’LL BET THIS BLACK “THING” WILL SAY THAT WHITE WOMEN SLEEP RACIST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  32. As long as you don’t walk like an Egyptian it’s all good….LOL

  33. I personally preferred the 1950s over today….alot simpler time

  34. Next time I’m walking with my wife in NYC, I’ll make sure to kick his ass to the street curb where it belongs! Damn stupid dumbassocratic slave liberal!


  36. Deborah Risinger

    We have serious problems here,,,,how many of us “white women” get up in the morning determined to walk…as described by this man? Some are really looking for a race war !!! They (he) claims we are racist…he is the racist..and putting it on us….Shame on the NYT for even printing such junk…..

  37. The only racist here is the NYT writer that would make such a ridicules claim.
    Were all sick and tired of the democratic lefts bullshit.

  38. Perhaps Howard needs a lesson in being courteous! A real woman deserves the right-of-way, so respect that concept and move your racist butt out of her way.

  39. This man needs to get professional help for paranoia, he’s sick.

  40. It seems all the wrong people are being killed!!! Why aren’t there people in the de morats getting killed???? Oh I know Killary and snake Willie don’t n This snaken site keeps wiping out what they don’t want said about the Killtons!!Now 54 killed!

  41. Nah, he was just turned down by the last of many White Women that he made moves on. lol

  42. Isn’t the polite thing to do for the man to move out of the way of the woman?

  43. His ego is hurt because he can’t project enough machismo to register his presence to those nearby.

  44. Women walk on one line, putting one foot in front of the other which leaves a characteristic track for men to follow. It also articulates their fannies which is another “I’m open for business” signal. This is all a hangover from our days in the forest.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for more.


  46. This jerk has never heard of manners,chivalry, politeness. Did his mother and father not teach him anything!

  47. Why is the race question always brought up by black folks. Give it a break. There

    • because we are white…don’t you know…according to people him….. that means that we are all racist….he is black so he couldn’t possibly be a racist….according to him

  48. So NOW we are required to walk differently? How ridiculous!!! How do these people think of this silly stuff!

  49. Bull Shit–(Liar)

  50. What are they going to think up next as think they have covered about every area possible. Maybe whites are racist because they shit brown, don’t think they have covered that one yet.

  51. FFS, another dumb ass who wouldn’t recognize real racism if real racism hit him in the face with a watermelon and some fried chicken.

  52. Collision avoidance is an acquired urban skill. Most (real) men will adjust their course to avoid colliding with a woman (though some may intentionally brush a shoulder if he finds her attractive, hoping an ‘excuse me’ or a ‘sorry’ might lead to a getting to know you moment). Is my Gaydar defective?

  53. Here is One. You drive a car? Probably not, but if You did, would you drive in the wrong lane & expect other cars to get out of your way?
    Dumb Ass, quit being Racist.
    YOU are the one showing NO Courtesy being on the WRONG side of the sidewalk.
    What’s the Qualification to Write for the NYT? Graduation from kindergarten degree? Be thankful you even have a job, altho, You Should be FIRED for being Racist!!!!!

  54. Are you kidding me!!! What in the world is our country coming to? I think these writers need to get a hobby! Something to get their minds to working on more intelligent things than race baiting!

  55. Johnny Robinson

    The MALE, whether he is White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, AmerIndian, Russian, British, European, African, et al, is supposed to OPEN DOORS for ALL females, assist them in sitting at a table (move the chair out and push it in under them), give his coat to her if it is chilly and raining (and you go without one), open the car door for a female when they enter or exit a vehicle, and such.

    Greg Howard has probably never done any of those things, being a narcissist and liberal…

  56. sooo.. what? Are they walking into you? Or are you walking right into them? On a busy sidewalk I often accidentally brush up against others. I just say excuse me and walk on. That doesn’t make me racist, sexist or anything other than another human trying to get where I’m going on a limited amount of pavement just like everyone else on that sidewalk.

  57. F*ck this pos wigger.

  58. I think this idiot needs to take his head out of his own butt and dunk it in a big old bucket of common sense. Of course that could be said for all leftists and race peddlers desperate to keep this nonsense going. They see ism’s and phobias everywhere they look because they never look past their own noses. They see what they want to see. Much like children afraid of the monster under the bed. The one they imagined into existence themselves.

  59. More of the Alinsky style rhetoric Obama created during his tenure in D.C. to further cause racial tension and division

    • I TOTALLY AGREE. He did more to make the racist issue a problem than ever trying to solve it. Just look at the black lives matter issue. In my opinion, all lives matter not just black. If you look at the history of the black lives matter it is a purely terrorist group and deserves to be squashed like a diseased bug.

  60. Manners….ever heard of them Greg Howard(?) A gentleman(!) always gives way to a lady (all ladies!) as a sign of manners and respect! Who are you that people are supposed to give way to your arrogant, rudeness!

  61. Just another NYT writer who needs to re-take third grade.

    It is HE who is too racist to see peaceful people the same, regardless of race.

  62. You know. All this I’m reading in just bullshit. Act your age. And not your shoe size.

  63. What a moron. Apparently there isn’t enough REAL racism so we have to make it up. How many “racist” incidents turn out to be hoaxes anyway? Answer: 9 out of 10. The guy pulled my hijab, they spray-painted racist epithets on my garage, some ass left a banana peel on the floor in front of my dorm, a bunch of lacrosse players raped me (and their lives were ruined permanently) someone burned down a church who was racist, someone wrote “N..” on my stomach and put feces on me (and was hounded to suicide by Al Sharton who was never punished) — and they all turned out to be LIES. More and more lies. SICKENING. If I was black in America today I’d be sick with shame over this asinine behavior.

  64. I guess those women are goose stepping…I don’t even know if that is racist. And the walk that writer walks is nitpicking and imaginitive. Maybe a little paranoid.

  65. How ludicrous.

  66. Since this man is calling people racist just for the way they walk, he must have a racist mind. Ready to pull the racist string at a second’s notice makes him the true racist and should have to eat his words daily!

  67. Racist talking racism,,,, same old,,Same old…. All this goes back to blacks THINK everything is racist

  68. Let’s face it white women know that there is very few if any black men who wouldn’t give their right arm to get it on with a white woman. You don’t see but very few white men looking at or salivating over a black woman. I have to think that black women are very jealous of white women, knowing that their men would give anything to have a white woman. And this guy has most likely to been turned down by white women on several occasions.

  69. And why would / does anyone care what this imbecile Howard thins (anyway)?

  70. Just another way that the NYT can stir up shyte! When are the American people gonna stop listening to the tripe that this rag promotes???

  71. Racist idiot!! Sounds like a white gal or two gave him the boot, loser LOL!

  72. Richard Muccillo MDDCM

    This so called writer walks like he has a corncob up his ass–yes –saw the troll walking–

  73. How about we agree that every single thing, all creatures, and even inanimate objects on Earth are racist. OK? Once we do that, we can close the book on that subject for eternity and move on to more important matters for the betterment of mankind. I suppose some will label this very thought as racist, as well. What does that make them?

  74. it is time for you to get a brain !!

  75. Only a moron could say something like that. It would be impossible to know someones feelings by how they walk. Anyone who thinks so has a mental problem.

  76. Actually, it’s the other way around. I find that when I’m anywhere where there are black people, and there are lots of them here in Louisiana, they go out of their way to get in the way in any public place. Even their kids do it. It’s like it’s ingrained into their African brains to do whatever it takes to be a pain in the backside to anybody who’s white.

    • PoorPitifulPearl

      I don’t think it was born/ingrained into them, but taught by clueless parents with inferiority complexes and it goes downhill from there. Law of physics?

  77. Hey Greg Howard, You useless POS. Haven’t you been told the word racist doesn’t mean anything any more because you black people have burned it out. Milk is racist, cars painted white are racist, a white person selling Mexican food is racist, but Chinese selling pizza isn’t. Anything white is racist except the white girl you want to sleep with. I don’t suppose you know the first slave holder in America was black. Oh, I forgot, I’m not suppose to cloud the issue with facts because that would be racist.

  78. What a crock of sh*t!

  79. When I take a “Brown” Dump and wipe my butt with “White” toilet paper I guess that makes me a racist huh?

  80. ModConserv! 🌷

    That’s not me. I make eye contact with people I pass! And will chit chat if they are in customer service, check-out etc.
    Speak for your own city!

    • PoorPitifulPearl

      Yes they are, Mod! We lived in South Carolina for a total of 12 years and for half of that we owned a house in a neighborhood that had only one white couple other than our family out of 27 houses. When the news got around that the people owning the property behind our subdivision (right in our back yards) were going to sell to have low-income housing built there, do you know who complained the loudest? Our black neighbors. They worked hard to get where they were and kept their houses and yards in great shape. They called a meeting and we all gathered in the Rev.’s yard and it was unanimous that we needed to fight this. My husband was in the Navy and I was working for a realtor at the time and we knew we’d have to eventually sell and move to our next duty station. In spite of that, all those neighbors asked us to represent them at the court hearing against the sale, and with a little trepidation, we did. All those who could take off from work filed in with us to encourage us. To make a long story short, our point was that these people had worked hard and didn’t deserve to have their property values diminished just because they were black, too. The city had other properties they could have rehabilitated for the purpose of housing and we prevailed. The people owning the property were angry, but we got the last laugh. They thought they’d punish us by selling the rich soil on that property, along with the trees, leaving a giant hole. What they didn’t know is that there was a spring under that property and it filled up and created a small lake that there are now fish in. How’s that for just desserts! Yes, we did party after that, and several of our neighbors are still lifelong friends, along with their now grown children we used to babysit. You couldn’t have found a better bunch of neighbors ever. So, Greg Howard, don’t ever call me racist, you pig.

  81. Sharrell Burcham

    I guess this howard never heard of being a gentleman and moving over for the ladies. He sounds like a bull headed jerk that has a chip on his shoulder that needs to be knocked off. I would gladly knock it off and school him on being a gentleman.

  82. Unreal, is there anything that the blacks cannot turn into racism? Good lord give me a break!

  83. At some point the idiocy begins to rain. I am a white male. An older white male. So, what does it say about me when I tell you that I move over for ALL WOMEN, regardless of their age or their color? I have never considered it anything but polite. I open doors, including car doors. I move out chairs. I defend women – ALL WOMEN (maybe with the exception of Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters and Deborah Wasserman-Schultz) Still, if I were to see them on the street, I would step out of their way. If they were approaching a door I was near, I would still open it for them. What Greg Howard needs is a lesson in manners, not racism.

    • PoorPitifulPearl

      I think you’re right, Rightside. In New York Ciry, most of the “denizens” are very liberal, angry, and in a hurry. My Grandmother went on a trip to New York to see the sights with a couple of friends after my Grandfather passed away from a long illness. Even though she came to America as a very young child with her family, they didn’t go through New York, so she wanted to see all the buildings she’d only seen in pictures and travelogues. Even back then in the late 60’s she said that even though everything she saw was amazing, but commented on how rude the people of New York were. The ladies tended to meet other tourists who said the same thing, so they all stuck together thinking there was safety in numbers. I think it’s close to New York’s rudeness in many big cities today. Where or where have the manners gone?

  84. Actually, its better to walk like a White female than waddle like a Black female.

    Next the Black “Urinalists” will be calling White cats racist, since they aren’t Black cats . . . . the Unhinged-Left and their Snowflakes-in-Training never cease to amaze America.

    By the way, are their Snowflakes-in-Training White? If so, how will they reconcile that with other Unhinged Leftists?

  85. Jonathan Brooks

    The one question that needs to be asked is if HE gets out of the way for black women because he knows if he blocks their path they will punch him out, or throw him into the street for getting in their face.

  86. I was taught that a gentleman (regardless of color), always moves over for a lady.

  87. Guess women should at least fall to their knees and worship any man they encounter.
    Shariah law style.
    Get real!

  88. Awesome comment Cathy Floyd!!!
    FYI: If you have been to New York City and walked their avenues, you will experience a rudeness not seen in other cities in America. It’s NOT just White Women, but White men, Black Men, Black Women, etc. that WILL MOW YOU DOWN ON THE SIDEWALK, YES, THAT’S RIGHT. “MOW YOU DOWN” and it doesn’t make any difference what color you are…you are “Road Kill” on their sidewalks.

    #1. Greg Howard writes for the New York Times, a Leftist, Progressive Media source that dreams up stories to get readers. Is he dreaming again???
    #2. Greg fits right in with the rest of the “Out of Touch” New Yorkers, but it just so happens he experienced an unusual day of clarity and saw there were other people — especially White Women who he coverts — walking on the same sidewalks. Funny they don’t see him — not interested obviously in a nosey fresh Black man trying to make time with them. They have better things to do but play up a Black man’s already enlarged ego!

    So if you haven’t been to New York City, GO! Lots to see and do, but watch out for the stampeding animal like people on the sidewalks! If you are in their way, you are an inconvenience. If you smile at them, they stop in their tracks with a QUIZZICAL look on their faces, but usually do not smile back. If you say “Hello”, they give you a dirty look. Go figure. Who can understand the actions of any New York type? If Greg Howard really wants to hook up with a White woman, there are easier ways to do that besides calling them Racists and insulting them. Obviously he gets an F for Failure in the dating world and an A for Awkward in the Human world!

  89. Never tell yourself that you’ve heard the ultimate in insanity. This is a perfect example of why!! All I cab say is that this moron has got some serious psychological and security issues as well as being a full-blown racist!!

  90. The New York Times and the Daily news are as worthless as used toilet paper with poop on it. The so called black stellar journalist are truly morons, as stupid as they can get. Obama screwed this nation that is why Trump is President. If isn’t because he is half blacks, but a sneaky lying devil whom set out to destroy the nation. These guys are just the ignorant after math. Theses assholes do not represent the hard working middle class black families that live in the middle class neighborhoods. Oh, tell these as holes those blacks are conservatives who voted for Trump.

  91. Leftist Cultures (Blacks mostly): Time to get off your tiresome rants about any White Person! It’s past time. GROW UP!! Stop acting like little children and actually use that brain God gave you. If Whites never colonized America, YOU would never be here. You would be running through the jungles in search of a meal – not jump over to the local grocery store. You would be using your lungs to call someone, not your cell phone. Clothing would be optional depending where you lived and the heat in that area. Education…unheard of except by the elders of your tribe. YOUR WORLD would NOT be this world if not for the actions of the Whites who created Colonies.

    FYI: Are you aware that the majority of slaves kidnapped from Africa, etc. were taken by Muslim Pirates? Research it. It’s true. Whites didn’t steal natives, transport them to the New World and sell them…Muslim Pirates did that. They are the ones that split up families and sold them to the highest bidder. They were heartless and only cared about $$. Yes, it’s true that White Plantation owners bought slaves off the Muslims and some were good owners and some horrible owners, but if Muslims never destroyed entire Villages, capturing their people, there wouldn’t have been anyone to sell to the Plantation owners…but there was…and it happened.

    So as long as the current day Blacks walk around with a chip on their shoulders because of what happened decades ago, they will never make much of t is trying to make it happen. heir lives because they keep living in the past. It’s time to move on and contribute to our Society and create a good world for your Black children and families. It’s time to get involved, but not by tearing down the very people who, one way or the other, got you to America.

    This “Hate White Americans” crap is old and trite and has lost all its meaning. Know that “Black Lives Matter” is nothing but a chaos machine for George Soros, waiting for America to flat line — and the Black attitude (encouraged by Soros) is taking us there. Be smarter than Soros. spit back in his face and support your CountryQ Obviously, any action you have taken to this point hasn’t worked for you nor your Culture. Try a different one. Try truths! Kick Soros to the curb and be an American with pride. Know who you support and “Why”. Time to put the American people first and slam dunk the P.C. fake language for what it is…fake, disruptive, and hurting. We can do this!

  92. Man – these writers must NOT be able to interact with women in the first place…..

  93. What in hell is wrong with you people? You are proving that you are IDIOTS!!!

  94. Marlene Marty Fowler-helfrick

    Delusional and paranoid. What next? You can’t look at someone and they get offended because you looked at them? Pure bullshit.

  95. No self respecting bird will let you line their cage with the NYT. If this idiot “writer” was really concerned with racism why doesn’t he write about how NYC has the most segregated public school system in the U.S. I’m sure if this were true about anywhere down south this idiot Greg Howard would have in panties in a twist about the redneck racist – 24/7.


  96. The one time I visited New York City, I was totally appalled by the utter rudeness I encountered. And it wasn’t just White females who demonstrated it, either. It was members of every gender and race known to man. In short, equality of opportunity rudeness was perpetrated upon everyone equally, except by the elites I encountered. They managed to keep themselves out and above the fray at all times. Encountering them at the theater to view the musical “1776” in 1976 was a breath of fresh air which temporarily renewed my faith in mankind. And then I was forced to endure mountains of smelly garbage piled on the sidewalks due to the garbage strike by union workers, and traffic grid everywhere in the city due to a trucker’s strike. Mafia-like goons just parked their trucks in the middle of the streets in protest and walked away, creating total chaos in their wake. But they didn’t care how much havoc they created. They were out to get a bigger chunk of the municipal taxpayer’s pie, just as sidewalk occupiers in New York are determined to protect their ever shrinking personal space due to ever-increasing over-population due to excessive immigration which is totally geared to displacing Americans with foreign-born Socialists!

  97. I wonder if he is polite enough to move over for any woman ? What an absolute moron !

  98. What a racist immature ASS.

  99. What an idiot! White women don’t move over for him when walking on the sidewalk so their walk is”racist!” What a complete fool. Just looking for something to make offensive. I suspect that is because they don’t SEE you. They have better things on their mind than you, jerk.

  100. He wants to play superior because he is black and everyone should bow to him. He is the racist one. Always the victim. I am getting so tired for their victimness.

  101. He say’s “White women refusing to move over for him on the sidewalk!” and ““In seven years of living and walking here, I’ve found that most people walk courteously – but that white women, at least when I’m in their path, do not,” Howard wrote. What is he doing standing in, as he calls it “their path?” What is this Muslim mentality where if he stands in her path she must go around him? Should she lower her eyes as she passes? What a schmuck. What is this reject walking around looking for white women and standing in their path trying to force them to walk around him? And as far as his claim they are afraid of him cause he’s black. If they were afraid they would walk around. Howard is a racist plain and simple to even make such a claim.

  102. It is the most stupid conclusion I have ever heard. Who is this guy?? Was he dropped on his head as a child? Who looks for this stuff? It must be a SLOOOWWWW news day.

  103. I cannot believe this crap–most blacks are in some way racist, some more than others but this guy is over the hill and always will be so to answer him is futile. That log gets heavier everyday. Men b or w will move for the lady–right

  104. It’s OK for the left to say whatever they want because they are protected by their leader of the devil, as they have sold their souls to the devil. Those on the left who call the right names or guilty of everything they call the right except on steroids. The only way to get rid of this disease does the killing it . You don’t fight cancer by threatening it you have to kill it.

  105. If this is to bothersome for this fucking idiot, then I suggest that the city of New York allow this piece of shit to walk in the traffic lanes. Maybe he will get cars to move over for his weak minded whiner. He does not need to be writing in the news, he needs to locked away until he gets his fucking head straight. Which will probably never happen.

  106. People who write such nonsense should be institutionalized. No one should pay any attention to these pathetic so-called writers.

  107. Apparently the NYT no longer has an editorial staff which knows opinion from nonsense…but I am quite sure someone will defend this bit of stupidity…

  108. ToadStoolManor1

    Really!? The far left liberal African Americans salivates at ANY opportunity to create an odious issue regarding any nuance of ‘da crakas out ta git me.’ I have known some really decent black folk over the years who would not fit in this category, but sadly, seems more and more do these days.

  109. Yes, it’s stupid alright… to the point where I hope he’ll immediately look back and grimace with embarrassment at how ridiculous he is by BEING the racist, and white women will intentionally give him a wide berth when approaching him, at his own request.

  110. Has anyone on this page read the actual article this “author” is referring to? It’s SO easy to provide a link to the NY Times so we can see this so called ridiculous article but the author fails to do this? Why? Because this is fake news aimed at getting a bunch of old white people riled up.

    • Greg Howard is the “author”.
      Many such articles, from many different sites have referenced this article.
      It seems convenient for liberals to feign ignorance, where such examples of their agenda are so evident.

  111. The NYT – just the usual … ‘try to make news where there isn’t any’ … article. The trash dump is the only fitting place for the scum called The NYT.

  112. PoorPitifulPearl

    At one point I was that white woman walking up Wisconsin Ave. in Milwaukee in my business suit, hat and gloves, and 2 or 3 inch heels to get to work. Yes, I was also wearing a real smile because I was a high school graduate who needed to work to earn money for college and had landed a typist job (the first electric typewriter I had ever seen!). I didn’t want to wait for that second bus to go up the hill from Water Street, so I walked the four blocks uphill, just happy to be employed at $.95 per hour. 1962 was a good year for me at 17. Men employed downtown generally wore suits and hats and were ever so polite and would always pass on the outside with a nod or a smile. Evidently this Howard from NYT is a throwback to Neanderthal times and doesn’t know how to behave in public, particularly around women.

    I think part of the problem is the feminist movement that is straining the relationship between men and women, and Howard had never been taught that to receive politeness, he needed to be polite himself. There is no reason that a woman should have to move aside, provided she’s not hogging the entire walkway–and she’s not a blatant feminist.

  113. Typical new york liberal. Racism is seen by them at every turn. Wonder if he thinks the sun coming up is racist.

  114. What? The white women don’t swing their asses enough like the black women or vice versa when they walk. Or they aren’t wearing headphones? This is so ridiculous that it is sickening. The blacks and others should be tired of hearing themselves whining like banshees. Get a life already !!!

  115. Mr. Manfredgensenden

    He’s obviously gay and hates women of ANY race. And ‘admin’ bulls-eyed the Liberal view point unknowingly…they see ONLY what they WANT to see ALL THE TIME.

  116. I caution that we don’t fall into the pit-those that have such depression over the election they are mentally ill. Like terrorists who can see little value in life, they have lost their values, boundaries of respect. It is a time of testing, not to be drawn downward into their pit of hate and despair. Even as America becomes great again…jobs, good health-care, protected lives of all races born and unborn, they would yet be miserable, demonize, suck the joy out of you. Best to ignore as much as is possible, and by all means celebrate successes!

  117. They don’t see You !! Unless their Smart Phone is on Camera !! Watch Out for Big Mama She gonna sideswipe your skinny A$$ into the Street.

  118. This stuff is getting old. Get over it, your black and it’s not the White man’s fault. You guys are pathetic get a life and stop blaming your shortcomings on the whiteman…

  119. Sounds like the writer is a “SnowFlake” but that cannot be since he is of a darker
    complexion than those he is attacking and the would be RACIST. Sounds like
    an idiot just looking for any reason to show his ass in public. It is quite obvious
    the he was never taught manner from his mother are other family members. Men,
    regardless of skin tone, move over to let women pass, it is common courtesy. But
    then he is just another pile of crap looking for a fight and chooses someone he
    thinks he can beat. Like to see him try that on some Black Ladies that I know
    and the results would be he would need a diaper change when he woke up.

  120. The New York Times is nothing but a sore newspaper and if they don’t like the way people walk or they talk or your white they can kiss our ass and get out of the country. We’re tired of the communist bullshit stirring races against one another.

  121. Stephen Griffith

    I have a question for Mr. Greg Howard, did your mother not teach you to respect all women? I was taught that you show respect to all women, no matter their race, creed or color. I even will open a door for any woman no matter her race, creed or color. That is what I was taught growing up, I was told that is how a gentlemen is to conduct himself in public. For everyone has the same God given rights, & respect is earned. I’ve been called, a selfrighteous bully for telling the Truth about such things. Well I’m just an Ole Red-neck that still thinks that one should respect the Ladies, for many are Moms etc.

  122. Jim Nada Culo-bacio

    hey dipshit, you can move over too, stop your racist shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! obama era is OVER. Time overdue to get back to normalcy. Honor respect etc you blacks act like you are the slave master and the whites are the slaves. You all are the racists get over it. If you dont like it in USA. MOVE BACK TO AFRICA!!!!!!!!!

  123. Is chivalry dead? Yes, according to Greg Howard. He probably isn’t much to look at any way??

  124. More bile from the black privilege racists.

  125. I’ve always understood that it is the gentlemanly thing to do, for any man to move over when a woman of any race is coming toward him.

  126. IN regard to this article, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. This is a joke, huh? If not, it is the funniest, dumbest thing I have read in a while.

  127. Michael Stewart

    Why should either have to move for either. I walk on one side of the sidewalk so other can pass just like cars do on streets. If An individual is in my way I will politely say excuse me may I pass. I do this regardless of whether it is a man or a woman. I give everyone the same respect.

  128. ONLY A TRUE RACIASTAND MALE C________ PIG WOULD SAY WHAT YOU ARE SAYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  129. Next will be the screaming queens from the LGBTQURTHRNFHGGITJT or whatever it is they are calling themselves today saying that they want special right of way rights or they are being persecuted. This is just another steaming pile of stinking cr@p.

  130. Frankly, I thought the practice of the male moving aside to allow the females to pass was, well, just being polite. Now, this boob sees it as racist since, apparently, only white women are the offenders, and will probably demand some kind of compensation from the city of N.Y. I say to the boob, tough, get over yourself.

  131. OldHighlandGuyOne

    Howard=Racist punk

  132. YOU FUCKING NIGGERS do whatever you want. Right away a WHITE PERSON does it it is RACIST!!! THAT TROUBLE MAKING NIGGER should roll over in his grave.

    • Vinny, you and others like you, are a large part of the problem. Serious issues require serious (and civil) answers. When you resort to profanity, obnoxious nicknames and gutter talk, your message is usually ignored or lost or responded to by those who live for the game of “mental masturbation”, which is a very contagious disease. If you would not “say it” to your spouse, mother, grandparents, children or a judge, have the foresight to not place your gutter talk on the internet for the whole world to see just how low class you are.

  133. If he is that much of a racist, perhaps he should be grateful he is permitted to walk on the same sidewalk as a white person. This idiot probably chants ‘racism is dead, long live racism’, a useful lackey for keeping racism alive and well. Well, he got his name in the news. That`s probably his motivation all along, to get something stirred up , to show his boss how valuable he is.

  134. I’ve lived in NYC for over 20 years and I’ve noticed the same thing that Mr. Howard has except that I would expand it to include Asian, some Hispanic and even some African-American women. Like Mr Howard, I’m not sure whether it’s self absorption or feministic anger. I doubt it’s racist on my part as I am an elderly white guy. Maybe it’s ageism.

  135. howard = turboturd, nytimes = fish wrap/bird cage liner..

  136. At least I don’t walk with my pants down to the knees and walk weird to keep the pants from falling to the ankles.

  137. Greg Howard, if it is at night you can smile really big and open your eyes wide so that you can be seem. You are the racist one. Why is it only white people can be racist. Many black people show and prove daily that they are as racist if not more than any one else. It seems as though you maybe go out of your way to get in their way. Is that the only way you can get a white woman to look at you? Do you lust for a white woman? YOU are the one with the problem. Get the hell out of their way, or get ran over.

  138. Why would anybody come up with this kind of crap? Most people just move out of each others way to avoid a collision! Is this guy too fat to move?

  139. One has to accept the fact the left is devoid of any form of civility in their persona. Common acts of courtesy has been removed from schools and replaced with a total disrespect for any form of law. Lawlessness permeated the Obama government from the White House to the outhouse. What do you expect when you have a glorification of Amoral teachings and propaganda?

  140. Where I come from we all think NYT writers are all racist!

  141. At least I don’t wear my pants at the knees and have to walk weird to keep them from falling to the ankles

  142. A question. Are they young woman, as in teens to 30’s. i think it matters not what race they are but that they weren’t taught courtesy. That goes for the young men also. This is not every one but a part that is too large.

  143. I don’t care what that idiot thinks. Even the libturd idiots at Univision said that Moochelle Obozo looked like she came from a Planet of the Apes movie. They would eat each other alive if they saw any value in it.

  144. And NIGGERS walk with their BIG ASSES and MOUTHS!!!


  146. At least the white women don’t depend on chickens to teach them how to walk.

  147. Actually most men move out of the way for awoman. If he feels a white woman should move out the way for him it would be more like he is male chauvinist and he feels women are beneath him and should move. Maybe we should talk about how he is degrading women and how he feels they are beneath him

  148. All I can say is KEEP RIGHT A-Hole! Just like a car is supposed to do. Encroach on a lane, and everybody is going to honk their horn at the offender.

  149. Hey, the Demon-Craps have let them get away with it for 100 + years. Just like dogs when you head for the treat jar. So what if white women have a certain walk, I kinda like it when I’m behind one, and there isn’t a black guy out there that wouldn’t take a white woman over his other choice. Tuff s**t if you don’t like it.

  150. Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    Sounds to me as if this “journalist” wishes that he was a white woman!! With so many people unhappy with the roll
    that God Almighty has given them, it is hard to tell the players without a program. They can’t be content with who and what they were created to be. Males want to be with other males, women with other women, transsexuals, cross dressers, and so on, ad nauseum. We are constantly bombarded with individuals who say they want something else!!! If they can’t tell what bathrooms to use, how can they tell which side of the street to walk on???
    All of the problems in the world start and end with selfishness. Come on lets see how childish and obnoxious we can be!!!!

  151. What!! Because they don’t walk like a monkey with their pants below their butts?

  152. So, exactly what does a racist look like when he or she walks? What is, or are, the ‘tell-tale signs’ of a racist when I see what ‘might’ be a racist walking???
    TO: NYT writer Greg Adams
    Whenever “ANYONE” places an entire group of people into one classification they are telling you, the reader, they don’t have a clue what they are talking about. However, since their writing is aimed mostly at the far left and liberals, the writer for the most part is not concerned with challenges as many extremists will read and not question the validity of what they are writing.

  153. It’s like you’ve never been anywhere else, because my third wife was from YN and she was the same way, along with every other woman I met in NY and NJ. I can tell you one thing that both Hillary and Obama didn’t help, neither the black man nor the white woman, with their rantings and racial slurs and hate campaign.
    Hillary knocked the woman’s movement back nearly 70 years, while her counter part Barry replenished the worthiness of the black race nearly 100, as they stirred the hate for authority back nearly 200 years, making people despise any kind of socially civil control. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6ee3521f0b459f4869dc642cbef8c2fc40124f38f383d558f0d31794433eaf55.jpg

  154. Is there anything in the whole world now that isn’t racist? So sick of these sick people.

  155. I think the writer is really saying that unless the white woman is hanging on the arm of a black man, they’re racist.

  156. William McNamara

    If these “white women” were to move out of your way, you would cry racism yet again because they moved. Get a life, please.

  157. This is no gentleman, because it is he who should move over for a woman. It has nothing to do with race but leave it to an african to find the racism in it. Whine, whine and more whining. I think he would be happier living in a mud hut with no running water, I’ll even buy him the loin cloth to wear upon his return to the homeland. Ungrateful!

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