NYT Times Admits: We’re Not Giving Trump Credit For ISIS Victory

Only a couple of weeks ago, there was a parade in downtown Baghdad as Iraqis boisterously celebrated the ultimate defeat of ISIS in their country. Not so many months earlier, President Trump was triumphant in ISIS’s imminent demise in Raqqa, Syria. And just this month, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that he was pulling his troops out of the region, with ISIS’s defeat finally secure. After terrorizing the Middle East for more than three years and battling back against Obama’s feckless attempts to contain them, ISIS is essentially no more.

So why is no one making a big deal about it?

It was not that long ago that ISIS looked like the embodiment of everything its predecessor, al Qaeda, wanted to be. Unlike that diseased organization, the Islamic State was not only inspiring and launching terrorist attacks in the West, they were taking actual territory for their so-called Caliphate. They had designs on toppling the Syrian government and ruling in Assad’s stead, forming the first true Islamic Republic under the painfully-oppressive rules of Sharia Law.

And now none of that is going to happen. And it’s not going to happen because President Donald Trump unleashed hellfire on them.

So…again we ask, why is no one making a big deal about Trump’s enormous victory?

Well, a columnist for no less than the New York Times has a theory about that, and we were as shocked to hear it as you will be. Ross Douhat wrote this weekend that there were a few reasons why the demise of ISIS had gone underreported. One, it’s because Trump is too busy getting mired in feud after newsmaking feud, leaving little time for the press to focus on hard news. Okay, that’s somewhat fair, we’ll admit. Two, because Americans are wary about celebrating this victory prematurely, certain that another terrorist organization will just pop up in ISIS’s wake. And yes, that’s definitely got some truth to it as well.

But try this one on for size:

This is also a press failure, a case where the media is not adequately reporting an important success because it does not fit into the narrative of Trumpian disaster in which our journalistic entities are all invested.

I include myself in this indictment. Foreign policy is the place where the risks of electing Trump seemed to me particularly unacceptable, and I’ve tended to focus on narratives that fit that fear, from the risk of regional war in Middle East to the perils in our North Korean brinksmanship.

Those fears are still reasonable. But all punditry is provisional, and for now, the Trump administration’s approach to the Middle East has been moderately successful, and indeed close to what I would have hoped for from a normal Republican president following a realist-internationalist course.

How about THAT?

We’re sure Douhat will be persona non grata around the New York Times office for a few weeks for daring to write even (very) faint praise for President Trump, but we’ll buy him a beer next time we’re in Manhattan. Could this be the beginning of a larger media thaw towards this president. Are people on the left finally starting to wake up and realize, Oh wait…it’s really not that bad?

Well, probably not. But it’s nice to see they can pop their head out of the bubble every once in a while and see the world for what it really is.

Even if it’s only for a moment or two.

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  1. Faint praise? More like forced, reluctant praise. How dare he, or any of the ‘mainstream media’ call themselves journalists. They lost that right the minute they traded fairness and accuracy for open bias and one sided advocacy.

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    • Agree wholeheartedly!

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    • “Nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper. Truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into that polluted vehicle. The real extent of this state of misinformation is known only to those who are in situations to confront facts within their knowledge with the lies of the day” – Thomas Jefferson 1807

      Mark Twain was also quoted as saying “If you don’t read the newspaper you are un-informed. If you do read the newspaper you are mis-informed.”

      So the history of this “profession” is not a very good one.

      • It’s a great history. You just don’t know it.

        • You must be a reporter



          • The Thomas Jefferson quote was from the 1800’s – The Mark Twain quote from the 1900’s and here we are in the 2000’s. Doesn’t seem like much has changed to me.

      • Many years ago, people waited anxiously every day to receive their newspaper to learn what was going on in the world. Today, that’s a joke. So many people now have cancelled their newspaper subscription and search the internet in search of reliable news. Even with that, one has to be selective because there is so much fake stuff being thrown out to see how many gullible people will bite. Journalism is essentially on life support.

        • Newspaper subscriptions are so bad in my area that the local paper started throwing it out to every house free to keep their promise of circulation to the advertisers. Now they are just throwing what looks like a paper in the yards but all it is is the ads. We are looking into the possibility of a class action lawsuit for littering – to make them stop – as most people have to walk out – pick it up and throw it away – it is a nuisance.

          • The only ones that suffer are the men that get those papers to roll off the lines……At least they are working and putting food on their table plus a roof over their heads……

            The reporters are the ones ruining it for all those good men with their propaganda and lies…….

          • I don’t know if it is the reporters or the publishers who are pushing their agendas. If they would just print the news and leave their opinions for the opinion page they would be much better off. I usually try to read the Stars and Stripes – a military newspaper – they just put what happened in the news and let you decide for yourself what you think. – The way it ought to be. If you remember the old “Dragnet” show – like Sgt. Friday used to say all the time – “Just the facts ma’am ….just the facts.”

        • Is there a way to disconnect the life support? Why support slanted information? American journalists have adopted the idea of disinformation. It’s now “All the news that’s fake to print.”.

          • The only way to cut the left-wing liberal BS factory mainstream media
            off, is for “We The People” to hold them accountable. Petition the
            cities they operate in and the FCC to revoke their individual business /
            broadcast licenses for knowingly putting lies into publication / on the
            air! Bury them in letters, telling them in no uncertain terms, that we
            will no linger read their bile, or watch their BS commentators twist
            the truth. And let them know this state of affairs will continue, until
            they regain the trust of the people by again consistantly printing /
            broadcasting the TRUTH, not their opinions or their analysis of the

          • Thanks and DITTO Bop.

        • I haven’t subscribed to the local newspaper (ass wipe paper) for almost a decade.

      • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

        Love your comment Mike!!!

      • Couldn’t be more true brother.

    • Tellem sister.

  2. an ordinary citizen

    They are not giving Trump credit for anything he has done. Unemployment lowest its been in years, Government handouts lowest in years, stock market highest in years, tax reform will cut taxes by about 15% for the middle class pass thru business owner and all without the help of the republican party who said they would support him. NOw he needs to make anyone getting government handouts pass drug tests or be denied. . MAGA

    • Trump hasn’t done any of that.
      Jobs, and the economy have been growing for years, and it started under Obama.
      And the GOP tax plan is for the rich people. The few middle class tax cut end in eight years, and it’s going to grow the debt.

      • If Democrats voted for the plan with 60 votes tax plan would stay for all time. Where is the group that says they are for equality. No equality for Trump and his administration. I have no respect for any of you and will never. How in the world can anyone vote Democratic after the Bernie fiasco.

        • How can Trump say the tax plain for the middle class when it gives him, and his rich friends the most?
          The question is, how can so many Republicans support this bill?

          • Because I’m middle class and I’ll be getting a break on my taxes. That never would have happened if that scum Clinton had weaseled her way into office.

          • Who says that, Trump himself?
            Even a lot of Republicans had trouble supporting this bill.

          • We all know what kind of Republicans want higher taxes. The neocon RINO phonies like the Bushes, McCain, McConnell, etc. who campaign as being conservative until they get into office and turn out to be the same kind of garbage as the Clintons and Obama. You can have them all in your lousy party. I’ll take an office holder like President Trump who’s improving this country and isn’t a liar or a hypocrite like so many of those who preceded him in the White House.

          • Trump IS a neocon, and a hypocrite, and a liar
            He’s just trying to make him and his rich friends richer.

          • Will Higgins, in my opinion, you are an UNEDUCATED MORON AND appear to be totally clueless! You act like your jealous because some people are successful enough to make “good money” GET A LIFE!!!!!

          • Trump is a narcissistic, delusional, compulsive liar, who is not going to be seen with great love after he leaves office, what do I have to be jealous of?

          • For for one, you could be jealous of anyone with a brain.

          • Still no reason to envy Trump🤣.

          • Well I for one have wasted way to much time reading the mindless crap that tends to show up on this site.

          • You’re talking about the articles right?

          • Once again you’ve described your wannabe king obozo and his followers.

          • “Takes one to call one!” You just defined yourself. You and “Frank B.”
            make good bedfellows.

          • What are you taking about?

          • you are for some reason bothered by the fact that the higher wage earners make so much more than you. You also ignore the fact that without their contribution will beyond their % of the total population pay way more than what some might call their fair share. Trump’s approval numbers right now are very similar to what Obama saw in the same part of his term. You also do not see the many lies told by Obama during his eight years. My main concern is the Trump agenda and his attempts to keep his campaign promises. You reduce your comment to only criticism of him as a person, much of which is incorrect and only your personal opinion. More and more voters are beginning to like what Trump stands for.

          • Actually, Trump lost some rust belt support last week.

          • It is just a tad early to start polling people on the 2020 election. I will start paying attention in about two years.

          • No one can predict how Trump will be viewed when he leaves office. I would expect that his post presidency approvals will depend largely on the job he does while in office. If his accomplishments to date are any indication of his total performance, he will be viewed very favorably. Your personal insults of Trump are a strong indication of your character. You do realize that whenever you are losing a discussion, you resort to the personal insults for lack of having anything to defend your views on actual issues.

          • You tell him sister.

          • Will Higgins, in my opinion, YOU are the liar. FYI, Trump IS NOT TAKING A SALARY. Looks like you are the hypocrite!

          • How am I the hypocrite, I’ve been nothing but consistent.

          • Yep, consistently wrong!!

          • You’re just being a a**hole.

          • Awe poor baby gotta get nasty when his incorrect rambling is constantly proven wrong. I know it’s the libturd way you can’t help yourself with only half a brain to work with.

          • How have I been proven wrong?

          • Absolutely yes.

          • How so?

          • Seldom are you proven right. so i guess the answer is pretty much all the time on every issue.

          • Your use of substandard English tells us a lot about your civility–it is grossly lacking. You come across as a non-contributing individual who considers yourself entitled to things you never worked for. Profane language is an earmark of your kind.

          • I’m still the only one in these comments making actual arguments.

          • And you are correct. You liberals will argue with dead fleas. You argue everything and contribute nothing.

          • I thought liberal were to emotionally fragile for opposing opinions? Get your stereotypes straight!

          • I can support my comments with actual facts. Even when I provide those facts to you with an irrefutable source, you refuse to accept them and continue to say what supports your opinion.

          • You say the same party lines, I’ve given actually sources.

          • Crime statistics come from FBI and that includes hate crimes. Newspapers in california support my comments about the largest welfare states. Just out of curiosity, what have i stated that I have not backed up by independent sources. Provide your link on hate crimes and look at the statistics before posting.

          • There are other social programs besides Welfare.

          • most federal social programs do include some kind of welfare, Name one federal social program that does not.

          • Take another look at your statistics on welfare states and on hate crimes. they contradict your comments. you do however continue your same party line positions.

          • There is no reputable source that supports your positions on welfare, hate crimes or even on the tax cuts. You seem to want to create an issue where there is none. You do not even acknowledge the numerous controversies that happened under Obama’s watch. We lived through the IRS targeting, fast and furious gun running, the Clinton email scandal, Benghazi lies, VA health care scandal. We even saw Congress issue a contempt of congress finding against attorney general HOlder. Name one person who lost their job or was charged with any crime in any of those.

          • You have not lived long enough to have any real life experience to draw from and the sources you reference tend to disprove the point you are trying to make.


          • Constantly wrong in everything you think you know.

          • I give sources for everthing I say.

          • Children books don’t count.

          • What Children’s books?

          • and some of those sources actually prove you to be wrong like that fbi statistics on hate crimes and your comment that the only welfare states are under Republican control, when the fact is that the three largest welfare states are California, New York and Hawaii and I think all three are very liberal and not controlled by republicans.

          • You are still young enough to actually look at facts and be open minded when analyzing them. I assume your parents share your liberal views and probably influence your thinking.

          • Nether of my parents are that political, and my Dad is actually pretty conservative.
            I base my thoughts on myself.

          • Maybe then, you should ask for your fathers opinion before spouting off about issues you know little or nothing about. We all have opinions, but facts are far more important than opinions. For some reason you have chosen liberal views over the alternative. Just try to open up your young mind to new ideas.

          • Correct! Consistently hypocritical.

          • That’s a oxymoron.

          • Check your English grammar. Should be AN oxymoron. And then check definition of “oxymoron.” You missed on two counts.

          • Fine, how have I been hypocritical?

          • You can consistently be a hypocrite, so the two words do not contradict each other. Thus no oxymoron comment. Some people can even occasionally be a hypocrite. For the consistent ones, it pretty much means they do it nearly all the time.

          • consistently wrong on lots of things like economy, crimes committed by blacks, the worst state for welfare participants and so much more.

          • I have sources for all those claims.

          • Even a San Diego paper admits that despite being only 12% of the nations population, the number on welfare in California account for 34% of the nations welfare participants. They also admit that on a per capita basis that California is still third behind New york whichis #1. My statistics on black and white crime come from the FBI. Do you have sources more reliable than the FBI? The top states by the number on welfare are California, New York, Maine, Hawaiii, Kentucky, Mississippi, Kentucky, South Carolina and I would need to check back for the other three of top eleven. None of my comments are intended to demean blacks. I am sure things like poverty play a role in those statistics.

          • California and New York are still the bigger revenue generators.
            And can only find food stamps statistic for some reason?

          • food stamp numbers increase under your idol, Obama. The three largest welfare states are California, New York and Hawaii, not necessarily in that order. California has 34% of the number of welfare participants nation wide.

          • Welfare is not the only social program.

          • No will Welfare is only part of the problem. Medicaid is also a part of the social programs as is the low income housing programs where most of interest is paid for by federal government. My main point is that there should be some point where the social programs end and personal responsibility kicks in.

          • Welfare also includes food stamps, medicaid and housing assistance. so technically welfare pretty much includes everyone who gets federal assistance not earned for any personal need, such as housing, food stamps and financial assistance to households with children. so I guess if you get federal assistance not earned by payments like social security and medicare, you are on welfare.

          • California is by far the largest population state. I gave you the names of states at the top in welfare participation. california alone accounts for 34% of the number nationally on welfare. so there are some cons that go with the strong economy.

          • please enlighten me on what supports your welfare claims and your claims about black vs white crimes and hate crimes. I am always open to clear objective information.

          • I showed the FBI site.

          • I used the very same site and yes i clicked on your link and it supported my contention in full. Per capita, blacks commit more hate crimes than blacks. My figures are the latest available from 2016 and my source is the FBI.

          • It also showed black people are the victims of hates crimes more.

          • numerically yes, after all whites outnumber blacks nearly six to one. Per capita you are way wrong. Blacks per capita commit three times the number of hate crimes as whites.

          • Can you brake down that math?

          • I have given this to you several times. Whites commit 46.3% of all known hate crimes where the race of offender is known. Blacks commit just over 26% of all hate crimes. Clearly if you stop there whites commit numerically more hate crimes. Looking beyond pure numbers, you must then consider that whites outnumber blacks by nearly a six to one margin. Per capita, that translates into blacks being responsible for three times as many hate crimes as whites. These figures come from 2016 from the FBI data base.

          • I thought we were discussing offenders not victims. to get into which races are victims more often is a different subject, yet with pretty much the same per capita statistics.

          • Will you for some reason refuse to take into account the drastic six to one difference in population between blacks and whites. I conceded that numerically you are correct. Per capita, you are way off the true facts.

          • Hate crimes include more than just race. the reason can be racial , gender, LGBT, religious and more. Why do you always want to make a white person worse than other races. That is reverse discrimination especially when facts do not support your point.

          • “There is none so blind as he (Will H.) who will not see!”

          • Mary his kind don’t want to see. They want everything given to them as handouts. Handouts are not entitlements as are Social Security and retirement benefits. Welfare benefits are handouts for which a recipient never worked or contributed toward. Entitlements are proceeds for which someone worked and made contributions to.

          • In reports, I have seen “welfare” and “Social Security” lumped together as if they were the same! I resent that.

          • Mary note carefully in “news” articles lately how those who write up these articles seem to have missed English Composition 101. I’ve sometimes wondered if they got street people at minimum wage to write up these things. It takes a really uneducated person to not know the difference between WELFARE and BENEFITS. So if any are now reading this: BENEFITS ARE ENTITLEMENTS EARNED IN ADVANCE by paying into a system such as SOCIAL SECURITY or retirement programs. WELFARE IS HANDOUTS given to people who never contributed anything in advance. Illegal immigrants are getting handouts, not entitlements.


          • Nobody should receive Social Security benefits who has not paid the required 120 months paycheck deductions (40 quarters of ten years) into the Social Security system. The Founders never provided freebee handouts to freeloaders in the Constitution. Congress can arrange special assistance to people with bona fide infirmities. EBT cards should not be issued to people who ride around in luxury vehicles such as Cadillacs, Lincolns, Lexus, Hummer IIs., BMWs and Mercedes-Benz cars.

          • Thanks Marlene. You punched him good. Low-lifes don’t like the ones who get up and go to work everyday to make an honest living for food on their table. They want to exist with EBT cards paid for by the working folks and then ride around in luxury cars. They hate everyone who, like Donald Trump, has demonstrated success. Donald Trump is a bona fide American Citizen who, as you say Marlene, accepts no salary and donates his “paychecks” to charity. Does Will Higgins donate his paychecks/retirement, or whatever, to charity? I’ll bet NO!

          • Are you sure you didn’t mean to say that Obama is a neocon, and a hypocrite, and a liar. Obama’s is documented. Of course, you haven’t mentioned the paragon of truth, i.e. the Clintons. What about them, Will? Don’t want to talk about them, huh. We can see why! The Clintons are/were pathological, habitual, and congenital liars. Can you deny that? Didn’t think so.

          • We talking about Trump, cut the red hairlines.

          • With all you’ve said it was more like talking about obozo and shitlery.

          • Everyone else this talking about Obama. Weird to no Trump fans want to judge Trump in a vacuum?

          • Come back when you get your head out of your ass. Trump is not a neocon phony. He has nothing in common with scum like the Bushes, McCain, McConnell or any of the other RINOs. That’s why the establishment neocon phonies and their allies the DemoCRAPs all hate him. You’re just too stupid to realize it.

          • Or Trump pretended to be anti-establishment to get idiots like you to vote for him?

          • Morons like you will never give President Trump credit because you’re sore losers who still can’t fathom how the dishonest Clintons lost the election. Not everybody is as stupid as you liberals or the establishment RINOs.

          • Trump is a liar, and is a big fat swamp monster.

          • Keep crying in your beer, jerk. We put up with 8 years of Obama’s corruption and dishonesty. Now you’ll have to put up with our president who is the exact opposite of that bum, Obama.

          • Trump is by far more corrupt, and dishonest.

          • Lmfbo only an uninformed uneducated ignorant dipshit would say that. You’re still upset and jealous your wannabe queen shitlery lost. Get over yourself chief, you’re acting like an elementary school kid who won’t accept he lost the race. Go cry somewhere else little boy.

          • Why do Trump supporters seem to be more obsessed with the election then Clinton?

          • Your comment alone just proved what liars and hypocrites you left wingers are. No wonder you all adore Obama the crook so much.

          • Will this shows how ilinformed you are . Stop making yourself look so sad. Stop while you can , you keep digging a deeper hole for yourself.

          • Once more you show how inept you are at supporting yourself on the important issues. You always fall back on personal attacks. In my mind Trump has honored his promises.

          • Why don’t you pretend to have a brain and stfu already. Just can’t admit when you’re wrong can you?

          • You the one who still thinks Trump is for the people against ‘the establishment’.

          • I voted for Trump due to what he was promising and he is working hard now to keep those promises. How often does that happen. Many of his promises are now honored and by the end of his term, all of them will be. I like some one who keeps his word.

          • No that would be obozo. You obviously don’t know anything about the the new tax plan if you did you wouldn’t be sitting here telling lies like all your dimwit buddies who are so totally bling all because they can’t handle losing.

          • It give massive tax cuts to the biggest cooperations, and small temporary cut to working class people.

          • Those big corporations in many instances are sharing those tax savings with employees with pay increases and bonuses. The working class tax cuts are for a minimum of eight years and even if that ends, they have been better off for eight years, where without the tax cut would have had smaller pay checks for those eight years. I doubt any politician who wants to be reelected will let those tax cuts expire in eight years.

          • Robert Wayne, THANK YOU AND AMEN!

          • If I may add my two cents: For the first time in horrendous eight years under Obama, Social Security recipients will see a 2% increase. Under Obama, increases were paltry each year because he refused to use the Cost of Living Formula as used previously.

            In 2016, under Obama, the last “increase” was .5%.


            Also, hopefully, President Trump will get rid of the so-called “Windfall Elimination Provision.

            WEP unfairly penalize SS recipients who, although complied with SS benefits requirements, often to the yearly maximum cap, have their benefits halved due to recieving a pension from another source where they did not pay SS taxes.

            Congress classified these SS recipients as “Double Dippers”…totally unfair. These so-called DDs followed the rules, only to be penalized after 30-40 years working by a Congress which, BTW, has awarded themselves with “Golden Parachute” pensions completely tax-payer paid for (they don’t contribute a dime).

            And after serving all of only 6 years, become eligible.

            Also, Slick Willy imposed a tax on SS…another broken promise from democrats, which helped him leave the surplus his successor, Dubya quickly and foolishly squandered.

          • It’s good to see somebody else on here who has enough sense to see how worthless both the Democrats and their neocon RINO allies are.

          • There were many years with no increase at all in either my ss disability or my VA disability. The military got their biggest pay raise in many years all thanksvto our great President Trump. Under obozo even the military had measly pay raises if they got any at all.

          • It did happen: Under Nixon’s draconian efforts to avoid a depression; under Carter’s inept leadership as examples.

            Difference: Obama, completely out of his element, surrounded by reckless advisors, as did Dubya before him, left the econmic barn door open after the horse left.






          • an ordinary citizen


          • but it seems the bill is going to pass as of today

          • Doesn’t mean it’s any good.

          • maybe not for you you just have to out up with it or move to sandland

          • Unless you rich, that plan in no good.

          • Even those who now pay no income tax will get a refundable tax credit for each child of $1400 that will then reduce payroll tax paid like social security. for those who do pay tax, they are allowed to offset those taxes by $2000 per child. which doubles current tax credit. Everyone one wins and mos of tax savings will be spent starting in February, which will grow the economy.

          • Owners of big businesses have already said the tax saving will not go to job growth.

          • They have the right to determine on a one by one basis what they do with the savings. It could be used to grow corporation and create new jobs. It could be paid to stock holders as higher dividends per share or they could buy back outstanding stock. Small family business will likely reinvest and that is where new jobs are created , not at Apple, or General motors.

          • But it’s big businesses who are getting the most.

          • Our corporate tax rate drops from 35% which was the highest in the world down to 21% which will finally be competitive with other countries. Big Corporations do not pay tax. The tax paid gets passed on to consumers in higher prices for goods and service. This change is positive at all levels and all taxpayers gain from it. Next year when they see more money in their checks, they will start to support Trump.

          • The tax cuts are going to the business owners, not their customers, or their employees.

          • Small businesses are owned by individuals and families mostly. This is where most new hires and true growth happens. At this level, we will likely see most of those savings go for higher wages or expansion. Big corporations could go in any number of directions or combinations in how they pass on their tax savings. Every business considers tax they may pay in setting prices, which are then paid when consumers purchase goods or services.

          • But the largest tax cuts are not going to small businesses.

          • Tax in every area were too high. Those in middle income will benefit and those in low brackets or no brackets will see some relief. the top rate is still high at 37% for individuals. How much do you think those at top should pay. Most of tax now is paid by top 10%.

          • The top breakets don’t need tax relief, they already doing great.

          • The rates went down for every tax bracket. The fact is that most of income tax collected come from highest wage earners. The top 1% now pay nearly 40% of all income tax collected. The top 5% pay nearly 60% of all income tax collected and the top 10% pay more than70% of the total income tax collected. Stated differently only 30% of all income tax paid is paid by the remaining 90% of tax payers. In one sense, we are penalizing success, but they have not grumbled too much. How much more than the current 70% do you think those in top brackets should pay.

          • The rich have done nothing but ‘grumbled’ about by funding Republican who campaign on cutting taxes.
            And the middle class tax cut end in eight years.

          • The individual tax cuts for all tax brackets do end in ten years. I do not understand your point about the rich.

          • The cooperate tax is what is for the rich, that’s why it is permanent.

          • all you need is a sand box

          • I don’t get your joke?

          • you need to move to the middle east where there isn’t anything but sand.

          • That’s a bad joke.

          • it’s not a joke if you tell the muslims that your not a good american they may even give you a sand box to live in but you have to watch out for cats they love to crap in the boxes

          • You are just a troll.🖕

          • is that your I.Q.?

          • No, it’s your.

          • you owned it

          • or is it how many muslims in your family?

          • I don’t have any Muslim relatives.

          • they don’t have to be relatives to live with you

          • I’ll bet you thought Obamacare was a great bill also. LOL

          • If the GOP would stop trying to sabotage it?

          • maybe for you

          • Unless you own a major cooperation, it not good for you either.

          • Because otherwise, you tax cuts are small, and temporary.

          • 8 years is long enough to see if the cuts work and if they do renewal will be almost guaranteed. How much each family gets depends on number of children and how much they make. I expect americans to win by lower tax and by seeing wages rise as businesses pass savings to their employees

          • A couple of grand for some is a nice gift, don;t you think?

          • What that’s like one mortgage payment?

          • You amaze me will. Taxpayers finally get a break and will have more disposable income to spend on foods and services and you have the audacity to mock $2000 extra that some will get. That mortgage payment was a burden before, but now with this extra money, they can buy more school clothes for kids or maybe that car that was 20 years old can be replaced with one that is only 10 years old. The family getting that $2000 will be very grateful and will know who pushed for this. Those getting an increase in gross pay will also appreciate their new disposable income. I am retired and do not benefit directly, but I am happy that many will. ABOUT DAMNED TIME that our taxpayers see something done for them.

          • The extra money is OK, just in this case, it’s a cover for oversized tax cuts for the rich.

          • The rich do pay a disproportionate part of the income tax on a dollar basis. I guess you think they should not get a break. I am not jealous of those who make more than I make.

          • Wealthy people, by definition already get breaks.
            It’s not about jealousy.

          • What is it then. They pay most of income tax paid in this country already. What more should they be asked to do. I have no right to any of their earnings nor to grumble about others getting paid more. If not jealousy what is it. Their earnings belong to them not to you or others who clearly make less.

          • Just because they have a job doesn’t mean they deserve all that money.
            The wage gape between CEOs and their average employees has grown over the past few decades.

          • And when did it become your job without personal knowledge of how they got there. Just because they make more does not mean they don’t earn it. Either way it is none of your dag goned business.

          • When your priority is making as much money as possible, earnings it fairly can call by the way side.

          • You never give up, do you. Now wanting to be more successful is wrong. Certainly some get rich by taking advantage of others. What is wrong with wanting to improve the lifestyle of your family. Getting a good education and working hard are both admirable traits. I say to those who attain success. GOOD FOR YOU!

          • Most of those in the high income brackets earn that money by having high demand qualifications. Some even started at the bottom and worked their way up. Those who do not deserve it will likely be found out and will lose their job. I have never been jealous or critical of those who made more than me. I just honed my skills and worked my way up also. Hard work does pay off.

          • I am still waiting for you to tell me how much you think the fair share of the higher wage earners is. The top wage earners pay a very disproportionate part of the total income tax collected each year. How much is too much and conversely , how much is too little.

          • On the CEO salary deal, I tend to agree. That can be blamed on board of directors who hired him and set his contract.

          • Just because they make more money also does not mean they do not deserve to earn more.

          • it does not matter whether they deserve it or not. They earned it and what someone else makes or spends is none of you business. It is their money not yours. Worry about what you earn and quite wasting your time meddling in other peoples finances.

          • I think we should thank them for making up for the large number who pay no tax, not punish them for having a good job or for financial success. How much more do you think is their fair share?

          • it’s still a tax cut and I have it now

          • For now.

          • now is better than never

          • Will it be better when the debt goes up?

          • we will see

          • Will Higgins, apparently it was the RINO republicans having trouble supporting the bill — but at least it passed! Furthermore, TRUMP IS ONE OF THE GREATEST PRESIDENTS THAT WE HAVE HAD IN A REAL LONG TIME! HE CANNOT BE BOUGHT. And that is more than I can say for the last President and some BEFORE HIM! trump is NOT taking a salary and already has made a start in “making America GREAT AGAIN”!

          • The tax bill is a hot mess.
            Don’t you know Trump is making more money from his own businesses then his salary, and is using his office to make more money. Name one thing he’s done that isn’t for rich people.

          • His businesses have already been successful. He is actually losing business because crying snowflakes won’t stay in his hotels.

          • He’s done a hell of a lot more than Obama! He works instead of taking vacations.

          • Then what dose he do at morrow Lago all the time?

          • Obama was the golf king. Look it up in your little book-its a fact which even you will have to deal with.

          • Can’t spell either can you? The more you comment the more your lack of intelligence shows.

          • So I mispelled Mar-a-Lago, my point still stands.

          • I never complained when the Obama’s went to Hawaii every winter.j Trump owns property there and golfs along with work. Being president is a seven days per week and 365 days per year job. Even on Vacation, the president is working. That includes your idol Obama.

          • Trump golfs WAY more the Obama.
            So Obama just went home for Christmas.

          • Obama lived in Chicago or did you forget the home he bought there and that he was Senator from Illinois when he ran for president. As for the golf, i do not care how much Trump golfs and did not care how much Obama played when he was President. It takes a couple of hours to play 18 holes, so 100 rounds would be 200 hours. SO WHAT! BOTH PLAYED USUALLY ON WEEKEENDS.

          • Obama grew up in Hawaii.

          • His mother left Hawaii when he was very young and took him to another state. He was too young then to even remember Hawaii. He left the United states at around age 6 with his mother and lived there for five or six years. He did return to Hawaii to finish school , but as a young man attended college out of Hawaii. He has never lived in Hawaii as an adult. He does own a home in Chicago and rents a home in DC. Any trip made as President was kind of like being a tourist.

          • Being born there, and finishing high school seems like he would feel at home there?

          • Then why did he not buy a home there when he finished college. He owns a home in chicago not Hawaii.

          • Because he started his career in Illinois.

          • He started his career in New York after finishing law school. He worked for a law firm there for a short time. He lived in Indonesia for five years from age 6 to age 11. He attended a private school in Hawaii during high school. No information is available on how the tuition in that private school was paid. From there he went to Occidental college in California at age 18. Little information is available on how he paid his tuition and living expenses in California. the same applies to law school in New York. From new York he for some reason moved to Chicago. No further information on that is available.

          • other than part time professor at the law school and as a community organizer, what career did he have. To my knowledge he did not practice law and never worked for a law firm in chicago. I really wonder how he qualified for a loan on his home in Chicago when his income was never very high from the private sector. He did draw pay as a United States Senator for about three years and in the Illinois legislature for maybe six or eight years. His resume was really pretty thin.

          • Obama has not lived in Hawaii for thirty years, so how do you think he could possibly feel at home there.

          • Why does Trump go to Florida all the time then?

          • Ask Trump. he likes Mar a Lago and only goes for the weekend. He can relax a little there and play golf and get some fresh air. I guess he goes because he can!

          • I was never bothered by the Obama trips to Hawaii or anywhere else. I am also not bothered by Our current President going to Florida for an occasional weekend of relaxation. the Job is very stressful and both of them needed an occasional break to relax. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Trump’s home is in Trump tower in New York, not Florida.

          • Because he can. He is after all our President.

          • I doubt he remembers a whole lot about his first three years after birth. His mother moved East to the Mainland when he was three years old. He did spend from age 11 to age 18 in Hawaii. Except for his taxpayer paid visits has never returned. I think he may be the first President in history to remain in washington after their term ended.

          • Look that up and tell me what years, he actually lived there.

          • Obama moved with his mother to the mainland when really young say age 3. At age six he moved to Indonesia with his mother until age 11. He moved back to Hawaii with his mom at age 11 and finished school there. At age 18, he moved away again to california, new york and later to Chicago, where he became junior senator. He served as Senator for part of one term, most of which he spent campaigning for President. I think he served as Senator from around 2005 until he was elected President in 2008. He has not lived in Hawaii since age 18.

          • Oh , hot mess this language comes from a child . Will go back to school if you can . You just gave it all away!

          • The whole bill is a joke. The cooperations say they won’t use the extra money for jobs, and the GOP says they going to use these plain as a excuse to much Mediacare and social security.

          • That would be an excuse not a excuse. Not only are thoughts wrong so is your grammar.

          • A missing ‘n’ does not disprove my point.

          • Brought back and created over two million jobs. Cut more burdensome regulations than I can count. He kicked isis’s ass big time aand ius now doing the same to the taliban. He’s restoring our military to once again become the strongest most well armed and technologically advanced in the world. Unlike obozo he loves our country and is doing everything to make iut better for everyone. He’s standing up to North Korea which no previous president has done in over five decades. Do I really need to keep going?

          • Thanks Munge. Great post. “A mind convinced against it’s will is of the same opinion still.” Higgins is like “Frank B.”. His mind is made up. He is not worth anyone’s time here.

          • Yeah I just blocked his ignorant ass. I know we can’t fix stupid but we can mess with it.

          • Stupidity is not worth my time to mess with. I’ve got better things to do with time. I’m sure you and everyone else posting here have/has better ways to use time than to respond to stupidity. Most postings on the internet are civil and are of adult level. A minority come from people with aberrant personalities and outlooks. They also have the right to freedom of speech and of the press…thanks to the wisdom of some old geezers 228 years ago who also supported free enterprise.

          • No jobs are coming back, and job growth started under Obama. Isis was falling before Trump took office, and he’s done nothing to help defeat them, and is not doing anything to the Taliban. The military doesn’t need ‘restoring’ it was never cut down. It’s never been under funded, or cut back, name one bad thing Obama ever did to the military.
            Trump is just trolling Kim Jong Yel and is doing nothing to deal with him.
            Trump doesn’t care about America.

          • You’re so completely blind I don’t have to try and fix you moron. The saying you can’t fix stupid is meant for idiots like you. If I want any more shit from you I’ll beat it out of you asshole.

          • IF I was wrong you would be giving me actual proof, not petty insults.

          • The doubling of child tax credit will benefit those with children. As for the salary, that is donated to charity every quarter. His companies have cut way back and the new projects now are very rare. I have never been jealous of those who were more successful. I spent my energy figuring how to increase my own income and my hard work in that department was successful.

          • Her gets more money from his business he didn’t disinvest from.

          • He turned management of those companies over to his two oldest sons, (Don Jr. and Eric) I doubt that he has much time outside of being President to spend much time on Trump enterprises.

          • He still gets money from them.

          • you are trying to make something out of nothing. Bfd

          • Management of his companies are handled by his two oldest sons, So what if he does get money from them. He did build them up , but chose to stay out of the day to day affairs. Did Obama continue to get royalties from his books during his presidency.

          • Obama’s books were not a conflict of interests.

          • Will Higgins, We, the people, support TRUMP because we TRUST HIM. He doesn’t need to lie, cheat and steal like most politicians! He is NOT taking a salary and he is NOT dependent on any one! SO — get a life!

          • All Trump dose is lie.

          • So you have something in common

          • More like he has something in common with you.

          • I wouldn’t call 14 a lot.

          • For a thin a majority it is.

          • Not a this majority in the House I see you can’t well either.

          • Stop nitpicking over missing or extra letter and make a real counter argument!

          • an ordinary citizen


          • What about all the hard working Americans who don’t like Trump?

          • an ordinary citizen

            What about them? They are no different than the hard working Americans who didn’t like Obama. With a few differences. We didn’t feel it was our right to dishonor the president even if we didn’t like him and He (Trump) does not think hardworking American should be made to pay for those who want to abuse the system or sit on their front steps drinking and smoking pot all day. In other words, those who believe Government handout is an occupation. I will never understand how any TRUE American can think a party that says Americans are Deplorables and Illegals are dreamers actually wants this country to head in the right direction. And whether you like him or not, he is changing this country for the better by making it work again, even without the help of those who promised to back him.

          • Stop making Trump out like he’s the ‘hard working’ president. He got more from just having a rich Dad the any kind of work.
            Clinton was the only one who ever called anyone ‘deplorable’, and she was referring to a small group. Dreamers have been raised in the U.S.. And how has the counter ‘changed’ exactly?

          • you are correct if you call 40+ % of our population small. Trump took a couple of million and turned it into several billion. that is increasing it 1000 times. that took a lot of dedication and hard work. The dreamers did cross illegally, even if it was the fault of parents. Do they now deserve special consideration for that How is that fair to those who did it the right way and paid their dues and waited years for citizenship.

          • I think Trump voters were under 40% during the election, and Clinton said half, and then said it was even less.
            Trump biggest still seem to be taking credit for great thing people did before him, his growing fortune father and grandfather.
            Most Dreamers have lived and worked in America most of their lives, so yes, they are already particularly citizens.

          • Living here illegally does not qualify anyone for citizenship, even the dreamers. Trump got around 45% of the vote and Clinton got around 47% of the vote. The rest went to the several candidates from minority parties. Trump has not claimed credit for economy under Obama, only what we have seen since he was elected . I think it is pretty darned impressive when someone can take three million and grow that to around $7 billion. Most objective persons will admit, he was a successful business man. His sister is a judge and has no where near his wealth.

          • Dreamers only know the U.S..

          • Their parents knew they were violating our laws when they brought them here. They will be allowed to stay when the Democrats agree to the Trump conditions, which are not at all unreasonable.

          • The wall this very much unreasonable.

          • Border patrol and a whole lot of others think the wall would work. No wall funding simply means no DACA after march 3.

          • There is a short wall near San Diego that the border patrol credits for a 95% reduction in illegal crossings in that area. Walls do work, but granted technology and bodies are also needed to stop the drugs and illegal crossings.

          • Have you ever visited the wall near San Diego. I have and I can say it is impressive and works very well. Just ask the border patrol about how much easier and more effective their job is now.

          • an ordinary citizen

            Stock market higher than its ever been. Unemployment down, government handoyr down. Did that just happen WITHOUT hard work??? Absolutely not. Taxes for small businesses decreased by almost 15 percent. Did that just happen without hard work? Absolutely not. Clinton is a democrat and she was most definitely NOT referring to a small group. And i dont care whete the dreamers were raised they are still illegals and they have had plenty of time and opportunity to get citizenship, they have choosen not to. And that choice has consequences. Finally.

          • The stock market is struggling to stay above 24,000 right now.
            And yes, all that happened without hard work, the economy was doing good before Trump.
            Clinton said it was a small group.
            And DACA is how the Dreamers can get citizenship.

          • DACA as created by Obama expires in 24 days without some concessions from Democrats. There is no law currently protecting the so called Dreamers. The Economy is doing much better under Trump.

          • It expires because Trump discontinued it.

          • It came into play only due to an executive order issued by your idol Obama. Trump did nothing more than to rescind that Obama executive order effective March 3.

          • Trump could have signed a deal that cover DACA, border security, and ended the diversity lottery.

          • No bill has come to Trump doing any of that. Trump has been consistently clear. To get DACA, the wall must be funded, the diversity lottery ended, and chain migration tightened. Either the Democrats want DACA or they don’t. The conditions are clear for that to happen.

          • Yes Trump was given that bill the week before the shut down.

          • No such bill ever passed Congress. You are talking about an alleged agreement that did not include the wall funding.

          • the only bill brought up before the first shutdown in January included a short term extension to continuing resolution on budget, plus funding for chip. Nothing about the wall or immigration reform was part of that bill passed by house. I would assume that most bills will be discussed with president prior to any vote to see where he stands. He can veto any bill passed by congress.

          • The so called agreement did not include What Trump wanted. I do know nothing on wall so far has been voted on with or without DACA or with or without the things Trump wants. something with both is now being discussed among the GOP senators and may be presented soon. The clock is ticking on DACA.

          • What you are referring to was not a bill. It also did not meet the Trump conditions.

          • Yes and it only became a factor due to an Obama executive order. Trump reversed that illegal order effective March 3. The Dream act proposed by Obama never became law. He then used his pen to issue the executive order.

          • The DOW is down quite a bit from the historical high earlier this month. It did go up a hundred or so points on Friday and again today by more than 400 points. Tomorrow is a new day and it could rise or fall

          • Aren’t you bothered by the fact that the DOW went crazy just after the anniversary of Trump’s inauguration?

          • no i am not. I am not sure why the drop, but some economists are saying it was in reaction to a probable increase in prime rate by federal reserve and the huge increase in military and domestic budgets, funded by borrowed dollars. Only time will tell whether the Friday and Monday rebounds will continue.

          • Actually after the anniversary, the dow increased to a new record. the drop occurred several weeks later.

          • The DOW dropped the first week of February.

          • I admitted that I do not know why. I only know the rationale that some experts have given. The increase in prime rate for borrowed dollars and the added amounts to budget which require borrowed dollars to pay for. It did rise about 100 points on Friday, then 400 or so yesterday and so far today is about even with yesterday. I just looked and it is up maybe 32 points today.

          • the drop was huge. the future of the DOW is what counts. It has started a recovery already.

          • We have seen four straight days of the DOW increasing. I will wait till month ends and see where it stands. The stock market can not be judged on basis of a few days even if this increase is solid and even though the drop earlier in month was huge. In a span of five days the market dropped more than 2000 points. I still am not sure why such a drastic change.

          • The anniversary was on January 20. The Dow continued to rise for nearly two weeks after that date and reached the historical high in early February. The drop in points started about ten days ago. there has been some 500 points correction in the last three days.

          • Clinton’s comment was about millions of voters. That is not a small group. Soon DACA will end. If you were an immigrant who had paid all of the required fees, got on a waiting list and did it the right way, how would you feel about special conditions being established for these dreamers for no other reason than their age upon arrival. Running a business is a hard job and many work 80 or more hours every week to make that business work. For the economy to grow, both businesses and consumers must be optimistic about the future.

          • Most Dreamers have jobs and work hard.
            Remember that emergency worker in Texas after the hurricane?

          • How could you possibly know whether they have jobs or work hard. You are simply expressing your opinion on that. You support them so you will have nothing to say about them that is negative. any way you slice it, they are here illegally and I fail to see how you or anyone think they should get special treatment ahead of those who did it the right way, paid the required fees, got on a waiting list and met all conditions imposed. I think every one of them who wants citizenship should have to serve in our military. One emergency worker is not an indication of what the other million or so are like.

          • an ordinary citizen

            You must be living on another planet. The economy was not improving b4 trump. How many days did u wait to reply about the stock market and ir is still higher then it evwr was with obama clinton also said she didnt lie or use her personal computer and dreamers have had years to get citizenship and ignored it.

          • Trump turned ten million, that he likely got from his father into ten billion. You have to work pretty darned hard to accomplish that. Millions of voters are not a small group. Dreamers no matter their age at arrival are illegals. Our economy is better now than just about any time in our history. Trump has been responsible for much of that.

          • Still haven’t heard what Trump did specifically that helped the economy?

          • I did not like the Obama agenda, but never did I criticize him publicly for any personal issues. I did not like his executive orders, nor Obamacare, nor the huge number of regulations he put into place, but not once did I say anything negative about Obama the man nor say negative things about Michele. Can you say the same thing.

          • What do you think Obama’s agenda was anyway?

          • I could never quite figure out what he was really for. He is your idol so you tell me what he did beyond the stimulus/loan packages that he and Bush pushed through.

          • I kept looking for an agenda from the day that Obama took office. When he left office, eight years later, i was still trying to figure out what he actually stood for. I guess that I am just not liberal enough to figure it out.

          • Due to the Senate filibuster the bill had to be carefully constructed so that they could avoid any filibuster. No Democrat voted for bill and at the time it got 51 votes . there were only 52 Republicans in the Senate then and only 51 now with the change in Alabama.

          • Paul Ryan got payed to support the bill, and there was a Republican who regretted voting for the bill.

          • Not sure who that republican is, but Ryan is one of the most ethical persons in government. How was he paid to support the bill. and with what.

          • Didn’t the Coke brother give him a huge donation?

          • Are you sure? At least 40% of the middle class will see a tax hike over 10 years.

          • I wish only people who have actually prepared tax returns for a living would comment on what effect the new bill will have. And apparently democrats fear they will never have the power to pass tax legislation during the next 10 year, since they want people to fear the result of the bill over a 10 year period.

          • I do prepare tax returns for both individuals and businesses. Most of my small businesses, the “pass-thru” S-Corp and Partnerships will pay more tax because of the new allocation of how their net income will be taxed. This will help only C Corp and the larger “pass-thru” businesses. One of the tax preparers at our annual seminar ran senarios for 8 of his typical clients-difference income levels, different deductions, different family sizes. Of the eight seven would pay more tax, only one family saved any tax dollars. I am a Re;publican and am very disappointed in this tax bill-It is not what Trump promised nor is it what is now being presented



          • Well said Robert. Thanks. The socialists/communists will not side with anything conservative even if God descended, claimed to be a Republican and made everything perfect. Donald isn’t a member of the establishment “hood” so they reject everything he stands for, says and does.

          • an ordinary citizen

            AGREED 100%

          • Will the large tax cut for business is to bring back work to the people of this country, if you don’t know the USA has the highest rate of taxes for business in the world so to be competitive you have to be competitive! And as far as the debt you are referring to that would only happen if companies refused to open up new business here again. I’m also wondering why you don’t seem to be concerned about the 10 trillion Obama added to our debt.

          • Business owners have said the extra money their getting is not going to new jobs. https://youtu.be/_72fqgEevOo
            And debt growth under Obama is over States. Ragan more then tripled the debt.

          • Will if this is what you base your info on you are in for a very shattered future. And as far as Obama he has no business in office. He had no business background he failed as a governor and no earthly idea of being a leader. But on the other hand he was and still is a great bullshiter.

          • Trump is the massive bulls**ting ever.
            How gives a s**t about business back in politics?

          • Will , I’m not sure you know what a country is! This country like all the other countries is a multitude of businesses that have to be successful in order for this country to be successful. If not run like a big business it will fail therefore we as a country we have to be competitive, you should get your head out of the sand and work on educating yourself. Also when you voice your opinion you should make sure that you have your facts in order. Simple minded stories and comments you make you look very small.

          • Again read my statement, it said nothing about our government being a business. You like others of your kind are quick to correct but fail to actually read or research what you want to argue, there for you come to a gunfight with a knife. Again get your head out of the sand and if you choose to debate get all your facts straight then maybe you won’t look so foolish.

          • The fact is business skills don’t translate into running a government, so a President doesn’t have a need for a business background.

          • Responsible decision making skills are indeed a big part of business therefore anything less than a truly skilled business individual will fail .this has proven itself time and time again. You don’t have to be a businessman but the skills are a vital part of running anything of any size and complexity

          • Businesses are about profit, governments are about enforcing laws, see the difference?

          • Will there numerous nonprofit business in this country. And yes our government and everyone acting under it should and by law follow it’s nonprofit laws. But as you have seen that wasn’t so with our last administration. Here is a little heads up the little one hundred and fifty billion cash that Obama sent to Iran was a payment reimbursement for a arms sale that we reniged on , so again it is big business, fact !

          • Non-profits are already tax exempt.
            And that money was pay back from a old arms deal that was called off because of a regime change, that dose not make the government for-profit.

          • Will we were discussing business. No one said anything about profits with the exception of the last administrations dirty dealings. And you are avoiding the facts, our government does work as a business in brokering arms deals and so on.

          • Aren’t a lot of arms deals done with a third party go-between?

          • All military grade weapons, artillery, aircraft, tanks APC and so forth have been sold by our government to foreign countries for as long as I can remember, Hell the Clinton cartel was selling them while she was in office.

          • Selling weapons for defense is still not like a business.

          • That is what a business does. A business sells things. Our country needs to run the federal government like a business. Promote based on merit. balance the budget. Fire when someone is not doing his or her job properly or breaks a law, like Lois Lerner did. Eliminate outdated programs and those that are not efficient. Only a business man would have the background to do that. My bad, we have a business man as President now, and some of those practices are being put into place. Melania has only 1/3 the number of employees of her predecessor. Many open positions in federal departments are left vacant due to no longer being needed.

          • Governments are not businesses!
            Lerner is not break any laws.
            Melania does not to be First Lady, and Trump is just to lazy to fill those positions.

          • Lerner admitted in public statement that the IRS did target the tea party. she also took the fifth Amendment when testifying later to avoid incriminating herself. the innocent with nothing to hide have no reason to refuse to testify.

          • They also targeted other groups, I already showed that.

          • Those in government could learn a lot from those in business. the inefficiency and accountability in government is not accceptable. If a business operated that way, they would go bankrupt. Melania is a great first Lady. Those positions are considered to be not needed. I think that is logical . Cut waste where you can. melania has very good approval ratings.

          • And when governments act like businesses they loses power.
            People feel sorry for Melania.

          • Government has no choice but to do many of the same things businesses do. Those in charge must hire, supervise and fire as needed employees. They must collect revenue and pay bills and develop budgets. There are way more similarities than differences. Why should anyone feel sorry for Melania. She is married to leader of our country. She is well educated, beautiful and is a very classy lady. If anything, most women probably envy her in many ways.

          • https://hbr.org/2017/03/the-u-s-cannot-be-run-like-a-business
            And Melania is dead eyed in public, and news of her husband sleeping with a porn shortly after her son was born just became national news, she is not living a fairytale.

          • Another liberal reaching for things to make personal attacks when real issues can not be supported. What the hell does dead eyed mean. She is a classy lady and presents herself well in public. She speaks many languages, which is far more than you can say. That so called porn star has denied the report which is nothing more than one more unsubstantiated rumor, with no basis in fact. If reported on news, it had to be one of those liberal sources like CNN or MSNBC. Melania is exactly where she chooses to be and wants to be. I see a very contented woman with many positive personal attributes.

          • Danielles denies it because of hush money.
            I hardly ever have heard Melania speak, or show emotion.
            And she didn’t go to DOVOS, with Trump, and took a separate car to the SOTU.

          • Melania does address issues important to her. Granted her English is not perfect. She does have an accent when speaking. Their marriage is their own business and none of yours. You keep making personal attacks which have zip to do with the job Trump is doing. I guess you have nothing else, so your fall back becomes personal attacks.

          • What issues does she address?

          • This is not even worth responding to. She does much of her social agenda publicly and it is on the news.

          • She talks about cyber bullying, that’s about it?

          • Melania does not need me to defend her. She is perfectly capable of doing that. She has also addressed womens rights, equal pay for equal work, the Opiod crisis, and has spent considerable time trying to help the victims of the hurricanes in texas, Florida and the Phillipines. She has also saved taxpayer dollars by reducing staff from the bloated staff of Michele at 24. Melania only has a staff of nine persons and has reduced payroll cost from about $1.3 million down to less than $500,000. She also has well represented our country when she has traveled with the president.

          • The main thing Michele Obama was infamous for was the school lunch program. By the way, how did that go. It did keep the garbage companies in business. The food was so bad, none of the kids ate it and it went in the dumpster. Changes are being made. Kids being hungry at school is not so good.

          • Childrens health, cyber bullying and much more. The information is available on the internet. The first lady has whatever responsibility she chooses to take on. On this Laura Bush put it very nicely. she said it is up to the first lady what she does. I think Melania does some good things. She sure as heck has not messed up school lunches like her predecessor did. That was a huge disaster and filled a lot of dumpsters with uneaten food.

          • Melania held a special reception for the guests that she invited to the Sotu address. She correctly took the same car that the guests took to the SOTU. She did take the same car back that her husband took. You once more try to make something out of an issue that if you had taken a little effort, would have known was the right thing to do.

          • Melania smiles a lot , but does conduct herself in a dignified manner in public. Why do you continue to criticize such a classy well mannered person who has never said one thing negative about anyone. She is always a positive example for anyone who wants to use her as an example to follow.

          • What exactly does she do that you love so much?

          • She represents us well in every foreign setting she visits. She advocates against cyber bullying of children, Pushes for child health issues, she visited Texas with the President and made a second trip on her own to support the victims. She initially was uncertain about how to conduct herself in public but has gotten more and more comfortable addressing issues like womens rights and so much more. She chooses the right outfit and always looks great. She is a very compassionate person and is well received by the public in each of her public appearance. She is a really good person and never tries to act superior. I do resent those like you who look hard for something to criticize. Your job is hard, due to the class way she conducts herself.

          • As Laura Bush so nicely said it. The duties of the first lady are up to the first lady. When she travels with the President, she dresses like the lady she is and has not yet embarrassed our country. Everything about her yells class. She is beautiful, classy and has good taste in whatever she chooses to wear. Add to that intelligent and speaks five languages very well. she does have an accent when she speaks English, but anyone who listens knows that she is sincere in what she says.

          • hush money has not been proven. Both she and Trump say it never happened, so why won’t you just accept that and move on to something new. The two of them are the only two who would have any direct knowledge.

          • I guess you have first hand information. When you talked to her, did she allow you to record the conversation. She shows respect for whatever the situation might require. She shows respect for others and has not once said anything negative about another person. She respects her place when she accompanies our President and stays within acceptable bounds. I think she has grown into the position quite well. It did take some time for her to develop a comfort zone in public. I have a lot of respect for her decision to keep their son in his school in New York until the school year ended. When that year ended, she did the right thing and moved to the White House. there were trips that Bush and Obama took and the first lady remained in Washington.

          • You continue to surprise me on how low you will go on unsubstantiated personal attacks. Give that a rest will and show a little class by doing that. If you can not support your comments on issues with facts, there is nothing wrong with admitting you are wrong.

          • Why are you so obsessed with their marriage. Will their private life is absolutely none of your business. Kennedy was a good President, but his marriage life sucked. He even brought Marilyn Monroe to whitehouse and threw their affair right in Jackies face. That was none of my business and I never let it become an obsession. Private lives should be kept private and are none of our business.

          • I fail to see how an efficient operation could lead to loss of power. Maybe that would be a good thing, since government sticks its nose into way too many areas now.

          • Will if you don’t think our government is in it’s self a business then who do you think makes all the purchasing through the private sector ? You my friend live in a little dark hole. I believe it’s time you expanded your view on all that goes on around you. You my friend are on the losing end of a corrupt system. Good luck on your future endeavours.

          • Most everyone bays thing from the private sector, doesn’t make them businesses.

          • And what on earth does “And debt growth under Obama is over States” mean. You must be a democratic communication specialist. Good job, will troll. Did you also advise Hillary on the personal server?

          • I meant ‘over stated’, the last three Republican presidents all had more debt growth.

          • Will, I realize that you supported Obama, but facts are indisputable. The total national debt under Obama did in fact grow by about $9 trillion. That additional debt is nearly equal to accumulated debt under all prior presidents and is substantially more than the additional debt under any single president. It is real simple to check.

          • Like it’s real simple to check debt growth under Reagen.

          • The total national debt went up under each of our last four Presidents. Obama increased it substantially more than any of them. He managed to nearly double what we owe in just 8 years. Your chart makes it appear that both of the Bushes and Reagan increased it, which they did but I am curious where you got that 35% figure for Obama. That makes it look like he lowered it, where he actually raised it nearly 9 trillion which is more than Reagan, bush, Clinton and Bush all combined.

          • You know some of every debt growth is just interest?
            But, I copied the wrong chart. It’s not totally inaccurate, but dose have some misinformation, there are more detailed explanation.

          • I can quickly access the damage done by each President and it is true as debt goes up, that the amount of interest rises incrementally with it . By law the interest must be paid each year and we do borrow money to do that. It increased $9 trillion or there about under Obama which is nearly double what it was when he took office.

          • And again, Reagan tripled the debt.

          • Two points here. The debt was much lower when Reagan took office. Even when tripling it, he only increased it $3 Trillion compared to the $9 Trillion under Obama, which doubled the very high debt he accepted when he took office. The debt increased more under Obama than under Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Bush combined. That is a fact.

          • By dollars sure, but measuring it that way doesn’t account for interest, or inflation.
            And Reagan still tripled more then two hundreds years of debts.

          • Obama tripled what Reagan did , so it could be said that Obama added nine times the years prior to Reagan. We pay all interest when due, but sometimes borrow money to do that. Objectively, we look at the total dollars and the fact is that we do have a problem which must be addressed. The rate of adding debt is not sustainable. Entitlements like welfare and Medicaid play a major part in that. We need to live within available revenues which also have risen as time goes by.

          • You said we borrow money to pay off interest, that means interest still plays a part in debt growth.

          • of Course interest plays a part in debt. As debt rises, common sense says that the interest on that debt increases along with it, thus decreasing amount of revenue available to pay bills.

          • And interest goes up, no matter who is President.

          • I agree that Reagan added to growth of debt, but at same time Obama added three times as much debt as Reagan and Even Bush 43 added more debt than Reagan.

          • If you judge it by dollar amount sure. But you need to account for interest, and inflation.

          • Overstated by who. The record says that Obama increased the deal more than the previous 4 presidents combined. Fact. Face it.

          • That is totally without any merit. It is very simple to look at total debt when Obama took office and then look at where it stood when he left. Subtract the former from the latter and you see about $9 trillion in additional debt under Obama. That is about equal to accumulated debt under all previous Presidents.

          • You could say even worse about Ragan.

          • Being an elderly retiree with a modest nest egg, I watched those eggs diminish before my very eyes for 8 long years. Now, every day brings increases in my invested pension. That, my friend is one way I can stand to support President Trump.

          • How did Trump cause that?

          • You just don’t get it, Will. You just love to argue no matter that the facts dispute your conclusions and confusions. I’m done with you Will. Get a brain.

          • No one else is making any real arguments.

          • You clearly are unwilling to credit Trump for this unprecedented growth, but it is happening and the growth can be tied to an optimistic economy. We see record highs in growth and record lows in the unemployment rates. New jobs are being added. Black unemployment has seen a major reduction with . You might not credit Trump , but you also can not dispute that what is happening is positive.

          • The question isn’t weather it’s positive, but weather Trump caused it.
            What exactly makes the economy ‘optimistic’ and how is Trump connected?

          • No the rich have the highest taxes to pay under this plan. Stop watching cnn it’ll kill off the rest of your brain cells.

          • They also get the biggest tax cut, and they don’t expire.

          • No they don’t moron they pay the highest taxes. Try reading the plan before spouting off incorrect things.

          • I have, and it’s big screw you to the middle class.

          • Higgins you’re a socialist hating free enterprise and everything that has made our Nation the greatest on the planet. You and your Clinton/Obama/Sanders cronies want us to have a government based on the anti-equality ideas of Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky which always results in EQUAL DISTRIBUTION OF MISERY. Proof?: Consider the former USSR, today’s North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela to name four.

          • This bill is crony capitalism.

          • I support your right to express your socialist opinions. Free speech and free enterprise made possible your ability to post here. Enjoy.

          • A. I’ve said nothing socialist. And B. free enterprise has nothing to o with free speech.


          • All the income tax reductions are temporary, and the debt this plan is going to creat may lead to cut in social security.

          • an ordinary citizen

            again, (I am a middle class working person with a pass thru company and I don’t give a rats ass if it helps the rich as long as it helps me and it helps me tremendously. taxes cut from 39.7 percent to 25%. No one is going to tell me its not for the WORKING MIDDLE CLASS WITH tax savings like that.

          • Those savings a temporary.

          • The probability is that the entire tax cut will be made permanent in a few years, when we have seen proof of the benefits. There are millions who will see more disposable income. How can you not see the positive side of that?

          • Or the Republicans will just blame Democrats when the middle class tax pagan expires?

          • Both sides tend to blame the other side. If Republicans try to extend and Democrats filibuster in Senate, Voters and taxpayers will blame Demcrats.

          • I’ve already heard that some people are seeing higher taxes.

          • Some may be. The projections were that 85% would save tax, so logically the remaining 15% could pay the same or more. The number of companies either granting bonuses or raising salaries has gotten bigger each week. Most will have more take home pay, no matter how you try to make it less positive than it is. This tax plan injects billions of new dollars into our economy.

          • At the expense of Social Security and Mediacare.

          • taxpayers pay a payroll tax to support Social security and medicare. The total % is 7.65% matched by employer. Medicaid, food stamps and welfare in general are not funded and are very bloated.

          • Paul Ryan is pushing for cuts to Social Security.

          • Paul Ryan wants to change the year to start getting social security for future recipients. I think now the age for full social security is 67. With longer lives for most, that should be slowly changed to maybe age 70.

          • Any changes to social security would have to pass both houses of congress and be signed into Law by President Trump.

          • Maybe something will happen to social security or maybe it will not. We are already seeing social security payments exceeding the revenue from social security. The surplus that now exists will be depleted soon. At some point the payments into and out of the trust fund must balance, or the deficit will increase with the shortfall made up with more borrowed funds. What is the correct balance to changes needed to all of the entitlements including welfare, medicaid, food stamps, social security and medicare. We have to end pushing the nickel down the road to those who are not yet been born.

          • Social security needs some changes. The age limit for example needs to be increased for full benefits. Maybe it is time to raise the % of contributions. When I first began working I paid 5.2% of my earnings and stopped paying somewhere between 7 and 8 thousand in total wages. The % is now 7.65% That is a fifty % increase. I can see some increase in the % to maybe 8% and raising the age for entitlement to age 69 or 70. Life expectancy has increased since fifty years ago.

          • I assume you meant Medicare with your comment. I have both of those and if some cuts are needed to balance the budget, I am willing to sacrifice on both. To my knowledge neither the President nor Congress have any current plans to cut either of those.

          • Yes, Republicans do plain to cut those programs.

          • I guess you know something then that has not been made public. I for one welcome those in DC to look at all entitlements and make changes necessary to sustain them long term. At this point, we are pushing the cost of most entitlements on the very young and even on those who have not been born. We spend annually more than $2.5 trillion and growing on the various entitlements. that is not sustainable.

          • All of them need changes to make them sustainable. to cut those programs would require action from both houses. As far as I am concerned, they should act soon. The longer they wait, the harder it will get.

          • and about six times as many are paying less.

          • Based on the fact that the individual tax cuts end in 8 years, you are correct. It will take congressional action to extend. during that 8 year period tax payers will have a lot more money to spend. Congress will be pressured to extend when millions benefit and call their congressman about the expiration date.

          • Who says they extend it?

          • There is nothing certain in this country other than death and taxes. We all pay tax if we work and eventually we all die. To extend it will require a bill to come from Congress. I am an optimist and think they will see the good and do the right thing for our country. Is that guaranteed. No reasonable person ever can be certain what congress will or will not do. I sure am not. Thus i can not say it will definitely happen.

          • The deficit is doing bad right now.

          • It is true that the rich will get a larger break but that is because they already pay the most taxes. That is only fair, something lame-brained libs would never understand.

          • They hardly payed what was far before.

          • The top 10% of wage earners pay about 80% or more of the total income tax collected each year. 40% of taxpayers pay $0 in income tax. some who pay nothing if they have children receive a child tax credit of as much as $1000 and that figure goes up this year to $1400.

          • “40% of taxpayers pay $0 in income tax.”

          • There are a number. I think the NY times has reported on this. IRS and treasury records.

          • That percentage are lower income tax earners, and that’s most do to Republican tax cuts.

          • That statistic was prior to tax cut and could be slightly higher now due to the increase in standard deduction and child tax credits. Most of income tax paid come from the top 20% of wage earners. That has been the case for many years, not just recently.

          • You brought it up?

          • The bottom 40% pay no income tax. How many more do you want to add?

          • They still pay other taxes.

          • Every taxpayer has to pay the combined 7.65% social security and medicare tax. They do benefit when older or disabled from the social security and from the medicare tax. Kind of like prepaying retirement benefits and insurance for when we are older. Sounds like the personal responsibility thing to me. No pay then no collect later.

          • i assume you are talking federal tax and yes everyone pays federal gas tax at the gas station. and everyone who works pays the same % of combined social security and medicare tax when they get a check. the payments do get confusing when you look at when payments stop at what income levels.

          • Will, it is only logical if someone does not pay income tax, that they are lower income earners. 40+% is a lot of people and those numbers come from 2016, which i more than one year before the tax cut. The tax cuts may actually increase that number.

          • the actual figure according to tax policy center is 44% pay no income tax.
            top 1% pay 39.04% of income tax collected
            1-5% earners pay 20.54%
            5-10% earners pay 11.01%
            10-25% earners pay 16.03%
            25-50% earners pay 10.55%
            45-50% earners pay 2.83%
            bottom 44% pay no income tax.

          • You not only make a bad argument. You do not even accept facts when presented to you, if they counter your poorly stated arguments.

          • Thinking rich people deserve more money for doing no more then they did before is that bad argument.

          • So you think that the cuts should not have applied to those who make more money. They pay the largest part of tax paid, now. they are citizens also and should get same % breaks of every other tax payer. I see no reason for you not to agree other than being jealous of those who are more successful. Many worked their way up from where you now are.

          • Neither the rich or poor are doing anything extra for the additional take home pay. Most of the individual pay increases have gone to those at lower end of pay scale however.

        • Trump diesn’ Deserve equality because he isn’t equal. He is inferior in every respect.

          • I diesn’t think your right

          • So Jim if he is inferior in every way and his gross worth is nine billion dollars, and he is the president of the USA where does that put you on the scale

          • I am very curious as to what areas you see Trump being inferior. He grew a few million to several billion during his career. He was elected President and somehow i think it unlikely you will reach either of those two levels.


      • You don’t understand that laws should be for a limited time, by the way after 8 yrs the dems can do better, but all you see is that the tax cuts will end in 8 yrs, that true because the dems will raise the taxes the first yr their back in power, so whose fault will it be ?

      • your wrong again

        • How am I wrong again?

          • take another look at the facts

          • I already have?

          • trump didn’t pull our military out obambie did and he told issi when he was pulling them out

          • Every wanted to poll out of Iraq.
            Obama killed Bin Ladan, and saw the beginning of the end of Isis.

          • isis is still active and still hidding behind women and children as of today

          • Trump Trump hasn’t beaten Isis then?

          • and obambie created them

          • Isis started when Obama was a state senator.

          • That is a half truth. When Saddam Hussein was removed and the Iraq Republican Guard was defeated, it opened the door for ISIS. ISIS became a power however, only after Obama removed all US military from Iraq. When Obama left office, Isis controlled huge areas , but now that has been reduced to only a fraction of what they once held. some say they have been defeated, but we need to take time to asses the status before declaring a win.

          • The Al Qaeda off shoot started in 1999, look it up.
            Isis was losing Territory under Obama, the Push for Mosile started under Obama, Trump just happened to get elected as Isis was in steep decline.

          • I did. Even the liberal New york times place the time as being in 2003, when we invaded Iraq and toppled Saddam Hussein. His military was the Republican Guard. Isis had room then to start and really grew when Obama pulled all but a few of our Military out of Iraq. Isis controlled around 1/3 of Iraq when Obama left office. When he took office they controlled none of Iraq.

          • Where did you get the ‘1/3’ number, because Mossile was one of the last big cities Isis controlled?

          • I did look it up. Prior to 2003, Isis did not even exist. The overthrow of Saddam Hussein made room for a radical organization. they really grew after 2013, when Obama pulled nearly every soldier out of IRAQ.

          • Google ‘when did Isis start?’ and it says 1999.
            And the power vacuum in Iraq was down to Bush.

          • ISIS did not come into power until Bush toppled Saddam Hussein and Obama pulled nearly all troops out of Iraq. The I in ISIS stands for Iraq. It really is an offshoot of the Republican Guard that existed under Hussein.

          • It’s a Al Qaeda offshoot, the fact that you don’t know that doesn’t not show that you know a lot about this topic.

          • The fact is that ISIS started grow due to the instability in IRAQ after Hussein was killed. The growth surged when we pulled most of our troops from there under Obama.

          • And Isis went into decline under Obama was well.

          • When Obama left office there were tens of thousands ISIS members. That figure is now less than 1000

          • Isis was losing Mosal when Obama left office.

          • You are half right on this one. The east side of mosul was nearly recaptured while Obama was President. the job was finished shortly after he left. Now the west side took a lot longer and was not recaptured until nearly the end of 2017. Even the liberal New York times says the Trump Military policy is responsible for the fall of ISIS, though they are taking a wait and see attitude to see if it hold up or ISIS finds new energy somehow to grow from their low current numbers of less than 1000 fighters.

          • Al quada (sp) and ISIS both exist and have different objectives and operational methods. Even if the same, ISIS has been reduced to a non-effective organization with fewer than 1000 fighters. That number may even be lower now.

          • The power vacuum occurred when Saddam was killed. the real vacuum occurred when Obama prematurely pulled our troops out.

          • so what he still supported them

          • you know how stop playing dumb

          • No, I don’t not see how Obama could have supported Isis?

          • His actions in removing our troops before Iraq was ready led to their growth. The number now are less than 1000 according to some estimates down from tens of thousands just over one year ago.

          • Everyone wanted out of Iraq, it was hardly a Obama thing.

          • We made the decision to go in and the correct action would be wait until the Iraqi government was prepared to take over. We did not wait long enough and you can judge for yourself those results.

          • I also wanted us out of there, but we did make a conscious effort to destabilize them with the removal of Saddam Hussein. Why did we not allow the Iraqi government time to stabilize and to build a trained military that could control upshoots like ISIS. When we left, they simply were not ready yet. In a sense, our actions by going in and not staying for long enough led to rise of ISIS.

          • Getting out of IRAQ was the right thing to do . It should have been done slower and allowed for the Iraqi government to be prepared to deal with potential problems. We left abruptly and they were not ready to handle the military requirements. Thus ISIS grew into an initially unmanageable problem for the Iraqis

          • he sent arms to them before they were called isis and now they use these arms against us

      • Will Higgins, you must be a ROTTEN RAT as you are wrong on the two issues you just had printed. AND You must be deaf, dumb and blind because Obama DID NOTHING OF IMPORTANCE IN HIS 8 YEARS in this once great office except in my opinion, steal millions from the government pot! Read your newspapers!

        • Obama ended the recession, got jobs, and the economy going again, and killed the biggest terrorist at the time.

          • Our navy seals killed binladen. We had the slowest recovery under Obama than under any prior recession. He did have a stimulus package to artificially put money into economy, using borrowed dollars . Billions were wasted and his green jobs programs and green energy programs were a total bust with at least 4 major bankruptcies of companies that got federal dollars.

          • Obama gave the order to kill Bin Laden.
            And how fast were other recovers according to you?

          • it happened under his watch, so I have no problem with him taking credit. I should point out that the GDP went up above 3% only twice during the last two years of Obama’s term. We have seen 3 times in Trump’s first year. What happened during the 8 years of obama belongs to him as does what happens during Trump’s term, goes to Trump.

          • But when I use that logic to give Obama credit for Osama’s death, or the beginning of the fall of Isis, or the end of the recession, people say he did do any of it?
            Affect of a presidentcy tend to carry over past the successors inauguration. That why Obama first years was his worst for debt growth and job lose.

      • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

        Oh! Hell, Will, Ever the damn whiner, Go read the New York Times your kind of read NOT HONEST!!!!

      • Yeah you keep believing that. You and obozo are so much a like trying to take credit for something he couldn’t do and is so completely jealous it’s funny. It’s President Trump who has created the biggest stock market gfains in history the best GDP in over a decade more jobs created or brought back to the USA thanksvto President Trump cutting all of obozo’s burdensome regulations and red tape that cost businesses so much money many moved over seas are coming back thanksvto the work of President Trump directly. You’re another delusional b re ain dead obozo asskisser. He’s gone and never will be President again although in his pathetic ignorant little mind he still thinks he is. He was the most corrupt lying illegal President to ever reside in the white house. These are all facts which I knoiw you libturds just can’t handle since it doesn’t go with your pathetic ideals.

      • Higgins you obviously listen to the disinformation news.


      • an ordinary citizen

        Are you kidding what country have you been living in. I don’t care if the tax cuts help the rich as long as they help me and they are going to cut my taxes from 39.7% to 25%. My business has been struggling since Obama and no one is going to tell me any different. I have the numbers and the tax returns to prove it. The only people who wanted Obama are those who think Government handout is an occupation and quite frankly I am glad we, the middle class WORKING PEOPLE will no longer have to pay for that b.s.

        • Exactly what Obama do that affected your business?
          My own did great under Obama, I got my first job while he was president.

      • The debt could grow. the amount of that debt growth is dependent on how much extra tax is generated by the new infusion of cash due to tax cut into our economy. More jobs, more investment, business expansion etc will have a play in how much new tax is generated simply due to tax cuts. New jobs were added under every President prior to obama. You seem to be affixed to obama for some reason. He is now part of history and what matters to our country is what happens from now on. Donald Trump is the only President that we have for now. Clinton lost and Obama is now a community organizer again.

    • You’re so right. Listening to one of Trump’s insiders, someone like KellyAnn, report on the accomplishments already realized by the Trump administration is a vision of hope for me. I thought we would never catch a break out here. Too much negative stuff being circulated and the real news being hidden from the American people.

    • The stock market has seen multiple records made with the highest gains in history.


  3. difficult to get their head out of the bubble when the bubble has been trapped above their sphincter muscle and it has been wedged in with the ho clintoney’s and kenyan boyo’s noggins…hope no one sneezes…..

  4. Tell me, why is it practically the entire MSM is so fixated on destroying President Trump?! How did it come to this?! Satan comes quickly to my mind! College maybe? Sure would be nice if it was even a 60 40 ratio, I think most of us could live with that. Makes me wonder, all these years of my life just how much I heard or learned from any news source that is actually true!

    • Have you considered that Trump just isn’t that great? What if all the bad things people say about him are true, and other people are be trick by a pro-American disguise?

      • What if everything done by Trump is as good as you fail to see, then what do you think. We now hear that Obama helped drug dealers to sell drugs to get the Iran deal done. 60000 died from drugs every year. WOW what a legacy!!!!!!

        • How do drug connect to the Iran deal?
          And Trump isn’t exactly helping with drug problems.

          • Trump is enforcing laws. That helps with taking drug dealers off the street. Politco found that from Obama down, that his adminsitration put up road blocks in bringing members of Hezbollah to justice for drug dealing. It is alleged that this was done to save the Iran agreement. This is big news and you can find it by chicking politico and hezbollah.

          • The way Jeff Sessions wants to deal with drugs has been heavily criticized.
            I Googled hezbollah, and I found the politico article, among a bunch of right-wing sites you know care more about bashing Obama then the truth. I also found a lot of fresh information. Have you thought waiting a couple of days for some facts to be straighten out?

          • We will likely see more information on this. Sessions is enforcing existing drug laws and if some have a problem with that, they can stick their opinion where the sun does not shine.

          • Many see Session as nostalgic for ‘the war on drug’, which is largely considered a disaster.

      • I take into account both sides of the story. I read as much as I possibly can when I can from multiple news sources. The more they try to prove him wrong they end up proving him right. To some people it appears he has narcissistic behaviors, to some extent I agree, but at least he has an open mind to listen to the American people and not shut them out! He has a very strong business sense and a passionate work ethic to get America back on the track. I thank God for President Trump and you will too if you and countless others could open their eyes to the real truth!

        • Every notice he only listens to people who praise him. He praised China because they were nice to him. And he’s spend a lot of time playing golf for someone with so much ‘work ethic’.
          Tired not brushing off his harsher criticisms as just ‘delusional’?

          • Oh here we go with the “golf” rebuttal, sorry it won’t work. Obama golfed to his little hearts content….
            Is President Trump politically correct? No he isn’t, so what. He puts it out there and tells it like it is. He doesn’t sugar-coat much at all, unlike most of the politicians… can’t trust them, can’t trust the mainstream media, can’t trust Clinton, Obama, Lynch, Comey, Mueller and the list goes on and on and on

          • There are a lot of false things said about Trump. He does not take false criticism but responds. A lot of postive things have happened since January 20.

          • Is all the dysfunction in the White House ‘false’, firing the person investigating Trump-Russia, because of that investigation. The high term over of staff members, the falsehoods from the White House press briefing?

          • The director of the FBI works for the President who has every legal right to fire for any reason or for no reason. Comey was not doing his job and we will see what kind of job the new guy does. You can’t judge this or any administration by turn over. People resign and some are fired. Sanders is doing a great job as press secretary and holds her own with the press. The information from her is true.

          • Any good FBI agent will tell you that their loyalty is to the Constitution, not the president himself, if there is a reason to investigate the President, they should. No says Trump broke any laws, just that it was suspicious.
            The point is how many major White House staffers have been fired.
            It’s not whose doing the press briefings, but the information.

          • The President has been investigated full time for about a year and a half and nothing illegal has surfaced. You can bet if it was there, it would have been found by now. The Press briefing is primarily to get the information out in a positive way for President. It happens this way with every press secretary going back decades. There have been a number of resignations and changes, but the President has only fired a couple of people. He fired Comey and he fired Flynn. That about sums it up. Each replacement has been a positive change.

          • Trump has only been in office for eleven months, and has only be under investigation since March, or May. And Muller has gotten a guilty plead, and rumors say he’s going for Kirshner next.
            Bannon, Spicer, Gorka have also been fired, and that women the other day who had to be shown out by Secret server.

          • Bannon, Spicer and gorka all resigned and still support the President. That woman was wasted taxpayer dollars . She may have been fired or resigned. She was escorted out due to her behavior. Flynn did plead guilty to lying to FBI. His actions themselves were not illegal. Comey was investigating Russian interference in the election in the middle of last year. so that makes it about a year and a half and so far nothing. Not one single indictment is even remotely related to Russian collusion.

          • Bannon, and Gorka were fired and claim to have resigned to save face.
            How long do you think government investigations take?

          • Bannon has not badmouthed Trump at all. This investigation has gone on for approaching two years now and nothing has surfaced. How long does it take and how much do we spend. The only indictment of Trump people is Flynn and that is not even connected to Russian Collusion. Rice and Myers also lied to FBI and no indictment for either.

          • I’m not saying Bannon is bad mouthing Trump, just that he was fired.
            And Muller is getting closer to Trump in his investigation.

          • Trump might or might not have fired Bannon, but the fact is that he was not fired. He resigned. What do you know to cause you to say he getting closer to Trump. Flynn is the only Trump associate who has been indicted and that was for lying to FBI, not collusion. Nothing disclosed about any of Trump’s people has been shown to be illegal. I actually see a huge waste of time and resources and doubt any actual indictments happen connected to collusion. The Manofort problems are mostly related to his dealings prior to campaign and are not related to Russian collusion.

          • The fact that Trump’s campaign manager used work in installing pro-Putin governments sure seem to be worth a look?

          • Why is it so bad to play golf to reduce stress which he does experience every day. At least he is a good golfer. The total time he spends playing golf is really not that large. Obama played as well and was a really bad player. Trump is a par player.

          • Who cares how good a golf player the president is? The argument is how time is spend playing golf. That why Trump earns jokes like “we’re nearing one hundred days of Trump as President, and eighteen hundred holes of golf”😂.

          • Trump has played about 83 rounds of golf. Most of that was in Florida or at the course he owns which is about 20 miles from the white house. He has gotten a lot done and many times he plays and conducts business at the same time. The other person is relaxed and much more agreeable when they play.

          • How do you know Obama didn’t do work on the golf course?

          • He probably did. I personally had no problem with the amount of golf played by Obama. More power to both of them for doing that on their weekend. Everyone needs to get away from work..

          • The point is, people can’t ride Obama for golfing and saying Trump is doing more work.

          • I was not an obama supporter, but never bad mouthed him personally and had no problem with him playing golf on the weekend or whenever he wanted. My problems were with some of the scandals and no penalty for those responsible for those scandals. ATF sold thousands of firearms to Mexican drug cartels and no one went to jail or lost their job.

          • The thing you mentioned about gun sells to Mexican drug dealers sound familiar, what was that part of? I think I remember Obama actually not being connected?

      • the voters know who is great and they voted him in office

      • What if all of the bad things said are not true. Not one accusation has been supported by evidence. Keeping his campaign promises is kind of a new thing for politicians and deserves respect.

        • Obama promised to get America out of Iraq, and he did that. But bring that up to anyone and they say it was a mistake. They do have a point in hindsight. What if that happens with Trump.
          And at least some of the things in the Trump Dossier have been proven true.

          • Isis came into force after we prematurely left. Iraq has finally won against isis. Trump has been wise enough to follow the suggestions of the military leaders who know better what the situation is.. Nothing in the Trump dossier has been proven. If you know something i don’t and can list something please feel free,, but please stop just making such general comments. Much has been refuted but nothing has been proven to be true.

          • What exactly has Trump done to help out against Isis?
            I’m not saying the whole Dossier has been verify. At least one thing was. https://www.bbc.com/news/amp/world-us-canada-39435786
            It hasn’t been disproven either.

          • Trump did what should have been done all along. He relied on his military to say what needed to be done and then followed that advice. Isis is now nearly beaten and is under total control in both Syria and Iraq.. I checked your source on the dossier and it does not say anything about any part being confirmed. It was a politically sourced document paid for by Hilary Clinton and started by an opponent of Trump on the Republican side. So it appears that in more than one year, nothing has been confirmed int that document.

          • What specifically has Trump done to help defeat Isis? In all the coverage the fight against Isis got no one said anything about the American military was personally involved?

            And likewise, none of the Dossier has been disproven either.

  5. So, O Boo Boo fixed all of the ills that were plaguing the country for over 200 years? It makes sense that anything bad that happened during his term were Bush’s fault and everything after is Trumps fault, These leftist liberal communist MSM outlets are sickening!

    M A G A !!!

    . https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f9fb8b7a3e19095aaa7ded85b2a5cf07cdace79afc0d45cdff844b630cd994ae.jpg

    • Do you know what was Obama’s worst years? 2009. Worst years of job growth and debt growth under Obama, but 2010 on were all great. So a President who succeeds a bad President has a bad first year. By that logic, what kind of year would a President who succeeds a good President have?

      • Define great. Or is that the word “is” that we should be talking about. Obama destroyed the idea of this government with his agenda, make the US like every other country, not better. I just widh people like you would get their head out of their butts to see the result of Trump. People feel good again and thin there is a future. All we heard for the last eight years was that this is the new standard for this country. It is never good to accept less then the best.

        • What the hell are you talking about? ‘Destroyed the idea of this government’ ‘make the US like every other country m, not better.’, ‘new standard for this country’? You just saying nonsense and hoping it lines up with something.
          Conservatives spends eights years saying anytime the government did anything was unconstitutional, but what one person to do whatever the hell he wants because he said a few thing they linked.

          • And again will you turn a blind eye to reality.

          • I was asking you to explain what you said?

          • Will it is apparent you have not followed any of our country’s accomplishments this last year, if you had you would not need me to explain, the last eight years of underhanded backdoor dealings corruption and so forth will come out ! What I don’t understand is why the American citizens back corrupt people like the last administration knowing there as dirty as they come and pointing fingers at everyone else . So Will are you one of the ones that will support these corrupt people when they start hauling there butts to prison? And you can take that to the bank! The American citizens have put up with all the smoke and mirrors from the Clinton administration and the Obama administration, you should do some research and fact finding before you place your faith in anyone connected to the last administration.

          • Why do people like you ignore all of Obama’s accomplishments, which when used to contextualize the last doesn’t make Trump seem that great.
            How was Obama corrupt, and how is Trump not?

          • Trump nor Obama have been shown to be personally involved in any criminal activity. Scandals under Obama were unprecedented with Fast and furious gun sales, lies about Benghazi, IRS targeting of tea party. We even had staff in Veterans service get bonuses while our veterans either waited unreasonable time or died or got their request denied. Even Clintons use of unauthorized, no-secure server and she sent and received classified information through it in violation of federal laws. Not one person was fired and no one went to jail during any of that.

          • What ‘scandals’?
            The only lie about Benghazi was that it was all Clinton’s fault. The IRS ‘targeted’ political groups from both ends of the spectrum. And Obama made affords to fix the way veterans were treated, something I haven’t heard of Trump doing, even from his supporters.

          • Rice made the rounds of the Sunday morning shows and blamed the attacks on a video as did Obama and Clinton for several days despite intelligence saying from day 1 who was responsible. I am curious about changes made by Obama to fix the veterans health care problem. The Irs did review a small number of left leaning organizations, but Lerner admitted in public that the teaparty had been singled out. Get real will. What the IRS did was very political.

          • Trying to blame Benghazi on a video is more believable then it being Clinton’s fault.
            What has Trump done for veterans.
            How was the Tea Party ‘singled out’?

          • No one said Clinton was responsible for Benghazi happening. She did receive requests for additional security which may or may not have crossed her desk. Any objective person knows that the video had nothing to do with the attack and that it was a well organized terrorist attack.. The information on singling out the tea party is public information and Lois Lerner admits that it was done. Laws were violated and she took the 5th amendment when questioned.

          • The whole Republican Party blames Clinton for Benghazi. There no evidence that she got those security requests.
            It’s also well documented that the IRS was cracking down on all kinds of political groups.

          • The IRS asked for information from the teaparty that no other applicant was asked to provide such as donor list. Lerner admitted that they singled out the tea party for extra scrutiny. That is fact. No one blames Clinton for causing the attack. That was due to carefully planned attack by terrorist.. The lies went on for nearly two weeks on why it happened/

          • http://www.politifact.com/punditfact/statements/2014/jun/22/donna-brazile/donna-brazile-no-conspiracy-here-irs-targeted-libe/
            Have you listened to how Republicans talk about Benghazi? They want Clinton executed for the deaths.

          • I would guess that you are the only one that didn’t understand what Rick said. So should the world stop and wait while you catch up? We might not live that long.

          • He was making any sense.

          • So when you say BS it is gospel (BTW liked not linked), but when some else makes a statement it seems to be beyond your comprehension. What don’t you just crawl back under that rock and shut up. A troll like you serves no purpose other than to unify normal thinking people by your absurb comments.

          • I was the one making a actual statement with facts to back in up.

      • Obama got a trillion dollar stimulus plan in 2009, but made bad decisions on implementing it. We saw stagnant growth under Obama in 2016 with average GDP growth of about 2%. Compare that to growth under Trump for last three quarters where we saw that rise above 3%.. Bush was not a bad President. The mortgages that were forced on banks by our government finally found themselves in foreclosure. Banks made bad loans and the bubble caused by those loans finally burst and things tumblled down from there.

        • I tired of people constantly saying the economy was bad because is ‘only two percent growth a year’, but you all flip because it three precent, just one percent difference. America still has the world’s largest GDP.

          • 2% barely meets new job needs. 3% is 50% more than 2%. If you were an economist, you would say that going from 2% to 3% is huge.

          • Still, the recover happened under Obama.
            And honestly, I would believe Obama’s hard work just so happened to start working when Trump got into office then Trump just magically making the GDP go higher.

  6. BUT is NOTHING but a glorified tabloid. They make up their stories to fit what the left wants to hear. If CHRIST were to come down and run for President they would call him loser, a pathetic excuse for a President, a whoremonger, a womanizer, etc. They wouldn’t know the Truth if it hit them in the face.

    • Actually, it Jesus ran for President conservatives would call his a socialist.

      • While you will say he is to religious and we need to not listen to his corrupt words.There is no place for a man like this in this diverse country and religiously free country. You know it.

        • Liberals don’t hate Christins, they just don’t like it when religious people use it as a excuse to be dicks to everyone else.

          • Will Higgins, I’m sorry, sir; but in my opinion, you appear to be an imbecilic idiot. FYI, “religious” people do not give a rats rear whether you ARE a Believer in Jesus Christ OR not. You live and die with your choice. I would HOPE that non believers would be compelled to ask for and believe in having a “personal relationship with Jesus Christ”. He IS the Way, the Truth and the Life and NO ONE COMES TO THE FATHER EXCEPT THROUGH THAT PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH OUR LORD AND SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST! Just wanted you to know that!

          • I was just saying religious people can sometimes get very self righteous.

        • Do you know why there was ‘religious persecution’ in England? NO? Well, let’s talk! First of all, the original country of England was controlled by the Catholic Church, the King was under their auspices. The CC did not want the Scriptures translated into English from the Greek or Latin or Hebrew, whichever they were written in, depending on the Old or New Covenant. Well, the King decided he wanted rid of his wife and the church wouldn’t sanction it. So instead of submitting to their authority, he broke with the church of England, and they went on a Crusade against those who wanted to be free of their constricting and controlling dictates. They had anyone that attempted to translate the Scriptures into English, burned at the stake or put to death. They did not want to lose control to the people. It was after much of this kind of chaos when many were killed in an attempt to translate the Scriptures into a hand held version so that the common man could read it,the King of England, King James, made a proclamation that HE would ALLOW a translation of the Scriptures into English so that the masses could read it and understand what God wanted to tell the people. Thus we have the “King James Version” of the Bible. This was the first translation allowed to the public. THUS, THE CRUSADES, WHERE THEY MURDERED, TORTURED AND DESTROYED ALL
          the raucous was about. Many lost their lives over the Scriptures and the fear that they would not be able to tell the people what THEY wanted them to understand God saying, which many times, was nothing close to the Scriptures. It was their way of maintaining control. So the battle was fought. They tried to destroy anyone and any people that knew what the Scriptures actually said, blaming the Jews for killing Christ when it was actually the Romans that did it as they wanted to avert any religious uprising by the people of Jerusalem at that time, as well. So it was all over the world that the Crusaders maimed, killed, murdered and mutilated the human race as an act more atune to satan himself. They are still training their JESUITS to continue to subvert and control the people through their power, the power of the purse which they share with those who can influence the masses that what they want is what is best for the people. The Jesuits are the ones that invented Hitler, caused the crusades to continue under another auspice to hide who was really behind it all. Remember, the target was the religious peoples, even Catholic Priests who would not submit to their evil ways were also thrown in concentration camps, and any Christians they could find. WHY? Because THEY KNEW THE TRUTH, the truth that could set mankind free from the control of those who would dominate and oppress God’s children, the RCC which was hijacked by the Jesuits. Read their mantra and see if you don’t end up agreeing with this analogy.

          So before anyone goes trying to put down ‘religious’ people, remember the holocaust and those who died because of THEIR RELIGION!

      • Why?


  8. Maybe it’s because Trump has had hardly anything to do with the down fall of Isis? The push for Mozel was started under Obama, and America has hardly been involved in any fight in Isis.
    All this would happened even if Clinton won the election. What has Trump done to defeat Isis anyway?

    • You are a joke to actually think this. A growth nearing 4% when Obama never got over 2%. You need to grow up and see the reality.

      • The reality is that Trump hasn’t done anything special. Name one thing he did to defeat Isis? Even some economists say Trump isn’t solely responsible for the current economy.

        • can’t you smell the b.s. coming out your mouth?

          • I gave a actual source to back up my opinion, what do you have?

          • are you reading the posts on this site?

          • Just a bunch of trolls in a conservative eco chamber don’t agree with me doesn’t make me wrong.

          • your just on the wrong site

          • Or this site got the wrong information?

          • the only information we get, is trump is going to make america great again

          • How is Trump going to ‘maga’? You know how people love to say the DOW picked up after Trump? It’s having a bad week right now. Did you heard the UN just rejected Trump’s Jerusalem decision, how’s that respect coming?

          • The Dow went up yesterday and is still near a record high and is now closing on 25000 and is up by more than 25% this year. That looks pretty positive to me.

          • I’ve been watching the stock. It does not look good for a week when a tax cut that’s supposed to help the economy? Yesterday was the best day for the DOW this week, but it just closed lowered then it opened on Monday.

          • The tax cuts do not take effect until February. Investing in stocks is a long term thing. The dow has jumped up 25% since Trump took office. That is a good thing in my world. GDP is up as is employment and unemployment is lower than it was prior to Bush or at end of Obama term.

          • He has made a great start in doing that. We are enforcing immigration laws now, we have the strongest economy ever and now Americans will keep more of their earnings and might even see an increase in gross pay. He is putting American interest ahead of other country interest.

          • The government is falling apart of immigration issues.

          • I see no connection to enforcing immigration laws with us falling apart. Actually things are getting better. Laws are being enforced, our economy is great, taxes are lower. That all looks pretty darn positive to me.

          • Look at the government.

          • i looked. the partisanship bothers me, but that has been around since I have been alive. We still elect our representatives, senators and our president. Voters decide who takes office. The government will still be pretty much the same twenty years from now. It could do better, but it is not falling apart.

          • Everyone who knows how the government usually works, even with partisanship, say Trump is pure chaos.

          • Tell me more specifically how the government is so bad.

          • There was that whole with a wife beater working there until last week and Trump not being able to call him out on it?

          • The wife beater allegations may or may not be true. Neither of those two ex-wives are in any danger now. Trump was just made aware and the aide is now history. He resigned voluntarily domestic violence if true should never be condoned. If true, these women should have pursued with law enforcement when it happened. there are laws in every state about Spouse abuse.

          • Why do think ‘why didn’t they come forward before’ is a good defense? Do you even understand how the ‘me too’ movement works?

          • If they were really concerned about how their husband treated, there are laws to protect them. They chose now to attack for one reason mostly and that is to damage a person who likely did commit domestic abuse. There are some cons to the me too movement in that it brings out false complaints. Maybe some just were afraid and now feel enabled to speak out. some others were just too cowardly due to what they were getting in return.

          • There are tunes of abuse cases that never come to light.
            And I would like to point out that Fox News was riding a massive high when Weinstein was called out, but now they shaming the movement it started.
            Bill Maher has done the best to call out the Metoo movement. He says it’s good but can go a bit to far and people should there’s a difference between sexual assault and groping.

          • If they never come to light, how can you possibly know that there are tons of them.

          • groping becomes sexual assault when the female says stop and the male continues to grope.

          • If Maher says it, it has to be true. After all Liberals never lie nor even stretch the truth.

          • It is really hard to defend against a complaint from years ago. Most people side with the woman. The requirement is for the accuser to prove their complaint is legitimate. Even responding to a years old complaint gives validity to the complaint. Not responding also seems to imply guilt. any false complaints that arise from the me too movement will destroy lives and maybe even careers. How much time do you think is appropriate for a woman to make a complaint. When they wait, it becomes guilty until proven innocent. that is really hard to do, when the complainant waits say ten years to complain.

          • Yes i do know. I also know that Hilary Clinton supposedly backs it . I wonder though where she was when Paula jones, Monica Lewinsky and others were me tooing. They however spoke up when the abuse was occurring not just years or decades later.

          • i never said it was a good defense for the actions if true. I do think the right time for any victim of abuse to report it, is when it happens. It is much easier to prove or disprove when it first occurs. There is rarely any excuse that justifies violence against a female. I guess if a woman comes at you with a knife, you could be justified to react and defend yourself. to initiate the violence is wrong whether male or female.

          • why do you think it is ok to wait years or even decades to make a complaint of abuse. How would you feel twenty years from now if some female from your distant past accused you of some wrong doing. there is no way to disprove so you are damaged no matter whether guilty or not. Maybe you were guilty and tried to atone by not repeating that action and had managed to build a successful career. Now suddenly a demon from your past shows its ugly head and your life is destroyed.

          • jennifer Flowers, Paula jones, monica Lewinsky and others did it the right way and accused slick willy of abuse and no one believed them. they did it when the abuse occurred. the womens righs advocate Hilary Clinton did all she could to destroy their reputations and if not for his perjury, it would never have been proven.

          • I hope this me too movement will motivate those who have been abused to come out when the abuse happens, not years later when the legal process for that has expired. The accused also has rights, but years after there is no defense. It has evolved into a guilty until proven innocent process. The burden of proof should be on the accuser not the accused.

          • Some good can come from it. If nothing else, maybe those who are abused will report that abuse when it happens. Waiting like some of these women do, simply makes you wonder if it is real or not. Those who were victims may have let the time limit expire on filing the complaint. The abuser has escaped legal penalties.

          • Before you can solve a problem like that, you have to be made aware of it. I doubt that Trump keeps up with the status of every security clearance needed for the various parts of his administration. He does have a lot of direct and indirect employees.

          • you must be sleeping the market is at its highest right now and who cares what the u.n thinks it’s our presidents decission and the real americans back the president of the united states, More than ballest obambie has done in his 8 years. All obambie has done was increase the muslims here and now we have obambies muslim cells

          • How great do you think America will be when China replaces us as world super power?

          • trump won’t let that happen

          • Trump is not doing anything about the deficit that could lead to America falling behind China economically.
            He isn’t doing anything about China’s growing influence.
            What is he doing about China?

          • china is doing it to themselves

          • What, growing their economy and world influence?

          • no! they have their problems and everthing they produce is nothing but a copy of the real thing they made out of junk

          • making crap that doesn’t last

          • Those are problems that need bipartisan solution. Obama increased the debt by $9 trillion and I do not recall any action initiated by him that solved any of the problems you mention.

          • I’m not calling them problems as much of saying where Trump is falling short.
            Even Rand Paul acknowledges that Trump’s policies will grow the debt.

          • The budget was a bi-partisan approved budget, and anyone with more than single digit IQ knows that since the budget was not balance prior to the increases, that the deficit will increase in the two years covered.

          • I’m just saying what I heard.

          • Use a little common sense occasionally will. Rand Paul is not wrong, but any idiot can see that the budget increases will grow the debt. Both parties are equally to blame for that.

          • listening is good. We do have two ears and only one mouth. Maybe we should keep that in mind and talk only half as often as we listen. then take what you hear with a grain of salt until you can determine it to be correct. Some things like the increase in the deficit should not even be talked about without offering some solution. My years to live are quickly passing and I think the deficit will continue well after I am gone.

          • The bill was approved with liberal and conservative votes and can therefore not just be called a Trump policy. Conservatives wanted more military spending and Democrats wanted more domestic spending. Personally i think the increases for both are too high. Yes, it does grow the debt, as any budget increases will since the budget is not balanced.

          • Rand Paul said that the budget would grow the debt not the Trump policies in general.

          • What did your idol Obama do about the deficit. To solve that means looking at the primary cause of borrowing , which is all of the entitlement programs. We spend $2.5 trillion or more each year on entitlements alone. Neither obama nor Trump can solve our deficit problem until members of both parties admit why it is growing and deal with government waste and our bloated entitlements.

          • The deficit is a totally different issue than the disparity between exports and imports, That is an issue that needs to be addressed. Labor is much cheaper in China than it is here, and without some sort of import tax, goods manufactured there will always cost less. I do not recall anything done by Your idol to address the problem. Maybe you have information that I don’t.

          • never will happen with the junk they make

          • Like the device you’re probably typing this on?

          • So, your computer and/or phone is ‘junk’?

          • yes they are!

          • Right now with military there is no contest there. We have a far superior military, though with sheer numbers they have far more serving than we do. We have a voluntary military and China has mandatory service.

          • No you are wrong whether they agree or disagree with you. I still wait on you to list one indicator of the economy strength that was better under Obama. Were you aware that he is the only President in the history of our country not to have one single year where the annual GDP was over 3%. He also only had 8 quarters of his 32 where the GDP was over 3%.

          • Stop replying to my old comments!

      • You’re arguing with a g d fool.

    • Ever hear of Mad Dog Mattis? That’s one thing. Getting ride of the pantywaist Ash Carter is , of course, another. Changing the Rules of Engagement is another. Eliminating the micro-management by the Whitehouse Valerie Jarrett) is another. Actually having a program to destroy ISIS rather than “contain them” is another.

    • he’s getting rid of a-holes like you along with the rest of the muslim pack that we don’t want

  9. The NYT also failed to mention, at the time, the disaster caused by Obama arbitrarily withdrawing all US troops from Iraq allowing the expansion of ISIS and that of Iran’s influence. But, this is another example of the liberal rag the NYT has become in my lifetime.

    • Bruce in AZ, You are absolutely correct! NYT in my opinion IS FAKE NEWS! i would NEVER subscribe to their garbage! It has become so intolerable! They WERE GREAT at one time.

  10. New York Times not giving Pres. Trump credit, is that surprising? I don’t give the New York Times any credit as being a news agency for telling the truth.

  11. Ya know, I just cannot believe the lack of intelligence from the left (or far left) as to what half of the American Voters wanted in a NEW PRESIDENT. We can talk, argue, debate…whatever…as long as you’d like, and here’s the bottom line…Mr. Trump was voted (legitimately) as the President of our United States….forget about the Popular Vote…(year’s ago Republicans lost by popular vote and that didn’t do the country much good then, did it?)
    If President Trump wasn’t in office, we’d still have American Citizen’s getting their heads chopped-off and wonderful, glorious, awe-inspiring (take care of his illegal/immigrant family members in Massachusetts) excuse for a President would still be running around (aimlessly) being a racist and bigot himself…along with his lovely wife.
    There’s many things you forget about Mr. Obama that still remains in question…between he and Mr. Clinton, we no longer have a military we can depend on, etc., etc., etc. President Trump is a fair man and honesty does come from not only his mouth; but, from his soul. If you were true patriots, you would hear and see this….not the hypocrisy we have witnessed for so many years out of D.C. and the White House. Just remember, if Hillary somehow made it as President, there would be many issues of wrong-doing and National, illegal, unpatriotic acts performed by all of the Obama Administration. Mr. Trump is far from perfect…but, you just wait…if you’re at all intelligent, someday (hopefully soon) you will see the incredible positive transformation Mr. Trump and his administration creates from a pile of rubbish and the almost resolve of our Nation under Mr. Obama and Hillary.
    Get a grip….follow less of your emotional decisions and pay more attention to the obvious positive reality that you refuse to give credit to…success is ultimate…join the ranks of Americans who are willing for change and success!!

  12. I don’t believe the liberal media, and neither should ANY of you!

  13. The majority stockholder at the NYT is Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim – go figure

  14. Obama created the rise of ISIS and of course he will take credit for the defeat of ISIS! Given enough time, Obama will claim to be the founder of this country and forget about George What’s his name!


  16. Why start now. I could care less how they feel since they have no pride in reporting truth.

  17. So when is this rag gonna finally go out of business? Like most of the mainstream media, the NYT is nothing but a bunch of liars and hypocrites. But I hear parakeets love their newsprint as liners for their cages.

  18. Tell us something we wouldn’t expect!!

  19. Hey, at least they can give their Messiah Obama credit for CREATING ISIS …

    • Bill Meeker, and that is NOT ALL. I just read that in his eight year tenure, he has stolen, I think the article in the Naples Daily News read five billion dollars! In my opinion, and for the life of me, cannot understand why that POS AND TRAITOR IS NOT ALREADY in prison!

      • Once the Democrats brought racism back to the ’50s, the Republicans were afraid to go after anyone black. Our president capitalized on it and attacked anyone who questioned him. Yes, the presidency made him a very wealthy man.

  20. Screw the NYT! The biggest media chumps in the world! Lied their way throughout the elections protecting the worst witch in history! We will find out all the things that Obama raped our nation with and we are also finding out all the criminal minions he brought to Washington DC as well. Holder, Lynch, Rahm the Pig Emanuel of Chicago, and on and on! Hillary is a criminal disaster and is host to some of the worst congressional members to ever hold office from Pelosi on down!

  21. The Times isn’t “admitting” anything. It’s a conclusion based on performance. All Trump has done is kill a lot more civilians and at least one extra Navy SEAL.

    • the civilians were killed because the brave muslim fighters were hidding behind them and there are no extra navy seal they work in teams and no one left behind or alone

    • Jim Dandy, in my opinion, you are a moronic, imbecilic, brainless idiot! YOU have no proof of your statement!

  22. screw the new yawk times and all the other LYING media.
    they should be tried for sedition!! They are trying to overthrow the President of the United States!!

  23. More of the NIGGERS SHIT that a WHITE MAN has to clean up!!!

  24. I don’t really care what the NY Times says anyway, don’t read it !!!

  25. Does anyone really care what these left wing lying news rags say? They have more in common with comic books than factual news reporting.


    • Common Since: AND some hate him because HE CANNOT BE BOUGHT!
      God Bless our President Trump who is determined to “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN (especially after the last rotten eight years)!

      • Amen,President Trump don’t take NO crap from the liberals and DON’T play their political correct BULLSHIT!He tells it just like it TIS!!! lol

  27. NYT-And the Rest Of you Low-Life Media’s-Some Of Us-“American Citizens”-You Know -The People you’re suppose to be Giving Real-Important News To is???But we Find out About President Trumps-Many Victories-Without You.And-YEA-ISIS-Is on the “RUN”-Dieing out-Only took Trump-Less than a Year-OBAMA-Couldn’t Do It in 8yrs.-But then He never even Tried-WHY??Do you Love This MUSLIM/Islamic-TRAITOR-??But then The Media-Is ACTING-Like “Traitors”-Also-Are any of you “REAL”-AMERICANS????

  28. our president has been assailed from all sides since the beginning…since day one propaganda…from both sides , have sought to derail the only president that truly has americas best interest at heart…so beware all…drain the swamp !

    • Rick O’Tilley, you are so right! Some of the RATS AND THE RINOS hate our President Trump because these idiots CANNOT CONTROL HIM and because our President CANNOT BE BOUGHT! What happened to “honesty and integrity” of the United States Citizens?????

  29. NYT, communist news paper?

  30. They have revealed their total arrogance , what makes them think their opinion is the final answer to anything?

  31. The New York Crimes (NYC err NYT) is a fake news outlet. They put out nothing but garbage. When are they going to support the greatest POTUS in U.S. history?

    • New York Slimes.
      Hold your nose when you read it, but don’t hold your breath waiting for them to support Donald J. Trump.

  32. Are there really that many idiots still buying the nyt
    to keep it in circulation all this time?? WHY??

  33. What will they do when N Korea is a flat radioactive parking lot?

  34. NYT cannot handle good President wants help America, Well fuc* you NYT, i stand with Trump 100%

  35. My bird refuses to have NYT crap on in its cage, now thats saying something

  36. Donald Trump is the most successful president in history
    I less than one year:
    Over two million new jobs.
    Lowest unemployment in 17 years.
    4% GDP, up 4 times better than Obama’s pathetic 1%
    Record breaking stock market, record high after record highs
    Retirements soaring
    He has reduced the size of the government and government interference
    ISIS is defeated
    Now we get to keep more of our money
    An avalanche of millions of new jobs is in the making.

  37. Why should the New York Times give the President Credit for an ISIS Victory when they never gave Credit to Obama and Hillary for Creating, Arming, Supplying & Supporting them.????

  38. PND = fill in the missing words and enjoy……………

  39. How dare Trump do that when Obama used our tax dollars to help ISIS, ISIL? Its time to sue these cork suckers out of business. They have outlived America, and dont call us friend anymore. Imagine if Franklin Delano Roosevelt hadnt used the AM radio for his Fire Side Chats during the depression? Hey just wait a minute isnt that like Trump using twitter in our new retro world? It Is !!!!!!!! Hey Obama its just a smidgen of truth.
    that will get you hung.

  40. Who gives a rats a** what the NYT thinks or says, they are about as irrelevant as any so called news paper can be. Only a moron would read it or believe anything it put in print.


  42. Mike W very well put.

  43. Remember “Mr Smith Goes To Washington” (Jimmy Stewart), and the criminal, political, and media machine that tried to crush him. Truth is stranger than fiction as they say.

  44. The only way to cut the left-wing liberal BS factory mainstream media off, is for “We The People” to hold them accountable. Petition the cities they operate in and the FCC to revoke their individual business / broadcast licenses for knowingly putting lies into publication / on the air! Bury them in letters, telling them in no uncertain terms, that we will no linger read their bile, or watch their BS commentators twist the truth. And let them know this state of affairs will continue, until they regain the trust of the people by again consistantly printing / broadcasting the TRUTH, not their opinions or their analysis of the truth.

  45. “…even many of the Republicans have trouble supporting Trump’s bill(s) agenda etc…”. YES they do!!! And I think the reason many Republicans begrudgingly support the President’s agenda (if at all) is fairly simple: President Trump is NOT one of them, NOT a politician at heart, certainly NOT a career politician, NOT for sale to the highest PAC, NOT an expert on BS PC speak or talking out of both sides of his mouth. And most of all, because they know that IF he IS successful in “Draining The Swamp”, that it will most likely include THEM, and for that reason alone, THEY WANT HIM TO FAIL, be impeached, be gone. Then they can get back to doing NOTHING, except enriching themselves! Now, there is think, is some TRUTH …

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